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02:18:13 <ynpvisitor24> Sure doesn’t look like the basin got much snow.
04:18:37 <ynpvisitor37> was just going to ask if Castle was a minor, but looks like it restarted
04:23:25 <ynpvisitor37> hmm, Castle was on gt for an earlier time
04:24:34 <ynpvisitor37> looks quiet again
04:24:59 <ynpvisitor37> can't tell what is erupting down basin
04:25:28 <ynpvisitor37> ?Oblong
04:26:04 <ynpvisitor65> yes ithought it started earlier but decided it might not have, Ihave to check my recording, but notin same room
04:26:14 <ynpvisitor37> looks like Castle minored
04:34:58 <Joe> The 0410 was just a short burst the 0417 was a minor
04:53:46 <Joe> I th
04:54:37 <Joe> ink OF was just finishing when I moved to it at 0435
05:53:55 <ynpvisitor61> Nice once again
06:29:57 <CraigC> hey Joe, how's it going
06:31:55 <GO GOGGLE> morning
06:32:04 <CraigC> hey graham
06:32:09 <GO GOGGLE> hi Craig....what are the plans in a few hours when fam get up?
06:32:17 <Joe> Hi Craig and Graham
06:32:56 <CraigC> I can see stars out the window, so depends on the weather, hopefully get into the UGB again
06:33:33 <CraigC> I took them to Mammoth yesterday, anticipating we might not get to today, so that is out of the way
06:33:37 <GO GOGGLE> i see all roads were closed last night tho
06:33:48 <CraigC> I didnt know that
06:34:18 <GO GOGGLE> great, thats such an amazing place, i am always shocked how big that terrace is sticking out of the hillside
06:34:47 <GO GOGGLE> i got the text messages, slow rollout of closures then the last one says all nterior roads closed
06:35:32 <CraigC> they didnt want to hike the terrace, the wind made it really bitter cold, so we hung out in our jeep next to a bull elk and his harem and just watched them for an hour or so
06:36:09 <CraigC> saw some mtn goats at golden gate, but it was a sleet storm
06:36:17 <GO GOGGLE> wind makes it tough unless you are ready for mid winter weather
06:36:30 <GO GOGGLE> radar looks clear so hopefully they open roads this morning
06:37:09 <CraigC> goat;
06:37:30 <CraigC>
06:39:02 <GO GOGGLE> dont see Mountain Goats much, that was a good catch
06:41:04 <GO GOGGLE> good to see them white in white too
06:41:04 <ynpvisitor9> you should get the road texts CraigC - I have them but don't remember how . .
06:41:43 <CraigC> ill google it
06:44:14 <CraigC> sign up to receive Yellowstone road alerts on your mobile phone by texting "82190" to 888-777 (an automatic text reply will confirm receipt and provide instructions).
06:45:07 <GO GOGGLE> i just found that too
06:45:41 <GO GOGGLE> park map still shows all roads closed too
06:45:53 <CraigC> yeah :(
06:46:47 <GO GOGGLE> good day for a slow start and leasurly rekfast
06:47:00 <GO GOGGLE> and breakfast
06:47:44 <GO GOGGLE> maybe a run out to Quake Lake
06:47:54 <GO GOGGLE> lots of options
06:48:28 <CraigC> or go look at real estate :)
06:49:07 <GO GOGGLE> haha ... that too but others may not be so interested
06:49:23 <GO GOGGLE> i am thinking they will open the road soon
06:51:46 <ynpvisitor59> they have no plows on roads until this morning, roads will not open soon
06:51:56 <CraigC> yeah, since it isnt snowing, should be good in a while
06:52:10 <ynpvisitor59> If only Craig
06:52:24 <CraigC> Maureen?
06:52:41 <ynpvisitor59> With the coming storm, they might keep them closed
06:52:51 <GO GOGGLE> the optimist and the pesimist :)
06:53:03 <ynpvisitor59> Seems to be the way of NPS now
06:53:24 <CraigC> did you see GF from the road yesterday?
