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02:53:16 <LindaG> LC
02:53:32 <LindaG> 😊
02:56:46 <LindaG> Maybe not
03:01:00 <CraigC> hey Linda
03:01:04 <CraigC> hey Joe
03:12:26 <LindaG> CraigC, good morning
03:14:21 <LindaG> Joe, good morning
03:14:42 <LindaG> Good morning chrisO
03:15:09 <Joe> Hi Linda
03:15:25 <ChrisO> Morning :)
03:15:26 <Joe> and Chris
03:16:09 <LindaG> Looks like maybe a daylight bee, maybe
03:20:49 <Joe> that vehicle lit up SC's steam
03:34:23 <Joe> Controls released
04:07:53 <LindaG> Wow lots of steam this morning
04:34:01 <LindaG> LC
04:34:46 <ynpvisitor93> The view washburn NE is stunning
04:35:49 <LindaG> Yes, especially the northeast view.
04:40:47 <Kat> Morning Linda, Joe
04:41:24 <Joe> Hi Kat
04:43:25 <Kat> So much steam!
04:46:29 <ynpvisitor76> What is that steam below BH?
04:46:32 <LindaG> Hi kat!
04:46:40 <ynpvisitor76> nevermind, just runoff, so blurry
04:47:00 <LindaG> Not steam, just white runoff I think
04:47:04 <Kat> It is blurry this AM.
04:47:15 <Kat> Hi Linda!
04:47:42 <LindaG> Kat, Are you doing g all day?
04:48:11 <CraigC> hey Kat
04:48:47 <Kat> I am scheduled for my shift and then Katie's. I hope I can last - got a nasty cold this weekend! :(
04:48:54 <Kat> Hi Craig!
04:49:39 <CraigC> sorry to hear
04:49:41 <LindaG> Kat, I'll be home all afternoon, getting AC ducts cleaned. If you need a break let me know.
04:49:56 <Kat> Thanks I will!
04:51:34 <ChrisO> looks at all the saunas this morning :)
04:56:23 <LindaG> Kat: If you do need a break text me, my schedule just changed.
04:57:26 <Kat> OK
04:57:37 <Kat> Thanks Linda!
04:58:22 <LindaG> 👍
05:03:21 <Kat> OF
05:03:37 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone!
05:04:12 <ChrisO> morning Dave :)
05:11:41 <Joe> Grand has been running a little early (5h 30+ min), that being said...who knows?
05:12:23 <Kat> :)
05:12:26 <ChrisO> :i:
05:12:40 <Dave from B™> So, based on yesterday's SB data, is it time for a 2 day Norris excursion tomorrow?
05:13:09 <Joe> Yes Dave, start the car!
05:13:37 <ChrisO> If it were me, i would be there already
05:13:50 <Joe> You will miss it if you don't leave now
05:14:30 <ChrisO> Morning Betty :)
05:14:31 <Betty> morning all
05:14:42 <Betty> hi ChrisO
05:14:59 <ChrisO> blue sky :)
05:15:07 <Betty> Dave, you are not on your way yet?
05:15:26 <LindaG> Hi ChrisO, Dave from B™, and Betty,
05:15:40 <Betty> SB notes looked promising
05:15:51 <Betty> hi LindaG
05:16:18 <Dave from B™> Really, everyone? Is that the kind of day it's going to be?:)
05:16:30 <Dave from B™> I can't leave today
05:16:50 <Kat> Morning all!
05:17:09 <Betty> we all want you to get rid of that curse, Dave
05:17:20 <Betty> morning Kat
05:17:30 <Kat> :)
05:17:37 <Joe> Sorry Dave, but keep your bags packed for the next time
05:18:58 <Joe> According to my caculations Daisy is close or just erupted :(
05:21:47 <ChrisO> its gonna be an interesting week..i cant feel it in my belly
05:38:44 <Chancellor> Good Morning all
05:38:57 <ChrisO> good morning :)
05:39:07 <Betty> morning Chancellor
05:39:30 <ChrisO> i see peeps already :)
05:39:53 <Dave from B™> No in basin reports today
05:43:54 <Chancellor> calm morning, I thought about going to the park this weekend, but it turned out to be impossible
05:44:18 <Betty> bummer
05:50:59 <Kat> Daisy?
05:51:26 <Betty> no idea
05:52:25 <Joe> Yes 0748
05:53:00 <Kat> Thanks Joe - I thought so.
05:55:29 <Joe> Thought I saw a Turban a few minutes ago Grand is at 5h 54min
05:55:30 <LindaG> Is that oblong?
05:56:28 <Joe> Yesthe frront steam along the bw from Grand
05:56:37 <Joe> is oblong
05:57:24 <LindaG> Thx 👍
05:58:11 <Joe> I have that typing disease :)
05:58:25 <Joe> Grand
05:58:36 <Betty> amazing cloud
05:58:42 <Kat> :)
05:58:57 <Joe> back up a bit
05:59:26 <Kat> OK?
05:59:30 <Joe> I like to see the plume
05:59:35 <Kat> :)
05:59:37 <Joe> Thanks
06:00:17 <Kat> Nice!
06:00:37 <Joe> thats good, thanks again
06:01:21 <Chancellor> the cam seems to be in better focus
06:02:33 <Joe> Yes focus seems good zoom may work well to see spikes
06:03:46 <Kat> Spikes tough to see
06:06:25 <Joe> nice view
06:06:27 <Chlorinated> Windless morning
06:06:39 <Joe> ~ 8min
06:06:55 <Betty> morning Jimbo
06:07:16 <Betty> Bulger
06:07:18 <Chlorinated> Hi Betty
06:07:26 <Kat> :)
06:08:13 <Joe> Sprinkler ie
06:08:39 <Joe> ~10 min
06:08:51 <Betty> morning Kevin
06:09:16 <Kat> Hi Kevin
06:09:21 <Kevin L™🌵> Is it morning or am I just dreaming?
06:10:25 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
06:11:01 <Betty> afternoon Jarno
06:11:06 <Dave from B™> Sorry for the tough loss last knight, Kevin
06:11:08 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Betty
06:11:37 <Chlorinated> The Stanley Cup playoffs are nuts, aren't they?
06:12:40 <Kevin L™🌵> I really haven't expected them to make it past the 1st round but being up 3-1 did give me some hope.
06:13:38 <Chancellor> Good weekend if you are a St. Louis Blues fan
06:13:57 <Chancellor> we don't win a playoff series very often
06:14:15 <ynpvisitor113> lets hope CAPS take care of business tonight ...... and Bruins
06:14:27 <ynpvisitor76> B's tomorrow ;)
06:14:41 <ynpvisitor113> ah, got my dates mixed up.
06:14:49 <ynpvisitor113> hi Art :)
06:15:35 <Joe> I have to go see the Psycho Torture people :) The Pita is out of here for a few hours :)
06:15:37 <ynpvisitor113> Knights at home, would have been an awesome 2OT win for them :(
06:16:01 <ynpvisitor76> Pretty crazy they lost on a Short handled goal
06:16:13 <ynpvisitor76> Is that / was that Churn steam?
06:17:22 <LindaG> Joe, good luck
06:18:10 <Kevin L™🌵> If Fleury would learn to stay in the net instead of playing at the blue line it would help. Take care Joe.
06:19:51 <LindaG> Oh bee steaming
06:20:24 <LindaG> But then I guess everything is steaming lol
06:20:28 <Dave from B™> See ya Joe
06:21:04 <Betty> BA
06:21:32 <ynpvisitor113> only one gate open at West?
06:21:53 <LindaG> Nice one!
