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05:59:05 <LindaG> Good morning!
05:59:20 <LindaG> I can take cam anytime
06:00:55 <Joe> Lets wfoe OF
06:01:08 <LindaG> When its up, yikes!
06:02:02 <LindaG> Wfoe?
06:02:31 <Joe> bad all night, plus fog down basin, started clearing 0400ish
06:03:24 <Joe> Wfoe??
06:03:57 <LindaG> Wfor? Night when I put on night view the focus was Terri le I had to set it myself. Plus it was pixelating when I tried to zoom in on things.
06:04:21 <LindaG> Your comment above, let's wfoe OF
06:04:50 <LindaG> Oh geez. *last night
06:06:19 <Joe> with the low frame rate, DaveK has it set at, anything can happen, he changed it to see if things would improve, it has not improved
06:07:06 <LindaG> What a shame
06:07:19 <Joe> It looks like it is 1 frame per second
06:08:02 <Rice (2)> Sad to say, but we are getting used to the camera going up and down all day, it is the new normall.
06:08:05 <Joe> I wish he would step it up a bit since it has not helped
06:08:21 <LindaG> I sent him a note about it not focusing correctly on preset
06:08:42 <LindaG> OF
06:09:00 <Joe> the cam is yours
06:09:07 <LindaG> THX
06:14:15 <LindaGp> Hard to tell maybe a little steam from sb
06:14:58 <LindaGp> Grand?
06:15:25 <LindaGp> I guess grotto
06:16:59 <Joe> gRand is at 11hours 57 min so could be, if not soon
06:17:14 <LindaGp> Too much pixelation I can't differentiate in distance 😒
06:19:06 <Joe> It is the right area, and near time, back up a bit, to see plume
06:19:31 <LindaGp> I think grand
06:19:43 <LindaGp> It was bit plume
06:20:53 <Joe> I posted it, I can always change it
06:21:50 <LindaGp> Ok, I saw big plume go up, this.pixelation stinks!
06:25:35 <Joe> If it was grand it was near end, we saw a second maybe?
06:27:12 <ynpvisitor59> I'm hoping today during daylight hours.
06:27:36 <LindaGp> When I first said grand the trees weren't obscured but then it seemed like there was an eruption and big plume that made me think it really was grand. So maybe second
06:28:12 <Joe> yep, that is what I saw also
06:28:39 <Joe> #59, you talking SB ?
06:35:54 <ynpvisitor59> I am!
06:37:27 <Joe> Hi Dave going to SB
06:37:43 <Dave (Go Becca)> Becca and my wife will be there by 715
06:38:03 <Joe> I hope they get it :)
06:38:16 <ynpvisitor36> Oh wow good luck to them
06:40:21 <Dave (Go Becca)> They lost 30 minutes to a train in the way before getting to I-90 this morning outside of Billings or they would be there already
06:41:22 <LindaGp> Depression I thi k
06:42:15 <Dave (Go Becca)> Just in slight overflow
06:42:26 <LindaGp> Ok
06:42:30 <LindaGp> Marmot cave
06:42:35 <Dave (Go Becca)> It does a push about every 20-30 minutes
06:42:55 <Dave (Go Becca)> Man, lots of steam this morning
06:43:11 <LindaGp> Cam is so pixelates I can hardly tell
06:44:23 <Joe> Watching the over night caputre reminds me of early computers ans Microsoft"s Blue screen of death BSOD, DaveM teaches computer science, I wonder if that prompted his choice?
06:45:31 <LindaGp> 😊
06:51:32 <KittyM> Good morning Linda, Joe, Dave, anyone else. Foggy morning!
06:55:55 <LindaGp> KittyM, ho
06:56:27 <LindaGp> Or hi
06:56:32 <LindaGp> Lol
06:56:59 <KittyM> Ho works too :)
06:57:09 <LindaGp> Hehe
06:57:26 <LindaGp> IN jersey we say yo! Lol
06:57:41 <KittyM> right!
07:07:57 <LindaGp> Cool to look at!
07:08:17 <KittyM> Beautiful
07:08:37 <LindaGp> LC
07:10:33 <KittyM> eagle?
07:12:02 <LindaGp> Didn't see
07:19:40 <LindaGp> Marmot cave
07:26:24 <LindaGp> Frozen
07:28:16 <LindaGp> Up
07:35:37 <LindaG> White out
07:42:43 <LindaGp> Hanging
07:44:00 <Kat> Love the fog!
07:44:54 <KittyM> I got OF on my phone but it's frozen here
07:45:10 <KittyM> OF was at 7:43 and I'm on delay
07:46:12 <KittyM> ok looks like I had the time wrong
07:46:52 <LindaGp> Who knows really, never saw eruption going by static, no idea how lo g
07:47:30 <KittyM> On my phone it was really tall, at peak. Not sure how that happened
07:48:47 <LindaGp> Can't see a darn thing and it keeps freezing!
07:49:08 <LindaGp> What a world, what a world!
07:49:23 <KittyM> :-}
07:51:28 <LindaGp> Hanging
07:51:48 <LindaGp> Site can't be reached, charming
07:52:12 <Joe> Linda, OF was ie when cam came back at 0741 so yuur time is correct :)
07:53:18 <LindaGp> Wow 👍
07:53:46 <LindaGp> Strangely the only thing visible is bee
07:55:05 <LindaGp> Hanging
07:56:32 <Kat> It seems awfully early for all this up and down!
07:57:44 <LindaGp> Sure is, not getting much accomplished today, even whemn up cant see much
08:00:11 <Kat> :(
08:00:26 <Kat> looks like sun!
08:01:54 <LindaGp> Oooo moving steam
08:02:38 <LindaGp> So g
08:02:44 <LindaGp> Sigh
08:08:45 <ynpvisitor76> why does it go down so often now?
08:09:44 <ynpvisitor12> The apparent reason is radio interference.
08:10:14 <ynpvisitor76> but wasn't that there before?
08:10:49 <LindaGp> Well daisy and riverside due, not sure I could see , but maybe
08:11:07 <Jimbo Magnesium> My understanding is that it's closer to a radio tower now.
