Showing logs for date: 2019-06-18
04:20:32 <Betty> morning Joe
04:21:54 <Betty> color :-)
04:34:08 <ynpvisitor91> I want to see Great Fountain
04:35:54 <ynpvisitor95> GRAND
04:36:50 <joe1> hi Betty
04:37:55 <Betty> hi Joe
04:39:02 <ynpvisitor91> Grand will have to do
04:40:36 <Betty> morning 91
04:41:15 <ynpvisitor91> Abend
04:42:42 <joe1> 8min
04:44:58 <joe1> 10
04:50:00 <ynpvisitor91> Are you going to be around at 1000 Joe?
04:54:28 <ynpvisitor91> I have to take care of an issue for my Dad and will be late for my shift
05:00:58 <joe1> no at940 I hear what the options for my leg are
05:01:16 <joe1> sorry
05:25:27 <CraigC> hey Joe
05:25:35 <CraigC> hey Kevin
05:25:40 <CraigC> hey Betty
05:27:21 <Joe> HI Craig
05:32:25 <Betty> hi CraigC
05:52:15 <Betty> Aurum?
05:52:43 <Betty> think not
05:52:53 <Betty> morning Terry
05:53:58 <Betty> Riverside
05:54:30 <Betty> nice lit plume
06:00:32 <Betty> LC ie
06:01:21 <CraigC> marmot cave
06:01:57 <CraigC> nope
06:12:27 <ynpvisitor52> Good luck on the leg Joe. Hopefully someone can grab it.
06:13:58 <CraigC> grab his leg?
06:13:59 <Joe> thanks #52
06:14:52 <Betty> restless night, Kevin?
06:14:53 <CraigC> I think Marmot Cave now
06:16:22 <Betty> early mornings are so calm on geyser hill
06:16:52 <Joe> LA
06:31:51 <CraigC> marmot cave
06:32:10 <Betty> LC
06:42:36 <ynpvisitorCC> morning all
06:42:45 <Betty> morning CC
06:42:48 <Joe> Hi CC
06:42:57 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Betty and Joe
06:44:17 <ynpvisitorCC> Lots of folks waiting for OF
06:44:43 <Joe> CC the cam did not even bobble since 2035
06:45:04 <ynpvisitorCC> interesting but not fixed
06:45:20 <Joe> No not at all
06:46:08 <ynpvisitorCC> just stopping by for a few minutes...have to go shortly
06:46:36 <Joe> I leave soon also
06:47:02 <CraigC> hey CC
06:47:18 <ynpvisitorCC> morning Craig
06:47:26 <CraigC> lot of steam from SC
06:47:56 <ynpvisitorCC> see you all later
06:48:11 <Joe> Bye CC
06:48:18 <Betty> bye CC
06:50:39 <CraigC> I wonder why they changed the zoom on the static, we can't see BH indy now
06:51:06 <Betty> yes, such a bummer
06:51:57 <CraigC> Betty, what does SC look like when it erupts?
06:55:00 <Betty> a tad smaller than LC
06:55:03 <Joe> When they changed the static cam the last time the settings most likely were not saved so when they shutit down for VP Pense it rebooted to the last saved settings, just my guess
06:56:19 <Betty> pulsating
06:56:27 <CraigC> thanks
06:57:12 <Joe> it ia harder to see it looking down on sc
06:57:46 <Joe> with this cam, it showed very well on old cam
06:57:58 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:58:19 <Betty> yes, not easy to see it now
07:01:03 <Betty> OF
07:01:18 <Joe> Hi Dave
07:01:30 <Betty> morning Dave
07:01:46 <CraigC> hey Dave
07:01:50 <CraigC> hey Kat
07:01:50 <Joe> Hi Kat
07:01:57 <Dave from B™> Morning Joe, Betty, CraigC, Kat
07:02:03 <Betty> hi Kat
07:02:15 <Kat> Morning all! Was running a little late had to run to the bank!
07:02:17 <Joe> controls released
07:02:29 <Kat> Thanks Joe!
07:02:57 <Betty> how long is your shift, Kat?
07:02:58 <Kat> Morning light on OF :)
07:03:19 <CraigC> 3 days to solstice
07:03:59 <Joe> spider ie
07:04:09 <Kat> Only 3 hors today - yesterday was long!
07:04:17 <Betty> Kevin has issues to be here at 10
07:04:38 <Kat> I can hang over..
07:05:34 <Joe> Good Kevin was looking for someone to stay
07:05:48 <Kat> Is he able to operate at all today? I know he's really busy with his Dad.
07:06:11 <Betty> I think he´s only a bit later today
07:06:27 <Joe> he mentioned he would be back
07:06:58 <Kat> OK - I'll wait for him. It will postpone some grocery shopping I need to do! Yeah!
07:07:38 <Kat> Hate grocery shopping - just sayin'
07:07:47 <Betty> lol
07:07:48 <Joe> I would have done it, but I see the wizards again this am
07:08:31 <Kat> No problem Joe - you've helped out so much while we were all in the park!
07:09:34 <Kat> We have bubblers at Bee
07:09:36 <Betty> bubblers
07:09:38 <Joe> south bubbler steam
07:10:22 <Kat> Posts 2 seconds apart hehehe
07:10:36 <Joe> :)
07:12:31 <Kat> Praying for less frustration today!
07:12:55 <Joe> we can hope
07:13:13 <Joe> cam was very good last night
07:14:41 <Kat> Maybe it's me! HAHA
07:15:47 <Joe> Na! it does not like daytime manipulators
07:16:18 <Kat> :)
07:16:55 <Kat> I haven't seen Dome in a while.
07:17:19 <Joe> no we need a good ini
07:17:55 <Kat> That would be awesome!
07:18:07 <CraigC> been a while for NG also
07:19:20 <Joe> BA
07:19:45 <Kat> Someone posted a ? one the 14th.
07:21:30 <Joe> LA
07:30:03 <Joe> LC
07:32:10 <Joe> LA
07:32:21 <Kat> Again!
07:37:52 <CraigC> steam that looks west of Bank
07:38:07 <CraigC> maybe not, maybe it is Bank
07:39:49 <Kat> Could be Craig, but I'm not sure!
07:39:49 <Joe> In a few days Linda can stand near Bank and post it :)
07:40:13 <Kat> Bet she' packing today!
07:40:24 <Kat> she's*
07:41:10 <CraigC> Bank is pretty small, maybe like Anemone Big
07:41:53 <Joe> She wants a selfie with LC :)
07:42:17 <Kat> She'll get it too!
07:44:52 <Joe> The VEC is predicting early today
07:45:46 <Joe> LA
07:46:22 <CraigC> daisy
07:46:39 <Kat> :daisy:
07:47:36 <Chancellor> Good Morning all
07:48:20 <CraigC> hey chancellor
07:48:25 <Kat> Morning Chancellor
07:50:05 <CraigC> old tardy?
07:50:30 <Betty> morning Chancellor
07:50:31 <CraigC> yes, OT
07:51:11 <Betty> don´t see OT
07:51:30 <Betty> only steam there
07:51:46 <CraigC> zoom in?
07:51:59 <CraigC> bulger
07:52:03 <Joe> BULGER
07:52:32 <ynpvisitor25> is that all caps for a Major?
07:52:36 <ynpvisitor25> :)
07:52:41 <Betty> no water at OT
07:52:49 <Kat> I see steam too Craig
07:52:53 <CraigC> Betty, I agree
07:53:02 <CraigC> bulger looked like minor
07:53:17 <Betty> steam, yes, but no water
07:53:46 <Joe> All caps was heavy finger shift
07:53:50 <Betty> I bet it goes with the next bulger maj
07:54:03 <CraigC> also a alot of steam from twilight spring, so maybe I was seeing that zoomed back
07:55:47 <CraigC> sprinkler
07:56:29 <Kat> :)
07:56:44 <Kat> We need an emoji for Sprinkler
07:57:31 <Kat> LA ?
07:58:59 <ynpvisitor3> ⛲️
07:59:29 <Betty> oops, that looks better on my phone. lol
07:59:40 <Betty> hi Kevin
07:59:46 <CraigC> hey Kevin
07:59:50 <Kat> LOl Betty!
07:59:54 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
07:59:58 <Kevin L™🌵> Morning. I think.
08:00:00 <ynpvisitor1> I see we have indy watchers
08:00:22 <CraigC> mc
08:00:33 <Betty> you had a restless night, Kevin? :-(
08:00:49 <Kat> LC
08:01:00 <ynpvisitor1> marmot cave
08:01:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes. It was a busy day yesterday.
