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05:41:48 <Rice> Oh Look Steamboat last evening.
05:42:46 <GO NATS> morning. good day yesterday, SB, NATS WIN, CAPS WIN
05:42:49 <Rice> Not even last evening, it was afternoon
05:43:23 <Rice> I guess I was busy, actaully doing work stuff and missed it!
05:43:37 <GO NATS> in daylight
05:44:25 <Rice> Was anyone there?
05:45:16 <Rice> 2 more "Normal Length" eruptions from 1983, then we start knocking off longer intervals.
05:49:06 <GO NATS> theres a chance we could get to 100 in this series, at 73 now
05:51:05 <Rice> I hope so
05:51:58 <GO NATS> unusual, the only prediction is for GF
05:53:14 <Rice> Hadn't even thought about that.
05:55:05 <GO NATS> maybe Joe took a nap :)
05:58:47 <Rice> Joe puts a lot of effort into overnights, if he took a night off good for him.
05:59:52 <LindaG> Good morning
06:01:55 <LindaG> I have cam
06:05:16 <LindaG> Hi BWAGGS
06:06:29 <BWaggs> GM Linda
06:21:27 <LindaG> OF
06:34:58 <Cooper> Good Morning
06:35:14 <Cooper> My house just got bumped up to 7-11 inches
06:35:33 <LindaG> Cooper, yay
06:36:04 <LindaG> Cooper, good morning
06:36:12 <Cooper> BOOOO, it all supposed to fall overnight.
06:36:17 <Cooper> Linda, good morning
06:36:44 <LindaG> Cooper, oh
06:37:15 <Cooper> I love lots of snow, but if it falls in the night, I do not get to sit at the window and stare at it
06:37:18 <Cooper> Hi Kitty
06:37:24 <LindaG> Hi kitty
06:37:39 <KittyM> Hi Cooper. Well, it will be pretty in the morning :)
06:37:47 <KittyM> Hi Linda and all
06:38:00 <Cooper> that it will, great to do some trail work in the Garden
06:38:09 <LindaG> Slowly getting lighter
06:38:19 <Cooper> Lion?
06:38:31 <Cooper> nope
06:38:58 <Cooper> My camera was frozen on last night
06:39:22 <LindaG> What camera?
06:39:34 <Cooper> Sorry, Linda's Cam
06:39:51 <Cooper> this one
06:40:11 <LindaG> Ah
06:42:45 <LindaG> Looked like a little surge from giantess
06:48:49 <LindaG> Lion maybe
06:49:16 <LindaG> Not yet
06:52:25 <LindaG> Lion
06:55:45 <Cooper> "Mooaaannn" says my dog when I try to talk to her about Geysers:p
06:56:00 <Cooper> They are really good, they listen and they never talk back to you!
06:56:32 <LindaG> Mans best friens
06:56:55 <LindaG> *friend
06:57:06 <Cooper> yes they are
06:57:29 <Cooper> Linda, you have any oets?
06:57:33 <Cooper> pets*
06:57:42 <Cooper> **Thank you Linda in advance**
06:58:44 <LindaG> No not at this time. I've had plenty of pets though. Dogs, cats birds
06:58:58 <Cooper> nice
06:59:40 <LindaG> They are wonderful and I'm allergic to them all
07:00:01 <Cooper> That sucks!!!
07:00:26 <LindaG> Maybe Grand?
07:01:07 <LindaG> Looks big enough
07:01:23 <Cooper> I think so
07:01:53 <LindaG> I do too
07:08:43 <Cooper> I think I decided my 2019 Best SB photo
07:08:52 <Cooper> 4 Months later
07:11:28 <LindaG> Better late than never
07:11:43 <Cooper> true
07:12:51 <KittyM> Very nice picture, Cooper
07:12:57 <LindaG> Wonder what beehive is up to
07:13:02 <Cooper> thx
07:13:19 <Cooper> Bee is sleeping:( it just keeps missing us(or not erupting)
07:14:50 <LindaG> Hope joe is ok
07:18:44 <LindaG> Doggie
07:19:13 <Cooper> meow meow
07:19:18 <Cooper> oops, woof woof
07:19:35 <Cooper> The Doggie who went meow, starring Bob the bison!
07:19:47 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ™„
07:23:23 <Cooper> Kitty, you hear about the bump up of the strenth of the winter storm tonight?