06:54:25 <ynpvisitor59> I kind of feel for them as they are so short staffed, yet it’s a bummer all the same
06:54:56 <CraigC> I checked Fountain yesterday morning, it looked post eruptive
06:58:13 <ynpvisitor59> I hope they open the roads for you Craig, good luck.
07:00:52 <CraigC> thanks
07:08:43 <GO GOGGLE> lion roar
07:17:54 <Joe> daisy
07:26:03 <ynpvisitor91> lion roar again
07:26:42 <GO GOGGLE> looks like its done unless we missed an eruption
07:30:32 <GO GOGGLE> i wonder what peeps did that were supposed to checkin to snow lodge yesterday did?
07:30:56 <GO GOGGLE> and today
07:34:50 <GO GOGGLE> looks like some peeps hoping to get in West gate
07:35:23 <GO GOGGLE> looks like the closure signs are up by the lights
07:36:07 <GO GOGGLE> some clear sky now at OF
07:37:15 <GO GOGGLE> and pink down basin
07:51:14 <Cooper> Goodmorning
08:04:25 <Cooper> Bee's taking a nap
08:20:54 <Teri> gm all
08:21:06 <Cooper> Teri, hi
08:21:09 <Teri> beautiful am light on the mountains, prior view
08:21:24 <Cooper> anyone know if Craig is heading into the park today?
08:21:46 <Teri> all roads still closed; Fairy Falls trailhead and overlook parking lot closed for a carcass - on YNP alerts
08:22:00 <Cooper> oh, ok
08:22:02 <Cooper> thx
08:22:04 <Teri> he was there the other day, posted a SB note
08:22:11 <JarnoO> is it Christmas?
08:22:12 <Teri> gm Cooper
08:22:24 <JarnoO> morning all
08:22:49 <Teri> Graham - congrats on Nats!; NY alive for another day
08:22:54 <Cooper> JarnoO, hi
08:23:13 <Teri> gm Jarno
08:23:34 <JarnoO> Grand?
08:23:47 <JarnoO> nope, probably Turban
08:26:43 <JarnoO> Castle ie it seems
08:30:04 <CraigC> cancelled room for tonight, going home in a while :(
08:30:15 <Cooper> CraigC, sorry to hear that
08:30:30 <JarnoO> so, weather 1, Craig 0? Sorry to hear it :(
08:30:44 <CraigC> GO GOGGLE, are you still here?
08:31:09 <GO GOGGLE> i am back
08:31:23 <GO GOGGLE> sorry to hear you are leaving but understand
08:31:23 <CraigC> thanks, we had a great day yesterday, can't gripe for this time of year
08:31:45 <CraigC> GO GOGGLE, how can I go back to see GT entries from 2013 on F&M
08:32:42 <GO GOGGLE> get the F&M 100 list, and then add &n=1000 or whatever number at the end and it will pull up more
08:33:08 <GO GOGGLE> or search and use the date range you want
08:33:08 <CraigC> in the URL?
08:33:14 <GO GOGGLE> yes
08:33:18 <ynpvisitor49> Or go to retrieve and put in the dates you are looking for!
08:33:35 <ynpvisitor49> Much more specific info
08:33:41 <GO GOGGLE> search doesnt show intervals, but will get you Oct 2013 if thats what you are looking for :)
08:34:00 <JarnoO> &n=180 should suffice. You'd also get some of 2012
08:34:02 <GO GOGGLE> yes, Retrieve, not Search
08:34:14 <CraigC> foiund it, thanks!!!
08:34:32 <ynpvisitor49> Forgot about intervals...
08:35:07 <CraigC> 6 years ago today was when the geyser geeks raced past us to F&M, and we listened to them as we waited a while, and it sparked my interest that led to my current love of geysers
08:35:25 <GO GOGGLE> did they erupt?
08:35:40 <GO GOGGLE> geyser and geeks?