06:21:57 <Betty> seems so
06:24:32 <CraigC> other than opening weekend, are they that many people that go this time of year to need many gates open at West/
06:32:27 <Dave from B™> My comments about Sb should set it off today
06:32:58 <Betty> OF ns
06:34:44 <ynpvisitor76> SB probably goes today or overnight
06:35:02 <ChrisO> tomorrow morning :)
06:35:09 <Chlorinated> Are there Cistern reports?
06:35:26 <ynpvisitor999®> yesterday and the day before there were a couple
06:35:45 <Chlorinated> :thumbsup: I assume it's filling
06:36:24 <ynpvisitor37> In overflow and boiling. No mention of the "muddy pit"
06:37:36 <Chlorinated> Thanks, now I have the SB context
06:38:34 <ynpvisitor76> I do think it's interesting that during a Disturbance features turn muddy. Steamboat also throws out muddy water in eruption
06:38:35 <ynpvisitor999®> actually, it seems Cistern was 'overflowing but not quite overflowing' on Friday (and possibly Saturday). On Sunday it was in overflow, with decent boiling in the center
06:38:50 <ynpvisitor76> Yet there are folks who think the mud is hillside dirt/runoff being recycled
06:39:22 <Chlorinated> Turbidity in the springs would indicate some alteration of the groundwater flow
06:39:23 <ynpvisitor76> I think Norris kinda shows that a deep muddy water source exists
06:40:54 <ynpvisitor999®> There were a few eruptions where SB's water didn't turn as muddy as usual due to I think wind direction blowing a large portion of water away from the hillside where the waters usually end up at, to only flow down back into SB's vent
06:42:15 <Dave from B™> I'm with 76. It makes more sense
06:42:31 <LindaG> When do reservations for 2020 open? I think its may 1st, 2019. Anybody know?
06:42:56 <Dave from B™> there may be some mud draining into SB but muddy underground source has to be it.
06:43:21 <Kevin L™🌵> May 1 Linda
06:43:22 <Dave from B™> Linda, May 1 is correct 6 am online and 7 am via phone (maybe 7 and 8)
06:43:35 <Dave from B™> I do know online starts 1 hour earlier
06:43:38 <Kat> Not sure Linda. I didn't make my camping reservations until January this year.
06:43:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Depression is hot
06:44:33 <Dave from B™> I asked my wife just now if my SB GO Box is ready. She replied: Can be ready in 10 minutes...should I start the timer?
06:45:51 <ChrisO> no doggies yet this morning :(
06:45:55 <LindaG> Thanks. I thought that was correct just wanted to make sure.
06:46:25 <Betty> haha, Dave
06:47:02 <Betty> bah, cam is down
06:47:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Betty broke the cam?
06:47:20 <LindaG> Backup here
06:47:32 <Kat> Working here
06:48:10 <Dave from B™> Up but jerky here
06:48:37 <Betty> it´s up again. I´m only permitted to break the cam for seconds
06:48:58 <Kat> :) That's right Betty!
06:49:08 <Betty> :-)
06:50:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Are they doing some sort of steam train thing in Germany Betty. I have seen some really great looking pictures of German steam lately.
06:50:53 <Betty> there sure are some clubs that do run those cars
06:51:02 <ChrisO> BH steaming again
06:52:05 <Kevin L™🌵> I love the mainline German steam with the red wheels and elephant ears.
06:53:16 <Betty>
06:53:32 <Betty> only in German, but you´d like it
06:58:41 <Kevin L™🌵> It does look fun. Here is one of the pictures I have seen:
07:03:22 <BruceJ> Ah, Steam!
07:03:52 <Betty> morning, BruceJ
07:04:08 <BruceJ> Hi, Betty - you like steam trains too?
07:05:36 <Betty> I don´t see them very often, but they do run them on my railway line for special purposes sometimes
07:09:21 <BruceJ> Nice! At present, we have only a very few mainline steamers in the, and they are all operated by a single railroad. We have dozens, maybe hundreds, capable of running on the mainline tracks, but most are privately owned, on private tourist lines, and are not permitted to run by the big railroad companies on mainline tracks except special occasions.
07:10:22 <Betty> I think it is the same here
07:12:45 <BruceJ> Here in the western USA, the Southern Pacific RR used to allow steamers owned by tourist lines to run fan trips on their tracks - then Union Pacific bought them out, and now they only allow their own three engines to operate on the entire UP system which is huge. The other big railway here, the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe, might allow some private tourist engines, but I am not sure.
07:13:55 <BruceJ> I think in the eastern USA, the major railroad lines might make it easier for tourist line engines to run.
07:14:34 <Kevin L™🌵> The BNSF Does allow the Santa Fe 3751 to run their rails, but it is in for rehab now.
07:15:44 <BruceJ> This engine is about to run under its own power for the first time in 60 years.
07:16:29 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
07:16:39 <Kevin L™🌵> The Daylight (ex Southern Pacific) has also run UP rails andI think BNSF has allowed it to run also.
07:16:52 <BruceJ> Thanks, Kevin - I thought it might, but was not sure. UP is very jealous of their brand, even though they run those heritage diesel-electric engines with alternative historic paint jobs.
07:17:35 <BruceJ> I did not know 4449 had been permitted on UP rails in recent years. I knew BNSF was a bit more easy-going.
07:18:52 <ynpvisitor48> Doesn't UP offer restoration help for 4449? UP bought SP didn't they?
07:19:42 <Kevin L™🌵> It mostly does BNSF but I think Up does allow it on certain routes. I think it runs as an Amtrak extra, something that Amtrak may not do much of in the future.
07:20:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Not sure about the help, but Up did buy SP.
07:20:44 <ynpvisitor48> I am sure they house it.
07:21:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Also there is a group in Albuquerque that is restoring a large Santa Fe steamer. I think they are getting close to getting it running.
07:21:55 <CraigC> is that a bison on the bw?
07:22:05 <Betty> doggie at Anemone´s
07:22:11 <CraigC> nope, two people really close
07:22:23 <Kevin L™🌵> I think the City of Portland owns the Daylight (aka SP 4449).
07:22:33 <CraigC> wait, is it bison
07:22:38 <CraigC> wow
07:22:38 <Dave from B™> Then they are walking off the bw...:D
07:22:44 <Kevin L™🌵> 2 doggies
07:22:51 <Dave from B™> many doggies
07:23:01 <BruceJ> 4449 is a City of Portland owned ex-SP engine, so UP does not help with maintenance.
07:23:25 <Kevin L™🌵> It is a beautiful machine.
07:23:27 <Chancellor> nice to see bison
07:24:08 <BruceJ> I agree. I love SP 2472 just as much, but it's now relegated to non-mainline operation.
07:24:23 <ynpvisitor48> Threy let them use their shop, and tools. Olny place left with the machines big enought to do big steam in the metro area.
07:26:09 <BruceJ>
07:26:57 <CraigC> is the feed a little choppy?
07:27:06 <Betty> LC
07:27:23 <BruceJ> It's the stomping of that bison out by Marmot cave
07:27:32 <Kevin L™🌵> My feed is choppy
07:27:38 <CraigC> thanks
07:27:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Here is the other Santa Fe I was talking about:
07:28:46 <BruceJ> Oh yeah, I heard about that one. Nice!
07:29:15 <BruceJ> Is that BHI?
07:29:58 <BruceJ> Guess not. That shine on the rh side of Bee's cone looks like water.
07:30:09 <Chancellor> Bison Indicator ?
07:30:14 <Betty> more doggies
07:31:00 <Kat> :)
07:31:51 <Betty> interesting to see they use the same path as the other ones
07:33:06 <Kat> Cam down!
07:33:21 <Betty> bah
07:33:39 <Betty> works here
07:33:58 <Kat> I broke it briefly!
07:34:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Mine is stressing.
07:36:56 <Kat> AB
07:36:58 <Betty> improbable puff
07:37:47 <Kat> OK -Thanks!
07:39:10 <Kat> Riverside?
07:39:15 <BruceJ> Riverside?
