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04:00:03 <LindaG> Good morning
04:01:25 <Joe1> there is no joy in mudville
04:09:29 <LindaG> 🙁
04:10:36 <LindaG> We'll be tooting our horns soon!
04:12:20 <Joe> you know something?
04:22:51 <LindaG> No, just trying to be optomistic
04:23:07 <Joe> :)
04:29:39 <Joe> I am ready to aim the cam at any and/or all geysers
04:32:14 <Joe> but alas those responsible will not have finished their milk and cookies by time my shift is done :(
04:55:01 <LindaG> 🙁
04:56:02 <Joe> good morning Dave
04:56:15 <LindaG> Hi dave
05:00:41 <Dave from B™> Good morning Joe, LindaG
05:02:21 <Dave from B™> I wish Seattle had more than 1 snowplow. My freight has been stuck at their airport since Sunday
05:03:07 <LindaG> Yeah and I think they got an inch or two, my niece is out there
05:03:34 <Dave from B™> Hills and a million people make it hard during a storm
05:04:20 <Joe> dave, day 5 after surgery, pt moving arm passively movements that i am allowed to do feel great
05:05:58 <Dave from B™> That's terrific! I'm still waiting for the scheduler to get back to me. I'm pushing them to get me in before Feb 19 or find me another doctor in their practice to do it.
05:06:19 <Dave from B™> I want 3 weeks of recovery before I go to Maui
05:06:38 <Dave from B™> Joe, don't you have another surgery coming up bas well?
05:07:42 <Joe> good, yes left knee, unknown when at this point
05:09:11 <Kat> Morning! Hoping for a webcam today!
05:11:27 <CraigC> Morning folks
05:11:41 <Joe> dave, three weeks you will be out of your arm sling, but i would wear it on the trip just to be safe
05:11:58 <Joe> hi Craig
05:12:10 <CraigC> hey Joe :)
05:13:44 <CraigC> I thought my GT and predictions panels were collapsed.... alas... :(
05:15:16 <Dave from B™> Morning CraigC, Kat
05:15:42 <CraigC> hey Dave.... so last night.... did you listen?
05:15:53 <CraigC> hey Kat
05:16:09 <Dave from B™> Joe, I'm good on listening to doctor's orders. The only time I disobey is laying off the painkillers
05:16:43 <Dave from B™>, I had dinner, read about YNP and watched Bull
05:17:05 <CraigC> Dave from B™, smart move
05:17:40 <ynpvisitor51> what did you read? (better topic than politics)
05:17:52 <CraigC> my gf has the morning news program going in the other room and it annoys me to hear some of the commentary LOL
05:18:22 <Dave from B™> Almost done with Lee's book on Cinnabar
05:19:26 <Dave from B™> Beginning to think what's next. I may reread Aubrey's 2 volume book: The Yellowstone Story next or maybe book on Supt Sholley's father
05:19:47 <Joe> the only time painkillers may be necessary is for pt, but if you can relax and let them do the work, you may not need them
05:19:58 <Jimbo Carbon> I'm going to a talk tonight by the author of a book on mass extinctions in Earth's prehistory -- I'm about halfway through the book
05:20:17 <Dave from B™> I will take advil now and then but I don't want to get anywhere's close to hydro or anything similar
05:20:51 <Dave from B™> Jimbo, that could be very depressing
05:21:06 <CraigC> same, I have always thrown away lortab after the first couple of days
05:23:49 <Dave from B™> Wine and beer are good painkillers:)
05:24:21 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
05:24:21 <Joe> tylenol works great no need for hydros
05:25:30 <CraigC> Dave from B™, have you read Playing God in Yellowstone?
05:25:35 <LindaG> Good morning all!
05:25:41 <CraigC> hi Linda
05:29:24 <Dave from B™> CraigC, I haven't but it is in my collection. Should I move it up in my queue?
05:29:28 <KittyM*> OF IE? on static
05:29:39 <LindaG> Well at least static is viewable.
05:29:59 <CraigC> looks like it
05:30:04 <KittyM*> yes!
05:30:38 <Dave from B™> What time today does Jake's prediction of 2 days of down time come true?
05:30:38 <CraigC> Dave from B™, I found it interesting. S'pose it is controversial. I'd be interested in hearing others' views from here.
05:30:47 <LindaG> Looks like dome is active too
05:30:59 <LindaG> Nice on static
05:31:37 <Dave from B™> There are a lot of good books on YNP
05:32:10 <LindaG> I have dibs on 4pm
05:33:59 <LindaG> Looks like steam from bee on static
05:34:32 <Joe> :)
05:36:05 <LindaG> Dome ie
05:38:29 <CraigC> someone going to enter OF?
