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06:08:45 <GO MORNING> Maybe nightowls can find Grand
06:15:50 <ynpvisitor88> Was too dark to sse grand until about 30 mon ago no grand when I switched to oa few min ago
06:17:35 <ynpvisitor75> might want to edit the Beeh note - implying a series
06:25:27 <GO MORNING> Thanks, copy padte got old lion clipbiard
06:26:35 <ynpvisitor75> :thumbsup:
06:28:19 <GO MORNING> Breakfast and then Ftn for me
07:08:24 <ynpvisitor101> Beehive note not fixed
07:09:11 <ynpvisitor101> Graham’s mixing up his geysers in the morning fog
07:09:39 <ynpvisitor75> maybe it just didn't synch - I think he fixed it
07:13:15 <GO MORNING> Fixed for me
07:19:45 <Cooper> I did not know Bee had Series?
07:20:46 <GO MORNING> It should be right now, was a bad copy and paste
07:21:37 <Cooper> Hi Graham
07:22:03 <Cooper> Thx... but for some reason it is not changing
07:22:40 <Cooper> any big plans for the day?
07:29:50 <ynpvisitor101> Why not just delete it?
07:41:43 <ynpvisitor79> Oh wow gorgeous scene
07:41:58 <Cooper> yes, for the second it is up
07:42:19 <ynpvisitor79> So bright and golden
07:42:27 <Cooper> yeah
07:42:45 <Cooper> I knew it
07:42:48 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
07:42:52 <Cooper> I was just about to ask
07:42:54 <Cooper> Hi Linda
07:43:06 <LindaG> 🙄
07:43:10 <Cooper> OF window
07:46:02 <ynpvisitor88> No kidding!
07:47:20 <Cooper> Hello GMK
07:48:14 <Kevin L™🌵> Morning
07:48:27 <Cooper> how is the GMK doing today?
07:49:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Still a bit sleepy.
07:49:33 <Cooper> yes, the GMK is allowed to be sleepy. for he is the GMK:)
07:49:38 <Cooper> IT MOVED!
07:52:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like we missed Aurum.
07:52:51 <Cooper> yup
08:04:09 <LindaG> 😞 missed again
08:04:21 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵, hi
08:04:33 <ynpvisitor101> Graham could just exit out of the app and that might fix things
08:04:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi
08:06:19 <Lori S> Unintentionally lurking again. Morning
08:32:42 <ynpvisitor85> G's BH note about Lion?
08:33:16 <Cooper> yes... it is
08:37:32 <Lori S> How come it's not flgged?
08:37:57 <Cooper> Hey Lori
08:38:02 <Cooper> I mean Ms. Lori
08:38:07 <Lori S> Howdy Cooper
08:38:12 <Cooper> how long have you been on?
08:38:17 <Lori S> Mr Cooper
08:38:22 <Cooper> :p
08:38:24 <ynpvisitor70> Why Flag it if you read the log he tried to correct ity
08:38:46 <ynpvisitor70> it*
08:38:51 <Lori S> I snuck in earlier and said Morning but got non response :p
08:39:27 <Cooper> oh
08:39:32 <Cooper> I completely missed you
08:39:33 <Lori S> ynpvisitor70, read the log earlier...
08:39:46 <Lori S> I read
08:39:48 <Cooper> Sorry. Should have marked myself /away
08:40:12 <Lori S> So G is aware but ust hasn't corrected, then
08:40:33 <Cooper> I think he tried
08:40:36 <Cooper> but did not work
08:40:44 <ynpvisitor70> He corrected it, GT has not updated
08:42:09 <ynpvisitor70> It is showing on his phone as corrected, but GT has not fixed it yet
08:42:30 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
08:42:44 <ynpvisitor70> .
08:46:37 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
08:56:23 <Cooper> Hi TomK
08:56:40 <TomK> Hi ll
08:56:55 <TomK> hi all, trying to log into cam
08:57:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Ready for another fun day trying to drive a dying cam?
08:57:28 <ynpvisitor88> TomK, I have had control for a few seconds since 0805, take the cam when you can :)
08:57:51 <TomK> kk
08:58:12 <TomK> "can't reach this page."
08:58:44 <ynpvisitor88> I had that a lot this morning :(
08:59:45 <ynpvisitor88> Amateur Radio operater, TK??
09:00:36 <Cooper> SB Note
09:01:10 <TomK> no
09:01:21 <Cooper> my secret preict will be close
09:01:28 <Cooper> Yeah, 0800 SB Note on GT
09:01:52 <Cooper> you see it yet?
