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05:17:29 <Joe> Hi Craig and Rice
05:19:32 <CraigC> hey Joe, how's it going?
05:23:33 <LindaG> Good morning all
05:24:12 <CraigC> hey Linda
05:24:21 <LindaG> CraigC, hi
05:26:04 <LindaG> CraigC, when are you leaving for YNP?
05:26:11 <CraigC> tomorrow
05:26:28 <LindaG> Taking trailer?
05:26:48 <CraigC> nope, taking g/f and her son in my jeep
05:27:07 <LindaG> 👍 nice
05:33:38 <LindaG> Hi Joe, let me know when you are down with cam. I can take it any time
05:39:07 <Joe> Hi Linda i'll release now
05:39:18 <LindaG> Ok
05:40:25 <LindaG> Got it
05:42:33 <Joe> Cam was in and out all night missed many geysers Grand may be soon, Caught Of at the end so it may be eariler than prediction
05:43:02 <ynpvisitor95> Bee looks quiet, no bubblers
05:43:35 <LindaGp> Joe, Ok thanks
05:43:57 <Joe> Actualy 2h or more untli grand
05:44:16 <LindaGp> Ok
05:45:27 <LindaGp> Thought for sure bee would move earlier
05:46:27 <Joe> It may have, view was terrible last night moon was poor
05:47:05 <LindaGp> Ok we'll well find out
05:50:38 <Joe> The past two days the cam was down 45 times the latest was 0405 to0425
05:51:13 <LindaGp> Wow, doesn't seem like it's the same as before though. Longer periods
05:52:38 <Joe> Yes, I think these are Picelcaster problems (server issues)
05:54:01 <LindaGp> It's always something 🙄
05:54:03 <Joe> There are other sites served by Pixelcaster that are having the same type of problems
05:57:24 <LindaGp> It's nice to know why, sort of
05:58:10 <Joe> It is a pain for the cam op
05:58:31 <CraigC> OF
05:58:32 <LindaGp> Of
06:00:46 <LindaGp> That came up quickly for 20 seconds
06:04:09 <CraigC> AB
06:04:51 <CraigC> or is it improbable
06:06:17 <CraigC> I think that was improbable
06:06:53 <LindaGp> I think i saw anemone behind steam
06:09:27 <Joe> Recording says: just improbable
06:10:20 <LindaGp> LC
06:10:30 <LindaGp> IT'S REALLY SPURTING
06:10:35 <CraigC> Joe, thanks
06:11:06 <LindaGp> Didn't mean to shout
06:12:54 <LindaGp> Sprinkler
06:14:35 <CraigC> marmot cave?
06:15:12 <CraigC> yep
06:15:18 <CraigC> nice
06:15:32 <LindaGp> Sure enough
06:15:52 <LindaGp> It's really going too
06:16:52 <LindaGp> Good catch
06:17:00 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:20:11 <LindaGp> One nevwr knows what bee is up to
06:22:40 <CraigC> this is a good view to wait for stuff
06:23:27 <LindaGp> Yes, if only a little wider and we could get bee and castle
06:24:40 <LindaGp> Lion should go soon
06:24:52 <Joe> All i've managed to get wide enough for is Daisy to Bee
06:25:53 <LindaGp> Yeah, its frustrating
06:26:54 <CraigC> I don't think this is bad... occasional nudges to look at Castle, otherwise we saw a lot of stuff from here
06:27:11 <Joe> you have it now, had
06:27:31 <LindaGp> Hah it's maddening
06:27:40 <Joe> Yes
06:28:07 <LindaGp> Yoles
06:28:09 <Joe> now
06:28:13 <LindaGp> Or yikes
06:28:40 <Joe> that left light pole points to Daisy
06:28:55 <CraigC> dome is the only thing we dont see, but it is easy to catch on static
06:29:31 <LindaGp> Pretty close
06:30:05 <Joe> good now don"t breathe :)
06:30:13 <CraigC> roar
06:30:22 <LindaGp> Lol
06:30:42 <LindaGp> I knownwent thru all that and now ill have to zoom on lion
06:31:19 <Joe> :):):)
06:31:49 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning all
06:31:52 <Joe> Hi CC
06:31:59 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Joe
06:32:16 <ynpvisitorCC> 32 degrees and ice on the windshield
06:32:18 <LindaGp> Lion
06:32:28 <CraigC> hey CC, how is your trip?
06:32:30 <ynpvisitorCC> it snowed in West overnight
06:32:52 <CraigC> can you pan down a tiny bit
06:33:09 <CraigC> I thought marmot was going again
06:33:13 <ynpvisitorCC> for the first time we are still at the hotel at this hour
06:33:24 <LindaGp> ynpvisitorCC, hi
06:33:53 <CraigC> ynpvisitorCC, what's your plan tomorrow?
06:34:08 <ynpvisitorCC> normally we would be on our way in already
06:34:21 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Craig
06:34:46 <ynpvisitorCC> we do not have plans as of yet
06:35:03 <ynpvisitorCC> today we will be in the basin
06:35:04 <CraigC> I think we will probably head south from Madison when we get to the park in the afternoon
06:35:36 <ynpvisitorCC> what time to expect to arrive
06:35:55 <CraigC> I hope we are in West before 2
06:36:27 <ynpvisitorCC> weather is terrible
06:36:36 <CraigC> :(
06:36:48 <CraigC> daisy
06:36:56 <ynpvisitorCC> very cold...even though we are dressed for winter
06:37:32 <CraigC> guess I will have to wear long pants
06:37:32 <LindaGp>
06:37:45 <LindaGp> Daisy
06:38:07 <ynpvisitorCC> I have dealt with snow before but today was ice
06:39:13 <CraigC> ynpvisitorCC, how was your day in the basin yesterday
06:39:27 <LindaGp> Ice is nasty rather be in a blizzard
06:39:34 <ynpvisitorCC> craig..can you PM me your cell phone number
06:44:35 <LindaGp> Lost cam
06:45:19 <LindaGp> Got it back
06:50:56 <ynpvisitorCC> Who has the cam after you today Linda
06:51:09 <LindaGp> Levin
06:51:15 <LindaGp> Kevin
06:51:36 <ynpvisitorCC> thanks...I was calling hime with times yesterday
06:51:55 <LindaGp> Oh great
06:52:05 <ynpvisitorCC> I can't see my screen to post
06:52:14 <LindaGp> Turned out to be a lot of confusion with cadtle yesterday
06:52:20 <ynpvisitorCC> by all
06:52:29 <CraigC> cya CC, have fun
06:52:39 <LindaGp> Bye
06:52:49 <ynpvisitorCC> castle was spewing all afternoon while we were there
06:53:13 <LindaGp> 👍
07:02:44 <LindaGp> Bulger
07:04:58 <LindaGp> Grand
07:05:03 <LindaGp> .
07:05:04 <LindaGp> .
07:05:46 <Dave from B™> Good morning
07:05:53 <CraigC> hey Dave
07:06:11 <LindaGp> Huh is this Grand?
07:06:33 <Cooper> Good morning
07:06:36 <LindaGp> Yup see spikes
07:06:41 <CraigC> hey cooper
07:07:03 <LindaGp> Cooper, hi
07:12:55 <LindaGp> 8 min
07:15:19 <Dave from B™> Good morning Ryan, Jimbo
07:15:28 <Ryan(sick)> Morning
07:15:51 <Ryan(sick)> Am dealing with my annual summer head cold. I rarely get sick, but when I do...
07:16:32 <LindaGp> Dave from B™, good morning
07:17:16 <Dave from B™> Morning Linda
07:17:18 <Jimbo Hassium> Hello all, get well soon Ryan
07:17:34 <Dave from B™> Yes, get lots of rest Ryan and you'll be 100% in no time
07:18:06 <ynpvisitor14> Craig - was Improbable big or just the small bursting we see a lot?
07:19:22 <LindaGp> LC
07:20:10 <Ryan(sick)> Am now on day 3 of this BS
07:20:25 <Dave from B™> CraigC, make sure you keep an eye on Fountain/Morning this trip
07:20:31 <Ryan(sick)> I thought after day 1 it was allergies so I took a claritin and went to work. BAD IDEA.
07:22:30 <LindaGp> Ryan(sick), ☹
07:22:59 <Ryan(sick)> And I work at a cave, so I still relgated myself to desk duty yesterday.
07:25:57 <GO MORNING (3)> I keep catching up with Eric despite his speediness
07:26:27 <GO MORNING (3)> Chance for 5 Grands today - or tomorrow?
07:26:28 <Dave from B™> Good morning GO MORNING
07:26:37 <Dave from B™> I think today
07:26:52 <Ryan(sick)> Question for people here: Xanterra reservations.
