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04:48:43 <LindaG> Merry christmas joe!
04:49:13 <LindaG> Merry Christmas all!
04:54:55 <ChrisO> Merry Christmas Everyone!@
04:55:14 <LindaG> ChrisO, you too!
05:11:31 <Joe> Merry Christmas everyone
05:16:17 <ynpvisitorCC> Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas
06:24:23 <CamSanta> taking cam
06:24:48 <Joe> I think Grand was ie at 0610 but will wait for the E-time, as yhe view was noy the best
06:25:14 <CamSanta> ok
06:25:43 <Joe> yhe=the noy = not
06:26:03 <CamSanta>
06:26:19 <CamSanta> well the icicle already got me this morning
06:33:01 <Joe> OF window
06:33:33 <Joe> Linda are you there
06:33:43 <Joe> Yep she is
06:33:50 <CamSanta> oops thx
06:48:48 <CamSanta> looks like might be a nice day
06:53:20 <CamSanta> hope I don't miss this ☹
06:54:45 <Joe> Here you go
06:54:55 <CamSanta> OF
06:56:22 <Joe> Have you noticed how OF picks you to have a long interval ?/ :)
06:57:03 <CamSanta> Joe, yes! i thought i was imagining things. lol
06:57:19 <Joe> :)
06:59:04 <CamSanta> i was thinking of all the times i have had to wait what were the chamces it went in the first 3 min.
07:01:36 <Joe> OF likes to 'tease' you, It must know your personality.
07:02:58 <CamSanta> joe a lot of steam! grand inthink
07:03:06 <Joe> I think Grand
07:03:16 <Joe> ie
07:03:20 <CamSanta> yes
07:03:44 <Joe> nice
07:05:44 <Joe> oblong also
07:05:52 <Joe> I think
07:07:18 <CamSanta> that bison is still there
07:07:28 <Joe> Nope just big Sprinkler
07:08:52 <CamSanta> I lose track of where oblong is, sometimes
07:09:21 <Joe> that is easy to do :)
07:10:26 <CamSanta> nice yule log this morning
07:11:22 <KittyM> Good morning you two, and Merry Christmas
07:12:08 <CamSanta> KittyM, morning, Merry Christmas!
07:12:25 <Joe> Hi Kitty,, Merry Christmas
07:14:19 <CamSanta> lion
07:14:23 <Joe> Lion
07:15:23 <Joe> They Geysers are treating CamSanta this morning :)
07:16:22 <CamSanta> Joe, was thinking the same thing. the geysers are with me on Christmas.
07:17:24 <CamSanta> Joe, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all you do all year for me and everyone.
07:17:26 <Joe> Better keep an eye on Giant and Giantess :)
07:17:41 <CamSanta>
07:19:01 <CamSanta> looks like an ini
07:19:36 <Joe> Yes
07:21:52 <CamSanta> ah and there's LC
07:27:07 <CamSanta> that looks like oblong ie
07:28:09 <CamSanta> bilger ie
07:28:16 <CamSanta> *bulger
07:35:04 <CamSanta> bee steamers
07:35:15 <CamSanta> splashes
07:40:58 <CamSanta> churn looks active
07:41:21 <CamSanta> now if sprinkler would stop
07:44:43 <CamSanta> bulger ie
07:49:45 <Joe> Probably grotto but... watch the whole view (top might br Giant
07:50:11 <CamSanta> I think maybe arty
07:50:31 <CamSanta> that is a lot of steam
07:50:55 <CamSanta> well arty too
07:51:42 <Joe> Really hard to tell, can already see it is not Giant
07:52:44 <CamSanta> churn likes active bit bad light couldn't see water
07:53:32 <CamSanta> *looked
07:55:12 <CamSanta> peeps on christmas
07:56:44 <CamSanta> bsb I think
07:58:46 <CamSanta> LC ie
08:01:58 <CamSanta> bee is hot
08:04:23 <CamSanta> bsb end
08:06:31 <CamSanta> wow again down basin
08:08:39 <CamSanta> hi cooper MC!
08:09:18 <Cooper> aloha Linda, MC, or if you're in Australia, merry day after christmas
08:10:01 <CamSanta> aurum
08:10:02 <CamSanta> .
08:10:02 <CamSanta> .
08:10:03 <CamSanta> .
08:10:20 <Cooper> the geysers like me today
08:10:32 <CamSanta> .they like me too
08:12:22 <Cooper> BSB
08:12:32 <Cooper> and it is all because I am here :p:p:p
08:13:12 <CamSanta> Cooper, 😊
08:13:43 <Cooper> Hi Ryan MC
08:13:47 <Ryan> Hmm. Still no SB water
08:13:56 <Ryan> Merry Christmas to y’all too
08:14:14 <CamSanta> Ryan, merry christmas!
08:15:23 <CamSanta> IF ie
08:15:30 <CamSanta> *Lc
08:16:02 <CamSanta> not LC
08:16:03 <Ryan> MC, CamSanta
08:16:33 <Ryan> Nice, oblong. Was there water?
08:17:30 <CamSanta> Ryan, I couldn't see it but oblong was huge
08:17:40 <CamSanta> bad lighting
08:18:00 <CamSanta> seems like churn was hot too bit bad lighting
08:20:52 <Ryan3> Oops. Oblong is impressively large. The web cam values it look bigger than it already is
08:23:11 <ynpvisitor1> Aurum recent video
08:23:22 <ynpvisitor25> KevinS
08:23:41 <CamSanta> even SC. wants in on the act
08:25:41 <CamSanta> thx Joe almost missed that aurum
08:26:31 <CamSanta> OF
08:27:39 <ZuZu's Petals> Merry Christmas CamSanta Merry Christmas!
08:28:18 <CamSanta> ZuZu's Petals, Merry christmas!
08:28:42 <CamSanta> ah helloZuZu's Petals, hello
08:28:59 <ZuZu's Petals> no ggod Elf names...
08:29:02 <ZuZu's Petals> good
08:29:17 <Cooper> ZuZu's Petals = Lori?