08:13:46 <Dave (Go Becca)> And radio use picks up in the busy time of the year
08:13:56 <Jimbo Magnesium> Mountain views are cool now with the low cloud deck
08:21:39 <ynpvisitor999®> morning all
08:21:49 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor999®, hi
08:22:20 <Jimbo Magnesium> Hey, 3x333
08:22:31 <ynpvisitor76> thank you
08:23:13 <LindaGp> Oh deceiving steam thought maybe NG
08:23:15 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Kevin
08:23:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi
08:23:32 <LindaGp> Kevin L™🌵, hi
08:23:46 <LindaGp> Kevin broke the cam
08:27:13 <LindaGp> Aurum I think
08:27:35 <LindaGp> Hard to tell
08:27:51 <Kevin L™🌵> It appears to be
08:27:52 <ynpvisitor999®> hopefully someone is down there
08:28:01 <Jimbo Magnesium> It is
08:28:47 <LindaGp> Pretry sure it was
08:29:00 <Jimbo Magnesium> Glimpsed the top of the water
08:29:12 <LindaGp> Jimbo Magnesium, ueah
08:29:19 <LindaGp> Yeah
08:29:43 <Mike J> Good morning to all
08:30:00 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Mike
08:30:03 <Joe> Instant replay verifies Aurum
08:30:07 <LindaGp> Mike J, hi
08:30:25 <ynpvisitor999®> awesome, thanks Joe
08:31:06 <Mike J> currently a 50 degree termperature difference between here in Phoenix and at the basin. Guess where I'd rather be.
08:31:30 <ynpvisitor999®> I think the basin
08:31:34 <Joe> Pheonix?? :)
08:31:49 <Joe> Phoenix *
08:31:54 <Dave (Go Becca)> Halfway between Phoenix and YNP?
08:32:48 <LindaGp> Joe, thanks 👍
08:33:03 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside 0830 in-basin
08:33:42 <Mike J> Halfway between for me is somewher in the middle of the Great Basin. I don't think that's the choice
08:34:20 <LindaGp> I can't tell
08:35:14 <Joe> Linda, that Grand we saw was Goog, posted 0609 E
08:35:24 <Joe> Good *
08:35:42 <LindaGp> 👍 great thx
08:36:17 <ynpvisitor999®> it would help if Borg posted all the overnight Daisys as well, rather than only the daytime ones
08:36:29 <Joe> That burst must have been a second
08:37:12 <LindaGp> Joe, it was hard to tell until we saw that
08:37:27 <Joe> I agree!
08:40:21 <Joe> As a last-ditch effort I have asked DaveK if he doesn't have an IP camera laying around that he couldn't hook up in place of the housing and Camera to totally eliminate the new housing and Camera it could be any IP camera doesn't even have to be controllable just something as a video source to test and make sure it is absolutely not the new camera
08:41:18 <LindaGp> Thx joe
08:41:29 <LindaGp> Lc
08:43:33 <LindaGp> Jist what we need steam drifting up from down basin
08:45:23 <Jimbo Magnesium> We need wind!
08:45:31 <Jimbo Magnesium> Or at least a breeze
08:45:55 <Jake> cool, I'm here to break wind
08:46:16 <Dave (Go Becca)> haha
08:46:18 <Joe> please don"t :)
08:46:29 <Dave (Go Becca)> Joe, he is far enough away
08:46:37 <Jimbo Magnesium> In the basin it's pretty safe, it's all gas
08:46:40 <LindaGp> Well if it would clear the hill...
08:46:51 <Joe> Dave! you are right
08:46:55 <Jake> the only place you don't have to blame it on the dog
08:47:10 <Jimbo Magnesium> Blame it on the nearest fumarole
08:48:35 <Jake> just read the log, Dave. best of luck to your family!
08:49:32 <Dave (Go Becca)> Thanks Jake
08:49:35 <LindaGp> Improved
08:52:50 <Dave (Go Becca)> Breaking wind is one thing; have you ever stood next to someone who has been cutting halibut all day? That is 10 times worse and the smell doesn't go away until he leaves
08:55:02 <LindaGp> Frozen
08:56:53 <LindaGp> Wow I can see down basin
08:59:32 <LindaGp> Daisy
09:00:05 <Dave (Go Becca)> Morning fishynp
09:00:08 <Joe> No Daisy
09:00:24 <fishynp> morning
09:00:38 <LindaGp> Joe, No? What was it?
09:01:00 <Joe> Daisy was 45 min ago, I'll look
09:01:00 <LindaGp> Just steam from castle?
09:01:07 <ynpvisitor999®> morning fishynp
09:01:14 <ynpvisitor999®> yes, Linda
09:02:03 <Joe> what Jarno said :)
09:02:33 <LindaGp> 😁
09:03:16 <LindaGp> And jist like that it's clear
09:17:20 <LindaGp> Hi cooper
09:17:45 <Cooper> Hey Linda
09:17:57 <LindaGp> OF
09:20:18 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Cooper
09:21:27 <Cooper> Hey Jarno
09:22:37 <Cooper> I'm still staring at the New Caldera Chronicle, I hope they get as good of information about SB as they did OF
09:23:03 <LindaGp> Hmm bee suspiciously quiet
09:23:47 <Cooper> I think I will review the GOSA Overnight Captures
09:25:13 <LindaGp> Although the crowd is hopeful!
09:25:42 <LindaGp> Maybe bus group
09:26:02 <Joe> Tour group
09:28:19 <Cooper> Nothing Overnight, but then again Bad Wind, and some Fog, so who knows...
09:28:34 <Dave (Go Becca)> fishynp, the YNM shows Maintenance this week. Do you know if that maintenance has occurred yet?
09:29:46 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Eric
09:29:51 <Cooper> Hey Ericc
09:29:52 <LindaGp> Cooper, thx it's still early
09:29:55 <Dave (Go Becca)> Morning Eric
09:29:59 <Ericc> Good morning all
09:30:02 <Cooper> :p
09:30:14 <Ericc> Are you trying to get becca to go away?
09:30:34 <Cooper> Pump!!!
09:30:39 <Ericc> or is she at Steamboat?
09:30:41 <Dave (Go Becca)> Becca and Michelle are probably sitting next to CraigC as we speak
09:30:44 <ynpvisitor999®> seemed to be a strong Pump
09:30:46 <Ericc> Nice!
09:30:57 <Ericc> I hope they get it
09:31:11 <Ericcc> You can never have enough c's
09:31:23 <Dave (Go Becca)> Arrived around 0715; may spend the night in Gardiner if necessary
09:31:29 <Cooper> That is True
09:32:03 <Ericcc> Well, I hope it goes quick for them
09:32:03 <Jake> Ericcc, is this a protest thing? add a c for every day Steamboat doesn't erupt or something?
09:32:04 <ynpvisitor999®> you can never have enough 9s either :)
09:32:22 <Cooper> Good Morning Chris
09:32:37 <ChrisO> good morning :)
09:32:52 <Dave (Go Becca)> Do you guys need my SB guarantee for today?
