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02:55:37 <ynpvisitor57> Big dipper
04:54:41 <ynpvisitor103> SB has to go before 2111 or it will be down to 49 in the last year
04:56:03 <ynpvisitor103> this time last year it started a run of 7 eruptions under 7 day intervals
04:56:29 <ynpvisitor103> with a low of 4d18h
04:56:50 <ynpvisitor103> we need record #33 for the calendar year now too
05:07:12 <Rice> Morning Graham
05:10:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
05:15:56 <Rice> My guess is Steamboat will go later today.
05:16:27 <Rice> I want to see the morning update on the Logger, than I would feel better.
06:09:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> 29, chilly morning
06:13:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> good time for a SB sit since BH is at night
06:20:32 <Cooper> Morning All
06:20:40 <Cooper> Graham, that it is
06:20:53 <Cooper> I am still standing by 1300 today
06:29:34 <Cooper> OF
06:32:41 <Cooper> bye all
06:37:57 <ynpvisitor20> So looks like I haven't been missing much in terms of the cam working eh?
06:46:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> you have not missed much Art
06:47:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> when do yo uhead out west?
06:49:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> wow Lake cam is nice
06:50:35 <ynpvisitor20> YNM and YNR both appear to be stopped at 06:22.....
06:51:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> did SB blow up and destroy them?
06:52:29 <ynpvisitor20> B950 still up, so no.....
06:52:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> good
06:53:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> Brian in basin again
07:05:39 <ynpvisitor37> Castle
07:07:11 <Dave from B™> Good morning Graham, Art, Joe?
07:07:41 <ynpvisitor37> Yes, Hi Dave
07:10:38 <ynpvisitor37> burst gone now
07:11:13 <ynpvisitor37> Castle must have been a eruption burst gone now
07:23:12 <Dave from B™> Not a lot of promise on yesterday's SB posts
07:25:46 <Art> So umm.. webcam still sucks huh?
07:25:54 <Art> Guess I haven't been missing much ;)
07:26:47 <Kat> Sure does!
07:38:26 <Dave from B™> Art, new radio will be arriving soon....many have their doubts about it fixing the problem
07:51:50 <Art> New wireless radio?
07:52:16 <Dave from B™> Yes. To replace the wireless radio that they have now
07:53:02 <Art> Yeah I hightly doubt that is the root cause
07:53:32 <Art> There's a GIANT microwave tower blasting out a ton of RF interference at the Century link building
07:54:09 <Art> Hoping they do a proper RF survey before wasting more time / money if that doesn't work ;)
07:55:08 <Eric> Morning
07:55:32 <Dave from B™> A wired connection seems to be the best option but I guess it almost takes an Act of Congress to mess with a listed historical structure
07:55:43 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
07:56:54 <Eric> Still no update on norris loggers from yesterday morning :-(
08:07:32 <ynpvisitor37> OF 0807
08:18:39 <Kat> Bulger
08:22:16 <Lori S (Go 65)> Morning to all
08:23:10 <Cooper> Hey Lori
08:23:12 <Cooper> and all
08:23:14 <Eric> Hi Lori
08:23:15 <Cooper> in my TA class
08:23:20 <Eric> and Cooper
08:23:31 <Lori S (Go 65)> Hi Eric and Mr Cooper
08:23:34 <Cooper> Hi Eric
08:23:45 <Cooper> Thanks Mrs. Lori S:)
08:23:50 <Eric> I hope Betty is there and ready for Steamboat :-D
08:24:02 <Lori S (Go 65)> Cooper, Ms. :)
08:24:14 <ynpvisitor37> Does anyone know if Karl Rand is a Ranger??
08:24:40 <Cooper> oh Ms. Sorry
08:25:00 <Lori S (Go 65)> Eric, :thumbsup: ...Emily was there before daybreak
08:25:51 <Eric> Nice Lori...I think we might have another day, but would love to see the logger update to confirm.
08:26:15 <Lori S (Go 65)> Yeah, note yesterday wasn't encouraging
08:26:25 <Cooper> That it was not
08:26:27 <Lori S (Go 65)> notes weren't
08:27:12 <Lori S (Go 65)> watching Tantalus Creek absent the thing that records jiggles
08:27:17 <Eric> I didn't even read them :-P
08:27:30 <Cooper> That is what I meant, the notes were not good
08:27:33 <Cooper> :daisy:
08:27:34 <Lori S (Go 65)> Blasphemy!
08:28:10 <Lori S (Go 65)> :p
08:28:21 <Eric> We will get lots of down basin reports with BrianR there this week
08:28:35 <Eric> Daisy
08:28:43 <Eric> oh, cooper already said that :-P
08:29:27 <Eric> and joe posted it 2 minutes, more coffee needed.
08:29:33 <Kat> OT
08:29:41 <Eric> Nice
08:30:12 <Lori S (Go 65)> Oh, thx for reminding me I brewed coffee :)
08:30:16 <ynpvisitor37> There are two castle entries 0655 e min by Karl Rand, which I agree with as the end was on camera, the other 0725 by Sam Johnson ??
08:30:36 <Cooper> Hmm
08:31:13 <Cooper> so then, it would not be possible for Castle 0725?
08:32:21 <Lori S (Go 65)> Ha. Put water in the machine, filter in the basket, forgot to add coffee and brew.
08:32:45 <Cooper> so you made hot water? :)
08:33:11 <Lori S (Go 65)> No, I didn't even press brew. You think I woulda realized I didn't smell coffee
08:33:49 <Cooper> :p
08:34:25 <Lori S (Go 65)> Beautiful orning on the hill :)
08:34:33 <Lori S (Go 65)> morning
08:36:59 <Cooper> do you have your coffee now?
08:37:46 <Lori S (Go 65)> Cooper, still brewing...
08:38:16 <Cooper> so you have it brewing now, that is good:) and you put the coffee in it this time?
08:38:44 <Lori S (Go 65)> Cooper, haha, yep. But thanks for having me check. :)
08:39:29 <Cooper> YVW, we do not want anyone without their Coffee.:p
08:40:06 <Lori S (Go 65)> or you get 3 :daisy: s and 2 :castle: s
08:40:23 <Dave from B™> I wonder why it is that many people need a morning "pick me up". My alarm goes off and I'm "up and at em"
08:40:38 <Dave from B™> I haven't even had anything to eat yet
08:41:00 <Cooper> WOW, you must not be human!!!
08:41:08 <Lori S (Go 65)> Dave from B™, I was up till midnight working on a SB spreadsheet, LOL
08:41:17 <Cooper> oh no
08:41:32 <Cooper> do not do that, your brain will get fried:p
08:41:39 <Lori S (Go 65)> Didn't realize it was so late... I was quite involved in it
08:43:12 <Eric> Coffee tastes good Dave :-D
08:43:33 <Eric> and makes you more alert
08:44:01 <Eric> My question is why wouldn't you drink coffee :-P
08:44:58 <Lori S (Go 65)> Eric, my thought exactly
08:46:07 <Dave from B™> 99% of my liquid consumption is water, wine, beer, OJ
08:46:14 <Dave from B™> No sod, either
08:46:17 <Dave from B™> soda
08:47:16 <Dave from B™> I know I'm the oddball
08:48:45 <Lori S (Go 65)> Dave from B™, water and wine I get, but beer?
08:48:49 <Cooper> does anyone know how to get archived notes, so for Cistern, all of them in the cycle?