08:29:35 <ZuZu's Petals> Merry Christmas Cooper, Yes. :)
08:29:46 <Cooper> Hi Lori Merry Merry Christmas
08:31:00 <Cooper> if you want a good laugh, this is a good laugh. you need to watch the whole thing to get the full laugh
08:31:05 <CamSanta> lion ie
08:31:10 <Joe> ion
08:31:20 <CamSanta> big time
08:33:29 <CamSanta> serious bubblers on bee
08:36:37 <ZuZu's Petals> Cooper, That's funny. :)
08:37:27 <CamSanta> bee qatcher
08:37:30 <Cooper> it is, if someone did that to you, you would die.(there goes me burying you again)
08:37:39 <CamSanta> nope not interested
08:37:50 <ZuZu's Petals> Cooper, and on CHRISTMAS, Geez. :p
08:38:12 <Cooper> oh ok....
08:38:58 <ZuZu's Petals> CamSanta, Got a lump of coal for Cooper?
08:39:10 <Cooper> :p
08:39:30 <CamSanta> hold on bee not now
08:39:33 <Cooper> I will use it to burn your body to ashes!!!! :p:p:p KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING
08:40:36 <Cooper> Hi Kevin
08:40:41 <Cooper> Merry Christmas
08:40:46 <ZuZu's Petals> Merry Christmas Kevin
08:41:01 <Kevin L™🎄> Merry Christmas to all.
08:41:09 <Cooper> I got your email, thanks, cool engine!!!
08:41:33 <Kevin L™🎄> That was Dan on the top fixing the whistle.
08:42:13 <CamSanta> that's a weird dark spot on geyser hill
08:42:22 <Cooper> we have a question, can you give us the gingerbread waffles recipie
08:42:32 <CamSanta> Kevin L™🎄, Merry Christmas!
08:43:10 <ZuZu's Petals> CamSanta, Cooper's coal :p
08:43:26 <CamSanta> ZuZu's Petals, 🤣
08:43:26 <Kevin L™🎄> Here is the recipe:
08:43:32 <Cooper> thanks
08:43:52 <Kevin L™🎄> BTW the King Arthur flour is way better than the normal stuff.
08:44:17 <CamSanta> Cooper, yes ive had some very quite a while
08:44:41 <CamSanta> that was for kevin
08:44:54 <KittyM> 🎄Hi everyone and Merry Christmas! 🎄
08:45:02 <Kevin L™🎄> Hi
08:45:03 <ZuZu's Petals> Kevin L™🎄, thanks for that. I have everything but the specific flours and the sour cream.
08:45:34 <ZuZu's Petals> Merry Christmas KittyM
08:45:47 <Kevin L™🎄> Works with Buttermilk and regular flour too but not quite as good.
08:47:32 <CamSanta> a lot of steam on bee
08:47:48 <ZuZu's Petals> Kevin L™🎄, I have Wheat Montana unbleached. Just need their whole wheat and I'm set.
08:48:09 <CamSanta> bab definitely
08:48:16 <CamSanta> *bsb
08:50:23 <JarnoO> morning all
08:50:48 <ZuZu's Petals> Merry Christmas JarnoO (This is Lori)
08:51:33 <JarnoO> Merry Christmas to all of you
08:51:41 <JarnoO> good surge
08:51:58 <CamSanta> JarnoO, merry christmas
08:53:01 <ZuZu's Petals> Pretty view of Electric Peak
08:53:51 <CamSanta> that is prety
08:55:49 <ZuZu's Petals> Bet it's gorgeous on Swan Lake Flats right now
08:56:43 <ZuZu's Petals> Deere on the Mammoth cam :)
08:56:50 <ZuZu's Petals> and gone
09:01:31 <ZuZu's Petals> What the heck is that?
09:02:05 <ZuZu's Petals> Thought it was on cam but it gets bigger when you zoom.
09:02:25 <CamSanta> ?
09:02:35 <ZuZu's Petals> The black blob on the hill
09:03:13 <CamSanta> that's what I mentioned before you said coppers coal 😊
09:03:41 <ZuZu's Petals> CamSanta, yep. one and the same.
09:03:41 <CamSanta> *coopers
09:04:05 <CamSanta> i think just ground
09:04:34 <ZuZu's Petals> just odd with the conditions for it to be black
09:04:59 <CamSanta> i agree too much conteast for camera i guess
09:06:09 <ZuZu's Petals> Hahaha. Car stuck at West gate!
09:06:40 <CamSanta> lots of birds
09:07:25 <ZuZu's Petals> Ah, it IS on the cam
09:07:38 <ZuZu's Petals> was
09:07:52 <CamSanta> 🙄
09:15:31 <CamSanta> splashes
09:18:46 <CamSanta> little cub ie
09:27:13 <ZuZu's Petals> Cooper's coal has levitated
09:28:36 <CamSanta> 😯
09:29:04 <CamSanta> depression looks hot
09:36:00 <CamSanta> there it is
09:36:06 <CamSanta> depression ie
09:36:31 <JarnoO> Dome ie static
09:37:59 <CamSanta> ok
09:38:47 <CamSanta> hard tontell
09:39:29 <CamSanta> del still going
09:39:34 <GO SLEEP SANTA> morning
09:39:56 <CamSanta> GO SLEEP SANTA, good morning merry christmas
09:41:16 <GO SLEEP SANTA> had a nice visit to Garden of the Gods yesterday
09:42:14 <GO SLEEP SANTA> Happy New Christmas everyone
09:42:25 <CamSanta> GO SLEEP SANTA, insaw pictures, looked great
09:42:58 <CamSanta> mom enjouy herself?
09:44:03 <GO SLEEP SANTA> yes she did. we had been there years ago, but nice to be back. trail was clear of ice fr a god walk, icy elsewhere
09:44:25 <GO SLEEP SANTA> Dome for Christmas, thats nice
09:44:46 <CamSanta> now if we could only see it
09:48:45 <CamSanta> i see blue sky
09:50:40 <Cooper> GO SLEEP SANTA, which Garden of the Gods, the ones near me in CO?
