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01:14:57 <ynpvisitor72> Grand
01:15:05 <ynpvisitor72> Nice
01:19:56 <LindaG> Hi joe
01:20:36 <Joe> Morning Linda
01:20:59 <LindaG> Nice start to my day
01:21:38 <Joe> Yes
01:39:55 <Joe> maybe grotto back there
01:40:44 <Betty> morning all
01:40:51 <Joe> Hi Betty
01:41:00 <Betty> nice colors
01:41:05 <Betty> hi Joe
01:41:12 <LindaG> Hi betty
01:41:24 <Betty> hey LindaG
02:03:44 <LindaG> Riverside?
02:04:00 <Joe1> yes
02:36:12 <Betty> helloLion
02:41:58 <CraigC> hey Betty
02:42:02 <CraigC> hey Joe
02:42:06 <CraigC> hey Linda
02:42:36 <Joe1> hey Craig
02:46:21 <LindaG> CraigC, hi
02:49:15 <Betty> hi CraigC
02:53:59 <CraigC> Betty, don't usually see you here at this time, what time is it there?
02:54:25 <Betty> almost 1 pm
02:55:07 <CraigC> are you usually out having fun at this time?
02:56:03 <Betty> usually I have to work at this time. but today it is part of our Easter Holiday
02:56:13 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
02:59:28 <CraigC> Betty, is Passion Play still a big thing there?
02:59:33 <GO YNP> happy opening day
02:59:43 <CraigC> hey Graham
03:00:05 <Betty> not everywhere, but in some regions, yes
03:00:11 <GO YNP> how are you doingsetting up your trailer Craig?
03:00:13 <Betty> morning Graham
03:02:13 <CraigC> GO YNP, slowwwww, all I have done so far is get an adaptor for the 30amp plug so I could hook it up to my house elctricity to charge the batteries, haven't done anything yet with the water tanks
03:03:01 <LindaG> GO YNP, good morning
03:03:44 <CraigC> it's all completely new to me, so I am going to work on one thing at a time
03:03:59 <GO YNP> ok.then dd lightweight cooking stuff, some clothes and bedding, food and water and off you go
03:05:00 <CraigC> I found some lightweight dinnerware stuff on Amazon that I added to my cart. I already have quite a bit of car camping stuff
03:05:04 <GO YNP> oh, camp chairs, bug-be-gone stuff, table, bbq, ... the list goes on
03:05:16 <CraigC> got all that stuff
03:05:39 <CraigC> but we are going to buy a gel thicker gel mattress, too
03:05:41 <GO YNP> you have to find the right spots for it too. has it got a bike rack?
03:05:59 <CraigC> no hitch rack, I will need to get one installed
03:06:27 <CraigC> I bought an equalizer from my sister yesterday
03:06:30 <GO YNP> so it is just like owning a boat ..... constant things to do :)
03:06:42 <CraigC> LOL
03:07:00 <GO YNP> i have been thinking about getting one sometime, but i cant fugure out my retirement plan ... where to live, etc
03:07:17 <CraigC> thanks for reminding me of THAT project...hahahah, I have a lot of things to do on my fishing boat, also
03:07:42 <GO YNP> snd you have some crs to restore too?
03:07:47 <GO YNP> cars
03:08:26 <CraigC> crs?
03:08:52 <CraigC> oh, nope, but my jeep is in the shop getting transmission work, does that count as more stress?
03:09:09 <GO YNP> no, because its not a project for you
03:09:46 <CraigC> touche'
03:10:00 <GO YNP> my nephew has all the toys, including a harley. nt sure how he decides which one to play with each weekend
03:10:28 <CraigC> selling my motorcycles was such a load off, I would have never expected that
03:11:30 <GO YNP> a regular bike is better if you can get off the highway
03:11:37 <CraigC> GO YNP, so where are your possible locations to live that you are weighing out?
03:11:47 <ChrisO> Good Morning all :)
03:12:25 <CraigC> I only ride on roads where there are cars if I ride from my house to a trailhead, and against traffic, I think it is stupid to ride around cars
03:12:31 <GO YNP> West but question is all year or just summer ,, and then where in winter. in VA now, my mom is in Richmond and i help her out
03:12:33 <Betty> morning ChrisO and Rice
03:13:14 <GO YNP> do i trailer in West or live somewhere ... rented or buy .... so many options
03:13:31 <LindaG> ChrisO, morning
03:13:59 <GO YNP> Sister is in Denver, so likely to be somewhere in the mountain area eventually
03:15:08 <CraigC> my sister and her husband started summer retirement jobs last year at a trailer park in west, and they are so much happier now.... can only imagine being there and not working
03:15:39 <CraigC> so leaving a trailer there all summer sounds like an ideal plan
03:15:58 <GO YNP> yeah, then can roam in winter
03:16:08 <CraigC> see if there is a storage place around there for the winter
03:16:26 <GO YNP> would want to come down to UT
03:16:38 <GO YNP> need some quality time near the parks there
03:17:02 <CraigC> southern utah is fun to explore in the winter, I want to see AZ and NM, too, never been adventuring down there
03:17:36 <GO YNP> i love Zion, been there a few times
03:17:56 <GO YNP> but always a rch to see and do things. would e nice to be able to relax
03:18:05 <GO YNP> rush
03:18:28 <CraigC> yeah, it gets so crowded that I don't go there as much, I go to Moab more, and Bryce is lighter on crowds
03:19:51 <CraigC> a young man fell off Angels Landing, they found his body yesterday
03:20:18 <GO YNP> oh no, thats aweful
03:20:40 <GO YNP> i bet winter weekdays is a less crowded time
03:22:00 <ChrisO> Gonna be a fun day... YS opens, and Central VA has its first moderate risk for severe storms this afternoon of the year. Im pumped :)
03:22:01 <Rice> Going to Zion this summer, we are NOT doing Angles landing!
03:22:15 <ynpvisitor12> OF time a very good thing!
03:22:16 <CraigC> it is, I have been down there for work before retirement and it was significantly better in off season
03:22:19 <Betty> yust thought Aurum started
03:24:10 <GO YNP> where are you Chris? I am in Alexandria and headed to Richmond today
03:24:34 <ChrisO> Western Henrico, VA
03:24:35 <Joe> I was watching, thought I saw pump but may have missed Aurum
03:24:43 <ChrisO> about 11 miles west of Richmond City
03:24:48 <GO YNP> I bet Angels Landing s too crowded in summer. i have done the hike and its a spectacular view
03:25:02 <GO YNP> ok, my mom is in Bon Air, Chesterfield
03:25:19 <ynpvisitor12> Third path light on the left points right at Daisy, Not as good as the tree, but something.
03:27:17 <CraigC> GO YNP, Angels Landing is already too crowded right now, there was a news article in the last week of a video of a long bottlenecked line of people waiting to climb the steep narrow section
03:28:28 <Joe> This cam is nice, but I did like the old with the wide view at night, too many choices too catch many of the grysers on the new cam at night.
03:28:43 <GO YNP> yeah i bet. again weekday might be better, and get an early start
03:29:11 <GO YNP> you are doing a great job Joe
03:29:16 <ynpvisitor72> Last path light. Ignore the first one on the right,
03:29:55 <Joe> Thanks Graham, waiting for Daisy now
03:30:03 <GO YNP> riding your bike in Zion must be wonderful
03:30:50 <GO YNP> full stack of predictions ready for the VEC, they will be happy
03:31:09 <GO YNP> I hear the whole f GH will be open this morning. Miah will be there this afternoon too
03:31:23 <GO YNP> fill in the missing letters :)
03:31:50 <Betty> hehe
03:32:01 <CraigC> here is FB video of crowds;
03:32:42 <CraigC> GO YNP, best experience I ever had was shuttling my bike to top of Zions road, and riding it back down and stopping anywhere I wanted
03:33:18 <Joe> Daisy
03:34:36 <GO YNP> downhill :thumbsup:
03:34:40 <CraigC> * best experience at Zions
03:40:33 <ynpvisitor49> Looks like a line at Disneyland
03:41:40 <Joe> I hope lion erupts early, if it waits ~1h 30min, we will miss it, as there will be an OF window
03:42:24 <GO YNP> the cost per hour of waiting is smaller tho #49
03:42:52 <GO YNP> cam will just be checking abck and forth every 2min then Joe :(
03:43:10 <Joe> :)
03:43:11 <Betty> indy?
03:43:26 <Joe> Looks like
03:43:49 <Betty> haven´t seen it in this view yet
03:44:15 <Betty> no
03:48:59 <Joe> strong wind
03:51:19 <Betty> LS
03:52:51 <GO YNP> it's a green day here today, trees decided to drop pollen everywhere. good job theres rain coming to wash it away for a few hours
03:53:06 <Betty> I cannot enter in gt
03:55:47 <CraigC> hey Art
03:55:58 <Art> Morning
03:56:08 <Joe> Betty was Ls ie or start at 0551?
03:56:16 <Betty> ie
03:56:47 <Art> Happy opening day ;)
03:56:57 <Joe> Would you like me to enter it with you as observer
03:57:22 <GO YNP> going to the game tonight Art? congrats on tying the series up
03:57:44 <Betty> thanks Joe
03:57:46 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning everyone
03:57:51 <GO YNP> Knights and Caps both failed yesterday :(
03:57:57 <Betty> morning CC
03:58:00 <Joe> Hi CC
03:58:09 <CraigC> hey CC
03:58:12 <Art> Can't go tonight either, we've got 4 different family members from various sides of the family all in town strangely
03:58:12 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Joe...nice work
03:58:21 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Craig
03:58:24 <Joe> thanks CC
03:58:31 <Art> My dad, Larissa's parents, my uncle and two cousins
03:58:53 <Art> Stange coincidence but can't just sneak down to Boston ;)
03:59:15 <CraigC> Art, I'm feeling sympathetic anxiety :)
03:59:38 <CraigC> :lion:
03:59:48 <Betty> yay, Lion
04:00:47 <GO YNP> Maybe you will get to see Game 7 :)
04:00:50 <Joe> Choices, choices, rules>
04:01:23 <Art> Nope hoping for a Game 7 but I do have that blocked off in my calendar so will definitely go if that happens
04:01:29 <Art> Not hoping...
04:01:31 <GO YNP> static is working so you can watch it there
04:02:18 <CraigC> it's going to go
04:02:22 <CraigC> OF
04:02:23 <ynpvisitorCC> made me laugh!
04:02:50 <Joe> :)
04:03:18 <GO YNP> Dave is just sitting back and checking the injury reports after each game
04:03:34 <Betty> joe, did you try to enter LS?
04:04:03 <Joe> I will got side tracked
04:04:13 <CraigC> hey Kat
04:04:23 <Kat> Good Morning all!
04:04:38 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning Kathy
04:04:58 <Kat> Hey Craig, CC, Joe
04:05:21 <Betty> morning Kat, and hi Art
04:05:34 <Art> morning
04:05:40 <Kat> Oops! and Betty:), Art
04:06:50 <CraigC> now 80 minutes unchained :)
04:06:54 <Kat> Is GT slow this AM?
04:07:40 <Joe> Betty, LS will not enter into GT
04:07:42 <Betty> at least I am not able to enter LS, but only LS
04:08:04 <Betty> weird, Joe
04:08:18 <Betty> Jake broke it
04:08:53 <Joe> Controls released for next camop
04:09:18 <Joe> Jake does that :)
04:09:49 <CraigC> I tried, too..... there was a brief greenish flash between the enter and the next screen
04:11:06 <ynpvisitorCC> Looks like we will get a daytime BH
04:11:31 <CraigC> when I click on my own name, it shows LS as the most recent entry, though
04:12:47 <Joe> When I look in my profile GT shows I entered LS twice, I'l delete mine as it should put in Betty's or Craigs at some time
04:13:04 <ynpvisitorCC> Have a nice day everyone...bye
04:13:20 <CraigC> I deleted minre
04:13:25 <CraigC> cya CC
04:15:08 <GO YNP> i am pretty sure it was Dave that broke it, not Jake
04:15:19 <Joe> I deleted both of mine, there appear to be three? more, something might post sometime
04:15:20 <CraigC> concur
04:17:06 <Betty> they were there all by me
04:17:08 <CraigC> what's the typical interval between Dome series?