07:27:11 <Jimbo Hassium> Has Morning been reported as active, or is this just hopeful?
07:27:30 <Ryan(sick)> Can they be cancelled? And do you pay on check in?
07:27:45 <Ryan(sick)> (Madison CG, specifically)
07:27:52 <Dave from B™> Jimbo, just hopeful. Fountain intervals and durations have lengthened, which is a good sign for Morning
07:28:25 <Dave from B™> Ryan, for lodging, you have to pay 1 night's lodging up front as a deposit
07:28:35 <Dave from B™> I would assume CG are the same
07:28:42 <Ryan(sick)> oh ok, thats easy enough then.
07:29:04 <LindaGp> Ryan(sick), within a few days of arrival you can cancel. I think 3. If within 30 days you get charged 15 dollars. .
07:29:07 <Ryan(sick)> Now I wonder what their cancellation policy is, even though our flights are not cancellable haha.
07:29:18 <Ryan(sick)> Ah, thanks Linda!
07:29:37 <CraigC> GO MORNING (3), improbable was small bubbling. Not an eruption?
07:29:40 <Ryan(sick)> Guess I will go make campsite reservations today.
07:30:10 <LindaGp> I hold reservations all the time. And then have to cancel. Always hopeful though.
07:31:49 <CraigC> OF
07:31:50 <LindaGp> Of
07:32:09 <CraigC> hey Eric
07:32:09 <Eric (2)> Not so fast Graham :-D
07:32:13 <Eric (2)> Morning
07:32:19 <Eric (2)> Hi Craig
07:33:01 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
07:33:04 <GO MORNING (3)> as soon as i think i have caught up, he sprints away
07:33:21 <Eric (2)> Hi Dave
07:33:39 <Eric (2)> Just less time to pack :-(
07:33:55 <Eric (2)> But I am getting closer!
07:35:29 <CraigC> I still haven;t started packing
07:36:21 <CraigC> hey Kevin
07:36:46 <LindaGp> Hi kevin
07:37:16 <Eric (2)> don't you leave today or tomorrow Craig?
07:37:54 <CraigC> tomorrow
07:38:28 <Ryan(sick)> Yay! Campsites reserved. I am going home!
07:38:28 <LindaGp> Marmot cave
07:38:37 <CraigC> I deleted Improbable entry after reading GoY description
07:39:17 <Eric (2)> Get well Ryan!
07:39:24 <CraigC> Ryan, what days
07:39:40 <LindaGp> Ryan(sick), 👍
07:40:07 <LindaGp> Ryan(sick), you'll be feeling better in no time
07:40:21 <Eric (2)> Today I have to track down a verizon phone, PITA
07:40:52 <CraigC> Eric (2), where? I looked at walmart yesterday, cheapest was 70/month
07:42:20 <Eric (2)> probably walmart...prepaid is either $40/50/60 I believe, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB
07:42:30 <LindaGp> Lion
07:42:36 <Eric (2)> I usually just get the $40 one month
07:42:41 <Eric (2)> then I cancel
07:42:43 <LindaGp> Just a roar
07:45:47 <Cooper> well Im off for a bit, buye everybody, and feel better Ryan
07:46:16 <LindaGp> Cooper, bye
07:46:41 <LindaGp> Lion is tryin
07:47:35 <CraigC> hey Diane
07:47:50 <sparekitty> hi craig. how's everything?
07:48:00 <Eric (2)> Hi sparekitty
07:48:00 <CraigC> good, thanks, you?
07:48:11 <Eric (2)> have we heard from Kat, did she get steamboat?
07:48:19 <CraigC> yes, Kat saw it
07:48:24 <Dave from B™> Yes, she got it
07:48:26 <sparekitty> good.
07:48:40 <LindaGp> Kat got it from the start
07:48:41 <Chancellor> Good Morning all,
07:48:42 <CraigC> she was there 2 days, but I dont think straight
07:48:54 <CraigC> hey chancellor
07:48:59 <sparekitty> i will be back in MT again in a few weeks and may try SB again. i'll be more vocal in trying to find fellow geyser nerds.
07:49:42 <CraigC> "which ones of you are geyser nerds?"
07:50:17 <Dave from B™> Just talk to people with floppy hats
07:50:26 <LindaGp> Oh not me 🙄
07:50:27 <sparekitty> LOL
07:51:19 <CraigC> bulger
07:51:57 <sparekitty> ryan! sorry to hear you're sick. did you see i finally got to see SB?
07:52:26 <LindaGp> sparekitty, congrats!
07:53:08 <sparekitty> it was so cool!
07:53:49 <LindaGp> I saw Kats video it looked awesome
07:54:01 <LindaGp> LC
07:56:34 <LindaGp> Come on castle do it!
07:56:59 <LindaGp> Lion
07:57:07 <LindaGp> Maybe
07:57:38 <LindaGp> Marmot cave
08:04:49 <Dave from B™> I love this view
08:05:07 <LindaGp> It's nice
08:05:45 <LindaGp> No cars, just geysers and people
08:06:39 <Eric (2)> Nice grotto steam again this morning
08:06:47 <Eric (2)> Grotto seems very active
08:07:39 <Eric (2)> Hopefully we get a fountain report this morning
08:08:40 <LindaGp> Castle
08:08:49 <Eric (2)> Yep
08:09:08 <Eric (2)> Was hard to tell with all the fuzz
08:13:16 <Dave from B™> ..
08:17:42 <Eric (2)> Found a new verizon burner at walmart...clearing out the moto e5 go phones for $40 :-) Hopefully I can pick up one of those today.
08:17:54 <LindaGp> Hmmm might be a minor
08:20:29 <Kevin L™🌵> Eric, be sure you print out the page with the phone before you go to Walmart. I have found in store prices may be higher especially on sale items but if you have the page from the internet they will give it to you for that price.
08:20:56 <Ryan(sick)> CraigC: Bozeman from Oct 1-11, with the park from Oct 2-10.
08:21:14 <Ryan(sick)> The 9th is my birthday, sorry I wont be here to celebrate it with you, Betty (whenever she gets on)
08:21:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Are you all done with school Ryan?
08:21:56 <Eric (2)> Thanks Kevin, I actually have a site I can check specific store prices at:
08:22:08 <Dave from B™> That is late in the year, Ryan. Make sure you check CG closing dates on NPS website
08:22:14 <Eric (2)> It will show you their actual in store price..because they definitely vary by store
08:22:46 <Ryan(sick)> Kevin, yes WVU just posted my degree a week ago.
08:22:51 <Eric (2)> I think he made reservations Dave
08:22:56 <LindaGp> Th water cut out o castle at about 9 minutes
08:22:57 <Eric (2)> Congrats!
08:23:02 <Ryan(sick)> Dave, already got the campsites from Xanterra. Its the last week Madison is open
08:23:07 <Eric (2)> Bummmer, another castle minor
08:23:30 <Ryan(sick)> Hope we dont get an october blizzard lol
08:23:52 <Eric (2)> I hope we don't get a May blizzard either :-|
08:26:24 <Ryan(sick)> After SB and Giant last year, Yellowstone on my birthday is really my last "dream" related to the park.
08:26:34 <Joe> Eric, email headed your way
08:28:30 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice to see you made it through Ryan.
08:30:02 <Ryan(sick)> Thanks, its nice to be done. It was rough.
08:30:20 <Ryan(sick)> Im sure in time it will be worth it. But right now its still a bit of a question mark...
08:30:30 <Kevin L™🌵> Those engineering courses can be a pain.
08:30:45 <Ryan(sick)> The degree, I mean. The experience was worth it, I learned about a lot more than engineering that I am not sure Id've learned elsewhere.
08:30:45 <LindaGp> I entered castle as minor
08:31:18 <Kevin L™🌵> At least it looks like the space program is picking up. Lot of VERY interesting projects now.
08:31:35 <LindaGp> LC
08:32:21 <Kevin L™🌵> I always loved civil engineering, but I hated meetings and politics.
08:32:56 <LindaGp> Bee is quiet
08:34:30 <Ryan(sick)> I personally am tied of the intense deadlines. The "if this waits 4 more hours your academic career is screwed" projects were too much for me when there were twelve at one time.
08:36:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Yep. You do have deadlines at a job but they are a bit different.
08:37:21 <Eric (2)> Alright...we now have 2 reference images courtesy of Joe
08:37:38 <Eric (2)> If you refresh your page, you will see them in the helpful links
08:37:56 <Eric (2)> Both updated with the latest and greatest editing by Graham and others :-D
08:38:20 <LindaGp> Thanks joe
08:39:26 <LindaGp> Depression
08:39:42 <Eric (2)> I guess everyone is at fountain this morning...don't see many gazers hanging out at BH
08:40:46 <ynpvisitor29> I bet like CC they are inside!
