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05:37:37 <LindaG> Hmm dint know who left the note about about replacing Url
05:37:51 <LindaG> *dont
05:38:39 <LindaG> *above
05:38:52 <LindaG> Well still can't type
05:44:38 <Kat> Where is this URL?
05:48:23 <LindaGt> Not sure, probably something Eric needs to do
05:49:03 <ynpvisitor3> I don't think that person is right, I do think that Century Link has fixed their problem (we can see control and radios) but Pixelcaster now has to reset their servers.
05:49:29 <LindaGt> Ok.
05:49:40 <LindaGt> I can take cam now
05:50:06 <ynpvisitor3> Ok, thanks
05:51:27 <LindaGt> Ok I'm in, but wow still dark
05:51:58 <ynpvisitor3> Yes very
06:00:54 <Kat> How do I get in GT?
06:02:02 <ynpvisitor3>
06:02:48 <ynpvisitor3> That is the URL for GT
06:04:21 <Kat> OK - not suree what's broken hre - I'm on the chat but no streaming....
06:04:54 <LindaG> ?
06:05:21 <LindaG> The streaming is broken, bit cam is working, I'm on cam
06:06:13 <LindaG> Seems pixelcaster has a problem
06:06:19 <Kat> OK - so the connection from cam controls to GT chat is interrupted....sorry just waking up here LOL
06:06:33 <LindaG> Yes
06:06:48 <LindaG> more coffee lol
06:06:58 <Kat> Thanks Linda and Joe!
06:07:24 <LindaG> Right now it's dark as can be out there
06:07:28 <Kat> Just got it! :p
06:08:18 <LindaG> Something just eclipsed the cam. Raven?
06:08:29 <Kat> I peeked to be sure that I could get on cam - not on at all, just a peek! It was dark! :)
06:09:02 <Kat> Don't know....
06:09:13 <LindaG> Hehe I did same thing
06:09:21 <Kat> :p
06:09:27 <Kat> Funny!!
06:10:09 <Kat> Does Eric know that we are broke???
06:10:34 <LindaG> I can tell you whats happening in the parking lot 😊
06:10:50 <ynpvisitor3> I sent DaveK an e-mail about Pixelcaster needing to be reset
06:11:05 <Kat> Not sure I want to know that! LOL
06:11:10 <LindaG> Don't know, don't think he can do anything about.pixelcaster
06:11:33 <Kat> Thanks Joe! You rock!
06:11:42 <ynpvisitor3> Yes he will call and notify them
06:11:53 <LindaG> Meaning eric cant fix pixelcaster
06:12:30 <Kat> and so we wait :) No problem
06:12:33 <ynpvisitor3> Correct Dave is the pixelcaster contact
06:13:16 <LindaG> I think there a UFO out there
06:13:35 <Kat> brb going to get the next cup of joe
06:14:41 <Kat> Linda - you may be right, don't start anymore conspiracy theory's! :)
06:15:12 <ynpvisitor3> When Pixelcaster gets a massive amount of starts and restarts like yesterday it shuts their server down and then needs to be reset
06:16:00 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, you watching cam? What is that light up above 1st light pole?
06:16:53 <ynpvisitor3> That UFO is Mary Greely in a plane looking to see what we are hiding :)
06:17:51 <LindaG> Ok gone but be refection
06:17:56 <ynpvisitor3> That is reflection on the top of the dome of lights below
06:18:11 <LindaG> *must be
06:18:35 <ynpvisitor3> When cars move in the P-lot we get that
06:18:35 <LindaG> It was lower but it's gone
06:19:13 <ynpvisitor3> Even the sides od the dome reflect some
06:19:24 <ynpvisitor3> of*
06:22:07 <ynpvisitor3> Grand Is probably 1h 45 min away, Daisy should have just erupted
06:23:25 <LindaG> Vaguely saw something thought maybe daisy, too dark
06:25:41 <LindaG> I can see the ridge! Yay
06:28:40 <Rice> Good Morning, so LindaG can see the camera? The rest of us can't?
06:28:55 <LindaG> Basically
06:29:04 <Rice> OK,
06:29:24 <LindaG> Pixelcaster isn't sending to chat board
06:29:49 <ynpvisitor3> Riverside
06:30:27 <LindaG> Oh you are good
06:40:41 <Cooper> Good Morning
06:41:00 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
06:41:13 <Cooper> hello Linda
06:41:19 <LindaG> Still no stream
06:44:32 <KittyM> Boo hoo I hate that X. Hope it gets fixed today
06:44:34 <Cooper> Morning Kitty
06:44:44 <KittyM> Hi Cooper and Linda
06:45:01 <KittyM> and everyone else
06:45:20 <LindaG> KittyM, good morning
06:46:19 <LindaG> KittyM, no stream yet. Cam is working so that's a good thing
06:46:35 <KittyM> oh good
06:48:32 <LindaG> I can see on cam, but it's kind of lonely being the only one.🙂
06:49:32 <ynpvisitor3> You are never alone :)
06:49:47 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, I know hehe
06:50:38 <Cooper> 3(Joe?) what was the date that the cam got fixed?
06:51:05 <Cooper> September 18th?
06:51:05 <ynpvisitor3> The 18th, I think
06:51:11 <Cooper> Thanks
06:54:58 <LindaG> Woman climbed over barrier at Bronx zoo and was taunting a lion. So they are eveywhere
06:55:40 <ynpvisitor3> We have always had Pixelcaster problems (public stream) and Century Link problems ( both)
06:55:42 <LindaG> Lion was looking in amazement lol
06:56:17 <LindaG> Nice dusting of snow
07:04:24 <LindaG> Two hardy souls out waiting for OF
07:09:26 <LindaG> OF
07:12:36 <LindaG> Static is pretty with OF
07:13:39 <LindaG> Cam is stuttering
07:14:07 <Cooper> I would rather have a stuttering cam than a non-functional cam!
07:15:46 <ynpvisitor3> When the servers are reset, it will be good, people just have to get to work yet
07:16:03 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
07:16:26 <Kat> IT is a pretty snow dusting!
07:16:50 <LindaG> I think it might be snowing
07:18:20 <Cooper> Linda, stop rubbing it in:p
07:19:22 <LindaG> Cooper, 🙄⛄❄
07:24:24 <Kat> Just peeked - it is snowing
07:24:52 <LindaG> .I can't see a thing on the hill
07:25:04 <LindaG> You can see it on static, sparkly
07:25:13 <Kat> Snowing in Mammoth too
07:25:41 <Cooper> Be Back in TA
07:25:42 <LindaG> I'm dreaming of a white christmas....
07:26:13 <Kat> Not yet Linda .......
07:26:56 <LindaG> Darn
07:27:17 <Kat> LOL
07:28:15 <Kat> Going to NY next Friday for my nieces wedding! I'm so excited!
07:28:28 <ynpvisitor3> But we can ride in a one horse open sleigh, jingle bells, jingel bells
07:28:45 <LindaG> Jingle all the way....
07:28:46 <Rice> Kat, where in NY?
07:28:56 <LindaG> Kat, That will be fun
07:29:37 <Rice> Upstate, or "The City"
07:29:59 <Kat> Renssaerville - it's at the Carey Institute for Global Good. I will fly into Albany
07:30:40 <Kat> I like the city in small doses only!
07:30:52 <LindaG> Seems like there was steam by aurum
07:31:29 <LindaG> I'm guessing though, increased pixelation
07:35:27 <LindaG> I haven't been in the city since before 9/11
07:36:50 <LindaG> Lc
07:36:52 <LindaG> Ie
07:40:29 <LindaG> This pixelation is terrible, I usually look at chat stream for definition.
07:47:41 <ynpvisitor3> Grand
07:48:35 <Dave from B™> Grand? All I have is an X on GH showing me where Pump is located
07:49:10 <ynpvisitor3> Might be grotto back up a bit,
07:51:04 <ynpvisitor3> seems it was grotto cam too close to tell
07:52:05 <LindaG> Sorry I was trying to see if grand
07:52:32 <Dave from B™> Why can the 2 of you see what is going on and I can't?
07:52:43 <ynpvisitor3> no problem
07:52:54 <LindaG> cam up, stream broken
07:53:07 <ynpvisitor3> Dave control stream is up
07:54:09 <Dave from B™> Thanks. You can be my eyes then:)
07:54:21 <Dave from B™> Any snow on the ground?
07:54:34 <LindaG> Yes a dusting
07:54:47 <LindaG> was snowing a few minutes ago
07:55:56 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, when cam first put in the definition.was.excellwnt. what changed?
07:57:51 <LindaG> I don't think that was grand
07:58:17 <ynpvisitor3> was not Grand
07:59:03 <LindaG> Dave from B™, snowing again
08:00:30 <CraigC> if you can get the screen up, I can show you people where Grand is
08:01:01 <ynpvisitor3> yes Craig :):):0
08:01:36 <Mike J> So, is this the webcam gods getting us back for too much frivolity yesterday?
08:01:56 <CraigC> LOL
08:02:03 <ynpvisitor3> looks that way, Mike J
08:02:05 <CraigC> the Commageddon was classic
08:03:22 <ynpvisitor3> I can't type fast enough to join the frivolity like testerday :)
08:03:23 <Mike J> I'm guessing THIS is Commageddon.
08:03:26 <Dave from B™> Yep...I definitely need to get more done at work than yesterday:)
08:04:01 <Mike J> 100% on that one Dave from B
08:04:34 <J. Hassium> OK, so I won't commandeer the discusssion.
08:05:46 <Dave from B™> It was fun. I delayed getting in here for an hour so I could get ahead at work
08:06:01 <CraigC> LOL
08:06:03 <ynpvisitor3> As soon as the boss gets to work and calles Pixelcaster, all will be good, so stand b
08:06:23 <LindaG> My desktop is no better
08:07:47 <Dave from B™> The Cave Man has landed in YNP
08:08:01 <CraigC> a day late
08:08:36 <Dave from B™> Is RM staying for 7 days?
