Showing logs for date: 2019-09-21
04:50:14 <ynpvisitor47> Grand ie
05:01:44 <Betty> seems OF just erupted
06:19:45 <Joe> Hi Craig, the camera is yours, been watching OF since 0500
06:21:12 <CraigC> hey Joe, how's it going
06:22:30 <Joe> Good CraigC, are you ready for some fun operating?
06:22:50 <CraigC> yeah, it will be nice to feel like we are doing something
06:23:05 <LindaG> Morning
06:23:06 <CraigC> what's your impression since they changed the radio?
06:23:08 <Joe> that is for sure
06:23:09 <CraigC> hey Linda
06:23:18 <LindaG> CraigC, hi
06:23:34 <Joe> 1000% better :)
06:23:44 <CraigC> lol
06:23:57 <CraigC> does it seem choppier than the tree cam?
06:24:47 <Joe> Now if they do the presets better and set the night mode better we will be in heaven :)
06:25:09 <CraigC> GH needs slightly wider, slightly to the left
06:25:35 <CraigC> it missed LC
06:26:25 <LindaG> Died on me twice yesterday but I think maybe VEC WAS having power issues
06:26:34 <Joe> Yes it is choppier as they have not reset things from when they were trying to cut the bandwidth when they thought that might be the problem
06:27:02 <Joe> OF
06:27:54 <Joe> Yes they did have power issues, yesterday, Hi Linda
06:28:41 <LindaG> Joe, hi, good to know, it wasn't encouraging to have cam down
06:29:09 <Joe> But from what I see the Radio/Camera has not failed since the radio was replaced
06:29:19 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:29:35 <LindaG> Yay
06:30:34 <LindaG> CraigC, still hiding out in that house?
06:30:45 <CraigC> yep
06:31:12 <Joe> We will always have cam down periods, as the internet onit's way to us will have intermittent failures
06:31:27 <Joe> on it's
06:31:44 <LindaG> A fact of life 😉
06:32:14 <Joe> We have always had that along with YNP power issues
06:32:57 <LindaG> Hehe I tried not to take it personally
06:34:25 <Joe> Me neither, But I realized as someone said, I suffer from Radio/Camera PTSD
06:36:00 <LindaG> Joe, lol yeah that was funny, but true. I assumed the worst yesterday when cam went down.
06:37:28 <LindaG> Well enjoy! bbl
06:37:56 <Joe> Bye
06:38:47 <Joe> Craig, try to do a good job today :)
06:50:06 <CraigC> guessing grotto
07:02:38 <Joe> Daisy
07:21:05 <CraigC> bulger
07:24:50 <Joe> Is that Rside to left
07:25:05 <Joe> right
07:25:12 <Joe> 8nope
07:26:35 <Joe> Have to get L and R tattooed on the back of my hands :)
07:26:43 <CraigC> LOL
07:27:50 <CraigC> I still visualize my next door neighbors basement, older sisters pointing to each side of the TV, left and right, left and right, left and right
07:28:26 <Joe> :)
07:29:23 <CraigC> "which arm do you cast the fly rod... Right"
07:44:03 <CraigC> bison ie
07:45:15 <Cooper> My poor self, I have eated Kaisersmarrn for almost every meal since I first ate it:p!
07:45:55 <Cooper> Wish me luck Kayaking + Fishing Today
07:46:26 <CraigC> good luck, enjoy being outside
07:53:51 <ynpvisitor75> Riverside 0753 wc perhaps?
07:54:07 <CraigC> entered 751 ns
07:54:31 <ynpvisitor75> Good it was caught for the VC
07:58:24 <CraigC> not much of a rise in temp yesterday on SB;
08:03:47 <LindaG> Those tree tops look frosty
08:03:53 <CraigC> yeah
08:03:58 <CraigC> wb
08:04:07 <LindaG> Thx
08:04:43 <LindaG> I love YNP but I dont think I could live somewhere that cold that early
08:05:33 <CraigC> did that person look off b oardwalk?
08:06:07 <CraigC> OF
08:07:33 <CraigC> looks better on static
08:08:58 <LindaG> Mr. Snowman is fogged in.