08:40:52 <Dave from B™> Temps at SB stayed high for about 18 hours or so
08:42:12 <ynpvisitor29> HK does not seem to be at every Grand anymore
08:42:53 <Joe> Eric I did not think the panorama would do as well as it does, especially when you click the magnifier, thanks
08:43:20 <Eric (2)> With these long fountain durations, I gotta assume people are hoping and waiting down there.
08:43:28 <Eric (2)> Yep, it looks great Joe
08:44:34 <sparekitty> the reference photos are GREAT! thanks very much!
08:44:52 <Eric (2)> I do like your X marks the spot on the other image though....might even be better if you could use a bullet or some other non-character to mark the actual geyser spot
08:45:10 <Eric (2)> and connect it to the word with a line
08:45:44 <sparekitty> later, all. time for me to work.
08:45:47 <Ryan(sick)> Hi, sk!
08:45:51 <Ryan(sick)> Bye, sk!
08:45:54 <sparekitty> ryan!
08:46:02 <Joe> I'll make that change and get it to you, thanks
08:46:04 <Eric (2)> bye SK
08:46:18 <Ryan(sick)> I was very happy to see your videos!
08:48:25 <CraigC> still no BH huh
08:49:30 <LindaGp> I looked a few minutes ago, very quiet. Might have gone during the night.
08:50:36 <LindaGp> We're at 25.5 hours from last one
09:01:51 <LindaGp> OF
09:05:48 <Kevin L™🌵> BH may have gone last night.
09:05:59 <LindaGp> Wonder if daisy went with out us. Still in window
09:06:09 <Katie(10)> G'morning
09:06:18 <CraigC> hey Katie
09:06:18 <LindaGp> Kevin L™🌵, i think so too
09:06:27 <LindaGp> Katie(10), hi
09:07:30 <Eric (2)> I think we missed Daisy too, but I could be wrong
09:18:17 <LindaGp> Who just took cam?
09:18:44 <Katie(9)> Not me :)
09:18:50 <CraigC> not I said the cow
09:19:18 <LindaGp> That was weird it went to old faithful on its own?
09:19:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Could be admin.
09:19:55 <LindaGp> True
09:22:03 <LindaGp> Ah email from admin
09:26:44 <Dave from B™> Did you get in trouble?
09:27:14 <Kevin L™🌵> She is on half pay now.
09:27:32 <CraigC> double secret probation
09:29:01 <LindaGp> Not just me 🙄
09:33:07 <LindaGp> Riverside I think
09:33:56 <LindaGp> Maybe maybe not
09:47:25 <Dave from B™> Good morning govixen
09:48:13 <govixen> hi DFB
09:48:55 <govixen> after reading the logs though I would pop in and tell you that you have hiked with Frank W, not Frank S
09:49:50 <govixen> coupla days ago
09:51:22 <Dave from B™> Thanks for the clarification. TOO many Franks!
09:51:56 <govixen> thought you might like to know that if you do the meetup
09:53:07 <Dave from B™> Do you know much about Frank S and his group
09:53:17 <Eric (2)> Hey govixen!
09:53:52 <CraigC> govixen is MA B?
09:54:15 <govixen> shhh don't tell
09:54:25 <CraigC> :) Hi govixen
09:54:27 <Dave from B™> shhh
09:54:41 <govixen> I was at Vixen when you were at SB CraigC
09:55:01 <CraigC> hope to meet you at some time, maybe this weekend, heading up tomorrow
09:56:04 <Kevin L™🌵> BH looking better
09:56:04 <Eric (2)> bubblers?
09:56:19 <CraigC> Kevin, are you still here? I just read something sickening, 4 youth destroyed a model rr exhibit
09:56:20 <govixen> Will be at Steamboat (or near Steamboat) eventually Craig, want to hike Sat or Sun too
09:56:43 <LindaGp> Yea bubblers
09:56:46 <Eric (2)> South bubbler
09:57:02 <LindaGp> How did u know?
09:57:03 <Eric (2)> Nice push
09:57:15 <LindaGp> Might go
09:57:27 <Kevin L™🌵> It is waiting for me
09:57:34 <LindaGp> It is!
09:57:55 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, this is so rotten;
09:58:17 <LindaGp> Kevin L™🌵, you can take cam is you want
09:58:39 <LindaGp> That way you'll have bee
10:00:08 <Kevin L™🌵> Got it.
10:00:16 <LindaGp> I'm out
10:00:25 <CraigC> cya Linda
10:00:36 <Eric (2)> Bye Linda
10:00:45 <Eric (2)> ohh, you mean out of the cam :-D
10:00:57 <CraigC> ooops
10:00:58 <LindaGp> I'll be watching for bee😊
10:01:18 <Eric (2)> bad wind
10:01:25 <Kevin L™🌵> That is pathetic Craig.
10:01:57 <CraigC> this was my comment; "we'll never get the years back it took to build those exhibits." I hope they get civil judgments against the parents, since the system can never get much out of juveniles.
10:03:28 <Kevin L™🌵> I would like to see the kids have to do community service at the minimum wage rate equal to the damage they did.
10:03:46 <Kevin L™🌵> BTW Craig, which one are you?
10:04:09 <Kevin L™🌵> Indy
10:04:12 <CraigC> I never went downtown, crowds give me too much anxiety
10:04:13 <Eric (2)> bhi
10:04:22 <Kevin L™🌵> .
10:04:23 <Kevin L™🌵> .
10:04:33 <Dave from B™> Kevin, that would be a better punishment in my opinion
10:05:26 <CraigC> community service is a good start, but still wont hardly cover all the time lost that they took away from the MRRers
10:06:33 <Kevin L™🌵> No it won't BUT it will make a bigger impression on them.
10:06:39 <Dave from B™> Make them help putting it back together
10:06:58 <Casey> Thanks for the text
10:07:48 <Eric (2)> That is just super sad Craig....that someone would have that much violence in their heart :-(
10:07:52 <Kat> Got the text. Thanks!
10:08:41 <Dave from B™> Kat, are you hanging on the BH rail?
10:09:01 <Cooper> Hello everybody
10:09:32 <Cooper> how long has the indy been on
10:10:20 <Kat> No, saddly Dave I'm sitting in Bozeman, something is wrong with my car , i could just cry again but not with not with joy!
10:10:41 <CraigC> sorry to hear, Kat
10:10:43 <govixen> hey Kat - it's actually Roadie here lol
10:11:07 <ynpvisitor34> Yay indy
10:11:07 <CraigC> c'mon bh, I need to leave in a sec
10:11:40 <LindaG> It doesnt like pressure craig
10:11:41 <Kat> Roadie! I want to se you while I'm here!!
10:12:02 <Lori S> My connection at work bites today. Watching on my phone.
10:12:05 <govixen> Kat - memorial service for Beej is tomorrow in Livingston
10:12:14 <CraigC> gonna drive my mom up to near Idaho to visit graves with her only remaining brother
10:12:48 <Kevin L™🌵> We got a good Herb Warren Splash from this one.
10:13:23 <Kat> Ok, are you going? Where and what time! Hopefully i wont be stuck in bozeman with this car!
10:13:33 <Kat> How can i contact you?
10:13:39 <ynpvisitor30> Craig are you retired?
10:13:49 <CraigC> ynpvisitor30, yes, one year ago :)
10:14:30 <Lori S> BTW Hello All and thx for txt
10:14:38 <CraigC> hey Lori
10:14:38 <ynpvisitor30> More time for Yellowstone!
10:14:50 <Cooper> congrats on your retirement Craig, are you enjoying it?
10:15:02 <LindaG> Want me to enter indy?
10:15:10 <CraigC> Cooper, it is better than I have been imagining for the last 30 years
10:15:34 <Cooper> well thats good
10:15:49 <CraigC> 1st thing I did was buy a fishing boat
10:15:49 <Lori S> Hi Craig
10:15:49 <Cooper> what was your job before you retired
10:16:04 <CraigC> juvenile justice, delinquents
10:16:09 <CraigC> :bee::bee::bee:
10:16:20 <Cooper> oh well at least thats over for you
10:16:29 <Cooper> :bee::bee:
10:17:48 <CraigC> bbl everyone
10:18:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Bad wind direction for this one.