08:02:14 <ynpvisitor1> no text yesterday? or because indy was short duration
08:02:29 <Betty> there was a text
08:02:48 <CraigC> hey Bill
08:03:00 <Betty> better there was 2. one for indy and 2 min later for BH
08:03:08 <Betty> hi Bill
08:03:25 <Bill> Good morning
08:03:25 <Kevin L™🌵> I got both
08:03:30 <Betty> any news on closure of SB platform?
08:03:33 <ynpvisitor1> hm, I didn't receive any
08:03:48 <ynpvisitor1> will have to recheck
08:03:48 <Kat> I got both Indy and Bee yexts
08:03:53 <CraigC> is that feature above MC erupting?
08:04:14 <Bill> This is my first day working since Thursday. I've been here for about 10 min
08:04:21 <ynpvisitor1> SB has a closure?
08:04:28 <Betty> yes, it is Craig
08:04:40 <CraigC> Betty, thanks
08:04:46 <Betty> sorry, Bill
08:04:46 <CraigC> you see better than I do
08:04:53 <Joe> BA LA
08:05:40 <Betty> I´m impatient :-(
08:06:02 <Bill> Hah no worries. I havent heard anything yet. We're having a morning meeting though
08:06:54 <Betty> ynpvisitor1, lower platform at SB is closed for safety issues
08:07:26 <Betty> last SB seemed to throw out bigger rocks
08:07:39 <Kitt> sorry, didn't notice I hadn't changed to name
08:07:39 <Betty> oh, hi Kitt
08:07:40 <Joe> Hi Kitt
08:07:40 <CraigC> Ihope they just put warning signs "enter at your own risk" type stuff
08:08:14 <Kevin L™🌵> Isn't there a rule about getting stoned in the park?
08:08:17 <Kitt> I head in to park this Friday, so maybe won't need to sit at steamboat
08:08:45 <CraigC> "geysers can be deadly, do not approach closer than 25 feet"
08:08:49 <Betty> upper deck and steerage still open
08:09:12 <Kat> Kevin LOL
08:09:14 <Kitt> last year rocks were thrown at the upper deck
08:09:54 <CraigC> "hard hats advisable"
08:10:09 <Betty> nice boiling at Giantess
08:10:31 <Betty> as I said, I can bring my ski helmet
08:10:37 <Kat> I was on the upper deck on May 20th - I got hit by multiple small rocks - I thought at the time someone could get hurt there.
08:12:20 <Kitt> I guess it is breakfast time and back to packing
08:12:28 <Betty> where would Slot and Plate be located with this view?
08:12:43 <Kitt> will leave computer on
08:12:51 <Betty> you found yesterdays text?
08:13:05 <Betty> enjoy
08:13:15 <Kitt> no phone is in other room, but will check
08:14:08 <CraigC> Betty, maybe this side of doublet, to the left of dragon?
08:14:52 <Betty> with the old view I knew them, but I´ve never seen them in basin
08:15:10 <Betty> or with this view
08:15:40 <Betty> or Model geyser
08:16:03 <CraigC> aurum
08:16:04 <CraigC> .
08:16:05 <CraigC> .
08:16:05 <CraigC> .
08:16:05 <CraigC> .
08:16:05 <CraigC> .
08:16:10 <Dave from B™> woohoo
08:16:12 <Dave from B™> ..
08:16:22 <Betty> I´m lagged
08:16:27 <Betty> now
08:16:39 <Kat> Yeah
08:16:45 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
08:16:48 <Joe> Nice
08:17:01 <ynpvisitor21> I get to see it too
08:17:19 <Betty> good on static too
08:17:34 <Kat> Nice!!
08:17:36 <Kevin L™🌵> I love this view of Aurum
08:18:04 <Betty> one of the best I´ve seen, thx Kat
08:18:15 <Kat> yw
08:18:24 <CraigC> Betty, see, on static it seems you can see the base, on those other views the day before it seemed like the steam was drifting into that gap
08:18:44 <Betty> yes, saw that
08:18:58 <Betty> lighting helps too
08:19:24 <Kat> Let's hope that Bee can hold off until after OF
08:19:40 <Kevin L™🌵> Looking at the log Kat will you be able to cover me this morning?
08:20:12 <CraigC> hmmm, where would be a good place to save the static image of Aurum for reference?
08:20:55 <CraigC> hey Jimbo
08:21:05 <Joe> Aurum 0815:53 to 0817:21
08:21:09 <Kat> Yes - what time do you think you might be back? Just so I can plan my stupid grocery shopping!
08:21:12 <ScandiumCan> Hi CraigC
08:22:39 <Kevin L™🌵> I am hoping by 1200 latest. Trying to figure out prescriptions and arrange them but this "privacy" rule is killing me.
08:23:49 <Kat> No problem. Your Dad needs to give you power of attorney for his healthcare, Ask the nurses at the rehab. They'll help you.
08:24:06 <CraigC> I did my trust and will last week and named 3 people to have HIPA access
08:24:17 <CraigC> I also gave power of atty
08:25:39 <Kevin L™🌵> We are working on that now. I need it for a few other things too.
08:25:56 <CraigC> good move
08:26:00 <Kevin L™🌵> AND I am also working on that for me to my kids.
08:26:04 <Kat> Good- let me know if you have any questions. :)
08:26:25 <CraigC> we did it for my mom a few weeks ago, so I decided to use the same atty for mine
08:27:52 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, wishing you and your dad the best as you navigate through it all
08:28:46 <Joe> Well I'm out of here for the morning, happy geyser watching :)
08:28:52 <Kevin L™🌵> He is 86 with advancing Parkinsons. Been through cancer, heart attacks, and a few more things so he has had a good run.
08:29:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Best of luck Joe.
08:29:13 <Kat> See u later Joe!
08:29:29 <CraigC> good luck, Joe
08:29:56 <Kat> It's not easy Kevin I cared for both my Dad and Mom.
08:31:37 <Betty> good luck, Joe
08:33:29 <Betty> I´m out too, enjoy BH after OF
08:33:42 <Kat> Bye Betty!
08:34:27 <ynpvisitor68> what a beautiful shot!
08:34:40 <sparekitty> not a bad way to start the work day.
08:34:47 <Kevin L™🌵> Bye Betty. I am heading out too.
08:36:30 <Kat> Bye Kevin
08:42:39 <Kat> Here we go!!
08:45:16 <Dave from B™> Can we give that guy a paid holiday?
08:45:27 <Kat> Please!!
08:47:22 <Kat> OF is so slow some days!
08:48:17 <CraigC> hey Sam
08:48:19 <Kat> OF
08:48:25 <Sam> Hi Craig
08:48:57 <Sam> Udo in-basin already calling it a long
08:49:13 <Kat> Huh? He posted Bee too
08:49:15 <CraigC> bh on static
08:49:18 <Sam> Also, look at static. :)
08:50:35 <Chancellor> :bee:
08:50:42 <Kat> See it now!
08:51:00 <Kat> :(
08:51:02 <Sam> Looks like I logged in at the right time!
08:51:36 <Sam> Another BHI post BH
08:51:43 <CraigC> ughhh
08:52:03 <Kat> Can't access control cam!
08:52:17 <Sam> Just went down
08:54:06 <Kat> Sorry we missed that!
08:54:47 <Sam> No worries! Saw a little bit on static@
08:54:49 <Sam> !*
08:55:46 <Sam> No new SB notes since yesterday afternoon I see. I wonder what it's doing.
09:02:50 <Katie> Happy Tuesday
09:03:34 <Katie> Beehive started before Indy?
09:07:18 <CraigC> bulger
09:13:41 <ynpvisitor25> Udo enters OF as a long and oly changes it if he see's it as a short
09:14:07 <Sam> I didn't know that!
09:14:08 <ynpvisitor25> thats the way he does it all the time
09:14:33 <Sam> Guess I haven't really noticed that until today.
09:15:09 <ynpvisitor25> he doesnt enter OF very often
09:15:48 <Kitt (away)> Grr, should have know bee would go during breakfast
09:16:23 <Sam> The cam was down during it anyway. We only saw a bit on static.
09:30:59 <Dave from B™> Morning Lori S
09:31:16 <Lori S> Dave from B™, Hello, how ya been?
09:31:52 <Dave from B™> Not bad...I didn't kill any wildlife yesterday so it was a good day:)
09:32:14 <Lori S> Have you been i the park?
09:32:20 <Lori S> in
09:34:05 <Dave from B™> No, headed there Monday for 6 nights with 9 other relatives
09:35:57 <Dave from B™> You headed to SB today?
09:36:51 <Katie> I had plans to be there yesterday until I looked at my phone while fueling up at Canyon on Saturday evening. Couldn't believe it!
09:38:26 <Katie> I'm headed back for Fri-Monday again.
09:39:31 <Dave from B™> Katie, you are back home now?
09:57:24 <Lori S> Dave from B™, Sorry I'm at work and got a call. So, no SB for me this week if it goes before Friday.