09:51:44 <GO SLEEP SANTA> yes
09:51:49 <GO SLEEP SANTA> where are the others?
09:52:00 <GO SLEEP SANTA> at my sisters now in Aurora
09:53:20 <Cooper> IDK where the others are
09:53:23 <Cooper> if there are any
09:53:33 <Cooper> Glad you enjoyed it.
09:56:43 <CamSanta> making me wait again
09:59:16 <ZuZu's Petals> Hi Graham. Merry Christmas. (Lori here)
10:00:41 <CamSanta> all yours kevin
10:00:46 <CamSanta> blue aky
10:00:52 <GO SLEEP SANTA> morning, nice to see you getting snow
10:01:19 <ZuZu's Petals> just a skiff LOL
10:02:45 <CamSanta> Kevin's eating those gingerbread waffles
10:04:19 <CamSanta> old faithful
10:04:30 <Kevin L™🎄> I am here
10:05:03 <CamSanta> ok
10:05:14 <CamSanta> you can have. it
10:05:31 <Kevin L™🎄> Have a good Cristmas!
10:05:38 <Kevin L™🎄> Christmas.
10:05:53 <CamSanta> Kevin L™🎄, you too! I have grahams shift at 16:00
10:06:23 <ZuZu's Petals> Have a good middle of the day CamSanta
10:06:38 <CamSanta> ZuZu's Petals, thx enjoy christmas
10:06:58 <ZuZu's Petals> :thumbsup:
10:18:10 <GO SLEEP SANTA> lots of bubblers active
10:27:59 <GO SLEEP SANTA> bsb
10:57:14 <LindaG🎁> Splash
11:01:10 <LindaG🎁> Oh no more zuzu
11:01:58 <🎄Clarence> :)
11:02:58 <LindaG🎁> 😊🤡
11:03:39 <🎄Fruitcake> Sorry. I'm having an identity crisis.
11:03:39 <LindaG🎁> 😀
11:09:31 <🎄Fruitcake i> :)
11:09:49 <Cooper> Hi Ms. Identity Crisis
11:10:02 <🎄Fruitcake i> I know if Dave were here, he would love to call me Fruitcake LOL
11:10:22 <Cooper> yeah he would Fruit Cake:p:p:p
11:10:45 <Kevin L™🎄> I guess that beats crab cake.
11:12:05 <🎄Fruitcake i> And Hi again Cooper
11:12:25 <Cooper> Kevin L™🎄, hi!
11:12:55 <Kevin L™🎄> hi
11:18:53 <Cooper> Aloha Michael
11:19:11 <Michael> Hi Cooper
11:19:37 <LindaG🎁> Hmmm trying to get a room for one night outside Phoenix airport, expensive!
11:20:01 <Fruitcake in We> have you looked at Vrbo or AirBnb?
11:21:00 <LindaG🎁> Fruitcake in West ☕️, no I'll have to do that. Have a hard time paying 200 to sleep a few hours
11:21:43 <Cooper> Linda, Phoenix Sky Harbor?
11:21:49 <LindaG🎁> Yes
11:22:04 <Fruitcake in We> Vrbo charges a booking fee, and vacation rentals usually have a cleaning fee. I will look to see what there is.
11:22:30 <Fruitcake in We> Since I'm SOOOO busy here at work.
11:22:58 <LindaG🎁> 😊 and I'm soooooo busy here
11:23:10 <Fruitcake in We> :)
11:23:18 <Cooper> when will you be there Linda, if you dont mind me asking
11:23:28 <LindaG🎁> I'll be at Grand Canyon so just need a night before I fly out
11:23:48 <LindaG🎁> Cooper, may 12th
11:23:55 <Fruitcake in We> what part of Phoenix has the airport?
11:24:20 <Cooper> how many people, and do you care if pets are allowed?
11:24:54 <LindaG🎁> 2 peeps, allergic no pets
11:25:04 <Cooper> :thumbsup:
11:25:26 <LindaG🎁> Fruitcake in West ☕️, looking at map but not sure
11:25:32 <Fruitcake in We> nevermond, i searched phoenix airport on vrbo :)
11:26:21 <Cooper> Linda,
11:26:49 <Cooper>
11:26:56 <Fruitcake in We> Remember, if you find a good rate on or the like, call the property to see if they will book direct for same rate. Saves them the commission.
11:27:00 <Cooper> ugg, you need to copy it into your URL
11:28:13 <LindaG🎁> Thx you two should start a travel agency 😉
11:30:28 <LindaG🎁> Merry Christmas KevinS
11:32:04 <Fruitcake in We> LindaG🎁, I'm seeing several hotels in the $120's on
11:32:11 <ynpvisitor114> Isn’t it OF time?
11:32:18 <Fruitcake in We> Including Holiday Inn
11:32:45 <Cooper> Lori, same
11:32:51 <Michael> Yes, we're in the OF window.
11:33:16 <KevinS> Merry Christmas LindaG and to all!
11:33:34 <Fruitcake in We> Merry Christmas KevinS
11:33:55 <Fruitcake in We>;label=bdot-YLKLehG9gYGiZhzjWOm8iwS267725060040%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap22%2C590%2C000%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-334108349%3Alp9021351%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=2ba4079af53677e8733b9cf7b5bd62ca;atlas_src=sr_iw_title;checkin=2020-05-12;checkout=2020-05-13;dest_id=11;dest_type=airport;dist=0;group_adults=1;group_childr
11:38:01 <Fruitcake in We> This place looks nice. Rate is $50 in fees. But no reviews. Must be new.;label=bdot-YLKLehG9gYGiZhzjWOm8iwS267725060040%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap22%2C590%2C000%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-334108349%3Alp9021351%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=2ba4079af53677e8733b9cf7b5bd62ca;all_sr_blocks=352573
11:41:18 <Fruitcake in We> nevermind...$100 damage deposit too
11:41:23 <Michael> OF
11:54:18 <GO SLEEP SANTA> i had a nice nap, hope santa did too
11:55:52 <Fruitcake in We> GO SLEEP SANTA, :thumbsup:
11:55:54 <Michael> Welcome back.