07:25:17 <KittyM> No, I did not
07:25:52 <Cooper> it went from a COS average of 3 to 5, to a average of 5 to 9
07:25:54 <Cooper> inches
07:26:24 <KittyM> oh yes I did see that
07:26:31 <Cooper> yup
07:26:50 <Cooper> Wish me luck doing trail work today. GO BEEHIVE, AURUM, NATS!
07:26:59 <KittyM> I may miss my tennis tomorrow morning
07:27:22 <LindaG> Cooper, good luck
07:27:54 <LindaG> KittyM, I keep forgetting to turn tennis on
07:29:07 <KittyM> Me too, Linda!
07:29:49 <LindaG> My phone keeps sending me results and I think, oh I should turn that on
07:31:03 <KittyM> :)
07:31:27 <KittyM> I keep forgetting there is more to watch than just the major tournaments
07:31:57 <LindaG> I know i always think it's over also
07:32:32 <LindaG> Looks like Andy Murray is playing again
07:35:44 <KittyM> Yes, Andy!
07:36:33 <LindaG> โ˜บ
07:36:40 <LindaG> So much steam
07:39:01 <LindaG> Where o where is daisy
07:50:42 <KittyM> I'm off for a while. Later
07:52:52 <LindaG> KittyM, bye
07:59:37 <LindaG> Lion
08:03:20 <ynpvisitor110> Elk at Mammoth
08:07:21 <LindaG> Hmmm did I miss OF MPS prediction for 9:26
08:07:34 <LindaG> *NPS
08:08:38 <ynpvisitor63> Thanks for the elk call
08:09:16 <ynpvisitor110> If the last eruption was 0621, then 0926 is incorrect...don't know
08:10:44 <LindaG> I think I missed it
08:12:33 <ynpvisitor110> Could be
08:14:28 <ynpvisitor103> OF erupted 0752 on static
08:14:28 <LindaG> Riverside
08:14:32 <LindaG> ie
08:14:39 <LindaG> ynpvisitor103, thanks
08:14:44 <ynpvisitor110> :)
08:21:51 <LindaG> Little squirt
08:22:04 <LindaG> Haven't seen that in a while
08:29:39 <ynpvisitor110> Rocket?
08:29:52 <LindaG> I was thinking that
08:30:10 <Kat> It's me Lionda! hehehe
08:30:18 <Kat> Linda*
08:30:27 <LindaG> Kat, hi
08:30:41 <ynpvisitor19> bulger, I think
08:30:51 <Kat> :) Hey there - been lurking....:i::i:
08:30:53 <LindaG> That's why I zoomed in thought maybe rocket but I'm never sure about that one
08:31:23 <Kat> Me either - not sure about bulger
08:31:40 <LindaG> Me neither
08:32:00 <Kat> too steamy for me to make a call
08:32:44 <Kat> looks more like steam from OT area
08:34:05 <LindaG> Birds
08:34:05 <Kat> Nice
08:34:11 <ynpvisitor19> Geese ie
08:34:21 <Kat> Yay!
08:36:40 <LindaG> Forgot what it was like to look at all this steam
08:37:01 <LindaG> Hoping to find daisy
08:37:01 <Kat> Welcome to winter!
08:37:26 <LindaG> I hope Joe is ok he wasn't around this morning
08:37:35 <Kat> You lost Daisy ?? :)
08:37:48 <Kat> I saw that - hope he's ok too
08:38:03 <ynpvisitor19> human
08:38:21 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ™„
08:38:51 <Kat> His last entry was last night 2240
08:39:31 <LindaG> Yeah
08:40:04 <LindaG> He's never not been on ๐Ÿ˜‰
08:40:23 <Kat> May be lurking...
08:41:14 <LindaG> So bee is broken
08:41:19 <Kat> quiet Bee
08:41:30 <Kat> or lost !!
08:41:42 <LindaG> Must be going during the night
08:41:55 <Kat> Temp dropped to 19
08:42:18 <LindaG> Brrr was 23
08:42:47 <Kat> looks like Bulger now
08:43:39 <LindaG> Don't see it but could be minors
08:43:45 <Kat> still can't tell...
08:44:27 <Kat> be back in a few
08:47:52 <Katie> Mornin
08:48:57 <ynpvisitor19> what is just to the right of Grand that is steaming?
08:50:46 <LindaG> Katie, hi
08:51:10 <LindaG> ynpvisitor19, im not sure
08:52:02 <LindaG> Towards top is the remanats of riverside
08:52:08 <Katie> That bison is nice & frosty
08:55:40 <LindaG> Depression
08:56:35 <LindaG> I think
08:56:41 <LindaG> Yup
08:57:01 <โ‚ฌ pium> Like it
08:57:26 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Good view from this cam.
