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05:54:09 <Rice> Cam says it is up, but all black, Joe has it been working?
05:55:00 <Joe> Camera has been perftct, heavy fog rolled in
05:55:13 <Joe> perfect*
05:56:27 <ynpvisitor73> seems fall is coming ... :-)
05:56:51 <Joe> all three views, nothing but fog
06:10:30 <Rice> I see lights
06:10:52 <Rice> I was getting nervouse
06:12:46 <Joe> Geyser hill and down basin are sitll covered
06:17:50 <ynpvisitor50> yuck on the fog
06:20:45 <ynpvisitor50> I see some blue-ish sky up there
06:21:23 <Rice> Color
06:37:07 <Joe> OF
07:05:11 <Kat> Well, what happened here?? Morning all!
07:08:22 <Joe> The fog decided not to lift
07:09:15 <Kat> Aparently it is rolling throiugh
07:11:12 <Kat> You are now looking at the Upper Geyser Basin!!:lol:
07:18:39 <Kat> Clearing
07:18:59 <Kat> Maybe hahaha
07:19:52 <Kat> 30 degrees - my kind of weather!
07:20:38 <Kat> Looks like AB
07:21:49 <Joe> Looks like indy
07:22:41 <Rice> Something there
07:22:52 <Kat> Not sure....Bee was steaming alot
07:23:02 <Rice> Ask that person on the boardwalk.
07:23:37 <Kat> Would love to
07:24:04 <Rice> Booming voice through the fog: Hey buddy, is Beehive Indicator Erupting?
07:24:21 <Kat> Please tell us!!!!
07:24:53 <Joe> I posted it will delete it if we do not see Bee
07:25:07 <Kat> Can't see you kno what
07:25:13 <Kat> kmow*
07:25:19 <Kat> know*
07:25:35 <Kat> Great Joe!
07:25:36 <Rice> 3rd time is the Charm
07:26:00 <Kat> hahaha Rice,
07:26:21 <Kat> Ommmmm Clear, Ommm clear!
07:26:43 <Rice> Here we sit stareing into the FOG, to try and see something else white. Oh My.
07:27:33 <Kat> Rice, you are cracking me up!
07:27:39 <ynpvisitor46> Check out the Southern Mount Washburn cam.
07:28:34 <Kat> Nice co;or = it's clear somewhere!
07:28:57 <Kat> I need to wake up - color* -
07:30:37 <Kat> Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary as a camop! Still loving ti!
07:30:47 <Joe> I deleted Bhi, looked at my recording, It was only wishful thinking, ithink ;)
07:31:26 <Kat> :)
07:31:53 <Kat> Check out Mammoth cam - there's a backup heading to Tower
07:32:00 <Joe> Happy anniversary, At least you had a camera for your anniversary :)
07:32:18 <Kat> Yeah Joe!!
07:32:34 <Kat> Probably the elk distractingthe drivers
07:33:44 <Kat> Elk in the parking lot
07:37:06 <Kat> OF haha
07:37:19 <Kat> In the cam - not in ie
07:42:33 <Joe1> seeing those elk and that young one at Mammoth, reminded me of this elk (playing with or killing) a birf look at about 0640
07:43:35 <Joe1> bird*
07:47:12 <ynpvisitor> SB is good to go, pull the lever, roll the cherries
07:50:21 <Kat> Joe1, I rememebr that day!
07:50:41 <Kat> remember*
07:51:03 <ynpvisitor> every time I tell people about that, I start laughing
07:52:51 <Kat> Cam is still up
07:58:43 <LindaG> Ok what did you guys do with yellowstone?
07:59:31 <ynpvisitor27> Imdidnt change my name to 27
07:59:52 <ynpvisitor27> Kat, hi
07:59:53 <Joe> We are hiding it, would not want anyone to know about it
08:00:51 <Joe> Linda your computer/tablet is "magic"
08:00:54 <LindaG> Oh I see, or dont see
08:01:18 <Kat> We buried it in fog! Hi Linda!
08:01:43 <Kat> You don't see!
08:01:54 <LindaG> Hi, email came in about presets
08:03:13 <Kat> I'll look at it
08:04:30 <LindaG> Dont think I've ever seen it this foggy
08:07:40 <Kat> The Beehive indicator preset seems off to me. Also, wonder why the night time presets are so out of focus.
08:08:02 <LindaG> I agree
08:08:18 <Kat> Can we see it?? Haha
08:08:32 <LindaG> Unusually set night time myself because blurry drives me crazy
08:09:03 <LindaG> There are people watching
08:09:28 <Joe> I have sent DaveK new night time presets
08:09:29 <LindaG> I guess visibility is better on the ground
08:09:50 <LindaG> Joe, 👍
08:10:34 <LindaG> Gardiner er and Washburn are perfectly clear
08:11:07 <LindaG> Hi CraigC
08:11:17 <CraigC> Hey Linda
08:11:23 <Joe> ‹LindaG› Unusually set night :: I still get Lindaspeak :)
08:11:29 <LindaG> Welcome to fogland
08:11:46 <ynpvisitor84> .
08:12:05 <LindaG> Joe, lol I didnt even realize it
08:13:41 <Joe> and yes, the night view is unusually set at times
08:13:42 <Joe> :)
08:14:00 <Rice> Watch Yesterday's South Washburn Archieve, you can see a snow man die.
08:14:09 <LindaG> 😀
08:14:16 <Kat> :(
08:14:38 <LindaG> Poor snowman, but he'll be back
08:15:06 <Kat> I'm sure he will!
08:16:54 <LindaG> OF static looks kinda cool
08:17:15 <Kat> Looking like an OF
08:17:50 <LindaG> It changed just as in typed that
08:18:04 <LindaG> *I
08:18:41 <Kat> not yet
08:19:12 <Kat> OF
08:21:03 <Kat> I .ike this view
08:21:08 <Kat> like*
08:21:26 <Cooper> I see the fog is still here
08:21:28 <LindaG> Pretty
08:21:49 <Kat> LindaG, it really is
08:22:12 <Cooper> Hi Linda, Klat
08:22:16 <Cooper> Kat**
08:22:20 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
08:22:26 <Kat> :)
08:23:17 <Kat> Beginning to clear some
08:23:21 <Cooper> I hope Grand, Castle go here in the next 45 mins
08:23:37 <Kat> I hope we can see them
08:24:30 <LindaG> Maybe castle but then we won't see anything after that
08:24:51 <ynpvisitor84> Castle already reported
08:25:12 <Kat> Hopefully Bee
08:25:21 <LindaG> Oh well maybe that's why we cant see 😊
08:27:20 <Kat> Castle for you!
