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04:54:09 <Betty> morning Kevin
04:57:29 <🦉> Hi
04:58:01 <🦉> I was watching the Chief make another late arrival in Flagstaff.
05:10:55 <🦉> They ought to get a cam sometime where we can watch geysers.
05:11:18 <Betty> sigh
05:13:23 <🦉> They finally got two out of the three Chama cams fixed yesterday. At least I will be able to watch the steam trains for about a month.
06:56:22 <ynpvisitorCC> Morning all
06:56:49 <Betty> morrning CC
06:57:04 <ynpvisitorCC> I will be putting the cam on OF and probably not moving it since it is down more than up
06:57:11 <Betty> and belated Happy Birthday to you
06:57:11 <ynpvisitorCC> HiBetty
06:57:15 <CraigC> hey CC and Betty
06:57:26 <ynpvisitorCC> thanks for the birthday greetings
06:57:30 <Betty> morning CraigC
06:57:37 <ynpvisitorCC> HI Craig
06:58:01 <GO CHURN> morning. belated happy birthday CC
06:58:02 <CraigC> hey Graham
06:58:15 <Betty> hey Graham
06:58:27 <ynpvisitorCC> Spent a wonderful weekend celerating in Maine and MA
06:58:47 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Graham
06:58:47 <Betty> sounds good
06:59:00 <GO CHURN> looks like ou have a couple more days to get babck to SB Craig. shoud be due a daylight eruption now
07:00:28 <CraigC> GO CHURN, I was discussing that last night with my g/f, I have mixed feelings about going back up in colder weather vs saving the $$$s for next summer
07:01:07 <CraigC> I want to look into how much apartments are in West
07:01:11 <ynpvisitor11> Good morning, the last time the cam was up was 0427, it was just a few seconds :(
07:01:17 <CraigC> hey Joe
07:01:32 <Betty> hi Joe
07:01:43 <ynpvisitor11> Hi everyone, Happy Birthday CC
07:02:02 <ynpvisitorCC> Hi Joe and thanks for the birthday greetings
07:02:12 <GO CHURN> appartment for next summer vs. trailer?
07:02:19 <CraigC> GO CHURN, yeah
07:03:10 <CraigC> then drive my fuel economy Mazda3 up there and around
07:04:05 <CraigC> 28/night is 840 a month
07:05:27 <Joe> We have been getting a still picture once in a while but nothing more, Grand last night was
07:05:37 <Joe> three still shots
07:06:15 <CraigC> I like to imagine a time when we will all laugh about the time when the webcam didn't work
07:06:26 <Betty> this cam is so sad
07:06:47 <Joe> I hope we are laughing soon.
07:06:57 <Betty> and we have to deal with it all summer
07:07:04 <CraigC> "they said they are going to move it to a better spot....." hahahahahaha
07:07:30 <Betty> ironic lol
07:08:00 <CraigC> it should only be down a few days..... hahahahahaha
07:08:19 <Joe> This is far worse than "the tree might fall", "the tree might fall" :(
07:09:08 <Betty> the cam in the tree is still there
07:09:20 <ynpvisitorCC> YES
07:09:41 <Joe> That is what I have been told.
07:09:43 <ynpvisitorCC> picture on my facbook page
07:09:48 <CraigC> "we'll be able to see Grand better....."
07:09:59 <Betty> I saw it with my own eyes
07:10:54 <ynpvisitorCC>
07:10:56 <Joe> Nice, thanks Betty
07:11:33 <Joe> Nice pic, CC
07:12:48 <CraigC> is Daisy erupting in the still frozen image?
07:13:18 <Cooper> Morning Everyone
07:13:25 <Joe> mine shows Castle
07:14:03 <CraigC> ok yeah, castle steam drifting left
07:14:14 <Joe> and possible R-side
07:20:49 <Cooper> Maybe if this cam would get fixed!
07:21:13 <CraigC> whoa.... what an idea
07:21:21 <Cooper> I know right!