11:56:08 <Fruitcake in We> Headed to lunch. BBL
11:59:05 <Kevin L™🎄> Aurum
11:59:07 <Kevin L™🎄> .
11:59:07 <Kevin L™🎄> .
11:59:08 <Kevin L™🎄> .
12:01:37 <GO SLEEP SANTA> BSB?
12:03:21 <GO SLEEP SANTA> BHI?
12:03:22 <GO SLEEP SANTA> .
12:03:22 <GO SLEEP SANTA> .
12:03:22 <GO SLEEP SANTA> .
12:03:22 <GO SLEEP SANTA> .
12:03:49 <Michael> Yes. Thanks for the dings!
12:04:11 <ynpvisitor28> Yep
12:04:38 <Eric> Merry Christmas everyone!
12:04:39 <GO SLEEP SANTA> text sent
12:05:19 <LindaG🎁> Thx for txt
12:05:34 <Eric> On my new and chat working great!
12:05:51 <LindaG🎁> Fruitcake was the sacrifice. Thx
12:06:04 <Kevin L™🎄> You want to come set up my phone?
12:06:13 <Eric> Haha
12:06:28 <Kitt> yay indy
12:07:08 <LindaG🎁> Splash splash
12:07:46 <LindaG🎁> Eric, merry christmas!
12:08:02 <Eric> Thanks Linda
12:16:03 <Kitt> Go high Beehive!
12:16:43 <LindaG🎁> Christmas!
12:16:56 <LindaG🎁> I didnt type that
12:17:16 <Eric> Who did?
12:17:30 <LindaG🎁> I typed uh
12:17:49 <Kevin L™🎄> It was her cat.
12:18:02 <LindaG🎁> It picked the last thing I typed to you
12:18:25 <Kitt> Blast off!
12:18:28 <JarnoO> :bee:
12:18:29 <Kitt> yay
12:18:32 <Kitt> Beehive
12:18:37 <JarnoO> quite the explosive start
12:18:46 <Eric> Delay
12:19:47 <Kevin L™🎄> Nice BH
12:21:15 <Michael> Those half-dozen visitors are getting quite a show.
12:21:31 <Eric> Always nice to have a Christmas BH!
12:21:49 <LindaG🎁> It teased all morning
12:22:15 <Kitt> looks like they have a pretty nice day
12:22:23 <Kitt> a little gloomy maybe
12:22:46 <Kitt> so awesome
12:22:52 <Cooper> very nice Bee so far
12:22:52 <Kitt> thanks for the text
12:22:58 <Cooper> Nice to see one on Christmas
12:23:43 <Kitt> Beehive started at 1218 or is the chat time incorrect?
12:24:40 <Michael> Person who entered it might have been lagged.
12:24:54 <Kitt> happy holidays
12:25:06 <LindaG🎁> Thx kevin
12:27:41 <LindaG🎁> Kitt, you too
12:29:04 <Joe1> Aurum 1158 video
12:36:57 <Kevin L™🎄> Turban?
13:07:52 <JarnoO> SC ie
13:13:39 <ynpvisitor94> it's the Christmas crowd
13:14:07 <Kevin L™🎄> Where is Santa?
13:14:30 <ynpvisitor94> sleeping, he must be exhausted
13:15:38 <ynpvisitor94> or perhaps hanging out incognito in a black suit after having to wear red for almost 2 months
13:15:48 <JarnoO> fluffball
13:16:41 <Fruitcake in We> Thx for Bee txt. I watched on my tiny phone screen at home. :)
13:21:14 <ynpvisitor94> static is way behind today. I wonder how that happens?
13:22:10 <JarnoO> static probably went offline
13:22:11 <Kevin L™🎄> Dave must have broke it.
13:22:12 <JarnoO> OT ie
13:22:22 <ynpvisitor94> why?
13:22:29 <ynpvisitor94> it says 1308 for last frame
13:23:41 <JarnoO> either power went out, internet got disconnected or just a general outage. Nothing can be done against it :(
13:24:42 <Fruitcake in We> Maybe Santa ran into it with his sleigh last night.
13:25:01 <JarnoO> :)
13:36:00 <ynpvisitor94> it's caught up again
13:36:15 <JarnoO> Daisy
13:38:42 <Kent> Need help. My stream doesn't work. Followed directions (obviously incorrectly) given days ago without results.
13:38:56 <Kevin L™🎄> Chrome?
13:39:16 <JarnoO> in the settings tab you need to set the option 'Flash Streaming' on 'On'
13:39:25 <ynpvisitor94> keep refreshing until it works, and if you see a plug in at top of streaming window, click on that too
13:39:27 <Kent> Tried both C & FF
13:40:18 <Fruitcake in We> If I recall, in settings on this page, turn Flash Streaming Off per Joe.
13:40:21 <ynpvisitor94> have you tried in the boxes on right, flash streaming?
13:40:40 <Kent> OK here goes
13:40:53 <ynpvisitor94> mine is on, I am using a MacBook
13:41:09 <Fruitcake in We> Mine is off and I'm on a Mac
13:41:22 <ynpvisitor94> hmmm, that is odd
13:41:45 <ynpvisitor94> whatever I have done, my stream finally starts automatically instead of me having to refresh ten times
13:41:47 <Fruitcake in We> I don't recall the reason, I just recall Joe saying to turn it Off
13:42:02 <Joe> Kent, in Chrome settings do flash allow then on this page set flash off (dark blue)
13:42:10 <Fruitcake in We> I think it was just for those having issues
13:42:17 <Kent> I have both a Mac and PC in front of me and will work on both of them
13:42:20 <Kevin L™🎄> I am in chrome. Turn flash off in the box on this page and click on the lock to allow flash on the lock by the url.