05:38:32 <Bill> Morning
05:38:40 <CraigC> Bill, morning
05:38:49 <Dave from B™> Good morning Bill
05:38:55 <LindaG> I will
05:39:07 <Dave from B™> It's already entered
05:39:09 <CraigC> it got entered from the basin just now
05:39:24 <Dave from B™> That time has to be wrong
05:39:25 <LindaG> Ok
05:39:44 <CraigC> it just changed
05:39:45 <Dave from B™> unless static is behind
05:40:14 <LindaG> Kitty mentioned at 7:29
05:41:03 <KittyM*> Yes that's when I saw it starting on static
05:41:18 <CraigC> it was edited to 0730
05:42:25 <Dave from B™> Thanks, my error
05:43:14 <CraigC> hey Graham
05:46:01 <GO CAM> i will miss my shift tonight at 1600 if the cam is on .... too much stress for me to deal with it :)
05:47:55 <GO CAM> how was your trip to OF Bill?
05:49:18 <Ryan> Tantalus Creek is trying to prove me wrong that a Steamboat spike is hard to fake...
05:52:11 <CraigC> Hey Ryan
05:53:08 <Ryan> Morning
05:53:42 <Dave from B™> Morning Ryan. mid day melting but that is quite the temp spike
05:54:00 <Dave from B™> and volume as well
05:55:03 <Ryan> I usually expect a temp drop with snowmelt. Is the thermistor somewhere that the sun can hit it directly and heat it up?
05:56:29 <Bill> GO CAM, good! First time down there since late Nov. Was nice not seeing a bunch of off trail footprints (at least in the areas i was). We got the info we needed and we'll provide our guidance on what to do with the boardwalk today.
06:05:28 <ynpvisitor77> is the boardwalk still closed in Pump/Aurum area?
06:05:45 <Dave from B™> Yes
06:06:17 <Dave from B™> Bill and NPS are working on a plan to reroute the bw
06:06:59 <ynpvisitor77> thanks Dave
06:07:46 <CraigC> do they need volunteers? "My dad has some awesome tools, he's a TV repairman"
06:08:07 <Dave from B™> CraigC, you would have to ask Bill
06:08:16 <CraigC> :)
06:08:52 <CraigC> Anyone remember that line from Fast Times at Ridgemont High?
06:09:20 <Joe> i can help, i stayed at a holiday inn express
06:10:50 <Casey> I fell asleep on my couch last night. I'm probably not the person to ask.
06:10:57 <Dave from B™> CraigC, actually one of the few to not watch that movie
06:11:17 <GO CAM> Thanks Bill. Any changes visible?
06:11:28 <Polonius> Darned updates
06:53:08 <Casey> In basin report: Daisy 0849
06:53:19 <Casey> Looks like we'll be getting Giant updates again
06:53:37 <Casey> I'll take a Gian eruption to christen the new camera
06:53:40 <Casey> *Giant
06:58:21 <Bill> Sorry for the delay
06:58:48 <Bill> Don't need volunteers for the boardwalk crew as far as i know.
06:58:58 <GO CAM> glad we had the old cam running while i was in the park to get times to help me
06:59:12 <Bill> I'll let you know about the decision when we provide our guidance and things become official.
07:05:50 <Dave from B™> So, anyone have an opinion on the Jan 30 activity on the Echinus monitor? Is that an eruption?
07:07:19 <Bill> SO! I was out there to grab the NPS data logger which confirmed that reading. What I haven't done yet is download the logger that's only in the Echinus outflow and not in the creek.
07:07:56 <Bill> I didn't see anything obviously out of place on Echinus itself. We'll see
07:09:19 <Dave from B™> Thanks Bill
07:10:21 <Bill> Just to be clear though, I do have my opinions, but I don't want my opinionated words on here to represent any kind of NPS declaration.
07:11:42 <GO CAM> there was a guide comment that Morning and Mornings Thief were erupting Sunday afternoon. Thats an odd combination so not sure if its right. Morning erupting would match up with the Monday report of washed snow
07:11:59 <Joe> there was no increased flow at TCM either
07:12:12 <GO CAM> will be good to see the logger data there when its available
07:13:05 <Bill> I'll grab those in the spring. Probably late March when the roads are open to admin travel.
07:13:35 <GO CAM> thanks for the update Bill. hopefully they survive the winter :)
07:16:16 <Dave from B™> Summer season is just a little over 2 months away:)
07:17:41 <Polonius> Great view of Yosemite Falls in morning sunshine right now
07:18:00 <Polonius> I think we're getting close to the annual alpenglow/firefall week, right?
07:19:54 <Polonius> I just checked, it occurs in mid-February, so it is close.
07:23:05 <Dave from B™> Jimob, your name sounds like a Roman emperor
07:24:06 <Dave from B™> Jimbo*
07:30:46 <Casey> Long live Emperor Jimob
07:32:02 <Joe> so did IT give up on the cam?