08:09:03 <CraigC> think so
08:09:35 <Dave from B™> He should get another shot
08:09:52 <ynpvisitor3> laid my hand on enter on my numeric pad and got severly kicked for no flood:)
08:10:59 <CraigC> did you learn your lesson?
08:11:19 <ynpvisitor3> Yes, :(:(
08:11:22 <Dave from B™> You could have blamed it on your cat
08:12:06 <ynpvisitor3> No cat here, but you din not know that, drat
08:13:51 <Dave from B™> We saw our first white flakes on the season but they didn't stick on the grass so it doesn't count as a first snow for me
08:15:30 <LindaG> Grand o think
08:16:01 <LindaG> but then maybe not
08:18:37 <LindaG> lost cam maybe they are fixing
08:19:31 <LindaG> Grand
08:21:36 <ynpvisitor47> RM has 818 IE, so the NS 819 took primary. That's weird
08:22:14 <ynpvisitor3> Hard to say, maybe a little left but now it does look like Grand
08:22:53 <Cooper> Still down:(
08:23:27 <Cooper> Great Weather in Colorado Springs Today! Dusting of Snow up where I live, Cold, Sunny, and just the slightest wind.
08:24:12 <Dave from B™> Cooper, it is too early for sarcasm:)
08:24:25 <Dave from B™> That sounds like the beginning of a nightmare
08:24:33 <Cooper> How is that sarcasm?:) I love that weather
08:24:57 <ynpvisitor3> Near start always trumps Ie, if in basin wants primary they have to enter exact or ns, now if you want in basin then wc has to delete
08:25:56 <LindaG> Looks like oblong might be erupting
08:26:11 <LindaG> All of a sudden there was a lot more ateam
08:27:20 <ynpvisitor3> Oblong is slightly right of sprinkler
08:29:05 <Cooper> am I the only one down? (cam)
08:29:24 <LindaG> Cooper, no
08:29:31 <Cooper> Ok
08:29:58 <ynpvisitor3> everyone except operators are down
08:30:51 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
08:30:53 <LindaG> now cam is down
08:31:00 <LindaG> Cooper broke it
08:31:10 <LindaG> Back
08:31:15 <Cooper> I did! sorry, dommage
08:31:34 <Cooper> frogot the c'est in from of that
08:31:44 <Cooper> Tanslates to, THat is just too bad
08:32:53 <LindaG> 😋
08:33:13 <Cooper> J'ai totalement cassé la caméra, juste en signe de protestation du pixelisateur (I may not have spelled that right)
08:34:28 <LindaG> You need my French keyboard, right Joe? Lol
08:34:36 <ynpvisitor3> OF window
08:35:05 <ynpvisitor3> yes Linda that worked well :)
08:35:31 <LindaG> 😃
08:36:43 <ynpvisitor3> Pixelcaster will get to it soon Cooper
08:37:03 <Cooper> Merci
08:37:41 <CraigC> cool
08:37:48 <LindaG> Tjere it is
08:37:50 <Dave from B™> nice dusting
08:37:54 <Cooper> Joe Was Right
08:38:00 <Cooper> Pretty
08:38:06 <LindaG> Welcome back everyone
08:38:07 <Dave from B™> Almost time to start singing Xmas carols
08:38:22 <LindaG> Uhoh
08:38:40 <Cooper> Joe, can you explain the fails
08:38:41 <ynpvisitor3> Joe Knows, sometimes :)
08:39:26 <Kat1> Yeah!!!
08:39:39 <ynpvisitor3> fails two words Century Link
08:39:52 <Cooper> Ok
08:40:39 <LindaG> OF
08:40:56 <ynpvisitor3> Dave check the log, we are way ahead of you on the carols :)
08:41:56 <LindaG> 😊 la la la
08:42:19 <Eric> That didn't take long to fail again
08:42:21 <Kat> Really Dave -you need to pair up with Linda!! Too soon guys! :p:p
08:42:26 <Cooper> Hi Eric
08:42:50 <LindaG> Me me me me
08:44:44 <LindaG> Static looks nice
08:44:57 <Dave from B™> .................Walking home from our house Christmas eve
08:45:08 <ynpvisitor3> Eric, I think Pixel caster is getting garbage from Century Link
08:45:10 <Dave from B™> You can say there's no such thing as Santa
08:45:26 <Dave from B™> Joe, keep control of your cat!
08:46:08 <ynpvisitor3> :):)
08:46:12 <LindaG> Dave from B™, poor grandma
08:46:56 <Dave from B™> :D
08:47:25 <ynpvisitor3> The control stream is just there, and I think pixelcasters don't like what they are getting
08:47:31 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, any thoughts on daisy
08:47:37 <Cooper> Linda, that is a odd song version, "walking home from hours Christmas Eve.. You can say there's no such thing as sant, Joe, keep control of your kat!"
08:48:04 <Cooper> My cam is down again:(
08:48:25 <ynpvisitor3> Daisy probaly erupter 10-15 min ago
08:48:37 <ynpvisitor3> erupted
08:48:38 <Eric> Yep, I wouldn't doubt that the failed network connections are causing pixelcaster to crash out
08:49:24 <CraigC> well, at least the camops can control what no one can see
08:49:28 <Eric> how many camops on the controls? I might suggest that you point the camera and everyone log out of the would give more bandwidth to the main stream
08:50:03 <Eric> BTW...OF static is amazingly beautiful this monring
08:50:04 <Eric> morning
08:50:40 <LindaG> If we log out younguys could see it?
08:50:49 <ynpvisitor3> A new wrinkle, the radio Shop discovered there are many new growth trees blocking the passive repeater to Washburn, they are surprised that they are getting any signal at all
08:50:58 <Eric> probably...your camop streams suck the bandwidth from the public stream
08:51:12 <ynpvisitor3> Break out the chainsaws
08:51:25 <CraigC> I'll bring all 4 of mine...
08:51:53 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, ok joe one thw count of 3, if you log out i will
08:52:19 <ynpvisitor3> I"m out
08:52:22 <Eric> century link doesn't use wireless for their backhaul I don't believe...they actually have copper
08:52:33 <LindaG> I am too
08:52:41 <Eric> and you should never have more than one camop at a time
08:52:53 <Eric> viewing the stream...that is sure way to kill everything
08:53:28 <LindaG> Well that didnt work
08:53:44 <Eric> pixelcaster might have had enough and barfed again
08:53:46 <LindaG> And now we cant see anything
08:53:59 <ynpvisitor3> Eric that is their microwave that caries everything to Washburn I believe
08:54:26 <ynpvisitor47> last night someone said something about the URL?
08:54:32 <Eric> I thought century link actually used copper
08:54:45 <LindaG> I'm watching but not signed in
08:55:00 <Eric> I know the park service network and all the cellular carriers use the backhaul
08:55:06 <Eric> wireless
08:55:14 <Eric> watching is the worst part
08:55:35 <Eric> if you can see the stream, you are most likely part of the problem :-P
08:55:48 <ynpvisitor3> I'm out completly
08:55:57 <LindaG> It didn't come back when we logged out
08:56:11 <LindaG> Ok ok I'm out
08:56:22 <Eric> patience is important...not everything is instantaneous
08:57:07 <ynpvisitor33> Always with the negative waves Eric. It's a beautiful cam!
08:57:39 <Eric> Now if pixelcaster would just pick back up the signal......
08:58:19 <Cooper> Norris Notes
08:58:28 <Eric> Glad to see solstice is is chugging away
08:58:34 <Eric> Nobody reports it anymore
09:01:29 <Eric> Well, if pixelcaster has crashed, it probably won't matter who is on the camop view
09:01:49 <LindaG> 😊
09:01:54 <Eric> but if you see the public stream start to make noise, try to limit the camop view, I am guessing it has impact on the stream.
09:02:06 <Eric> well, not does have impact :-P
09:02:25 <LindaG> Ok
09:02:53 <LindaG> I went in
09:03:52 <LindaG> At least the weather is clearing
09:05:03 <Katie (in&out)> boohiss
09:06:08 <CraigC> Bernie suspended campaign, heart surgery
09:06:10 <LindaG> Katie (in&out), hoping for a reboot soon
09:06:49 <LindaG> CraigC, I saw that had stents put in
09:07:47 <LindaG> Saw that some woman entered a lions area and was taunting it. They are all over. This was at the Bronx zoo
09:09:59 <Katie (in&out)> "The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana."
09:10:08 <Katie (in&out)> Who said it?
09:10:21 <LindaG> Lol no idea
09:10:55 <Katie (in&out)> Oh, well, then there's a book you need to read and/or a movie you need to see. Book, of course, is better. But movie has eye candy.
09:11:14 <ynpvisitor47> Steinbeck?
09:11:23 <Katie (in&out)> Nope
09:11:43 <CraigC> Dude, Lebowski?
09:12:11 <Katie (in&out)> Nope - but good movie! And Steinbeck novels are excellent, too.
09:13:19 <LindaG> I know, I k.ow, amazing what you can look up on Internet
09:13:40 <CraigC> I can't guess anything else
09:13:51 <Katie (in&out)> email from Dave says public stream is back up. Anyone seeing it? I'm not.
09:14:33 <CraigC> not
09:14:34 <LindaG> No im not
09:14:57 <Katie (in&out)> CraigC, it's a quote from "A River Runs Through It," by Norman Maclean.
09:15:06 <CraigC> ohhhhhh
09:15:14 <CraigC> loved that show
09:16:00 <Katie (in&out)> It appears to be working on NPS site - albeit choppy
09:16:03 <LindaG> Based on that email maybe the person was right about replacing url, look at early morning comment
09:16:05 <Katie (in&out)> Take it back.
09:16:23 <Katie (in&out)> But I would expect we do need URL for this page changed.
09:16:31 <Katie (in&out)> But its still chopping and lagging out anyway...
09:16:43 <LindaG> Eric are you still here?
09:17:07 <Kat> The live view on the public YNP webcam page is not this one....
09:18:01 <Katie (in&out)> Linda, are you on camop? Is camera pointed down basin?
09:18:21 <LindaG> Just was. Why?