08:27:55 <LindaG> Yay
08:32:03 <Kat> Sprinkler ie
08:33:12 <Nickel&Dime> Boy, sure is nice to have streaming working just in time for morning fog season :p
08:33:21 <Kat> :)
08:35:19 <Kat> AL
08:41:30 <Katie> g'mornin'
08:42:29 <Cooper> Hi Katie, Jimbo, GMK
08:47:19 <Cooper> I love waking up in the morning to see the snow on the ground in the basin, but man do I dislike this fog
08:49:34 <ynpvisitor75> Oh andd Happy Fall everyone!
08:50:28 <Cooper> Haooy Fall Linfa
08:50:33 <Cooper> Happy Fall Linda**
08:51:01 <LindaGp> Lol i thought you were making fun of my lindaspeak
08:51:18 <LindaGp> But alas it was cooperspeak
08:52:03 <ynpvisitor...> Jimbo, Identity theft yesterday. I was hydrargyrum but I did give credit.
08:52:10 <ynpvisitor...> Quicksilver is just fun and I was a fan in my youth, everything from coating pennies to torpedo juice, Lucky I am not dead but it may account for my brain damage.
08:52:53 <Cooper> Haha Linda... I stoel your keyboarf
08:52:55 <Cooper> ugg
08:53:03 <Cooper> stole your keyborad
08:53:09 <Cooper> keyboard*
08:53:19 <Eric> Morning all
08:53:24 <Cooper> bad Linda, take back your keyboard
08:53:27 <Cooper> Hi Eric
08:53:33 <Eric> Hi Cooper
08:54:20 <LindaGp> Good morning Eric and visitor...
08:54:31 <Kent> Eric, where to the page emojis come from?
08:55:08 <LindaGp> Uh we lost GH again
08:55:14 <Cooper> SB today or tomorrow?
08:55:27 <Cooper> more likely tonight possibly
08:56:14 <Kent> Tomorrow is best. Mid day, no wind, good light. So let it be written, so .........
08:56:42 <Cooper> my predicts have windows starting late tonight, and going to late tommorow
08:56:48 <Eric> I added some of the emoji's open source icons and some are part of the phpfreechat server we use for chat
08:57:30 <Kent> TY. I was looking for a devil but they all came out too big.
08:57:38 <Cooper> that does nor qiej
08:57:48 <Cooper> that does not work**
08:58:00 <LindaGp> 👺👺👺👺👺
08:58:20 <Cooper> :p haha Linda
08:58:35 <LindaGp> Those are for kent
08:58:46 <Cooper> Haha Kent then
08:58:56 <Cooper> I spelled something right! YAY
08:59:15 <Kent> Thanks Linda
08:59:31 <Eric> I expect SB to go overnight tonight.
08:59:43 <Eric> around 1:30am
09:00:09 <Eric> Double your money back on that prediction!
09:00:30 <Kent> You just can't take a hint :)
09:00:34 <Cooper> How do oyu know my Temp Predict Method!?
09:00:54 <Cooper> Stalker Eric:p my Temp Predict has it at....
09:01:17 <Cooper> Tonight at.. 0215 ish
09:01:58 <Cooper> or would that be tommorow morning?
09:02:04 <Eric> That is about the last interval time and I don't see it doing anything different on the graph, so I am just assuming it will stay about the same...averages.
09:02:15 <Cooper> oh
09:02:33 <Cooper> I am using the temperature data to get a method that will work when ppl are not in the park
09:02:40 <Eric> 1:44am would be the exact interval as the last eruption
09:02:47 <Cooper> if*** it is still alive
09:03:11 <Cooper> moving averages would work well I guess
09:03:14 <Eric> good luck, you won't have that temp data for long I don't think
09:03:24 <Cooper> why?
09:03:34 <Cooper> you think it is going to go down again?
09:03:40 <Eric> The transmitters for the data seem to not work so well in the winter
09:03:46 <Cooper> grrr
09:03:53 <Eric> But maybe they fixed them so they will work better this year
09:03:55 <Cooper> I need to come up with a winter method now
09:04:05 <Cooper> hmph
09:04:19 <Kent> "Agnes Nutter's True and Accurate prophecies" says 1327 Tuesday. We shall see.
09:04:40 <Cooper> is that your prediction methods name?
09:05:04 <ynpvisitor...> Agnes' not mine
09:05:28 <ynpvisitor...> Good Omens - A TV show
09:05:42 <Cooper> oh
09:07:07 <ynpvisitor...> My mind wanders. I am old and handled too much Mercury in my youth👺
09:08:26 <Cooper> haha
09:10:29 <Cooper> I hate this fog from The Linda Speak(Devil) Be back later
09:31:46 <LindaGp> Oh grand should be exciting
09:33:37 <LindaG> But I've got shopping to do, so enjoy!
09:33:45 <LindaG> Bbl
09:40:59 <Kat> Was just out in the yard- i adult and 2 juvenile Sandhills, 10 feet away from me! Love these birds. I often wake up them vocalizing out back
09:41:55 <Kat> No Grand for us!
09:42:21 <Kat> 1 adult*
10:00:39 <Kat> OF 0959
10:04:32 <Kat> Have a good afternoon Katie
10:04:44 <Katie> thanks, Kat!
10:06:21 <Katie> am I confused about shift? Shouldn't it be my shift right now?
10:06:56 <Kat> Yes...why
10:07:02 <Joe> Yes 10 to 1600
10:07:08 <Katie> someone else is driving
10:07:25 <Joe> Davek may be doing presets
10:07:32 <Katie> Could be
10:07:34 <Kat> Are you not able to get in?
10:07:37 <Joe> he said he would be
10:07:48 <Kat> Dave K is doing presets today...
10:07:56 <Katie> Oh, there is an email from him.
10:08:00 <Kevin L™🌵> He sent an email
10:08:03 <Kat> :)
10:08:12 <Kat> May not ake too long
10:08:17 <Kat> take*
10:08:19 <Katie> Kat - once someone else started driving, I didn't try. Now that I see email from Dave, I'll wait for a go-ahead before I try again.
10:08:37 <Kevin L™🌵> Hopefully this will fix the focus on the night presets.
