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00:28:31 <ynpvisitor9> BTB - GO STEAMBOAT!
05:27:27 <GO OBLONG> I see that Oblong waited for me to leave yesterday
05:28:30 <Rice> Go Oblong? Is that a low bar to set?
05:28:57 <Rice> Or maybe how many hours did you sit and wait for it?
05:39:59 <GO OBLONG> there were three Oblong reports, never a low bar to set. I was on the cam and quit as i had had enough
05:40:12 <GO OBLONG> at least the cam caught it :)
05:42:07 <Rice> You always go big with your names, so Oblong was a bit of a surprise.
05:42:30 <Rice> I would like to see F&M get active again, that one worries me.
05:43:37 <GO OBLONG> i have used it from time to time, today its in honor of the three eruptions in one day
05:44:12 <GO OBLONG> Not unusual for &M to take a year off, maybe it will show up this winter or next summer
05:44:59 <Rice> Has the Grotto Complex been more active this summer?
05:45:56 <GO OBLONG> 20 Oct 2017 is the last date with 3 Oblong reports on GT
05:46:24 <GO OBLONG> yes, Grotto Fountain came back to life this year and Grotto has been trucking along
05:48:08 <Rice> So probably Energy has transfered back to Grotto area from Giant. That is too bad, I guess.
05:49:04 <GO OBLONG> nothing wrong with energy at Grotto and Oblong active, Giant doesnt care
05:49:22 <GO OBLONG> Oblong used to be seen as a good thing for Giant
05:49:56 <GO OBLONG> not many Grotto Marathons, maybe more of them would help Giant
05:50:29 <Rice> Oh, I did not know that about Oblong, learned something new today.
05:52:01 <Rice> That is what I like about this site, lots of information, and things to learn.
05:52:29 <Rice> Ok,
05:52:46 <Rice> Got to go do some work stuff, cant sit at computer all morning.
06:02:52 <Kat> The dreaded X
06:03:49 <Sam> The all-familiar X
06:05:02 <Kat> :)
06:05:56 <ynpvisitor101> Oblong is not a good sign for Giant!
06:06:25 <ynpvisitor101> What is GO OBLONG telling people?
06:07:15 <ynpvisitor110> Oblong 0607
06:07:15 <GO OBLONG> what i know
06:13:37 <GO OBLONG> i think the Oblong logic was that when Giant was dormant and oblong erupted you had more chance for Giant ... but like last year, Gant can be very active when Oblong is dormant
06:13:38 <ynpvisitor4> here is this Oblong's screenshot
06:14:02 <ynpvisitor4> here
06:14:47 <GO OBLONG> since we are now in a Giant dormant phase we will see if theres any chance of reactivation with Oblong, but it might be in a long dormancy
06:16:56 <GO OBLONG> its not somethign i made up, it's what i was told
06:17:41 <Cooper> That sounds like it is not made up, I just really do not hope that is the case
06:20:14 <Cooper> Hi Craig
06:20:17 <Cooper> Hi GMK
06:20:47 <CraigC> How come in this community, people can't use their names and discuss these kinds of talks openly. I doubt there is anyone that knows everything about geysers....
06:21:18 <Cooper> very true Craig
06:22:18 <GO OBLONG> i like being incognito
06:22:23 <Rice> I believe the count for Steamboat so far this year is 30, Correct?
06:23:05 <CraigC> GO OBLONG, lol, I hope you know I wasn't referring to your nickname as being nameless
06:23:23 <Cooper> where Craig?
06:23:31 <ynpvisitor4> When I think I know something about geysers things then change, therefore I am very open minded
06:23:32 <GO OBLONG> i dnt think Craig has seen that many. 35 total for the year
06:25:09 <CraigC> open minded is essential in a scientific community
06:25:14 <GO OBLONG> today is anniversary of the Sept 17 2018 eruption that had the first observed pauses
06:25:20 <Joe> Craig was probably referring to me
06:25:23 <Cooper> Hi not sneaking Hoe
06:25:26 <Cooper> Joe**
06:26:16 <CraigC> hey Joe.... no, I am referring to people that take shots at ideas as numbers
06:26:59 <Cooper> Craig finally Agrees with me on something, YAY
06:27:03 <GO OBLONG> its a typical technique, drop a bomb and then leave
06:27:04 <Joe> Ah! ok, well.. I exposed my self anyway:)
06:27:09 <CraigC> sometimes I chill as a number, but if I have something to talk about with geysers, I use my name
06:28:12 <CraigC> having a different view shouldn't be so scary
06:30:03 <Joe> TSB keeps printing new editions because there are changes :)
06:30:42 <CraigC> sucks that the publisher limits the number of changes he can revise per each new edition
06:30:44 <Kat> Amen Craig - I appreciate knowing who is talking to me..just doesn't seem right to hide in a number
06:31:19 <ynpvisitor38> they held off as long as possible so he could get a few Steamboats in
06:32:39 <CraigC> as much as I don't want this run to end, I am really curious how things will look over the cycle of the last SB eruption in this active phase
06:33:08 <Cooper> Hmmm... IDK
06:33:11 <GO OBLONG> hopefully we will not find out
06:33:19 <Cooper> I hope we will never find out
06:33:25 <Cooper> haha Graham, same idea
06:33:38 <GO OBLONG> Cooper might be around long enough :)
06:33:45 <Cooper> maybe
06:33:59 <CraigC> I do.... where is the mystique and glory if it becomes another OF
06:34:01 <Cooper> I have a good 90 years left in me... 103 would be a great life
06:34:04 <Cooper> and I have to go
06:34:09 <GO OBLONG> instead of 50y dormancy, why not 50y of activity
06:34:30 <ynpvisitor38> guess we will find out eventually :)
06:34:42 <CraigC> and I need to get my boat out LOL
06:35:08 <GO OBLONG> its unlikely we will get to predict it with enough reliability to get bored with it
06:35:22 <CraigC> GO OBLONG, I agree
06:35:28 <GO OBLONG> just look at the grand and BH crowds
06:35:42 <CraigC> sorry, I got bored with Grand
06:35:45 <GO OBLONG> they have been active for years and we still watch them
06:36:13 <GO OBLONG> maye we will go to wait for Echinus and catch a SB on our way out
06:36:35 <CraigC> I'm watching churn and Bulgers Hole the hole time I go to Grand
06:36:56 <CraigC> whole time LOL
06:37:25 <Joe> Possible Castle in that screenshot
06:37:27 <GO OBLONG> yeah, me too, but Grand is still nice t owatch. same for BH for me, i watch Aurum, NG, others and catch BH when it goes
06:38:03 <GO OBLONG> i imagine the entire forest will go at SB and the parking lot
06:38:13 <ynpvisitor38> if everyone liked the same things it would be too crowded
06:38:31 <GO OBLONG> then NPS can rebuild the platforms
06:38:52 <CraigC> Grand needs attention, it gets claustrophobic
06:39:43 <GO OBLONG> i find it hard to do mid-day Grands, but early and late are good
06:39:45 <CraigC> I would be on the SB platform right now if I were there
06:40:01 <GO OBLONG> go go go .. tomorrow is the day
06:40:30 <CraigC> it's raining here, can't get motivated to pack and go in this kind of weather
06:40:38 <Joe> not Castle
06:41:17 <GO OBLONG> supposed to be nice tomorrow in the park .....