09:18:39 <Katie (in&out)> Wondering if the NPS view is even "now."
09:18:52 <Katie (in&out)> Just flipped to Geyser Hill
09:19:03 <Katie (in&out)> That view is always 30 seconds delayed
09:19:20 <LindaG> Yes and moves back to down basin
09:19:37 <LindaG> Sun coming out
09:20:38 <LindaG> Ok everybody over to NPS ☺
09:21:04 <Katie (in&out)> I have it up on another screen, and have emailed Dave - still very choppy.
09:23:18 <LindaG> I guess we lost eric
09:26:41 <LindaG> Lion
09:27:13 <ynpvisitor33> I get NPS but nothing on this page.
09:27:28 <Katie (in&out)> NPS is now reloading constantly. Going to trigger migraine. Damn.
09:27:30 <ynpvisitor98> 23:20:24 ‹ynpvisitor37› Admin, in order for the live stream to return, you need to update the stream URL to match the new one NPS is using
09:27:50 <ynpvisitor98> This was on chat board last night
09:28:43 <Lindagp> I posted comments above
09:31:09 <Lindagp> I.think mayne ini
09:34:10 <Lindagp> I'll mark as ini pretry sure it is
09:36:20 <KittyM> Oh snow on the ground!
09:36:46 <Lindagp> It's pretty
09:37:12 <KittyM> definitely
09:37:29 <CraigC> steve entered as ini
09:38:12 <Lindagp> 👍
09:47:27 <Casey> Lindagp, it looks like you accidentally marked the OF eruption as an ini
09:47:37 <Lindagp> Oops
09:48:09 <Lindagp> Thx fixed it
09:48:16 <ynpvisitor3> Casey, Linda is new here :):)
09:48:52 <Lindagp> 😝
09:49:00 <Lindagp> 😊
09:49:21 <Lindagp> Snow again
09:49:50 <CraigC> Welcome to Comma Chat, Linda, I am Craig
09:50:16 <CraigC> not a Commanist, just to clarify
09:50:32 <Mike J> NO! No Comma chat. Look what it already did to the webcam!!!
09:50:43 <Dave from B™> :D CraigC
09:50:47 <Lindagp> Lol
09:50:57 <Katie (in&out)> Unnecessary pauses! (says the commanist)
09:51:16 <ynpvisitor42> Did Cam Ops get notice of Mrs. Trumps visit on Friday? Midway and surrounding areas closed for an "event".
09:52:08 <CraigC> Midway is never really congested anyways, good decision
09:53:41 <ynpvisitor42> Well, they put it on the road closures page, and said to visit elsewhere. So that should make everyone happy, right?
09:54:14 <CraigC> lol, sounds like something out of Hitchhikers Guide
09:55:25 <Dave from B™> I wonder if she will be helicoptered to the overlook
09:55:49 <Dave from B™> Did rich dignitaries walk that far on their own?
09:55:55 <Dave from B™> Do*
09:55:58 <Katie (in&out)> ...because that's what fourth graders with NPS passes will all get to do...
09:56:46 <Katie (in&out)> they really need a copy editor
09:57:59 <Lindagp> Hmmm haven't seen Kevin yet
09:58:21 <Dave from B™> Maybe, he went to Rainbow today
09:58:54 <Lindagp> Oh there he is
09:59:10 <Kevin L™🌵> I was working in the shop.
09:59:23 <Lindagp> 😊
09:59:42 <Kevin L™🌵> I see stream is still down on the chatpage.
09:59:46 <Lindagp> Controls released
10:00:15 <Kevin L™🌵> Got them
10:00:29 <Lindagp> 👍
10:00:33 <Lindagp> Bbl
10:08:00 <Eric> looks like steam on NPS website is playing...give me a few to check out the issue
10:08:05 <Eric> stream
10:09:15 <Lindagp> Eric, Eric I sent you a private msg
10:09:26 <ynpvisitor3> Eric Just got an email sayingthey changed the 'code' monday
10:10:13 <Cooper> Grrrr, Still Down for me
10:11:33 <Eric> ok...refresh the pag
10:11:35 <Eric> page
10:11:53 <Katie (in&out)> Thank you, Eric. :)
10:12:06 <Lori S> I have moving steam. Thx Eric
10:12:10 <Eric> Never saw an email :-(
10:12:12 <ynpvisitor3> thanks Eric
10:12:21 <Eric> But they moved their servers at pixelcaster
10:12:51 <Dave from B™> Thank you, Wizard Eric
10:12:58 <CraigC> thanks, Eric
10:13:00 <Kevin L™🌵> Thanks Eric.
10:13:06 <Eric> No problem...would have fixed it sooner if I knew
10:13:15 <Eric> only took like 15 seconds :-P
10:13:20 <Katie (in&out)> Holy crap! Look at West Entrance. Power its out at Mammoth, btw & fyi - maybe more widespread
10:13:21 <CraigC> what Kevin, Joe, Katie, Dave and I said
10:13:37 <Eric> wow
10:13:59 <Lori S> Lots of roads closed...
10:14:05 <Cooper> Oh Hello Ms. Lori
10:14:06 <Eric> also note there is a notice that Midway geyser basin will be closed on Friday...probably due to the first lady
10:14:26 <Lori S> The FLOTUS is coming to YNP?
10:14:28 <CraigC> no one ever goes there
10:14:37 <Lori S> CraigC, never
10:14:59 <Eric> I know she is touring parks in wyoming and it said midway is closed to to an connecting the dots.
10:15:11 <Eric> due to
10:15:15 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
10:15:16 <ynpvisitor42>
10:15:34 <Lori S> Getting her travel in while she can... :p
10:15:47 <Lori S> Did I type that out loud?
10:15:53 <Eric> I hope her hat doesn't blow into grand prismatic
10:15:56 <CraigC> Bernie won't be able to be there
10:15:57 <Lori S> Hi Cooper
10:17:20 <CraigC> should we do a test and have all the camops here open up the view and see if it affects it?
10:22:20 <ynpvisitor47> a lot of bus visitors won't be happy if they can't do a selfie at the Grand Pris overlook
10:22:46 <CraigC> will the overlook be closed?
10:23:12 <Katie (in&out)> Oh, I'm sure, Craig. It poses a major security risk.
10:23:21 <Kevin L™🌵> I suspect it would be.
10:23:23 <Lori S> I would guess the overlook will close.
10:23:51 <ynpvisitor47> midway and surrounding areas
10:24:11 <CraigC> oh brother.... all they would have to do is have some security at the parking lot and at the overlook
10:24:43 <CraigC> tourists have limited days in the park
10:25:18 <ynpvisitor47> it's a bucket list moment for many to go up there
10:25:25 <CraigC> yep
10:25:52 <Kevin L™🌵> I think if I tried that hike I would kick the bucket.
10:26:09 <CraigC> did they close Geyser hill when Pence was at OF?
10:26:54 <CraigC> Kevin L™🌵, it has a steep section, I had to stop for a sec before the top
10:34:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Oblong ie
10:34:25 <ynpvisitor47> I have sympathy for those international visitors not allowed to go there. I shock myself for defending them. :P
10:35:41 <Dave from B™> I don't have sympathy for ANY visitor who comes to YNP for only 1 day.
10:35:43 <Cooper> Making Icecream in Science today, for a freezing point lab
10:35:56 <Lori S> Dave from B™, agreed
10:36:04 <Cooper> who goes to YNP for 1 Day! Agree!
10:36:13 <Lori S> I look away for a few minutes and Oblong starts!
10:36:24 <CraigC> maybe they are there for a few days, but have lodging around based on an itinerary
10:36:27 <Cooper> Lori, you can see it?
10:36:34 <ynpvisitor47> - they may come back!!!
10:36:49 <Lori S> I just see staem right noe
10:36:51 <Lori S> now
10:37:38 <Dave from B™> ie at 1031
10:37:39 <Cooper> how can you see it? I thought the pixelcaster thingy was down!?
10:37:50 <Dave from B™> Hit refresh, cooper
10:37:56 <Cooper> oh
10:37:59 <Cooper> haha
10:38:02 <Cooper> thanks Dave
10:38:04 <Dave from B™> Eric repaired the issue
10:39:25 <Betty> morning geyser fellows
10:39:26 <CraigC> hey Betty
10:39:39 <Betty> hi CraigC
10:40:02 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
10:40:13 <Cooper> Hi Betty
10:40:19 <Betty> hey Dave from B™, Cooper
10:40:34 <Lori S> Hi Betty!
10:40:54 <Betty> hi Lori S
10:41:00 <Cooper> Bye Everyone
10:41:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Did you bring me a pretzel?🥨
10:41:24 <J. Hassium> I'll Be Back
10:41:48 <Lori S> Bye Cooper
10:42:16 <Betty> Hi Kevin L™🌵, Oktoberfest visit is tomorrow ;-) hi Jimbo
10:42:32 <Betty> Lion
10:43:42 <Kevin L™🌵> No wonder we didn't see you on the cam.
10:43:43 <Lori S> What's that link again to past webcam days?
10:44:02 <Lori S> For the videos, I mean
10:44:44 <Kevin L™🌵> Under GOSA youtube in the links section on this page.
10:45:37 <Eric> it's in the panels to the right Lori
10:45:51 <Eric> GOSA youtube
10:45:59 <Eric> ohh, Kevin already said that :-P
10:46:07 <Eric> He is smart!
10:46:07 <Lori S> Of course it is :) Bonk
10:46:19 <Eric> All important links are there
10:46:30 <Betty> Monday my internet and phone was cut by workers on road construction site near my house, yesterday was nephews birthday party
10:46:46 <Betty> hi Eric
10:46:53 <Eric> ahh, we thought you were at Oktoberfest
10:46:53 <Dave from B™> Eric, could you put a link to my website there:)
10:46:55 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:47:05 <Eric> I said important Dave
10:47:11 <Dave from B™> hahaha
10:47:22 <Kevin L™🌵> Oh, I hated cutting fiber at NDOT. Lots of lawyers. :P
10:47:26 <Eric> But if you want to donate the whole $100/month to support this site I will add your link there :-D
10:47:42 <Eric> and a little fish icon!