10:08:42 <Cooper> I am suspecting that tonight is SB night:)
10:08:58 <Cooper> Hi Great Might Kevin of All Wisdom and Sneakiness
10:09:17 <Kat> OK - I suggest you send Dave an e-mail to let you know when he is done :)
10:09:22 <Kevin L™🌵> I am sneaky?
10:09:53 <Kat> :) No
10:10:12 <Katie> I won't bug him. He sent an email to say it was doing it, so I'll trust him to do the same when he is ready for me to drive again. :)
10:10:14 <Kat> Don't want to miss Be
10:10:33 <Kat> Bee*
10:10:33 <Kevin L™🌵> Hard to sneak with creaking bones!
10:10:38 <Katie> *he (not it) sheesh!
10:10:39 <Cooper> Kat, No what?
10:11:02 <Kat> Tallking to Kevin
10:11:09 <Cooper> oh
10:11:47 <Kevin L™🌵> I did survive another summer.
10:12:43 <Kat> Moving quickly....
10:15:53 <ynpvisitor> squatch
10:20:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like Dave is done with presets
10:20:54 <Cooper> Kevin, you heading to YNP next summer?
10:21:33 <Katie> then I'll use this new preset. ;)
10:22:26 <Kevin L™🌵> Probably not unless it is a day or just an overnight trip.
10:22:36 <Cooper> :(
10:24:33 <Kevin L™🌵> Right now the plan is a trip to Banff Canada in the Spring and riding the Cumbres & Toltec with the Grandkids in the Summer.
10:24:58 <Cooper> Nice Kevin... sounds like a good plan
10:25:07 <Cooper> but... you should get back to YNP
10:32:48 <Eric> Here are the pics from my St. Helens climb on Saturday morning:
10:33:30 <Eric> The panorama at the top has Rainier, Adams, Hood & Jefferson from left to right
10:34:02 <Cooper> it gives me a 401 error
10:34:12 <Eric> Also you can look down in the crater and see the steaming cone
10:34:30 <Eric> hmmm, works here
10:34:47 <Cooper> Grand
10:34:52 <Eric> yep
10:34:53 <Cooper> .
10:34:54 <Cooper> .
10:34:57 <Eric> .
10:34:58 <Eric> .
10:34:58 <Eric> .
10:35:01 <Katie> link works for me
10:35:04 <Cooper> try re-pasting it maybe
10:35:08 <Cooper> hmm
10:35:11 <Eric>
10:35:20 <Cooper> that time it worked
10:35:24 <Cooper> thanks Eric
10:35:28 <Eric> np
10:35:47 <Cooper> Lucky Duck You are Eric
10:35:55 <Eric> ahhh, that sucks about fountain logger battery :-(
10:36:47 <Eric> speaking of loggers, I haven't seen Bill here in a long time
10:36:53 <Eric> I guess because the cams been down
10:37:29 <Rice> Great Pictures Eric, That was a place I would like to have made it too this summer, but not enough time.
10:37:50 <Eric> Thanks Rice
10:37:56 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks cold
10:38:05 <Nickel&Dime> Could use a little bit of a breeze here
10:38:09 <Eric> Actually wasn't too bad, little cold
10:38:21 <Eric> For sure...all we can see is steam!
10:38:58 <Rice> I took a lot of Panorama's this summer, they give a better feel of what it feels like to be there.
10:39:34 <Eric> yep
10:41:14 <Cooper> Hi fish
10:41:25 <fishynp> morning
10:41:44 <Eric> I wish my phone did better panoramas but they turn out ok.
10:42:53 <Rice> Eric, Reminds me of Crater Lake.
10:43:11 <Eric> similar...mountain that blew it's top off :-D
10:43:13 <Cooper> b2?
10:43:18 <Katie> second?
10:43:23 <Eric> looks like it
10:43:45 <Cooper> GO B3!
10:44:56 <Cooper> c'mon Grand. LETS GO GRAND *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP*
10:45:15 <Eric> That plate boundary observatory station in my pics is at about 7000 ft
10:47:20 <GO BEE/Cooper> Citation: Meech Graham
10:51:50 <Eric> hmmm, that PBO station doesn't show up on UNAVCO map
10:57:30 <ynpvisitor107> no Grand on GT, didn't happen
10:57:50 <Eric> Yep, didn't happen, keep waiting :-D
10:58:22 <Eric> It might be about 6 hours late :-P
11:01:16 <GO BEE/Cooper> there
11:01:22 <GO BEE/Cooper> it is entered
11:01:29 <GO BEE/Cooper> now it has happened!
11:01:50 <ynpvisitor20> Fake news
11:13:00 <Katie> splashes at Bee a moment ago
11:16:58 <Kat> If Grand went wouldn't there be some in basin entry?
11:17:31 <Katie> We did see it - and 2 bursts
11:20:40 <fishynp> Did they fix the radio?
11:20:52 <Katie> YUP!
11:21:06 <fishynp> when?
11:21:19 <Katie> Wednesday last week
11:23:22 <Eric> Hey Larry, if you come back online, try this URL:
11:25:39 <Eric> cool, you can see the pool in front of OF
11:28:52 <ynpvisitor84> what does hls stand for Eric?
11:31:25 <Betty> morning all
11:31:46 <Katie> Hi Betty
11:31:58 <Betty> hi Katie
11:36:09 <Eric> Hi Betty
11:36:39 <Betty> hey Eric, how was the sunrise?
11:36:56 <Eric> It was pretty awesome!
11:37:14 <Eric>
11:37:49 <Betty> whoa, amazing
11:37:50 <GO BEE/Cooper> Hi Betty
11:37:51 <Eric> Hiking by moonlight was pretty cool too
11:37:58 <GO BEE/Cooper> OF window
11:38:18 <Betty> hi Cooper
11:38:29 <Katie> It erupted about 8 minutes ago - it wasn't entered. I just entered to fix the prediction window.
11:38:39 <GO BEE/Cooper> oh
11:38:40 <GO BEE/Cooper> thx
11:38:52 <Eric> Thanks Katie
11:39:13 <Betty> seems like you had a lot of fun, Eric
11:39:26 <Eric> Strange on the Grand time not being in basin....maybe ddshepard just hasn't synced yet
11:39:49 <Eric> or decided to head to BH instead of waiting for Grand
11:40:08 <GO BEE/Cooper> that is highly possible
11:40:24 <Eric> Oh I did have a blast. But my legs are definitely sore today :-P
11:41:02 <Eric> It's the downhill part that really ends up burning my legs the most
11:41:19 <Eric> also the most dangerous part too
11:41:29 <Betty> yes, downhill is evil
11:41:43 <GO BEE/Cooper> you do any glissades? or was there not enough snow?