09:02:20 <TomK> orbit
09:02:49 <TomK> got a view of earth from orbit
09:06:13 <TomK> Can't log in. When I finally do, I'll have to switch to OF view for the public
09:09:57 <TomK> meanwhile, visitor 88, why the question about ham radio?
09:15:22 <TomK> I got on for a second but couldn't change to OF view. I'll keep trying
09:16:55 <TomK> Daisy?
09:17:43 <TomK> Sorry gazers, I have to stay on OF for the public
09:42:21 <Cooper> Hi Michael
09:42:46 <Michael> Hi Cooper. Any weekend plans?
09:43:04 <Cooper> Fishing Tomorrow, you?
09:44:45 <Michael> Going to a concert (classical) today. Otherwise, going to cut the grass while it's nice out and find some other excuses to be outside.
09:45:15 <Cooper> nice
09:45:17 <Cooper> enjoy
09:48:52 <TomK> I'll switch the cam view as soon as it lets me
10:04:55 <ynpvisitor46> I see they are "still working on improving the connection" for the cam.
10:05:07 <Cooper> haha yup
10:05:33 <TomK> Ya, sure
10:45:25 <Cooper> .
10:45:25 <Cooper> .
10:45:25 <Cooper> .
10:45:26 <Cooper> .
10:45:31 <Cooper> Grand
10:47:42 <Michael> Have to take your word for it, until I can trick my computer into showing moving pictures again.
10:54:49 <Cooper> looks like 2b
10:54:50 <Cooper> so far
10:55:57 <TomK> Cooper, you at YNP?
10:56:05 <Cooper> Nope
10:56:16 <TomK> How do you see Grand?
10:56:29 <Cooper> it just came up for long enough for me to see 5 seconds of a lot taller stuff, that cam after a few seconds of just stean
10:56:37 <Cooper> My Cam was up for the first 4 minutes
10:56:48 <Cooper> then cam back up for the start of what may have been the 2b
10:56:59 <Cooper> and then came back up for the end
10:57:40 <TomK> I can't log on to the cam, volunteer viewer, and didn't see it here. Duh
10:58:15 <Cooper> Well then I just got somehow lucky to see about 1/2 of Granf
10:58:17 <Michael> When the camera is teetering on the edge, it's weird how it still shows up sometimes and not others.
10:58:39 <Michael> I missed all of Grand, unfortunately, but got a few seconds of steam afterit quit.
10:58:48 <Cooper> that sucks
10:59:06 <LindaG> No one in field reported grand?
10:59:07 <Cooper> looks too me like -2Q
10:59:09 <Cooper> Hi Linda
10:59:14 <Cooper> not yet
10:59:23 <TomK> I'll have to go to OF if I ever get control of the cam again
11:00:10 <LindaG> I wouldn't report a 2b unless you saw it pause and start
11:00:18 <Cooper> I am not
11:00:28 <Cooper> waiting for Emily to enter it
11:00:33 <LindaG> Ok
11:01:26 <LindaG> I k ow so times the cam is freaking here but it on the camera software.
11:01:34 <LindaG> Lol
11:01:41 <Cooper> :p
11:01:48 <LindaG> I'll try again
11:02:09 <Michael> I'm going to head out and hope the camera is more reliable later. We're going to need it tomorrow if the YNP gazers head up to Steamboat.
11:02:20 <LindaG> I know sometimes the cam is streaming here and not on the camera software
11:02:24 <Cooper> bye Mochael
11:04:27 <Cooper> yup
11:04:29 <Cooper> G2Q
11:04:59 <LindaG> Cooper, 👍
11:11:52 <TomK> I've been kicked off the cam control. If anybody ut there can get on, please turn the cam to OF,
11:12:25 <TomK> Meanwhile, I'm continuing to try to get back on it.
11:13:04 <Cooper> OF ie
11:14:33 <ynpvisitor110> You would think with all the violations of the primate directive, they would get out of their chairs and do something?
11:14:52 <Cooper> yes
11:14:54 <Cooper> I agree
11:17:49 <TomK> NVM. go to the hill if you can get on.
11:18:33 <TomK> All I get is "Can't reach this page,"
11:27:43 <Kevin L™🌵> It will do that when the cam is down Tom. Once (or if) it comes up then you can get the controls. I don't really worry about OF itf I can't get control.