07:32:06 <Dave from B™> haha Casey
07:32:23 <Casey> I had to Dave.
07:32:33 <Dave from B™> The last I heard, NPS was looking for some help from Century link
07:35:11 <Dave from B™> I'm hopeful for today, but in the past, I've learned these things can take awhile
07:35:30 <Dave from B™> We'll just have to find something interesting to talk about
07:35:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Not like they can just run to Home Depot if they need something.
07:36:12 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
07:38:41 <Polonius> Dave, it's Shakespeare (from Hamlet)
07:42:26 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Jimbo.
07:42:54 <Casey> I have to admit, I had to double check my periodic table to make sure I wasn't missing something.
07:43:42 <Casey> Jimbo could change his name to anything and I'd think it's an element I had previously never heard of.
07:46:00 <Dave from B™> I'm sure this is realted to an element
07:48:29 <Casey> Polonium
07:48:50 <Eric> Morning
07:49:10 <Casey> Hi Eric
07:49:47 <Eric> Hi CAsey
07:50:42 <Eric> Have they tried turning it off and then back on again?
07:52:59 <Joe> that usually fixes anything, but last thought of
07:54:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Sort of like Gibb's reboots
07:55:32 <Joe> accidentally bumps switch...hey I fixed it :)
07:57:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Hey Dave, did you see we beat Tampa Bay last Knight?
08:17:47 <Dave from B™> Kevin, I did see that. We lost:(
08:18:34 <Dave from B™> Sorry, it took so long to answer. Was online with QB support getting help since they have improved security in their program
08:19:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Bummer. I expected to lose this one and they went up 2-0 on us so I almost turned it off. We ended up winning on the final shot in a shootout.
08:22:42 <Casey> Glad your team won, but I hate when games end in a shootout (or something similar). When the game is decided by something so different from the way the rest of the game is played, I find it far less satisfying.
08:23:06 <Polonius> Tell it to the World Cup (soccer) -- which I've mentioned before
08:23:29 <Casey> No kidding Jimbo. When the stakes are that high it is even worse.
08:23:44 <Polonius> But bettors like it!
08:24:17 <Casey> Why do bettors like it?
08:24:38 <Kevin L™🌵> At this point I will take what we can get! I already had this one in the loss column.
08:25:31 <Casey> Oh yeah. No shame in celebrating your team's victory. Just an observation about sports in general (particularly when I have no dog in the fight).
08:26:02 <Polonius> Element of uncertainty. If soccer went to a reduced squad format (like hockey does in the regular season), the more skilled team would have an increased advantage, so the chances of an upset would go down.
08:26:57 <Dave from B™> Jimbo, I like that idea. That is what they do in hockey
08:27:26 <CraigC> LOL....
08:27:38 <Kevin L™🌵> The worst OT is the nfl. It can be decided by the toss of a coin. CFL and college are much better.
08:27:54 <Polonius> Unfortunately due to hockey's randomness, there isn't as much of an advantage to the more skilled team in 3-on-3 hockey.
08:28:03 <Polonius> And NFL used to be worse!
08:28:34 <Kevin L™🌵> And why have an OT if you can still end the game in a tie.
08:29:06 <GO CAM> at least the CAPS figured out how to win again
08:29:20 <Polonius> I didn't mean to say "unfortunately". The real unfortunate nature of soccer is that you can't play it in extended time as long. Players get tired. Playoff hockey still gets period breaks.
08:29:28 <Casey> I can understand why american football is so hard to find a fair OT system for though. I definitely agree the current solution is bad, but I don't think there is an obvious solution.
08:29:40 <Polonius> Yes, GO CAM, they did. Drop a puck in off the goalie'
08:29:44 <GO CAM> just let Football end in a tie at the end of regulation
08:29:51 <Polonius> off the goalie's back!
08:29:57 <GO CAM> only have OT for playoffs
08:30:29 <GO CAM> now 2-6-2 in last 10 games, pretty sad
08:30:45 <Polonius> Adam Oates is on record as not liking regular season OT and shootout. Says players pressed harder at the end of games before it.
08:31:44 <GO CAM> true, do that for hockey and baseball, all the sports
08:31:48 <Polonius> Streaks happen. Caps were clearly playing tired and disinterested. Very hard to make comebacks in that state.
08:32:37 <Polonius> Baseball doesn't really change, though. Extra innings are a tradition, and walk-offs are exciting.
08:33:19 <Polonius> Basketball, I'm ambivalent.
08:34:09 <Casey> I agree with Jimbo. The rules of baseball are the same in extra innings as they are all the other innings. It's just an additional "9th inning" with the game tied. That makes it much more palatable to me
08:34:59 <Casey> Just don't end baseball games with a home run derby, please
08:35:11 <Polonius> NO
08:35:24 <Polonius> (but I don't see it happening)
08:35:36 <Eric> I :heart: geysers!
