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05:15:30 <LindaG> Morning Dave. Everyone is sleeping in this morning i think
05:15:57 <Dave from B™> Morning Linda. You can only stare at the lone guy on the bw for so long
05:16:05 <Dave from B™> Morning joe
05:16:19 <KittyM*> I'm here for a while since static is finally visible
05:16:22 <Joe> hi Dave
05:16:38 <LindaG> Hi Joe and kitty
05:16:48 <KittyM*> Good Morning to all
05:17:51 <Joe> hi Linda, and Kitty
05:18:30 <LindaG> Looks like it will be a nice day there
05:18:57 <Joe> morning Elizabeth and Johnboy :)
05:19:13 <KittyM*> perhaps a bit cold
05:20:20 <LindaG> Wow went down 6 degrees than when I first looked
05:21:06 <Dave from B™> My car thermometer hit -15F on the way to work this morning
05:21:28 <Dave from B™> Coldest day in a few years
05:22:23 <Joe> CL and IT do not realize the hardship they are placing on the camops, with out a camera to aim, whatever will we do.
05:23:47 <Joe> without our paychecks our family's will starve
05:24:02 <LindaG> Stare at the screen and wait lol
05:42:58 <CraigC> morning folks
05:48:19 <Dave from B™> Morning CraigC
05:49:40 <CraigC> hey Davfe, how's it going?
05:49:44 <CraigC> Dave
05:54:26 <Dave from B™> COLD this morning. It looks like 5-13" of snow headed to Seattle this weekend. That will mess up my fresh seafood shipments for Valentine's Week:(
05:54:47 <Dave from B™> So, just another week at work:)
05:58:27 <CraigC> dang, sorry to hear
06:04:42 <LindaG> Morning craig
06:06:27 <CraigC> hey Linda, how are you?
06:06:55 <LindaG> I was just going through static cam shots looking for bee. I think maybe it went just after dark yesterday based on the steam coming from indy. Of course that is a guess, but I don't see that it went during daylight hours.
06:07:04 <LindaG> I'm good craig
06:07:30 <LindaG> How about you?
06:08:48 <CraigC> another day :) snowing a little here
06:09:39 <Joe> clear, sunny -18 here
06:10:07 <LindaG> Brrrrrr
06:38:28 <Joe> of static
06:38:32 <ynpvisitor94> Of ie
06:41:55 <Casey> Morning
06:44:17 <Eric> Morning
06:46:14 <Casey> Hi Eric
06:46:27 <CraigC> ``Morning Casey and Eric
06:46:42 <Eric> I guess no 4 day steamboat :-(
06:46:50 <Eric> woops 5 day
06:47:51 <CraigC> I think the Sb watch starts tonight :)
06:48:08 <Eric> Started yesterday for me :-D
06:48:21 <Dave from B™> Eric, how was the watch yesterday?:)
06:48:50 <Eric> Long and arduous!
06:49:45 <Eric> Not sure if anyone noticed Lion Steamboat OF Grand are all linked now in chat :-D
06:50:11 <Eric> It's not perfect, but when you type a geyser name, it hot links it to the geysers location
06:50:32 <CraigC> Stephen G observed and logged Grand Fountain yesterday
06:50:58 <CraigC> Lion
06:51:05 <CraigC> huh?
06:51:22 <Casey> Eric, is there any documentation of the various chat features you've implemented?
06:51:26 <CraigC> when you type in the chat?
06:51:43 <ynpvisitor50> StephenG observed it in the FB report
06:51:47 <Eric> If the geyser name has more than one fails right now, but that will get fixed at some point.
06:52:48 <Eric> If you are not seeing the links, you haven't refreshed this page since yesterday.
06:52:58 <ynpvisitor50> so no link for Grand Fountain - i want to find out where it is :)
06:53:30 <ynpvisitor50> i dont see a link and rebooted today
06:53:48 <Eric> linked link :-D
06:53:53 <Casey> Nice. I did load it this morning, but it was a cached version apparently. Hold the shift key while refreshing ynpvisitor50.
06:54:10 <Casey> I noticed that too Eric. No "morning" though
06:54:43 <Eric> definitely a few issues with it...but will work through those as I see how it works.
06:54:50 <Eric> Morning links for me
06:55:12 <Casey> Test: morning Morning
06:55:21 <Casey> "morning"
06:55:26 <CraigC> wowowow, that is really coool, thanks, Eric
06:55:30 <Casey> I did load it this morning
06:55:38 <TheseStreams> SB between 1200 today and 1800 tomorrow
06:55:59 <Casey> Weird. It didn't work for my 8:53:53 comment but it is workiing now
06:56:21 <Eric> probably the comma casey
06:56:25 <Casey> Probably punctuation
06:56:26 <Casey> yeah
06:56:43 <Eric> It's just a dumb splitting of words at the moment
06:56:51 <Casey> But it worked on linked
06:56:55 <Eric> then checking against the geyser database
06:57:11 <Eric> Yes, I am still trying to figure out why that happened :-P
06:57:58 <Dave from B™> Dilapidated
06:58:06 <Casey> Uncertain
06:58:10 <Eric> I know why...because it found link, it went through the message and replaced all the occurences of link in the messages.
06:58:38 <Eric> I had no idea there was a dilapidated geyser!
06:58:57 <Dave from B™> Arsenic
06:59:07 <Casey> If you say link first it will replace thereisalinkgeyser?
06:59:07 <Eric> Anyway, I hope it's more helpful than annoying
06:59:14 <Casey> Yep. That's it.
06:59:16 <Eric> Yep
06:59:28 <Dave from B™> Thanks Eric
06:59:31 <CraigC> I think it is an amazing feature
06:59:55 <Dave from B™> You just have to make sure you spell the word correctly
06:59:59 <Casey> Pretty cool. Link may be annoying? What happens if it is something like
07:00:20 <Casey> Just curious if it would interfere with other enhancements you have added
07:00:55 <Eric> Links could cause problems if a geyser name is within it
07:01:12 <Casey> But only if that same geyser is mentioned earlier in the same post
07:01:15 <Eric> when it has morning in it.
07:01:19 <Casey> seems like an unlikely issue
07:01:29 <Casey>
07:01:55 <Casey> Ok. Only if the geyser name "as a single word" matches anywhere in the string
07:02:00 <Eric> Yes, the link independently is fine if the word isn't someplace else in the message
07:02:16 <Eric> Yep, but I can probably fix that through better replacement
07:02:16 <Casey> Seems pretty unlikely
07:02:29 <Casey> Seems pretty unlikely to be an issue
07:02:34 <Casey> I believe you can fix it
07:03:04 <Eric> true...either way, it's the start of a discussion and place to improve :-D I am all about iterative improvement
07:03:14 <Casey> O
07:04:15 <Casey> I'm with you there. Do you have a public repo? I'd consider contributing some code hours.
07:06:36 <Eric> I don't, this change is actually in this phpfreechat client directly
07:08:09 <Casey> Oh well. Worth asking.
07:08:25 <Eric> I think most of these issues I am seeing here can be fixed by looping through all the geyser names instead of looping through the message text. Not sure if 1k or so regex compares on a short message will really be a performance hit or not, still need to verify that.
07:08:58 <Eric> or however many geysers there are in GT
07:10:36 <Dave from B™> So of provides a link...any other abbreviations?
07:10:53 <Eric> sb might as well
07:10:55 <Eric> nope
07:11:05 <Eric> bh might
07:11:05 <Dave from B™> BH
07:11:07 <Eric> yep
07:11:25 <Eric> it uses the same vocabulary that /gt uses for geyser names
07:12:13 <Dave from B™> beehive
07:12:51 <Dave from B™> Ok, I'm done playing:)
07:14:20 <ynpvisitor92> -15. sounds cold
07:15:14 <Betty> Morning all
07:15:22 <Eric> It was -18 just a moment ago!
07:15:24 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
07:15:25 <Eric> Hi Betty
07:15:31 <Joe> feels cold also, hi Betty
07:15:49 <Eric> wow...quite the snowmobile backup at West
07:16:15 <Eric> Cold enough here at 25 degrees
07:16:49 <Eric> I should put Fahrenheit marker on that temp here
07:17:12 <Betty> I was just trying to see BH on static. Because you posted bh. Then I saw what you were talking about :)
07:17:26 <Casey> 68 degrees F here. It will be in the 20s tomorrow, if that makes you feel better.