07:39:21 <Betty> yep
07:39:44 <Kat> Thanks Betty - still working on my bearings!
07:39:59 <BruceJ> Grotto definitely on.
07:40:09 <Kat> doggies doggies everywhere!
07:40:30 <BruceJ> ..and nary a drop to drink.
07:43:57 <BruceJ> So the next Riverside should be at about 1535 +/- 25 minutes.
07:44:55 <ynpvisitor15> I miss Beehive
07:45:12 <Kat> :(
07:45:19 <ynpvisitor15> sure wish we could have a second cam that caught Old Faithful and the hill
07:54:03 <Betty> LC
07:57:20 <ynpvisitor48> They laying down boards today?
07:57:42 <ynpvisitor51> VC here - can cam operator move camera to Castle please? Just erupted but need to see if major or minor...
08:01:21 <ynpvisitor999®> some nice jetting
08:01:24 <Betty> hi VC, is it already busy?
08:01:55 <ynpvisitor51> yes it is already busy, especially opening day = 4,000 visitors first day at OFVC
08:02:04 <Kat> Wow!
08:02:09 <Joe> Keep watching Daisy soon
08:02:10 <Betty> wow
08:02:44 <Kat> Welcome back Joe
08:03:14 <ynpvisitor51> To Cam Operator, can you move to view towards Castle and Daisy? VC is only seeing Geyser Hill view.
08:03:16 <Joe> Tks, got twisted quick :)
08:04:31 <Joe> 51 it is there do a refresh
08:05:21 <ynpvisitor51> Thanks Joe!
08:05:53 <CraigC> surprised 09:55 is first in-basin entry
08:06:23 <Joe> Castle minor
08:06:51 <Dave from B™> What was the start time on Castle?
08:07:09 <Kat> 0955 ie
08:07:13 <Joe> no Idea
08:07:35 <Joe> Daisy real soon
08:07:56 <Kat> I need to catch OF, I'll check it though
08:08:08 <Dave from B™> How can you tell it is a minor? Not enough steam?
08:09:04 <Betty> Castle still going
08:09:23 <Joe> yep not a minor
08:09:24 <Kat> Yep...
08:10:10 <CraigC> wow, Joe, you made an error...... what is that for you, 1: 10000000000 :)
08:10:36 <ynpvisitor45> of - static
08:11:17 <Kat> The end of OF
08:11:39 <Dave from B™> Craig, I'll make a note of it:)
08:12:05 <Dave from B™> Joe, did P&T twist something they weren't supposed to?:D
08:12:17 <CraigC> I'm already 1 for 1 today, I backed my trailer into the neighbor's brick mailbox and knocked it over ;)
08:13:19 <Kat> Oh No Craig!
08:13:33 <CraigC> rainbow at Castle
08:13:40 <Kat> Nice!
08:13:59 <CraigC> nobody was home, so I don't have to take responsibility for it for a while
08:14:08 <BruceJ> Dave from B™, Castle is a minor if it quits the water phase before it fully goes to steam. Generally between 2 and 15 minutes or so. if you exceed 15 minutes (some say 14, some say 17), you have a major and the steam phase will continue for several tens of minutes.
08:14:19 <ynpvisitor113> more importantly, how is the trailer?
08:14:32 <CraigC> bent the ladder just a tiny bit
08:14:54 <ynpvisitor83> nice rainbow!
08:15:43 <CraigC> hey Kitty
08:16:28 <BruceJ> I believe Castle hits its highest altitude at the changeover between water and steam. Those droplets REALLY get up there.
08:16:35 <Betty> I like the rainbow
08:16:37 <KittyM*> Hey Craig (and all others)
08:16:55 <Betty> hi KittyM*
08:17:00 <Kevin L™🌵> New view is great.. I wonder if we will get other rainbows.
08:17:08 <BruceJ> KittyM*, Hello!
08:17:19 <Dave from B™> CraigC, hopefully, you know how to build a mailbox!:)
08:17:26 <Betty> we need a Giant rainbow soon
08:17:31 <Dave from B™> BruceJ, thanks....that's what I thought
08:17:46 <CraigC> Dave from B™, uhmmm, nope, but I have a checkbook :)
08:17:46 <KittyM*> I have missed seeing rainbows at OF since we got the new cam. I don't know if it's just the new angle, or there just haven't been the right conditions.
08:18:41 <BruceJ> A higher camera may mean smaller rainbows, but the compass direction may help with OF and the GH geysers.
08:18:48 <CraigC> doesn't the cam need to be mostly between the sun and the feature?
08:18:57 <Chlorinated> This is pleasing to see
08:19:15 <BruceJ> CraigC, Yepp, and more than about 22 degrees on either side of the centerline.
08:19:24 <Joe> Daisy
08:19:33 <BruceJ> Or rather, NO more than 22 degrees.
08:19:41 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:20:03 <KittyM*> So has the zoom in focus been fixed yet?
08:20:08 <CraigC> cyclone castle
08:20:12 <ynpvisitor106> Oh cool rainbow
08:20:24 <Joe> Craig I often make mistakes, this must be the first you've seen :)
08:20:31 <BruceJ> Castle Daisy dual :-)
08:20:47 <CraigC> Joe, I saw one about 3 million ago
08:20:48 <Betty> bet Daisy has a rainbow too
08:20:51 <Kevin L™🌵> In color...
08:21:00 <LindaG> Its the first castle tai bow I've seen
08:21:33 <Kat> Look at the color at the base !!
08:22:00 <Dave from B™> CraigC, hopefully your insurance guy is a friend of yours:)
08:22:01 <CraigC> this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.... like the base of castle is on fire
08:22:07 <ynpvisitor50> The color at Castle has been very cool.
08:22:09 <LindaG> Kat ordered a rainbow for us. Thanks Kat 😄
08:22:46 <Kat> Anytime! :lol:
08:22:59 <CraigC> Dave from B™, it will be all good, my other neighbor helped me to stand the mailbox back up. The owners are cool, I plow their sidewalks and driveway every winter with my ATV
08:23:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Now we need one on BH
08:23:27 <KittyM*> Which is Castle and which is Daisy? I can't figure it out from the map yet
08:23:36 <LindaG> Put the order in now😊
08:23:44 <BruceJ> The new camera angle may help with BH, when we get late PM BHs.
08:24:07 <CraigC> more rainbow
08:24:15 <ynpvisitor> Kitty, we were las tlooking at Castle'.
08:24:28 <BruceJ> KittyM*, Castle is the closer geyser beyond the trees, Daisy is farther down the walkway.
08:24:29 <KittyM*> Thanks!
08:24:52 <ynpvisitor> Castle is next to thepaved walk. Daisy is way back behind the trees on the other side of the river.
08:24:52 <Kat> Castle on the left, Daisy left toward the back over tallest tree
08:25:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Maybe Aurum with a rainbow!
08:26:06 <BruceJ> Daisy is on the same side of the river and is more or less fully visible; Riverside is much farther back on the other side and behind the forest on the right.
08:27:28 <CraigC> AB?
08:27:33 <BruceJ> Has anyone developed a reference photo yet? I know somebody was taking snapshots of the view last week to assemble one...
08:28:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Will is working on one.
08:28:28 <BruceJ> Nice - thanks Kevin.
08:29:38 <CraigC> is it just steam at Depression, I can't see well enough
08:30:01 <LindaGt> CraigC, little bit
08:30:08 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:30:35 <BruceJ> Maybe Depression had a push.
08:31:17 <CraigC> is that Vault left of Giantess?
08:31:34 <BruceJ> I;m gonna say yes to Vault.
08:31:53 <CraigC> thanks
08:47:28 <LindaGt> Got the cirle
08:48:06 <LindaGt> Its back
08:50:31 <Kat> I lost the driving cam for a minute, it's back!