08:57:38 <LindaG> Steve is missing it, he said he wanted to spend the day by depression to study it
08:58:07 <LindaG> Inthink the close up improved
08:58:09 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Looks like you need chains on the bw
08:58:31 <LindaG> Studs
08:59:05 <LindaG> Guess I caught the end
09:00:32 <LindaG> Everything is cooperating today except daisy
09:01:15 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Looking for NoDozยฎ
09:01:28 <Katie> Did Joe lose Daisy again?
09:02:05 <LindaG> I'm a little worried about Joe he was on 5th is morning. Last entry was 22:00 last night
09:02:19 <LindaG> *this
09:02:33 <LindaG> Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต, No sleep?
09:03:23 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> No, just no geysers.
09:03:39 <LindaG> Oh lol
09:03:47 <LindaG> Lion soon
09:04:37 <LindaG> Aurum is up for grabs too
09:05:18 <LindaG> And beehive ๐Ÿ™„
09:06:24 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Where is Dave this week?
09:07:13 <LindaG> Lion
09:07:24 <LindaG> Not sure where Dave is
09:08:14 <LindaG> Maybe he took the minnow out for a spin
09:08:37 <Katie> Pretty scene!
09:09:09 <LindaG> Looks like a nice day
09:09:16 <ynpvisitor19> Dave is in Cancun
09:09:23 <Katie> No wind at all
09:09:48 <โ‚ฌ pium> Great Lion steam column
09:11:26 <ChrisO> purrrty
09:13:33 <LindaG> Pretty tall column back there
09:13:44 <LindaG> Think it's rocket?
09:13:55 <ChrisO> doggie?
09:14:12 <LindaG> Yup
09:14:40 <ChrisO> think i am the only that gets excited seeing them lol
09:15:21 <LindaG> โ˜บ
09:16:01 <Katie> I like the doggies!
09:16:16 <LindaG> LAS still going
09:16:23 <LindaG> *LS
09:17:25 <LindaG> OF beckons, missed the last one. ๐Ÿ˜•
09:21:17 <ynpvisitor23> We're going to have a blizzard closing weekend. I can feel it coming :(
09:22:02 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ˜•
09:24:11 <โ‚ฌ pium> Is this weekend the closing weekend?
09:24:38 <ynpvisitor59> no
09:24:43 <ynpvisitor23> Nov 2,3 4
09:25:32 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Unless the snow does it first.
09:25:47 <ynpvisitor23> Good chance
09:25:59 <ynpvisitor23> 0925
09:26:26 <โ‚ฌ pium> I wouldn't trust the 15-day forecast on snow
09:26:27 <LindaG> OF at 09:25
09:26:59 <ynpvisitor23> I was using the True and Accurate Prophesies of
09:27:09 <ynpvisitor23> Agnes Nutter
09:27:37 <โ‚ฌ pium> that's as good as a 15-day forecast in many cases
09:27:48 <ynpvisitor23> it is
09:29:17 <โ‚ฌ pium> FYI, the forecast doesn't call for significant snow on closing weekend. Your mileage may vary.
09:30:30 <LindaG> Love the steam on the runoff
09:30:47 <Kat> :)
09:31:07 <Kat> We're going to be seeing a lot of that !
09:31:40 <LindaG> Gee can't find daisy
09:33:37 <Kat> Oooh Daisy....olly olly in-come-free!
09:41:58 <LindaG> LS still going
09:42:00 <Kat> LS - love it!
09:42:35 <JarnoO> g'day all
09:43:12 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
09:43:57 <LindaG> Good viewing day
09:44:27 <JarnoO> FYI: Opalescent Spring logger is likely broken. It's been logging 100ยฐC consistently since ~0045 MST today
09:45:19 <JarnoO> all other loggers, except Tantalus Creek, are working normally
09:47:51 <Kat> Linda - searching for lost Daisy!! :)
09:48:03 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ™„
09:48:34 <LindaG> I keep expecting to see it when I go from hill to basin, but alas, no
09:49:34 <LindaG> Well I guess I have to leave something for Kevin to do ๐Ÿ˜‰
09:49:57 <JarnoO> there's not much steam development over there even though temperatures are well below 32ยฐF. Perhaps it went when the cam was on OF?
09:50:03 <Kat> hahaha
09:50:24 <Kat> LS is putting on a show today!
09:51:08 <Kat> Where's aurum?
09:51:13 <LindaG> Yeah I missed it along the line. Had a few lions
09:51:26 <JarnoO> morning Jimbo. How's the other side of the pond?