09:32:52 <Jake> add a c for every cam outage
09:32:59 <Ericcc> BTW, fish mentioned that the siesmo would be sparadic due to washburn changes, I assume they will be ongoing and hopefully not continuous during this period.
09:33:21 <Ericcc> My name would be max length already if that were the case Jake
09:33:28 <ChrisO> if i added a c to my name for each cam outage my name would take up half the pag
09:33:55 <Jake> Sesame Street camchat, brought to you by the letter "C"
09:34:27 <ynpvisitor64> :)
09:35:21 <Ericcc> 1, C ha...ha...ha
09:35:31 <Ccccooper> If I got a Nickle every time the cam failed, I would be a billionaire by the end of the day.
09:35:42 <Ccccooper> I, C, Nice One!!!
09:36:23 <Ericcc> Well, you would probably at least have a couple hundred nickles :-P
09:36:28 <Mike J> C is for Castle, and for Clypsedra, and for Cliff, and for Cascade, and for...never mind, I can't come up with as many Cs as there are outages.
09:36:40 <Ericcc> Nice!
09:37:11 <Jake> C is for cookie
09:37:13 <Mike J> misssssspelllled Clepsydra, imagine that.
09:37:16 <Ericcc> We could do an hour long program in the format of Sesame street, but all about geysers
09:37:28 <Ericcc> Indoctrinate the children early!
09:37:28 <ynpvisitor999®> Don't forget Calthos Spring
09:38:11 <ynpvisitor999®> Chinese Spring as well
09:38:36 <ChrisO> Cistern
09:39:22 <ChrisO> or is that part of :sb: ?
09:39:25 <Mike J> Just had to look it up. There are 54 C entries in Scott's book (fourth edition - sorry, that's all I have.)
09:40:19 <Ccccooper> C is also for Catfish, Churn, Chromatic Pool, and Chinese Spring, and Cistern + The Cinnamons...... , and Congress Pool along with Corporal, and the Cracks, C is for, dont froget about Cucumber, and Culvert.... and thats all I got
09:40:52 <ynpvisitor999®> TGoY lists 77 features which begin with the C
09:40:57 <ynpvisitor999®> 5th edition, that is
09:41:01 <Dave (Go Becca)> Comet
09:41:33 <Dave (Go Becca)> Crystal
09:41:35 <Mike J> That's what I get for not having the latest edition.
09:41:43 <LindaGp> I think bubbles to the left
09:41:48 <ynpvisitor999®> that list also includes Cream of Brocolli Pool, of any name you could give a feature
09:41:55 <Ccccooper> I do not C munch activity at Vee
09:42:05 <Ccccooper> Wait I mean Bee****
09:43:08 <LindaGp> *bubblers
09:43:38 <LindaGp> Look to left cooper I think some bub lers
09:43:48 <Mike J> Let's change "bubblers" to "Beeblers".
09:44:13 <LindaGp> Mike J, 😁
09:44:18 <Ccccooper> Okay, maybe 1 or 2 little blippers
09:44:38 <Mike J> I like to think I add true value to these conversations.
09:44:44 <LindaGp> Yeah
09:45:05 <LindaGp> Nothing exciting but something
09:45:17 <Ccccooper> LC ie
09:45:19 <LindaGp> LC
09:45:49 <Dave (Go Becca)> haha Mike J. I hate to break it to you but I think Jake came up with that one first:)
09:46:14 <LindaGp> Mike J, I think beeblers is more descriptive 😊
09:47:00 <Mike J> Dave, that's what I get for not following 24 hours per day.
09:47:21 <Mike J> And, actually, Jake can have all the credit.
09:47:23 <LindaGp> Hi chrisO
09:47:29 <CChrisO> hi :)
09:47:55 <Dave (Go Becca)> Mike J, you are probably the only sane person here; you can get away:)
09:49:31 <Ccccooper> afdtweagrgjituiyurjokuyko;[
09:49:33 <LindaGp> Dave (Go Becca), yeah but he's showing SIGNS ☺
09:50:01 <Ccccooper> Oh Sorry
09:50:05 <ynpvisitor999®> I think Cooper is cleaning is keyboard
09:50:08 <Ericcc> I have a meeting at 10:15 so look for BH then.
09:50:18 <Ccccooper> That is what you get for cleaning your keyboard
09:50:22 <LindaGp> Ccccooper, you win cooper
09:50:27 <Dave (Go Becca)> hahahahahaha Linda
09:50:47 <Ccccooper> haha
09:50:57 <ynpvisitor91> Why not Go Michelle?
09:51:08 <LindaGp> 😊
09:52:04 <ynpvisitor91> Webcam Down, the story of the summer of 19
09:52:19 <LindaGp> Sadly
09:53:04 <Ccccooper> Big Pump again
09:53:16 <ynpvisitor91> Isn’t Michelle at SB prison with Becca?
09:53:33 <Mike J> Dave, just saw your comment on my sanity. Wow! A scary comment about this group in general.
09:53:58 <Ccccooper> SB "prison." I would much rather be there now, then where I am now
09:54:54 <LindaGp> Ccccooper, how's mom?
09:54:56 <Ccccooper> well there is at least 1 steamer to the left
09:55:17 <LindaGp> Still little left bubblers
09:55:19 <Ccccooper> she is doing alot better, we are planning to get her home in the next few days!!!
09:55:26 <ynpvisitor91> Dave coined that name for SB
09:55:44 <LindaGp> Ccccooper, that's great!
09:55:44 <Jake> has there been South Beebler action? or any BH splashing this morning?
09:56:18 <Ccccooper> her only problem now is a little bit of short terms memory loss(Normal for Trauma), and not wanting to move at all, but at least she is in the ticked of stage.
09:56:33 <LindaGp> Jake, no
09:57:00 <LindaGp> Ccccooper, she'll get there
09:57:14 <ynpvisitor91> What happened to her?
09:59:24 <Ccccooper> DVT( Deep Vain Thrombosis) aka. Blood Clot in her leg, that broke of and went through her heart and into her lung(Pulmonary Embolism), and that caused her to pass out while standing, so she fell craked her head open, chipped a tooth, and a little while after that she went in to CA(Cardiac Arrest), so EMT(Emergency Medical Technician's) had to revive her the 3 times she went into CA
10:00:09 <ynpvisitor91> Yikes, glad she is OK
10:00:17 <Ccccooper> Sad part is, she is the most active person I know, and the techically "died", because she tore her hamsting getting out of her truck
10:00:26 <Ccccooper> she**
10:01:10 <LindaGp> Ccccooper, she's quite.lucky
10:01:35 <LindaGp> Ready kevin?
