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06:38:27 <CraigC> want me to take it?
06:38:50 <ynpvisitor3> yes
06:38:58 <CraigC> how ya doin
06:39:24 <ynpvisitor3> ok, and you
06:39:40 <CraigC> one of those mornings I wish I could sleep in
06:40:27 <ynpvisitor3> If you want to go ahead
06:40:49 <CraigC> no, I mean, I wish I could sleep in, and not wake up at 4 or 5
06:42:30 <ynpvisitor3> ah, i understand that
06:42:49 <CraigC> is there someone with a flashlight lower right?
06:46:07 <CraigC> split cone
06:47:31 <CraigC> OF
06:47:33 <ynpvisitor3> OF
06:49:34 <ynpvisitor3> I saw nothing but Bee OF adn 1 Lion last night :(
06:50:05 <ynpvisitor3> and*
06:50:06 <CraigC> cloud cover, no?
06:50:34 <ynpvisitor3> Could not tell very dark
06:53:07 <CraigC> riverside
06:53:19 <ynpvisitor3> yes
06:53:32 <CraigC> lights
06:54:44 <CraigC> did you see the light shining on it for a second?
06:55:52 <ynpvisitor3> did not notice
06:58:53 <CraigC> some jerk... ;)
06:59:15 <ynpvisitor3> :)
07:00:05 <CraigC> so Castle should be in window, last entry didnt distinguish Major or not
07:01:16 <ynpvisitor3> second entry DanS major
07:01:58 <CraigC> so if it is secondary, it doesnt trigger the predictions?
07:02:18 <ynpvisitor3> no only primary
07:02:26 <CraigC> thanks
07:02:39 <CraigC> does it look post eruptive?
07:03:00 <ynpvisitor3> yes
07:03:06 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
07:04:14 <CraigC> Grand should be soon, no?
07:04:53 <ynpvisitor3> Last 14 h 7 min ago so no
07:05:27 <CraigC> couple of hours ago?
07:06:10 <CraigC> we need "some jerk"'s light mounted to the cam
07:07:09 <CraigC> white bugs
07:07:12 <ynpvisitor3> yes or get 'them' to fix the dark mode
07:08:16 <CraigC> bulger
07:09:06 <ynpvisitor3> Dasy best guess 1 h 20 min
07:09:28 <CraigC> :thumbsup: thanks
07:10:37 <ynpvisitor3> Castle should have been 1-2 am
07:11:32 <CraigC> you sure?
07:11:52 <ynpvisitor3> so if post eruptive next 15-1600
07:12:10 <CraigC> you're right, I was having a brain fart
07:12:20 <ynpvisitor3> just going by 14 hours from last
07:13:00 <CraigC> like I said, I needed to sleep in, I looked at the interval and started at that number as the time LOL
07:13:03 <ynpvisitor3> 'brain fart' The story of my life
07:14:32 <ynpvisitor3> Craig that "jerk" was William :)
07:14:54 <CraigC> ynpvisitor3, I know... I msgd him same words LOL
07:14:58 <ynpvisitor3> he posted R-side
07:15:08 <ynpvisitor3> :)
07:15:48 <CraigC> did you ever read that Grand entry at night with "some jerk with a flashlight"?
07:19:19 <ynpvisitor3> Going to shutdown now, I have to replace a bad battery backup unit.
07:20:11 <CraigC> cya soon
07:20:24 <CraigC> thanks for helping me
07:27:18 <CraigC> ot
07:47:02 <CraigC> LC
07:51:39 <CraigC> cam control screen not down
07:56:21 <ynpvisitor3> I'm back and luckily all smoke was left in boxes where it belongs :)
07:56:39 <CraigC> why smoke?
07:57:24 <ynpvisitor3> things sometimes burn up when changes are being made :)
07:57:54 <CraigC> good thing I never change
07:58:07 <ynpvisitor3> :)
08:00:24 <CraigC> dude covered some ground
08:00:35 <ynpvisitor3> when you get a chance, can you do a grand to BH night fou a few sec I want to see where Bh is exactly to verify last nights post
08:01:57 <ynpvisitor3> BW rebuild ?
08:02:14 <CraigC> wondering
08:02:18 <ynpvisitor3> thanks
08:02:42 <CraigC> Bee is right above a tree ;)
08:02:46 <ynpvisitor3> got it
08:03:30 <ynpvisitor3> white bugs
08:07:11 <CraigC> on SB temp logger, some little spikes, wonder if there were some little minors
08:09:24 <CraigC> hmmm
08:09:26 <ynpvisitor22> looks like its measuring air temp now
08:09:40 <CraigC> is churn erupting?
08:11:41 <CraigC> Joe, did you get that on recording?
08:13:01 <ynpvisitor3> Yes, looking at it now
08:13:15 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:15:52 <ynpvisitor3> Looks good as eruption, and it appeared spasmodic was off as you zoomed in 0809 ie
08:16:17 <CraigC> do you think I should enter as "?"
08:16:59 <ynpvisitor3> I dont think there was any question :)
08:17:12 <CraigC> cool, thanks
08:17:25 <ynpvisitor3> Do you want a video to attach
08:17:38 <CraigC> that would be cool
08:17:48 <ynpvisitor3> Give me a few
08:20:03 <CraigC> of
08:25:19 <ynpvisitor83> it looks thoroughly unpleasant
08:26:34 <ynpvisitor16> The radar is looking like the whole day will be very unpleasant indeed
08:29:33 <CraigC> would like to get Daisy Lion or Aurum on the books
08:31:48 <Joe> churn 0809 video
08:32:38 <Cooper> Thanks Joe
08:33:08 <CraigC> Joe, thanks, I added it
08:33:32 <ynpvisitor3> yw
08:35:14 <CraigC> waiting for someone with a big flappy red coat
08:36:29 <ynpvisitor100> Ugh. White crap.
08:38:07 <CraigC> hey Kevin
08:38:43 <Cooper> Hello GMK
08:38:54 <CraigC> Sasquatch in the Mist
08:39:33 <Cooper> Hi Terry
08:39:51 <Terry> Cooper
08:40:31 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Morning.
08:41:26 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I am watching them bring the Galloping Goose out at Chama for this mornings run. Loading an engine with coal too.
08:41:37 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:41:47 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
08:42:36 <CraigC> other than catching Churn, I have been skunked on adding to the predictions board except for OF
08:43:53 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Lousy gazing weather.
08:44:09 <ynpvisitor3> And away the GG goes :)
08:44:51 <CraigC> there's a cool imag
08:44:52 <CraigC> e
08:45:07 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> That blew the view!
08:45:34 <ynpvisitor3> yes it did
08:45:49 <Cooper> Hi Tom
08:45:51 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Still fun though.
08:45:57 <TomK> Hello all
08:46:06 <ynpvisitor3> oh yes! thanks
08:46:16 <Cooper> Why did the Bison cross the BW?
08:46:56 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Amazing the bw holds it.
08:47:11 <CraigC> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, I already tested it
08:49:03 <CraigC> TomK, hey Tom, I havent caught a Daisy or Aurum
08:49:51 <CraigC> there was a bison down here by the boardwalk between lower hams and castle, near the sign
08:50:07 <CraigC> also a bison at OF by the lodge
08:50:18 <TomK> ty, I'll add that to my notes
08:51:06 <CraigC> look slike I lost the bison at Lion
08:54:50 <TomK> Is this the new setting for geyser hill?