07:18:56 <Eric> Wow...warm casey
07:18:57 <Joe> it does not
07:20:52 <Dave from B™> Eric, do you have snow coming your way...Seattle is supposed to get 5-13" this weekend
07:21:59 <ynpvisitor108> Mammoth said that century link would be here at 6:30PM today to look at the webcam wiring. They switched the wrong T1 line. We have all set up on our end so by tonight it should be back up and running.
07:22:56 <Eric> Pretty much the same here Dave
07:23:17 <ynpvisitor108> please spread the word.
07:23:21 <Joe> tks 108
07:23:29 <Eric> Good Luck 108...we know you are at their mercy :-( and thanks for sharing
07:23:42 <Dave from B™> Thanks 108. 630 pm....that's a late work day
07:24:12 <Eric> A very strange time to get there when snow coach is required.
07:24:28 <Dave from B™> Switching the wrong T1 line. I hope that didn't cause to many oyther problems for you, 108
07:24:43 <ynpvisitor108> We will have gone home. Hopefully they get it running tonight.
07:24:58 <Eric> That is a really big steam cloud at giantess
07:25:01 <Eric> on static
07:25:08 <Eric> Thanks for all the hard work 108!
07:25:08 <ynpvisitor108> It didn't but did cause the LE Rangers problems.
07:26:14 <ynpvisitor108> The steam cloud is the temperature inversion. All the Geyser Hill geysers are contributing steam.
07:26:49 <Eric> Hey, not sure if you can fix it...but the VEC static cam clock is off by 3 minutes
07:27:14 <Eric> it should have a sync with internet time feature to keep it from drifting
07:29:08 <ynpvisitor108> I can call Dave Krueger. He might be able to. I will try from here.
07:29:31 <Eric> Also :-D if you could turn it just slightly more to the left, it could catch the full BH eruption :-D But just ignore me if I ask to much :-D
07:30:26 <Dave from B™> Eric, you're pushing it even with all those emoji's!
07:30:34 <Joe> :)
07:30:35 <Eric> Currently we can see just the edge of the BH eruption and catch the indy on the static, which is awesome.
07:30:56 <Eric> I know....but strike while the iron is hot and all of that.
07:32:02 <Eric> I don't want to be a PITA, but if nobody knows about these tiny issues, they will never get changed.
07:32:20 <CraigC> I agree
07:45:09 <Eric> can also use Fluffy :-D
07:48:43 <ynpvisitor50> no GT Castle prediction? thats od
07:50:16 <Dave from B™> What about Filthy
07:50:32 <Eric> Castle got reported at VEC but didn't get logged?
07:50:42 <ynpvisitor50> dont you have lots of names for SB Dave?
07:50:58 <ynpvisitor50> Caste is on GT
07:51:04 <ynpvisitor50> no prediction tho
07:51:20 <Eric> ohh, right
07:51:23 <Eric> weird
07:51:38 <Joe> nps preditcion
07:52:16 <Eric> Ok...much better filtering now for geyser linking
07:52:37 <Eric> will need a hard page refresh to get the latest code.
07:53:38 <Joe> i have found that if the last castle was not enretrd as a majoror minor gt will not predidt
07:54:04 <Eric> Weird that it doesn't update after edit
07:55:04 <Joe> i have had to falsley enter a prior castle as major or minor to get it to change
07:55:25 <Joe> then delete the false entry
07:55:33 <Casey> Is link linked
07:56:51 <Eric> Fixing that case right now Casey
07:58:46 <Casey> Thanks for all your work Eric. I'm out for a few hours. Talk to you guys later (with a live webcam?).
07:59:10 <Katie> Have a good day, Casey, and hello, all.
08:00:14 <kevin L™🌵> I feel your pain today. Got down to 29° here last knight.
08:01:10 <Joe> i just did the castle thing as i described and now there is a prediction
08:01:32 <CraigC> Joe, nice
08:06:51 <Joe> it works that way every time, if last castle is not entered as major or minor then gt will not predict when the next castle is entered
08:08:48 <Eric2> I had to kill my cookies here :-(
08:09:04 <Eric2> Now I must wait for Eric to timeout.
08:09:38 <Joe> eat your cookies do not kill them :)
08:09:46 <Eric2> On a diet!
08:13:25 <Joe> of
08:13:43 <Eric2> a link linked should work!
08:14:09 <kevin L™🌵> Maybe he tossed his cookies.
08:22:13 <Eric> Woot I got it fixed! Now geysers should all link properly here
08:22:48 <Eric> and if you refresh this page linked won't be linked anymore.
08:23:06 <Eric> ugggg, but it still did!
08:28:06 <Dave from B™> not on my end
08:28:33 <Joe> norris loggers are down
08:29:02 <kevin L™🌵> Is it just me or does about half the internet seem to be down now?
08:29:18 <CraigC> just you :)
08:30:10 <Ryan> Someone on FB posted a photo of a big plume near Norris. I can here to check the seismio.
08:30:42 <Eric> Not Steamboat
08:30:47 <Eric> not steamboat
08:30:50 <Eric> hmmm
08:30:53 <Ryan> I see that now.
08:30:59 <ynpvisitor53> Same
08:30:59 <Eric> old faithful
08:31:11 <Ryan> Typical coding bugs, Eric? :-)
08:31:13 <ynpvisitor53> Seismo doesn't match up
08:31:14 <Eric> plume is working
08:31:16 <ynpvisitor53> But it was like -30
08:31:23 <ynpvisitor53> So even minors could be putting a plume like that
08:31:38 <Eric> ahh old faithful
08:31:42 <Eric> nope
08:31:45 <Ryan> No. It’s not erupting.
08:31:50 <Eric> I hate regex sometimes!
08:31:51 <Ryan> Just explaining why I dropped in.
08:32:01 <Ryan> It’s very obviously not erupting lol
08:32:02 <STS> Was gonna say, OF went like 20 minutes ago
08:32:15 <ynpvisitor53> What's the latest with Webcam?
08:32:27 <ynpvisitor53> Trying to dig through days of chat logs is a bit of a daunting task
08:32:32 <Eric> I am trying to fix the stupid map linking stuff, but creating the magical Regular expression is causing me grief
08:32:49 <STS> We appreciate you Eric!
08:32:58 <Eric> I would guess tomorrow maybe 53
08:33:29 <Eric> Century link is coming tonight at 6:30pm to fix the T1 and then I assume some configuration will have to be finalized tomorrow
08:33:37 <CraigC> Century Link is supposed to arrive at 6:30 PM today
08:33:40 <STS> Wow, just noticed how cold it is in the basin
08:34:21 <Eric> it was -18 this morning
08:34:51 <STS> It's been cold everywhere it seems this winter
08:35:24 <Joe> the will leave a card "sorry you were not here when we arrived"
08:35:32 <STS> We're currently under a blizzard warning
08:36:35 <STS> Have you all seen that recent video of a charging bison in the park?
08:36:53 <Joe> we are the same temp as the basin
08:36:54 <CraigC> STS, I haven't
08:37:25 <ynpvisitor53> TY Eric
08:37:33 <STS> I'll see if I can find a link
08:37:58 <STS>
08:40:06 <ynpvisitor38> Midway steam plume?
08:40:44 <CraigC> STS, that was awesome, thanks
08:41:06 <Joe> looks like 38
08:41:31 <KittyM*> wow!
08:41:39 <Eric> I have seen them running like night!
08:41:48 <ynpvisitor38> did not know it is visible on VEC cam
08:42:18 <Eric> Yep...cold days makes those large pools create a lot of steam.
08:42:35 <ynpvisitor38> thanks
08:43:09 <STS> Those doggies (as Linda would say) sure can run fast
08:45:20 <Eric> woot...I finally fixed all the weird regex bugs I had with linking up geysers.
08:45:44 <Eric> You can now easily link old faithful steamboat lion or any other geyser here, just by typing it's name!
08:45:54 <Eric> A hard refresh of the page might be necessary
08:46:28 <Eric> haha...apparently other geyser is name in GT database :-P
08:51:27 <STS> A couple of little bumps on the YNM seismo. Snow coaches maybe?
08:51:51 <STS> Latest one was at 10:37
08:54:54 <ynpvisitor108> Can't change the clock. I think that we might have a giant eruption. I noticed the large cloud about 10 minutes ago.
08:55:31 <Eric> Thanks for trying 108 and awesome sauce on the giant!
08:55:33 <CraigC> wow
08:55:57 <Eric> Wish we had something that pointed down basin right now :-(
08:56:39 <ynpvisitor108> Me too. I can't see anything from the front desk.
08:56:54 <Eric> :-(
08:56:59 <ynpvisitor108> Just a huge steamcloud above the Mallard lake flow and trees.
