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04:47:30 <ynpvisitor50> Riverside ie?
04:51:09 <ynpvisitor18> could be...
05:39:54 <Rice> Oh Lots of Snow, Cool
06:00:52 <Rice> Joe,
06:01:05 <Rice> Did they change the night settings, or is the moon helping out that much?
06:02:01 <Joe> They did not change the night settings
06:02:25 <Joe> Looks like Grand
06:08:44 <Joe> The moon is at 49% illumination now, when it gets to 42% and below it gets very hard to see anything
06:42:56 <Cooper> Morning
06:48:47 <Cooper> Hi Kevin
06:58:50 <Kat> Morning! Getting coffee be right back!
06:59:03 <Cooper> Kat, hi
07:08:45 <Kevin L™> Heading over the Rainbow. See you tomorrow.
07:09:05 <Cooper> Bye
07:11:23 <Kat> Bye Kevin
07:22:20 <Kat> Bulger
07:57:25 <Kat> Riverside ie
08:00:20 <Bill> Good morning
08:02:21 <Kat> Hi Bill. Asked around and the plume you were asking about according to a few was coming from the construction/cement area.
08:03:08 <Bill> Interesting. Alrighty, good to know! Thanks for asking around
08:03:55 <Kat> No problem. It would have been awesome if it was a new area!
08:06:14 <Kat> Joe - any prediction on Daisy?
08:07:32 <Joe> In ~ 2 hours
08:08:28 <Kat> Thanks
08:09:40 <Joe> Could be closer to ~ 1 hour 30 min
08:10:54 <Kat> Interesting runoff here -maybe a Lion we missed?
08:12:22 <Kat> MC
08:18:07 <ynpvisitor89> Didn’t know you were in basin joe with that ricersise
08:18:22 <ynpvisitor89> :)
08:18:26 <Joe> Oops!
08:19:32 <ynpvisitor16> yeah gotta watch those ricersises
08:20:16 <ynpvisitor24> Isn't it important to ricersise every day?
08:20:21 <Joe> Ricersises is now fixed :)
08:23:12 <Kat> Hahaha Joe did you use the transporter again? I didn't even notice....:p
08:24:02 <Joe> My transporter is so fast, I did not notice either :)
08:24:13 <Kat> :lol:
08:24:31 <Kat> Mine acts like that too sometimes! :)
08:25:51 <Kat> We need a big ole Giantess today! :)
08:27:09 <CraigC> hey kids
08:27:43 <Kat> Hey Craig!
08:27:47 <CraigC> hey Kat
08:28:07 <Kat> Home, safe and warm?
08:28:32 <CraigC> yeah, we came back on saturday, a day early
08:29:32 <Joe> It would be nice if they would adjust the night mode, but that means someone would have to work after dark :i::i: so i think night adjustments wont be happening.
08:29:51 <Joe> won't
08:30:35 <Kat> Weather hasn't been great! Limited road openings
08:30:53 <ynpvisitor16> ]
08:32:59 <Joe> They could adjust it from home at night, but I think we will have to wait for a day in which the sun does not come up :)
08:33:25 <CraigC> bulger
08:34:18 <Joe> Or more like a place some of us are familiar with freezing over :)
08:35:29 <CraigC> you guys are familiar with my basement?
08:35:33 <Kat> Craig minor Bulger?
08:35:50 <CraigC> Kat, I dont know, I bounced to another screen
08:36:08 <Kat> I think it was - Joe?
08:36:23 <Joe> I'll look
08:36:30 <Kat> Thx
08:41:03 <Joe> There was no bulger but steam from sprinkler drifting acrooarea that might have looked like bulger
08:41:21 <Joe> Across*
08:41:55 <Kat> Thanks! I'll delete!
08:42:03 <Kat> Done
08:42:22 <CraigC> sorry
08:42:53 <Kat> No problem, just checkoing.. :)
08:49:15 <CraigC> Squatch looks cold
08:49:20 <Kat> Little bit of snoe
08:49:25 <Kat> snow*
08:50:05 <Kat> We shold go and warm hime up LOL
08:50:11 <Kat> him*
08:50:44 <CraigC> and your keyboard
08:51:51 <Kat> LOL apparently!
08:52:18 <Joe> When did they put up that flagging tape around that area?
08:52:24 <Kat> We have the ravens!
08:52:54 <Cooper> Hi Bird(s)?
08:53:04 <Cooper> yes Birds
08:54:19 <Chromatic> Bird 1: "Where the heck are the people?"
08:54:36 <Kat> Staying warm!
