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06:24:12 <ynpvisitor11> Joe sending younpm
06:24:52 <ynpvisitor15> ok
06:25:16 <ynpvisitor11> Don't know which # are you around for a few this AM, going to to a little late
06:25:59 <ynpvisitor15> I'll cover
07:45:55 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
07:49:38 <ynpvisitor72> 0749 wc OF
07:50:38 <ynpvisitor6> Good morning Dave.
08:01:24 <ynpvisitor110> Must have ben something big going on last evening. Cam was down more then it was up. Or radio interference has little to do with it.
08:03:51 <ynpvisitor72> Note from Starfleet that a new and higher powered radio for the cam is on order. It is not known if this will help.
08:04:13 <ynpvisitor72> They are working on the problem
08:04:30 <Carbon County> Is this one powered with dilithium crystals?
08:04:51 <ynpvisitor72> I'll check with Scotty
08:05:18 <Dave from B™> Nice one Jimbo. I only live about 15 miles from Carbon County
08:05:50 <Carbon County> I was thinking of the one in PA. Didn't know MT had one too.
08:06:05 <Dave from B™> Red Lodge is the county seat
08:06:17 <Carbon County> Found it
08:07:07 <Carbon County> Part of the county boundary is contiguous with the YNP boundary
08:07:58 <Dave from B™> Yep
08:08:03 <ynpvisitor15> Carbon County in Wyomingalso
08:10:11 <Dave from B™> Where is that, 15?
08:10:37 <Dave from B™> I'm guessing south of Gillette
08:11:44 <Carbon County> Wow, learning experience day!
08:12:19 <Carbon County> South of Casper
08:12:44 <Carbon County> Aurum!!
08:12:54 <ynpvisitor15> Yes
08:13:24 <Carbon County> That'd be an Aurum wc ie call
08:14:14 <Carbon County> County seat of Carbon County in WY is Rawlins
08:15:58 <Dave from B™> Thanks
08:16:43 <lori lurking> son was here last night, discussing the cam troubles. we told him he needed to go and trouble shoot. he figured out why I couldn't load geysertimes app. not me, as I thought, it wasn't compatible with the Kindle OS, but I can use the webpage.
08:16:56 <lori lurking> so he set it for my favorite for me ;)
08:17:00 <Carbon County> There's a Carbon County in Utah, too.
08:17:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like my timing is about normal today.
08:18:45 <Carbon County> Carbon County UT is southeast of Provo. Appears to be a good place for dinosaur fossils.
08:19:34 <ynpvisitor110> Kevin, your timing is about as good as anyone's to see Xs.
08:20:11 <Kevin L™🌵> Carbon County UT is mostly high desert but a lot of coal there.
08:20:12 <ynpvisitor15> LC ie
08:20:31 <Kevin L™🌵> I did see I logged in right after an Aurum.
08:20:47 <Dave from B™> So, how many Carbon County's in the US? 10?
08:21:14 <Dave from B™> Sounds like the name MINT BAR for Montana Bar's
08:22:57 <ynpvisitor110> Mint is also used in Wyoming
08:23:03 <ynpvisitor8> theres one in PA
08:23:09 <ynpvisitor8> no surprise there either
08:23:19 <ynpvisitor110> A mint Bar?
08:24:16 <ynpvisitor8> Carbon County PA
08:24:40 <ynpvisitor8> but maybe theres a mint bar too ... there is a US Mint there
08:25:41 <ynpvisitor110> Surprised PA has not started to change the name to Carbon Credit County.
08:26:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Nevada only has 17 counties but most are bigger than the States back east.
08:27:13 <Dave from B™> We have 56; which is TOO MANY. We need to consolidate.
08:27:20 <ynpvisitor110> I think they are bigger then countries in Europe.
08:28:00 <Kevin L™🌵> I know Nye County is.
08:28:02 <ynpvisitor8> especially the ones where nobody lives Dave
08:29:54 <Dave from B™> We have counties with less than 1,000 people. That is insane
08:29:59 <Kevin L™🌵> BH between 0900 and 1200 today.
08:30:48 <ynpvisitor110> Sounds like a great place to live.
08:31:07 <Kevin L™🌵> One odd one we have only has about that many people but at one time the County Seat was the biggest city between St Louis and San Francisco.
08:31:50 <Dave from B™> Virginia City, NV?
08:32:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Goldfield.
08:32:26 <Carbon County> There's a total of four Carbon Counties in the USA. Until this morning I was only aware of one. I have been edumicated.