08:09:39 <LindaG> The lake looks real nice and frosty
08:10:23 <Joe> Craig if you meant the person in the red jacket on far bw, they were on bw
08:10:39 <CraigC> Joe, cool, thanks
08:10:53 <CraigC> illuptical option
08:11:50 <Joe> yep, replay eliminates illuptical option :)
08:12:29 <LindaG> 😊
08:12:42 <CraigC> black sand pool area?
08:19:36 <CraigC> made call to comm center
08:20:31 <Joe> Good, Bison is smarter than those folks
08:21:10 <CraigC> no answer at VEC
08:22:49 <Joe> I haven't been able to get psat the recording, LE may need to be called
08:23:06 <Joe> past
08:23:10 <CraigC> #?
08:23:59 <Joe> 3073442640
08:24:18 <CraigC> that is who I talked to
08:24:36 <CraigC> after no answer at VEC
08:24:43 <Joe> AH!
08:25:44 <CraigC> tail
08:26:58 <Joe> Craig, I got the VEC they will look
08:27:08 <CraigC> :thumbsup: thanks
08:27:22 <Joe> 3073442750
08:28:35 <CraigC> you talked to VEC?
08:28:48 <Joe> yes
08:29:31 <Joe> the 2751 got recording 2750 talked to a person
08:29:59 <CraigC> I tried tthe 2750
08:32:34 <Joe> Definitely lack of brain power
08:32:57 <Joe> on the part of the bipeds
08:33:07 <CraigC> >(
08:38:21 <Joe> If one gets gored, we will give them a Nobel Peace prize....:):)
08:38:34 <CraigC> we missed seeing it jump the fence
08:50:07 <TomK> Good morning. What hae I missed?
08:50:38 <CraigC> hey Tom, there was a bison that crossed thru the lot in front of the Inn, typical dumb tourists getting too close
08:50:58 <CraigC> Joe and I both notified VEC and comm center
08:51:18 <CraigC> it went around behind the Inn, not in sight now
08:51:42 <TomK> So... nothing special, then?
08:51:53 <TomK> ;)
08:51:58 <CraigC> :)
08:52:13 <Kevin L™🌵> Giantess is due...
08:52:22 <CraigC> Marmot Cave seems to be erupting, keep an eye on it
08:52:47 <TomK> kk
08:53:09 <CraigC> no Aurum yet
08:53:21 <CraigC> or Lion, but it has had little roars
08:54:40 <TomK> good updates, TY.
08:54:51 <CraigC> YW
08:58:41 <CraigC> I'm logging off, enjoy
08:59:16 <TomK> Cam working! I'll take it.
08:59:48 <TomK> bye
09:01:12 <TomK> it works!
09:02:06 <Joe> It has been great since they replaced the radio :)
09:02:38 <TomK> Fingers & toes crossed
09:04:00 <Joe> With the exception of a power failure in the park yesterday, it has been great!!
09:04:24 <Joe> No gaps in my recordings :)
09:04:47 <TomK> :)
09:09:55 <TomK> Are there gazers in the basin making calls?
09:10:09 <Joe> yes
09:10:34 <TomK> good
09:24:16 <ynpvisitor14> Daisy ie
09:25:13 <TomK> My esp working
09:25:47 <ynpvisitor14> start caught in basin
09:28:13 <TomK> OF window in 2 min per NPS.
09:30:24 <Joe> Snowman on Washburn South is keeping watch
09:31:07 <TomK> Que?
09:31:46 <Joe> Look at the washburn static camera :)
09:32:30 <TomK> lol
09:32:32 <ynpvisitor8> here
09:43:20 <TomK> 3 rows of benches at OF? I haven't been to the OF boardwalk this season. When did that happen?
09:44:49 <Joe> They did a total rebuild early in the season near opening
09:45:24 <CraigC> Pence did it
09:45:39 <Joe> :)
09:45:56 <TomK> :) No, really.
09:46:34 <Joe> Pence helped in a photo op
09:47:21 <TomK> Iheeard he was there for photo op
09:47:30 <TomK> heard
09:48:01 <Kevin L™🌵> He should have asked for a bench by Aurum.
09:48:28 <TomK> apparently OF + GH were completely shut down while he was there.
09:49:56 <Joe> we were not allowed to use the camera during the visit :)
09:50:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Some photo op.
09:52:03 <Joe> Nice steam ear spring
09:52:18 <TomK> AFK 1 while I start tea
09:52:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Look for BH 1000-1200.
