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04:25:28 <ynpvisitor62> Did the cam go down at all again last night?
04:30:25 <ynpvisitor40> Pretty hardto see anything.
04:31:57 <Joe> just for a little while, snow covering most geysers
04:32:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> still no eruption?
04:33:11 <Joe> no SB
04:36:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> its a day longer than the three recent 7d+ eruptions
04:38:10 <Joe> lion
04:38:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> i see the benches wee re-covered last night. lots more snow in the forecast
04:40:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> snow has filled in the tracks at west gate
04:41:25 <Joe> looks like ini
04:43:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> probably
04:43:50 <Ryan> Lagged here
04:44:16 <Ryan> Oh, initial.
04:44:21 <Ryan> I thought you typoed Indy
04:45:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> still not awake yet Ryan?
04:45:57 <Ryan> Hell no
04:46:04 <Ryan> Oh, crap, forgot where I was
04:46:09 <Ryan> HEck no
04:46:17 <Ryan> *sits head on desk*
04:47:05 <Joe> i think lion started late 0635 but view was much worse than now
04:53:27 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning everyone
04:54:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning CC
04:54:36 <ynpvisitorCC> How is the weather your way this morning Graham?
04:55:16 <ynpvisitorCC> Missed the ice storm here..just heavy rain
04:56:03 <ynpvisitorCC> Looks like the park is finally getting it's due of snow!
04:57:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> rained yesterday and its stopping this morning, then temps rise to 60s
05:01:36 <Sam> Castle?
05:01:48 <Joe> hi CC and Sam
05:02:13 <Sam> Morning Joe
05:03:08 <Sam> Of on static
05:03:57 <ynpvisitorCC> Joe can you check and see if you saw steam at Daisy a few minutes ago?
05:04:26 <Joe> castle has had much steam since 0650 as the view cleared somewhat
05:04:46 <Joe> i/ll check
05:05:00 <ynpvisitorCC> thanks
05:07:47 <Joe> i saw some sprinkler action but could not see daisy, CC
05:07:58 <ynpvisitorCC> ok
05:08:23 <ynpvisitorCC> so hard to tell with all this fog
05:09:09 <Joe> yes last night was terrible
05:14:15 <Joe> the view now is the best it has been
05:14:29 <ynpvisitorCC> agreed
05:19:12 <ynpvisitor12> Good morning all!
05:19:33 <Joe> hi 12
05:19:59 <LindaG> Helps to change your name first. hi joe
05:20:10 <LindaG> Hi Cc
05:20:10 <ynpvisitorCC> MorningLinda
05:20:11 <Joe> :)
05:21:07 <LindaG> All the webcams for Jackson hole are down, they must have lost power
05:22:26 <KittyM*> Hi Linda
05:22:36 <LindaG> Hi kitty
05:24:25 <LindaG> Bee looks steamy
05:28:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> it does that
05:37:14 <ynpvisitor66> Good Morning !
05:37:54 <ynpvisitor66> More snow
05:57:07 <Joe> lion
05:57:56 <Joe> maybe not
05:58:06 <ynpvisitorCC> minor
05:58:12 <ynpvisitorCC> minor
06:00:01 <Ryan> GO STEAMBOAT, found another geyser with too many labels besides Lion and Steamboat: Mastiff
06:01:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> true, it does lots of things. also F&M, Giantess
06:01:44 <Ryan> I think those two are fine - event cycle, eruption, etc. And Giantess has distinct eruption styles.
06:01:58 <Ryan> I meant more along the lines of: footbath, bathtub, etc
06:02:03 <Joe> last Lion was ~30 sec, I'll delet it
06:02:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> and the Mastiff and N Function conflict
06:03:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> well F&M have fuzzballs, surging of variable amounts, and then how it starts
06:03:17 <Ryan> Mmhmm
06:03:55 <Ryan> Fair enough on F&M. At least thats still defining preplay styles and not calling them minor eruptions :P
06:03:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> when is a lock....white stuff
06:05:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> same with most of the Mastiff calls ..... i dont think it has minors ...... but theres supposedly a difference between Mastiff function eruptions and Normal function eruptions
06:05:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> like NG intermediates and Majors
06:06:19 <Ryan> I think it harkens back to the 1950s when there was very obviously a Mastiff Function with Mastiff hitting 100-150ft.