04:17:37 <Joe> That Bee steam we are seeing is the first I've seen all night although I was on the Castle-Lion view most of the night
04:17:43 <Betty> the primary is from Kat yesterday at 1921
04:17:58 <Betty> that´s why they did not show up
04:19:42 <ChrisO> alredy a line forming at west gate lol
04:19:59 <Joe> Kat are you morning camop?
04:20:19 <Art> Gate opens at 0800?
04:23:16 <GO YNP> Dome series are typically 5 or 6 days apart initial to initial
04:23:37 <GO YNP> yes Art, 0800. they must be on EDT
04:24:20 <CraigC> GO YNP, thanks
04:24:50 <GO YNP> i think we had some as short as 2 or 3 days this winter based on cam reports
04:26:11 <GO YNP> recent ones look like 6 to 7 days
04:31:01 <Betty> need to go out and join the beautiful weather. see you later
04:31:29 <Joe> bye Betty
04:32:02 <Joe> NG
04:32:22 <Joe> Nope just steam
04:35:57 <Kat> Joe -yes I am on this AM
04:37:21 <ynpvisitor9> Already cars at West Gate.
04:37:34 <ChrisO> we know :)
04:37:48 <ChrisO> looks to be about 8 so far
04:38:08 <GO YNP> looks like they are having a party
04:38:18 <GO YNP> tailgating coffee and donuts?
04:38:29 <Kat> I'd be having a party if I was there!
04:38:30 <Art> On one hand I want to say that's crazy, on the the other hand I'd probably be in that line if I lived in West ;)
04:38:33 <GO YNP> lake cam is nice
04:39:07 <GO YNP> beautiful day for opening. would you turn left or right at Madison?
04:39:26 <ChrisO> if it wasnt a 2219 mile drive and i didnt have a wedding to be a next week-end i would be in that line :)
04:40:40 <GO YNP> elk on electic peak and that gate is staffed
04:40:59 <Kat> Marmot?
04:42:31 <Art> GO YNP, That's a tough one, I guess right since I'd probably gamble on disturbance = unpredicatable SB, but then I'd be second guessing myself all day
04:42:51 <Joe> yes Kat
04:42:56 <Art> I'm also really curious on if it goes at the 14 day mark
04:43:05 <GO YNP> need to hear if the back basin is open too
04:43:31 <GO YNP> hopefully we get a report today
04:44:20 <GO YNP> i wonder how the 3-way stop will work at Madison Junction too
04:44:53 <CraigC> I would turn right and go to UGB
04:44:54 <Art> Oh they put in a 3 way?
04:44:59 <GO YNP> probably fine now, but interesting at peak season
04:45:07 <GO YNP> thats what i heard
04:45:40 <Art> It's bad enough during peak without it
04:45:42 <GO YNP> should help Westes turn North
04:46:16 <Art> Yeah I'm always supportive of them trying new things as long as they evaluate after
04:46:54 <GO YNP> i am sure they will monitor it and adjust if it causes a problem
04:46:56 <Art> Guessing gate in Mammoth is closed until 0800 though
04:46:59 <ChrisO> its steamy this morning :)
04:47:06 <CraigC> what is behind Pump?
04:47:14 <Joe> Aurum
04:47:22 <CraigC> did you see it erupt?
04:47:37 <GO YNP> washburn SW is pretty too
04:47:58 <Joe> I saw considerable steam i'll check
04:48:27 <CraigC> BH bubbling
04:48:45 <Kat> :)
04:50:07 <Art> Gate South to Norris that is
04:51:49 <Joe> Craig that was Aurum
04:51:56 <Joe> erupting
04:52:51 <CraigC> just took this shot of the moon setting;
04:53:22 <CraigC> Joe, thanks
04:56:43 <Kat> Very nice Craig!
05:00:59 <LindaG> Nice moon
05:01:12 <ChrisO> Got things to do. Will be back later :)
05:01:30 <Joe> Lion soon
05:01:36 <LindaG> Kat, good morning
05:01:45 <Kat> Hey Linda!
05:02:18 <LindaG> I missednaurum ☹
05:02:54 <LindaG> And i still cant type ☹
05:02:55 <Kat> I missed it too and I was here! :)
05:03:12 <LindaG> 😆
05:03:16 <Wemadeit!> Gazing life gets more interesting starting today:)
05:03:47 <LindaG> Ohh bee is steamy
05:03:54 <Kat> Morning Dave
05:04:09 <Dave from B™> Morning Kat and all gazers...It's Opening Day!
05:04:12 <LindaG> Hi dave
05:04:14 <Joe> Hi Dave
05:04:29 <Kat> WooHoo !
05:04:34 <CraigC> hey Dave
05:04:55 <Rice> People are staged at the West Gate
05:05:08 <Rice> First One's Here!
05:05:11 <LindaG> Open the gates and let them in!
05:05:22 <Joe> LION
05:05:37 <CraigC> :lion:
05:05:52 <LindaG> Lake is pretty
05:06:16 <CraigC> this morning is starting off great so far on here
05:06:21 <Rice> What time do gates open?
05:07:01 <Dave from B™> I believe 0800
05:07:26 <GO YNP> nie light on VEC cam
05:08:08 <Kat> :thumbsup:
05:08:23 <GO YNP> how was dinner Dave?
05:09:28 <GO YNP> hey theres a cheater on W gate
05:09:59 <GO YNP> all you need is a big truck and you can get in early
05:10:24 <Kat> Long line now!
05:10:32 <Dave from B™> It was great. Sorry about the game Graham
05:10:56 <GO YNP> yeah, Knights failed too
05:11:08 <Joe> Dave did your team win?
05:11:16 <Dave from B™> So, you're parked at the West Gate and you are a gazer. Where do you go?
05:11:24 <LindaG> Soon well be hearing about bisonpeep encounters
05:11:28 <GO YNP> at least the CAPS found out where the net was this time
05:11:50 <LindaG> *bison-peep
05:12:15 <GO YNP> UGB for Grand and BH chance, then back to Fountain
05:12:28 <Dave from B™> My team won their series earlier this week. They are healing and waiting for the next round.
05:12:29 <GO YNP> i figure ack asin is still closed
05:13:02 <GO YNP> add a couple of B's
05:13:13 <ChrisO> tourons :)
05:13:39 <Kat> :lol:
05:13:47 <Dave from B™> Probably a good choice. I'll be anxious to hear about Norris bw's. I wonder if MA is headed in today.
05:13:54 <GO YNP> i see the long line of cones on VEC cam preventing people going past the BW construction
05:14:14 <GO YNP> Micah is going to UGB ... hpefully there will be a report
05:14:42 <GO YNP> not sure if he is guide training or gazing
05:16:04 <LindaG> Exciting my first spring/summer on cam!
05:16:43 <Joe> Sasquatch
05:16:57 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
05:17:24 <Dave from B™> Sasquatch has a fire making addiction
05:18:36 <Joe> I will never never be able to see that view without seeing Sasquatch, thanks Craig :)
05:19:00 <LindaG> No obvious bubblers on bee
05:19:02 <Dave from B™> I will be checking it out from ground level as well
05:19:42 <LindaG> Me too joe
05:20:06 <CraigC> :)
05:20:17 <Kat> :)
05:24:24 <Joe> next Daisy ~ 0756
05:25:50 <Kat> Cam needs a visor!
05:25:54 <GO YNP> more cheaters
05:26:38 <GO YNP> washburn cam is nice lighting on the snow
05:26:41 <Dave from B™> Sure they aren't staff members?
05:26:41 <GO YNP> and VEC
05:26:42 <LindaG> Pretty though
05:26:57 <Kat> It is..
05:27:56 <ChrisO> well that answers my question from last night...theres always a puddle around OF lol
05:29:22 <GO YNP> Washburn NE is moody this morning
05:36:15 <LindaG> In certain light the puddles are different colors, at first didnt know what I was looking at
05:36:59 <ChrisO> morning Kevin L :)
05:37:04 <LindaG> Good morning Kevin
05:37:05 <Dave from B™> Mourning Kevin
05:37:09 <CraigC> hey Kevin
05:37:15 <Kat> Hi Kevin
05:37:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Morning
05:37:42 <ChrisO> to many cars at west gate to even try counting them lol
05:37:48 <LindaG> We are an eager bunch 😊
05:38:05 <GO YNP> i wonder how long it will take to clear the line
05:38:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Thanks to whoever picked up the cam for me yesterday.
05:39:13 <Dave from B™> Be sure and wave to Maureen
05:39:35 <Joe> counting, one...counting, two... counting, three
05:39:54 <CraigC> why not open at 5 am and facilitate more spread out traffic on the 1st day
05:40:09 <GO YNP> is maureen first in line
05:40:25 <ChrisO> gonna keep my mouth shut on that one and watch the geysers :)
05:41:10 <CraigC> good idea, I gripe too much
05:41:28 <CraigC> the B word gets censored :)
05:41:46 <ChrisO> i gripe to, and that video was hilarious last night...if you know which one im talking about :D
05:41:58 <CraigC> I dont
05:42:32 <ChrisO> check your PM
05:42:49 <CraigC> OF
05:43:18 <Kevin L™🌵> It is fun to see the top of OF again.
05:44:10 <ChrisO> its pretty in the sunlight :)
05:44:27 <Rice> I like how we can see the run off channels now.
05:44:42 <Kat> Me too Rice.
05:45:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Some very interesting views
05:48:55 <Joe> Sprinkler
05:49:30 <CraigC> Bulger going?
05:49:32 <Art> What is that little sput erupting next to river?
05:49:41 <Art> Sprinkler?
05:49:48 <Kat> I think so Craig
05:49:48 <CraigC> yes, Art
05:49:49 <Joe> yes Art
05:50:22 <CraigC> Joe, you want to enter Bulger
05:50:26 <Art> Thanks new view still throwing me off
05:50:39 <Joe> Go ahead Craig
05:50:39 <Kat> I did already
05:50:45 <CraigC> cool
05:50:57 <CraigC> Kat, are you driving cam this morning?
05:51:01 <ChrisO> is bulger the little one?
05:51:16 <ChrisO> that closest to us near the creek?
05:51:21 <Kat> Yes :)
05:51:31 <CraigC> bulger is left of Spasmodic, about halfway between springkler
05:51:35 <Kat> Yes to Craig
05:51:41 <Joe> The tree with steam is bulger
05:52:09 <Joe> out of the top
05:52:24 <CraigC> the biggest tree blocking Spasmodic, go 4 trees left
05:52:32 <Mike> Gonna need a new reference image.
05:52:39 <CraigC> but it is stopped now
05:52:56 <Joe> 5 trees
05:53:09 <CraigC> something else is steaming left of Spas close to the boardwalk
05:53:17 <Joe> big #1
05:53:23 <CraigC> now Old Tardy looks to be going
05:53:36 <Kevin L™🌵> I think we will need multiple reference images for this cam
05:53:44 <Kat> :)
05:54:04 <ChrisO> the little on i was asking about is sprinkler...sorry still learning :)
05:54:06 <CraigC> see OT, Kat?
05:54:10 <Kat> Just when I think I have something ID'd - I'm wrong! hehe
05:54:47 <GO YNP> oficials at West gate
05:54:49 <ChrisO> here they come
05:54:56 <Mike J> From the limited experience I've had so far (lots of travel) I think we may have lost a few things, but what we've gained is incredible.
05:55:07 <Kat> I do - it's above the second tree from the big tree in front of Spas..right?
05:55:08 <Kevin L™🌵> Barricades going down!
05:55:12 <CraigC> Mike J, I agree
05:55:21 <Kat> I can see water
05:55:25 <CraigC> Kat, yes
05:55:35 <LindaG> 👍
05:56:05 <Kat> Thanks Craig! I will get all (or most) of my bearings back :)
05:56:11 <CraigC> I didnt see when OT started, I was counting trees LOL
05:56:13 <Joe> Ot is tree three?
05:56:30 <CraigC> OT is the fat short tree
05:56:37 <Kat> Counting the big tree?
05:56:42 <CraigC> middle of that group
05:56:43 <Joe> OT is tree three?
05:56:44 <LindaG> Actually 4 from left
05:57:06 <CraigC> there are small trees that I wasn't really counting
05:57:21 <Joe> 4 left three countin big tree right
05:57:30 <CraigC> yeah, 4 from left of that group
05:57:34 <Kat> right.. its the tree that looks like it is cut in half!
