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04:58:19 <CraigC> hey Rice
04:58:41 <CraigC> hey Joe
05:02:38 <Rice (16)> Morning Craig, 16 days till we leave for summer road trip.
05:02:38 <ynpvisitor61> Craig, have you seen the transcontinental Railroad stamps?
05:04:59 <CraigC> Rice (16), that's exciting
05:05:04 <CraigC> ynpvisitor61, Kevin?
05:05:15 <ynpvisitor61> Yes
05:05:38 <Rice (16)> I am getting Nervous, a lot to do still.
05:05:51 <CraigC> hey Kevin, no, I haven;t seen them. I've only collected a few stamps over the last few decades, that would be one I would like to get
05:06:15 <ynpvisitor61> They are beautiful.
05:06:33 <CraigC> I dropped 2 or 3 pounds this last week I spent in Yellowstone, now I want to go back even more :)
05:06:52 <ynpvisitor61> Rice, did you find a place in Vegas?
05:09:49 <Joe> Hi Craig, Kevin and Rice
05:10:14 <ynpvisitor61> Morning Joe
05:12:36 <CraigC> I've lost my bearings on the cam
05:13:14 <ynpvisitor61> Castle left Grand right
05:13:29 <ynpvisitor61> Now gh
05:13:46 <CraigC> :)
05:14:00 <CraigC> down basin I wasn;t sure if I was looking at Bulger or not
05:14:03 <Rice (16)> Kevin,
05:14:15 <Rice (16)> Yes found holiday Inn, think it will be ok
05:14:55 <LindaG> Good morning
05:15:13 <CraigC> hey Linda
05:15:29 <Joe> Hi Linda
05:15:35 <LindaG> CraigC, have fun in park?
05:15:42 <LindaG> Joe, hi
05:15:55 <ynpvisitor61> Usually the smaller places off the main drag treat you better. A couple would be Green Valley Station and Skyline.
05:16:01 <CraigC> LindaG, yes, more than words can express
05:16:52 <LindaG> CraigC, well I hope you returned sasquatch to myriad
05:17:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
05:17:31 <CraigC> :)
05:17:31 <Joe> Camera failed 32 times since2120 until 0235, then again at 0423, and has been good since
05:17:34 <CraigC> hey Graham
05:17:44 <Joe> Hi Graham
05:17:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> how did the RV work out Craig?
05:17:55 <ynpvisitor61> How is your Mom?
05:18:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning all ...... thanks for covering my busy shift yesterday Joe :)
05:18:17 <CraigC> GO STEAMBOAT, way better than anticipated.... it's going to be hard to stay home very long now
05:18:18 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, good morning
05:18:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> :thumbsup:
05:18:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> mm is slowly getting better, thanks
05:24:49 <ynpvisitor61> Better catch a few more zzzzzzzzzz’s . Back later.
05:28:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats good Craig. Bakers Hole looked nice
05:28:19 <LindaG> Pretty light
05:29:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> the RV is still stuck at N Gate
05:36:17 <Joe> OF
05:36:46 <ynpvisitor77> Beautiful
05:56:19 <CraigC> looks like soutbh bubbler
06:01:12 <CraigC> hey jarno
06:03:00 <ynpvisitor999®> seems like the cam didn't notice me [i]yet[/i]. Hopefully I won't cause an outage today
06:03:40 <Joe> Hi Jarno, I see you did not want to upset the cam this morning :)
06:04:16 <CraigC> hey Kat
06:04:26 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Kat
06:04:35 <Joe> Hi Kat
06:04:39 <Kat> Quietly.... good morning....
06:05:04 <CraigC> has camn been worse this last week?
06:05:14 <ynpvisitor999®> no, I didn't want to upset it - that's also why I started this day a tad slower than usual
06:06:19 <Joe> Repeat: Camera failed 32 times since2120 until 0235, then again at 0423, and has been good since
06:06:42 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:06:56 <ynpvisitor999®> Joe, I think you just upset it this time around
06:06:58 <CraigC> 33
06:06:59 <Joe> no quit
06:07:46 <Joe> Crap!!
06:10:01 <Joe> $#&^%*@#!*(!
06:11:22 <Joe> was said in my ex Sailor voice!!
06:13:36 <ynpvisitor100> Craig C , there’s no web cam mentioned on your note
06:14:01 <Rice (16)> Junior Geyser active.
06:23:18 <Joe> Kat, are you still here?
06:35:18 <Kat> Yes
06:36:03 <Joe> Good! controls released
06:36:23 <LindaG> Hi Kat, Rice (16), ynpvisitor999®,
06:36:46 <LindaG> And #s
06:36:56 <Kat> Got it Joe
06:37:18 <Kat> Thanks
06:37:46 <Joe> Thank you :)
06:38:49 <LindaG> So we really have no idea why cam failed or why it came back?
06:39:24 <Joe> Magic??
06:39:39 <Kat> The mouse moved out?
06:40:45 <LindaG> 😃 ah the mysteries of the cam
06:41:09 <Kat> lol
06:41:18 <Kat> Morning Linda
06:41:30 <LindaG> Kat, good morning
06:42:05 <LindaG> Pretty sky
06:42:18 <Kat> It is!
06:47:04 <LindaG> Uh oh
06:47:24 <Kat> 3 hours of this will not be fun! Just sayin'
06:49:28 <Joe> LC
06:49:35 <Kat> lc
06:51:30 <Joe> LA
06:52:01 <Kat> AL
06:52:17 <Joe> yes that too :)
06:52:27 <Kat> hehehe
06:57:57 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
06:58:36 <Kat> Hi Dave, hope you had a great trip!
06:59:14 <ynpvisitor24> Do you remember how to work?
06:59:58 <Dave from B™> 24, it is slowly coming back to me
07:00:24 <CraigC> hey Dave, recovered?
07:02:02 <Joe> Aurum ? Pump? static
07:03:19 <Kat> :lion:
07:03:29 <Dave from B™> Hey CraigC. Had to get home to catch up on sleep
07:03:36 <Joe> most likley ini
07:03:52 <ynpvisitor24> Sleep?
07:05:08 <BWaggs> Morning
07:10:38 <Kat> OF
07:16:59 <Joe> indy static
07:18:29 <Kat> Good catch Joe
07:18:45 <Kat> want me to text?
07:18:55 <Joe> Sent
07:19:04 <Dave from B™> Finally shortened up a bit
07:19:28 <Joe> I'm sharing, Dave
07:21:12 <Dave from B™> Won't be long and you won't be!:)
07:21:50 <Joe> Sent report -of cam failures since 2000 last night to the Bosses
07:22:36 <ynpvisitor96> thx for the txt
07:22:55 <Joe> yw
07:23:46 <CraigC> can you tell on the static how much longer indy was going
07:23:54 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
07:23:58 <CraigC> :bee::bee::bee:
07:25:12 <Joe> Craig Looks like It just happened when called
07:25:20 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
07:26:57 <Joe> Bee on static also
07:27:01 <Kat> People walking right by???
07:27:06 <ynpvisitor96> and down
07:28:17 <ynpvisitor61> Well it gave us a good still
07:28:40 <ynpvisitor96> and up
07:29:33 <Joe> Hi Kevin
07:29:45 <CraigC> hey Kevin
07:29:50 <Kat> That was nice :) Hi kevin
07:29:53 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Kevin
07:29:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Morning
07:31:45 <Joe> No one in basin...probably all at Steamboat
07:33:46 <CraigC> yesterday's report on SB seemed like it still has some picking up
07:35:03 <Kat> marmot?
07:35:24 <Joe> Maybe VEC will get Daisy E-time
07:37:24 <Joe> Daisy would have erupted during Bee
07:38:07 <CraigC> here is a photo I took of Pyramid erupting a few days ago;
07:38:37 <CraigC> looks like steam from Bank
07:39:04 <Kat> Nice pic Craig - saw it on FB
07:39:16 <CraigC> thanks, glad we caught it
07:39:39 <Joe> Nice photo Craig, almost like cam view but closer :)
07:39:59 <CraigC> thanks to Dave, he and his family invited us to join them out at Black Sand Pool
07:40:33 <Dave from B™> Love that photo of Pyramid
07:41:12 <CraigC> for those not on FB, here is my shot of Aurum.
07:41:33 <CraigC> we caught Aurum 4 or 5 times this trip, twice right next to it
07:41:44 <Kat> I love that one Craig!
07:42:36 <Dave from B™> I had a walkup Aurum...nice to see shorter intervalks
07:42:37 <CraigC> both times we parked at Doublet Pool and sat through the cycles of thumping until Aurum erupted. First time we waited about 2 hours
07:43:34 <CraigC> Dave from B™, I am glad we met lc... he is the coolest dude on the hill
07:43:55 <CraigC> Bank steam again
07:44:12 <Dave from B™> Yep. lc is the best. Kindest heart out there. I was sad to only see him for 1.5 days
07:45:00 <CraigC> and then we walked with Genean from Grand to Lower Hams... what a great chat
07:46:26 <CraigC> turban?