08:36:09 <Polonius> Hey, when you can't see geysers, other topics come up.
08:36:10 <GO CAM> if you cant decide it in 9th inning then it is a tie
08:36:12 <I:heart:geysers> There we go :-D
08:36:19 <Casey> Is there a way to flag Eric's comment for being "off topic"
08:36:19 <Polonius> Eric, I thought you were just one of the geyse
08:36:33 <I:heart:geysers> Hmmm, apparently it doesn't translate to my actual nick :-(
08:36:37 <Casey> How rude of him to interrupt out conversation
08:37:23 <Kevin L™🌵> Not much geyser news to talk about at this point.
08:37:23 <Polonius> How about that State of the Union address? >(>(>(
08:37:53 <Casey> Rift was ie over an hour ago. Discuss.
08:38:28 <Polonius> Et tu?
08:38:42 <Claudius> Wow...we don't even have an OF listed today
08:38:58 <Narcissus> look at ME
08:39:07 <Narcissus> LOL
08:39:17 <Claudius> No, E Claudius
08:39:27 <Claudius> You're so pretty :-D
08:39:37 <Narcissus> like a flower?
08:39:40 <Cassius> I could look at that face forever
08:39:59 <Narcissus> ok, this feels creepy
08:40:03 <Claudius> Like a beautiful starfish
08:40:18 <Polonius> So, is Narcissus Geyser actually pretty?
08:40:55 <Claudius> Velim aliqua geysers, amabo te.
08:40:59 <Polonius> Pictures look very good
08:41:51 <VincentVega> can you see your reflection in it?
08:42:20 <Polonius> I'm not going to try and find out.
08:42:33 <Claudius> Nice old cone video on FB
08:43:22 <Polonius> In Geyser Gazers, of Narcissus?
08:44:01 <VincentVega> Old Cone
08:44:16 <Claudius> Old Cone Geyser
08:44:23 <Claudius> In the LGB
08:44:27 <Polonius> Thanks
08:44:30 <Claudius> Geyser Gazers group
08:45:26 <VincentVega> there used to be a spring by there, in an old photo of Fountain Hotel
08:46:03 <Claudius> I was just thinking it would be nice if you typed something like /map geysername it would create a link to the geysers location in maps
08:46:42 <Claudius> future project here :-D
08:47:09 <Claudius> OF ie
08:47:13 <ynpvisitor106> looks liek OF is starting
08:47:42 <Claudius> 10:46 start I would say
08:47:57 <ynpvisitor106> Nice on static!
08:48:21 <VincentVega> here is the old Fountain Hotel picture;
08:50:22 <VincentVega> here's a pic I took of the same perspective trying to figure it out;
08:51:00 <Claudius> took some old photos :-P
08:51:06 <Claudius> Could that be leather pool
08:51:08 <Claudius> ?
08:51:18 <VincentVega> nope, this is further North
08:51:46 <Claudius> Your second image is same as the first
08:52:23 <Cassius> Wow. Things change fast in Yellowstone.
08:52:30 <VincentVega> here is the GE shot;
08:52:49 <Claudius> Nope
08:53:08 <VincentVega> hmmm
08:53:22 <VincentVega>
08:53:26 <Ericardo> Nope
08:53:40 <Ericardo> Looks at the urls...all exactly the same
08:53:56 <Cassius> The content on the page is updating though
08:54:26 <Cassius> It's there. I imagined that image was taken much farther West. Interesting.
08:54:28 <Ericardo> ohhh, there we go
08:55:00 <VincentVega>
08:55:15 <VincentVega>
08:55:37 <Ericardo> interesting
08:55:40 <Cassius> No one posted OF btw.
08:57:01 <Ericardo> Cool stuff Craig
08:57:05 <Ericardo> I will post it
08:57:24 <VincentVega> it was a cool puzzle to try and figure out.... I think Rocco introduced it on GG
08:57:43 <ynpvisitor58> All you afraid to stay out geyser watching in the dark need to invite this person along.
08:58:10 <VincentVega> LOL
08:58:16 <VincentVega> crazy story
08:59:07 <Ericardo> He killed a baby couger
08:59:11 <Ericardo> cougar
08:59:45 <Ericardo> Good thing it wasn't a full size one, he would have lost that fight I bet
09:00:22 <Ericardo> Still, lucky and probably pretty darn physically fit person.
09:00:28 <ynpvisitor58> This story is not as good as the other one they had on last night.
09:01:09 <Ericardo> Keep your eye out for a SB eruption today!
09:01:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Those things scare me. They are real sneeky and usually (as this one did) attack from behind.