10:47:50 <Lori S> Why is my cam up but my status on the left says Down?
10:48:00 <Kevin L™🌵> He will pay you in fish.
10:48:06 <Eric> and maybe even a nice line of txt saying thanks to your company for supporting this page!
10:48:07 <Casey> What does my $3/month get me?
10:48:13 <Betty> is that snowplows on OF seismo?
10:48:29 <Eric> Free page views and right to complain if something isn't working
10:48:41 <Eric> I even donate $5/month :-D
10:48:58 <Eric> many small donations is great!
10:49:26 <Eric> I spend more time here than on netflix....I can at least contribute some!
10:50:28 <Eric> BRB, gotta go catch a bird flying around my house! Damn cat.
10:50:43 <Casey> That's a pretty low bar for the "right to complain". You should raise your prices.
10:50:47 <Betty> lol
10:52:30 <Dave from B™> "Today's eruptions are sponsored by Sweet Pea porta potties. There is always a spot for a pot"
10:52:48 <Katie (in&out)> I've been meaning to do that for ages. Thanks for the kick. But, now, the support link absent?
10:52:51 <Betty> hahaha
10:53:14 <Katie (in&out)> Poor Sweet Pea. They are a good company. They have been customers for 25 years or so. Crappy driver, though.
10:53:37 <Dave from B™> haha Katie
10:53:53 <Dave from B™> There are somw great names out there for porta poty companies
10:54:25 <Betty> Katie (in&out), link is to the right on the dashboard
10:55:09 <Kevin L™🌵> We had one called Mr Potty. How would you like that on your paycheck?
10:55:22 <Dave from B™> :)
10:55:35 <Betty> dramatic sky
10:55:37 <Katie (in&out)> Betty, I see the box, but not the link today.
10:55:45 <Kevin L™🌵> I see Katie picked up a burger joint sponsor today.
10:56:01 <Katie (in&out)> Huh?
10:56:27 <Dave from B™> In and Out burger
10:56:38 <Lori S>
10:56:49 <Katie (in&out)> Oh... :):)
10:56:51 <Lori S> Which reminds me to do the same
10:57:19 <ynpvisitor20> Melania Trump visit to close Midway Friday! I hope it’s cold and snowing and zero visibility
10:57:34 <Dave from B™> Looks like we only need $10 more per month
10:57:35 <Kevin L™🌵> Katie:
10:58:01 <Lori S> She should feel right at home...Russia weather
10:59:44 <LindaG> That was quick
11:00:24 <Lori S> Hello Linda Hello
11:00:49 <Betty> hi LindaG
11:00:59 <LindaG> Lori S, hello lori hello
11:01:08 <LindaG> Betty, hi
11:01:43 <Eric> Thanks Katie...your contribution is appreciated!
11:02:03 <Eric> and Lori
11:02:14 <Eric> and everyone else who contributes :-D
11:02:59 <Eric> It doesn't just support this page, it actually supports the servers for GeyserTimes too!
11:05:31 <Lori S> I keep meaning to...
11:07:55 <Dave from B™> Just wait until you receive your free gift!
11:08:18 <ynpvisitor42> I'm in! Thanks for the reminder!
11:12:12 <Lori S> Wprk keeps taking me away from the cam. How rude. LOL
11:12:18 <Lori S> work*
11:13:15 <Lori S> Dave from B™, Free Gift? 3D glasses?
11:13:19 <Lori S> LOL
11:13:59 <Dave from B™> Reserved seat on the middle platform at SB
11:14:54 <Betty> and Dave serves you a cocktail in a coconut with a mini umbrella
11:15:17 <Dave from B™> actually, it's free cookies from Steve E on the middle platform
11:15:32 <Dave from B™> shrimp cocktail?
11:15:35 <Katie (in&out)> I wanted a cocktail!
11:15:44 <Katie (in&out)> Sure. Shrimp cocktail works. ;)
11:16:11 <Dave from B™> I've been tempted to bring something stronger to the SB platform
11:16:59 <Katie (in&out)> Walk to the restrooms is too far...
11:17:06 <Betty> :-/
11:20:47 <Dave from B™> I should bring the camper, park in the parking lot and sell burgers
11:22:46 <Katie (on&off)> (the check bounced)
11:23:11 <ynpvisitor42> We thought that the trash cans in the parking lot are not bear proof, wanting to test that out?
11:23:51 <Dave from B™> High IA Lori
11:24:09 <Dave from B™> Is it okay if I put the grease in your car?:)
11:24:36 <Dave from B™> It's been so long since Jenn'as been here that many have never met her here
11:24:55 <Jenna's mom> Coat your truck to keep the Steamboat spittle off!
11:25:12 <ynpvisitor3> everything is down
11:25:32 <Dave from B™> I park on the highway
11:25:40 <Jenna's mom> Tree, her new job. but when Lori is on, I usually don't sign in ;)
11:25:51 <Jenna's mom> True, not tree, good grief!
11:31:40 <Cooper> is it just me or is the cam down again?
11:31:58 <Katie (on&off)> Not just you
11:32:02 <Cooper> ok
11:32:53 <Dave from B™> How as your trip to YNP?
11:33:15 <Betty> hi Lori! how are you? It´s been a while :-)
11:33:50 <CraigC> Dave from B™, I just got back from shopping, Walmart has RV antifreeze for under 3 bucks
11:34:10 <CraigC> I also bought a "blow out" adaptor for about 2.50
11:34:28 <Katie (on&off)> Crap! We paid almost $7 for blowout adapter
11:34:40 <CraigC> mine is from China ;)
11:34:46 <Eric> walmart always has cheap RV stuff
11:34:53 <Katie (on&off)> ...the day after we bought $15 worth of hardware trying to make one
11:35:06 <Katie (on&off)> matt would rather pay $7 that set foot in WalMart. He is very anti-walmart
11:35:17 <Katie (on&off)> he bought it at an RV dealership
11:35:33 <CraigC> so you pay 3 times as much at a place that is 70% like walmart
11:36:58 <ynpvisitor3> CEO of walmart was Obamas right hand mam, I thought every one would support that :)
11:38:17 <CraigC> ha
11:38:31 <CraigC> either side, almost half will oppose
11:38:50 <Jenna's mom> I posted an OF pic from this morning on my fb page. Humid here, just looking at the snow helped :)
11:39:29 <Katie (on&off)> Matt's anti-Walmart stance goes back before Obama term and that neither a factor - either way.
11:40:10 <Katie (on&off)> Crap, I'm sounding like the successor. *laughs*
11:40:43 <Jenna's mom> Ours is just kinda icky. I only go when I can't find something anywhere else.
11:40:54 <Dave from B™> Do we need to start talking about commas again?:)
11:42:22 <Jenna's mom> :D
11:42:50 <Jenna's mom> I read that....didn't comma ment...
11:42:51 <CraigC> Jenna's mom, are you someone we know under a different name?
11:43:03 <Jenna's mom> lori lurking?
11:43:07 <Dave from B™> Time to go get my ears lowered. I shall return
11:43:09 <CraigC> ok, hi
11:43:21 <CraigC> <---Sara's dad
11:43:31 <Jenna's mom> but using lori when Lori S is on confuses people
11:43:33 <Betty> nice Dave
11:43:54 <Kevin L™🌵> Why don't you get you head raised Dave?
11:44:27 <CraigC> YOu could go as Lurker Lori and we would know
11:44:40 <Jenna's mom> I can do that!
11:44:59 <Eric> <== Elizabeth's Dad
11:45:41 <ynpvisitor3> Hi Elizabeths Dad :)
11:45:46 <Eric> or Lori ?
11:45:49 <CraigC> wb LL
11:45:53 <Eric> unless you too are Lori S :-P
11:46:07 <Betty> OF ie
11:46:12 <Eric> So who broke the cam?
11:46:20 <Lurker Lori> I went by Jenna's mom, Amy's mom and the infamous Stewart's mom for a lot of years. Now other people's kids at the school call me Conor's grandma.
11:46:35 <Eric> haha :-D
11:46:41 <Eric> CG :-D
11:47:06 <Eric> Haven't seen Jenna on here for a long time
11:47:11 <Lori S> Lori S was AFK due to work...Reading
11:47:11 <CraigC> Dave left, blame him, as always
11:47:21 <Eric> Dave's Fault
11:47:26 <Eric> Done
11:47:58 <ynpvisitor3> Everything went down, I can't get to anything other than the static
11:48:27 <Lurker Lori> Jenna's new job keeps her doing other things most of the time. Both a good and a bad thing.
11:48:30 <Katie (on&off)> Dave said the power was out at Mammoth earlier... I wonder if generators/UPS's failed
11:48:59 <Katie (on&off)> Nah - other cams are p
11:49:04 <Eric> static cameras are still networks are up
11:49:10 <Eric> :-D
11:49:48 <Eric> Century Link has backup generators, but their networks go through mammoth I believe
11:52:19 <Lori S> Lori S, is happy to change her name to something else. A little make believe lightens the day. :)
11:53:15 <Eric> Lori in West
11:53:22 <Eric> LiW
11:53:45 <Eric> EiV
11:54:06 <Lori S> Oh, no acronyms. That would confuse me
11:54:09 <Lori S> :p
11:54:54 <Lori West> Where is Jenna's mom? She could be Lori East or whatever.
11:55:23 <Lurker Lori> southeast Iowa
11:55:35 <Lori West> Lurker Lori, :thumbsup:
11:56:05 <SB Paparazzi> hehe
11:56:09 <Lurker Lori> I could confuse things with Lori Midwest
11:56:33 <SB Paparazzi> Time for lunch, though, so the confusion goes away fro at least an hour
11:57:10 <SB Paparazzi> Wait, the cam is down again?
11:57:44 <Lurker Lori> yeah, I heard Save broke it
11:57:49 <SB Paparazzi> Sigh. BBL. Bye all
11:57:50 <Lurker Lori> Dave
11:58:10 <Eric> Lori Iowa
11:58:16 <SB Paparazzi> It's always Dave's fault. :p
11:58:21 <Eric> by LiW
11:58:38 <SB Paparazzi> Lithium W?