11:43:34 <LindaG> I can see clearly now, the fog is gone...
11:44:17 <GO BEE/Cooper> Hi Linda
11:44:29 <LindaG> GO BEE/Cooper, hi
11:45:54 <LindaG> Eric, did you take the coffee?
11:46:08 <LindaG> Betty, hi
11:46:16 <LindaG> Katie, hi
11:46:22 <Betty> good question :-) hi LindaG
11:46:30 <Eric> glissades and yes, I just took a full thermos of coffee and kicked back at the top of the mountain for an hour and drank my coffee while watching the sun rise.
11:46:40 <Eric> It was pefect
11:46:43 <Eric> perfect
11:46:52 <LindaG> Nice!
11:47:07 <Eric> and Hi Linda
11:47:15 <LindaG> 😊
11:47:24 <Betty> yes, perfect. Glad you did it
11:47:48 <Eric> Me too...I am planning a 3rd climb of the mountain the first weekend of November :-P
11:48:02 <Eric> I want to try it covered in snow
11:48:13 <Betty> no snow impact then?
11:48:23 <Betty> ah
11:48:48 <Eric> On this last climb, there was just a couple inches of snow on the last 1/4 mile of the climb
11:49:04 <LindaG> Bee splash
11:49:13 <Eric> In November, there will be deep snow almost the whole way I believe
11:49:21 <Betty> makes it more dangerous :-(
11:49:26 <Teri> gm all
11:49:30 <Eric> and prettier :-D
11:49:34 <Eric> Hi Teri
11:49:36 <LindaG> Teri, hi
11:49:43 <Betty> hi Teri
11:49:46 <Teri> cool hike Eric; I went to the observatory last July; amazing place
11:49:49 <Teri> hey Betty
11:49:52 <LindaG> Snowshoes in order?
11:50:03 <Eric> Nice Teri...I love that side of the mountain too
11:50:18 <Teri> had to cancel my trip due to an odd gasoline-like leak in my basement discovered Monday
11:50:30 <Teri> Eric - yes I need to do the other side to see Spirit Lake
11:50:35 <Betty> bah
11:50:42 <Teri> SB may go today; I would have been there
11:50:58 <Teri> I hope William got my message that I had to cancel
11:51:00 <LindaG> Teri, bummer
11:51:14 <Eric> Don't think I will need snowshoes if I leave early in the morning...should be able to walk on the ice crust and much of it will be boulder climbing in the snow
11:51:24 <Teri> so good news, bad news, good news
11:51:25 <Eric> Did you get the leak resolved Teri?
11:51:44 <Teri> Eric - be careful in the winter, rocks slick if icy
11:52:14 <Eric> Yes, I will probably try and go with someone who has done the climb in the winter.
11:52:34 <Teri> yes tks; so I found the source, an abandoned possible heating oil supply line coming through the slab; my contractor hammered it down more and stopped it!
11:52:35 <Eric> You can take different routes during the winter that don't take as much boulder climbing I believe
11:52:37 <LindaG> Last aurum 18hrs ago, so maybe the next 2 hours we could get one
11:52:49 <Eric> ohh, that is good news
11:52:57 <Eric> Bummer that you missed your trip for it :-(
11:53:34 <Teri> I tried to get my reservation back, but the despite what the reservation agents told me, the supervisor wouldn't reinstate my deposit; I released it Tuesday am so someone else could use it; by Wed, it was looking like I might be able to go a day late
11:54:03 <Teri> fortunately, my 3rd agent was really nice and elevated my claim to the manager, who's also very nice and they refunded my deposit
11:54:39 <Eric> ohhh, that is nice, since they already sold your room it sounds like!
11:54:49 <Teri> moral of the story; don't release your reservation within 7 days if you think there's any chance of you going; no show is the same monetary penalty as a 7 day cancellation
11:55:02 <Teri> unless you get a manager override
11:55:13 <Eric> good advice
11:55:25 <Teri> yes, my room sold before the web listed it
11:55:36 <Eric> double dippers! grrrr
11:55:45 <Eric> glad they made it right
11:55:56 <Teri> fyi - last year an agent told me that the website shows what the res agents see, not so; the online updates every 2 hours
11:55:59 <LindaG> They also refund deposit if there is an illness
11:56:06 <Katie> Double dippers fry my ....
11:56:07 <Katie> Indy
11:56:13 <Teri> if you don't see something online
11:56:26 <Katie> that wasn't going to be the end of my sentence - will come back to that
11:56:30 <Eric> bhi
11:56:31 <Teri> nice catch Katie!
11:56:32 <Eric> .
11:56:32 <ynpvisitor> no SB yet, hmmmm
11:56:32 <Eric> .
11:56:33 <Eric> .
11:56:34 <Eric> .
11:56:46 <LindaG> Oh there it is
11:56:47 <Betty> yay
11:57:17 <Katie> text sent
11:57:19 <GO BEE/Cooper> nice
11:57:21 <GO BEE/Cooper> yay
11:57:31 <Teri> fyi - if anyone needs reservation help (ie supervisor is unhelpful) ask for Ms. Tracy Sutton - she's the manager outside of the call center
11:57:38 <ynpvisitor> hoped for an early afternoon SB eruption today
11:58:12 <Eric> it still might happen
11:58:16 <GO BEE/Cooper> Hi Lori
11:58:22 <GO BEE/Cooper> welcome to The Moving Bee
11:58:30 <ynpvisitor> Eric, yup, 3 cherries anytime
11:58:35 <Kevin L™🌵> I was going to head back to the depot but I will wait.
11:59:00 <Lori S> Hello Cooper and all.
11:59:00 <Betty> hi Kevin
11:59:02 <LindaG> Wise choice 😃
11:59:04 <Lori S> Thx for txt
11:59:16 <ynpvisitor> has anyone watched the doc on Netflix about Bill Gates? It is really good
11:59:20 <GO BEE/Cooper> quickly Bee.. I have 5 minutes!
11:59:31 <Betty> news for you, Kevin L™🌵,,fliegerbombe-in-hanau-100.html
11:59:45 <Casey> Thanks for the text
11:59:47 <Lori S> I think SB will go 3 cherries today. Which means it probably won't.