06:06:32 <Ryan> Now a days all you get is an energy surge to the north and you have 40ft Mastiff
06:07:06 <Ryan> Same general event (energy shift to the north) but different intensity. And very different than a 'normal function' where the energy is squarely at Giant
06:07:53 <Ryan> I can't tell the difference between a NG inter and major - but I can tell the difference in the style of Mastiff's eruptions. I purely meant the calls about bathtubs, footbaths, etc
06:08:08 <Ryan> Either it had water, or it filled, or it didnt *shrugs shoulders*
06:08:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> i meant Mastiff and North function, not Normal....
06:08:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> then theres the energy surve vs disturbance on GH ...
06:09:25 <Ryan> Hehe, yeah, that one was entertaining.
06:09:30 <Ryan> Not even fun, just entertaining
06:10:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think i will call anything under 400' a minor
06:11:07 <Ryan> Giant minors lol
06:13:01 <Joe> lion
06:13:05 <ynpvisitorCC> Lion IE
06:16:17 <Joe> lion appeared to start 0810:56
06:17:32 <Joe> we don"t need more snow!
06:32:14 <Joe> snowblower ie
06:38:00 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
06:38:23 <Joe> hi Dave
06:38:25 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Dave
06:38:37 <ynpvisitorCC> Are you ready for surgery?
06:39:04 <Dave from B™> Yep..I'm ready
06:39:43 <ynpvisitorCC> Good.. are you still planning a trip to Hawaii
06:39:48 <Eric> Morning
06:40:09 <Dave from B™> Yes, we are leaving March 12, which is 15 days after surgery day
06:40:15 <Eric> Hi Joe, CC and Dave
06:40:26 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Eric
06:40:37 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
06:40:51 <Dave from B™> The Beacon Rock Madman
06:41:04 <Joe> hi Eric
06:41:58 <Eric> OF ie
06:42:10 <Eric> Rep that was fun Dave :-F
06:42:13 <Eric> :-D
06:42:34 <Eric> Yep..not Rep
06:42:38 <LindaG> Hi dave
06:42:46 <Eric> On my first cup of coffee...and Hi Linda
06:43:00 <LindaG> Hi eric
06:43:14 <Dave from B™> there has been a gradual buildup in flow on Tantulus in the last 20 hours...Steamboat minors?
06:43:31 <ynpvisitor36> :p
06:43:58 <Eric> More chipmunks peeing in the creek
06:44:06 <Dave from B™> :D
06:44:13 <Dave from B™> Kevin, you have snow again?
06:44:27 <Eric> It was snowing here this morning!
06:44:50 <Eric> That was actually the hardest part of Beacon Rock Yesterday...the top was ice and snow hard packed.
06:45:03 <Eric> Glad they had railings.
06:45:11 <Kevin L™🌵> No partly cloudy. Just need it to be sunny the end of this week.
06:47:04 <Dave from B™> Eric, how far one way to Beacon Rock from the trailhead and what is the elevation gain?
06:47:56 <CraigC> hey everyone.... I have had this on but doing my taxes, and now, finished!!!
06:48:39 <Dave from B™> :P
06:48:57 <Dave from B™> I haven't even started and I have 3 returns to do: Daughter, mother and mine
06:49:17 <Kevin L™🌵> I feel like I am finished when I do my taxes too. I use the short form. With 2 lines. 1. What did you make? 2. Send it in.
06:49:18 <CraigC> I got my daughter's done 2 weeks ago, she was so eager for her money
06:49:30 <CraigC> Kevin, LMAO
06:50:01 <CraigC> this year, because of retirement, will be the best ever refund of my life
06:50:10 <LindaG> Oh taxes! Havent started
06:51:07 <ynpvisitor79> Sounth Entrance is closed - must be quite a storm!
06:51:42 <Kevin L™🌵> I thought that too Craig and they really stuck it to me.