09:53:14 <Joe> training time :)
09:53:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Yep.
10:21:17 <CraigC> wonder if we missed Aurum during the bison watch
10:21:18 <TomK> :)
10:21:31 <CraigC> Grand in window
10:21:45 <Joe> You woke me up
10:21:50 <TomK> k
10:21:50 <CraigC> LOL
10:25:11 <TomK> I'll switch back to grand 15 min after turban call
10:26:06 <ynpvisitor14> is it possible to get the wide Bee to Daisy view?
10:26:48 <TomK> I'll try. is that the night time view?
10:27:55 <TomK> this is labeled grand to beehive
10:28:02 <Joe> zoom all the way out then Daisy to BH is possible
10:28:42 <Joe> many of the presets need to be redone
10:29:47 <Joe> well notquite any more
10:30:08 <TomK> this gets grand to almost bh
10:30:19 <Joe> nice
10:30:41 <CraigC> and you caught Marmot Cave, wooohooo
10:32:02 <TomK> :)
10:33:08 <TomK> How's that? zoom out max
10:33:31 <CraigC> slightly left, and you have BH and Grand looking good
10:33:33 <Joe> nice
10:33:53 <Joe> there
10:33:58 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
10:34:23 <CraigC> that would be a good preset
10:34:31 <ynpvisitor14> excellent
10:34:50 <ynpvisitor14> Thank you!
10:35:31 <Joe> writr the ptz numbers down and send them to DaveK for the Grand Bh preset
10:35:42 <TomK> YW, we aim to please.
10:35:57 <Joe> write *
10:37:03 <Joe> pan -44.55 tilt 1.53 zoom 60.4
10:40:35 <ynpvisitor8> I sent those numbers
10:57:05 <TomK> OF wndow 4 minutes per NPS
10:57:20 <TomK> time to switch
10:58:23 <TomK> I'll come back to that view right after OF
11:11:46 <ynpvisitor14> well we missed Grand again
11:13:14 <ynpvisitor24> gm all; webcam working!; hitches for me on GT chat; continuous at the YNP site; didn't used to do this
11:15:23 <ynpvisitor29> Old Faithful.
11:19:11 <TomK> Daisy & Castle windows
11:24:02 <ynpvisitor14> Grotto ie
11:30:16 <ynpvisitor13> s that Artie steam?
11:30:49 <Michael> Yes, but not enough to make me think it's erupting.
11:31:17 <ynpvisitor13> what else would it be? Does it steam like that before erupting?
11:31:22 <ynpvisitor29> Nice Grotto plume.
11:31:56 <Michael> It's a big pool like Oblong. When it's cold or humid there's a lot of steam just from that.
11:33:25 <ynpvisitor13> seems stronger now
11:34:18 <ynpvisitor13> looks like ddshepard is out there, he will post if it goes
11:35:33 <ynpvisitor14> at least someone got Aurum
11:37:03 <ynpvisitor13> I guess the steam was Atomizer
11:37:46 <Michael> I wouldn't have guessed that Atomizer was visible. Now I know it sometimes is.
11:38:14 <Michael> No way I'll ever have confidence to report it based on the webcam.
11:38:32 <ynpvisitor13> best left to in basin for sure
11:39:25 <ynpvisitor14> Extra hard with all the Grotto steam
11:40:03 <ynpvisitor21> Looking at the chat timeline, you mentioned it 4 min before Atomizer.
11:41:07 <ynpvisitor13> there it is again, thanks 21, just steam from the pool I guess
11:46:34 <ynpvisitor13> only 34 in the basin, wow
11:50:12 <ynpvisitor13> Daisy
11:53:53 <ynpvisitor13> good viewing considering how steamy it is
11:56:03 <TomK> Can't quite get castle's steam and the hill in the same view.
11:57:26 <Michael> Then Lion will just have to wait its turn.
11:58:50 <Joe> I think you can get castle to Lion zoom out all the way and put castle just left
11:59:04 <TomK> Someone watching Indy?
12:00:33 <ynpvisitor29> Atomizer's entry on GT doesn't specify minor or major.
12:00:36 <Joe> there
12:00:54 <Joe> just left a little
12:01:34 <Joe> little more
12:01:56 <Joe> there :)
12:02:18 <ynpvisitor58> Kevin broke BH.
