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01:18:00 <Bird Brain in W> GRAVYBOAT!
04:59:42 <turkey98> Steamboat!
05:09:09 <turkey79> getting a little longer each time
06:24:49 <TurkeySmurkey> Hmmmm it'll be a while
06:25:22 <Rice Pudding> Slow Morning
06:46:07 <Indigestion fro> Good morning everyone
06:46:46 <Indigestion fro> Congrats on #45 this year, SB
06:46:53 <Indigestion fro> 77 in this active phase
06:47:11 <Indigestion fro> Mean for the last 100 remains the same at 7d17h46m
06:47:30 <Indigestion fro> Median drops 2h34m to 133d12h44m
06:49:44 <Rice Pudding> Still amazes me, that we have 77 eruptions.
06:53:53 <TurkeySmurkey> Anyone know what this was:
06:54:14 <Indigestion fro> Yep....34 days left in the year. Should get 3 more this year
06:54:33 <TurkeySmurkey> Good morning!
06:55:03 <Indigestion fro> I would say Grotto on a cold day
06:55:29 <Pearl Tapioca> G'Day Everyone
06:55:51 <TurkeySmurkey> But it seems to be In front of grotto
06:56:13 <Indigestion fro> Bijou on a cold day
06:56:45 <Indigestion fro> Or are you thinking Mastiff did something little?
06:57:17 <turkey50> Turban
06:57:33 <turkey50> Looks like
06:57:53 <TurkeySmurkey> At time I thought turban
06:59:00 <TurkeySmurkey> Just never saw it that defined
06:59:01 <Indigestion fro> I think it is beyond where Turban would be
06:59:24 <turkey50> 4:33 pm which day?
06:59:24 <TurkeySmurkey> Its not in any trees
06:59:33 <TurkeySmurkey> turkey50, yesterday
06:59:47 <TurkeySmurkey> I was waiting for grand
07:00:18 <Indigestion fro> Would a Giant splash make more sense?
07:00:22 <turkey50> then it was turban
07:01:24 <TurkeySmurkey> I always thought turban more in trees
07:03:17 <TurkeySmurkey> Uh time to take the cam
07:03:50 <TurkeySmurkey> Got it
07:07:16 <turkey50> Is that 4;33 time an east coast time? as there was not a cam view at that tiime mr?
07:07:49 <turkey50> for the past two days
07:08:16 <turkey50> anywhere near Grand
07:08:51 <Indigestion fro> It looks like 1433
07:08:59 <Indigestion fro> not 1633
07:09:28 <Indigestion fro> So, yes 1633 was east coast time
07:09:41 <TurkeySmurkey> I guess my screen print t was eastern time
07:09:56 <TurkeySmurkey> I have to look
07:09:56 <turkey50> I magnified it it is 4:33 pm
07:10:36 <turkey50> and the battery was half full
07:11:59 <turkey50> and the person was on facebook and a few other tabs:
07:13:08 <TurkeySmurkey> Ah the plot thickens 😊
07:15:32 <turkey50> and the Sruid Grove and how did Buddhism....
07:15:48 <SmirkeyTurkey> I wonder who it could be...
07:15:58 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😊
07:16:19 <turkey50> Hoe about Linda G
07:16:46 <SmirkeyTurkey> How about that!
07:17:23 <SmirkeyTurkey> ☺ 'tis me
07:19:32 <SmirkeyTurkey> Wow most geysers are up for grabs will be a busy morning
07:21:28 <TOFUrkey> Morning all
07:21:59 <Indigestion fro> Morning Eric
07:22:16 <Indigestion fro> Although, it is a little early for Eric
07:22:18 <turkey50> on yesterdays capture at 1433 mt it looks like Turban to me
07:22:20 <TOFUrkey> I'm not Eric, its Jeff from CT
07:22:34 <Indigestion fro> wb, Jeff
07:22:53 <TOFUrkey> Maybe been hanging around here too much if we all start sounding alike >(
07:23:09 <SmirkeyTurkey> TOFUrkey, hi
07:23:13 <Indigestion fro> Too many turkeys in here
07:24:37 <ynpvisitor37> There is a very big TurkeyBi in the medaow
07:25:00 <SmirkeyTurkey> maybe arty
07:25:23 <SmirkeyTurkey> Maybe not
07:26:16 <SmirkeyTurkey> Dome ie
07:30:45 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bsb steamer
07:31:00 <SmirkeyTurkey> Might be bubbler
07:31:30 <turkey118> turkeyMike J
07:32:08 <SmirkeyTurkey> turkey118, hi
07:33:13 <turkey118> Good morning. And, sheesh, that's twice I tried to change my name and just made an entry instead.
07:33:18 <turkey118>
07:33:32 <LurkinTurkey> i just spotted BigFoot down slope and to the left of BH
07:33:41 <SmirkeyTurkey> Yay you made it
07:34:32 <SmirkeyTurkey> LurkinTurkey, was he running?
07:35:21 <LurkinTurkey> lol
07:36:09 <SmirkeyTurkey> Nope still there
07:36:31 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😉
07:38:52 <Steamed Turkey> 77 in series, 49 in 12 months, 45 this year, another record
07:39:41 <Indigestion fro> Steamed Turkey, is that your frame of mind or your method you would like to be cooked?:)
07:39:48 <SmirkeyTurkey> 👍
07:41:06 <Steamed Turkey> swing turkey out on a basket over SB
07:41:30 <Indigestion fro> Yes, that would produce a steamed turkey...hahaha
07:41:36 <Steamed Turkey> how long would it need to cook?