08:32:38 <ynpvisitor8> which is the biggest city between St Louis and SFO now?
08:33:11 <ynpvisitor110> Well I ran out of refreshes for the day. My geuss is Denver.
08:33:21 <Dave from B™> KC?
08:33:31 <Kevin L™🌵> I would say either Denver or SLC
08:34:03 <Mike J> If you mean literally between (that is longitude) in the US, it would be LA
08:34:19 <Mike J> If you mean in a more direct line, I'd vote for Denver of SLC, also.
08:44:54 <ynpvisitor10> According to a note on GT, Riverside may be soon
08:46:28 <ynpvisitor10> Or not, not sure of overflow to eruption
08:48:11 <Dave from B™> I believe somewhere in the 90-120 minute range
08:53:02 <ynpvisitor10> thanks
08:58:29 <ynpvisitor11> Joe - can you check my bulger time?
09:01:08 <ynpvisitor15> Bulger Ie 0854 when cam swung down basin
09:02:39 <ynpvisitor11> Thanks 15
09:04:31 <ynpvisitor15> 35 failures in past two hours for the cam
09:06:39 <ynpvisitor15> cam has been averaging 18 failures per hour night and day for many days now.
09:06:50 <Katie> 35 - wow. I just can't wait to log in and drive. It's gonna be awesome!
09:07:17 <ynpvisitor...> Looks like Aurum for lunch:thumbsup::)
09:08:02 <ynpvisitor15> Edible Gold :)
09:08:27 <ynpvisitor11> Katie LOL
09:08:36 <ynpvisitor...> Sounds like sushi
09:10:55 <ynpvisitor11> Grizz enjoying Grotto this morning!
09:12:42 <ynpvisitor...> Basin griz at the height of the tourist season not good for the griz :(
09:13:52 <Carbon County> Definitely a wake-up call
09:18:25 <Dave from B™> Just passing thru; most likely
09:18:52 <ynpvisitor15> Every OF window has had camera failures and only one OF eruption was not interrupted with a cam failure
09:19:21 <ynpvisitor15> since midnight
09:21:55 <ynpvisitor15> time to leave for the next few hours, enjoy
09:22:09 <ynpvisitor11> Bye!
09:28:29 <Sam> This goodness
09:31:02 <fishynp> Was there a SB eruption on July 27th?
09:32:00 <ynpvisitor1> don't think so
09:32:02 <Sam> Wasn’t reported if there was
09:32:26 <Sam> I’m guessing you’re noticing the Tantalus gauge
09:33:40 <fishynp> yes
09:34:19 <Sam> I don’t know what that spike was.
09:34:52 <Dave from B™> Probably heavy rain?
09:35:15 <Sam> Was it rainy on Saturday?
09:36:05 <Dave from B™> Yes. we were camping in Gallatin Canyon near Big Sky and had a couple of thunderstorms pass thru
09:38:01 <Sam> That could explain it
09:39:18 <Sam> Of
09:44:27 <Sam2> OF was a short
09:44:40 <Katie> soooooo dark
09:44:46 <ynpvisitor11> it is..
09:44:48 <Sam2> At least according to the NPS
09:45:34 <Katie> GT needs to be edited to update prediction. Or will it update? I'm on next shift and I'm aware, so no biggy
09:45:59 <Sam2> The entry can be edited, but I don’t think the time will change
09:46:08 <Sam2> Like you said, no biggy
09:46:30 <ynpvisitor11> entry editedc
09:46:36 <ynpvisitor11> edited*
09:53:04 <Cooper> Good Morning Everyone
10:01:02 <ynpvisitor11> Its all yours Katie
10:01:21 <Dave from B™> Katie gets the chore
10:02:53 <ynpvisitor11> Hope it's a good afternoon!
10:05:26 <Cooper> I see Grotto is being very Fickle today
10:18:40 <Dave from B™> So, CraigC is STILL in YNP?
10:19:03 <ynpvisitor89> Riverside
10:28:48 <Cooper> OT
10:28:59 <lori lurking> cloudy or smok hazey?
10:29:30 <Katie> I think some of both, Lori.
10:40:27 <Carbon County> There's some wildlife at Electric Peak, a couple of pronghorns, I think
10:43:20 <Carbon County> There's a fire near Helena MT
10:45:37 <ynpvisitor86> Dave, Craig wants to see SB in the daytime.
10:46:39 <Dave from B™> Talk about an extended stay...hope he gets a daylight one tomorrow
10:46:57 <ynpvisitor86> He’s hoping for today
10:48:05 <ynpvisitor86> A lot of people are hoping for today...