08:55:06 <TomK> looks goo
08:55:12 <TomK> good
08:55:21 <Cooper> lc
08:55:29 <CraigC> I put it wider to watch for the bison
08:55:41 <CraigC> this is it
08:55:48 <CraigC> I like this one
08:56:09 <TomK> includes lion group better
08:57:07 <TomK> I always moved the old setting just a bit to the left to get lion group
08:57:21 <CraigC> same, wider and lefter
08:57:54 <CraigC> well, hope you have a lot better success at filling the predictions board :)
08:58:21 <CraigC> it's all yours
08:58:38 <TomK> OK, got it
08:59:03 <CraigC> it's nice to have Joe here to help me out
08:59:53 <TomK> Hi Joe.
09:00:15 <TomK> I need a spotter, too.
09:00:36 <ynpvisitor3> Hi tom, I'm hiding as #3
09:02:11 <TomK> :)
09:03:42 <TomK> #3, you watching on big screen, hi def? My computer monitors not that clear.
09:04:47 <TomK> Also typing and avoiding the touch pad on th laptop is a pain, makes interesting spelling errors
09:04:50 <ynpvisitor3> I watch the sam as you
09:05:15 <ynpvisitor3> same*
09:06:09 <TomK> drop E's too
09:08:46 <Joe> Step 1: Open the Settings app. Navigate to Devices > Touchpad. Step 2: In the Touchpad sensitivity section, select Low sensitivity option from the drop-down box to disable the touchpad while typing. If you don't want to completely disable the touchpad while typing, you can select Medium sensitivity option.
09:11:02 <Joe> assuming you are using win10
09:11:31 <TomK> I never use the touch pad. Can't get controlof it.
09:12:30 <TomK> I use the desk top for cam control, laptop for dashboard
09:13:09 <TomK> snow?
09:14:02 <Joe> i don't like touchpads so I disable it anduse wireless mouse on laptop, and yess to snow
09:14:25 <Joe> yes*
09:16:04 <TomK> Bison at OF lodge
09:18:44 <TomK> No chance to see Daisy, I'll keep it on the hill until OF window
09:18:49 <ynpvisitor94> I dont see water in the churn video....nothing steamy in the runoff either
09:21:13 <ynpvisitor22> i agree about the Churn vid. no water
09:24:12 <JSJ> I don't see water in the Churn thing either.
09:24:29 <JSJ> Splashing at Churn will result in intermittent heavy steam puffs.
09:24:41 <JSJ> More or less continuous steam is emerging from Churn in the video.
09:28:23 <Betty> morning all
09:28:32 <Betty> ohhh, snow :-)
09:28:41 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi
09:28:42 <TomK> good morning
09:29:08 <Betty> hi Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ and TomK
09:29:44 <Betty> hi Joe
09:30:45 <TomK> One more peek at daisy, no visibility
09:31:01 <Joe> Thanks all, that is why I post videos, so those with more experienced eyes can give input
09:31:12 <Joe> hi Betty
09:37:11 <Cooper> Hi Betty
09:37:14 <Cooper> Love this weather!
09:37:38 <Cooper> Kaisersmarrn for brunch today:)
09:38:26 <Sam> Snow!!!
09:38:50 <Cooper> Hi Sam
09:39:09 <Cooper> I am hoping for a good 6 inches today in YNP:)
09:39:36 <Sam> Hi Cooper
09:41:37 <TomK> Biso still near lodge, he must be taking a nap
09:44:01 <ynpvisitor3> two? near BW extreme left I think
09:44:32 <ynpvisitor3> or just big people
09:47:31 <TomK> OhNO
09:47:39 <ynpvisitor104> Yay, its snowing!
09:48:09 <LindaG> Hi all!
09:48:22 <TomK> Hi
09:49:16 <Cooper> Hi Linda
09:49:33 <Sam> Hello
09:49:45 <LindaG> Sam, hi
09:50:21 <Cooper> what about me Linda:):p
09:50:54 <LindaG> Cooper, what about you? šŸ˜‹ hello cooper hello
09:51:31 <Cooper> Hi Linda, what about me about you about me?:p
09:52:12 <LindaG> Cooper, theres our snow
09:52:26 <Cooper> yes:)
09:53:49 <LindaG> The washburn cameras arent updating šŸ™
09:56:21 <LindaG> Many glacier webcam is showing snowy conditions up north
10:00:24 <Cooper> Lion 0957
10:02:07 <Sam> Yay lion
10:02:24 <Cooper> We need th BMP to Drop, and then the Vel to Get Higher, and then we will get perfect stick conditions
10:03:52 <KittyM> Who would like to be there right now in the cold and snow? Me!
10:04:03 <Cooper> me!
10:04:09 <Cooper> Linda*
10:04:45 <LindaG> Cooper, actually I just like to watch lol
10:04:59 <Sam> Past the NPS prediction for of
10:05:12 <LindaG> Well I do like a nice walk in the snow
10:05:20 <Cooper> oh, poor you Linda, do not get to slip and fall every step:)
10:05:31 <Cooper> Bijou off
10:05:38 <Cooper> no Splashes
10:08:41 <ynpvisitor83> 1008
10:08:56 <Sam> Of?
10:09:08 <Cooper> yes'
10:09:16 <Sam> Yay
10:10:20 <LindaG> I miss seeing the bison close up šŸ™
10:11:04 <Cooper> Linda, did you go to YNP this past year?
10:11:34 <LindaG> Cooper, no I was there in Sept, 2017
10:11:49 <Cooper> ok, you heading back next sumer?
10:11:58 <LindaG> But the old cam showed them much closer, that's what I miss
10:12:14 <Cooper> this cam is better tho.
10:12:24 <Cooper> gives us a veiw of GH not blocked by OF
10:12:26 <LindaG> Cooper, I may not make it, we'll see.
10:13:10 <LindaG> I have reservations for Grand Canyon in may
10:13:26 <Cooper> Velocity shows blizzard conditions are nearing(at least one of Certain Visibility, Certain Wind speed, Certain Cloud Level, Certain Ice Level)
10:13:26 <LindaG> Wow steamy
10:13:27 <Cooper> OH nice
10:13:30 <Cooper> Warm
10:13:59 <Cooper> shows 24 MPH Winds within 10 Miles right now
10:14:41 <LindaG> This will be a good test for the cam. See if it gets covered. Hope not
10:16:03 <CraigC> sounds like I should delete the churn entry
10:16:14 <Cooper> ?
10:17:13 <ynpvisitor761> I thi k so Craig, looked just like heavy morning steam
10:17:24 <CraigC> ok
10:17:38 <Cooper> Hi Graham
10:17:49 <GO CHURN> Morning
10:17:55 <LindaG> Hi Craig and graham
10:18:02 <CraigC> hey Linda
10:18:06 <CraigC> hey Graham
10:18:35 <Cooper> Hi Kat
10:18:37 <CraigC> hey Kat
10:18:41 <LindaG> And theres Kat!