07:21:24 <Cooper> 0=
07:21:36 <Cooper> :p
07:22:15 <ynpvisitor41> I wonder why none of us thought that before
07:22:30 <Cooper> haha
07:22:41 <CraigC> we're too old and decrepit and senile
07:22:45 <Cooper> I am a genius aren't I:p:p:p
07:22:49 <Cooper> Haha Craig
07:25:53 <Cooper> So Craig, you planning to head back to YNP before it is too late.
07:26:39 <CraigC> scroll up, I am too lazy to re-type it all
07:27:16 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
07:28:06 <Cooper> WOW... Apartments IN West! WOW
07:28:15 <Cooper> That would be awesome for you
07:44:51 <KittyM> OF?
07:45:01 <Cooper> yes
07:45:19 <CraigC> on fire, the big one is about to blow
07:45:52 <Cooper> it is isn't it!!!!!!!
07:46:00 <Cooper> run for your lives!:p
07:46:20 <KittyM> LOL
07:57:01 <Joe> Cam up
07:57:17 <Cooper> that's a first
07:58:19 <GO CHURN> it moed
07:58:23 <Joe> Ah! CC has it
07:58:25 <GO CHURN> or moved
07:58:32 <Cooper> Bee could be anytime in the next 12 Hours:p not very helpful Bee
07:58:35 <Cooper> Hi Graham
08:13:39 <Cooper> oh... bog o,[tsn;r nurst
08:13:45 <Cooper> wow!
08:13:51 <Cooper> big improbable burst**
08:15:01 <Cooper> I guess I had my finger on the wrong key to start
08:16:55 <ynpvisitor50> Nice
08:17:19 <Cooper> I knew it!
08:17:21 <LindaG> Morning!
08:17:23 <Cooper> from 1 eord!
08:17:26 <Cooper> wprd**
08:17:29 <Cooper> word**
08:17:34 <LindaG> Lol
08:17:39 <Cooper> I have Dave/Linda Speak today
08:18:05 <LindaG> linda speak must be catchy, areful i ccaught it from Dave
08:18:23 <Cooper> it is isn't it!
08:18:24 <LindaG> Yikes. I caught it from dave
08:18:32 <Cooper> lol
08:21:01 <LindaG> Good morning CC,, happy belated birthday.
08:21:20 <Cooper> Amneomne Big
08:21:23 <Cooper> Anemone
08:21:26 <Cooper> WOW
08:21:37 <Cooper> Anemone Big**
08:21:51 <Cooper> ugg. never mind there
08:22:18 <LindaG> BA is good
08:22:35 <Cooper> that's what I wanted to type:p
08:22:52 <ynpvisitorCC1> Hi Linda..thanks for the greetings
08:23:00 <Cooper> GMK's Geyser could be any time
08:23:17 <LindaG> ynpvisitorCC1, we are 1 day apart mine was yesterday
08:23:37 <ynpvisitorCC1> yes I saw that...happy happy
08:26:37 <Cooper> OW! I just got burned by hot vanilla icing on a scone!!! WHY Scone, what did I do to you?!!
08:27:03 <LindaG> Well traveling today, enjoy everyone.
08:27:13 <Cooper> Bye Linda!
08:27:15 <Cooper> Have fun
08:27:22 <LindaG> Bye
08:27:29 <CraigC> safe travels
08:28:43 <Cooper> Bee can go now:p
08:31:06 <Cooper> AL
08:39:43 <Cooper> I could get used to watching these improbable bursts
09:17:54 <GO CHURN> moving steam
09:52:18 <Michael> Grand's only got one more chance to stay under 7 hours.
09:52:33 <Cooper> :thumbsup::(
10:06:06 <Cooper> .
10:06:07 <Cooper> .
10:06:07 <Cooper> .
10:06:09 <Cooper> .
10:06:28 <Michael> Hooray.
10:14:37 <Cooper> Hi Betty
10:14:49 <Betty> hi
10:17:33 <Betty> Daisy
10:17:43 <Cooper> :daisy:
10:17:52 <Betty> almost no wind
10:19:17 <Michael> Hi Betty. Glad at least one geyser waited for you.
10:20:52 <Betty> I saw the last splashes from Grand
10:21:03 <Cooper> nice
10:22:00 <Betty> Oblong has lots of steam too
10:22:45 <Michael> Yup. But I think it's just being a big hot spring this morning.