11:32:14 <TomK> I've been trying to log in every time the cam says this pagerecovering or up. still get cant reach
11:37:13 <TomK> sorry about scrambled sentences, every time my hand touches the mouse pad (?) the laptop jumps around on the sentence structure
12:07:19 <TomK> finally got the cam control. I'm going to have to leave it on OF for the benefit of the public
12:07:37 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
12:07:44 <Cooper> sucks doesn't it
12:08:01 <TomK> worst ever for me
12:08:58 <TomK> I'm just leaving it on OF for the rest of my shift. (one hour)
12:09:17 <Cooper> yeah... makes sense
12:11:24 <ynpvisitor113> Thanks, TomK. You got dealt a bad hand today.
12:21:43 <ynpvisitor99> it makes no sense that the cam transmission is worse now that there are less people at OF
12:22:35 <ynpvisitor113> That's when the UFOs start using the radio frequency to coordinate their landings.
12:22:46 <ynpvisitor99> oh, geez, I forgot about them
12:23:43 <ynpvisitor113> Too bad they get redacted from the government's version of park visitation numbers.
12:24:07 <ynpvisitor99> they need to come through the gates
12:25:32 <ynpvisitor99> Graham posted mid cycle Turban...I guess he wants to get his posts up while he is still there
12:33:26 <Cooper> Hi Betty
12:33:32 <Cooper> where are ya
12:35:09 <Cooper> stillin YNP
12:35:14 <Cooper> of ie
12:35:34 <Betty> Hi, I´m back home
12:35:51 <Cooper> nice, did you enjoy your trip?
12:36:13 <Betty> yes, it was great
12:36:24 <Betty> Aurum ie?
12:36:28 <Cooper> :thumbsup::)
12:36:41 <Betty> no
12:47:00 <Cooper> YAY, Time to do even more SB Research
13:00:07 <TomK> Goodnight and good luck
13:00:26 <Betty> bye TomK
13:00:33 <Cooper> Oh.. hey Kat
13:03:16 <Kat> Oh, hey
13:03:58 <Kat> LOts of folks in basin - thank goodness!
13:08:36 <Kevin L™🌵> How was the flight Betty?
13:09:11 <Betty> flight was ok, sleept a while
13:10:19 <Betty> we were a bit faster
13:11:30 <Kat> Glad you ahd a great trip Betty!
13:11:35 <Kat> had*
13:12:13 <Betty> we sure had, Steamboat was amazing
13:13:05 <Kat> It is an awesome lifetime experience - I cried!!
13:13:18 <Cooper> thzt it is
13:13:41 <Kat> I was hoping you would fix this cam while you were there Hahahaha! :p
13:14:27 <Kat> No one in their right mind can spend too much time operating....
13:14:34 <Cooper> Betty... do you have any pictures?
13:15:09 <Kat> I had to evacuate for Dorian, now back home....
13:16:12 <Kat> Lots of down basin eruptions coming up....will let cam sit here until OF.
13:23:59 <Betty> glad you were safe during Dorian, Kat
13:30:08 <Cooper> Mhhmmm. Fried Chicken and Tater Tots for a late lunch.
13:32:39 <ynpvisitor88> Bulger ie
13:39:47 <LindaG> Hey kat
13:39:57 <LindaG> Hey betty
13:40:01 <Cooper> Hi Kinda
13:40:06 <Cooper> Linda**
13:40:10 <LindaG> Hi kooper
13:40:19 <Cooper> :p
13:40:22 <Betty> hi Linda
13:40:30 <LindaG> 🤣
13:40:43 <LindaG> That was for cooper not betty
13:41:14 <LindaG> Betty, back in germany?
13:41:17 <Cooper> oh
13:41:30 <Cooper> that makes more eence
13:41:35 <Cooper> sence**
13:41:39 <JarnoO> afternoon all
13:41:40 <Cooper> Hi Jarno
13:41:46 <LindaG> Cooper, Germany? Meant the laughing face was for you
13:41:58 <JarnoO> what was up with that ~0750 Daisy eruption?
13:41:59 <LindaG> Oh my let me start over
13:42:19 <LindaG> Cooper laughing face was for you
13:42:28 <Cooper> 0=
13:42:37 <Betty> yes, I´m back to Germany
13:42:43 <Kat> Hi Jarno, Lnda
13:42:47 <Betty> hi Jarno
13:42:52 <Kat> Linda*
13:42:54 <JarnoO> evening Betty
13:43:06 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
13:43:12 <Cooper> what 0750 Daisy Eruption.. I was on and there was no daisy
13:43:23 <JarnoO> there was one earlier today
13:55:53 <Cooper> :daisy:
13:56:18 <Kat> Sorry - went for OF while I could!