08:49:36 <Cooper> because, looking just at notes without the archived ones, it only goes back to May 2019
08:50:10 <Dave from B™> Beer tastes better on a really hot day
08:50:11 <Lori S (Go 65)> Cooper, good question
08:50:23 <Lori S (Go 65)> Dave from B™, Well, OK, Coldsmoke does
08:50:55 <Dave from B™> I don't love beer but sometimes you need something with a lower alcohol content
08:53:52 <Lori S (Go 65)> Morning Glory breakfast blend has entered my system :)
09:04:47 <Eric> I don't drink much beer these days...too many empty calories :-( But I do love it.
09:04:57 <Eric> Coffee has no calories :-D
09:05:43 <Eric> I am not a big fan of the chemical concoctions of soda either.
09:06:50 <Lori S (Go 65)> Soda is the canned cheese of beverages
09:07:19 <Eric> come on...who doesn't love cheeze whiz?
09:07:28 <Cooper> me
09:07:44 <Eric> I carry a can out on the BW with me :-P
09:08:00 <Lori S (Go 65)> Eric, well. I will know who to come to if I have crackers
09:08:32 <Lori S (Go 65)> I didn't say soda or canned chez didn't taste good :)
09:09:39 <Cooper> Well, I have to go to my next class. GO STEAMBOAT, GO STEAMBOAT, AND GO STEAMBOAT!!!!!!!
09:11:00 <Lori S (Go 65)> Bye Mr Cooper
09:12:14 <Lori S (Go 65)> Seismos back up
09:13:01 <Eric> Cya coop
09:13:12 <Eric> now if the logger would just come back
09:15:07 <Eric> interesting temp hump in the tantalus gauge
09:16:30 <Lori S (Go 65)> Lion ie
09:16:45 <Lori S (Go 65)> Eric, saw that. Maybe a good minor
09:16:58 <Mike J> Love those tall, no-wind eruptions
09:42:21 <Kat> OF
09:49:13 <Eric> head blocking Washburn cam :-P
09:50:04 <ynpvisitor114> Horse color guard on Electric Peak
09:50:29 <Dave from B™> Pump on UGB cam
09:51:52 <FleroviumCountr> oh well
09:59:39 <Kat> Have a good afternoon Kevin! Lots coming up!
10:00:10 <Kevin L™> IF I can get the cam.
10:05:05 <LindaG> Good morning all
10:05:25 <Kevin L™> Hi
10:06:17 <Kat> Hey Linda, Kevin and all!
10:06:24 <LindaG> Kat, hi
10:08:38 <LindaG> Kevin L™, you got rid of your cactus couldnt find your name lol
10:09:47 <Kevin L™> For some reason the computer won't do them today.
10:11:32 <LindaG> Weird
10:11:59 <ynpvisitor22> Dave should have gone to see SB yesterday, then Betty could be off looking at other things.
10:14:13 <Dave from B™> 22, my SB jinx is over
10:17:12 <Dave from B™> I passed the baton to Becca, Betty, kcmule and all others who haven't seen it but tried and tried and tried
10:30:32 <Eric> Dave moved from cursed to lucky :-D
10:30:46 <Eric> WT?
10:30:56 <Eric> maybe rift
10:31:10 <Eric> ohh, probably rift
10:32:17 <Rice> I am bummed that the Norris Loggers didnt update today.
10:32:26 <Eric> Me too Rice
10:35:26 <Eric> at least the seismo came back to life
10:42:17 <Dave from B™> I thought for sure SB interval would decrease this, I'm having doubts
10:42:52 <Dave from B™> Most likely not getting a LD weekend eruption now
10:46:37 <Eric> Just depends on recovery time Dave. If we have logger charts again, keep your eye on them.
10:47:23 <LindaG> Daisy
10:56:55 <Cooper> Dang No SB
10:59:28 <Cooper> Look at Seismo
10:59:38 <Cooper> SB?
10:59:43 <Cooper> That looks SB like
10:59:56 <Cooper> at like 1048
11:00:34 <Eric> That does have some thickness to it Cooper
11:00:36 <Cooper> anyone else see that?
11:00:47 <Cooper> That is what I though
11:00:55 <Cooper> WOHHHOOOOOOO, #65, NEW RECORD
11:00:59 <Cooper> YAY, YA
11:01:06 <Cooper> YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY
11:01:08 <LindaG> That last bit looks promising
11:01:16 <Cooper> and now I am crying again:)
11:01:18 <Eric> Don't count it yet.
11:01:28 <Cooper> I wont
11:01:38 <Cooper> I am going to start crying after the next update
11:01:38 <Eric> I have seen thick traces like that turn out to be something else.
11:01:43 <Cooper> if it is SB
11:02:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> ooohhh
11:02:06 <Cooper> Hi Graham!!!!!!
11:02:20 <Cooper> I am hopinh to everyone that Betty is at SB right now!
11:02:40 <Eric> She better be!
11:02:55 <Cooper> if she is not, that would suck
11:02:59 <Cooper> she deserves it!
11:03:59 <Cooper> I hope you do not mind, I entered it with ?
11:04:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> she should have been there. Dave Schwarz prdicted today
11:04:13 <Cooper> nevermind, I should delete it
11:04:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> if it is SB, it could go LD weekend
11:04:52 <Cooper> what do you all think, keep it or not?
11:04:54 <Cooper> as in On GT
11:05:00 <Eric> Delete it for now
11:05:03 <Cooper> ok
11:05:27 <Cooper> gone
11:05:32 <Eric> When we get another seismo update, it should help confirm
11:05:41 <Cooper> yup
11:05:47 <Cooper> I am staying on until then
11:05:54 <Eric> updated...I don't think that was SB
11:06:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> the auto-logger didnt log it .. maybe its down
11:06:10 <Cooper> NOOO
11:06:10 <Eric> or not steamboat
11:06:21 <Cooper> shoot
11:06:36 <Cooper> when does Tantalus update?
11:06:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> it could still be ... because sometimes the seismo dies down
11:06:46 <Eric> I am still not confident either way
11:06:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> but it is less promising now
11:06:54 <Cooper> me neither
11:06:54 <Eric> Yep, agree Graham
11:08:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> I think David wanted it in the afternon anyeay. nice blue sky now
11:08:59 <Dave from B™> I'm not convinced that is SB
11:09:15 <Cooper> me neither
11:10:33 <Kevin L™> Asian bus with a bad muffler.
11:10:53 <Cooper> haha, possible
11:11:24 <Eric> toilet pump day at norris
11:12:08 <Eric> bulger ie on our static streaming cam
11:14:17 <Cooper> well BBL, GO SB!!!
11:16:59 <Cooper> um
11:17:01 <Cooper> that is SB
11:17:12 <Cooper> I had to check again
11:17:24 <Cooper> 1104
11:17:31 <Cooper> can I get some opinions?
11:17:42 <Cooper> well, it might be
11:18:17 <Cooper> that looks a bit more promising
11:18:22 <Cooper> not 100% but like 50
11:18:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> 1048 might be right, or about 1103
11:18:45 <Cooper> one of them
11:18:46 <Cooper> I think
11:18:51 <Cooper> but I need anotehr update
11:19:50 <Dave from B™> Occasionally we have gotten eruptions that aren't definitive on the seismo. I remember a couple from last year
11:20:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont think that solid thick blob for that long has been anything other than eruption
11:21:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> start might have been earlier because "it does that sometimes"
11:21:24 <Cooper> I hope that is 65
11:21:37 <Cooper> I want my icecream,pop corn, and Hunger Games party
11:21:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> or more importantly #33 for the year setting a new record
11:21:50 <Cooper> which I am throwing virtually, and for myself in COS
11:21:58 <Cooper> Yes, #33!!!!!
11:25:44 <Cooper> updated
11:25:56 <Cooper> looks like one of those 3 is SB, but that is my opinion
11:26:18 <Cooper> or maybe it is not, I am not so familiar with that seismo
11:27:30 <Cooper> Hi Casey
11:27:43 <Casey> Hi Cooper.