10:19:08 <LindaG> I just entered BHI for 10:04 and beehive for CC at 10:15
10:19:51 <LindaG> I did not see BHI start so if that's not correct let me know
10:20:48 <Cooper> LindaG, You were correct on your BHI entry
10:22:58 <Dave from B™> GV, I'm sure glad you were there to share my first SB
10:23:07 <Lori S> Nice to get some mid-morning :bee: Not fighting this computer anymore so c ya later may:bee:
10:24:40 <LindaG> Lori S, bye
10:25:06 <govixen> Dave from B™, I was going to pee the dog, but the radio calls turned me around. :)
10:25:38 <Dave from B™> Yeah...I can't believe how fast things escalated
10:26:28 <ynpvisitor30> Linda, isn’t CC in the basin? Not a webcam time then
10:26:35 <govixen> there won't be another daylight eruption with that few people for a while
10:27:10 <ynpvisitor30> Will there be another daylight eruption is the thing?
10:27:51 <govixen> who knows, I take it one at a time. Obviously wrong since I missed the last one
10:29:31 <Dave from B™> I know Vixen had variable intervals on the 13th. Have you been back since?
10:30:43 <govixen> no I was going today, but I backed out because I am tired of crappy weather
10:31:39 <Dave from B™> It does take some of the fun out of it. I hope it warms up a bit soon
10:35:40 <Joe> Eric, email going your way
10:36:24 <Dave from B™> OF ie
10:40:08 <Eric (2)> Joe, update done
10:40:33 <Eric (2)> BH loves my meeting time!
10:40:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Schedule more meetings.
10:41:34 <Joe> Thanks, Eric :)
10:45:09 <Dave from B™> Can you put your meeting times on our calendar?
10:45:27 <ynpvisitor101> looks like reference Image 1 is the un-edited one?
10:45:38 <Kevin L™🌵> Does it work for SB Eric?
10:47:18 <LindaG> ynpvisitor30, thx force of habit
10:48:23 <LindaG> Cooper, thx
10:55:57 <Betty> morning all
10:56:21 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
10:56:36 <Betty> hi Dave
10:57:01 <govixen> hi Betty
10:57:40 <Betty> Hi govixen, how is Norris these days :-)
10:58:46 <govixen> not there today obviously, but it's been interesting :)
10:59:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Betty
10:59:20 <Betty> glad you have fun
10:59:35 <Betty> how´s Ledge doing?
10:59:45 <Betty> hi Kevin
11:00:33 <govixen> Black Growler is roaring again. Ledge maybe didn't erupt, just went to steam. No way we can know, though.
11:01:00 <Betty> that´s interesting
11:01:30 <Betty> never thought about it maybe did not erupt at all
11:02:25 <govixen> yeah, I found two times in history where it did that- there are probably more
11:06:17 <govixen> I am out, TTFN
11:06:46 <Betty> bye MA
11:11:02 <ynpvisitor101> i see Aurum snuck in
11:11:45 <Kevin L™🌵> It does that :p
11:12:03 <Dave from B™> bye MA
11:13:27 <Betty> white bugs
11:15:16 <Joe> daisy is due
11:15:53 <Betty> hi Joe
11:16:26 <Joe> Hi Betty, are you feeling better?
11:16:35 <Betty> depression ie
11:17:26 <Betty> fully recovered, Joe. And you?
11:18:23 <Joe> Same here, although a little slow yet, :) some say I'm always slow :)
11:18:34 <Betty> saw no bubble yet at dep
11:18:51 <Betty> hehehe
11:18:57 <Betty> hi Kat
11:19:01 <Kevin L™🌵> I saw one Betty
11:19:18 <Betty> streaming is choppy again
11:19:43 <Betty> can we go for Daisy?
11:20:17 <Kevin L™🌵> Just insert your Euro for 10m
11:20:35 <Betty> :-D
11:20:37 <Kat> Hi Betty! Dave from B™, it's the engine cooling can, they have it on stock, only 100.00 worth my extended warranty! It's a good day except I'm missing a day in the Park!
11:21:45 <Betty> bulger ie
11:21:54 <Dave from B™> Never fun to have car problems or be sick on vacation
11:21:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Daisy 1121
11:22:00 <Betty> and daisy
11:22:08 <Kat> :)
11:23:04 <Betty> I want 80% of my Euro back, Kevin
11:23:29 <Kevin L™🌵> Look in your coin return.
11:23:58 <Eric (2)> I hope Kyle is around over the weekend...I like that guy :-D
11:24:18 <Betty> it´s there. thx
11:24:45 <Kevin L™🌵> What do they call the fractions of a Euro?
11:24:49 <Betty> hi Eric. you try to get SB?
11:24:55 <Betty> cent
11:25:11 <Betty> or officially Euro cent
11:25:20 <Eric (2)> I am going to be at SB on Sunday...but will probably hike with Vixen if she goes on Saturday
11:25:26 <Kevin L™🌵> That makes cents.
11:25:31 <Eric (2)> hahahaha
11:25:52 <Eric (2)> Your jokes are as bad as mine Kevin
11:25:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Money is the only thing the US used from the metric system.
11:26:01 <Eric (2)> That is why I appreciate them :-D
11:26:40 <Eric (2)> Well, all US scientists use metric
11:26:55 <Kevin L™🌵> They do now.
11:28:38 <Casey>
11:28:39 <Betty> when do you leave?
11:29:10 <Casey> NASA thinks agreeing upon units is pretty important
11:33:26 <Eric (2)> ahhh, those are engineers Casey...not real scientists :-P
11:33:44 <Eric (2)> Engineers do all kinds of stupid stuff (Speaks from experience)
11:33:54 <Katie(9)> Okay, Sheldon, but the engineers get to be astronauts.
11:33:58 <Betty> hi Casey
11:34:09 <Betty> hi Katie
11:34:12 <Eric (2)> haha....that was totally a Sheldon moment :-D
11:34:19 <Eric (2)> Hi Katie
11:34:42 <Eric (2)> Who gets a pHd in engineering anyway????
11:36:15 <Casey> Hi Betty. Hi everyone.
11:37:47 <Dave from B™> haha Katie
11:38:19 <Dave from B™> I don't think I've met Kyle
11:39:31 <Eric (2)> He is a very quiet guy...I got a chance to hang out with him at arty and SB
11:39:37 <Kevin L™🌵> Drives the #18 Dave.
11:39:55 <Dave from B™> I know that Kyle...well, not really
11:40:00 <Betty> haha, Kevin
11:40:29 <Dave from B™> I'm hoping to meet some new gazers this time. I haven't been in May for awhile
11:40:29 <Eric (2)> I think he camps
11:40:36 <Betty> yay, hi Ryan
11:43:12 <Kevin L™🌵> They posted a good picture of my kid's car on the Speedway site. He is the 47h. He now had one of those World Of Outlaws wings on top of the thing.,photo_gallery/cat_id,55391?sf_id=37470#images-23
11:48:55 <Cooper> Looks cool Kevin L™🌵, at least I think so
11:54:36 <Dave from B™> Enjoy something big erupting. Time to get my ears lowered.
11:55:06 <al Carbon> I got updated, and was at a meeting and missed Beehive :(
11:56:20 <Jeff in CT> I see Pyramid was posted, curious if it was seen in the WC?
11:57:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like in basin
12:01:05 <Eric (2)> I assume we could see pyramid from the cam Jeff
12:01:25 <Eric (2)> I know we can see a lot of pyramid cone
12:08:46 <Joe> Jeff the cam was in that view and I think pyramid would be just right of that "bare dome' if so it was visible really slight 1129-1130
12:09:52 <Jeff in CT> thanks Eric, Joe
12:10:24 <Joe> "bare dome'= pyramid
12:11:35 <Joe> when you can see the overnight look at the right base and you will see it
12:12:18 <Joe> not the overnight I meant the capture
12:13:21 <Joe> I will try to make a video of it give me a few minutes
12:21:57 <Betty> OF
12:23:17 <ynpvisitor116> Old Faithful
12:24:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Short
12:24:37 <Casey> No Grand yet? I thought for sure it would go in OF window?
12:25:08 <Casey> Nice
12:27:22 <Cooper> Well I am off for now, have a nice :grand:
12:34:21 <Rice> Anyone on here know there way around San Fransico? I am trying to find a place to park with van and camper????
12:35:11 <joe1> Jeff in CT here is the video it looks nice at 1130:04
12:36:43 <Eric (2)> Good Luck Rice! Not in SFO might be able to park in a suburb and BART it in
12:37:21 <Eric (2)> But even most of those have parking structures that wouldn't accomodate a camper
12:38:23 <ynpvisitor101> all depends how many millions yu want to spend Rice
12:38:41 <Jeff in CT> Thanks Joe
12:38:43 <Casey> Grand!
12:39:06 <Joe> I hope you could see it Jeff
12:41:35 <Joe> .