12:02:36 <TomK> You sure are hard to please, Joe. :) :)
12:02:38 <ynpvisitor13> or it went overnight
12:02:55 <ynpvisitor58> Kevin said 10 to 12.
12:03:17 <Joe> I think it went in the dark, I could not see anything on the hill last night
12:06:22 <ynpvisitor13> That looked like water at Castle
12:06:28 <TomK> Castle? I saw water, I think
12:07:00 <TomK> yes
12:07:54 <ynpvisitor14> not yet for castle
12:08:23 <ynpvisitor13> that was a tall preplay I guess
12:09:42 <ynpvisitor58> A mini minor
12:10:22 <TomK> OK, I'll accept 'preplay' I didn't realize you could see water of preplay on the ccam.
12:14:23 <Joe> Tom I might be a little late to do Grahams shift. A chore just popped up
12:14:49 <CraigC> the great pumpkin on static
12:15:38 <CraigC> what time is his shift?
12:15:51 <TomK> OK, I can stick around a little while
12:15:54 <Joe> 1300 to dark
12:16:16 <Joe> Thanks Tom should not be long
12:16:20 <CraigC> I can help out, I am stuck here, I hurt my back cutting trees
12:16:34 <TomK> Ouch!
12:17:04 <CraigC> has anyone heard from Eric since his climbing adventure?
12:20:11 <Michael> Another tease from Castle.
12:23:59 <TomK> OF window in around 10-12 minutes... We may miss Castle, too
12:24:51 <CraigC> nice
12:25:06 <Michael> OF doesn't always know how to share the spotlight.
12:25:34 <TomK> end of Lion better than no lion
12:27:00 <Michael> Yup. I'm still having fun watching it.
12:27:40 <LindaG> Good day!
12:27:54 <Michael> Hi LindaG.
12:28:00 <TomK> Hi
12:29:27 <TomK> Same 3 still watching for indy
12:32:49 <Kevin L™🌵> Indy is in May.
12:32:54 <ynpvisitor14> we could see more zoomed out and still get Castle
12:33:32 <TomK> Sorry, OF window
12:44:05 <LindaG> Nice OF
12:44:27 <Michael> I hope BHI lasts at least 6-7 minutes so we can get over there.
12:45:02 <LindaG> oh I didnt know it started
12:45:18 <LindaG> I hope so too
12:45:30 <TomK> AAAAARGH!
12:45:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Put a plug in it Tom!
12:46:18 <CraigC> with time to spare
12:46:21 <ynpvisitor21> nope
12:46:32 <LindaG> Well at least the cam isnt down, I whisper so it doesnt hear
12:46:59 <TomK> :)
12:47:00 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice view of Old Faithful! :)
12:47:13 <CraigC> LOL
12:47:18 <LindaG> Yeah strong eruption
12:47:25 <CraigC> NE (Near End)
12:51:00 <LindaG> Come on aurum
12:51:01 <Michael> Castle ie. That figures.
12:51:22 <LindaG> Uh aurum already happened
12:51:29 <ynpvisitor14> rather see BH than Castle
12:52:00 <Michael> Today everything erupts while we're looking at something else, it seems.
12:52:22 <LindaG> One of those days
12:53:05 <TomK> At least the cam works, makes it a good day.
12:54:10 <TomK> Castle to Lion
12:55:37 <TomK> We were trying to widest view earlier
12:56:48 <Michael> Time for a walk. Or a nap.
12:57:08 <CraigC> TomK, I can take the cam until Joe gets done
12:57:41 <CraigC> I owe him for all the hours he has covered mine
12:59:24 <TomK> OK, Craig. Thanks
12:59:33 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
12:59:55 <TomK> I'm off
13:00:16 <CraigC> TomK, do you know you can change the resolution?
13:00:34 <CraigC> so the cam screen fits larger
13:00:59 <TomK> What a pleasure it as been today, to work the cam and see geysers
13:01:12 <TomK> Later folks.