09:02:18 <ynpvisitor58> Cats are yellow. They don't like to face you.
09:02:30 <Kevin L™🌵> They can be in areas where you do not expect them. There are several that live behind my house here in the desert.
09:03:03 <CraigC> I want so bad to see one.... my friend has seen 3 while mtn biking near us.
09:03:34 <Kevin L™🌵> It is the ones you don't see that will get you!
09:03:41 <Ericardo> Yep, they like hiding in trees
09:03:47 <CraigC> last year someone reported one up at Snow Basin in the morning, I grabbed my stuff and rode up there looking for tracks, but saw nothing
09:04:03 <Ericardo> carry a 45 with you craig!
09:04:19 <ynpvisitor58> What good will a record do?
09:04:29 <Ericardo> Play them disco and they run!
09:04:38 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
09:04:55 <CraigC> I'm too fat for it to try and consume, it wants the little bikers
09:05:36 <ynpvisitor58> Will this do it?
09:06:42 <Ericardo>
09:07:31 <CraigC> I'm still perplexed, though, about you reading FOX news.... :)
09:07:41 <ynpvisitor58> Get one of these bike helmets.
09:08:18 <CraigC> Ericardo, that was cruel and unusual
09:08:30 <ynpvisitor58> I like real news. Then I check yahoo to see what the nuts have to say.
09:09:12 <Ericardo> Mary reads Fox...why shouldn't you?
09:09:31 <CraigC> Yahoo has a decent Financials crew, IMO
09:09:50 <Ericardo> It has all the best info on the apocalypse and when Yellowstone will blow it's top!
09:10:10 <ynpvisitor58> Sounds like yahoo.
09:10:29 <Ericardo> haha...I wouldn't read yahoo either :-P
09:10:54 <Ericardo> I only read the enquirer and the for all my news needs!
09:11:36 <Ericardo> ohh, and Mary's youtube channel!
09:11:55 <Ericardo> I stay away from that Main stream Media!
09:12:08 <Dave from B™> So, seriously, what newsfeed should I watch if I only watch one....please DO NOT answer Fox or CNN
09:12:20 <CraigC> I just follow posts on FB
09:12:28 <ynpvisitor58> Fox has good science headlines. Like the russians stealing the north pole.
09:12:37 <Ericardo> First...don't WATCH news! Read news articles and compare sources.
09:13:36 <ynpvisitor12> PBS Newshour
09:13:51 <Ericardo> I like because I can get a set of comparison headlines from media outlets across the globe.
09:14:41 <Ericardo> Every outlet has perspective bias, so read some of each if you are interesting in the subject
09:14:53 <ynpvisitor58> Dave, you can not watch just one. If you did have to, fox is my choice. Less likely to be off for news. I do not do cable, so only broadcast. The "news shows" are like reading only the editorial page and saying you read the news.
09:15:10 <Dave from B™> FOX is the worst of all of them
09:15:32 <ynpvisitor58> Depends on what side you get out of bed
09:15:47 <Ericardo> I agree, fox is pretty matter what side of bed you get out of.
09:15:54 <ynpvisitor58> I know people that think cnn and msnbc are the cats meow.
09:16:03 <Ericardo> msnbc is pretty horrible too
09:16:11 <Ericardo> They rank about the same for me
09:18:20 <ynpvisitor58> It also depends on if you like hearing about how stupid trump is. Or how smart nancy and chuck are.
09:19:37 <ynpvisitor58> What I want to know is, did everyone in Virginia wear black face or force women to perform untypable acts?
09:20:02 <ynpvisitor58> And who is 4th and 5th in line to run the state?
09:21:17 <ynpvisitor58> And who was it that commented that it was not smart for IT to stay home when the phone company was moving the T1?
09:23:27 <Ericardo> I :heart: geysers :-D
09:24:53 <GO CAM> did I miss anything useful?
09:25:40 <ynpvisitor12> the cam was up and running then Obama shut it down
09:25:52 <CraigC> LOL
09:25:58 <LindaG> Dave from B™, good news feed is guardian
09:26:59 <Ericardo> Nope, Dave opened a can of worms!
09:27:16 <LindaG> News
09:27:32 <CraigC> Ericardo, not Dave, blame me on this one
09:27:36 <Cassius> Suddenly debating overtime rules seems like a good idea
09:27:53 <Ericardo> It does! How about them red sox?
09:28:40 <Ericardo> Ok are now blamed!
09:29:06 <Cassius> Boston is having too good of a year. Poor LA... always second best.
09:29:36 <Ericardo> I am hoping we get a SB this afternoon!
09:30:37 <Cassius> I am hoping to get a WC this afternoon!