10:22:49 <Betty> LC ie
10:44:30 <Betty> OF ie
10:50:35 <Cooper> Craig, have been looking for this for a while now,
10:50:52 <Cooper> that is going to be you:p
10:51:31 <Cooper> the crazy guy is you:p:p:p:p
11:09:25 <Michael> C'mon Lion/Aurum!
11:09:36 <Cooper> and Bee
11:10:15 <ynpvisitor79> And cam
11:10:18 <Michael> I'll settle for Beehive's Indicator...
11:10:31 <Cooper> I would take that to
11:10:50 <Michael> ynpvisitor79, that's just wishful thinking.
11:58:37 <Betty> LC ie
12:03:57 <ynpvisitor20> I read today is the day, SB before or after dark?
12:04:14 <Cooper> ?
12:04:19 <Cooper> today for SB?
12:04:27 <Betty> too early
12:04:49 <CraigC> nope;
12:05:01 <ynpvisitor20> That is what I read. No reports so far, so anyone around must be sticking.
12:05:17 <Cooper> ?
12:05:24 <CraigC> read where?
12:05:34 <ynpvisitor20> Read the Saturday log
12:05:45 <ynpvisitor20> It is on GT so it must be true
12:05:46 <Cooper> hmmm... that is an interesting way to look at that... it is more likely that it means there is nothing worth reporting
12:06:23 <Cooper> yeah... no SB today or likely eeven tommorow
12:06:52 <ynpvisitor20> There have been 2 three day intervals, so I believe it.
12:06:56 <CraigC> what exactly did you read on the Saturday log that indicates what you posted?
12:06:57 <Cooper> 20... there is nothing on Sat log that could make any snese like that
12:07:06 <Cooper> I see nothing Craig
12:07:20 <Cooper> 20, yes but there were good minors the day before already
12:07:30 <Cooper> and right now there may be tiny spritz if we are luck
12:07:36 <CraigC> methinks 20 is playing with us LOL
12:07:46 <Cooper> mes toos
12:08:11 <ynpvisitor20> Just going with what I read, past intervals, and no reports today.
12:08:24 <Cooper> ?
12:08:27 <Cooper> read where?
12:08:27 <CraigC> well good luck
12:08:42 <Cooper> if you can find anything that looks promising please post the link on here
12:09:06 <Cooper> but I agree with Craig, in that the Temp logs and GT do not show anything suggestive to SB today
12:09:28 <ynpvisitor20>
12:09:32 <CraigC> Cooper agrees with me.... yayyyy
12:09:48 <Cooper> that is a first isn't it Craig:p
12:10:05 <Cooper> 20, where in that "file"
12:10:10 <ynpvisitor20> Cooper said the hurricane was going to hit Florida as a 5.
12:10:12 <Cooper> the Notes? or past eruptions?
12:10:19 <Cooper> it was
12:10:32 <Cooper> and then it went north due to the anomoly that developed later
12:10:56 <Cooper> and as that progressed NOAA and I changed our predicts, so not the same thing
12:11:28 <CraigC> ynpvisitor20, thanks for turning this to Tornado Chat LMAO
12:11:39 <Betty> OF indicator is full
12:11:46 <ynpvisitor20> Well, I say SB today.
12:11:52 <ynpvisitor20> Take it or leave it
12:12:01 <Cooper> Ok
12:12:12 <CraigC> ynpvisitor20, will there be any Cheetos if I come and sit on SB today?
12:12:50 <Cooper> I say SBin 3, 4, or 5 days... I do not have enough data to make my predicts yet
12:12:57 <ynpvisitor20> Need to ask Dave that one. I don't eat chemical snacks.
12:13:43 <GO CHURN> i think 20 should go to SB immediately and wait till SB erupts
12:13:46 <CraigC> well, fwiw, I would rather be sitting today at SB than sitting here at home reading chat
12:14:06 <GO CHURN> good point craig
12:14:11 <Cooper> I would take that too Craig
12:14:17 <GO CHURN> always better to be in the park
12:14:22 <CraigC> as soon as my ebike battery is done charging, I'll head out for a ride
12:14:29 <Cooper> nice
12:14:34 <Cooper> where you planing to go?