11:58:47 <Eric> Lori in West
11:58:49 <SB Paparazzi> I don't know my elements, so...
11:59:09 <SB Paparazzi> really, I have to go now. Dog has to pee
11:59:23 <SB Paparazzi> TMI?
11:59:29 <Lurker Lori> RUN!
12:28:57 <Betty> Aurum
12:31:48 <Kevin L™🌵> 😬
12:34:29 <Kevin L™🌵> Yea!
12:34:56 <Betty> cam is back
12:34:57 <Kevin L™🌵> Cam is up.
12:35:08 <Betty> ugh
12:35:49 <Eric> yeehaaa
12:35:56 <CraigC> huh?
12:36:06 <Betty> hah
12:42:19 <Kevin L™🌵> The weather outside is frightful....
12:42:45 <Cooper> Kevin, no, the weather outside is spectacular
12:43:14 <Betty> a fire would be delightful
12:43:17 <CraigC> :i::i:
12:43:32 <Cooper> a fire would be delightful
12:43:56 <Lurker Lori> time to crank down the AC and make some hot cocoa!
12:44:46 <Betty> anyone else can see Bruce Willis on bw?
12:45:13 <Cooper> Betty, were you at the fair last night?
12:45:30 <Betty> what fair?
12:45:53 <Cooper> Kevin posted a link of an October Fest Fair
12:46:30 <CraigC> do they have good corn dogs at the October Fest Fair?
12:46:46 <Betty> I´m there tomorrow, it is a 4hr drive to get to Munich
12:46:50 <Cooper> Oh
12:46:52 <Cooper> Nice
12:48:07 <Kevin L™🌵> Do they have tater tots?
12:48:09 <Betty> tomorrow is holiday here, Tag der Deutschen Einheit
12:48:14 <Betty> no
12:48:40 <Kevin L™🌵> I love that holiday Betty.
12:49:12 <CraigC> corn dogs and tater tots, I want to visit Germany!!!
12:49:23 <Betty> because you can see fireworks?
12:49:43 <CraigC> do they have fry sauce in Germany?
12:49:46 <Betty> what is a corn dog?
12:50:53 <Betty> no corn dog, no fry sauce no tater tots
12:51:00 <Dave from B™> I've never had a corn dog
12:51:20 <Eric> really dave?
12:51:31 <CraigC> hmmm, where else should I go outside USA then?
12:51:43 <Dave from B™> I have a lot of things i've never eaten but that's all you get for today
12:51:49 <Betty> but Weisswurst, Ochsensemmel, Brathähnchen, Brezeln, Schweinehaxen
12:52:08 <CraigC> Dave from B™, first you tell us you don't drink coffee..... are you a droid?
12:52:19 <Betty> CraigC, ask Kevin
12:52:46 <Eric> should branch out a little :-P
12:52:56 <Dave from B™> No soda, no tea, no cole slaw, no potato salad, no asparagus, no brussel sprouts....
12:53:05 <Eric> Domo oreo gotto!
12:53:19 <CraigC> Betty, I am joking. My ex-wife's mother was German, so I appreciate REAL food
12:53:20 <Eric> Must be mormon!
12:53:40 <Betty> huh.... I´m glad!
12:53:54 <Eric> status fixed too
12:54:25 <Betty> more Germans here than expected
12:54:28 <Eric> let me know if you see any other weird anomolies due to stream url address change
12:54:35 <CraigC> my yucks are green beans and goulash
12:54:56 <Eric> how can you not like green beans? yummmm
12:55:17 <Betty> and goulash! mega yummy
12:55:33 <Eric> While I don't drink much soda, tea, cole slaw, potato salad, asparagus and brussel sprouts are all awesome
12:55:41 <Betty> love green beans
12:56:14 <CraigC> beets can take a hike, too
12:56:16 <Eric> I love czech goulash
12:56:35 <Eric> Every region around europe has their own goulash I believe
12:56:39 <Dave from B™> I love green beans
12:56:42 <Betty> yup
12:57:26 <Cooper> Eric, how come if I mark myself away, and then away again I do not come back as back?
12:57:28 <Lurker Lori> fresh or frozen green beans. I only started eating them a few years ago. Sill no on the canned ones.
12:57:29 <Eric> You can't really generalize about cole slaw, potato salad and goulash...many different ways to make those things...some yummy, some yucky
12:58:00 <CraigC> true, some potato salad is bad, but I live most
12:58:03 <CraigC> love
12:58:09 <Eric> I try everything once :-D
12:58:10 <Lurker Lori> Brussel sprout are tonight, along with Iowa Chops and acorn squash.
12:58:15 <Dave from B™> I also take my green salads dry which probably will turn people's stomachs as well
12:58:34 <CraigC> weird
12:58:35 <Eric> roasted brussel sprouts are like one of my favorite foods...steamed are not so much
12:58:58 <CraigC> Eric, check with Dave about what kind of food if we go to Shoshone
12:59:01 <Lurker Lori> gotta have some crispy on them. They are new, like the green beans.
12:59:01 <Eric> The way you cook vegetables is very important to their flavor :-D
12:59:29 <Dave from B™> haha CraigC
12:59:30 <Eric> I am just brining mountain house guys are all on your own for what food you want to carry :-P
12:59:41 <Eric> chili mac probably
12:59:50 <Eric> and some dehydrated scramble
12:59:55 <Dave from B™> I'll be bringing a big fat juice smelly steak
13:00:03 <CraigC> I'll probably bring MH teriyaki
13:00:05 <Dave from B™> and 5 canns of soup
13:00:21 <CraigC> and ramen and oatmeal
13:00:21 <Eric> I will make a campsite reservation for you across the lake :-P
13:00:44 <Eric> ramen and oatmeal are great backpacking food
13:01:16 <Eric> you know you can put both those things in ziplock and hang them between your legs when hiking....they will be pretty warm in about 1/2 hour :-P
13:01:26 <CraigC> OMG
13:01:32 <Betty> lol
13:01:55 <Eric> it's amazing how much heat that area of your body puts out!
13:02:03 <CraigC> Eric, have you ever been an inmate.... and/or smuggled contraband?
13:02:07 <Eric> croch cooking 101
13:02:30 <Eric> Nope, my prison wallet is empty Craig :-P
13:02:41 <Eric> or crotch
13:03:15 <Eric> But if you don't want to carry a stove....that can save you some weight and give you a warm meal
13:03:18 <ynpvisitor78> Definitely not good to come on in the middle of a discussion about hanging things between your legs. Lol
13:03:44 <Betty> :thumbsup: Linda
13:03:47 <Cooper> Hi Linda
13:04:00 <LindaG> Now I have to read from beginning haha
13:04:05 <Dave from B™> omg....:D:D:D
13:04:05 <Cooper> haha Linda, what, Eric is smart
13:04:13 <Eric> Thru hikers do crazy stuff to reduce weight.
13:04:42 <Eric> When you are hiking thousands of miles...every ounce makes a difference
13:04:50 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
13:05:09 <CraigC> I'd rather go get lipo and stapled if cutting weight meant doing THAT weird of stuff
13:05:30 <LindaG> You have piqued my Interest
13:05:44 <Dave from B™> I won't eat dehydrated food. I'll carry something better than that. I might have to borrow a tent. My lightest is 10# 4 man
13:05:50 <LindaG> Too funny
13:06:03 <CraigC> Linda, if you go check your pantry for stuff to..... well, nvm, don't do it
13:06:21 <LindaG> Hey it's up
13:06:21 <Eric> The mountain house stuff is pretty good...don't knock it till you try it :-D
13:06:36 <CraigC> agree with Eric
13:06:46 <Dave from B™> I've tried it. It is alright when you are starving:)
13:06:49 <Eric> but dave, I suggest hard cheeses, vacuum packed olives and hard sausages if you don't want dehydrated
13:06:55 <CraigC> I have a couple of buckets of it in my food storage
13:07:16 <Dave from B™> It's almsot not worth bringing a stove for 1 night
13:07:20 <Eric> anything with good protein/fat to weight ratio is good
13:07:30 <LindaG> I haven't read the whole thing. I will later. Sitting by the bay. Jist checking to see if it was up.
13:07:36 <LindaG> Bbl
13:07:42 <Eric> Yep...but coffee in the morning for the win!
13:07:51 <Eric> I will have a stove
13:07:54 <Eric> you can use mine
13:08:09 <Eric> at least for boiling water
13:08:19 <Eric> thats pretty much all I do with it
13:08:37 <CraigC> Dave doesnt drink coffee, he is a Russian spy bot
13:08:44 <Eric> cookie on it is too much work to clean up :-P
13:08:53 <Eric> cooking...not cookie
13:08:54 <Eric> ugg
13:09:04 <Eric> anyway...lunch time...enjoy the Bee
13:09:15 <Dave from B™> I can survive without hot food for overnight
13:09:22 <Dave from B™> 1 night
13:09:32 <CraigC> same here
13:09:39 <CraigC> peanut butter sandwiches
13:09:40 <Eric> but morning is when it's nice :-D
13:09:48 <Eric> hot coffee.....
13:09:50 <Eric> bye
13:10:00 <CraigC> agree on the hot coffee
13:10:37 <Dave from B™> You can bring the coffee...Ill bring the growlers
13:11:09 <Betty> bye Eric
13:11:51 <Kevin L™🌵> Mountain Home is not bad Dave.
13:14:34 <Dave from B™> One growler on each hip for balance. If I have to stop to "balance" them, I'll catch up to you:)
13:15:45 <Lurker Lori> I can eat beef sticks and macadamia nuts, Todd gets tired of them. Can you put margaritas or martinis in them Dave, it will be mixed when you get there ;)
13:17:54 <Cooper> What did I do?
13:18:17 <Dave from B™> haha Lori
13:18:19 <Kevin L™🌵> Vienna sausages? Makes you appreciate the other food.
13:19:57 <Betty> OF
13:24:20 <Dave from B™> So, another short series by Lion?