07:47:20 <Joe> most likely
07:52:28 <Kat> Looking like rain - raining at west
07:53:52 <Joe> Bulger
07:54:13 <CraigC> lc just caught Depression
07:56:57 <Dave from B™> <>
07:57:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like deer eyes.
07:57:44 <Joe> :):):thumbsup:
07:57:56 <Dave from B™> Very funny
07:58:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Seafoods of the World and venison of Montana....
08:03:21 <Joe> <> Dave's deer's eyes
08:04:11 <Dave from B™> One did run in front of my car in broad daylight Sunday on my way home
08:06:00 <Bill> Morning
08:07:18 <Joe> Deer have learned to avoid certain predators over the years, why has highways and cars not made their list??
08:09:30 <CraigC> hey Bill, was that you laying out grids at Steamboat last week?
08:10:13 <Joe> They sure as heck don't walk up to a mountain lion or wolf and there are a lot less of those around than cars?
08:10:35 <Bill> CraigC, yeah! It was me and our guest scientist for the summer.
08:11:12 <CraigC> Bill, I wish I had known you were that Bill when you were standing right behind me on the deck talking to the other people, I would have said hey
08:11:43 <CraigC> I was sitting next to Tom
08:11:56 <Bill> Hah, no worries. Now you know my beard so i'll stand out.
08:12:15 <CraigC> have you gone back to take pics of the grids?
08:12:29 <Bill> It was super busy that day. I had planned on hanging out at the deck for a few before I left
08:15:04 <CraigC> bbev just added new note for SB activity this morning
08:15:16 <CraigC> oh duh, it is right there
08:15:56 <Dave from B™> I'm standing by my July 4th prediction in the morning
08:16:07 <CraigC> fireworks
08:16:54 <CraigC> I want to be back there
08:17:02 <CraigC> lion
08:18:40 <CraigC> Dave from B™, we stopped into Costco in Pocatello, no chairs. But shows 2 for 60 something
08:19:10 <CraigC> we saw Big Cub spit the other days that we were at Lion
08:28:10 <Dave from B™> CraigC, do you recall if spitting was before initial or later in the series?
08:32:18 <Cooper> Good Morning Everyone
08:32:48 <Cooper> YAY the cam is back
08:34:55 <Bill> CraigC, I haven't been back yet. It'll have to wait until Wed of next week.
08:35:54 <Dave from B™> Bill, I was at SB as well when you were there.
08:36:12 <Kat> OF time :(
08:36:22 <Dave from B™> My family was sitting on the bench on the upper platform
08:38:36 <Bill> Nice! Sad we didnt get to see it that day
08:38:54 <Bill> Again, sorry I didn't have more time to come over and say hey. It was a long field day for us
08:41:15 <Dave from B™> You looked a little busy. I take it you're trying to see what rocks are flying and how far?
08:43:26 <Kat> OF
08:46:15 <CraigC> this might be Aurum, but not as definitive as other screen captures;
08:46:39 <CraigC> 06:13 time stamp, so whatever that would be
08:48:30 <Kat> Castle still
08:49:53 <Dave from B™> CraigC, I think we are going to begin looking at tiny campers
08:50:29 <CraigC> Dave from B™, that would be fun... we figure we paid off 2k in lodging this trip
08:50:58 <Bill> Dave from B™, correct! so we can make a more informed decision on what to do (if anything) about the boardwalks around SB
08:51:34 <Cooper> Bill, have you had anyone have a close call with a rock on the plastforms
08:52:27 <CraigC> Dave from B™, re; Big Cub, if I recall, the spit was while we were waiting for the 3rd in the series 2 days ago, when it didn't end up erupting.
08:53:26 <Dave from B™> Yep...3 roars and nothing
08:53:37 <CraigC> yeah
08:53:53 <CraigC> we were sitting with BenVL
08:54:25 <Dave from B™> We're debating if we want a toilet and shower in our camper. I don't want to have to buy a pickup so it will need to be on the lighter side. As long as we can cook and sleep, we'll be happy.
08:54:26 <ynpvisitor25> conditions not good at west gate, dark and rainy
08:55:26 <Cooper> Hey Graham
08:55:33 <Dave from B™> GS, you're a couple days early
08:55:43 <CraigC> Dave from B™, we like the bathroom facilities in ours. Our Jeep struggled, though, going back up over Devil's Creek pass on the way home.
08:56:42 <Rice (16)> I pull a Pop up with my Chrylser Town and County, no bathroom, just beds.
08:57:11 <Rice (16)> I like being able to drop the camper, and run around in the van.
08:57:35 <Dave from B™> We were origianlly thinking pimped out transit van but they are too expensive at first glance
08:57:42 <ynpvisitor999®> Castle major
08:58:25 <Kat> :)
08:59:34 <Kat> I looked at the vans too Dave - too expensive for me.
08:59:44 <CraigC> a'ight, off for bike ride...laters
08:59:45 <Rice (16)> My wife would prefer something hard sided, but cant get much in hard sided that the van can pull.
08:59:49 <Joe> For two people Scamp or Casita are nice fully self contained trailers, lightweight and easy to pull, Rpods are also nice, I have owned Scamp13 and Casita16 16
09:00:02 <Kat> I'd like a small one like the Forester RPod
09:00:08 <ynpvisitor999®> cya Craig
09:00:32 <Dave from B™> I have more to discuss on this subject after we go look
09:01:18 <Dave from B™> Needs to be hard sided and be able to stand up in it
09:02:32 <Joe> Scamp is hard sided but you are too tall for it Rpod and Casita you could stand up
09:03:49 <Joe> I think Rpods are sold in Billings, Casita calls for a trip to Texas
09:03:55 <Dave from B™> Thanks Joe
09:05:11 <ynpvisitor84> I know someone with an old refrigerator truck In Billings.
09:06:35 <Dave from B™> We should have stopped at Camper World when we were in Spokane
09:06:49 <Dave from B™> haha 84. I'm not converting that big piece of junk
09:10:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> Do vans come with deer impact ratings?
09:10:54 <Dave from B™> ouch:)
09:11:09 <Dave from B™> You didn't hear? I'm driving slower now
09:11:30 <Joe> Dave leave the logos on it and park at the delivery entrance of the restaurants, free camping
09:11:31 <Kat> LOL
09:12:14 <Dave from B™> We did like the idea of a transit van to park for free occasionally
09:13:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> mpw you need the squirrel ratings
09:13:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> now
09:14:49 <Dave from B™> haha
09:14:57 <Kat> Bulger
09:17:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion time
09:20:20 <Bill> Cooper, we had the sizable rock hit the boardwalk. There have been reports from previous eruptions of rocks in the parking lot. The problem is most of these are just anecdotal.
09:21:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Rockfall is pretty much inevitable during a Steamboat eruption
09:22:08 <Cooper> During the June 15th Eruptions, rocks fell on the upperdeck quite a bit
09:23:02 <Dave from B™> You mean pebbles?
09:23:31 <Bill> Yeah. It's hard to get pictures before people trample those though
09:23:39 <Cooper> Most of them were, but there was 1 medium one
09:23:41 <ynpvisitor999®> objects made of a certain igneous rock type :)
09:26:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
09:26:27 <ynpvisitor999®> and the cam didn't like it
09:26:36 <Kat> :)
09:27:56 <ynpvisitor999®> back up
09:31:04 <Kat> Bulger was ie at 0914, which I had entered. Why is the 0915 ie primary? I know it's close enough but 0914 was entered first. Curious?
09:31:28 <Cooper> huh
09:31:45 <Dave from B™> wc entries are not primary when there are field entries
09:31:51 <ynpvisitor999®> 0915 was likely entered either without 'ie' or as non-wc
09:32:01 <Kat> both are wc entries
09:32:10 <Cooper> When I first entered it, I frogot to click webcam
09:32:17 <Cooper> does that solve the mystery
09:32:24 <Dave from B™> yep
09:32:34 <ynpvisitor999®> in-basin overrides webcam time, even if wc time was earlier
09:33:00 <Cooper> shouldn't it change the primary if the eruption was edited
09:33:48 <ynpvisitor999®> GT doesn't recalculate entries once an entry is changed
09:33:58 <Cooper> oh
09:34:13 <Joe> no, as GT saw it as in basin at the time
09:35:01 <Kat> Thanks
09:37:18 <ynpvisitor999®> you can use that not recalculating entries trick to your advantage in some cases, though, but don't abuse it
09:38:07 <Cooper> i know, sometimes I miss click on webcam, or froget to click on webcam
09:38:18 <Joe> Yes if it is important to a person to be the primary poster
09:38:39 <Kevin@Beehive> I may be a bit late. If someone could cover I would appreciate it.
09:38:56 <Kat> I'll stay on Kevin
09:39:01 <Joe> I'm here for you Kevin
09:39:22 <Kevin@Beehive> Thanks.
09:39:39 <Dave from B™> I get the Beehive refernce
09:40:04 <Kat> Joe, if you want to take it - it's ok with me.