07:03:33 <Kat> Can't get into the cam
07:05:57 <ynpvisitor46> Craig if SB goes 8 days again, it will be a miserable sit.
07:06:42 <ynpvisitor46> The only nice day for awhile is tomorrow
07:07:02 <CraigC> ynpvisitor46, I'm probably done for this year, cold temps wear me down
07:07:26 <ynpvisitor46> Possible snow Friday and Saturday even
07:07:32 <CraigC> ughhhh
07:07:45 <Joe> Kat, the cam has only been up for seconds since 0231, good luck!
07:07:59 <CraigC> Moab is looking better and better
07:08:17 <ynpvisitor46> Yes, go south young man
07:08:22 <CraigC> :)
07:08:36 <Kat> I hear ya Joe! That's exactly what it takes - luck!
07:08:56 <Joe> Snow!!!, I just got my snowplow and chains put on yesterday :):0
07:09:54 <ynpvisitor46> The Inn will be closed before that radio shows up and even then it’s a crap shoot if it will fix things
07:10:22 <Joe> The radio is here now
07:10:44 <ynpvisitor46> Wow Joe, it’s early for chains. Do you drive around on bare roads with them?
07:11:01 <ynpvisitor46> They sent the radio to you Joe?
07:11:04 <Joe> Radio shop has it in thier hands
07:11:33 <ynpvisitor46> There is a radio shop?
07:11:47 <ynpvisitor46> Where is that?
07:12:08 <Joe> No I only use my old truck for plowing snow, it sits the rest of the time
07:12:35 <Joe> The Radio Shop is NPS Mamoth
07:12:40 <ynpvisitor46> I hope you don’t need it for awhile
07:13:07 <Joe> Me too 46 but I'm ready
07:13:08 <ynpvisitor46> Any idea when they will bring the radio to OF?
07:13:25 <Joe> no idea at all
07:13:47 <ynpvisitor46> You would think it might be a priority???
07:15:02 <Kat> Sure hope they put it in before winter, or it will be a long lonely winter out here!
07:15:40 <Joe> If it was a commercial shop it would have been done allready
07:17:42 <Dave from B™> Who can ask NPS politley about when the radio will be installed?:)
07:18:11 <CraigC> not I said the angry cow
07:18:58 <Dave from B™> That's the animal you want to represent this morning?:D
07:19:22 <Dave from B™> You can't do're not "beefy" anymore!:D
07:19:34 <Joe> I asked DaveK to see if it could be expedited, answer was "they are aware of the need"
07:19:42 <CraigC> *as beefy
07:22:01 <Kat> Whenever I complain I'm told to e-mail Dave K, not much he can do, but I thunk camops are getting tired.
07:22:35 <Kat> Is someone in the cam?
07:22:37 <GO OBLONG> a radio for the webcam isnt as important as radios for safety, LE, ranger comms, etc - theres a whole radio network across the park
07:22:44 <Dave from B™> I don't blame isn't fun
07:24:02 <Joe> I don't think so Kat, it has not moved
07:24:11 <Dave from B™> How would someone get "in" the cam?:D
07:24:31 <ynpvisitor46> The radios across the park are pretty standard
07:24:46 <Joe> user name and password only Dave
07:24:48 <Kat> GO OBLONG, True-but this is something they have done for the public...should not be a second, third, fourth etc. priority.
07:25:00 <ynpvisitor46> Not much upkeep there
07:25:19 <Kat> There's a flicker once in a awhile! LOL
07:25:23 <Dave from B™> Thanks Joe
07:25:32 <ynpvisitor46> Certainly not from a shop point of view
07:25:40 <Kat> Dave from B™, not sure!!! Hahaha
07:25:45 <GO OBLONG> its probably low on the priority list as it desnt impact essential services. They are probably getting things ready for the winter - just my guess tho
07:26:07 <ynpvisitor46> Repeaters maybe need maintenance, whole different gang does that work
07:26:10 <CraigC> IMO, driving the cam should be optional until it gets resolved, last person on, point it at OF
07:26:48 <Kat> I do that Craig, to frustrating to sit and try hour after hour!
07:26:51 <Kevin L™🌵> I haven't seen the cam come up all day today.
07:26:57 <GO OBLONG> i dont know who is responsible for what tasks 46, you seem to know more than I do about their responsibilities
07:27:01 <ynpvisitor46> It’s the NPS doing what they do best...nothing.
07:27:36 <Dave from B™> there it is
07:27:42 <CraigC> not sure I would fault, NPS, but rather those in charge of their funding
07:27:47 <GO OBLONG> haha thats a tyical comment for a number
07:29:05 <Kat> :)
07:30:30 <ynpvisitor46> As compared to what, a geyser name?
07:31:25 <Dave from B™> At least we know who Go Oblong is
07:31:28 <GO OBLONG> being ctitival of others is a typical number behavior
07:31:32 <Joe> I imagine the radio shop has been very busy, since the washburn upgrade, usually there is much equipment to be installed to support all the new channels
07:33:37 <Kat> OK - time to refill coffee and get some breakfast!
07:33:57 <Joe> enjoy :)
07:34:29 <Kat> be right back :)
07:34:54 <Dave from B™> Kat, bring me back some bacon!
07:35:49 <Kat> Haha - no bacon, how about some good old sausage!
07:36:07 <Dave from B™> That'll have to do but could you do better tomorrow?:)
07:37:39 <Kat> Sure-I'll try, any preferences? Maple, smoked ???
07:37:44 <Joe> Dave, was that good Montana bacon Murrays ??
07:38:52 <Joe> haven't been to Billings since you told me about it
07:39:27 <CraigC> looks like some decent minors on the temp logger
07:40:02 <Dave from B™> I like Daly's from Missoula...thick sliced
07:40:40 <Joe> Ah! Daly" thanks
07:41:23 <Joe> Daly's
07:42:24 <Joe> looks good Craig :thumbsup:
07:44:59 <Dave from B™> C'mon, need to get going!
07:45:19 <CraigC> :)
08:02:52 <Cooper> looks like Bee went overnight
08:21:56 <Kat> Glad there's a few folks in the basin this morning!
08:23:08 <GO OBLONG> of
08:26:51 <Cooper> This cam is never going to get fixed is it!?
08:26:54 <Cooper> Hi Kat
08:29:03 <Kat1> :(
08:29:53 <Cooper> I guess I marked myself away twice
08:34:00 <Kat> I think I'll go for a back in a few!
08:34:43 <Cooper> bye Kat
08:36:33 <CraigC> looks like SB is possible today
08:36:44 <Cooper> yup
08:36:46 <Dave from B™> Now, I'm jealous, Kat!
08:36:48 <Cooper> today or tommorow
08:37:11 <Cooper> I just hope it waits at least 4 more hours, and then one of my predicts would be in window
08:37:34 <Cooper> most of my predicts put it later today, to late tommorow
08:37:41 <Dave from B™> Something in the 5 or 6 day range would be nice...always like to see interval shorten into that range
08:37:46 <CraigC> got your bases covered?
08:38:12 <Cooper> I have all my data gathered... and all my methods used... and all my predicts for those methods ready!
08:38:25 <Cooper> now all I have to do is wait with anxiety
08:38:50 <CraigC> how many predictions does it take to show you more right than wrong? :)
08:38:57 <Cooper> haha
08:39:12 <Cooper> I + Lori have like 10 prediction methods
08:39:24 <Cooper> 8***
08:39:34 <Cooper> oh....