07:42:26 <Rice Pudding> The drop in the Echinus Graph, puts into perspective how little the temp actually changes day to day.
07:42:32 <Cooper not a tu> Yipppppppppieeeeeeee, I got it to 48 minutes!
07:42:33 <SmirkeyTurkey> looks like bsb
07:47:39 <SmirkeyTurkey> Yup BSB
07:49:09 <Indigestion fro> Ok, I'll bite, Cooper. 48 minutes to walk to school?
07:49:18 <Indigestion fro> 48 minutes to run a mile?
07:49:30 <Indigestion fro> 48 seconds to brush your teeth?
07:51:15 <Indigestion fro> 48 minutes to calculate your SB predictions?
07:56:14 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bulger ie
07:56:51 <TOFUrkey> A little Christmas in November -
08:00:14 <SmirkeyTurkey> Dome ie
08:02:01 <SmirkeyTurkey> LC ie
08:04:40 <SmirkeyTurkey> TOFUrkey, they need some Christmas lights 😉 thx for sharing
08:09:03 <Indigestion fro> Go south bubbler
08:09:33 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😊 a vigorous bubbler
08:09:42 <Cooper not a tu> Indigestion from B, sorry I went to feed the chicken
08:09:56 <Cooper not a tu> Chickens
08:10:02 <SmirkeyTurkey> Just one?
08:10:22 <Cooper not a tu> No, I was accurate to 48 minutes on predicting SB:D
08:10:26 <Cooper not a tu> SmirkeyTurkey, 4
08:13:15 <SmirkeyTurkey> Turban?
08:15:51 <SmirkeyTurkey> daisy
08:19:04 <Cooper not a tu> SmirkeyTurkey, hi Linda
08:19:31 <Cooper not a tu> Or should I ask if you are Linda?
08:19:32 <SmirkeyTurkey> Cooper not a turkey, hi
08:19:52 <Cooper not a tu> I am typing correctly so must not be Linda ;)
08:20:34 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😋
08:20:43 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😊
08:21:04 <Cooper not a tu> I knew it because of your non generic emojis:p
08:31:00 <Bird Brain in W> Gobble gobble everyone!
08:31:30 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, gobble Bird Brain in West, gobble
08:31:39 <SmirkeyTurkey> OF
08:31:50 <Bird Brain in W> Hi Linda
08:31:53 <SmirkeyTurkey> BIG STEAM
08:32:05 <ynpvisitor37> LiLiri, Hi
08:32:18 <ynpvisitor37> Lori *
08:32:34 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, HI LORI
08:32:34 <Bird Brain in W> Hello 37
08:33:46 <ynpvisitor37> Should it not be "hello 37 hello"
08:33:56 <Bird Brain in W> True story. Eent to sleep last night at 9. Woke up just after mignight and was wide awake for no apparent reason.
08:34:15 <Bird Brain in W> Then the reason became apparent at 00:47 :)
08:34:36 <SmirkeyTurkey> A steamboat premonition!
08:34:43 <Bird Brain in W> ynpvisitor37, Are you Linda? I thought SmirkeyTurkey was Linda?
08:35:01 <SmirkeyTurkey> I'm linda
08:35:09 <Bird Brain in W> Who is 37?
08:35:28 <SmirkeyTurkey> Could be Joe or cooper
08:36:02 <Bird Brain in W> SmirkeyTurkey, I get SB premonitions all the time. Have since 2018. Don't know why, but it wakes me up.
08:36:24 <Bird Brain in W> ...or it's just a coincidence hehe
08:36:30 <SmirkeyTurkey> Dome ie
08:36:52 <ynpvisitor37> how often are they correct??
08:37:15 <Bird Brain in W> 100%
08:37:39 <Bird Brain in W> For the middle of the night ones
08:38:13 <Bird Brain in W> I don't share that much cuz it makes me sound like a nut. LOL
08:38:29 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bab calmed down
08:38:33 <ynpvisitor37> Nice, your premonition beat Coopers claimed prediction by one minute :)
08:38:34 <SmirkeyTurkey> *bsb
08:38:53 <SmirkeyTurkey> Must be joe
08:38:58 <Bird Brain in W> Saw that.
08:39:09 <Bird Brain in W> SmirkeyTurkey, I think so too :)
08:39:45 <ynpvisitor37> I was within :):) 1 minute :):)
08:40:12 <Bird Brain in W> I'll see your 1 minute and raise you 45
08:41:20 <ynpvisitor37> Yes you are correct, Joe, can't hide on here, besides Eric will throw me under the bos
08:41:47 <ynpvisitor37> Bus* what a typo :)
08:41:57 <Bird Brain in W> Of course, it is highly possible I wake up because my brain knows SB is close. Or that I have to answer nature's call.
08:42:47 <ynpvisitor37> I got withinn 1 minute of natures call also :)
08:42:53 <SmirkeyTurkey> It's like when you know the alarm will go off at 5am you keep waking up in fear of missing it
08:43:00 <Bird Brain in W> SMH
08:43:14 <Bird Brain in W> SmirkeyTurkey, yes, that
08:43:22 <SmirkeyTurkey> ynpvisitor37, well that's good
08:43:48 <Bird Brain in W> ynpvisitor37, 1 minute which way? Did you need to change the sheets? :p
08:43:56 <SmirkeyTurkey> I'm having a premonition that grand will go soon
08:44:37 <ynpvisitor37> A geyser somewhere any minute now :)
08:44:57 <SmirkeyTurkey> Seriously 😆
08:45:37 <SmirkeyTurkey> Cyclone bomb coming to a state near you
08:45:47 <SmirkeyTurkey> Or us
08:46:16 <Indigestion fro> I need to talk to Eric. We need a spot on this page where everyone can place there ONE SB prediction and then we can see who knows
08:46:32 <Bird Brain in W> Feels like some turkeys will get cooked soon. And some pies will be eaten.