09:40:06 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside ie
09:40:21 <ynpvisitor99> Maybe Cooper will delete his Bulger lost
09:40:28 <ynpvisitor99> post
09:40:31 <Cooper> i am
09:40:37 <Joe> Kat , If you want it take it it does not matter to me
09:40:40 <ynpvisitor999®> 5h40m ie-ie interval
09:41:12 <Cooper> Kat your post should now be primary
09:41:29 <Kat> Your choice really Joe. :)
09:41:54 <Kat> I was just curious why that happens. thanks
09:42:21 <Kat> I have a few thngs to do Joe - so if you can that would be awesome!
09:43:13 <Joe> Ok no problem, i'm eazy to please ;)
09:44:04 <Kat> Thanks Joe!
09:45:25 <Kat> Joe -are you counting failures today?
09:45:41 <Dave from B™> He has a couple toes left
09:45:46 <ynpvisitor13> Don't let Dave near the camera.
09:45:52 <Joe> yes
09:46:06 <Kat> LOL Dave
09:46:32 <Kat> West entrance is crazy!
09:46:43 <ynpvisitor999®> looked like the cam dome got cleaned
09:47:03 <Kat> :) Maybe someone is checking it..
09:47:24 <ynpvisitor13> Crazy as no one there, or crazy as in normal.
09:48:01 <Kat> I guess summertime normal!
09:48:48 <Joe> Daisy due can we go a bit wider
09:49:44 <Joe> when the cam comes up
09:49:44 <Kat> soon as it comes up :)
09:50:34 <Kat> Dual...
09:50:42 <Joe> Grand and Daisy
09:50:47 <Cooper> Grand+Daisy+Riversidem
09:50:54 <Cooper> Reiverside*
09:51:03 <Kat> hahaha
09:51:05 <ynpvisitor92> Reverseride
09:51:31 <ynpvisitor92> Roversod
09:52:31 <Dave from B™> Easy for you to say:)
09:52:43 <Kat> Cooper, I think Daisy was ns at best.
09:53:01 <Cooper> I put it as ie didn't i
09:53:12 <Cooper> nope
09:53:15 <Kat> no
09:54:07 <Cooper> fixed, deleted and re-entered it, Clearly I cant use my mouse
09:54:57 <Kat> No problem, we can't really see the exact start most of the time.
09:55:16 <Joe> Mice are tricky, hard to herd them to the proper places :)
09:55:44 <Cooper> :)
09:55:47 <Larry-um> Use shepherd cats
09:56:02 <Joe> :)
09:57:32 <Kat> Nice castle went before OF window!
09:58:11 <Joe> Yes Grand too :)
09:58:13 <Kat> Sorry - meant Grand!
09:58:22 <Kat> :)
09:59:25 <Joe> Not much left for me Kat :(
09:59:43 <Larry-um> Grand on 10 min
10:00:03 <ynpvisitor13> I have not seen a spit cone in forever.
10:00:42 <Joe> Betty posted one the other day
10:00:53 <Kat> Sorry Joe - guess I should have held Daisy and Grand back! LOL
10:00:55 <ynpvisitor13> Does not look like I will see it either.
10:01:23 <Kat> It's all yours Joe!
10:01:54 <ynpvisitor13> Kat broke the second burst.
10:02:04 <Joe> Thanks, we will go Lion hunting after OF
10:02:51 <ynpvisitor13> Will we see Jim?
10:03:24 <Joe> We just might :)
10:03:55 <Kat> Yep, I broke it! Lion hun ting now!
10:04:02 <Kat> hunting*
10:04:23 <Kevin L™🌵> I am back. Setting up now.
10:04:31 <Kat> Have agood afternoon - bbl
10:04:32 <ynpvisitor13> As long as we do not get haunted by OF.
10:04:37 <ynpvisitor13> That was quick
10:04:48 <Joe> OK it is yours
10:05:02 <Kat> Hi Kevin, Joe took the cam for you!
10:05:50 <Kat> bbl
10:06:02 <Cooper> bye Kat
10:06:04 <Kevin L™🌵> OK Thanks. I can take it now.
10:06:44 <Joe> I like those short no cam failure operations, exhilarating!! :)
10:07:50 <ynpvisitor13> Someone may have got the hint to evict the spider.
10:09:47 <ynpvisitor13> July 2, 2019: We have stabilized the webcam transmission. Thanks for your patience as we work through the live-stream issues. The static webcam server error has been resolved.
10:09:50 <ynpvisitor116> of people at Of
10:10:14 <ynpvisitor13> About as stable as a 2 legged table.
10:11:05 <ynpvisitor13> Dang, the spider is still there.
10:11:42 <Larry-um> What did it catch? A leaf?
10:12:08 <ynpvisitor13> Paint chip more likely.
10:12:22 <Joe> A moth, miller maybe
10:12:58 <ynpvisitor13> A bit to the right and they would have to fix it.
10:13:57 <ynpvisitor13> Those buffs are too close to the people. Don't the tell learn anything at spring training?
10:14:56 <Joe> You can leas a buffalo to....
10:15:13 <Joe> lead*
10:16:16 <ChrisO> oooo doggies...and to close.
10:16:52 <Kat> Is that 1 right in front of the bw?
10:17:12 <Joe> yep
10:17:23 <ChrisO> i cant tell how close, but its close enough where if i was there i would be backing up
10:17:30 <Kat> Those folks should be moving!!
10:17:48 <ynpvisitor13> Call the ranger and have them move all the people waiting to see of.
10:20:07 <Dave from B™> That one is a little close
10:22:14 <ChrisO> ^ what else is new
10:23:01 <Dave from B™> I see a guy in the crowd with a saddle:)
10:23:33 <ChrisO> lol
10:23:51 <ynpvisitor13> It is rodeo season.
10:24:21 <ynpvisitor9> Rather nice
10:24:27 <ynpvisitor13> What did you do on your vacation to Yellowstone?
10:24:42 <ynpvisitor999®> fluffy ie
10:25:06 <Dave from B™> me?
10:25:28 <Dave from B™> animal watched, 2 hikes, regular tourist stuff
10:25:39 <Dave from B™> 20 hr SB sit over 2 days
10:25:43 <ynpvisitor13> No bison poker?
10:25:55 <Dave from B™> My brother in law even wants to come back in August and try to catch SB
10:26:26 <Joe> .
10:45:54 <Cooper> Good Torists just follow the bison
10:45:59 <Cooper> Tourists*
10:47:09 <ynpvisitor11> yikes...bad idea!
10:47:19 <ynpvisitor11> kids too!
10:47:40 <Cooper> yikes.. this could end very poorly
10:47:40 <Eric> Morning
10:47:46 <Cooper> Hey Eric
10:47:52 <Eric> Hi Cooper
10:49:11 <Katie> *sigh*
10:53:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> so will you be back with your brother in law Dave?
10:54:10 <Dave from B™> Maybe
10:54:23 <Dave from B™> I will be back helping Becca catch one at some point
10:54:39 <Dave from B™> YNP hasn't seen the last of me this year even though I have no reservations
10:56:26 <Dave from B™> Need to start planning for NZ
10:58:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> when do you go there?
10:58:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> or is that not planned yet ")
11:01:11 <Dave from B™> Feb-Mar of next year...19 days
11:01:19 <Dave from B™> I have plane tickets
11:03:59 <Kevin L™🌵> Aurum
11:04:02 <Kevin L™🌵> .
11:04:03 <Joe> AURUM
11:04:03 <Kevin L™🌵> .
11:04:03 <ynpvisitor66> They will not let you take the dogs.
11:04:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> that should be fun Dave. doing both islands?
11:04:34 <Dave from B™> 1/3 on North and 2/3 on south
11:04:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> are 3 of those 19 days the flights?
11:05:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> so rushing round the thermals
11:05:42 <Cooper> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
11:06:01 <Cooper> ANY time I leave to go get something really quick, Aurum goes
11:06:13 <ynpvisitor66> You should catch a boat to Antarctica before the ice all melts.
11:06:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Aurum does that.
11:06:56 <Dave from B™> Dogs will follow us in our camper if we get one
11:07:18 <ynpvisitor66> You taking a camper to NZ?
11:07:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> air freighting the camper will cost a bit
11:08:12 <Dave from B™> Actually, it doubles as a boat
11:08:24 <ynpvisitor66> I did see 2 from Europe this spring, but they spent months here.
11:09:19 <Dave from B™> Camper will be for Western US touring
11:11:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> will be interested to hear about your trip Dave. i have plans to go late next year although not really planned out
11:13:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Do they have deer in NZ?
11:14:31 <Katie> They have huge red stags!
11:16:24 <Dave from B™> Oh, goodie
11:16:49 <Kevin L™🌵> Red before or after Dave finds them?
11:16:56 <Katie> Yes
11:19:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Where is the Great Fountain preset at?
11:19:33 <Casey> Next to the Steamboat preset
11:19:46 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
11:20:03 <Eric> Does the cam even have a giantess preset?