12:14:51 <CraigC> up, about 8k feet
12:15:05 <Cooper> nice
12:15:13 <CraigC> 22 miles
12:15:19 <ynpvisitor20> Won't it charge when you peddle?
12:15:31 <CraigC> I dont have that long of an extension cord
12:15:53 <ynpvisitor20> If it ran on gas you would not have to wait.
12:16:18 <CraigC> I could carry a gas generator to charge the bike, eh
12:16:20 <ynpvisitor20> Or uranium.
12:17:48 <ynpvisitor20> If you peddle fast, you could use a wind turban.
12:17:59 <CraigC> *turbine
12:18:24 <CraigC> or were you advising hear wear? ;)
12:18:27 <CraigC> head
12:18:45 <ynpvisitor20> One of the bird killers.
12:18:53 <CraigC> LOL
12:19:39 <ynpvisitor20> I know someone that can design a battery for your bike that can charge in like 10 minutes.
12:19:54 <CraigC> OF
12:20:37 <ynpvisitor20> He did packs for Chinese buses that can charge in the time it takes to switch drivers and sweep out the bus.
12:30:17 <Betty> LC ie
12:41:52 <Betty> yay, Aurum
12:42:00 <Betty> 4 min ago
12:46:03 <ynpvisitor79> I think I remember what that looked like.
12:56:06 <GO CHURN> Suzanne will and Polly at urum. i didnt know Will was back since SB isnt due
12:56:32 <ynpvisitor1> think he is off Sundays
12:57:53 <ynpvisitor20> But it is due.
12:58:32 <Cooper> good luck with that 20
12:58:58 <GO CHURN> SB isnt due .... but you can go nd sit there and enjoy the peace and quiet
12:59:14 <ynpvisitor1> maybe he will see it next Sunday on Day 10
12:59:15 <GO CHURN> forever the otimist
12:59:32 <GO CHURN> thats more likely than the next couple of days
12:59:53 <GO CHURN> 20 will still be there after a weeks wait :)
13:01:05 <ynpvisitor20> I would not set there if all of you said it was going to erupt. Way too many other things to see in the park, and you all have been wrong by days.
13:02:08 <Cooper> we are more right than wrong by far
13:02:35 <Betty> that is the good thing about SB, it erupts when it wants to :-)
13:02:59 <GO CHURN> well quit talking about it #20 if yu are not interested in it
13:03:07 <ynpvisitor20> It is a geyser.
13:03:34 <Betty> LC ie
13:04:04 <ynpvisitor20> Under your skin churny?
13:04:09 <GO CHURN> i am glad some people dont want to see SB, it leaves more room for those of us that do :)
13:04:30 <Cooper> that is does Graham
13:04:37 <GO CHURN> no, just amused with your lack of knowledge
13:05:15 <Cooper> I agree with you there... the peeps that do not want to see it should stay in the UGB not Norris
13:05:56 <GO CHURN> they can gowherever they want, the thermal survey of Roosevelt still hasnt been completed
13:05:56 <Betty> or in Lamar to see bison
13:05:57 <ynpvisitor20> Lots of cool stuff at Norris. When Cooper is King he can hand out passes.
13:06:05 <Cooper> 20, please tell me what you think is evidence of SB today?
13:06:19 <ynpvisitor20> I did.
13:06:28 <GO CHURN> there is no evidene, whya ask for it Cooper?
13:06:53 <Cooper> that is my point Graham, I want him to figure out how there is no evidence
13:06:53 <GO CHURN> 2o is enjoying showing their lack of knowledge
13:07:03 <Cooper> 20, yes you did... but how does that show anything about SB?
13:07:10 <Cooper> erupting tonight?
13:07:50 <ynpvisitor20> I did not say tonight. I asked if it was daylight or dark.