08:46:39 <SmirkeyTurkey> That would be a good idea
08:46:52 <ynpvisitor37> Grand has ~ 2hours to go
08:47:05 <Bird Brain in W> Indigestion from B, good idea
08:47:15 <SmirkeyTurkey> ynpvisitor37, soon is relative ☺
08:47:23 <Indigestion fro> And, then the winner can wear a CROWN until the next eruption
08:47:33 <Bird Brain in W> Indigestion from B, :p
08:48:21 <Bird Brain in W> The more one watches SB progress and sees it erupt, the less they are to give a prediction. :)
08:48:21 <SmirkeyTurkey> He/she gets to geyser master!
08:48:27 <ynpvisitor37> I hope not a Crown of thorns
08:48:39 <Bird Brain in W> *less likely
08:48:48 <SmirkeyTurkey> *be
08:51:11 <ynpvisitor37> But we have been known to 'crucify' some folks, Dave, and Craig come to mind, Dave for anything, Craig for backing up :)
08:51:19 <turkey69> really?
08:51:24 <turkey69> *sigh*
08:52:03 <Katie> 69 - that's 12 degrees warmer than my office right now
08:52:22 <Bird Brain in W> Morning Katie. And eek.
08:53:36 <ynpvisitor37> Katie, did the CFO forget to pay the natural gas bill?
08:55:02 <Katie> I've worked in 3 commercial buildings with HVAC systems installed by the same company and all have teen terrible. When we were getting a new furnace and adding central air at home, my husband got a bid from them.
08:55:13 <Katie> I said "NO, flippin' WAY"
08:56:15 <Katie> I texted property owner (who was my boss "in the day") yesterday. He cam and kicked it or whatever. It worked for the rest of the work day yesterday, but it's off again ow.
08:56:55 <Indigestion fro> SB predictions would be due shortly after water has returned to the system
08:57:41 <turkeyMike J> Hope everyone has a great holiday.
08:57:48 <Bird Brain in W> Indigestion from B, sportsbook? :p
08:58:03 <turkey75> turkeyMike J, you too!
08:58:15 <Indigestion fro> you, too MikeJ
08:59:14 <ynpvisitor37> I wonder if Vegas takes bets on SB?
09:00:08 <Indigestion fro> They don't but take Seahawks -3 on Monday night
09:00:25 <ynpvisitor37> :)
09:02:33 <Indigestion fro> And, that advice is not because I'm a hawks fan. It is the best bet this week.
09:02:44 <ynpvisitor37> Who was the baseball player that made bets against his team, I forget??
09:02:55 <Indigestion fro> Pete Rose
09:03:01 <Indigestion fro> when he was a manager
09:03:11 <ynpvisitor37> Ah! yes, thanks
09:03:44 <Katie> And now he sits at a sports memorabilia shop in Las Vegas signing autographs in 8 hour shifts (maybe longer, for all I know)
09:04:09 <Katie> It's sad to walk by there and see him and no one wanting to pay for a worthless autograph
09:04:21 <turkey75> Giantess for thanksgiving?
09:04:42 <ynpvisitor37> make it so
09:05:45 <Indigestion fro> haha, Katie. He was at the MGM when I was there in Sept
09:06:49 <Indigestion fro> Being a big Dodgers fan, I don't feel sorry for anyone who wore a Red's jersey:)
09:07:06 <ynpvisitor37> OJ will be sitting next to Rose when/if he ever gets out
09:07:13 <Indigestion fro> I saw he and Sparky get thrown out of a game in the 70s
09:07:26 <Indigestion fro> Yep...there's a pair
09:09:31 <ynpvisitor37> turkey 86 now there is a number "86 the turkey" :)
09:09:58 <turkey86> so there is a south bubbler listed on gt, but no follow ups?
09:10:20 <ynpvisitor37> It quit a bit ago
09:10:28 <turkey86> or was it the steam vent playing nicely, anyone else see the bubbler erupting?
09:11:48 <SmirkeyTurkey> Dome
09:12:44 <ynpvisitor37> The replay at 0742 shows steam
09:14:13 <SmirkeyTurkey> I entered BSB a while ago since then it has calmed down
09:14:54 <SmirkeyTurkey> I believe Dave saw also
09:15:02 <Indigestion fro> I saw water
09:15:44 <SmirkeyTurkey> It was quite vigorous for a while there
09:15:47 <turkey86> so it was splashing like indy for 3 minutes? or longer?
09:16:15 <turkey86> so maybe it has changed
09:16:29 <yams> You sure you were not looking at your Alka-Seltzer?
09:16:42 <SmirkeyTurkey> I think longer than 3 min. I checked it quite a few times.
09:16:45 <ynpvisitor37> 0748 water for sure
09:17:12 <turkey86> so then it is no longer reliable as far as bee
09:17:20 <SmirkeyTurkey> When I first got on it was just steam then it graduated to water
09:18:16 <yams> It is bee, it is never reliable
09:18:29 <SmirkeyTurkey> I think it tells us bee is due...sometime
09:18:45 <yams> I think it is a teenage geyser.