11:20:07 <Eric> Just in case....
11:20:14 <ynpvisitor999®> I recall it has one
11:20:25 <Kevin L™🌵> I dont think so but the GH preset will work.
11:20:38 <Eric> Maybe...if the camera is functioning!
11:20:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Eric killed it
11:21:13 <Eric> I am trying to get new hiking boots/shoes and having a size 15 foot really limits my options :-(
11:21:31 <Eric> It's like they think big people don't hike!
11:21:37 <Dave from B™> But two and glue them together
11:21:58 <Dave from B™> 6000 ft elev are certifiable
11:22:25 <Eric> That sounds uncomfortable :-P
11:22:56 <Eric> Yep, climbing up a mile of elevation is a chug....falling down it is even worse :-P
11:23:14 <Dave from B™> I did enjoy your St Helen pics
11:23:31 <Eric> I felt great at the top of that climb...but my feet/legs were dead after the descent
11:23:46 <Eric> I want to mt. climb so I can glisade down :-D
11:27:03 <Eric> Hey, I am about to release my 8/16 - 8/24 OF lodge cabin reservation if anyone is looking for cabin space in August
11:27:43 <Dave from B™> Very tempting
11:28:10 <CraigC> hey Eric
11:28:43 <Cooper> how far did you go Craig?
11:28:57 <Eric> It's open if you want it Dave
11:29:04 <Eric> Hi Craig
11:29:20 <Dave from B™> I'll pass...need to actually work and make some money for awhile
11:29:59 <CraigC> Cooper, 15.2 miles
11:30:01 <Eric> haha...same Dave :-D
11:30:12 <Cooper> nice
11:30:42 <CraigC> about 2100 feet in climb
11:40:29 <CraigC> Dave from B™, did you meet Neil, aka 'nails'?
11:45:24 <Cooper> Hey Linda
11:45:45 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
11:45:52 <LindaG> Hi all
11:45:52 <CraigC> hey Linda
11:47:39 <LindaG> Dave from B™, hi, welcome back
11:48:05 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
11:48:13 <CraigC> :lion:
11:48:40 <ynpvisitor999®> minor so far
11:48:49 <CraigC> hey Graham
11:48:51 <Cooper> That was quick
11:49:04 <Cooper> Minor?
11:49:31 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm waiting for a possible restart, Cooper
11:50:06 <ynpvisitor999®> doesn't really look like it wants to go
11:51:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi Craig and all. West gate still busy ..... must be a holiday coming up
11:52:46 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
11:53:47 <Dave from B™> I didn't meet nails
11:53:52 <Dave from B™> Thanks Linda
11:55:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi Linda. are you baking in the heat?
11:59:53 <Joe> Since coming back up the camera first failed at 2116 the camera has failed 68 times.
12:00:24 <Dave from B™> Wow, Joe, you have a LOT of toes
12:02:16 <Joe> Yes I do, on the YNP webcam page they have told a 'porkie' they say they have stabilized the webcam transmission :)
12:03:30 <ynpvisitor91> does it surprise anyone?
12:03:50 <Joe> not me :)
12:04:03 <Cooper> it is the government, so no
12:04:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> after our hail discussion the other day, did you see they had 3 feet of it in parts of Mexico?
12:04:51 <Dave from B™> I saw that. That is crazy
12:05:01 <Cooper> yes I did, lucky we did not get that much
12:05:17 <ynpvisitor999®> surprised me too. Turns out even the hottest of places can get hail
12:05:32 <Dave from B™> Heat is the only time we get hail
12:06:03 <ynpvisitor51> what's a porkie?
12:06:31 <Joe> A nice way of saying a lie
12:06:37 <Cooper> basically a lie
12:06:55 <ynpvisitor51> hadn't heard that before :)
12:07:24 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion 1203 min
12:10:47 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
12:13:05 <Dave from B™> Joe, is that because Porky Pig was a liar?
12:14:29 <Joe> DI'm not sure of the origin, I have heard it used for years
12:15:55 <Joe> Instead of outright calling a person a liar, it is much better to say "You just told a porkie"
12:17:08 <Dave from B™> All of this is a good reason to increase bandwidth in OF area
12:17:50 <Betty> congrats Dave, hi all
12:17:53 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
12:18:04 <Betty> evening Jarno
12:18:08 <Cooper> hey Betty
12:18:25 <Betty> hey Cooper
12:18:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> what are we congratulating Dave for, did I miss something?
12:19:24 <Joe> Hi Betty, what did Dave do to deserve the congrats ?
12:19:27 <Betty> his daughter got married, and in Germany you say congrats to the parents, too
12:19:30 <Cooper> didn't his daughter get married?
12:19:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> other than surviving a wedding and expedition to yellowstone without hitting anything
12:19:59 <Betty> hi Graham and Joe
12:20:16 <Joe> a very good reason, I guess :)
12:20:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> now he really has to save money again for his trip
12:20:57 <Joe> Getting rid of daughters is expensive :)
12:21:47 <Joe> oops should have getting daughters married :)
12:21:50 <CraigC> guesses for next SB?
12:21:54 <ynpvisitor999®> Three Crater 1219
12:22:07 <Betty> haha, Joe :-)
12:22:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> same thing Joe
12:22:15 <Joe> this week Craig
12:22:35 <Cooper> Saturday at noon, is my guess
12:22:36 <CraigC> LOL
12:22:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> pretty sure the epenses won't stop now either
12:22:58 <ynpvisitor999®> might be worth panning to the Myriads for a bit
12:23:17 <Betty> yes, ask Kevin about all the expensive grandkids
12:23:20 <ynpvisitor999®> that is, if the cam stays up
12:23:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> SB at the 6d10h mark
12:25:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> so Friday for SB
12:26:21 <Dave from B™> Thanks and Hi Betty
12:26:30 <Michael> Hi everyone.
12:26:46 <Dave from B™> Expenses are dropping everyday and Taylor and her groom paid for a good % of the wedding
12:26:48 <Betty> hi Dave and Michael
12:27:09 <Dave from B™> I get to finally get her off my health insurance which should save 200-300 a monthj
12:27:24 <ynpvisitor999®> I think SB will go on Thursday afternoon or evening
12:28:05 <CraigC> I'll go with Thursday around noon
12:28:08 <Dave from B™> SB is a 4th of July celebration between 0530 and 0930
12:28:56 <ynpvisitor999®> MC
12:29:25 <Casey> I could see that happening. That would just slightly be longer interval than the average of the last 10. (Of course we have a few extremely short intervals pulling that average down).
12:29:28 <Joe> Dave I'll put that on my calendar and stare at the seismo
12:30:42 <ynpvisitor999®> I think I saw a splash in the Plate-Slot area @ 1228
12:32:23 <Dave from B™> Book it, Danno!
12:32:54 <Joe> Kevin@Beehive :)did things go well at the BHH this morning
12:33:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Yep. Just about 1000 things left to do there.
12:34:41 <Joe> good you will get those whittled down soon
12:35:19 <Cooper> storm coming, look at static
12:35:33 <Kevin L™🌵> Working on it. He is still pretty shaky so it is nice to have help.
12:37:14 <Joe> LC
12:38:55 <ynpvisitor84> Not much of a lion hunt you are one.
12:40:11 <ynpvisitor84> dang x
12:40:16 <Michael> The next 45 minutes looks awfully quiet. I'll be back at OF time. Go Bulger's Hole!
13:19:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> goal
13:19:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> goal
13:19:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> catching up here
13:19:45 <ynpvisitor999®> well... It may just be that England vs. USA will lead to a stalemate between the two
13:23:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> they have to get a result ho
13:23:19 <Betty> West triplet ie
13:24:42 <Larry-um> NASA total eclipse livestream: (first contact just happened)
13:24:52 <Kevin L™🌵> Hey Betty, didn't see you sneak in.
13:24:57 <ynpvisitor999®> worst case scenario would be penalties
13:25:16 <Betty> hi Kevin
13:25:49 <Larry-um> I can't believe a total eclipse was scheduled over South America during a soccer World Cup game. Did we not check the lunar calendar to see if the date was open??
13:26:13 <ynpvisitor999®> haha
13:26:25 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave would be late.
13:27:45 <Kevin L™🌵> BTW these are the Transcontinental Railroad Stamps I was talking about yesterday. Beautiful.
13:29:51 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, those are awesome
13:30:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Look better in person too!
13:30:47 <Betty> they look great
13:34:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> goal
13:36:34 <Betty> OF
13:36:38 <Kevin L™🌵> Neat still
13:54:07 <ynpvisitor999®> and the cam has given up again
13:55:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Old Faithful cam. Hmmmmmm.
13:55:52 <ynpvisitor999®> yeah, the cam isn't really living up to its name
13:59:20 <Betty> now everything is off
14:00:45 <ynpvisitor999®> static is still operational
14:17:58 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
14:18:04 <Betty> Daisy
14:23:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> goal
14:24:50 <Betty> offside
14:25:42 <ynpvisitor999®> inches offside
14:25:46 <ynpvisitor999®> gotta love the VAR
14:26:26 <Michael> not a call any human would make, that's for sure.