13:01:17 <CraigC> cya
13:01:39 <TomK> Didn't know about resolution
13:01:58 <CraigC> I go to 960-540
13:02:53 <CraigC> bulger ie
13:02:55 <TomK> Oh, on the B viewer, sreen size, yes I knew about that
13:03:08 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
13:03:46 <TomK> I warch on volunteer view, switch back to VB viewer to cange'
13:03:47 <ynpvisitor14> thanks Tom
13:04:00 <TomK> change
13:04:06 <TomK> Bye all
13:04:17 <ynpvisitor14> Arty ie
13:04:37 <CraigC> Arty entered in basin
13:04:47 <ynpvisitor14> Grotto done
13:05:47 <ynpvisitor14> bulger is maj
13:06:01 <CraigC> yeah, first noticed it ie at 1301
13:08:49 <ynpvisitor14> long one
13:16:59 <Joe> I'm back thanks Tom
13:17:15 <CraigC> I can stay with it if you want
13:17:52 <Joe> How lon would you like to stay?
13:18:04 <Joe> long
13:18:47 <CraigC> I can stay an hour or so, and come back and help later on, too. My back went out while cutting trees, so I just need to hit jacuzzi in a while, then I will be around
13:19:48 <Joe> OK how about I take it at 2
13:19:56 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
13:20:14 <Joe> Thanks
13:20:22 <CraigC> anytime
13:21:14 <Joe> Sorry about your back that can be miserable
13:21:43 <CraigC> thanks, something I struggle with most my life
13:27:19 <ynpvisitor55> Did cam catch BH today?
13:27:28 <CraigC> yep
13:27:36 <ynpvisitor55> nice
13:29:01 <CraigC> Riverside and Lion in windows
13:43:37 <ynpvisitor8> Lion mnaybe
13:43:44 <CraigC> :lion:
13:48:29 <ynpvisitor14> Weather turning crappy
13:48:48 <CraigC> looks lousy
13:49:21 <ynpvisitor14> head for shelter
13:54:45 <CraigC> ri verside
13:58:26 <Joe> thanks Craig, it is really appreciated
13:58:48 <CraigC> sure, I still owe you for many hours that you cover
13:59:13 <CraigC> Daisy on deack, sure you know
13:59:26 <Joe> nah, we are good, look at the fun I got to have
14:01:30 <Cooper> OOoops
14:01:35 <Cooper> Sry for caps
14:02:52 <Cooper> Were on Boats for 4 Hours, caught 37!!!!!!! 7 of Which were over 16, 2 were over 19, and 1 of those was 24.25 Inches!!!!! All were Rainbow Trout!
14:21:26 <Cooper> Hi Betty
14:24:35 <Betty> hi all, hi Cooper
14:24:57 <Betty> OF
14:29:02 <Cooper> Thx for the wash
14:35:51 <Cooper> Aurum in an hour
14:43:01 <CraigC> one of the anemones
14:45:26 <Joe> that was BA Craig
14:45:39 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
14:46:06 <Joe> 1442
14:46:52 <Betty> Depression ie
14:47:26 <CraigC> nice
14:47:46 <Betty> :)
14:48:53 <CraigC> wow
14:49:00 <Betty> more to the right
14:49:27 <CraigC> Lion is on deck, though
14:49:39 <Betty> oh, yes
14:50:17 <CraigC> see
14:50:26 <CraigC> ;)
14:52:23 <CraigC> roar
14:52:29 <CraigC> lion
14:52:43 <CraigC> minor
14:54:05 <Cooper> Hey, glad I did not miss Lion ROOOOAAARRR
14:56:04 <Cooper> Roar
14:56:11 <Cooper> mp[e
14:56:14 <Cooper> nope**
14:57:12 <Cooper> Glad that SB has water
15:01:08 <Betty> looks like snow
15:01:31 <Cooper> you like snow Betty?
15:01:38 <Betty> yep
15:01:53 <Betty> no snow = no skiing
15:02:00 <Cooper> Hi Bird
15:02:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Ugly bird.
15:02:09 <Cooper> I agree, you like to ski?
15:02:21 <Betty> yep
15:02:36 <Cooper> same here, you good? do oyu have Double Blacks in Germany?
15:03:57 <Betty> don´t know, only 3 category system here in Europe. Blue, red, black
15:04:14 <Betty> no double diamonds
15:04:29 <Cooper> is Blue easy, Red Moderate, black Hard?
15:04:36 <Betty> yep
15:04:46 <Cooper> you like to ski Blacks?