13:24:46 <Kevin L™🌵> Daisy
13:24:50 <Betty> maybe it was missed, cam was down
13:27:53 <Cooper> could be any time really, what I want is for it to go back to 13 hr intervals
13:56:19 <ynpvisitor115> The land of perpetual daylight?
13:57:20 <Dave from B™> The land of failing webcams
13:57:53 <ynpvisitor115> Is it the cam, or the data line?
13:59:17 <Dave from B™> Sounds like Pixelcaster
14:00:39 <Kevin L™🌵> Pixelcaster broke it!
14:02:19 <ynpvisitor87> My stream is working
14:07:03 <Eric> I think it's century link
14:07:32 <Eric> apparently the earlier issue was century link
14:07:41 <Eric> I mean pixelcaster :-P
14:08:24 <Eric> Since we just had a turban...can we check on the hill?
14:08:28 <Cooper> Hi Casey
14:08:33 <Cooper> Ericm good idea
14:08:35 <Cooper> Bulger
14:08:38 <Cooper> Sprinklet
14:09:13 <Eric> I didn't know Kitt was back in the park!
14:09:15 <Casey> Hi Cooper. Hi everyone.
14:09:29 <Eric> Hi Casey
14:10:07 <Cooper> I can not tell if that is steam from indy, or snow in a runoff chanel on static?
14:10:25 <Eric> Thanks for the heads up Casey on the status...I got that fixed.
14:10:38 <Cooper> Not Indy
14:11:12 <Cooper> Time for me to go, wish me luck on my Quarter 1 Vocabulary Final
14:11:24 <Casey> No problem Eric. I know how easy it is to overlook some of those small details.
14:11:36 <CraigC> hey Casey
14:11:48 <Eric> Yep, especially while in the middle of meetings this morning :-P
14:12:36 <Eric> So who is up for climbing eagles peak next year :-P
14:13:07 <Eric> I might just do backpacking next august and stay in the backcountry :-D
14:13:09 <Dave from B™> (dead silence)
14:13:33 <Eric> I got ahold of tom carter on FB and he is giving me some pointers to hit all those peaks down there.
14:13:44 <Casey> In Colorado?
14:14:36 <ynpvisitor12> Sorry, Eagles Peak will be closed to protect the eagles.
14:17:41 <Dave from B™> Casey, Eagle Peak, YNP....tallest point in YNP
14:17:50 <Dave from B™> SE corner of YNP
14:18:32 <Eric> rocket?
14:18:55 <CraigC> wow
14:19:06 <CraigC> quite a blast
14:19:11 <Dave from B™> Was Grotto going already?
14:19:14 <Eric> Yes it was
14:19:23 <Eric> I assume so, but maybe just grotto start
14:19:25 <Casey> Ok. I clearly don't know my YNP topography like I should
14:19:32 <Dave from B™> I would say you are correct re ROCKET
14:19:50 <Eric> sorry, my "yes it was" in reply to Craig, not you Dave
14:20:02 <Kevin L™🌵> ie plume
14:20:08 <Eric> I am not sure about grotto
14:20:12 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice
14:20:13 <Casey> Kevin?
14:20:38 <Eric> plume of steam I think Kevin means :-D
14:20:42 <Eric> not plume the geyser
14:20:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Right
14:20:58 <Cooper> .
14:20:59 <Cooper> .
14:20:59 <Eric> grand
14:20:59 <Cooper> .
14:21:00 <Cooper> .
14:21:00 <Cooper> .
14:21:10 <Casey> That makes more sense
14:21:14 <Tungsten Steel> should see the start with my lag
14:21:17 <Cooper> Eric, Grotto 1418
14:21:31 <Dave from B™> wow
14:21:41 <Cooper> So that was the start of Grotto, maybe that was GF then
14:21:42 <Tungsten Steel> Thar she blowses
14:21:42 <CraigC> good thing there are lots of dots when the cam is already on the eruption ;)
14:21:44 <Casey> I guess no rocket. Just lots of Grotto steam
14:21:45 <Eric> That answers that question...just really steamy grotto start
14:22:03 <Tungsten Steel> even got steam from my afternoon coffee on my glasses just now
14:22:10 <Eric> Thanks RM! :-D
14:22:56 <Eric> Maybe RM is hanging out at Giant :-P
14:23:23 <Dave from B™> grand
14:23:52 <CraigC> Old Tardy
14:24:04 <Eric> Nice
14:24:10 <Eric> go Bulger
14:24:17 <Eric> and churn
14:24:29 <Eric> then we won't be able to see anything :-P
14:27:44 <ynpvisitor12> All I see are the same people waiting for Of that have been there all day.
14:28:11 <Tungsten Steel> ~ 8 minutes
14:28:17 <ynpvisitor12> They should get there entrance fee back.
14:29:19 <Eric> wowza
14:29:20 <Eric> .
14:29:21 <Eric> .
14:29:21 <Tungsten Steel> High spike
14:29:25 <Eric> .boom second
14:29:30 <Tungsten Steel> !!!
14:29:40 <Eric> go 3rd
14:30:13 <Tungsten Steel> Felt like it. That's a near-max height.
14:30:33 <Eric> Yes...was very impressive
14:30:42 <Eric> and done?
14:30:51 <Eric> at 10m?
14:37:29 <Eric> oh well, good time to take a cam break I guess :-(
14:48:11 <Betty> OF window
15:08:56 <LindaG> I see green
15:10:00 <ynpvisitor3> someone handed you money? :)
15:10:20 <LindaG> I wish
15:11:17 <Betty> we may check on BH
15:11:50 <Betty> thx
15:39:48 <Eric> bh looks less hot than it did earlier
15:39:54 <Eric> wondering if we missed it
15:41:24 <Dave from B™> It seems there are a few people in the basin. I don't think we have missed it
15:42:09 <Betty> bulger ie
15:45:36 <ynpvisitor3> Daisy
15:46:37 <Dave from B™> Time to move on out. Have a great evening everyone!
15:47:42 <LindaG> Bye
15:49:33 <Betty> bye Dave
15:50:36 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight Dave
15:51:11 <Dave from B™> Tonight is opening night for hockey...enjoy
15:52:09 <Kevin L™🌵> Knights are on NBCSN. If the last game is an indicator, this should be wild. First time I have seen a ref tackle a player.
15:53:28 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:53:52 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight. Have fun tomorrow.
15:54:20 <LindaG> Betty, night
15:56:04 <Eric> Night Betty
16:03:57 <Kat> Hi all!
16:04:15 <ynpvisitor43> Hi Kat.
16:04:16 <Kevin L™🌵> Controls released for what good it will do.
16:05:04 <Kat> Thanks Kevin! We'll see how it goes for while! I'm trying to get ready for a trip to NY for a wedding....
16:05:08 <Lori in West> Hello again all
16:05:23 <Kat> Hi Lori
16:06:03 <Larry in Denver> Hi Lori (my screen says I'm Larry in Denver but the chat log says I'm ynpvisitor43)
16:06:11 <Larry in Denver> And now it's back
16:06:24 <Lori in West> Hi Kat. Suppose the cam troubles are related to the upcoming FLOTUS visit? CenturyLink may be fiddling for that.
16:07:03 <Lori in West> That's one ornage coat on the static
16:07:10 <Lori in West> *orange
16:07:59 <Katie(off&on)> High visibility safety coat@
16:08:15 <Cooper(away)> I am hear, but am now away
16:08:35 <Michael> I'd like to think the connection failures are temporary.
16:09:14 <Katie(off&on)> Here, Cooper, here!
16:09:14 <Kat> Not sure - but it sure is disappointing after we had several great days! Don't get me started on that! Can't help myself...all that's happening and she wants to visit the Park now???
16:09:17 <Larry in Denver> Is there hope the camera will be stable before the Inn closes for the winter?
16:09:30 <Kat> Do not know
16:09:34 <Katie(off&on)> I might make it my mission to make your English skills on par with your math skills.
16:10:04 <Lori in West> Katie(off&on), here here!
16:10:26 <Kat> Who are you talking to Katie - sorry
16:10:45 <Katie(off&on)> I was talking to Cooper. :)
16:10:47 <Lori in West> Katie(off&on), Sorry, hear hear!
16:11:02 <Cooper(away)> Katie, fun fact... I make an average of 14 spelling errors per 200! I am better at French than I am at english!
16:11:33 <Katie(off&on)> I knew you would know the math on it. ha ha! Oh, Cooper...
16:12:09 <Kat> I see it now :)
16:13:11 <Cooper(away)> another fun fact... according to my Matix Determinant Ratios, I am 1.13 Time more efficient at writing in french than I am in English(yes I did that just now_
16:13:40 <Kat> and....
16:15:15 <Kat> Our Mr. Bison is taking it easy in the basin! :)
16:17:10 <Lori in West> Wonder if the POTUS had originally planned to visit with the FLOTUS...
16:17:32 <Kat> I wouldn't think so.....
16:17:47 <Katie(off&on)> too cold to golf if one is accustomed to FL
16:18:12 <Lori in West> Wonder if she said "That;s it, I need a vacation!":p
16:18:57 <Eric> They didn't want a hair piece in Grand Prismatic!
16:19:15 <Katie(off&on)> Eric! You just made me spit and spill my water everywhere!
16:19:24 <Eric> You are welcome.
16:19:31 <Lori in West> Eric, ROFL
16:19:47 <Lori in West> Or maybe the orange would clash with the rainbow of colors
16:19:54 <Eric> Can you image that orange floppy thing floating across the pool?
16:20:54 <Kat> Hahaha Eric - the visual...Fine Him!!
16:21:13 <Eric> Throw him in mammoth jail!
16:21:16 <Lori in West> It would be the greatest floaty ever. The best. No one has ever dropped anything more spectacular in a hot spring.
16:21:25 <Eric> hahaha
16:21:34 <Eric> Now you got me rolling Lori :-P
16:21:57 <Lori in West> YVW
16:22:00 <Cooper(away)> I am back, yet I am still away? at least according to the user box?
