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05:07:09 <Dave from B™> Good morning Rice and Terry
05:09:41 <GO MORNING> morning.....almost the weekend
05:10:22 <Rice (6)> Good Morning Everyone
05:10:26 <Dave from B™> It might be a Morning day
05:11:03 <GO MORNING> i hope so ..... but since Lynn left we have less info ......maybe more people will be there as SB erupted
05:12:22 <GO MORNING> longer of shrter SB interval coming up? I am thinking slightly longer
05:14:06 <Dave from B™> I'm not getting a good vibe either way but I'm hoping about 12 hours shorter
05:19:24 <Dave from B™> The last 2 SB eruptions have been long in duration
05:19:31 <GO MORNING> dont want Craig to have to wait too long
05:19:52 <Joe> Hello Rice, Graham and Dave
05:20:12 <GO MORNING> morning Joe
05:20:12 <Joe> Dave, are you not well?
05:20:31 <Dave from B™> Because I'm up so early?
05:20:45 <Joe> Yes
05:22:10 <Dave from B™> My fresh manager took a couple days off. I'm helping get the Bozeman truck out this morning
05:24:27 <Joe> Ah! the life of a business owner
05:29:05 <Dave from B™> I would have been all set to leave early today but today is inventory day
05:34:00 <Joe> Looks like Arum stas cam went down
05:34:38 <Joe> Aurum *
05:35:06 <Joe> started*
05:37:05 <Joe> Misriable night cam failed 46 times since2230
05:37:29 <Joe> miserable *
05:37:31 <Dave from B™> I was assuming problem was mostly during busy part of the day
05:38:22 <Joe> Nope it is not as bad but close
05:43:58 <Dave from B™> Good afternoon CraigC
05:44:12 <CraigC> hey Dave LOL
05:44:17 <Joe> Hi Craig
05:44:52 <CraigC> hey Joe, how's it going
05:45:45 <Dave from B™> CraigC, when are you leaving?
05:46:05 <CraigC> tomorrow morning
05:46:16 <Joe> Super, Craig and you? Why are you up so late?
05:46:19 <CraigC> going to Idaho Falls for a night at our family reunion
05:46:45 <CraigC> I was up at 3, but decided to take a nap
05:46:59 <Joe> ok :)
05:47:35 <GO MORNING> so SB on Monday?
05:47:43 <Dave from B™> Joe, should we call you the "Night Watchman"?
05:47:43 <Rice (6)> Craig, You ever been to Willard Bay State Park, Nroth of Salt Lake?
05:47:51 <GO MORNING> and Tue and Wed
05:48:01 <Rice (6)> Thinking about camping there overnight on the way back.
05:48:26 <CraigC> Rice (6), I live about 5 miles from it. I have taken my boat out a few times, it is hit and miss. Lots of bugs this time of year
05:49:03 <CraigC> GO MORNING, we'll probably hit SB Tuesday-Wednesday
05:49:16 <Joe> You could Dave, I operate like one, always dozing off
05:49:22 <Rice (6)> Well, can I camp in your back yard then? (Joking)
05:49:39 <Rice (6)> I wont hit the neighbors mailbox backing in.
05:49:43 <CraigC> sure, my trailer is on my front lawn
05:50:28 <Rice (6)> Where is a good place to swim in the Salt Lake?
05:50:55 <Rice (6)> Have to do it, just to say I did.
05:50:59 <CraigC> there are really cool camping places up over the mtn from my house, it would be about 10 extra miles, but it is gorgeous, and sometimes we see moose in there
05:51:26 <Rice (6)> Sounds good, what is the name?
05:51:45 <CraigC> Rice (6), probably the less buggy place would be Saltair, on the highway west of Salt Lake,past the airport. Antelope Island is really bad in the summer
05:52:34 <Joe> another cam failure
05:52:35 <CraigC> the camp spots over the mountain are North Fork Park, and close by is South Fork. North Fork is less busy
05:53:16 <CraigC> friends and I go to North Fork for cookouts, it's a nice area to chill
05:56:08 <Dave from B™> 10 miles to get somewhere nice...that's great, Craig. About an hour for me.
05:56:55 <CraigC> 10 miles from Willard, about 5 from my house :)
06:02:03 <Rice (6)> Thanks Craig, I will look them up. You have been a lot of help
06:02:23 <Rice (6)> How long does it take to get to Salt lake from your house?
06:02:39 <Rice (6)> Into the city to do site seeing stuff.
06:03:50 <CraigC> about an hour
06:04:51 <CraigC> Kennecott Copper mine used to be a cool site to see, but not sure if they opened the visitor center up yet since the land slide
06:07:48 <GO MORNING> how long will you be in the park Rice?
06:10:26 <Rice (6)> No going to Yellowstone this time, Arches, Zion, Grand Canyon, Death Valey, Yosemtie, Red woods, Crater Lake. 3 weeks total from NY to CA.
06:11:19 <CraigC> nice trip, covering a lot
06:12:13 <Rice (6)> 4 kids, the Mini Van, and Pop Up Camper. Wish me luck....
06:12:20 <CraigC> when will you be camping by my home?
06:13:02 <Rice (6)> And wife that thinks we will not see a grocery store after we leave our house, so packing food for entire trip.
06:13:18 <Dave from B™> That's insane:D
06:13:33 <Rice (6)> August 6-7, we will be coming back through Salt lake.
06:13:56 <Rice (6)> Dave, I might be.
06:14:31 <Dave from B™> No, I meant your wife:)
06:16:07 <Dave from B™> Sounds like a fun trip
06:16:30 <Joe> Rice I live near a one stoplight town and they have two grocery stores, you wife should not worry :)
06:17:02 <CraigC> yeah, people eat food all over the country ;)
06:17:53 <CraigC> but we overpack food, too, because we want to have it done and also save money over the cost of food in West Yellowstone
06:18:13 <Rice (6)> She doesn't know, so she prepares for the worst, we wont starve, unless my two teen age boys find the stash.
06:18:46 <CraigC> we almost always bring home a lot of food, cuz we end up eating out more than we plan
06:20:08 <Rice (6)> Cost of food will be less here than in a NP. A lot of it is snack and quick meal stuff, that wont spoil.
06:20:49 <Rice (6)> I feel like I am packing a Submarine for 6 months at sea, we will eat the food, then be able to walk on the floor of the camper again.
06:21:40 <CraigC> LOL
06:21:59 <CraigC> there are Walmarts all across the country
06:29:34 <Dave from B™> Rice, how many nights in the Yosemite area and at what CG?
06:34:45 <CraigC> turban maybe?
06:35:05 <Rice (6)> Yosemite, is 4 nights, Upper Pines, we got lucky and got a spot.
06:35:21 <Joe> yep that makes a few
06:36:33 <Dave from B™> Perfect spot. Great hiking in the valley but you won't be alone
06:38:03 <Rice (6)> Nowhere we go, will we be alone this summer. Zion is going to be crazy, we are there during Pionerr Days :(
06:38:48 <Rice (6)> Makes my wife feel better about bears though, see is concerned that we will have a problem.
06:39:28 <CraigC> Rice (6), my g/f is the same.... everywhere we go she asks if there are bears around
06:40:25 <Dave from B™> Only bears you might see are in Yosemite and they are SMALL
06:40:41 <Rice (6)> I bought Bear Spray for the trip, makes here feel better.
06:40:41 <Joe> INDY
06:40:42 <Joe> .
06:40:43 <Joe> .