08:39:40 <Dave from B™> Is it really a prediction if you have more than 1 per event?
08:39:46 <Cooper> you mean how many SB's I need to show I am more right than wrong
08:39:51 <Cooper> Dave, I have an average
08:40:07 <Cooper> so really.... I have 1 predict based on all those methods
08:40:18 <Cooper> Craig, I would say 7 would be good-ish
08:40:54 <CraigC> ok, prediction 1 = today, 2 = tomorrow, 3 = day after, 4 = day after that. I am pretty sure I will be right
08:41:00 <Cooper> haha
08:41:09 <Kevin L™🌵> Perhaps a dart and a board with dates and times?
08:41:17 <Cooper> haha Kevin
08:41:32 <Cooper> sad bit is... I left my index card with my final predict at home again
08:42:09 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, don't forget a sharpie
08:42:11 <Cooper> all I know without that index card is late today, or tomorrow I think
08:42:37 <Joe> Is that like the dog ate my homework ?? :)
08:42:57 <Cooper> haha
08:43:01 <CraigC> homework washed down steerage
08:43:10 <Cooper> haha Craig
08:43:33 <Cooper> more like... it is lame I know... I left it sitting on my desk!
08:43:36 <CraigC> you'd have more credibility using the word "guess"
08:43:58 <Cooper> I guess SB will erupt at ....... on .......? like that?
08:44:05 <CraigC> step right up, buy 5 guesses for 5 dolla
08:44:13 <Cooper> haha
08:44:15 <Kevin L™🌵> At least they have two of the 3 Chama cams up now. It is nice to see steam in motion.
08:44:42 <Joe> Nice to see the cams again
08:44:51 <CraigC> I guess I better go to Lowes and try to find some chain link gates
08:45:01 <Cooper> bye Craig, enjoy
08:45:16 <Cooper> this might be it..... 9/18/19 at Noon-ish
08:45:23 <Cooper> nope
08:45:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Something else to back over?
08:45:43 <Cooper> Grrr... do not know what my predict was! I am a disappointment
08:45:52 <Kevin L™🌵> Whoa. It moved!
08:46:02 <Cooper> Not possible Kevin
08:47:40 <Joe> all the movement is making me dizzy
08:48:03 <Kat> :):):)
08:48:07 <Cooper> It is not normal... I am feeling sick
08:48:08 <Cooper> WB Kat
08:48:28 <Kat> Heading to the pool,be back soon!
08:48:34 <Dave from B™> I'm movement here
08:48:41 <Cooper> bye Kat
08:49:19 <Joe> again!!
08:51:07 <Joe> that webcam up down panel is like Wyoming rarely green
08:53:16 <Joe> good steam on south camera
08:53:49 <Cooper> time for me to head
08:54:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Loading one with sand and hooking one to the train.
09:03:18 <Dave from B™> Has your son been racing lately?
09:11:00 <Joe> trespassers Sept 10th
09:11:35 <Joe> more
09:15:49 <Kevin L™🌵> His final race this year is this weekend Dave.
09:17:04 <Joe> It is nice that the tourists are taking pictures and turning them in
09:17:54 <Kevin L™🌵> They are beyond stupid.
09:17:54 <Dave from B™> Good luck to your son, Kevin
09:18:19 <Dave from B™> Joe, what was their fine/punishment? Maybe we could dangle them into the cone head first for awile:)
09:19:37 <Joe> These were the recent ones September 10th so no Idea, article said they were arrested.
09:26:11 <Joe> Aurum static?
09:27:08 <Joe>
09:28:38 <Joe> probably not,
09:28:56 <Joe> brian posted post eruptive eariler
09:39:23 <ynpvisitor59> Haha was just reading and talking about they arrested them for 'thermal trespassing'
09:40:16 <LindaG> Good morning
09:41:11 <Joe> hi Linda, pics of violators above
09:41:57 <LindaG> Yeah I saw on facebook if it's the guys that took pics of the cone.
09:42:17 <Joe> yes it is
09:43:02 <Kent> I would like to be at the court appearance. Don't think I understand what was going on in their minds.
09:43:15 <LindaG> Google had an article was just showing my sister
09:43:31 <Kent> Fluff on static 0942 wc ie
09:44:00 <Joe> I don't do FB, so i miss some of the good stuff, especially CraigC's SB videos. :(
09:44:02 <LindaG> Kent, nothing was going on 😉 that's the problem
09:44:15 <Dave from B™> Sometimes I feel one of these guys needs to spend 90 days in jail and it needs to be highly publicized so others will know not to do stupid stuff like this
09:44:37 <Dave from B™> haha Linda
09:45:00 <Dave from B™> This issue/problem ios getting worse EVERY year
09:46:00 <LindaG> The picture a were posted on Katie facebook page and Katie forwarded to LE, but i think the photographer had already turned them in.
09:46:01 <CraigC> Joe, David S has much better videos than I do..... let me find his latest
09:46:27 <CraigC>
09:46:29 <LindaG> Well gotta go. Enjoy
09:46:31 <Kevin L™🌵> How about having them do public service with a vest that identifies as a public lands vandal?
09:46:40 <Joe> Not enough rangers anymore, but lucky that everyone has phones with cameras, and are fed up with these activities
09:48:41 <Joe> thanks Craig, beautiful awesome....
09:49:34 <Dave from B™> I have a question for Joe and Kevin...which one of you has the oldest cell phone? And, it it a flip phone?:)
09:50:24 <Joe> I have a moto 4play
09:50:50 <CraigC> this is a family room
09:51:02 <Kat> hahaha
09:51:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Mine is a Samsung flip phone.
09:52:44 <Joe> Craig :), I just realized how that looks :)
09:52:51 <CraigC> LOL
09:53:21 <Kent> Way cool. This is the eruption I saw in person. Happy Happy
09:53:47 <CraigC> Kent, did you see youself in the video?
09:54:21 <Kent> No, I was on the middle platform. I will watch the entire 20 minutes
09:54:38 <CraigC> I can see the back of my head
09:55:55 <Eric> Morning all
09:56:04 <CraigC> it was very gratifying to see my own head on Youtube
09:56:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi
09:56:12 <CraigC> hey Eric
09:56:56 <Eric> Anyone know what time those conewalkers were up on OF on 9/10?
09:57:04 <Eric> I am trying to find them in the static cam archive
09:58:31 <Dave from B™> Is there a way to DNA "fingerprint" your head CraigC, so we know it is yours for sure?:)
09:59:18 <Kevin L™🌵> Look for a mailbox print in it.
09:59:33 <Eric> haha
09:59:48 <CraigC> I bet Mindhunters could solve it
09:59:58 <Kat> Eric, I believe it was 9/12 between 0730 and 0830 in the AM. Cam was difficult I didn't capture it.
10:00:23 <Dave from B™> Hey, we just started watching Mindhunters last night
10:00:34 <Rice> Kevin,
10:00:41 <Rice> What time does train leave Chama?
10:00:52 <CraigC> Kat, the email from Dave was 9/10
10:00:59 <ynpvisitor67> Right now Rice
10:01:26 <Rice> I am watching and waiting
10:01:32 <ynpvisitor67> Just started
10:01:47 <Kent> My hat and safari vest showed up from the back.
10:02:34 <Eric> Don't watch watch I-land on Netflix...that show was horrible!