08:50:58 <LindaGt1> Hmmm I'm still down
08:51:01 <Kat> Big X now!
08:51:25 <LindaGt1> I have the never ending circle
08:51:57 <Kat> I have an X but it is going?? What!
08:53:02 <LindaGt1> I'm back
08:53:15 <ynpvisitor81> I have cam
08:53:30 <ynpvisitor81> ha spoke too soon
08:53:38 <LindaGt1> Me too
08:56:56 <Betty> hi Eric
08:58:11 <Kat> Dos everyone still have an X
08:58:19 <Kat> Does*
08:58:25 <ynpvisitor81> cam is playing tic tac toe with me X O X O O O
08:58:53 <Chancellor> I have cam
08:59:04 <Betty> working here too
08:59:07 <ynpvisitor81> i had movement for 20 seconds before O returned
08:59:28 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:59:56 <Dave from B™> I have a frozen pic of GH with no x and it says its troubled
09:00:13 <LindaGt1> I'm circling
09:00:22 <ynpvisitor81> circling the drain
09:00:30 <Chlorinated> Had to refresh page
09:00:30 <LindaGt1> Mine says webcam down
09:01:09 <Chlorinated> 2nd refresh didn't work
09:01:38 <Dave from B™> Does your circle go clockwise or counter clockwise?:)
09:01:46 <ynpvisitor11> I think it's the website because the cam is working.
09:01:50 <ynpvisitor11> hehe
09:02:00 <ynpvisitor11> Cam not working
09:02:21 <LindaGt1> ynpvisitor11, if this is kat you lost your name
09:03:01 <Eric> Too many camops killed the cam?
09:03:14 <Betty> no, only Dave
09:03:18 <Kat1> Just changed to Kat1
09:03:29 <LindaGt1> They are multiplying rapidly
09:03:40 <ChrisO> got the x of death...
09:04:28 <Betty> ok, now mine is down too
09:04:38 <ynpvisitor81> clockwise circle here
09:04:44 <Kat1> Lost the cam!!
09:05:00 <Dave from B™> Well, there's the problem! Who has the cam?
09:05:17 <LindaGt1> Lol not me
09:05:22 <ChrisO> no one does...its apparently offline
09:05:34 <Kat> I do
09:05:54 <Eric> uttt ohhh, split personalities controlling the cam!
09:06:27 <Kat> It goes well and then stops.
09:06:38 <Eric> Sounds like me some days :-P
09:07:06 <Dave from B™> haha Eric
09:07:29 <Eric> Morning Dave
09:08:04 <Dave from B™> Eric, how was your Easter weekend?
09:08:14 <Kat> Funny Eric!
09:08:36 <Eric> It was good Dave...was at the coast and took my pup for 10 mile hike!
09:09:03 <Eric> Got my limit of Razor Clams each morning and ate a bunch of fried ones :-D
09:10:04 <Eric> I hiked out to where Bill & Carol spent their winter.
09:11:13 <Dave from B™> I saw your pic on FB. Where on the coast? Ecola SP?
09:12:12 <Kat> Bee is going - sorry!
09:12:22 <Dave from B™> feel freee to pm me if you don't want to give away your fishing spot:)
09:12:24 <Eric> ohhh man!
09:12:32 <Eric> Stream please!
09:12:38 <Eric> I think BHI is ie
09:12:49 <Eric> now I see BH :-(
09:13:25 <Kat> Never saw indicator
09:13:26 <ChrisO> is the stream down for anyone else or just me?
09:13:31 <ynpvisitor> All I see is a circle with a x in it
09:13:39 <Eric> Cape Disappointment State Park was part of the hike.
09:13:55 <LindaGt1> Static shows BH ie
09:14:38 <Dave from B™> Stream is down. X shows you were BH is:)
09:14:40 <ynpvisitor> It is a conspiracy.
09:14:53 <BruceJ> Hamster wheel is all I see.
09:15:10 <Eric> You need to stop staring at your hamster cage Bruce
09:15:15 <ynpvisitor> Bigfoot at Washburn again?
09:15:36 <BruceJ> Eric, LOLZ!
09:16:22 <Eric> No...this is just a streaming cam outage...static cams are all online
09:16:43 <BruceJ> Perfect timing.
09:17:05 <Eric> So any excitement over the weekend from in basin Gazers? Anything new popup over the winter?
09:17:14 <Kat> The streaming cam is off and on! Caught most of Bee.
09:17:39 <BruceJ> Eric, Something new in Norris, a muddy spouter near Orby.
09:18:03 <BruceJ> Streaming cam is still AWOL for me.
09:18:09 <Betty> bummer for BH
09:18:32 <Eric> Thanks Bruce
09:18:46 <Dave from B™> I loved that video of what Ma jokingly referred to as "Distorby"
09:18:55 <Dave from B™> Since it was close to Orby
09:20:34 <Dave from B™> F&M is having short organized cycles per RM
09:22:06 <Eric> Nice...I like to hear that. Interesting, considering the river is probably high
09:22:52 <ynpvisitor113> i think RM said long F&M cycles
09:22:58 <Eric> I have a suggestion on the cam...if the camera is working for the camop...they should try disconnecting from it and see if the stream starts working for everyone else.
09:23:08 <ynpvisitor113> SB may be on fast recvery following looking aweful on Friday
09:23:47 <ChrisO> sounds like a bandwidth issue to me....
09:23:54 <Dave from B™> 113, I didn't read the entire noted..sorry shorter cycles was the day before
09:26:59 <Kat> Eric, I have disconnected multiple times, the cam stops every minute or so. Not sure what the issue is.
09:27:19 <ynpvisitor113> true Dave, one day short,next day long. Some goo water reported by Russel
09:27:31 <ynpvisitor113> and some good water to
09:29:15 <Dave from B™> Is goo water brown?:)
09:30:07 <ynpvisitor113> it like Distorbygoo wate
09:30:38 <Dave from B™> That's what I was thinking!
09:31:11 <Eric> I think you might need to stay disconnected
09:31:23 <Eric> See if the cam comes up after a bit
09:31:58 <Eric> Via the stream here...not on the camop console
09:33:03 <Eric> Make sure you don't have the camop window open on some hidden window/tab too
09:34:04 <Kevin L™🌵> it mat need a reboot if controls are up
09:39:07 <Kevin L™🌵> sure it comes up for OF
09:40:09 <ynpvisitor101> Of ie on static
09:42:05 <ynpvisitor42> I had 1138 on stream. Something going on. Gremlins?
09:44:26 <BruceJ> Still nuthin' for me.
09:44:51 <Dave from B™> Cam is down
09:44:57 <Eric> and back up
09:45:02 <CraigC> I see motion, and an X
09:45:09 <Eric> and down again
09:45:11 <CraigC> no more motion
09:45:48 <CraigC> wasn't my fault, I was on a bike ride
09:46:23 <Dave from B™> Now, cam has been upgraded to TROUBLED
09:46:39 <Dave from B™> So, is this the troubled youth era for this cam?
09:46:43 <CraigC> mine is up now
09:46:44 <Kat> Up
09:46:47 <Betty> I see OF area
09:46:54 <Eric> down
09:47:01 <Betty> now hill
09:47:37 <KittyM*> down for me
09:47:55 <Eric> up
09:48:10 <KittyM*> Working for me on the NPS site but not here
09:48:18 <Eric> BTW, you don't have to refresh the whole page.
09:48:31 <KittyM*> never mind, it's working for me here now too :)
09:48:56 <Eric> You can just hit the refresh circle icon on the right side, Next to were it says "Live Stream Type"
09:49:14 <Kat> Back in business hopefully!