06:51:59 <LindaG> Yeah I commented earlier that Jackson hole webcams are all down, must have lost power
06:53:06 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, I had 4 rollovers into my 401k when I left my job.... that made huge differences on my refund
06:53:13 <LindaG> Now they as re back
06:53:31 <LindaG> *are
06:55:49 <Kevin L™🌵> That helps but they do come back and bite you later. My Dad is having that problem. I had a lot of vacation time and unused sick leave that put me into the "rich" bracket. Couldn't average that like they do with the contributions that I put into the retirement system.
06:56:38 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, how so later if I retired last year?
06:57:32 <CraigC> I thought I might get bit on this return from that, but it didn't
06:59:21 <Kevin L™🌵> What they did with me was add it up and treat it like it was normal income. I retired at the end of the year so I had a full years wages and about 6 months of vacation and unused sick leave. Add to that my wife was working as an RN in a hospital so it was really ugly.
07:00:03 <Kevin L™🌵> She liked to work with kids so she is now a school nurse making about half of what she was.
07:01:06 <Kevin L™🌵> My Dad has to collect from his 401k now and he ends up losing a bunch of the benefits from that because they cut his SS big time.
07:02:21 <Dave from B™> Kevin, why did his SS benefits get cut?
07:04:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Because with the money from his pension and the 401k he makes too much money so they reduce his SS.
07:05:03 <LindaG> I never heard of that
07:05:47 <Kevin L™🌵> I hadn't either. They get the goldmine, he gets the shaft.
07:06:07 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize that either
07:06:14 <LindaG> What did he do for a living?
07:06:20 <Dave from B™> I knew it could limit how much money you can earn when you're on SS
07:07:57 <Kevin L™🌵> He was a worker in the titanium plant here in Henderson. Some of the stuff he made is on the moon and Mars.
07:08:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> most 401k plans are funded after social security has been taken out, so dont count against the SS earnings limits
07:10:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> and once you reach full social security age theres no earnings offset
07:10:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Taxes are above my paygrade now. I have someone do it who knows what the laws are this week.
07:25:53 <Joe> lion
07:27:09 <Joe> .
07:27:33 <LindaG> Habent seen a lion in a while I'll le, nice
07:27:51 <LindaG> *haven't
07:30:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Can barely see it in this mess.
07:30:13 <LindaG> I dont see bubblers
07:51:49 <Joe> NPS must have some E times they posted predictions for Grand and Daisy
07:52:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Predictions should give us ballpark times anyway.
07:53:43 <Joe> yes, Ilike predictions!
07:55:09 <Kevin L™🌵> May have to depend on e times today.
07:55:10 <ynpvisitorCC> Hey kevin are you dealing with the snow?
07:57:02 <ynpvisitorCC> Signing off...hope everyone has a nice day.
07:57:21 <Dave from B™> Have a good day, CC
07:57:40 <Joe> bye CC
08:00:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Later CC
08:20:27 <Eric> Steamboat in a couple hours?
08:21:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> i prefer now
08:21:59 <ynpvisitor59> Steamboat, I command thee, erupt!
08:22:25 <Eric> Guess we will know in about 15 minutes if that worked 59 :-P
08:22:36 <ynpvisitor59> :")
08:22:44 <ynpvisitor59> :)
08:23:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> we get anther slice in acouple of minuted but the response to the command would be 10m later
08:24:43 <ynpvisitor59> lion
08:29:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> it didn't go at the time of your command....
08:30:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> have to wait for the next slice now
08:31:02 <ynpvisitor59> apparently Steamboat does not respond to commands :)
08:35:15 <Dave from B™> Graham, we gained 2 points on you yesterday:)
08:35:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> it was all kcmules fault
08:35:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> we can get them back today ... back home at last
08:36:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> and SB didnt obey the command
08:37:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> 3-3 on the road trip, about all you can ask for
08:37:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Did you see the new uniforms for the Knights?
08:38:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha, pretty Kevin
08:38:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> 1 Mar CAPS at Isles
08:39:00 <ynpvisitor59> i wast to see themwear the daisy beanie
08:39:35 <ynpvisitor59>
08:40:05 <Dave from B™> 8 of our next 9 games are at home. Are you sure you're gonna catch us?:)
08:40:47 <Kevin L™🌵> We have been doing worse at home.
