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06:03:32 <Joe> OF
06:47:23 <turkey32> Love the turkey designation. I will leave it unchanged.
06:47:50 <turkey32> Second thought. Here's the change.
06:47:54 <turkey32> turkeyMike J
07:04:45 <turkey23> Morning Turkeys!
07:05:05 <turkeyMike J> Good gobble to you
07:05:47 <turkey23> :)
07:13:18 <TurkeyLindaG> Ill follow mikes lead. Gobble gobble
07:13:37 <TurkeyLindaG> Good morning to the flock!
07:14:23 <Turkey Lurky> Good morning everyone
07:15:05 <TurkeyLindaG> Good morning lurky!
07:16:01 <TurkeyLindaG> Good morning katurkey
07:16:13 <Katurkey> Morning TurkeyLindaG, and Turkey Lurky,
07:16:41 <TurkeyLindaG> In case there is another biggest turkwy he has it covered!
07:16:44 <Turkey from B> Good morning Kat
07:16:52 <Katurkey> and Turkey from B
07:16:59 <TurkeyLindaG> Good morning to the biggest turkwy!
07:17:12 <TurkeyLindaG> *turkey
07:17:39 <Katurkey> I printed out our Turkey portrait
07:17:55 <TurkeyLindaG> Katurkey, ๐Ÿ˜Š
07:18:04 <TheBiggestTurke> good morning to all:)
07:18:33 <Katurkey> Linda you could be Liturkey!
07:19:13 <turkeyMike J> Love the idea of a bunch of Turkey Lurkeys
07:19:36 <Katurkey> TheBiggestTurkey/Joe, Craig got left out of the portrait, and who is Thomas?
07:20:09 <Liturkey> Not enough turkeys to go around
07:21:54 <TheBiggestTurke> Thomas is Betty's brother, he flies with her when she comes to this side of the pond :)
07:23:00 <TheBiggestTurke> `I'll see if I can find a turkey to represent Craig
07:23:05 <Katurkey> Oh, nice!
07:23:22 <Katurkey> There's one in the picture
07:23:41 <Liturkey> Snow tomorrow I think for YNP
07:23:48 <Katurkey> Right behind Kevin
07:23:57 <lurkerturkey24> Craig downloaded that game and hasn't been since since :)
07:25:54 <Liturkey> Wow -11, nippy!
07:26:47 <Katurkey> Just a bit!
07:27:30 <Liturkey> Bison to right
07:27:33 <Katurkey> Even the steam looks cold! HA
07:27:42 <turkeyCraig> huh?? ;)
07:28:11 <Liturkey> turkeyCraig, morning
07:28:13 <Katurkey> I know!! Silly!
07:28:26 <turkeyCraig> howdy pardners
07:28:40 <Katurkey> Howdy Craig!
07:28:55 <Liturkey> Katurkey, howdeeee
07:29:06 <Liturkey> Not katurkey
07:29:31 <Liturkey> That was for turCraig
07:29:32 <Katurkey> huh?
07:29:54 <Katurkey> OH.....
07:31:58 <Liturkey> Katurkey, Things to do, I'll definitely be back at 2pm our time
07:32:50 <Turkey from B> I figured we would have somebody come in as Turducken by now
07:32:51 <Katurkey> Ok, that reads funny! LOL
07:35:06 <Katurkey> OF
07:37:35 <Turkey from B> Notice one of the people who doesn't have turkey in his name.......ERIC
07:38:45 <Katurkey> I see that :i::i:
07:50:45 <Katurkey> LC
08:00:11 <Katurkey> Lion puffing
08:05:12 <Turkey from B> Morning Bill
08:05:35 <Katurkey> Pretty!
08:07:15 <Turkey from B> Thanks for getting NGB data going again
08:10:45 <Turkey in CT> I didn't want to be a nameless numbered bird
08:11:45 <Turkey from B> You could have been Strotian Turkey
08:12:08 <Katurkey> Caroline?
08:12:39 <Turkey from B> I was thinking Jimbo but CC is probably the correct answer
08:14:25 <Turkey in CT> Only if they are in Connecticut
08:14:40 <Turkey in CT> I've been lurking for a long time
08:14:59 <Turkey from B> Another Easterner?:)
08:15:36 <Katurkey> ??? Jimbo
08:16:47 <Katurkey> :)
08:17:03 <Jeff in CT> We get our turkeys from
08:17:41 <Jeff in CT> The biggest argument is what color, needs to not clash with the tablecloth
08:19:47 <Turkey from B> Hey, Jewff. It has been awhile
08:20:09 <Katurkey> OMG - why would someone do this? Is this dress up one last time??
08:20:18 <Turkey from B> haha
08:20:46 <turkey91> This is Jimbo, I'm not whoever the other guy is.
08:22:00 <turkey91> Did anyone else's chat screen change? I have two columns of info on the right side now, instead of one.
08:22:21 <Turkey from B> Just 1 for me
08:23:11 <turkey91> Weird. Everything works, the webcam window is smaller.
08:23:30 <Green Turkey in> Colored turkeys are a tourist attraction, about the most exciting thing that happens around here all year. Especially when the protestors show up
08:23:55 <Green Turkey in> btw, my display is OK - running Chrome / Win7
08:24:44 <turkey91> Yeah, I'm Chrome, Win10
08:25:28 <Green Turkey in> Did a refresh and still same as always
08:25:53 <Before Uranium> I'll check a different browser
08:26:04 <turkeyMike J> I've always had two columns. Figured it was a setting choice I didn't bother looking for.
08:27:12 <Before Uranium> Firefox is the same for me (2 columns). I'll jigger the display settings, I've got something else that's out of whack after a restart.
08:30:57 <Turkey from B> Jimbo, did you change your monitor settings at all?
08:33:15 <Green Turkey in> Now that I think of it, I've got three columns left is large live image with chat below, right is large static, with two columns of floating info panels
08:41:27 <Katurkey> Lion puffing
08:51:36 <Kitt> Brr, looks cold in the basin todya
08:51:38 <Kitt> today
08:52:12 <Katurkey> I bet it is!
08:52:35 <Turkey from B> I love the frosted trees
08:53:05 <Kitt> I really appreciated the text on Nov. 24th for indy
08:53:47 <Kitt> I didn't think I would get to see one more Beehive, since it went at ~2000 the night before
08:54:07 <Katurkey> Glad you got to see it!
08:54:21 <Katurkey> Are you home now?
08:54:35 <Kitt> I had been busy cleaning up the place before Rebecca returned from her trip
08:54:36 <Kitt> yes
08:54:58 <Kitt> I left the night of the 24th
08:54:59 <Katurkey> Aahh
08:55:14 <Kitt> It was snowing
08:55:42 <Kitt> Sometime after Big Sky, the roads were dry
08:55:59 <Kitt> I drove to Billings, had a shopping day and got home last night
08:56:45 <turkeyMike J> Hey all. Short day for me today. If we don't virtually see each other in the chat tomorrow, everyone have a great Thanksgiving.
08:57:06 <Katurkey> I don't know where you live Kitt - how far?
08:57:23 <Katurkey> You too Mike!