09:58:12 <Lori S> Which I would guess it will with one "disturbing" exception
10:04:15 <Sam> OF?
10:06:07 <Sam> Last one must have been right on the line of long/short
10:06:45 <CraigC> wow
10:07:04 <Lori S> Well, got busy at work. Will try getting on later. Bye all.
10:07:15 <ynpvisitor110> Haven't been able to move the cam...
10:07:58 <Dave from B™> Bye Lori
10:08:09 <Kat> Bye Lori
10:10:14 <Sam> On the other end of things, I do remember seeing OF and thinking "that was a short" but then it had a long interval.
10:10:18 <Katie> Dave from B™, yes, I'm home for a few days. Leaving after work on Thursday again to stay through Wednesday afternoon.
10:11:22 <Dave from B™> I'll be touring with a group of 9 relatives Mon thru Sunday
10:13:53 <Dave from B™> Regarding yesterday's comment on few gazers posting in the basin. They could be experiencing the same bandwidth issues we are facgin with the cam.
10:14:49 <Katie> The bandwidth sources are different - the T1 that the cam gets bandwidth from is dedicated to the cam.
10:16:41 <ynpvisitor25> are there many gazers in the basin now?
10:17:02 <Kat1> a few
10:17:05 <CraigC> I only see entries form Udo
10:17:38 <Kat1> Craig -you're right!
10:18:02 <Katie> I don't know the answer to that, but I do know that there is congestion on the Verizon network throughout the Park - worst in the afternoon. I would have been making entries yesterday, but the network was just too jammed up and I wasn't going to spend 5 minutes waiting for a page to load to make an entry.
10:18:57 <Dave from B™> Katie, if you have the GT app, it will automatically download when you get to service
10:19:11 <Dave from B™> No need to wait for things to load
10:20:35 <Katie> I forget about the app! And I do have it. Thanks for that reminder! I'll try to imprint it!
10:21:14 <ynpvisitor25> william and lynn and Luke were posting yesterday and carol and bill
10:22:01 <ynpvisitor25> maureen and Polly
10:22:05 <Katie> But still need to go to site to make entries, right?
10:22:30 <ynpvisitor25> JeffL and Tara
10:22:50 <ynpvisitor25> Katie you can enter times in the App, you have to login though
10:23:10 <ynpvisitor25> they will then upload when it gets a chance
10:23:44 <Eric> Morning all
10:23:59 <Eric> Yep, use the app only while in the basin...way, way simpler and faster than the website
10:24:35 <Eric> No waiting to enter a time...just add it and forget. The entry will sync when you connect to a network later.
10:25:24 <Dave from B™> Morning and thanks for explainging Eric!
10:25:43 <ynpvisitor25> at least 11 gazers posting....jst nt much this morning
10:26:22 <Dave from B™> You have Morning which bubbled last night and SB fast approaching
10:26:28 <Eric> Did beehive not go this morning?
10:26:31 <Eric> False indy?
10:26:41 <Dave from B™> Indy 3 minutes after BH
10:27:00 <Eric> ahhh, my page is showing the indy, but no bh :-P
10:27:00 <Kat1> It did go - Indy posted after BH
10:27:01 <Eric> thanks
10:27:13 <Eric> makes sense now
10:27:35 <Eric> They fixing the cam this morning? Hence this extended downtime.
10:27:35 <ynpvisitor3> GT on iPhone you have to refresh the app when you get in cell. It does not automatically update
10:27:39 <Sam> Quite a few people still waiting for OF haha
10:27:55 <Dave from B™> Not many gazers; I bet
10:28:20 <ynpvisitor3> Will SB go in the moonlight in the wee hours?
10:28:40 <Eric> 14 day interval :-P
10:28:58 <Eric> Norris is evil!
10:29:01 <ynpvisitor3> I’m going with no on that guess
10:29:08 <Dave from B™> Be nice, Eric. 3, that may happen
10:29:26 <Eric> Norris is still evil and I am sticking to it.
10:29:48 <ynpvisitor3> Cistern refill quick, no signs (yet) of disturbance, all signs point to quick
10:29:53 <Eric> Cistern will erupt and stall out SB for another 12 days.
10:29:54 <Sam> I remember Cooper mentioning on here a few days ago that he thinks Norris may be going into a disturbance
10:30:13 <ynpvisitor3> Cooper is young and was refuted
10:30:15 <Eric> uhhh, cooper would not have the information
10:30:31 <ynpvisitor3> Well he was there Eric
10:30:49 <ynpvisitor3> For the last SB and the day after
10:31:00 <Eric> Ahhh, nice...glad he got it!
10:31:23 <ynpvisitor3> Yet none of Carol’s notes point to disturbance, or Udo’s yesterday
10:31:44 <Sam> Anywho. I’ll be interested to see any more notes about Cistern/SB today
10:31:48 <Eric> Yes, they are pretty well versed in disturbances now.
10:31:59 <Dave from B™> No D going on now
10:32:16 <ynpvisitor3> So I’m thinking another short. I’ll be checking tonight
10:32:22 <Eric> But norris is still evil and will throw some funk into it's pattern
10:32:33 <Kat1> Eric - not that I know of.
10:32:41 <Eric> It likes to keep gazers on their toes!
10:32:44 <ynpvisitor3> Eric, you maybe need Norris therapy!!
10:32:50 <Dave from B™> At some point but not this time around
10:32:51 <Eric> I do... :-P
10:33:14 <ynpvisitor3> How could a place as awesome as Norris be evil?
10:33:19 <Dave from B™> Eric is a little snarky today....he needs to go view some of his SB pics for happiness:)
10:33:56 <ynpvisitor3> It could be your own personal prison, like Dave, yet never evil!
10:33:56 <Dave from B™> We're hoping to ship Becca off during the family trip so she can try to get it next week
10:34:16 <Dave from B™> I was released from prison on May 13
10:34:24 <Eric> The rest of Norris is actually pretty awesome....I guess it's just those prison cells up around SB that put off a bad perception.
10:34:31 <ynpvisitor3> You mean have her hitch a ride with another gazer?
10:34:34 <Dave from B™> Now, when I come back, I'm just visiting.
10:34:55 <ynpvisitor3> Once was enough Dave?
10:35:20 <Eric> Gotta say...I loved sitting out at LGB with everyone for a couple days watching for morning. Even if I didn't get it.
10:35:22 <Dave from B™> 3, We may drop her off at Norris if we have other plans that day. Our group of 10 will hang around Norris for 2-4 hours exploring if Sb is in its window
10:35:55 <Dave from B™> Once was not enough for me but I have different priorities leading a group
10:36:41 <Dave from B™> I could spend all day at the Fountain area...oh, wait I did!:)
10:40:04 <Dave from B™> If I ranked my favorite geysers; SB and Morning would be 1 & 2. I do like the pop and blue bubbles of Morning
10:42:05 <Eric> F&M and Morning are my two favorites
10:43:04 <Dave from B™> I do like the water coming out of every hole in the ground at F&M
10:53:43 <Kat1> Looking like we may be down for awhile! Same thing happened yesterday.
11:20:09 <Eric> Someone should ping park service personnel that the cam is down still. I updated my Facebook post to them.
11:28:17 <Dave from B™> Eric, guess what I got for Father's Day?
11:30:32 <Eric> Backpack?
11:30:45 <Eric> Garmin instinct watch?
11:31:04 <Eric> new lingerie?
11:31:05 <Dave from B™> A Costco portable high backed gazing chair!
11:31:09 <Dave from B™> hahaha
11:31:14 <Eric> Nice!
11:31:17 <Dave from B™> It is nice
11:31:32 <Dave from B™> I'll be testing it out next week
11:31:36 <Eric> I saw those...was kinda bummed I already had a portable chair
11:31:47 <Eric> I like the pillow head rest
11:31:49 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, it is a good wolf and bear chair as well
11:32:00 <Dave from B™> Yep. pillow rest is included
11:32:27 <Dave from B™> My wife said to buy a good flashlight as well
11:33:25 <Eric> Nice :-D You going to get a mega bright big light?
11:33:50 <Dave from B™> Yep
11:33:54 <Eric> I have been eyeing the convoy S11...I bright single cell light with the latest Cree bulb
11:34:18 <Eric> I don't want huge, i want portable :-D
11:34:24 <Eric> and super bright
11:35:19 <Dave from B™> I'll look in a couple weeks. Still trying to get caught up so I can get ahead for next week's last vacation until September
11:35:51 <Eric> These guys ship from hong kong, but cool little lights:
11:36:33 <Eric> The new CREE XHP50.2 is an amazing LED
11:40:46 <Dave from B™> Too many choices:)
11:44:41 <Eric> The most important part is what LED it uses...brand is helpful, but you want the current generation of LEDs
11:45:24 <Dave from B™> Thanks for that tip. Good to know
11:47:08 <Kevin L™🌵> Loading it up Kat
11:47:55 <Eric> I would make sure the light has Cree XHP70.2 or XHP50.2 LEDs in it. If you want really, really bright multiple XHP70.2 LEDs is the brightest light money can buy.