10:49:06 <Dave from B™> Hope and actuality are often times two different things
10:49:50 <ynpvisitor86> Yes. There is a big crowd there today hoping it actually erupts today
10:50:02 <ynpvisitor8> based on recent intervals, its a 50 50 prop today
10:51:07 <ynpvisitor8> at least 2 people made it to UGB today
10:51:08 <ynpvisitor14> bulger ie
10:51:28 <Dave from B™> SB didn't sound good yesterday based on GT reports
10:51:44 <Dave from B™> But, that doesn't mean a lot
10:51:56 <ynpvisitor86> rb Whitaker has the UGB to himself
10:52:17 <ynpvisitor86> There was no report from Beverlys
10:52:33 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, they were out in their kayaks having fun
10:52:41 <ynpvisitor86> Yes
10:52:51 <ynpvisitor86> Hope so
10:57:45 <Dave from B™> Tubing the lower Madison except for having to get to shore and hide under tubes about 70% of way thru the trip to get out of small hail storm
10:57:54 <Dave from B™> was fun
10:58:23 <Dave from B™> our dogs even had a little fun until they got cold after the storm
11:02:05 <Cooper> Grand
11:02:05 <Cooper> .
11:02:05 <Cooper> .
11:02:06 <Cooper> .
11:02:06 <Cooper> lk.
11:02:07 <Cooper> .
11:02:07 <Cooper> .
11:02:08 <Cooper> .
11:02:15 <Cooper> Nice Start
11:09:53 <Carbon County> 8 minutes
11:12:13 <Carbon County> 10 minutes, still going
11:12:23 <Cooper> still going?
11:12:39 <Cooper> it ended at 9:57 according to my watch
11:12:40 <Carbon County> think it stopped right after I posted that (and I have a lag)
11:13:08 <Carbon County> So that makes sense
11:16:32 <Cooper> can we peek at Bee?
11:17:11 <Kevin L™🌵> It won't go until I leave again
11:17:46 <Cooper> surprised we have had no reported BSB's today
11:19:32 <Cooper> Speak of the Devil, BSB
11:19:59 <Cooper> perfect timing to get one
11:34:09 <Dave from B™> Stronger radio transmitter; anyone think that will work?
11:34:36 <Cooper> wait, did they say that they are going to get one?
11:35:11 <Katie> They are getting entirely different models of radios. Cross your fingers. It could work. We've had cases where radio A SHOULD work and doesn't and we replaced with radio B and it worked. I'm hopeful.
11:36:08 <Cooper> Well, if they are, Even thought I am not a techy as Katie, I am hopeful:)
11:36:48 <Dave from B™> At least it is something to be hopeful about
11:45:45 <Cooper> BSB ie
11:54:30 <Cooper> Bee splashes
11:55:12 <Kent> OK, I've got my sandwich and Diet Coke and am ready for Aurum. Have Betty push the buttton.
11:56:48 <Katie> LD
11:56:51 <Katie> LC, that is
11:57:38 <Kevin L™🌵> Won't work. I am still here.
11:57:56 <Kent> :)
12:10:54 <Kent> No Daisy. Basin peeps all at Norris?
12:13:09 <Dave from B™> Lots of people on the backside of OF
12:14:07 <Kent> Busy day in the park
12:14:41 <Kevin L™🌵> -They want to see what the backside of water looks like.
12:15:21 <Kent> Sorta like the dark side of the moon
12:16:00 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Kevin...that was my of my FAVORITE Jungle Cruise lines
12:16:36 <Cooper> OF
12:19:09 <ynpvisitor8> not only is there only one geyser, its only viewable from one side
12:23:09 <Katie> did not quit
12:24:28 <ynpvisitor29> Aurum
12:24:30 <Kent> 1224
12:24:37 <Cooper> .
12:24:37 <Cooper> .
12:24:38 <Cooper> .
12:24:38 <Cooper> .
12:24:39 <ynpvisitor29> lets go
12:25:06 <ynpvisitor29> no cam op?
12:25:29 <ynpvisitor4> Nice
12:25:50 <Kevin L™🌵> :) It thought I left!
12:25:50 <Katie> But did Kevin get to see it?
12:26:00 <Kent> Great fun and a static view also :)
12:28:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Well that was a nice surprise. Good luck with BH.