10:01:37 <ynpvisitor91> Lucky EMTs were there
10:02:18 <Ccccooper> Yes, yes she is. and yes, yes luckly I did not have to preform CPR on my own Mom, that would not be good
10:03:18 <ynpvisitor91> Good you know how
10:04:29 <Ccccooper> Still have not had to do it yet. Well I do not Ccc Bee going soon, but I am off for a shower after my Morning Run. BBL.
10:04:48 <Dave (Go Becca)> 91, I figured I would get harassed for omitting michelle's name but it means more to Becca to see SB
10:05:22 <Dave (Go Becca)> And, SB platform has better friends than at prison....and no, I have no experience with the latter:)
10:05:25 <LindaGp> Arty
10:07:52 <Jake> possible Beehive at 2259 last night but Beehive is not in the frame so that's based on drifting steam
10:07:52 <LindaGp> Bye, ill be back later
10:08:12 <Jake> capture is annoyingly unwatchable because of all the outages
10:09:21 <Joe> But you do get to see a BSOD ! :)
10:09:52 <Jake> the color is a little different B[aby]BSOD
10:10:17 <GO SB GO BECCA> why are you not there ave?
10:16:28 <Jake> I see The Borg are now entering E times in GT. getting closer to Skynet every day
10:16:44 <Dave (Go Becca)> Graham, too short handed at work.
10:17:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Work?
10:17:47 <Jake> Dave, did you give a SB guarantee?
10:18:22 <Dave (Go Becca)> Yes, I did. I hope it's not the kiss of death for Becca & Michelle
10:18:36 <GO SB GO BECCA> i hope they see it ... and Craig too
10:18:38 <Jake> a guarantee for a daylight eruption today?
10:18:38 <Dave (Go Becca)> Kevin, you just don't get paid for it.
10:19:08 <Dave (Go Becca)> Yep. They'll be home in time for dinner:)
10:19:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Joe know what I am saying.
10:19:29 <Joe> Yes I do!! :)
10:19:53 <Kevin L™🌵> Probably just you and me!
10:20:21 <Jake> oh boy, that is a guarantee! is that because the Billings McDonald's is open 24 hours?
10:21:45 <GO SB GO BECCA> they have the key to the fish freezer and a microwave nearby
10:22:07 <Dave (Go Becca)> Jake :D
10:22:54 <GO SB GO BECCA> so e have a Tantalus report but no SB report?
10:23:27 <Jake> it's more tantalizing that way
10:23:50 <Dave (Go Becca)> Haven't been to fast food besides Subway in a couple years
10:23:57 <Dave (Go Becca)> maybe 1 year
10:24:28 <Jake> I went to a local one a few weeks ago because they had the Impossible burger
10:24:57 <GO SB GO BECCA> get ready for Happy Meals jake
10:25:24 <Dave (Go Becca)> Isn't that Qdoba that has the Impossible Burger?
10:27:27 <LindaGp> Wow it's 96 degrees with a hit index of 110. Yikes!
10:28:58 <Jake> no Qdoba here. it was Apollo Burger
10:29:04 <LindaGp> *heat
10:29:25 <Kevin L™🌵> 3 patties?
10:29:58 <ynpvisitor999®> morning Art
10:30:00 <Joe> The BORG has entered the overnight Grand and Daisy Etimes :)
10:30:17 <Art> Hi
10:30:49 <GO SB GO BECCA> what was impossible about the burger jake?
10:30:52 <ynpvisitor999®> he also entered yesterday's missed Daisys, so props to him :)
10:31:05 <Art> So um.. How'd the webcam been doing, I've kinda stopped checking anymore
10:31:05 <GO SB GO BECCA> Art showed up in time for lunch, wecome
10:31:11 <Joe> Great!!
10:31:29 <LindaGp> Kevin L™🌵, it's hotter here than in vegas!
10:32:02 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger
10:32:09 <GO SB GO BECCA> and its a dry heat there so it hardly counts
10:32:24 <Joe> Art you don't have to ask, just wait a minute, you will be answered by the camera itself
10:32:38 <Art> Have they given up trying to figure out root cause?
10:32:44 <GO SB GO BECCA> its a static cam with about a 2min refresh rate
10:32:58 <Joe> Nope still trying
10:33:35 <ynpvisitor999®> didn't you say the other day they were trying to get permission to hard-wire the cam?
10:33:47 <Art> I was just like hmm.. wonder if the webcam ever got fixed.. signs in.. webcam up.. webcam down..
10:34:01 <ynpvisitor999®> (not that that permit will be granted anytime soon)
10:34:05 <Ccccooper> back
10:34:43 <Joe> I sent a suggestion for them to try a separate IP camera and power supply in place of the housing and camera just to make sure that the problem is not the housing and Camera itself
10:34:47 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
10:35:27 <Ccccooper> Decent Mile Time, 7:49
10:35:44 <Joe> Yes Jarno they are
10:44:28 <Ccccooper> OF ie on static, btw
10:45:44 <ynpvisitor999®> that was early
10:46:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Really
11:06:24 <Dave (Go Becca)> Almost time for the high noon SB
11:10:37 <Katie> Need a break from my audit. I abbreviate our private IP's in my spreadsheet tabs to last two quads. I just typed 100.1 (the abbreviated IP) in a browser and was disturbed when it didn't go where I expected it to.
11:10:47 <Katie> Cam needs to work for my break. C'mon cam
11:18:44 <ynpvisitor43> Dave's penguins broke BH.
11:19:50 <Ccccooper> Little Bee Splash:):):)
11:22:47 <Ccccooper> Good, it had an interval in the 5 Hour Range
11:28:47 <Ccccooper> Bulger ie
11:28:49 <Ccccooper> major
11:37:04 <Ccccooper> bbl
12:32:42 <ynpvisitor999®> can the cam be moved to Grand?
12:33:24 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks :)
12:34:07 <ynpvisitor25> Nice
12:34:22 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket
12:34:39 <ynpvisitor999®> nice start
12:37:34 <ynpvisitor999®> 2nd?