10:18:54 <Kat> Hi all, it's a beautiful morning in the basin! :)
10:19:02 <LindaG> Hi kat, thanks for covering me this week
10:19:28 <LindaG> Kat, it is!
10:19:46 <Kat> No problem, last night was kind of slow! I stepped away foe a few when the electricians came back!
10:20:10 <Kat> I would love to be walking out there right now!
10:20:34 <Kat> Looks like we won't see too much today...
10:20:39 <LindaG> Dont think we are going to see much today
10:20:56 <Kat> LOL Linda
10:21:12 <LindaG> Kat, great minds....
10:21:27 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
10:21:40 <LindaG> Peeps
10:21:47 <Kat> Exactly ;)
10:22:57 <Kat> Is the cam faltering or is it me
10:23:33 <LindaG> Its stuttering
10:23:56 <Kat> thought so -
10:24:01 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Shivering?
10:24:15 <Cooper> Late Season Severe Thunderstorm Last Night in my area, and looking back, I think that the thing I was wondering if it was a funnel cloud was a funnel cloud.:)
10:24:19 <LindaG> So done said it might be bandwidth problem
10:24:20 <Cooper>
10:24:40 <Kat> Cold and wet... has to het used to wonter :)
10:24:48 <Kat> get*
10:24:53 <Kat> winter*
10:24:58 <Cooper> someone needs to go put a blanked on it
10:25:03 <Cooper> blanket*
10:25:12 <Cooper> Kat infected my with Linda Speak:p
10:25:24 <Kat> Happens all the time
10:25:27 <LindaG> Lol its contagious
10:25:28 <Cooper> me*
10:26:00 <Kat> Linda, are you back from Cape?
10:26:23 <Kat> Any good birds?
10:26:37 <LindaG> I've been looking forward to watching it snow but I forgot how miserable the conditions get on cam.
10:27:02 <ynpvisitor3> Cam is not stuttering here must be internet problem in various placws
10:27:23 <Kat> Stopped foe me
10:27:27 <LindaG> Kat, fall warblers coming in. Not tons of birds but nice. We are still waiting for NW winds
10:27:28 <Kat> for*
10:27:59 <Kat> DO you ge a lot of pine siskens?
10:28:02 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, huh that's Interesting
10:28:06 <ynpvisitor3> stillruning here
10:28:20 <ynpvisitor3> still running *
10:28:21 <Cooper> Linda, I think 3=Joe, am I right Joe?
10:28:30 <LindaG> Kat, in winter we get siskin when their food supply dwindles up north
10:28:32 <TomK> OK, which view is better? Down basin or the hill.
10:28:37 <Kat> No 3 stopped stuttering - sorry, wasn't clear!:p
10:29:03 <LindaG> TomK, I think down basin
10:29:47 <Kat> Was the same in Delaware Linda
10:29:54 <LindaG> Yeah it did stop
10:30:38 <LindaG> Kat, it was 83 on wed and high 70s yesterday
10:30:42 <Kat> Washburn cams offline
10:31:01 <Kat> Nice temps I think!
10:31:54 <LindaG> They are but not conducive to bird migration. Did more hanging out then birding. Not complaining šŸ˜‰
10:32:21 <LindaG> Kat, did you get my pics I texted to you?
10:32:31 <Kat> Got ya! That's true!
10:32:43 <Kat> Yes- nice place!
10:33:17 <LindaG> Yeah old house but well preserved
10:33:17 <Kat> brb
10:41:31 <LindaG> That's better
10:41:58 <CraigC> LC
10:43:39 <ynpvisitor3> AB
10:47:27 <CraigC> how did we get a Grand Prediction from NPS?
10:47:44 <CraigC> or Daisy?
10:48:01 <Cooper> E Times
10:48:27 <CraigC> I'm not seeing e times
10:48:46 <Cooper> they did not enter them onto GT
10:51:29 <TomK> What is the prediction for grand and how do I find it?
10:51:44 <Cooper> 1215, on NPS
10:51:48 <CraigC> 1215 +- 45
10:51:54 <TomK> TY
10:53:04 <CraigC> Daisy = 1205 +-20
10:55:05 <LindaG> TomK, you should see a predictions box on chat board further down on screen.
10:56:02 <TomK> Yes, but it doesn't have grand or daisy
10:56:39 <LindaG> Hmm mine does
10:56:44 <CraigC> on Settings box, "Prediction Preference", click on the NPS
10:56:58 <CraigC> click on All
10:57:08 <LindaG> There ya go
10:57:33 <TomK> "settings box" ??
10:57:46 <CraigC> Settings is one of the window panes
10:58:01 <CraigC> may have to unclick the "-" to open it up
10:58:14 <LindaG> Right ow it has the green webcam is up box
10:59:34 <LindaG> Well at least we can see that there is a hill
11:01:16 <TomK> Sorry, I can't find "-" or "settings"
11:01:55 <CraigC> each window pane on the right has a "-" in the upper right corner to hide them or open them
11:02:41 <TomK> OK, I can close the predictions box with that minus sign
11:03:00 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
11:03:14 <TomK> then what?
11:03:40 <CraigC> see if you can see a closed one that says "Settings"
11:04:33 <TomK> OK, found that, it's open already
11:04:40 <CraigC> when the settings pane is open, the top part of the box shows if OF Webcam is Up or Down
11:04:57 <CraigC> scroll down to predictions preferences, and select All
11:05:20 <CraigC> then open predictions panel back up and you should see NPS predictions
11:07:03 <TomK> i always had both, it only shows OF both GT and NPS, Riverside GT. Nothing else. Been the same all day
11:07:32 <CraigC> oh, hmmm, maybe refresh your browser page
11:08:31 <TomK> did that a while back, + just now again. no difference
11:08:57 <CraigC> sorry
11:09:00 <TomK> me 2
11:11:00 <ynpvisitor76> guess you could check predictions on your phone as a backup
11:11:39 <TomK> good idea. ty
11:13:47 <TomK> lion possible, or down basin until OF window around 1130. Votes?
11:13:49 <ynpvisitor76> "surrounded by devices" :D
11:13:52 <Cooper> Lion
11:14:08 <LindaG> Vote for lion
11:14:19 <CraigC> I'd point it at Lion
11:14:25 <TomK> Ignore previous message. ;)
11:14:27 <CraigC> ;)
11:15:28 <CraigC> interactive Lion Cam
11:21:28 <ynpvisitor3> I'm surprised none of us saw Kitt"s Aurum at 1101
11:21:29 <ynpvisitor3> ;0
11:21:35 <ynpvisitor3> ;0:
11:21:54 <LindaG> Me too
11:22:12 <ynpvisitor3> 0we were pointed right at it :)
11:22:25 <ynpvisitor3> we *
11:22:30 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
11:23:01 <LindaG> Steam is steam is steam
11:25:50 <ynpvisitor3> Aurum 1101:25 to 1102:38
11:26:04 <LindaG> TomK, you could try cycling through the setting icons. Hit each one, GT, NPS and then all. See whether what you see changes.
11:26:12 <CraigC> how does it look on your video recording?
11:26:55 <ynpvisitor3> good!! want to see it?