12:42:01 <Eric (2)> looks like benches are getting steam cleaned
12:42:25 <LindaG> Spikes are hiding
12:42:57 <LindaG> Old tardy
12:44:41 <Joe> Grand eruptions are hard at night, one is really not sure of those "low" ones at night
12:46:22 <LindaG> This morning it was like this too. At first I didnt think it was grand.
12:47:19 <Joe> I am not a weather person, what holds the stesm down like that??
12:47:36 <Joe> steam
12:48:09 <Joe> 10 min
12:48:19 <LindaG> But seems its not spiking much either
12:48:47 <LindaG> Maybe they are just buried in there somewhere
12:49:00 <LindaG> There they are
12:49:22 <Jeff in CT> Joe, its a blink and you miss it, but did see Pyramid on your video clip
12:50:03 <Joe> Great!! it is quick :)
13:09:52 <Dave from B™> I take it Grand was a C
13:16:16 <ynpvisitor67> hard to believe there are no in basin times for Grand
13:16:23 <Joe> something has been eating the wiper arm
13:16:38 <ynpvisitor67> really?
13:16:43 <Betty> :-)
13:17:33 <Joe> when it was looked at it looked like chunks were missing
13:18:03 <ynpvisitor67> ravens?
13:18:11 <ynpvisitor67> they like soft plastics
13:18:25 <Dave from B™> Won't don't ravens like?
13:18:35 <ynpvisitor67> things they cannot get into Dave
13:18:58 <ynpvisitor67> not that they won't try
13:19:28 <Dave from B™> I still love the videos where they get into a snowmobile "glove" compartment
13:19:50 <ynpvisitor67> or open zippers
13:20:02 <Dave from B™> They are smart; for a bird
13:20:52 <ynpvisitor67> maybe gazers went to West Thumb or something
13:21:26 <Dave from B™> I'm thinking a party at Fountain
13:21:54 <ynpvisitor67> until there is sign of Morning, I would disagree with that
13:22:45 <ynpvisitor67> very in between intervals right now if you look at the last few
13:22:54 <Dave from B™> Maybe it is cold enough that all locals decided to take the day off and get some chores done
13:22:59 <Casey> I still have (naive) faith in Morning.
13:23:24 <ynpvisitor67> go wake it up Casey, it needs something
13:24:41 <Casey> Will do. Expect a Morning eruption in the next 48 hours (or for me to be anonymous on here until everyone forgets what I said).
13:25:32 <Eric (2)> 40m duration is pretty extended for fountain
13:26:03 <Eric (2)> I think many have been there checking on it lately.
13:30:45 <ynpvisitor67> look at 2011 and 2102, lots of longer Fountains when it stretched out to 11-13 hour intervals, with no Morning, yet lots of MT before FTN
13:31:26 <ynpvisitor101> i see RMNP ammounced Trail Ridge will NOT be open this weekend due to all the snow
13:32:38 <ynpvisitor101> last year we had a 44m ftn that was a dual with Morning too
13:32:40 <ynpvisitor67> GT might miss lots of OF predictions going to + or- 7m
13:32:57 <Casey> I'm looking at Tara's comments from the E times for Fountain in October. She seems to agree with Eric that 40m is right on the border of the expected duration of a Fountain solo eruption vs a Fountain/Morning dual.
13:33:02 <ynpvisitor67> 101, there was not MT in sight
13:33:20 <ynpvisitor67> that was for last year Casey
13:33:24 <ynpvisitor101> also not 11-13h intervals
13:34:03 <ynpvisitor67> when FTN came out of doing 5 hr intervals to doing 7-9 hour intervals to get Morning. Anything can happen, yet this behavior, with MT before FTN is not a direct link to Morning being imminent
13:34:25 <Casey> Of course 67. October 2019 isn't here yet. Just comments about actual recent observations. Not definitively saying anyone is right or wrong. Data is a good thing.
13:34:56 <ynpvisitor67> you might want to go look at 2011 and 2012 then, lots of data there
13:35:09 <Dave from B™> I appreciate the info 67. Let's hope MT takes a nap
13:35:19 <ynpvisitor67> yes PLEASE
13:35:39 <ynpvisitor67> no Mts were seen even until last week, and now this, kind of the wrong direction for things to go
13:35:53 <ynpvisitor67> Mts = MTs
13:36:08 <ynpvisitor67> so maybe OF wasn't a short?
13:37:40 <Casey> I actually agree with you essentially entirely 67, but if you are going to discredit content for being from "last year" let's not pretend like 2011 and 2012 is the gold standard. Geyser activity is highly volatile. It's okay for us to consider content without getting so invested in being right.
13:37:43 <ynpvisitor67> are they actually working on the bw?
13:38:11 <ynpvisitor101> there were MT ain Oct when Morning was active, but i agree its better not to have them
13:38:35 <ynpvisitor67> I want to be wrong Casey, and 101, no MT before FTN that I remember
13:38:46 <Dave from B™> Let's just say I'm happy we have longer Fountain intervals compared to the years/periods with 5 hour intervals
13:38:56 <ynpvisitor67> It was wonderful when Morning came out of nowhere so to speak
13:39:02 <ynpvisitor101> and 1 seen 10 May. few observers around recently tho
13:39:48 <ynpvisitor101> check the data, there were Thief eruptions and also Morning eruptions during Oct.....
13:40:06 <ynpvisitor67> any MT before FTN??
13:40:08 <Casey> Keep making definitive statements about geyser behavior and you will regularly achieve your goal of being wrong then.
13:40:29 <ynpvisitor101> just because MT is active doesnt mean there cant be a cycle with Morning erupting instead
13:40:31 <ynpvisitor67> is there such a thing as a definitive statement about a geyser?
13:40:51 <ynpvisitor101> which is what happened in 2013, right?
13:41:06 <ynpvisitor101> sometimes MT erupted, sometimes it didnt
13:41:17 <ynpvisitor67> OF
13:41:52 <Dave from B™> How about we just wait for reports. Someone is there today
13:42:04 <ynpvisitor67> who is there Dave?
13:42:19 <Casey> Let me try to get us all on the same page. When there is a Trifecta, MT has always joined in to an already existing eruption? Already a dual? Never the first geyser to erupt in the Trifecta?
13:44:00 <Dave from B™> 67, I don't know of anyone specifically, but I would suspect some gazer is checking out since SB is off duty today
13:44:07 <Casey> The idea seems less that MT is definitively bad, but that a MT eruption has not been observed to be the initiator of a Trifecta. Correct, 67?
13:44:09 <ynpvisitor67> Yes, it is all within the same minute usually
13:44:36 <ynpvisitor67> well, historically MT = bad if seen BEFORE FTN
13:44:49 <ynpvisitor67> for prospect of Morning that is
13:45:29 <Casey> Given how few Trifectas we have in history, our confidence can't be extremely high in that, but it is definitely a valid observation.
13:45:34 <ynpvisitor67> as you have mentioned Casey, it's a geyser, new behavior can happen. I thought we should call it Morning's Assistant instead of Thief, I have never liked that name
13:46:18 <ynpvisitor67> yet if we move to 6 before FTN like in 2011, I would say that does not bode well for Morning
13:46:18 <Casey> I agree 67 with the new behavior concept.
13:46:22 <Dave from B™> I like your MT name
13:46:41 <ynpvisitor67> me too, it would be MA!!
13:46:50 <Dave from B™> hahaha
13:47:00 <ynpvisitor101> it would be a bad assistant tho usually
13:47:44 <ynpvisitor67> the thing about MT before FTN is we know that FTN is not far off
13:47:51 <ynpvisitor67> for those watching
13:49:11 <ynpvisitor101> so its Fountains Assistant
13:50:08 <Dave from B™> It looks like we have a new flag system on GT
13:50:20 <Casey> I do find it interesting that the 2011-2012 observations are so close to Morning's rejuvenation. Maybe we are just a hair away from Morning going strong again (or a hair away from it falling completely silent).
13:50:30 <Dave from B™> Flags show up on GT display; roll over flag shows why. when did this change?
13:50:46 <CraigC> back
13:51:10 <ynpvisitor67> on the app Dave? Last year it was like that
13:51:18 <ynpvisitor101> refers to a secondary post that doesnt exist?
13:51:24 <Dave from B™> God, I'm getting old:)
13:51:38 <Casey> It's like that on the site. I had never noticed that before.
13:51:42 <CraigC> getting?
13:51:53 <Dave from B™> Don't ask me to give a description of a bank robber
13:52:02 <ynpvisitor67> Dave are you a birthday boy today?