05:58:06 <LindaG> No, left...kidding
05:58:18 <CraigC> LOL
05:58:22 <Kat> :p
05:59:02 <LindaG> Gotta go food shopping, enjoy. Bbl for my shift
05:59:27 <Art> Here they come....
05:59:36 <CraigC> I entered Old Tardy
05:59:52 <CraigC> ooops, I'll deleet mine
05:59:56 <GO YNP> the rush is on
06:00:00 <Kat> Do it again
06:00:10 <Kat> Oops!
06:00:12 <Dave from B™> Is it a race?
06:00:23 <ChrisO> Theres a geyser named Spanker lol
06:00:47 <CraigC> Beavis and Chris? :)
06:01:00 <Kat> :)
06:01:32 <CraigC> ETA of visitors showing up here on CAM?
06:01:42 <Joe> Did Bee erupt, I wonder
06:01:46 <CraigC> my guess is 840
06:01:49 <Dave from B™> 8:52
06:02:09 <Kevin L™🌵> 0845 on visitors
06:02:20 <ChrisO> my guess in noon for :bee:
06:02:48 <CraigC> no indication on static of bee
06:02:52 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
06:02:58 <ChrisO> morning :)
06:02:58 <CraigC> hey 999
06:03:18 <Kat> Morning! Happy Opening day!
06:03:22 <ynpvisitor999®> quite the lineup at West Entrance
06:03:39 <ChrisO> yea, they multiplied big time lol
06:03:47 <Kat> Just a few more weeks for me!!
06:04:04 <CraigC> Kat, me too, May 13
06:04:25 <GO YNP> 5 weeks + 1 day, but who's counting
06:04:36 <Joe> what is the steam i/4 way in from right in snowbank?
06:04:40 <CraigC> GO YNP, what day do you arrive?
06:04:55 <CraigC> Joe, Oblong?
06:05:07 <GO YNP> May 25, Mem Day weekend on Sat
06:05:11 <Joe> ah! thanks
06:05:18 <CraigC> GO YNP, I think we arrive on 24th
06:05:31 <GO YNP> Eric does too
06:05:36 <CraigC> I'm going a week apart
06:05:38 <GO YNP> Eric 24th
06:06:00 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
06:06:02 <CraigC> daisy?
06:06:15 <Joe> Daisy
06:06:35 <CraigC> if SB isn't in window, we'll have to meet up in UGB or somewhere around there
06:06:49 <GO YNP> :thumbsup:
06:07:09 <Art> Pretty good view of Daisy
06:07:11 <GO YNP> i usually go to Lower Hams for breakfast
06:07:20 <Art> Will be cool once focus works
06:08:00 <CraigC> we typically eat the hotel breakfast and have lunch at lower hams
06:08:27 <GO YNP> ok, i am rarely there for lunch but we will meet up somewhere
06:08:36 <ChrisO> sweet found me a doggie on one of the statics :)
06:08:42 <GO YNP> my hotel doesnt serve breakfast :(
06:08:51 <Kat> I will still be there over Memorial Day!
06:08:55 <CraigC> yeah, sitting at features is always a great meeting spot
06:09:39 <GO YNP> NG, Giant, Ftn are my spots
06:10:01 <GO YNP> we need a sign up sheet so we know....haha
06:10:05 <CraigC> whats the steam on the right
06:10:14 <GO YNP> i think CC will be there too
06:10:24 <CraigC> can we pan slightly over right
06:10:25 <GO YNP> there is lways a shortage of cam ops
06:10:33 <CraigC> yeah, CC is going to be there, too
06:10:50 <CraigC> I just lost UGB static
06:11:04 <Kat> We do - or you'll spend all day trying to catch up with someone!
06:11:15 <ChrisO> still there for me CraigC
06:11:51 <CraigC> static back for me now
06:11:54 <Kat> Me too
06:12:06 <ChrisO> there is always one drive in a line, that rides someones bumper lol
06:12:22 <Dave from B™> Don't forget about me:)
06:12:33 <Dave from B™> May 29 - June 2
06:12:44 <Joe> We cannot Dave :)
06:12:49 <CraigC> Kat, you can pan it back, I thought there was some big steam on the edge, guess not
06:12:52 <Dave from B™> Remember, go wherever I'm not
06:13:36 <Dave from B™> Actually, my UGB mojo is usually pretty good
06:13:46 <Dave from B™> It's just the pile of dirt up north
06:14:26 <ynpvisitor999®> LS ie? Or is that Bronze or Silver?
06:14:56 <Joe> looks LS
06:15:05 <Kat> Sounds like a lunch or dinner mat be in order.
06:15:41 <Kat> *may
06:15:58 <Dave from B™> I actually eat on the bw
06:16:13 <ynpvisitor999®> looks like LS indeed. Bronze seems to be the smaller plume on the right of it
06:16:14 <Dave from B™> Usually out by 6 am
06:16:39 <Dave from B™> I try to get in 10 miles each day
06:16:51 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder if we'll see some Dome action today
06:16:54 <Mike J> This morning view of the hill is incredible. Great to see first thing in the morning.
06:17:15 <Kat> Here come the bugs!
06:18:08 <Kat> Wonder what they are?
06:18:09 <ynpvisitor999®> what's that plume that comes from near the top of the mound bottom-left of Giantess?
06:18:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice weather for opening day
06:18:26 <ynpvisitor999®> bottom-right*
06:19:00 <ynpvisitor999®> AB & AL dual
06:19:04 <Joe> AB-AL
06:19:04 <GO YNP> i don't plan lunch or dinner - all depends on the geysers and weather. usualy get to breakfast unless there's a Giant or Grand delay
06:20:18 <Kat> Joe is the steam in front of there Improbable?
06:20:23 <GO YNP> lunch is always on the boardwalk somewhere, dinner usually at cafeteria unless the geysers refuse to release me
06:20:30 <Dave from B™> You can follow Graham or myself on can see my trail
06:20:44 <Joe> yes front left
06:21:40 <Joe> You have to be very fast to follow Graham
06:22:29 <ynpvisitor999®> quite the steam coming from Teakettle
06:22:51 <GO YNP> Dave and Eric are faster, but i usually get a head start as i stay on EDT
06:23:10 <Kat> :lol:
06:23:16 <GO YNP> some days i have my 10,000 steps in by breakfast
06:23:31 <Dave from B™> I love being one of the first people on GH in the morning
06:23:35 <Joe> geyser
06:23:36 <GO YNP> West gte is still busy
06:25:00 <Mike J> Dave from B I agree. Even in the most insane times of the year you get there early and its almost like off-season. Just not as cold.
06:27:03 <ynpvisitor999®> 2nd NPS prediction of this season is in
06:27:11 <ynpvisitor999®> suprisingly not for OF
06:28:02 <GO YNP> looks like VEC is going through the list
06:28:17 <ynpvisitor999®> and there are the first in-basin in-season entries
06:28:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Fungoid is apparantly still active per Micah
06:28:49 <ynpvisitor999®> and he caught Till
06:29:00 <GO YNP> Micah is on the move, earlier than expected
06:29:20 <Kat> Yeah!
06:29:33 <GO YNP> he cheated t get there this early
06:30:22 <ChrisO> Just a guess from me: :bee: 1220 - 1250 :)
06:30:32 <Joe> As a camop I have tried in the past to call VEC and inform them of eruptions in the early am, they either already have it off of GT.
06:30:34 <Dave from B™> Where will the wave spot be on the new cam?
06:30:47 <Kat> Good question!!
06:30:59 <GO YNP> the crowded OF corner boardwalk
06:31:09 <Joe> or don't answer the phone
06:31:10 <GO YNP> or leaning over the railig on the roof
06:31:45 <GO YNP> they know to check GT now, so dont really need to call i think
06:31:57 <GO YNP> havng to answer the phone is a pain i fthey are busy doing other things
06:32:15 <Rice> Did we miss Beehive, Gorund looks wet?
06:32:27 <ynpvisitor999®> I really hope Giantess will go this year
06:32:44 <Dave from B™> GT is a great tool for VEC for first of day predictions
06:32:48 <ynpvisitor76> They will not answer the phone until 9AM
06:33:18 <Joe> It Does look wet at BH
06:33:30 <Kat> ??
06:33:51 <Kat> Wasn't doing much a little while ago, some steam.
06:33:57 <J. Lawrencium> Still in the heavies
06:34:11 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jimbo
06:34:12 <Joe> Can't tell if that dark area is shadow or wet
06:34:21 <J. Lawrencium> I was trying to work in that I went to Lawrence University, but couldn't figure out a way
06:34:40 <Rice> Little Quirt Looked active a minute ago
06:34:41 <Kat> Doesn't look wet around the cone
06:35:03 <ynpvisitor76> check indy
06:35:36 <ynpvisitor999®> it actually looks like a bacteria mat there at Bee if I have to believe Google
06:35:54 <ynpvisitor76> thanks
06:36:09 <Rice> What is erupting in center of screen?
06:36:13 <Rice> above boardwalk
06:36:25 <ynpvisitor999®> Pump
06:36:26 <Joe> pump
06:36:28 <J. Lawrencium> Is that Pump?
06:36:31 <J. Lawrencium> Guess so
06:36:47 <ynpvisitor999®> between the two boardwalks is Dragon
06:36:58 <Rice> Thanks
06:37:27 <ynpvisitor999®> Bubbler
06:37:55 <Kat> Yep!
06:38:15 <ynpvisitor999®> splash
06:38:25 <ynpvisitor999®> splash
06:38:34 <Dave from B™> I'm anxious to hear concistent reports from Giant area
06:38:37 <ynpvisitor85> Wow Bubbler.
06:38:46 <J. Lawrencium> If you want other kinds of entertainment, watch the real time lightning map today
06:38:46 <Rice> What is Fungoid Spring?
06:38:47 <Kat> I miss the wide view we used to have..always going to miss something!
06:39:02 <ynpvisitor85> It's a geyser in the Thud Group.
06:39:19 <ynpvisitor999®> Lower Geyser Basin if I recall correctly
06:39:23 <ynpvisitor85> It had eruptions in 2018.
06:39:31 <ynpvisitor85> A rare erupter
06:39:36 <Rice> Thanks
06:39:51 <ynpvisitor85> Micah and Tara and Rocco got to see it go, at least.
06:40:12 <ynpvisitor85> I sat on it for half a day last summer - nothing.
06:41:05 <ynpvisitor85> It's also known as Thud Geyser.
06:41:13 <Rice> Cam needs a constant Pan function, slowly to the left, than back to the right, about once a minute.
06:41:17 <Dave from B™> Any tourists at OF yet?
06:41:27 <ChrisO> Go YNP, got tornado warnings already popping up in western VA...just a heads up :)
06:41:38 <ynpvisitor999®> This is a video of Fungoid:
06:41:46 <Kat> Chris , where do you live?
06:41:56 <ChrisO> Richmond, VA
06:41:58 <GO YNP> yeah, its supposed to be bad today .. i should head out to Richmond soon
06:42:17 <Kat> I just moved south from Staunton.
06:42:26 <ynpvisitor85> Micah saw Fungoid/Thud initiate last year - said it looked like a trampoline stretching upward.
06:42:46 <ChrisO> TW is SW of Lynchburg
06:42:50 <ynpvisitor999®> interesting way to describe an eruption :)
06:43:17 <ynpvisitor85> I'm envisioning kind of a blue bubble effect.
06:43:44 <ChrisO> that would be cool to see :)
06:43:58 <GO YNP> going to hit the road .. bbl
06:44:02 <GO YNP> BH can erupt now
06:44:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
06:44:26 <ynpvisitor85> Grand Geyser.
06:44:56 <ynpvisitor85> Hope Giant's not dead. Hope it's still having hot periods.
06:47:12 <Joe> Nice catch Kat, deciding a view is tough when many things can happen
06:47:14 <ynpvisitor999®> some nice bursting
06:48:19 <J. Lawrencium> Great lighting
06:48:22 <Kat> Thanks Joe - didn'y want to miss Giant. Bee is holding out for us!
06:48:41 <Kat> didn't
06:49:34 <Dave from B™> My daughter surprised with a great gift last night. 2 deep dish pizzas from Gino's (Chicago)
06:49:55 <ynpvisitor999®> 6m
06:49:56 <J. Lawrencium> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: (being from Chicago - next get Giordanos!)