12:29:07 <Dave from B™> Drive safe Kevin
12:30:22 <Cooper> Something else was splashing back there
12:30:40 <Katie> Yeah - I tried to zoom in and the cam connection died at that precise moment
12:31:12 <Cooper> UNNG-GHG-16 ??
12:39:20 <Katie> How is your mom doing, Cooper?
12:40:19 <Cooper> She is improving slowly, the only problem now is her Short-Term memory, we don't know if that is goign to improve. But she get's 1/2 pay until she is either ready to teach again, or until she is 65.
12:41:45 <Katie> Damn. I hope that isn't a lasting effect. :(
12:42:36 <Katie> When does school start for you?
12:46:14 <Cooper> sorry went AFK for a minute
12:46:24 <Cooper> School starts August 16th
12:47:28 <Cooper> I am on and off, PT(Physical Therapy) is over right now, and I need to take care of the dogs
13:20:50 <Betty> afternoon all
13:23:42 <Cooper> Oh, Hey Betty
13:23:50 <Cooper> Is the Fair over yet?
13:23:55 <Betty> hi Cooper
13:24:06 <Betty> yes, finally over
13:26:03 <Betty> now I have the time to do some yard work. But now I´mfinished for today with everything
13:26:43 <Betty> LC
13:27:05 <Cooper> Bee is not being very nice to us today
13:27:55 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
13:28:20 <Betty> hi Dave from B™, how are you doing?
13:28:35 <ynpvisitor86> The prediction was for 1306, so BH just being BH
13:29:04 <Dave from B™> I'm doing fine. I wonder what CraigC will do if SB goes overnight again
13:29:30 <Betty> stay until the next?
13:29:45 <ynpvisitor86> He will be disappointed yet going back home
13:29:47 <Betty> any plans to go?
13:30:11 <Cooper> I think he will be sleeping on the bench tonight
13:30:31 <ynpvisitor28> Bee is at 23h 23 min if it follows the past few days Bee will be within 1 - 1and1/2 hours
13:30:46 <ynpvisitor86> Not sure he’s spending another night. He’s been there already for that
13:30:59 <Dave from B™> No, I took Friday off for camping. No vacations for awhile now
13:31:18 <ynpvisitor86> Weather change today, BH could go later
13:31:21 <Betty> how about Becca?
13:35:29 <Dave from B™> Not this go around. I imagine she may try the next time but she has work that gets in the way.
13:40:35 <Dave from B™> Betty, did it cool off in Germany yet?
13:41:05 <Betty> yes, since yesterday it is quite ok
13:41:31 <Betty> last week was absolutely crazy
13:42:52 <Dave from B™> Hard to hide from heat like that
13:44:33 <Kevin L™🌵> No BH yet?
13:44:45 <Cooper> Nope, Welcome Back Kevin
13:45:26 <Cooper> I hate to ask, but, how are you holding up?
13:45:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Well, I have to leave again ASAP so there is a good chance.
13:46:58 <Kevin L™🌵> Ok, good luck!
13:47:18 <Cooper> Thanks Kevin, Bye
14:06:57 <Betty> OF ie
14:10:26 <Cooper> Bee
14:10:28 <ynpvisitor30> :bee:
14:10:30 <Betty> BH
14:10:36 <Cooper> NICE TIMING
14:10:43 <Cooper> Great work Cam-op
14:10:58 <Cooper> It does not look like there is an indy
14:11:50 <Katie> When I pointed the cam back at Geyser Hill, I saw steam there an zoomed on Indy and Bee started right at that time. There may have been an Indy - that might be what I saw before I hit zoom.
14:12:28 <Cooper> I thought it was the initial surges that was creating the steam, but what do I know
14:12:33 <Betty> hi Katie
14:12:51 <Katie> You might be right, Cooper. :)
14:13:14 <Cooper> And to me, given that there is not indy now, and was none after it reached full height, it is likely that it did not erupt
14:13:42 <ynpvisitor80> Why is the can down
14:13:53 <ynpvisitor80> So much? It never used to be like this
14:14:45 <Cooper> and following the current pattern of No Indy, I do not think there was one before, or during
14:17:02 <Dave from B™> Anyone read Bruce Jensen's take of BHSB on Google Group and what are people's thoughts?
14:17:45 <Cooper> Lion
14:17:56 <Cooper> yup, that is Lion
14:18:03 <Cooper> can we zoom out?
14:21:59 <Cooper> Next one 1419
14:22:09 <Cooper> 1519**
14:22:26 <Cooper> OMG, 1539****
14:30:44 <Betty> time for Daisy
14:32:35 <Betty> but maybe it went already
14:33:38 <Katie> Might have, but Bee and Aurum have gone, Lion isn't due for a little while... we can look down basin until time for OF again.