09:51:43 <LindaG> Kat, that too is lost. Maybe daisy and Aurum are together somewhere. Lol
09:51:54 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> They do have a cure for that now Linda.
09:52:02 <Kat> Having Brunch! LOL
09:52:44 <LindaG> Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต, โ˜บ
09:52:46 <โ‚ฌpium> Morning Jarno. Just giving respect to the continent.
09:53:24 <Kat> Hi Kevin, Jarno
09:54:17 <Eric> Morning
09:54:30 <Kat> Hey Eric!
09:54:32 <LindaG> Eric, hi
09:55:43 <LindaG> Squirting up a storm ๐Ÿ˜„
09:56:12 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Hi
09:57:24 <JarnoO> hopefully we can see some Bronze or Silver action :)
09:57:24 <Kat> :)
09:57:54 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I want gold.
09:58:00 <Kat> Peek to Daisy?
09:58:02 <Eric> Hi Kat, Linda and Kevin
09:58:13 <LindaG> JarnoO, that would be nice
09:58:17 <LindaG> Nope
09:58:29 <Kat> nothing - dang!!
09:58:41 <Eric> NG would be nice this morning :-D
09:58:54 <Kat> It would Eric
09:58:56 <Eric> About the right time for one
09:58:58 <LindaG> Eric, it would
09:59:00 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Dave took Daisy with him.
09:59:18 <Kat> I guess so - where is he off to now?
09:59:46 <LindaG> Someone said cancun
10:00:15 <LindaG> All yours kevin
10:00:25 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Thanks
10:00:26 <LindaG> I'm out
10:00:40 <Kat> Nice! I think I remember himsaying that
10:00:48 <LindaG> Bbl
10:01:02 <Kat> Bye Linda - see you later
10:01:17 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> He may be taking his Son to school.
10:02:02 <Eric> almost 3 days since our last BH :-(
10:02:27 <Kat> Think it's doing it's night thing!
10:02:47 <Kat> OK - lunch time...
10:03:25 <Kat> bbl
10:03:43 <JarnoO> Aurum
10:03:44 <JarnoO> .
10:03:44 <JarnoO> .
10:03:45 <JarnoO> .
10:03:51 <Eric> nice
10:04:31 <Eric> and gone
10:04:37 <Eric> now for NG
10:04:40 <Eric> then BH
10:04:43 <JarnoO> that was quite short for an Aurum
10:04:47 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Hiding in Doublet steam.
10:04:55 <Eric> Yes, wondering if you caught start?
10:05:26 <JarnoO> Think so - or at least very near start. Plume hadn't drifted very far
10:05:55 <Eric> was a very small aurum then
10:06:23 <JarnoO> maybe the second eruption in a series? :P
10:07:01 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I think we were into the eruption. Start was hidden.
10:07:32 <JarnoO> ah, okay
10:09:53 <Katie> bison is going to check it out, too
10:23:06 <GO NATS> Steve having a slow start today?
10:24:08 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Looks like Lion is out of gas.
10:36:25 <GO NATS> bad fog at N gate
10:41:28 <Kat> Lion puffing
10:42:06 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Dying gasps
10:42:27 <LindaG> Aurum 10:03 ok now that's cruel
10:45:48 <LindaG> I guess i was the Aurum sacrifice today
10:47:28 <GO NATS> its jarnoO's fault
10:48:56 <JarnoO> oi!
10:52:00 <ynpvisitor97> OF window
10:58:58 <ynpvisitor34> Pretty puffy clouds
11:00:19 <Rice> Clouds look fake
11:01:16 <ynpvisitor97> Rice, they do
11:03:10 <Eric> OF
11:03:48 <ynpvisitor97> Pretty
11:07:44 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Had an exciting knight yesterday Graham. We were down 1-0 until the last 1:31. Ended with a Knights victory 2-1 in a shootout. I watched the end of your nail biter after that.
11:13:40 <โ‚ฌpium> Caps game or Nats game Kevin?
11:19:42 <Lindag> I entered OF
11:20:10 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> nats
11:20:50 <Lindag> I e tered it based on Eric's comment
11:22:19 <Lindag> Castle just popped in
11:22:32 <Lindag> That's weird
11:30:56 <ynpvisitor59> not weird - they just entered it
11:35:09 <Betty> hi all
11:35:59 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Guten hello.
11:38:05 <Betty> hi Kevin
11:39:38 <Betty> 3 doggies
11:40:21 <ynpvisitor19> daisy
11:40:28 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> And a flower
11:44:47 <ynpvisitor99> indy or just steam?