09:18:51 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😉 today
09:19:20 <Bird Brain in W> I have a premonition Bee will play as soon as I go to Lunch. :p
09:20:48 <turkey86> well if I saw south bubbler in June and this fall, bee or indy was within about 30 minutes
09:21:18 <Bird Brain in W> Bulger ?
09:21:25 <Bird Brain in W> ...on delay
09:21:39 <SmirkeyTurkey> It keeps changing I recall it going on and off for hours
09:22:01 <turkey86> that was in July and August when it was much warmer
09:22:51 <turkey86> then we were timing it for duration of eruption and interval between eruption
09:33:58 <turkey102> BSB 0742 to 0748 replay, since I have nothing better to do
09:38:24 <SmirkeyTurkey> turkey102, thx
09:39:06 <SmirkeyTurkey> Joe is a moving target like bee, keeps changing😉
09:44:13 <turkey102> "hes everywhere, hes everywhere
09:45:21 <SmirkeyTurkey> turkey102, I attached to my post
09:45:43 <SmirkeyTurkey> Hello how hello
09:45:52 <SmirkeyTurkey> Lol *joe
09:46:04 <ynpvisitor37> :);)
09:48:30 <SmirkeyTurkey> Dome
09:55:47 <Betturkey> gobble gobble all
09:56:15 <Indigestion fro> Hi Betty
09:56:19 <PumpkinPie> Good morning
09:56:24 <yams> With pretzels?
09:56:32 <PumpkinPie> or... afternoon in your case
09:56:34 <Betturkey> no
09:56:45 <SmirkeyTurkey> I keep trying to set an OF reminder alarm. But I'm setting it on my phone for OF time. Couldn't figure out why it wouldn't do it. Double duh!
09:56:51 <SmirkeyTurkey> Betturkey, hi
09:56:55 <Betturkey> already dark, I think it must be evening
09:57:10 <WildTurkey> Morning all
09:57:17 <Bird Brain in W> Gobble gobble Betty
09:57:30 <SmirkeyTurkey> WildTurkey, hi
09:59:14 <SmirkeyTurkey> Looks like snow forecasted for the morning
09:59:57 <Frozen Turkey> Ich würde vermuten, dass es morgen nicht zu viele Truthahnessen in Deutschland gibt.
10:00:19 <SmirkeyTurkey> Frozen Turkey™🥶, hi
10:00:45 <Betturkey> almost none, Kevin
10:00:58 <Frozen Turkey> Hi
10:02:19 <SmirkeyTurkey> Betturkey, hi can't remember if I did already
10:02:20 <Indigestion fro> 10-14" for Blgs Fri/Sat
10:03:07 <Betturkey> Hi Linda
10:03:12 <SmirkeyTurkey> Jersey is supposed to have big storm over weekend. Snow to rain to snow. Charming.
10:03:52 <PumpkinPie> We got 13" at my house in Denver Monday night into Tuesday. Then 6 degrees last night
10:04:14 <Indigestion fro> brrrrrrrrr
10:07:22 <SmirkeyTurkey> OF
10:07:31 <yams> steam from spit cone. Not much, but it is still alive.
10:12:19 <SmirkeyTurkey> Up close and personal
10:12:55 <Bird Brain in W> That's me most days. Steaming, not much, but still alive. :p
10:13:15 <Betturkey> lol
10:13:32 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😆
10:16:25 <SmirkeyTurkey> Maybe Kat will get bee today
10:18:08 <WildTurkey> lookin good bee
10:18:39 <SmirkeyTurkey> It splashed just as I pulled away
10:18:40 <ynpvisitor37> Is Kevin not driving today?
10:19:23 <SmirkeyTurkey> Nope, visitors. Kat and I are splitting
10:19:39 <ynpvisitor37> thanks
10:19:52 <SmirkeyTurkey> He sent email
10:24:10 <SmirkeyTurkey> Turban?
10:26:51 <SmirkeyTurkey> Dome ie
10:30:09 <SmirkeyTurkey> Turban?
10:30:26 <Betturkey> looks like
10:30:43 <Betturkey> bulger ie
10:33:21 <SmirkeyTurkey> daisy any minute
10:33:26 <SmirkeyTurkey> daisy
10:34:03 <Betturkey> that was daisy any second :-)
10:34:29 <SmirkeyTurkey> Sure was
10:41:17 <Bird Brain in W> Is that Pendant back there?
10:41:54 <Bird Brain in W> below Solitary's steam
10:42:13 <SmirkeyTurkey> I think pendant in right
10:42:22 <SmirkeyTurkey> *on
10:42:35 <SmirkeyTurkey> left is ear
10:42:35 <Betturkey> yes
10:43:05 <Bird Brain in W> seemed to be spitting minutes ago...Pendant
10:43:55 <SmirkeyTurkey> castle ie
10:44:08 <Bird Brain in W> I don't know anything about that one. Does it typically spit a lot?
10:44:42 <SmirkeyTurkey> don't know. Steve E said it was boiling
10:45:16 <Bird Brain in W> Lunch time read in GOY in order :)
10:45:58 <SmirkeyTurkey> Did you see post on facebook page about It?
10:46:27 <Bird Brain in W> No, recent?
10:46:31 <SmirkeyTurkey> Castlw predicted for to ight, night be a no or
10:47:01 <SmirkeyTurkey> there is water
10:47:05 <Bird Brain in W> *Castle predicted for tonight, might be a minor
10:47:10 <turkey102> is Steve out there today?