10:03:25 <Joe> Craig is that you with kakai hat and big camera? at 1517in
10:04:39 <Eric> the cone walkers were not on there on 9/12 betwen 7:30 and 8:30 or the static would have caught them.
10:04:48 <Eric> hmmm, still a mystery
10:05:17 <Eric> I didn't see them on 9/10 either, but I could have missed them as it goes by pretty quick
10:05:45 <CraigC> Joe, 2106, off the right shoulder of the ranger, I am at the very front, greenish wide brim hat
10:05:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Would more than one caboose be cabeese Rice?
10:05:56 <CraigC> Eric, 9/10
10:06:12 <CraigC> ok, I checked 9/10, also and dont see any
10:06:27 <Kat> Sorry All 9/19
10:06:43 <Dave from B™> 9/19?:D:D:D
10:07:26 <Dave from B™> Kat can see the future!
10:07:50 <Kent> I miss cabeese. They were always fun to see go by
10:08:49 <Kevin L™🌵> The Chama ones are cute little guys too.
10:08:50 <Joe> thanks, Craig
10:09:52 <Dave from B™> I saw a cabeese a few weeks ago on a moving train. It looked strange...not use to seeing it.
10:10:34 <Kent> There is an old one (Utah Northern) next to I-15 south of Blackfoot. I wish it would get rescued and restored.
10:10:58 <Teri> gm all
10:11:16 <Eric> morning Teri
10:11:28 <Kevin L™🌵> I am surprised how tiny Dan Markoff's engine looks next to the Rio Grande narrow gauge engines. And how small the rio Grand look next to standard gauge.
10:11:32 <Cooper> Hi Teri
10:11:34 <Cooper> Hi Eric
10:11:46 <Teri> well, I had to cancel my Park trip, was to leave tomorrow; discovered a basement leak yesterday; confirmed it was active this am; will need to stay home and deal with it; jackhammering concrete looks to be in my future
10:11:51 <Eric> Hi Coop
10:12:13 <Eric> Uggg, that sucks Teri :-(
10:12:16 <Dave from B™> Sorry, Teri. That doesn't sound fun
10:12:17 <Teri> hey Cooper, Eric, Dave, Kevin, GO OBLONG
10:12:17 <Kevin L™🌵> Ugh Teri. Not a fun task.
10:12:27 <Kent> I have a space on the roof October 1st. I am taking a stick to poke the electronics.
10:12:46 <Cooper> That is not good Teri
10:12:49 <Eric> Thanks Kent!
10:12:55 <Kat> Dave from B™, hahaha 9/10?? Not sure I didn't see it on static then either. Back to the pool!!
10:12:57 <Joe> It has been fun appointments to keep bye all
10:13:03 <Teri> I thought Xanterra would rebate your reservation if they resold the room, NOT - no refund on deposits within 7 days; I asked if they had an emergency contingent but no
10:13:11 <Eric> Cya Joe
10:13:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Good luck Joe.
10:13:17 <Teri> the problem w/3rd parties running the concessions
10:13:18 <Kat> Bye Joe
10:13:27 <Eric> lose that first night :-(
10:13:28 <Cooper> bye Joe
10:13:46 <Eric> Even if they sell it to someone else!
10:14:05 <Kevin L™🌵> They get the goldmine, you get the shaft...
10:14:13 <Eric> haha
10:14:32 <Teri> yep; I wouldn't mind if the profits went back to the park, but...
10:14:34 <Kent> Xanterra has turned reservations into a profit center instead of a service renting OUR rooms.
10:14:36 <Eric> Kent...take a long string and 2 tin cans to connect up the webcam please.
10:15:01 <Dave from B™> hahaha Eric
10:15:29 <Eric> Well, some of the profits do go back to the park Kent...Xanterra does make multi-million dollar upgrades to facilities in the park.
10:16:10 <Teri> how about a working webcam, lol
10:16:15 <Kent> They do them with our money. Park extorts upgrades as part of the concession.
10:18:26 <Eric> Yes, just saying that some of your money does go back into the park.
10:20:14 <Kent> I think this is why the park is not more vigilant policing Xanterra. They need the money. Zion and Death Valley do not have these oppressive rules and are both Xanterra.
10:20:18 <Eric> Still can't find those cone walkers anywhere, on 9/9-9/12 on the static webcam
10:20:19 <Teri> I was hoping to be able to text updates from the UGB, maybe next year
10:20:42 <Eric> :-(
10:21:01 <Eric> Sorry to hear that Teri...I wish you luck on the leak though.
10:22:09 <CraigC> Eric, on the 10th, it is raining, and the photo of the two men on OF it looks dry
10:22:20 <Eric> look to better drainage on the outside before doing anything on the inside.
10:22:22 <Teri> I just bought platform snacks for peeps at Costco Sunday, lol; I have a lot of chocolate and trail mix
10:22:45 <Eric> Uggg, now you have to eat it all!
10:22:50 <Teri> hey Craig, looks like you had a great trip!
10:22:59 <CraigC> Teri, I did!!!
10:23:04 <Teri> multiple SB's and all!
10:23:08 <Teri> congrats
10:23:13 <CraigC> and lots of Ftns
10:23:15 <CraigC> thanks
10:23:19 <Teri> great to be able to stay for an extended period
10:23:44 <Teri> yes, I was hoping to catch some LGB action if I was out of the SB window
10:25:17 <Dave from B™> Eric, let me check Gazette and local TV Fb pages. to get you the correct date
10:26:10 <CraigC> it had to be before the 10th, that is when DaveK sent an email to camops for footage
10:27:20 <Dave from B™> It was the 10th according to KTVQ report
10:30:05 <Dave from B™> You mean my local TV station was wrong AGAIN?
10:30:56 <CraigC> no, it could have been the 10th, before 1:47 pm
10:31:25 <CraigC> I am going frame by frame, don't see anyone around in red pants
10:39:55 <Cooper> Au revoir tout le monde
10:40:29 <CraigC> je nes parle pas
10:41:53 <Cooper> do you mean je nes parle pas francais?
10:41:57 <Cooper> you just said you do not speak
10:42:11 <CraigC> *English
10:42:48 <Cooper> ok, au revoir encore une fois, je serai de retour quand tout mon travail scientifique sera terminé
10:42:57 <Cooper> I think I spelled that right
10:43:01 <Cooper> maybe
10:47:36 <Dave from B™> I'm translating something about "termites"
10:47:46 <Dave from B™> or a terminal maorraine:)
10:47:56 <Dave from B™> or fois gras:)
10:48:07 <Dave from B™> or Tour de France:)
10:49:11 <CraigC> if I were the red flagging type, Pink Cone entry needs to be amended to ie
10:49:19 <Eric> I would definitely be at Norris today, look at that temp spike from yesterday!
10:49:27 <CraigC> Eric, yes!
10:49:36 <CraigC> I pointed that out a while ago
10:49:48 <Eric> ahh, didn't see your comment, just reviewing graph :-D
10:49:49 <Dave from B™> I just had to fill out a credit application to open an acvcount with a new Asia product vendor and there is a question about what is your first and second language.
10:50:11 <Eric> over 50 degrees...that is super fast to hit that temp
10:50:24 <CraigC> Eric, I love that graph, can we do a go fund me for a real time updates on that logger?
10:50:47 <Eric> Well, if they get cell service to norris, that could be a possibility!