13:42:23 <Kent> OK thanks Joe
13:42:46 <Kevin L™🎄> Off on this page is dark blue.
13:42:49 <Fruitcake in We> Ah, I missed a step :)
13:43:04 <JarnoO> it's a bit counter-intuitive if you'd ask me :)
13:43:25 <Fruitcake in We> I'm in Safari, though
13:43:31 <Kevin L™🎄> I agree Jarno
13:44:30 <Fruitcake in We> Mine seems to work either Off or On :p
13:47:21 <ynpvisitor94> turban
13:47:47 <LindaG🎁> I feel a grand coming on
13:48:34 <ynpvisitor94> I think it would have happened already
13:58:12 <ynpvisitor36> It is now working fine in Safari but not in FF or Chrome. I will keep working on this. Thanks.
13:59:13 <Kevin L™🎄> If I tap the picture on my ipad (chrome) it works.
14:04:05 <ynpvisitor94> another Turban without Grand...
14:04:20 <ynpvisitor19> Chrome working on my iPad also. A bit strange
14:14:37 <LindaG🎁> Pretty light in that area
14:21:46 <ynpvisitor94> all the steam spasmodic is creating, Grand is going to be huge
14:25:36 <Kevin L™🎄> It will wait for the next OF window.
14:25:53 <LindaG🎁> 😊
14:26:04 <ynpvisitor94> that would make for a very long interval
14:26:48 <LindaG🎁> It's up to 7hrs 23 min
14:27:09 <Cooper> Linda, what did you do?
14:27:31 <LindaG🎁> Cooper, I may have broke it
14:27:36 <ynpvisitor94> here's Turban
14:28:01 <Cooper> may have? you mean did?
14:28:17 <LindaG🎁> 😋
14:28:39 <ynpvisitor94> not a one Christmas visitor...
14:29:43 <Kevin L™🎄> It is a shame that you can't see Turban close up. It is beautiful from the back.
14:31:03 <ynpvisitor94> oh well, we wait
14:32:44 <ynpvisitor94> there has not been an 8 hour interval in quite a while
14:47:52 <Chancellor> We are at Old faithful now. I am in blue cindy in yellow
14:48:09 <Chancellor> Saw Beehive earlier
14:48:16 <Kevin L™🎄> By the Inn?
14:48:27 <Chancellor> Yep
14:48:34 <Kevin L™🎄> We see you
14:48:53 <Chancellor> Cindy waving
14:49:32 <LindaG🎁> Hi
14:49:42 <LindaG🎁> Merry Christmas!
14:50:46 <ynpvisitor2> OF
14:53:00 <Chancellor> Merry Christmas, time for ice skating
14:53:12 <Kevin L™🎄> Good luck.
14:53:20 <Michael> Sounds like fun!
14:53:24 <LindaG🎁> Chancellor, enjoy
14:55:00 <Joe> Would someone go to and tellme if you see a video of beehive near the bottom of the page? it is a work in progress site
14:55:50 <LindaG🎁> Yes its there
14:55:51 <ynpvisitor2> oh yes, Joe, it's nice
14:56:08 <Kevin L™🎄> I see it.
14:56:25 <LindaG🎁> Looks real nice joe
14:56:38 <Joe> Thank you It was not playing for me eariler, thanks again
14:56:43 <Michael> Yes here too. Running Firefox.
14:56:51 <Kevin L™🎄> chrome here
14:57:17 <KittyM> Chrome here too
14:57:18 <KevinS> Works on edge
14:57:23 <Joe> Great I was having trouble with Chrome
14:57:32 <LindaG🎁> OT ie
14:57:58 <Kevin L™🎄> Works on iPad Safari too.
14:58:00 <Joe> I appreciate all of you checking for me :)
14:58:41 <LindaG🎁> 👍
15:04:28 <Fruitcake in We> Found a fixer up Bob and I can actually afford:
15:04:45 <Fruitcake in We> Sarcasm not sarcasm
15:05:59 <LindaG🎁> Be nice in the summer
15:06:45 <Fruitcake in We> A few solar panels, Sun shower...
15:06:55 <Kevin L™🎄> Only 40 miles from a school.
15:07:14 <Fruitcake in We> The further from schools the better :)
15:07:59 <LindaG🎁> You could fish and hunt your meals
15:08:01 <Kevin L™🎄> Same price as a cabin with a bath at the lodge for 3 days...
15:08:10 <Michael> :)
15:08:41 <LindaG🎁> Reminds me of little house on the prairie
15:09:10 <ynpvisitor6> No trees.
15:10:14 <ynpvisitor6> I think it is a bit less then Dave Paid for the minnow.
15:10:29 <ynpvisitor6> And e has no trees either.
15:10:45 <Kevin L™🎄> Unless he runs into one.
15:10:58 <Michael> I'm sure you could lift the cabin onto a chassis.
15:11:03 <LindaG🎁> Gonna need an outhouse though
15:11:09 <ynpvisitor6> Only if a deer is in front of it.
15:17:54 <Fruitcake in We> Ha. Walked away for a few minutes. Funny about the tree.
15:18:22 <Fruitcake in We> Looks like it has a composting toilet there behind the curtain.
15:18:52 <Fruitcake in We> Let's see, brand new Jayco with no place to park it. Or, this place.
15:21:11 <ynpvisitor6> 21 acres sounds nice until the neighbors from hell or caulifirnia show up.
15:22:30 <Fruitcake in We> Yep. 1.25M place just to the north.
15:22:46 <LindaG🎁> Pretty view
15:23:19 <Fruitcake in We> Would be windy as heck. Maybe a windmill instead of solar panels.
15:24:16 <LindaG🎁> Good idea
15:24:19 <Fruitcake in We> It's obvious they're selling the land, not the shack.