08:57:27 <Kitt> Wildlife seen during two nights of driving = 1 owl, 1 fox, 1 fawn, and 1 raccoon
08:57:41 <Kitt> I am in Worland, Wyoming
08:58:15 <Kat> Lots closer than me in Florida
08:58:45 <Kitt> It was about 5 1/4 hours to Billings and 2 3/4 hours to home from there
08:58:55 <Kat> Anuyone want to guess?
08:59:08 <Kat> Anyone*
08:59:18 <Turkey from B> Bye MikeJ...Happy Thanksgiving to you
08:59:26 <Kitt> Is Grand due?
08:59:28 <TheBiggestTurke> Grotto
08:59:51 <Turkey from B> 40 hours of driving, Kat?
09:00:09 <Kat> That's what I think Joe - too far left for Grand
09:00:18 <TheBiggestTurke> Yes, last was 17 hours 32 min ago
09:00:30 <Kitt> Hey Joe, my son says you are getting snow?
09:00:57 <Kat> Turkey from B, funny - it took me 3 days last t time. But I like driving! :)
09:01:06 <TheBiggestTurke> Yes not much yet, maybe 1/2 inch
09:01:44 <Kitt> I was going to go to the pools, but decided to wait for a non snow day
09:02:23 <Kitt> Guess it is time to put stuff away
09:02:47 <Turkey from B> You going to the rodeo this year, Kitt?
09:02:55 <Kitt> no
09:06:58 <Kat> Lion
09:08:16 <Turkey from B> Morning Kevin
09:08:25 <Mostly stuffing> Hi
09:09:16 <Kat> Hey stuff!
09:10:23 <Kat> OF
09:15:29 <Kitt> south bubbler's steamer vent, just this side of bubbler
09:15:30 <Mostly stuffing> BH at 1015
09:15:35 <Kat> BSB really steaming
09:15:52 <Kat> Sounds good to me Mostly stuffingโ„ข ๐Ÿ—,
09:15:59 <Kitt> wish we got text about south bubbler, would have been waiting for bee
09:16:41 <Kitt> there is an employee named Dave who saw several Grands and a no indy Bee with me
09:17:02 <Kat> Hmmm
09:17:12 <Kitt> he doesn't have android phone, but I gave him some pointers on what to watch for
09:17:40 <Kitt> we had a nice 2 burst Grand and then got a no indy bee the one day
09:19:27 <Kat> Bulger
09:20:24 <Kat> I think I remember that day
09:23:23 <Kitt> Have a good day
09:23:50 <Kitt> Hope to get a Beehive indy text
09:24:16 <Kat> Bee soon
09:30:25 <Liturkey> Big splash
09:31:15 <Liturkey> Excelsior again
09:31:25 <Kat> Hey Liturkey,
09:31:37 <Liturkey> Kat, hey
09:31:48 <Liturkey> Plume up to left again
09:32:15 <Kat> Yep -
09:32:58 <Kat> Still not much clearing
09:41:08 <Kat> Love the frosted trees
09:41:41 <Liturkey> Pretty
09:44:26 <Before Uranium> Looks like Grand?
09:44:50 <Kat> It does
09:45:07 <Before Uranium> Grand name isn't blue
09:45:11 <Before Uranium> Never mind
09:45:36 <Kat> :)
09:52:53 <Before Uranium> Lake isn't iced over yet - vapor rising from the surface this morning
10:00:16 <Kat> Fo rolls in!
10:00:21 <Kat> Fog*
10:01:04 <Before Uranium> Nice riming on the trees at -11
10:01:29 <turkey62> Fo sure
10:06:18 <Liturkey> Looks like it might be frozen. Nice views from washburn
10:14:55 <Kat> BSB and splash
10:16:07 <Kat> Lion splash
10:26:36 <Liturkey> Lion
10:27:02 <Liturkey> Nice I haven't seen one in a while
10:27:39 <Kat> That is nice!
10:29:12 <Turkey from B> SB is 2 hours from 9 day interval
10:29:14 <Kat> Eerie looking
10:30:26 <Turkey S> Gobble gobble. Pretty Lion
10:34:37 <Turkey S> Geysers in the Mist
10:38:41 <Kat> Fog is just hanging there..
10:44:26 <Kat> Error on indicator1
10:52:24 <TheBiggestTurke> Dome
10:58:58 <Eric> Morning
10:59:06 <Betty the turke> gobble gobble
10:59:09 <Eric> I love all these names :-P
10:59:27 <Turkey S> Gobble gobble Betty
10:59:29 <Liturkey> Betty the turkey, gobble gobble
10:59:34 <Eric> You guys know this is all Kevin's fault :-P
10:59:34 <TheBiggestTurke> Where is yours :)
10:59:45 <Betty the turke> whereยดs yours, Eric?
10:59:46 <Turkey S> TheBiggestTurkey/Joe, :thumbsup:
10:59:57 <TheBiggestTurke> Yep his turkey folck :)
11:00:03 <Turkey S> Eric, You mean Mostly Stuffing?
11:00:08 <Betty the turke> hi Joe, Lori and Linda
11:00:14 <Kat> Hi all
11:00:19 <TheBiggestTurke> Hi Betty
11:00:25 <Tofurkey> Hi Kat
11:00:29 <Betty the turke> hi Kat
11:00:44 <Tofurkey> indy?
11:00:51 <Turkey S> Gobble gobble all
11:01:07 <Tofurkey> guess not
11:01:09 <Turkey from B> yes
11:01:25 <Tofurkey> I think it's just BSB steam cutting across
11:01:27 <Turkey from B> maybe not
11:01:35 <Betty the turke> hi Dave
11:01:41 <Kat> Steam
11:01:42 <Turkey from B> Isn't indy back a bit from that steam
11:01:47 <Turkey from B> Hi Betty
11:02:27 <Tofurkey> View is getting worse!
11:03:13 <iTurkey> I am the new product from apple
11:03:21 <Katurkey> hahaha
11:04:50 <Turkey in West> iTurkey, Do you have 5 cameras?
11:04:55 <Turkey from B> So, does that mean you are a "Better Turkey"?:)
11:04:59 <Betturkey> which turkey is clogging SB?
11:05:23 <Katurkey> Or do you bet on turkeys??
11:05:40 <Turkey in West> Betturkey, Likely Philetus Norris ;)
11:05:46 <Betturkey> looks more like better key, which means no typos
11:05:56 <Katurkey> :)
11:06:04 <Turkey in West> Betturkey, :thumbsup:
11:07:14 <Betturkey> iTurkey, 5 cams in basin would be nice
11:07:18 <iTurkey> I cost a lot and have 8 extra legs that nobody will eat!
11:07:46 <iTurkey> But ohhhh, do I look so pretty :-D
11:08:43 <A Turkey> Turkey flock with Craig catching up
11:09:05 <ColdTurkey> Hahahahaha
11:09:34 <ColdTurkey> I love that graham is wandering off to the side :-P
11:09:52 <Katurkey> LOL :lol:
11:09:54 <Turkey from B> yep and Linda and I are on the wrong side of the road
11:10:06 <Turkey from B> Bad spellers on the left?:)
11:10:24 <Katurkey> Dome
11:10:32 <ColdTurkey> I figured Craig's mom would be chasing you Dave :-P
11:10:43 <Turkey from B> :P
11:11:59 <Betturkey> too funny
11:12:29 <ColdTurkey> Dreaming of hiking up at Mt. Rainier right now -
11:14:14 <Betturkey> poor nameless turkey on the road
11:14:34 <Katurkey> I know Betty isn't it sad?