06:40:43 <Joe> .
06:40:44 <Joe> .
06:40:44 <Joe> .
06:40:46 <CraigC> nice
06:42:56 <ynpvisitor111> Thanks Joe
06:43:10 <CraigC> hey Kat
06:43:26 <Kat> Hii Craig, Joe
06:43:52 <Joe> yw 111, hi Kat
06:43:53 <CraigC> hey Jimbo
06:44:10 <Kat> :)
06:44:28 <CraigC> hey people... don't walk away from Beehive
06:44:45 <FloydRTurbo> :(
06:44:51 <BWaggs> Morning
06:45:15 <Kat> Who has cam?
06:45:17 <CraigC> hey BW
06:45:25 <FloydRTurbo> Bunch of windows open
06:45:35 <Joe> Grand will have to wait !
06:45:56 <Joe> I Do Kat
06:46:27 <FloydRTurbo> I really like Fluff on static anyway.
06:48:29 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
06:48:42 <Lori S> Morning Jarno and all
06:48:57 <Kat> Hey all!
06:49:06 <FloydRTurbo> :)
06:49:11 <ynpvisitor999®> :bee:
06:49:32 <Kat> :bee::bee::bee:
06:49:51 <CraigC> hey Jarno
06:49:55 <CraigC> hey Lori
06:49:56 <BWaggs> :thumbsup:
06:50:41 <Lori S> gorgeous sunlight!
06:51:01 <Kat> That is beautiful!
06:51:24 <Lori S> **Lori kicks self for sleeping in**
06:52:24 <Joe> OF windo but I'm not moving
06:52:49 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:52:52 <Joe> We have a static to see if it is close
06:52:56 <ynpvisitor29> 1 lone observer
06:53:14 <Kat> 2 observers
06:53:34 <Lori S> would be 3 if I hadn't slept in
06:54:21 <ynpvisitor999®> that was fun
06:54:27 <CraigC> thanks, Joe
06:54:32 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
06:54:38 <Joe> Cam is all yours Kat :)
06:54:38 <Lori S> thx Joe
06:55:03 <Kat> Thanks Joe!
06:55:29 <ynpvisitor29> Grand?
06:56:13 <Joe> Maybe but OF window trumps almost all :)
06:56:44 <CraigC> The Prime Directive
06:56:53 <Lori S> thx for txt, bbl
06:57:44 <Kat> Bye Lori
06:59:26 <Joe> 50 camera failures since 2242, terrible operator night
07:00:18 <LindaGt> Good morning, bummer I missed bee
07:00:23 <Joe> But the cam has been solid since0557
07:03:45 <Dave from B™> a whole hour?:)
07:04:03 <Joe> Cam failure report sent to the people that care :)
07:04:22 <Kat> Thanks so much Joe!
07:04:56 <CraigC> any way we can quick check grand?
07:05:28 <Joe> against the law :)
07:05:32 <CraigC> LOL
07:05:49 <Dave from B™> My sales manager hit a deer last night
07:06:20 <Joe> Dave see what you started :)
07:07:15 <Dave from B™> He had to get towed
07:08:42 <Dave from B™> That makes 3 peopleon our staff driving rentals
07:08:57 <Kat> Whats with OF? Did we somehow miss it?
07:09:00 <Joe> Just checked static OF erupted 25 min ago
07:09:14 <Dave from B™> OFI is empty
07:09:29 <Kat> I thought so JOe!
07:09:52 <CraigC> weird that we missed seeing OF on the static at the time
07:15:36 <Joe> That OF prediction was way off window opened towards end of BEE
07:16:27 <Joe> /
07:21:51 <CraigC> daisy
07:23:10 <LindaGt> Good morning again!
07:23:55 <BWaggs> Morning Linda
07:24:28 <LindaGt> LindaGt, hi
07:24:51 <LindaGt> BWaggs, hi
07:25:49 <Kat> Hi
07:26:11 <LindaGt> Kat, hi
07:26:47 <Joe> Grand
07:26:56 <Joe> .
07:26:57 <Joe> .
07:27:33 <Joe> 6 hours 50 min
07:27:39 <Joe> .
07:27:41 <CraigC> and a sprinkler dual
07:28:01 <Joe> not often seen :)
07:28:37 <Kat> :)
07:30:55 <Casey> Morning
07:31:33 <CraigC> hey Casey
07:31:55 <CraigC> check out oblong
07:32:25 <Joe> Casey you must have thought about Grand 6 minutes ago :)
07:32:56 <LindaGt> Steamy grand
07:33:55 <LindaGt> Hi Casey, CraigC, Joe,
07:34:04 <CraigC> hey Linda
07:34:05 <Joe> ~8min
07:35:07 <Casey> I think Grand was the Casey-whisperer today.
07:37:35 <Dave from B™> Darn London Bridge is stuck in my head everytime I see Failing and Down
07:38:08 <KittyM> Good morning everyone
07:38:11 <CraigC> hey Kitty
07:38:12 <Joe> Arg! Dave!
07:38:35 <CraigC> naaa, think of Michael Douglas in Falling Down
07:39:25 <CraigC>
07:39:45 <LindaGt> KittyM, hi
07:40:18 <KittyM> Hey, Linda
07:41:06 <Joe> I guess we are going to have to learn to accept the camera this way, but I think it stinks
07:41:56 <KittyM> You thing the up/down won't be able to b fixed, Joe?
07:42:44 <KittyM> *think
07:42:44 <Kat> LC
07:43:38 <CraigC> MC ie
07:44:04 <Joe> It could be fixed, but unless the public complains more than they have, my opinion is nothing will be done
07:44:43 <KittyM> Where's the best place to send a complaint to?
07:44:55 <Dave from B™> That was a good movie
07:45:41 <Joe> at the bottom of the S YNP web cam page there is a contact link
07:47:59 <Kat> Wow, it's bad this morning!
07:48:51 <KittyM> Thanks, Joe
07:48:52 <Joe> If you look at the y n p webcam page and look at it as a person that doesn't know much about Yellowstone and what they're seeing, you do not see anything that would alert you that the camera is failing so many times so unless they are specifically watching for Old Faithful at a certain time and the camera fails they don't really know that anything is happening
07:49:38 <Kat> Well, that's a problem in making a case to correct this cam
07:49:42 <KittyM> Well that's the view on the cam I watch from my phone and if I can tell all the time when it is freezing
07:50:15 <KittyM> So except for the casual observer, it's pretty obvious.
07:50:53 <Joe> Yes but you and I know what we are looking at, the general non gazer public is not aware
07:51:33 <KittyM> True
07:52:15 <Joe> LA
07:52:41 <Joe> and BA
07:53:22 <Joe> improbable is blowing in a good direction
07:53:34 <PoloniumVault> Yay, it fit!
07:53:56 <PoloniumVault> I just submitted an email complaint.
07:55:30 <Joe> Good
07:56:37 <PoloniumVault> I've been watching these cams a long time - saw the first ever Giantess eruption seen on the static Webcam
07:57:08 <Joe> I would but I have already, and I have a static IP address so they would not look at all my complaints
07:57:19 <Joe> Dome ie
07:59:47 <Joe> I would have loved to see that
07:59:48 <PoloniumVault> I checked my files I have screencaps from 2007 and 2008
08:01:30 <PoloniumVault> Do you have a Twitter account? I can post a couple of them there
08:02:16 <Joe> No, the only social I do is right here :)
08:03:53 <KittyM> I just submitted a complaint too. (Also with thanks to the volunteer cam ops :) )
08:04:33 <Joe> I am one of those "tinfoil hat" wearers, It took me years to sign in to this site
08:04:37 <PoloniumVault> Oh well, I even have screencaps of Plume
08:05:14 <Joe> Nice sorry, I'll have to miss them
08:07:18 <Kevin L™> Not often Aurum comes on for me.