06:50:02 <ChrisO> 3 hr line at the gate lol
06:50:25 <Dave from B™> I'll put it on the list Jimbo. I love Deep Dish pizza
06:50:45 <Dave from B™> Impossible to find good deep dish in Montana
06:50:53 <ynpvisitor85> Only 2 lanes open at West. Wow.
06:51:09 <ynpvisitor88> No peeps on static yet
06:51:28 <J. Lawrencium> Back when I was in Chicago in my youth, the Chicago magazine had an article to find the best deep dish pizza in Chicago.
06:51:56 <ynpvisitor999®> 8m
06:52:01 <ynpvisitor85> First Grand I've seen from the new camera position - very nice.
06:52:09 <ynpvisitor92> Beautiful Grand!
06:52:10 <J. Lawrencium> Giordano's won. The original Uno was fourth. Obviously Gino's and Lou Malnati's were top 10.
06:52:30 <ynpvisitor88> Peep
06:52:31 <Joe> And the gate Ranger is saying...'I get paid $2.75 an hour for this!'
06:52:56 <ynpvisitor85> Must be a trying job, that one.
06:53:04 <Kat> haha
06:53:05 <ynpvisitor92> Now if those trees weren't there.
06:53:13 <Dave from B™> I'd like top try some from everyone on the Top 10!
06:53:20 <ynpvisitor85> I think they take turns frequently.
06:53:22 <ynpvisitor999®> attempt pause
06:53:40 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Micah
06:53:41 <Dave from B™> So, the most popular question in the first hour at WEst Ent?
06:53:44 <Micah - Dorm> Good morning Geyser Nerds
06:53:54 <ChrisO> good morning :)
06:54:01 <Kat> Morning Micah!
06:54:01 <Micah - Dorm> I'm hooooooome
06:54:03 <Dave from B™> haha...Morning Micah. Welcome home, my friend
06:54:12 <Joe> Hi Micah!
06:54:14 <ynpvisitor35> Bulger ie
06:54:19 <CraigC> hey Micah, congrats
06:54:25 <Micah - Dorm> I will do a circuit of Geyser Hill this afternoon.
06:54:28 <ynpvisitor85> We need group T-shirts: "Proud to be a Geyser Nerd"
06:54:38 <Dave from B™> When is your first work shift?
06:54:39 <J. Lawrencium> Where is Bulger anyway
06:54:42 <Micah - Dorm> Look for a post tonight on the listserve.
06:54:53 <Micah - Dorm> Dave from B. I'm training until late May
06:54:57 <J. Lawrencium> Grand at 10 min
06:55:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Doesn't look like Bulger is ie remotely
06:55:29 <CraigC> ynpvisitor999®, ditto
06:55:38 <Kat> I don't see it
06:55:44 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand pause
06:55:51 <ynpvisitor35> it was, I am on delay
06:55:54 <Micah - Dorm> I didn't see anything that could give me a clue of what Steamboat was doing when I drove by
06:55:59 <Kat> Let's go again!
06:56:11 <Micah - Dorm> I thought about stopping but I wanted to beat the opening crowds
06:56:14 <ynpvisitor85> Pause or done.
06:56:29 <Dave from B™> How many hours of training a day?
06:56:37 <ynpvisitor17> was Norris parking open Micah?
06:56:42 <Joe> looks done
06:56:42 <CraigC> why is there that note on GT about BH?
06:56:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand's done
06:57:04 <Kat> Definitely!
06:57:23 <ynpvisitor999®> udo's almost in-basin
06:57:37 <Micah - Dorm> I didn't check ynpvisitor17. But the Clearwater springs bw had snow up to the railing so I'm guessing Norris is similar.
06:58:43 <J. Lawrencium> OK, I looked up Bulger. On the cam view, is it to the left of the trees that block the view of the Grand pool?
06:59:01 <ynpvisitor85> Is that Little Squirt erupting at the far right? Dunno.
06:59:22 <ynpvisitor999®> that's steam from the Anemones, LS is farther right
06:59:34 <ynpvisitor999®> it actually looks like LS has quit
06:59:43 <ynpvisitor999®> or not
06:59:49 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe near end then
06:59:51 <ynpvisitor85> No - not Anemone - right of that.
06:59:55 <ynpvisitor85> Not Cascade.
07:00:09 <ynpvisitor85> Maybe it did quit.
07:00:29 <ynpvisitor85> Yeah - there's something there, right?
07:00:36 <CraigC> J. Lawrencium, within that group of trees, it is over the second from the left, if my memory serves from earlier
07:00:42 <ynpvisitor999®> I can still see a trickle of steam of LS, so probably near end
07:01:11 <Joe> little steam right and slightlyb up from cascade is LS
07:01:32 <ynpvisitor85> Looks like it's in eruption.
07:01:39 <Joe> near bw
07:02:22 <Joe> puff now
07:02:28 <Dave from B™> Craig or Linda, have you experienced the Regular Season from this dashboard?
07:02:50 <Kat> I have not
07:03:01 <Dave from B™> Still a line at West
07:03:08 <CraigC> Dave from B™, nope, I started here in December, but I had watched the other NPS webcam on and off from work office over the last several years
07:03:40 <Dave from B™> It is fun but can be sensory overload. You will see notes galore, letting other gazers know where they should or shouldn't be next
07:03:54 <CraigC> sounds fun
07:04:01 <Kevin L™🌵> It is so nice to have the extra information
07:04:01 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
07:04:03 <Joe> AB
07:04:27 <CraigC> but during season, I am also out fishing and biking way more than since I started coming here
07:04:32 <ynpvisitor85> What's that abbreviation?
07:04:46 <Joe> anemone Big
07:04:54 <ynpvisitor85> Oh - Big Anemone.
07:05:30 <CraigC> I am going to pick up my friend soon to go biking
07:06:11 <CraigC> cya all later on
07:06:15 <ynpvisitor999®> uhm, Kat, are you sure you entered the right geyser?
07:06:23 <J. Lawrencium> If Pump erupted to 10 feet it would be a star on this cam.
07:06:47 <Kat> My error - deleted
07:06:59 <Kat> :)
07:07:08 <Kat> Bye Craig
07:07:15 <ynpvisitor999®> cya Craig
07:08:21 <Kat> Look - people!
07:10:09 <ynpvisitor35> Bulger earlier was just a minor
07:13:41 <Eric> Morning all...happy Opening Day!
07:13:48 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Eric
07:13:59 <Eric> Hi jarno
07:15:02 <Kat> Hi eric
07:15:05 <Eric> Hi Kat
07:15:12 <Eric> Glad to see all the in basin reports!
07:15:24 <Eric> I knew Micah would find time to gaze :-D
07:15:28 <Eric> OF
07:15:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Great Lighting
07:15:54 <Kat> Beautiful!
07:16:38 <Eric> Good wind direction too
07:17:09 <J. Lawrencium> Ansel Adams-ish
07:17:20 <Kat> :)
07:17:28 <Eric> Yep, he would have approved of the light
07:17:41 <Eric> Early morning or late evening
07:18:02 <Kat> That's a Wow!
07:18:13 <ynpvisitor113> Only 2 lanes open at West Gate. That was short sighted
07:18:16 <Eric> I love the long thrown shadow
07:18:40 <Eric> Agree 113...especially when tomorrow is free day!
07:19:07 <ynpvisitor113> Long line now
07:20:24 <J. Lawrencium> Hey DaveB, here's a Giordano's pizza:
07:20:49 <Eric> Hey...I just had Giordano's last week :-D
07:20:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like a heart attack kit.
07:20:57 <J. Lawrencium> Dave from B™, that's for you
07:21:17 <Eric> Classic Chicago pizza
07:21:28 <ChrisO> yummmm
07:21:29 <J. Lawrencium> If you add the sausage and pepperoni, Kevin
07:21:54 <Eric> I think all that cheese might produce more fats :-P
07:22:03 <J. Lawrencium> Where were you Eric? I know they've expanded
07:22:10 <Kevin L™🌵> If it doesn't have pepperoni and sausage you can't call it a pizza
07:22:12 <Eric> In Chicago
07:22:16 <J. Lawrencium> Cool
07:22:32 <Eric> Toured UC, Northwestern and Grinnell
07:22:43 <Eric> UC is a very cool campus!
07:23:10 <Eric> Spent half a day at Art Institute Museum and had dinner at The Village
07:23:43 <Art> No wonder folks got in line at 6am, wow
07:23:50 <Art> At the west entrance
07:23:57 <J. Lawrencium> I just checked, and discovered there is now a Giordano's right in my home town.
07:24:08 <Eric> cannot see the end of that traffic Art
07:24:13 <Eric> What town Jimbo?
07:24:25 <Eric> The are in all the Chicago burbs now
07:24:42 <Eric> BA
07:24:44 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
07:24:47 <J. Lawrencium> Des Plaines IL. It's only a couple of blocks away from where the first McDonald's was located.
07:24:55 <Eric> Wow
07:25:32 <J. Lawrencium> McD's made it into a museum that operated for many years, but because the area is prone to flooding, they closed the museum recently.
07:25:55 <Eric> We were staying with friends up in Lake Zurich
07:26:10 <J. Lawrencium> You can see pics of what it looked like online. Weirdly enough, near where I work here in Maryland, there is a McDonald's that still has the old-style arches over the building.
07:26:40 <J. Lawrencium> Not many of that style left
07:27:09 <Eric> We had a very early one until recently, it was also a museum.
07:27:10 <Dave from B™> Stop talking about Pizza!:)
07:27:47 <Dave from B™> Mine are being saved for a special occasion...Minus 20 and minus 25
07:28:07 <Dave from B™> EXTRA MOTIVATION
07:28:28 <J. Lawrencium> Streetview from Lanham, MD
07:28:51 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, so that's where the oddly-shaped M logo comes from
07:29:23 <Eric> Jimbo, we had chicago style pizza with Italian Beef & Giardiniera on it....apparently very Chicago!
07:29:44 <Eric> You have a good dinner last night Dave?
07:29:55 <ynpvisitor999®> sad note on Plate
07:30:10 <J. Lawrencium> Sounds good to me
07:31:28 <Eric> Apparently BW is open up all around?
07:31:48 <Eric> Guess they got it fixed!
07:31:55 <J. Lawrencium> Here's what the museum looked like. I checked StreetView, and it's gone. (sheds a tear)
07:32:01 <Art> I believe thats what Ranger Rebecca posted
07:32:16 <Dave from B™> Eric, yes I did. My favorite meal....spicy chicken linguini (jalapeno, cilantro pesto pecans) yum yum yum
07:32:23 <Eric> Awesome...Udo just posted thumping at Doublet :-D
07:32:37 <Eric> Oh man...that sounds great Dave!
07:32:48 <Eric> Home made or local restaraunt?
07:32:55 <Dave from B™> Home made
07:33:13 <Eric> I might have to bug your wife to get that recipe :-D
07:33:28 <Dave from B™> I'll be more than happy to share
07:33:57 <Art> Sorry Rebecca Roland not sure if that's the same Rebecca
07:34:18 <Eric> I don't think it is...but Udo being there is good enough for me!
07:38:22 <Art> Tour bus, already.. geeze
07:41:10 <Eric> I had no idea there was another streaming webcam in West:
07:41:14 <ynpvisitor80> pronghorn - electric peak (barely in view)
07:41:22 <Eric> Not a very good location...but interesting.
07:41:49 <Eric> Was trying to see if traffic was backed up all the way into town
07:42:10 <ynpvisitor114> a little wide for riverside i think
07:42:12 <Eric> I hope Lori and Tom got in early
07:43:03 <Eric> bulger
07:43:05 <LindaG> I guess people cant really wave to us anymore.
07:43:17 <ynpvisitor114> wider*
07:43:30 <Eric> major
07:43:32 <Dave from B™> You have to wave from the Sawmill Junction?
07:43:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Looking at Google maps it is backed up to Electric Street.
07:43:52 <Eric> or the benches on OF BW in front of Inn
07:44:03 <Eric> ahhh, smart Kevin
07:44:39 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
07:45:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Betty
07:46:01 <Betty iPhone> Afternoon Jarno, hi Kevin
07:46:19 <LindaG> Betty iPhone, hi again
07:46:39 <Betty iPhone> Thx Linda
07:47:18 <Dave from B™> It's going to be a busy day. People already parked outside
07:47:59 <Joe> Make big money, Dave
07:48:12 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Jake
07:48:49 <Betty iPhone> Can we do a short look at three sisters?