08:54:39 <Chromatic> Bird 2: "I told you we should fly south!"
08:54:46 <Cooper> Bird 2: "I know, I want a granola bar, we need to leave!"
08:55:26 <Cooper> Bird 1: "brrrr, I am to cold to fly south!, this wood tastes good."
08:59:00 <CraigC> premier of Watchmen last night, wonder how it fared
09:02:14 <CraigC> maybe old tardy
09:02:24 <Joe> Yes
09:03:08 <Cooper> Hi, and Bye Katie
09:06:04 <Kat> Bukger
09:06:09 <Kat> Bukger*
09:06:21 <Kat> Darn - Bulger*
09:06:47 <Kat> Sprinkler too
09:07:30 <CraigC> trifecta
09:07:51 <Kat> :)
09:08:15 <CraigC> new entrance gate lights at west are weird, they flash from green "Open" to red "Stop"
09:23:29 <Kat> Love snow in the Park - wish I was there!
09:24:09 <Kat> 5 people om static watching OF
09:24:35 <Kat> on*
09:25:53 <Kat> OF
09:27:55 <CraigC> looks like Sb had some good minors, and also could be ready for the cherries to roll at anytime from here
09:28:55 <Kat> Lets go!!
09:31:10 <Joe> Daisy within ~15, I hope
09:32:06 <Kat> :)
09:32:12 <Kat> Me too Joe
09:40:20 <ynpvisitor62> will be interesting to see if SB erupts on any of the early spikes, so far the prediction based on data says "no"
09:41:11 <ynpvisitor62> it seems to need at least a day more
09:42:50 <CraigC> prediction for Steamboat?
09:43:57 <ynpvisitor62> yes, based on it having spikes on the trace early in the rcovery and then NOT erupting for a day or more is a prediction
09:44:15 <ynpvisitor62> SB could change the prediction tho if it wants to
09:51:00 <ynpvisitor62> shortest interval since the small disturbance is 6d2h, so prediction window would start tonight and run a couple of days
09:52:36 <Joe> Where o where has my Daisy gone
09:52:49 <CraigC> weird how a "scientific" community is so divided.... the NPS and gazers at the platform advise tourists that SB is NOT predictable, then people predict about it ;)
09:53:06 <Kat> Good question Joe!
09:54:09 <Kat> Snowing at NOrth and Mammoth
09:58:56 <Kat> Bukger
09:59:00 <Kat> Bulger
10:01:09 <Kat> Have a good afternoon :)
10:01:31 <Kat> Katie! :)
10:01:37 <Katie> thanks. Kinda looks like it might be quiet, but I've been surprised before. :)
10:01:58 <ynpvisitor62> when you start seeing a lot of gazers showing up on the same day then you do know theres a prediction now
10:02:11 <ynpvisitor62> NPS won't predict it, same they dont predict BH, FTN, etc
10:02:45 <CraigC> a lot of gazers show up(myself included) 2 days before....
10:02:57 <ynpvisitor62> before what?
10:03:17 <ynpvisitor62> te expected/predicted time?
10:03:18 <Kat> May be quiet - but you never know - nothing was happening on the hill!:)
10:03:29 <CraigC> before it ends up erupting, because it can erupt the day we get there or not for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days after
10:03:41 <Kat> Katie - Joe lost Daisy! LOL
10:03:48 <CraigC> or 21 days
10:03:55 <CraigC> or 50 years
10:04:08 <Katie> I hope we find Daisy!
10:04:14 <ynpvisitor62> that hasnt happened for quite a while now. we dont have access t odisturbance info now so theres more risk associated with the prediction
10:04:19 <Kat> I hope so too! LOL
10:05:13 <ynpvisitor62> prediction doesnt mean it WILL erupt in the window
10:05:18 <CraigC> ynpvisitor62, how small of a window works for you to catch SB? When do you show up and see it successfully?
10:06:04 <ynpvisitor62> i would be there tomorrow morning ... but not tonight with this cold
10:06:14 <ynpvisitor62> mabe check it late today
10:06:27 <ynpvisitor62> have to balance sleep needs too
10:06:58 <CraigC> yeah, if it were summer, I would be there this afternoon, not because I believe it will go today, but because it COULD
10:07:18 <Kat> Looks like OT
10:07:19 <ynpvisitor62> that would have caught all since the last disturbance
10:07:31 <CraigC> and it COULD go in 5 days
10:08:57 <Cooper> Nothing lined up for a while, except maybe Daisy
10:09:01 <ynpvisitor62> 6d2 to 8d19 has covered all 9 of the post disturbance intervals, pretty short window
10:09:37 <Cooper> what about post D, did we get a D?