08:07:43 <Kat> :)
08:07:43 <Joe> Nice
08:07:53 <CraigC> nice
08:08:09 <CraigC> and off
08:08:20 <Kat> :)Too fast!
08:08:25 <CraigC> thanks for turning it on
08:08:36 <Dave from B™> rats
08:08:46 <PoloniumVault> Lag - got to see it all
08:08:46 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
08:08:53 <Kevin L™> Morning
08:09:30 <Kat> Hay Dave and Kevin
08:10:07 <Kat> Hey*
08:11:33 <Joe> Aurum was 0806:49 to 0808:03
08:12:13 <PoloniumVault> It was nice to see Sponge bubbling during the closeup
08:12:15 <Kat> LC
08:20:47 <Joe> Darn camera
08:21:06 <Kat> This is crazy!
08:23:16 <Dave from B™> Kevin has a material that helps with "bad" cameras
08:24:21 <Joe> it would be disastrous for the Inn
08:25:11 <Kat> It's really down now!!
08:25:23 <Dave from B™> It's a shame about this camera...maybe we should write to Canon or YF
08:25:43 <Kat> OF
08:27:56 <Kevin L™> The UP train derailment in Rainbow Canyon was near our favorite point to use that material.
08:30:17 <Dave from B™> Are you confessing?:D
08:30:31 <PoloniumVault> We could watch it rain in New Orleans
08:35:27 <LindaGt> Oh I'm so looking g forward to 6 hrs of this. Dripping with sarcasm
08:35:49 <LindaGt> Hi Dave from B™, Kevin L™,
08:36:14 <LindaGt> Did Eric's flower bloom yet?
08:38:07 <Kat> I'm over it Linda! :p
08:38:40 <LindaGt> Seriously ii will be too
08:42:01 <Kat> Another hour and 20 minutes of this! :(
08:42:56 <Dave from B™> 2nd busiest fresh sales week in history:)
08:43:28 <Joe> great!!
08:44:01 <Dave from B™> The next 6 weeks are the busiest of the year. I think we will set a record at some point in that time frame
08:44:16 <Kat> Awesome Dave!
08:45:36 <Kat> Bulger
08:46:05 <Dave from B™> BUG
08:46:29 <Kat> BUG ie?
08:48:17 <Joe> /
08:49:38 <Kat> OT
08:51:51 <Joe> The cam has failed 14 times since 0737
08:53:25 <LindaGt> Joe are you sending times to admin? I dont have enough time in a day to type up how many times its failed?
08:54:44 <Kat> I was counting on my shifts but too distracting and I knew Joe was doing it on review
08:56:18 <Kat> Dome
08:58:07 <Joe> All I send is number of failures per so many hours, I used to send every down/up time, but with my on finger typing it takes me too long, besides they know they have a problem, I just don't think they have the resources or enough drive to resolve the problem
08:58:42 <Kat> I agree - not sure what the barriers are!
08:59:39 <CraigC> same as when I used to do assessments on juvies; common problem; "Lack of importance"
09:00:14 <Kat> Wonder why someone is lying down in the middle of the walkway on static!
09:00:24 <Joe> I'm almost positive that Yellowstone Foundation does not want to spend the money needed to solve the problem
09:00:26 <LindaGt> I can count them. In afternoon it is up and down every minute and a half to two mins. So I'm summarizing
09:01:06 <Jake> I have a file that has cam status every minute for the last several weeks. I'll see about getting that into a google doc for you
09:01:29 <LindaGt> Jake, 👍
09:01:30 <Kat> Nice Jake!
09:01:35 <CraigC> aweesome, Jake
09:02:00 <Joe> YF needs the money for their high paid leaders
09:02:01 <CraigC> hey fish
09:02:18 <CraigC> I thought when I retired that I would never do another report for the rest of my life
09:02:29 <fishynp> morning
09:02:55 <CraigC> fishynp, do you hit the Yellowstone River on the 15th each year?
09:03:02 <CraigC> July 15th
09:03:50 <fishynp> No. I try to stay away from the Yellowstone at that time. I'll mostly be on the Madison outside the park during this time of year.
09:03:52 <CraigC> AB
09:03:57 <fishynp> of the Henry's Fork.
09:04:17 <fishynp> The Yellowstone in the Black Canyon can be REALLY good this time of year.
09:04:54 <CraigC> back in the 80s and 90s I would take a week off every July 15 to go up to Buffalo Ford. If water was low enough, I owuld cross out to the island and fish off the tail water there
09:05:02 <Jake> Cutthroats in the Yellowstone R declined so much that Utah has better fishing for them
09:05:23 <Jake> you should go back Craig and see how many fish you can find
09:05:46 <CraigC> I stopped when they started charging extra for fishing
09:05:53 <Katie> G'morning
09:06:03 <Kat> Hi Katie
09:06:09 <CraigC> hey Katie
09:06:22 <fishynp> Cutties are at 10% of what they were back then. Although, they are just now starting to make a comeback. The netting is starting to show positive results.
09:06:38 <CraigC> and I also don't do as well wading in rivers now that I am older, so I fish from my little boat now
09:06:48 <fishynp> They are starting to see more fish in the spawning runs and bears are actually being spotted fishing again.
09:06:57 <CraigC> nice
09:07:26 <LindaGt> CraigC, really I thought my days of timesheets were long gone
09:08:42 <Joe> I had 50 cam failures overnight last night, keeping up with that and reporting it is a PITA and if they look at the captures, DaveM gives them a camera stream interruption scree for the duration of the down timen
09:08:53 <LindaGt> Thank goodness Wimbledon is on today
09:09:17 <Joe> screen* time*
09:09:30 <CraigC> you'd think they have enough data to see there is a problem
09:09:41 <Dave from B™> I love playing tennis but watching it is like watching paint dry
09:09:42 <LindaGt> Joe, I agree it's bad enough we have to deal with it, nevermind report it
09:10:01 <Dave from B™> TOO MUCH Grunting
09:10:03 <LindaGt> Dave from B™, Nadal and Federer are playing g today
09:10:24 <fishynp> If anyone is interested in Yellowstone fish, this issue of "Yellowstone Science" is excellent:
09:10:25 <LindaGt> I'm a big Nadal fan
09:10:40 <Dave from B™> Are they still alive?
09:11:06 <LindaGt> Yes they are number one and two in the world
09:11:14 <Joe> I have given them detailed reports for over two months now, so that is part of why I slowed down reporting
09:11:36 <CraigC> fishynp, thanks
09:11:38 <LindaGt> Joe, yeah that's a bit much
09:12:02 <CraigC> what else do they need to know that hasn't already been presented?
09:12:04 <Joe> Reports falling on Gov"t ears :)
09:15:52 <Kat> "Trust in God; all else bring data" (Deming)
09:20:55 <Joe> I learned this in my contact with gov't work, If every thing worked as it should, it was hard to get money in next years budget, take your time fixing problems, the would throw money at you in the next years.:(
09:21:32 <CraigC> ughhh
09:23:13 <Kat> I learned that those who have the power to get things don't because the issues do not touch them day in and day out!