10:51:28 <Dave from B™> That would be terrific
10:51:29 <CraigC> they have a land line ;)
10:52:03 <ynpvisitor68> why do I visit the cam chat day by day without a working cam???
10:52:18 <CraigC> ynpvisitor68, for the cool people here?
10:52:32 <ynpvisitor68> oh, wait :-) it´s the great people here!
10:52:39 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
10:52:51 <Betty> hi Craig
10:52:51 <CraigC> hey Betty
10:52:58 <Dave from B™> Hi, must be talking about Eric
10:53:26 <Betty> not only about him, though he´s ""great"
10:53:41 <Betty> or is it grand?
10:53:52 <Betty> tall?
10:53:55 <Betty> high?
10:53:56 <Eric> :blush:
10:54:05 <Betty> :-D
10:54:14 <Eric> Hi Betty :-D
10:54:23 <Kevin L™🌵> See what happens when you feed a German tater tots.
10:54:28 <Betty> hi Eric and Dave
10:54:29 <Eric> You guys are all pretty awesome too
10:54:42 <Betty> hey Kevin L™🌵
10:54:44 <Eric> I think Thomas was the most impressed :-D
10:54:52 <Betty> thanks for the pics
10:55:12 <Kevin L™🌵> You like that Eagle?
10:55:15 <Betty> he was Eric
10:55:41 <Cooper> and back
10:55:46 <Cooper> Hi Betty
10:55:50 <CraigC> JSJ flagged the pink cone for them to add "ie", cool
10:55:53 <Betty> A saw one of this species in Death Valley once
10:56:00 <Cooper> Hi Eric, The Great Mighty Kevin of all Mightyness
10:56:14 <Betty> hi Cooper
10:56:27 <Betty> Dome ie
10:56:27 <Eric> Golden Eagle Kevin?
10:56:50 <Cooper> Kevin, from now on you are The Great Mighty Kevin of all Wisdom(GMKW)
10:57:02 <Eric> or Kevin for short?
10:57:15 <Cooper> yes
10:57:19 <CraigC> stalker
10:57:30 <Cooper> me?
10:57:31 <Cooper> haha
10:58:32 <Betty> a silver eagle, Eric. A nice bird of prey
10:58:58 <Eric> ohh, very cool...never seen a silver one
10:59:00 <CraigC> Kevin;
10:59:14 <Cooper> Betty, how many Tatter tots have you had since Eric!
10:59:27 <Betty> none
10:59:27 <CraigC> The Big Boy is set to stop at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 1 at the Echo Road Crossing, in Echo Canyon. On the same day, the locomotive will stop at 10:15 a.m. at 98 Commercial Street in Morgan and at 1:30 p.m. at 1000 Warm Springs Road in Salt Lake City.
10:59:51 <Cooper> really Betty1
10:59:52 <Betty> I bet you did Eric
11:00:05 <Cooper> they do not sell them in Germany?
11:00:19 <Betty> we don´t have them in Germany
11:00:49 <Cooper> oh... so they are an exclusively American treat to you!
11:00:49 <Betty> something similar, Kroketten. but they come as a side
11:00:52 <CraigC> Betty, do you have fry sauce?
11:00:56 <Eric> Nope...that was the last tater tot I had was when you were here Betty
11:01:45 <Eric> Sometimes they make tator tots into nachos and call them Tachos!
11:02:00 <Eric> Now those are probably a true American bastardization :-P
11:02:04 <Cooper> I have to try to make that now!
11:02:07 <Betty> meant I bet you saw a silver eagle, Eric
11:02:21 <Kevin L™🌵> Craig, it is heading here on the 6th.
11:02:25 <Eric> ohh, nope...don't think I have ever seen one.
11:02:32 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, awesome
11:02:47 <Betty> let me find a pic for you
11:02:49 <Eric> Golden & Bald eagles quite a few times.
11:03:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Gray eagles are the fastest.
11:03:35 <Eric> or are you referring to a bald eagle as a silver eagle?
11:03:37 <CraigC> in Vegas 6th thru 8th
11:04:19 <CraigC> I wonder if Steamboat is thinking of me
11:04:30 <Cooper> I bet it is
11:06:07 <ynpvisitor44> Is SB a sentient thing for you now Craig?
11:06:14 <Betty> here´s one:
11:07:27 <ynpvisitor44> It’s calling you to come sit beside it in the rain and cold!
11:07:30 <Kevin L™🌵> Wrong one Betty. This is the eagle:
11:08:39 <Betty> ooops, was not sure if it was male or female
11:11:08 <CraigC> ynpvisitor44, nope, I make fun of people that say stuff like that. I just remembered a meme of Kermit standing at a window looking out at rain and saying; "I wonder if my bike is thinking about me"
11:11:10 <Eric> guys are funny
11:11:35 <Eric> :heart: Kermit
11:11:52 <ynpvisitor44> Good to know Craig, I was worried there...
11:11:57 <Betty> ;)
11:14:20 <Betty> so, have you seen a silver eagle yet, Eric?
11:15:07 <Eric> Yes, we have a few at our local airport that rumble my house when they take off in groups!
11:15:10 <CraigC> maybe SB just began an eruption
11:15:56 <Cooper> Poosibly Craig
11:16:06 <CraigC> nope
11:16:08 <Cooper> nope
11:18:18 <Casey> If only Steamboat though of me as much as I think of it we'd have a great relationship
11:18:19 <Cooper> Hi Casey
11:18:28 <Casey> *thought
11:18:33 <Casey> Hi Cooper
11:18:35 <Cooper> I think that is the same with everyone
11:18:42 <Betty> hi Casey
11:18:57 <Casey> Hi Betty
11:19:36 <Eric> Well, at least the weather station has been working well this year :-P
11:22:44 <Betty> JSJ can remove the flag from Pink Cone entry, it is changed to ie
11:23:50 <Betty> OF ie
11:23:51 <ynpvisitor9> Of ie static
11:24:54 <Kevin L™🌵> I wonder if adding a provision for a yellow flag for things like this would be a good idea. If it gets two red flags then data is gone. A yellow flag could trigger an alert to the person posting that there may be an issue to the posting.
11:26:07 <Betty> you have the cam, Kevin?
11:26:18 <Cooper> Good idea GMKW
11:26:44 <Kevin L™🌵> I would have it if I could get controls.
11:26:55 <Betty> prove it ;-)
11:27:04 <Betty> ohhh
11:27:08 <Betty> it moved
11:27:26 <Betty> prove enough
11:27:35 <Eric> a note, the 2 flags does not "delete" the entry, it removes it from public visibility.
11:27:53 <Eric> If the entry is valid, it can be recovered.
11:28:09 <Dave from B™> 2 Grizzly attackes in the Gravelly Range near Ennis
11:28:37 <Betty> good to know, Eric
11:29:00 <Betty> any victims, Dave?
11:31:19 <Dave from B™> Moderate to severe injuries for 3 people
11:31:38 <Eric> Wow...that sucks Dave
11:32:37 <Casey> Wow
11:33:06 <Dave from B™> Hunting season doesn't mesh well with grizzlies...they are busy eating getting ready for winter and hunters shoot things and then it takes awhile to get carcasses to a road sometimes
11:33:57 <Betty> Dome ie
11:42:51 <Cooper> bye everyone!
11:45:30 <Kevin L™🌵> And deer rifles only make grizzlies mad.
11:45:37 <Dave from B™> Have a good day, Cooper
11:46:30 <Eric> Well, I guess if you are shooting animals in the woods, the animals can fight back!
