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06:28:56 <turkey68> is tat lion or an icicle?
06:29:39 <CC> Morning all
06:29:57 <CC> Joe do you want me to take cam?
06:29:58 <Joe> morning CC
06:30:07 <Joe> yes
06:30:28 <CC> got it
06:30:47 <Joe> #68 just a reflection on the dome
06:31:01 <turkey68> k, thanks
06:31:25 <turkey68> lion is further right, isnt it?
06:31:41 <Joe> yes
06:32:59 <Joe> hopefully we will see Grand
06:33:44 <turkey68> radar looks clear, should be a pretty day
06:33:54 <turkey68> unless it fogs in
06:47:55 <Joe> CC I hope you get a good view this morning, the prior wans have not been the best
07:01:14 <turkey68> lots of steam ... is that Grotto?
07:01:47 <Joe> Looks like
07:04:14 <Joe> By the looks of spasmodic when grand erupts there will be no question.
07:16:21 <turkey68> uhoh here is the fog bank
07:24:30 <Joe> Grand
07:24:52 <CC> I think it is IE
07:25:06 <Joe> yes ie
07:33:39 <CC> OF
07:59:57 <turkey39> BH steamer or bubbler?
08:02:45 <Cooper> gOOD mORNING eVERYONE
08:02:53 <Cooper> Good Morning Everyone***
08:05:07 <turkey39> Aurum?
08:05:24 <turkey39> no
08:06:25 <LindaG> Cooper, hi
08:06:36 <LindaG> good morning all!
08:07:05 <Cooper> Hi Linda
08:07:08 <LindaG> Nice light
08:07:35 <LindaG> CC, hi
08:10:32 <Cooper> 39, to answer your question most likely Steamer, because if it was bubbler Bee would most likely Bee soon, and Linda is here, thus Bee can not erupt soon, thus it was BSB Steamer, P.S. I only saw steam:D
08:16:36 <LindaGt> Bison looking for breakfast
09:09:02 <CC> OF
09:09:19 <LindaGt> Nice
09:10:48 <LindaGt> Frosty
10:46:51 <ynpvisitor13> morning Fluffy
10:52:26 <ynpvisitor13> did bubbler join in or just steam vent?
10:54:11 <ynpvisitor13> hello bubbler
10:54:13 <Cooper> Bubbler
10:55:36 <ynpvisitor13> now all we need is for the intervals to shorten up
10:55:58 <ynpvisitor13> although there could have been one during Old Faithful
11:37:56 <ynpvisitor13> south bubbler
11:41:10 <ynpvisitor13> indy or no indy, that is the question
11:42:09 <cream cheese> No more turkey for you!
11:43:30 <ynpvisitor13> Aurum seemed very quiet when we zoomed in earlier
11:53:51 <turkey26> Bison looking for leftovers in the meadow.
11:55:03 <cream cheese> Kevin may have some of his salad left over?
11:56:03 <ynpvisitor13> bubbler
12:00:24 <ynpvisitor13> and done
12:00:57 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Nope. They ate it all.
12:07:09 <LindaG> Hi all
12:07:24 <LindaG> Bee looks to be back on schedule
12:07:59 <cream cheese> Need to buy more of those red fruits.
12:08:57 <ynpvisitor13> Go bee
12:09:02 <cream cheese> Can't you grow them?
12:09:17 <ynpvisitor13> that was a nice splash
12:09:48 <ynpvisitor13> of course, we are in Old Faithful
12:09:53 <ynpvisitor13> 's window
12:10:16 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I grow them
12:11:39 <cream cheese> I thought you just had aid trees. Lime Aid, Lemon Aid.
12:18:08 <ynpvisitor13> erupt fluffy
12:18:22 <ynpvisitor13> yay
12:21:30 <ynpvisitor13> a long
12:22:37 <ynpvisitor13> thank you Old Faithful
12:27:33 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> seems like I'm in time for Bee
12:28:31 <cream cheese> Could bee or not could bee, oh so many questions.
12:35:58 <Cooper> Who called out the snow plows?
12:47:17 <Betty> hi all
12:47:26 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> evening Betty
12:47:53 <Betty> happy birthday JarnoO :-)
12:48:02 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> thanks :)
12:48:43 <Betty> you had a nice day?
12:49:04 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> yes, family came by this afternoon
12:49:16 <Betty> nice
12:51:27 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi Betty & JarnoO
12:51:46 <Betty> hi Kevin
12:52:13 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Quiet here now.
12:52:23 <Joe> Lion
12:52:39 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> yep, looks like an ini
12:54:01 <Betty> hi Joe
12:54:14 <Joe> Hi Betty
12:55:13 <turkey97> indy?