14:26:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> laog ... reversing it
14:27:36 <ynpvisitor999®> it does make the game a tad more fairer
14:28:30 <Betty> Rift maybe?
14:29:03 <Joe> The Cam has been down 91 times since they restores it yesterday evening, oh what fun it must be...
14:29:36 <Kat> So hilarious when I pop back on the chat! Goal??? LOL
14:29:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> nope, no goal
14:30:13 <Betty> bulger
14:30:21 <Michael> That's a lot of fingers and toes to count them all, Joe.
14:35:42 <ynpvisitor36> I don't see anyone on the bison pitch.
14:35:50 <ynpvisitor36> but I do have the circle.
14:36:16 <ynpvisitor36> Now the x
14:37:42 <Kat> Oh, soccer!!
14:39:05 <ynpvisitor999®> penalty for England
14:39:18 <ynpvisitor999®> yellow card for US
14:39:30 <Betty> I did not see a foul there
14:39:49 <ynpvisitor999®> knee hit leg of English player, preventing a goal
14:40:04 <ynpvisitor999®> which is worth a penalty, as well as apparently a yellow card
14:40:37 <Betty> even with ALL the repeats, I could not make out any contact
14:40:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> automatic yellow card
14:41:11 <Eric> A german and a swede talking about and England/US soccer match on a geyser chat page makes me chuckle :-D
14:41:28 <Eric> an not and
14:41:31 <Betty> who is swedish?
14:41:49 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm far from Swedish, well apart from my name that is
14:41:56 <Eric> woops norway
14:42:09 <Betty> ???????? Eric!!!!!!!
14:42:18 <Eric> what country are you from Jarno?
14:42:20 <Eric> Sorry :-P
14:42:24 <ynpvisitor999®> Netherlands...
14:42:29 <Eric> ahhhh, woops
14:42:30 <Betty> lol
14:42:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Now they are laughing
14:42:59 <ynpvisitor999®> red for England
14:43:53 <Eric> For some reason I thought you were up in the norway/sweden area...please forgive my forgetfulness.
14:44:12 <ynpvisitor999®> it is granted for this time around :P
14:44:34 <Eric> I was pretty sure it was North of Belgium :-P
14:44:48 <Eric> Just not as far North as I thought
14:45:11 <ynpvisitor999®> well, you got at least one thing right :)
14:45:20 <Betty> Artemisia ie
14:46:22 <Eric> I believe you are correct Betty
14:47:11 <Eric> Furtherest North I have ever been in Europe is Prague :-D
14:47:52 <Betty> you have not been to Germany?
14:48:09 <Eric> Yes, but only middle/southern germany
14:48:52 <Betty> ah, ok
14:49:31 <Eric> All the good parts of Germany are in the South :-P
14:50:03 <Betty> Hamburg is fun
14:51:16 <Michael> Ugh. can someone put the game out of its misery?
14:51:37 <ynpvisitor999®> the referee can
14:51:46 <ynpvisitor999®> once the extra time has passed
14:51:48 <Joe> I took a tour of all the country's connected to water in one of those Gray Cruise Ships, Oslo Norway was the furthest north we went.
14:52:25 <ynpvisitor36> Is that a red card or yellow card for Eric?
14:52:33 <Eric> I need to go to northern europe at some point.
14:52:54 <Eric> It's a black dot on my reputation
14:53:12 <ynpvisitor999®> in regards to what, #36?
14:53:28 <Eric> I kinda want to go see the geyser fields of Chile now too
14:54:03 <Betty> bummer, missed the eclipse
14:54:07 <ynpvisitor999®> and game done - US won
14:54:45 <Betty> doggie
14:54:58 <Joe> was it supposed to be visible in your area Betty?
14:55:06 <Betty> no
14:55:10 <Kat> Yeah USA!
14:55:15 <Joe> :)
14:55:21 <Betty> used the NASA link
14:55:33 <Joe> AH!
14:56:43 <ynpvisitor36> for putting 999 in the wrong country.
14:56:44 <Eric>
14:56:56 <Eric> Yep...I "fouled" that one up
14:56:57 <Kevin L™🌵> I think ours lasted longer Betty
14:57:06 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, that's worth an orange card :D
14:57:25 <Betty> yep, and it was soooooo much fun
14:57:26 <Michael> Everything's orange for you, isn't it?
14:57:35 <Betty> lol
14:57:35 <ynpvisitor999®> at this point in time it is
14:57:44 <Eric> I am an American...lucky to know where Europe is :-P
14:57:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> so USA did its job, now up to Netherlands Jarno
14:58:22 <Betty> GO NETHERLANDS
14:58:40 <Eric> So who is favored to win that match? Netherlands or Sweden?
14:59:03 <ynpvisitor999®> I think it's about equal
14:59:09 <Eric> Of course I will cheer for Netherlands for my friend Jarno :-D
14:59:22 <Betty> doggie looked tattered
15:01:18 <Betty> Netherlands is European Champion
15:01:47 <Eric> ahh, so they should win!
15:02:16 <ynpvisitor999®> from Sweden, based on that, likely, not sure on US, but would be awesome
15:02:49 <Betty> it sure was a good game today
15:03:00 <Joe> I have four friends here, we have counted all our fingers and toes, the camera has now been down 100 times since they fixed it
15:03:05 <Betty> Bijou looks strong
15:03:17 <Eric> fixed should be in quotes
15:03:33 <Joe> :)
15:04:00 <Betty> failed just in time for OF
15:04:14 <Betty> OF ie
15:04:39 <ynpvisitor36> At least it gives you something to count.
15:05:09 <Betty> Bulger
15:05:19 <ynpvisitor36> All I see is a bunch of people missing the 'one and only' geyser.
15:05:41 <ynpvisitor36> Stuck on the grand crowd.
15:05:58 <ynpvisitor36> enjoy, got to go.
15:06:03 <ynpvisitor999®> cya #36
15:06:03 <Betty> OF is almost over
15:06:18 <ynpvisitor999®> not worth the pan I think
15:06:45 <ynpvisitor999®> pretty much only steam and spray left
15:06:54 <ynpvisitor999®> only steam now
15:08:26 <Kevin L™🌵> By the time I got controls back it was just huffing and puffing
15:08:53 <ynpvisitor999®> I guess a lot of angry letters are incoming
15:09:09 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:09:14 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
15:09:37 <Kevin L™🌵> Night Betty
15:09:42 <Eric> Night Betty
15:11:22 <ynpvisitor999®> OT
15:11:22 <Joe> I would guess the camera viewership has been reduced dramatically over the past two and a half months
15:11:43 <Joe> .
15:13:32 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger
15:15:56 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
15:16:04 <CraigC> nice
15:16:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Love this view of Grand
15:16:39 <ynpvisitor999®> shortest interval in a while
15:17:25 <ynpvisitor999®> D0/G--
15:19:26 <ynpvisitor999®> D0 would suggest a 38m closed Turban interval
15:20:32 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger
15:23:53 <ynpvisitor999®> 8m
15:24:08 <ynpvisitor999®> looked like it had an attempt pause around the 7½m mark
15:24:31 <Dave from B™> I see we are doing lots of pushups this afternoon
15:25:56 <ynpvisitor999®> 10m
15:27:25 <ynpvisitor999®> b1 done
15:29:03 <Dave from B™> US was outplayed in the second half. I didn't watch the first half
15:29:36 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside in window
15:36:34 <LindaG> Greetings from jersey where the temp is 92 degrees!
15:36:50 <Dave from B™> Is that New?
15:37:15 <LindaG> 92 degrees?
15:37:21 <Kevin L™🌵> 106° back to you!
15:37:45 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, ok I'll keep the 92 😉
15:38:01 <Katie> I think we might be skipping summer here this year.
15:38:02 <Cooper> afternoon again everyone
15:38:09 <Kevin L™🌵> hi
15:38:12 <Dave from B™> This is the time of year I get to make everyone jealous.....65F
15:38:16 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
15:38:31 <Dave from B™> 70s and 80s the rest of the week
15:38:36 <Cooper> yikes Kevin, 106, only 69 here
15:38:58 <LindaG> It's supposed to drop into 80s soon
15:39:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Backed out of the driveway this morning. Heat just got right out of my way. Didn't even pass a deer....
15:40:23 <Dave from B™> They are all passed out due to the heat
15:41:06 <LindaG> Humidity is pretty good here, only 48 percent
15:41:37 <Kevin L™🌵> I did see a rabbit and some quail.
15:42:05 <LindaG> Nice, I have a resident rabbit
15:42:11 <Kevin L™🌵> 6%
15:42:37 <LindaG> Wow 6%
15:43:31 <Cooper> ooof, forgot about that. BBL
15:56:38 <ynpvisitor999®> D0/G1C | 11m05s; in-basin confirmed closed 39m Turban interval and more than 11 boops recorded
15:57:36 <Dave from B™> Interesting. Thanks for noting that Jarno
16:01:00 <LindaG> Ready kevin
16:01:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Controls released,
16:01:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Thanks
16:03:00 <LindaG> 👍
16:03:05 <LindaG> Got it
16:04:48 <ynpvisitor95> aurum
16:04:57 <ynpvisitor95> 1603
16:05:57 <ynpvisitor64> Of course
16:08:29 <LindaGp> War of the worlds?