13:56:29 <Cooper> no no... good idea
13:57:51 <Kat> Plenty of folks in basin to enter, although it would be nice to see, cam :thumbsdown: >(
13:59:21 <Kat> Covering for Graham this afternoon - maybe he will get it! :)
13:59:45 <Cooper> I hate him:p he is not stuck with this pile of junk
14:00:32 <Kat> No hating allowed!!! There's enough of that going around elsewhere! :heart::heart:
14:00:47 <Cooper> true
14:00:55 <Kat> :p
14:01:04 <JarnoO> Graham is somewhat stuck with a pile of other junk, though. The rockpile to be precise :)
14:01:11 <Cooper> ok... I strongly dislike them
14:01:15 <Cooper> Haha Jarno
14:01:41 <Kevin L™🌵> As bad as it is, at least we have something. 20 years ago we had to wait for the Sput to see what was going on.
14:01:49 <JarnoO> on the other hand, he does have the enjoyment of watching Link minors
14:06:40 <Kat> Women's US Open starting! Go Serena!
14:17:51 <JarnoO> OF ie
14:17:53 <Cooper> OF
14:17:56 <Cooper> Moving
14:26:19 <LindaG> OT
14:26:19 <Betty> OT ie
14:28:58 <Cooper> We missed Lion
14:29:22 <Cooper> Oh... Aurum could be soon here too
14:44:03 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
14:44:12 <Cooper> bye Betty
15:31:50 <Cooper> IT MOVED!
15:45:36 <Cooper> BHI 1537
15:45:39 <Cooper> on GT
15:47:17 <Cooper> and Lion
15:51:53 <Cooper> no way the cam will be alive long enough to move to bee
15:55:47 <ynpvisitor17> BH
15:55:56 <Cooper> yup
15:55:59 <Cooper> just not on cam
16:10:05 <Cooper> YAY, YAY, YAY. Storm Dorian turned to a Sub-Tropical Cyclone at 3:51 PM, still has 100 mph winds near Nova Scotia but still. it us STH
16:11:30 <Cooper> Can not wait for Last Advisory to be issued
16:15:14 <ynpvisitor27> Dome started during BHI
16:15:24 <ynpvisitor27> NG in extendwd fill
16:15:31 <Cooper> Graham?
16:15:41 <ynpvisitor27> Lc
16:15:49 <Cooper> How long has NG been in EF?
16:16:49 <GO GOGGLE> At least 34m. Is the note on GT?
16:17:15 <Cooper> Nope
16:21:01 <GO GOGGLE> Ng dropped. Little bubbling and no boil yet at depth
16:21:20 <Cooper> ok
16:21:26 <Cooper> maybe on refill
16:21:53 <GO GOGGLE> Boiling at depth is good sign tho
16:22:08 <Cooper> yes
16:22:10 <Cooper> hope
16:25:55 <GO GOGGLE> There is some boiling now
16:26:07 <Cooper> at depth?
16:30:05 <GO GOGGLE> Yes at depth, should come up in about 10m
16:30:13 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
16:30:24 <GO GOGGLE> When Lion is due
16:36:21 <GO GOGGLE> Rising with bubbles
16:36:31 <Cooper> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
16:36:36 <Cooper> thx for the updates
16:41:08 <GO GOGGLE> Water is high and stalled waiting fir the push
16:41:21 <Cooper> ok
16:41:25 <Cooper> is it boiling?
16:41:55 <GO GOGGLE> Not yet but some bubbles
16:42:03 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
16:42:07 <GO GOGGLE> Wont boil till it overflows
16:43:12 <Cooper> Graham, are you heading to SB again in the next few days?
16:44:39 <GO GOGGLE> Small boil and drop, booo
16:44:57 <Cooper> :(
17:35:17 <ynpvisitor116> I see the cam is still working. Hope it breaks soon.
17:36:15 <Cooper> yum... the best dinner I have had this week... Burgers with Fried Eggs, and Homemade Tater Tots
17:53:18 <ynpvisitor116> I thought you went fishing.
17:53:31 <Cooper> that is tomorrow
17:53:35 <Cooper> morning
17:53:44 <Cooper> from like 5 to 11/12
18:07:23 <ynpvisitor89> Is it really 41 degrees?
18:07:34 <Cooper> I doubt
18:15:37 <ynpvisitor64> I believe 41
18:31:19 <LindaG> Is this thing down for the count?
18:32:10 <LindaG> And its up
18:33:48 <Cooper> oh... hey Linda
18:47:04 <Cooper> Nice Start.