11:48:30 <Eric> anyone here play crokinole?
11:48:56 <Eric> I played a bunch over the weekend and it was pretty darn fun.
11:52:13 <CraigC> is that a wind instrument, or some kind of cooking apparatus?
11:52:15 <Kevin L™🌵> Wasn't he a newsman Eric?
11:52:34 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, hahahah
11:52:52 <Eric> apparently none of you are canadian :-P
11:53:03 <Kevin L™🌵> Eh?
11:53:03 <Eric> grand looks ie in the frozen frame
11:53:13 <Dave from B™> I thought it was in the pinochle family
11:53:17 <Eric> yep, ie
11:53:27 <Eric> look it game
11:53:47 <CraigC> is that the one with the long noses?
12:21:06 <Dave from B™> Who has time to play games?
12:22:22 <Kevin L™🌵> What will you be doing in the Minnow?
12:26:21 <Dave from B™> But that's vacation!
12:28:23 <GO OBLONG> how was your shower Dave?
12:28:46 <Dave from B™> Didn't make it that far last night
12:33:56 <Dave from B™> First mountain Lion post in our neighborhood since we moved there 5 years ago
12:34:08 <Dave from B™> Was seen 5 hours ago
12:35:07 <Rice> We had a black bear at the local park last Thrusday, Kids were playing a soccer game, it came out of the woods, saw everyone and ran back.
12:36:29 <Rice> Mountain lions are way neater than bears.
12:37:00 <Rice> Supposedly there are some in NY again, but only rumors.
12:37:42 <Dave from B™> Just want to be careful since we have 2 dogs that have doggy door access to outside
12:40:07 <Rice> Yea, that would be interesting. I thought about my dog also, what we she do if the bear was in my back yard. We are only about 2 blocks from the park.
12:41:58 <GO OBLONG> arent dogs supposed to chase cats away?
12:42:47 <Dave from B™> Only ones that are smaller!
12:43:09 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, the coyotes in the area can handle the mountain lion
12:44:43 <ynpvisitor56> Isn't it the other way around, the mountain lion handles the coyotes?
12:45:10 <ynpvisitor56> You might want to shut that door down until it moves on...
12:45:57 <Dave from B™> It was 5 hours's probably 5 miles away by now but yeah, that would be the wise move
12:47:13 <ynpvisitor56> has cam been up at all today?
12:51:21 <Dave from B™> not for me
12:57:03 <Eric> Yep...the camera has been up a little.
12:57:21 <Cooper> hmmm. my camera is frozen
12:57:21 <Eric> Maybe it's time to start a friends of the YNP UGB Streaming Webcam Page :-D
12:57:54 <Cooper> Haha
12:58:00 <Cooper> Eric, how long has the cam been up?
12:58:26 <Cooper> NOOOO
13:02:26 <Eric> Does anyone have an image of the webcam they can link here?
13:03:28 <Cooper> No, I do not sorry
13:05:35 <Dave from B™> Interesting Rift post by HK
13:06:50 <Betty> OF ie
13:09:34 <Cooper> WB Betty
13:10:41 <Cooper> guten tag
13:10:45 <Cooper> Daisy
13:17:42 <Cooper> Time for me to head
13:28:13 <GO OBLONG> down to ONLY 48 SB eruptions in the last 12 months
13:28:26 <Cooper> poor us Graham
13:28:34 <Cooper> and back for 1/2 hour at omn omn time
13:28:37 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat...still trying to shed weight from desert trip
13:29:31 <GO OBLONG> you just have to run faster than the mountain lion Dave ... good luck
13:30:15 <Cooper> huh... TS making landfall on Texas
13:31:10 <Cooper> I did not think it would develop like that
13:35:47 <Cooper> one these Days Dave will go for a run, and get eaten by an escaped giant tuna:p
13:58:44 <Cooper> bye everone.... wish me luck in my XC Meet
14:49:12 <Joe> Eric here is this
14:49:56 <Joe> or this
14:51:01 <Joe> or this
14:53:07 <ynpvisitor110> 13:02:26 ‹Eric› Does anyone have an image of the webcam they can link here?
14:55:15 <CraigC> Wm is at Arty instead of SB
14:57:27 <Joe> are you going to SB soon CraigC ?
14:57:53 <Eric> Thanks Joe
14:58:02 <Eric> William probably has to work this afternoon Craig
14:58:05 <Joe> yw
14:58:28 <Eric> I would expect arty pretty soon if we aren't missing it right now
14:58:49 <Eric> The webcam seems to be down way more than up
14:59:10 <CraigC> Joe, no plans, weather has deterred me
14:59:13 <Eric> I can't imagine radio traffic is causing more down time this time of year
14:59:41 <CraigC> Eric, Wm went to 4-day work week, I believe is off today
14:59:45 <Joe> Next tine Craig is there maybe he will get us a picture with his good camera
14:59:56 <Eric> oh nice
15:00:29 <Eric> Yes, I haven't seen a picture of the camera from the ground yet
15:01:24 <Joe> The cam is up less than an hour for the whole night, I don't think the problem is "radio traffic"
15:01:45 <CraigC> grounding?
15:02:22 <Joe> Yes, that is my main thought Craig
15:02:25 <CraigC> weird how it worked so well the day there were workers there fixing the poles
15:02:55 <Joe> Yep, we had 3+ hours of cam up
15:04:06 <CraigC> and I bet no one that has any effect on the future work is aware of that info
15:06:39 <Joe> If they tied the ground to the lightening ground system and not the electrical ground system, the cathodic protection on the lightening ground system could be biting them in the but, (a common misteak)
15:07:21 <Joe> I sent DaveK that info
15:07:35 <Joe> about the workers
15:07:55 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
15:08:36 <Joe> mistake*
15:08:54 <CraigC> ironic
15:13:16 <Joe> The lightening ground system is grounded in deep wells, and cathodic protection is used to keep rhe copper from corroding the wells are filled with the copper wire and (special dirt and salts) for good conduction, a cathodic protedtion voltage (usually pulsing is applied to the wires to keep corrosion to a minimum
15:14:01 <Joe> (usually pulsing)**
15:18:02 <Joe> enough of that garbage, bottom line is the radio link is failing and needs some attention
15:18:15 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
15:18:35 <Eric> Yep, getting worse every day it seems
15:18:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes
15:19:15 <Joe> I'm just a dumb technician, i'm sure they have engineers on staff that should know that stuff
15:19:39 <Eric> haha...right
15:19:48 <Joe> I was just **
15:20:00 <Eric> they have maintenance people that are probably over worked already.
15:20:11 <Eric> and could care less about a webcam
15:20:43 <Joe> You have hit the nail on the head, Eric
15:26:02 <Kevin L™🌵> The radio that broadcasts the webcam live-stream is experiencing a high level of failure, essentially meaning the live-stream is down. There may be periods when it works, but unfortunately we consider the live-stream to be offline until the new radio equipment can be installed. We have the equipment, but do not have an estimated time for installation yet. Our sincerest apologies for the lack of re
15:27:13 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, where is that posted?
15:27:39 <Eric> Thanks Kevin
15:28:07 <Kevin L™🌵>
15:28:41 <CraigC> "September 19, 2019:" ???
15:29:26 <Joe> argh!!
15:30:27 <Eric> Kevin reads the future!