16:08:32 <Dave from B™> Aurum..."The New OF" in terms of reliability:)
16:09:21 <LindaGp> Moved down basin for riverside and missed Aurum and probably riverside too
16:12:04 <LindaGp> Check in each other out
16:13:19 <Dave from B™> Oblong?
16:13:24 <LindaGp> I thought maybe they were going to rumble
16:13:24 <Dave from B™> ..
16:13:24 <Dave from B™> ..
16:13:25 <Dave from B™> ..
16:13:25 <ynpvisitor999®> Oblong
16:13:25 <Dave from B™> ..
16:13:26 <ynpvisitor999®> .
16:13:27 <ynpvisitor999®> .
16:13:28 <ynpvisitor999®> .
16:13:29 <ynpvisitor999®> .
16:13:30 <ynpvisitor999®> .
16:13:32 <Dave from B™> Please zoom
16:13:46 <Dave from B™> woohoo
16:13:46 <ynpvisitor999®> AT LAST!
16:13:59 <ynpvisitor95> yeah
16:14:10 <LindaGp> I saw water
16:14:23 <LindaGp> Yup
16:14:36 <ynpvisitor95> nice view
16:14:58 <Dave from B™> That's big
16:15:01 <LindaGp> Cool
16:15:05 <Dave from B™> wow
16:15:08 <ynpvisitor999®> does it always go that big?
16:15:15 <Dave from B™> not always
16:15:18 <Katie> Well, this is fun
16:15:39 <Dave from B™> Why are people saitting at Grand?
16:15:50 <ynpvisitor112> Only one I ever saw was unimpressive.
16:15:51 <Dave from B™> It erupted an hour ago
16:15:57 <ynpvisitor999®> they may be watching V&T's afterplay
16:15:57 <LindaGp> This is a first for me
16:16:06 <Cooper> Oh yay Aurum
16:16:09 <ynpvisitor95> probably still in its window
16:16:14 <ynpvisitor95> oblong needs an ie
16:16:30 <ynpvisitor95> you cant even call the start from Grand
16:16:42 <ynpvisitor112> Watching marmots?
16:16:48 <Dave from B™> can't see the bottom 10-20 feet from this view
16:16:49 <Cooper> And of course Oblong
16:16:52 <ynpvisitor95> it thmps and floods for a while before the water appears
16:17:50 <ynpvisitor112> The sign says 16:30 plus or minus 60?
16:17:52 <Eric> You guys see water?
16:18:05 <ynpvisitor112> You know how they keep the signs updated?
16:18:06 <LindaGp> Yes eric
16:18:06 <Cooper> ynpvisitor112, for?
16:18:06 <Katie> We di
16:18:08 <ynpvisitor95> e did, nice and tall earlier
16:18:22 <ynpvisitor112> Grnd
16:18:22 <Eric> Wow...awesome!
16:18:27 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger ie
16:18:45 <Eric> Nice to know we can see it from this view
16:19:01 <ynpvisitor95> hopefully that video will be captured
16:19:29 <ynpvisitor999®> I think several cam watchers using the NPS reference image are thinking they've watched Giant
16:19:59 <Cooper> ynpvisitor999®, why do you think they did
16:20:15 <ynpvisitor999®> NPS mislabeled Oblong as Giant on their reference image
16:20:22 <Cooper> oh, right
16:20:24 <Dave from B™> Someone needs to let people know Grand erupted
16:20:54 <Cooper> People Peope, GRAND ERUPTED, GO SEE ANOTHER GEYSER
16:21:22 <Cooper> People People**
16:22:39 <ynpvisitor112> There is another geyser?
16:22:54 <ynpvisitor112> Maybe there is a bear on the hill?
16:23:15 <Cooper> Or a bunch of marmots?
16:23:58 <ynpvisitor112> It is hard to get people to set and wait for Grand. There has to be something to see. Maybe it is a lecture?
16:24:51 <LindaGp> Just hanging out
16:25:07 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy ns
16:25:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> at least they saw a nice Oblong
16:25:11 <LindaGp> .daisy
16:25:13 <ynpvisitor41> cool, Oblong
16:25:16 <ynpvisitor41> congrats!
16:34:36 <LindaGp> How frequently does oblong erupt?
16:35:27 <ynpvisitor999®> regular at times, irregular at others
16:36:44 <Dave from B™> It only has 4 recorded eruptions this year. When active, it erupts 3-5 times per day
16:38:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> it can have follow up eruptions in about 30min that start from an empty crater so might be worth checing after OF
16:40:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> but they are pretty are
16:40:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> rare
16:41:24 <Dave from B™> OF Indy is filling
16:41:41 <LindaGp> Ok, was just reading about it in the geyser bible
16:42:09 <Dave from B™> The only geyser that I use a pair of binocs for is Oblong
16:42:35 <LindaGp> Dave from B™, why?
16:44:08 <LindaGp> Last possible oblong eruption was april
16:44:18 <Dave from B™> To watch the overflow to see when it makes a big push which leads to an eruption
16:44:32 <LindaGp> Of
16:44:38 <Dave from B™> lc taught me that trick
16:45:02 <ynpvisitor999®> rainbow
16:45:24 <LindaGp> Rainbow
16:46:25 <Eric> Can't you just feel the thumps on Oblong?
16:48:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> not from here
16:48:50 <Dave from B™> Heavy overflow occurs BEFORE thumping
16:49:11 <Eric> ahh
16:49:54 <LindaGp> OT ie
16:50:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> oblong thumps are pretty light compared to Artemisia too, usually hear them more than feel them
16:51:22 <ynpvisitor999®> is this normal post-eruptive Oblong steam?
16:55:07 <Eric> I hope one of those people from the Aurum observation can make it down toward oblong :-D
16:55:10 <LindaGp> Cam is zoomed to max
16:55:51 <Dave from B™> Dean and Matt caught it 2 minutes after us
16:56:40 <Dave from B™> glad Grand sitters finally left
16:56:49 <LindaGp> IT could only have been going about a minute. Wasnt going when I looked at bison
16:59:55 <LindaGp> Bilger
17:00:03 <LindaGp> Lol bulger
17:01:41 <Eric> ahh, glad they got it
17:02:05 <Eric> Weird that a later inbasin time overrides the ie webcam time
17:02:10 <Eric> as primary
17:03:24 <LindaGp> Is that west triplet?
17:04:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think if its the same type (actual, ns, ie) then it always picks the earliest in-park time over a wc time
17:05:59 <Eric> Strange that it doesn't just pick the earliest time, no matter it's source.
17:06:52 <Eric> Oh's close enough.
17:07:10 <CraigC> how did Oblong look on here?
17:07:16 <Eric> Personally, I wouldn't want my in-basin time as primary if someone on the webcam caught it first.
17:07:55 <Dave from B™> CraigC, it was GREAT
17:08:15 <LindaGp> CraigC, I thought it looked good. You could definitely see the.eruptiins
17:09:16 <ynpvisitor999®> Looks like I'll be able to use bug spray against arachnids. A few minutes ago I sprayed a relatively large spider with it and it just dropped off the wall :D
17:09:26 <CraigC> I'll try to remember to watch the GOSA tomorrow
17:09:39 <LindaGp> For some reason I just thought of tony the tiger 😉
17:09:51 <CraigC> LOL
17:09:57 <ynpvisitor999®> Hopefully the Oblong eruption will be posted as a separate video altogether
17:10:23 <LindaGp> Have to mentio to joe
17:10:35 <LindaGp> *mention
17:11:19 <CraigC> did SB erupt yet :)
17:11:34 <CraigC> I was napping, so it should have
17:11:35 <Dave from B™> Yep...That GREAT was for Joe
17:12:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger
17:13:48 <CraigC> I went to Verizon store today, all they want to do is to sell you a $750 phone, at minimum. I believe they lied to me about me not being able to go buy a cheap prepaid phone that Walmart sells for monthly Verizon contracts, and bring it back to set up
17:13:56 <Eric> Glad the webcam stayed up for it!
17:14:33 <Eric> You don't even have to bring it can setup the prepaid phone right from the phone after buying it!
17:15:01 <Katie> CraigC, my employer pays for my Verizon service, but I buy my hardware. I buy phones elsewhere and activate them on Verizon.
17:15:14 <Eric> You don't have to buy a prepaid card either if walmart tries to get you to buy one, you can just do it with a credit card.
17:15:34 <CraigC> Eric, they told me at the verizon store that the walmart contract service doesnt get access to all the verizon towers like the full contract service from buying at their store. Did they lie to me about that, too?
17:15:48 <Eric> Yep, that is bullcrap
17:16:01 <CraigC> ughhhh
17:16:03 <Katie> Just need a SIM card.