11:28:06 <ynpvisitor113> Looking at correlation with YNR, I think it is SB, with a start around 10:18....
11:28:14 <Dave from B™> I think it is SB but not your "normal" SB
11:28:40 <Cooper> 1018, 113, dont you mean 1048?
11:28:43 <ynpvisitor113> Sorry - 10:48
11:29:01 <Casey> Some of the early eruptions last year had some unusual seismic signatures too. I'm leaning 10:48 as well.
11:29:20 <Dave from B™> I wouldn't be surprised to hear this eruption had restarts
11:29:23 <Cooper> well, I am overly exited, and need to go to my next class, Thank you Steamboat for #33!!!
11:29:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think its as normal as some STeambat eruptions
11:30:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> long water ons have sometimes dropped in intensity n the seismo and then resumed on the seismo .... even tho the eruption didnt stop
11:32:15 <Kevin L™> I still vote for the Asian bus
11:33:01 <Casey> Is the bus Asian or is it a bus full of Asians?
11:34:24 <ynpvisitor7> Try looking at YNR.
11:34:25 <ynpvisitor7>
11:34:29 <ynpvisitor7> Not sure.
11:35:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> 1048 has some blooming and it correlates with YNM
11:36:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont have doubts really
11:36:24 <ynpvisitor7> OK
11:36:47 <Kevin L™> Both Casey
11:36:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> YNM continued to show it
11:37:09 <Dave from B™> So, anyone brave enough to post it?
11:37:32 <Casey> No even close to brave enough
11:37:36 <Casey> *not
11:37:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think Cooper wanted to do that
11:37:38 <ynpvisitor7> It will be posted by in-basin folks eventually. No rush.
11:38:28 <ynpvisitor7> A note can be added, at least, in the meanwhile.
11:38:53 <Casey> Agreed. It's not needed for a new prediction to be generated, so I don't see any urgency.
11:39:14 <Cooper> I am back for 2 mins
11:39:19 <Cooper> and Graham, I will
11:40:19 <Cooper> posted
11:40:30 <Cooper> I just wanted to do that:)
11:40:42 <Casey> Bev posted
11:40:45 <Casey> 1057
11:40:48 <Cooper> Good
11:41:06 <Dave from B™> WOW WOW WOW
11:41:08 <Casey> Steam at 1105
11:41:27 <Cooper> ok, so 400+ confirmed
11:41:51 <Dave from B™> interesting start time
11:41:57 <ynpvisitor7> Does anyone know what "instrument on the ground" means?
11:42:01 <Cooper> well, I have to go, tell me later if Betty got it!!!!
11:42:27 <Dave from B™> Thanks bbev!
11:43:05 <Dave from B™> Time for some stats
11:43:21 <ynpvisitor68271> Heinrick measured 95% from 130m
11:43:48 <ynpvisitor7> Cool.
11:45:22 <Dave from B™> Last 100 SB's:
11:45:36 <Dave from B™> Median dropped 9 hours to 8d19h55m
11:45:53 <Dave from B™> Mean dropped 3h1m to 134d16h55m
11:46:42 <Casey> That's for the last 100. All time median is 10d19h0m. All time mean is 190d22h29m
11:47:11 <ynpvisitor7> Are we sure the time isn't supposed to be 1047?
11:47:39 <ynpvisitor7> Accidentally pressed "5" instead of "4"?
11:48:17 <Casey> Good point 7. It certainly looks like it on the seismo. I don't typically question in basin reports, but that seems like a reasonable mistake.
11:49:35 <ynpvisitor7> Maybe additional reports will make things clear. Not much specific info. yet.
11:50:12 <Rice> Well Eric I guess We dont need the Norris Loggers today to tell if Steamboat went, Hope we get data tommorrow, to see if a pattern develops.
11:50:14 <Casey> It is 1047
11:50:30 <ynpvisitor7> How do we know?
11:50:41 <Casey> It has been updated on GT
11:50:58 <ynpvisitor7> Ah - typo has been corrected.
11:51:07 <ynpvisitor7> Seismograms do reflect something in real life!
11:51:10 <Casey> Or maybe it was always 1047 and I made the typo in this chat. I'm not really sure now.
11:51:21 <ynpvisitor7> It was 1057 on GT for a while.
11:51:35 <Casey> I see that now. Updated at 1148
11:52:04 <ynpvisitor7> I like reassurance and mutually-affirming sources of info.
11:52:53 <Casey> Agreed. Given how often we deal with seemingly contradictory conclusions, it is nice when everything (and everybody) agrees.
11:53:47 <Eric> Yep...good call earlier Cooper
11:53:50 <ynpvisitor7> Well, that's settled. We can all relax now.
11:54:13 <Eric> I just hope Betty and Thomas didn't miss it!
11:54:27 <Eric> No excuses for being in the park and not seeing this one!
11:54:46 <Eric> grand?
11:54:54 <Eric> ahh, 1148
11:55:27 <Casey> My video had been frozen. I just assumed that cam was down. Refresh fixed it.
11:55:52 <Eric> I can really only see steam :-(
11:56:54 <Eric> 8m
11:57:45 <Casey> Looks like Castle is close.
11:59:14 <ynpvisitor37> 2nd
11:59:16 <Eric> 2nd
11:59:23 <Casey> Boom
11:59:40 <Eric> at 11 minutes too
11:59:53 <ynpvisitor33> Delay is great
12:00:17 <Casey> Joe has already updated it as a 2b
12:00:25 <Casey> I hope he is ready to update it to 3
12:01:12 <Casey> Hi Linda
12:01:19 <LindaG> Casey, hi
12:01:27 <Eric> I think it's pretty done :-P
12:01:40 <Casey> Certainly looks that way. Nice surprised 2nd burst.
12:02:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> that was a big drop in the median
12:03:06 <Dave from B™> GS, it shocked me as well
12:04:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> i guess there was a 9h window with NO eruptions
12:04:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats the time to get some sleep :)
12:05:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> so I am hoping I can get some sleep on Saturday night now
12:06:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> and we bumped back up to 51 eruptions in 12 months for a few hours
12:06:50 <Casey> The 50th, 51st, and 52nd most recent intervals were 8d11h21m, 9d4h30m, 9d5h20m. The fact that it is an even number for intervals makes it weird, so it calculates the mean of the 50th and 51st intervals.
12:07:52 <Casey> Interesting there is such a large time gap between the 50th and 51st intervals.
12:07:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> ~400' has been reported for multiple eruptions now
12:08:13 <Casey> Not most recent by the way. 50th shortest of the 100 most recent.
12:12:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> not sure Casey.... didnt you say 50th was 8d11h21m? there have been quite a few 7day intervaks
12:14:38 <Eric> Seems like watching recovery is a better indicator than past intervals
12:15:33 <Casey> 18 of the past 100 intervals have been between 7 and 8 days (7d0h0m to 7d23h59m).
12:16:04 <Dave from B™> What are you doing next Tuesday, then?:)
12:16:21 <ynpvisitor104> During all of the SB hoopla, looks like Lion may have been missed more/less around 10:22??? 2hr12min interval as posted is a bit too long
12:17:45 <Casey> If all goes well, I'll be arriving in the park next Tuesday, Dave. We'll be driving cross-country, so there will be some flexibility. I'm guessing I'll have a shot at the 2nd and 3rd eruptions from now (if activity continues).
12:18:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> this interval wasnt the 50th tho
12:19:59 <Casey> Agreed. The median has very little predictive value for any single interval. I'm just excited that it is highly likely SB will erupt at any point while I'm in the park.