08:36:02 <CraigC> wowow, it was Will, Kitt, Polly, Bill and Rich
08:36:17 <GO GOGGLE> F&M ws the first of the hard geysers that got me going too
08:36:32 <CraigC> it erupted about an hour after we left... I have a photo at Opalescent that is close to the time of F&M
08:36:41 <Cooper> GO GOGGLE, not Giant?
08:37:16 <GO GOGGLE> haha no .... F&M in 1994 I think peaked my interest. Giant got me started on 2 week trips
08:37:27 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
08:38:00 <ynpvisitor49> Looks like only a coating of snow at OF
08:38:01 <GO GOGGLE> 1997 i had planned to hike for a week in tetons and then do geysers, but with Giant aactive i changed to 2 weeks in yellowstone
08:38:18 <JarnoO> morning Kevin
08:38:21 <GO GOGGLE> still have not been hiking in the tetons
08:38:28 <Cooper> Hi Kevin
08:38:47 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Grand is what hooked me. Herb Warren was the guy that steered me there.
08:39:13 <JarnoO> Castle looking major
08:40:06 <Cooper> Bee hooked me into coming back, Giant hooked me when a bunch of left Grand while it was ie, and then poof Giant.
08:40:18 <Cooper> bunch of, "those people with the radios"
08:44:01 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> The funny thing is when we started GOSA the rangers viewed the gazers as an annoyance and some really gave us problems. As time went by they now call us "volunteers" and tell people to look for us!
08:44:41 <Cooper> BSB
08:44:56 <Cooper> Kevin, wow!
08:45:15 <JarnoO> I don't see South. Likely the cone steaming
08:45:28 <Cooper> haha
08:45:31 <Cooper> you are right
08:46:56 <GO GOGGLE> i think GT has helped the relationship, less gazers pestering the VC, data is always entered (vs disagreements over what should go in the VC log book), and they see the times, especially Joe's entries overnight
08:48:06 <JarnoO> not a good wind direction for fluffball
08:48:43 <Cooper> Bee is waking up
08:49:30 <CraigC> I've had a few rangers express appreciation specifically about Joe
08:49:59 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> I think you are right Graham. Once GOSA donated the FRS base station it really helped also.
08:51:43 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> I know they are really appreciative when then they find out I am a camop. I have even had a couple introduce me and have me explain the cam to their ranger hike people.
08:52:23 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:53:12 <JarnoO> South ie now
08:53:15 <Joe> BSB
08:53:25 <JarnoO> time for a text? :P
08:53:26 <Cooper> YAY
08:53:46 <Cooper> Now OF do not interfere with my Bee eruption
08:54:38 <JarnoO> well, Grand is already intering with Bee
08:55:22 <JarnoO> Indy
08:55:22 <JarnoO> .
08:55:23 <JarnoO> .
08:55:24 <JarnoO> .
08:55:25 <JarnoO> .
08:55:26 <JarnoO> .
08:55:44 <Cooper> OF is gonna interfere!
08:55:58 <Cooper> is it possible to fit both in the same screen?
08:56:19 <JarnoO> well, we can try, although I don't give much of a chance of both fitting
08:56:25 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> I think OF already went, didn't it?
08:56:55 <Joe> I wish OF had
08:57:21 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Controls got stuck in this position?
08:57:35 <JarnoO> yeah, good excuse
08:58:39 <Joe> It almost moves when I press the button
09:01:30 <JarnoO> Grand now?
09:01:34 <JarnoO> yep
09:01:45 <Cooper> Too many!
09:02:15 <JarnoO> Bee soon based on Indy's height
09:02:23 <Cooper> OF window
09:07:17 <Cooper> Aurum Bee dual?
09:08:18 <JarnoO> :bee:
09:08:32 <JarnoO> OF ie static
09:08:34 <Cooper> wohoo
09:08:58 <Cooper> we can fit both on the same screen can't we?
09:09:29 <Joe> Not possible anymore
09:09:30 <JarnoO> we used to, I recall. Used to, because a flagpole decided to fall onto the cam
09:09:57 <Joe> yes
09:10:09 <Cooper> ok
09:10:38 <JarnoO> based on static, OF started @ 0907 ns
09:10:45 <JarnoO> it was already ie @ 0908
09:11:30 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> It was a nice show for the OF customers.