07:49:04 <Betty iPhone> Morning Jake
07:49:18 <Joe> Jake, LS could not be entered into GT today, yesterdays LS is holding it out
07:51:04 <Eric> You guys positive on the LS identifications?
07:51:15 <Joe> Yes
07:51:51 <ynpvisitor999®> Cited from Geysers of Yellowstone, 5th edition: "Most durations are 12 to 18 hours long, throughout which the squirting jets reach 4 to 8 feet high."
07:51:54 <Betty iPhone> Yup
07:52:31 <ynpvisitor999®> so the eruption that was entered yesterday is very likely the same eruption we had seen today
07:52:37 <Betty iPhone> Thx
07:52:41 <LindaG> Dave from B™, I was wondering where all these new geysers were coming from. Udo's out there. 😊
07:52:54 <Eric> I reported the Issue Joe, someone will get to it.
07:53:11 <Joe> thanks Eric
07:53:32 <Betty iPhone> Riverside steaming?
07:53:47 <Eric> Betty
07:54:09 <Dave from B™> Yep. I bet there is almost 200 entries by the time the day ends
07:54:16 <Dave from B™> 33 already
07:54:17 <ynpvisitor999®> I don't see any steam from Riverside's location?
07:54:27 <Eric> Then pay more attention :-P
07:54:40 <Eric> It's on the far right of your screen, above the trees
07:54:47 <Dave from B™> Snarky Eric returns:)
07:54:49 <ynpvisitor999®> Bijou location looks quiet
07:55:05 <ynpvisitor999®> I can only see some dead treetops at its location though
07:55:13 <Dave from B™> I don't see any Riverside steam either
07:55:26 <LindaG> Looks like I'm going to be busy today
07:55:28 <Dave from B™> Dead treetops are above Grand
07:55:29 <ynpvisitor999®> and there's Bijou again
07:55:46 <ynpvisitor999®> or maybe not
07:55:52 <Joe> Yes R-side stean 0952
07:56:34 <Eric> It keeps puffing over there....not sure how people are missing it
07:56:38 <Jake> I'll see about adjust the Little Squirt parameter
07:56:44 <Eric> Thanks Jake
07:57:13 <Jake> if that's all this cam can see of Riverside on a 50 degree day, there won't be many daytime wc observations!
07:57:43 <ynpvisitor999®> I can honestly only see Bijou, Spasmodic, Grotto and some V&T steam
07:58:08 <ynpvisitor999®> that steam from behind the trees to me looks like it comes from the Giant platform, likely Bijou
07:58:18 <Joe> I have seen R-side Eric, I have played it back and posted it
07:58:24 <Jake> why is this vantage worse for Riverside? the hill in between is bigger?
07:58:47 <ynpvisitor999®> now I saw it, far right of frame
07:59:42 <ynpvisitor999®> it's the treetops again
08:00:35 <LindaG> This morning g rivereside was big
08:01:08 <Eric> I think this view is fine for riverside. It's just been going for a while
08:01:12 <Kat> Thanks Linda!
08:01:34 <LindaG> Hope you have a great day Kat
08:01:51 <Kat> Thanks -it's alittle warm here today!
08:01:59 <Kat> *a little
08:02:00 <Joe> From what I have seen on hot days R-side will be in basin only
08:02:58 <LindaGp> Very windy in the east
08:03:39 <Joe> Well off to see the Physical Torture people :)
08:03:49 <ynpvisitor999®> ouch, good luck
08:03:50 <Dave from B™> Good luck
08:03:57 <ChrisO> peeps
08:04:19 <ynpvisitor999®> I initially read that as 'Physical Tortoise people'
08:04:34 <LindaGp> Don't really see bubblers
08:04:35 <Joe> :)
08:04:48 <ynpvisitor999®> is that udo at Depression?
08:05:06 <ynpvisitor2> Is it me, or is focus better this morning?
08:06:07 <Kat> Bye Joe!
08:06:09 <LindaGp> In think it's the.light helping focus
08:06:52 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
08:06:55 <LindaGp> Big A
08:07:19 <Eric> imporbable
08:07:23 <Eric> improbable
08:07:45 <Eric> LS is doing something too
08:07:46 <Dave from B™> My hypothesis.......less steam = better focus
08:08:41 <LindaGp> Pulling back juat that much more great difference in focus
08:09:02 <LindaGp> Yikes typing is a problem
08:11:34 <LindaGp> Marmot
08:11:49 <LindaGp> Little water
08:12:13 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
08:13:26 <Betty iPhone> Bbl
08:13:38 <ChrisO> line at a Roosevelt arch now as well
08:13:55 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy might be soon
08:14:07 <ynpvisitor999®> especially in this nice weather
08:14:36 <LindaGp> Daisy hopefully before OF
08:14:48 <Eric> Daisy is pretty consistent...10:34 +- 6m
08:15:29 <Dave from B™> Eric, with the first prediction of the new season!!!
08:15:40 <ynpvisitor999®> Interesting Plume note from udo
08:15:50 <Dave from B™> I made a new seasons predictions this year
08:16:27 <ynpvisitor2> Dave, Lent is over, you can backslide.
08:16:52 <Dave from B™> haha 2
08:17:08 <ynpvisitor113> Lent isn’t over!
08:17:29 <Jake> Eric, that's a funny way to spell Steamboat
08:18:20 <Jake> Bulger ie
08:20:10 <LindaGp> O don't see bulger, must be looking in wrong place
08:20:23 <Jake> it was another short-lived minor
08:20:33 <LindaGp> Ah
08:22:25 <LindaGp> Just checking
08:25:17 <LindaGp> Hi casey
08:25:18 <ynpvisitor2> Lent ended Holy Thursday. At least for Catholics.
08:25:31 <Casey> Hi Linda
08:26:22 <Casey> If it wouldn't confuse people, I'd change my name to "GO PLUME" right now
08:26:41 <Dave from B™> You could use little letters
08:26:53 <Casey> Good point
08:27:19 <Go Plume> Doesn't quite have the same excitment
08:28:31 <Dave from B™> Use these !!!!!
08:28:41 <Dave from B™> or :!:
08:30:03 <Jake> Giant before Plume, you heard it here first
08:30:43 <Jake> Giantess before Plume
08:31:18 <LindaGp> Hurry up daisy
08:31:30 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy needs more Splendid
08:31:52 <Jake> I think the relationship is that Splendid needs more Daisy
08:32:54 <ynpvisitor999®> or that Splendid needs more Bonita Pool
08:34:00 <LindaGp> Daisy
08:34:13 <Casey> Daisy
08:34:27 <Casey> Giantess before Plume is an interesting prediction.
08:37:39 <LindaGp> OT
08:38:40 <ynpvisitor999®> I don't see any jetting at it's position
08:40:06 <Casey> How about the next Giantess eruption reactivates Plume?
08:41:18 <ynpvisitor999®> I'd sign up for that
08:42:37 <Casey> I'll start a petition
08:45:29 <Dave from B™> I want Morning
08:46:56 <ynpvisitor2> They took up a bunch more of the boards then I thought they would.
08:51:39 <LindaGp> Of
08:52:00 <LindaGp> Nice
08:53:53 <Sam - laptop> Morning all
08:54:06 <LindaGp> Sam - laptop, hi
08:54:16 <Sam - laptop> So nice to see in basin reports of all different kinds of geysers!
09:01:51 <Eric> Anyone driven on the BW yet?
09:02:03 <Eric> You know it's bound to happen...and soon
09:03:39 <ChrisO> lots o peeps :)
09:04:25 <LindaGp> What's up with NPS OF predictio
09:04:44 <LindaGp> *prediction
09:05:52 <Dave from B™> GT entrant thought it was a short
09:05:59 <Dave from B™> That's the difference
09:06:19 <LindaGp> Actually it's our prediction that looks early
09:06:51 <ynpvisitor3> I cannot believe the fabulous array of geysers showing up on GT this morning! :heart:
09:06:53 <LindaGp> Oh I entered long
09:07:01 <ynpvisitor68> We are back to the, "What is that little steam? Oh, it's a guy in a white tee-shirt!"
09:07:57 <Kat> So did Udo
09:08:13 <Sam - laptop> Was gonna say, Udo has it as a long
09:08:35 <Sam - laptop> Guess we'll see in a while!
09:08:47 <Kat> Is entrant in basin 0 previous entries todAY WERE WC
09:09:09 <Kat> *today were wc
09:09:41 <ynpvisitor3> Footstep traces are picking up in Norris on YNM.
09:10:07 <Sam - laptop> Kind of fun to see, 3
09:10:18 <Kat> :)
09:11:20 <Eric> If someone second flags that OF it will go away
09:11:53 <Eric> Yes, his entry is not in basin
09:13:13 <LindaGp> Done
09:13:24 <Eric> Thanks Linda
09:13:42 <Eric> However, the prediction still won't update :-(
09:13:48 <Eric> Just use the NPS one
09:14:02 <LindaG> Cant have everything 😛
09:14:11 <Sam - laptop> Lol
09:14:18 <LindaGp> I will
09:14:24 <Eric> :-D
09:15:03 <LindaGp> I think little bubbler
09:15:27 <LindaGp> Maybe not
09:16:39 <Kat> The Daisy entry is also in basin ?
09:16:48 <ynpvisitor3> Well, at least we probably get a daylight :bee:
09:17:28 <LindaGp> O entered
09:17:37 <LindaGp> I entered
09:18:01 <LindaGp> Same person on daisy
09:18:29 <Kat> Yep
09:18:39 <Sam - laptop> I'm looking forward to a Great Fountain entry1
09:18:41 <Sam - laptop> !*
09:19:50 <ynpvisitor3> I'm looking forward to any news on Morning. Graham was down there earlier - maybe he'll have some newsy news.
09:20:12 <Sam - laptop> Mount Washburn views are beautiful by the way
09:20:28 <Dave from B™> Graham?
09:20:31 <Eric> Graham was down where?
09:20:43 <Dave from B™> Must be a different Graham
09:20:59 <Sam - laptop> Isn't Micah down there today?
09:21:03 <LindaGp> Sam - laptop, they are
09:21:32 <Eric> I hope we get LGB & Norris reports today....exciting day!
09:21:50 <ynpvisitor3> Eric and Dave, Graham has the Fountain entry from 0932.
09:21:55 <LindaGp> Lion only had three. Good time for NG
09:22:14 <Eric> Note...not his observation
09:22:17 <ynpvisitor98> 2 posts from Norris on GT
09:23:00 <ynpvisitor3> Eric, Oh, yeah - I see. Who is rr?
09:23:01 <Eric> I assume he got an update via phone
09:23:08 <Kat> I flagged it
09:23:21 <Dave from B™> That is weird
09:23:22 <Sam - laptop> I 2nd flagged it Kat
09:23:35 <Dave from B™> Maybe he surprised us and is actually in YNP
09:23:38 <ynpvisitor98> Russell Michaels
09:23:43 <Kat> :)
09:23:49 <Dave from B™> I wouldn't have flagged it
09:23:59 <Eric> Shouldn't that be RM then?
09:24:00 <Kat> Why
09:24:14 <Dave from B™> Becase rr was the observer
09:24:24 <Eric> That is not what they are flagging Dave
09:24:31 <Dave from B™> Don't hastily flag things until you know the whole story
09:24:39 <Eric> They are flagging Beehive197's in basin posts
09:24:46 <Dave from B™> sorry...let me read log
09:24:57 <Sam> Russell Michaels has one entry for Vixen today
09:25:07 <ynpvisitor98> RM at Norris. RR was Ftn observer
09:25:25 <Eric> Glad Russell made it into the basin today...lucky bum :-D
09:25:35 <ynpvisitor98> RM also with Porkchop note about no water visible
09:25:40 <ynpvisitor3> Sam, he also has an entry note for Porkchop
09:25:52 <Dave from B™> We had an issue with a cooper posting erroneous things last year as well. I don't think it is the same cooper, however
09:25:58 <Sam> Ah yes. I missed that one
09:26:27 <Eric> So it sounds like the back basin is reachable
09:26:37 <Eric> It is Dave
09:26:49 <Dave from B™> Thanks Eric
09:26:53 <Eric> He is on double secret probation...but it's not going well.