08:57:20 <Eric> Yes...we were talking about a static camera in the window of the lodge would really help with down basin viewing.
08:57:35 <ynpvisitor108> Will send someone down basin to verify ASAP.
08:57:44 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:57:45 <Eric> You are the best!
08:57:50 <Katie> Cool
08:58:14 <Eric> It had been having a nice ramp up on hot not surprised.
08:58:17 <ynpvisitor108> Beehive just put up a big splash but no indy as of yet. Hard to see it because the boardwalk blocks the view of the cone.
08:58:39 <kevin L™🌵> You can see Indy on the static cam 108
08:58:43 <Eric> You can see indy on the very left corner of the static webcam
08:58:54 <kevin L™🌵> It is to the far left.
08:58:59 <Eric> I saw the splash steam a moment ago
08:59:02 <kevin L™🌵> Not going now.
08:59:46 <ynpvisitor7> I saw it too
08:59:52 <Eric> Also, you can ctrl-scroll your mouse wheel over the static image to see previous static images.
09:01:45 <Eric> I think CCI might be active with all that steam there
09:07:28 <Dave from B™> Eric, you'll be happy to know that my scroll feature finally works:)
09:07:54 <Eric> I am happy!
09:08:11 <Eric> someday the geyser link might work for you too!
09:08:18 <Eric> Hi Betty
09:08:27 <Betty> hi Eric
09:08:54 <kevin L™🌵> Hi Betty
09:09:14 <Betty> hi kevin L™🌵
09:10:18 <Dave from B™> THe link already works:)
09:11:06 <Katie> Link isn't working for me, yet, despite refreshing. But so it goes...
09:11:19 <Eric> great and :-(
09:11:22 <Dave from B™> did you shifr refresh, Katie?
09:11:28 <Dave from B™> shift*
09:11:36 <Eric> shift key is your friend for hard refreshes
09:11:52 <Katie> Yup. I always shift refresh
09:12:17 <Eric> Weird....your browser is aggressively caching javascript then.
09:12:29 <Betty> what link?
09:13:24 <Eric> When you type in a geysers name like old faithful it should be blue and you can click on it and go to the map.
09:13:52 <Eric> Like I had no idea there was a geyser named blue in the norris geyser basin :-P
09:14:00 <Betty> in GT?
09:14:08 <CraigC> LOL, me neither, in Norris
09:14:10 <Eric> here
09:14:32 <Eric> the link on the geyser name takes you to gt map
09:14:48 <Emily> hello
09:15:01 <Katie> Now it's working. Whoo hoo
09:15:05 <CraigC> Hi Emily
09:15:12 <kevin L™🌵> Link is a geyser too
09:17:14 <Betty> fun, Eric :-)
09:17:46 <Eric> Yes....I was tired of having to go look up things like Old Cone when someone mentions them.
09:17:57 <Eric> uggg, apparently old cone isn't linked either.
09:18:12 <Katie> I was just going to say that wasn't the best example. ;)
09:18:23 <Betty> bah :-D
09:18:33 <CraigC> ooops
09:19:03 <Eric> apparently it's called old cone-lgb :-(
09:19:06 <Betty> no Bah geyser ;-)
09:20:10 <Dave from B™> baby comet
09:21:09 <Betty> hey, we may have streaming soon? is that right?
09:21:33 <Katie> Not until after your bedtime, Betty. But cross your fingers for tomorrow.
09:21:49 <Betty> woot
09:22:20 <Betty> will check on train tomorrow :-)
09:24:03 <Eric> Ok..fixed the alias for old cone to actually work
09:25:02 <Eric> no baby comet in gt dave
09:28:31 <Dave from B™> Darn...I'm trying to think of obscure unknown geysers to most
09:29:04 <CraigC> Grand Geyser?
09:30:55 <ynpvisitor17> so Giant did erupt
09:31:13 <CraigC> sweet
09:33:00 <CraigC> did someone see it erupting?
09:33:03 <Eric> Interesting...but last night and not this morning
09:33:32 <Eric> VEC thought they were seeing a giant plume this morning, but if it went last night, that must have been something else.
09:34:00 <Emily> who ever put this link thing in the chat is golden. This thing is great
09:34:08 <CraigC> yeah, the note asserts it erupted yesterday
09:34:15 <Eric> Glad you are liking it Emily :-D
09:34:37 <Emily> I am liking it this morning. Its quite a splendid thing
09:34:59 <ynpvisitor106> I read the Giant post as saying it erupted sometime between yesterday afternoon and 11:10 this morning.
09:35:17 <Eric> ahhhh, then that would align with VEC report
09:35:56 <ynpvisitor106> If there is visual evidence for early this morning (plume), probably should run with that time as "approximate" and include notes on the evidence.
09:36:08 <Dave from B™> Did you hear that SB? Now, it's your turn!
09:36:27 <Eric> I was going to add a comment about VEC reporting plume at 10:54 today
09:36:31 <Dave from B™> Sounds perfect 106
09:37:22 <ynpvisitor106> Betting on SB for tomorrow - looking at Tantalus gauge, normal basin cycle pause today. Last eruption was on the rise out of the basin normal pause....
09:37:47 <Katie> the word 'of' links. that tickles my funny bone.
09:38:08 <Katie> So many words do. It's funny.
09:39:09 <Emily> lets get it nice and frequent for dave
09:39:09 <CraigC> quite splendid
09:39:42 <Eric> Yep...Dave needs a multiple SB eruption year in his memoirs!
09:41:26 <ynpvisitor9> Sounds to me like the Giant observer thinks it went last night
09:42:01 <Eric> I agree 9, with the crust being reported, but I figured the VEC comment was note worthy
09:42:01 <CraigC> ynpvisitor9, see 109's comment above, I thought the same thing
09:42:50 <ynpvisitor9> I don’t see 109’s comment
09:43:01 <Eric> I think Craig meant 106's comment
09:43:15 <CraigC> ynpvisitor106› I read the Giant post as saying it erupted sometime between yesterday afternoon and 11:10 this morning.
09:43:25 <CraigC> ooops, 106, sorry
09:44:20 <ynpvisitor9> It would still be erupting if it was near 11 today
09:44:38 <Eric> Could have been the tail?
09:44:56 <Eric> Just repeating what they reported here.
09:45:00 <ynpvisitor9> I think he would have noted it was in eruption if it was
09:45:32 <Eric> It was the VEC, I hope they would know what a Giant plume looks like.
09:45:41 <ynpvisitor9> I think the 1110 was just an end time for the note period
09:46:04 <ynpvisitor9> Eric, remember how cold it is out
09:46:10 <Eric> Well, I assume that time is about when they first could be in visual range.
09:46:34 <ynpvisitor9> Ha, never assume
09:46:56 <Eric> assumed, just not using the word :-P
09:47:16 <Eric> Really, we don't know until we get better info
09:47:23 <Eric> So reporting all info is key IMHO
09:48:13 <ynpvisitor109> So, is the new webcam up and running yet? Just checking if it's my computer that isn't getting the image.
09:48:26 <Dave from B™> 109, hopefully tomorrow
09:48:40 <Lori S> OK, cool.
09:48:40 <Eric> Nope...Century Link is coming tonight to fix their connection
09:49:06 <CraigC> I didn't know there was a "New" geyser
09:49:09 <ynpvisitor50> so 4 3 1 now
09:49:25 <Lori S> don't know why that link showed up lol
09:50:01 <Lori S> or that one
09:50:11 <Eric> last reported in 1971 craig :-P
09:50:35 <Eric> Maybe we should rename it New Old geyser
09:50:46 <Eric> "New Old" geyser
09:50:52 <CraigC> lol
09:51:25 <CraigC> this is going to save some wear on my bible
09:52:26 <Dave from B™> I'm resisting the urge just to shout out geysers
09:53:07 <Lori S> LOL Dave
09:53:20 <Betty> Lion is ie
09:53:28 <Katie> You could say, good morning, it's a splendid new day.
09:53:33 <Eric> yep
09:53:36 <Eric> agree Betty
09:53:50 <CraigC> Graham added an entry on Giant
09:55:46 <Eric> Yep, makes sense to mark it like that
09:56:11 <CraigC> does Dave Shepard work in the VEC?
09:56:32 <Eric> We will see when Bill pulls the logger data, if it is still working :-|
10:02:21 <Betty> Aurum?
10:02:40 <Betty> I think it is
10:02:56 <kevin L™🌵> yes
10:03:07 <Betty> :-)
10:03:16 <Eric> yep
10:03:47 <Eric>
10:03:55 <CraigC> where is it on static?