10:47:10 <Indigestion fro> nice catch
10:47:13 <Bird Brain in W> :)
10:47:21 <SmirkeyTurkey> Yikes castle predicted for tonight
10:47:36 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, lol
10:47:58 <Bird Brain in W> SmirkeyTurkey, I got you :)
10:48:07 <SmirkeyTurkey> want a job as translator?
10:48:22 <Bird Brain in W> hehe
10:51:09 <Betturkey> she owes you a fulltime job
10:51:48 <SmirkeyTurkey> Betturkey, 😆
10:52:01 <SmirkeyTurkey> SmirkeyTurkey, yeah don't have enough money for that
10:52:32 <SmirkeyTurkey> Maybe she'll give me a bull discount
10:52:43 <SmirkeyTurkey> *bulk
10:53:04 <Bird Brain in W> For you SmirkeyTurkey, I will volunteer. :)
10:53:24 <Betturkey> :thumbsup:
10:53:47 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, ahhh
10:54:04 <Bird Brain in W> I was about to ask what a bull discount was, though
10:54:44 <SmirkeyTurkey> 🙄
10:55:01 <Big Bird> Hello Everybody!
10:55:05 <Indigestion fro> Hi Eric
10:55:38 <Big Bird> Haha
10:55:58 <Bird Brain in W> I thought WildTurkey was Eric?
10:56:34 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big Bird, hi
10:57:05 <Big Bird> Hi
10:57:39 <Big Bird> So they put a kidney in the wrong patient in New Jersey SmirkeyTurkey,
10:58:33 <SmirkeyTurkey> Yeah
10:59:12 <Katie> What a horrible mistake!
10:59:19 <SmirkeyTurkey> A friend was in that hospital, she passed away recently. They sent her home with CDiff and dint even know she had it!!
11:00:05 <Bird Brain in W> CDiff?
11:00:15 <SmirkeyTurkey> Everything they did to her was wrong
11:00:27 <Bird Brain in W> That's awful
11:00:41 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, intestinal overgrowth can be fatal
11:00:45 <Katie> My cousin's husband donated a kidney to his brother a few years ago. The brother's surgery was as good as they get. But my cousin's husband had to be resuscitated on the operating table. Came very very close to losing him. His post surgical recovery was also about 4x longer than the recipient - and touch & go for a few days.
11:01:03 <Big Bird> Uh oh! Not going to guess which hospital. C-diff is hard to prevent when ones immune system is really low
11:01:35 <Big Bird> Wow, don't go there girl!
11:02:55 <SmirkeyTurkey> Castle looks like a major
11:03:21 <Big Bird> It does..
11:03:30 <Big Bird> LInda
11:03:40 <SmirkeyTurkey> SmirkeyTurkey, never, luckily it's an hour away
11:05:50 <Big Bird> Linda - you still on? I need a few to put away groceries...who's idea was it to go to the store today??
11:09:15 <SmirkeyTurkey> Turban?
11:09:37 <SmirkeyTurkey> No must be grotto
11:10:38 <Big Bird> Who is smirket turkey?
11:10:45 <Big Bird> smirkey*
11:10:46 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big Bird, no problem
11:10:57 <Big Bird> Ah - OK thanks
11:11:10 <Bird Brain in W> Who is Big Bird?
11:11:13 <SmirkeyTurkey> Nownthats a major
11:13:00 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, indeed who is big bird lol
11:13:02 <Indigestion fro> Big bird isn't so BIG any more
11:13:13 <SmirkeyTurkey> hint-she's is warm
11:13:25 <Indigestion fro> I guess it isn't Eric...He's not a cam op....must be Kevin
11:13:39 <SmirkeyTurkey> If he's a she
11:14:02 <Betturkey> Kevin is Frozen Turkey™🥶
11:14:27 <Indigestion fro> Too **** many turkeys around here
11:14:35 <Indigestion fro> Hi, Kat
11:14:49 <SmirkeyTurkey> You'll know soon who big bird is
11:14:49 <Bird Brain in W> Indigestion from B, understatement of the year
11:16:23 <SmirkeyTurkey> Where the heck is grand?.
11:17:46 <Betturkey> behind the trees
11:17:56 <Bird Brain in W> Betturkey, :p
11:18:18 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bird Brain in West, you are a great translator
11:18:42 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😉
11:21:52 <Bird Brain in W> SmirkeyTurkey, still can't figure out who Big Bird is. Kat?
11:23:15 <SmirkeyTurkey> I think so
11:24:00 <SmirkeyTurkey> this is funny. Big bird was trying to figure out who smirkey turkey is.
11:24:08 <SmirkeyTurkey> We all haven't a clue
11:24:16 <Indigestion fro> Tha'ts my 3rd guess and I'm STICKING TO IT!
11:24:27 <SmirkeyTurkey> Aurum
11:24:28 <SmirkeyTurkey> .
11:24:28 <SmirkeyTurkey> .
11:24:30 <Indigestion fro> Until I'm wrong
11:24:37 <Indigestion fro> woohoo
11:24:53 <SmirkeyTurkey> .darn last few seconds
11:24:57 <Betturkey> yay
11:26:37 <Big Bird> Indigestion from B, You Win!!
11:27:38 <Bird Brain in W> Hi Kat :)
11:27:55 <Bird Brain in W> If someone logs on as Big Bird Brain we are in trouble
11:28:26 <Big Bird> We're already in trouble Hahaha
11:29:00 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big Bird, you can take it if you want
11:29:29 <Big Bird> Yeah - a smirkey big bird with indigestion! :O
11:29:47 <Big Bird> Thanks Linda! Got it!