13:07:57 <Cooper> in order for anyone to even consider it to be erupting in the next 24 hours I would say it needs to have good CNVSVV, with 4+ runoff
13:08:14 <GO CHURN> same as not questioning a classmate if they have no clue whats going on
13:08:15 <Cooper> it will not go until at least the 16th at 5 PM
13:08:35 <Cooper> Yes Graham...
13:08:44 <ynpvisitor20> It is a gesyer. It can do what it wants, and has many times.
13:09:12 <Cooper> but.... this is something our teachers showed us... if someone thinks they know way to much you ask for them to prove it and they cannot proving them wrong.
13:09:21 <Cooper> 20, yes... but it can not erupt without water
13:09:40 <ynpvisitor20> No one can figure out a better watched geyser like BH.
13:09:41 <Betty> well, a bit water in the system would be helpful for an eruption, 20
13:10:18 <Cooper> and ther is a certain amount of water and heat that SB has to have before it erupts, and that does not vary that much... and right now the amount of water is maybe 1% of what it needs bare minimumm
13:10:23 <GO CHURN> well, that doesnt work when someone is throwing out falsehoods and is quite happy about it ... they dont want to learn, just spout off
13:10:36 <Cooper> ohhhh 0=0=0=0=0=0=0=
13:10:40 <Cooper> now I get it
13:10:40 <ynpvisitor20> Cistern was full Saturday, last report.
13:10:41 <Cooper> ...
13:10:54 <GO CHURN> maybe 20 is Mary :(
13:11:11 <GO CHURN> facts dont matterto her
13:11:23 <ynpvisitor1> LOL
13:11:25 <GO CHURN> and logic is not tobe considered
13:11:32 <Cooper> 20 is just trying to get under our skin with his/her ob-sense none sense of knowledge(0 Knowledge)
13:12:01 <Cooper> but yes Graham.. he/she has NO evidence of any form of possibility for it to erupt in the net 24 hours even.
13:12:04 <GO CHURN> Mary does that
13:12:27 <ynpvisitor1> I would like a report of at least a little spritz :)
13:12:43 <Cooper> me too 1, that may happen today
13:13:45 <Betty> wait...LC just erupted...didn´t someone 20 years ago mentioned this could be the start of the supervolcano eruption??
13:14:23 <GO CHURN> I m sure MAry can explain that to us Betty. Mary?
13:14:30 <ynpvisitor20> Need a split cone major.
13:14:45 <Betty> not in view, hard to tell
13:15:03 <GO CHURN> thanks Mary :)
13:15:12 <Betty> ohoh, someone put in the X...
13:15:24 <ynpvisitor20> Who is Mary? I am familiar with a few Saints with the name.
13:15:36 <ynpvisitor20> There was also a Queen
13:15:45 <GO CHURN> thats your name
13:15:46 <Betty> they again try to hide the lava flows
13:16:01 <GO CHURN> we know who you are
13:16:13 <Cooper> yeah... if we are referring to you as Mary, that means you are not a saint or a queen you would me more like the...
13:16:28 <ynpvisitor20> You are as wrong as you are about my guess for SB.
13:16:44 <Cooper> General that orders his/her army to attack their own city because, "I attack things"
13:16:49 <Cooper> 20, no you are wrong
13:17:10 <ynpvisitor20> It is my guess. Leave it alone.
13:17:23 <GO CHURN> ok Mary, whatever you say
13:17:26 <ynpvisitor1> My prediction is that Cistern is going to overflow until the next eruption.
13:17:32 <Cooper> my 1st level predicts do not even put it for another 4 DAYS
13:17:47 <Betty> good one #1:thumbsup:
13:17:52 <ynpvisitor20> Like your predictions have been spot on.
13:17:59 <ynpvisitor1> :)
13:18:02 <Cooper> all but 1
13:18:27 <GO CHURN> predictions are better than guesses tho Mary
13:18:30 <Cooper> they all have but the last one, which had a strong push that "should have started the eruption" at the time of my predicts
13:18:31 <ynpvisitor20> You counting just 2?
13:18:38 <Betty> I want to see the otters
13:18:38 <Cooper> Nope
13:18:45 <Cooper> I am counting 5 ERUPTIONS!