11:50:01 <Eric> Maybe the brightest production light that exists:
11:50:08 <Dave from B™> I want to be able to see ET and Jabba in the middle of the night
11:51:03 <Eric> You could give them a suntan with that light
11:51:22 <Eric> Its about 5 times more powerful than Grahams brightest light :-D
11:51:48 <Dave from B™> That might be too much
11:51:56 <Eric> haha :-P
11:52:07 <Dave from B™> I don't want to blind cars from Fountain
11:52:18 <Eric> You could use it for night events at the store :-P
11:52:46 <Dave from B™> I'll use it to stun the live lobsters
11:52:55 <Eric> You could probably see kaleidoscope pretty well with it at night.
11:53:15 <Eric> OF ie on static
11:53:57 <Dave from B™> We did manage a couple short hikes on our trip to last week. Franklin Falls near Snoqualmie Pass was fun
11:54:09 <Eric> Nice
11:56:25 <Dave from B™> Still debating about hiking to Specimen Ridge Petrified trees next week
11:56:42 <Eric> ohhh, that would be nice
11:57:06 <Eric> Saw some pics of sepulcher from the park service...that area looks clear
11:57:23 <Eric> hell roaring I bet would still be full of wildlife and some great hikes
11:57:24 <Dave from B™> I'm thinking of dividing the group. more fit to go to trees and the rest along the Yellowstone river trail to Tower Falls overlook
12:03:47 <Betty> oh, it is down again?
12:04:00 <Eric> Yep...pretty much all morning
12:04:08 <Kevin L™🌵> My wife learned something. They don't put CD players in cars anymore. She bought a bunch of expensive books on CD for her trip.
12:04:45 <Betty> not when I left, everything was fine then
12:04:51 <Betty> hi Eric
12:05:15 <Dave from B™> oh,no Kevin
12:05:28 <Dave from B™> Can she return them?
12:06:03 <Dave from B™> You could buy a portable CD player to plug into usb
12:06:07 <Kevin L™🌵> I am ripping them onto a thumb drive right now.
12:19:39 <Eric> Hi Betty :-D
12:19:57 <Eric> I had to restart my gets cranky after a couple weeks of being up without a restart
12:24:41 <Kat> Hey Kevin - cam has been down for sometime! Hope all went well.
12:27:49 <Kevin L™🌵> Thanks Kat. Got the items done I needed to.
12:27:58 <Kat> :)
12:28:08 <Eric> You were supposed to fix the cam!
12:28:24 <Eric> Kevins ToDo list: #1 Fix the Live Streaming Webcam!
12:28:33 <Eric> See?
12:28:56 <Eric> #2 is repeat #1 until complete.
12:29:24 <Kat> I was supposed to fix it? I wish I could!! :)
12:29:25 <Kevin L™🌵> Does it involve tannerite?
12:29:46 <Betty> maybe it is a Danica cam?
12:29:47 <Eric> Some Inn guests might get a little startled.
12:30:17 <Eric> But then they might plug back in the old cam!
12:30:18 <Kevin L™🌵> It does run slow and keeps crashing Betty.
12:30:52 <Eric> BTW, I verified while there...the old cam is still very much up and stable in the tree
12:31:34 <Betty> so sad
12:33:06 <Eric> The other thing I am wondering is if the Ranger station there has a high power radio that they use for communication. Maybe it is interfering somehow? The backcountry office didn't open until later in the spring...maybe about the time the cam started having issues?
12:34:49 <Eric> Doesn't seem like it would be constant downtime like this...but trying to think outside the box on the issue
12:35:04 <Betty> evening Jarno
12:35:11 <ynpvisitor999®> and it's that time of the day again... That aside - afternoon all, evening Betty
12:35:20 <Eric> Hi Jarno
12:37:08 <Kat> Hi Jarno
12:38:06 <Kat> Even when I think it's coming back up it crashes before you can log back into the controls. Hard to move it!
12:41:13 <Eric> Operators might want to stay off controls page until they see it come up here.
12:42:01 <Eric> When you are on that page, you are sucking more bandwidth, which could cause it to "crash" I would hazard to guess.
12:42:15 <Eric> Especially with a bad signal
12:42:17 <Kat> I close the control page when it's down
12:43:01 <Kevin L™🌵> I believe the radio people may be working on it.
12:43:01 <Eric> I probably doesn't make much of a difference actually...since there seem to be much deeper issues with the setup
12:43:09 <Eric> It
12:43:30 <Eric> ahhh, cool...glad they have "radio people" :-D
12:44:00 <Eric> I hope they can get the problem narrowed down!
12:48:26 <Katie> I wish they would try moving the radio to the northeast corner of the roof, out of the beam of that cellular relay (which is on 24/7, but throughput would be increased with more visitors and during the day, so I no longer rule it out).
12:49:41 <Eric> If they have "radio people" there...they will quickly rule that out or verify it's the problem. Not difficult to do with a hand frequency analyzer
12:50:17 <Eric> and Hi Katie :-D
12:50:31 <Katie> Yup. *fingers crossed* Hopefully they will get this sorted out. I wonder if they even had people from Motorola/Cambium come.
12:50:55 <Eric> They should also just be able to see their connection quality on their radios admin page.
12:51:43 <Katie> Yup, and transmit power, and SNR and all that other "stuff."
12:52:05 <Eric> Yes, fingers are crossed they got the right people to help
12:54:07 <Betty> woah, it moved
12:54:36 <Eric> and it stopped
12:56:39 <Katie> So, yesterday, I was leaving Castle and going to Beehive. As I was on the bridge, I saw Old Tardy ie. I mentioned it to the people around me. A lady said "funny that she would totally make up something like that and say it out loud." I slowed down my walk as they got there and walked around to the sign side. "oh..."
12:57:47 <Kat> Katie - that's funny but not! Some people!
12:57:54 <Katie> I don't know how many people with TMobile or ATT took photos of my phone screen on the predictions page (I WILL remember app next time - I was so happy when the iOS app came out and then forget to use it)
13:01:27 <Katie> I wasn't going to Beehive. Sheesh. I was going to LION. And good thing. Timing was right for Lion and would have been several hours late for Beehive. I don't sleep much on trips. I blame that.
13:10:12 <CraigC> Katie, funny story
13:10:29 <CraigC> I'm back from biking, looks like I haven't missed much viewing
13:13:47 <ynpvisitor999®> OF ie static
13:37:00 <ynpvisitor98> In slight defence of the IT people. If it is a transmitter side problem, they would need to go up to the top of the Inn and attach a computer to see what could be happening.
13:38:02 <ynpvisitor98> Also they blamed the "housing" and I have not seen anyone say that was fixed.
13:38:21 <Katie> That was a camera problem - separate issue
13:38:48 <ynpvisitor98> Other then that, it is just excuses and order of importance for the department.
13:40:09 <Katie> Well, to use a car as an analogy, one can have a flat tire and a problem with the fuel pump and a bad alternator all at the same time. They are unrelated, but all problems and each has to be fixed.
13:40:45 <ynpvisitor98> Yes.
13:41:58 <ynpvisitor98> Or you park the car till you have time to work on it, or just park it and plant flowers in the open trunk.
13:42:36 <ynpvisitor98> Or give it to the neighbor kid and watch him fix and sell it to someone else.
13:43:21 <ynpvisitor98> Time to eat. Enjoy the circle. Hope Kevin did not rush back to drive a broke car.
13:52:50 <Eric> BTW no defence needed for IT or anyone else at the park...I am sure they are all doing the best they can with the resources allocated to them. I just hope they can find the right resources and get the right priorities from on high to get this resolved.
13:53:48 <Eric> If it was an easy problem, it probably would have been solved a while ago.
13:59:33 <Katie> Indeed. They don't like having it not working, either.
14:01:35 <Eric> The only reason I ping them on FB is to make sure higher ups hear that resources are needed and people care.
14:02:54 <Katie> And you do so without criticizing individuals. Your style of comment is helpful to the people who know there is a problem and are working on fixing it but aren't being supported.
14:03:16 <Katie> (supported with resources)
14:03:55 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
14:06:46 <CraigC> I don't feel like it is unreasonable to expect better, if this weren't a govt run site, it would have been fixed within a couple of days
14:26:28 <ynpvisitor14> I don’t think they will get it fixed unless they move it back
14:27:15 <ynpvisitor14> Too many issues at this site. We’ll go into winter and be without a cam all winter. There will be no fixing it then.