11:45:03 <ynpvisitor99> gone, just steam
11:45:28 <Betty> choppy view on my side :-(
11:45:55 <ynpvisitor99> The sting must have got wet. Good for me for once.
12:01:01 <Eric> I think we need to shift the grand window slightly :-P
12:01:17 <Betty> hey Eric
12:01:26 <Eric> Hi betty
12:01:41 <Betty> btw, whereยดs Dave these days?
12:01:41 <Eric> average Grand is 6h43m +- 1h
12:02:00 <Eric> No idea....I guess he doesn't like us anymore :-(
12:02:19 <Betty> oh, makes sense
12:02:38 <Eric> So window should start around 12:45
12:02:48 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> It is more like a -30m +1h30m.
12:02:49 <Lindag> Cancun
12:02:54 <Betty> did we pick too much on him?
12:03:10 <Betty> heยดs in Cancun?
12:03:22 <Lindag> That's what they say
12:03:29 <Lindag> Betty, hi
12:03:45 <Betty> ahh, thx and hi Lindag
12:05:16 <Betty> doggie
12:05:58 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Woof!
12:08:24 <ChrisO> ah i see him
12:12:47 <Betty> hi ChrisO
12:12:54 <ChrisO> hey Betty :)
12:14:03 <Betty> how about a Grand view?
12:14:38 <Eric> I think we have a while Betty :-P
12:14:56 <Eric> more likely to see BH then grand I think
12:15:09 <Betty> ohhhh, did not see it is that early!
12:15:14 <ChrisO> bye doggie
12:27:13 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Castle ie
12:27:40 <Betty> yay
12:37:38 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Oops
12:38:02 <Betty> oops
12:38:15 <Betty> OF ie
12:39:31 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> There is so much lag that I watch the control screen and miss the predictions.
12:41:37 <Betty> thought I saw Aurum
12:41:54 <Betty> would be a bit early
12:42:12 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> It would be nice.
12:55:00 <ynpvisitor24> so what is the verdict on beehive
12:55:38 <ynpvisitor24> was it splashing this morning or quiet?
13:20:45 <Lindag> Rain snow moving I?
13:20:58 <Lindag> *in?
13:21:12 <Lindag> Snow
13:21:50 <Lindag> It's amazing that you can see it coming
13:24:45 <ynpvisitor19> good price drop on bear spray at Amazon, I just ordered one;
13:26:53 <ynpvisitor61> West Gate static is stuck at 1153
13:35:09 <ynpvisitor61> How do you order bear spray? It cannot be shipped
13:36:54 <ynpvisitor19> somehow it gets from there to do they get it to stores?
13:38:06 <ynpvisitor19> it is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday, compared to the other item I ordered today that will arrive tomorrow
13:38:24 <ynpvisitor61> I see the link says shipping restrictions
13:38:51 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> It may be considered a weapon in some states.
13:39:16 <ynpvisitor61> You canโ€™t bring it on a plane, USPS wonโ€™t mail them, I was just curious
13:40:06 <ynpvisitor67> Amazon ships bear spray by ground; I bought Counter Assault 2 yrs ago
13:40:31 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I know I have some pen oil that cannot be shipped via USPS.
13:40:51 <ynpvisitor67> probably UPS (?)
13:41:04 <ynpvisitor57> it got ugly fast in the basin. I am guessing UPS ground will take it
13:41:11 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> That is how they ship it.
13:42:01 <ynpvisitor59> are all the roads open?
13:42:15 <ynpvisitor57> Craig Pass is still closed
13:42:42 <ynpvisitor57> other than that, all open, for now
13:43:41 <ynpvisitor57> looks steamy at Grand
13:43:53 <ynpvisitor38> Dunraven pass closed
13:44:18 <ynpvisitor57> well yes, Dunraven is closed for the season, that was not closed because of weather
13:46:45 <ynpvisitor57> Grand
13:47:02 <ynpvisitor57> going to be hard viewing for steve
13:47:22 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Grand may be ie
13:47:35 <ynpvisitor19> looks so
13:47:39 <ynpvisitor57> it is for sure
13:48:03 <ynpvisitor57> too big a plume for just Turban
13:49:01 <ynpvisitor44> L
13:49:45 <โ‚ฌpium> This is not the normal wind direction you were looking for.
13:49:54 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> That is Grand for sure. Terrible timing.
13:50:13 <ynpvisitor57> because of weather?