13:19:03 <Cooper> I had one 54, 127,130,187 Minutes Away ish
13:19:05 <GO CHURN> do you think we could see otters below Lion?
13:19:26 <Cooper> and then one that was like 48 hours, but that was called the 1 in 5 fluke that happens with stats
13:19:35 <ynpvisitor20> Got to have the cam work for that
13:19:47 <Cooper> Mary, be glad we have a cam
13:19:59 <ynpvisitor20> 20% is a significant error.
13:20:04 <Cooper> not really
13:20:27 <Cooper> in AP Stats you learn how to USE stats to make PREDICTIONS, and then from there you have what are called OUTLIERS
13:20:33 <Cooper> that was an Outlier
13:20:39 <Cooper> which when recording your data
13:20:41 <GO CHURN> Mary isnt interested in SB predictions anyway
13:20:58 <Cooper> unless there is a pattern to The OUtliers you do not count them
13:20:58 <GO CHURN> only when we will see lava flowing on the cam3
13:21:14 <GO CHURN> whatever pays the bills
13:21:29 <GO CHURN> right Mary?
13:22:32 <Cooper> Mary, you could fix this in one message, "you are right, I am Mary, and I know that I am using no Data to predict SB, and I am wrong"
13:22:46 <Cooper> and then drop it
13:23:19 <ynpvisitor20> Cooper, not counting your errors is a good way to make people think you are better then you are.
13:23:46 <GO CHURN> Mary would never indicate she is clueless
13:24:29 <Cooper> Mary, when you actually work with Stats, you learn that it does not matter what other ppl think, as long as you know that your data is accurate and can be used... like my predicts... which are VERY good
13:24:43 <ynpvisitor20> You all seem to like Mary. Sorry I am not her. Then you would like me and stop picking on my guess.
13:25:03 <Cooper> Mary, just admit it
13:25:09 <Cooper> we know who you are
13:25:13 <GO CHURN> no, we hate her lack of common sense and logic, thats why you are Mary
13:25:29 <ynpvisitor20> The data that is wrong, or the data that hits chance?
13:25:33 <GO CHURN> one of her bots
13:25:54 <GO CHURN> a Mary bot
13:26:06 <Cooper> and based on your tech structure you are 1. Evasive, 2. Clueless, 3. Mary, 4. speaking of lies
13:26:16 <Cooper> 20, my data is accurate and very good at predicting
13:26:30 <GO CHURN> that doesnt matter to Mary tho cooper
13:26:36 <Cooper> aha
13:26:41 <Cooper> yes that is right Graham
13:27:10 <Cooper> Mary, we know who you are
13:27:45 <Cooper> no please stop being clueless, and using a lack of Data to make an inaccurate guess at the eruption
13:27:48 <ynpvisitor20> You have no clue. And your error rate is going up.
13:27:57 <Cooper> haha
13:28:10 <Cooper> I have a clue, you most definitely do not
13:28:10 <ynpvisitor20> Opps, i forgot you do not count your errors
13:28:34 <Cooper> and my Error rate is only 20% at 5 in, and as I account for those errors it gets less and less
13:28:38 <GO CHURN> are you looking in a mirror Mary?
13:29:25 <Cooper> Graham, you at least trust my predictions to the point that you do not disagree with where I got my data, how I got my data, and that you agree with my predicts?
13:29:29 <ynpvisitor20> I have a perfect score on BH. I predicted 3 for 3 to the half hour once.
13:29:41 <Cooper> because I agree with my predicts
13:29:45 <Cooper> 20, haha 3
13:30:16 <ynpvisitor20> Lets see you do that
13:30:19 <Cooper> over the summer Mary I was able to predict ALL Bee's to +/- 30 Minutes, for 35 to 40 predicts, and of those I got all but 2!
13:30:22 <Betty> a good quote on a regularly erupting geyser
13:31:05 <Cooper> I also did it with, Lion, Aurum, Grand, Daisy, Castle, R-Side, Dome during series, of course OF, and even Improbable Bursts!