10:09:39 <CraigC> most hard core gazers showed up way before 6d2
10:09:53 <CraigC> why did they?
10:10:49 <ynpvisitor62> there was a small D early Aug
10:11:05 <Cooper> yes
10:14:35 <Joe> I lost Daisy, but I have to leave so can someone please find my missing Daisy for me :)
10:14:56 <Katie> I'll keep an eye out for you, Joe.
10:15:08 <Joe> Thanks :)
10:15:50 <CraigC> cya Joe
10:16:28 <Katie> The steam from Castle does make it hard to see Daisy, though...
10:18:38 <ynpvisitor62> it would have been nice to see the temp data this summer to see what it looked like on the short intervals, we know the recovery was faster than what we see now
10:24:01 <Cooper> Daisy now?
10:24:11 <Katie> Yup
10:28:49 <Kat> Katie - you found Daisy! Great job!
10:28:52 <Cooper> maybe Bee will go nice and very early for us
10:29:22 <Cooper> Hi Kat
10:29:38 <Kat> :)
10:30:41 <Cooper> Lion i think
10:30:48 <Cooper> Lion
10:36:58 <Eric> Morning
10:37:02 <Eric> Did lion go?
10:37:08 <Cooper> Yes Eric
10:37:09 <ynpvisitor3> Quite a few cars got in before they closed the West Gate
10:37:10 <Katie> Yes
10:37:28 <Eric> Didn't see it on GT
10:37:32 <Cooper> entered
10:37:36 <Eric> thanks coop
10:37:44 <Cooper> it was an ini right?
10:38:02 <Eric> if you got the duration you can tell
10:38:28 <Cooper> I did not get it...
10:38:44 <Cooper> but I guess if it started at 1030, and was long done by the time you got on
10:38:49 <Eric> just enter as lion wc then
10:38:57 <Cooper> It was likely only about 4 mins, so I am taking of the in
10:39:01 <Cooper> nii
10:39:04 <Cooper> ini**
10:39:15 <Eric> :thumbsup:
10:40:07 <Eric> Nice comment on your Daisy Katie :-P
10:42:03 <Cooper> Joshua, you planning to issue a WWA anytime soon for the storm coming up on Wednesday? Do I need to do anything for it? Korben
10:42:08 <Cooper> Oops
10:42:21 <Cooper> I went like 1.5 months without messing up split screen windows
10:43:08 <Cooper> Hint... dont be typing on one screen, with another one open, and talking to your teacher
11:03:31 <Katie> Crap. Can someone enter OF so it will update prediction window, please?
11:04:02 <Katie> Eric, I'm glad someone saw my Daisy note. :)
11:05:00 <ynpvisitor26> Got it Katie!
11:07:05 <Kat> West closed again
11:28:57 <Betty> hi all
11:29:09 <Katie> Hi Betty
11:29:21 <Betty> hi Katie
11:30:23 <Betty> booked a ski trip today. I was inspired by this view
11:34:57 <Katie> Lion IE
11:35:21 <Betty> ns
11:35:35 <Katie> Yup. I entered it in GT as NS
11:36:24 <Betty> think Steve is somewhere at BH, he entered it
11:38:47 <Katie> cool
11:40:07 <Betty> will be hard to see Grand
11:40:20 <Katie> Indeed it will
11:41:12 <Betty> hmm, maybe he´s not at BH
11:41:29 <Katie> Not at at the moment, anyway...
11:46:02 <Betty> nicer view now
11:48:30 <KittyM> That's pretty!
11:48:43 <Betty> hi KittyM
11:48:48 <Katie> It was near white out a few minutes ago. Much improved.
11:49:41 <KittyM> Hi Betty, Katie
11:52:31 <Katie> gts /aurum 12
11:55:38 <ynpvisitor3> Almost noon, where is the bee?
11:55:58 <Betty> still in the hive
12:25:46 <Katie> How about the entire prediction window going green while OF is claiming the spotlight...
12:33:02 <Cooper> OF
12:36:36 <Katie> Grand IE
12:36:47 <Katie> I think Riverside, too
12:36:48 <Cooper> Nice
12:37:06 <Katie> But confidence in Riverside is low
12:37:18 <Cooper> I do not think Riveriside is ie
12:37:30 <Cooper> Bulger ie?
12:39:15 <Cooper> too much white stuff, Snow, Clouds, Snow, White Trees, Steam, Boardwalks covered in snow, Erupting Water.