08:42:12 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat for the last time for a week. Have a great Sunday everyone! I may be on from home tomorrow morning
08:43:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Good luck.
08:43:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> CAPS will warm up now ... time to get ready for the cup run
08:43:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> good luck Dave
08:45:07 <Kevin L™🌵> DaveM found Grand.
09:17:47 <ynpvisitor27> Sorry about the Daisy input at 1028... visitor reported Daisy and stated that it erupted sideways, with Comet splashing next to it, then came back and showed me a picture of Castle's splashy play.
09:19:31 <Michael> Lion might be going now.
09:20:04 <Michael> Yes. Thanks for the zoom.
09:50:42 <Sam> Hey, I’m adding an A(?) to the missing OF eruption from overnight. If anyone would like me to take it down, let me know.
09:52:27 <Sam> Feel free to read the entry
10:04:58 <ynpvisitor54> ICK
10:23:58 <ynpvisitor59> lion
10:24:24 <ynpvisitor59> almost
10:25:16 <Michael> I just saw the tail end of something. Missed whether it was an eruption or just an extended roar.
10:26:06 <ynpvisitor59> roar
10:36:23 <Michael> That one looked like a minor eruption to me.
10:37:18 <Michael> But i'm 50% sure at best.
10:52:42 <ynpvisitor59> don't think Grand was ini
11:22:13 <ynpvisitor54> still good to have a Grand time, even if the person posting did not do correct coding
11:23:50 <Michael> OF
11:24:24 <ynpvisitor54> that will make for a great photo...
11:24:47 <Michael> :)
11:25:33 <Michael> :snow:
11:29:23 <ynpvisitor79> steamboat is inching past 8.5 days
11:30:16 <ynpvisitor54> time for the FB page to get really nervous
11:30:51 <ynpvisitor79> lol
11:55:59 <ynpvisitor116> I’ll go post on FB that steamboat is dormant
11:59:05 <Michael> At least that means we can stop worrying about the supervolcano for a few days, right?
12:09:45 <Betty> hi all
12:10:19 <LindaG> Hi betty
12:10:36 <Betty> hi Linda
12:12:36 <Michael> Hi Betty
12:13:04 <Betty> hi Michael
12:13:51 <Michael> I hope Beehive goes today when we can see it.
12:24:54 <LindaG> Little over 24 hrs since last Bee
12:51:49 <Michael> OF ie
12:54:29 <Betty> indy?
12:54:59 <Michael> Good question.
12:58:07 <Michael> Beehive ie?
12:58:30 <Betty> looks like
12:58:37 <ynpvisitor106> bh
12:58:47 <Betty> yay
12:59:34 <Michael> I think if Steamboat erupted now, I'd see just about as much of it.
13:03:13 <Michael> I'm giving up on the rest of the afternoon. Good luck seeing bison at OF!
13:03:45 <Betty> bye Michael
13:04:18 <Betty> headed out too. night all
13:29:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> i go awway to the opera and come back and still no steamboat
13:29:51 <LindaG> Huh guess I missed beehive oh well. Was it visible?
13:32:13 <ynpvisitor106> not really
14:05:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> we can still see the OF sign on vEC cam. not enough snow yet
14:11:40 <Kat> Wow - now that's some snow!!
15:57:09 <Michael> OF
15:58:02 <kcmule> in there somewhere
15:58:33 <STS (Sam)> You can see it pretty well on static
16:00:24 <Michael> Next one might be invisible unless someone puts a flashlight on it.
16:01:13 <STS (Sam)> Should go into night mode.
16:09:56 <ynpvisitor76> Somebody press THE button!
16:10:34 <ynpvisitor76> :!:
16:10:38 <ynpvisitor76> :!:
16:10:42 <ynpvisitor76> :!:
16:11:39 <Michael> The button that turns on the snow machine? Looks like somebody's on it already.
16:12:17 <ynpvisitor76> The boat button!
16:27:19 <ynpvisitor76> -1 feels like -20 brrrrrrrrrrrrr
17:39:33 <Ryan> OF 1940ns
18:07:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> seismo didnt update......
18:08:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> must have been a huge eruption :)
18:09:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> on that note, goodnight
21:04:32 <ynpvisitor32> hello