09:23:50 <Joe> They would have us put in systems that barely met their needs just so they could push the higher-ups for more money in next year's budget to make it work just a little better to meet their needs
09:24:38 <ynpvisitor86> that's it! Have the cam boss take a shift
09:25:31 <Kat> No, the cam bosses boss!
09:25:42 <Dave from B™> Send a link to #45
09:25:44 <CraigC> it must be important enough to them for them to have decided to move it, and have people come in during the winter to change it
09:26:36 <CraigC> Dave from B™, NOOOOOO, 45 will confiscate it and install it in North Korea so he can watch his hero to find out how to reign over us
09:30:53 <PoloniumVault> I have an idea - circulate a rumor that illegal immigrants are entering the U.S. via a hidden exit from a tunnel next to Split Cone. We'll have so many working cameras our heads will spin.
09:32:12 <Joe> Two years of small business growing by leaps and bounds, two years of my bank accounts growing like never before, that is a really bad deal? :)
09:32:19 <PoloniumVault> Guess what: Nadal-Federer is delayed!
09:32:55 <Kat> Why delayed?
09:33:23 <PoloniumVault> Not sure, just saw a note. It's not rain
09:34:47 <Kat> Arty
09:34:55 <GO MORNING (50)> i think it was delayed because the other game took longer to finish. they are getting ready to paly
09:34:59 <Joe> yep
09:35:13 <Joe> on arty
09:35:23 <PoloniumVault> They are in warm-ups.
09:35:38 <Kat> Riverside
09:35:42 <Joe> Riverside
09:38:17 <Joe> Kat you need to fix your time on arty
09:39:06 <Joe> unless you saw it at 0903
09:40:01 <Cooper> Good Morning Everyone
09:41:05 <Kevin L™> How is Mpm?
09:41:37 <Dave from B™> Morning Cooper
09:42:51 <PoloniumVault> Match on
09:43:42 <Cooper> Hey Kevin, Dave
09:43:46 <Kevin L™> Faisy
09:43:49 <Joe> Daisy
09:44:43 <Kat> Thanks Joe!
09:44:56 <Joe> yw
09:45:51 <Kevin L™> So are you setting up a Road Kill Venison Jerky aisle in your store Dave?
09:46:11 <Joe> he should
09:46:34 <Eric> Morning
09:46:52 <LindaGt> Cooper, hi cooper how is mom?
09:46:54 <Cooper> Hey Eric
09:47:00 <Joe> *What is castle doing? steam on left
09:47:09 <Eric> Hi cooper
09:47:22 <Joe> nothing thanks
09:47:55 <Cooper> Kevin, and others Sorry for the late response, my mom is doing alot better, they took her off the ventilator this morning, they are going to keep her in ICU until this afternoon.
09:48:19 <LindaGt> Cooper, that is e excellent news
09:48:22 <Eric> good to hear there is improvement!
09:48:38 <Kat> Off the vent is excellent!
09:48:42 <Cooper> yes, yes it is. Kevin how is your dad doing?
09:48:46 <Kevin L™> Nice to hear that. Sounds like good progress.
09:49:09 <Dave from B™> Great news, Cooper
09:50:00 <Kevin L™> He was looking good yesterday. Really unhappy with his Gerber diet. though. He sees the Neurologist this morning.
09:50:16 <LindaGt> Kevin L™, 👍
09:51:01 <Joe> dogie resting
09:51:19 <Joe> or eating :)
09:51:49 <Dave from B™> Kevin, you're not sneaking any food in?
09:52:21 <ynpvisitor93> dogie doesn't know how to stay 25 yds away from people
09:53:05 <Cooper> OF
09:53:46 <Joe> It is too bad they don't feed like Aspen Meadows nursing home in Dave"s town, he would not want to leave
09:54:24 <Eric> Kevin...I had a great schweinshaxe last night for dinner :-D One of my favorite german meals.
09:54:51 <Kevin L™> I haven't been. Right now the diet is designed to keep him from getting pneumonia so I figure I better not. He has water and milk made by Hormel that is extra thick. :P
09:55:00 <Cooper> My very touristy uncles are watching OF, they are very interested, GO BEE
09:55:34 <Eric> Better than IV food kevin!
09:55:38 <Rice (6)> How long has boom lift been in Washburn view?
09:55:50 <Kevin L™> They missed Bee. Send them to Grand at 1230
09:55:55 <Joe> Bee went :)
09:56:08 <Katie> Good news, Cooper. Hang in there, Kevin.
09:56:15 <Cooper> I will, frogot Bee went
09:57:02 <Kevin L™> I was looking for the place for my Dr appt today and it is next door from a bail bond place.
09:57:34 <Kat> That's scary Kevin! LOL
09:57:44 <Eric> Not sure about boom life Rice, but looking at yesterdays static archive of washburn, looks like we had a large herd of mountain goats up there!
09:58:04 <Eric> life == lift
09:58:12 <Joe> Get well, stay out of jail, all in one place :)
09:58:21 <Kevin L™> BTW Rice, check out the Heber Creeper when you are in Salt Lake.
09:59:30 <Eric> hmm, those might be elk, not goats on washburn
09:59:37 <fishynp> pretty sure those are bighorn sheep, not mountain goats.
09:59:39 <Eric> so far away, it's really hard to tell
09:59:45 <Eric> ahh, or big horns
09:59:49 <ynpvisitor86> sheep probably
09:59:57 <fishynp> There are always bighorns up on Washburn
09:59:57 <Eric> thanks :-D
10:00:16 <Eric> First time I have seen a herd like that on the static webcam
10:00:21 <LindaGt> My turn 😊
10:00:32 <Kat> Looks like elk to me but!
10:00:45 <PoloniumVault> More pronghorns and elk at Electric Peak right now
10:00:46 <Joe> I see feet in my washburn view :)
10:00:46 <Kat> You go girl! :)
10:00:53 <fishynp> I've never been up on Washburn and not seen bighorns.
10:01:07 <LindaGt> Got it! Enjoy the day Kat!
10:01:17 <Eric> :-D
10:01:25 <Kat> Time for some Nadal and Federer
10:01:39 <Eric> Yes, electric peak seems to have the largest amount of wildlife of any of the cams
10:01:52 <Eric> enjoy your ping pong match Kat
10:02:23 <Kat> Never seen that on Washburn before
10:02:32 <ynpvisitor26> Kat, yea they are.playing now!
10:02:56 <ynpvisitor26> Kat, are you a tennis fan too?
10:03:38 <Kat> Oh yes!
10:03:58 <LindaG> I'm a big nadal fan!
10:04:47 <Cooper> AB
10:04:50 <Kat> I really like them both! But if I had to choose one it would Nadal!
10:04:59 <Cooper> LA
10:05:34 <LindaG> They have been around forever hope this match is as good as their classic wimbledon.match.
10:05:57 <Kat> Me too!
10:06:22 <Cooper> Improbable Burst
10:06:25 <LindaG> I'm recording so don't come on.and tell me.
10:06:38 <LindaG> Who won
10:07:33 <Eric> Yep, it does that cooper
10:08:13 <Cooper> Oh btw, the rangers call that Little Squirt on their walk
10:09:05 <Eric> Little Squirt is over that direction too
10:09:35 <Cooper> Okay, maybe I am not remembering what he was pointing at
10:11:08 <Cooper> LC
10:11:09 <Cooper> ie
10:11:57 <Eric> bear, wolf, coyote?