13:52:14 <ynpvisitor67> so Linda should delete her post for BHI
13:52:22 <Dave from B™> No, April 13 for me
13:52:30 <ynpvisitor101> no, because there is no secondary post
13:52:43 <ynpvisitor67> the flag said there was, hmmm
13:52:53 <ynpvisitor26> I think users get an email now if they hgave a flagged post - that might be new
13:52:54 <ynpvisitor101> maybe that one was flagged as wrong? who knows
13:53:03 <ynpvisitor101> people flag too much
13:53:08 <ynpvisitor67> maybe change to ie
13:53:27 <Dave from B™> Although, I did get a very very thoughtful gift from a gazer today.
13:53:45 <ynpvisitor67> always nice Dave
13:55:11 <ynpvisitor67> the way it is set up, we never know who the second flag is from as the eruption disappears
13:55:21 <CraigC> I am pretty sure that 1004 bhi entry time is accurate
13:55:35 <Kevin L™🌵> I think so too.
13:55:48 <CraigC> we were all watching bh
13:55:51 <ynpvisitor101> can we flag the flag?
13:56:05 <CraigC> whoever posted the secondary at 1001 removed it
13:56:24 <ynpvisitor67> Craig C, it is on a secondary BH post
13:56:44 <ynpvisitor67> It was from in basin, and his BH time is right, so I am guessing his BHI time would be correct as well
13:57:08 <ynpvisitor67> wonder why he did not post BHI though, just a comment
13:57:09 <CraigC> oh, I was looking secondary on Linda's
13:57:18 <ynpvisitor101> BHI was posted by someone else
13:57:22 <ynpvisitor67> me too at first
13:58:10 <CraigC> I still stand by my assertion that when Kevin and Eric called out the indy on here with the 1004 timestamp on this site, that that was when it started
13:58:27 <ynpvisitor101> not sure if Linda can delete the flag, or if she will need to put a new entry in
13:59:34 <LindaG> I was just going to ask about my flag
13:59:37 <Kevin L™🌵> I think it needs to stay unless someone from the basin properly posts BHI. A note on BH is NOT good enough.
13:59:51 <ynpvisitor101> can you delete the flag Linda?
14:00:04 <ynpvisitor101> yeah dont delete it
14:00:54 <ynpvisitor101> dont delete the entry, but delete the flag if you can
14:01:12 <Dave from B™> I wonder if 1001 was "water in indy"
14:01:29 <Dave from B™> but that would be a Long time until it started
14:01:34 <Kevin L™🌵> That would make sense Dave.
14:01:36 <CraigC> I can't find the bhi entry on the BH entry
14:01:55 <Joe> The actual BHI start is 1000:49
14:02:12 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Joe to the rescue as always
14:02:24 <Kevin L™🌵> TY Joe
14:03:06 <LindaG> Ok so I'd I can I'll change the one that is flagged
14:03:53 <Kevin L™🌵> That would work. They still should have posted the BHI time from the field and this would have mad it a secondary.
14:03:58 <ynpvisitor67> Craig C, look under bburrus entry, there are 3 secondary ones
14:04:39 <ynpvisitor67> getting it right is what matters, for GT, right?
14:04:45 <Kevin L™🌵> That is like posting Turban as notes on a Grand post.
14:04:46 <ynpvisitor67> or as close to right as we can
14:04:59 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, cc called me said the researchers wanted to know when it started. I gave her the time of the text
14:05:11 <LindaG> Because no one had posted it
14:05:34 <Kevin L™🌵> You may want to give her corrected time.
14:05:47 <LindaG> Ok
14:06:35 <CraigC> ynpvisitor67, just found where it is, it is in the comments from the bburrus entry
14:07:14 <CraigC> Comments: south bubbler started at 955 til 957 then beehive shot up about 3 ft. beehive indicator 1001
14:07:17 <CraigC> Comments: south bubbler started at 955 til 957 then beehive shot up about 3 ft. beehive indicator 1001
14:07:32 <CraigC> south bubbler started at 955 til 957 then beehive shot up about 3 ft. beehive indicator 1001
14:08:16 <Kevin L™🌵> The Herb Warren splash is a good comment but not BHI.
14:08:47 <Actinium Up> A two-update day
14:09:07 <LindaG> Well I entered 10:00 and corrected what I told CC this morning
14:14:07 <Dave from B™> It's going to be fun finally havinf the SB logger up and going
14:17:59 <Dave from B™> It was great seeing Suzanne get an "anniversary" SB...She saw eruptions on May 20... 37 years apart
14:20:58 <Dave from B™> We complain about the effort to catch SB during this active phase. Imagine the investment in time for the Strassers in the 80's
14:25:27 <Dave from B™> Does anyone know when Steve O's Geyser GRill is coming to YNP?:)
14:30:17 <ynpvisitor101> most of us dont complain about the effort needed to see SB Dave, just you :)
14:31:33 <Kevin L™🌵> I don't complain.
14:32:07 <Dave from B™> ouch, 101 but there may be some truth there. Just don't get near gazers who have been there for at least 4 or 5 days in a row
14:41:52 <lori lurking> Is this correct? "we know if an eruption is longer than 3 minutes it will be 94 (±10) minutes until the next eruption. If it’s under 3 minutes then it will be 66 (±10) minutes until the next eruption."
14:42:11 <ynpvisitor101> i think so
14:42:22 <ynpvisitor101> if you ignore the intermediates
14:42:35 <Kevin L™🌵> In theory ...
14:46:16 <lori lurking> I wish they would have been a bit more vague, lol. On the Yellowstone National Park facebook page today.
14:47:52 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, have u seen steamboat?
14:48:25 <Kevin L™🌵> No. Probably never will.
14:48:51 <LindaG> Me too
14:49:20 <LindaG> Bbl
15:18:18 <Dave from B™> not again
15:18:45 <Cooper> dont worry he is on a leash
15:18:46 <Sam> What not again?
15:18:56 <Cooper> and I explained the rules to him
15:19:05 <Cooper> he wont be bugging anybody anymore
15:19:23 <Sam> Never mind my question
15:21:49 <Dave from B™> Welcome Cooper and Admiral C
15:22:10 <Dave from B™> Crowds are getting bigger at OF
15:22:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Another short
15:22:37 <Cooper> Well Dave, not really welcome to me ive been on this cam for as long as I can remember, but yes Welcome Admiral C
15:22:48 <Sam> Short long short...
15:23:05 <Sam> Haven't seen this pattern myself for a while
15:23:07 <Cooper> He is new, and is figuring out what geysers are
15:23:15 <Cooper> well schools over, bbl
15:23:26 <Dave from B™> see ya Cooper
15:29:37 <Sam> Wonder why NPS hasn't updated yet
15:29:50 <Sam> Speaking of
15:29:57 <Sam> There it updated
15:35:47 <Joe> bulger
15:42:05 <Dave from B™> Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone!
15:42:07 <Joe> The Flags are moving the pole and shaking the camera
15:42:16 <Joe> Bye Dave
15:42:26 <Joe> LC
15:43:05 <Dave from B™> That's the first time I've seen that happen.
15:43:27 <Kevin L™🌵> Not sure what is going on. I have control of the cam but it is moving. I wonder if someone is working on it.
15:43:52 <Dave from B™> Could be working on the wiper?
15:43:57 <Joe> swing around and see
15:44:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Maybe fixing the housing?
15:44:32 <Kevin L™🌵> It responds Joe
15:48:01 <Kevin L™🌵> I am not moving it now but still showing I have control.
15:50:09 <Joe> is it doinj all taht on its own?
15:50:47 <Kevin L™🌵> Yep Haven't touched anything since 1543.
15:50:55 <Joe> wow
15:51:34 <Kevin L™🌵> Didn't notice a tornado out there did you?
15:51:48 <Joe> nope
15:52:28 <Joe> maybe a big Raven trying to open the box
15:52:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Could be. Looking for Bill's sub sandwich.
15:53:02 <Joe> :)
15:53:28 <Kevin L™🌵> I have to think it is admin doing something.
15:54:31 <Joe> must be
15:56:00 <Joe> No EQ on the seismo
15:56:53 <CraigC> LMAO @ Bill's sandwich
15:57:59 <Kevin L™🌵> I did send an email about it so we may find out.
16:00:36 <Joe> if the cam stays there we should see Daisy
16:01:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Admin is working on it.
16:01:22 <Joe> Ah! good
16:02:39 <Joe> rside
16:04:21 <GO MORNING (3)> sorry i am late
16:04:46 <Eric (2)> They hitting the thing with a sledge hammer?
16:04:49 <GO MORNING (3)> ah, NPS has cam?
16:05:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes, Dave is working on it.
16:05:50 <GO MORNING (3)> ok.....standing by
16:06:10 <Kevin L™🌵> I let him know you were coming on shift.