11:30:11 <SmirkeyTurkey> Oh no thank you! 🙄
11:30:23 <Big Bird> :p:p
11:30:26 <SmirkeyTurkey> Grand shoud be soon and bee is yours
11:30:38 <Big Bird> Yeah!
11:30:49 <SmirkeyTurkey>
11:30:57 <Big Bird> Got a prdiction time for Grand??
11:31:06 <Big Bird> prediction*
11:31:13 <Indigestion fro> After the next Turban
11:31:30 <Big Bird> :)
11:31:31 <Indigestion fro> BH Grandc dual today
11:31:41 <Betturkey> bah OF is due
11:32:01 <Betturkey> there it is
11:33:24 <Big Bird> Sorry!
11:33:39 <Big Bird> was trying to get settled in....
11:38:52 <Big Bird> Dirty glass
11:39:50 <Big Bird> Bulger
11:42:16 <Betturkey> bubbler
11:44:09 <Big Bird> Now I see it - didn't before :)
11:44:42 <WildTurkey> Woot...didn't miss BH in my meeting :-D
11:45:03 <WildTurkey> With how big it was splashing earlier...thought it would have gone
11:45:27 <Big Bird> Nope still waiting
11:45:52 <Betturkey> maybe Dave broke it
11:46:24 <Big Bird> Could be!
11:48:05 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big bird brought the snow
11:48:47 <Big Bird> :D
11:50:30 <Big Bird> Bubblers really going
11:59:01 <Big Bird> Splash Splasgh
11:59:06 <Big Bird> splash!
12:01:34 <Bird Brain in W> Off to lunch. Enjoy Bee
12:02:30 <turkey97> you didn't put s. bubbler in gt big bird
12:03:07 <Big Bird> I can
12:03:27 <turkey97> ok
12:04:15 <turkey97> otherwise it looks like we had one bubbler 4.5 hours ago
12:05:08 <turkey97> thanks
12:05:24 <Big Bird> No there's been more than that for sure
12:05:42 <Big Bird> AL
12:08:36 <WildTurkey> Some turkey sounds good right now :-D Maybe mixed with some mountain dew!
12:08:53 <Big Bird> Eeeew!
12:09:03 <Big Bird> Oh, that Turkey!!
12:09:26 <Big Bird> Big Bird's a little slow sometimes!
12:10:38 <Betturkey> Riverside ie
12:11:53 <Big Bird> Thanks Betty - told you I'm slow today
12:12:26 <Betturkey> yw
12:16:50 <turkey97> the steamer is happy
12:17:45 <Big Bird> :)
12:19:20 <turkey97> should have had another bubbler by now
12:20:19 <Big Bird> :)
12:23:12 <Big Bird> There it is
12:23:38 <turkey97> that bis the steamer
12:24:11 <Big Bird> Dome
12:24:49 <turkey97> when the bubbler erupts, it can be confused with indy starting
12:25:06 <Betturkey> how´s grand looking?
12:25:26 <mashed taters> It is like fishing and all you get is nibbles and fish stealing your bait. I will wait to get excited when we get a fish on with indy.
12:26:28 <SmirkeyTurkey> Riverside
12:26:34 <Big Bird> If we get Indy - haven't been the last few
12:26:41 <SmirkeyTurkey> Oops already there
12:26:45 <Big Bird> Hey Smirkey
12:26:51 <Big Bird> :)
12:26:58 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big Bird, hey big
12:27:09 <Big Bird> LOL
12:27:38 <SmirkeyTurkey> 😊 grand is holding out
12:27:42 <turkey97> that is why I watched for the bubbler when I was in the park after closing
12:28:24 <Big Bird> I got a big headache - took a fall last night and planted my face in the asphalt! Just now getting a really bad headache ....should it scare me?
12:28:33 <Betturkey> OT
12:28:37 <turkey97> oh, did we lose Grand?
12:28:56 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big Bird, 🙁
12:29:14 <Big Bird> haven't seen Grand yet
12:29:38 <Betturkey> maybe you should check your head, Big Bird
12:30:00 <Big Bird> maybe later - I'll get a ride to urgent care
12:30:09 <mashed taters> Maybe that is why you do not remember the last 3 bees had a indy?
12:30:26 <Big Bird> Maybe...LOL
12:31:05 <SmirkeyTurkey> Cant help unfortunately leaving in a little while
12:32:03 <Big Bird> I even entered it the last 2 mashed taters,
12:32:14 <Big Bird> NO problem Linda
12:32:25 <SmirkeyTurkey> Big Bird, but dont be a geyser martyr, hang it up if you feel worse
12:32:53 <Big Bird> Oh - trust me I will! :)
12:32:56 <turkey97> that is just the steamer
12:33:22 <Betturkey> so the steamer, not the bubbler?
12:33:39 <mashed taters> Head ache with head injury is not something to wait on. Could be you just have a pain, could be something worse.
12:33:59 <SmirkeyTurkey> Oh daisy again, been here too long that will be my third
12:34:24 <SmirkeyTurkey> Bbl
12:34:41 <mashed taters> Well, off to do stuff, enjoy the day.
12:34:45 <Betturkey> later, Linda
12:34:47 <turkey42> By all means a headache after hitting it in a fall needs to be checked!