12:39:25 <Cooper> b_ done I think
12:40:01 <Cooper> nope
12:41:00 <ynpvisitor31> oh, Grand
12:43:57 <ynpvisitor31> 1235 G--
12:50:37 <Katie> :lion:
12:52:18 <Katie> :daisy: OE
12:52:22 <Betty> a minor
12:53:04 <Katie> IE, not OE. Sheesh
13:07:41 <Katie> that's odd
13:07:43 <ynpvisitor31> Lion
13:07:45 <Katie> IT's too soon, isn't it
13:07:55 <ynpvisitor31> Kaite, the last one was a minor
13:08:00 <Katie> IT is too soon.
13:15:55 <Betty> not too soon for Lion after the minor
13:16:29 <ynpvisitor35> so the 1250 needs a minor designation
13:16:42 <Betty> yes
13:18:39 <ynpvisitor35> Katie will you update that?
13:20:06 <Katie> updated
13:20:50 <Betty> thx
13:28:29 <Katie> bubblers
13:28:35 <ynpvisitor31> ayayayayay!
13:28:38 <ynpvisitor31> WOHOO
13:29:26 <ynpvisitor31> well, more like blippers
13:34:46 <ynpvisitor31> Katie, if you saw BSB you should enter it
13:35:05 <Katie> It was beehive itself bubbling, not the south bubbler
13:35:21 <ynpvisitor31> oh, I thought I saw blipping bubblers
13:35:26 <ynpvisitor31> adn Bee splashing
14:10:44 <Cooper> 1400 Aurum note
14:10:49 <Cooper> Aurum is ready
14:11:46 <Katie> Nice light & contrast on OF right now. Pretty
14:12:14 <Katie> I'll move back to Aurum & Beehive View as soon as this is over
14:12:44 <Cooper> Ok
14:13:35 <Cooper> I love OF(as it is a Geyser), but sometimes I wish it had shorter intervals, and shorter durations
14:13:54 <Cooper> Possible Aurum
14:14:11 <Cooper> yeah that looks like Aurum at 1412
14:14:19 <Cooper>
14:14:44 <Cooper>
14:14:52 <Cooper> that one
14:15:10 <Cooper> Bye Katie, Everyone.
14:15:20 <Katie> cya Cooper
14:15:31 <Betty> bye Cooper
14:22:39 <Betty> Steve saw Aurum by your time, Cooper. Nice catch
14:52:46 <ynpvisitor35> so the park let's people in when the roads are slick and snow covered, yet the gates are closed when the roads bare off?
14:53:06 <ynpvisitor35> seems counter intuitive
15:07:50 <Katie> :daisy:
15:10:57 <Kat> It is weird!
15:12:37 <ynpvisitor52> I know last October they had to close roads to tow off the vehicles they let in earlier that got in trouble. No insider info on today, just a thought.
15:30:07 <ynpvisitor52> from a fb post this morning "All park roads are closed again, except for the road from Gardiner to Cooke City. They were open earlier, but a lot of cars couldn't get up the hill by Firehole Canyon Drive, and there was a big traffic mess, so they're closed again. The driver of this truck got stuck on the hill, tried to turn around to go down the hill, went too far, got stuck in the snow & couldn't
15:30:48 <ynpvisitor52> get out. I drove past a couple of cars on the hill, but couldn't see far enough to go around everyone, so I turned around and came home.
15:38:11 <GO STEAMBOAT & > what? you left some geysers for me tonight?
15:38:34 <Katie> I'm trying NOT to. So there!
15:39:13 <Katie> But it's looking like Beehive is waiting for you.
15:39:40 <ynpvisitor65> It shouldn't, since he doesn't care about Beehive
15:39:53 <GO STEAMBOAT & > castle Daisy and Grand too
15:39:59 <GO STEAMBOAT & > what about Aurum?
15:40:04 <GO STEAMBOAT & > nice to see Steve posting
15:40:34 <GO STEAMBOAT & > i guess a wait for Aurum
15:40:45 <Katie> We *think* aurum went a little while ago. Steve saw plume from a distance and Cooper had commented about the same time that he thought he saw it on static - streaming was here on OF at that time.
15:41:41 <Katie> Lion had a short series with a minor thrown in
15:43:16 <GO STEAMBOAT & > where is the crowd?
15:43:50 <Katie> The few people in basin are sitting at Beehive
15:45:41 <Chancellor> nice
15:45:46 <CraigC> why aren't they at Steamboat?
15:46:04 <GO STEAMBOAT & > is there a prediction for it?