11:15:10 <Betturkey> yeah
11:15:13 <TheBiggestTurke> What should we name that nameless turkey?
11:15:41 <Before Uranium> Ichabod
11:17:00 <TheBiggestTurke> Ichabod was a Crane :)
11:17:12 <Liturkey> Oh theres a down basin
11:18:27 <Katurkey> There is - just coming to life!
11:18:43 <ColdTurkey> I think there are actually 2 nameless turkeys right together there.
11:18:49 <Liturkey> Katurkey, nice of you to clear it for me
11:18:54 <ColdTurkey> Where is Jarno?
11:19:01 <Katurkey> Anytime
11:19:15 <ColdTurkey> and Lori!
11:19:37 <Katurkey> Yes - I see that
11:19:47 <ColdTurkey> and Kitty and Jimbo and Michael and ....
11:20:03 <Turkey in West> ColdTurkey, Lori is right here
11:20:13 <ColdTurkey> No, in the turkey picture :-D
11:20:30 <ColdTurkey> west and south bubblers steaming
11:20:43 <ColdTurkey> south actually bubbling...should have BH soon
11:22:10 <Turkey in West> ColdTurkey, whoops. I was distracted there for a minute. Obviously
11:22:23 <WildTurkey> It's WildTurkey now!
11:22:31 <WildTurkey> I gave up not drinking!
11:22:42 <Liturkey> Turkey from B, we should be proud, those double lines cant constrain us!
11:22:51 <Betturkey> Eric, you confuse me
11:23:07 <Turkey in West> I'm flying overhead...
11:23:11 <Turkey in West> :)
11:23:12 <Katurkey> WildTurkey, funny!
11:23:32 <Liturkey> Watch out below!
11:23:52 <Turkey from B> I'm practicing for my NZ trip:)
11:23:54 <Turkey in West> Liturkey, splat
11:24:03 <Turkey in West> hehe
11:24:10 <Liturkey> Turkey in West, ๐Ÿ˜Š back atcha
11:24:24 <Betturkey> time for Lion
11:24:46 <Katurkey> Almost
11:25:01 <Turkey in West> WildTurkey, that was funny about the 8 legs nobody uses
11:25:27 <Turkey in West> *will eat
11:25:49 <Turkey in West> I look away for a bit and the chat has gone to the birds.
11:26:13 <Liturkey> ๐Ÿคฃ
11:26:17 <Turkey from B> We'll all be talking about SB soon
11:26:54 <Turkey in West> Turkey from B, The biggest turkey of all turkeys
11:27:01 <Turkey in West> SB, that is, not you :)
11:27:02 <Liturkey> It will be a turkeyboat!
11:27:06 <Betturkey> Dome
11:27:12 <Turkey in West> Gravy boat
11:27:39 <A Turkey> all turkeys have a name
11:28:01 <Turkey from B> haha...glad you clarified:D
11:28:43 <Liturkey> We Missed one, where is sasquatch? ๐Ÿ˜‰
11:29:00 <Katurkey> hahaha
11:29:39 <Turkey in West> Is that another one further up the road off to the right?
11:30:02 <Betturkey> Kevin is heading towards that bush which looks like Sasquatch
11:30:09 <Turkey from B> Way to the right. That has to be Kevin:D
11:30:21 <Turkey in West> Turkey from B, :)
11:30:44 <Turkey from B> There are 2 way ahead of the pack
11:30:53 <Betturkey> yep
11:35:29 <Liturkey> We all had too much Turkey and now we are tired ๐Ÿฆƒ
11:36:24 <Liturkey> Too much tryptophan
11:36:43 <Liturkey> Theres a name for jimbo
11:37:03 <Katurkey> I'm definitely good for a nap today!
11:37:24 <Liturkey> Zzzzzzzz
11:37:38 <Turkey from B> Kevin, couldn't you have taken a picture with more turkeys...we have lots of names off the pic?
11:37:54 <Liturkey> I guess Im going to miss mineu
11:38:03 <Liturkey> *mine
11:38:48 <Turkey in West> Perhaps a photo of the US Senate instead?
11:38:58 <Liturkey> Turkey in West, lol
11:39:14 <Liturkey> Now that would be fun
11:40:29 <Turkey in West> Bee Turkey needs to hurry up, Or wait until after 1 :)
11:40:47 <Katurkey> Liturkey, looks like a Bee for you!
11:41:47 <Katurkey> LC
11:44:15 <Liturkey> Katurkey, oh you shouldn't have ๐Ÿ˜‰
11:45:03 <Katurkey> :p
11:46:30 <Katurkey> Looks like may have missed Diasy?
11:47:06 <Betturkey> Diasy, Riverside, Grand...
11:47:20 <Katurkey> :(
11:48:24 <Katurkey> It was very foggy up until a little while ago
11:49:04 <WildTurkey> lion
11:49:21 <Katurkey> :lion:
11:49:31 <Kenturkey> That's how you pronounce it after too much Wild Turkey
11:50:03 <Turkey in West> haha
11:50:11 <Katurkey> :)
11:50:12 <Betturkey> Kenturkey fried chicken?
11:50:34 <Katurkey> Thats a good one!
11:50:41 <Kenturkey> yum
11:50:49 <Katurkey> a little color at the base
11:51:01 <Betturkey> sweet
11:51:15 <Katurkey> like it
11:52:26 <Katurkey> Dome
11:53:11 <Liturkey> Lion and dome should keep me busy toray
11:53:21 <Liturkey> *today
11:53:31 <turkey62> Kenturkey, that name makes me think you are Kent
11:53:39 <Katurkey> Looks like it
11:54:38 <Turkey in West> Well, off to lunch. Will you wait for me Bee ?
11:54:43 <Katurkey> I did not put ini on Lion at 0905 because I didn't see start and don't know how long it was - but interval time looks like it was
11:55:16 <Turkey Cooper> Well, stuck in car with a wet foot after catching and 11 lb and 1 ounce bass
11:55:18 <Katurkey> AL
11:55:24 <Turkey in West> Well, hello Mr Turkey C
11:55:33 <Turkey Cooper> Turkey in West, u oori
11:55:42 <Turkey Cooper> That was hi lori
11:55:48 <Turkey in West> Last I checked
11:55:48 <Before Uranium> I didn't know you could catch a 1 oz bass.
11:55:58 <Before Uranium> (On a hook)
11:56:13 <Turkey Cooper> Jimbo c all it 11 pounds
11:56:54 <Turkey in West> Off to lunch. BBL
11:56:56 <Before Uranium> I know >( just joshing about the sentence structure.
11:57:02 <Turkey Cooper> Bye Lori
11:57:12 <Turkey Cooper> Oh, pardon my phone grammar
11:58:06 <Before Uranium> When my kids were young and we went fishing at a lake in Maine, they caught some sunfish that weren't much bigger than 1 oz.