12:20:35 <Casey> I never expected to go with any expectation of a SB eruption.
12:20:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> i mis-read your commetns Casey, never mind
12:21:13 <Dave from B™> haha. Casey, I didn't realize you were close to coming to YNP
12:21:15 <Casey> No problem. I mistyped a lot of my comments too. Plenty of room for confusion.
12:22:19 <Casey> We planned our arrival to be just after the Labor Day crowd. It was just going to be my brother and me camping out of my car, but my dad (and his camper trailer) have been a last minute addition.
12:23:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> hopefully Craig and maybe some of his family were there too
12:25:45 <Dave from B™> It's a great time to be in YNP
12:27:38 <Dave from B™> This will be #4 for Craig
12:28:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> we are falling further behind
12:28:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> Emily should have been there too
12:35:51 <Dave from B™> There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do
12:36:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats why Craig is retired
12:39:22 <Casey> How long will Craig be staying in the park? Betty and Thomas?
12:41:25 <Dave from B™> Betty will be in LV when I'm there end of next week so I bet she leaves the park on day after LD
12:41:52 <Dave from B™> Craig said he had 2 more SB intervals most likely not including the latest
12:43:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think Craig expects to be there for one more SB now, but who knows
12:43:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> 4 shold be enough, right?
12:44:13 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, lol it's never enough
12:44:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> especially since the last two have een in great light
12:44:22 <Dave from B™> Sounds like the greedy guy wants to get to 6:)
12:44:52 <LindaG> In the group who has seen the most?
12:44:53 <Casey> Sounds like I'll have a good chance to meet him. I will likely just miss Betty and Thomas.
12:45:19 <Dave from B™> Beverlys, Tom C and Udo probably have the most eruptions
12:46:41 <Dave from B™> CraigC is a great guy...just don't steal his chair (inside joke). You can ask CraigC when you see him.
12:47:31 <LindaG> Did he take his sister and mother to SB?
12:48:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks for that reminder Dave, I will make a point of stealing it
12:48:05 <Dave from B™> I would doubt it. It's a long sit for his mom.
12:48:17 <LindaG> Shame
12:48:36 <LindaG> I'm sure she'd love to see it
12:49:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> sit in the parking lot and relax until it erupts
12:49:20 <Casey> Early in this phase of activity it sounded like there were regular increases and decreases in SB activity (maybe ever 4 hours). Is that still a thing, or do I need to be stationed there pretty constantly if I want to be confident to catch the start?
12:49:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> not sure about that Casey
12:50:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> it did seem to have surges in energy and then die down a bit
12:50:36 <Dave from B™> Casey, I don't think that is as true these days. I would never be more than 3 minutes away if you want to catch the start. Even going to the parking lot is a risk.
12:50:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> and sometimes it has a while building up, and others it just foes quickly
12:51:06 <Dave from B™> However, if there is a surge in activity and no eruption, that is usually when people had to the parking lot
12:51:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> bring a good flashlight for the night sit ... days are getting shorter
12:51:53 <Casey> Ok. I'm just thinking I'll want to periodically visit the porcelain basin during lulls if it's reasonable, but I'm going to be pretty risk-averse. I'll likely only have 2-3 chances, so I don't want to waste them.
12:52:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> if it starts having good minors it wil be tough to get from porcelain to SB
12:52:54 <LindaG> What ismthatnsteam low under grotro?
12:53:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> the view frm the gap near EMerald is great if theres a blue sky and wind blowing the right way
12:53:09 <LindaG> *is that steam
12:53:18 <Dave from B™> Casey, if you want to catch the start, you'll figure out why I call it the prison
12:53:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> the minors are bigger than most geysers, so go and watch/record them
12:54:09 <LindaG> Is that bijou?
12:54:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> or watch them from the bridge and record the runoff strength too
12:55:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> or nap there ... you will wake up when it starts
12:55:28 <Kevin L™> I am good at napping.
12:55:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> every time i lay down for a nap it would have a strong minor
12:55:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> so much for napping
12:56:12 <Casey> I'm all for napping.
13:04:15 <Dave from B™> Don't forget to look up Graham as well. He's a pretty nice guy
13:04:44 <Casey> You'll be there, Graham?
13:07:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> who me? yes, i arrive on St and leave on 9th
13:07:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> Sat
13:08:15 <Casey> I'll certainly see you then. I look forward to it.
13:09:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok, SB or Fountain will liely be my main hangouts
13:09:27 <Casey> I haven't been to the park in 10+ years, but I am pretty sure my family has sat through several F&M event cycles that you have called in previous years.
13:10:23 <Casey> I have much the same plans. Even though it hasn't been reported in a while, I'm hoping to get lucky and catch Morning as well.
13:11:12 <Eric> So many people up at the fire lookout!
13:12:17 <Dave from B™> wow...23 days since lst Morning?
13:12:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> Craig has a SB entry but no details
13:13:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> its possible one was missed, but who knows
13:13:21 <Casey> I'm hoping we've missed a few in there, but Fountain E times have been reported without any inferred Morning eruptions posted
13:14:18 <Dave from B™> C'mon, Craig! I need an alphabetized list of who was there!
13:14:49 <Casey> You sound like all of us when we were waiting for you to finally catch one, Dave.
13:15:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, Craig isnt doign his job, shameful
13:15:51 <Dave from B™> haha. Yep, Casey, I hope it cooperates for you
13:16:27 <Kevin L™> He was probably at Morning Glory pool with his Mom.
13:16:27 <Casey> Me too. First thing I do when it erupts for me is to send you an alphabetized list.
13:16:32 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat. Enjoy afternoon gazing
13:16:38 <Dave from B™> haha
13:16:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> Craig posted SB
13:18:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> two nice daylight SB eruptions ... hope that doesnt mean we are in for a rainy or night one next. weather forecast looks good for a while
13:22:11 <Casey> Agreed
13:32:12 <Cooper> I see Craig got it!! any news about betty?
13:33:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> I hope she is till sitting there with her mouth wide open.
13:33:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> still
13:34:35 <Cooper> I mean, I guess I was waiting there for 4 hours after the start, so I bet she will be too! but I hope she gets on here later and says, "I got SB"
13:35:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> i bet she will as she has been in before
13:35:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Craig will be too
13:35:54 <Cooper> yup
13:35:58 <Cooper> well, bbl again
13:38:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> Micah was there
13:39:10 <Kevin L™> I thought I heard something.
13:44:06 <Eric> Betty and Thomas are listed on the beverly eruption!
13:44:19 <Eric> Good sized crowd...which is awesome
13:44:34 <Casey> Woohoo!
13:44:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> Kent there too .. yeah
13:45:05 <Eric> Great day for them!
13:55:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Dave Schwarz was there too
13:55:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> or David :)
14:07:00 <Cooper> Back for a few
14:07:07 <Cooper> I see Betty got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:08:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Kent
14:08:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Craig ... and many others
14:09:05 <Cooper> Awesome
14:09:11 <Cooper> SB put on a good show!
14:09:14 <Cooper> as usuall
14:09:54 <ynpvisitor1> Kevin, I hope the NPS does not sue your family for that rock that fell at Zion.
14:11:01 <Cooper> ? why would they?
14:11:46 <ynpvisitor1> They may have owned it
14:11:49 <Kevin L™> I didn't see that one. Where was it?
14:12:25 <Cooper> really
14:12:27 <Casey> Weeping Rock I believe
14:12:35 <Cooper> how would Kevin own it?
14:13:08 <ynpvisitor1> Cable mountain.
14:13:19 <Kevin L™> The Feds bought Zion from my family. In fact I was just doing some paperwork on the land they gave in trade.