09:49:17 <Eric> That just refreshes the live streaming webcam
09:49:42 <Kat> Spoke too soon
09:50:02 <ChrisO> its a bandwidth issue
09:50:41 <CraigC> it might be harmonic distortions
09:50:54 <ChrisO> you really want to discuss that lol
09:50:54 <Dave from B™> Call VEC and tell them to make an announcement for everyone to get off FB
09:50:58 <LindaGt1> It's a disturbance
09:51:01 <CraigC> LOL
09:51:18 <ChrisO> we can talk about the ongoing MINOR uplift at Norris :)
09:51:22 <Dave from B™> Wait until we get more visitors
09:51:52 <CraigC> when isn't there uplift at Norris?
09:52:32 <ChrisO> it fluctuates like normal
09:52:59 <Eric> Yikes, I hope this isn't a wifi issue between the camera and the VEC
09:53:26 <Eric> Not sure if they really tested their throughput there.
09:53:41 <ynpvisitor42> Cam is wireless to the ranger station, not VC
09:53:54 <Eric> Might be worse when they have a thousand people on cell phones, all with wifi turned on
09:53:56 <CraigC> tell all the employees to sign off of Tinder
09:54:08 <Betty> it moved
09:54:20 <Eric> ahhh, thanks 42
09:54:22 <Chlorinated> I currrently have streaming
09:54:47 <Chlorinated> And flies
09:56:02 <LindaGt1> Chlorinated, you just reminded me of a twilight zone where the town turns on the on the guy that has lights in his house during an outage.
09:56:50 <ChrisO> Anyone seen any doggies yet today?
09:56:54 <LindaGt1> Mi es up
09:57:08 <LindaGt1> *mines up
10:00:14 <Eric> NG has some nice steam
10:01:10 <LindaGt1> Dont see it
10:01:20 <ynpvisitor115> Chris, bison earlier this morning.
10:01:50 <Eric> grove!
10:01:55 <Eric> never mind
10:02:02 <Eric> Not Grove!
10:02:15 <BruceJ> Ah, can now looks much better.
10:02:26 <Dave from B™> Lion steaming?
10:02:54 <BruceJ> We're so enamored of Grove that we are groveling to see it play. Grovel Geyser!
10:03:02 <Betty> guy off bw
10:03:07 <ynpvisitor115> For general information, cam is not wifi, or any other cheesy communication method to vec or any other place. It has a dedicated radio link to the ranger station.
10:03:09 <ChrisO> and kid
10:03:24 <Eric> where betty?
10:03:46 <Betty> they return to parking lot
10:03:57 <Dave from B™> Thanks 115
10:05:34 <ChrisO> ty 115 about the bison this morning :)
10:05:40 <Eric> Dedicated doesn't mean it's not wifi!
10:06:19 <Eric> I would love to hear what technology it is using...
10:06:37 <Eric> I heard they were ubiquiti radios...which use wifi
10:06:48 <Eric> They might be good wifi...but still wifi
10:07:05 <ChrisO> its classified....
10:10:51 <ChrisO> Tantalus Creek warmed up quickly today
10:21:03 <Betty> bulger
10:26:48 <ChrisO> sprinkler going?
10:27:48 <Kat> Ysep
10:27:54 <Kat> Yep*
10:29:23 <Kat> Down again
10:31:17 <ChrisO> so much for "other non cheesy communications" and the "direct radio link" its working great...:p
10:32:50 <Betty> OT ie
10:33:15 <Dave from B™> Daisy ie
10:33:33 <Betty> just started dave
10:33:40 <Dave from B™> maybe/....stupid webcam @#!$%@#$%^$#&^$%&^
10:34:15 <Betty> X
10:34:35 <Eric> It's hard to say why their stream is failing Chris....they could just be working on it actively...trying to get the camera to actually focus!
10:35:14 <Eric> Could be the camera, the wifi, the T1 connection, ....
10:39:20 <Dave from B™> Oh, goodie it is back up again
10:39:34 <Eric> Shhh, that will only bring it down dave!
10:40:07 <LindaGt1> Let's pretend we didnt notice
10:40:35 <Kat> Linda
10:40:42 <CraigC> are we pretending to not notice Dave?
10:41:28 <LindaGt1> Hehe no that the you know is up
10:41:58 <LindaGt1> *you know what is up
10:42:01 <Kat> Huh
10:43:20 <ChrisO> there playing reverse psychology with a piece of technology
10:43:22 <Kat> :)
10:43:52 <Eric> ohh, way to let the cat out of the bag Chris!
10:44:01 <Eric> Now the technology knows!
10:44:31 <Eric> and it's down!
10:44:39 <Eric> See what happens....
10:45:57 <Dave from B™> That is why I said "goodie". I knew it wouldn't last.
10:46:05 <LindaGt1> I've got cam, kat is taking a break
10:46:32 <BruceJ> It shtopped again.
10:47:04 <LindaG> Yup frozen for me too
10:47:41 <LindaG> Back for me
10:47:57 <LindaG> Spoke too soon
10:48:09 <Eric> Yoyo cam
10:49:00 <LindaG> I hesitate to say it's up for me
10:49:25 <ChrisO> we have had less problems on a rainy day...
10:49:59 <LindaG> Not smooth though
10:50:19 <Eric> Nice puff of steam near ear spring on the right
10:50:32 <ChrisO> lol
10:50:38 <Eric> Can't tell how close that is to the solitary turn off
10:51:16 <Dave from B™> My x shows BH
10:51:24 <LindaG> Noce
10:51:32 <Eric> Didn't know you had an X Dave :-P
10:51:36 <LindaG> Or nice
10:51:38 <Dave from B™> That steam is near Doublet
10:51:44 <Dave from B™> Ear is more to the left
10:51:48 <LindaG> Its up again
10:51:51 <Eric> I know where Ear is :-P
10:52:06 <Eric> Look at the small column of steam directly below solitary
10:52:10 <Eric> far side of BW
10:52:23 <Dave from B™> YEric, your right is right of your left unless your looking in the mirror
10:52:40 <Eric> It's slightly to the right of ear spring
10:53:16 <Eric> I didn't phrase it very well the first time...sorry about that
10:53:23 <Dave from B™> This is ridiculous. Has anything been posted on the NPS webcam site about this?
10:54:12 <Eric> I remember this happening after they setup the cam "feels" like they are over-saturating their network connection.
10:54:31 <ChrisO> 1.5 is not enough to run a stable wc
10:54:33 <Eric> Maybe admin and camop are both watching the feed directly from the cam
10:54:52 <Dave from B™> That could be
10:55:41 <Eric> I assume they have safeguards in place so multiple camops aren't on their dashboard at the same time.
10:56:23 <Eric> or the same camop doesn't have multiple tabs/windows open with the controls/dashboard.
10:57:24 <LindaG> Intook cam from Kat, whether she got out or not I don't know.
10:59:20 <LindaG> This is similar to when they told us they had internet problems last week
10:59:35 <Dave from B™> Eric, I have discovered that electric shock therapy works well as a deterrent.
11:00:13 <Betty> how is your shoulder doing, Dave?
11:04:52 <Dave from B™> Betty, it is doing great. I expected to be released from doctor restrictions in 2 weeks. I'm even sleeping on that shoulder again finally.
11:04:59 <Dave from B™> expect*
11:05:21 <Betty> that´s great news :-)
11:05:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Maybe that was what was wrong with it in the first place.
11:05:40 <Eric> Well, I enjoy the X....grabbing some lunch.
11:05:56 <Dave from B™> You may enjoy the X, I don't:P
11:06:00 <Betty> enjoy, Eric
11:06:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Bring me back a pizza
11:06:45 <Dave from B™> I suspecting it was an old baseball or basketball injury from 20-40 years ago
11:07:02 <LindaG> Ive lost the cam
11:07:53 <Betty> you are that old? wow
11:08:04 <Dave from B™> I wonder who is at SB today and how crowded it is
11:08:19 <Dave from B™> Betty, you know how old I am!