14:33:58 <Betty> true
14:34:12 <Betty> and maybe we can see Oblong
14:55:47 <Betty> Bulger ie
15:06:35 <ynpvisitor118> 16 minute BH?
15:06:49 <Cooper> ?
15:07:02 <Cooper> oh
15:07:14 <Cooper> um, that is odd
15:07:34 <Cooper> where did they get that?
15:07:49 <Cooper> I am debating flagging it, as it was not even 6
15:09:13 <ynpvisitor118> Thought that had to be wrong
15:10:17 <Betty> make a comment
15:10:41 <Cooper> 118, do you want to do it, as you saw it first?
15:12:22 <KarlH> I don't recognize the user on that BH log - maybe a new user and doesn't know how Bee's duration is measured.
15:12:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Well I knew BH would go one of the times I was gone.
15:12:49 <Betty> hi Kevin
15:13:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Betty
15:13:25 <Kevin L™🌵> You still hot?
15:16:58 <Betty> not, it cooled down
15:17:20 <ynpvisitor61> OF 1516 wc
15:21:34 <Kevin L™🌵> Jus t got in and it was 112°here.
15:26:42 <ynpvisitor61> That's too hot. It is only a 100° here and I am hiding in the basement.
15:27:52 <ynpvisitor61> LC
15:30:55 <Betty> hi Kent
15:31:01 <Cooper> 100 is to hot, it is 79 here, and I am hiding with ice-cream and AC
15:33:04 <ynpvisitor...> Hey Betty. I couldn't believe how hot you guys were. Glad it has cooled off a bit.
15:34:24 <Kevin L™🌵> How high did it get?
15:34:40 <Betty> we´re down to 80. that´s way better :-)
15:35:59 <ynpvisitor...> I saw it was 109° in Paris the other day. Beyond belief.
15:36:47 <Betty> we were at 102. Germany´s high was 108
15:36:56 <Betty> Lion
15:36:56 <ynpvisitor...> Lion
15:37:01 <ynpvisitor...> :)
15:37:15 <ynpvisitor78> would not flag that eruption for duration you can just note or comment to be reasonable
15:41:44 <ynpvisitor...> Back soon for Aurum. Announce your plans if you want to hear God laugh. :)
15:45:51 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:46:06 <Katie> good night, Betty
15:46:07 <Cooper> Bye Betty
15:46:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
15:51:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello
15:51:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> so Grand during OF window?
15:56:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> a wash
15:56:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> bet that annoys the bugs
15:56:32 <Kevin L™🌵> Cam will be down anyway.
15:56:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have not seen one of Erics annoying messages yet...
15:59:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> and there it is
16:01:10 <Katie> I'm off. Next batter up.
16:01:28 <Cooper> Thanks for Driving
16:01:37 <Katie> My pleasure. :)
16:01:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Good job Katie
16:06:10 <LindaG> Hi everyone
16:06:12 <Cooper> Hey Linda
16:07:35 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
16:13:46 <Katie> OT
16:16:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> Tara is out there, may get a Turban time soon
16:32:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> lc
16:48:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> grand
16:48:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
16:48:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
16:48:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
16:48:43 <Kevin L™🌵> We get some of Grand
16:49:11 <Cooper> that is a nice little suprise
16:51:23 <Cooper> YAY, Tornado Warning at my place
16:51:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> stay safe
16:51:48 <Sam> Yikes Cooper
16:51:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> we are probably missing Lion and Aurum now too
16:52:16 <Katie> doesn't look like it on static, fwiw
16:52:40 <Katie> although, can't see that far west anymore...
16:52:52 <Cooper> Meh, The worst bit is I will need to Draw up a report for this
16:53:41 <Kevin L™🌵> I hate tornadoes
16:54:04 <Cooper> HOW? They are awsome
16:54:11 <Cooper> at least to a Weather Nerd
16:54:34 <Kevin L™🌵> Do get on the wrong end of one.
16:54:41 <Kevin L™🌵> Don't
16:54:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> Kevin likes to live dangerously
16:54:55 <Cooper> I see it on Radar, am debating to go chase it
16:55:33 <Cooper> Okay, I think I might, bbl
16:56:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice 2nd
16:56:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> and cam was up
16:56:47 <Kevin L™🌵> Great 2nd
17:00:47 <Sam> Of
17:01:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> hard to focus on the geysers when the cam is up and down all the time
17:03:18 <ynpvisitor999®> afternoon all
17:03:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> OF is a long
17:03:30 <Kevin L™🌵> hi
17:03:49 <Lori S> Hi Jarno
17:08:08 <Lori S> Oh, and hello everybody hello. I was reading what I missed.