17:16:14 <Eric> Verizon prepaid works on the exact towers that Verizon postpaid does
17:16:18 <Katie> And when I've needed one to activate a phone, they've just given me one as part of the activation.
17:16:29 <CraigC> should I call their corporate office and discuss it with them and make a complaint?
17:16:45 <Eric> Yes, you might be able to even use your current phone Craig...check to see if it's compatible.
17:17:04 <Eric> That is up to probably won't get you anywhere, but if it makes you feel better :-D
17:17:11 <Dave from B™> CRaigC's current phone is a flip phone
17:17:14 <Dave from B™> :D
17:17:18 <Katie> If that will be satisfactory to you. It won't amount to much. But you should at least talk to a rep that isn't on commission or whatever hangup that guy has.
17:17:34 <CraigC> Eric, that is the first thing the person at the store did, was try to find if my phone was compatible, and they told me no. It is t-mobile trac phone
17:18:08 <Eric> Costco has contractors in their stores and they sell verizon phones/service...a lot less pushy then the kiosk sales guys at the mall
17:18:08 <Lori S>
17:18:25 <Lori S> Order online, activate by yourself.
17:18:34 <Eric> Yep, most tmobile phones won't work with verizon...but a few newer ones will.
17:18:59 <Lori S> Just jumping in the middle of your convo. sorry. ;)
17:19:22 <CraigC> Lori S, thanks, I think that 40 plan on sale for 35 is plenty for me
17:19:25 <Katie> But while the TMobile phone may not work with Verizon, the Verizon compatible phones sold at other retailers certainly are and can be activated on Verizon's network.
17:19:30 <LindaGp> Lori S, well we saw onlong erupt
17:19:41 <LindaGp> *oblong
17:20:03 <CraigC> Lori S, and also, thanks for finding me and finally meeting
17:20:19 <Lori S> Obling, cool.
17:20:52 <Lori S> CraigC, I asked several people before I found you so met a few others in my search. :)
17:21:36 <Lori S> Happy to finally meet you all be it briefly.
17:21:38 <CraigC> I appreciate all the info on Verizon from everyone.... looks like it will just cost me the price of a new phone, and the service should be pretty much the same as I pay on the walmart family plan
17:22:23 <Eric> Yep, it shouldn't be bad...if you are thinking about switching over completely...check out
17:22:32 <Eric> unlimited everything for $40/month
17:22:41 <Eric> They use Verizon's towers
17:22:45 <Lori S> Heads up about Verizon pre-paid, the pre-paid customer service can be awful. Luckily, you don't need it much.
17:23:16 <Lori S> I have a pre-paid Verizon android
17:23:17 <Eric> ahh, yes...I am sure they don't spend anything on service for their prepaid customers :-P
17:23:37 <CraigC> Eric, are you with visible?
17:24:28 <Eric> No, I use Tmobile and have a phone I activate while in the park, but if I was switching over to verizon, I would consider visible
17:24:46 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
17:24:59 <Eric> Verizon owns really it's just rebranding/pricing
17:25:10 <CraigC> Eric, why do you keep t-mobile
17:25:17 <Eric> It's better in my area
17:25:21 <Eric> cheaper too
17:25:21 <CraigC> ok
17:26:39 <Lori S> CraigC, if you set your pre-paid up for monthly auto-pay, you never have to think abt making a payment
17:30:21 <Dave from B™> Time to go help Taylor in the market. Have a great evening everyone!
17:30:36 <Eric> You too dave
17:30:39 <ynpvisitor999®> cya Dave
17:30:44 <Lori S> Night Dave from B™
17:43:53 <Lori S> Oblong is connected to Giant? I was just reading the GOSA page.
17:45:47 <Cooper> Seems like it
17:46:08 <Lori S> So what does that mean for Giant right now?
17:46:13 <Lori S> Hi Cooper
17:46:22 <Cooper> Hey Lori
17:46:38 <Eric> So is it connected to Bijou too? That is what people really want to know!
17:46:48 <ynpvisitor999®> TSB says that it sometimes responds to weird things happening in the Daisy, Giant and Grotto groups
17:47:29 <CraigC> I saw some weird people at Daisy
17:47:31 <Cooper> Well it likely means it is not active, as it said as Giant was active oblong was formant, so it is likely the other way around, and yes that means it is connected to Bijou
17:47:47 <Cooper> so still likely no giant
17:47:59 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger ns
17:48:05 <Lori S> Weird things in a geyser basin? No way!
17:48:19 <Lori S> CraigC, LOL
17:48:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Hole
17:49:07 <LindaGp> 👍
17:49:49 <Lori S> ynpvisitor999®, Hole?
17:49:58 <Eric> Did you see Dave at Daisy?
17:50:04 <ynpvisitor999®> short for Bulger's Hole
17:50:12 <Eric> ohh yep!
17:50:14 <Eric> awesome
17:50:15 <Lori S> OHHH
17:50:35 <Eric> wow...that is like 4ft of eruption from that hole!
17:50:42 <Eric> The real BH
17:51:02 <ynpvisitor999®> you should have seen it two days ago from the start
17:51:17 <ynpvisitor999®> GOSA actually uploaded that to their channel
17:51:19 <Eric> Well, that was like a 3 minute eruption!
17:51:20 <Cooper> WOAH, I entered bulgers hole once, and it registered 3 times
17:51:35 <Eric> delete your extras
17:51:53 <ynpvisitor999®> I told you to not smash that submit button mutiple times in a row!
17:52:05 <Cooper> Deleted
17:55:18 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
17:55:27 <Lori S> I'm on delay. 1st time I've seen B H. Cool!
17:55:45 <LindaGp> AL
17:56:47 <Cooper> that was B H's 15th eruption this year(that was recorded)
17:57:57 <CraigC> I missed it all looking at Verizon crap online :(
17:58:05 <Lori S> When I met William at Norris Friday, he told me where it was in relation to Bulger. Now I know from having seen it. :)
17:58:26 <CraigC> Norris in North east from Bulger. ;)
17:58:28 <CraigC> is
17:58:46 <Lori S> 8groan*
17:58:51 <CraigC> haha
17:58:53 <Lori S> **groan*
17:59:04 <ynpvisitor999®> Lori, Eric and others interested, this is the start of Bulger's Hole's eruption of two days ago:
17:59:17 <LindaGp> Catchy isn't it lol
18:00:24 <CraigC> wowowow..... nice. That person probably has no idea what they were seeing
18:01:40 <Lori S> To them it was like, Oh neat, look at that. :)
18:06:25 <Lori S> Does anyone know how I can edit a video to not nhave its sound?
18:08:12 <ynpvisitor999®> you disconnect the audio track and then delete it?
18:08:33 <Lori S> Using what program?
18:08:50 <ynpvisitor999®> some kind of decent video editor?
18:09:07 <ynpvisitor999®> I dunno. Maybe you can find something that does it for you on the internet
18:09:19 <Lori S> So, not knowing one from another, any suggestions on and editor?
18:10:30 <Lori S> I want to share my 9/7/18 SB with w few who have asked but it is full of me bawling and babbling on. :p
18:10:52 <LindaGp> Lol
18:11:16 <LindaGp> Just tell them to turn sound ofd
18:11:28 <LindaGp> *off
18:12:18 <Lori S> Hehe. But I don't know them so it could end up public and affect my future run for political office.
18:12:27 <Lori S> (joke)
18:12:36 <LindaGp> 😆
18:13:12 <ynpvisitor999®> if you use Windows 10, it actually already has a video & audio editor. Not sure how it works though :P
18:13:32 <CraigC> ynpvisitor999®, I think they removed Movie Maker from 10
18:14:12 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, guess it then was some bloatware I encountere
18:14:13 <ynpvisitor999®> d
18:14:48 <Lori S> Google must know. Though, I get an average of 3 calls a day at work for some other lodging place thanks to folks asking Google.
18:15:35 <Eric> If you send me the video Lori I can strip out the audio in a few minutes :-D
18:15:48 <ynpvisitor999®> or that what Eric proposes
18:16:11 <ynpvisitor999®> if I have to believe Wikipedia: "Movie Maker was officially discontinued on January 10, 2017 and it is replaced by Microsoft Story Remix which is built in with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10."
18:16:24 <Cooper> be
18:16:27 <Eric> If you have it in dropbox or google photos, you can just create a share link
18:16:43 <LindaGp>
18:17:00 <Eric> and send it to me....ffmpeg is the fastest and easiest tool
18:17:02 <Cooper> I am off for now, enjoy your evining everone
18:17:09 <Eric> ok...gotta run to dinner
18:17:11 <ynpvisitor999®> cya Cooper
18:17:17 <Cooper> evening everyone**
18:17:18 <LindaGp> Cooper, night
18:17:20 <Cooper> bye Eric
18:17:35 <Lori S> Bye Eric Na Cooper and Eric I will see what I can do. I am online images challenged
18:17:42 <LindaGp> OF
18:17:50 <Lori S> *and
18:19:00 <Lori S> LindaGp, thanks for that link!