16:07:18 <GO MORNING (3)> i will try and make sure i move the camera around swings to check Daisy during OF window
16:07:38 <CraigC> GO MORNING (3), check out this footage from yesterday of Goggles and North Goggles;
16:07:47 <Kevin L™🌵> S l o w l y
16:08:13 <GO MORNING (3)> i did, the minor was nice and lots of steam huffs from NG later
16:08:22 <GO MORNING (3)> i put the earlier time in for the minor
16:08:42 <CraigC> I don't recall ever seeing Goggles huffing like that since I started watching this thing
16:10:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Daisy
16:10:59 <Joe> Daisy
16:11:02 <GO MORNING (3)> daisy
16:12:04 <GO MORNING (3)> should be a nice evening Fountain or Morning
16:12:22 <CraigC> sounds like a scene in 2001 A Spacy Odyssey
16:22:10 <Joe> bulger
16:22:24 <Joe> of
16:27:30 <Joe> Dome?
16:28:05 <Joe> no
16:31:37 <GO MORNING (3)> not many gazer times today, i would have thoight there would be more
16:35:56 <Joe> Graham with your help on locations I was able to get my panorama done, Eric posted next to the other image
16:36:22 <GO MORNING (3)> thanks. did the otjer image get updated
16:37:11 <Joe> Eric hasn't updated it yet, I sent and hope he got it
16:39:07 <Eric (2)> I did update it
16:39:09 <Eric (2)> no?
16:39:36 <Joe> don't see it yet
16:39:48 <Eric (2)> hmmm, how do I tell the difference :-P
16:39:53 <Eric (2)> You need a date in the corner :-D
16:40:12 <Joe> There are more geysers
16:40:22 <Joe> :)
16:40:25 <Eric (2)> which geyser is missing from this one?
16:40:45 <GO MORNING (3)> NG was the wrong side of the boardwalk
16:41:30 <Joe> and I added chinese spring
16:42:09 <Joe> and scissors
16:42:13 <ynpvisitor60> How do I see the panorama
16:42:32 <Cooper> scrool down on the right side
16:42:48 <Joe> on the right helpand important links
16:42:50 <Cooper> scroll* and then go to help and important links
16:43:24 <Cooper> wait, Joe and Eric you made that
16:43:24 <Joe> once you get it click on it it gets bigger
16:43:40 <Eric (2)> Updated Joe! Sorry, thought I had done it
16:43:42 <ynpvisitor60> Awesome, Thanks.
16:45:46 <Joe> I did shift f5 and don't see it yet
16:47:05 <Eric (2)> It's there...I am talking about the non-panorama one
16:47:21 <Eric (2)> it has a shifted NG and chinese spring on it
16:47:37 <Joe> yes me too
16:48:12 <Joe> I'll clear my cache
16:48:24 <Eric (2)> add a ?12312 to the end of the image url to force it to update
16:48:47 <Joe> ok
16:49:48 <Joe> got it Thanks
16:50:12 <GO MORNING (3)> thanks, i have it now ... when i need to know whats erupting :)
16:50:32 <Joe> :)
16:51:45 <GO MORNING (3)> not sure i can drag myself through 2 more days of work!
16:51:55 <CraigC> me neither
16:53:26 <Cooper> whoever made that panorama and image 1 are awesome
16:54:02 <GO MORNING (3)> :thumbsup:
16:54:02 <CraigC> they go by the name of Joe
16:54:16 <GO MORNING (3)> thank Joe .... and Eric for posting it
16:55:01 <Cooper> oh well Joe, thanks thats is just awsome
16:55:05 <Joe> And Graham for much input to get it right
16:55:12 <Cooper> and Eric
16:55:46 <Cooper> and Graham then
16:55:59 <GO MORNING (3)> i just moved the lines ... tjats easy
16:56:01 <CraigC> and Yellowstone for the geysers
16:56:51 <Cooper> well Yellowstone has been thanked by me, many times
16:58:45 <Joe> BBL
16:59:09 <Cooper> bye Joe
17:18:59 <GO MORNING (3)> bulger
17:38:32 <ynpvisitor93> Quick refill on Cistern
17:39:34 <ynpvisitor93> Bob Jones is back
17:41:29 <Eric (2)> Oh Nice...hmmm, will be interesting to see if I need to sit there on Saturday :-D
17:46:54 <ynpvisitor74> when is your next trip after this one Eric? Do you return when the snow is melted?
17:49:18 <Kevin L™🌵> IS the snow going to melt this year?
17:49:44 <GO MORNING (3)> at 4+ days?
17:50:05 <GO MORNING (3)> what snow?
17:54:27 <Eric (2)> Not sure I will make it back this year...I have a daughter to go college hunting with :-D
17:54:56 <Eric (2)> Plus I really want to do some hikes in Utah and the SW part of the US
17:55:14 <Eric (2)> Too poor to do it all :-(
17:55:21 <ynpvisitor74> well sounds like you are ready for this one!
17:55:36 <Eric (2)> I am super excited...even with the crummy weather
17:55:51 <ynpvisitor74> you are prepared for it
17:56:08 <GO MORNING (3)> lovely weather
17:56:26 <Eric (2)> We will see...yellowstone is great at throwing change at you :-D
17:56:33 <ynpvisitor74> springtime in the Rockies
17:57:29 <GO MORNING (3)> do geysers still erupt when its snowing?
17:57:46 <ynpvisitor74> ask GO MORNING, he might know
17:57:51 <GO MORNING (3)> are you visiting the park in Jan Eric?
17:59:51 <ynpvisitor74> let's go close up to OF???
18:00:13 <ynpvisitor74> does the cam still have close up focus?
18:00:41 <GO MORNING (3)> it has some focus settings for the presets
18:01:08 <ynpvisitor74> is one of them close up on OF?
18:01:24 <GO MORNING (3)> yes, very close on the cone
18:01:32 <ynpvisitor74> maybe we will get Grand after OF
18:01:42 <ynpvisitor74> close to cone sounds great
18:02:08 <GO MORNING (3)> if we can get OF to erupt
18:02:45 <ynpvisitor74> I like to watch it start, we go close to BH before, it is often much more fun than that, watching pre play up close
18:03:45 <Eric (2)> Who knows...if my daughter ends up going to school back east, I might be driving with her cross country at some point next year :-D
18:03:59 <ynpvisitor74> decisions, decisions
18:04:27 <Eric (2)> many schools, it's really hard to differentiate/choose
18:04:51 <Eric (2)> Weird YNM trace this afternoon
18:04:58 <ynpvisitor74> school offers once she applies might help decide that a bit for you.
18:05:14 <ynpvisitor74> really weird trace
18:05:23 <Eric (2)> Yes, for sure. Just need to figure out which ones to apply to first though :-(
18:05:39 <ynpvisitor74> it is the least expensive part of the whole process
18:06:41 <ynpvisitor74> she's already looking about, right?
18:06:44 <Eric (2)> True....but most of the schools she is looking at will make sure she can attend, if she gets accepted.
18:07:06 <Eric (2)> Yes, we already toured the midwest some for colleges, East Coast is next
18:07:22 <Eric (2)> OF
18:07:32 <Eric (2)> I think there is water in that column :-D
18:07:37 <ynpvisitor74> POOF
18:07:47 <GO MORNING (3)> what about MSU? nice and close
18:07:55 <ynpvisitor74> that is a great position to be in Eric, about the schools
18:08:15 <Eric (2)> haha...MSU keeps emailing me telling me to get her to go there :-P
18:08:33 <ynpvisitor74> go east for sure and see how she feels about it. A lot of westerners can never adjust
18:09:53 <GO MORNING (3)> D
18:09:55 <ynpvisitor74> cam down
18:09:57 <Eric (2)> Yep...she is an awesome kid. I know finding a balance between work ethic and ability is hard, but she has managed it quite well
18:10:14 <GO MORNING (3)> U
18:10:22 <ynpvisitor74> with an x for me
18:10:36 <ynpvisitor74> had to refresh
18:10:38 <Eric (2)> Yep, She loves MIT & Princeton are on her radar.
18:11:16 <Eric (2)> She doesn't have much interest in staying on the west coast. She wants to explore the world.
18:11:28 <ynpvisitor74> Good for her
18:12:20 <Eric (2)> I wanted her to go to cambridge in the UK :-D
18:12:34 <Eric (2)> grotto with big puffiness down there
18:13:01 <GO MORNING (3)> no Math program at MSU? :(
18:13:03 <ynpvisitor74> hey if they would pay her way, she should check it out
18:13:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Naval academy?
18:13:16 <ynpvisitor74> nooooo
18:13:39 <GO MORNING (3)> AF academy is closer
18:13:43 <Eric (2)> She actually does have interest in the State Department/Homeland Security cryptography divisions.