09:16:28 <Joe> Well...we saw parts of three geysers :)
09:18:10 <JarnoO> Bulger ie
09:18:27 <Joe> OT also
09:19:28 <Joe> I'll make up on the next OF, it will have a longer window :)
09:40:19 <JarnoO> Daisy
09:40:31 <ynpvisitor91> S west entrance closed?
09:40:38 <ynpvisitor91> IS*
09:40:45 <ynpvisitor52> so far, yes
09:40:49 <Cooper> yes
09:41:01 <ynpvisitor91> Wow-icy?
09:41:16 <ynpvisitor52> all roads except north road and just now Fishing Bridge Jct to Grant shows open on the map
09:41:31 <ynpvisitor91> Thx
09:42:12 <ynpvisitor52> map link
09:51:27 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Triple header is Chama this morning. Only have seen that once before. Should be a steamy show.
09:54:54 <Betty> morning all
09:55:06 <JarnoO> afternoon Betty
09:55:18 <Betty> afternoon Jarno
09:55:48 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Hi
09:56:03 <Betty> hi Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅
09:58:57 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Off to Chama. brb
09:59:19 <JarnoO> cya Kevin
10:00:10 <Betty> what is Chama?
10:12:23 <ynpvisitor12> what is chama?
10:12:37 <ynpvisitor12> anybody
10:13:44 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Chama is a small railroad town where they still run steam engines.
10:14:11 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅>
10:14:18 <Betty> oh, nice. Have fun then :-)4
10:14:24 <ynpvisitor12> thanks
10:14:50 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> This train had 3 engines on it. Very unusual.
10:38:23 <Betty> Aurum?
10:39:30 <Betty> looked like it on static
10:41:26 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Probably was. I was gone
10:42:27 <Betty> :-p
10:46:47 <ynpvisitor20> Where are those people coming from?
10:46:58 <Cooper> the hotels
10:47:15 <ynpvisitor20> Only Snow Lodge open
10:47:37 <ynpvisitor20> Last night tonight
10:49:21 <ynpvisitor20> Not sure I’ve ever seen the West Gate closed with no snow on the road except for government shutdowns
11:07:05 <ynpvisitor52> east gate to south gate opened
11:08:06 <ynpvisitor35> Looks like Aurum Betty
11:14:21 <Betty> thx, ynpvisitor35
11:16:13 <Joe> I attached that screenshot to your post Betty
11:16:43 <Betty> thanks, Joe
11:17:48 <Joe> I was 35, forgot to change to Joe1 :)
11:18:02 <Betty> haha
11:22:42 <ynpvisitor20> Funny that they get open the least traveled part of the park first.
11:23:23 <ynpvisitor20> Meanwhile, no snow at West Gate, still closed.
11:28:14 <Betty> is Craig trapped in West?
11:30:16 <Joe> Betty, no Craig decided to leave for hom this morning
11:30:56 <Betty> seems to be a good decision
11:31:07 <Joe> Bad english, forget the no :)
11:31:59 <Joe> and add an e to home :)
11:32:39 <Betty> I know what you meant :-)
11:40:28 <Joe> Bulger
11:41:47 <Joe> minor
11:43:19 <ynpvisitor15> Beautiful day to be in the park.
11:43:32 <ynpvisitor15> Would like to be that person walking to Grand.
11:43:51 <Joe> me too
11:44:14 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> 30Β° and snow? Not me!
11:44:22 <ynpvisitor15> I think I would be by Daisy though.
11:44:25 <Joe> :)
11:44:33 <ynpvisitor15> Kevin is old and soft
11:45:25 <Joe> I'm older and softer, but would like to be there
11:45:31 <ynpvisitor52> This morning was the time to be there. Castle, Grand, Beehive...
11:45:42 <Betty> :thumbsup:
11:51:07 <Joe> Has anyone heard any thing about what happened to the drunk that got into hot water near Old Faithful
11:52:00 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> I haven't
11:52:11 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Eagles Nest is awesome today.