15:31:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Mine says 17th
15:31:32 <Dave from B™> 19th on top; 17th down below
15:32:25 <CraigC> yeah, just saw the 2 seperate entries
15:32:28 <Kevin L™🌵> OK, I see it. :)
15:33:06 <Eric> September 19, 2019: The radio transmitting the live-stream is experiencing a high level of failure. Unfortunately, we must consider the live-stream to essentially be offline until we can get the new radio equipment installed (there may be periods where the radio starts working again, but those periods are unreliable and unpredictable). My sincerely apologies for the lack of reliability these past
15:33:06 <CraigC> "Problem with a view? We sometimes experience problems with the webcams. Know that when a webcam goes offline, experiences a disruption in service or image quality, we are working to fix the problem."
15:33:09 <Joe> Is that Tannerite in back
15:34:14 <Joe>
15:35:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Probably not. Tannerite is fast and requires something explosive to detonate it.
15:39:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> it is a bit early, but time to get in the SB mood
15:40:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> WIlliam is having a long wait for Artie .. guess he is just chilling out there
15:41:00 <Eric> As Annie says..."Tomorrow, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow....there will be Steamboat"
15:41:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> i expect peeps will be there ... although there are less peeps to go
15:42:24 <Eric> yes, this is a really long interval for arty, surprised
15:42:30 <Kevin L™🌵>
15:42:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> heinrick is still around, so i guess he will be there with suzanne unless he is boycotting it
15:43:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> Polly likely too
15:43:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe we will see an evening SB report from her too
15:43:45 <Eric> Well, I gotta say that temp spike yesterday was nice
15:44:23 <Eric> But I think the temps have a little more climbing to do
15:45:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> still seemed fairly cold yesterday
15:45:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> agree
15:45:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe that happened today
15:45:34 <Eric> it could have....with no data, it's hard to tell.
15:45:48 <Dave from B™> So, Wed daytime eruption...can I get that in the form of a guarantee?
15:46:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> i said 2000, so marginal light
15:46:16 <Dave from B™> Whatever you do....don't speculate:)
15:48:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think Craig is secretly packing to go up in the morning
15:50:18 <Dave from B™> Wouldn't be surprised if he already has one foot out the door
15:50:37 <Dave from B™> Pack your warm clothes, CraigC!
15:50:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think Art and Larissa leave Thu?
15:51:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> he has been rather quiet ... maybe on the way
15:53:29 <Joe> Craig was just on at 1523 :)
15:55:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> so he is 30min north barring any mailboxes in the way
15:56:37 <Dave from B™> If he had wifi in his camper, he'd be talking to us right now:)
16:00:00 <Kevin L™🌵> At least I can watch the Chama train come in today.
16:00:26 <Joe> what time??
16:01:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Usually between 1605 and 1630
16:01:25 <Joe> thanks
16:02:34 <Kevin L™🌵> The sound is still broken so you don't get the whistle before it shows up. :(
16:03:09 <Joe> ok I'll watch for it
16:03:44 <Kevin L™🌵> I will post if I spot it
16:04:51 <Joe> what is that steam left on south?
16:06:03 <Kevin L™🌵> That is the 2nd engine from this mornings run. They cut it off at the top of the hill and bring it back down.
16:06:27 <Joe> tks
16:07:58 <Kevin L™🌵> The ash pit is on the far left side of the south cam. They will dump ashes there at the end of the day before the park them.
16:14:00 <Eric> Nice that William got an atomizer major
16:16:38 <Dave from B™> The major is fun..a complete surprise if you don't know it's coming
16:16:53 <Dave from B™> The noise part anyway
16:17:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> how long will he wait for the thumps?
16:18:24 <Dave from B™> There is still a lot of noise of Norris seismo...seems like a lot for the middle of Sept
16:20:25 <Kevin L™🌵> Mailboxes falling?
16:22:08 <LindaG> Hi all
16:22:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> SB reports are in
16:23:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> doesnt look like SB is ready tonight
16:23:54 <LindaG> Anything exciting happening?
16:24:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have not been watching much, seems to be normal downtime
16:24:50 <LindaG>
16:24:56 <Kevin L™🌵> Cam is surviving only on life support. They put it in a hospice a few hours ago.
16:25:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Check your email.
16:25:36 <LindaG> Yeah insaw the email.. bummer. No surprise though
16:26:26 <LindaG> Uh time to eat ☺
16:27:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Still no train Joe
16:28:51 <Joe> Thanks, I'm watching
16:29:42 <Eric> Maybe I should make the streaming cam switchable :-P
16:29:51 <ynpvisitor106> What was the bummer E mail? Bad news about cam?
16:32:51 <Kevin L™🌵> For 106:
16:34:12 <Eric> Same news...they have known it had issues for 6 months and they are apologizing for ignoring the problem.
16:34:25 <ynpvisitor106> Thanks Kevin. This statement at end: My sincerely apologies for the lack of reliability these past six months.
16:34:51 <Dave from B™> REI just announced they are building in Billings
16:34:55 <ynpvisitor106> Sincerely apologies...
16:35:12 <Eric> Wow...that is great Dave, you will actually be a real city now :-D
16:35:13 <Dave from B™> That must be better than sincere apologies
16:35:19 <Eric> Do you have a costco?
16:35:25 <Dave from B™> Eric, this is for you....:P
16:35:37 <Dave from B™> Have another :P
16:35:43 <Dave from B™> Yes, we have a Costco
16:36:03 <Eric> :-D
16:36:05 <Kevin L™🌵> A McDonalds?
16:36:09 <Dave from B™> I'm surprised REI came here...basically across the street from a Super Huge Scheel's Sporting Goods store
16:36:29 <ynpvisitor106> So frustrating, I wish they would take Joe’s info into account
16:36:31 <Dave from B™> You may hike a lot of miles but I can catch you with my speed!
16:36:53 <Dave from B™> Once radio is installed then they can attack the real problem
16:37:02 <Eric> haha....I will just go straight up hill and your speed will stall out quickly :-D
16:37:12 <ynpvisitor106> Will they have time?
16:37:13 <Dave from B™> Yep...I only do flat
16:37:28 <Dave from B™> There is always next year
16:37:34 <Eric> same for most people...I can hike vertical about the same speed as flat now.
16:37:52 <ynpvisitor106> I don’t get why we can’t have the old cam back
16:37:56 <Dave from B™> And, since no one else can, you'll be most likely hiking alone:)
16:38:00 <Eric> Maybe you can come hike Helens next year dave.
16:38:08 <Dave from B™> That would be fun
16:38:12 <ynpvisitor106> Seems like a much easier fix
16:38:22 <Eric> Elk on mammoth cam
16:38:25 <Dave from B™> 106, that would be admitting failure
16:38:43 <Joe> my info is just a guess, based on experience with similar problems
16:38:45 <Eric> also, that would require work...which is why the current camera has not been fixed
16:38:46 <Eric> Lion
16:39:20 <Eric> hopefully Tara is still around to catch if it's a major
16:39:27 <Kevin L™🌵> train
16:39:34 <Eric> url?
16:39:45 <ynpvisitor106> Your info sounds more plausible than changing out the radio
16:39:56 <Joe> got it
16:42:01 <ynpvisitor106> Bleak reports for SB watchers
16:44:13 <Joe> Turban maybe
16:45:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> i wouldnt say its bleak, just still recovering. a day from now it could be ready but may need more time
16:46:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> we are still under 6 days
16:46:28 <CraigC> it's a slot machine, it can go 3 cherries anytime
16:46:58 <Dave from B™> haha...I like that one, CraigC
16:47:05 <CraigC> ;)
16:47:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> the last 6 intervals have all been longer
16:47:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> are you there yet?