10:12:13 <Eric> Not sure what that black dot roaming around is on washburn
10:12:41 <LindaG> LC
10:13:10 <LindaG> I guess im late
10:13:39 <LindaG> Eric, dis the flower bloom yet?
10:14:52 <Eric> not yet
10:17:33 <Cooper> Lion splash
10:20:46 <Kat> Promise I won't Linda!!
10:21:30 <Kat> Eric- I think a bear!
10:21:36 <Katie> My co-worker, who drives me nuts putting things on paper and then losing them, asked the printer to deliver their little notepads made of scrap paper when they delivered business cards.
10:21:51 <Katie> I just told my boss I'm confiscating them.
10:22:32 <Kat> Hahaha Katie!
10:23:02 <CraigC> Eric, the animal looked smaller than the people
10:23:25 <CraigC> maybe a marmot? j/k
10:23:27 <Katie> the only thing that annoys me more than riffling through paper to find something is shuffling through a deck of little pieces of paper to find something
10:23:49 <Katie> I'm glad they save scrap paper and repurpose it, but I don't want HER to be the one using them. GRRRRR
10:24:28 <Cooper> I know it is not a wolf(at least I think so), I think it is either a Bear or a Coyote
10:24:32 <Kat> I totally agree - whoever invented sticky notes should be punished!
10:24:36 <Cooper> bbl
10:24:54 <Dave from B™> Katie, you don't want to see my desk then. Hundreds of small pieces of paer but NEATLY ORGANIZED and never lost unless someone touches my desk!!
10:25:03 <Katie> Kat, these aren't even sticky. Just scrap paper that they "bind" into a notepad.
10:25:38 <Katie> Dave from B™, paper is banned from my desk. Whenever she puts a little scrap of paper on my desk I flick it off and say "enter it into the system where it belongs."
10:25:50 <Katie> And she DOES lose track of her confetti ALL THE TIME
10:25:50 <CraigC> LOL
10:26:03 <Kat> Surely this person could use the computer to make her notes!
10:26:20 <Kat> Wasted trees!
10:26:20 <Dave from B™> Sticky notes should be illegal
10:26:30 <Kat> Amen Dave!
10:26:41 <CraigC> I'm a visual person, when I write notes on paper, I remember 'seeing' the message better
10:27:06 <Kevin L™> Sticky notes were invented by a 3M employee for the Choir director at his church.
10:27:08 <Katie> This person should be entering every customer contact, trouble ticket, work order, site survey, etc. into the extremely efficient system we have for that! It's all one system. It's a fast system.
10:27:50 <Dave from B™> CraigC, exactly. We have Office Depot cut reams of 8.5 X 11 into thirds. It works great
10:28:08 <Dave from B™> My notes are for me and me only
10:28:14 <CraigC> same here
10:28:41 <Dave from B™> Only 1 geyser note on my desk
10:28:53 <CraigC> I use sticky notes on the fridge for shopping list
10:28:59 <Katie> Therein lies my issue. What she scribbles on notes may be something that I'm going to take a call about several days later when she is absent. It NEEDS to be in the system.
10:29:10 <Eric> I don't take notes...I wouldn't be able to read my handwriting later anyway!
10:29:21 <CraigC> LOL
10:29:45 <CraigC> Katie, your issue is understandable, and it is professional
10:29:48 <Eric> It goes into email or it's forgotten :-P
10:30:48 <CraigC> well, I am going to tread on very dangerous waters and go visit my friend and the dealership to check out some trucks
10:31:36 <Dave from B™> Jeep can't handle your trailer?
10:31:41 <Katie> I've told her that if she MUST scribble notes on paper, do it in a bound notebook. At the start of each day, draw a line, date it. Then, she just has to flip through the notebook, not scramble through a pile of scrap. It's a lost cause.
10:32:02 <Dave from B™> "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks"
10:33:14 <Rice (6)> I figured out why newspapers are going out of business..
10:33:41 <CraigC> Dave from B™, the Jeep really struggles on long hills
10:34:06 <Rice (6)> I just called to suspend my delivery while we are gone for vaction, and they will only credit me for the delivery expense of the paper edition
10:34:12 <Dave from B™> chaching
10:34:21 <CraigC> going up to Wyoming last week I was going 55 to 65 in an 80, getting passed my semis right and left
10:35:12 <Rice (6)> But I would still have access to the digital edition, which I dont use, so I asked what the cost would be for that? They could not tell me.
10:35:25 <Dave from B™> CraigC, you have TOO MUCH food. Go shopping when you get to your location!:D
10:36:02 <Rice (6)> They had no way to tell me how much my bill would be, so I canceld the whole thing instead of suspending it. What a joke.
10:36:11 <Cooper> back, that was not fun to watch
10:36:56 <Eric> Yep....they should be bending over backwards to keep you Rice
10:37:10 <Cooper> I just had to watch someone(not my mom) go into cardiac arrest and get revived, uggg
10:37:25 <Eric> They make all their money off advertising and if they don't have subscribers, they don't get ads!
10:37:35 <Rice (6)> You would think they would, I might have been their only subscriber left.
10:37:37 <Eric> Not fun Cooper :-(
10:37:55 <Cooper> at least they are alive again
10:38:02 <Eric> true
10:38:04 <Rice (6)> At $60 month I will think hard before I renew when I come back.
10:38:34 <CraigC> bad management
10:39:07 <Cooper> okay, I think I will go do the 3 mile lap around the hospital, bbl, and GO LION
10:40:00 <LindaG> What a waste of 'cam up time, nothing is happening
10:41:30 <LindaG> LC IE
10:41:35 <Dave from B™> I have another great newspaper story. Our prices went about every 6 months for about 2 years. We cancelled and 2 months later they called us and offered a whole year at about 80% off. We have been paying that reduced price for 2 years now.
10:42:00 <Katie> I'm still getting over the idea of $60/mo for newspaper
10:42:11 <Katie> Nope, I'm not getting over it. Wow!
10:42:25 <Dave from B™> I pay about $2 a week
10:42:50 <Eric>'s the way of modern marketing...get the subscription at all costs, even a severe loss, but then jack up the rates as soon as period ends.
10:43:19 <Eric> for the consumers smart enough to call back in, they will keep it down, but that is a small percentage
10:43:45 <LindaG> I have a digital subscrtiption to the NY Times
10:44:03 <Eric> You should start a fish subscription dave!
10:44:11 <Jake> we had centurylink internet for 2 year contract at $40/mo then it went to $105/mo after the contract ended. I called and they lowered it to $0.99/mo + taxes
10:44:24 <Jake> felt insulting tbh
10:44:28 <Eric> Yep, many people don't bother calling
10:44:31 <Katie> $2/week (Dave's rate) seems like an extreme bargain and $2/day (Rice's rate) seems outrageous to me.
10:44:54 <Eric> Yes, 2 extremes...that is what modern marketing likes
10:45:20 <Eric> Nobody can just have an honest price anymore :-(
10:45:30 <Jake> thank god for google fiber in the area because they could just say "no" to lowering the rate
10:45:34 <Eric> It doesn't maximize profit!
10:46:18 <Eric> Yes, competition is good and the only thing keeping utilities like phone companies from hosing us all!
10:46:50 <Eric> wish I had google fiber in my area Jake
10:51:39 <Dave from B™> Off for another Turkey bacon...brb
10:56:16 <LindaG> Crozen
10:56:23 <LindaG> Lol frozen
11:15:09 <PoloniumVault> Sending good luck wishes to all of the University of Alaska personnel that will be affected by the [insert derogatory word of choice] governor's drastic budget cut.