09:31:24 <CraigC> 5 day SB? hmmm, I bet against that
09:32:04 <CraigC> I think Friday for SB
09:32:07 <ynpvisitor58> In all reality, if IT could not get the T1 to work and need the phone company, it will take days or weeks to get the back out. Then IT has to be there to meet them. February 15th is not looking good.
09:33:09 <Ericardo> I guessing continued contraction on the SB interval...down to 5 days and then some kind of weirdness
09:33:46 <Kevin L™🌵> This does kind of fit in this week:
09:34:32 <ynpvisitor12> SB will continue to reduce its interval by 2 days each time until it starts erupting before it even erupts
09:34:55 <Ericardo> Wow kevin!
09:35:33 <Ericardo> You can see the engineer dive out!
09:36:29 <Kevin L™🌵> Kind of a lose lose situation.
09:36:50 <Ericardo> Yes, not a good situation
09:36:51 <ynpvisitor58> The light was red
09:36:55 <Ericardo> Hi fish!
09:37:03 <fishynp> Hello
09:37:41 <Kevin L™🌵> If you look the diverging light was green. It turned red when the other train passed into the block.
09:44:00 <ynpvisitor58> Missed it. It was yellow back at the crossing, but looks like the cam train did slow down.
09:45:14 <Ericardo> Looks like a beautiful day in the basin
09:45:58 <ynpvisitor58> If you run out of train videos and don't want to watch the news. There are out takes of You Bet Your Life with Groucho.
09:46:35 <ynpvisitor58> The story goes they put them on film for the sponsors or something like that.
09:46:36 <Kevin L™🌵> You Bet Your Life is great
09:47:00 <ynpvisitor58> And the secret work is Canon.
09:47:52 <Kevin L™🌵>
09:48:18 <ynpvisitor58> work
09:48:23 <ynpvisitor58> word
09:48:54 <Kevin L™🌵> I knew what you meant. I know Davespeak.
09:50:35 <GO CAM> Dave should like the Guardian, it used to be called the Grauniad because it had so many spelling mistakes
09:53:52 <Ericardo> ohh, now we have planned maintenance for the seismo webicorders on 2/12! I hope SB goes before then.
09:55:16 <ynpvisitor58> That was a valuable inner tube. I don't think they make that size any longer.
09:55:49 <ynpvisitor58> And now we know what Kevin looks like. Never knew he was on Ripply's.
10:01:45 <ynpvisitor58> This is better then the circle.
10:08:14 <Ericardo> Cute puppy pic:
10:12:26 <ynpvisitor61> OF
10:12:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice lighting
10:19:01 <Betty> hi all
10:19:10 <ynpvisitor999®> Hello all
10:19:28 <ynpvisitor999®> I see they're still busy moving the cam?
10:19:30 <Betty> hi Jarno
10:20:13 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
10:22:46 <Ericardo> Hi Betty and Jarno
10:23:12 <Betty> Ericardo??? Hi :-)
10:23:41 <Dave from B™> Eric, who would have thought your favorite news network is right up there with religion and politics?
10:23:43 <Ericardo> :-D
10:24:01 <Betty> hi Dave
10:24:25 <Katie> One's news network aligns with one's religion & politics - echo chamber
10:24:26 <Ericardo> Discredit the news outlets is the first step to being a good dictator Dave :-D
10:24:38 <Betty> hi Katie
10:24:50 <Katie> Hi Betty. :)
10:25:03 <Katie> I've been on-and-off lurking. ;)
10:25:26 <Betty> who isn`t these days :-D
10:25:43 <Dave from B™> I actually listened to NPR on my way home for the first time last night
10:26:08 <Ericardo> Some good shows on NPR
10:26:31 <Ericardo> Someone needs to do a daily geyser podcast :-D
10:26:39 <Ericardo> I will follow them
10:26:52 <Ericardo> I would vote Tom C :-D
10:29:32 <GO CAM> I hear I am next in line to become Virginia's Governor
10:31:52 <Betty> GO GOVENOR
10:34:19 <Dave from B™> Thanks for coming out of hiding, Eric
10:34:37 <Eric> didn't know it was me!
10:34:52 <Eric> <== stealthy
10:35:09 <Dave from B™> haha
10:35:16 <Betty> lol
10:35:37 <Dave from B™> You are now, Eric!
10:43:47 <Eric> I wonder where yellowstone family went? They kind of disappeared after christmas
10:44:20 <Katie> Well, they got in some trouble over the sign on the snowman, and then shutdown...
10:46:11 <Eric> Ohhh, bummer :-(
10:46:53 <GO CAM> there was a sign?
10:47:09 <Eric> I thought it was kinda of interesting hearing about their learning and adventures.
10:48:42 <ynpvisitor4> How long til the streaming cam is back up?
10:49:29 <Eric> We live in such an over-produced world...I love to see the glimpses of yellowstone's other side.