16:47:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> are you there yet?
16:47:46 <CraigC> GO STEAMBOAT, but that last false start was a valid possibility for an eruption at an earlier interval
16:48:12 <CraigC> it can do it sooner than it has
16:48:28 <CraigC> not there yet :)
16:50:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> agree it could go earlier, but the patern says longer
16:50:31 <Dave from B™> Quit keeping us in suspense.....when are you headed that direction and why is it so top secret?:D
16:50:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> 2000 tomorrow ...
16:50:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> Bulger's Hole is waiting for you
16:51:22 <CraigC> Dave from B™, right now I am not planning to go up. Might change how I feel next week, who knows
16:52:22 <Dave from B™> Alright...I'll quit asking:)
16:56:05 <CraigC> looking at the monthly SB temp logger, the 2 eruptions prior to the last, looks like just over 2.5 days of minors until eruption
16:57:19 <CraigC> slightly less pattern until the false start on the last one
16:57:33 <Michael> Would be nice if it gets back to the previous schedule.
16:59:19 <Michael> Have there been any moving pictures today? It seems like a bad sign that my camera loaded a night-time image.
16:59:56 <Kevin L™🌵> I have not been able to get controls all day.
17:00:19 <Dave from B™> I've had a down basin view all day
17:04:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> mine is loading the night view also
17:04:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> it had a daytime view earlier
17:04:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh well, going to do something else tonight ... bye
17:05:04 <Kevin L™🌵> It is almost Knight time here.
17:09:37 <Dave from B™> T Mobile is a very nice arena, Kevin
17:10:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Is that were you went?
17:10:17 <Dave from B™> Yes
17:26:39 <Dave from B™> Just a heads up...possible Giantess tomorrow around 1600
17:38:14 <ynpvisitor101> Dave from B™, have a nice tri p ☺
17:39:48 <Dave from B™> Thanks 101. Tomrrow's absence is a Dentist appt
17:42:07 <Dave from B™> Time to help close the makret. Have a great evening everyone!
17:45:19 <Lori S> Back in Black..Again
17:51:51 <Lori S> The cam ahas been put in Hospice. That's funny Kevin L™🌵
18:01:26 <Cooper> 3rd in XC meet
18:03:55 <Cooper> Ooops
18:03:59 <Cooper> Sorry for caps
18:04:12 <Lori S> Oh, Hi Mr C
18:04:21 <Cooper> Hi Mrs. Lori
18:04:24 <Cooper> Ms**
18:05:57 <Lori S> Cooper, The answer to your question. Kind of.
18:06:33 <Cooper> Thanks Lori
18:07:45 <Lori S> "it's a slot machine, it can go 3 cherries anytime" Gonna add that to my fb quotes, Craig
18:07:58 <Cooper> haha, nice one Lori
18:08:35 <Kevin L™🌵> This one just does 3 lemons.
18:09:03 <Lori S> Cooper, Craig said it ^^^
18:09:20 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
18:09:26 <Lori S> Kevin L™🌵, LOL
18:18:01 <Cooper> Possible Arty
18:19:12 <Lori S> Cooper, You see Arty through the X or what?
18:19:33 <Cooper> I see Art through the X
18:20:31 <Lori S> I just saw art for a second there. Blurry, gray, art.
18:22:22 <Cooper> Arty 1807:52
18:23:54 <Lori S> Cooper, You a geyser psychic or what?
18:24:07 <Cooper> haha
18:24:09 <Cooper> I am
18:24:23 <Cooper> that is why I am going to get 0 MINUTES on this SB Cycle!
18:25:39 <Lori S> There's hte art again,
18:25:44 <Lori S> And gone
18:34:19 <Lori S> I see frozen stram...much better than the black
18:34:24 <Lori S> steam
18:34:41 <Cooper> thgat it is@!
18:34:43 <Cooper> wow
18:34:51 <Cooper> that it is**
18:41:05 <ynpvisitor30> I see they fixed the cam.
18:49:54 <Lori S> Moving steam...oh, nevermind
18:50:26 <Lori S> Headed out for the night. Don't get hypnotized by that circling.
18:50:42 <Cooper> bye lori
18:51:06 <Lori S> Bye Cooper
19:02:41 <Cooper> OF ie
19:12:22 <Cooper> Hi Gabe
19:12:32 <GabeL> hello Cooper
19:18:28 <GabeL> so what has recently erupted?
19:19:03 <GabeL> uhhhh... It looks like Great Fountain is going to erupt... or it just did erupt...
19:19:29 <Cooper> you can not see that on the cam
19:19:46 <GabeL> no i know i'm looking at the predictions
19:20:04 <Cooper> to the left of that is a list that tells you what erupted recently
19:20:17 <GabeL> oh
19:20:21 <GabeL> cool thanks
19:20:21 <Cooper> Lion
19:20:22 <Cooper> ..
19:20:24 <Cooper> .
19:20:24 <Cooper> .
19:20:25 <Cooper> .
19:20:32 <Cooper> initial
19:20:36 <GabeL> is that 17 mins of 17 hours
19:21:57 <GabeL> or***
19:22:02 <GabeL> sorry
19:22:18 <Cooper> where
19:22:21 <GabeL> i know that of stands for old ye' fluffball
19:22:35 <Cooper> OF to you
19:22:38 <GabeL> on the predictions it says last seen 17:36
19:22:54 <Cooper> 17 hours
19:22:55 <GabeL> yes all caps too lol
19:22:59 <Cooper> oh not initial
19:23:01 <GabeL> oh
19:23:22 <GabeL> is lion a rare geyser?
19:23:27 <Cooper> no
19:23:35 <GabeL> oh
19:23:50 <GabeL> I want to see lion roar for me :)
19:24:21 <GabeL> i think i've only seen Castle, Grand, and OF
19:24:32 <Cooper> irl?
19:24:44 <GabeL> no on the webcam
19:24:48 <Cooper> ok
19:24:54 <GabeL> and I have never been to yellowstone
19:24:58 <Cooper> ok
19:25:01 <GabeL> I want to go IRL tho
19:25:10 <GabeL> its been too long
19:25:22 <GabeL> and I love the astronomy that I always hear about
19:25:36 <GabeL> I REALLY want to see the night sky
19:25:41 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
19:25:52 <GabeL> i've heard that it is beautiful
19:26:00 <Cooper> it is
19:26:13 <GabeL> i believe it
19:27:36 <GabeL> i wonder which geyser are going off while this cam is frozen
19:27:50 <GabeL> probably beehive, knowing that it hates my guts
19:28:10 <Cooper> everyone Gabe
19:30:25 <Cooper> looks like SB tommorow maybe
19:38:56 <GabeL> alright guys, gotta go cya'
19:39:01 <Cooper> bye Gabe
19:39:08 <GabeL> bye everyone
20:29:58 <Cooper> Blah.. I am about as tired as a walrus after a chasing away a polar bear. I am going to be now! Goodnight Everyone.
20:30:01 <Cooper> “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” – Oscar Wilde
20:30:04 <Cooper> Cooper Out
21:09:42 <ynpvisitor55> Uuu