14:27:47 <ynpvisitor14> Hopefully the powers that be will see this, not rocket science !
14:27:49 <CraigC> guess it depends on what is not working
14:31:11 <LindaG> Hi
14:31:28 <Katie> Hi, LindaG.
14:31:34 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Linda
14:31:55 <LindaG> So no cam
14:31:58 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi.
14:32:02 <LindaG> I saw email
14:32:02 <Kevin L™🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
14:32:34 <LindaG> Is everyone waiting g for steamboat? 😊
14:32:41 <Betty> hi Linda. we have a cam, it is just not working :-p
14:32:50 <CraigC> LOL
14:32:54 <LindaG> Betty, how true
14:33:30 <LindaG> What's a cam operator without a cam? Lol
14:33:58 <ynpvisitor999®> so webcam is out of order again?
14:34:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Bored!
14:34:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Still dg
14:34:20 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, bingo!
14:34:24 <Katie> I was very glad to be spending the time of my usual Monday shift in basin. I'll do that again next week. :) Or, maybe not in UGB. Maybe Norris
14:35:10 <LindaG> Most likely canceling my trip to YNP
14:35:13 <Kevin L™🌵> I think Eric should put on old captures.
14:35:28 <LindaG> W couldmget popcorn
14:35:31 <Kevin L™🌵> That is a bummer Linda
14:35:46 <LindaG> We could get popcorn
14:36:03 <CraigC> LindaG, what happened???
14:36:35 <ynpvisitor999®> 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 Hopefully this is enough popcorn for the next little while...
14:36:35 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, big bummer, have some health issues that are unresolved
14:37:43 <Kevin L™🌵> Ugh. Not a good year for camops.
14:37:58 <CraigC> LindaG, damn, sorry to hear :(
14:38:11 <Eric> Yes Linda...I hope you get them resolved
14:38:46 <LindaG> I'm working on it. I havent cancelled yet 😊
14:39:29 <Katie> Oh, no, Linda! Sorry to hear that.
14:40:31 <LindaG> Thx. It's stupid stuff but it's a big trip. I'll see what tomorrow brings.
14:41:04 <Betty> sorry to hear that, Linda
14:41:06 <CraigC> when I can't 'go', Cracklin Oat Bran usually fixes it
14:41:22 <LindaG> CraigC, lol
14:41:26 <CraigC> ;)
14:41:53 <Betty> ohh, Craig ;-)
14:44:37 <Kevin L™🌵> And when you go too much.....
14:45:49 <LindaG> You guys are funny I can see that no cam is getting to you. Lol
14:46:03 <CraigC> LOL
14:46:27 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum on static?
14:47:24 <CraigC> I don't know
14:47:59 <CraigC> we caught one this morning, and it seems like you see the base of Aurum in static. that could be pump
14:49:19 <CraigC> we watched Aurum on the live cam, and it showed on 2 frames of static
14:49:25 <Lori S> Maybe we can give some Cracklin Oat Bran to the webcam
14:49:33 <CraigC> Lori S, LMAO
14:49:34 <Lori S> hello again all
14:49:38 <CraigC> OF
14:49:43 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon Lori
14:50:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi
14:50:19 <LindaG> Lori S, hi lol
14:50:38 <Lori S> Boss has been in the office all day. Puts a hitch in my giddyup.
14:50:53 <LindaG> Bummer
14:51:27 <Lori S> He just left for a bit. Whew.
14:51:29 <CraigC> ynpvisitor999®, look and see if it looks different, this is from this morning;
14:51:37 <Lori S> What have I missed?
14:51:50 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks Craig
14:52:01 <Kevin L™🌵> You are looking at it Lori
14:52:10 <Lori S> Kevin L™🌵, :thumbsdown:
14:52:37 <Kevin L™🌵> Cam took Aurum lessons
14:53:59 <CraigC> Lori S, are there any places not too far from West where land is decent price for parking RVs, where we would have access to power and water?
14:55:20 <Lori S> You mean not an RV park?
14:55:36 <CraigC> I see lots about 1/3 acre by Rainbow Point for about 40k
14:55:38 <Lori S> You had me until access to power and water
14:55:48 <CraigC> land to buy
14:55:57 <Lori S> OHHHHH
14:56:25 <CraigC> Island Park is cool, but I want closer
14:56:40 <Eric> Buy a nice size lot and I will park my rv there too :-D
14:57:11 <Lori S> I know someone that put in a manufactured home on rainbow Point Road. Not sure about utility access. I am and always will be a renter.
14:57:25 <CraigC> I am betting those lots by Rainbow point have limitations about having to build
14:57:59 <Lori S> And I am second in line to park our travel trailer on your land. We hope to get one within the year.
14:58:08 <CraigC> Eric, that would be my hope, is enough space that we could let others come and park, too
14:58:44 <Lori S> You lan on year around?
14:58:46 <CraigC> I would want to build a shower and bathroom building
14:58:50 <Lori S> *plan
14:58:54 <CraigC> just for summers
14:59:35 <Lori S> I offer to be your winter keeper. We need year around and there is absolutely nothing in or near town we can rent.
14:59:58 <Lori S> space wise
15:01:31 <Lori S> CraigC, There has been a freeze on connecting new to the water and sewer in town due to overloading. But I think they have finally worked it out.
15:02:39 <Lori S> Are you thinking like a revenue camper park or spots for locals?
15:03:22 <Lori S> AFK
15:05:43 <CraigC> I'm entertaining the idea of my 2 sisters and I buying some land since they both have trailers, also
15:06:05 <CraigC> one has hers parked there in West now
15:08:12 <Lori S> Oh, OK. Buy,there is a huge shortage of housing, including trailer spots, here.
15:09:26 <Sam> Not a lot of reports today.
15:10:46 <ynpvisitor999®> they're probably at Steamboat, waiting for another 3d interval
15:11:26 <CraigC> I'd be there, even if not for an eruption, just to see what is happening
15:12:42 <Lori S> I'd be there too!
15:13:14 <Kevin L™🌵> We need a gazer coop RV park
15:13:26 <Lori S> CraigC, the realtors in town would be the best folks to ask, I think. They know their stuff. Debbie Griffin is a good source,
15:13:49 <Lori S> Kevin L™🌵, :thumbsup:
15:14:06 <Sam> Makes sense!
15:14:14 <Lori S> I'm kinda partial to a tiny home village.
15:14:28 <Lori S> AFK again
15:14:35 <Kevin L™🌵> Cabins & RV?
15:16:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Bed & Breakfast?
15:16:38 <Katie> Who has time for breakfast?
15:16:54 <Kevin L™🌵> To go?
15:17:16 <Kevin L™🌵> With bison nachos when you come back.
15:18:14 <Joe> I breakfast burrito and coffee to go :)
15:24:18 <CraigC> a Tiny Home village would be awesome
15:26:39 <Betty> cam up?
15:27:03 <Betty> yay
15:27:36 <Joe> :):):):):):)
15:27:54 <Betty> was that you, Joe :-)
15:28:06 <Joe> yes :):):)
15:28:29 <Betty> thx
15:28:34 <CraigC> bulger
15:28:51 <ynpvisitor999®> Fun. When I switched the cam to be the main camera again, I got a square, bunched-up image. Reminded me a bit of some old videos I saw
15:28:59 <Joe> I did not bring it up, the radio shop must have
15:29:09 <Joe> I just :):):):)
15:29:26 <Lori S> Yay, we have steam!
15:29:33 <Betty> I know ;-)
15:29:56 <Joe> watch for bulgers hole
15:30:09 <Eric> We have video!
15:30:13 <Eric> Booomya
15:30:22 <Katie> *crosses fingers*
15:30:25 <Eric> focus button?
15:30:25 <Katie> *knocks on wood*
15:30:29 <Eric> or is that focused?
15:30:59 <Eric> Is this one of you controlling the cam or admin?
15:31:12 <Kevin L™🌵> I have it
15:31:12 <Joe> not me
15:31:31 <CraigC> auughh
15:31:59 <Eric> and back
15:32:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Throwing life preserver......
15:32:21 <Eric> and down
15:32:34 <Lori S> Speaking of tiny homes, I've always wanted to start up a cabin kennel for dogs and call it Yellowsnow.
15:33:38 <Joe> Lori :)
15:34:38 <Eric> Do they understand the problem yet on the cam?
15:34:56 <Joe> no word yet
15:34:59 <Kevin L™🌵> I don't think so.
15:39:23 <Eric> Well, I hope they have some success...complex tech things suck when they don't work :-(
15:46:22 <Joe> OT
15:47:11 <Joe> or not
15:49:16 <Betty> yes
15:52:55 <Kat> Still up and down?