12:35:15 <turkey97> that is s. bubbler
12:35:30 <Big Bird> Bye Linda
12:35:39 <Betturkey> Thx, Kitt
12:35:44 <turkey97> but aweful weak
12:35:48 <WildTurkey> Agree with everyone here...headache after hitting your head can be serious
12:36:01 <WildTurkey> especially if delayed
12:37:26 <turkey58> Bsb
12:42:41 <Kitt> 1243 bsb
12:43:05 <Kitt> gr, 1242
12:43:09 <Big Bird> I need to go to the hospital - hope someone can operate for me
12:43:25 <Indigestion fro> Take care BB
12:43:31 <ynpvisitor37> Go, I can take it
12:43:41 <Kitt> are you serious?
12:43:49 <Betturkey> fingers crossed, Kat. Get well soon!
12:44:55 <Betturkey> thanks, ynpvisitor37
12:45:06 <ynpvisitor37> Kat, Go you already have migraine problems get it taken care of!!!
12:45:14 <Indigestion fro> Looks like we are returning to July Aug BSB behavior
12:46:15 <Kitt> so is that what it looked like at 0742
12:46:23 <Kitt> ?
12:46:57 <ynpvisitor37> Video is attached to 0742 post
12:47:22 <ynpvisitor37> Thisis much more
12:50:40 <WildTurkey> Yikes...I hope Kat is ok :-(
12:51:43 <ynpvisitor37> Me too Linda no sense in taking chances
12:52:19 <Kitt> bsb
12:53:03 <ynpvisitor37> Been going steady, maybe a Bee soon
12:53:06 <Kitt> indy or bee in less than 30 minutes
12:54:45 <ynpvisitor37> I'm going to cheat on OF, they want us to observe a 20 min window sothe window does not open for four minutes
12:55:18 <ynpvisitor37> Someone watch the static for me
12:55:34 <Betturkey> I do
12:55:52 <ynpvisitor37> Thanks
12:56:56 <Kitt> long bubbler
12:58:07 <ynpvisitor37> hmmm, wink, wink, I seem to have lost control of the cam
12:58:54 <Betturkey> oh no!
12:58:55 <ynpvisitor37> Bubbler intensity decreasing
12:59:36 <Kitt> if we get indy then hopefully time for fluffy to erupt first
13:00:01 <Kitt> indy
13:00:26 <Kitt> 1259 indy
13:00:34 <ChrisO> lol didnt know there was a geyser named fluffy
13:00:59 <Kitt> old faithful's nickname
13:01:04 <ynpvisitor37> text sent
13:01:06 <Betturkey> indy
13:02:55 <Kitt> I fixed entry
13:03:07 <Kitt> not use toputting wc
13:03:21 <Betturkey> :-)
13:03:48 <Betturkey> you usually are on the better side of the cam
13:04:20 <Kitt> if cam is pulled back can it get bee and old faithful?
13:04:38 <Betturkey> I don´t think so
13:04:40 <ynpvisitor37> No it can not
13:04:46 <Kitt> rats
13:05:29 <ynpvisitor37> It did at one time when the lens was loose but they fixed that
13:05:30 <turkey50> thx for txt. drat om
13:05:34 <turkey50> n OF
13:05:37 <Kitt> go quick bee
13:05:46 <Kitt> yes
13:05:51 <Kitt> yay
13:06:22 <ChrisO> :bee:
13:06:33 <ynpvisitor37> Tiny Bee
13:07:07 <Betturkey> and tiny indy
13:07:36 <ynpvisitor37> If they fire me, no great loss :)
13:07:45 <turkey61> ha
13:07:54 <Kitt> wind is beating bee down
13:09:21 <Betturkey> ynpvisitor37, don´t you end up in an oven anyway tonight or tomorrow morning? :-p
13:09:42 <ynpvisitor37> Yes I do :)
13:10:33 <Betturkey> feel free to do anything :-D, maybe delete #45 twitter account lol
13:10:51 <Bird Brain in W> Betturkey, :thumbsup:
13:11:18 <ynpvisitor37> We got most of it
13:11:40 <Kitt> ok fluffy, your turn
13:11:45 <Betturkey> still no OF
13:12:00 <Steamed Turkey> does 37 not like TG .... and Kitt too?
13:12:04 <ynpvisitor37> And we will satisfy the general public
13:12:08 <Bird Brain in W> Glad Bee and OF coordinated their schedules
13:12:23 <ynpvisitor37> ??
13:12:26 <Steamed Turkey> thats better Terrky
13:12:37 <Kitt> have a good day
13:12:38 <Terrky> Oh why not!
13:12:56 <turkey61> who would steam a turkey?
13:12:58 <Steamed Turkey> could be Kitturkey
13:13:08 <Steamed Turkey> SB is the steamer
13:13:12 <Kitt> could be
13:13:33 <Betturkey> bye Kitt
13:13:36 <turkey61> Kitt has had enough pre school years
13:14:54 <ynpvisitor37> Apparently cheeting on the OF window was a good thing
13:15:15 <turkey61> certainly more interesting
13:16:09 <ynpvisitor37> I would not have left Bee anyway, we donot get enough of them
13:16:21 <turkey61> good man
13:16:58 <turkey61> not even preplay out of OF
13:17:39 <Indigestion fro> 37, you're a rebel:)
13:17:44 <ynpvisitor37> Yep it would have been a shame to move away from Bee
13:18:41 <LindaG> So I'm the sacrifice today
13:18:47 <ynpvisitor37> Thanks Dave, Been one for 74 soon to be 75 years :)
13:19:19 <Indigestion fro> So, you are saying it is genetic?
