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02:07:10 <ynpvisitor50> Cam is down
02:38:33 <ynpvisitorCC> At this time everthing is down including the controls for the cam.
03:10:49 <GO CAM> :(
03:29:49 <ynpvisitor93> Should be NO CAM
03:29:51 <ynpvisitor93> ;)
03:31:24 <ynpvisitor50> Could be a long weekend ☹
03:31:29 <ynpvisitor8> Dave broke the cam again?
03:32:12 <LindaG> 😊
03:32:33 <GO CAM> my nick is what i want, not what i have
03:34:38 <Go million buck> 😉
03:44:30 <GO CAM> i didnt tell you that my success ratio is pretty small did I Linda?
04:01:47 <lori lurking> darn...
04:06:07 <LindaG> GO CAM, thought it was worth a shot, at this point its my only shot. 😉
04:07:07 <GO CAM> haha.... always worth a shot ... but it doesn't look like you are fully comitted
04:09:02 <GO CAM> Micah, good morning. you are up early
04:09:31 <Micah> It's my first full day of gazing. Why shouldn't I be up early? :D
04:09:42 <GO CAM> ah, good. whats the plan?
04:09:54 <GO CAM> glad you saw of its longer intervals tho
04:10:09 <GO CAM> cam down so we are no help to you today
04:10:14 <Micah> UGB. Hit all the predictable if I can. Wander around. Maybe fountain again.
04:10:28 <Micah> It was crazy windy at Fountain.
04:11:00 <GO CAM> Grove might be having series, we saw a bunch yesterday with short intervals but then it seemed to stop - or we missed them
04:11:34 <Micah> I suspect so too.
04:11:58 <Micah> I'll see if I can watch it for a bit today when I'm On the hill.
04:12:10 <Micah> I assume Bee already went.
04:12:32 <GO CAM> no idea, maybe, maybe not
04:12:53 <GO CAM> Lion had a long series so it may not show up
04:13:26 <GO CAM> maybe Bulgers Hole will erupt
04:13:54 <Micah> Ugh. That thing.
04:13:54 <GO CAM> get Oblong going while you are out there too
04:14:10 <GO CAM> i have never seen it
04:17:05 <LindaG> Micah, enjoy your day out there
04:18:28 <CraigC> grrrr
04:18:50 <CraigC> good thing it is Saturday and I have tons to do
04:21:18 <Joe> Aurum Static
04:22:16 <GO CAM> Dave's Isled lost at home last night, 1-0 in OT. he will not be happy
04:22:19 <Joe> Morning to all
04:22:28 <GO CAM> morning Joe
04:22:47 <GO CAM> going to be a quiet day
04:23:30 <Joe> Looks like no cam since ~2am
04:23:56 <GO CAM> ooh we have a Castle prediction now
04:24:28 <GO CAM> any chance of finding Grand before/after midnight?
04:24:39 <GO CAM> yesterday may have been a 5 Grand day
04:25:08 <GO CAM> althoughthe ~1800 was missed
04:26:14 <Micah> I'm betting I missed the morning one.
04:27:07 <Joe> Took the Aurum off still on static, Cam was left in Old Faithful position when last op left
04:27:30 <GO CAM> maybe Micah - although it has done the odd 7h interval
04:27:56 <GO CAM> ah, thanks Joe
04:45:41 <CraigC> Joe, how you feeling?
04:47:29 <Joe> Craig, "death warmed over" I hope home rest and meds help soon
04:47:50 <CraigC> sorry, hope so, too
04:48:43 <GO CAM> we are back down to 42 SB eruptions in the last year
04:49:36 <CraigC> is it probable that this cam will be down until Monday?
04:50:21 <Joe> Old people and illness do not equate, I'm glad all of you are young and not susceptible Tho wonder of the golden years
04:50:32 <Joe> The*
04:50:52 <CraigC> I wonder which people Joe is talking about "young".... hmmm
04:51:33 <Joe> Craig in my book 57 = young
04:52:21 <CraigC> yeah? last year I got back to back bouts of flu and I still don't feel like I have the cardio as before
04:53:11 <CraigC> deterioration feels exponential now for the last fewyears]
04:54:09 <Joe> Ah! I guess peddle more, electric less might help :)
04:54:16 <CraigC> :)
04:54:48 <CraigC> I try to bike every day I can, because i believe my biking days are numbered, seriously
04:55:57 <CraigC> hitting 55 really hit me about mortality and time spans of "how much longer can I (fill-in-the-blank)"
04:58:50 <Joe> I have two bicycles ~10 years old with less than 5 miles on them, If I can figure how to get them to YNP I'll leave them in the bike rack at lower hams for anyone to use, until they disappear.