10:49:38 <Eric> We don't know Kitt
10:49:43 <Kitt> Guess I should have watched that Beehive Monday when we were shopping.
10:50:08 <Kitt> We were in a hurry to finish grocery shopping before heading home.
10:50:19 <Kitt> The roads turned out to be pretty good
10:50:29 <Eric> CenturyLink is involved apparently, so not sure if that is a good omen or bad.
10:51:22 <Kitt> But it has been a bit of an adjustment coming from Fort Lauderdale to Billings - 75 degrees to -8 Sunday night
10:52:21 <Kitt> It is a whole 1 degree in Worland right now
10:52:23 <Kitt> Brrrr
10:52:51 <Dave from B™> Hi Kitt
10:52:58 <Kitt> Hey Dave
10:53:39 <Betty> Hi Kitt
10:53:45 <Kitt> It is so cold here that the snow that is falling looks more like dandruff
10:53:58 <Kitt> Hey Betty
10:54:17 <Betty> sounds really cold
10:54:25 <Kitt> yes
10:55:02 <Kitt> The first portion of our Caribbean cruise was rainy and cloudy.
10:55:22 <Kitt> The pool area was packed the first sunny day
10:56:07 <Kitt> I finally made it to Chichen Itza
10:56:29 <Kitt> We only had an hour there but those ruins are great.
10:56:47 <Kitt> Well back to chores.
10:58:12 <Dave from B™> Have fun Kitt
11:08:20 <Katie> Chichen Itza is way cool. I wish you had had more time.
11:08:52 <Katie> If you ever go on your own, outside of a tour group, get there at 8:00am when it opens and the congestion isn't a problem.
11:14:13 <Dave from B™> Mayan ruins are fun. Never been to CI but I've been to Tulum and Uxmal
11:15:07 <Katie> I've been to Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal and Coba. MIGHT make it to Tikal this April.
11:15:40 <CraigC> how fun, makes me jealous
11:15:57 <Dave from B™> Wow. That's quite a collection
11:17:43 <Dave from B™> I really liked Uxmal
11:18:49 <Katie> Uxmal is unique. I think it was my favorite, too. But they all have something to recommend them.
11:19:51 <Katie> My photos of all are in
11:20:26 <Katie> (as well as birds and cenotes and architecture and street scenes and everything else from that trip)
11:21:10 <Dave from B™> I might have to take a look. I'm sure it will bring back memories
11:21:11 <Katie> oh and iguanas and coatis :)
11:21:28 <Dave from B™> Yeah...Uxmal had hundreds of iguanas
11:24:08 <Katie> Matt (my husband) played a round of golf at the Bahia Principe Resort. I rode along and took pictures. First round of golf for us where the expressions "don't hit the coati!" and "don't hit the iguana" and "you landed in the cenote" and "oh! Look! ferruginous pygmy-owl" were used
11:24:42 <Dave from B™> hahaha
11:24:51 <Dave from B™> Not your usual hazards
11:26:08 <Katie> The cenote "water hazard" was "guarded" by an iguana, too.
11:26:46 <Katie> Ball retrieval (because no access to cenote) was impossible. That course was a ball eater, for sure. The "rough" is jungle.
11:27:56 <Dave from B™> Yep...keep the woods in the bag
11:47:59 <Betty> OF
11:53:51 <TheseStreams> Changed my name to a 1980s song modified to meet the current situation
11:54:40 <Betty> these Streams are made of this...who am I to disagree....
11:54:48 <Betty> Aurum
11:55:02 <TheseStreams> Actually: These streams go on when I close my eyes....
11:55:06 <TheseStreams> But that works too lol
11:55:36 <Betty> :-)
11:56:17 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice catch Betty
12:31:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Cam will be down until at least Thursday.
12:31:46 <Betty> ouch! thanks for the info
12:32:32 <ynpvisitor77> what week?
12:32:44 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
12:33:03 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Kevin. Do you know what issues they are having?
12:33:05 <Betty> :-p
12:33:33 <Kevin L™🌵> Sounds like the T1 line is the problem.
12:33:41 <CraigC> bummer
12:33:46 <CraigC> good to know, though
12:35:44 <Kevin L™🌵> May give me time to figure how to hook that tender to my mikado.
13:19:32 <KittyMLaptop> OF ie
13:23:11 <Larry in Denver> Wow, quite a few people on here for something as exciting as watching paint dry.
13:26:47 <Dave from B™> Larry, I think paint drying probably is more exciting
13:30:44 <LindaG> Ah just read the email. Luckily it's already Wednesday. Maybe SB will go off and entertain us.
13:31:53 <Larry in Denver> I can't believe I actually had a dream about installing a T-1 line just before I woke up this AM.
13:32:49 <LindaG> Something you've done before larry?