11:52:31 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅>
11:52:39 <Betty> Daisy
11:53:30 <Betty> pretty, Kevin
11:56:17 <Cooper> ambo
11:59:03 <ynpvisitor15> Not after I heard he made it up
11:59:35 <Cooper> /
11:59:38 <Cooper> ?**
12:01:58 <Cooper> another ambulance on static?
12:13:33 <Cooper> how do you make it so that you can see all the geysers eruptions( or at least 1,000) without doing Retrieve?
12:14:32 <ynpvisitor20> Cars lined up at North Gate
12:14:53 <ynpvisitor20> I thought that was already open
12:20:25 <Joe> Get your first 100 up then add &n=1000 or any number you want
12:20:45 <Joe> Add it to the URL
12:22:52 <Joe> Cooper are you still here?
12:23:05 <Cooper> yes'
12:23:31 <Joe> Look above
12:23:44 <Cooper> oh
12:23:47 <Cooper> did not see that
12:24:27 <Cooper> Thanks Joe!!!
12:24:51 <Cooper> Hi Sam
12:25:22 <Sam> Hey all
12:25:48 <Sam> Anyone know why West Gate looks closed?
12:27:36 <Joe> They are not through plowing snow yet
12:28:06 <Sam> Got it. Thanks Joe.
12:30:39 <Joe> I think Graham may have to chain up to get anywhere with the cam later this afternoon
12:31:02 <Betty> lol
12:31:48 <Cooper> Is it just me, or has this cam been doing real good these past few days(It has for me)
12:32:40 <Joe> It has been good since they closed the Inn
12:35:06 <Joe> Bulger
12:35:36 <Joe> minor
12:38:33 <Joe> You can tell on the replays that the cam has had some dropouts but nothing like we has this spring and summer, Most of the dropouts are internet related
12:38:50 <Joe> we had*
12:40:49 <Joe> We will just have to wait and see what happens next spring when the Inn opens
12:43:05 <Joe> I 'ping' the radios when we have dropouts, I see no radio failures during that time
12:43:23 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
12:49:07 <GO GOGGLE> looks like they opened a few roads but not the west side. peeps being let out?
12:50:08 <Cooper> Hi Ms. Lori
12:50:24 <Lori S> Hello Cooper
12:51:01 <Lori S> At the laundromat. Good day for that.
12:53:28 <Joe> We had a nice morning, looks bad now, you might have to chain up to get around with the cam :)
12:54:46 <Lori S> Haha. Snow flurries just started in West in the last hour.
12:55:27 <GO GOGGLE> thanks for messing it up for me Joe
12:55:50 <Joe> anytime I can help :)
12:57:40 <Joe> it is all yours
13:02:11 <GO GOGGLE> gee, thanks Joe
13:02:47 <Cooper> Hi Linda
13:02:56 <LindaG> Hmmm looks yucky
13:03:00 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
13:03:23 <LindaG> what did you do to the weather?
13:03:33 <Cooper> jOE'S FAULT
13:03:47 <Cooper> Joe's Faikt**
13:03:52 <Cooper> Fault!*
13:03:52 <LindaG> Ah, way to go joe πŸ˜‰
13:04:16 <Cooper> Inda what did you do to my Engrish?:p
13:04:35 <LindaG> Engrish?
13:04:45 <LindaG> Lol
13:04:46 <Cooper> That was a joke
13:05:02 <LindaG> Oh sure. πŸ˜‰
13:05:22 <Cooper> But what did you di!?
13:05:27 <Cooper> do
13:06:21 <LindaG> Cooper, how was your visit with your brother?
13:06:28 <Cooper> it was good
13:06:41 <Cooper> thanks
13:06:45 <LindaG> πŸ‘
13:06:56 <LindaG> Hi everyone
13:21:42 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> :p
13:23:45 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Hey Cooper, did you know that Colorado Springs residents get 25% off the Cumbres & Toltec prices?