14:13:32 <ynpvisitor1>
14:13:35 <Cooper> wow
14:13:44 <Cooper> how long in the past did the NPS do that?
14:15:08 <Cooper> it was surely a long time ago.
14:16:20 <Kevin L™> I think somewhere around 100 years ago. Rockslide got a relative's farm in what is now the Grotto area in Zion.
14:16:49 <Cooper> oh
14:16:50 <Cooper> wow
14:17:33 <Kevin L™> My Grandfather's farm was at the base of the Great White Throne.
14:17:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> Kevin is that old :)
14:18:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> there's no Throne Geyser?
14:18:38 <Kevin L™> That is surprising.
14:18:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> Monarch but no Throne
14:19:32 <ynpvisitor1> Castle splash a bit ago
14:20:17 <ynpvisitor1> Would throne be in porcelain basin?
14:20:46 <Cooper> well, I have to go
14:20:51 <Cooper> be back on after school
14:20:57 <Cooper> GO STEAMBOAT!!!!!!!!!!
14:21:58 <ynpvisitor1> More from Castle inbetween outages
14:22:41 <ynpvisitor1> I hope they fix this hoover cam before the first snow.
14:22:47 <ynpvisitor1> over and out
14:27:09 <Lori S> Throne Geyser ....Would go well with one that flushes like a toilet. :)
14:27:41 <Lori S> Hello again all
14:32:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi Lori ... i guess you are working today?
14:32:48 <Lori S> Grrrr. Yes
14:33:06 <Lori S> Blue sjy. No wind. Gazer party. Grrrr
14:33:12 <Lori S> sky
14:33:54 <Lori S> But I am happy all those folks that are here just briefly got it!
14:34:07 <Kevin L™> I always hated it when work got in the way of fun.
14:34:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> yep. Betty, Craig, Kent got it from here ... maybe Emily too but unconfirmed
14:35:09 <Lori S> Pretty sure Emily got it. She said she was headed up before daybreak.
14:35:27 <Lori S> No WUMP on my fb post yet. :)
14:35:45 <Kevin L™> I think I saw her name listed/
14:36:06 <Lori S> I saw an Emily and Mark but didn't know if that was the right Emily
14:37:06 <Lori S> This one's trace is kinda funny looking
14:38:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah and EMily posted the Tilys Baby note .. so maybe not there ?
14:40:26 <Lori S> But that's at 1425. Plenty of time to boogy from Norris to there after a 1047
14:40:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe we will get more Ftn reports now
14:41:03 <Lori S> Oh, is she a Fountain person?
14:41:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> .. but no WUMP ...
14:41:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> UGB I think
14:41:26 <Kevin L™> Castle ie
14:42:13 <Lori S> Oh, I hope she didn't give up and leave Norris :(
14:43:13 <Lori S> No answer yet from her to my fb msg earlier either. But then I'm sure there are things erupting that are more pressing :)
14:45:35 <Lori S> Micah put a nice photo on fb
14:45:48 <Lori S> oooh, Craig just posted a video
14:46:04 <Lori S> of the start
14:46:59 <Lori S> that's a lot of screaming lol
14:49:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> its all relative ....... i think it was louder last year.
14:49:19 <Lori S> Oh, Mark is Emily's Dad per her fb
14:49:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> ah, good
14:50:04 <Lori S> GO STEAMBOAT, my 5/13/19 was louder than my 9/7/18 :p
14:53:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> i wasnt at them, so can't comment on your screaming skills
14:54:14 <Lori S> Oh, ha, I meant SB was loud
14:54:37 <Lori S> I cried at my first, Woohooed at my 2nd
14:59:34 <Lori S> castle
14:59:55 <Lori S> ha. Just saw Kevin's entry
15:00:13 <Eric> Great video :-D looks like another awesome SB
15:00:38 <Eric> oh no....emily must have been in the UGB :-(
15:00:59 <Lori S> Eric, There is an Emily and mark noted by cb. Would that be her?
15:01:09 <Eric> Not sure
15:01:21 <Lori S> Saw that her Dad's name is Mark
15:01:23 <Eric> Which Emily is which :-P
15:01:33 <Lori S> I know 100% she was headed up there at daybreak.
15:02:16 <Eric> Well, maybe she left quickly...because that is EmilyW at OT
15:02:26 <Lori S> yup
15:02:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> I know Emily is transportation challenged
15:04:11 <Eric> Well, 4h later being in the UGB isn't totally unreasonable
15:04:39 <Lori S> Agreed
15:04:59 <Lori S> Only a 2 hour drive with traffic :D
15:06:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Micah was posting too, so maybe they drove together
15:06:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> although if her father was there, maybe that was the way home
15:06:54 <Eric> Maybe...Tara is in the UGB now too
15:08:05 <Lori S> Just got an answer! She was there!
15:10:39 <Lori S> at Steerage
15:10:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> yea
15:13:23 <LindaG> Hello steamboat fans hello
15:13:45 <Eric> Hello Linda
15:13:56 <LindaG> Eric, hi
15:14:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> at least watching the Seismo is more satisfying than watching the static cams
15:14:23 <Lori S> Hello Linda Hello!
15:14:48 <LindaG> Lori S, 😊 hi
15:15:23 <LindaG> Got the green light but nothing is moving
15:15:40 <Eric> daisy
15:15:52 <Eric> refresh cam
15:15:57 <LindaG> Hehe gotbto,hit the button
15:15:59 <Eric> castle and daisy ie
15:16:11 <LindaG> Nice
15:21:27 <LindaG> So right before I left there was steam moving to the left just below grotto. Any idea what that was
15:28:27 <Lori S> Oblong ?
15:28:59 <Lori S> answering LindaG's ? not ie
15:29:21 <Eric> I knew what you meant Lori :-D
15:29:49 <Lori S> Good cuz I wasn't sure what I meant just then lol
15:30:21 <Lori S> I kept typing Orbicular instead
15:30:24 <LindaG> Wasnt oblong g
15:31:08 <LindaG> Was low to ground and traveling to left, below grotto
15:31:40 <LindaG> Everybody was chatting f about steamboat didnt see my question
15:32:16 <Eric> Giant platform and Oblong are about the only thing between grotto and grand area
15:32:42 <LindaG> Definitely not oblong
15:32:46 <Lori S> you mean in front of trees, right?
15:32:55 <LindaG> Hmmm a mystery
15:33:29 <Lori S> perhaps Sawmill's ghost?
15:33:51 <LindaG> Grotto was erupting and the steam was below it, but drifting from right to left
15:34:15 <Eric> I saw your question earlier...but I didn't see anything unusual in that area
15:34:29 <Lori S> bulger
15:34:33 <LindaG> Oh ok
15:34:36 <Lori S> i think
15:34:39 <LindaG> Thx eric
15:34:42 <Eric> yep
15:35:35 <Eric> looks like a major
15:36:09 <Dave from B™> I'm not a quitter
15:36:42 <Lori S> Dave from B™, obviously. You got SB.
15:36:50 <Lori S> :p
15:36:54 <LindaG> So Betty got steamboat, that's nice, perfect planning
15:37:47 <Dave from B™> haha Lori do begin to doubt yourself, however.
15:37:49 <Lori S> Go Betty
15:38:07 <Lori S> Oh, yes, know that dount well!
15:38:12 <Lori S> doubt
15:38:33 <Lori S> Dave, here's your keyboard back LOL
15:38:50 <Lori S> or did I have LInda's?
15:39:20 <Dave from B™> Yeah...Linda bought my keyboard company about 2 months ago
15:39:42 <Lori S> Well, I'm keeping her in business the last few days
15:40:23 <Dave from B™> Be honest, Lori....did you think Sb would be tomorrow or today?