11:59:58 <Katie> Welcome, Casey
12:00:11 <Eric> Yes, the early Cistern says early, the temp graph says about the same as last eruption.
12:00:12 <GO BEE/Cooper> Hi Craig
12:00:23 <Betty> hi Casey, Lori S, CraigC
12:00:27 <Eric> I am going to go with temp graph...middle of the night tonight.
12:00:35 <GO BEE/Cooper> it froze
12:00:58 <Eric> warm it up
12:01:04 <Casey> Hi Betty. Hi Everyone.
12:01:10 <Eric> Hi CAsey
12:01:19 <Teri> I would have been sitting on SB from 1pm to 6pm; temp logger suggests it could go today, unless it does an extended interval as the end of Aug
12:01:25 <CraigC> I am not guessing when it WILL go, but when is the earliest window that the cherries can roll
12:01:43 <Kevin L™🌵> I wonder how many times i drove over that Betty.
12:01:50 <CraigC> if I were there, I would have been in the Norris lot about 3 or 4 am this morning
12:02:16 <Casey> I'm with CraigC. It's much easier to wait it out than to turn back the clock for a redo.
12:02:37 <Teri> BH would have kept me in the UGB, lol
12:02:53 <GO BEE/Cooper> quickly Bee
12:02:55 <GO BEE/Cooper> NOW
12:03:10 <Eric> I would have been suckered into Norris early today
12:03:23 <Teri> Great Fountain is due soon too, on the way, lol; trifecta day (?)
12:03:46 <Casey> I'm guess GO BEE/Cooper, is Cooper using the GO BEE name, not Graham encouraging Cooper to erupt.
12:03:55 <Eric> haha
12:03:57 <GO BEE/Cooper> yes
12:04:01 <GO BEE/Cooper> haha
12:04:03 <Lori S> Casey, lol
12:04:05 <CraigC> as much as I admired all the stuff I saw in the doc about Bill Gates, I kept thinking.... "has he seen Steamboat?"
12:04:20 <LindaG> Hello lori hello
12:04:29 <LindaG> Hi Casey and craig
12:04:36 <CraigC> hey Linda
12:04:37 <Betty> hahaha, CraigC
12:04:42 <Casey> Hi LindaG
12:04:48 <Casey> Well said, CraigC
12:04:58 <GO BEE/Cooper> bye all:(:(:(:(:(
12:05:00 <Lori S> I've made the executive decision to go to lunch late. Come on Bee
12:05:04 <Eric> Cya Coop
12:05:14 <Lori S> Bye Cooper
12:05:18 <LindaG> CraigC, I heard he bought YNP last week
12:05:28 <Casey> I just got back from a lunch meeting where I did all the talking while the client ate. It felt a little unfair.
12:05:39 <CraigC> seeing beehive on a screen.... you can come back tomorrow and watch the replay, and it really isnt much different
12:06:04 <Eric> meh, that's like watching used football games.
12:06:09 <Eric> old news
12:06:17 <CraigC> exactly my point
12:06:23 <Lori S> CraigC, Well, I won't wait past 10 after s I have a doggo with crossed legs at home
12:06:30 <Teri> capturing
12:06:38 <CraigC> this site is good for keeping data going, but watching geysers on a screen..... meh
12:06:44 <Eric> nice sized indy
12:06:57 <LindaG> Havent seen south bubblers for a while
12:07:16 <Eric> Better than not watching geysers at all!
12:07:21 <Teri> looks like the wind is going to the west; those peeps on the left will be moving soon, lol
12:08:14 <Lori S> The Beehive shower hustle
12:08:55 <Eric> Yep, people guna be runin
12:09:17 <Lori S> Here's your sacrificial Bee departure...
12:09:35 <Eric> go for Lori BH!
12:09:46 <Teri> any Norris updates on radio?; nothing posted on GT yet
12:09:49 <LindaG> Lori S, 🙁
12:09:57 <Eric> Bye Lori
12:10:01 <Teri> boom
12:10:02 <Casey> Bee
12:10:10 <Eric> not quite yet
12:10:15 <Eric> BH
12:10:20 <Lori S> Oh, wait, staying! On delay
12:10:22 <Kat> :bee::bee::bee:
12:10:30 <Eric> Nice!
12:10:36 <Casey> Not nearly as much wind as I thought
12:10:36 <Nickel&Dime> Lag countdown, 3.. 2 .. 1
12:10:40 <Lori S> Sorry doggo
12:10:42 <LindaG> Go bee
12:11:50 <Lori S> Thx Bee Lori out
12:12:02 <LindaG> Bye
12:12:40 <Betty> Aurum looks happy
12:16:11 <LindaG> Lunch time
12:16:19 <Teri> turned out to be a nice day in the park; 57deg and sun, after last week's snowfalls; road from OF to Grant closed overnight
12:16:35 <Teri> off for chores; have a great one all
12:17:20 <Teri> nice to have the webcam operating!
12:17:51 <Betty> bye, Teri
12:18:23 <Teri> hey Betty; have a great day!; Octoberfest is coming!
12:18:36 <Betty> :thumbsup:
12:19:03 <Katie> working cam link is a welcome end to that frustration, for sure. Last few shifts prior to radio replacement, I couldn't do a think operating.
12:19:06 <Katie> *thing
12:19:29 <Teri> I hope it stays stable during the winter
12:24:49 <ynpvisitor107> isnt Oktoberfest already here?
12:24:57 <Kevin L™🌵> I had an interesting time at the building shown in your link Betty. It was where you picked up pay and there was one officer and an enlisted guard, the officer being armed with a .45 pistol and the enlisted man with an M-16.
12:25:01 <ynpvisitor107> didnt it start on 21st?
12:25:22 <Betty> ynpvisitor107, yes
12:25:46 <ynpvisitor107> time for a party!
12:25:47 <Betty> you told me once, Kevin
12:26:10 <Betty> I´m there on the 3rd ;-)
12:26:43 <Kevin L™🌵> You were supposed to remove you magazine and then cock your weapon and fire into a dirt drum. I did that but my officer cocked his first then removed the clip and fired into the dirt drum. Needless to say he shot a .45 round into it. It got LOTS of attention.
12:27:09 <Betty> hahaha
12:28:52 <Kevin L™🌵> I was going to ask you about Oktoberfest. The cams I use show a 404 not found this year.