13:24:51 <Cooper> WE DO! if I am remembering right we have gone on that train! I did not know we got 25% off!
13:25:55 <Cooper> Let me guess... there are simillar things for the silverthorne one which we have also ridden
13:26:03 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> I guess the City donated a locomotive they had for restoration so they are giving a discount.
13:26:49 <Cooper> I did not know that! Dang we lost like 20 bucks!
13:27:02 <Cooper> more like 80! for all 4 of us!
13:27:23 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> I don't think the Silverton has a discount for that. My friend is supposed to take his engine and passenger car to Durango next year.
13:27:48 <Cooper> ok, thanks!
13:28:56 <Cooper> Kevin, how long before Big Boy should I arrive?
13:29:10 <Cooper> in November
13:29:49 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Limon to Denver Nov 25th.
13:30:15 <Cooper> that one yes, assuming it is snowing, how long before Big Boy shows up should I arrive to get the BEST view!>
13:30:20 <Cooper> !?**
13:30:39 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Stays all day the 26th with no public access which is crazy.
13:31:07 <Cooper> ok
13:31:17 <Cooper> can we see it somehow at a stop of its?
13:31:53 <Cooper> you said something about maitnance stops?
13:33:19 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Yes. I would suggest Strasburg on the 25th. Scheduled arrival is 1015 but I would be there an hour early. Watch it come in and leave. Find a good place along the line near a crossing (so you get the whistle) for a fast runby.
13:33:42 <Cooper> Ok! Thanks Again
13:34:43 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> The 27th LaSalle is at 1025 and Greeley is 1115
13:35:00 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Schedule:
13:35:40 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> GPS tracker (VERY handy):
13:36:42 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> For best whistle effects get on the side of the crossing that the train is inbound to.
13:36:53 <LindaG> πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚
13:36:57 <Cooper> Great!...
13:37:28 <Cooper> I can only be in Stratsburg on the 25th because we fly out at 8:00 PM that night
13:38:20 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> and the main thing to remember is PEOPLE ARE NUTS WHEN THEY ARE DRIVING NEAR A STEAM LOCOMOTIVE!! Not unusual to see three lanes of traffic following the train on a two lane two way road!
13:38:48 <Cooper> hahhahahaha
13:41:10 <LindaG> That sounds like fun. If they had it in jersey iwould go to see it.
13:43:43 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> They ran the 844 there a bit ago. The N&W 611 was running at Strausburg PA last week.
13:44:48 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> This should give you an idea:
13:45:30 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> And this:
13:45:38 <JarnoO> well... I guess that's the case with the 4014, but not every locomotive, hopefully?
13:46:42 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> This is the largest steam locomotive built JarnoO. It was a dream of about every rainfan to see one run again.
13:46:47 <Cooper> GEEZ Thats big, a lot of tiny ants(people)
13:48:09 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> This is more typical:
13:49:06 <Cooper> That is still a lot of tiny people!
13:49:48 <JarnoO> it's a decent-sized group of people
13:50:01 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> This is the one in PA Linda:
13:50:33 <GO SNOW> i see the road inside the W Gate is starting to cover with snow
13:52:17 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Don't think it will open today.
13:53:39 <Cooper> Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅, you got your Snow Cancer yet today?
13:53:39 <GO SNOW> not now
13:54:32 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> 76Β° and sunny here.
13:55:55 <Cooper> 76! That Heat is causing cancer:p
14:06:58 <Betty> OF
14:08:41 <ynpvisitor52> All park roads closed again except North entrance to Cooke City
14:14:09 <Kat> Love the snow!!
14:15:08 <Kat> It's really coming down!
14:17:34 <Betty> hi Kat
14:19:49 <ynpvisitor90> So if the roads are closed, will Madison and the lodge stay open until they let people drive out?
14:21:30 <ynpvisitor52> I know in the past they have escorted people out, no idea if that is the plan yet today.
14:21:51 <GO SNOW> there were a lot of cars drivin ourearlier
14:22:16 <GO SNOW> SL is supposed to close soon anyway?