15:46:24 <CraigC> prediction? Steamboat???
15:47:04 <GO STEAMBOAT & > why go if you dont have a prediction
15:47:30 <CraigC> to see it
15:47:40 <ynpvisitor40> Steamboat, looks like to be between 10/22 16:00 and 10/23 16:00
15:47:44 <Eric> 5 days...I would be in the UGB
15:47:48 <Eric> Hi guys
15:48:02 <Katie> Hi Eric
15:48:12 <Joe> Katie, thanks for finding my Daisy, You found not 1 daisy, not two Daisys, but Three Daisys for me, Ha,Ha,ha
15:48:14 <Eric> Hi KAtie
15:48:26 <Katie> I strive to serve
15:48:33 <CraigC> hey Joe
15:48:38 <CraigC> hey Eric
15:48:43 <Eric> overachiever :-P
15:48:47 <Eric> Hi Craig
15:49:00 <Joe> Hi Craig Katie and Eric
15:49:03 <GO STEAMBOAT & > we all have different prediction windows
15:49:04 <CraigC> been over 2 days since water in the system, I would protect the short
15:49:39 <CraigC> I just have entry window, and then guesses
15:49:58 <CraigC> my guess would be tomorrow late, or night
15:50:36 <ynpvisitor40> Yup, 24 hour window starting mid-day tomorrow
15:51:28 <CraigC> I missed seeing SB too many times on narrow windows, not a good method for actually seeing it consistently
15:53:01 <GO STEAMBOAT & > its been longer on a regular basis recently tho, the summers short intervals have been absent for months, 4 July was the last one shorter than where we are now
15:53:39 <CraigC> GO STEAMBOAT & NATS, that's true, but do you think that it can't go sooner than the recent average?
15:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT & > i am thinking its in a bit of a rut, needs more rapid recovery to go much shorter
15:54:34 <GO STEAMBOAT & > or another disturbance to shake it up
15:54:40 <ynpvisitor65> sounds like roads to Norris will be a real issue for this eruption
15:55:44 <Joe> No matter when SB erupts 'someone' will have predicted it within minutes.
15:56:18 <CraigC> hahaha
15:56:29 <ynpvisitor40> SB - never early or late, erupts exactly when it planned to :)
15:56:34 <GO STEAMBOAT & > haha hundreds of predictions out there ....... but maybe few if it goes long
15:56:48 <Katie> And talks like a wizard, too...
15:57:21 <GO STEAMBOAT & > chance of roads closing tomorrow is high .. maybe a chance they will be open Wed?
15:58:09 <GO STEAMBOAT & > is Steve all on his own out there?
15:58:59 <ynpvisitor65> looks like he is leaving
16:00:05 <Katie> Released - have fun!
16:02:47 <Joe> MC
16:13:42 <GO STEAMBOAT & > will be able to see the scating rink this winter :)
16:15:48 <ynpvisitor65> it will be packed snow
16:16:11 <ynpvisitor65> is the Snow Lodge closed?
16:18:09 <ynpvisitor65> steam from Artemisia
16:19:57 <GO STEAMBOAT & > yes it closed this weekend
16:20:13 <Cooper> Bo Bee yet
16:20:29 <Cooper> No*
16:20:41 <Katie> Nope
16:21:16 <ynpvisitor65> so West is the closest place to Norris that has lodging or maybe Mammoth
16:21:33 <CraigC> mammoth
16:21:38 <CraigC> gardiner
16:22:38 <ynpvisitor65> except the road in the construction area may close sooner due to bad weather
16:22:52 <CraigC> they were striping the new road on Friday but still had it blocked to one lane to do work on the side of the road in a couple of spots
16:23:40 <CraigC> the pavement appeared to be all done
16:25:15 <ynpvisitor65> Craig, if roads weren't an issue, I would have checked on Steamboat today
16:25:23 <ynpvisitor65> and started waiting tomorrow
16:25:52 <CraigC> cold would be #1 issue to me :)
16:26:35 <CraigC> 40 minutes on Friday was pushing it
16:26:43 <ynpvisitor65> Depression?
16:27:31 <ynpvisitor65> did you have snow pants,boots, etc.
16:28:12 <CraigC> nope, fleece lined pants, about 5 layers on top
16:28:23 <ynpvisitor65> brr
16:28:53 <CraigC> yeah, I used to be an avid skier, but I had to stop cuz I get too cold now, sucks being old
16:28:57 <Cooper> CraigC, 20 F is not that cold, just wear ski gear
16:29:35 <ynpvisitor65> Cooper, 20F can be very cold if you are sitting, waiting for a long time at a geyser
16:29:52 <ynpvisitor52> if the sun would come out, it is a beautiful wait. Started at 5 degrees last October, warmed nicely in the afternoons and blue skies.