11:27:12 <LindaG> Yeah
11:27:18 <CraigC> if it isnt too much trouble
11:27:31 <TomK> OK
11:27:49 <ynpvisitor3> give me a few
11:28:34 <TomK> Dome, little squirt
11:28:49 <TomK> BH
11:29:04 <TomK> lion
11:29:21 <TomK> depression
11:29:35 <CraigC> none of those look like they are erupting to me
11:29:39 <ynpvisitor3> I meant minutes :)
11:29:41 <CraigC> ;)
11:29:41 <TomK> Giantess
11:30:14 <TomK> whoops!
11:30:39 <LindaG> Are you cycling through presets
11:30:53 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
11:31:42 <TomK> OK, explain in really simple terms, step by step. please
11:31:44 <CraigC> bison is still back there behind the steam
11:32:55 <LindaG> TomK, i meant go to the setting panel and press each icon, like the one for GT to see if your predictions change
11:34:02 <LindaG> They are the prediction preferences
11:34:12 <TomK> That conversation was sooo long ago... >(
11:34:26 <LindaG> TomK, sorry its true
11:35:21 <CraigC> I think the prognosis is FUBAR
11:35:31 <TomK> On NPS only, I get OF, Riverside NPS + BH geysertimes. ??
11:36:09 <TomK> refreshing each time I change
11:36:51 <TomK> 'All' gives lion last seen 1113
11:37:07 <TomK> OF both NPS and GT
11:37:13 <LindaG> That's all?
11:37:16 <ynpvisitor66> "Preference" means that if there's two predictions for a geyser it only shows the one from your preferred source.
11:37:22 <TomK> Riverside both NPS and GT
11:37:25 <ynpvisitor66> I think.
11:37:39 <TomK> BH two different GT
11:37:41 <CraigC> ynpvisitor66, but "All" is a choice
11:38:55 <CraigC> nvm, I get what you meant now
11:39:00 <TomK> Sorry for 4 different entries, I thought it would make too long a message for all
11:39:28 <CraigC> I'm leaving my preference on GT
11:39:49 <CraigC> I tried clicking each one, GT is how it looks better, for me
11:40:26 <LindaG> My all shows lion, both OFs, daisy NPS, both riversides,great found tain NPS, castle NPS and beehive GT
11:40:31 <TomK> Cuppa Tay, AFK 3 min
11:40:54 <CraigC> OF
11:41:19 <Joe> Aurum at 1101 for "all" of us that did not see, :)
11:42:12 <ynpvisitor74> Where is the feet of snow?
11:42:18 <CraigC> glad I wasn't even here, so that I can't be included in the Blind Mice gazers
11:42:48 <ynpvisitor66> Lion is a funny one. IIRC, it's coded into the chat page and only shows up if Lion is among the last dozen GT entries.
11:42:49 <CraigC> Joe, thanks
11:42:53 <ynpvisitor42> Weird, all my predictions are there
11:43:47 <ynpvisitor66> Thanks, Joe. I like watching the highlight reel.
11:43:47 <ynpvisitor42> OF needs to be entered
11:44:19 <CraigC> oh crap, I was here for the Aurum, that is when we were all looking at predictions preferences
11:44:38 <CraigC> ynpvisitor42, I was going to let Tom enter it when he got back from his tea
11:44:58 <CraigC> ynpvisitor42, or go ahead
11:45:11 <LindaG> I just clicked on the word prediction in the prediction box and in the GT database I have GT predictions as my predictor I wonder if that is affecting it
11:45:39 <ynpvisitor42> Maybe Linda and Craig, I donā€™t post
11:45:52 <LindaG> Nice aurum we are all fired šŸ˜‹
11:46:09 <LindaG> I'll enter
11:46:09 <ynpvisitor42> I saw you posted it here in chat is all
11:46:16 <CraigC> LindaG, Tom's fault for having a broken prediction panel
11:46:57 <LindaG> Was it long didnt watch
11:47:17 <CraigC> LindaG, it was clear as day
11:47:42 <LindaG> CraigC, aurum?
11:47:50 <CraigC> yes
11:48:05 <LindaG> I know it's sad
11:48:06 <CraigC> oh, OF, yeah, long
11:48:43 <LindaG> Not sure what we were looking at
11:49:06 <CraigC> LindaG, scroll up to 1101, we were all telling Tom how to change his settings
11:50:34 <LindaG> TomK, one more thing. I your prediction box, click on the blue prediction link. It takes you to database. Up top which predictor do you have selected. Mine is GT
11:52:09 <TomK> trying that now.
11:52:32 <ynpvisitor66> The Rangers must have some electronic times for Daisy and Grand. No way they'd be predicting them on multiple intervals overnight.
11:52:33 <TomK> it has GT highlighted
11:53:11 <LindaG> Ok, then I have no idea. If Eric drops in he could probably solve the mystery
11:53:41 <CraigC> ynpvisitor66, I asked about that earlier. Cooper asserted that they have e times
11:53:46 <TomK> I think NPS still has a geyser predict shift first thing and get electronic downloads.
11:54:41 <ynpvisitor66> That makes sense. Hopefully the timesmake it into GT eventually, but at least we know when to watch for more.
11:55:31 <LindaG> Thank you Joe for providing the aurum video
11:56:33 <LindaG> Grand happened too!
11:56:45 <LindaG> Its now
11:56:59 <CraigC> ;)
11:57:28 <LindaG> I saw entry before grand
11:57:44 <CraigC> LindaG = Goldilocks
11:58:20 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
11:58:34 <TomK> I'm so busy looking at predictions on my laptop, I missed grand on the desk top. Sorry, I will just look at the geysers from now on.
11:59:30 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š we are all preoccupied
12:00:41 <TomK> I just logged on to Geyser dashboard on the desktop and it has borh NPS AND GT predictions. !!!
12:00:43 <CraigC> other than playing Spider Solitaire, I am 37% here
12:01:07 <LindaG> TomK, another mystery!
12:01:47 <TomK> There has to be a setting on the laptop that can fix it
12:02:29 <LindaG> Yeah something is different
12:03:47 <Cooper> Nice
12:03:55 <Cooper> Looks like a bit of Grand
12:04:36 <LindaG> Yup
12:07:06 <LindaG> Lunch time
12:07:12 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
12:07:13 <Cooper> bye
12:07:41 <LindaG> šŸ‘‹
12:23:57 <TomK> Past Daisy window
12:28:14 <ynpvisitor22> lion
12:57:26 <Cooper> Hi Betty
12:57:49 <Betty> hi Cooper
12:59:50 <LindaG> Betty, hi
13:00:12 <Betty> Hi Linda
13:00:27 <Kat> Hi all!
13:00:41 <Betty> hi Kat
13:00:44 <Cooper> Kat, Hello
13:00:58 <Kat> :)
13:01:05 <LindaG> Howdy!
13:01:15 <TomK> "bout that time. thanks to all for trying to fix my prediction window. I'll be back next week, and My wife will be home from her summer in YNP that night.
13:01:24 <Kat> Thanks Tom!
13:01:46 <Kat> Hope she had a good summer!
13:01:48 <LindaG> TomK, thanks Tom, sorry we couldn't get it fixed.
13:02:00 <Betty> Thanks, Tom
13:02:37 <TomK> Bye all. -> click <-
13:02:48 <Kat> :)
13:02:51 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
13:04:08 <Kat> Snow predicted for the Park?