14:22:34 <ynpvisitor90> 20th
14:22:41 <ynpvisitor90> as I recall
14:22:51 <ynpvisitor90> or is it the 3rd?
14:23:00 <ynpvisitor52> tonight is the last night
14:23:02 <GO SNOW> so no new guests today
14:23:12 <GO SNOW> 4th is park closing
14:24:23 <ynpvisitor112> Last night of Madison is tonight
14:24:46 <GO SNOW> i bet it has some vacancies :)
14:25:23 <Betty> brrr
14:25:38 <Kat> Hi Betty!
14:25:46 <Betty> hi
14:25:49 <ynpvisitor112> I
14:25:56 <ynpvisitor90> Got to burn up all that fire wood.
14:26:28 <ynpvisitor90> Fried Chicken and backed taters on the fire, what could be better?
14:26:33 <GO SNOW> inbound lane at West covered now
14:26:36 <ynpvisitor90> baked
14:27:17 <ynpvisitor90> Dutch oven cherry pie!
14:27:56 <GO SNOW> mmmm what time is dinner?
14:28:48 <ynpvisitor90> Road is closed, cn not get ot the camp ground
14:29:20 <GO SNOW> i wonder if anyone is still there
14:31:17 <ynpvisitor90> They have space available for reservations.
14:32:07 <ynpvisitor90> From small tent sites, to big rv sites. Dave should go and spend one last night this year in the minnow.
14:34:27 <GO SNOW> i bet they have a lot more sites available
14:34:39 <GO SNOW> most people robably left
14:34:48 <CraigC> back home.... :(
14:35:22 <Cooper> :(
14:36:52 <ynpvisitor90> John Colter would say you are soft.
14:37:15 <CraigC> who would argue with Colter???
14:37:16 <ynpvisitor90> With that, it is time to go
14:37:37 <Betty> hi CraigC
14:37:41 <CraigC> hey Betty
14:38:12 <GO SNOW> glad you had at least a brief visit. did your guests enjoy it? BF still talking to your daughter or run off?
14:38:27 <CraigC> yesterday while stuck at the construction section north or Norris, I was contemplating the trappers and the life they endured up there
14:39:09 <CraigC> GO SNOW, he liked it, he loved hanging with the elk at Mammoth more than Beehive, but I would have been the same at their age
14:39:33 <CraigC> and he lives here
14:40:31 <GO SNOW> i see you only had a brief visit with SB
14:40:52 <CraigC> GO SNOW, we were there about 40 minutes waiting for some water to be expelled
14:41:10 <CraigC> just a small double spritz from NV
14:42:16 <GO SNOW> i am sure they enjoyed your commentry on it
14:43:54 <JarnoO> by any chance - did you see a large steam plume east of Norris Junction on the day you were at SB on friday?
14:45:22 <Cooper> Jarno, what would make that?
14:45:35 <CraigC> JarnoO, no, I saw someone talking about that, was it on FB?
14:46:12 <CraigC> we even went to the Norris picnic area east of the basin and had lunch
14:46:22 <Cooper> what is this about a large steam plume?
14:46:26 <JarnoO> thanks Craig. Bill did see one east of Norris Junction on Tuesday (which is what that post on FB is about)
14:47:11 <JarnoO> Bill reported yesterday here that he saw an SB-sized plume there
14:47:18 <Cooper> huh
14:47:42 <Cooper> did he come up with any ideas on what I could be?
14:48:24 <JarnoO> nope, he only commented on that it might've come from a small (thermal?) area there
14:48:39 <JarnoO> between Junction and canyon
14:48:48 <Cooper> interesting
14:51:32 <JarnoO> I do have an eye on one possibly thermal area, containing on satellite on Google Maps only tomato soup pools
14:59:12 <CraigC> I thought those were up Rabbit Creek
15:01:49 <GO SNOW> everything is getting more white
15:03:22 <JarnoO> There's actually another area I'd consider likely for generating an SB-sized plume, both here:,-110.6924119,701m/data=!3m1!1e3 Left is the more unlikely area (although the plume could've been preceded by a thermal explosion), right is an area containing tomato soup pools which could be the more likely area I think
15:03:31 <CraigC> yeah, glad we left when we did
15:04:13 <ynpvisitor52> heard from someone at the Snow Lodge. Said they took a convoy out this morning and road out remained open for a while after. 1/2 full last night, about 1/4 of those still there tonight.