11:58:11 <Turkey Cooper> Ugg, now my parents are gonna take me out to eat, and I have to keep my wet foot, might as well say trench foot:p
11:58:42 <Turkey Cooper> I caught a crappie on a lure 2 times it size
12:00:53 <Before Uranium> chuckle chuckle - it was HUNGRY!
12:01:20 <Turkey Cooper> Like me
12:01:22 <Turkey Cooper> Bbl
12:01:23 <fatturkeyinNj> Got it
12:01:34 <fatturkeyinNj> Turkey Cooper, by
12:02:32 <Katurkey> Linda there? I'm out of cam!
12:03:45 <turkey87> Katurkey, I have it
12:04:00 <Katurkey> Thanks - bbs
12:04:56 <Betturkey> you make me hungry
12:05:08 <Turkeyburger> โ˜บ
12:10:22 <Turkeyburger> Snow coming?
12:11:24 <Betturkey> a doggie?
12:11:39 <Turkeyburger> Down to right
12:13:04 <Turkeyburger> going to look nice against dark sky
12:13:09 <Betturkey> no, in front of the lodge
12:13:24 <Turkeyburger> Yes that is what I meant
12:13:37 <Turkeyburger> After OF I'll zoom
12:14:07 <Betturkey> k
12:18:13 <Betturkey> it is a doggie
12:18:24 <Turkeyburger> OF
12:18:55 <Turkeyburger> Wow that sky cleared fast
12:23:01 <Turkeyburger> I miss having the doggies this lose
12:23:50 <Turkeyburger> *close
12:25:05 <Turkeyburger> LC ie
12:27:31 <Turkeyburger> bsb
12:27:49 <Turkeyburger> Vigorous
12:28:26 <Katurkey> :) Changes to Turkeyburger LOL
12:29:15 <Turkeyburger> โ˜บ
12:29:50 <Turkeyburger> Dome
12:29:55 <Turkeyburger> ie
12:30:35 <Katurkey> Linda - I can send text when needed
12:31:54 <Turkeyburger> Katurkey, ?
12:32:08 <Katurkey> yes
12:32:13 <Katurkey> Kat
12:32:33 <Turkeyburger> Don't understand, text for what
12:32:46 <Betturkey> if indy goes
12:32:53 <Katurkey> Bee - if it goes
12:32:58 <Turkeyburger> Oh ok
12:33:04 <Turkeyburger> duh
12:33:12 <Betturkey> lol
12:34:33 <Turkeyburger> Lots of steam
12:35:33 <Turkeyburger> Too white to tell if churn has water
12:36:12 <turkey74> did anyone catch the Castle start
12:37:22 <Betturkey> was castle ie?
12:37:47 <Katurkey> I never saw it ie
12:38:49 <WildTurkey> bhi?
12:38:58 <WildTurkey> nope
12:39:05 <Turkeyburger> Finding Indy could be fun
12:39:16 <WildTurkey> Fo sho
12:39:33 <Turkeyburger> May just go without
12:44:04 <Katurkey> I like it Rice
12:45:02 <Eat Pie Instead> My mother inlaw makes a Chocolate pie called Fort Knox, it is amazing.
12:45:57 <Eat Pie Instead> She has to make three of them to last the day.
12:46:03 <Katurkey> All chocolate??
12:46:11 <Turkeyburger> Inthought maybe you'd go with rice pudding
12:46:24 <Katurkey> hehehe
12:47:00 <Betturkey> dome ie
12:47:00 <Eat Pie Instead> Chocolate gram crust, a layer of carmel, the an amazing chocolate filling, with heavy cream in it.
12:47:06 <Turkeyburger> That bubbler means business
12:47:16 <Eat Pie Instead> Rice Pudding would have been good idea also, maybe tommorrow.
12:48:14 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿ˜„
12:48:51 <Katurkey> Sounds yummy!!
12:50:32 <Turkeyburger> My sister in law makes a killer rice pudding
12:51:12 <Turkey from B> Just give me the bowl of mashed potatoes and I'm good
12:51:50 <Katurkey> I'm with you Dave - with gravy please
12:52:09 <WildTurkey> I love the tatters too....but they need to have lots of butter, sour cream, salt & pepper :-D
12:52:17 <Turkeyburger> I love stuffing
12:52:19 <WildTurkey> or gravy works too
12:52:45 <WildTurkey> better wind for bhi now
12:52:45 <Turkey from B> Yep...stuffing is great as well
12:52:54 <Katurkey> I have all please
12:53:07 <Turkeyburger> With sausage
12:53:15 <Katurkey> huh??
12:53:33 <Turkeyburger> Stuffing with sausage
12:53:52 <Katurkey> Ohj ok
12:53:54 <Eat Pie Instead> No Squash.....
12:53:56 <Katurkey> Oh*
12:53:57 <Eat Pie Instead> Yuck
12:54:09 <Turkey from B> No beets, either
12:54:15 <Eat Pie Instead> Agree
12:54:17 <Katurkey> Oyster stuffing
12:54:28 <Eat Pie Instead> Green Been casarolle is down there also.
12:54:36 <Turkeyburger> Turkey from B, oh love pickled beets
12:54:53 <Katurkey> :)
12:55:00 <Green Turkey in> See we live in New England, been trying to get the family to go with a more traditional meal - including venison and lobster!
12:55:09 <Eat Pie Instead> Is there a puke face emojie?
12:55:20 <Turkeyburger> Yes there is
12:55:40 <Green Turkey in> Instead, we have to get a turkey from the colored turkey farm down the road from us
12:56:55 <Eat Pie Instead> My wife cooks a full meal at home, then we go to her parents, she wants left overs.
12:57:28 <Before Uranium> Corn souffle
12:57:41 <WildTurkey> What is a colored Turkey farm?
12:58:18 <Eat Pie Instead> Is that racially motivated?
12:58:24 <Green Turkey in> That came out wrong, should have said "colorful turkey farm"
12:58:42 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿคฃ
12:59:03 <Katurkey> dual
12:59:23 <WildTurkey> Thanks for clarifying...that is a very colorful turkey farm!
12:59:24 <Eat Pie Instead> I dont know what to think about those turkeys??
12:59:29 <Before Uranium> Something just spattered the USGS Yellowstone Lake cam
12:59:32 <WildTurkey> Lion
12:59:54 <Eat Pie Instead> A turkey?
13:00:00 <Katurkey> :lion:
13:00:04 <Turkey from B> haha EPI
13:00:20 <Green Turkey in> A bit early for Lion, but now we can focus on BH
13:00:28 <Katurkey> Lets go Bee
13:00:42 <WildTurkey> Turkey Pie?
13:00:55 <Turkeyburger> Keep an eye on Aurum too
13:01:09 <WildTurkey> BH looks like it might go indyless
13:01:12 <Green Turkey in> Those are just the show turkeys for tourists, the sacrificial turkeys are out back
13:01:41 <Betturkey> ddome
13:02:06 <Turkeyburger> might as well get them all in
13:02:18 <Katurkey> someone running at bottom?
13:02:20 <Turkeyburger> indy
13:02:22 <Turkeyburger> .
13:02:23 <Turkeyburger> .