10:04:13 <Eric> between the two trees on the left
10:04:17 <Betty> between the trees
10:04:21 <CraigC> thanks
10:04:34 <Betty> look at erics link
10:04:36 <CraigC> that's a cool shot, Eric
10:05:09 <kevin L™🌵> The Big Boy passed the hydrostatic test Craig.
10:05:10 <Eric> It's either that or a really good pump :-D
10:05:28 <CraigC> kevin L™🌵, I read that this morning, cool
10:23:34 <ynpvisitor50> Giant clarification on timing
10:27:43 <CraigC> interesting
10:30:52 <Dave from B™> So, cloud this morning was not giant but a big something else in the super cold temps
10:31:32 <ynpvisitor113> no Grotto post though, odd
10:31:55 <ynpvisitor113> Dave S was at Riverside then
10:32:09 <ynpvisitor113> or in view of it
10:32:56 <Betty> maybe Artemisia
10:33:00 <ynpvisitor113> so if Giant erupted now it will be a bit of a wait until we see what it looks like with the new cam
10:33:52 <Dave from B™> That depends if cam is up tomorrow or Monday
10:34:28 <ynpvisitor113> I don't expect another Giant for a week Dave
10:36:26 <ynpvisitor36> So can anyone make up a sentence that is all blue? And still make sense?
10:37:04 <ynpvisitor113> is it only blue to the person who wrote it?
10:37:14 <Eric> Nope...everyone
10:37:25 <ynpvisitor113> I don't see any blue
10:37:27 <Eric> but not everyone has the updated javascript loaded on their page yet
10:37:34 <ynpvisitor113> how do you do that?
10:38:00 <Eric> You probably need to force refresh the page by holding down the shift key and clicking refresh of the page
10:38:28 <ynpvisitor113> Morning
10:38:33 <ynpvisitor113> still black
10:38:44 <ynpvisitor36> By the way something happened and I do not see any history in the simple chat page. I see it on the complicated page, but not simple.
10:38:50 <KittyM*> it was blue to me
10:38:52 <ynpvisitor113> oops, now I have it
10:39:06 <Eric> Hmmm, your browser is still caching the javascript unfortunetly....
10:39:09 <Eric> cool
10:39:27 <Eric> Might be a bad cookie 36
10:39:31 <Eric> clear your cookies
10:39:57 <ynpvisitor113> Steamboat
10:40:19 <Eric> hmmm, not seeing any history either
10:40:25 <CraigC> made me look at YNM LOL
10:40:25 <ynpvisitor113> Great Fountain
10:40:33 <ynpvisitor113> oops, it did not catch Great
10:40:40 <ynpvisitor113> do I have to do it without a space?
10:40:53 <ynpvisitor113> sorry Craig
10:40:58 <ynpvisitor55> hmmm, no history in simple
10:41:01 <Katie> Maelstrom of giant jets
10:41:02 <Betty> hehehe
10:41:04 <ynpvisitor55> Not even seeing my own chat
10:41:16 <ynpvisitor113> GreatFountain
10:41:20 <ynpvisitor113> nope, that did not work
10:41:21 <Katie> Ack! can't add an 's'
10:41:32 <ynpvisitor113> Jet
10:41:43 <ynpvisitor113> How does one do Great Fountain?
10:41:53 <Katie> Great_Fountain
10:41:54 <Katie> Nope
10:41:58 <Eric> Hmmm, Fountain is being added before Great Fountain :-(
10:42:06 <Dave from B™> GF
10:42:11 <Dave from B™> nope
10:42:28 <ynpvisitor50> Grotto Fountain should work
10:42:32 <ynpvisitor26> Nope still no history on simple, I think it went away the other day. I have been hitting the regular page to read the log.
10:42:35 <Eric> I will need to re-arrange those in the search so Great Fountain comes first for replacement
10:42:51 <ynpvisitor113> odd that Grotto Fountain works yet Great Fountain does not
10:42:55 <Eric> Grotto Fountain shows up as 2 different links
10:43:06 <Eric> That is linking grotto and fountain
10:43:07 <ynpvisitor50> :)
10:43:10 <ynpvisitor113> oh, that explains that
10:43:15 <Dave from B™> south grotto fountain
10:43:17 <Eric> I can fix that
10:43:29 <ynpvisitor113> we might as well get out the kinks for you Eric
10:43:38 <ynpvisitor113> or you get them out for us, once we find them
10:43:46 <Eric> thanks....I have more testers here than I do in my real job :-P
10:43:59 <Dave from B™> hahahhaha
10:45:52 <ynpvisitor26> Well, off to list some atlas stuff on that auction site. Someone had east coast stuff mixed in a box of n gauge cars I bought.
10:46:52 <LindaG> Ok I'll try one this is a test
10:47:12 <LindaG> Old Faithful
10:47:57 <Eric> Any other geysers that use parts of each others names?
10:47:58 <LindaG> What was that supposed to do?
10:48:34 <Betty> super frying pan
10:48:45 <Betty> works
10:48:46 <ynpvisitor26> DO a hard refreash of your browser and it will turn blue and you can click as a link
10:48:46 <Eric> bulger, bulger's hole and gray bulger
10:49:05 <Betty> old tardy
10:49:13 <Betty> works
10:49:41 <Betty> you see the geysers name in blue color, Linda?
10:51:09 <ynpvisitor26> I will check back on the simple page fix later.
10:51:23 <Eric> alright...fixed the multiword geysers like south grotto fountain
10:51:38 <Betty> thx
10:51:39 <ynpvisitor67> Old Faithful
10:51:40 <Eric> or not
10:51:57 <Betty> oh, missed the south
10:52:14 <Dave from B™> It missed the old in old tardy for me
10:52:32 <Dave from B™> old tardy
10:52:39 <Dave from B™> I didn't a new refresh
10:52:45 <LindaGt> Um no, but I am on a tablet so maybe it isnt working because of that
10:53:10 <ynpvisitor113> Great Fountain
10:53:20 <ynpvisitor113> still does not work for Great Fountain
10:53:26 <Eric> checking if grotto fountain works
10:53:31 <Dave from B™> It does on my side
10:53:40 <Dave from B™> 113, do a shift refresh again
10:53:43 <ynpvisitor113> oops, yes, it does now
10:53:54 <ynpvisitor113> thanks Eric, very cool feature
10:53:56 <Eric> Yes, that works now...but south grotto fountain doesn't work due to it reprocessing the grotto fountain part.
10:54:10 <ynpvisitor113> you get a lot done for us when there is no streaming cam...
10:54:11 <Betty iPhone> I think it does not work on iPhone
10:54:25 <Betty iPhone> Nope
10:54:41 <Eric> It should...I assume caching issue
10:54:47 <Eric> it will show up in a day or two
10:55:02 <Dave from B™> Groblong
10:55:07 <Dave from B™> that doesn't work
10:55:09 <Eric> haha
10:55:09 <Betty> hahahaa
10:55:12 <Eric> Not a GT geyser
10:55:22 <Betty> cool idea, Dave
10:55:23 <Eric> if you can search for it on GT, it should show here
10:55:48 <ynpvisitor113> did you leave this chat, and come back Betty, with a hard close, by swiping up?
10:56:17 <ynpvisitor113> oops, I mean swiping up once you are in the hard close area
10:56:23 <ynpvisitor14> Yes, I tried
10:57:11 <Eric> no old faithful links?
10:57:27 <Betty iPhone 2> Did not work. Maybe as Eric said, we will have to wait for tomorrow
10:57:29 <Eric> Mobile does not like to release it's cache of resources
10:57:52 <Eric> extra aggressive to save mobile users bandwidth
10:59:25 <Eric> hmmm, not sure how to fix south grotto fountain...that will take some thinking.
11:03:28 <Katie> as for a geyser name within a geyser - deep blue
11:03:35 <Katie> blue
11:03:50 <Betty> Lion
11:04:01 <Betty> ie I mean
11:04:24 <Katie> But there we have lion within lioness
11:04:36 <LindaGt> Eric is there any way to carry over the name of the geyser when you enter. If I click on aurum , it brings me to a screen that says aurum, but when I click enter it loses name and you have to choose from drop down menu.