13:31:08 <GO CHURN> Bee isnt one i try and catch anyway, its not as good as SB
13:31:19 <Cooper> So trust me, I am good at predicting Mary
13:31:21 <Cooper> very good
13:32:05 <ynpvisitor1> Time to change the Subject
13:32:12 <Cooper> and before you ask me for all the predicts, and there methods... I am not going to share them with you EVER
13:32:15 <Cooper> I agree 1
13:32:19 <GO CHURN> we tried otters for a while
13:32:34 <GO CHURN> but with the cam down its pretty boring
13:32:40 <Cooper> how about we talk about Football?
13:32:41 <ynpvisitor1> Otter be something better
13:32:45 <GO CHURN> at least its a distraction fro football
13:32:49 <Cooper> Hi Sam
13:32:58 <Sam> Hello
13:33:02 <Cooper> so... my teams in every sport are sucking this year
13:33:18 <Cooper> Rockies are last, and the Broncos have not been doing well either
13:33:23 <Sam> Happy 1-year anniversary of the Ear Spring eruption
13:33:28 <Cooper> what about you Graham?
13:34:13 <GO CHURN> good point Sam .. i arrived at OF a year ago and first call i heard on the radio was abot Ear Spring
13:34:34 <ynpvisitor1> Good job DaveM - for the Ear Spring action
13:35:00 <Cooper> Mary, and everyone else... I have a VERY good predict on 2 things, I can tell you all what the score of the Superbowl will before it starts, and I can tell you who will be there!
13:35:05 <Sam> That was a fun period of time
13:35:08 <Cooper> you want that?
13:35:15 <GO CHURN> I enjoyed the NG activity, but rushing around for SB, Morning, Giant, and F&M was a busy trip
13:35:35 <Sam> I predict two teams will get to the super bowl and one team will win
13:35:56 <Cooper> Ok... the score of the Superbowl before it starts will be 0-0, and the person who will be there are the people that are the best!
13:36:00 <Cooper> I WIN!:p:p:p
13:37:15 <Sam> This cam is a total failure lol
13:37:56 <Cooper> I can predict when it will come back up, and get fixed is.... at some point or never:p
13:38:11 <ynpvisitor20> Not even Cooper can fix it.
13:38:28 <Sam> That was unnecessary
13:38:40 <Cooper> really Mary
13:38:47 <Cooper> dod you need to say that?
13:39:25 <Cooper> mine is up now!
13:39:31 <Cooper> that actually worked!
13:39:43 <Cooper> and down:(
13:40:11 <Betty> refill of OF started
13:41:10 <Cooper> Hi Michael, WB
13:41:48 <Michael> Hi Cooper.
13:43:19 <Michael> Turned out to be a nice day for watching butterflies in the yard.
13:50:27 <ynpvisitor110> OF 1350
14:02:31 <Cooper> indy
14:02:32 <Cooper> .
14:02:32 <Cooper> .
14:02:32 <Cooper> .
14:03:01 <Betty> nice
14:04:30 <Michael> Great weather for a Beehive shower.
14:05:22 <ynpvisitor79> It's almost Knight time Graham.
14:05:57 <Cooper> Kevin?
14:06:28 <Cooper> as in, 79 are you GMK?
14:06:31 <Cooper> Hi Kitt
14:07:41 <Michael> Hi Kitt. Welcome to the peanut gallery.
14:08:01 <Kitt> glad I enjoyed bee in the basin
14:08:41 <ynpvisitor20> It is better in person anyway.
14:08:48 <Kitt> are they ever going to get the streaming cam fixed
14:09:14 <Kitt> mine is frozen
14:09:20 <Kitt> with an x
14:09:41 <ynpvisitor11> Short answer, NO
14:09:54 <Michael> It seems like they'll fix the connection the day before never.
14:10:01 <ynpvisitor20> My circle is going around and around, so it is still streaming something.
14:10:12 <Cooper> Lion
14:10:16 <Cooper> possible Liod dueal
14:10:33 <Kitt> they might as well remove the cam for what little it does
14:10:44 <Kitt> I am out, this is rediculouse
14:11:45 <ynpvisitor20> It is a nice still of lion
14:12:20 <ynpvisitor11> Move it back!!!!
14:14:11 <ynpvisitor111> Nice!!