13:50:22 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> yes
13:50:40 <ynpvisitor57> I would guess steve is over by Economic
13:54:35 <โ‚ฌpium> time check
13:57:24 <โ‚ฌpium> just saw water, big surge prior might have been a 2nd?
13:57:54 <ynpvisitor57> don't think so. We will find out soon from steve
13:58:10 <โ‚ฌpium> :thumbsup:
13:59:22 <ynpvisitor57> Daisy next.
14:00:17 <ynpvisitor57> it was a 2 burst
14:00:56 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Maybe
14:01:14 <ynpvisitor57> well steve is right there...
14:01:24 <ynpvisitor57> OF
14:11:25 <ynpvisitor86> rs
14:18:02 <โ‚ฌpium> I made the right call!
14:18:58 <ynpvisitor19> bulger
14:25:35 <Lindag> Well I guess Dave did take daisy with him
14:26:09 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> We did find it once today.
14:26:51 <Lindag> Oh good guess I missed that
14:27:21 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> May have gone during Grand, OF, or nasty snow.
14:27:36 <ynpvisitor19> you have Sprinkler, don't be greedy
14:28:53 <Lindag> ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
14:29:33 <ynpvisitor61> Weird that Steve did not notice Daisy
14:30:48 <ynpvisitor86> Daisy gets no respect.
14:36:05 <ChrisO> doggie
14:38:07 <Eric> last 4 grands were pretty consistent
14:38:28 <Eric> Next grand 20:25 +- 17m
14:41:44 <ynpvisitor86> Poor sea monsters, they get no respect either.
14:56:12 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> BH looks happier.
14:56:36 <ynpvisitor117> is that an anemone erupting?
15:24:08 <Betty> doggie
15:31:38 <ynpvisitor28> With all the signs saying how unstable the ground is. You would think we would see one of those just drop out of sight some time.
15:33:48 <KittyM> OF window I think
15:34:18 <ynpvisitor28> bad kitty, we are waiting for bees.
15:34:34 <KittyM> LOL!!
15:35:36 <ynpvisitor28>
15:37:14 <Betty> Enjoy OF and Beehive. Night all
15:37:49 <ynpvisitor28>
15:38:08 <ynpvisitor28> white bugs. Time to go.
15:39:13 <Kat> Bye Betty
15:39:49 <Kat> IS Kevin on the cam?
15:39:59 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
15:40:08 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Do you want it?
15:41:03 <Kat> In a few - but I think we should move to OF?
15:41:35 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Gee, wasn't it already there?
15:41:40 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> :)
15:42:27 <Kat> Sure it was !! :)
15:42:34 <ChrisO> nice timing :)
15:42:51 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I never miss OF...
15:43:16 <KittyM> Just in time! :)
15:44:13 <Kat> Perfect timing!
15:47:04 <Kat> I can take the cam Kevin - I'm going to fill in intermittently for Graham :)
15:47:21 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Did you want it now?
15:47:43 <Kat> Sure - can't get in until you log out
15:48:29 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> You got it. That will help me. Thanks!
15:49:17 <ChrisO> that doggie is still there :)
15:49:41 <Kat> No problem
16:22:55 <Cooper> The storms a raging at my house
16:26:15 <Michael> The sunshine at OF must be a nice distraction.
16:26:35 <Cooper> that it is:)
16:29:18 <Cooper> Bee loks happy
16:31:43 <Cooper> Aurum close too erupting
16:39:17 <Cooper> BSB?
16:39:19 <Cooper> nope
16:39:21 <Cooper> just hte cone
16:45:47 <Kat> Bison in the way!
16:47:09 <Cooper> Hi Linda
16:47:19 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
16:47:28 <LindaG> Evening all
16:47:44 <Kat> Hi Loinda
16:47:50 <Kat> Linda!
16:48:07 <Kat> These folks are going to tempt fate!
16:48:08 <LindaG> Kat, hi
16:48:40 <LindaG> Stopping to pet him
16:49:01 <Kat> LOL
16:49:04 <LindaG> A gentleman bison
16:49:19 <Kat> Not much happening here...
16:49:35 <Cooper> Bee Aurum. Lion are on deck, and look hot
16:49:42 <Kat> About Face!
16:50:09 <Kat> Waiting....
16:50:12 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ˜Š
16:50:33 <Cooper> been waiting for 3d 1H 18m! for Bee!!!!
16:51:00 <LindaG> 10:03 this morning aurum went off. Kevin took cam at 10!! And I left
16:51:36 <LindaG> I 5hink bee has gone to the darkside
16:51:53 <Kat> I know- it was right after you left and I got up for a minute...