13:03:13 <WildTurkey> ok...I take it back :-P
13:03:17 <Katurkey> Text sent
13:03:18 <Turkeyburger> Thx
13:03:19 <WildTurkey> We will have an indy!
13:03:39 <Turkeyburger> would have been nice with lion and dome
13:03:53 <BeeATurkey> wouldn't you like to bee a turkey too?
13:04:22 <Chancellor> i get it
13:04:25 <BeeATurkey> Heavy snow at lake
13:04:39 <Kitt> Yay indy
13:04:46 <Kitt> thanks for the text
13:04:49 <Katie> Thanks for text. I need a geyser break!
13:04:51 <Turkeyburger> BeeATurkey, wow
13:04:54 <Katurkey> yw
13:04:57 <Mostly stuffing> Good timin g.
13:05:00 <Kitt> just got back from running errands
13:05:00 <JarnoO> afternoon all
13:05:08 <BeeATurkey> Hi Jarno!
13:05:08 <Turkeyburger> JarnoO, hi
13:05:08 <JarnoO> evening Betty
13:05:19 <Before Uranium> Is that just a squall of sticky snow at the lake?
13:06:13 <Betturkey> evening JarnoO, hi Kitt, Katie, Kevin (KKK)
13:06:19 <BeeATurkey> Lake has such different weather than UGB
13:06:44 <BeeATurkey> Hmmm, phrasing....
13:06:46 <Turkeyburger> Those dark clouds before must have made their way to lake
13:07:59 <Kitt> wow, more than 30 minutes between south bubbler and indy
13:08:58 <BeeATurkey> Yep, west and south were active
13:10:54 <Kitt> still no Steamboat I see
13:11:21 <Turkeyburger> Bee
13:11:24 <Kitt> Climb Bee
13:11:26 <Kitt> climb
13:11:29 <BeeATurkey> BH
13:11:29 <Kitt> yay
13:12:01 <BeeATurkey> maybe pan up slightly and zoom
13:12:03 <BeeATurkey> ?
13:12:42 <BeeATurkey> Thanks camop :-D :heart:
13:13:42 <BeeATurkey> Nice looking Bee today!
13:14:02 <Turkeyburger> Need sun
13:14:53 <turkey39> thanks for long indy
13:15:25 <Turkeyburger> we do what we can๐Ÿ˜‰
13:15:41 <Turkeyburger> LA ie
13:15:54 <Katurkey> Wow there's kids there
13:16:13 <BeeATurkey> kids where?
13:16:35 <Kitt> the employees may be returning for the holiday
13:16:50 <Kitt> and before the bad weather sets in
13:17:03 <Kitt> nice bee
13:17:09 <Katurkey> 3 people just walked behind trees by path
13:17:40 <Kitt> yes they are at the overlook
13:17:50 <Mostly stuffing> Littlefoot???? Call Mary Greeley!
13:17:52 <Katurkey> could be - wasn't expecting to see people, don't know if they are kids LOL
13:18:11 <Kitt> employees
13:18:22 <turkey39> Chinese employees?
13:18:23 <Kitt> they are out for exercise
13:18:26 <Turkeyburger> Just really small big people ๐Ÿ˜‰
13:18:41 <Katurkey> ??
13:19:02 <Green Turkey in> Their timing is really horrible - missed BH and Lion
13:19:03 <Kitt> web cam makes you look small from faraway
13:19:04 <BeeATurkey> What are all you turkeys gobbling about?
13:19:16 <Turkeyburger> Where o where is aurum
13:19:18 <Kitt> they saw bee
13:19:43 <Kitt> I watched bee from that path several times during my trip
13:20:09 <Kitt> enjoy, back to lunch for me
13:20:11 <Katurkey> I bet it's a good spot
13:20:13 <WildTurkey> Yep...the overlook there is a nice place to catch it...especially if still in pajamas :-P
13:20:25 <Katurkey> :)WildTurkey,
13:20:39 <Betturkey> dome
13:20:41 <Katurkey> Dome
13:20:41 <WildTurkey> Alright...lunch for me too!
13:21:02 <Katurkey> Nap for me!
13:21:22 <Turkey from B> Time to go sweat...bbl...GOOOOOOOOOOO SB!
13:21:45 <Betturkey> sweating turkey, ugh
13:22:20 <Turkeyburger> Is that dome again?
13:22:32 <Betturkey> yep
13:25:11 <Turkeyburger> My feet are cold, that makes me a cold turkey
13:25:27 <Turkeyburger> Hsha
13:26:18 <Turkeyburger> Riverside ie
13:26:27 <Turkeyburger> looks beautiful
13:31:33 <Betturkey> Arty ie
13:33:00 <Turkeyburger> Betturkey, Shouldn't it be bigger?
13:33:37 <Betturkey> Aurum?
13:33:38 <Betturkey> .
13:33:40 <Betturkey> .
13:33:44 <Betturkey> static
13:34:26 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
13:35:05 <Betturkey> maybe not Artemisia
13:35:45 <Turkeyburger> I missed atatic pic
13:35:53 <Turkeyburger> *static
13:37:20 <Turkeyburger> Dome
13:37:23 <Turkeyburger> Ie
13:38:42 <Eat Pie Instead> Darn it, Missed Beehive due to clumpy load of Pork Blood.
13:39:29 <Turkey in West> I missed Bee cuz my phone was on silent :(
13:39:37 <Green Turkey in> OF static ie
13:39:52 <Eat Pie Instead> I did not..
13:39:54 <Betturkey> oh, yes
13:40:01 <Turkeyburger> Early
13:40:48 <Turkeyburger> Can someone check static time for start?
13:41:06 <Turkey in West> Turkeyburger, right on time as always ;)
13:41:10 <Green Turkey in> 13:38
13:41:20 <Turkeyburger> Green Turkey in CT, thanks
13:41:42 <Green Turkey in> Except static time seems to be off from actual time
13:43:07 <Turkeyburger> Hmmm
13:43:34 <Turkeyburger> I'll have to come earlier, don't know if it was long or short
13:48:59 <Katie> Checking early is a good idea, but looks like a long on static scroll-back
13:49:29 <Turkeyburger> Ok thx
13:55:15 <Turkeyburger> Dome ie
13:55:20 <Turkeyburger> Snow!
14:02:39 <Turkeyburger> Lion
14:08:08 <Turkeyburger> LA
14:23:36 <Betturkey> headed out, night all
14:23:58 <Turkeyburger> Betturkey, night
14:24:25 <Turkeyburger> Ita just us turkeys i guess lol
14:30:23 <Turkeyburger> Turban?
14:30:43 <Turkeyburger> No
14:32:18 <Turkeyburger> Not sure what that is
14:33:55 <Turkey in West> Steaming Turkey
14:34:34 <Turkeyburger> Mist be turban
14:34:41 <Turkeyburger> *must
14:48:31 <Turkeyburger> IF ie
14:48:41 <Turkey in West> I know it's 12 but that's a pretty good sized steam clous down basin.
14:48:52 <Turkey in West> *cloud
14:48:53 <Turkeyburger> LC IE
14:49:32 <Turkeyburger> Grotto is one
14:49:49 <Turkeyburger> Maybe bijou
14:50:05 <Turkeyburger> I'm waiting to see if turban again
14:50:18 <Turkey in West> Rocket?