11:18:43 <Dave from B™> I've heard Alaska is having issues; much lower mining royalties than in the past
11:22:59 <Eric> Yes, so cut education move!
11:23:26 <ynpvisitor999®> Morning-Fountain dual this morning
11:23:48 <LindaG> ynpvisitor999®, hi
11:24:02 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Linda
11:25:06 <PoloniumVault> One issue was that the governor is raising the amount of money each Alaskan gets from the oil revenues. The wiseness of that is questionable.
11:27:36 <LindaG> Of
11:29:41 <Eric> Sounds like Alaska's gubaner is a real smrt one!
11:35:34 <PoloniumVault> It's a crazy situation.
11:37:09 <Dave from B™> He's buying votes...why should Alaska be any different. Stupid move
11:48:21 <CraigC> I should not have gone and looked at trucks
11:49:20 <Dave from B™> Are you depressed or broke?
11:49:52 <CraigC> they got a new one in that I want to buy now
11:50:56 <CraigC> like this, but only 5k miles;
11:51:49 <Jake> this is for you, Craig (at the 3 minute mark):
11:52:14 <Jake> even though it doesn't REALLY apply to you....I always loved that line
11:52:20 <LindaG> Daisy
11:53:58 <ynpvisitor22> A low mile new/used complicated truck. Could be a lemon.
11:53:58 <Kevin L™> Last new truck sticker I looked at was $51,543.
11:54:54 <CraigC> ynpvisitor22, Hertz rents vehicles, then sells them
11:54:58 <ynpvisitor22> Where was the last flood 3 month ago?
11:55:34 <ynpvisitor22> Hertz buys cars at action to sell.
11:56:06 <ynpvisitor999®> 79°F in Yellowstone
11:57:58 <CraigC> Jake, about the truck to pull the boat I don;t have up the mtn I dont live near?
11:58:26 <ynpvisitor999®> OT ie
12:00:30 <Jake> yes
12:00:37 <CraigC> ;)
12:00:48 <CraigC> except I do have a boat :)
12:01:10 <Jake> and you do live near a mountain
12:01:21 <CraigC> yeah, pretty much out my backyard
12:07:54 <Eric> I drive a 2006 chevy 2500HD diesel and love it! It can tow anything...but even used they are not cheap.
12:08:19 <Eric> even with 300-400 thousand miles they still sell for a lot!
12:09:58 <Dave from B™> And therein lies the problem,
12:10:42 <CraigC> I know if I buy a low mile truck that I can keep it for practically the rest of my life.
12:11:14 <CraigC> I wouldn't put on a lot of miles per year
12:11:50 <Dave from B™> How many miles round trip to YNp for you?
12:12:30 <CraigC> 560ish
12:12:32 <LindaG> Another flying saucer
12:16:32 <Dave from B™> So, that is 4500 miles a year right there
12:21:35 <CraigC> LOL
12:22:11 <CraigC> if I ever see SB, then I imagine frequency will be scaled back, and do longer stays in spring and fall
12:25:59 <LindaG> This cam is remarkably well behaved today
12:32:31 <LindaG> Lion
12:32:43 <LindaG> Imo I think
12:32:53 <LindaG> *ini
12:34:53 <Dave from B™> Linda, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
12:34:56 <Dave from B™> :)
12:35:09 <Dave from B™> Craig, what do you mean if?
12:35:28 <LindaG> Frozen
12:36:21 <LindaG> /gt lion
12:54:51 <PoloniumVault> Well, it wasn't "Strokes of Genius: the Sequel", but it was pretty good. No spoilers
12:56:32 <ynpvisitor100> Bulger?
12:58:00 <LindaG> Yes although things are froEn
12:58:08 <LindaG> *frozen
13:03:50 <PoloniumVault> Back briefly
13:13:17 <LindaG> ,Of
13:14:29 <LindaG> Darn grand is going
13:14:55 <Joe> the cam has failed 20 times since 1003 roughly 7 times per hour, yes extremely well behaved
13:15:16 <Joe> :)
13:15:50 <LindaG> It was until I said something
13:16:56 <Joe> so you are the culprit
13:17:57 <LindaG> Grand ie
13:18:26 <LindaG> Joe, Yes I hang my head in shame
13:18:44 <LindaG> Ita been going 7 mins
13:21:23 <LindaG> 1nd?
13:21:41 <LindaG> 2nd?
13:22:09 <Casey> 3nd? (Sorry Linda. I had to.)
13:22:27 <Casey> It did look like a 2nd to me
13:25:19 <LindaG> Casey, lol
13:26:02 <LindaG> I think second. Kitty put into GT so I'll let her update her entey
13:26:26 <Casey> Agreed. She had a better view than us. She'll update the post one way or another.
13:26:36 <Casey> There it is
13:26:40 <Casey> G2Q
13:27:58 <LindaG> +castle
13:30:09 <LindaG> No one is at castle? Huh
13:31:38 <LindaG> Looks like steam phase already
13:31:47 <LindaG> Nope saw water
13:31:57 <Casey> Woah. Erupted at 1306 per Kitt.
13:32:11 <Casey> Just posted late
13:33:20 <LindaG> Wow must have been going during OF and grand
13:34:31 <GO MORNING (50)> i see my GO MORNING nick worked today too. Maybe it should be GO GIANT tomorrow?
13:34:34 <LindaG> Well I guess that's why it looks like a steam phase
13:43:21 <LindaG> Cam hanging
13:53:41 <LindaG> Xaisy
13:53:45 <LindaG> Daisy
13:55:07 <LindaG> Feozen
13:55:18 <LindaG> omg I can't type today
13:55:24 <LindaG> Frozen
13:58:30 <Joe> the cam has failed 12 times sincw it was said to be "working well :) and 32 times since 1000
13:58:55 <Joe> since *
13:59:09 <Cooper1> Hey Again Everyone
14:03:39 <LindaG> Cooper1, hi
14:04:46 <LindaG> Joe, fun fun fun
14:06:08 <Joe> yes, I really wish it could be fixed.
14:06:57 <LindaG> The little people aren't moving
14:11:40 <Joe> Personally prior to this April 10th move the cam rarely dropped out may be two or three times if that in a 24 hour period now we have 90+ dropouts on a good day
14:12:27 <Joe> up again
14:12:32 <LindaG> it really is a shame
14:13:05 <LindaG> I caught a lion ini and haven't seen any since
14:14:18 <LindaG> Wow it's 81 degrees there
14:14:39 <CraigC> I think we need to keep helping each other out by lightening the mood..... the frustration will get to us if we don't counteract it
14:15:07 <Joe> Wednesday was our three month anniversary of our move to this location, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
14:15:20 <CraigC> YAY (sarcasm) LOL
14:15:31 <CraigC> I DO like the views, though
14:15:47 <Joe> love the views :)
14:16:01 <LindaG> Evening and morning isn't too bad
14:17:09 <Joe> day and night are bad :)
14:17:41 <LindaG> Won't be talked out of it huh?