11:04:47 <Eric> as long as it's not multi word geyser name it should be ok
11:05:03 <Katie> Those are working, though. Deep blue links to deep blue, blue links to blue, lion links to lion, lioness links to lioness
11:05:24 <Emily> minute man
11:05:53 <Eric> no minute man geyser listed in gt
11:05:57 <Eric> just minute
11:06:07 <Emily> minute man
11:06:10 <Emily> yep doesnt work
11:06:15 <Eric> it's not on gt
11:06:24 <Eric> if it's not on gt, it won't work
11:06:43 <Betty> strokkur
11:06:52 <Emily> yes its not on gt
11:07:23 <Eric> Not sure what you mean Linda
11:08:00 <Eric> ohh, I get I cannot do anything about that
11:08:34 <LindaGt> Ok thanks
11:09:10 <Eric> It would be nice if you could enter entries from [aurum 22:38]
11:09:21 <Eric> and it would just submit them under your name
11:09:39 <Eric> [of 1143 ie]
11:10:01 <Eric> someday :-D
11:10:07 <ynpvisitor999®> So I can now link to [Steamboat]?
11:10:17 <ynpvisitor999®> ehm...
11:10:22 <Eric> just type steamboat
11:10:30 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, that way round
11:10:34 <Katie> ha ha
11:10:36 <Eric> there has to be a space in front of the name for it to work
11:10:51 <LindaGt> Old faithful
11:11:09 <LindaGt> Nope doesn't work for me must be tablet
11:11:41 <Betty> it does not work for me on iPhone either
11:12:21 <LindaGt> I find a lot of things that dont work on tablet
11:12:36 <LindaGt> I'm surprised the camera does
11:12:43 <Eric> Giant hot period wasn't working
11:12:57 <Eric> ohh, guess it was
11:12:58 <ynpvisitor999®> It's kind-of weird how it does it, though, as I can easily imagine those links would become a tad bit obtrusive if someone just so happens to put a lot of geyser names into a single sentence
11:13:06 <Eric> giant and it's giant hot period test
11:13:41 <ynpvisitor999®> It's a good start nonetheless :)
11:13:56 <Eric> Yes, I will probably add a way to turn them off if you don't want them.
11:14:22 <Eric> OF indicator is full
11:14:41 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe some form of specific syntax in order to link to a geyser?
11:14:53 <Betty> of ie
11:15:12 <CraigC> could you have it so you put a "#" in front of the name?
11:15:30 <Eric> I thought abou that...then decided against it
11:15:47 <ynpvisitor999®> I personally was thinking of something along the lines of ![geyser name]
11:15:52 <Eric> It would be magic people would have to know and would never get used
11:16:06 <Eric> Now it just happens
11:16:12 <Eric> OF ie
11:16:19 <CraigC> nice static view
11:16:19 <Betty> a way to turn it on and off is ok
11:16:19 <Eric> oh, betty already posted it
11:16:42 <Katie> I honestly think it's fine. Good. Great. I can ignore links that aren't relevant and I might discover some geysers that I didn't know when those words are used. :)
11:16:43 <Eric> I might turn off the OF shortcut
11:16:55 <Betty> haha
11:16:59 <ynpvisitor999®> True Katie
11:17:00 <Dave from B™> Architectural
11:17:08 <Eric> or only in the case of capital OF
11:17:28 <Eric> Not on GT dave
11:17:35 <Dave from B™> old name
11:18:01 <CraigC> Dave from B™, stop trying to break it LOL
11:18:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Architectural Fountain is its full name
11:18:17 <Eric> I did rearrange F&M and Giant so their respective events link correctly
11:18:22 <Dave from B™> haha Craig
11:18:34 <Dave from B™> DG, you are correct
11:19:11 <Eric> but FM works
11:19:27 <Eric> Morning glory pool
11:19:41 <Joe> i think many would not realize to click on the blue word to see the map link, it is a very nice feature but like everytthing else it must be learned ou stumbled upon
11:19:48 <Dave from B™> Peanot peanut
11:19:59 <ynpvisitor999®> Hi Joe, how are you doing?
11:20:06 <Eric> peanot
11:20:13 <Eric> yep
11:20:22 <Joe> doing fine Jarno
11:20:30 <ynpvisitor999®> great to hear
11:20:36 <Katie> I think the different color invites interaction. And it's the traditional link color. I think it will make people experiment.
11:21:06 <Eric> I always click on blue's an internet standard, so at least if people understand the internet, they will get that they are links.
11:21:29 <Eric> what katie said
11:21:31 <Joe> as i said a very nice feature
11:21:45 <CraigC> it's an asset with no drawbacks
11:21:51 <Eric> I agree with Jarno could get annoying after a while :-D
11:22:08 <Eric> hence I will be adding a feature if someone wants to turn of linking
11:22:11 <Eric> off
11:22:44 <Eric> static cams are all so pretty today
11:31:31 <Joe> Eric, today was a nice wakeup to the fact that you now have notes displaying here, the giant note appearing here today was very nice thanks for all your hard work
11:32:27 <Betty> you find the right words, Joe
11:32:40 <Betty> celebrate Eric!!
11:33:06 <Joe> !!:)!!
11:33:53 <CraigC> Joe, well said
11:34:03 <Katie> three cheers!
11:37:10 <LindaGt> Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
11:40:21 <Dave from B™> Hip Hip Horray
11:42:55 <Betty> Beehive
11:43:00 <Betty> 1
11:43:00 <Betty> 1
11:43:01 <Betty> 1
11:43:19 <Dave from B™> Is that 3 beehives or 3 1's?
11:43:24 <Joe> yes
11:43:37 <Betty> missed shift for !!!
11:43:57 <Dave from B™> Thanks Betty!
11:44:13 <kevin L™🌵> :P
11:44:49 <Betty> I did not see indy clearly, I thought it could be ie 1 or 2 frames before, but very weak
11:44:51 <Dave from B™> I love the go back in time feature
11:46:00 <Betty> where is the go back in time feature? missed that
11:47:12 <Katie> Might not work on your iPad. On pc, ctrl + scroll mouse wheel on static cam takes you back in time.
11:47:24 <Joe> mouse on static press ctrl and scroll
11:47:31 <Betty> I´m on laptop
11:48:42 <Betty> woooooot, is that cool :-D
11:49:02 <ynpvisitor999®> Indy appears to have been ie @ 1346 static time
11:49:24 <Dave from B™> I take back everything bad I've ever said about Eric:)
11:49:27 <ynpvisitor999®> which was 1343 real time
11:53:30 <ynpvisitor999®> is there any ETA on when the new cam goes live?
11:53:52 <Katie> Perhaps after dark today
11:53:58 <kevin L™🌵> Hopefully toknight
11:54:09 <Katie> 6:30 is the time CenturyLink has scheduled for reconnect
11:54:49 <ynpvisitor999®> dangit... that's at 0230 here
11:56:30 <ynpvisitor999®> what are they going to do with the current cam? Like, is it going to be removed or stay at its current spot and act like a static?
11:56:40 <ynpvisitor50> i wouldnt wait up for it.
11:57:15 <Katie> It won't be active at all. I don't know what their plans are. I'd put it on a shelf as a spare if it were me.
11:57:28 <kevin L™🌵> Current cam will be removed
11:57:59 <ynpvisitor50> my guess is they will remove it as the tree is supposed to be dying
11:58:09 <ynpvisitor999®> so no down-basin viewing by default anymore in the near future :(
12:00:37 <kevin L™🌵> Nope
12:00:52 <ynpvisitor999®> hmm... I wonder if UNNG-GHG-5 has an alias called Grove or Purple Haze
12:01:19 <ynpvisitor999®> well, that was anti-climatic
12:02:17 <ynpvisitor999®> anti-climactic*
12:13:48 <Eric> Force refresh your page Jarno :-P
12:14:08 <Eric> and thank you all for your kind words!
12:14:56 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks Eric :)
12:15:10 <Eric> :-D
12:15:37 <ynpvisitor999®> so it now should parse things like UNNG-KLD-K13 and UNNG-GHG-17 ?