13:04:20 <LindaG> Our bison awoke up
13:04:21 <Cooper> yup
13:05:19 <LindaG> I think the worse snow is for glacier
13:05:31 <Cooper> yes to both Linda, and Kat
13:08:01 <Kat> Thats a lot of people on this wet cold day!
13:08:54 <LindaG> Sure is
13:17:42 <Cooper> aOBlong
13:17:46 <Cooper> Oblong*
13:17:49 <Cooper> 1316 ns
13:27:38 <Betty> OF
13:27:47 <Kat> OF 1327
13:28:34 <CraigC> Bison hasn't moved much since this morning
13:32:19 <Kat> Likes it there!
13:43:04 <ynpvisitor31> Oh darn missed oblong
13:43:18 <Cooper> was not on cam
13:43:38 <LindaG> Oh good I didnt miss oblong šŸ˜‰
13:43:45 <Kat> We were on OF
13:44:24 <LindaG> Kat, figures
13:45:32 <Cooper> what is that Steam coming from?
13:45:57 <Kat> which steam
13:46:18 <Cooper> in the top right corner
13:46:34 <ynpvisitor3> ear spring
13:46:50 <Cooper> nono, that is blowing from the right, and is near the top
13:46:59 <ynpvisitor3> sorry bottom right
13:47:15 <Kat> maybe matmot?
13:47:22 <Kat> marmot?
13:47:38 <Cooper> dont think so, a lot higher
13:47:40 <ynpvisitor3> probably ggiantess if near top
13:47:49 <Cooper> doublet
13:47:51 <Kat> LC
13:48:31 <ynpvisitor3> when cam goes wider we will know
13:48:42 <Cooper> yup
13:49:51 <Cooper> either DOublet, or Giantess
13:50:25 <Kat> or both
13:50:48 <Cooper> true
13:51:40 <CraigC> AL
13:58:16 <Kat> Linda still here?
13:59:01 <LindaG> Yes
13:59:35 <Kat> Wondering if you can take cam for about 30 minutes?
13:59:47 <LindaG> Yes I can
13:59:54 <LindaG> Now?
14:00:04 <Kat> Thanks - brb Yes thanks
14:06:34 <LindaGp> What all thay steam? Maybe arty?
14:07:00 <LindaGp> *that
14:07:06 <Cooper> might be
14:07:12 <CraigC> probably from the pool, not eruption, IMO
14:07:12 <Cooper> hard to tell with this coldtemps
14:07:40 <Michael> I'm with CraigC here.
14:07:55 <LindaGp> CraigC, yeah doesn't look like a concentrated eruption
14:07:58 <Cooper> Hi Michael
14:08:05 <Cooper> I agree
14:08:09 <Cooper> not very dense
14:08:12 <CraigC> ddshepard reported a "?" earlier
14:08:25 <Betty> there is an in basin report
14:08:43 <CraigC> look straight above Spasmodic
14:08:58 <Cooper> yes
14:09:57 <CraigC> could be an atomizer above and left of Oblong, but iffy
14:10:25 <CraigC> everything is extreme steam right now
14:10:48 <LindaGp> Maybe end of arty
14:11:06 <LindaGp> Starting to thin out
14:12:26 <LindaGp> Now it looks like 3 separate areas
14:12:44 <CraigC> bison ie
14:13:13 <Betty> does that mean it loses scat?
14:13:42 <CraigC> ;)
14:13:56 <CraigC> bison poop never gets lost
14:15:04 <JarnoO> afternoon all, evening Betty
14:15:11 <CraigC> hey Jarno
14:15:31 <Cooper> Hi Jarno
14:15:50 <JarnoO> good to see there were two Oblongs in 48 hours
14:16:09 <Betty> evening Jarno
14:16:36 <LindaGp> Hi
14:16:42 <Michael> Hi Jarno. I'm heading out for a while so you can take my seat.
14:17:35 <JarnoO> thanks Michael - almost thought I had to grab my own :)
14:18:23 <JarnoO> how's the cam been over the last few days?
14:18:37 <Cooper> Good:)
14:18:45 <LindaGp> Good as far as I know
14:18:50 <Cooper> A few slowdows, and a few fails everynow ant then, but not many
14:18:57 <JarnoO> Excellent
14:19:23 <Betty> nice Giantess boils
14:19:26 <CraigC> public view froze this morning, but the cam controls stayed live
14:19:57 <JarnoO> to be fair I don't expect the cam to work flawlessly 24/7
14:20:23 <ynpvisitor3> All slowdowns and fails have been internet issues, there has not been a camera?radio fail since radio was changed out
14:20:53 <CraigC> ynpvisitor3, :thumbsup:
14:20:56 <ynpvisitor3> / instead of ?
14:21:33 <LindaGp> It's a geyser miracle
14:25:55 <LindaGp> Lc
14:26:47 <ynpvisitor35> Little Cub
14:27:52 <LindaG> Hmm now there two of me
14:28:58 <ynpvisitor3> Is two better than one??
14:29:28 <LindaG> Probably ā˜ŗ
14:30:59 <ynpvisitor3> When one of you falls asleep at the controls will the other stay awake??
14:32:16 <LindaG> The other one will wake me up
14:32:36 <ynpvisitor3> :)
14:33:19 <LindaG> šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜
14:40:02 <LindaG> Yay
14:40:06 <JarnoO> AB
14:40:23 <LindaG> that was pretty high
14:40:29 <JarnoO> AL
14:40:41 <Kat> I'm back - Thanks Linda!
14:41:06 <ynpvisitor35> Big Anemone.
14:41:09 <ynpvisitor35> then Little Anemone
14:41:10 <LindaG> ok if you need an early break tonight let me know I'll be home
14:41:21 <LindaG> I'm out
14:42:01 <Betty> thx Linda, wb Kat
14:42:08 <Kat> Thanks so much - I might we'll see. On in the AM for Caroline!
14:42:33 <Kat> Thanks Betty = had a quick errand and as always takes longer than I predict! :)
14:42:55 <CraigC> I can be here tomorrow AM, I wake up early and am not going anywhere
14:42:59 <Kat> AL
14:43:06 <JarnoO> short interval
14:43:12 <Kat> still going?
14:43:29 <LindaG> We lead such exciting lives lol
14:43:36 <JarnoO> I dunno. Last eruption was 1440:~29
14:43:49 <Kat> too short I think
14:43:59 <JarnoO> maybe a second burst :P
14:44:11 <Kat> coukld be
14:44:15 <Kat> could*
14:44:38 <Kat> I know Linda - ain't life Grand! LOL
14:44:45 <JarnoO> though I'm fairly certain it's a separate eruption rather than the continuation of 1440
14:45:06 <Kat> OK do you want to wnter?
14:45:11 <Kat> enter?
14:45:20 <JarnoO> I'll do it
14:45:36 <Kat> I guess Lion quit on us
14:47:23 <CraigC> Kat, let me know if you want me to take cam at 7am tomorrow
14:47:24 <ynpvisitor4> 3hrs 46m on aurum
14:49:54 <Kat> Craig - do you want to do it for the first hour and a half?