04:58:51 <GO CAM> of
04:59:50 <CraigC> Joe, that's cool of you to do
05:01:56 <GO CAM> thans nice Joe
05:03:47 <CraigC> Joe, does Janet live anywhere near you?
05:04:48 <Joe> I do not know, I'm near Thermopolis, wy
05:04:57 <GO CAM> elk on N gate cam
05:04:58 <GO CAM> in theroad
05:05:38 <CraigC> elk is trying to remember where they put their pass
05:05:56 <GO CAM> been there done that
05:06:05 <CraigC> same LOL
05:06:12 <GO CAM> realized it was in the trunk one time
05:07:03 <CraigC> good thing about my Utah state park pass, I can show an image on my phone of my receipt from the website
05:08:18 <GO CAM> starting to look a bbit green on the electric peak cam, spring is coming
05:08:45 <Joe> Graham, does the volunteer pass look any different than the regular annual pass?
05:24:58 <ynpvisitor62> You can find a picture of the pass here Joe:
05:25:58 <Joe> thank you
05:27:23 <GO CAM> sorry missed the message, i think it has the same annual picture, just the different band and onlyone signature on the back
05:36:25 <GO CAM> Dan is in the basin :)
05:39:24 <Joe> bbl
06:33:51 <ynpvisitor112> Any word on the cam being fixed today?
06:41:20 <GO CAM> no news on the cam
06:57:35 <ynpvisitor621> The Rodney Dangerfield of WebCams. Despite being the most popular cam on the NPS system our guy just don't get no respect :(
07:00:52 <TomK> No web-cam?
07:01:00 <ynpvisitor999®> nope
07:01:31 <TomK> I was logging on to take control. No e-mails, no notice. I'm going back to bed.
07:01:35 <ynpvisitor40> nice one 621
07:03:14 <ynpvisitor63> No comments on GT about the cam either
07:03:15 <ynpvisitor999®> cya TomK, sleep well
07:04:25 <TomK> ;)
07:07:46 <GO CAM> BH?
07:07:56 <ynpvisitor999®> Vixen still seems to be showing series behavior, although it does seem like the series are gradually getting longer and the interval between series is getting shorter
07:08:01 <GO CAM> on static
07:08:02 <ynpvisitor999®> BH ns
07:14:20 <GO CAM> lots of notes this morning, SB just steaming per Bill
07:15:13 <ynpvisitor999®> Cistern has drained as well, Bill could barely hear water
07:15:54 <GO CAM> yeah, i guess thats expected. now how long will refill take and minors to start?
07:16:59 <GO CAM> line at N Gate
07:17:39 <ynpvisitor999®> no idea on either, though I think Steamboat's next eruption will be within 3-5 days of Cistern achieving steady overflow
07:21:24 <GO CAM> Cistern was in overflow at least 6 days before the last one - it was already ie on 19th for opening
07:21:37 <GO CAM> not ie, in overflow
07:21:55 <GO CAM> Craigs Jayco at West Gate :)
07:22:22 <CraigC> does it have a dented ladder?
07:22:30 <GO CAM> my guess is theres still a gap between overflow and minors starting, but who knows
07:22:52 <GO CAM> couldnt tell, wasnt watching the park road side, just saw the front
07:23:08 <GO CAM> althouygh Craigs picture looks like no damage
07:24:29 <Joe> Trying to make yourself feel better Craig ? :)
07:26:08 <ynpvisitor110> Joe, hi there! Hope you are starting to feel better
07:26:54 <GO CAM> Slendid report ... may be a bit more energetic
07:27:27 <Joe> I'm hoping the antibiotics start killing something.
07:28:46 <LindaG> Joe, they will, it takes time.
07:29:47 <GO CAM> we are rooting for your swift return to full strength Joe
07:30:08 <Joe> thanks
07:34:12 <ynpvisitor87> Micah was wrong about BH
07:35:14 <ynpvisitor87> Dan S at Solitary instead of BH too
07:35:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Darn
07:41:50 <GO CAM> headed out, got to go and see a Dead Man Walking
08:06:36 <Joe> Maybe someone can get the Rangers at the VEC to reboot (un plug and plug back in) the router
08:33:25 <ynpvisitor87> I heard the router was at the OF Ranger Station, not the VEC
08:34:03 <ynpvisitor87> There was a discussion here the other day that mentioned that
10:03:23 <ynpvisitor999®> no update on the cam yet?
10:19:04 <ynpvisitor999®> G1Q | 11m
10:31:52 <ynpvisitor101> ynpvisitor999®, was the came up?