13:19:26 <LindaG> ynpvisitor37, ☺
13:19:35 <ynpvisitor37> Yes!!!
13:20:19 <Betturkey> OF
13:25:01 <ynpvisitor37> Three hours until the next Gren
13:25:56 <ynpvisitor37> Lion
13:26:29 <ynpvisitor37> Fat hand on enter key and I got Kicked :)
14:22:48 <Bird Brain in W> When did that bison show up by Giantess?
14:23:13 <turkey98> Looks like he is obeying the rules and staying on the boardwalk
14:23:37 <Bird Brain in W> Kinda looks like he is.
14:24:07 <Bird Brain in W> Can we get a zoom? :)
14:27:31 <Bird Brain in W> Thanks!
14:27:53 <Bird Brain in W> Just off the walk. Munch munch munch.
14:36:42 <turkey107> Looks like the last warm lunch for a while.
14:47:32 <Betturkey> Lion
14:48:48 <Betturkey> and OF
14:54:04 <Betturkey> headed out, night all
14:54:32 <Bird Brain in W> Night Betty
15:21:15 <ynpvisitor37> Hi Kat are you ok?
15:22:21 <Kat> SO I am home from hospital - thankfully no bleed! Awful headache and pain all over from fall. Sorry I left abruptly - I thought I was going to be sick. Who is on now, I just can't do it!
15:23:24 <ynpvisitor37> Joe here I have the cam, and will be in for Graham tonigkt, so go rest
15:24:52 <Kat> Thanks Joe -sorry for the interruption. See you tomorrow
15:25:23 <ynpvisitor37> take care Kat
15:28:34 <Bird Brain in W> What happened Kat?
15:29:39 <ynpvisitor37> Going to try to get Grand in these conditions it sometimes shows better the further you are away
15:32:57 <Indigestion fro> Time to head out. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone....hope no one gets indigestion:)
15:34:42 <Bird Brain in W> Happy Turkey Day Dave! Night
15:34:52 <ynpvisitor37> Bye Dave
15:34:57 <WildTurkey> Ugg, glad you went and got checked out Kat...sorry you still ache :-(
15:35:21 <WildTurkey> Night Dave...happy thanksgiving!
15:35:42 <Indigestion fro> Sorry, I just have to say it.....goodnight Bird Brain:D
15:35:55 <ynpvisitor37> Are you Lindaturkey?
15:36:04 <SmirkeyTurkey> Good night dave
15:36:10 <SmirkeyTurkey> ynpvisitor37, yes
15:36:20 <ynpvisitor37> :thumbsup:
15:36:48 <SmirkeyTurkey> ynpvisitor37, are you joeturkey?
15:38:23 <ynpvisitor37> Yes :)
15:38:55 <ynpvisitor37> keeping aurum and Grand in the view
15:39:06 <SmirkeyTurkey> Joe Turkey? We are turkeys for sure. 😉
15:39:21 <ynpvisitor37> :thumbsup:>(
15:39:32 <Bird Brain in W> Indigestion from B, LOL :p
15:41:51 <ynpvisitor37> Ah! just had my usual holiday disaster, water heater sprung a small leak, cant get a heater till Friday, fun fun fun :)
15:42:20 <SmirkeyTurkey> ynpvisitor37, oh no
15:43:25 <ynpvisitor37> Friday morning I'll be at the hardware store, Friday afternoon I'll be in hot water again :)
15:45:19 <SmirkeyTurkey> ynpvisitor37, you should change to HandyDandyTurkey
15:46:31 <ynpvisitor37> Thank goodness, I can still do things by myself!!
15:51:17 <SmirkeyTurkey> Glad Kat seems to be ok. Those sudden stops really hurt later.
15:52:31 <ynpvisitor37> Yes I"m thankful that Kat went to get checked
16:00:53 <ynpvisitor37> If that was turbana minute ago Grand will erupt during OF :)
16:00:53 <SmirkeyTurkey> Grand never went off today?
16:01:33 <SmirkeyTurkey> How could I have missed it?
16:01:34 <ynpvisitor37> Grabnd now
16:02:38 <SmirkeyTurkey> But that means I missed it around noon or so.
16:03:36 <SmirkeyTurkey> Maybe around d the time of beehive
16:05:26 <ynpvisitor37> about ten am for last?
16:05:36 <GO TURKEY> hello...change of plans and I an do the cam for a little bit if needed, otherwise I am busy too
16:06:17 <ynpvisitor37> I'v e got it Graham if you have things to do. Joe here
16:06:34 <GO TURKEY> great, thank you
16:06:41 <GO TURKEY> dome
16:07:45 <ynpvisitor37> I'm giad we got a Grand it has not been seen in a while :)
16:10:25 <ynpvisitor37> Look like a second
16:31:23 <ynpvisitor37> Ah! clearing up, just in time for the dark :)
16:37:35 <turkey106> Exactly a day for Grand!
16:38:06 <ynpvisitor37> We should see Riverside and Aurum here then in 50 min I'll have to shift the view to catch Daisy
16:39:29 <ynpvisitor37> Actually Daisy before rside
16:40:23 <ynpvisitor37> Dome Ie
17:15:01 <turkey108> daisy ie
17:15:08 <Joe> Daisy
18:01:31 <turkey91> super dark
18:03:32 <turkey44> Joe, I'm f you combine your name, Joe, with the word turkey, you get jokey
18:03:46 <turkey44> If you combine