09:27:40 <Eric> Is the bench at doublet gone?
09:27:41 <Dave from B™> museum to Steamboat could still be closed. Lower back which is more open could be open
09:28:42 <Eric> Ahhh, so you could still get to steerage, just not up the switchback ramps maybe
09:29:37 <Dave from B™> I would expect a note to show up on GT sometime today
09:30:16 <Eric> Probably...I am sure we will get Facebook images at some point as well
09:30:28 <ynpvisitor3> Eric, it would be nice to see something about Cistern and whether SB is beginning to blast away minors.
09:31:11 <Eric> For sure 3 and if they can get to porkchop, I assume they can reach cistern
09:31:33 <Sam> An exciting day for sure
09:31:41 <LindaGp> Never noticed hole by depression before
09:32:52 <ynpvisitor81> I think Fountain is supposed to be a VR. Just Graham lazy posting
09:33:07 <LindaGp> Lc
09:34:29 <Eric> No, I bet it is RR
09:34:49 <ynpvisitor81> Who is RR?
09:34:55 <LindaGp> Bee splash I think
09:35:02 <Kat> Bee splash!
09:35:29 <Dave from B™> Ronald Reagan is dead
09:35:33 <Kat> blurry
09:36:04 <Eric> Rebecca Rolland
09:36:08 <Kat> Cars still rolling in
09:36:46 <Dave from B™> Well, that seems to be a more likely answer
09:36:55 <Eric> or Roland if you want it spelled correctly :-P
09:37:24 <Kat> Ranger Rebecca
09:37:32 <ynpvisitor81> In no world was Rebecca at Fountain this morning
09:38:00 <ynpvisitor81> VEC is understaffed, they did not do rove even
09:38:14 <ynpvisitor81> It’s a VR
09:38:15 <Eric> They might have gotten a visitor report and passed it on
09:38:28 <Eric> ohh, I see what you are saying with VR
09:38:31 <Eric> from RR
09:38:42 <ynpvisitor81> Yes, just a typo
09:38:51 <Eric> A RR VR
09:39:12 <ynpvisitor81> Graham was told the time by someone, nothing to do with Rebecca
09:39:21 <LindaGp> Indy
09:39:23 <LindaGp> .
09:39:23 <LindaGp> .
09:39:24 <LindaGp> .
09:39:28 <Eric> wooooot
09:39:33 <Eric> Go :bee:
09:39:49 <Eric> Send that txt
09:39:52 <ynpvisitor94> yay indy
09:39:55 <Eric> Help those in basin people out
09:40:10 <Eric> Got it
09:40:23 <ynpvisitor49> Yay
09:40:37 <Kat> Loive it!!!
09:40:41 <ynpvisitor14> Nice!
09:40:42 <LindaGp> Wow I didn't see any bubblers
09:40:58 <Casey> Thanks for the text. My focus had drifted away from this window.
09:40:59 <Dave from B™> Udo was there
09:41:04 <Kat> *Love it!
09:41:07 <LindaGp> May go fast
09:41:15 <Eric> Looks Hot
09:41:15 <Kitt> Bee want to go
09:41:20 <ChrisO> needs to wait a bit lol
09:41:38 <Eric> My first Inn Viewed BH!
09:41:52 <Kat> Mine to Eric!
09:42:00 <Steph> Thanks for text! Hi everyone!!
09:42:05 <Eric> Hi Steph
09:42:08 <LindaGp> My first Indy saw end yesterday
09:42:09 <Kat> Hey Steph
09:42:16 <ynpvisitor37> thanks for text
09:42:25 <sparekitty> such a different view!
09:42:37 <Steph> Oh! I love this view! It's so amazing!
09:42:37 <Eric> BH
09:42:38 <Kitt> Yay Beehive
09:42:39 <Eric> climb
09:42:40 <LindaGp> Bee
09:42:42 <Kat> :bee:
09:42:43 <Kitt> Boom
09:42:46 <Eric> Go
09:42:57 <Kat> Wow!!
09:42:57 <Casey> Awesome
09:43:02 <sparekitty> still a delay for me apparently...oh well, it's worth the wait!
09:43:06 <ChrisO> darn 40 minutes off
09:43:23 <Dave from B™> 3 minute indys are NOT GOOD
09:43:29 <ynpvisitor37> we knew after those huge splashes it was ready, thought it would go with no indy for a while there
09:43:29 <Eric> Interesting angle
09:43:38 <sparekitty> wow!!
09:43:40 <J. Lawrencium> There was an indy at least?
09:43:42 <ynpvisitor37> why not good Dave?
09:43:45 <Eric> Now it's blasting!
09:43:46 <LindaGp> Real nice
09:43:51 <Eric> Took a while to get to full height
09:43:52 <J. Lawrencium> I fooled BH, I just stepped out of the office
09:44:00 <Dave from B™> Hard to get from a lot of places in the basin in 3 minutes!
09:44:07 <sparekitty> spectacular
09:44:09 <ynpvisitor37> sure looks shorter from this angle
09:44:19 <Kat> Can we get some sound in that basin? :)
09:44:25 <J. Lawrencium> Streaming not freezing today
09:44:32 <ChrisO> shhhh
09:44:34 <Eric> Roar Kat
09:44:40 <LindaGp> Wow
09:44:41 <J. Lawrencium> sorry
09:45:12 <ChrisO> it keeps going and going and going :)
09:45:32 <Steph> :heart::heart::heart:
09:46:02 <LindaGp> Indy couldn't have been long before insaw it, been checkimg
09:46:30 <LindaGp> Lucky people
09:46:32 <ynpvisitor37> it was short Linda
09:46:52 <ynpvisitor37> and there were three notes about bubbler action
09:46:58 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor37, think so, pretty sudden
09:47:30 <ynpvisitor37> when you get sustained splashing like that, you know it is close
09:47:50 <LindaGp> Yay bee!
09:47:58 <ynpvisitor37> now peeps can drift toward Giant area
09:48:00 <Dave from B™> Udo posted the start at 39
09:48:39 <Steph> That was just spectacular!
09:48:49 <Eric> Apparently Little Squirt starts and stops once it's in it's eruption can do it periodically for 24+ hours, that is why the duration of LS logging is limited to 2 days.
09:49:17 <Kat> Very nice
09:49:19 <Eric> So I guess that means LS has an ini
09:50:08 <LindaGp> UNO facebook page posted that on facebook live
09:50:20 <LindaGp> *YNP
09:50:56 <ynpvisitor37> still huge backlog at West Gate. Hard to believe they do not open another gate
09:51:19 <Eric> Thanks Linda
09:51:54 <LindaGp> I dont know who filmed it
09:52:25 <Eric> I asked them to get a Giantess Eruption too
09:52:35 <LindaGp> LindaGp, 😊
09:53:03 <BruceJ> I missed it. Was it pretty?
09:53:31 <Eric> Very Nice Bruce
09:53:46 <Eric> Watch it on YNP channel, they recorded it from the BW
09:53:56 <BruceJ> Thanks :-) Work sucks.
09:54:29 <ynpvisitorCC> Just missed the eruption !
09:54:32 <ynpvisitor37> all close up, no height shown. And no indy
09:54:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah back basin reports but nothing about SB or Cistern
09:55:08 <Steph> Janet posted a video of SB on her Insta
09:55:31 <ynpvisitor37> was it quiet?
09:56:03 <ynpvisitor37> what is her instagram handle?
09:56:07 <Eric> Hey Graham...was your Fountain report a Visitor report?
09:56:09 <ynpvisitorCC> Thanks to Udo I saw it
09:56:11 <Eric> or from RR?
09:56:33 <Steph> Yellowstonenaturalist
09:56:43 <Steph> I looked steamy
09:56:47 <LindaGp> They did have much time to set up filming rhat
09:57:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have fixed Ftn, it was ie from Trista
09:57:16 <Eric> SB looks dead quiet in Janet's video
09:57:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> Tristan
09:57:27 <Eric> Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks :-D
09:58:15 <Eric>
09:58:25 <Steph> Hopefully we'll here about Cistern soon.
09:58:39 <Eric> Looking at that video...I assume it's pretty low
09:59:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> i was in transit so couldnt type
09:59:22 <Eric> NP...glad you got it posted!
09:59:47 <LindaGp> Yeah. I guess he was standing right there. A facebook msg popped up announcing it. I thought, yeah i know. 😊
10:01:56 <Joe> I see many gazers have found their way, and are posting profusely.
10:02:00 <Art> So cool to be able to hear the sound of BH again
10:03:26 <Joe> Did we miss OF?
10:03:52 <Steph> I'm excited to hear about GHP too. Fingers and toes crossed!
10:04:42 <Kat> Don't think so Joe
10:05:59 <LindaGp> Joe Someone posted a short, when it was a long
10:06:26 <Joe> ah!
10:08:06 <Dave from B™> What about GHP?
10:08:56 <Art> Vehicle traffic noise back on YNM :)
10:10:47 <Art> Note on PorkChop
10:10:53 <Steph> Dave from B™, I mean, I'm excited to start seeing posts about GHPs, sorry if I communicated that weird.
10:14:53 <Joe> does porkchop often not have water in it's crater?
10:15:05 <Dave from B™> I hope they are actually occurring, Steph
10:15:37 <Dave from B™> That might explain the big drops on the data
10:15:47 <Steph> Dave from B™, me toooooo! That's why I crossed my fingers and toes.
10:17:29 <LindaGp> Old faithful on opening day.
10:17:45 <LindaGp> 😊
10:18:22 <Dave from B™> Man....this looks like a record opening dya. Look at that traffic at West
10:18:49 <Art> Is it usually just two gates?
10:19:28 <Art> Not too bad coming in from Gardiner
10:20:00 <Art> I don't remember if Norris to Mammoth is usually open on same day either?
10:20:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> they usually open together
10:20:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> Mammoth and West toOF and Canyon
10:23:04 <Joe> Fountain Report
10:24:07 <Joe> Sorry my gt just switched to a different page
10:24:39 <LindaGp> OF
10:25:28 <Dave from B™> wow
10:25:32 <Dave from B™> beautiful
10:29:05 <LindaGp> And every body leaves
10:29:43 <Betty> we just missed Aurum
10:29:43 <Art> People look like ants ;)
10:30:17 <LindaGp> Betty, bummer
10:30:56 <Steph> Betty, LindaGp, agreed! Dang it!
10:31:17 <Betty> hi Steph
10:31:29 <LindaGp> I I don't think I've seen one on new cam
10:31:46 <Steph> Betty, HI!!!
10:31:59 <Steph> LindaGp, me either.
10:32:25 <Kat> Looks like a great day there. Perfect weather!
10:32:30 <Betty> I´ve seen one. absolutely great
10:32:30 <Eric> How can we expect children to learn how to read, if they can't even fit inside the building!
10:32:38 <Joe> next Daisy ~1257
10:33:16 <LindaGp> Oh i think I did in the very beginning
10:33:36 <LindaGp> Joe, ok
10:34:15 <Dave from B™> Almost looks like a dirt path out to that lake
10:34:43 <Joe> is Udo the only gazer in the basin?
10:35:21 <Dave from B™> Micah will be out this evening
10:35:30 <Joe> or is he on a perch somewhere?
10:35:53 <Dave from B™> Maybe:)
10:35:59 <Dave from B™> My turn for P&T...bbl
10:36:10 <Joe> bye Dave
10:37:18 <LindaG> Bye
10:39:11 <Jake> for this morning's Little Squirt ie, because of LS's past of having long, somewhat non-continuos eruptions, it's appropriate that GT combined the 2 entries. Unless there's evidence that it was a distinct eruptions, no need to change GT at this time.
10:39:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave would have a perch
10:40:37 <Betty> thx Jake
10:41:09 <ynpvisitor117> looking forward to reports of ANYTHING north of the Grand-Daisy transect.
10:41:46 <Betty> hi BruceJ
10:41:57 <BruceJ> Hiya, Betty!
10:42:59 <Dave from B™> Jake, is it a continuous eruption or a SERIES of eruptions?