14:18:34 <Dave from B™> Joe ,this is for anniversary....:P:P:P
14:19:00 <CraigC> sometimes it seems like there is a pattern, then there are times when it is surprising that it is down so much
14:19:03 <Joe> what else would we have to discuss if not this (that is a good thing )
14:19:22 <CraigC> we could talk about butterflies
14:19:33 <CraigC> and rainbows
14:19:42 <CraigC> and kittens
14:20:09 <Joe> and corpse flowers :)
14:21:16 <CraigC> hey, it worked
14:21:29 <CraigC> until it didn't
14:21:50 <LindaG> I have butterflies and caterpillars
14:22:09 <Joe> we could talk about Dave's new line of fresh venison in his market
14:22:56 <LindaG> I raise.monarch caterpillars to butterflies
14:23:02 <CraigC> was it freshly caught in the Atlantic?
14:23:03 <ynpvisitor63> What kind of fish is that? A flat fish?
14:23:43 <Joe> yes freshly flattened
14:24:25 <LindaG> Besides not staying up there aren't any eruptions
14:24:27 <Joe> What do you feed them to Linda
14:24:50 <LindaG> Monarchs only eat milkweed
14:25:07 <LindaG> So I grow milkweed. Some are outside some are inaide
14:25:16 <LindaG> *inside
14:25:23 <Joe> I did not know that, Linda
14:25:55 <LindaG> That's why they are endangered because people remove the milkweed
14:27:07 <LindaG> Takes about a month from Egg to butterfly
14:29:15 <Joe> How did you get started in that Linda?
14:29:16 <LindaG> Cam hanginf
14:29:25 <LindaG> *hanging
14:31:23 <LindaG> A friend from my birding club wanted to do it with me. So we strtedba garden, that was about 6 years ago.
14:31:39 <LindaG> *started
14:31:59 <LindaG> Two yrs ago I raised 100
14:32:16 <LindaG> Thats a lot of milkweed
14:32:29 <ynpvisitor63> Do you win awards for your weed garden?
14:32:39 <Joe> started a milkweed garden ?
14:33:30 <LindaG> Yes as milkweed garden but also other plants for them to nectar on. Ita a certified monarch waystation.
14:33:30 <Joe> #63 that is what I need a 'weed' garden :)
14:34:01 <LindaG> Joe, don't we all 😉
14:34:18 <LindaG> My screen says site cannot be reached
14:34:33 <Joe> mine also
14:34:35 <LindaG> It's all about habitat
14:35:18 <LindaG> ynpvisitor63, no awards just certification
14:36:25 <LindaG> Up
14:36:27 <Joe> a picture!!
14:37:04 <Joe> now we get an OF window
14:37:41 <Joe> its a miracle!
14:37:54 <LindaG> And it's frozen
14:37:58 <Joe> and down
14:38:09 <ynpvisitor63> You raising wild babies, or buying eggs?
14:38:48 <LindaG> Wild babies. When the eggs are laid I bring them in. Im trying more and more to juat leave outside
14:39:32 <LindaG> I have 5 right now that should go into chrysalis soon
14:39:49 <LindaG> Then 10 to butterflies
14:39:58 <LindaG> *10 days
14:42:01 <Joe> I'm going out to enjoy the 99 degree temperature we are having right now
14:42:05 <CraigC> LindaG, that is way cool
14:43:11 <LindaG> CraigC, 😁
14:43:28 <LindaG> CraigC, i.posted a few pics on facebook
14:44:00 <ynpvisitor4> OF on static
14:44:05 <Joe> Keep us informed as to the status of your "crop' of butterflys
14:44:07 <LindaG> OF
14:44:33 <LindaG> 😊
14:45:04 <CraigC> I saw OF on here a few minutes ago
14:45:29 <LindaG> Static is at 2:44
14:45:56 <CraigC> it was before the last failure at 1442
14:46:10 <CraigC> I thought you all saw it, too
14:48:38 <LindaG> It froze in OF
14:52:16 <LindaG> Haven't seen an Aurum either
14:54:48 <LindaG> 90 degrees here
14:55:55 <Eric> I thought we were boycotting OF until the camera gets fixed?
14:56:27 <LindaG> Oops I forgot 😉
14:56:34 <CraigC> Eric, you aren't the one that will lose a lucrative job for breaking rules
14:57:10 <LindaG> We are the envy of cam ops around the world
14:58:07 <LindaG> Might be time for aurum
14:59:06 <LindaG> An Aurum gathering?
14:59:30 <ynpvisitor96> We would never see OF again if we put that boycott into effect!
14:59:56 <ynpvisitor96> The only fix is a return to the old cam before winter
15:00:04 <CraigC> more like a Pump gathering
15:00:21 <ynpvisitor96> Experiment FAILED
15:00:50 <LindaG> And there they go
15:03:16 <LindaG> Lion
15:03:56 <CraigC> wow, that looks like an ini, no?
15:05:18 <LindaG> I had an ini a few hrs ago, and nothing since
15:05:40 <CraigC> hmmm
15:06:05 <LindaG> And we may never know
15:06:42 <LindaG> Last lion was 12:29
15:07:18 <LindaG> So not an ini
15:19:25 <LindaG> So I can't take the control
15:19:50 <LindaG> I guess it's hanging
15:20:20 <LindaG> There we go
15:20:38 <LindaG> I'm hoping for an aurum
15:27:53 <ynpvisitor98> maybe Washburn snow will vanish before the next SB?
15:29:50 <LindaG> At 82 degrees i guess there is a good chance
15:29:57 <ynpvisitor999®> I think the snow will be gone after 2-3 Steamboats, not sooner
15:32:10 <GO MORNING (50)> it is 82 at OF now, so a nice warmup
15:33:33 <GO MORNING (50)> so we are at 13 or more Morning eruptions
15:35:11 <Eric> snow will be gone on Washburn before the next SB
15:35:43 <Eric> Just look at the time lapse over the last couple's receding very quickly.
15:36:04 <GO MORNING (50)> 3d SB might beat it :)
15:44:45 <LindaG> So at 16:00 if Gary isn't on I'm going to leave on old faithful
15:47:15 <Katie> One little mis-tap = big mess. I received a phone call from the credit union at which I stopped using checking several months ago today that I was $759 overdrawn.
15:47:41 <Katie> Turns out that I tapped the wrong bank account to make a credit card payment from!
15:47:49 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger ie
15:48:34 <Katie> So, I went and got money to take to them and CLOSE the account. Guess what? A draft from an authorized party (like the credit card company) would STILL go through even on a closed account - it reopens it!!! Say WHAT?!
15:49:29 <LindaG> Katie, it's never really closed. Weird
15:50:00 <Katie> "How can I be overdrawn? Must be fraud! I haven't used that account at all!" Ay-yi-yi. But, there's the payment on the credit card.
15:51:05 <Katie> I *think* I have it removed from everything now. I sure hope so. I was keeping a little bit of money in it for a while in case I had forgotten some auto-payment coming out of it, but the shock of that phone call!
15:52:12 <Joe> At least they were nice enough to call
15:52:15 <Katie> The good news is Capital One got paid $800, I just had to rush out and withdraw from one and deposit at another, but sheesh!
15:52:19 <LindaG> I bet!
15:53:31 <LindaG> Gary has the cam
15:53:45 <LindaG> Soooo have a good night
15:55:26 <Joe> good night Linda, take care of your babies
15:55:39 <Dave from B™> Time to go home. Have a great wekend everyone!
15:55:41 <Katie> Have a good night, Linda.
15:55:47 <Katie> Have a good weekend, Dave.