15:40:44 <Lori S> Bjt that doesn't explain my poor grammar just now
15:41:30 <Lori S> Dave from B™, interesting question. I thought yesterday until I saw the notes yesterday. Then I thought early Wed morning
15:41:36 <Dave from B™> It's called multi tasking!
15:42:00 <Dave from B™> I thought that might be your answer
15:42:55 <LindaG> Dave from B™, yeah been meaning to talk to you about those keyboards. Lol
15:43:18 <Lori S> Last night around 9 pm, I thought 1230 today plus or minus 6 hours
15:43:32 <Lori S> No, really, I did.
15:44:29 <Lori S> But my 6 hour +/- ranges started getting confused in my head so who knows
15:45:39 <Lori S> When basing guesses purely on GT notes, I always get it wrong :p
15:46:57 <Lori S> This morning when my friend from town said he was headed that way, I did tell him 12:30 so I have a witness. LOL
15:48:02 <Eric> Nice Tantalus Spike for triple confirmation :-P
15:49:01 <Lori S> Eric, :thumbsup:
15:50:22 <Dave from B™> We are on pace for 50 eruptions this year
15:50:39 <Dave from B™> But not now since i mentioned it
15:51:25 <Lori S> LOL
15:51:36 <Lori S> It's like :sb: can hear us.
15:54:01 <Lori S> I've obviously had too much caffiene today. :p
15:55:32 <Dave from B™> There we go...talking about coffee again:)
15:56:07 <LindaG> Lori S, 😃
15:57:57 <Lori S> I'm still drinking from this morning's pot so it must've gotten stronger
16:07:58 <Dave from B™> So, coffee ages well?:)
16:08:49 <Cooper> Hello again everyone, Hi Ms. Lori S
16:09:05 <Lori S> Hello Mr. C
16:09:30 <Lori S> Dave from B™, only if it's good coffee :p
16:15:18 <Cooper> my SB prediction was 137 Minutes off
16:16:23 <Lori S> Yes, yes it was.
16:17:22 <Cooper> That is not quite as good as my last one (54 minutes) but I have all 2 I have official predicted within 3 hours:)
16:19:12 <Lori S> That's funny
16:19:28 <Dave from B™> So, when is the next one, Cooper?
16:21:04 <Dave from B™> Cue Jeopardy music
16:22:10 <Cooper> well
16:22:19 <Lori S> Doot doot doot doot doot doot doo
16:23:00 <Dave from B™> I guess Cooper gives up:)
16:23:00 <Cooper> What is Coopers prediction method, Using something tenative, and for now secret about Cistern to predict Steamboat
16:23:00 <Lori S> (I can hear the calculating)
16:23:04 <ynpvisitor90> Hi all
16:23:07 <ynpvisitor90> Betty was there!
16:23:19 <Lori S> Hi 90 and yes she was!
16:23:34 <Lori S> Oh, Hi Emily!
16:24:08 <Lori S> Was that your first?
16:24:10 <Dave from B™> I smell smoke!:D
16:24:13 <Lori S> I can't recall
16:24:23 <Eric> Dave...canyon site available for you
16:24:27 <Kevin L™> Who's on first?
16:24:30 <Lori S> Dave from B™, Thta's just a burger cooking
16:24:31 <Eric> Go get it!
16:24:48 <Emily> That was number 2
16:24:58 <Eric> Congrats Emily!
16:25:03 <Lori S> Emily, we are tied :)
16:25:05 <Cooper> nice
16:25:07 <Cooper> congrats
16:25:10 <Lori S> How long you here?
16:25:45 <Eric> Dave from B™, Your Canyon room is available....
16:26:13 <Dave from B™> Thanks ,Eric. We have decided to do our test run closer to home. Plus, we want to test the dogs in the van and that would be tougher at SB. We're leaving for LV on Wed and I can't be gone from work too much this weekend. I need to get ahead. But, thank you for looking!!!
16:26:27 <Dave from B™> I miss SB
16:26:38 <Lori S> Me too
16:26:43 <Eric> ohhh man...missed opportunity :-(
16:27:17 <Cooper> me 4, on the miss SB
16:27:17 <Emily> I am here another week and half
16:27:22 <Emily> Another shot at steamboat
16:27:45 <Lori S> If it happens to do a short and go Sunday, I will see you tehre.
16:28:50 <Eric> Well, if anyone else needs an RV spot for labor day weekend, a 30ft canyon spot is available on 9/1-9/2
16:28:54 <Eric> actually to 9/3
16:30:29 <Lori S> You got soemhting that searches for availability?
16:31:32 <Lori S> *when it's easier to re-type a word than try to fix the typos... that is me today
16:35:32 <Dave from B™> Congrats, Emily! I'm happy for you
16:43:15 <CraigC> Hey folks
16:43:49 <Kevin L™> Hi Craig.
16:43:53 <Dave from B™> Congrats AGAIN CraigC!
16:43:57 <ynpvisitor4> Congrats Craig!!
16:43:59 <Dave from B™> #4!!
16:44:59 <ynpvisitor4> Did you spend the night again Craig?
16:48:38 <Lori S> Oh, Hi Craig. I was afk
16:50:12 <Kevin L™> Do you have a video link for non facebook types?
16:51:15 <Dave from B™> You still have that flip phone?:)
16:51:39 <Kevin L™> Yes I do!
16:52:17 <Dave from B™> Do they even make replacement batteries for those anymore?
16:53:21 <Kevin L™> I don't know.
16:53:50 <Cooper> enjoy it while you can then Kevin
16:54:51 <CraigC> Thanks. I spent the first night, not last night
16:54:55 <Lori S> Thx Cooper
16:55:23 <Dave from B™> CriagC, when do you become a Montana resident?
16:55:26 <CraigC> the start was unbelievable
16:55:37 <Dave from B™> Rocket start?
16:55:53 <Cooper> so, do you have a vid?
16:56:27 <CraigC> minors that built and held and kept us in amazing anticipation and awe
16:56:56 <Lori S> And thereb was alos much screaming, apparently
16:57:41 <CraigC> I was screaming inside
16:58:18 <Lori S> Those watching the video thank you :p
17:00:11 <Cooper> indy
17:00:11 <Cooper> .
17:00:11 <Cooper> .
17:00:11 <Cooper> .
17:00:12 <Cooper> .
17:02:00 <Eric> Fail
17:02:03 <Lori S> Pffttttt
17:02:05 <LindaG> Thx for txt
17:02:33 <LindaG> 🙁
17:03:02 <Eric> I do see bhi on the static stream
17:03:16 <Eric> there we go!
17:03:24 <Eric> Don't walk away people!
17:03:36 <Cooper> NOO
17:04:36 <CraigC> I guess I should be there instead of decompressing in West ;)
17:05:04 <LindaG> CraigC, hey, congrats
17:05:15 <CraigC> LindaG, thanks!
17:05:35 <Dave from B™> CraigC, will you focus change to Morning for the next few days?
17:06:13 <ynpvisitor10> Morning is not happening now
17:06:41 <LindaG> Havent seen beehive in quite awhile
17:06:48 <Dave from B™> 10, what changes have you seen in the last 3 weeks?
17:07:34 <Eric> Might actually see the eruption today?!?!
17:07:40 <Eric> Pump
17:07:47 <CraigC> I should go to Fountain at 9, but I won't. Don't feel like dealing with any more park roads today
17:08:08 <Eric> or not
17:09:26 <ynpvisitor10> It will be dark Craig, wait for tomorrow
17:09:59 <Lori S> CraigC, relax by the ampfire and have some marshmallows
17:10:06 <Eric> haha :-D
17:10:08 <Lori S> *campfire
17:10:37 <Lori S> Darkness does not deter Craig
17:10:40 <CraigC> :)
17:10:53 <Eric> and down
17:11:15 <Kevin L™> How about bison in the road?