15:53:46 <Joe> up since 1533
15:54:10 <Kat> Wow! :)
15:55:47 <Lori S> Go Webcam!
15:56:57 <Joe> CASTLE
16:00:01 <Joe> Down :(
16:00:34 <Joe> up
16:06:34 <Joe> Grand
16:06:38 <Joe> /
16:07:01 <CraigC> ughh
16:07:03 <Lori S> nice!
16:07:23 <Lori S> the nice was for the dual, not the down :(
16:08:52 <Betty> look all the people running to grand
16:09:10 <CraigC> sorry, I don't buy that, I think you like when it is frozen
16:09:20 <ynpvisitor110> Grand
16:09:44 <CraigC> wb Linda
16:10:04 <Lori S> CraigC, who me?
16:10:13 <CraigC> ;)
16:10:13 <LindaG> CraigC, thx, a little late on grand
16:10:49 <Joe> Just a bit :)
16:10:58 <Betty> that is like my first day in UGB, when I knew nothing about geysers. both were going when we left Inn, and we just made it to the end of Castles water phase. I did not even know the other thing going was Grand :-)
16:10:59 <Lori S> :p
16:11:03 <Eric> I see they have made no improvement
16:11:03 <LindaG> 😋
16:11:15 <Eric> Maybe still working?
16:11:42 <CraigC> they just fixed it for eternity
16:11:45 <LindaG> Astle too
16:11:54 <LindaG> Castle too
16:13:44 <Betty> arty steam
16:15:08 <Kat> Hey Linda - all packed? Hope you have an excellent time!
16:15:10 <Joe> Castle is Major
16:16:17 <Betty> pause
16:16:52 <Betty> 2nd
16:16:58 <Joe> 2nd
16:17:00 <Betty> woah
16:17:02 <Katie> Whoop
16:17:13 <Katie> That 2nd burst was a good one, too!
16:17:18 <Eric> Nice...
16:17:55 <Betty> pause...
16:18:00 <Dave from B™> Arty
16:19:16 <Betty> where was the3rd?
16:19:39 <ynpvisitor999®> G3Q | 11m
16:19:45 <Betty> time for OF
16:19:54 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle major
16:20:01 <Betty> I only saw 2
16:20:56 <Betty> we are in OF window
16:21:10 <Kevin L™🌵> yep
16:21:14 <ynpvisitor999®> ssssssh
16:22:02 <Betty> it is better to go there before they have the idea to stay on OF view all the time. (IMO)
16:22:20 <Kevin L™🌵> Scared to mess with it
16:22:30 <Betty> yep
16:24:53 <Betty> wow, last F&M 236 days
16:24:53 <ynpvisitor999®> Ol'e Fluffball
16:26:27 <Katie> Yes, GO STEAMBOAT so Fri-Mon will have potential again.
16:26:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> F&M still have time to reactivate before your visit Betty
16:26:50 <Betty> >(
16:26:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> i was thinking SB before Friday
16:27:01 <Katie> When are you visiting, Betty?
16:27:40 <Katie> I was thinking before Fri, too. So, the sooner, the better so it can "reload" for my next visit (which will be Friday through Monday afternoon).
16:27:43 <Betty> end of August, till over Labour day
16:27:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> the SB window is open anyway
16:28:29 <Eric> Giantess window is open
16:28:40 <Lori S> Eric LOL
16:28:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> i disagree with you Eric
16:29:05 <Lori S> SB could break its window again
16:29:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> is that the next big geyser you want t osee?
16:29:23 <Katie> My
16:29:37 <Eric> I am up for any big geyser :-D But Giantess is on my bucket list
16:29:40 <Katie> My "next big geyser" list is rather long. But Giantess is definitely on it!
16:29:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> i hope SB doesnt go long .. but who knows given what it did after a short interval last year
16:30:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> hard to believe I have seen SB more than Giantess
16:30:16 <Eric> Yep...I mentioned 14 days earlier this morning. You never know with SB
16:30:21 <Betty> Cistern had a quick refill
16:30:56 <Dave from B™> No Big D evidence so we are go to go for quick launch this time around
16:31:04 <Dave from B™> good to go*
16:31:06 <Eric> I still think Giantess window is open....we just need the right catalyst
16:31:21 <Betty> soap?
16:31:26 <Eric> shhhh
16:31:28 <Eric> no
16:31:29 <Dave from B™> A bison might do it, Eric
16:31:37 <Dave from B™> or an EQ
16:32:05 <Betty> wash a bison with soap before it falls into it
16:32:13 <Eric> Still not sure what the cause of hill disturbance was last fall...but who knows, it could shift some of that energy back to giantess.
16:32:25 <Lori S> or Plume
16:32:33 <Lori S> (wishful thinking)
16:32:35 <Eric> I think plume is dead
16:32:38 <Betty> Plume, sigh
16:32:41 <Dave from B™> That was strictly an ear spring clog go wrong; wasn't it?
16:32:43 <Eric> That area looks so volatile to me
16:32:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> Vault water level was higher this spring than last year
16:33:08 <Eric> was more than that Dave...we had earth bulging in large sections!
16:33:12 <Betty> is that good for giantess?
16:33:32 <Eric> We had multiple things explode out of the ground!
16:33:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> it at least reached sponge and Pump area ... so close to Giantess
16:33:40 <Eric> Definitely not just ear spring
16:33:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> of course Big Cub and Lioness did nothing either
16:34:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> nothing is good for Giantess other than an eruption
16:34:39 <Lori S> I remain unnerved that Vixen drained into a hole in the ground all last year ad it took until spring for that hole to "clog" and back up.
16:34:59 <Betty> :D
16:35:18 <Lori S> sorry, i meant the hole on the other side of the walk, not Voxen itself
16:35:31 <Lori S> Vixen :p
16:36:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> woah a 3b Grand? Woohoo
16:37:15 <Kevin L™🌵> With a Castle kicker
16:38:16 <CraigC> maybe someone can enter a WC on Castle with the Major so it updates the prediction?
16:38:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> prediction updated
16:38:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> 0530
16:39:16 <CraigC> hmmm
16:39:37 <CraigC> oh, I don't see the NPS ones
16:40:00 <Dave from B™> GS, would you be staying overnight at Sb tonight if you were there?
16:40:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave woke up.
16:41:21 <Dave from B™> Had to cover in the market for a bit
16:41:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> unlikely Dave, still not clear what its recurring ntervals will be. also not clear how much activity there is. would stay to dark tho
16:43:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> also looks like it might rain
16:43:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Rain???
16:44:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> isnt it coming up on your rainy season?
16:44:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> we have lines of T-Storms coming thru
16:47:33 <Dave from B™> GS, I now have a gazing chair!
16:47:52 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, saw on Facebook you guys had 4% humidity the other day
16:48:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> good Dave, which one?
16:48:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> now you need a platform to put it on
16:48:59 <Dave from B™> Costco high back with neck cushion
16:49:11 <Dave from B™> Yeah...I don't like the Upper Platofrm
16:49:18 <Kevin L™🌵> 4% isn't unusual this time of year
16:49:36 <CraigC> I think we need a new discussion on FB to find out if calling it a gazing chair is appropriate or not
16:49:54 <Lori S> CraigC, LOL
16:50:34 <Dave from B™> hahahaha CraigC
16:50:40 <Kat> That was awesome!!
16:51:01 <Dave from B™> I've been trying to figure out my response to the issue. I haven't pout my 2 pennies in yet
16:51:05 <CraigC> I have been tempted to post a picture of someone beating a dead horse
16:51:12 <Dave from B™> hahahaha
16:51:26 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, wow its 77% here
16:51:31 <Lori S> CraigC, :thumbsup:
16:52:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> that sounds like a big chair, not conducive to flying with
16:52:15 <Dave from B™> I'm thinking of streesing education being one of gazers top responsibilkites and that is not only in research but getting other poeple excited about geysres so there are tons of people who want to keep the geysers protected bfrom other interest
16:52:27 <CraigC> that site is so much better when we see photos of geysers and historical stuff
16:52:57 <Dave from B™> Chair fits in a small bag
16:53:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have decided i am not a geyser gazer, too much stress from the responsibilities and public expectations of friendliness
16:53:16 <Dave from B™> haha
16:53:24 <CraigC> Dave from B™, most importantly, how much does it weigh?
16:53:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> probably easier to get in and out of than mine
16:53:39 <Dave from B™> you did a great job at Fountain Graham.
16:53:58 <Dave from B™> I think 2.2# but I'll check tonight
16:54:31 <CraigC> I bought a little chair that sits really low, but I worry once I sit down in it, I will never be able to get out. I haven't even dared test it
16:55:21 <Betty> time to get some sleep, night all
16:55:28 <CraigC> cya Betty
16:55:37 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
16:55:39 <LindaG> Betty, bye
16:55:42 <Lori S> CraigC, I have an old fashioned lawn chair kind with the woven straps that sits really low. I have that issue for sure.