10:43:17 <Jake> yes
10:44:55 <Dave from B™> That's not an answer. off to PT
10:45:10 <Jake> I haven't spent a lot of time watching it. It's one that has no similar geyser
10:45:16 <Jake> that I can think of
10:46:24 <LindaGp> Sprinkler
10:46:43 <Jake> it's not distinct series like Lion. Sometimes it is barely squirting for several minutes then comes on strong, then back to nothing, then strong, nothing, weak, strong, weak, etc
10:46:52 <Betty> bulger
10:50:34 <LindaGp> Daisy
10:51:53 <ynpvisitor98> SB note is up
10:53:37 <Steph> ynpvisitor98, thank you!
10:59:16 <LindaGp> I think swallows are flying around us
10:59:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Cars in the lot
11:00:48 <LindaGp> Nice. Love swallows
11:01:32 <BruceJ> We need a song about 'When the Swallows Come Back to the Geysers..."
11:02:35 <LindaGp> 😊the bison will smile widely
11:02:54 <BruceJ> :lol:
11:03:48 <ynpvisitor17> the stone gets swallows i get turkey vultures
11:04:11 <BruceJ> I got some crows and finch.
11:04:36 <LindaGp> Im waiting for my first hummingbird
11:05:16 <ynpvisitor17> just had my first hummer today
11:05:27 <Steph> ynpvisitor17, Lucky!
11:05:36 <ynpvisitor17> have 2 piles of snow its almost all gone
11:05:48 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor17, 👍
11:06:16 <LindaGp> Any day I'll have mine
11:06:58 <ynpvisitor17> i will put out 8 feeders this year. i go through 15 pounds of sugar a week
11:07:11 <ynpvisitor17> i get hundreds of them
11:07:31 <ynpvisitor999®> did I miss anything?
11:07:48 <LindaGp> No not really, daisy went
11:08:05 <Steph> Awesome! We just moved away from a neighbor who kept his garage open about 6" to feed all the feral cats in the neighborhood. So finally this year, we can have birds!
11:08:30 <ynpvisitor17> lol
11:08:31 <LindaGp> Steph, excellent
11:09:05 <Steph> LindaGp, I am so happy! We have 3 bird feeders out right now. Black-capped Chickadees are my favorite!
11:10:27 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor999®, oh did you see bee?
11:11:29 <Kevin L™🌵> I have a bunch hanging around my lemon tree now
11:11:33 <ynpvisitor999®> I didn't. Seems to have been a short Indy
11:11:37 <LindaGp> Steph, everytime I step outside my chickadee chastise me
11:12:03 <Steph> LindaGp, lol! Why?
11:12:09 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor999®, yes no bubbler, just Indy and it was short
11:12:52 <LindaGp> Steph, don't know. They just fly around chattering at me. Maybe they are excited about getting fed
11:13:08 <Steph> LindaGp, awww! I love it!
11:13:31 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor999®, quite a bit of splashing though
11:14:40 <CraigC> love to see the in-basin entries
11:14:59 <LindaGp> CraigC, hi
11:15:06 <CraigC> hey Linda
11:15:08 <BruceJ> Hi, Craig!
11:15:15 <CraigC> hey Bruce
11:15:20 <Steph> CraigC, Hi!
11:15:22 <LindaGp> Awfully quiet
11:15:27 <CraigC> hye Steph
11:15:32 <CraigC> I just got home from biking
11:15:53 <ynpvisitor98> Bee197 strikes again with comment on SB post
11:16:56 <CraigC> ynpvisitor98, do you mean BH post?
11:17:11 <ynpvisitor98> no comment on SB post
11:17:21 <CraigC> I didnt see one
11:17:38 <Steph> It says it would be nice to have a disturbance
11:17:40 <ynpvisitor98> its there
11:17:52 <ynpvisitor98> "interesting (would be awesome to have a nice disturbance)"
11:18:07 <LindaGp> Castle
11:18:18 <ynpvisitor98> Thats the comment
11:18:28 <CraigC> oh, a comment imbedded in another note
11:18:44 <ynpvisitor98> yes
11:18:54 <CraigC> Beehive197 also left a note this morning about BH
11:19:01 <ynpvisitor999®> Casgtle
11:19:04 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle*
11:19:15 <ynpvisitor999®> fat fingers strike again
11:21:19 <BruceJ> Just noticing - can Pyramid Geyser be seen from this cam?
11:21:53 <CraigC> BruceJ, is that it right to the left of the Castle steam?
11:22:07 <Steph> Yes.
11:22:20 <LindaGp> Something I saw the other morning very thought might be pyramid. Upper left of castle
11:22:36 <LindaGp> *betty
11:24:13 <LindaGp> Hopefully we can do OF before grand takes off
11:24:16 <CraigC> this is admittedly a little painful seeing people now.... I am jealous
11:24:30 <BruceJ> That is called White Pyramid Cone; Pyramid Geyser plays from a flattish geyserite platform near its eastern base, visible easily from the north Daisy Boardwalk.
11:24:31 <Steph> CraigC, so true!
11:24:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> West gate is clear, thats good
11:25:02 <CraigC> BruceJ, thanks, I don't really know hardly anything about them back there
11:25:28 <BruceJ> If we could anything of Pyramid, I;d bet it would be steam - the platform looks to be obscured by trees.
11:25:41 <Steph> BruceJ, oh yes, I forgot, even after Micah educated me about it, with pics and everything. (I'm going to use the "I'm an old lady excuse).
11:26:02 <BruceJ> Steph, LOLZ!
11:26:53 <BruceJ> Pyramid is nice little geyser, and if it were visible, it might be smallest distant (or the most distant small) geyser identifiable on the cam
11:29:02 <ynpvisitor999®> From this view I'd expect to see Pyramid's plume to the right of White Pyramid Geyser Dome (or whatever it's called :))
11:29:20 <LindaGp> BruceJ, this is what i saw that betty thought might be pyramid
11:29:36 <BruceJ> ynpvisitor999®, Agreed. This page has a fair brief write-up about those features
11:29:39 <BruceJ>
11:30:11 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, it's White Pyramid Geyser Cone... hehe
11:30:11 <Steph> Well, I gotta run for a few. Hope to see ya'll later this afternoon.
11:30:20 <ynpvisitor999®> cya Steph
11:30:44 <LindaGp> Steph, bye
11:31:09 <BruceJ> LindaGp, Wow, Linda - I don't think you'd see little 8-foot high Pyramid on a day like that!
11:32:13 <ynpvisitor47> Nice water column from Castle.
11:32:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Looks to me actually more like snow on the mountain mis-identified as steam from Pyramid or WPGD
11:32:52 <ynpvisitor999®> or Castle, even (though its plume can be clearly seen below the circle)
11:32:54 <LindaGp> Don't know anything about pyramid.
11:33:20 <BruceJ> ynpvisitor999®, Could be - honestly, I don't know what that is. Everything else at that distance is obscured completely.
11:33:59 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor999®, it's possible its steam from castle. At time it looked like it distinct from Castle.
11:34:01 <BruceJ>
11:34:30 <BruceJ> Ryan M video of Pyramid Geyser (Previous post)
11:35:37 <LindaGp> Oh i like it
11:35:47 <BruceJ> looks like Castle be a major.
11:37:10 <BruceJ> Yeah, Pyramid is cute. Like a smaller Penta main vent or a Skinny.
11:38:41 <LindaGp> Well might as well watch the only game in town at the.moment 😊
11:39:30 <BruceJ> Not a big day for steam - higher temp and lower humidity.
11:40:18 <Rice> Interesting to see all the people just walking past Castle
11:41:16 <LindaGp> I just logged as major
11:42:02 <BruceJ> Thanks
11:42:37 <BruceJ> Rice, Maybe the tour bus crowd.
11:42:40 <Dave from B™> Traffic has finally cleared at West
11:43:04 <ynpvisitor999®> LC
11:43:06 <ynpvisitor999®> ie
11:44:27 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
11:45:34 <CraigC> nice blue from doublet
11:46:50 <LindaGp> We need an Aurum right now
11:47:19 <ynpvisitor999®> probably going to be a while, maybe in an hour or 5 or so based on today's likely closed interval
11:47:39 <BruceJ> yeah, we have a while to wait for another one of those!
11:48:33 <ynpvisitor999®> that was a very pixelated view we got for a second
11:50:15 <BruceJ> When do they plan to patch up the OF boardwalk?
11:50:38 <LindaGp> No idea
11:52:20 <Dave from B™> I imagine they are taking a long holiday weekend
11:52:46 <CraigC> probably
11:52:58 <CraigC> stock market is closed today
11:53:17 <BruceJ> Is that common in WY / MT?
11:53:31 <BruceJ> Here in CA, it's just another Friday.
11:54:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> i read the steamboat ntes looks like we are mid disturbance, not good news
11:54:19 <Dave from B™> Saves me a trip next week, Graham
11:54:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> beehive197 says its awesome to have a disturbance ... but thats not good for Steamboat
11:55:05 <BruceJ> Beehive197 has some interesting ideas.
11:55:18 <ynpvisitor999®> mhm
11:55:29 <Dave from B™> Why do I not see 197's notes
11:55:46 <CraigC> Dave from B™, it is a comment on the other note, inside it
11:56:08 <Dave from B™> thanks
11:57:27 <LindaGp> OF
11:57:55 <LindaGp> Wow
12:01:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> disturbance can be interesting for other features at Norris tho
12:03:16 <Dave from B™> It will be interesting to hear from the V of V to get her take on Opening Day Norris activity
12:09:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> i hope she got in, and its good to hear the boardwalk is open, so no delay now
12:10:36 <ynpvisitor999®> Janet White was at Steamboat this morning too
12:11:35 <Dave from B™> 3 geysers in the same sentence:)
12:11:51 <ynpvisitor999®> she also put a video of Steamboat and a picture of it and Emerald Spring and Cistern Spring on her instagram
12:12:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Grotto 1410 ns
12:13:14 <ynpvisitor999®> This is a link to the three pictures she put up: - I found Steamboat in the three pictures, but which one of the pools is Emerald and which one is Cistern?
12:14:35 <ynpvisitor68> C, E, A in order
12:15:00 <ynpvisitor98> Cistern does not seem to be in OF
12:15:36 <ynpvisitor98> well, not heavy OF
12:16:19 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks. Emerald does seem a bit cloudy - is that what it looks like during a disturbance or can it be even cloudier or muddier than that?
12:18:22 <ynpvisitor68> It turns a deep olive-emerald and cloudy.
12:21:12 <J. Lawrencium> Daisy back there is ie
12:21:45 <Betty> not Daisy
12:22:00 <Betty> that´s Grotto
12:22:21 <J. Lawrencium> OH, sorry -- different angle, of coursse
12:22:43 <Betty> :-)
12:31:23 <BruceJ> ynpvisitor999®, so, Cistern is generally blue and Emerald is generally green. Neither varies much from that scheme.
12:32:30 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks Bruce, 98 and 68
12:34:09 <ynpvisitor68> Last summer I saw Emerald during the June disturbance and it was dark green. In Sep during a SB, it turned turquoise!
12:44:50 <Dave from B™> I'm sneaking out early. Have a great evening everyone!
12:45:07 <ynpvisitor999®> bye Dave
12:46:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> we have a Turban time from Udo
12:46:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> so due now
12:46:19 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand might go soon, within Turban's window
12:46:30 <ynpvisitor999®> maybe a Grand-Daisy dual
12:46:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> Pendant Spring is way down per Janets video on instagram
12:47:05 <ynpvisitor999®> no, too early for Daisy
12:48:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> Micah is pretty silent ... wonder what he is up to?
12:49:26 <ynpvisitor999®> Pendant's vent has grown quite a lot
12:49:43 <ynpvisitor999®> good to see Economic is still hot
12:50:18 <ynpvisitor999®> I wonder what Victory is up to
12:53:23 <ynpvisitor98> Emerald gets murky during a disturbance. Lat June there was a marked increase in boiling as well
12:53:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> iwouldnt say Pendant has grown, but the water level has dropped in the vent
12:59:07 <ynpvisitor999®> D0
13:00:14 <BruceJ> Got real quiet here.
13:00:55 <ynpvisitor56> Im struggling ton stay awake
13:01:32 <LindaGp> Even lost my name hehe
13:02:43 <BruceJ> Yawwwwwwwn - no, not really - just at work ;-)
13:03:11 <BruceJ> So, if we zero in on Grotto, can we see any water? It sure looks nice.