14:50:30 <Kat> Then I can pick it up at 0830 MT
14:50:32 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
14:50:45 <Kat> Cool - that's perfect! Thanks
14:50:46 <CraigC> I'll plan on it
14:51:20 <Kat> Bison boy still there!
14:51:30 <Kat> Taking a nap!
15:00:39 <JarnoO> well... according to the latest NHC forecast, Lorenzo is show to be a tropical hurricane when it hits the Azores. It's also forecast to be an extratropical storm just before it makes landfall on the UK, though. Going to be an interesting Wednesday and Thursday
15:05:57 <JarnoO> Depadcwacsd there next to OF
15:06:10 <JarnoO> Dilapidated
15:06:16 <JarnoO> that's what I was looking for
15:06:35 <LindaGt> Jarno speak
15:07:14 <ynpvisitor35> Old Faithful
15:07:15 <LindaGt> OF
15:07:42 <Kat> Hahaha - we're going to have whole other set of langiuages before long! LOL
15:07:52 <ynpvisitor35> Nice to see Dilapidated again.
15:08:15 <Kat> I was writing something down and missed start - assuming it was 1507
15:08:16 <LindaGt> Kat, šŸ˜ƒ
15:08:25 <Kat> Wrong! hahaha
15:08:32 <JarnoO> it is - I wonder if this season can become any better now :)
15:08:54 <JarnoO> at least a feature we can see when we're on mandatory fluffy time
15:09:10 <ynpvisitor35> Picture is freezing up every few seconds again.
15:09:16 <Kat> True Jarno
15:09:21 <JarnoO> #35, same here
15:09:24 <Kat> :(
15:09:35 <LindaGt> Me too
15:10:04 <Kat> ynpvisitor35, Me too
15:10:29 <Kat> Now we've started a new Mee Too movement - don't throw rocks !
15:10:56 <LindaGt> Kat, šŸ‘
15:11:07 <Kat> :p
15:11:23 <ynpvisitor35> Anyone have a feel for how often Dilapidated is going off?
15:11:33 <CraigC> on the GT map it shows Dilapidated behind the lodge
15:12:18 <ynpvisitor35> Sightline from atop the Old Faithful Inn indicate that this steam plume is Dilapidated.
15:13:49 <JarnoO> the feature behind the lodging area (to the right of OF from the cam) is PMG-2 aka Stiletto, that to the left we observed is Dilapidated
15:14:42 <ynpvisitor35> Stiletto has also been nicknamed Megalodon Geyser.
15:14:56 <CraigC> cool, thanks
15:15:10 <CraigC> if anyone remembers, let Eric know about GT map
15:16:16 <Kat> Did our bison move or is this another?
15:16:26 <CraigC> another
15:16:32 <CraigC> there were 3 this morning
15:16:32 <Kat> Thought so
15:16:52 <CraigC> OF bison, one at Lion, and one between Lower Hams and Castle
15:18:20 <JarnoO> as for frequency, Dilapidated erupts in series which occur irregularly. Once in series, there are three possibilities: 1) it goes into 'frequent series mode', where it erupts every 20-60 minutes and continues up to three days, 2) there's an initial, with the next one following 8-9 hours later (and maybe another one 8 hours thereafter), 3) there's no follow-up eruption
15:18:22 <CraigC> OT
15:18:32 <ynpvisitor35> Yeah - the GT map has boo-boos here and there.
15:19:01 <JarnoO> OT ie
15:19:17 <ynpvisitor35> Old Tardy
15:19:25 <CraigC> JarnoO, 15:18
15:19:44 <CraigC> Bulger
15:20:58 <JarnoO> I've logged it as 1518 ie, correct me if I'm wrong. Unfortunately I'm not really too good at observing OT
15:21:35 <CraigC> I thought I caught the start just before I commented at 1518:22
15:22:26 <Cooper> Jarno, I like that... according to NHC
15:25:16 <CraigC> if anyone wants to enter the Bulger Major, go ahead, I am not entering much via WC
15:27:14 <JarnoO> can we have a quick pan to Dilapidated?
15:27:55 <JarnoO> presuming it'll go (or is) in frequent series mode, it should go again somewhere in the next 40 minutes
15:28:00 <Kat> Done
15:28:26 <CraigC> wow, that bison moves fast
15:28:34 <Kat> haha
15:28:38 <CraigC> ;)
15:28:40 <Cooper> :p
15:28:45 <JarnoO> also assuming it follows a Dome-like series pattern, it should have short intervals initially, followed by longer intervals as the series progresses
15:31:57 <CraigC> guy on static is explaining how much taller SB is than OF
15:32:27 <JarnoO> haha
15:34:12 <Cooper> missed Aurum
15:34:29 <Kat> Wish we had mulktiple cams
15:34:36 <Kat> multiple*
15:34:55 <JarnoO> we've got ground confirmation for the 1505 Dilapidated. 1506 ns seen from VC
15:35:16 <Cooper> on for The Geyser, one for the things on that hill, and one for the whatever down here:p (In the eyes of the NPS)
15:35:44 <JarnoO> also one for the Myriads
15:35:59 <Cooper> and one at Norris
15:36:16 <JarnoO> or, according to NPS: "that thingy with the Three Thingies next to the road"
15:36:24 <Cooper> haha
15:36:46 <Kat> I know that one!
15:36:59 <CraigC> Squatch's lair
15:38:12 <JarnoO> I'm off for today. Enjoy Dilapidated when you see it left of OF when the cam has mandatory fluffy focus
15:38:29 <Cooper> bye Jarno
15:42:07 <Kat> Bye Jarno
15:43:56 <Betty> Daisy
15:43:56 <CraigC> daisy
15:45:11 <Kat> :daisy:
15:47:59 <Kat> no one entered Daisy..
15:48:47 <Betty> done
15:49:12 <Kat> Thanks Betty - I did it too! :)
15:50:17 <Kat> Why isn't there a GT Castle prediction?
15:50:52 <Kat> I have no GT predictions
15:52:56 <LindaGt> I don't either
15:53:20 <Kat> Looks like no entry for the last one??
15:54:37 <LindaGt> Last entry was yesterday
15:55:13 <LindaGt> At 11:56
15:58:01 <CraigC> shows Castle 1545 on mine
16:02:08 <Kat> NPS or GT
16:02:22 <CraigC> NPS
16:03:06 <Kat> GUess was never entered into GT
16:04:51 <Kat> OF may interfere with Castle
16:06:04 <LindaGt> Very dark last night do t think it was seen
16:06:20 <LindaGt> *dont
16:07:56 <LindaGt> Comment this morning fore castle 15-16:00
16:08:59 <LindaGt> Someight now šŸ˜ƒ
16:09:06 <Kat> :castle:
16:09:26 <Betty> and Lion? BH??