12:37:50 <ynpvisitor999®> certainly looks like that with that jetting
12:38:35 <ynpvisitor999®> b1/b2 done
12:40:15 <ynpvisitor999®> G2*Q | 11m
12:40:49 <Kevin L™🌵> Froze the cam
12:41:47 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy in window, FYI
12:42:06 <ynpvisitor999®> hopefully someone in-basin catchesit
12:42:11 <ynpvisitor999®> darn spacebar
12:43:19 <LindaG> Huh bee still quiet
12:46:33 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy
12:53:16 <ynpvisitor999®> AB
12:54:03 <ynpvisitor999®> welcome back Jake
12:54:08 <Jake> Steamboat just a few minutes away from passing the last interval
12:57:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Becca broke it
12:58:09 <Dave (Go Becca)> Becca is starting to accumulate a few hours on the platform. Probably over 50 by now
13:03:36 <GO SB GO BECCA> does GO BECCA quit mean she left?
13:06:20 <Dave (Go Becca)> no
13:08:15 <Jake> Beehive must have been overnight. that lines it up for this evening sometime
13:15:57 <Jake> seems like it might be a pleasant day weather-wise to be at Steamboat
13:16:11 <Jake> not getting cooked by the sun
13:16:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Or pounded by rain
13:17:02 <Jake> is the one platform still closed?
13:17:22 <Kevin L™🌵> I am sure she has a supply of venison jerky.
13:19:03 <Dave (Go Becca)> haha Kevin.
13:21:02 <Dave (Go Becca)> Middle platform is partially closed..about 50-70% of it
13:24:38 <Kevin L™🌵> aurum
13:24:40 <Kevin L™🌵> .
13:25:33 <ynpvisitor42> thanks for beeping
13:25:48 <Jimbo Magnesium> Gone in 60 seconds
13:27:01 <Kevin L™🌵> It was just starting when the cam came up.
13:34:19 <ynpvisitor999®> wash
13:34:37 <Kevin L™🌵> Big wash
13:35:50 <Dave (Go Becca)> really big wash
13:39:19 <ynpvisitor999®> focus seems off
13:41:17 <Jake> what does wash mean? I thought I was hip to all the chat lingo
13:41:37 <Dave (Go Becca)> I was just playing along. I have no idea
13:41:54 <Jimbo Magnesium> Water on the camera
13:42:02 <Jimbo Magnesium> to wash it
13:42:21 <Kevin L™🌵> Lot of it too
13:43:08 <ynpvisitor999®> it means that the camera is being cleaned using some kind of cleaning solution (CCTV cleaning solution if I recall correctly)
13:48:23 <ynpvisitor81> Lion
13:48:40 <ynpvisitor999®> initial I think
13:51:08 <Dave (Go Becca)> It looks like it might be TV dinner night:(
14:00:07 <GO SB GO BECCA> you have time to go out fora 5 star dinner tonight Dave, just make sure there are someleft overs for Michelle and Becca whenever they show up
14:00:51 <Dave (Go Becca)> If there are leftovers then there is evidence:)
14:01:09 <GO SB GO BECCA> hey, they abandoned you
14:01:09 <Jake> "home in time for dinner" you didn't say which day
14:01:59 <GO SB GO BECCA> are they camping overnight too?
14:03:15 <GO SB GO BECCA> time to reloacate .... hope SB starts on my ride home
14:04:26 <Dave (Go Becca)> Staying at Gardiner if it hasn't erupted
14:05:54 <Katie> Just cc'ed you on an email to Dave, Joe.
14:37:02 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger ie
14:38:16 <ynpvisitor999®> Riverside ie
14:43:36 <Betty> afternoon all
14:43:39 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Betty
14:43:46 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi
14:43:50 <Betty> evening Jarno
14:43:56 <Betty> hey Kevin
14:44:26 <Betty> why no BH and SB??
14:44:41 <Kevin L™🌵> Dave broke them
14:44:50 <Betty> uhm
14:45:01 <Betty> is he there?
14:45:25 <Betty> looks dead
14:45:37 <ynpvisitor999®> Daisy hopefully within 20 minutes
14:45:39 <ChrisO> anyone seen any animals on cam the past 2 days?
14:46:02 <Betty> hi ChrisO
14:46:08 <ChrisOO> hi :)
14:46:15 <Betty> Or ChrisOO
14:46:29 <ChrisOO> adding an O each time the cam goes down
14:47:45 <ynpvisitor96> I just saw oe walk by BH.
14:48:11 <ChrisOO> thats harsh, but funny
14:49:16 <ynpvisitor999®> can the cam be put on Daisy for a bit?
14:49:51 <ynpvisitor96> That may brake it.
14:50:20 <ynpvisitor96> see
14:52:10 <ynpvisitor999®> you could try now :)
14:53:11 <ChrisOO> animals seem to be fine lol...there all staying on the trail. :lol:
14:54:08 <ynpvisitor96> Lately anyway.
15:02:48 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
15:03:01 <Betty> nice
15:03:22 <ynpvisitor999®> LC ie/ns
15:04:01 <ynpvisitor96> Lions are aminals?
15:04:21 <ynpvisitor42> they roar. So does Lion
15:05:57 <ynpvisitor96> Will the series be long enough to wake up ng?
15:06:44 <Betty> I have to see NG yet on the new cam
15:07:11 <ynpvisitor999®> NG actually had a medium on the first (I think) day the cam was up
15:07:20 <ynpvisitor96> I thought you were around for one of them?
15:07:36 <Betty> no
15:07:50 <Betty> not on the new cam location
15:08:39 <Betty> I saw it in basin, so I´m ok with it :-)
15:08:50 <ynpvisitor999®> actually, it erupted on the second day the cam was up
15:10:26 <ynpvisitor96> Seen a few times on cam, too bad you missed one.
15:10:38 <Dave (Go Becca)> Hi Betty
15:11:05 <Betty> hi Dave
15:11:11 <Betty> not at SB?
15:11:28 <Dave (Go Becca)> Only Becca and Michelle...too shortstaffed to leave
15:12:53 <Dave (Go Becca)> Time for me to go sweat. Have a great evening everyone!
15:13:21 <Betty> have fun Dave
15:13:33 <Betty> and hope they get it
15:14:10 <ynpvisitor999®> Betty, this is NG's April 12 eruption (first NG since the cam came up after the move on April 11):
15:14:13 <Cooper> Okay, still no Bee, but at least Lion
15:14:15 <Dave (Go Becca)> Me too....hope it goes during light
15:15:24 <Cooper> wait, and no SB
15:15:44 <Betty> thx, Jarno, a great eruption
15:16:13 <ynpvisitor999®> no problem Betty
15:21:17 <Cooper> OF ie on static
15:21:37 <Cooper> oops, Sry
15:22:33 <Ericcc> last of must have been medium
15:23:01 <Betty> hi Eric
15:23:21 <Betty> oops, cc?