12:56:02 <turkey97> oh bubbler
12:56:31 <Joe> That looks indy
12:57:08 <Joe> or not
12:57:44 <LindaG> It's those snow pixels šŸ˜‰
12:58:03 <LindaG> Hi again
12:58:15 <Betty> hey LindaG
12:58:25 <LindaG> Betty, hi
12:58:33 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> hi
12:58:43 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, hi
12:59:41 <Betty> I sent some pics, Kevin
13:00:15 <LindaG> Snow doggies
13:00:32 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I love those big red wheels.
13:01:51 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> The tender is cool too.
13:03:30 <LindaG> Parking lot looks good in snow
13:03:34 <Betty> did not know it was coming for this weekend, we just saw it by chance
13:03:55 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> That is lucky
13:09:55 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> South
13:12:47 <Cooper1> Hi Betty, Hi Jarno
13:12:58 <Cooper1> Happy Birthday Jarno
13:13:28 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> thanks :)
13:15:18 <Cooper1> 14 min BSB interval, that is nice
13:16:58 <Betty> hi Cooper
13:17:55 <Cooper1> Happy end to a very active Atlantic hurricane season too:D
13:19:03 <turkey97> now we are in Grand
13:19:06 <turkey97> s window
13:20:21 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> should note that most systems 'merely' reached tropical storm status
13:22:48 <Cooper1> 18 named storms, 6 of which were hurricanes, 3 of which were major. Good ration 1/3 of names storms were hurricanes, average is 1/3
13:23:32 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> and then you have the 2017 season... :P
13:23:55 <Cooper1> Haha
13:24:30 <Cooper1> Which had a ratio of over 1/2
13:24:34 <Cooper1> BSB
13:28:59 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> Castle
13:38:16 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> BH after 1400
13:38:37 <turkey97> oh, where are you going?
13:39:01 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Church time.
13:39:26 <turkey97> ah
13:40:13 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> South ie
13:40:14 <turkey97> bubbler
13:40:30 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> It knows.
13:40:36 <turkey39> bad wind direction for catching BH on static today if it goes during OF
13:41:01 <turkey97> I think it waits for Grand
13:41:17 <turkey39> OF?
13:42:20 <turkey39> Grand could go during OF too
13:45:26 <turkey39> yeah,
13:45:28 <turkey39> OF
13:49:56 <turkey97> indy
13:50:09 <turkey97> ie
13:50:37 <Betty> yeah
13:50:45 <turkey97> is Grand going also?
13:50:52 <LindaG> Yay
13:51:00 <LindaG> Thx for txt
13:51:07 <turkey97> nope
13:51:13 <turkey118> Thank you for the text!
13:52:38 <Kitt> Aurum
13:53:08 <Kitt> 1352 ie wc
13:53:13 <Betty> cool
13:53:25 <LindaG> Wow
13:53:32 <Kitt> Kevin is definitely getting ready to leave
13:53:34 <turkey118> :heart::heart::heart:
13:54:03 <Kitt> glad Aurum went before bee
13:56:30 <Kitt> oh do a boom start bee
13:57:39 <Kitt> hopefully Grand waits
13:59:03 <Kitt> no Grand yet
14:01:45 <turkey39> do any start, just start...
14:02:36 <Kat> Go Bee
14:04:39 <Kitt> Climb Beehive, Climb!
14:04:41 <Kat> :bee::bee::bee:
14:04:43 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> :bee:
14:04:54 <Cooper1> :D:D:D
14:05:03 <Kitt> it is a gusher of hot water
14:05:32 <Kitt> I think indy was probably near start
14:07:05 <Cooper1> Lion could start here during Bee
14:07:55 <Kitt> don't think it wants to
14:08:09 <Kitt> Grand could be erupting though
14:08:42 <Kitt> bye Kevin
14:08:53 <Cooper1> Well, nice Bee, goodbye
14:09:10 <Kat> Thanks for text!
14:10:43 <Kitt> good to the last drop
14:11:26 <Kitt> Grand sure is taking its time
14:11:54 <Kitt> Grand
14:12:02 <Kitt> tahdah
14:12:13 <Betty> :-)
14:12:29 <turkey118> timing is so good this hour!
14:12:31 <Kitt> it is good when the geysers take turns
14:13:27 <Kitt> have a good day
14:15:12 <Joe1> Here is the recent Aurum
14:16:47 <LindaG> What a show!
14:18:29 <Betty> hi Wild Eric
14:19:13 <Eric> Hello
14:19:40 <Eric> Just cleaning up after thanksgiving :-D
14:21:34 <LindaG> Eric, hi
14:27:09 <turkey118> Thanks cam op for a beautiful geyser hour! See ya'll later, have a great evening!
14:27:21 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> cya #118
14:31:42 <Betty> headed out, enjoy Oblong, Daisy and Churn and the rest of the sunday.
14:31:52 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> cya Betty
14:32:42 <Betty> and a great birthday evening to you, Jarno :-)
14:33:14 <JarnoO šŸŽ‚> thanks :)
15:31:59 <turkey74> riverside
15:32:14 <turkey74> lion
16:57:21 <Cooper1> Here enjoy some yummy mac and cheese