16:09:39 <LindaGt> *so right
16:09:59 <Betty> steam from left on VEC cam
16:10:08 <Betty> BEEHIVE
16:10:10 <Cooper> Bee
16:10:15 <Cooper> missed it
16:10:32 <Betty> bummer, over :-(
16:10:57 <Kat> Welll sj*T
16:11:10 <Cooper> crap
16:11:12 <Cooper> oops
16:11:21 <LindaGt> It happens
16:11:24 <Cooper> ok, next one 1155 tommorow +/- a few hours
16:11:35 <Cooper> guess I will be waiting for it
16:17:58 <ynpvisitor3> Castle does not have an inital :)
16:19:09 <CraigC> LOL
16:20:07 <CraigC> maybe they have fat fingers like me and hit ini as they were scrolling down
16:20:27 <ynpvisitor3> I do that also :)
16:20:38 <CraigC> I hate doing gt on my phone
16:21:48 <Kat> :lol:
16:27:46 <CraigC> where did the bison go
16:28:14 <ynpvisitor3> If Bee keeps this pattern it shouldbe seen ~ 0800 tomorrow :)
16:28:41 <Kat> to dinner
16:37:32 <Kat> OF
16:38:27 <Kat> OF 1636
16:41:44 <Kat> OT
16:43:04 <Kat> Is that bison alive? I don't think he's moved one step!
16:51:01 <Cooper> Dilapidated
16:53:07 <LindaGt> Oh sorry I was away do you still need me to take cam?
16:53:35 <Cooper> me, or Kat?
16:53:53 <LindaGt> Kat
16:58:05 <Kat> Yes - my dog is sick all over my living room rug.... Thanks
16:58:17 <Cooper> poor pup
16:58:34 <Kat> Poor me- ruined my dinner!
16:58:50 <LindaGt> I took cam
16:58:57 <Kat> Awesome!
17:00:34 <CraigC> that Castle entry might need to get the flag, Jarno's comment on it hasn't been checked by them
17:07:19 <LindaG> I guess i missed Aurum again
17:07:42 <Cooper> Everyone missed Aurum, but the peeps in basin
17:08:34 <LindaG> Ah
17:09:13 <LindaG> Might be a good time for NG
17:09:29 <Cooper> :)
17:09:32 <Cooper> what is that?
17:09:39 <Cooper> can we zoom in on that red thing
17:09:43 <LindaG> North goggle
17:09:51 <Cooper> at that turn by Arrowhead
17:10:08 <Cooper> What is that was meant to be for that red thing
17:10:11 <Cooper> Cone?
17:10:22 <Cooper> Why would there be a cone?
17:11:01 <LindaG> Looks like cone
17:11:17 <Cooper> that is odd
17:11:19 <LindaG> Maybe something wrong with boardwalk
17:11:35 <Cooper> didnt the bison cross there this morning
17:11:42 <Cooper> maybe it put a hole though it
17:11:54 <Cooper> away
17:12:05 <Cooper> away/
17:12:08 <Cooper> ugg
17:12:12 <Cooper> there
17:14:11 <CraigC> where is the cone?
17:15:41 <LindaG> There's the cone
17:15:55 <CraigC> yeah, that looks like where the bison crossed
17:16:28 <LindaG> Popped a board or two or three šŸ™„
17:17:49 <CraigC> it was about 0845
17:18:03 <CraigC> "08:46:56 ā€¹Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµā€ŗ Amazing the bw holds it."
17:18:44 <CraigC> bulger ie
17:18:53 <LindaG> Bulger ie
17:19:37 <LindaG> Hmmm didn't see your bulger, strange
17:20:11 <LindaG> Haha and it didnt
17:20:17 <CraigC> LOL
17:20:34 <LindaG> Naughty
17:20:46 <LindaG> ā˜ŗ
17:28:42 <LindaG> Where is Kevin I haven't seen him on lately
17:29:04 <CraigC> his chickens staged a coup(coop?)
17:29:18 <LindaG> LOL
17:31:44 <LindaG> Lc
17:31:52 <CraigC> he was here this morning
17:33:55 <LindaG> Oh ok we're just on different schedules
17:34:05 <LindaG> Not many peeps at grand
17:36:03 <LindaG> Grand
17:36:05 <LindaG> .
17:36:06 <LindaG> .
17:37:01 <CraigC> people are catching the Dilapidated now
17:43:29 <LindaG> Don't know that well be able to tell if there is a second
17:45:39 <ynpvisitor37> 2nd
17:46:00 <LindaGt> ynpvisitor37, was wondering, looked like it
17:46:55 <LindaGt> Actually hard to see on cam software because of pixelation g
17:54:39 <ynpvisitor37> Daisy ie
17:55:13 <LindaG> It sure is
17:57:30 <LindaG> Making my way to OF
17:59:25 <LindaG> AB
18:03:33 <LindaG> OF
18:04:30 <ynpvisitor37> Didn't keep you waiting too long.
18:05:33 <LindaG> Yeah a quick one
18:06:18 <CraigC> is dilapidated also erupting?
18:07:22 <LindaG> Cant tell. The one to the leftt coreect?
18:07:36 <LindaG> *correct
18:08:31 <CraigC> yeah, today is the first time I have seen or known of it
18:09:11 <LindaG> I think it was a little when i went to OF
18:09:39 <LindaG> Insaw it earlier
18:10:04 <LindaG> Cant type
18:10:17 <CraigC> looks like it here;
18:10:31 <LindaG> Lc
18:11:20 <LindaG> ? To left of dome on that shot?
18:12:08 <LindaG> I'll check on it little while
18:13:19 <Betty> Dilapiated has to be behind the cabins. I donĀ“t think you can see it from VEC static
18:14:32 <Betty> maybe this steam, but I donĀ“t know
18:15:11 <LindaG> I have seen steam behind cabins in past
18:15:27 <LindaG> Howsnthat?
18:15:39 <Betty> could be
18:15:44 <LindaG> Cant type
18:15:49 <LindaG> that steam?
18:16:14 <Betty> no idea
18:16:30 <Betty> hi Lori
18:16:43 <CraigC> now I realize I have no idea where Delapidated is
18:16:44 <Lori S> Hi Betty & Linda
18:16:49 <LindaG> Either that or a dryer vent
18:16:50 <ynpvisitor37> I think Dilapidated is farther left. That might be somewhere near "Stiletto"
18:17:19 <CraigC> looks straight back now
18:17:20 <LindaG> Inthought it was this one
18:17:20 <Betty>
18:17:31 <Lori S> Anyone know where cabin 233 is? That's in the GOSA write up from Pat
18:18:34 <CraigC> is that a rock up on the hill under the tree
18:18:46 <CraigC> straight behind the yellow truck
18:18:46 <ynpvisitor37> If the map is right (and I think it is), Dilapidated is actually left of OF on the streaming cam.
18:19:24 <LindaG> So it's that one
18:19:37 <ynpvisitor37> Yup. That's it.
18:20:00 <Betty> this should be it
18:20:40 <CraigC> map cant be right, if you make a line from Inn through OF to the pin on the map, it isn't left
18:20:43 <Betty> CraigC, could be a bison rock :-)
18:22:14 <LindaG> oh a reason to watch.old faithful
18:22:49 <Lori S> LindaG, :thumbsup: two fer
18:22:56 <Cooper> Hi Ms. Lori
18:23:02 <Lori S> Hi Cooper
18:23:09 <LindaG> Lori S, hi
18:23:19 <LindaG> RD is due
18:23:27 <Cooper(In&Out)> Making myself some dinner, so will be in an out for about 30
18:23:38 <LindaG> riverside is due
18:23:48 <Cooper(In&Out)> Just Kidding...