15:24:52 <Kevin L™🎄> I can relate
15:25:23 <Fruitcake in We> to the wind or the shack? :)
15:25:50 <LindaG🎁> Wi d
15:25:54 <LindaG🎁> Wind
15:26:00 <Kevin L™🎄> The shack
15:26:26 <LindaG🎁> You can call it WindShack
15:26:53 <Fruitcake in We> :)
15:27:20 <Fruitcake in We> Don't think we'd have to worry about off leash dogs there thou :)
15:28:25 <Michael> Do coyotes count?
15:28:31 <LindaG🎁> Half hour to west yellowstone
15:28:47 <Fruitcake in We> you have a valid point
15:28:54 <Fruitcake in We> about the coyotes
15:28:58 <Kevin L™🎄> how about off leash bobcats?
15:29:18 <Fruitcake in We> Wylie is a wild nut. He scares off the local foxes anyway.
15:29:37 <Fruitcake in We> Bobcats are a wee larger
15:29:59 <Fruitcake in We> Possibly an off leash bear or two
15:30:31 <LindaG🎁> Mountain lion?
15:31:09 <Michael> maybe a lost Sasquatch or two.
15:31:16 <Kevin L™🎄> Don't like those either.
15:32:29 <Fruitcake in We> "located in prime big game hunting country" should be my first clue
15:32:42 <LindaG🎁> Some lady In my development claims there was a mountain lion In her back yard a few years ago
15:33:58 <Fruitcake in We> Wood burning stove + no trees = lots of work hauling
15:34:49 <LindaG🎁> And a seasonal creek
15:35:09 <LindaG🎁> Wonder what season
15:35:38 <Fruitcake in We> hehe
15:35:39 <Kevin L™🎄> Probably not winter.
15:35:54 <LindaG🎁> Spring runoff
15:35:59 <Fruitcake in We> Looks like it has vintage plywood floors
15:38:23 <LindaG🎁> Ii wonder if termites like vintage plywood floors
15:39:58 <LindaG🎁> Daisy is thinking about it
15:41:08 <Kevin L™🎄> Turban
15:41:09 <Fruitcake in We> Too much glue. Now the 100% wood logs, well, that's a different story.
15:41:40 <LindaG🎁> Can termites live out there?
15:41:56 <Fruitcake in We> no idea
15:42:08 <Fruitcake in We> Sprinkler
15:42:09 <LindaG🎁> I dont know what their temp threshold is
15:42:22 <Fruitcake in We> Of course, well, ticks
15:42:46 <LindaG🎁> You'll need a lawnmower 😉
15:43:11 <LindaG🎁> Big one
15:43:16 <Kevin L™🎄> Or a herd of sheep.
15:43:30 <LindaG🎁> Lot of possums
15:43:57 <Fruitcake in We> We prefer the natural look. And no possums here I think.
15:44:37 <Fruitcake in We> Maybe Kevin could set us up with some chicken raising know-how ;)
15:44:52 <LindaG🎁> Too cold I guess
15:45:09 <Kevin L™🎄> Keep them away from bobcats.
15:45:23 <Fruitcake in We> Hi Kat!
15:45:40 <Fruitcake in We> Kevin L™🎄, and Wylie dogs, I suppose
15:45:52 <LindaG🎁> Merry Christmas Kat!
15:45:57 <Kevin L™🎄> Yes
15:46:24 <Kat> Wanted to wish all my favorite geyser gazers and geyser geezers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday! You know who you are! :)
15:46:40 <LindaG🎁> 😀
15:46:40 <Fruitcake in We> With all that sage brush, there might be snakes. We could make our own boots.
15:46:57 <Kevin L™🎄> Same to you Kat.
15:46:59 <LindaG🎁> Kevin L™🎄, having a nice day?
15:47:14 <Fruitcake in We> Merry Christmas, Kat!
15:47:19 <LindaG🎁> Kevin L™🎄, that was for kat
15:47:27 <Kevin L™🎄> Down basin isn't playing nice but otherwise yes.
15:47:52 <Kat> I am = got a new air fryer! WooHoo wanted one!
15:48:04 <Kat> I got*
15:48:04 <LindaG🎁> Kat, 👍
15:48:10 <Kevin L™🎄> Does it work?
15:48:34 <Kevin L™🎄> I guess fried air would not have many calories.
15:48:50 <Kat> Haven't tried it! Can't really eat much right now!
15:49:56 <Kat> Right Kevin - my son swears by it. Do you think he's trying to tell me something?
15:50:27 <Kat> Is Joe here?
15:51:19 <Kat> If not I'll e-mail him.
15:51:23 <Kat> :)
15:52:44 <LindaG🎁> I'm thinking king maybe that wasnt grand that Joe and I saw this morning
15:54:20 <Kat> :) brb
16:00:07 <Kevin L™🎄> Controls released
16:00:28 <Michael> Daisy
16:02:17 <CamSanta> got it.
16:04:34 <Kevin L™🎄> Aurum
16:04:37 <Kevin L™🎄> ?
16:04:59 <Kevin L™🎄> Nope
16:05:31 <Kevin L™🎄> Big puff of Doublet steam.
16:05:32 <CamSanta> could be soon
16:06:19 <Kevin L™🎄> For sure. I have to go feed what is left of my chickens.
16:06:34 <CamSanta> poor chickens
16:06:53 <Fruitcake in We> what happened to the others?
16:07:05 <Kevin L™🎄> Bobcat.
16:07:26 <CamSanta> really? wow
16:07:30 <JarnoO> it's getting chilly, 23°F
16:08:07 <Kevin L™🎄> Got most of them. Went right through the wire I had.
16:08:39 <Fruitcake in We> Whoa. So when you mentioned Bobcats earlier, you spoke from experience
16:08:51 <Kevin L™🎄> Yep.
16:09:02 <Fruitcake in We> when was this?
16:09:17 <Kevin L™🎄> Tuesday.
16:09:31 <Fruitcake in We> yesterday Tuesday?
16:09:40 <CamSanta> im surprised you have all that quail
16:09:59 <Fruitcake in We> nice sun there
16:10:02 <Kevin L™🎄> Would have been Monday night/Tuesday morning.