14:15:41 <GO CHURN> moving water, not just steam
14:16:07 <ynpvisitor111> Bee going strong!!!!
14:17:03 <ynpvisitor20> Nice still picture. No duel!
14:19:06 <ynpvisitor20> Time to go. Enjoy the SB watch, I know you are watching the wiggles.
14:20:29 <Michael> Until next time, 20.
14:22:05 <Betty> time for sleep. night all
14:22:22 <Cooper> bye Betty
14:22:29 <Michael> Night, Betty.
14:26:55 <ynpvisitor116> who would be watching SB wiggles today?
14:27:09 <Cooper> we do not know
14:27:21 <Cooper> they kept trying to convince us that it was going TODAY!
14:44:43 <Michael> I hope those are official vehicles on the old roadway.
14:45:01 <Cooper> me too
14:56:30 <Cooper> DameM, 1443?
14:56:45 <Cooper> I did not see Castle when I looked at 1444
15:51:53 <Cooper> Interesting Nickname, amy I ask why?
15:52:47 <already used> It said my nickname was already used. Who am I to argue with a computer?
15:55:39 <Cooper> so then what was your other nickname?
15:56:30 <Michael> Grand
15:56:34 <already used> ynpvisitor??
15:57:16 <Cooper> oh
15:57:25 <Cooper> so a number
15:57:32 <Cooper> Yay... Grand
15:57:48 <Michael> The random number generator doesn't seem to be very smart.
16:41:30 <Cooper> was that Aurum on camera?
16:41:45 <Cooper> Not to be gross... but I guess I am allergic to sweet potatoes
16:42:24 <Michael> I wasn't watching, but Aurum did just go 10 minutes ago.
16:49:46 <Cooper> OF
17:23:03 <Cooper> lion
17:23:45 <Cooper> HI Gabe
17:23:49 <Cooper> you see Lion?
17:24:06 <GabeL> yes i do, Hi Cooper
17:24:16 <Cooper> Nice
17:24:23 <Cooper> wonderful geyser isn;'t it
17:24:43 <GabeL> yes, that it is :)
17:29:56 <Cooper> so next lion at like 1830 +/- 10 Mins if the series is to contine
18:04:11 <Cooper> YUM... Homeade Perfectly Cooked, Prime Rib Roast, Smoked for 48 HOURS!
18:04:17 <Cooper> Delicious
18:04:34 <GabeL> cool
18:04:48 <GabeL> who made it... you or your parents?
18:05:45 <Cooper> both of us
18:05:58 <GabeL> cool
18:06:59 <Cooper> you?
18:07:10 <GabeL> Spaghetti
18:07:18 <Cooper> homeade?
18:07:43 <GabeL> no, im not a very good cook:p
18:07:49 <Cooper> haha
18:08:06 <GabeL> so your pretty good at cooking then
18:08:30 <Cooper> I like to think so
18:08:47 <Cooper> better at Decadent Deserts than dinners tho
18:08:57 <GabeL> ok, thats fair
18:18:14 <GabeL> Bye everyone
18:18:27 <Cooper> bye Gabe
18:18:31 <Cooper> enjoy your pasta
18:26:33 <Cooper> Norris Notes
18:27:09 <Cooper> WATER IS BACK!
18:27:10 <Cooper> Lion
18:30:32 <ynpvisitor5> I guess if the camera was working they would catch more people trespassing at the geysers.
18:31:54 <ynpvisitor5> That's the NPS for you. Give them big "F".
18:33:07 <Cooper> so... with that water back... maybe 3 days from now?
18:45:08 <Cooper> :daisy:
19:23:39 <ynpvisitor1> Laters Y'all Nightie-Night
19:48:12 <Cooper> Goodnight All
19:48:15 <Cooper> “The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” – Stephanie Perkins
19:48:19 <Cooper> Cooper Out
20:12:21 <ynpvisitor114> I would like to put it in down-basin night but it doesn't look like that is going to happen :(
20:12:30 <ynpvisitor114> I am departing Dodge
22:23:35 <ynpvisitor19> Nice, a 3b Grand
22:24:21 <already used> And HK got it!