17:11:21 <LindaG> I see a frozen splash
17:11:21 <CraigC> Dark in the park is better, less dumb tourists
17:11:53 <LindaG> Something I didnt like was driving in the dark in the park
17:11:57 <Lori S> CraigC, shhh, That's a secret.
17:12:08 <Eric> But more dark bison
17:12:13 <Eric> it's a trade off
17:12:14 <ynpvisitor10> The lull has been great though
17:12:17 <Eric> BH
17:12:25 <Eric> :bee:
17:12:35 <Lori S> of
17:12:37 <LindaG> Yay
17:12:38 <Eric> Nice!
17:12:53 <Eric> Cam is stuck here do to radio issues...sorry :-P
17:12:55 <CraigC> I'm uploading a video of the runoff, should be available to see in 5 or 6 days. If some people turn off WiFi
17:12:58 <LindaG> Lori S, shhh
17:12:59 <Eric> due
17:13:42 <Eric> uggg...I was joking work!
17:13:52 <Lori S> CraigC, that's west for ya
17:14:50 <Eric> and back
17:16:22 <Cooper> Thank you Bee
17:16:27 <Cooper> that was a nice addition to my day
17:16:41 <Lori S> We got a good amount of it anyway
17:17:08 <LindaG> Better than nothing
17:17:20 <Lori S> I better go get some work done. Congrats to all the :sb: catchers. C ya later.
17:17:38 <LindaG> Lori S, bye
17:17:39 <Cooper> Bye Lori
17:17:57 <LindaG> Bbl
17:18:11 <Lori S> Go 66! hehe
17:18:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> Congrats Craig, I was rooting for you all
17:20:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> I wil be watching therefill and recovery closely....
17:21:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like i may get to checkin and sleep in Saturday unless it refills very fast
17:21:41 <Cooper> Aurum
17:21:42 <Cooper> .
17:21:42 <Cooper> .
17:21:42 <Cooper> .
17:21:55 <Kevin L™> :)
17:22:07 <ynpvisitor103> aurum
17:22:15 <LindaG> Yay
17:22:30 <Kevin L™> Now THAT really made my day.
17:30:41 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> i really want it in 5 days ... but you know what 4 means :)
17:34:06 <ynpvisitor3> 5 or 6 would be good. I'm paid thru Tuesday, I need a little heads up on how many other days to pay ahead so I can be there and stay nights if needed
17:35:37 <ynpvisitor3> I was totally unprepared for staying there long when I stayed Sunday night. I was just going for a look
17:37:34 <Dave from B™> Why did you stay? Did things look better than you expected at that time?
17:39:53 <ynpvisitor3> Yeah, really good energy
17:41:30 <ynpvisitor70> is that arty?
17:41:44 <ynpvisitor3> and when yesterday was so-so, I really thought it was going to erupt last night by 12 or so. But I didn't have ice, food or extra clothes prepped for the next day
17:41:51 <Kevin L™> It is in the right spot.
17:42:03 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> yes
17:42:04 <ynpvisitor70> looks big enough too
17:42:33 <Dave from B™> I'm glad you got it, CraigC
17:42:35 <ynpvisitor3> hope someone is at Arty
17:42:48 <ynpvisitor3> Dave from B™, thanks
17:43:50 <ynpvisitor3> Suzanne caught Arty
17:44:12 <Dave from B™> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
17:44:16 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> seen from Grand
17:44:23 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> bye Dave
17:44:23 <ynpvisitor3> cya Dave
17:44:32 <Kevin L™> Night Dave.
17:45:11 <Cooper> bye Dave
17:46:23 <ynpvisitor3> surprised William wasn't there, I thought he told me he was going after work
17:53:18 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> bulger
17:56:43 <GabeL> hello
17:57:19 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> hello
17:57:28 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> we are in the post SB lull
17:57:34 <GabeL> what's happening
17:57:48 <Cooper> Hi Gabe
17:57:54 <Cooper> you missed Bee, and Aurum
17:58:00 <GabeL> oh yeah, steamboats 33rd. eruption lets goooo
17:58:03 <Cooper> Grand should go here soon
17:58:07 <GabeL> wow
17:58:09 <Cooper> yup
17:58:19 <Cooper> and Betty got it, but you do not know what that means
17:58:22 <GabeL> I had to take my dog to the vet
17:58:29 <Cooper> uhoh
17:58:33 <Cooper> everything ok
17:58:43 <GabeL> yes, just needed his shot
17:58:49 <GabeL> vaccine
17:59:27 <GabeL> so is there anything happening now?
17:59:37 <Cooper> not right now
17:59:46 <Cooper> but Grand here in a bit
17:59:52 <GabeL> oh:(
17:59:58 <GabeL> cool:)
18:01:15 <GabeL> so did i miss all the hulaboo of the celebration then?
18:01:24 <Cooper> yes
18:01:33 <Cooper> I handed out popcorn, Soda, and Icecream
18:01:50 <GabeL> awwwwwwww MAN i was looking forward to it:(
18:02:29 <GabeL> but the vet did have free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate:)
18:03:25 <GabeL> so what's this geyser that is the closest to the screen that's currently steaming?
18:03:47 <Cooper> the one near the middle is Spasmodic
18:04:18 <GabeL> cool
18:04:38 <GabeL> im so mad that I missed:bee:
18:05:03 <GabeL> I wonder if :bee: just doesn't like me:(
18:05:10 <GabeL> i hope not
18:05:51 <Kevin L™> Sign up for the text alert
18:06:18 <GabeL> how do I do that?
18:06:50 <Kevin L™>
18:07:05 <GabeL> thanks :)
18:07:30 <Kevin L™> Doesn't work all the time but gives you a lot better chance.
18:08:02 <GabeL> cool, Ill try it out then
18:09:06 <GabeL> I wonder if Korben gave out some Popsicles too:p:p
18:09:10 <GO STEAMBOAT 4> OT
18:09:35 <Cooper> nope'
18:09:40 <GabeL> what does that stand for again?
18:09:42 <Cooper> you want one?
18:09:46 <Cooper> Old Tardy
18:09:53 <GabeL> oh
18:09:57 <GabeL> sure lol
18:10:02 <GabeL> :):)
18:10:49 <GabeL> *Gabe destroys his teeth biting into it the end
18:10:53 <GabeL> lol
18:12:39 <GabeL> are there any geysers erupting soon then
18:13:51 <Cooper> yes, Grand
18:14:02 <Michael> Grand should go in the next hour. Its next chance is in a few minutes.
18:14:16 <GabeL> oh yeah, that's right
18:22:18 <ynpvisitor28> Any improvements with the new server for the stream?
18:22:33 <Kevin L™> Nope
18:22:43 <ynpvisitor28> Like less delay with no flash?
18:23:10 <GabeL> arent the new webcams going to be installed like next week?
18:23:38 <ynpvisitor28> New cams, or new radio?
18:25:11 <GabeL> alright, I have got to go, I'm going to my Guitar lessoi
18:25:17 <GabeL> *lesson
18:25:23 <GabeL> bye
18:25:33 <Michael> bye
18:25:36 <Cooper> cya'
18:29:13 <LindaGP> OF soon
18:29:26 <ynpvisitor28> hush
18:30:09 <LindaGP> Just preparing you hehe
18:38:45 <Michael> We thank you for waiting, Grand. People on the benches may feel differently.