12:31:53 <Betty>
12:32:03 <Betty> there are cams
12:38:32 <Kevin L™🌵> This is the one I had used for several years:
12:43:14 <Betty> it´s still there:
12:44:58 <ynpvisitor101> Grotto ie
12:45:26 <ynpvisitor101> or maybe just G ftn
12:47:06 <ynpvisitor107> 1242 Grotto
12:49:23 <Betty> time for Daisy
12:49:48 <Betty> hmm, maybe already missed
12:50:45 <Katie> could be, but I've been going back and forth between down basin & geyser hill - I think we would have seen post-eruption steam if not eruption, but ???
12:51:24 <Betty> we´ll see
12:51:39 <Katie> IE window opening, so maybe we won't. ;)
12:52:25 <Betty> bummer
13:03:29 <Cooper(sad)> OF
13:04:32 <Katie> Is the sad face because you missed Bee, Cooper?
13:04:44 <Cooper(sad)> yes
13:04:50 <Cooper(sad)> I had to leave in the middle of BHI
13:05:02 <Eric> Nice OF static
13:05:09 <Eric> Curtain of water
13:07:25 <Cooper(sad*999)> Lion 1304
13:07:56 <Cooper(sad*999)> nice
13:08:42 <Cooper(sad*999)> maybe once Lion is done we can have a zoom on Aurum?
13:10:31 <Cooper(sad*999)> looks quiet
13:18:11 <Cooper(sad*999)> maybe I will be happy later
13:38:45 <Betty> headed out, night all
13:57:59 <ynpvisitor41> interesting thing at tantalus...
13:58:18 <ynpvisitor41> temp went WAY up, Discharge went WAY down
14:01:25 <CraigC> look at temp over the month, it isn't THAT up
14:01:40 <ynpvisitor41> ok true
14:01:46 <ynpvisitor41> but what happened?
14:02:04 <ynpvisitor41> It could not be a rain event, as that would be reverse
14:02:20 <CraigC> sun shine?
14:02:28 <ynpvisitor41> oh
14:02:31 <ynpvisitor41> duh
14:02:41 <ynpvisitor41> I am suck a idiot, thanks Craig
14:02:46 <CraigC> :)
14:02:54 <Cooper(meh)> Hi Craig
14:03:21 <Cooper(meh)> I spent 15 minutes thinking about that before asking:p it never crossed my mind once that the sun is hot
14:04:11 <CraigC> that sensor is over a mile down the stream
14:04:20 <Cooper(meh)> yup
14:09:14 <Cooper(happy)> Peeps at Aurum
14:09:48 <Cooper(happy)> maybe it looks promising:)
14:23:59 <ynpvisitor69> Daisy due in a few, quick look please
14:24:59 <ynpvisitor69> thanks
14:25:34 <ynpvisitor69> Lon
14:26:01 <ynpvisitor69> never fails :)
14:28:18 <CraigC2> is that the new OF preset?
14:28:50 <Katie> I don't know if this one was changed. If so, it wasn't changed much. this is the OF closeup preset
14:29:19 <CraigC> oh, guess I haven't really looked close enough at all of the presets
14:34:41 <Teri> nice OF!
14:35:52 <Katie> nice light
14:36:34 <Teri> good views of the water column with the sun and wind cooperating
14:59:25 <Joe> Katie, is that the new preset, or did you zoom out as in the past?
14:59:59 <Katie> this is new preset
15:01:01 <Joe> Thanks, now that I asked I realized I could have looked at my recording instead of bothering you, sorry.
15:02:07 <Katie> No bother :)
15:18:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> Craig - what are you doing here today ... you should be driving
15:26:22 <Eric> Go Lion!
15:27:17 <ynpvisitor10> Has Daisy gone dormant?
15:27:47 <Eric> Yes
15:28:09 <ynpvisitor10> :( It will be missed
15:28:10 <Eric> I don't see it erupting...must be dormant
15:28:31 <Joe> nope just haven't looked at it at the right times
15:28:31 <ynpvisitor10> I don't believe the E time
15:28:33 <Katie> The last time that we were likely in Daisy window based on multiple intervals, we were also in OF window. No one in basin logged Grand, so I suspect an gazers are at Steamboat.
15:28:52 <ynpvisitor10> Probably it
15:29:12 <Eric> Hmmm, I think 10 is right...dormant!
15:29:15 <Katie> It's kicking up some steam right now.
15:29:20 <Joe> 1 hour 20 min ~ to the next
15:30:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> but its also Lions window
15:31:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> we should send Craig to check on Daisy since he has given up on SB
15:31:57 <Katie> good idea. :D
15:34:19 <Joe> Lion
15:36:37 <CraigC> I wish, I am down for the count with a strained back
15:37:02 <Joe> No relief yet? Craig
15:37:28 <CraigC> better than yesterday, but not going to risk anything, sitting and laying down most the time
15:48:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh no Craig, sorry to hear that
15:48:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> how is daytime TV working out for you?
15:49:25 <CraigC> pretty well, watched a 3 part series on Bill Gates, watching a true story movie right now called Red Sea Diving Resort
15:54:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> hopefully that will prevent you from losing more of your sanity
16:01:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> tiem for work?
16:01:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> or time
16:02:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> if someone releases the cam
16:03:00 <Cooper> Craig, OW!
16:05:47 <Cooper> Based on SB Note, could be anytime
16:05:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> i cant get the cam controls
16:07:33 <Katie> try now
16:08:18 <Katie> I grabbed to adjust screen - try again now now
16:08:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> got it, thanks
16:19:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think the down basin wide preset could be dropped
16:19:41 <ynpvisitor10> :thumbsup:
16:19:52 <LindaG> I was thinking about that one.
16:19:59 <ynpvisitor10> Not much use.
16:20:20 <LindaG> So I said there were two lion settings, is that true?
16:20:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> could get rid of the Giantess setting too
16:21:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> there are just 2 now, close and group
16:21:46 <LindaG> I dont thi I we need two of that either
16:22:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> i would do the close one, this one a bit higher
16:23:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> and a Lion to BH view would be good instead of the Lion Group view
16:23:15 <LindaG> I always need to pull back to see lion
16:23:57 <LindaG> Yeah one that Includes bee, aurum and lion
16:26:15 <LindaG> Now if we could just remove the parking lot 😉
16:26:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think its fun watching the vehicles
16:26:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> wont look so bad in winter
16:26:48 <Cooper> Hi Linfa
16:26:50 <Cooper> Linda*
16:27:46 <ynpvisitor10> I very much like seeing what's going on in the parking lots and on the trails/boardwalks
16:27:46 <LindaG> Doesnt bother me but I think the public complained
16:28:21 <ynpvisitor10> I am public and I did not complain. (Kent)
16:28:33 <LindaG> ynpvisitor10, 😊
16:28:36 <Cooper> Linda, what did the public complain about now?