16:10:04 <Fruitcake in We> on the hill
16:10:32 <Fruitcake in We> Oh my. The Easter Eggers too?
16:10:41 <Kevin L™🎄> Yes.
16:10:49 <Fruitcake in We> Nooooo
16:11:03 <Kevin L™🎄> Left me 2 out of 8
16:11:12 <CamSanta> sonsomeone was running around in a bunny suit yesterday
16:11:28 <ynpvisitor36> Not to root against your chickens, but this is cool. I remember weasels from my youth but never bobcats.
16:11:30 <CamSanta> bulger
16:11:32 <CamSanta> ie
16:11:40 <Fruitcake in We> Well, that just sucks. I;m sorry.
16:12:18 <Kevin L™🎄> I am just glad I wasn't taking the Grandkids out to feed them.
16:12:36 <JarnoO> I bet they'd be traumatised
16:12:37 <ynpvisitor36> Agreed
16:12:40 <Fruitcake in We> So you saw the feline in person?
16:12:53 <Kevin L™🎄> We have bobcat traps set up incase they plan to do a repeat performance.
16:13:22 <Fruitcake in We> Can chickens get traumatized? bet tehsurviving 2 need therapy.
16:13:57 <Kevin L™🎄> No, was identified by paw prints and the way it entered and killed the chickens. I have a friend that works for Department of wildlife.
16:14:28 <Fruitcake in We> Pretty sun on OF too
16:14:33 <Kevin L™🎄> They have just been sitting on the roost. It did have an effect on them.
16:14:49 <ynpvisitor36> PBSD?
16:15:00 <Fruitcake in We> ynpvisitor36, :thumbsup:
16:15:20 <Fruitcake in We> As opposed to PSBD
16:15:31 <Kevin L™🎄> It will be nothing like what the bobcat will feel if i catch it.
16:15:36 <CamSanta> bobcat are illusive in Jersey
16:15:59 <Fruitcake in We> Post Steamboat Disorder...when you aren't sure if there will be a next one.
16:16:53 <Michael> Dinner's on the table. Good luck with...whatever's supposed to erupt next!
16:17:11 <CamSanta> Michael, enjoy
16:17:19 <Fruitcake in We> Merry Christmas Michael
16:17:29 <CamSanta> my pot roast has another hour
16:17:39 <Fruitcake in We> Mmmm pot roast
16:17:55 <CamSanta> smells good
16:18:18 <Fruitcake in We> Buffalo Bar makes a killer pot roast sandwich
16:18:21 <JarnoO> speaking of PSBD, no trace on YVO's Steamboat graph implying any minor activity at Steamboat for the past 6 days or so
16:19:02 <CamSanta> now I'm hungry
16:19:02 <Fruitcake in We> JarnoO, saw that. Waiting on tonight's temp update with baited breath
16:21:14 <Fruitcake in We> Washburn South is getting pretty
16:21:48 <CamSanta> sure is
16:23:14 <Fruitcake in We> brb
16:23:19 <CamSanta> OF making me wait again
16:30:01 <CamSanta> OF
16:31:48 <ynpvisitor36> Static nice
16:32:42 <CamSanta> yeah
16:34:10 <CamSanta> wb
16:34:33 <Fruitcake in We> thx. had to run a few things to a vacant cabin
16:39:35 <ynpvisitor15> So Grand was never seen?
16:40:51 <CamSanta> nope
16:41:16 <ynpvisitor15> I wonder when it went. I left at about 7 hr 36 and it seemed then like Turban was active
16:45:21 <Fruitcake in We> steaming pretty good right now
16:45:53 <Fruitcake in We> or something down that way is
16:46:27 <JarnoO> Probably Rift and/or WT
16:47:06 <ynpvisitor15> looks like Rift, steam drifting under bw to other side
16:47:26 <ynpvisitor15> have we seen the sunset sky?
16:47:30 <CamSanta> maybe WT
16:48:13 <ynpvisitor15> a lot of steam toward the rocks for WT, WT steam seems to be going straight up
16:48:39 <ynpvisitor15> so no Rift
16:48:45 <ynpvisitor15> thanks for close up
16:49:01 <Fruitcake in We> yes, thx CamSanta
16:49:11 <ynpvisitor15> not much color this evening
16:49:51 <ynpvisitor15> might be cold tonight with those clear skies
16:51:51 <Fruitcake in We> bit of western sky on west gate cam but mostly cloudy out here
16:53:53 <Fruitcake in We> We have lift off on the SB temp graph...
16:54:56 <CamSanta> check out washburn southwest
16:56:46 <ynpvisitor15> the cloud?
16:56:53 <ynpvisitor15> it is almost all one tone
16:56:57 <JarnoO> 'Riverside
16:56:59 <CamSanta> rivwrside
16:57:05 <Fruitcake in We> wind mustve picked up
16:57:05 <ynpvisitor15> did you meant Electric?
16:57:10 <ynpvisitor15> It is glowing right now
16:57:29 <Fruitcake in We> look at wb now
16:57:36 <ynpvisitor15> can see a bit of color now
16:57:41 <ynpvisitor15> on Washburn
16:57:44 <KevinS> Riverside?
16:57:49 <JarnoO> yes
16:58:06 <CamSanta> orange sky on Washburn butn it got cloudy
16:58:39 <ynpvisitor15> I like the sun setting behind Electric
16:58:56 <CamSanta> its pretty
16:59:24 <ynpvisitor15> it would have been fun to see Grand. I will look forward to seeing an E time posted eventually
16:59:59 <CamSanta> no idea what happened to it.
17:00:48 <Kevin L™🎄> Someone said the monitor on Grand has failed.
17:01:12 <CamSanta> that's a real nice riverside
17:01:30 <CamSanta> LC ie
17:01:40 <ynpvisitor36> Best Riverside in ages!@
17:01:41 <Fruitcake in We> if revierside steams that much, imagine Giant in winter
17:02:02 <Fruitcake in We> *Riverside
17:02:18 <ynpvisitor36> Perhaps end of the world big?