13:03:44 <ynpvisitor999®> probably the early water, but I don't think much, if any, of the post-start water
13:04:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket may show up though, when it goes off
13:04:40 <BruceJ> Rocket would be fun. About like Daisy appears.
13:04:58 <BruceJ> Grotto Fountain would also be cool.
13:05:58 <BruceJ> That last Turban cycle interval was a LONG one. That could result in a turban delay.
13:06:07 <ynpvisitor68> Doggie!
13:06:37 <BruceJ> Is his name Auggie?
13:06:58 <LindaGp> Auggie the doggie
13:07:09 <ynpvisitor68> !!!
13:07:20 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand benches look full
13:07:40 <BruceJ> there was a 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon character named Auggie Doggie.
13:09:17 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
13:09:31 <LindaGp> I hope grand hurries up. OF soon
13:09:44 <BruceJ>
13:10:42 <ynpvisitor106> old tardy
13:10:46 <BruceJ> Next Turban shoud be up any time now.
13:11:20 <ynpvisitor999®> I don't see any jetting from OT. Definitely looks steamy though
13:12:09 <BruceJ> I see some white.
13:12:23 <J. Lawrencium> I see that the new observational location separates Daisy and Grand a lot more.
13:12:30 <Jake> looks like Old Tardy water
13:12:41 <BruceJ> Jake, agreed.
13:13:15 <Jake> it's comparable water to Big Anemone, farther away
13:13:26 <ynpvisitor999®> hm, yeah. I must've seen a tad more powerful OT then when I saw it
13:13:45 <ynpvisitor999®> was actually clear jetting than what it does now
13:13:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> we have 1508ns and 1519 wc times for Daisy?
13:13:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> 1508ns and 1509
13:14:02 <ynpvisitor106> makes since
13:14:10 <ynpvisitor106> sense
13:14:36 <ynpvisitor999®> and another Turban
13:14:44 <Betty> turban
13:15:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> lovely day to be sitting at Grand
13:15:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> 55 and sunny and no bugs
13:16:25 <ynpvisitor106> who is running the cam right now if i may ask
13:17:40 <BruceJ> We could get Grand followed shortly by Rocket.
13:18:21 <LindaGp> Very shortly gotta go to OF
13:18:38 <BruceJ> Phooey ;-)
13:18:43 <ynpvisitor999®> I hope for a short OF
13:19:54 <ynpvisitor999®> I should actually say an early OF, as that'll be more useful than a short OF
13:20:09 <Joe> Gary Novak should get the next OF
13:20:57 <LindaGp> He doesn't usually show till 5:45, sometimes earlier,
13:22:24 <BruceJ> Well, Old Fretful beckons...
13:23:35 <ynpvisitor106> Decent crowd for opening day
13:23:37 <BruceJ> Already splashing, 999, so you may get your wish!
13:31:08 <BruceJ> 'nother Turban anytime now.
13:33:38 <ynpvisitor27> A watched OF never erupts
13:33:57 <BruceJ> :lol:
13:33:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> at least with Gazers there we will likely see a Grand posting
13:34:05 <ynpvisitor999®> and there's Grand
13:34:05 <Jake> unwatched Grand does
13:34:08 <ynpvisitor27> Grand
13:34:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> and its over
13:34:13 <ynpvisitor999®> D2/G--
13:34:16 <ynpvisitor27> Aorry
13:34:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> no, started
13:34:23 <ynpvisitor27> Soery
13:35:30 <lLindaG> Sorry but at least you know it started
13:35:41 <BruceJ> So, why do I have a video delay and nobody else seems to?
13:36:02 <lLindaG> I have delay because.of my tablet
13:36:08 <ynpvisitor106> are you on the HLS stream?
13:36:08 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm on RTMP. It's possible you're on HLS delay
13:36:41 <lLindaG> OF
13:36:41 <BruceJ> Hmmm. I have no idea what stream I am on. Just on the webchat page.
13:36:42 <CraigC> OF
13:37:15 <BruceJ> I;m on HLS. How do I get on the RTMP?
13:37:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> can you switch which one you are using?
13:37:39 <ynpvisitor106> what browser?
13:37:40 <BruceJ> GO STEAMBOAT, not from the webchat page.
13:37:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice fluffy
13:37:47 <BruceJ> Usinig Chrome.
13:37:59 <ynpvisitor106> click the lock on the top and enable flash
13:38:03 <ynpvisitor106> refresh the page
13:38:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> me too
13:38:08 <ynpvisitor999®> enable Flash (for RTMP, live) or disable it (for HLS, 30 seconds+ delay)
13:38:52 <ynpvisitor106> RMTP has less delay but stutters more, HLS has the delay but is smoother
13:39:54 <BruceJ> OOH, I see about the stutter. Me no like.
13:40:17 <BruceJ> Thanks for the tip, though!
13:40:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont see a lock .. it is managed SW tho
13:41:28 <ynpvisitor94> its in the url
13:41:44 <lLindaG> Few nice spikes
13:41:46 <ynpvisitor999®> in Firefox you can actually click on a brick to enable Flash
13:41:53 <Betty> Riverside
13:42:15 <BruceJ> I was able to do it from the box at bottom right on this page.
13:42:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> i like the lag anyway ... you ll alert me
13:42:54 <ynpvisitor999®> b1 done
13:43:05 <ynpvisitor999®> might do a 2nd, but don't have high hopes
13:43:35 <ynpvisitor999®> 2nd
13:43:43 <lLindaG> I2nd
13:43:48 <ynpvisitor999®> I guess there's my answer :D
13:43:50 <lLindaG> Or 2nd
13:44:11 <Betty> nice 2nd
13:44:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> i like delay
13:44:29 <BruceJ> GO STEAMBOAT, Why is that?
13:44:37 <ynpvisitor999®> 2nd done
13:44:49 <LindaGp> All i all delay benefits you
13:45:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice for opening day
13:45:20 <ynpvisitor68> A lag gets me far more Aurums and other short duration geysers
13:45:34 <BruceJ> Oh, OK.
13:45:48 <BruceJ> We could get a Rocket shortly
13:46:04 <CraigC> sasquatch
13:47:24 <LindaGp> Gary has the cam.
13:47:40 <ynpvisitor999®> stream's quite choppy for me, even a white circle appearing every so often
13:48:16 <ynpvisitor999®> D2/G2Q
13:48:17 <ynpvisitor114> Bruce, the lock is left of the url that says
13:48:48 <ynpvisitor97> OK< thanks!
13:48:52 <ynpvisitor999®> and white X
13:49:30 <ynpvisitor999®> and it's back
13:50:41 <ynpvisitor97> I get the hamster wheel every few seconds.
13:50:47 <LindaGp> Well have good night might peak in later
13:51:27 <Bruce J> Bye Linda!
13:51:47 <Betty> bye Linda
13:55:35 <CraigC> Lori S shared pics from Norris, said back basin was open
14:00:08 <Bruce J> CraigC, yeah - the whole Norris basin looks a bit "different."
14:01:20 <Bruce J> If Steamboat comes back - and that's a big *if* - it may come back with a vengeance, as Springtime seems to be its bets season historically.
14:01:31 <Bruce J> *best*
14:03:15 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
14:03:33 <CraigC> I'm still scrolling down on YNM with optimism :)
14:03:52 <Bruce J> Just do it! right?
14:04:56 <CraigC> yep, power through
14:07:27 <ynpvisitor86> WTH are we looking at now?
14:07:49 <ynpvisitor107> I'm working with Gary to get a new panoramic made
14:07:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> of runoff channel
14:08:09 <ynpvisitor999®> nice
14:08:13 <ynpvisitor86> OH, OK.
14:08:47 <ynpvisitor999®> these peeps will be famous - they're all over at least three frames of the panoramic :D
14:08:59 <ynpvisitor86> LOL
14:09:11 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion 1607 ns ini
14:09:31 <ynpvisitor107> Dammit I knew something would erupt while we did this
14:11:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice. Micah was heading to the hill
14:12:29 <ynpvisitor107> We just have a ridge line pass to do now
14:13:03 <ynpvisitor107> Bulger
14:13:15 <ynpvisitor999®> 1610 ie, so major
14:13:21 <ynpvisitor86> looks like Grotto shut off
14:14:07 <Betty> that was Lion near end
14:15:12 <ynpvisitor107> Doing this at a mid level zoom to get more detail
14:18:40 <ynpvisitor999®> and is this for a zoomed-out panorama?
14:18:54 <ynpvisitor999®> or just a tour of the basin? :)
14:18:57 <ynpvisitor107> Yep for safety
14:21:32 <ynpvisitor107> And we are done
14:21:38 <ynpvisitor107> Thanks Gary!
14:22:02 <ynpvisitor999®> doggie on its lonesome
14:39:32 <ChrisO> aww i missed
15:11:26 <Betty> OF
15:13:00 <Betty> steam in Aurum area on static
15:26:58 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy ie
15:31:01 <ChrisO> Ive seen bison chips bigger then these storms tonight :(
16:10:00 <ChrisO> doggies on mammoth static :)
16:13:37 <ynpvisitor999®> AL ie
16:14:04 <Betty> they are both
16:14:13 <Betty> or were
16:26:05 <ynpvisitor98> any one driving?
17:14:21 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off for today. Have fun reading today's notes if you haven't already :)
17:17:16 <ynpvisitor68> Bye, enjoy the rest of your (time of day/night in your time zone.)
17:51:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy
18:02:41 <ChrisO> anyone know the elevation of the VEC?
18:03:03 <ChrisO> for weather :)
18:03:45 <ynpvisitor68> 7349 ft. I looked it up
18:03:46 <Kevin L™🌵> OF is 7349
18:04:04 <ChrisO> alright ty much :)
18:04:43 <ChrisO> looks like lowest level for snow this week-end is 7400 feet
18:11:12 <Kevin L™🌵> No caps toknight?
18:13:05 <ChrisO> 11100 feet dropping to 8000 after midnight if you were talking to me :)
18:13:37 <ChrisO> peeps :)
18:29:10 <ChrisO> Did we miss OF, everyone walked off
18:35:29 <Kevin L™🌵> I left
18:36:18 <ynpvisitor68> I've been in and out
18:37:17 <ynpvisitor106> Did someone move the webcam?
18:38:14 <ChrisO> quiet group tonight :(
18:38:34 <ynpvisitor68> I believe it's been right here since about 20:05
18:38:55 <ynpvisitor36> Did we miss OF?
18:39:20 <ChrisO> i saw something on static, but i didnt see enough to say if we did or not
18:39:20 <kcmule> too many games going on
18:39:54 <ChrisO> dont watch sports, my fun for the night fell on its face in the form of rain
18:39:55 <ynpvisitor106> I mean is the web cam now located somewhere else other than the lodge pole pine near the visitor center?
18:40:12 <ChrisO> yea it got moved a few days ago
18:40:20 <Kevin L™🌵> It is on the Inn
18:40:45 <ynpvisitor106> It looks like it might be on old Faithful Inn
18:41:03 <ynpvisitor106> Thanks
18:41:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Right under the American Flag
18:41:57 <ynpvisitor36> I can’t go back on static
18:42:01 <ynpvisitor36> Could someone check?
18:42:35 <ynpvisitor106> A much more sturdy placement instead of in a tree?
18:42:38 <ChrisO> i cant either, or dont know how
18:43:02 <ynpvisitor36> Control and scroll back
18:43:20 <Kevin L™🌵> Lokks like 2027 on the static clock
18:43:31 <Kevin L™🌵> I thin that is 2024
18:44:18 <ynpvisitor18> here it is;
18:44:22 <ynpvisitor68> Much better views down basin and nearly 360°. But, can't see everything at once.
18:44:27 <ChrisO> 827pm
18:44:32 <ChrisO> was ie
18:44:35 <ynpvisitor106> Looked like they had a lot of visitors on opening day from the line of cars waiting to enter at the West entrance.
18:44:54 <ynpvisitor18> 3 minutes off on static timestamp
18:45:13 <ChrisO> didnt know that..ty :)
18:45:17 <CraigC> Kevin is right
18:45:18 <Kevin L™🌵> I posted it
18:45:40 <ChrisO> and thank for telling me how to go back on static :)
18:45:48 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
19:41:08 <ynpvisitor64> Lion ie