15:24:00 <Betty> what did I miss?
15:24:10 <ynpvisitor999®> not per se, Eric. I've actually witnessed a 1h15m interval following a long of ~4m
15:24:41 <Cooper> That was Early
15:25:55 <Cooper> Jarno, wasn't it IE, based on static???
15:30:24 <ynpvisitor30> Who has the steamboat button?
15:31:23 <Jake> it's like a crosswalk button that delays the signal change the more times you press it
15:37:01 <Ericcc> Hi Betty :-D
15:37:10 <Ericcc> You have missed lots of Of eruptions
15:44:39 <GO SB GO BECCA> yes
15:47:36 <Cooper> Ericc, any update on "Beehive's South Bubbler." or something like that going onto GT?
15:48:31 <GO SB GO BECCA> big storm here, briefly lost power ...very odd rumbly thunder
15:50:28 <GO SB GO BECCA> looks like Luke has been lonely in the basin today
15:51:05 <GO SB GO BECCA> Dave was on earlier but he left
15:51:21 <ynpvisitor999®> it seems Grotto is ready to go
15:51:36 <GO SB GO BECCA> based on what?
15:52:10 <ynpvisitor999®> getting steamier there. Only left is either the start or Grotto Fountain, hopefully
15:52:49 <ynpvisitor999®> I should've said it might be near
15:53:00 <ynpvisitor999®> rather than ready to go
15:53:25 <Cooper> Can we have a zoom in on Bee for a second, even though it looks dead
15:55:12 <GO SB GO BECCA> it can have energy cycles over a period of hours with rising and falling water levels
16:00:46 <Cooper> Allez Beehive, maintenant s'il vous plaît
16:02:10 <ynpvisitor999®> I doubt Beehive knows French, Cooper
16:02:16 <Cooper> je vous en prie, allez en plein jour
16:02:56 <Cooper> But to most People "French is the Language of Love." So Love can =Honey which =Beehive
16:03:37 <Cooper> Maybe next time I go I will teach it French while sitting there waiting, although I bet I would get a lot of strange looks.
16:03:57 <ynpvisitor999®> lol
16:05:07 <Betty> time to get some sleep. night all
16:05:40 <Cooper> Au revoir, Bonne Nuit
16:07:12 <Cooper> Allez, ne me fais pas comme Lion plus que toi
16:07:44 <ynpvisitor999®> Lion
16:07:48 <Cooper> Lion
16:08:11 <Cooper> NOOOO, LION
16:08:18 <Cooper> thanks
16:08:20 <ynpvisitor999®> LC ie/ns
16:08:48 <Cooper> Beehive, Comprenez-vous le néerlandais?
16:11:08 <ynpvisitor999®> sigh
16:11:32 <GO SB GO BECCA> this will be a long Lion eruption
16:13:35 <Cooper> I wonder how long some of those people have waited there
16:13:48 <Cooper> Could that little splash be a response???
16:15:53 <Ericcc> Ok...BSB is up on GT. Log away
16:16:18 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks :)
16:17:05 <Cooper> Thanks Ericc. ;)
16:17:15 <Cooper> >(
16:18:33 <Cooper> Pump
16:20:20 <ynpvisitor999®> Eric, what's the eruption join time (the time where it makes an eruption secondary of a primary) on Beehive's South Bubbler?
16:20:38 <Ericcc> I left it at the minimum of 1 minute
16:20:57 <Ericcc> So it pretty much won't join anything
16:21:16 <ynpvisitor999®> thanks
16:21:30 <Ericcc> If we start seeing overlaps of entries, yell and we can re-evaluate
16:21:39 <ynpvisitor999®> we'll see how many unintentional primaries that brings :)
16:21:45 <Ericcc> Yep
16:22:32 <GO SB GO BECCA> thanks for converting all the notes to eruptions Eric :)
16:23:44 <Cooper> Beehive, si vous comprenez cette éclaboussure
16:24:43 <GO SB GO BECCA> grotto :)
16:24:56 <GO SB GO BECCA> bulger
16:25:11 <Ericcc> I leave that to you Graham :-D
16:32:46 <ynpvisitor999®> oh, so Grotto was near. Probably saw steam rising from the 20-minute cycle?
16:33:27 <GO SB GO BECCA> i dont know its on 20min cycles tho
16:33:43 <GO SB GO BECCA> hard to make out steam in this temp
16:33:49 <ynpvisitor999®> it is
17:02:21 <Cooper> HOLE
17:02:23 <GO SB GO BECCA> BH
17:02:38 <GO SB GO BECCA> just started?
17:02:53 <ynpvisitor999®> oh hi Hole
17:02:57 <GO SB GO BECCA> 1702ie anyway
17:04:01 <ynpvisitor999®> probably going to be a long Great Fountain interval based on comment on its 1443 eruption
17:04:10 <GO SB GO BECCA> yep
17:04:28 <Cooper> well, bbl
17:04:56 <ynpvisitor999®> cya
17:11:00 <GO SB GO BECCA> 17 BH reports, only a few more for its best year ever which was the breakout 2011 22 eruptions
17:14:22 <ynpvisitor112> You should not use BH for anything but BH. Got me excited then could not tell what the 17 was in reference to.
17:15:10 <GO SB GO BECCA> i will do whatever i like ... for SB and BH or Sb and Bh
17:15:17 <GO SB GO BECCA> :)
17:20:16 <GO SB GO BECCA> forgot about Lion
17:20:51 <GO SB GO BECCA> probably didnt miss it based on that roar
17:23:02 <GO SB GO BECCA> daisy
17:23:45 <ynpvisitor108> Mount Holmes fire lookout burned down after Tuesday night lightning strike
17:24:02 <ynpvisitor108> I was in that building
17:24:03 <GO SB GO BECCA> wow
17:24:13 <ynpvisitor112> Mt holmes?
17:24:52 <ynpvisitor108> Gallatin range west of mammoth Norris road
17:25:38 <ynpvisitor112> Same person that maintains the cam must have been in charge of the lightning rods.
17:27:39 <ynpvisitor105> how long will Becca stay for?
17:28:42 <Ericcc> 12h Bh would be great right now :-D
17:29:00 <ynpvisitor105> oops, that is not Dave from B, it's Graham
17:29:00 <ynpvisitor108> Becca has to dog sit for a neighbor starting tomorrow sometime
17:29:18 <ynpvisitor108> I’m Dave from b
17:29:19 <Ericcc> You were in that building during the lightning strike?!?!