16:29:49 <LindaG> Cooper, rhe current view of parking lot
16:30:00 <Cooper> oh
16:30:23 <Cooper> I think it is cool to see all the peeps in the lot, and I do not complain
16:30:26 <ynpvisitor16> Night time the lights kill the view.
16:32:27 <LindaG> ynpvisitor16, yeah we try to move it up to cut the lights out, no easy answer
16:34:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> we have a Turban time now
16:38:07 <LindaG> Lion
16:38:18 <LindaG> .
16:46:39 <Cooper> I walk away fro 3 mins and Lion goes
16:48:24 <LindaG> .it was the best one yet 😃
16:48:36 <Cooper> they all are
16:48:44 <Cooper> I go away...
16:48:49 <Cooper> and all the geysers erupt
16:48:59 <LindaG> 😊
16:51:54 <Cooper> now why .
16:51:54 <Cooper> .
16:51:54 <Cooper> .
16:51:54 <Cooper> .
16:52:03 <Cooper> sorry I was typing something else
16:52:07 <Cooper> and then Grand started
16:52:55 <Cooper> I am going to say G--
16:54:00 <ynpvisitor69> big turban
16:54:16 <Cooper> Big Turban?
16:54:18 <Cooper> oh 0=
16:54:23 <Cooper> Big Turban=Grand
16:54:58 <Eric> Nice, we can actually see some water now!
16:56:54 <LindaG> Nice spikes
16:56:56 <ynpvisitor69> I wish they could stop the winkies.
17:00:21 <Cooper> 8 Mins 30 Sec
17:00:48 <Cooper> b1 tried to stop there
17:00:58 <ynpvisitor69> A scooter, Where is Kevin?
17:02:07 <Cooper> b1 done
17:03:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> finally a daisy
17:03:27 <Cooper> the end of one at least
17:28:14 <ynpvisitor30> What was erupting down by the boardwalk?
17:28:29 <Cooper> where?
17:28:37 <Cooper> up near the right?
17:28:47 <ynpvisitor30> Prior view, cam moved
17:28:48 <Cooper> about 1/5 way from the right, on this side of the BW?
17:28:52 <Cooper> oh
17:28:57 <Cooper> That was Bulger
17:29:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger?
17:29:09 <Cooper> yes... Bulger
17:29:21 <Cooper> Bulger what Graham?
17:29:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> major
17:30:09 <Cooper> yes
17:30:19 <Cooper> 30, that help somewhat at least?
17:33:30 <ynpvisitor30> Yes tks
17:33:37 <Cooper> yvw
17:49:14 <Cooper> OF
18:15:32 <Cooper> Bison or elk
18:15:35 <Cooper> behind pump
18:15:44 <Cooper> Bear?
18:15:46 <Cooper> Bison?
18:15:51 <Cooper> Elk?
18:16:07 <Cooper> bison
18:16:08 <CraigC> woolley mammoth
18:16:17 <Cooper> Nice Horns there
18:16:30 <Kevin L™🌵> Looks like a doggie
18:16:59 <Cooper> Hi GMK
18:17:06 <Kevin L™🌵> hi
18:18:02 <CraigC> "how can I get within 10 feet of it for a selfie if I have to stay on this boardwalk?"
18:18:04 <Eric> Bison waiting for Aurum!
18:18:13 <Cooper> I agree Craig
18:18:13 <Eric> It's gonna cross
18:18:25 <Eric> Guess not
18:18:28 <Cooper> you go off the boardwalk? and then get boiled, or gorred
18:18:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> hes quite a long way from the BW
18:18:47 <Cooper> but that is NEVER a good idea, good humans keep your distance there
18:18:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Bisonkabob
18:19:04 <Cooper> haha
18:19:04 <CraigC> nice Pump
18:19:12 <Cooper> yeah!
18:19:24 <Kevin L™🌵> steam at Aurum area
18:19:34 <CraigC> LOL
18:19:41 <Cooper> Auur
18:19:42 <Cooper> .
18:19:42 <Cooper> .
18:19:43 <Cooper> .
18:19:48 <Cooper> Nice
18:19:56 <CraigC> "look, this little geyser just shot up..... later, I want to see the bison"
18:20:00 <Cooper> about time for one today I have to say.
18:21:18 <CraigC> has anyone stayed at Brandin Iron in West?
18:21:32 <Cooper> not eye
18:21:36 <Cooper> not I**
18:22:17 <Kevin L™🌵> Somebody mentioned it but I can't remember who.
18:22:33 <CraigC> Polly stays at the RV park there
18:27:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> woah cam is all off position
18:28:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> now its better
18:28:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> i was clicking to center it and it moved wildly
18:28:20 <Kevin L™🌵> Sounds like the Redskins.
18:29:00 <Kevin L™🌵> I guess the QB can say he did make a TD pass tonight.
18:29:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> the who?
18:29:40 <Cooper> Kevin knows football?
18:30:12 <Cooper> Kevin knows football!!!!
18:33:25 <Cooper> Churny Churrny Steamyy Steamer
18:39:20 <Cooper> definitaly Grpttp
18:39:23 <Cooper> Grotto*
18:39:29 <Cooper> maybe Rocket?
18:39:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe Rocket?
18:39:43 <Cooper> yup
18:39:50 <Cooper> water above the trees
18:39:57 <Cooper> 1839 wc Rocket?
18:40:24 <Cooper> I would like to see a GHP and then a Giant on this webcam now
18:40:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> i cant tell if theres water or just steam at this distance
18:41:01 <Cooper> I think I saw water
18:41:08 <Cooper> but then again... what do any of us know
18:41:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> you wont see much from a hot period
18:41:29 <Cooper> .
18:41:29 <Cooper> .
18:41:29 <Cooper> .
18:41:31 <Cooper> Churn
18:41:34 <Cooper> .
18:41:34 <Cooper> .
18:41:35 <Cooper> .
18:41:46 <Cooper> having some nic eburst there
18:42:39 <Cooper> maybe Joe can put up some replays for you here once he wakes up
18:42:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> i didnt see much bursting but i did look away
18:43:06 <Cooper> it was definitly a good sized one
18:43:21 <Cooper> had large bursts, and I entered it as 1841 ns wc
18:43:29 <Cooper> Is Joe awake?