14:50:27 <Turkeyburger> Bulger
14:50:42 <Turkeyburger> I'm notngoos at rocket but it's possible
14:50:49 <Turkey in West> sorry, I'm a delayed turkey
14:51:02 <Turkeyburger> lol
14:51:42 <Turkey in West> I'm the one whose little temp thing doesn't pop up and you have to keep checking LOL
14:52:16 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿ˜Š
14:52:51 <Turkey in West> Turban ?
14:53:19 <Turkeyburger> I think so
14:53:39 <Turkey in West> Want me to enter both with ?'s ?
14:54:10 <Turkeyburger> If you want
14:54:26 <Turkeyburger> last one was 14:30
14:54:30 <Turkey in West> I can always delete if nothing comes of it
14:54:47 <Turkeyburger> ok
14:55:19 <Turkeyburger> GT guess on grand was 16:00
14:55:57 <Turkeyburger> of in 6 min Of course
14:56:23 <Turkey in West> of course
14:58:45 <Turkeyburger> Electric peak looks real pretty
14:59:07 <Turkey in West> Steam is kinda Grand sized
14:59:17 <Turkey in West> Naw
14:59:44 <Turkeyburger> Turkey in West, it would be huugggee
15:00:37 <Turkeyburger> So 15 min for a grand
15:00:48 <Turkeyburger> Maybe will luck out
15:02:02 <Turkeyburger> of went early.last time it will pro ably go late now ๐Ÿ˜
15:02:18 <Turkey in West> Yeah, need to get used to the winter steam columns
15:02:31 <Turkey in West> And, probably about OF
15:02:37 <Turkeyburger> It's hard to tell what is steaming
15:03:07 <Turkey in West> Hot springs and geysers :)
15:03:36 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿ™„
15:03:45 <Turkey in West> the blob moved
15:04:58 <Turkeyburger> Wasn't thatbwa movie with Steve Mcqueen
15:05:17 <Turkeyburger> You are probably too young
15:05:48 <Turkey in West> Not too young. At least to see it in reruns. :)
15:07:12 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿ˜Š 1958 in almost too young - almost
15:07:26 <Turkeyburger> *I'm
15:08:22 <Turkeyburger> OF
15:08:25 <Turkey in West> You are 8 years older than me and I've seen it.
15:08:37 <Turkey Cooper> Turkeyburger, hi Linda
15:08:50 <Turkey Cooper> Turkey in West, hi
15:08:57 <Turkeyburger> Turkey Cooper, HI
15:08:59 <Turkey in West> Turkey Cooper, gobble gobble
15:09:18 <Turkey Cooper> My grandpa here has chickens, so cluck cluck
15:10:30 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿฆƒ
15:10:39 <Turkey in West> That's a nice OF
15:12:19 <Turkeyburger> Lion ie
15:12:56 <Turkeyburger> Quite a few lions today
15:13:46 <Bird Brain> Did we miss Grand?
15:14:05 <Turkeyburger> I don't think so
15:14:41 <Turkeyburger> it would be one big cloud of steam down jere
15:14:43 <Before Uranium> Original blob scared me; remake has a great reason not to park in cars with boys.
15:14:48 <Turkeyburger> *here
15:15:11 <Turkeyburger> Before Uranium, the crawling eye for to me
15:15:59 <stuffing 1> That billings turkey broke daisy.
15:16:31 <Bird Brain> So much steamy
15:16:32 <Turkeyburger> Arty startinf
15:16:36 <Turkeyburger> Maybe
15:17:19 <Turkeyburger> Ha maybe not
15:17:57 <stuffing 1> I will blame turkeyL for Grand.
15:18:07 <Bird Brain> That column left of Grand's tree is huge
15:18:46 <Bird Brain> And by Grand's tree, I mean the one that obstructs Grand
15:18:59 <Bird Brain> ...obstructs at the bottom :)
15:19:03 <Turkeyburger> Grotto
15:19:20 <Bird Brain> Really? That's Grotto? wow
15:19:40 <Turkeyburger> Bulger
15:19:48 <Bird Brain> I like winter Grotto :)
15:20:04 <Turkeyburger> Grotto and bijou i think
15:20:27 <Turkeyburger> Bulger
15:20:36 <Turkeyburger> Already said that
15:20:42 <Bird Brain> Turkeyburger, haha
15:22:12 <Before Uranium> Grotto's splashing makes a lot of hot spray that converts to steam.
15:23:12 <Turkeyburger> OT
15:23:29 <Turkeyburger> Bulger hole too
15:23:46 <Bird Brain> Before Uranium, sounds like me when I'm talking LOL
15:24:47 <Turkey from B> :D:D:D...Bird Brain wins it!:D:D. I love it.
15:25:14 <Bird Brain> Turkey from B, thanks :)
15:25:15 <JarnoO> fun stuff
15:26:18 <Bird Brain> I
15:27:07 <Before Uranium> We'll just call you Old Faceful, Bird Brain
15:27:17 <Turkey from B> First of all, I don't know who you are...I suppose I could follow the trail of name changes but I won', no intention to call you a bird brain:)
15:27:46 <Bird Brain> Turkey from B, Lori hehe
15:28:34 <Turkey from B> Leftovers, you're a couple days early
15:28:55 <Bird Brain> Turkey from B, but they will be all the rage in a few days
15:29:09 <Turkey from B> Bird Brain is the person who cut your hair:)
15:29:18 <Leftovers> I prefer to think of it as trend-setting.
15:29:28 <Bird Brain> Turkey from B, indeed
15:29:36 <Bird Brain> Leftovers, :thumbsup:
15:30:16 <Turkeyburger> Ok so why does jarno have no turkey name
15:30:41 <Turkeyburger> Come on go for it
15:30:53 <JarnoO> because I don't think a jarred turkey isn't really what you want, no?
15:31:19 <turkey62> no Thanksgiving in your country eh
15:31:28 <JarnoO> nope
15:32:08 <Turkeyburger> You could bt jurkey
15:32:09 <Leftovers> I wonder if the name system is a permanent change...maybe the site admin just thinks we're a bunch of turkeys.
15:32:20 <WildTurkey> It is kind of a universal holiday thankful for what you got.
15:32:21 <Turkeyburger> Lol
15:32:52 <Bird Brain> Leftovers, ain't no thinking involved there, he knows
15:33:00 <WildTurkey> :-D
15:33:09 <Leftovers> :D
15:33:31 <WildTurkey> Great to see so many birds in the coop today!
15:33:57 <Bird Brain> gobble gobble
15:34:05 <stuffing 1> We are all free range.
15:34:06 <JarnoO> well, technically we do have 'some kind of version of Thanksgiving', but that's for giving thanks for harvest of crops and labor. It's tomorrow in the region I live in, though it's regarded as a normal working day
15:34:09 <Turkeyburger> Grand should be soon
15:34:39 <Turkeyburger> JarnoO, sounds the same
15:34:49 <WildTurkey> That is pretty much what thanksgiving is Jarno...a farming holiday...crops are in, winter is coming, now feast.
15:35:09 <JarnoO> "But you still have to go to work!"