18:40:06 <LindaGP> Oh another turban
18:40:21 <LindaGP> Ya know OF is going to drag this out
18:47:15 <LindaGP> That was the second preplay
18:49:17 <LindaGP> 3RD preplay
18:50:34 <LindaGP> OF TRYIN
18:51:13 <LindaGP> Oh geez
18:57:52 <LindaGP> I think OF is broken
18:58:27 <Kevin L™> SB used up all the water
18:58:50 <LindaGP> I think so
18:59:41 <ynpvisitor70> waves on Grand
18:59:58 <LindaGP> Sigh
18:59:59 <ynpvisitor70> but no Grand
19:00:28 <LindaGP> Well theres no OF either
19:03:13 <Michael> We're close enough, may as well make a run at 2 hours.
19:04:17 <LindaGP> Frozen
19:06:05 <LindaGP> OF
19:06:09 <LindaGP> ie
19:06:15 <ynpvisitor70> finally
19:06:51 <LindaGP> Seriously I had my doubts 😉
19:10:54 <LindaGP> Whew
19:17:27 <ynpvisitor70> Grand
19:18:22 <LindaGP> Nice
19:18:37 <LindaGP> Bulger
19:18:59 <LindaGP> Noce apikea
19:19:06 <LindaGP> Lol oh my
19:19:28 <LindaGP> nice spikes
19:20:57 <Michael> I figured out what you meant to say. "Noce" was easy. "Apikea" took some thinking.
19:21:46 <Michael> It reminds me of the factoid: If the first and last letters are correct, you can scramble all the other ones and people will figure it out.
19:22:28 <LindaGP> 😁 usually I accidentally hit the n between letters. But that was pretty bad.
19:22:34 <Kevin L™> Cam isn't being nice to us now.
19:22:59 <LindaGP> Kevin L™, why? Its up
19:23:37 <Kevin L™> Wasn't running here.
19:23:50 <LindaGP> Oh
19:23:52 <Kevin L™> Took a reset
19:24:14 <LindaGP> Don't ya hate that
19:24:38 <Kevin L™> Yes
19:24:52 <LindaGP> Ah now it's frozen
19:26:32 <ynpvisitor76> Too bad, that was nice
19:28:22 <LindaGP> A pause
19:29:03 <ynpvisitor70> almost 11min. thats like all
19:29:14 <ynpvisitor70> likely
19:30:05 <LindaGP> Daisy
19:30:35 <ynpvisitor76> hk is there, has to be a 1 burst
19:32:18 <ynpvisitor76> Oops, I stand corrected. He has it as a 2 burst
19:32:23 <LindaGP> Daisy has spikes too tonight
19:32:39 <ynpvisitor76> Cam must have been stalled between bursts
19:33:45 <LindaGP> I don't see a second burst entered, but it did go down
19:34:11 <ynpvisitor70> secodary post by HK
19:34:17 <ynpvisitor70> secondary
19:34:18 <ynpvisitor76> Look at second entry
19:34:58 <LindaGP> Of ie
19:35:00 <ynpvisitor70> another case where the rush to be first is kinda useless to the point of hiding info
19:35:07 <LindaGP> No not of ie
19:35:17 <LindaGP> LC ie
19:35:26 <ynpvisitor70> hopefully that primary will get updated
19:36:23 <ynpvisitor76> They often don’t
19:36:46 <LindaGP> Ah ok now I see it
19:37:16 <LindaGP> Think lions thinking about it
19:45:03 <LindaGP> Marmot cave
19:47:47 <ynpvisitor76> So nice to see Grand having more multiple bursts
19:48:12 <ynpvisitor76> There is a Geyser called fearless apparently
19:48:31 <ynpvisitor76> Fearless
19:48:44 <ynpvisitor76> Not sure why it’s not blue
19:50:18 <ynpvisitor70> its at Norris
20:04:29 <LindaGP> Depression I believe
20:06:18 <LindaGP> Anyone else think depression is splashing
20:06:49 <LindaGP> Lc IE
20:14:52 <LindaGP> BA
20:32:41 <ynpvisitor7> Kevin, you here?
20:33:24 <Kevin L™> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
20:34:09 <ynpvisitor7> Kevin L™, I am uploading video, be ready in a sec
20:34:23 <Kevin L™> Thanks
20:40:00 <LindaGP> OF
20:41:14 <ynpvisitor7> Ok, Craig is out, heading back to trailer and no WiFi
20:42:26 <Cooper> bye Craug
20:42:33 <Cooper> Craig***
20:42:43 <Kevin L™> Thanks
20:43:06 <Cooper> Craig, where?
20:43:46 <Cooper> or Kevin, where is this vid???
20:44:55 <Kevin L™>
20:45:21 <Kevin L™>
20:45:23 <Cooper> thx
20:45:23 <LindaGP> Well I guess ita time today goodnight, the lights on the lodge are on
20:45:51 <LindaGP> *to say
20:46:17 <Kevin L™> I can pick it back up Linda
20:46:24 <Kevin L™> Thanks
20:47:13 <Cooper> bye Linda
20:48:01 <LindaGP> Kevin L™, ok Kevin, but it got darkness quick
20:48:14 <LindaGP> I'm out
20:48:15 <Kevin L™> Wow
20:48:37 <LindaGP> Really. Lights went on at lodge
20:48:45 <Kevin L™> May just leave it.
20:49:17 <LindaGP> Nice sunset
20:49:52 <LindaGP> Cooper, bye
20:50:10 <LindaGP> Have a good all
20:50:14 <Cooper> ok, so now I need SB to refill.
20:50:19 <Cooper> Cistern***
20:50:51 <LindaGP> I'll try again, have a good night all
20:51:11 <Cooper> and then I can use my new prediction method, secret for one more SB Eruption.
20:51:21 <Cooper> Got one to 54 mins, and Todays to 127
20:51:33 <Cooper> 137**
20:53:23 <Cooper> night all, night Kevin.
20:53:26 <Cooper> Good Luck
22:28:49 <grinning Betty> This works 😬
22:29:24 <Kevin L™> Nice catch Betty!
22:30:18 <grinning Betty> Thx, it was amazing
22:30:46 <Kevin L™> I was hoping you made it there.
22:31:49 <Kevin L™> The nice thing is now you still have time to get other things.
22:31:58 <grinning Betty> We were there yesterday from about 1040 when we arrived to about 1930, and today from 730
22:32:29 <Kevin L™> ot to bad of a wait then.
22:32:40 <grinning Betty> Yes, I‘m pretty happy about that
22:33:10 <grinning Betty> Took less time than Dave needed
22:33:12 <Kevin L™> You came a long way for it!
22:34:38 <grinning Betty> I see I missed to get to know who was Kent and kcmule
22:36:17 <Kevin L™> That is a bummer. Didn't notice that kc was there.
22:50:16 <grinning Betty> From Carols post he was
22:50:39 <Kevin L™> Darn. That would have been fun.
22:51:11 <grinning Betty> Maybe I run into him again
22:51:32 <grinning Betty> If you have a o
22:52:05 <grinning Betty> Pic of him you could send it per mail
22:52:16 <Kevin L™> I caught him at the Railroad museum in Golden CO.
22:53:13 <Kevin L™> I don't think I have any pictures. Just talked to him for an hour or so. Graham may have something.
22:56:51 <Kevin L™> That is a nice smile. Suzanne probably knows who kc is.
23:04:08 <ynpvisitor63> kcmule was NOT at SB. The KC that was there is from Utah
23:04:56 <ynpvisitor63> Let Betty know if she pops in tomorrow. So happy she got SB!
23:06:29 <grinning Betty> Ok, thx 63!