17:10:29 <Lori S> Cooper went storm chasing?
17:11:48 <ynpvisitor999®> so, what is the total downtime for today?
17:12:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> too much
17:14:59 <Lori S> My most recent email from Canon USA contained:
17:15:06 <Lori S> Please know that your product status has been further escalated through our corporate public relations group to assist you.
17:16:06 <ynpvisitor999®> Escalated even further? Now that's going to be interesting in the upcoming months
17:17:10 <Lori S> This was ghe first one:
17:17:15 <Lori S> We are sincerely sorry to hear of the issues experienced, and have escalated the matter to our program specialist group for further assistance.
17:18:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> I am sure that Corporate PR will have a solution for us :)
17:18:05 <Lori S> I haven't responded to either. Just sent the original "Contact Us" form.
17:18:56 <ynpvisitor999®> sometimes the government should let some private companies do certain jobs for them. This is definitely one of them. Thanks for the update :)
17:19:12 <Lori S> A solution that will no doubt contain lots of happy, feel good comments. :)
17:20:23 <Lori S> Myabe I'll get a free Canon USA T-Shirt.
17:21:22 <ynpvisitor999®> haha
17:24:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> i see another bison got one point, tossing a tourist in TR national park
17:26:34 <Kevin L™🌵> TR?
17:26:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> teddy roosevely
17:27:00 <Kevin L™🌵> OK
17:27:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, you know
17:27:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like bison were doing early rutt practice and one charged a tourist who was supposedly at ta safe dostance
17:28:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> no video of the hit tho
17:28:05 <Kevin L™🌵> You just get that keyboard from Dave?
17:28:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> its a classic one from Dave
17:42:55 <Cooper> Hey, Jarno is Back :)
17:43:30 <Cooper> For those of you interested in the Tornado, just scroll down to the last page
17:45:27 <Cooper> That was the best image I could get
17:46:30 <ynpvisitor999®> I do enjoy watching tornadoes. But only on video - would not want to be near one
17:46:55 <Cooper> Why is that
17:47:07 <Cooper> They are awsome
17:47:27 <Cooper> Oh Shoot, that would have been a better idea. To Get a Video.
17:48:11 <ynpvisitor999®> until they go through quite densely populated areas, like a tornado earlier this year did in the Netherlands (unsure if it crossed the border of Germany, but wouldn't be surprised)
17:49:30 <Cooper> Okay, edited out all of the Kinks, and off to NWS
17:49:55 <Cooper> Maybe I should head up to boulder tonight, and say hello to everyone
17:50:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> :thumbsup:
17:50:17 <ynpvisitor999®> tip: send it to the NWS as PDF - makes it a tad more 'official' or serious
17:55:10 <Cooper> Jarno, usually when I send in my official report. Which is at the end of every month, I make them PDF's, and I zip them in a folder and then send it to them. I send it to them as docs/words initially because that is what they told me to do(I do not like it though)
17:55:47 <Cooper> But thanks for the tip, I might do that next time just to annoy them. Even though I do not know why they dislike that:)
17:56:18 <ynpvisitor999®> probably they're using some very outdated operating system or something which makes it so that they cannot view PDFs
17:57:29 <Cooper> That would be very possible, they just finished the renovations to their Visitor Entrance Room. Hopefully they update all their equipment, and we can use phones to get radar, not huge computers that take a very long time to load
17:57:52 <Cooper> next, is meant to be at the end of that**
17:57:57 <ynpvisitor999®> you mean Doppler radar?
17:58:43 <Cooper> Yes Dop
17:58:58 <Lori S> Wait. My cam has movement on it...
17:59:27 <Lori S> I kinda quit paying attention there for a bit. Hi Cooper.
17:59:36 <Cooper> Hi Lori
18:00:08 <Cooper> The mobile dopplers that my team has, and other teams do not like to load very well.
18:01:18 <Cooper> Maybe if someone could get them to build a NOAA Office in the Springs, we could load it from the local doppler, and not the Denver, or Pueblo one
18:01:33 <Cooper> or Mobile ones
18:01:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger
18:03:27 <ynpvisitor999®> Cooper, you mean this monstrosity of a Doppler radar?