15:35:26 <WildTurkey> That's a bummer, I vote for a world holiday :-D
15:35:36 <stuffing 1> Do you feast on fish?
15:35:38 <JarnoO> haha
15:35:40 <WildTurkey> I am thankful for my geyser friends :-D
15:35:40 <Bird Brain> I'm working on Thursday so...
15:36:22 <JarnoO> what do you mean by that, stuffing?
15:36:40 <Bird Brain> I am thankful I haven't been kicked out of chat...yet
15:37:02 <Turkeyburger> Bird Brain, yet ๐Ÿ˜‰
15:37:09 <WildTurkey> :-P
15:37:29 <stuffing 1> Just woundered what if anything people fix for the harvest festival?
15:37:42 <Turkeyburger> Bird Brain, kidding of course
15:38:07 <Bird Brain> Turkeyburger, whew! hehe
15:39:15 <JarnoO> I don't think many people eat something special during our Thanksgiving. It's pretty much only observed in the christian community where I live, and even there I don't think many people eat something special even then
15:39:45 <stuffing 1> Nothing wrong with pumpkin, given the choice, I would take a slice of pecan.
15:40:07 <Turkeyburger> Apple pie yum
15:40:43 <Pink Turkey> I once convinced my wife, who is not from USA, that we eat shrimp cocktails for Thanksgiving, as I am not really fond of turkey - after a couple of years she caught on, and was really mad at me
15:40:51 <Turkeyburger> Not really sure why turkeynisnthe meal if choice, except for good advertising
15:41:39 <Pink Turkey> Original Pilgrim thanksgiving had local food on the table - deer, clams, lobsters, and turkey, plus local squash - pumpkins, etc.
15:42:00 <stuffing 1> Cause there are and were lots of wild turkeys, and venison. Turkey is family sized, while venison is work.
15:42:20 <Turkeyburger> Maybe they are quail
15:42:27 <Turkeyburger> *ate
15:43:06 <Pink Turkey> Probably quail as well, as there are plenty here in New England - also they probably had woodland bison, although they are extinct now
15:43:26 <Pink Turkey> Corn was on the menu, also fish
15:43:31 <Turkeyburger> Venison too
15:43:45 <stuffing 1> Finger food. the quail that is.
15:43:52 <Pink Turkey> But sadly, not shrimp
15:44:08 <stuffing 1> I would think Elk were more prevalent then bison
15:44:10 <Pink Turkey> Nice storm light close to sprinkler!
15:44:44 <Pink Turkey> NO elk or moose so far south, remember Pilgrims land close to Cape Cod
15:44:51 <Turkeyburger> Maybe frog legs ๐Ÿ˜Š
15:45:03 <stuffing 1> I thought lobster were considered undesirable back then. Something you served the servants and slaves.
15:45:31 <Turkeyburger> It's just that the butter took so long to make
15:45:32 <Pink Turkey> Considering that the Pilgrims were starving, I don't think they were too picky
15:47:31 <stuffing 1> Elk were in most of the easter
15:47:49 <stuffing 1> eastern USA. Mayby not on the coast though
15:48:30 <Turkeyburger> Possum and squirrel
15:48:39 <Pink Turkey> Stuffing 1, could be - need to look at elk historic range
15:49:50 <Turkeyburger> Looked like a bison
15:50:35 <Turkeyburger> LA ie
15:50:54 <Turkeyburger> no is Ba
15:51:07 <Turkeyburger> Both
15:55:23 <Turkey from B> Jatno, I know mussels are considered the national food of Belgium. What is it for your country?
15:55:27 <Turkey from B> Jarno*
15:59:19 <Turkey from B> It would be really fun if someone in here was actually from Turkey
16:00:13 <Turkeyburger> .
16:00:14 <Turkeyburger> .
16:00:20 <Turkeyburger> .grand
16:00:23 <Turkey from B> nice start
16:01:47 <Turkey from B> Dang. Time to go help in the market. It's getting busy in here. Have a great evening everyone!
16:01:49 <Bird Brain> thx for the steam plume reference Turkeyburger :)
16:02:05 <Bird Brain> Night Turkey from B
16:02:08 <Turkeyburger> I'm impressed GT prediction was for 16:00
16:02:25 <Turkeyburger> Bird Brain, ๐Ÿ˜Š
16:02:38 <Turkeyburger> Turkey from B, night
16:03:00 <Turkey from B> Tomorrow, I shall hatch back to my original name. This is too confusing
16:04:05 <Turkeyburger> It is, but fun
16:04:26 <Bird Brain> Turkey from B, yours is the least confusing of all of us. :)
16:05:41 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> that mght reduce a little confusion too
16:05:55 <Bird Brain> Graham! Hello
16:06:02 <Turkeyburger> Pretry light
16:06:15 <Turkeyburger> You can always tell who I am
16:06:27 <Bird Brain> ...just by your typing :)
16:06:39 <Turkeyburger> :!yup
16:06:42 <Turkeyburger> lol
16:07:04 <Bird Brain> That sure is pretry light!
16:07:50 <Katie> I was too foggy brained when I logged in today to play turkey. ;) And I have only figured out a few people. :)
16:08:52 <Bird Brain S> finally snowing here in West
16:09:03 <Turkeyburger> Daisy
16:09:06 <Turkeyburger> finally
16:09:21 <Turkeyburger> second on grand
16:09:41 <Turkeyburger> Nice
16:10:07 <Turkeyburger> now that's a secind
16:13:47 <Turkeyburger> Katie, we can't talk to you unless you have a turkey name๐Ÿ˜‰
16:14:09 <Turkeyburger> Dome
16:15:29 <Bird Brain S> Cranberry Sauce is available :)
16:15:42 <Bird Brain S> And the color of the Griz
16:17:10 <WildTurkey> Oh man, my wife makes a cranberry salsa that is incredible!
16:17:23 <WildTurkey> I can eat that stuff by the truck load!
16:18:13 <Turkeyburger> We all are going to pig out after talking about it for days
16:18:14 <WildTurkey> fresh cranberries, jalapenos, lemon, ginger, sugar and I think a couple other things....wowza is it good.
16:18:43 <WildTurkey> especially over the top of cream cheese, then dip a good cracker in it.
16:18:52 <WildTurkey> dome
16:19:30 <Turkeyburger> WildTurkey, I have it from16:14
16:22:27 <Bird Brain S> WildTurkey, so, you got room for one more at the table? hehe
16:22:55 <Bird Brain S> I make a chunky cranberry chutney that I eat right out of the bowl all by itself.
16:23:23 <Turkeyburger> I bought fresh cranberries
16:24:02 <Bird Brain S> cranberries, orange, pear, apple, dried fruit, pecans, sugar some spices
16:24:46 <Turkeyburger> So am I the only one that puts sausage in the stuffing?
16:25:30 <Bird Brain S> I wasn't gonna cook this year since I am working but, after today, I may need to cook up a feast on Friday
16:26:10 <Bird Brain S> Turkeyburger, never tried sausage but then I am a simple bread cubes, celery, butter, and spices gal
16:26:31 <Bird Brain S> oh, and onion
16:27:02 <Turkeyburger> Bird Brain S, oh its good. They sell sage sausage here and throw in some cranberries with the recipe
16:27:47 <Turkeyburger> you wont regret ir
16:27:56 <Turkeyburger> *it
16:28:52 <WildTurkey> We put sage sausage and apples in our stuffing
16:29:00 <Bird Brain S> Do you cook the cranberries first or put them in whole?