16:55:52 <Lori S> night betty
16:55:55 <Dave from B™> Mine is so comfortable I will be charging other $1 a minute to sit in it when I'm standing. It comes with a coin slot
16:56:09 <CraigC> Lori S, those old woven chairs are way lighter than the new type
16:56:11 <Lori S> Dave from B™, LOL
16:56:29 <Dave from B™> It you sit in it without paying....just think tazer
16:56:53 <Lori S> CraigC, Which is why I take it into Norris. The time I lugged my "camp" chair from decker up the hill after a long day made me switch.
16:57:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
16:57:41 <CraigC> :lion:
16:58:36 <LindaG> Yay
16:58:58 <Dave from B™> Kevin, I still haven't received your check for my old truck.
16:59:21 <Kat> Go Lkion
16:59:27 <Kat> Lion*
16:59:58 <Eric> has the cam really been up solid for almost 3 hours?!?!?
17:00:24 <Kevin L™🌵> I figured you may need it about now
17:00:59 <Dave from B™> haha. I need to see it disappear
17:02:39 <Katie> Had a really nice visit with a geyser by the name of Tom that was in the park with his wife, who was hanging out Down Basin. Wish I had asked his last name.
17:02:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Need to feed chickens. brb Controls are released in case something good happens.
17:03:18 <Dave from B™> Did he use to work for NPS?
17:03:56 <CraigC> I thought there was some rule about not being able to name geysers after people
17:03:59 <Katie> If he did, he didn't say so, and we talked for a long time. We were both on Lion stakeout. I left when Castle was due, then returned. And waited some more...
17:04:28 <Dave from B™> CraigC, there is....what geyser are you talking about?
17:04:36 <Katie> ha ha. I meant to type gazer. But, you know. The geysers aren't typically good conversation. Mostly one-sided.
17:04:48 <CraigC> a geyser named Tom
17:05:13 <ynpvisitor999®> well, there's Harding... And probably some more
17:05:15 <Dave from B™>'s the end of the day for me....that one went sailing right by
17:05:52 <Dave from B™> Lee W gives lots of possibilities about the naming of Daisy; one of which is named after a lady
17:06:41 <CraigC> maybe it was named from the song that Hal sings in 2001 A Space Odyssey
17:07:06 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy was named long before that series was released
17:07:15 <CraigC> ;)
17:07:18 <Katie> This Tom lives in San Diego if that helps
17:07:31 <Dave from B™> I don't know him
17:10:17 <Dave from B™> Ask Graham. After 25 years, he has met a few gazers:)
17:12:00 <Katie> I searched FB Geyser Gazers for Toms and found him - Tom Dunn. You, Dave from B™, show as a mutual friend of Tom and me - so you are FB friends with him.
17:14:07 <CraigC> Dave is FB friends with me, too, and would deny knowing me if asked
17:14:19 <Katie> ha ha
17:15:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Back
17:15:31 <Kevin L™🌵> Stupid chickens keep knocking their water over.
17:16:02 <Dave from B™> hahaha. I didn't realize Tom is from San Diego. Yes, they were the former editors of the Sput. Great couple
17:16:33 <Dave from B™> His wife is Janean, I believe
17:16:50 <CraigC> Kevin's chickens are all giggling about how they keep making him fix the water
17:17:18 <Katie> yes, that's right. He spoke of her but I didn't actually meet her, so couldn't remember her name.
17:17:19 <CraigC> squatch keeping guard
17:18:24 <Kevin L™🌵> They weren't giggling, they were panting.
17:19:42 <Dave from B™> You sure the water isn't just evaporating?
17:19:45 <Kevin L™🌵> .
17:19:46 <Kevin L™🌵> .
17:19:46 <Kevin L™🌵> .
17:19:47 <Kevin L™🌵> .
17:19:47 <Kevin L™🌵> .
17:19:50 <Dave from B™> woohoo
17:19:55 <Dave from B™> 2 in a day
17:19:58 <Eric> woot
17:19:58 <Kat> Whoop!!
17:20:09 <Eric> Nice looking geyser!
17:20:11 <Kat> Nice
17:20:29 <Dave from B™> Thanks for going to the fridge, CraigC
17:20:45 <CraigC> LOL
17:21:09 <CraigC> I'm laughing about the girl running, then stopping all dejected after not making it n time
17:21:12 <Kevin L™🌵> I was hoping that didn't happen while I was with the chickens.
17:24:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Only 104° today. Those chickens have a way to go.
17:24:51 <CraigC> another good capture of where Aurum is on static;
17:26:23 <CraigC> previously I have speculated eruptions that I now see weren't accurate
17:28:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Tornado warning in Rexburg.
17:29:25 <LindaG> CraigC, aurum is a tough one on static
17:29:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Dome ie/ns
17:29:54 <CraigC> LindaG, I htink we get deceived by steam from Pump, maybe others
17:29:55 <Eric> Duck and Covert!
17:30:08 <Eric> Quack and waddle
17:30:54 <CraigC> wow
17:31:05 <LindaG> CraigC, yes pump is there too
17:31:05 <CraigC> good catch
17:31:29 <LindaG> Dome
17:31:32 <ynpvisitor999®> unsure if ini
17:31:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah initial
17:31:45 <LindaG> Nice!
17:31:47 <Eric> Nice!
17:31:53 <Eric> That looks ini
17:32:02 <CraigC> best one I have seen on here
17:32:34 <Dave from B™> nice !!!
17:33:03 <ynpvisitor47> Pretty sure I've never seen one before.
17:33:09 <Dave from B™> Depression on steroids!
17:33:41 <Dave from B™> Who's driving this buggy this afternoon?
17:33:56 <CraigC> chiccken waterer
17:34:22 <Dave from B™> Great Job, Kevin. A 5 star performance
17:35:02 <Kat> :)
17:35:46 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize the initial lasted so long
17:35:49 <Kevin L™🌵> This one does put on a great show for this cam.
17:35:58 <Dave from B™> Aurum, too
17:36:32 <Katie> I think the view of Dome from the cam is actually better than it is from the boardwalk. The angle of view is better.
17:37:19 <CraigC> Katie, yeah, you barely see water
17:37:20 <Dave from B™> I agree Katie. Giantess bench is a good vantage but not like this
17:37:38 <ynpvisitor47> I think you're right. And hardly anyone on the boardwalk is facing the right way.
17:38:12 <Dave from B™> Yeah, you have to be watching for it and nothing else. Last trip was the first time I spent actually trying to see the initial
17:38:20 <CraigC> Lion Aurum and Dome....GH did well for us just now
17:38:46 <CraigC> old tardy
17:38:54 <Katie> A round of applause that the cam is up, GH is active, and Kevin is giving us a good ride!
17:39:02 <ynpvisitor47> This year, I'd guess Dome initials are about as rare as Steamboat majors. Almost as spectacular, too. :)
17:39:08 <CraigC> thanks, Kevin, you nailed it
17:39:18 <Lori S> Go Kevin!
17:39:23 <Dave from B™> I love that name. Should be a nickname for a gzer that is always late to an eruption
17:39:44 <Kat> Go Kevin!!
17:39:48 <CraigC> looks like we caught the tail end of it
17:40:02 <Eric> Steamboat is more less rare than a Dome ini :-P
17:40:08 <Eric> less...not more
17:40:10 <Dave from B™> Time to help Taylor close the market. Have a great evening everyone! Thanks again Kevin. Well done!
17:40:20 <CraigC> cya Dave
17:40:23 <Lori S> night Dave
17:40:30 <Eric> night
17:40:34 <Kat> bye Dave
17:40:56 <Kevin L™🌵> Night. Watch out for deer on the way home.
17:41:10 <Dave from B™> :)
17:41:13 <Katie> Have a good evening. I am headed home, too.
17:41:17 <Eric> and rocks!
17:41:22 <Eric> night Katie
17:41:27 <Kevin L™🌵> Night Katie
17:41:31 <Kat> Bye Katie
17:41:38 <CraigC> bye katie
17:41:39 <Lori S> bye katie
17:41:39 <Kevin L™🌵> And baseballs Dave.
17:41:44 <Eric> haha
17:42:32 <Lori S> Dave, if you do get hit by a rock, don't tell anyone or they may close the road :p
17:43:27 <Lori S> tornado in rexburg?
17:43:44 <Lori S> I was talking to guests whenthat got posted
17:43:44 <Eric> True Dat!@
17:44:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like the Sugar City area, but wind is picking up in Rexburg.