16:52:07 <ChrisO> my doggie is back :)
16:52:42 <Kat> :)
16:52:43 <LindaG> Kat, it's not fair lol
16:53:14 <Kat> :lol:
16:58:55 <Cooper> Hi Ms. LOri
16:59:37 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Hello Master Cooper
16:59:59 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Who killed Bee?
17:00:56 <Cooper> Not Me:)
17:01:05 <LindaG> Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž, hello lori hello
17:01:22 <ynpvisitor23> Pesticides?
17:01:24 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Hello Linda hello!
17:01:48 <LindaG> ynpvisitor23, ๐Ÿ˜Š
17:05:02 <Kat> MC
17:05:07 <LindaG> Anyone hear from Joe today?
17:05:41 <Kat> No
17:05:59 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ™
17:08:06 <LindaG> OF wiindow
17:08:51 <Kat> I sent Joe an e-mail Monday or Tuesday. No response today - not that he needed to
17:09:39 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Kat, Maybe you should send him 10 more in a row and tell him we are all worried. :/
17:10:08 <Kat> I'll check with Carolyn first.
17:10:24 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Kat, :thumbsup:
17:10:57 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> I just finished a gas station mini pizza. Urp
17:11:13 <Cooper> yummy
17:12:11 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Cooper, the ones at Firehole Fillup are actually good if youget them within 15 min of baking.
17:12:32 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> At 4 hours later, not so much. But I got a fresh one.
17:16:44 <Kat> wind blowing the wrong way!
17:16:54 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> That's an odd Tantalus spike for yeasterday's SB
17:19:04 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> OF
17:19:09 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> on delay
17:19:13 <Kat> OF 1718
17:20:10 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> I'm sure there's water in there some place :p
17:20:40 <Kat> I can see it on static
17:21:03 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Kat, oh, yes, nice
17:21:13 <ynpvisitor100> better from eye level today
17:35:27 <ChrisO> 2 doggies :)
17:42:31 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> I just found out what turning on the background image does. Cool.
17:48:36 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> wind shifted
17:54:49 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> MC ?
18:02:51 <ChrisO> Did Bee run out of water?
18:03:37 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Near the village the peaceful village
18:03:54 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> The Beehive sleeps tonight
18:04:13 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Near the village the quiet village
18:04:26 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> The Beehive sleeps tonight
18:04:47 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
18:05:38 <ChrisO> lol we all have lost it lol
18:05:52 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Indeed
18:09:11 <Cooper> Bee, I tried to be nice about it! do you want me to mean???
18:15:08 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> By the by, the Canyon General Store has closed for the season (early)
18:22:00 <Cooper> anyone know what happened to Joe? I have not seen him on here in a while?
18:22:19 <Kat> No
18:23:07 <LindaG> Back again
18:23:09 <Cooper> wb Linda
18:23:17 <LindaG> Thx
18:23:20 <Kat> Glad you fixed the entry
18:23:28 <KittyM> Hi, Linda (and all)
18:23:37 <LindaG> KittyM, hi
18:23:46 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Hi KittyM
18:24:24 <LindaG> Staring at a frozen screen lol
18:24:45 <Kat> Linda - do you want to take the wheel for a awhile?
18:24:50 <Michael> Hi everyone. I step away for 2 hours, and it looks like I didn't miss many geysers...
18:24:55 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Is it me or does Giantess seem extra steamy?
18:24:57 <Kat> Refresh LOL
18:25:08 <LindaG> Michael, hi
18:25:31 <Michael> Power of optimism and cooling air temperatures.
18:25:32 <LindaG> Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž, giantess was steamy this morning also
18:25:36 <ChrisO> 29 degrees right now, that may be it :)
18:25:54 <LindaG> No it's about to go!!!!
18:26:11 <LindaG> ๐Ÿ˜‰
18:26:14 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> LindaG, I agree with you. :)
18:26:25 <LindaG> Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž, ๐Ÿ˜Š
18:26:29 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Michael, that's funny
18:27:41 <Kat> It's probably even colder - temp has not updated since 1715
18:27:55 <ChrisO> aww my doggies wandered off
18:30:25 <LindaG> Here doggie doggie
18:31:12 <Kat> There they are!!
18:31:45 <ChrisO> they didnt go to far :)
18:33:51 <Kat> always looks put of focus in the evening
18:34:20 <LindaG> Yeah cant deal with low light
18:35:29 <Kat> Nothing to see there
18:36:09 <Kat> Need to do something so I'm turning to OF now
18:36:24 <ChrisO> so YS is subsiding and LVC is up 3.93" on the dome since 2012
18:36:26 <LindaG> Ok
18:37:03 <LindaG> Want me to take it?