18:19:13 <LindaGp> 👍
18:20:49 <CraigC> ynpvisitor999®, cool, I opened a video in MS Photos and I can see a few edit tools
18:22:41 <LindaGp> Daisy watch
18:23:38 <LindaGp> Churn steam
18:24:00 <ynpvisitor999®> I really hope it goes
18:25:05 <CraigC> Luke has spent a lot of time observing Churn
18:25:09 <LindaGp> Churn and oblong, that would be nice
18:25:36 <ynpvisitor73> we had Bulger's Hole too
18:25:45 <LindaGp> Yeah
18:26:49 <CraigC> I met Luke, Craig M and Forest, young gazers that are killin it;
18:27:14 <ynpvisitor73> Park Service having to divert $2.5M for the Trump Parade .. gee
18:27:40 <LindaGp> Shameful
18:27:53 <ynpvisitor73> not to mention how much everyone else is having to spend
18:28:59 <LindaGp> Whose the geek to the left, 😉
18:29:16 <Lori S> LindaGp, LOL
18:30:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Coming to think about it, this powerful Oblong eruption actually serves as ideal theoridiot propaganda material
18:30:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger
18:30:30 <LindaGp> Bulger
18:30:34 <ynpvisitor999®> ie/ns
18:31:39 <CraigC> I bet that is Luke at Churn right now
18:31:54 <CraigC> probably headed to tilts baby
18:32:09 <CraigC> or else one of the ones sitting
18:32:56 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy ie
18:32:57 <CraigC> :daisy:
18:33:58 <Lori S> Learning about another new geyser for me...Churn
18:34:51 <Lori S> Helps having them standing there to help locate
18:35:08 <LindaGp> It's right above sprinkler
18:35:38 <Lori S> The steam to the left and opposite the walk from those waiting?
18:35:46 <CraigC> looks pretty hot for the time of day and temps
18:35:58 <LindaGp> Yes
18:36:15 <ynpvisitor999®> oh wow - according to in-basin reports, Fountain 1613 to between 1723 and 1730, [i]without[/i] Morning
18:37:13 <ynpvisitor999®> SB note from late afternoon: "Several thicck, tall, near vertical minors from NV. Very little concerted play. Maybe one good SV, with moderate runoff. 1-3 minute quiet periods between minor play."
18:38:09 <LindaGp> Bulger
18:38:43 <LindaGp> Minor
18:38:44 <ynpvisitor73> fn off at 1644 per SteveE, 31m
18:39:38 <Lori S> Whoa. I just realized my delay is like 10 minutes
18:39:59 <Lori S> OK, maybe 7
18:40:24 <Lori S> refesh took care of it
18:40:32 <ynpvisitor999®> William says it turned off between 1723 and 1730 (the other secondary entry)
18:40:33 <Lori S> *refresh
18:40:50 <ynpvisitor999®> not sure which one is true, but hopefully Lynn will update the primary entry
18:41:07 <ynpvisitor73> Steve reported the end time at 1652, so before Williams comment. Mayeb his watch moved to wrong timezone?
18:41:20 <ynpvisitor999®> possible, yeah
18:41:25 <LindaGp> Lori S, that's a serious delay
18:41:49 <Lori S> I was like, why is Daisy starting at 18:38?
18:43:19 <Lori S> Well, gotta close up the office and head home to comsole the dog all night...selfie fireworks
18:43:39 <ynpvisitor73> WIlliam says clep was weak startingnat 1644 which is when Steve says Ftn quit
18:43:58 <Lori S> Got about 4.5 hrs sleep last night between 11:30 pm and 4 am
18:44:17 <CraigC> cya Lori
18:44:30 <ynpvisitor73> i suspect Wiliam was seeing ftn and Clep from the road since Steve says he was on the boardwalk
18:45:19 <LindaGp> Lori S, Have a good evening
18:45:38 <Lori S> I predict Churn will play minutes after I log off. :)
18:45:46 <ynpvisitor999®> haha
18:45:49 <Lori S> Bye all
18:45:53 <ynpvisitor999®> cya
18:46:11 <LindaGp> I'll go back to see if she's right
18:49:24 <ynpvisitor73> she hasnt logged off yet
18:50:32 <ynpvisitor999®> after one quits, you're still 'logged on' for about 5 minutes
18:50:58 <LindaGp>
18:51:08 <ynpvisitor999®> see?
18:51:13 <ynpvisitor73> or she didnt leave and is trying to fake out Churn
18:51:22 <ynpvisitor73> ok, now Churn can go
18:52:05 <LindaGp> We're ready
18:52:29 <ynpvisitor73> oblong is steamy
18:53:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger
18:53:53 <ynpvisitor999®> OT steamy
18:55:14 <ynpvisitor73> oops sorry for chouting
18:55:54 <ynpvisitor73> SFP wasnt till 1650 si there should have been more jets if Ftn was still going
18:58:23 <LindaGp> Web debris
18:59:39 <LindaGp> We could use an NG
19:00:23 <ynpvisitor999®> MC
19:00:31 <LindaGp> Marmot cave
19:09:53 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off for today. Enjoy watching Bulger
19:10:09 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor999®, goodnight
19:10:44 <LindaGp> Bulger
19:11:11 <LindaGp> Minor
19:14:33 <LindaGp> lc ie
19:20:59 <LindaGp> BA LA
19:34:32 <LindaGp> Bulger
19:34:46 <LindaGp> OT
19:41:23 <ynpvisitor69> Any video of Oblong
19:41:26 <ynpvisitor69> ?
19:42:28 <LindaGp> Not presently, Joe wasn't here
19:43:01 <ynpvisitor69> thanks
19:43:08 <ynpvisitor69> great news
19:43:40 <LindaGp> Yeah it was a good view, check GOSA tomorrow
19:58:33 <LindaGp> OF
19:59:15 <LindaGp> Rainbow
19:59:27 <LindaGp> Nice one
20:08:18 <LindaGp> Bulger ie
20:39:10 <LindaGp> Bulger
20:39:22 <LindaGp> Minor
20:41:19 <LindaGp> Churn is steamy
20:42:27 <LindaGp> DAISY
20:43:15 <ynpvisitor11> Everything is kind of steamy.
20:44:19 <ynpvisitor11> Nice light on Daisy
20:44:30 <ynpvisitor11> With out it we couldnot see the water
20:45:12 <LindaGp> Yeah looks great backlit
20:45:39 <ynpvisitor11> They should back light all the geysers
20:45:55 <LindaGp> Grotto woke up
20:46:06 <ynpvisitor11> Put it in the 2020 budget
20:46:35 <LindaGp>
20:46:57 <ynpvisitor11> Just don't let IT have anything to do with it.
20:47:06 <ynpvisitor11> Or forever
20:48:12 <ynpvisitor11> Spider house makes it look like it is snowing.
20:48:36 <ynpvisitor11> Except the snow flakes are going all different directions
20:49:05 <LindaGp> Its weird
20:49:51 <ynpvisitor11> Web cam disco ball!
20:50:14 <LindaGp> People gathering for grand
20:51:02 <ynpvisitor11> Did we find out what the post grand gathering was today?
20:52:32 <LindaGp> I don't think so
20:53:17 <ynpvisitor11> Well time for a healthy late dinner.
20:54:04 <LindaGp> Yeah its bedtime for me
21:01:00 <Kevin L™🌵> Just got back. Thanks.
21:02:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Wow!
21:02:10 <LindaGp> Aurum
21:02:12 <LindaGp> .
21:02:13 <LindaGp> .
21:02:13 <LindaGp> .
21:02:26 <LindaGp> It's a big one
21:03:23 <Michael> Nice!
21:03:26 <LindaGp> Howd it go?
21:03:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Usually does that just before I go.
21:03:58 <ynpvisitor67> Nice camera work
21:04:00 <LindaGp> Kevin L™🌵, do you want cam or should I put on night view?
21:04:12 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor67, thx
21:04:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Getting him reassembled. Met with the home health nurse and working our some things.
21:05:13 <LindaGp> That's good
21:05:28 <LindaGp> I'm heading to bed.
21:05:50 <LindaGp> Should I just put on night view?
21:08:31 <LindaGp> Ok good night left on night view
21:28:34 <Joe> Riverside
21:32:56 <Michael> grand
21:34:39 <Michael> OF ie
21:39:17 <Kevin L™🌵> OF broke it
21:41:26 <Joe> 108 failures since 2118 yesterday when cam was "fixed"
21:41:53 <Michael> Lion
21:43:16 <Michael> ...and frozen again. On a nice frame at least.
21:54:27 <Michael> Bedtime is coming up. Joe, good luck seeing things in the dark.
21:55:16 <Joe> Night Michael, thanks
21:56:03 <Kevin L™🌵> He is pretending it is an eclipse
22:11:39 <Joe> Castle
22:25:18 <ynpvisitor44> Kevin is still up? Or already woke up from your Ipad nap?