17:29:21 <ynpvisitor105> so she spends the night at SB?
17:29:37 <ynpvisitor108> No. Motel at gardiner
17:29:41 <Ericcc> wow...
17:30:05 <Ericcc> I hope you packed your wife a lot of wine cheese and crackers dave!
17:30:07 <ynpvisitor105> then back to watch in morning until noon?
17:30:07 <ynpvisitor112> Daddy dog setting. Dave's retirement occupation.
17:30:13 <ynpvisitor108> Not during the lightning strike. I was there about 20 years ago
17:30:19 <Ericcc> ohhh
17:30:29 <ynpvisitor108> 105, that is my guess
17:30:37 <ynpvisitor105> yeah, Dave can do dog duty
17:30:49 <ynpvisitor105> That's good they could get a motel.
17:31:01 <Ericcc> Lion tryin
17:31:16 <GO SB GO BECCA> i think Lion is done tho
17:31:17 <Ericcc> maybe get an NG here
17:31:38 <ynpvisitor112> Maybe not, he did say dog, and he only has experience with rats.
17:32:02 <ynpvisitor108> Haha. Neighbors dog is not rat sized
17:32:35 <ynpvisitor112> Dog Dave walking service?
17:33:25 <GO SB GO BECCA> caring for peoples fish might not work out well for the fish
17:33:43 <ynpvisitor108> I m not currently in the market for a new job
17:33:53 <ynpvisitor108> Haha
17:34:16 <ynpvisitor112>
17:35:09 <ynpvisitor112> Better to have the athlete take charge.
17:37:09 <ynpvisitor108> 4 hours until my daylight guarantee expires
17:37:50 <GO SB GO BECCA> sun doesnt set till 2100
17:38:04 <GO SB GO BECCA> so 4h, yes
17:38:14 <GO SB GO BECCA> pushing for twilight numbers
17:38:46 <GO SB GO BECCA> Astronomical twilight maybe? that gets you another hour or so
17:39:35 <ynpvisitor112> Lights and heated benches and they could stay all night.
17:40:19 <ynpvisitor108> I feel a string of big minors approaching
17:40:43 <ynpvisitor112> nice spike from Castle
17:42:13 <GO SB GO BECCA> was that the start time?
17:42:31 <ynpvisitor112> No, and I am on delay
17:42:39 <ynpvisitor112> Just when I noticed it
17:44:35 <ynpvisitor112> Saying whoosh whoosh is just not the same as being there.
17:44:39 <ynpvisitor108> Anyone know how long Craig is staying?
17:45:13 <Ericcc> Museum is finally quieting down
17:53:32 <ynpvisitor112> Micah ever pop in , or too busy being a working stiff?
17:53:53 <ynpvisitor108> I haven’t seen him recently
17:54:20 <ynpvisitor112> He get his license? That was the last time i read anything.
17:54:28 <GO SB GO BECCA> he has been in here occasionally but not much
17:55:19 <GO SB GO BECCA> yes he has been driving the busses. enjoying it
17:56:23 <ynpvisitor108> He passed a group of us at fountain on his first day of leading a tour
17:57:10 <ynpvisitor112> Must be hard to stay on schedule when you think something important may happen.
17:57:46 <GO SB GO BECCA> he got to see Morning ftn dual on one tour
17:58:15 <GO SB GO BECCA> they were arriving at ftn as it started
17:59:31 <ynpvisitor112> I am guessing castle is a major?
17:59:48 <ynpvisitor999®> yep, major
17:59:54 <GO SB GO BECCA> thats what GT says :)
18:00:44 <ynpvisitor112> Don't believe everything you read on the interweb. Someone said BH went earlier.
18:02:17 <ChrisO> reading comprehension is a necessity.....
18:05:03 <GO SB GO BECCA> Bh did go earlier
18:05:40 <ynpvisitor108> Cmon pile of dirt
18:07:45 <ynpvisitor112> Giant would look nice right now.
18:12:41 <ynpvisitor999®> interesting... Apparantly the HVO is going to issue monthly Kilauea updates rather than weekly, provided activity levels remain as they have been since the end of its eruption
18:13:34 <ynpvisitor999®> darn... misread Sprinkler as Sawmill for the I-don't-know-how-manyith time
18:13:44 <ynpvisitor112> So they can start building homes next to it again?
18:14:08 <ynpvisitor999®> don't know
18:14:54 <ynpvisitor999®> they state that Kilauea is an active volcano and that it will erupt again, so there's that
18:15:07 <ynpvisitor999®> evening kcmule
18:15:15 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Lori
18:15:22 <Lori S> Howdy
18:15:52 <ynpvisitor108> Hi Lori
18:16:00 <Lori S> Hello 108
18:16:07 <ynpvisitor108> And kc
18:16:12 <ynpvisitor999®> sigh... the GT flag emails keep ending up in spam
18:16:14 <GO SB GO BECCA> stepping away during this OF commercial break .....
18:16:29 <Lori S> GO SB GO BECCA, LOL
18:16:30 <kcmule> hola
18:16:48 <ynpvisitor999®> evening Dave
18:16:57 <Dave from B> Graham is trying to help out the family
18:17:03 <Lori S> Oh, Hi Dave
18:17:28 <Dave from B> I figured you would be at steamboat
18:17:40 <Lori S> WORKING
18:17:48 <Lori S> grrrr :)
18:18:20 <Dave from B> Becca and my wife are at Norris
18:18:36 <Lori S> Cool.
18:18:46 <Lori S> Whay aren't you?
18:18:50 <Lori S> Why
18:19:13 <Dave from B> Short staffed at work
18:19:41 <Lori S> Ah. Simply stating a fact here: This SB cycle's pause started at 1320 yesterday.
18:20:48 <ynpvisitor999®> which would mean an eruption in ~36h from that point?
18:22:26 <Lori S> We will see ;)
18:23:08 <Dave from B> I’m expecting a signature any moment
18:23:51 <Lori S> Plus or minus 6 hours
18:24:51 <Kevin L™🌵> For Dave:
18:26:02 <ynpvisitor98> Only $3.99?
18:26:26 <GO SB GO BECCA> what is the penalty if your guarantee fails Dave?