16:22:14 <Eric> wow those are vibrant rain jackets on static!
16:22:26 <Cooper(away)> anyone else se that I am still away?
16:22:41 <Kat> Wow - moved the cam to OF and nothing on here = there it goes!!
16:22:47 <Eric> This is your name Cooper
16:23:10 <Eric> change your name goober
16:23:18 <Cooper> there I go
16:23:31 <Eric> all you had to do was click on your name and change it
16:23:41 <Cooper> oh
16:23:44 <Cooper> haha
16:23:51 <Cooper> that went right over my hed
16:23:52 <Cooper> head
16:23:57 <Lori in West> I saw a quick blip of Cooper (away) (away). LOL
16:24:24 <Cooper> I guess it just wanted to emphisise that I was VERY Away:p
16:24:56 <Lori in West> No Eric, you can't fail. We need you.
16:25:22 <Lori in West> But you can be Troubled
16:26:01 <Eric (Failing)> Wow...that is a mouthful!
16:26:30 <Kat> I have nothing!!!
16:26:50 <Cooper> Does anyone know waht theproblem is this time?
16:26:52 <Lori in West> 15 characters :p
16:27:02 <Eric(Recoverin)> Yep...max hit
16:27:22 <Lori in West> Cooper, The moon is in Venus?
16:27:38 <Cooper> ah,LOL
16:29:35 <Cooper> I love this thing!(The Thurston Science Make of Science) makes homemade ice cream in about 5 minutes!
16:31:18 <Cooper> Total Price Spent: 2$ 50C(not including taxes), Time Spent: 5 Mins, Total amount of Icecream Made: Quarts!
16:32:15 <Kat> OF
16:33:49 <Cooper> Eric, you are an op, why not just change the amount of characters allowed?
16:34:33 <Lori in West> Cooper, What a novel idea.
16:35:00 <Cooper> Thank you Thank You Thank YOu, :p
16:35:16 <Cooper> and now to a commercial break
16:36:02 <Cooper> Bee soon
16:38:40 <Kat> Click on Bee - you get OF hahaha
16:38:59 <Cooper> haha
16:39:49 <Kat> Really probably my slip up :)
16:40:54 <Kat> So the some of the issue is from cam to GT streaming....
16:42:39 <Cooper> I love this title of theirs, "Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin Live-stream Webcam"
16:43:44 <Eric (Recoverin> There we go :-D
16:43:48 <Eric (Recoverin> I fixed that issue!
16:43:50 <Cooper> THere ya go
16:43:56 <Cooper> How many chacters max?
16:44:27 <Eric (Recoverin> A few extra
16:44:37 <Eric (Recoverin> Might cause use with caution
16:45:06 <Eric (Recoverin> haha
16:45:11 <abcdefghijklmno> Eric, why 24?
16:45:14 <Lori S is in We> Eric (Recovering), Oh, no, you opened a can of worms
16:45:16 <Eric (Recoverin> :-D
16:45:33 <Eric (Recoverin> I can change it down to 8 if it gets abused too much
16:45:45 <Cooper> Ok, Ok, just curious
16:46:15 <Eric (Recoverin> I felt like Jimbo had to try too hard
16:46:28 <Eric (Recoverin> Now he has way more options
16:46:47 <Kat> I'm so not sure what you are talking about!
16:47:12 <Lori S in West> Kat, The number of cahracters you can put in your chat user name
16:47:19 <Lori S in West> characters*
16:47:51 <Kat> Oh my gosh - Well Kat should be just fine LOL
16:48:05 <Lori S in West> Kat, :thumbsup::p
16:48:09 <Eric (Recoverin> Maybe I will base it on the day of the month :-D
16:48:11 <Cooper> Bee splash
16:48:32 <Lori S in West> May would be fun
16:48:34 <Eric (Recoverin> you would only get 2 today
16:48:54 <Cooper> Indy?
16:48:59 <Lori S in West> oops, I read that as the number of letters in a month name
16:49:14 <Cooper> nope
16:49:16 <Lori S in West> Can you imagine the 31st?
16:50:31 <ynpvisitor116> Hello lori s in the west hello
16:50:34 <Cooper> I had hopes for this new cam, now I do not:(
16:51:00 <Eric (Recoverin> I added in a nice easter egg for when Dave returns too :-D
16:51:00 <ynpvisitor116> Cooper, hey hey no negativity
16:51:33 <Cooper> I will be negative until this cam gets better:(:p, just kidding, fine:D
16:51:37 <Lori S in West> Hello 116 Are you Linda? Hello
16:51:44 <Eric (Recoverin> So expect a good chuckle tomorrow morning :-D
16:51:57 <Kat> Let it go Cooper - negative helps no one!
16:52:06 <Lori S in West> How do you put emojis in a user name?
16:52:10 <Katie(off&on)> Looking forward to it. Did you do something with the tm per chance?
16:52:20 <Kat> Not sure
16:52:30 <Eric> You will just have to wait until tomorrow :-P
16:52:37 <Cooper:D> like that Lori?
16:52:39 <Katie(off&on)> Suspense!
16:52:58 <Lori S in West> No, like TM or this egg Eric has mentioned
16:53:22 <Eric> I don't know what that sentence means Lori :-P
16:53:27 <Kat> I do not have a clue what to expect!
16:53:39 <Cooper😎> like that?
16:53:47 <Eric> Yes, unicode should work in names
16:54:00 <Lori S in West> If I knew what unicode was :p
16:54:11 <Lori S in West> were? is?
16:54:23 <Kat> Same here Lori
16:54:31 <Lori S in West> Eric, Oh, not a literal egg emoji. I get it
16:54:40 <Kat> Just older and not so smart anymore??? LOL
16:55:21 <Cooper😄> Lori, if you want to add an emoji to your name, 1. Click on name, 2. Right click, 3. Click Emjoi, and then find the one your like
16:55:31 <Eric> here is a list of unicode you can copy/paste into your name:
16:55:34 <Fishman> Sorry, Eric!
16:55:35 <ynpvisitor116> Lori S in West, yes I guess I am li da, lost my name again haha
16:55:59 <LindaG> Ah here I am
16:56:09 <Lori S> Hello LindaG Hello!
16:56:12 <Kat> I'm here too! LOL
16:56:20 <Eric> ruined it Lori :-P
16:56:24 <LindaG> Kat, hi there
16:56:31 <Kat> Thanks Eric
16:56:33 <Lori S> Eric, I know. Drat
16:56:38 <Lori S> Curiosity and all
16:56:48 <Eric> I knew I should have kept it quiet :-P
16:56:57 <Lori S> But it will still suprise HIM
16:56:58 <Eric> Oh well, he should still be surprised.
16:57:02 <Kat> No, it' all good!
16:57:24 <Kat> it's *
16:57:30 <Lori S> I wait with baited breath for what you will now do to mine. :/
16:57:42 <Eric> haha
16:57:50 <Lori S> Ooops...
16:57:51 <Eric> is more than enough
16:58:04 <Kat> Time to turn the lights on!! LOL
16:59:33 <Lori S in West> Perhaps CraigC needs "Crash"?
16:59:50 <Lori S in West> JK
17:00:26 <Katie🌒> So, the crescent moon really doesn't look so great.. Hmmmm....
17:02:24 <CraigC> what??? crash???
17:02:34 <Lori S in West> CraigC, oops
17:02:47 <Lori S in West> "Mailbox?"
17:03:03 <CraigC> LOL what are you talking baout
17:03:05 <CraigC> about
17:03:21 <Lori S 2603> Yeah, um, how do you enter unicode?
17:03:32 <Katie❄> We get loopy playing with the chat board itself when we can't watch geysters..
17:04:11 <Lori S 2603> Katie❄, How do I put in unicode?
17:04:46 <Katie❄> 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
17:05:03 <Kat 😁> Katie❄, So true! Keeps folks positive! :p
17:05:04 <Katie❄> Lori, just right-click and then click on emoji and pick one
17:05:47 <Lori S /2603/> I can'r right click at work. Not set up per the boss
17:06:07 <Lori S /2603/> Well, my last boss may he RIP
17:07:23 <Kat 😎> Katie❄, I couldn't tell what it was!
17:08:09 <Kat 😎> We need to get Eric to add some more emojis and then limit how many you can attach to each name :)
17:11:10 <Cooper😄> Dep
17:11:29 <Cooper😄> on GT
17:11:46 <Kat 😎> Saw it
17:14:01 <Kat 😎> Well, Mr Bison is up and around this evening!
17:14:12 <Kat 😎> Sprinkler
17:17:18 <Kat 😎> Bulger 1716
17:17:46 <CraigC> what's this new trick you guys learned?
17:18:19 <Lori S ™> CraigC, I haven't figured it out yet, myself
17:18:48 <Kat 😎> It was just about assigning an emoji to your name on the chat. Right click and choose and emoji
17:19:11 <CraigC> right click what
17:21:04 <Kat 😎> Click on your chat page name next to the text box...then right click on it and you should see Emoji at the top,,,
17:22:13 <Kat 😎> Aurum 1721
17:22:20 <Katie❄> Whoop!
17:22:37 <Kat 😎> WooHoo!
17:22:50 <Kat 😎> Nice and long!!
17:23:19 <Kat 😎> I'm dancing! lol
17:24:25 <CraigC> I don't see anything for emoji
17:25:37 <Kat 😎> I don't catch Aurum as much as I would's always fun!
17:29:14 <Kat 😎> Craig, here's what I the box that you can change your nickname. Then right click on the name in that box, emoji should come up at the top!
17:29:49 <Craig C👌> lol
17:31:27 <Craig C 🚴‍> that's cool, a biker
17:32:32 <Kat 😎> You got it!!
17:33:16 <Cooper😄> Didn;t miss Bee cool
17:36:05 <ynpvisitor21> the circle?
17:42:43 <Craig C 🚽> sweet
17:43:05 <Cooper😄> Criag, a Toilet:p?
17:43:48 <Craig C 🚽> now I won't ever have to leave
17:44:04 <Cooper😄> haha
17:45:04 <Eric> on mac you hold down ctrl key and click to get get "right" click functionality
17:48:42 <Lori S> Eric, But what do I do after I right click?