15:04:51 <Betty> yes
15:04:59 <Cooper> nice
15:05:21 <Cooper> glad to find someone else on here that loves to ski, and loves to ski harder terrain:)
15:05:35 <Betty> but since I´m getting old, it´s not so easy anymore
15:05:59 <Betty> I need to get fitter
15:06:02 <Cooper> sound like my parents:p they cant keep up with me:p
15:06:23 <Betty> I can relate :-)
15:06:39 <Cooper> :)
15:07:59 <Cooper> do they groom in Germany?
15:08:13 <Betty> yes
15:08:48 <Cooper> you like Groomers, or non Groomers more?
15:09:15 <Betty> I usually go to Switzerland for skiing, and Austria
15:09:32 <Cooper> oh wow!
15:09:50 <Cooper> never been skiing there, want to tho
15:10:21 <Betty> you have the best snow and want to go to Europe?
15:10:44 <Cooper> haha
15:10:46 <Cooper> yes
15:10:49 <Betty> I like groomed
15:11:11 <Betty> not fit enough for non groomed
15:11:13 <Cooper> I have been to most resorts in the US, Canada, South America, but I have NEVER been skiing in Europe
15:11:27 <Cooper> Groomers are the BEST
15:12:13 <Betty> both are fun, but groomed is better for me ;-)
15:12:54 <Cooper> same here
15:13:26 <Cooper> I have a tendency to destroy my shoulders on non-groomers.
15:13:31 <Betty> I bet you like to become fast
15:13:40 <Cooper> I love going fast!
15:13:41 <Betty> not good
15:14:48 <Betty> fast you become automatically, but do nice short slow turns is the state of art
15:14:52 <Cooper> I have a fit bit thingy that tracks my skiing speed, on Blue Groomers, or for you Red Groomers I get up to a good 30 most of the time for a few minutes before I get to the end:) freaks the heck out of my parents
15:15:29 <Cooper> and I love going 30 around large turns, you feel your skis sliding out from under you because of Gravity:)
15:16:10 <Cooper> They hate it!
15:16:47 <Betty> I don´t like going fast, I enjoy!
15:16:53 <Cooper> and then on Black Groomers, whoooosh, I hit 40 on some!
15:17:12 <Cooper> my parents really hate me doing that!
15:17:23 <Cooper> Betty, sounds like my parents
15:17:32 <Betty> :-)
15:18:07 <Cooper> but it is all blah blah blah, I only fall at that speed once or twice a year:)
15:18:25 <Cooper> Betty, you ever ski in the USA
15:18:29 <Betty> well, you could be my child, almost my grandchild
15:18:56 <Betty> not yet
15:19:08 <Cooper> haha Betty
15:19:31 <Cooper> you need to go to Whistler Backcomb
15:21:40 <Cooper> they have huge 3 Mile long Blue, or for you Red Groomers
15:22:14 <Cooper> that are perfect, and for people like my parents, or you, takes 30 minutes.
15:23:13 <Cooper> blah... need a sandwich.
15:24:09 <Betty> 30 min for 3 miles on a blue?
15:24:28 <Betty> you take off your skis?
15:25:20 <Cooper> haha
15:25:28 <Cooper> yes...
15:25:38 <Cooper> they are like 750 feet wide....
15:25:48 <Cooper> so everyone loves to just take huge wide turns
15:26:03 <Cooper> I do them in 5, my parents do them in 39
15:26:06 <Cooper> 30**
15:26:12 <Cooper> so for you, more like 15 minutes
15:26:15 <Betty> as I said, I like short turns
15:26:32 <Cooper> yes... so 10 to 15 Minutes
15:26:43 <Betty> more likely
15:26:58 <Cooper> they are spectacular!
15:29:00 <Kevin L™🌵> No Aurum?
15:29:19 <Cooper> not yet
15:29:35 <Cooper> hopefully before OF tho
15:29:36 <Betty> hi Kevin
15:29:49 <Kevin L™🌵> I gave it a chance. I went to the store.
15:29:55 <Kevin L™🌵> Hi Betty.
15:31:00 <Betty> Kevin is not the same as you used to know it. It is regular and reliable, and maybe it likes you now :-)
15:31:24 <Cooper> Kevin is reliable and regular?
15:31:34 <Cooper> no he is unpredictable, and irregular?