13:33:29 <Larry in Denver> Actually, yes. As I woke up I was having an argument with the phone company. lol
13:34:04 <LindaG> 😊
13:37:32 <LindaG> Indy Possibly
13:37:54 <LindaG> .
13:38:24 <LindaG> Nope
13:38:46 <Eric> Installing a T1 line is usually pretty straight forward, especially when it's already already been allocated.
13:39:27 <Larry in Denver> Yes, I've had much more trouble with ISDN lines used in the early days of teleconferencing
13:41:07 <Eric> But with older infrastructure, I would guess there could be many issues :-(
13:41:17 <LindaG> Gardiner hills look nice
13:42:29 <Dave from B™> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
13:42:41 <Larry in Denver> You too Dave
13:42:45 <Betty> I´m out too. Night all
13:42:48 <LindaG> Bye dave
13:42:54 <LindaG> Night betty
13:42:58 <Dave from B™> Nite Betty
13:43:00 <Larry in Denver> Bye Betty
13:43:42 <LindaG> Great view on washburn
13:44:20 <Larry in Denver> I do worry about the reliabiliity of the radio link between the Inn and the VEC. Another complication for the new camera that was not in the old system.
13:50:23 <Eric> Totally agree Larry...I think that is going to be a constant cause of problems.
13:58:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Always with the negative waves Eric. It's a beautiful camera!
14:00:27 <Larry in Denver> I'm sure the camera IS beautiful, it's just one more technical complication that needs to be maintained. Looking at that photo of it from yesterday, who would go up on that roof in the winter to fix it if it broke?
14:05:58 <ynpvisitor96> any cam update?
14:06:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Earliest will be tomorrow
14:07:18 <ynpvisitor96> Thanks
14:07:46 <ynpvisitor96> Going through cam withdrawl
14:08:05 <Kevin L™🌵> i can relate
14:08:20 <Katie> I've had that nightmare. Only it wasn't a dream.
14:10:25 <Eric> Larry is being realistic...and I agree from my history of working in IT.
14:10:46 <Katie> Ditto
14:12:10 <Katie> BUT, I think the deck rail is better than a tree. We have are a WiMAX ISP these days (we did dialup, T1's, frame-relays, DSL all in their day). We have a couple customers with radios in trees. High maintenance.
14:13:12 <Kevin L™🌵> I had one time when the highway designers set up a power location without consulting me. It had traffic signals for 2 intersections, street lighting and high mast lighting for 4 miles of freeway. When they called us to hook it up the power company didn't have power near it. It ended up costing and extra $200,000 for a new line and BIG vault and delayed the completion of the project by 2 months.
14:14:11 <Larry in Denver> Actually, after looking at that photo of the cam and housing attached to the Inn I find myself wondering how that was more acceptable on that historic structure than a brown telephone pole in the midst of the trees. You certainly will be able to see it from the ground.
14:15:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Been up there for about 7 months now. Not many of the gazers have noticed it.
14:16:20 <Larry in Denver> Wow, that's a long time for it to sit idle. Perhaps I should change my bet for when it will be operational given that delay.
14:17:39 <Kevin L™🌵> Lot of long distance coordination to get this going and involvement with a lot of parties.
14:32:50 <Eric> Yep and in the dead of winter!
14:33:04 <Katie> With a 35 day shutdown
14:33:24 <Kevin L™🌵> And lots of snow.
14:35:35 <Katie> (and CenturyLink)
14:35:40 <Katie> Sorry. Had to.
14:36:17 <Katie> the local techs with CenturyLink can be great at what they do, but their company makes it hard for them.
14:41:37 <Kevin L™🌵> In my experience the company doctor that gives the Centrylink management complete physicals could be a proctologist.
14:55:50 <Eric> Yep, techs are sooo hit and miss, some are awesome.
15:12:21 <ynpvisitor14> Of yet?
15:13:43 <ynpvisitor113> here's to an awesome tech coming to get the cam up!
15:14:05 <ynpvisitor113> will someone send a text when it is back up?
15:14:23 <Katie> Yes, someone will.
15:14:37 <ynpvisitor113> thanks. I'll look forward to it
15:14:56 <Katie> Me too. :)
15:15:26 <ynpvisitor113> another nice evening at Lake
15:15:29 <Kevin L™🌵> I will be watching with baited breath.
15:15:50 <ynpvisitor113> great, so we'll get a text straight away
15:16:03 <ynpvisitor113> Nice someone is in the basin providing times today
15:16:25 <Kevin L™🌵> As soon as we see it we sill send a text.
15:38:00 <Katie> Last one out turn off the lights...
16:12:22 <Eric> Night All
16:42:59 <ynpvisitor112> I got the lights
19:55:59 <ynpvisitor88> .