18:03:28 <ynpvisitor999®>
18:03:57 <Cooper> Sadly, Yes
18:04:53 <Cooper> I just ride along, with a regular car, although I might get one of those set-ups assigned to me once I am 2
18:04:59 <Cooper> 21** years ond
18:05:01 <Cooper> old**
18:06:23 <Cooper> Colorado Springs has 2 of those, they go around, and track the storms, and then with my huge NOAA Computer, I get the Data from that one, Pueblos one, and Denvers one
18:06:40 <ynpvisitor999®> well, I doubt it'll get any smaller than that (unless you're willing to give up on wide imaging), as the sent beam needs be received from something wide enough to account for radar signal scattering
18:07:39 <Lori S> Wouldn't you need a CDL to drive that?
18:08:16 <ynpvisitor999®> though I do think it's likely you get some faster equipment once this specific radar apparatus reaches end of life
18:08:28 <Cooper> if CDL is a Colorado Drivers Liscense, Yes I would, and Because of that I do not drive it.
18:08:47 <Lori S> Commercial Driver License (trucks, busses)
18:09:32 <Lori S> *Drivers
18:09:48 <Cooper> We have teams, you are either on the North or the South Team, and in this case, each "team" has one, which transmits Data to the rest, as long as they are within a 5 Mile Radius, otherwise you have to use a different type of Radar.
18:09:54 <Cooper> Lori, you are correct
18:10:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> OT
18:10:36 <Cooper> I do not know if they would need a CDL, as it is a governmental agency, which changes everything that has to do with stuff like that
18:10:47 <Cooper> but I would think they would
18:11:00 <ynpvisitor999®> better safe than sorry I'd say
18:11:40 <Cooper> Maybe I will ask Her, next time we get called out
18:15:57 <Cooper> This is basically what the front of the car I use looks like,+set+up&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS843US843&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjU_bygrtvjAhUEK80KHQSbDRwQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=625&dpr=1#imgrc=hFcoB4PjbQlDuM:
18:16:37 <Cooper> My parents are storm spotters, and so am I
18:19:11 <Cooper> Time for Dinner, BBK
18:19:16 <Cooper> BBL**
18:20:36 <ynpvisitor999®> cya
18:20:56 <Sam> Is that OF entry is GT incorrect?
18:21:51 <Sam> OT was called at that time.
18:22:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> oops
18:22:45 <Sam> :)
18:22:57 <ynpvisitor999®> I was just checking the static archive for that OF :)
18:28:27 <Cooper> back with my Dinner
18:32:30 <Cooper> OF
18:32:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> there it is
18:40:38 <Lori S> What's that steam off frame to the right?
18:41:08 <Lori S> *just off frame
18:41:49 <Lori S> Thx
18:42:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe a Link minor?
18:46:09 <ynpvisitor999®> I'm off. Enjoy Daisy, seems fairly near
18:46:45 <Cooper> Bye Jarno
18:49:40 <Lori S> Night Jarno. I'm heaed out as well.
18:49:49 <Lori S> *headed
18:55:17 <Cooper> Bye Lori
18:58:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
18:58:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
18:58:40 <Cooper> Aurum
18:58:40 <Cooper> .
18:58:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
18:58:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> ..
18:58:40 <Cooper> .
18:58:41 <Cooper> .
18:58:41 <Cooper> .
18:58:42 <Cooper> .
18:58:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> aurunm
18:58:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
18:59:31 <Cooper> and done
18:59:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> sorry for the down basin swing .... hit the wrong preset
19:00:14 <Cooper> no problem
19:00:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> 6h34, presumably a single interval
19:01:03 <Kevin L™🌵> :P
19:01:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> hey Kevin...did you enjoy it?
19:01:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Stinking chickens
19:04:16 <Cooper> Hmm
19:04:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
19:04:23 <Cooper> That is an ini
19:04:34 <Cooper> WOW, That was a very short interval
19:05:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> we probably missed one or two
19:05:30 <Cooper> Wait then, is that not an ini?