15:31:44 <Betty> Kevin, Aurum is...
15:31:56 <Cooper> oh... rght
15:32:10 <Kevin L™🌵> It will wait for a potty break or chicken feeding.
15:32:45 <Cooper> it likes to do that
15:49:19 <Kevin L™🌵> When is your first skiing trip Betty?
15:49:57 <Betty> Last weekend before xmas I think
15:50:13 <Cooper> when do they open?
15:50:26 <Betty> 1st full week in Janurary for sure
15:50:49 <Kevin L™🌵> I thought you would be there in November.
15:51:16 <Cooper> They open in NOVEMBER?!!
15:51:30 <Betty> "My" ski resort opens Nov 28th and ends May 3rd
15:51:40 <Betty> yes
15:51:41 <Cooper> WOW! That is late
15:52:08 <Cooper> "My" Ski Resort opens Mid Octoboer, and Closes Late May
15:52:11 <Kevin L™🌵> I figured the Alps would have enough snow before that.
15:52:18 <Betty> not that much snow, Cooper
15:52:30 <Cooper> ok
15:52:51 <Betty> no glacier though
15:53:10 <Cooper> no crevasses then
15:53:44 <Betty> no
15:53:59 <Cooper> that is nice
15:54:38 <Betty> there are some resorts that are open year round, but I think that is ridiculous
15:55:06 <Betty> skiing is for winter, not summer
15:55:22 <Betty> summer is for Yellowstone
15:55:39 <Cooper> yes, I agree
15:57:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like rocks in the Berchtesgaden area but beautiful sunset at Eagles Nest:
15:58:28 <Betty> pretty nice
16:00:00 <Kevin L™🌵> Gnarly looking clouds.
16:07:07 <Betty> OF
16:22:01 <Cooper> No Aurum?
16:22:14 <Cooper> Can we fit both in the same screen? Grand and Aurum that is?
16:33:36 <Cooper> Bh
16:33:36 <Cooper> .
16:33:36 <Cooper> .
16:33:37 <Cooper> .
16:33:37 <Cooper> .
16:33:41 <Cooper> BULGERS HOLE!
16:34:13 <CraigC> are you ok?
16:34:27 <Cooper> yes Craig
16:34:32 <Cooper> I love Bulgers Hole
16:35:13 <Cooper> # 33 of the year
16:38:30 <Cooper> Turban I think
16:52:46 <CraigC> :daisy:
16:52:48 <Cooper> watch out for Grand
16:52:55 <Cooper> nevermind
16:52:58 <Cooper> Turban 1644
16:53:52 <CraigC> Joe, isn't it nice to have a kid at your side guiding you on watching geysers?
16:54:23 <Joe> Yes it is :)
16:54:28 <Cooper> why do I have a feeling that this is a Craig test
16:54:36 <Cooper> and that that was sarcasm
16:55:59 <Cooper> Craig, was that sarcasm????
16:58:03 <Cooper> Bulger
16:58:20 <Cooper> minor
16:59:37 <CraigC> this scene comes to mind often times in this chat...
17:00:32 <Cooper> your right Craig:p
17:01:08 <CraigC> my right?
17:01:59 <Cooper> Craig, now looking back on everthing, you are right about 90% of the time
17:03:33 <Cooper> Craig agrees with me on something:)
17:05:10 <CraigC> my daughter is making mojitos if anyone wants to stop by
17:05:49 <Cooper> I can't, legally anyway
17:09:21 <Kevin L™🌵> I get a bottled water and a couple of Speedway dogs toKnight.
17:09:23 <Joe> I'll drink one with you
17:09:45 <Cooper> nice Kevin, Hotdogs, I love hotdogs!
17:10:17 <Joe> Both the mojitos and the bottled water:)
17:11:27 <CraigC> Joe, you can have the mojito, I'll take a beer, and a dog
17:11:54 <Joe> Beer!! is good
17:12:32 <CraigC> bulger
17:12:55 <CraigC> Bulger's Hole would be a good name for a beer
17:13:03 <Kevin L™🌵> It is the kids last race this season. He is tied for 5th in points.
17:13:17 <Cooper> Nice Kevin!