17:03:03 <ynpvisitor36> Run for the bunker Marge...
17:03:28 <CamSanta> 😊
17:03:54 <Fruitcake in We> Better take extra blankets
17:04:27 <CamSanta> aurum
17:04:28 <CamSanta> .
17:04:29 <CamSanta> .
17:04:44 <Kevin L™🎄> :)
17:04:49 <KevinS> Delay here
17:04:56 <CamSanta> .almost missed it
17:05:05 <CamSanta> can't see much
17:06:21 <ynpvisitor36> About 2/3s of GH should be tarped this time of year.
17:07:03 <ynpvisitor15> tarped? For what?
17:08:48 <ynpvisitor36> reduce thermal fog
17:09:00 <JarnoO> I doubt tarping GHG will get you anything. It'll create more steam as time passes by due to water always finding a new outlet one way or another
17:09:39 <CamSanta> looks nice
17:09:47 <ynpvisitor15> agree with Jarno
17:10:19 <JarnoO> plus, sealing off the Hill might also induce a steam explosion creating a crater that cannot be filled, thus you also end up with probably an even thicker plume due to the likely large size the crater will have
17:11:09 <KevinS> Great view camsanta
17:11:15 <CamSanta> squatch
17:11:37 <ynpvisitor36> Currier & Ives
17:12:50 <CamSanta> I miss the sunsets from old cam
17:13:11 <CamSanta> KevinS, 👍
17:13:40 <ynpvisitor36> You doing MLK this year? I am feeling the need to head north.
17:15:40 <CamSanta> MLK?
17:16:38 <Kent> Jan 20th
17:16:50 <CamSanta> oh
17:17:56 <ynpvisitor15> CamSanta doesn't go to the park in winter
17:18:21 <CamSanta> not yet anyway
17:18:26 <Kent> Wrong Santa, sorry
17:18:27 <Fruitcake in We> 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath cabin for ya for $194 a night...
17:18:45 <ynpvisitor15> Kent needs 3 bedrooms, ha
17:18:48 <Fruitcake in We> 6 beds, bring your friends
17:19:20 <Kent> I do need 3 beds, stuff not peeps :(
17:20:33 <Fruitcake in We> one br has a king and a twin so your stuff can have the king LOL
17:20:52 <CamSanta> Fruitcake in West☕️, 😃
17:28:51 <Fruitcake in We> Not sure what this means, but since I got back from lunch, I've eaten a full jar of ocikle chips. LOL
17:29:10 <Fruitcake in We> *pickle (oh my)
17:29:54 <CamSanta> my tongue would be pickled and salted for days
17:30:33 <Fruitcake in We> Mt Olive pickles are just addicting. I usually drink all the juice before i can eat the pickles
17:31:39 <Fruitcake in We> Fruitcake and pickles. Mmmm?
17:32:15 <CamSanta> you are a pickled fruitcake
17:32:39 <CamSanta> 😉
17:32:53 <Fruitcake in We> hehe So, I'm also soaked in booze?
17:35:11 <CamSanta> not a bad thing 😁
17:37:00 <ynpvisitor15> you drink pickle juice?
17:37:32 <Fruitcake in We> ynpvisitor15, Yes, indeed. Quenches thrist better than water.
17:37:42 <Fruitcake in We> *thirst
17:38:33 <CamSanta> Lc ie
17:38:56 <ynpvisitor15> can't imagine.
17:40:08 <KevinS> If hiking all day, pickle juice is a must.
17:40:36 <ynpvisitor15> can you buy it, without the pickles?
17:40:51 <ynpvisitor15> I have never hiked with anyone that used it
17:41:16 <Pickled Fruitca> ynpvisitor15, Yes, but a jar with the pickles costs about the same
17:42:02 <Pickled Fruitca> According to Mt Olive, the pickles need the juice and the juice needs the pickles for the best taste of either one
17:42:29 <Pickled Fruitca> I asked them once why they don't bottle just their juice...
17:43:14 <CamSanta> my pot roast is done. so Merry Christmas everyone!
17:43:35 <CamSanta> ill leave cam right here, lion to castle
17:43:40 <Pickled Fruitca> Merry Christmas CamSanta, and enjoy! Thanks for driving.
17:44:11 <KevinS> Pickle juice is available in our local outdoor shops. But hey, I am in Arkansas too.
17:44:11 <Pickled Fruitca> And making ny Christmas Day much better here at work.
17:44:12 <CamSanta> Pickled Fruitcake 🥃, YW AND Thx
17:44:25 <CamSanta> controls released
17:46:18 <🥃 Lori S> Castle kinda looks ie
17:47:54 <🥃 Lori S> so hard to tell though
17:49:45 <LindaG> I checked it a couple of times
17:50:25 <LindaG> It did look like it was doing something but no water
17:50:43 <🥃 Lori S> How do I quit twice in a row?
17:50:57 <LindaG> 😊
17:51:26 <JarnoO> I've observed Castle doing that ever since its window ended, so probably had a minor earlier
17:51:56 <🥃 Lori S> Ah, OK
17:52:18 <LindaG> Unadjusted camera for lights
17:52:28 <LindaG> I
17:52:36 <LindaG> * I adjusted
17:56:36 <LindaG> Car lights?
17:56:46 <LindaG> Yup
17:57:06 <🥃 Lori S> snowcoach...
17:57:20 <LindaG> Ah
17:57:42 <🥃 Lori S> Has to be either NPS or Xanterra this time of night
17:59:22 <🥃 Lori S> another one
18:01:11 <LindaG> 🥃 Lori S, goodnight, it's always nice to have company, thx
18:01:27 <🥃 Lori S> I'm logging off too. And same here. :)
18:01:54 <LindaG> 😊
18:10:21 <ynpvisitor58> SB water is back
18:10:51 <ynpvisitor58> Given the flatline trace again it makes me wonder if it keeps making ice dams at the beginning of each return of water