18:23:51 <Cooper(In&Out)> I am a genius
18:23:51 <CraigC> OT
18:24:51 <LindaG> Ill go back to dilapidated in a while
18:24:53 <Lori S> Does anyone know were the Two Ribbons Trail got its name? The new boardwalk a few miles inside the West gate
18:25:08 <LindaG> Who named it that impossible to type
18:25:14 <Lori S> By the river about the 88 fires
18:25:15 <Cooper(In&Out)> is there a waterfall at the end of the Trail?
18:25:34 <Lori S> No
18:25:40 <CraigC> how far inside the gate? never heard of it
18:26:19 <Lori S> It's on the Wyoming side of the state line. One pullout later, I think.
18:27:04 <CraigC> hmmm
18:27:32 <Lori S> It was put in some time aftr the 88 fires to interpret fire and vegetation recovery. North side of raod.
18:28:25 <Lori S> Pretty trail to walk with river views but nothing too special about it.
18:29:31 <Cooper(In&Out)> first word. "two"- what is there that is 2, and why is 2 significant
18:29:45 <Lori S> Connects to the next large pullout to the east. You can see the boardwalk from the pullout there.
18:30:27 <Cooper(In&Out)> hmmm
18:30:33 <CraigC> Ribbons
18:30:37 <Lori S> The loop is two boardwalks that run roughly parallel to each other?
18:30:53 <Cooper(In&Out)> Craig, what about ribbons?
18:31:31 <Lori S> One is along the river, kind o, the other is through mostly sagebrush and burned, dead trees on the ground, and new seedlings
18:31:55 <Lori S> Well, "new" since 88
18:32:08 <CraigC> there are 2 of them
18:36:00 <Lori S> 0=
18:36:31 <Lori S> Blue Ribbon Stream
18:36:54 <Lori S> connection?
18:37:09 <ynpvisitor78> I was wondering if it was a fishing reference
18:37:19 <Cooper(In&Out)> Connection yes
18:37:28 <Cooper(In&Out)> Ribbon= Ribbon in name...
18:37:33 <Cooper(In&Out)> but why 2 Ribbons
18:37:45 <Lori S> But there is one stream there not two
18:40:15 <Cooper(In&Out)> hmm
18:40:35 <CraigC>
18:41:15 <Lori S>
18:41:24 <Cooper(In&Out)> Thx
18:43:25 <Cooper(In&Out)> I want to catch those fish
18:44:15 <Betty> LC ie
18:44:28 <Lori S> Wildfire helps fish habitat. Wonder if that's it?
18:44:42 <Cooper(In&Out)> it could be...
18:44:43 <LindaG> Anemones are putting on a show today
18:45:53 <Cooper(In&Out)> 2 Ribbons= A Walk where you "learn" about fire, and how it has TWO, things(Helps Fish, and Destroys Plants) Next to RIBBON Creek
18:49:07 <LindaG> Rivwrside
18:49:08 <LindaG> Ie
18:49:18 <Cooper(In&Out)> 1845
18:49:42 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Over by the Wabbit?
18:49:44 <LindaG> Kitt entered
18:50:08 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, ā˜ŗ
18:50:59 <Lori S> Waisy's up next
18:51:20 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Wyight
18:52:10 <Cooper(In&Out)> I think this is Wice(Nice) Haha
18:52:43 <LindaG> Make one twpo
18:53:21 <Lori S> Poor Winda
18:54:08 <LindaG> Lol
18:54:11 <CraigC> WOW (LOL)
18:54:33 <Cooper(In&Out)> haha'
18:57:30 <LindaG> An hour tile awrwm
18:58:11 <CraigC> I speak Jive
18:58:33 <LindaG> Lol i purposely misspelled Aurum bit not till
18:58:35 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I have to feed chickens before that
19:02:28 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, how r the chickens
19:02:49 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Roasted
19:03:00 <Betty> yummy
19:03:35 <LindaG> šŸ—
19:04:43 <Betty> time for sleep, goodnight
19:04:53 <LindaG> Betty, night
19:05:04 <Cooper(In&Out)> night
19:05:36 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Knight
19:06:09 <Lori S> goodnight
19:17:23 <Lori S> LivePD is on gotta go :)
19:17:29 <Lori S> Night
19:17:31 <Cooper(In&Out)> Bye Lori
19:17:37 <LindaG> Lori S, bye
19:19:12 <LindaG> Aurum
19:19:12 <LindaG> .
19:19:12 <Cooper(In&Out)> YAY
19:19:13 <LindaG> .
19:19:17 <Cooper(In&Out)> Nice
19:19:24 <Cooper(In&Out)> is Wevin here?
19:19:45 <Cooper(In&Out)> Short Interval
19:19:54 <LindaG> Might with the chickens
19:20:08 <Cooper(In&Out)> do those peope not know, they are walking away!
19:20:23 <Cooper(In&Out)> That must be why it went so early:p Kevin left
19:20:35 <Cooper(In&Out)> Goodnight Linda, Night All.
19:20:39 <LindaG> Cooper(In&Out), it was guarateed
19:20:45 <Cooper(In&Out)> ā€œGreat spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds" - Albert Einstein
19:20:52 <LindaG> Cooper(In&Out), goodnight
19:22:10 <CraigC> that would fit for a toilet tweet
19:23:52 <LindaG> Bulger
19:24:02 <ynpvisitor17> He left out the remainder of the quote. i wonder why. it would be argued that both sides of an argument are a mediocre mind, the full quote, i think. ā€œGreat spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honest
19:24:09 <ynpvisitor2> Haha
19:25:41 <ynpvisitor99> Where is the snow? I feel cheated.
19:25:59 <LindaG> I know, me too
19:28:00 <LindaG> Inthink after OF I'm going to call it a night. Getting dark.
19:28:21 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Good Knight
19:29:19 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, you missed aurum?
19:32:38 <LindaG> Dilapidated
19:32:41 <LindaG> .
19:37:44 <ynpvisitor105> Already 29ā€ at east glacier from this storm
19:38:05 <ynpvisitor105> That definitely causes cancer
19:38:05 <LindaG> ynpvisitor105, wow
19:38:30 <LindaG> šŸ¤£
19:38:49 <ynpvisitor105> Storm isnā€™t over either
19:38:54 <LindaG> Come on OF
19:39:15 <LindaG> I wonder if it will be a record for sept
19:40:48 <ynpvisitor67> Where did you find that total 105?
19:42:42 <ynpvisitor51> On FB
19:43:07 <ynpvisitor51> Yardstick is 7ā€ from going under
19:44:07 <LindaG> of
19:44:40 <ynpvisitor67> Wow, I hope it drifted and is not on the level
19:49:24 <LindaG> Ok have a good night, I'm off the cam
19:58:45 <ynpvisitor97> I donā€™t think it is a drift. 40-50ā€ is expected in some places
20:04:48 <ynpvisitor81> On facebook take a look at NBC Montana page
20:09:30 <ynpvisitor67> Thanks 81, I will
22:26:34 <ynpvisitor22> ?
22:29:02 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Es ist ein Geysirbecken, aber es ist dunkel, so dass Sie wirklich nichts sehen kƶnnen.
22:34:20 <ynpvisitor22> Not erupting