15:56:12 <Joe> Bye Dave have a cool one for me
15:58:20 <Eric> daisy
15:58:35 <Eric> I hear ya Katie...that has happened to me before too
15:58:55 <GO MORNING (50)> short intervals again
15:59:33 <Eric> Yes...maybe we will hit a sub 2h one soon
16:01:18 <Eric> Firehole almost back down to winter river levels:
16:01:29 <Joe> on the 7th there was a 1h55min Daisy
16:01:30 <Eric> Maybe we will get some Giant/F&M action soon
16:01:38 <Eric> Nice, thanks Joe
16:03:46 <Joe> there were some really short E times but i think they mis read the spikes
16:03:55 <ynpvisitor999®> Actually, I think we had a sub-2h one today, too. To be precise, the 1353 ie was caught 30s before the end, with the eruption before that @ 1152 ns. Assuming ns was caught within a minute, this would bring 1151 exact, with some 3m to be subtracted from 1353 ie, so 1350 exact. Gives us an interval of 1h59m
16:05:52 <Joe> Yes I saw the 1353 it was the very last of the eruption
16:06:22 <Joe> just a few seconds
16:17:28 <ynpvisitor999®> going through the 1994 log at the moment. Found out that Beehive was just as erratic during winter as it is now, with sometimes Beehive's Close to Cone Indicator acting as 'indicator' for Beehive's Indi
16:17:30 <ynpvisitor999®> cator
16:18:04 <GO MORNING (50)> but ... it's not erratic now
16:18:36 <ynpvisitor999®> well, it had long intervals :)
16:18:42 <ynpvisitor999®> let's just keep it at that
16:19:49 <ynpvisitor999®> also, there was a lot of experimenting with loggers back then after they used loggers during summer of 1993 on Grand and Plume
16:19:57 <ynpvisitor999®> if I remember correctly
16:24:46 <ynpvisitor106> OF
16:25:45 <LindaG> Monarch caterpillar
16:26:01 <LindaG> 😊
16:26:11 <ynpvisitor999®> nice picture
16:26:21 <LindaG> Thx
16:27:42 <LindaG> From my garden
16:27:58 <Joe> Thanks Linda
16:28:26 <CraigC> Facebook got hit with a 5 billion dollar fine from the FTC, and the stock hasn't budged in after-hours trading... hmmmm
16:30:37 <ynpvisitor106> LC ie
16:31:17 <ynpvisitor999®> the stakeholders probably trust FB in that it won't have to pay that after some sneaky business
16:31:58 <Betty> afternoonn all
16:32:17 <CraigC> hey betty
16:32:20 <ynpvisitor999®> though I do think that stocks will drop on Monday when trading begins again
16:32:24 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
16:32:40 <CraigC> traders are twitchy
16:32:40 <Betty> hi Jarno and CraigC
16:33:07 <GO MORNING (50)> arent you glad you wont know whats happening Craig as you will be in the park?
16:33:25 <CraigC> sometimes I watch for the over-reaction and then buy or sell, and make money on the rebound
16:33:54 <CraigC> GO MORNING (50), I'm not holding any FB now, so yeah, no matter
16:34:15 <CraigC> I have a good chunk of AMZN, but I put a trailing stop on part of it
17:01:36 <Betty> LC
17:05:23 <Eric> Hi Betty
17:05:55 <Betty> hi Eric
17:06:17 <Eric> My brother had a question I thought you might be able to answer
17:06:25 <Eric> How different is Yiddish from German?
17:17:08 <Betty> need sleep, night all
17:17:24 <Katie> goodnight, Betty
17:21:08 <ynpvisitor999®> night Betty
17:22:49 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum
17:22:49 <Katie> Aurum
17:22:50 <ynpvisitor999®> .
17:22:51 <ynpvisitor999®> .
17:22:51 <ynpvisitor999®> .
18:02:52 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy in window
18:03:20 <ynpvisitor999®> probably went already, but who knows
18:04:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Cistern is 3' below rim of inner tube
18:04:42 <ynpvisitor999®> it seems no change in Steamboat's status
18:06:23 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy 1803 in-basin
18:24:15 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off for today. Enjoy Grotto's steam
19:40:26 <Sam> Raining pretty heavily now
19:40:49 <KittyM> Is that why they are leaving?
19:41:02 <Sam> I would think
19:43:29 <Sam - laptop> There it is
19:45:01 <Sam - laptop> I was hoping for a 5-Grand day :(
19:46:07 <KittyM> :(
19:47:07 <Sam - laptop> Cool picture on Electric Peak
19:47:35 <KittyM> oh yea, thanks!
19:47:46 <KittyM> Maybe the sunset will turn colors :)
19:48:12 <Sam - laptop> Fingers crossed!
19:48:31 <Sam - laptop> Lake is pretty cool too
19:49:17 <KittyM> yes
20:01:44 <ChrisO> looks like someone is throwing a banging party at the lake again tonight
20:04:42 <ChrisO> that central cloud looks like a whirly jig
20:07:05 <KittyM> blurry
20:08:03 <ynpvisitor33> One of those soccer players should use their only talent and head but the cam.
20:11:08 <ynpvisitor79> daisy
20:11:54 <Sam - laptop> Riverside window
20:24:21 <ynpvisitor4> We never had twilight focus problems before.
20:29:17 <ynpvisitor79> riverside
21:00:00 <Kevin L™> Rainbow!
21:00:32 <Kevin L™> Good one too!
21:00:42 <Sam - laptop> So pretty!!!
21:06:10 <Sam - laptop> That's a long rainbow
21:08:38 <Kevin L™> Lot of color in this shot
21:09:01 <Sam - laptop> I'm loving it
21:16:21 <Sam - laptop> OF
21:29:24 <ynpvisitor3> Vent has minor eruptions now?
22:27:02 <ynpvisitor76> Not a bad lightning storm in the distance.
22:31:13 <Kevin L™> Pretty strong
22:35:50 <Kevin L™> Don't think I would want to be at Great Fountain
22:37:49 <ChrisO> ooo lightning again :)
22:55:14 <Kevin L™> Are you driving Joe?
22:56:06 <Joe> Yes Kevin
22:56:20 <Kevin L™> A bit more exciting tonight.
22:56:34 <Joe> sure is
22:56:39 <ChrisO> is it raining at OF?
22:57:04 <Kevin L™> I didn't see drops on the dome.
22:57:37 <ChrisO> must be thunder then
22:57:58 <Joe> I have not seen any rain yet
22:58:04 <Joe> Lion
22:58:16 <Kevin L™> Wow
23:00:28 <Kevin L™> TCM is running Gone With The Wind so I am letting my wife watch that while I check out the storm and Hogan's Heros.
23:01:07 <Joe> Luck we caught lion before cam failure
23:01:30 <Kevin L™> Yes
23:01:46 <Kevin L™> How are you doing now Joe?
23:03:40 <Joe> Legs are doing poorly the rest of me is ok, how are you holding up?
23:05:37 <Kevin L™> They have me wired up for 6 days now. I thought it was only going to be 12 hours. Took my Dad to the neurologist and he was surprised that it was the same guy he saw on June 3rd.
23:06:48 <Kevin L™> I guess we are all doing better than the deer around Dave's place.
23:07:39 <Joe> Yes his deer do not do well :) I just sent DaveK a report cam failed 130 times since 1003 today
23:08:19 <Kevin L™> Wow. I was gone most of the day so I didn't catch much.
23:08:30 <Kevin L™> 132...
23:11:22 <Joe> I would think they would have to do something, dut with so many departments involved it is probably like chasing your chickens.
23:11:46 <Joe> but*
23:12:13 <Kevin L™> For sure. My guess it is several things.