17:13:27 <Joe> 4 hours to rock springs hours ~ 3 hours to you, leave the light on for me:))
17:13:53 <Joe> Said in my best Tom Bodet voice:)
17:15:23 <Joe> Sounds good Keven, hope he does well
17:17:33 <Joe> Grand next Turban, or OF gets the stage
17:17:35 <Cooper> yum
17:20:43 <Kevin L™🌭> I think my Wife decided to go. She wasn't going to another race after the last one she was at.
17:20:58 <Cooper🐟> why?
17:21:43 <Joe> turnovers are not good for her :)
17:21:51 <Betty> I think it is the same with you skiing
17:22:08 <Kevin L™🌭> She wasn't happy with the results:,photo_gallery/cat_id,55391?sf_id=38342#images-64
17:29:20 <Kevin L™🌭> The bummer on that one is he had a GoPro on the roof that survived but he didn't hit the button right for it to record.
17:30:14 <CraigC> dang
17:34:16 <Betty> Grand started 1730
17:34:30 <Cooper🐟> yup
17:34:37 <Kevin L™🌭> :p
17:34:47 <Cooper🐟> and of couse of is going to drag this out
17:34:51 <Cooper🐟> or not
17:35:02 <Kevin L™🌭> Please be a short
17:35:15 <Cooper🐟> yes please
17:36:44 <Betty> not many shorts in last 100 :-p
17:36:59 <Kevin L™🌭> Getting to cold for shorts.
17:38:00 <Cooper🐟> ok OF, stop!
17:38:22 <Betty> is that a bison in the trees to the right?
17:38:40 <Cooper🐟> I do not think so
17:38:45 <Cooper🐟> it looks like a stump
17:39:04 <Cooper🐟> 9 mins into Grand
17:40:47 <Cooper🐟> b- done
17:41:20 <Cooper🐟> b-
17:41:25 <Cooper🐟> yay!
17:41:36 <Cooper🐟> maybe b2, or possibly even b3
17:42:17 <Cooper🐟> b- done
17:44:54 <Cooper🐟> can we have a peak at Aurum?
17:46:06 <Kevin L™🌭> It wants me to leave.
17:46:12 <Cooper🐟> haha
17:46:40 <Betty> or me. time for sleep. Night all
17:46:53 <Cooper🐟> bye Betty
17:46:57 <Kevin L™🌭> Good Knight.
17:55:36 <CraigC> lot of steam from BH
17:57:31 <Cooper🐟> I love now looking at OLD pictures of Bulger before Bh was even a Geyser
18:02:12 <ynpvisitor103> Ot
18:20:37 <Cooper🐟> Entered Aurum based on
18:25:55 <Cooper🐟> That is why I had to enter Aurum twice:p
18:26:04 <Cooper🐟> I ented it the first time as Anemone Little
18:31:15 <ynpvisitor16> short for a double interval isn't it?
18:31:38 <Cooper🐟> maybe it was just 1 longer itnerval
19:03:36 <Cooper🐟> OF Window
19:06:46 <ynpvisitor7> OF window?
19:07:03 <ynpvisitor7> right, Cooper :)
19:09:29 <Cooper🐟> I guess out cam op ran away:)
19:09:45 <ynpvisitor7> :)
19:10:14 <Cooper🐟> or not:)
19:10:22 <Cooper🐟> Linda?
19:10:48 <ynpvisitor7> there
19:11:04 <Cooper🐟> Hi Linda, at least I think Hi Linda
19:11:37 <ynpvisitor7> OF
19:11:43 <ynpvisitor7> just in time :)
19:30:43 <Cooper🐟> Hi Michael
19:32:06 <Michael> Hi Cooper
20:11:18 <Michael> Not sure there's much to see before dark, but I may as well be stubborn and try.
20:16:43 <Cooper🐟> someone back there is lighting up either Churn or Oblong
20:24:02 <Michael> I could believe Lion is going. But can't really tell.
20:24:25 <Cooper🐟> Goodnight Eveyone
20:24:29 <Cooper🐟> “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” -Theodore Roosevelt
20:24:31 <Cooper🐟> Cooper Out
20:24:32 <Michael> Night, Cooper.
20:25:31 <ynpvisitor12> alo
20:25:34 <ynpvisitor12> ion
20:26:24 <ynpvisitor12> Lion
20:27:34 <Michael> Wish it had gone 15 minutes ago when the lighting was better.