16:29:53 <CraigC> ynpvisitor65, he knows everything, hush
16:30:13 <ynpvisitor52> ANd I had on my winter gear!
16:30:18 <Cooper> ok, maybe it is just because I am young, but I never get cold.
16:30:39 <Cooper> Craig, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 begin I know everything, I am a 3
16:31:08 <ynpvisitor65> yes, remember you said that about 35 years from now Cooper
16:31:31 <Cooper> yes yes, I will be saying, "60 is TOO COLD"
16:31:49 <Cooper> or are you talking about me being a 3
16:31:54 <GO STEAMBOAT & > if you have the right gear and dont feel the cold then its possible to stay warm. for me its expedition weight thermal underwear thats critical, and good layers on my hands and feet
16:32:14 <CraigC> I'd love to say I knew 5% of everything.... 30%? wow
16:32:21 <GO STEAMBOAT & > some people just cant stay warm tho
16:32:49 <Cooper> well, comparatively, Obviosly not 30% of everything, but 30% of the important stuff
16:33:49 <Katie> I never say its "too cold." I can deal with cold. I have the gear. I can't take heat at all.
16:35:08 <CraigC> I used to handle winters in shorts, and hated summers, but the last 10 years it has switched to the oppostie
16:35:11 <CraigC> opposite
16:37:01 <GO STEAMBOAT & > so you are not coming with me in Jan Craig?
16:37:14 <CraigC> GO STEAMBOAT & NATS, F*** NO ;)
16:37:40 <CraigC> I had to leave Grand after waiting to the 2nd Turban LMAO
16:38:43 <GO STEAMBOAT & > haha i am hoping for sub 6h intervals this winter
16:39:09 <GO STEAMBOAT & > lots of loops round Penta
16:39:29 <Cooper> I am hoping for Sawmill
16:39:29 <CraigC> but I will prepare better for overnight SB stays next year if it remains active
16:41:36 <CraigC> does anyone wear neoprene? We used to wear neoprene waders for fishing cold rivers
16:41:59 <GO STEAMBOAT & > not me
16:42:31 <CraigC> I've never seen any, either.... hmmmm
16:43:57 <ynpvisitor65> hope bee goes before dark with an indy
17:08:50 <Cooper> Hi Chris
17:09:06 <ChrisO> hey :)
17:23:39 <ChrisO> have they already closed the park for the winter?
17:23:57 <Cooper> not yet I think
17:24:37 <ChrisO> may just wait till next year, my sister is moving to Reno, NV next week
17:24:45 <GO STEAMBOAT & > should reopen after tomorrow
17:28:10 <GO STEAMBOAT & > might be a short or intermediate?
17:29:00 <GO STEAMBOAT & > daisy
17:32:35 <ChrisO> sasquatch on the right of the trees?
17:33:04 <GO STEAMBOAT & > which trees? haha
17:34:08 <ChrisO> it was probably just a snow covered baby pine tree
17:35:08 <GO STEAMBOAT & > or sasquatch with a white cape?
17:36:16 <ChrisO> far right hand side
17:36:53 <ChrisO> looks like a baby tree
17:36:54 <Eric> We are about right timing for BH
17:37:15 <GO STEAMBOAT & > and Castle
17:38:00 <Eric> Within the next couple hours :-D
17:38:15 <Eric> or maybe 1.5h is a better window
17:38:52 <Eric> Grand, Castle, BH could all align...which would be horrible for the cam :-(
17:39:06 <Eric> possibly OF too
17:43:00 <Cooper> nice lighting on Bee
17:43:05 <GO STEAMBOAT & > long cone shadow
17:45:03 <Cooper> :castle:
17:45:19 <Katie> Nice light
17:53:20 <Cooper> Hi stevee
17:53:27 <Cooper> where are ya?
17:53:37 <stevee> Hello. In where it i warm
17:53:46 <Cooper> Hi Lori
17:53:52 <Cooper> Nice Stevee
17:54:03 <Cooper> Ms. Lori*
17:54:26 <Lori S> Hi Cooper
17:55:34 <Lori S> Popping on quick but now that I see Bee is a possibility, I will stay.