16:29:19 <Turkeyburger> WildTurkey, ๐Ÿ‘
16:29:25 <WildTurkey> Our cranberry salsa uses fresh diced cranberries
16:29:52 <Turkeyburger> Well I usually have dried cranberries so I think I'd cook them a litrle
16:30:20 <Bird Brain S> Oh, so dried cranberries, got it
16:30:24 <WildTurkey> washburn south really shows the washburn thermal features right now
16:30:27 <Turkeyburger> Oh my I'm hungry
16:30:38 <Bird Brain S> Turkeyburger, me too!
16:31:11 <Bird Brain S> WildTurkey, very stormy
16:34:00 <Turkeyburger> I cook the sausage and then saute a celery and onions
16:36:10 <Bird Brain S> Turkeyburger, Well, now I will just have to cook up that feast just to try the stuffing
16:36:41 <Turkeyburger> ๐Ÿ˜Š
16:36:41 <WildTurkey> sounds similar to ours TurkeyBurger.
16:37:09 <Turkeyburger> I just keep adding stuff, it's all good
16:37:37 <Turkeyburger> Apple's and nuts too if you want
16:37:50 <Turkeyburger> OF
16:39:00 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> Dome
16:50:56 <Turkeyburger> Castle ie
16:51:02 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> castle
16:51:06 <Mostly stuffing> Ground lawyer with nuts & berries.
16:51:18 <Turkeyburger> lawyer? Lol
16:51:42 <Mostly stuffing> Side order of bankers roast on the bbq.
16:51:58 <turkey62> cannibal stuffing?
16:52:35 <Mostly stuffing> Why not? They seem to be feeding on us.
16:53:24 <Turkeyburger> No idea when castle started but looks like steam phase
16:54:05 <Mostly stuffing> It is pretty. A major for sure.
16:54:52 <Turkeyburger> I take it back, spikes
16:55:37 <Mostly stuffing> If there are spike it would be about 15m to 20m. Going to steam for sure right now.
16:56:28 <Turkeyburger> So when o took cam at 12 we thought castle was erupting I guess maybe it was a minor
16:56:55 <Mostly stuffing> Makes sense.
16:59:03 <Cooper Turky> Mostly stuffingโ„ข ๐Ÿ—, = Dave?
16:59:21 <Mostly stuffing> Nope
16:59:26 <Cooper Turky> Kevin
16:59:33 <Mostly stuffing> Yep.
16:59:38 <Cooper Turky> Hi!
16:59:43 <Mostly stuffing> Hi
16:59:51 <Turkeyburger> Mostly stuffingโ„ข ๐Ÿ—, hi
16:59:59 <Mostly stuffing> hi
17:00:15 <Cooper Turky> Train looked awesome, it was huge! And we got it before the storm,
17:00:21 <Cooper Turky> Hi Lidna
17:00:32 <Turkeyburger> Cooper Turky, hi
17:00:59 <Mostly stuffing> Pretty awesome piece of equipment. You see what I mean about the traffic!
17:02:24 <Turkeyburger> I should have known it was you with the ground lawyer comment. Lol
17:02:28 <Mostly stuffing> Looks like a nasty storm too. Just showing it on the weather channel.
17:02:45 <Cooper Turky> Kevin, yes, d** near took us hour to get out of there,!!!
17:03:35 <Mostly stuffing> Spent most of the day with lawyers and bankers. Very frustrating but we were able to get the original copy of the will!
17:03:57 <Mostly stuffing> Whistle is pretty impressive too!
17:04:15 <Cooper Turky> Are you still dealing with lawyers over Zion?
17:04:28 <Mostly stuffing> Yes we are.
17:06:08 <Turkeyburger> Mostly stuffingโ„ข ๐Ÿ—, making progress thoug, sounds like
17:06:22 <Cooper Turky> Mostly stuffingโ„ข ๐Ÿ—, sorry
17:07:19 <Cooper Turky> Kevin what is the rest, I mean you only are mostly stuffing?
17:07:40 <Mostly stuffing> Yes we are. We at least have some tools we can work with.
17:08:11 <Mostly stuffing> Well a lot of people have ideas...
17:09:19 <Turkeyburger> Check out Washburn it's pink
17:13:29 <Bird Brain S> Turkeyburger, Looks like northern lights in the sky almost
17:14:38 <Turkeyburger> It.does
17:14:54 <Turkeyburger> aurum.
17:14:55 <Turkeyburger> .
17:14:57 <Turkeyburger> .
17:14:59 <Mostly stuffing> :)
17:15:48 <Turkeyburger> .it's in there somewhere
17:15:56 <Katurkey> Aurum?
17:16:03 <Turkeyburger> yup
17:16:06 <Mostly stuffing> yes
17:16:11 <Bird Brain S> Turkeyburger, seems to be the theme of the day
17:16:27 <Mostly stuffing> It felt sorry for me.
17:16:39 <Bird Brain S> Mostly stuffingโ„ข ๐Ÿ—, :thumbsup:
17:17:12 <Turkeyburger> Saw a little water, not much
17:17:23 <Katurkey> Nice
17:17:25 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> have some Pie?
17:20:00 <WildTurkey> 3.7 hours until we match the last steamboat eruption.
17:22:35 <Katurkey> Looks like it was a good afternoon Linda!
17:22:52 <Turkeyburger> It was!
17:23:17 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> dome
17:23:35 <Katurkey> I'll see you here again tomorrow!
17:24:31 <WildTurkey> Night Kat
17:24:34 <Turkeyburger> Yup. I'll do 9-1 our time
17:24:39 <Turkeyburger> Night
17:24:45 <Turkeyburger> Dome
17:24:57 <Turkeyburger> uh go pumpkin got it
17:25:03 <Bird Brain S> Night Kat
17:25:28 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> Dome has been having short intervals even though one eruption was logged yesterday ... I wonder if it was erupting yesterday? Would expect longer intervals by now .. or its changed
17:25:38 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> Kat posted yesterdays...i didnt watch
17:26:31 <Turkeyburger> I should remember but I can't, I was on for two hrs
17:29:10 <Turkeyburger> That looks good, lion to castle
17:29:22 <Turkeyburger> That is where I'm leaving it.
17:29:49 <Turkeyburger> Controls released
17:29:56 <Turkeyburger> Have a good night
17:30:04 <Turkeyburger> see u in the AM
17:30:28 <Bird Brain S> Night Turkeyburger
17:30:41 <Bird Brain S> Thx for driving
17:32:01 <Turkeyburger> Bird Brain S, yw
17:32:05 <Turkeyburger> night
17:36:01 <GO PUMPKIN PIE> who broke SB?
17:39:17 <Bird Brain S> GO PUMPKIN PIE, things move slower in winter :)
17:43:30 <Bird Brain S> Logging off. Have a good night & dream about Turkey everyone,
17:44:20 <Bird Brain S> Go Gravyboat!