18:14:13 <Kevin L™🌵> They say Join the Navy, see the world!
18:14:36 <GO MORNING (3)> that would be NSA
18:14:45 <Eric (2)> We really haven't looked at the military academies Kevin
18:14:48 <GO MORNING (3)> they do that stuff at Ft Meade in MD
18:15:03 <ynpvisitor74> which she does not need to be any kind of ROTC for
18:15:07 <Eric (2)> Yep, NSA has probably one of the largest crypto groups
18:15:15 <GO MORNING (3)> as well as record every click you make and call you make i hear
18:15:30 <ynpvisitor74> any good schools in DC? How is George Washington for Math?
18:15:38 <ynpvisitor74> she could feel out the area
18:15:40 <GO MORNING (3)> i have no idea
18:15:59 <ynpvisitor74> I meant that for Eric, I think they have been researching
18:16:20 <GO MORNING (3)> i knew a pure mathematition that went into the UG equivalent of NSA, very nerdy bunch
18:16:29 <Eric (2)> Not sure about GW for mathematics
18:16:31 <GO MORNING (3)> UK
18:17:19 <GO MORNING (3)> he used to calculate pi for fun ... to a ridiculous number of plavces using pen and paper
18:17:20 <Eric (2)> Yes, I am sure they get a few Trinity Hall graduates :-D
18:17:53 <Eric (2)> Maybe for graduate studies if undergrad goes well she can follow up over there.
18:18:20 <Eric (2)> I think Trinity Hall will at least contemplate a phd student from the US...maybe :-D
18:18:41 <GO MORNING (3)> haha no idea what they do these days .. bring money
18:20:48 <ynpvisitor74> is the screen blurry for others?
18:20:55 <ynpvisitor74> mine is out of focus
18:21:09 <Eric (2)> yep...blurry
18:21:24 <Eric (2)> alright, I gotta run to have dinner with the family. Enjoy Grand
18:21:34 <ynpvisitor74> that is better, only focuses sometimes?
18:21:44 <ynpvisitor74> bye Eric
18:21:57 <Eric (2)> It should erupt at 1833 for you
18:22:06 <GO MORNING (3)> it became blurred when i zoomed in
18:22:24 <ynpvisitor74> could you not tell it was blurry on your screen?
18:22:27 <GO MORNING (3)> thanks Eric, enjoy
18:22:32 <ynpvisitor74> much better now
18:26:05 <Lori S> Hoping for a Grand finish to my work day.
18:26:45 <GO MORNING (3)> due in 7min per Eric
18:26:58 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
18:27:25 <GO MORNING (3)> are you going to SB for the next one Lori?
18:27:30 <GO MORNING (3)> when is your weekend?
18:27:34 <Lori S> Not 6 minutes or 8 minutes, but 7.
18:27:47 <GO MORNING (3)> 6min now
18:27:54 <Lori S> Sunday looks good. Perhaps for sunrise to mid-day.
18:28:34 <Lori S> Bob needs the truck back in West by 6 pm to get to work.
18:28:49 <GO MORNING (3)> cb poated update on Cistern but not SB ... a little odd
18:29:08 <GO MORNING (3)> ok, SUnday morning it is
18:29:36 <Lori S> While it drained quick, Cistern took a minute to refill this time.
18:30:12 <Lori S> I will be in Bozo Friday and Saturday for a "medical procedure."
18:30:22 <GO MORNING (3)> will still be under 6d by then, so who knows
18:31:05 <GO MORNING (3)> cistern was still full at 2 days, so quick really
18:31:26 <GO MORNING (3)> good luck with the procedure too
18:31:28 <Lori S> but not overflowing...right?
18:31:50 <GO MORNING (3)> just barely in overflow, so yes, in overflow
18:32:14 <Lori S> It's a routine procedure, but I still get the good knock-out drugs. :)
18:33:07 <Lori S> overflow today but not yesterday? I count time from refill to water returning to steamboat.
18:33:44 <Lori S> I mean from EMPTY to water returning to SB. sorry
18:35:03 <CraigC> :grand:
18:35:53 <Lori S> :heart:
18:39:35 <Cooper> :grand::thumbsup:>(
18:40:00 <CraigC> :daisy:
18:40:18 <CraigC> can we get a castle for a trifecta?
18:40:22 <GO MORNING (3)> so Eric was 2min early for Grand
18:40:34 <Cooper> :grand: and :daisy:, now we just need castle
18:43:27 <Cooper (away)> BBL
18:43:45 <Lori S> BBL?
18:44:02 <CraigC> BBL = be back later
18:44:12 <Lori S> but of course, bye
18:45:33 <CraigC> bulger
18:45:52 <GO MORNING (3)> 2nd
18:47:42 <GO MORNING (3)> long 2nd
18:51:15 <CraigC> grove huffing
18:51:35 <Lori S> Been a long day in tourism. Nice end to the day, though! Headed home.
18:51:49 <CraigC> cya Lori
18:52:03 <Lori S> Bye Craig
18:57:24 <CraigC> this person sitting at Heart Spring doesn't appear to be a typical tourist
18:58:20 <CraigC> Marmot Cave
18:59:58 <ynpvisitor32> question, where do people who enter daisy as electronic get the electronic data?
19:03:41 <Kevin L™🌵> Those are park rangers getting data from sensors near certain geysers.
19:04:12 <ynpvisitor32> ok, is there any way the public can see them
19:04:51 <GO MORNING (3)> only if they are logged here, or entered into the VEC loogbook
19:04:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Only if they enter them on GT. I think you can get them at the VEC too.
19:05:02 <GO MORNING (3)> here, as in on GT
19:05:32 <GO MORNING (3)> its a temp sensor in the runoff channel and the rangers get a download
19:05:55 <ynpvisitor32> okay thanks
20:03:49 <GO MORNING (3)> i am quitting. cam is available. Night View is one they dont want us to use in daylight
20:04:07 <GO MORNING (3)> so might as well use the Down Basin default
20:04:38 <GO MORNING (3)> goodnight
20:05:05 <ynpvisitor29> bye
20:19:07 <ynpvisitor26> why not night view in daylight? Shows cars?
21:06:16 <ynpvisitor94> Morning Fountain DUAL!
21:12:02 <ynpvisitor76> I knew it!
21:13:36 <Eric (2)> Wowza...those long durations did turn into a morning....sweeeeet!
21:15:51 <ynpvisitor113> that will increase interest at FPP
21:18:21 <ynpvisitor113> glad that someone saw it
21:26:57 <Casey> Humble brag - I told you to expect one in the next 48 hours.
21:35:26 <Joe> Anyone on Cam control??
21:36:03 <ynpvisitor55> This is Dave from B. Great news!
21:36:20 <Joe> OK
21:36:37 <ynpvisitor55> Woohoo
21:37:00 <Joe> I'm waiting
21:40:25 <Joe> Ah! ok news is....Morning... I'm slow but I get there!
21:41:51 <ynpvisitor55> Joe. Time for you to go to sleep?
21:42:20 <Joe> must be :)
21:43:37 <ynpvisitor55> When do you see your knee doctor again?
21:45:42 <Joe> Waiting for them to make a decision as to what is the best way to procede
21:46:05 <Joe> proceed*
21:46:52 <Joe> There is a problem with infection
21:47:22 <ynpvisitor55> Sorry I didn’t know
21:48:17 <Joe> They are trying to avoid amputation at all costs
21:48:37 <ynpvisitor55> Is there medication that can help
21:50:42 <Joe> I have been on antibiotics for years, in april of 16 they wanted to amputate but I chose to wait and see if there would be improvement
21:50:48 <ynpvisitor55> Joe I will pray for you. Take care of yourself. Please get lots of rest
21:51:08 <Joe> Thank you
21:51:26 <ynpvisitor55> Has there been improvement in 3 years
21:52:00 <Joe> slight but not good enough
21:54:23 <Joe> Last Sept they took me off of antibiotics because of other problems they were causing, everything has held at that point
21:55:13 <ynpvisitor55> Keep fighting. This entire chat room is rooting for you. Let us know if you need anything
21:55:36 <Joe> Thanks
21:56:30 <ynpvisitor55> I hope we get a chance to bump into each other this year in YNP
21:58:10 <Joe> I hope so to, I may have to come to Billings for more tests soon, I'll pester you at the SFOTW
21:58:36 <ynpvisitor55> I would love to do lunch
21:59:33 <Joe> would be nice we will see what happens
22:00:28 <ynpvisitor55> Time for bed. See you tomorrow
22:01:36 <Joe> good night
22:06:34 <ynpvisitor26> ,