17:55:46 <Cooper> :thumbsup::)
17:56:10 <Lori S> Nice to be welcomed by :castle:
17:56:13 <stevee> Hopefully
17:56:52 <ChrisO> hey Lori S. :)
17:57:03 <GO STEAMBOAT & > are you ready to run out for Bee Steve?
17:57:23 <Cooper> GO STEAMBOAT & NATS, Stevee*
17:57:54 <Lori S> Hello ChrisO
17:58:46 <stevee> Nope, my boots are off, the only thing that would get me out is Giantess. Hint, Hint.
17:59:11 <GO STEAMBOAT & > enjoy your night indoors
17:59:33 <ynpvisitor74> Castle is a major
17:59:59 <Lori S> How does one kick Giantess exactly?
18:01:01 <stevee> So far, nothing has worked. I can tell you Giantess will not erupt for cookies.
18:02:20 <CraigC> Dove Cookies?
18:02:45 <stevee> Give it a try.
18:04:15 <GO STEAMBOAT & > ready steve
18:04:40 <Cooper> Elk
18:04:53 <Cooper> Elk behind Giantess
18:05:16 <Lori S> Better than elk IN Giantess
18:05:19 <GO STEAMBOAT & > maybe Giantess will erupt for them
18:05:23 <stevee> I never thought to sacrifice an Elk...
18:09:08 <ynpvisitor74> what is all the steam from?
18:09:23 <GO STEAMBOAT & > pump
18:09:47 <ynpvisitor74> no at the front of the screen
18:09:54 <Cooper> Dinner Time, so Bee will go NOW!.
18:10:26 <ynpvisitor74> ok, the pool between bee and pump
18:11:08 <Lori S> Dragon
18:11:23 <Lori S> I believe
18:11:50 <Cooper> Steak needs another min
18:11:58 <ynpvisitor74> nice color over geyser hill
18:11:58 <stevee> Dragon Geyser is hot and steaming quite a bit.
18:13:17 <Lori S> stevee, it has beensteaming like that a lot recently
18:14:23 <Lori S> stevee, You planning a sit at SB if you can get there? Possibly Sat or Sun?
18:14:39 <CraigC> stevee, did you see Dwarfs erupting?
18:15:03 <stevee> I don't know about the roads tomorrow, maybe in the afternoon. I am hopeful for Wednesday.
18:15:22 <Lori S> I am in need of a SB sitter while I sit at Fearless, you see. But not till this weekend.
18:16:11 <stevee> I saw two vents in the Dwarf area active. Mouth is likely perpetual. Marmot Cave very frequent every 15-20 minutes.
18:16:44 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
18:17:15 <stevee> I hope to start my SB watch tomorrow or Wednesday. I will be there during daylight until it erupts or I freeze out.
18:17:38 <stevee> If the roads are open
18:17:44 <ynpvisitor74> be safe and wear spikes
18:18:19 <Lori S> stevee, excellent. If I make it up there, I will find you to fillyou in on my plan.
18:18:22 <ynpvisitor74> hope you get an eruption
18:18:48 <Lori S> The freeze out part is very possible, though
18:19:40 <Eric> Wow..elk on the cam...way cool!
18:20:09 <GO STEAMBOAT & > where?
18:20:42 <Eric> 8:04:40 ‹Cooper› Elk 18:04:42 * Lori S bows down before Giantess and offers up a relief in atmospheric pressure 18:04:53 ‹Cooper› Elk behind Giantess 18:05:16 ‹Lori S› Better than elk IN Giantess 18:05:19 ‹GO STEAMBOAT & NATS› maybe Giantess will erupt for them 18:05:23 ‹stevee› I never thought to sacrifice an Elk...
18:20:54 <stevee> I have two sets of Yak Traks and good insulated boots. I have cookies.
18:20:59 <Lori S> GO STEAMBOAT & NATS, they were over there >>> >>> near Giantess
18:21:03 <GO STEAMBOAT & > thats history Eric
18:21:21 <Eric> ohhh man...I love cookies :-D
18:21:26 <Eric> Wish I was there :-D
18:21:38 <Lori S> stevee, Mmm. Cookies
18:22:25 <Eric> Almost at 27h for BH, I hope it goes before dark!
18:22:51 <Lori S> Bill let me borrow his YakTrax last I was there. I really need to go buy a pair.
18:23:07 <Eric> Buy some good spikes Lori
18:23:24 <Eric> You have to take them off on the bare BW, but you will never slip :-D
18:23:35 <ynpvisitor74> the general store in west sells spikes
18:23:44 <stevee> BH had some good splashing at about 1430, but not much between then and 1630. The South and West bubblers are weakly bubbing. No eruption of South Bubbler that I saw.