17:48:57 <Cooper😄> to get an emoji?
17:49:08 <Eric> I don't know
17:49:38 <Craig C 🚽> your cursor needs to be on a space after your name in that box
17:49:41 <Eric> alright...well webcam is sucking it and I am about done with work
17:49:41 <Lori S> Cooper😄, Yes. When I "right click" with the control key, no emoji box pops up
17:49:51 <Lurker Lori > Mine says Win + period, but that doesn't help without a Windows button
17:49:53 <Cooper😄> so, click on your name
17:50:13 <Cooper😄> and then when you "right click"
17:50:20 <Craig C 🚽> after the box opens to change name, click after your name, not on it
17:50:29 <Cooper😄> you go up to the top, and it should say emoji
17:51:13 <Lori S> Craig C 🚽, got that part, but Emoji is popping up nowhere
17:51:24 <Cooper😄> hmm
17:52:50 <Craig C 🚽> it wasnt either on mine until I clicked in the box so the cursor was after the name, then did the right click
17:58:46 <Lori S> Craig C 🚽, I tried just erasing my name and right clicking in the empty box. Still the same result.
17:59:12 <Cooper😄> OF
17:59:19 <Cooper😄> Lori, sorry, now I have no idea
17:59:22 <Craig C 🚽> Lori S, dang
17:59:39 <Craig C 🚽> is anyone on cam?
18:00:06 <Lori S> Thanks for trying to help thou Craig C 🚽 and Cooper😄
18:18:34 <Kat 😎> Hwy Linda
18:18:39 <Kat 😎> Hey Linda
18:18:47 <LindaG🦋> Kat 😎, hi
18:19:10 <Lori S> Nice shadows there
18:19:22 <Kat 😎> :)
18:20:20 <LindaG🦋> Kat 😎, hope you are ha ingame better evening than I had morning
18:20:28 <LindaG🦋> Yikes
18:20:35 <Kat 😎> Not really
18:20:45 <Kat 😎> :)
18:20:53 <LindaG🦋> *hope you are having a better
18:21:21 <LindaG🦋> 🙁
18:21:23 <Lori S> LindaG🦋, I must be used to your typing as I read that in the first attempt :)
18:22:05 <LindaG🦋> So I missed what all the hub bub is about. What did Eric change?
18:22:17 <Kat 😎> hahaha as long as we understand - who cares!:D
18:22:26 <LindaG🦋> LindaG🦋, lol
18:22:44 <Kat 😎> hold on I'll tell you
18:23:23 <abcdefghijklmno> He changed this, LindaG🦋
18:24:04 <LindaG🦋> Oh more characters?
18:24:12 <Kat 😎> :)
18:24:27 <Lori S in West> Yup. Plus he added a suprise for Dave
18:24:46 <Lori S in West> Next Dave logs on
18:24:49 <LindaG🦋> 😀 oh I love surprises
18:25:07 <Lori S in West> Well, then be on toorrow morning when Dave arrives :)
18:25:15 <Kat 😎> I'll have to get on in the AM
18:25:19 <LindaG🦋> Will do
18:27:57 <Kat 😎> This is carzy!!
18:28:03 <Kat 😎> crazy!!
18:28:56 <Lori S in West> Gonna close up the office so everyone have a great night!
18:29:06 <LindaG🦋> Lori S in West, night
18:29:15 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight
18:29:15 <LindaG🦋> Kat 😎, what's crazy?
18:29:32 <Kat 😎> OF....
18:29:49 <LindaG🦋> Oh making you wait I guess
18:30:03 <Kat 😎> past due!
18:30:12 <Kat 😎> Split Cone
18:30:13 <Craig C 🚽> OF erupted
18:30:47 <Kat 😎> When....
18:31:17 <Craig C 🚽> cooper called it, scroll up
18:31:23 <Craig C 🚽> it was on static
18:31:37 <LindaG🦋> Look at the clouds on static
18:31:41 <Kat 😎> OK - I was taking my puppies out I guess, sorry!
18:32:10 <Kat 😎> Wow!
18:32:15 <LindaG🦋> 30 lashes 😀
18:32:22 <Kat 😎> Can you document it Craig?
18:32:31 <Kat 😎> Ouch!!!
18:33:00 <LindaG🦋> Think those are regular clouds or steam?
18:33:18 <Kat 😎> Clouds
18:33:35 <Kevin L™🌵> They are strange. Almost look like steam.
18:34:24 <LindaG🦋> Kevin L™🌵, it just changed also, less on the far left
18:35:08 <LindaG🦋> What's out there?
18:35:14 <Kat 😎> OK - if OF went, what are those people doing wating?
18:35:21 <Kat 😎> waiting?
18:35:50 <Kevin L™🌵> Well Graham isn't happy right now.
18:35:56 <LindaG🦋> They didnt see coopers note lol
18:36:40 <LindaG🦋> Kevin L™🌵, where is graham?
18:36:55 <Kat 😎> In the Southwest
18:37:06 <Kevin L™🌵> Yesterday he was in Big Bend Texas
18:37:07 <Kat 😎> Which note Linda
18:37:26 <LindaG🦋> Just kidding
18:37:41 <Kat 😎> hehehe
18:37:42 <Kevin L™🌵> 'He is getting a case of the Blues toknight.
18:38:09 <LindaG🦋> Oh hockey?
18:38:23 <Kat 😎> There's those clouds...
18:39:06 <LindaG🦋> From here they look sort of normal
18:39:19 <Kat 😎> :)
18:39:47 <Cooper😄> that was a nice 2 Mile Leasure Run
18:40:03 <Cooper😄> and I did not miss Bee:)
18:40:40 <LindaG🦋> Bee hasnt gone yet? Or we missed it. 🙁
18:41:11 <Cooper😄> Mayby it went overnight?
18:42:08 <Cooper😄> Linda, did you enjoy the functional cam while it lasted? or why it is doing this?
18:42:51 <LindaG🦋> I did😃
18:43:08 <Cooper😄> and, do you know why it is doing this?
18:43:17 <Kat 😎> I'm going to leave it on Bee, Linda if you want to move the cam - feel free:) I need to get off Sorry!
18:43:32 <Cooper😄> Thx for driving Kat
18:43:36 <LindaG🦋> I'll take it
18:44:11 <LindaG🦋> If I can
18:44:56 <Kat 😎> OK
18:45:23 <Kat 😎> I'm out now... :)
18:47:05 <LindaG> Got it
18:47:51 <Cooper😄> Bulger bugling away
18:47:56 <LindaG> Bulger
18:48:09 <LindaG> ie
18:49:08 <LindaG> Castle is due
18:55:37 <Cooper😄> Giant, Splendid, F & M, Giantess, Plume, Sawmill, Castle, Mastiff, and Beehive are all due:) now that just need to erupt
18:56:31 <LindaG> 😄
18:58:31 <LindaG> A little bit of a delay in response on cam
19:05:18 <LindaG> I thought daisy, but no
19:11:13 <Cooper😄> that is a lot of steam from Grand/Grotto/Giant
19:16:20 <LindaG> What's going on here?
19:16:36 <Cooper😄> My point exactly....
19:16:43 <Cooper😄> it could be Grand....
19:16:52 <Cooper😄> it could be a GHP...
19:16:53 <Craig C 🚽> uhhhh
19:17:15 <Craig C 🚽> steam from temps dropping
19:17:15 <LindaG> Not big enough, could be turban i guess
19:17:25 <Cooper😄> it could be Tuoh right
19:17:30 <Cooper😄> oh haha
19:17:33 <Cooper😄> oh right***
19:17:46 <Craig C 🚽> maybe percolator
19:17:51 <LindaG> Tuoh?
19:18:41 <LindaG> Spaz is producing a lot of steam
19:19:17 <Kevin L™🌵> High humidity. low temp
19:19:55 <LindaG> Yeah all blending together
19:20:15 <LindaG> Lion
19:20:31 <LindaG> Might be an ini
19:20:48 <Craig C 🚽> kitt entered ini
19:20:49 <LindaG> Been going 5 minutes
19:21:59 <Kevin L™🌵> Craig, you feeling well? You look a bit flushed toknight.
19:22:17 <Craig C 🚽> long day, I feel pooped
19:22:40 <Kevin L™🌵> I can relate
19:22:45 <Cooper😄> ROFL
19:23:01 <Cooper😄> is there anything above ROFL?
19:23:19 <LindaG> Or below
19:23:42 <Kevin L™🌵> Yes, but it would require the use of Craig's icon.
19:23:59 <Cooper😄> What GMK?
19:24:35 <Kevin L™🌵> Or a set of Pampers.
19:24:56 <Cooper😄> what, is it that I peed myself or something?
19:25:45 <Craig C 🚽> ROFP
19:25:52 <Cooper😄> ROFP
19:27:09 <LindaG> Hope OF is quick
19:27:22 <Cooper😄> Bee note
19:27:25 <Cooper😄> No Beehive all day
19:32:41 <ynpvisitor4> Castle
19:32:50 <ynpvisitor4> Castle
19:33:17 <ynpvisitor4> sorry for double entry
19:33:22 <LindaG> Ok thx
19:33:45 <ynpvisitor4> Bee is still being watched btw
19:34:05 <LindaG> Can't take the pressure lol
19:35:00 <LindaG> A well good someone entered castle
19:35:44 <LindaG> OF
19:36:32 <LindaG> that was explosive
19:40:12 <LindaG> Nice someone has a light
19:40:50 <LindaG> Check out castle.
19:40:51 <LindaG> .
19:40:54 <LindaG> .
19:42:13 <LindaG> Castle been going 10 min.
19:43:39 <LindaG> This is cool backlit
19:51:57 <LindaG> Well enjoy the castle dance out there. Someone has a really strong light.
19:52:49 <LindaG> Im going to close out of cam
19:53:06 <LindaG> Have a good night
19:56:05 <Kevin L™🌵> Good Knight
20:39:56 <Cooper(Tabet)> Goodnight