12:15:42 <ynpvisitor999®> nice
12:17:30 <Eric> The only chat in the world with dedicated geyser lookup and hot linking ;-)
12:17:48 <LindaGt> 😊👍
12:17:52 <ynpvisitor999®> haha
12:18:45 <LindaGt> I wonder what the chances are of there being a camera on my shift tomorrow. Hmmmm
12:19:32 <LindaGt> If it works tonight kat gets the first swing tomorrow
12:19:52 <ynpvisitor999®> I think the first thing to do is making a map of positions of geysers, similarly to what we have currently
12:20:19 <ynpvisitor999®> and obviously find out how far it can go in left and right
12:20:42 <LindaGt> And close we can zoom
12:21:19 <ynpvisitor999®> that too. Maybe even propose a different default state if we find one which also does a bit down-basin
12:21:52 <Eric> startling maelstrom of constant giant morning blue demise
12:21:53 <LindaGt> It will all take a concerted effort for a few days
12:22:10 <Betty> Lion ie
12:22:25 <Eric> Yep
12:22:38 <Eric> Yes, a new map is going to be very handy
12:23:16 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off for today. Have fun waiting for the new cam to go live
12:23:29 <Betty> night Jarno
12:23:32 <LindaGt> Bye 999
12:23:32 <Eric> Night Jarno
12:24:35 <Dave from B™> nice ble line Eric
12:25:08 <Eric> Thanks....I am sure someone can come up with a better sentence though
12:25:11 <Dave from B™> There will be setup time necesary for the camera if it's like other swirchovers. I really think we will be lucky to have cam up before the end of tomorrow
12:25:26 <Eric> Agree Dave
12:25:32 <CraigC> :(
12:25:40 <LindaGt> Sadly yes I agree
12:25:43 <Eric> SB before new Webcam is still my prediction
12:26:06 <Dave from B™> And, Kudos to Jake for getting the over 2 day question correct
12:26:21 <CraigC> Clint Eastwood had a term in Heartbreak Ridge...
12:42:08 <Dave from B™> FYI, the only other time SB has decreased its interval 3 eruptions in a row were the 3 leading up to the disturbance last year
12:42:30 <Dave from B™> I'm sorry...the only time
12:43:06 <Dave from B™> We have decreased the last 2 intervals
12:43:30 <kevin L™🌵> Are you the disturbance Dave?
12:43:39 <Katie> haha
12:47:52 <Betty> OF
12:50:40 <STS - phone> Hopefully SB goes before the 12th since the YNM is apparently going offline
12:51:55 <Dave from B™> for repairs?
12:53:32 <STS - phone> Maintenance
12:53:52 <STS - phone> Says so at the bittom
12:54:14 <STS - phone> Bottom of the seismo it’ll either flatline or go offline
12:55:12 <Dave from B™> Thanks
13:02:40 <Dave from B™> FYI, I was NOWHERE close to SB during the disturbance
13:03:16 <Betty> :-)
13:30:54 <Betty> Lion ie
13:31:31 <Eric> Nice keeping the eye out there Betty :-D
13:32:15 <Betty> nice Lion series without having it in view ;-)
13:32:35 <Betty> thx
13:35:08 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat again. Have a great evening everyone!
13:35:35 <kevin L™🌵> Talk about a disturbance...
13:35:38 <Betty> have fun, Dave. Night
13:35:42 <kevin L™🌵> Good Knight
13:35:48 <Dave from B™> haha Kevin
13:35:50 <Eric> Night Dave
13:35:58 <Dave from B™> -11 and counting:)
13:45:24 <ynpvisitor57> Bigfoot sighting. Sorry I missed Dave as he like them.
13:46:35 <ynpvisitor57> And still no chat history on the Simple page. Firefox, Opera, and safari all blank.
13:46:48 <ynpvisitor57> This page works
13:49:44 <Betty> that´s why it is called simple. no chat history there
13:50:07 <ynpvisitor57> Not that. I woul dnot see what you typed
13:50:18 <ynpvisitor57> Just an empty frame
13:50:32 <Betty> oh, that´s weird
13:51:24 <Betty> I´m on firefox, and it works
13:53:05 <Eric> Fixed 57
13:53:28 <Eric> and geyser highlighting will work for you too I believe old faithful
13:53:49 <ynpvisitor57> Yes.
13:54:00 <ynpvisitor57> Thank you
13:54:01 <Eric> Not keeping my promise of simple there :-P But only a minor intrusion on simplicity
13:54:21 <Eric> Sorry about change for the highlighting screwed up that page.
13:54:37 <Eric> Probably the chat only page too
13:54:38 <ynpvisitor57> Now if you could just do something about the spinning circle with the X in it?
13:54:56 <Eric> only is failing as well
13:55:03 <ynpvisitor13> did Eric break the cam again?
13:55:23 <ynpvisitor57> I am sure Kevin had something to do with it
13:56:16 <ynpvisitor57> One of his microsoft updates no doubt infected the cam.
13:57:04 <GO CAM> doesnt look like I missed SB
13:57:12 <ynpvisitor57> If I had the time, I would try and type something that actually said something all in blue.
13:57:56 <kevin L™🌵> Yhe part to fix it is lost in Phoenix
13:58:04 <GO CAM> blue pit of catfish
13:58:50 <GO CAM> i didnt get any links
13:58:53 <Katie> little crack spum
13:59:00 <Katie> darn it,
13:59:04 <Katie> little crack spume
13:59:07 <ynpvisitor57> Riverside castle of blue daisy
13:59:35 <ynpvisitor57> DO a hard refresh
13:59:49 <GO CAM> tried that, didnt work
14:00:09 <ynpvisitor57> You on a computer or tablet/phone?
14:00:52 <Eric> Now simple chat is working!
14:00:56 <Eric> or chat only I should say
14:01:07 <ynpvisitor57> I seem to remember reading adriod and ios do not like the code or something
14:01:07 <GO CAM> got it now. Ctrl Shift Delete Alt refresh worked :)
14:01:34 <Betty> time to get sleep. Night all
14:01:43 <Betty> watch for Lion
14:01:45 <Eric> Night Betty
14:01:45 <Katie> evening, Betty
14:01:51 <ynpvisitor57> Hope you get cam in the morning
14:01:58 <GO CAM> night betty ... sweet dreams of a moving cam
14:02:36 <ynpvisitor57> Well back in 3 hours maybe. They were an hour late when they broke it.
14:02:45 <Eric> I really like the chat only when in basin
14:03:37 <GO CAM> that page works well Eric .... except it needs the intelligent glove adapter so it understands when you hit the wrong letters
14:04:09 <Eric> Yep...I can imagine. I would probably bring my headset and use voice to text :-D
14:04:30 <Eric> Never need to tap anything
14:05:07 <GO CAM> haha i have trouble understanding whats entered then ... typing is almost better
14:05:54 <Eric> I love my headset when working out...I never have to look at my phone.
14:06:12 <Eric> google reads everything to me and I reply via voice to text
14:20:06 <KittyM*> OF ie
14:21:09 <Eric> Yep
15:08:45 <ynpvisitor25> they was a chech on the chat room
15:08:54 <ynpvisitor25> echo
15:10:27 <Not A Gov. Tool> SO will the camera be up and running tonight?
15:10:57 <kevin L™🌵> Place your bet.
15:11:10 <ynpvisitor105> Test: Morning
15:11:23 <ynpvisitor105> No blue on my phone
15:11:24 <Not A Gov. Tool> I bet $1. No
15:11:45 <kevin L™🌵> It is blue here
15:12:06 <ynpvisitor105> Not A Gov. Tool, I’m surprised chat allows you that long a name
15:12:25 <ynpvisitor105> Thanks Kevin.
15:12:29 <Not A Gov. Tool> LOL
15:13:19 <Not A Gov. Tool> Why 6:30 PM??????
15:13:41 <ynpvisitor105> It’s wild they moved the wrong line. I hope the person arrives on time, it’s very cold
15:13:45 <Not A Gov. Tool> LOL Dark so no one can see them goofing off?
15:14:02 <ynpvisitor105> Century Link person to arrive then
15:14:13 <Not A Gov. Tool> Why so late?
15:14:22 <ynpvisitor105> I hope they don’t have to be outside much
15:14:28 <Not A Gov. Tool> Most workers would be going home at that time
15:14:58 <ynpvisitor105> No idea. If they wait to do the work until tomorrow, it will be rather chilly
15:15:24 <Not A Gov. Tool> Yep suppose to be colder tomorrow
15:15:38 <ynpvisitor105> I don’t think Century Link men/women that do these type of calls have normal hours
15:15:57 <Not A Gov. Tool> I do to.
15:16:07 <kevin L™🌵> I guess it is messing up LE so that may get them out there.
15:16:13 <Not A Gov. Tool> So showing up at 6:30 Pm seems fishy
15:16:21 <ynpvisitor105> So hopefully they get it done and the cam is back after dark
15:16:40 <Not A Gov. Tool> I have $1. bet they don't
15:16:58 <ynpvisitor105> Fishy how? Hopefully they do not have to ride a snowmobile
15:17:24 <ynpvisitor105> I’m remaining positive
15:17:33 <Not A Gov. Tool> Normal working hours ar not at 6:30 PM
15:19:36 <Not A Gov. Tool> Century link going broke...