18:43:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> certainly more steam than just a hot pool
18:43:41 <Cooper> yup
18:44:06 <Cooper> thank you Churn
18:44:50 <Cooper> good eruption there, Churny Churny Spiny Spunty, Bubbly bubbling upy Splasy, Steamy Steamy Chruny Churny Churned
18:45:04 <Cooper> I should never be a poet
18:57:05 <LindaG> Oh darn missed a churn eruption? 🙁
18:57:19 <LindaG> I've yet to see one
18:57:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> we could get another one soon
18:58:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> riverside
18:58:08 <LindaG> 👍
19:02:06 <LindaG> Bulger
19:02:35 <Cooper> Joe come back with a recording of Churny Churny
19:05:25 <Cooper> I hope here soon to see that familliar trace on the seismo
19:05:53 <LindaG> Looks pretty flat
19:06:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> in another 13h
19:07:58 <LindaG> Uhoh
19:08:49 <LindaG> That was weird when it failed I saw a frozen screen of old faithful
19:20:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Interesting lighting on this OF
19:21:26 <ynpvisitor5b> I like the pink tint.
19:25:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like we didnt miss Daisy
19:36:29 <ynpvisitor58> Cooper must be practicing again for his ice out lake swim.
19:37:45 <ynpvisitor5b> ???
19:38:20 <ynpvisitor17> hello everybody
19:38:38 <ynpvisitor5b> Hi ynpvisitor17
19:38:57 <GabeL> whats good
19:39:17 <ynpvisitor5b> Depend on your religion, I think.
19:39:48 <GabeL> was there a religious debate on here?
19:40:09 <ynpvisitor5b> Not that I know of, but it seemed like the right answer to "what's good?"
19:40:13 <ynpvisitor58> At times. SOme people like to pray to SB
19:40:25 <GabeL> oh
19:40:34 <ynpvisitor58> Some bow to Grand
19:40:38 <GabeL> well, not an extremely bad thing
19:40:45 <GabeL> oh seriously
19:41:07 <GabeL> im lucky to have Grand as a geyser which likes me
19:41:15 <Kevin L™🌵> Xanterra bows to $$$$$$$
19:41:15 <ynpvisitor5b> Geyser-wise it's probably quiet tonight until dark.
19:41:30 <GabeL> Castle and Grand both like me :)
19:41:44 <ynpvisitor5b> Maybe North Goggle could go if we cross our fingers in just the right way.
19:41:48 <GabeL> that is common actually:p
19:42:05 <ynpvisitor58> Kevin, aliens 3, alien crazies zero.
19:42:13 <GabeL> people in Taiwan pray for hours that they win the lottery
19:42:47 <Kevin L™🌵> LOT of alien crazies here last weekend.
19:43:16 <GabeL> was it Roswell's annual alien festival this week or something?
19:43:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> so congress was out Kevin?
19:43:37 <GabeL> wouldn't be surprised if it was
19:44:22 <ynpvisitor58> No the crazy politicians were all in Ohio or Iowa? Cooking dead cows.
19:44:36 <GabeL> ??
19:45:02 <GabeL> why would politicians cook dead cows
19:45:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> that was only half of them, the other half have already decided on their candidaate
19:45:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Area 51 nuts.
19:45:08 <ynpvisitor5b> That's good eating at least. Barbecued alien doesn't sound all that appealing.
19:45:12 <ynpvisitor58> For votes
19:45:16 <Cooper> Hi Gabe
19:45:29 <GabeL> hello Cooper
19:45:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> NG is back up and steaming
19:46:08 <GabeL> they arrested the whole lot
19:46:30 <ynpvisitor58> It is fall, doesn't everything steam?
19:47:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> the steam comes and goes
19:47:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> focus on the night view is better
19:48:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am quitting for the day, goodnight
19:48:36 <GabeL> goodnight
19:49:04 <Cooper> Night Grahan
19:49:07 <ynpvisitor5b> night, Go Steamboat
19:49:08 <Cooper> Graham*
19:49:40 <Kevin L™🌵> Turn out the lights.....
19:49:41 <GabeL> hey guys i gotta tell you something
19:50:13 <Cooper> yes?
19:50:48 <Cooper> he must be typing
19:50:58 <GabeL> I am the biggest idiot on the planet, probably have -100 iq, and do not know how I got nominated to be a geyser geyser.
19:51:14 <Cooper> huh
19:51:16 <Cooper> about time
19:51:22 <Cooper> you finally admited it
19:52:20 <Cooper> Lion
19:52:26 <ynpvisitor5b> Lion. Didn't expect that.
19:52:37 <Cooper> Hello Lion
19:52:41 <GabeL> *GabeL gives Chicken and Salad to everyone on the webcam and some to Geyser Hill
19:53:00 <Cooper> good
19:53:03 <Cooper> yummy thanks
19:58:23 <Cooper> Joe, did you ever get the video of that Chrun?
19:58:28 <Cooper> Churn*
19:58:56 <Cooper> I was wondering about how long it lasted, and I think you are the best man for ID-ing that'
19:59:59 <ynpvisitor6> theres always replay tomorrow
20:00:08 <Cooper> ok then Jo
20:00:11 <Cooper> Joe*
20:11:45 <GabeL> lion likes me again:):):):):):):):):):)
20:11:59 <Cooper> haha
20:12:02 <Cooper> it does
20:13:57 <Joe1> churn video
20:14:06 <Cooper> Thanks Joe
20:14:50 <Joe1> anytime when I can
20:15:57 <Cooper> :)
20:16:02 <Teri mobile> Tks Joe. I just subscribed, lol
20:16:48 <Cooper> oh.. good idea Teri
20:16:49 <Joe1> Thanks and yw
20:17:05 <Teri mobile> Great to have the can working! Thanks to whomever fixed the radio!
20:17:08 <Cooper> same here
20:25:13 <Cooper> Time for me to head to bed
20:25:17 <Cooper> “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele
20:25:23 <Cooper> Cooper Ou
20:25:27 <Cooper> out*
20:25:37 <Cooper> GO STEAMBOAT!
20:32:04 <ynpvisitor10> cam*, lol; no comment on the autocorrect
20:33:19 <Kevin L™🌵> A working can is always good.
20:37:05 <Teri> exactly