18:26:28 <ynpvisitor98> Must not be authentic:)
18:26:50 <ynpvisitor98> I have to pay for a room in gardiner
18:27:55 <ynpvisitor98> Hey there lost my name
18:28:33 <ynpvisitor98> I’m on my phone
18:29:23 <GO SB GO BECCA> pretty OF
18:33:36 <ynpvisitor999®> Bulger ie
18:34:03 <GO SB GO BECCA> still a decent crowd at Grand
18:34:33 <GO SB GO BECCA> turban probably based on the steam
18:34:49 <GO SB GO BECCA> ot
18:34:54 <ynpvisitor999®> yep
18:35:02 <ynpvisitor999®> I think that was the start
18:35:47 <GO SB GO BECCA> are you sure bulger was a major?
18:35:52 <ynpvisitor999®> for the impatient people, OT could serve as a Grand scale model with that jetting
18:37:08 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand
18:37:14 <ynpvisitor999®> Aurum
18:37:28 <Kevin L™🌵> :p
18:38:19 <ynpvisitor999®> could be T-- if you did see Turban
18:38:49 <ynpvisitor999®> hopefully some feet on the ground there
18:38:55 <GO SB GO BECCA> probably didnt wait that long
18:39:14 <GO SB GO BECCA> was probably just steam from the heavy overflow
18:46:16 <ynpvisitor999®> OT quit
18:46:18 <ynpvisitor999®> Rocket
18:46:45 <Lori S> My first Rocket on the cam
18:47:49 <Lori S> What a Grand Rocket
18:47:58 <Lori S> see what I did there?
18:48:13 <ynpvisitor999®> the two I entered today started with a massive column towering above the trees. Very nice to see
18:48:25 <ynpvisitor999®> b1 done
18:48:37 <ynpvisitor999®> I did see what you did there, Lori :)
18:48:56 <GO SB GO BECCA> a Giant Rocket?
18:49:26 <Lori S> Yes, please.
18:49:28 <ynpvisitor999®> you could say that
18:49:51 <ynpvisitor999®> Am really hoping we see Giant someday soon on the cam
18:50:29 <ynpvisitor999®> Grand might be C based on the steam
18:51:13 <GO SB GO BECCA> Sepyt 1 would be good for that
18:51:59 <ynpvisitor999®> will you be in basin then?
18:52:11 <Lori S> So Craig is at SB? Waiting on his 1st?
18:52:14 <GO SB GO BECCA> yes :)
18:52:20 <ynpvisitor999®> nice
18:54:14 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off for today. Enjoy Beehive once it goes.
18:54:23 <Lori S> Bye
18:54:33 <GO SB GO BECCA> night Jarno
18:55:26 <Lori S> Time to close up the office. Go SB
18:56:21 <GO SB GO BECCA> bye Lori
19:09:23 <ynpvisitor79> brutal Steamboat wait still 2 hours of daylight
19:41:37 <GO SB GO BECCA> daisy
19:46:35 <ynpvisitor78> Longest SB interval since May 27
19:49:03 <GO SB GO BECCA> over 7 days!
19:49:31 <Dave from B> Yep
19:50:07 <GO SB GO BECCA> your jinx has moved to Becca now Dave
19:50:36 <ynpvisitor79> and soon longest interval since May 3
19:51:30 <Dave from B> She is closing in on 60 hours
19:52:02 <ynpvisitor78> 60 hours?
19:52:11 <ynpvisitor78> Of prison time?
19:52:37 <Dave from B> Yep
19:52:51 <ynpvisitor78> Maybe it will go overnight
19:53:11 <ynpvisitor78> I wonder if anyone will be out there
19:53:28 <ChrisO> i will be up watching the seismographs like i usually am
19:54:01 <ynpvisitor78> I hope they are working
19:54:03 <ynpvisitor79> a little more comfortable lol
19:54:56 <ynpvisitor78> Comfortable because of less people?
19:57:51 <ChrisO> any doggies today?
19:59:34 <Dave from B> Family is at gardiner on way home. Not much action at SB today
20:00:31 <ynpvisitor78> So not going back?
20:00:47 <Dave from B> Nope
20:01:03 <ynpvisitor78> Sorry it didn’t erupt for them
20:01:29 <Dave from B> Have a good evening everyone. Becca will keep trying when her schedule permits
20:01:37 <Dave from B> Thanks 78
20:02:03 <ynpvisitor78> It will be interesting to see when it goes
20:02:56 <GO SB GO BECCA> sorry about that Dave, hope they see it later this summer
20:03:09 <GO SB GO BECCA> Craig needs it too
20:05:01 <ynpvisitor24> He sure does
20:05:15 <ynpvisitor24> He has a lot of time invested
20:10:58 <GO SB GO BECCA> quitting now, goodnight
20:11:13 <GO SB GO BECCA> cam on Riverside to BH view
20:21:37 <Cooper> Grrr. Still no SB, or Bee
20:21:54 <ynpvisitor103> Odd green sunset
20:22:08 <Cooper> Can we have a zoom in on Bee for a few seconds, so that I can determine whether to go take a shower now or wait until the morning?
20:22:22 <ynpvisitor103> No op
20:22:33 <Cooper> Oh
20:22:41 <ynpvisitor103> I woul dbet it went last night ad ws missed
20:23:01 <ynpvisitor103> Crumbs in my keyboard
20:23:07 <Cooper> That is what I think most people on this webcam have been thinking
20:23:58 <Cooper> When I reveiwed the GOSA Overnight Webcam Captures, there was a possible Bee at 2235-ish, and 0315-ish
20:27:22 <ynpvisitor103> Looks like lc maybe happy. Enjoy the rest of daylight, need to get a few things done.
20:56:27 <Kevin L™🌵> I guess summer is nearing an end. Just saw my first Christmas ad on TV.
21:09:49 <Cooper> Bee
21:09:59 <Cooper> YAY,YAY,YAY,YAY,YAY
21:10:04 <Cooper> NO INDICATOR
21:10:13 <Cooper> FINALLY
21:14:20 <Cooper> Well with that much needed eruption, Goodnight Everyone
21:25:08 <ynpvisitor32> There was an indicator, not sure what Cooper meant
21:26:02 <Cooper> came back for a minute to watch this storm
21:26:25 <ynpvisitor32> BH was also 2106
21:26:55 <Cooper> oh 32, well when I was looking at the cam I could not see the indicator, and I thought it was just Bee steaming, but apperantley note
21:34:49 <ynpvisitor3> Is that of?
21:35:11 <ynpvisitor3> Looks like the end
21:35:57 <ynpvisitor3> Or it could have been steam - not sure
22:28:23 <ynpvisitor72> Kitt used the D word. Guess she is frustrated by no SB
22:32:37 <ynpvisitor44> Sounds like it was doing a big version of Aurum's summer mode. Big splashes but nothing consistent.