11:09:05 <Betty> (I know)
11:09:48 <Kevin L™🌵> You have been getting hit by baseballs that long?
11:10:32 <Dave from B™> Baseballs from age 5 to 20 and basketball from age 5 to, most likely basketball
11:12:41 <Betty> what was your favourite active sports, Kevin?
11:12:58 <Kevin L™🌵> Horseshoes
11:13:10 <Betty> :-)
11:13:53 <LindaG> So i lost the cam and i cant reconnect ☹
11:14:08 <Kevin L™🌵> I was never really big into sports. In Phys ed you know how there is one guy that always got picked last?
11:15:26 <BruceJ> Kevin L™🌵, That was me.
11:15:39 <Betty> I used to be the goalgetter of my handball team
11:16:06 <Kevin L™🌵> I was the one that if I was last the two captains would fight over who had to take me.
11:16:17 <Betty> ouch
11:16:38 <ynpvisitor113> are you planning to go to SB next weekend Dave - that should make it erupt by Friday.
11:17:21 <Kevin L™🌵> It moves!
11:17:46 <Dave from B™> 113, tomorrow and Wed are my only shot until after Mother's Day during the week...not sure about weekends
11:19:53 <LindaG> Ok I'm up
11:20:26 <LindaG> Refresh ur page
11:20:49 <LindaG> Oh my frozen again, this is ridiculous
11:21:03 <BruceJ> X marks the spot.
11:21:29 <LindaG> Up gain but I'm sure not for li g
11:21:44 <LindaG> *long
11:22:56 <ynpvisitor102> Dave you are going to SB?
11:23:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Streaming is working like a couple employees I had once.
11:24:08 <LindaG> Seriously
11:24:12 <ynpvisitor102> my stream is working with a big x in the middle of it
11:24:18 <ynpvisitor102> and now not
11:24:32 <Dave from B™> 102, I'm thinking about it
11:24:52 <ynpvisitor102> wow, that in itself should make it erupt
11:25:14 <Dave from B™> Thanks, 102!:)
11:25:23 <ynpvisitor102> tomorrow looks really nice, more rain coming Wednesday
11:25:34 <ynpvisitor102> Udo should be there tomorrow to keep you company
11:25:53 <Dave from B™> Shhh..don't tell him I'm coming
11:26:01 <CraigC> LOL
11:26:05 <ynpvisitor102> he could not go today
11:27:02 <ynpvisitor45> OF ie
11:27:25 <ynpvisitor42> OF 1326 for about 15 seconds
11:29:20 <LindaG> NPS site for old faithful says video file not found
11:32:44 <LindaG> I just switched it to geyser hill. Everyone was Leaf in old faithful. Assume OF went off
11:33:01 <LindaG> *leaving
11:33:15 <LindaG> But alas I'm frozen once more
11:34:26 <Dave from B™> 102, have you heard how much snow is on the trail to SB?
11:34:30 <LindaG> I see geyser hill steaming
11:35:26 <LindaG> I give up
11:35:44 <Dave from B™> Linda, I know how you feel. This is the opposite of fun.
11:36:19 <LindaG> I goes for 30 seconds and crashes and then starts again.
11:39:09 <Kevin L™🌵> I know a few race car drivers like that.
11:40:20 <LindaG> I just moved it to Down basin
11:40:49 <LindaG> It was up long enough to do that
11:47:54 <LindaG> Its been up for more than 30 seconds on my end. Try refreshing.
11:49:37 <Dave from B™> Grand is due. Thanks for moving it this direction
11:49:53 <LindaG> Anyone have ot?
11:50:12 <LindaG> It?
11:50:19 <LindaG> Grand
11:50:35 <Dave from B™> woohoo
11:50:45 <Chancellor> :)
11:51:05 <LindaG> Its a miracle! 😄
11:53:19 <Betty> At least I see a steamcloud
11:54:06 <ynpvisitor81> stream is no longer X rated!
11:55:14 <LindaG> Interesting the stream is running smoother than what i see on cam
11:55:37 <LindaG> Artemisia?
11:57:11 <Dave from B™> Linda, that could be Artemesia
11:57:55 <Dave from B™> Do we only see steam from there when it is erupting?
11:58:43 <LindaG> I think so,
12:00:35 <LindaG> Don't know enough about it, but I'm pretty sure that is it. 😁
12:01:16 <Jake> I didn't see it at 1355, but that's not enough steam for Aremisia
12:02:00 <LindaG> It just got stronger cause you said that
12:02:54 <Dave from B™> That large pool can pump out a lot of steam without erupting
12:03:03 <Jake> look at this though:
12:03:47 <Jake> ^that's an Artemisia steam cloud
12:04:00 <LindaG> Wow. So it's just steaming
12:04:05 <Jake> on what appears to be a similar steam day
12:04:16 <Kevin L™🌵> I have to agree with Jake.
12:04:21 <Jake> it's a big, hot pool that raises significant steam when not erupting
12:04:22 <LindaG> 1b on grand
12:04:23 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Jake. That's more like it
12:05:27 <Jake> it usually takes a couple of minutes for Artemisia to really get going. big steam should last 10 - 30 minutes, usually about 20 minutes
12:05:36 <Jake> it is a VERY impressive geyser
12:05:54 <Jake> it also takes commitment and/or luck to see it erupt
12:06:27 <Dave from B™> My longest sit at one time to see any geyser is almost 7 hours for Artemesia
12:06:49 <Jake> it's also possible that steam is from Biscuit Basin which is also in the same line
12:07:03 <Dave from B™> The fact we had a few griz across the river helped time fly by...and I was reading and eating, too
12:09:54 <Jake> Artemisia steam can also be expected to remain big and consistent without pauses or change in thickness. it is a strong eruption throughout
12:10:31 <Jake> I'm excited that it will likely be visible all summer maybe even on the hottest days with this angle
12:11:42 <Jake> it is a notoriously difficult geyser to get eruption data on for being so big and erupting roughly once a day
12:13:42 <TomK> HI all.
12:13:54 <LindaG> TomK, hi
12:13:57 <Kevin L™🌵> hi
12:14:02 <Betty> afternoon TomK
12:15:29 <TomK> Apparently I gave the wrong dates for my visit to YNP. I'll be in the basin May 18-10, NOT May 24-26. Duh
12:16:26 <TomK> Then, as always, back for the Labor Day week-end
12:17:10 <TomK> That's May 18-20
12:18:05 <Dave from B™> Tom, you're less than a month away from Wonderland!
12:19:05 <TomK> :lol:
12:19:43 <Dave from B™> When is steaming on the other side of upper GH bw to the left of Giantess
12:19:51 <Dave from B™> and right of pump
12:20:12 <Kat> Kat,
12:20:15 <Dave from B™> might be on this side of upper bw....Vault?
12:25:35 <Dave from B™> Thanks...looks like Vault
12:26:04 <LindaG> Big a
12:26:49 <Dave from B™> Actually, it might something else...checking maps of GH
12:27:08 <TomK> later. Be on the camera Saturday am
12:27:42 <ynpvisitor113> isnt Vault behind and ti the right of Giantess?
12:28:34 <Dave from B™> That is what got me to looking. 113, what 's between Giantess and Pump?
12:29:11 <LindaG> Didn't someone mention vault earlier?
12:29:19 <Dave from B™> I see a feature on the link map but there is no name attached to it
12:29:21 <ynpvisitor113> Teakettle Spring?
12:29:30 <ynpvisitor113> the big round thing
12:29:31 <Dave from B™> That's it. Thanks!