15:04:33 <JarnoO> well, not necessarily a thermal explosion, but an eruption or something which had enough power to generate such a plume
15:05:27 <CraigC> could the plume have come from steam generated at the rock plant off the road east of the junction
15:05:50 <JarnoO> that's another theory (and perhaps the most likely one)
15:06:44 <CraigC> they were doing construction work yesterday north of Norris
15:07:30 <CraigC> the road is done, they were striping it, but they were still doing work along the side of the road
15:08:10 <GO SNOW> some peeps
15:08:50 <Betty> I think they need to use black stripes today :-p
15:08:57 <JarnoO> haha
15:09:37 <CraigC> heated stripes?
15:09:54 <Betty> another good one :-)
15:19:07 <GO SNOW> spot the warm areas :)
15:19:22 <GO SNOW> that one near the end of the Inn parking lot
15:55:15 <Betty> nice, it cleared
16:07:46 <Cooper> Hi Michael
16:07:57 <Michael> Hi Cooper
16:38:25 <ynpvisitor52> Mammoth to Tower closed
16:42:04 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Saw something new for you Betty. Tater tot with cheese chunks in them.
16:47:09 <Kat> Nice bull elk at Mammoth
16:54:29 <CraigC> that one was by the cafeteria yesterday, there is a larger one, with all the cows
17:06:47 <ynpvisitor52> Mammoth to Tower back open.
17:10:03 <GO SNOW> that ws a short closure
17:10:26 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> It's knight time!
17:10:43 <GO SNOW> good luck Kevin
17:11:32 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Thanks. We will need it.
17:17:26 <GO SNOW> Sat 9 Nov, Knighties vs CAPS
17:18:03 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Where
17:18:22 <GO SNOW> DC
17:18:49 <GO SNOW> vew is clearing .. wee
17:21:13 <ynpvisitor52> I wonder if they just had to tow some vehicles? They did that last October when we were there.
17:21:46 <GO SNOW> maybe dealing with an accident
17:29:09 <CraigC> depression?
17:29:29 <GO SNOW> dont think so
17:29:39 <CraigC> no, what is that?
17:29:46 <CraigC> I saw it from tilts
17:30:03 <GO SNOW> maybe a push?
17:30:15 <CraigC> across from marmot cave
17:30:57 <GO SNOW> dwarf steam
17:31:01 <CraigC> dwarfs?
17:31:33 <CraigC> lookslike erupting
17:31:39 <CraigC> can we zoom?
17:32:25 <GO SNOW> good eyes. Its the close to boardwalk dwarf
17:32:46 <CraigC> it was erupting yesterday and I was struggling to figure out what I was seeing from Tilts
17:33:14 <CraigC> should I enter as "Dwarf"?
17:33:17 <GO SNOW> its not been reported much this yer
17:33:44 <GO SNOW> yes and say its the one close to the BW opposite marmot Cave
17:37:15 <CraigC> GO SNOW, thanks, I added you as observer
17:37:33 <GO SNOW> ok, but only for todays entry :)
17:37:50 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
17:40:51 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Well at least we aren't losing.
17:42:26 <CraigC> when I open GT now, I no longer see the toggle for "2 days" at the top
17:45:08 <GO SNOW> I still see it right below "Today's"
17:46:55 <CraigC> I fixed it, in settings when I click on my name
17:47:25 <CraigC> "Logbook style" I clicked "Both"
18:04:42 <Kevin Lβ„’πŸŒ΅> Goal!
18:07:18 <GO SNOW> :thumbsup:
18:13:20 <GO SNOW> lion
18:48:04 <GO SNOW> goodnight