17:44:41 <Kevin L™🌵>
17:45:02 <Kevin L™🌵>
17:45:05 <Lori S> They sure get some tornado-y weather out that way
17:45:32 <Eric> We got a treat out at Fountain...saw my first geyser twister!
17:45:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> Dome
17:45:48 <Eric> small geyser eruption funnel cloud
17:45:51 <ynpvisitor72> 3 burst Grand, woo hoo
17:46:02 <Eric> Not sure if anyone was fast enough with the cameras to get it though
17:46:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Those are fun Eric.
17:46:19 <Lori S> trying to envision that... how?
17:46:20 <Eric> Came out of the steam from Blue
17:46:22 <Kevin L™🌵> I like the OF steam rings.
17:46:34 <Eric> It was really tall and awesome looking
17:46:57 <Eric> It's a vortex that sucks up the geyser steam
17:47:06 <CraigC> cool
17:47:14 <Lori S> ah
17:47:28 <CraigC> dome can go again that soon?
17:48:00 <CraigC> wow
17:48:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Caught me by surprise.
17:48:22 <CraigC> goo djob, Gragam
17:48:27 <CraigC> Graham
17:48:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> can be every 15min to start with
17:48:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> then gets longer over time
17:49:17 <Kevin L™🌵>
17:51:08 <Eric> those but probably 300-400ft tall :-D
17:51:21 <Eric> maybe not that tall...I think graham saw it
17:51:28 <Eric> It was very large
17:51:39 <Lori S> Thx Kevin L™🌵, !
17:52:10 <Lori S> So what conditions cause those?
17:52:38 <Lori S> Can't say I have ever seen one.
17:52:55 <Kat> Nice view
17:52:55 <Kevin L™🌵> I think they show up more when it is less humid.
17:53:58 <Lori S> great wide angle there
17:54:54 <Eric> OF ie
17:55:41 <ynpvisitor999®> hm, didn't know Grand Prismatic was a geyser - well, likely in the early days of its existence (maybe as explosive as Excelsior?) and supposedly agitated in the early days of the park
17:56:36 <Eric> Gotta head out to board game...night all!
17:56:50 <Lori S> c ya eric
17:56:52 <Kevin L™🌵> Good luck
17:56:53 <ynpvisitor999®> cya Eric
17:59:15 <Kat> Bye Eric
17:59:34 <Kat> Good night all - see you in the AM!
18:00:53 <ynpvisitor999®> Dome
18:00:56 <Lori S> nye Kat
18:00:58 <Lori S> bye
18:01:52 <Kevin L™🌵> Bye and thanks.
18:06:33 <LindaG> Kat, bye
18:10:30 <LindaG> So are we assuming cam is fixed?
18:10:52 <CraigC> holding breath
18:11:08 <ynpvisitor999®> for now it seems fixed. Who knows what tomorrow will bring
18:11:14 <Kevin L™🌵> ot sure but it has been great since it came back on.
18:11:35 <LindaG> Well its encouraging
18:12:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Probably should send a text
18:14:12 <LindaG> Oh and I thought it was beehive
18:15:38 <Lori S> That was a good text. Straight to the point. No promises. :)
18:15:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> Dome
18:16:13 <LindaG> 😊
18:16:33 <LindaG> LC
18:16:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> if that doesnt kill the cam, nothing will
18:17:20 <Kevin L™🌵> Acid test
18:19:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Oops
18:21:48 <LindaG> Lol sure send a text
18:30:59 <CraigC> dome
18:31:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> like clockwork
18:32:00 <LindaG> It's great we have such a good view with this cam
18:40:11 <Lori S> wrapping up at the office. have a good night, Go Webcam!
18:40:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
18:40:32 <CraigC> cya Lori
18:42:34 <LindaG> Lori S, bye
18:45:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> dome
18:46:48 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
18:55:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Think Lion was a one and done.
19:00:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> Lion had 2 and we probably missed the initial
19:01:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> dome
19:01:36 <CraigC> raining now?
19:20:04 <CraigC> hardly any people on GH for busy season
19:21:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> dome
19:21:34 <CraigC> it's been going at least 2 mins since I pooped back on
19:21:39 <CraigC> popped
19:21:59 <Kevin L™🌵> I wasn't going to ask...
19:22:05 <CraigC> LOL
19:22:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am quitting so someone else is on DOme logging patrol
19:23:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> goodnight and i hope the cam works well tonight and tomorrow too
19:23:16 <CraigC> I've been grilling chicken, and now it's done, so I am off, too
19:23:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
19:26:28 <Kevin L™🌵> I wonder how many people stand by the old cam trying to wave at friends.
19:26:54 <LindaG> 👋
19:34:01 <Kevin L™🌵> hiccup
20:18:44 <Michael> Grotto going
20:56:58 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Joe
21:01:34 <Joe> Hi Kevin
21:02:24 <Kevin L™🌵> I do have the cam now but you can take it anytime you would like.
21:02:26 <Joe> how are you doing?
21:02:53 <Kevin L™🌵> Still hanging in. How are you?
21:02:55 <Joe> I'll wait until your done
21:03:51 <Kevin L™🌵> I am just watching Crab Fishing. Not much due until Grand.
21:04:24 <Kevin L™🌵> I guess they did something with the cam and it has been pretty stable since around 1400.
21:04:47 <Michael> Daisy
21:04:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Got a 3b Grand and a great Aurum.
21:04:56 <Kevin L™🌵> Daisy
21:05:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Castle covering it.
21:06:03 <Joe> Just ok, the verdict on the leg is... see three more doctors to get their ideas, everyone feels there is too much risk to try anything with more testing
21:06:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Ugh.
21:07:00 <Joe> without*
21:08:15 <Michael> That sounds rotten. How long have they been going around in circles?
21:08:32 <Kevin L™🌵> They did a test on mine where I needed to walk for an hour prior to the test. There was a Lowes right next to the place. Let me see, walk an hour in 105° heat or walk an hour in Lowes. No brainer. Almost came home with a few more power tools.
21:08:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Pretty sunset
21:09:00 <Joe> They are not worried about the loss of the leg as that may happen, they are worried about loss of my life
21:09:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes, that is worse by far.
21:10:11 <Joe> this all started Feb 2016
21:11:35 <Joe> the new power tools would have been nice
21:12:10 <Kevin L™🌵> They had some cool ones.
21:13:17 <Kevin L™🌵> I was afraid they would think I was a shop lifter.
21:13:36 <Joe> :)
21:14:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Almost miss OF window admiring the sunset.
21:14:26 <Joe> yes that was nice
21:14:36 <Michael> Perfect timing.
21:15:08 <Kevin L™🌵> My daughter had a tornado warning in Rexburg this afternoon.
21:16:41 <Joe> Ouch! is the warning over, is she safe?
21:17:15 <Michael> Does she have somewhere safe to wait it out?
21:18:38 <Kevin L™🌵> It is over
21:21:45 <Joe> Good, we are having a thunderstorm now
21:26:55 <Joe> Only one camera dropout since 1610, that could have been anything
21:27:59 <Joe> maybe even on my end if no one else had it
21:31:30 <Kevin L™🌵> I got one or two drops is all and it came right back.
21:31:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Streaming seems much smoother.
21:34:18 <Kevin L™🌵> I show it down for about a minute at 1932
21:48:35 <Kitt> so peaceful
21:49:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Kitt. How are things going for you?
21:49:07 <Kitt> All Worland got was thunder this afternoon, no rain
21:49:24 <Kitt> I am almost packed
21:50:06 <Kitt> well everything is sorted and waiting to go in the vehicle
21:50:18 <Kitt> but I won't do that until Thursday evening
21:50:30 <Joe> am I back?
21:50:59 <Kitt> where did you go?
21:51:00 <Joe> OK thunderstorm took internet here
21:51:10 <Kevin L™🌵> Did you see we had a 3b "Grand?
21:51:28 <Kevin L™🌵> I see you now Joe
21:51:39 <Kitt> nice, I have been busy all day
21:52:03 <Joe> Yes, I saw that Grand could not see the 3rd burst
21:52:56 <Kitt> I had hopes to see bee, but it waited for me to go eat breakfast then erupted
21:54:00 <Kevin L™🌵> I was gone too.
21:56:10 <Joe> I was out on the road going to appointment
21:57:20 <Michael> Rocket major?
22:00:05 <Kitt> well, enjoy Grand, my pillow is calling to me
22:00:09 <Kevin L™🌵> I think this is about it for me today. Controls released.
22:00:10 <Kitt> night
22:00:17 <Michael> night, Kitt.
22:00:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Night Kitt
22:00:33 <Joe> Night Kevin
22:01:10 <Kevin L™🌵> I will be in and out for about an hour.
22:01:38 <Michael> I've got one Turban cycle left in me tonight.
22:34:45 <Joe> Good that there are people at Grand, OF window soon