12:31:31 <LindaG> .grove is steaming a little
12:32:13 <Dave from B™> There will be great shots from here of the after the OF eruption wave of tourists around GH
12:35:06 <LindaG> LC
12:37:14 <LindaG> Cam starting to freeze again
12:44:29 <Eric> I think you are talking about vault Dave
12:44:39 <Eric> OF on static
12:45:06 <Eric> We are missing OF I think
12:45:17 <Eric> ohhh, webcam down
12:45:26 <ynpvisitor107> Cam not working well anyway.
12:47:33 <Eric> Cam is up now
12:47:40 <ynpvisitor80> I see I missed Beehive
12:47:41 <Dave from B™> Eric, I'm leaning towards it being Teakettle Spring because it is sitting up a bit
12:47:55 <Eric> I think that is way right
12:47:58 <Dave from B™> We all missed BH...well, except for the cam op
12:49:27 <ynpvisitor80> don't seem to be getting indy texts anymore
12:50:10 <Eric> We just need an indy that shows up before BH goes!
12:50:24 <Betty> streaming was down for BH
12:50:46 <Eric> Not sure if Teakettle spring steams like what we are seeing there Dave
12:50:56 <Dave from B™> We might have to change indy's name
12:50:58 <Eric> I know Vault puts out quite a bit of steam
12:51:23 <Eric> We already missed OF...dont need to point there anymore!
12:52:07 <Betty> Teakettle puts out steam from boiling vigorously
12:53:04 <Eric> teakettle spring? I don't remember it putting out that much
12:54:45 <Betty> it looks like Beach spring sometimes
12:54:56 <Betty> or sponge
12:55:23 <Eric> hmmm, guess I agree after looking at the angles on the map
12:55:43 <Eric> vault is barely to the left of giantess's pool
12:56:15 <Eric> have we caught a borah peek eruption on the WC yet?
12:57:57 <BruceJ> No Borah peak yet. last one was in December.
12:58:17 <Eric> Seems like that we be an easy catch from here
12:58:32 <Eric> If the webcam could stay up for more than 5 minutes!
12:58:53 <ChrisO> ..good luck with that...
13:02:06 <LindaG> Lost control of cam
13:05:07 <LindaG> Mines been up more than 30 sec try refresh
13:05:08 <Dave from B™> Why ChrisO?
13:06:37 <ChrisO> SB :)
13:07:01 <ChrisO> sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt
13:08:31 <Dave from B™> It is now building up to an eruption. be patient
13:09:20 <ChrisO> i know :) just goofing off while the cam was down
13:10:08 <LindaG> Somebody shoot me now, frozen
13:11:23 <Dave from B™> Must be lots of activity in the Norria parking lot
13:11:40 <BruceJ> spinning hamster wheel, begone!
13:12:42 <LindaG> BruceJ, hi
13:13:14 <BruceJ> Hi, LindaG. Happy Earth Day to you and everyone :-)
13:13:46 <LindaG> 😊 and to you too!
13:19:55 <LindaG> I see moving steam on my stream
13:23:35 <Dave from B™> not anymore!
13:27:34 <LindaG> I know
13:29:43 <Dave from B™> UP
13:30:44 <LindaG> Hoping for riverside
13:32:35 <Eric> I have seen more geysers erupt on static today then on the stream!
13:36:21 <Dave from B™> Time to skedaddle out of here. Have a great evening everyone!
13:36:41 <LindaG> Bye dave
13:38:09 <LindaG> Oh maybe we didn't miss daosy
13:39:42 <Dave from B™> Keep one eye on the should be appearing soon.
13:40:00 <ChrisO> mexico quake?
13:40:09 <Dave from B™> SB
13:40:36 <ynpvisitor19> did anyone go look at it today?
13:42:44 <ynpvisitor41> Yes, I know at least one Gazer was going there today.
13:43:22 <Eric> Car on pathway
13:43:33 <ynpvisitor19> good, no notes maybe means it's getting interesting!
13:43:38 <Jake> it's the fuzz
13:43:55 <Eric> looks like LE
13:44:01 <Eric> :-D
13:44:02 <Chancellor> NPS (flashing lights)
13:44:05 <Jake> someone put out the APB on F&Mie
13:45:01 <Eric> I hope all this white stuff on the ground melts in the next 30 days!
13:45:43 <Eric> People in shorts on static...guess it won't take too long
13:45:45 <Jake> was the Washburn cell tower infrastructure updated before park closing last fall?
13:46:14 <Kevin L™🌵> People from Canada wear shorts in single digit weather.
13:46:17 <Jake> or is that still to do? I'm curious on the effects of coverage in and around Norris GB
13:46:19 <Eric> They were working on it all last summer....not sure if they finished
13:46:51 <Eric> I don't think it will have ANY affect on Norris
13:47:30 <Jake> Riverside
13:48:32 <Eric> Bijou :-P
13:48:33 <LindaG> Yay an eruption
13:50:26 <LindaG> And it froze
13:50:35 <LindaG> Down
13:50:52 <LindaG> Its Kevin's fault
13:51:34 <LindaG> Back
13:57:36 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
13:57:53 <ynpvisitor78> Betty, night
13:58:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Sleep? What is that?
13:58:05 <ChrisO> night Betty :)
13:58:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Good knight.
13:58:26 <Betty> sleep is overrated, I know :-p
13:58:47 <ynpvisitor78> LC
14:04:24 <Eric> Sleep is overrated :-P Night Betty!
14:05:23 <LindaGp> Graham when you get on let me know cause at this point I wouldn't be able to tell.
14:06:30 <LindaGp> Up for the moment
14:07:55 <ynpvisitor51> All the gazers must have gotten swallowed up by sb'.
14:09:09 <Kevin L™🌵> From the seismo there must be a few of them stomping around the area.
14:21:25 <LindaGp> OF
14:22:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Rainbow!
14:22:47 <KittyM*> yay, rainbow at OF!
14:23:44 <Kevin L™🌵> A white x. :p
14:24:04 <ynpvisitor88> AHHH! I missed the rainbow :(
14:24:36 <Eric> I hope this isn't our experience with the "streaming" cam all summer :-(
14:25:05 <ChrisO> :(
14:28:52 <ChrisO> looks like it decided to stay down this time
14:33:24 <LindaGp> I switched to geyser hill
14:33:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice change
14:34:43 <LindaGp> I haven't seen Graham. This is his shift. Cam is down. I have to leave where should I leave cam?
14:35:06 <Kevin L™🌵> I can take it
14:35:35 <LindaGp> Ok. I'm out.
14:35:44 <ChrisO> Have a good evening :)
14:37:06 <Kevin L™🌵> It does not want to let me take it. I will keep trying
14:37:17 <Kevin L™🌵> Got it.
14:39:58 <LindaGt1> Thx
14:50:16 <Eric> Not sure it really matters if we have a camop right now or not :-(
14:51:03 <Kevin L™🌵> I think you are right Eric
14:51:41 <ynpvisitor84> how about a capable IT team
14:52:18 <Kevin L™🌵> A different isp that cenutrylink?
14:52:33 <ynpvisitor84> that would cost to much
14:52:43 <ynpvisitor84> ::insert sarcasm there::
14:55:28 <Eric> Hard to say what the issue is....not sure even the IT people know, but if they do, they are not posting anything public about it.
14:56:02 <ChrisO> i know, just griping :)
14:59:34 <ChrisO> watching the quakes on the USGS map form a nice straightline
15:24:15 <Joe> Sorry I'm Late hade an appt. run late
15:24:48 <Joe> What did I miss
15:25:11 <Kevin L™🌵> cam down time mostly
15:25:52 <Joe> Oh! has not been good day for the cam.
15:29:23 <GO CAPS> Thanks for covering, opera puck drop is about to hapen.
15:30:09 <Kevin L™🌵> I wish you better luck than we had
15:31:01 <GO CAPS> Up 1 goal....