15:20:20 <CraigC> it's not like they are scheduling it and "oh, we'll be in your neighborhood around 3, does that work?" LOL
15:20:38 <Not A Gov. Tool> LOL yp.
15:22:01 <Not A Gov. Tool> Yes NPY goes cheep not quality
15:23:13 <Not A Gov. Tool> I threaten my Internet company to make my own server when they had poor service. I't not that hard to do from what I was researching.
15:24:26 <Not A Gov. Tool> I guess you can just use a old computer to do that.
15:24:42 <CraigC> did you have pictures of the company in compromising positions?
15:24:56 <Not A Gov. Tool> LOL wish I did.
15:26:28 <CraigC> Ray Donovan would have pictures
15:26:39 <Not A Gov. Tool> Then when the service was lagging I told the I wasn't buy a new router because I knew the problem was at their end. I told them I would be out front of their office picketing on Monady if the service wasn't fixed..... it was fixed
15:27:44 <kevin L™🌵> Cable TV company messed over for $4. Ended up costing them $13,600.
15:27:56 <kevin L™🌵> Messed me
15:28:13 <CraigC> I had century link for years, then suddenly my services went bad, a tech came out, and advised that the problem was the wiring inside my home. Then why would it have worked for all the years previously, or now just fine with xfinity?
15:29:12 <Lori S> Yeah, so our local CenturyLink guy lives two houses away from me. Should I ask him what's up? LOL
15:29:41 <Eric> He might be at the UGB :-P
15:29:53 <Lori S> (Totally admitting I haven't read the thread before I logged in...)
15:29:55 <Eric> My guess is it's someone out of billings
15:30:13 <kevin L™🌵> It's Knight time!
15:30:15 <Eric> You're probably safe Lori :-D
15:30:24 <Lori S> He's a big snowmobiler so maybe it is him. Just for the chance to ride in and out.
15:30:24 <Not A Gov. Tool> LOL same here. They charged me $50. for a service call that I told them wasnt needed because the problem was their office equipment, cam out to the house I was right but charged me. So I canceled the monthly subs and went to basic service and subed through Amazon instead. They lost my service and all that money
15:30:32 <kevin L™🌵> I believe it is Jackson Eric.
15:31:45 <Eric> Interesting...their service goes up to billings
15:31:48 <CraigC> I'd hate to be driving from West Thumb to OF tonight
15:32:00 <Eric> Of --> mammoth --> billings
15:32:16 <Eric> billings ==> YOU
15:32:25 <kevin L™🌵> IT guy told me Jackson.
15:33:00 <CraigC> ME<<
15:33:23 <Eric> Weird that a technician came out of jackson, when the service goes up through billings...but I guess you get them from wherever you can in the middle of winter :-P
15:33:26 <Not A Gov. Tool> If yiu blieve that person is going to show up tonight I have swamp land to sell.
15:33:46 <Eric> I assume they have to schedule it NAGT
15:33:53 <Lori S> I thought all traffic had to be off the snow roads by like 6 pm.
15:34:01 <kevin L™🌵> I am not holding my breath
15:34:02 <Not A Gov. Tool> Yeah
15:34:09 <Eric> You can't just truck in with your own equipment...but maybe utilities can?
15:34:24 <CraigC> NAGT?
15:34:37 <Eric> Not A Gov......
15:34:52 <GO CAM> i think its closer to 9pm off the roads Lori, Steam and Stars tour leaves at 630 or 7 I think
15:35:03 <CraigC> oh, I was channeling Dave there
15:35:24 <Eric> Turn that channel quickly Craig :-P
15:35:30 <CraigC> lol
15:35:34 <Lori S> Ah, Maybe that's just a rule for the companies out of West.
15:35:53 <GO CAM> its dark, so i doubt they want to be out late
15:36:07 <Lori S> Why are these links showing u today in words I type?
15:36:12 <Eric> Yes traveling after dark in a tour would not be optimal
15:36:18 <Lori S> up, showing up
15:36:22 <Eric> They are geysers :-D
15:36:33 <Eric> old faithful
15:36:36 <CraigC> click, Lori
15:36:40 <Lori S> Oh, geez
15:36:45 <Eric> links to the geo location of the geyser
15:36:50 <GO CAM> steam and stars is a popular tour i think, most people have not seen the night sky
15:36:56 <Not A Gov. Tool> Tell the driver to send us a like to his GPS so we can see if he is really there.
15:37:01 <Not A Gov. Tool> link
15:37:01 <Eric> Ohhh, that makes sense Graham
15:37:23 <GO CAM> but i wonder what % of nights they can see stars
15:37:53 <Lori S> They most likely will see the stars tonight. Beautiful day in West!
15:38:02 <ynpvisitor29> Picking on me even when I’m not here?
15:38:22 <Eric> Of course :-D
15:38:26 <Not A Gov. Tool> Poke, poke poke :D
15:38:32 <CraigC> hey Dave LOL
15:38:46 <kevin L™🌵> That is why we keep you Dave.
15:38:53 <Eric> Better to be talked about than forgotten dave :-D
15:39:21 <CraigC> chat wouldn't be as fun without you, Dave
15:39:30 <Not A Gov. Tool> Immortalized by gossip
15:39:33 <Eric> bhi looks hot
15:39:52 <ynpvisitor47> Well. I finally have a date.
15:40:06 <ynpvisitor47> Nice try 8
15:40:08 <GO CAM> Steam and Stars is 6:45 to 9pm daily from the Snow Lodge
15:40:29 <Eric> xanterra operated Graham?
15:40:42 <GO CAM> yes
15:41:07 <kevin L™🌵> That would be interesting but COLD in Winter.
15:41:17 <GO CAM> includes hot chocolate and flashlights to light up geysers, i think they often stop at Jewel since its so frequent
15:41:44 <CraigC> winter skies are crisp for using the telescope, but I have a hard time staying out very long in the bitter cold
15:41:57 <Eric> That would be a fun one...short walk and frequent play
15:43:16 <Lori S> No walk at all for Rusty :)
15:43:24 <GO CAM> i have never done that tour but have been out after dark ... love to lie back in the Giant cage and look up during new moon
15:44:02 <GO CAM> and hardly any wait too Lori ... a bit underwhelming tho
15:44:32 <Lori S> I love laying by Doublet Pool under a full moon. Thump. Thump.
15:44:52 <Not A Gov. Tool> zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
15:45:11 <GO CAM> i wonder if we will have a boardwalk there after the re-routing
15:45:14 <Eric> I have done that Lori...might not be able to ever again :-(
15:45:18 <Lori S> Rusty is my favorite.
15:45:34 <Not A Gov. Tool> I doubt it.
15:45:38 <Lori S> I hear you, Eric and Go CAM
15:45:40 <GO CAM> Black Sand Pool would be a good spot too
15:46:37 <Lori S> This just in from the Bob...Great Fountain ie at 1510. Putting it on GT
15:46:51 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
15:47:26 <GO CAM> nice Lori, ftn and GF. now we need Morning reports
15:48:50 <Eric> Done
15:49:16 <Lori S> It's all I can do to just get an approximate time from him. :D
15:50:01 <Eric> Yep...they are pounding the pavement for tips I assume.
15:50:12 <GO CAM> still have light on VEC cam, nice
15:50:51 <Lori S> Eric, not Bob. He just isn't a geyser person. IKR?
15:51:29 <Eric> Hmmm, Lori...priorities :-P
15:52:01 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
15:52:49 <Lori S> He drives by Indigo's run off regularly. Ya think I can get him to look over there? No.
15:52:57 <Eric> CenturyLink tech should be able to confirm signal all the way to the modem hopefully it's plug and play in the AM
15:53:23 <Eric> indigo
15:54:06 <ynpvisitor48> Of
15:54:12 <Eric> is there a known eruption of indigo spring?
15:54:56 <Lori S> Eric, not yet. Cbev put one on GT but I think it was supposed to be a note.
15:55:35 <Eric> Yes, I see that flagged
15:55:43 <Eric> indigo spring
15:55:46 <Eric> hmmm
15:56:06 <Lori S> But there are multiple notes of the runoff being almost dry. And I personally saw a huge steam column from there one sunrise. Too cold to see H2O though. Too much steam.
15:56:37 <Lori S> Huge steam, then very little steam. Seen from excelsior.
15:57:44 <Lori S> And while my memory likes to remember things that never happened, I wear back in my guiding days I saw it erupting in summer once or twice. Back when I didn't;'t know any better.