19:05:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> not an initial
19:06:23 <Cooper> okay
19:06:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> probably had one during OF and then another while cam was down basin
19:07:22 <Cooper> LC
19:09:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> that was probably the 6th in the series
19:13:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger
19:14:01 <Cooper> BH
19:14:03 <Cooper> YAY
19:14:23 <Cooper> Bulgers Hole 1914, did anyone else just see that
19:14:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> i saw steam but it was a minor
19:14:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> dont know if it actually got up to erupting
19:15:15 <Cooper> I think I saw Bulgers Hole, erupting to 2 feet for a few seconds
19:15:57 <Cooper> Yup, after looking at past Bh Captures, that was Bulgers Hole
19:16:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> theres a lot of steam, look at twilight
19:16:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> this time of night all the steam gets lit up
19:16:58 <Cooper> I entered it, I will check back again tommarow morning on the GOSA Captures
19:17:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> I put a comment on my bulger entry
19:17:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> it was a minor, not a major
19:17:37 <Cooper> Yeah
19:17:46 <Cooper> Who said it was a Major
19:17:57 <Cooper> OH
19:18:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> you did.
19:18:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> The Bulgers Hole entry should have a ? too
19:18:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> it wasnt clear enough on the cam
19:18:27 <Cooper> I am adding a ? onto my bh entry, and the Bulger entry is a minor now
19:18:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> thank you
19:19:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> it might have splashed and put up steam without actually erypting
19:19:45 <Cooper> Okay my BH entry has a ?
19:19:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont think there has been an eruption with a Bulger minor - not to say its impossible, just not seen before
19:20:33 <Cooper> I have made a note to check the GOSA Webcam Captures in the morning
19:20:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok, good idea but the view wasnt very good
19:21:46 <Cooper> I will tell you the answer tomorrow
19:33:38 <Cooper> Bulger
19:34:02 <Cooper> Bh Steam
19:34:16 <Cooper> Bulger Minor
19:34:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> yep
19:44:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger
19:45:04 <Cooper> Bh steam
19:45:29 <Cooper> Another Minor
19:45:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> but i dont think it erupted
20:10:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Darn. We missed Great Fountain.
20:11:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> are you sure?
20:11:48 <Kevin L™🌵> I am guessing we will one way or another.
20:13:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> probably missed Lion
20:13:31 <Cooper> Time to go for a walk, I might BBL
20:13:45 <Kevin L™🌵> Not by much
20:13:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Whoa!
20:14:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice timing!
20:14:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> I will take it :)
20:14:21 <Cooper> Maybe I will wait until after Lion
20:14:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> and lc
20:15:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> NG might have a chance as this has been a nice long series ... most likely 2h or more after the last lion
20:16:20 <Kevin L™🌵> That would be fun.
20:16:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Is Craig still in the park?
20:16:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am not staying for the next one tho
20:17:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> yesh he is at SB
20:17:12 <Cooper> Okay, now it is time to go for a bit
20:17:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Wow. Is it already time for that?
20:17:38 <Kevin L™🌵> Watch out for dogs Cooper
20:17:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> in 1h15m we wil be at the same interval as the last eruption took off
20:18:12 <Kevin L™🌵> I sure hope he gets a daylight.
20:18:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> OT
20:19:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> i do too....although he was lucky to get one at least
20:20:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> doesnt look like anyone escaped today, so maybe its looking good. i wonder if he will stay tonight?
20:21:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> churn is nice and steamy
20:27:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> yep, we did miss GF, posted now
20:28:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Should have zoomed over there when I told you!
20:29:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am done. more exciting than i expected tonight
20:29:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> goodnight
20:30:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
20:37:03 <Cooper> Back, Arty
21:16:20 <ynpvisitor28> Cooper. Your Bulger's hole post sounds like you don't really KNOW it erupted. I suggest not posting it at all
21:19:24 <Cooper> I am about 90% sure it erupted, it was Graham that influenced me to put a ? on it
21:21:31 <Cooper> I am going to wait until tomorrow morning to make any decisions about deleting it or not
21:28:14 <ynpvisitor97> any reports from Norris?; wonder if SB goes tonight (?)
21:29:09 <Cooper> I would doubt it, but then again, I am usually wrong
21:30:21 <Cooper> Well, I am out for the night. Bye Everyone
21:30:36 <ynpvisitor97> would be nice for gazers if it went during daylight this time
21:31:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Night
21:31:02 <ynpvisitor97> have a good one, C!
21:35:08 <ynpvisitor47> Another bogus post from Cooper? What else is new?
21:47:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like a ghost
21:48:57 <ynpvisitor97> the webcam isn't getting any better
21:50:17 <ynpvisitor96> Cooper is enthusiastic and young. Not nice to pick on him.
21:57:41 <ynpvisitor47> Pick on him? He’s coddled here. He makes false posts almost every day.
22:40:24 <ynpvisitor55> Pick on a enthusiastic young geyser gazer and they will turn into a bird watcher or star gazer. But maybe that is the way you want it.