15:41:10 <ynpvisitor115> Hi Chris 🙋‍♂️
15:41:20 <ChrisO> hey :)
15:42:43 <Frank> Promise not to have another emoticon fit in here everyone! Like I did when they first moved the cam. Sorry about that.
15:46:16 <CraigC> it's ok to have a fit today, cam isn't streaming
15:46:53 <Joe> Frank, is this MT Frank?
15:47:21 <Frank> Yes Joe, it's me the one who tried but could never come close to your great geyser eyes.
15:47:33 <Frank> when you were having your shoulder surgery
15:47:53 <Joe> Hey I've missed you, where have you been?
15:48:13 <Frank> I am a Mod for a YouTube channel called Volcanoverse - we do our best to spread the truth. Chris has found us.
15:48:19 <CraigC> Frank, you did a honorable job covering the nights
15:48:36 <Frank> Thank you Craig, I really appreciate that.
15:49:13 <Joe> Frank did Great!11 I enjoyed his /your help
15:50:00 <Frank> Thank Joe - All of mods at Volcanoverse sure appreciate all you cam-ops & geyser geeks.
15:52:16 <Joe> I'll have to find 'Volcanoverse' and see what you do, Frank
15:53:04 <Frank> here is the link - feel free everyone to stop by! :)
15:53:32 <Joe> Thanks Frank
15:53:44 <Frank> You are welcome, Joe
15:53:52 <Eric> OF
15:54:29 <ynpvisitor102> nice one
15:56:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Fun to see where all the water runs off to.
15:56:17 <CraigC> what does a mod do on youtube?
15:56:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Youtube is about 95% crazy people on youtube.
15:56:59 <CraigC> how long has the cam been up?
15:57:04 <Frank> On our channel is to stop Doomsayers & try to provide the best information about volcanoes, eq & Yellowstone. We can delete messages.
15:57:08 <Kevin L™🌵> On chat.
15:57:56 <Frank> Only messages on Volcanoverses chat - But we tell people that Dutch-a-nonsense is wrong.
15:58:52 <ChrisO> doggie on mammoth static :)
15:59:05 <ChrisO> make that 2
15:59:22 <lori lurking> That wind direction and the new cam angle made for a very nice viewing.
16:22:09 <Joe> Beautiful view I hope the cam stays up
17:01:05 <ynpvisitor115> Oh the 'X' is back
17:01:16 <Kevin L™🌵> :p
17:02:43 <ynpvisitor115> Back to live streaming - I'm going to break my refresh button
17:05:07 <Chancellor> Finally
17:08:38 <ChrisO> doggie!
17:10:11 <Joe> Bulger
17:11:29 <Kevin L™🌵> Would that make it a Bulger Dog?
17:12:18 <ChrisO> bulgy bison?
17:12:20 <Joe> :)
17:13:19 <ChrisO> shoo fly, dont bother me :)
17:17:05 <ynpvisitor115> At my last job we had a water fountain that was particularly energetic, we called it "Old Faceful"
17:17:31 <Michael> :)
17:17:44 <ChrisO> >(
17:22:10 <Joe> Daisy
17:23:06 <Michael> Nice to get Daisy back on the board.
17:34:27 <Joe> grand
17:34:43 <Michael> Old Faithful is not playing nice with the other geysers.
17:35:14 <Kevin L™🌵> Selfish geyser
17:36:20 <Michael> There is goes.
17:36:21 <Joe> I am not going to say how I feel about this cam :(
17:37:32 <ynpvisitor41> Nice made it just in time
17:38:34 <ynpvisitor115> You can't please everybody, I think all-in-all its an improvement over the old one. I'm just happy that NPS has the cam for us remote gazers
17:38:49 <Michael> As a passive viewer, it hasn't been the disaster I expected. But I can imagine an operator would feel more strongly.
17:40:14 <Michael> Missing things in broad daylight is no fun.
17:40:20 <LindaaG> When it's up its ok
17:42:23 <Joe> 90% of the time this new cam is great! but Had I not had a 'feeling' we would have had two missed geysers, not the end of the world...
17:43:11 <ChrisO> hey my buddy is still here :)
17:43:11 <ynpvisitor20> ...But frustrating
17:43:31 <Joe> But to a camop frustrating
17:43:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Hopefully the focus will get corrected.
17:48:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like if the caps are going to beat the knights it will be at golf.
17:49:07 <Joe> :)
17:50:09 <ynpvisitor115> Say, was that Srprinkler again?
17:50:18 <ynpvisitor115> Or just extra steamy
17:50:38 <Joe> It was Sprinkler
17:50:51 <Joe> Is
17:52:20 <Joe> Liom
17:52:29 <Joe> Lion
17:57:28 <ynpvisitor115> :lion:
18:08:17 <Joe> After dark I'll try to keep this view and maybe we will be able to see Lion, riverside, Daisy and Castle
18:10:07 <ynpvisitor115> Lion at 21:02 +/- 10
18:10:10 <Joe> At midnight we should be able to see again
18:10:36 <Joe> thanks 115
18:10:38 <Jeff in CT> Time to get out of stealth mode :D
18:10:56 <Jeff in CT> I'll likley be awake, 2:00 am for me, working on a proposal due tomorrow
18:10:58 <Joe> Hi Jeff
18:11:09 <Jeff in CT> Hi Joe!
18:16:43 <Joe> Sprinkler
18:19:00 <Jeff in CT> The darker it gets, the harder it will be to tell if the cam froze again
18:25:50 <Joe> When it is dark, the only way I know the cam is frozen is I have a script that runs my recording of the stream, it detects loss of frames and restarts the recording over and over until the cam starts streaming again
18:48:59 <ynpvisitor76> Calm wind down basin
18:57:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Either that or the cam froze again
18:59:35 <ChrisO> it was calm :) 1 mph
19:06:09 <Michael> Old Faceful.
19:06:24 <ChrisO> lol
19:06:41 <ChrisO> you get a faceful, you may not have one left
19:06:45 <Joe> :)
19:08:12 <Michael> In the cartoons nothing too bad ever happened.
19:08:38 <ChrisO> wow 1 hr 43 down to 1 hr 29
19:09:00 <ChrisO> it likes to fluctuate a lot :)
19:09:35 <Michael> What does that mean for the Supervolcano?!
19:09:46 <ChrisO> nothing
19:12:59 <Jeff in CT> Lots of fun watching "OLd Faceful" perform on the unwary, back in the day. Always had a paper towel handy ;)
19:13:18 <ChrisO> lol
19:14:09 <Joe> Lion
19:15:41 <Jeff in CT> Right on schedule, more or less
19:16:02 <Jeff in CT> 81 minutes, avg. is 80
19:16:02 <Joe> nice
19:17:22 <ChrisO> Lion is upper right isnt it?
19:17:37 <Joe> Yes
19:17:50 <Joe> still steaming
19:18:58 <Joe> I'll keep this view until the moon rises at midnight
19:20:03 <ChrisO> gonna be up for a while myself, as there are other things going on i am keeping an eye on :)
19:20:35 <Michael> I'm going to conk out long before moonrise.
19:21:10 <Frank> He's keeping an eye on me on YouTube, which is a good thing! :)
19:21:16 <Jeff in CT> CHeck back at 22:33 for the next Lion
19:21:41 <Jeff in CT> In the meantime, maybe Daisy will show
19:23:56 <Michael> Riverside
19:59:06 <Jeff in CT> Micah reported some excitement at SB, but alas, not the BIG ONE
20:10:45 <ynpvisitor98> Who broke the view?
20:25:33 <Jeff in CT> Thought I saw Lion in the headlights just a bit ago
20:25:41 <Jeff in CT> Maybe just steaming
20:37:55 <ChrisO> night all :)
20:38:26 <Frank> Good night Chris, thanks for being in Volcanoverse too. Sleep well.
21:16:44 <Jeff in CT> Night all