18:23:57 <Lori S> Eric, There was a brief discussion about that. That YakTrax can slide sideways?
18:24:22 <Eric> yaks are like studded snow tires, spikes are like chains :-D
18:24:37 <Lori S> Eric, ah ha
18:24:46 <ynpvisitor74> the spikes are great on the regular boardwalk at steamboat
18:25:01 <Lori S> Spikes it is then
18:25:14 <Eric> Yes, but they will eat up that wood
18:25:25 <stevee> Yaks are not perfect, but overall I'd give them a solid B. They may come off if you posthole.
18:25:25 <Eric> I try not to abuse stuff with my spikes on
18:25:26 <GO STEAMBOAT & > turban?
18:25:38 <Eric> I really like these:
18:25:39 <Lori S> Will they eat up that plastic stuff? Cuz that needs to go. LOL
18:25:46 <GO STEAMBOAT & > dont walk into the snow lodge with them on?
18:26:12 <Eric> I would be careful on the plastic stuff with spikes on
18:26:21 <Eric> probably take them off if it's bare
18:26:28 <Eric> but they are super easy on/off
18:26:47 <stevee> It is time for Grand.
18:26:55 <Eric> I have literally climbed up the side of a mountain with those spikes :-D
18:28:07 <Eric> was castle really a major?
18:28:10 <stevee> I don't think the Yaks would be that good off boardwalk. But on a flat surface they have saved me many a time. Spikes do appear to work better.
18:28:31 <Lori S> Eric, Given I can be accident prone, I see myself slicing open a leg or something.
18:28:46 <Eric> haha...they aren't really sharp...just pointy
18:28:51 <stevee> I think Castle is still going.
18:29:21 <Eric> ok...just looks steamy from the digital side of things :-P
18:29:56 <Eric> But it has been that makes sense I guess
18:32:45 <ynpvisitor74> yes, I posted on chat after 15minutes
18:52:02 <ynpvisitor52> A friend likes these, comes up farther over the boot than Yak Trax. She said microspikes, which have a heavier chain, might work better in the heavy ice on the boardwalks.
18:52:58 <Lori S> Headed home to enjoy some homemade chicken soup. Have a good night all. Enjoy Bee
18:53:16 <Lori S> ynpvisitor52, thx
18:56:04 <lori lurking > I forget I'm not signed in...your welcome Lori not lurking ;)
18:56:18 <Cooper> no Bee yet:(
19:03:35 <ynpvisitor84> Has OF gone yet?
19:03:47 <Cooper> nope
19:04:52 <ynpvisitor84> Camera moved!!!
19:05:13 <ynpvisitor84> Must be checking on Grand
19:07:36 <ynpvisitor84> There it is
19:10:15 <ynpvisitor1> 50 bucks for shoe chains?
19:13:51 <lori lurking > SHe lost some Yak Trax and said as she walks at home in Idaho in winter, it is worth it.
19:14:41 <ynpvisitor1> Bike stud a pair of walking shoes.
19:15:03 <ynpvisitor1> Or go get a pair of golf shoes.
19:15:15 <lori lurking > she needs the warmth of boots in the snow.
19:15:27 <lori lurking > not the same at all.
19:15:41 <ynpvisitor1> Bike studs
19:15:45 <Cooper> Lori needs Yak Trax
19:16:23 <lori lurking > I picked up a couple individual ones on the boardwalk when were on gyeser hill in the winter that people had lost.
19:16:43 <ynpvisitor1> We have survived many generations with out them.
19:16:59 <Cooper> they make it a whole lot easier
19:17:24 <lori lurking > not required. just an option. the older I get, the less I like to fall.
19:17:25 <Cooper> she gets warmth of the boots, and she gets the grip she needs to walk on snow/ice.
19:17:48 <GO STEAMBOAT & > depends on the weather. sometimes BH is an ice rink, other times not so bad if it keeps snowing every night. the SB boardwalk is slick without winter conditions
19:19:17 <GO STEAMBOAT & > Lion area can ice up badly and Aurum
19:19:45 <GO STEAMBOAT & > when the BW moved at Sawmill it reduced icing .. not that its a problem now :(
19:21:07 <GO STEAMBOAT & > goodnight all, good luck seeing Grand and BH
19:21:16 <ynpvisitor1> 50 bucks for shoe chains is too much.
19:21:21 <Cooper> ight Graham
19:21:27 <ynpvisitor1> over and out
19:41:32 <Cooper> Lion
19:41:33 <Cooper> ie