19:30:53 <Cooper> Hello Michael
19:31:32 <Michael> Hi Cooper. Is the camere connection any better now than it was this morning?
19:33:02 <Michael> Apparently not that much better.
19:33:22 <Cooper> oh... haha.. no.. this cam is never better
19:36:28 <Cooper> you have anything interesting for dinner?
19:37:44 <Michael> Leftover soup and fresh corn. Good combination of easy and delicious.
20:21:47 <Cooper> WOW... I did not know geysers moved
20:26:23 <Cooper> Possible Early R-Side
20:30:48 <Cooper> Does Joe Ever Sleep(joke) He enters eruptions from 0000 to 2400(still a joek)
20:31:08 <Cooper> Joak** not joek, but that is funny(joke)
20:31:21 <ynpvisitor88> Never :)
20:31:30 <Cooper> :p
20:31:41 <Cooper> he does not even seem to take naps!
20:32:02 <Cooper> he must be Martian
20:32:18 <Cooper> or was a subject of USSR Genetic Testing
20:41:07 <Cooper> :daisy:
20:41:33 <Cooper> but I am sure that the Joe already saw that:)
20:43:35 <ynpvisitor100> He sleeps and then does recaps
20:43:42 <Cooper> ah
20:43:53 <Cooper> that makes a bit more sense
20:44:06 <ynpvisitor100> Look at times of geysers vs. times of posts
20:44:20 <ynpvisitor100> Not that he sleeps a lot!
21:16:40 <Cooper> Goodnight everyone
22:49:30 <ynpvisitor16> lion ie
22:50:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like Grand too.
22:50:22 <Betty> hi Kevin
22:50:40 <Kevin L™🌵> Hey Betty. Jet lag?
22:50:51 <Betty> hmm, maybe
22:52:00 <Betty> and Daisy?
22:52:14 <Kevin L™🌵> I was just going through anold file and found a letter from John Muller dated 28 Aug 2000.
22:52:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Yep, Daisy too.
23:21:54 <Kevin L™🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
23:24:06 <Betty> I just got back money from my tax declaration. Now I know why I´m doing this each year :-)
23:24:37 <Kevin L™🌵> You are lucky. I had to pay on mine.
23:24:40 <Betty> It is just in time after holidays
23:24:52 <Betty> oh no!
23:25:22 <Betty> my advantage is the commute
23:26:46 <Kevin L™🌵> They changed the laws this year and it really nailed me.
23:28:56 <Kevin L™🌵> Maybe Castle. It is lit up.
23:31:47 <Betty> yes on Castle, posted 2316 by Dave W
23:34:15 <Kevin L™🌵> Did you get my Kane Springs Wash Road pictures?
23:34:25 <Betty> yup
23:34:44 <Betty> it does not look too bad
23:35:07 <Betty> but sure not recommended with a rental car
23:35:28 <Betty> we did a part in Redwood Ntl
23:35:46 <Kevin L™🌵> And you thought the other road was lonely. There are a few areas that wash out when it rains. Jeep or truck is fine but not a passenger car.
23:35:50 <Betty> way was worse
23:36:38 <Betty> sure a part where I would not like to have a broken car!
23:37:14 <Kevin L™🌵> If you have seen the exit on I-15 named Carp, that is where you end up if you keep going down the canyon.
23:37:48 <Kevin L™🌵> I do agree. I have had a few incidents on that road but mostly with tires.
23:38:00 <Betty> I don´t remember that one
23:38:33 <Kevin L™🌵> It is on top of the mesa between Logandale and Mesquite.
23:39:08 <Betty> I´m sure Thomas remembers it. He´s good in that
23:39:52 <Betty> btw, did I tell you I had 4 urums while in the park :-)?
23:39:55 <Kevin L™🌵> How did you like the Joshua tree forest?
23:40:01 <Betty> Aurums*
23:40:17 <Betty> that was neat
23:40:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes. Aurum has been kind this year, unlike last year.
23:40:43 <Betty> I met lc there
23:40:58 <Betty> and Donnie and Betty
23:41:20 <Betty> and Nellie the other day
23:41:24 <Kevin L™🌵> We saw you on one of the eruptions.
23:41:37 <Betty> yes
23:41:50 <Betty> I waved to the cam
23:43:50 <Betty> the Alps got the first snow
23:45:01 <Kevin L™🌵> Summer is almost over.
23:46:02 <Kevin L™🌵> Well Bedtime for me.
23:46:28 <Betty> have a good sleep
23:46:45 <Betty> goodnight