15:57:54 <Lori S> swear
15:58:07 <Lori S> Like in the 90's
15:59:01 <Eric> Nice...I always have a hard time differentiating it and excelsior's runoff when driving by
16:00:47 <Lori S> But then we can add my curiosity about Indigo Spring to similar wanderings on Palpitate and Fearless. LOL
16:01:13 <Lori S> Palpitator. Darn auto carrot
16:01:56 <CraigC> auto carrot, now there's an image
16:02:00 <kevin L™🌵> Those auto carrots will get you everytime.
16:02:12 <CraigC> LOL
16:03:58 <Lori S> vroom vroom
16:29:56 <Lori S> Time to wrap up at work to go home. Which will come first? the Cam or Steamboat?
16:30:13 <kevin L™🌵> Probably.
16:30:25 <kevin L™🌵> centurylink should be there now.
16:31:39 <Lori S> Centurylink is at Steamboat? ;)
16:31:57 <Lori S> Goodnight
16:32:14 <kevin L™🌵> Knowing them, that is where they showed up
16:32:20 <kevin L™🌵> Good Knight
16:32:48 <Lori S> Bwaaahhhaaaahaaa. I almost spit out my iced tea.
17:26:29 <ynpvisitor109> It is after 6:30! Where is my cam?
17:26:56 <kevin L™🌵> Have you ever had a repairman arrive on time?
17:30:02 <ynpvisitor109> I am going to call that bartender from NY. She said today she wants nature for all.
17:39:16 <ynpvisitor109> Portland will be closed this weekend.
17:48:11 <kevin L™🌵> No cam toKnight. Possibly tomorrow.
17:51:42 <ynpvisitor109> did they show up?
17:52:41 <kevin L™🌵> Not sure. Looks like we may revert to the old cam until it gets figured out.
17:54:18 <ynpvisitor109> Mabye they learned do not schedule a IT cut in winter when you must travel on snow mobiles or snow coaches to do it?
17:55:20 <kevin L™🌵> I think they tried to get it done before Winter but it didn't happen.
17:56:44 <ynpvisitor109> And do not ask the phone company to come make changes unless you are there to make sure they do it correctly.
17:58:00 <kevin L™🌵> As long as we get something working it will make me happy.
18:00:39 <ynpvisitor109> I hate to say it but, shut down #2 in 8 days, I do not think we will see anything but a lone figure for a while.
18:01:21 <ynpvisitor109> I can not see after disconnecting and what ever mistake and rewireing IT did to try and fix it, that the old cam will be resurected. Any miricle is possible.
18:02:49 <kevin L™🌵> We will see. I am sure they are getting a lot of pressure. This is a very popular cam.
18:03:49 <ynpvisitor109> I have been wrong before, when I thought I was wrong, and was actually right.
18:04:32 <ynpvisitor109> Isn't the record like 3 or more months for a change over down time?
18:06:46 <kevin L™🌵> I think it was around 6 weeks after the lightning strike. On that one they had to order and install a lot of damaged equipment.
18:07:25 <ynpvisitor109> When the built the vec and put up this can?
18:07:51 <ynpvisitor109> Seems like it was down for monyhs around spring
18:08:03 <kevin L™🌵> Did they have streaming at that time?
18:08:14 <ynpvisitor109> something about bad cables and what ever
18:08:54 <kevin L™🌵> I know the lightning fried the cables and router along with the cam.
18:08:57 <ynpvisitor109> I think it was when they moved the static from the tree to the vec and installed this cam
18:10:58 <kevin L™🌵> I really can't remember that move although I was here.
18:11:03 <ynpvisitor109> I seem to remember BH was going like every 12 hours and the cam was down for a long time
18:12:46 <ynpvisitor109> I just hope other IT changes are handled better. Like when the boss wants to move his desk.
18:13:37 <ynpvisitor109> At least the rail roads do not have extended outages.
18:14:27 <ynpvisitor109> They just do not implement auto slow down on new Amtrak routs until the train flys off the track.
18:14:55 <kevin L™🌵> Believe it or not they do. Floods and weather can shut them down for weeks or months.
18:15:02 <ynpvisitor109> But I forgot they are government also. So it does not count.
18:15:31 <ynpvisitor109> The signal system, or just tracks?
18:15:57 <ynpvisitor109> The rails roads are very protective of the signal system
18:16:25 <kevin L™🌵> Both. There was a flood in Rainbow canyon that shut down through trains for about a month here. Feather River Canyon has lots of rock slides.
18:17:56 <kevin L™🌵> Donner Pass gets shutdown for snow quite often.
18:19:02 <ynpvisitor109> Stuff like that happens. The Tillamook City Railroad was closed by a big flood. Cost of rebuilding was not worth it.
18:20:18 <ynpvisitor109> Interstate 80 was the last interstate that was closed in winter for snow. Snow fence designs fixed that. Now it may close for a bit but not, sorry road closd for winter.
18:21:01 <kevin L™🌵> Those are the real bummers. I really hate to see rails go away. I think I have a couple of N scale cars from the Tillamook City.
18:21:37 <ynpvisitor109> If it was worth it, I bet they could build rock sheds on Feather River.
18:21:44 <kevin L™🌵> My Son was in Reno Sunday and he said I-80 was closed at the california border for a bit.
18:22:48 <kevin L™🌵> They have rock slide alarms. Looks like a fence. If rocks hit it the trains can only go 10mph until the pass the point.
18:23:13 <ynpvisitor109> Tillamook is still doing something. Just not going over the hills to the valley any longer. Not that they would need to as I think Timber was the big payday for them.
18:23:56 <ynpvisitor109> Prineville is the same. I think they still own stock, but have little to nothing to haul.
18:24:53 <kevin L™🌵> I have a Prineville car also. I think there is a tourist operation on one of those.
18:25:23 <ynpvisitor109> The one on the Clearwater River in Idaho still has track, not sure they are running much. They used to stop and pick up fishermen on that off road side of the river.
18:26:17 <ynpvisitor109> Prineville shut down the dinner train. Tillamook is still going for tourist rides. I think that is about it as it is a short short line now.
18:27:29 <ynpvisitor109> I would like to see someone do something with the tracks out of Butte. Would make a great dinner or adventure train ride over the rockies.
18:28:37 <ynpvisitor109> Not sure where they start or end.
18:29:46 <ynpvisitor109> People in Idaho have worked hard to keep abandoned track. They have modified 3 wheel bikes you can ride some of them.
18:30:24 <ynpvisitor109> People with speeders would love to run some old track in scenic places.
18:31:23 <ynpvisitor109> The clearwater would be great because there are towns you could stop in for eats.
18:33:47 <ynpvisitor109> You should ge tone of those speeder crew haulers. not much chance of hitting a rock.
18:36:33 <ynpvisitor109> dome map
18:38:00 <ynpvisitor109> Just checking. Someone said that geyser may be visible in the preset or when we need to look at a particular geyser.
18:38:04 <kevin L™🌵> I would like to have one. I could probably talk the museum into letting me run it on their tracks if if did some litter removal.
18:38:32 <ynpvisitor109> Mentioned the deva and not a single color.
18:38:57 <kevin L™🌵> If you click on the blue words in chat it takes you to a map of the geyser.
18:39:23 <ynpvisitor109> hence my named geyser and map
18:39:48 <kevin L™🌵> Blue even shows a a geyser
18:40:17 <ynpvisitor109> That map is good for figuring out what we can see from the new cam location.
18:40:28 <ynpvisitor109> dang, a colr
18:40:31 <ynpvisitor109> color
18:41:47 <ynpvisitor109> So are you fireman on your friends loco?
18:42:12 <kevin L™🌵> No, his wife does that!
18:42:51 <ynpvisitor109> She must love him to shovel coal so he can go toot toot?
18:43:49 <ynpvisitor109> I could mention something about ding a ling, but they have a sone about that.
18:43:53 <kevin L™🌵> Not only that they stay in a trailer for 3 weeks next to it at the museum to watch over it!
18:43:56 <ynpvisitor109> song
18:45:12 <kevin L™🌵> I do help him load it and polish some of the brass on it.
18:47:52 <ynpvisitor109> Trailer life is not bad. Just look at Lucille and Desi.
18:48:15 <ynpvisitor109> In fact, I may just watch it. Good trains to you.
18:48:16 <kevin L™🌵> Oh yes. That is a funny movie.
18:48:51 <kevin L™🌵> Desi Jr used to teach my daughters ballet.
18:49:26 <kevin L™🌵> Enjoy the movie
20:28:33 <Betty> Ok, I see the streaming cam is still down
20:29:14 <Betty> Their efforts were not successful?
20:30:05 <Betty> Will be back after work. Sweet dreams to all