10:33:42 <ynpvisitor999®> nope, just 1203 in-basin Grand
10:46:35 <LindaG> Oh ok
11:27:26 <ynpvisitor47> Joe, if you leave bikes unlocked at lower Hams people will steal them in good order. People steal ones that are locked up!
11:28:04 <ynpvisitor92> They need the free bikes like come cities have. Or better yet free e-scooters.
11:28:05 <ynpvisitor47> sounds like you do not care about their end game, yet wanted you to know that I know 3 or 4 people whose bikes have been stolen through the years
11:28:23 <ynpvisitor47> scooters would NEVER go over in UGB, hopefully
11:28:47 <ynpvisitor47> skateboards are not allowed now
11:29:01 <ynpvisitor92> The lights finally did in the cam?
11:29:07 <Joe> I was just thinking of leaving them for anyone to use, not ever wanting them back
11:29:28 <ynpvisitor47> yeah, just saying the only use they will get is someone taking them
11:29:44 <ynpvisitor47> which sounds like you are OK with
11:29:54 <ynpvisitor92> I can see a grizzly riding down the path on a bike.
11:29:58 <ynpvisitor47> nice idea to share, yet thieves at OF have different ideas
11:30:55 <Joe> Ah! thanks, I guess i'll try to find someone local that wants free bikes
11:31:11 <ynpvisitor47> I think that would be a better goal
11:32:39 <ynpvisitor47> bummer about this cam. More problems than it is worth. Give me the old one back!
11:33:58 <ynpvisitor92> It had its bad days also. Washburn failure would have taken it down also.
11:34:19 <ynpvisitor92> Plus hard to see anything when it got slimed
11:34:51 <ynpvisitor46> If the bIkes had a combo padlock then gazers could share it
11:44:30 <ynpvisitor999®> Grotto Fountain 1339. Shame we can't see it
11:51:59 <ynpvisitor999®> Also SGF 1345 and finally Grotto 1349
11:52:18 <ynpvisitor999®> good to see that area getting more active again
12:08:06 <ynpvisitor999®> Well that's new: Startling!
13:52:28 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off. Have fun watching a white X on a grayscale static livestream image
14:33:06 <ynpvisitor62> Any updates on the webcam situation?
14:34:13 <ynpvisitor78> I’d assume it’ll be down till Monday
14:37:46 <ynpvisitor78> Of near the end on static
14:40:14 <ynpvisitor34> Thankfully there are lots of gazers there now
14:43:06 <ynpvisitor60> Thankful for all the in-Basin reports today
15:01:49 <LindaGt> Moo ok
15:02:13 <LindaGt> Lol ignore that
15:03:05 <ynpvisitor78> 🐮
15:04:31 <LindaGt> 😊
15:08:13 <Kevin L™🌵> I see a black helicopter.
15:09:23 <LindaGt> Kevin L™🌵, hi
15:10:46 <ynpvisitor82> Boo
15:13:29 <LindaGt> 👻
15:14:09 <Kevin L™🌵> Look in the center. It has white blades.
15:17:02 <Kevin L™🌵> It has cooled down to 94° at the race track. Don't think I will need that heavy coat tonight.
15:27:20 <Kat> Busy day today - huh?? :)
15:27:44 <Kevin L™🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
15:28:14 <Kat> wonder what's up with the cam? Does anyone know?
15:29:51 <Kevin L™🌵> CC was on early and said controls were also down. She can reset but I guess it is more than that.
15:31:16 <Kat> Thanks Kevin - will check tomorrow, have a good evening all!
15:31:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
15:34:02 <LindaGt> Seems a little more serious than what we were experiencing during the week
15:34:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes, but it could be related. Looks like there is internet in the basin though.
15:56:16 <Sam> Yeah, there has to be internet in-basin if we’ve been getting all these reports today
15:57:22 <Sam> But it is peculiar that it’s been down for this long. It must be something pretty significant whatever the issue.
15:58:50 <Kevin L™🌵> I just hope that it can be fixed by the people there. The cam guy will be gone another week.
16:00:29 <Sam> Well that’s inconvenient
16:01:15 <Sam> Is CC gonna try to reconnect tomorrow?
18:06:38 <ynpvisitor70> People send GT Times from the basin by cell, not by internet
18:19:12 <ynpvisitor117> Could be internet if they are employees or guests with access.
18:20:02 <ynpvisitor117> Good thing a skate fight is on for a little while longer. Then it is movie night.
18:47:02 <ynpvisitor70> Someone posted BH? and they want cam help! Ha!
18:50:26 <ynpvisitor26> It might be visible on static cam like it was this .morning.
18:51:37 <LindaGt> Hopefully