18:38:20 <Kat> Well, I was going to go though OF then put it down basin and sign off, so if you want to that would be fine ;)
18:38:51 <LindaG> Ok I will
18:38:55 <Kat> Sun soon setting too! I'm tired
18:39:26 <Kat> Thanks girl!
18:39:45 <LindaG> I'll just stay on till around 9 my time
18:39:54 <LindaG> Kat, have a good night
18:39:56 <Kat> C U all tomorrow!
18:40:12 <ChrisO> night Kat
18:40:36 <ynpvisitor58> OF
18:40:52 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Night Kat
18:40:54 <Michael> Pink OF
18:41:12 <LindaGp> Love a pink OF
18:41:22 <ChrisO> isnt it early?
18:41:30 <LindaGp> Seems so
18:41:41 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> ChrisO, no, it's right on time :p
18:41:43 <KittyM> Pretty!
18:41:55 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Prediction off :)
18:42:38 <ChrisO> ok :)
18:43:33 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> so pretty
18:43:43 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Nice.
18:48:04 <LindaGp> Maybe we can catch Aurum 8hr 42m since last recorded
18:48:26 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Want me to hide?
18:48:58 <LindaGp> โ˜บ would ya?
18:49:12 <LindaGp> Hehe no you have to see it too
18:49:14 <Michael> Also worth checking on Daisy, might get a triple-interval.
18:49:33 <LindaGp> I was just there I'll look again
18:50:05 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> I am about to close up the office so Aurum should go about a minute after I leave.
18:50:26 <LindaGp> Thank you for your sacrifice
18:50:39 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> LindaGp, no problem. Happy to help. :p
18:50:55 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> :) Chickens need fed....
18:51:09 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Now it has 2 reasons to go
18:51:28 <Michael> I can close my eyes if that will help.
18:51:35 <Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž> Well, night all. Go Aurum and Beehive
18:51:48 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Good knight.
18:51:57 <Michael> Night, Lori.
18:52:10 <LindaGp> Lori S ๐Ÿ˜Ž, night
18:57:42 <LindaGp> Daisy has alluded me all day
18:58:47 <ynpvisitor118> comet says hi
18:59:12 <ynpvisitor118> no steam from Daisy spot
18:59:22 <LindaGp> And so has aurum
19:01:38 <Michael> Might be one of those days where we just enjoy the weather.
19:02:13 <LindaGp> Michael, Those are pretty good also
19:02:57 <LindaGp> Aurum
19:03:21 <LindaGp> inthink
19:04:36 <Michael> Looks like it. Must have finally heard we were talking about it.
19:04:58 <LindaGp> couldn't see it really bit i know it was there
19:18:27 <Michael> Good night, basin.
19:19:34 <LindaGp> โ˜บ well losing light so calling it a night
19:20:15 <LindaGp> I set it to lion-castle
19:20:36 <LindaGp> I'm out of cam
19:22:55 <LindaGp> Good night
21:06:53 <ynpvisitor60> Nats 8-2 top of 7 th. Should be enough.
21:29:05 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Graham is having a good knight.
21:29:12 <ynpvisitor60> 10-2
21:40:57 <ynpvisitor62> 11-2
21:41:34 <ynpvisitor62> 8 runs with 2 outs T8
21:53:17 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I was going to turn it off but it has me curious now.
21:55:05 <ynpvisitor62> 12-2
21:55:38 <ynpvisitor62> I had a feeling. Cinderella team.
21:56:54 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I think they smashed Houston's pumpkin.
22:00:01 <ynpvisitor62> Could lock it with a game 3 win at home.
22:00:22 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> I believe Dandy Don is about to the 5th verse of "The Party's Over".
22:01:15 <ynpvisitor62> Only game 2. But a great start.
22:02:31 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Don't see it going into extra innings.
22:04:32 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> Well both Houston fans still there have something to cheer about.
22:05:26 <ynpvisitor72> 12-3
22:05:57 <Kevin Lโ„ข๐ŸŒต> This will be 7 in a row for Washington.
22:06:58 <ynpvisitor72> I was thinking save "party's over" for 4th win. 4 ours for Houston's 9th
22:07:11 <ynpvisitor72> Outs*
22:08:07 <ynpvisitor72> May be Guerra's only WS outing.
22:10:00 <ynpvisitor72> Final