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06:49:37 <GO 2019> zzzzz
06:50:50 <Joe> sleepy image is far better than a foggy image :)
06:58:21 <Kat> Morning Joe! Happy New Years Eve!
07:00:43 <Joe> Hi Kat, Same to you :)
07:02:01 <Kat> Have to wait for the basin to wake up!
07:36:37 <JarnoO> morning all
07:36:44 <ChrisO> morning Jarno
07:38:12 <Ryan (desk)> Quiet morning.
07:38:28 <Ryan (desk)> Are even the geysers rolling out of 2019 in a sleepy daze wondering "wtf was that?"
07:41:35 <Rice> 2019, Giant slept again, No F&M, Steamboat continued.
07:42:07 <Ryan (desk)> Aurum stole all of F&M and Giant's energy.
07:42:09 <Dave from 2019> Ryan, I saw your FB post regarding your snake. I hope I didn't offend you with any posts. I respect a person's right to have whatever pet they want. It's in my nature to try to joke about everything. It is how I cope with everyday life.
07:42:14 <JarnoO> Aurum
07:42:15 <JarnoO> .
07:42:16 <JarnoO> .
07:42:17 <JarnoO> .
07:42:30 <Ryan (desk)> Guesss my 0628 was wrong.
07:42:40 <ynpvisitor76> yay, Aurum
07:42:57 <Ryan (desk)> Thats a weak aurum
07:44:18 <ynpvisitor76> maybe Giant and F&M steal all of Aurum's energy now
07:44:29 <GO 2019> Giant and Morning erupted in 2019 as well as SB ... a good year
07:45:05 <Ryan (desk)> SB is boring
07:45:09 <Ryan (desk)> I want more, Graham
07:45:39 <GO 2019> Morning Trifectas and dual wth Morning's Thief are not boring
07:45:58 <Ryan (desk)> I havent seen those yet
07:49:12 <Dave from 2019> Morning events are my #2 geyser memory after SB. All 3 Morning eruptions have been fun. I highly recommend it Ryan:)
07:50:11 <Dave from 2019> Just make sure you plan your Morning visit around the NPS paving schedule:)
07:50:29 <Dave from 2019> I still feel so bad for your 2019 park visit:(
07:51:22 <Ryan (desk)> Morning was hard. I missed that one by only a couple hours once. I also missed Ledge because I was stupid.
07:51:39 <Ryan (desk)> I was more OK with the situation that I expected I would be. Hope was crushed.
07:52:13 <Ryan (desk)> She really wanted to see SB. We had good days otherwise, but it was hard on her to ge that worked up for it and then have her chances killed because of that.
07:52:20 <Ryan (desk)> I hurt for her more than myself.
07:52:30 <Dave from 2019> Yeah....gazing brings a lot of empty hours of nothing but special eruptions caught make it all worth it.
07:53:01 <Ryan (desk)> Her tradeoff was the photo flight over the park. She walways wanted to fly in a small plane where she had some kind of control over it.
07:53:37 <Ryan (desk)> I appreciate the sympathy, but we had an outstanding triop -asking for more vioa SB would have been selfish.
07:56:07 <Ryan (desk)> Dave, I wouldnt say those hours were empty. There were a lot of good times in those waits.
07:56:08 <Dave from 2019> I feel for those that travel thousands of miles to see geysers. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live 3 hours from SB.
07:56:35 <Dave from 2019> Yep....just being in YNP is worth every second
07:56:44 <Ryan (desk)> Shenanigans with Will at F&M, Tara and Tom at Steamboat, and miscellanoues events with the Sputs all through the park are just as nice as the eruptions.
07:58:19 <Dave from 2019> Yep. socializing brings lots of good memories. I still laugh at the guy who helped himself to Craig's chair at SB
07:59:40 <Dave from 2019> I still remember when we met. It was a beautiful nighttime Grand
08:00:49 <Ryan (desk)> Yep, I remember that, too.
08:00:57 <Ryan (desk)> That was the night I met Will, too.
08:01:03 <Joe1> Aurum Video recent
08:01:55 <Kat> :)
08:01:59 <Kat> joe
08:02:32 <Dave from 2019> BTW, Ryan, I lived with a Burmese Python for about 9 months
08:02:36 <GO 2019> i hope Will gets to see SB this summer
08:02:52 <Dave from 2019> I never really saw it move but my wife did
08:03:25 <Dave from 2019> So, what gazers are still waiting for SB #1?
08:04:01 <Kat> Not me
08:04:40 <Kat> Just hoping to see it again in 2020
08:05:14 <Dave from 2019> Yeah, Michelle and I and hopefully Becca will be hitting SB hard in April and May
08:05:49 <Dave from 2019> I know Pat snyder is still trying to catch SB
08:09:56 <Kat> I missed OF - not feeling well today. Sorry
08:24:58 <JarnoO> morning kc
08:26:26 <KevinS> My wife missed steamboat in 2018. I was able to catch 2 this year and one morning dual. Hoping she catch at least one of those in 2020. They are worth the wait.
08:30:40 <Dave from 2019> I love the extra energy from Fountain during a trifecta. It is truly amazing. 3 hours and it is not wimpy at any time
08:31:25 <kc (working)> mornin Jarno, et al
08:32:47 <Dave from 2019> Morning kc. It has been awhile.
08:33:30 <Kat> Bulger
08:33:48 <kc (working)> indeed
08:34:44 <Dave from 2019> Good luck to your Bills this weekend
08:37:46 <Kat> OT
08:38:09 <kc (working)> thanks Dave
08:38:47 <Dave from 2019> Are you getting together with your CO fan club to watch the game?
08:43:27 <Kat> AL
08:49:19 <GO 2019> STacy Glasser has missed SB seeral times, she deserves to see it too
08:49:55 <GO 2019> GO BILLS
08:50:36 <Dave from 2019> My son has a $5 Ravens ticket he would love to cash for $225
08:52:36 <Dave from 2019> Should I say Morning Kevin?
08:58:54 <kc (working)> hi Dave, our bar closed - looking for a new home
08:59:09 <Dave from 2019> Sorry to hear that
08:59:52 <kc (working)> they are doing a watch party with a former player (stevie johnson) but I think I'll just watch it with a friend
09:06:36 <Dave from 2019> kc, I know you had awful luck with SB in 2018. Did you get to YNP this year?
09:08:36 <kc (working)> nope went to hawaii with mom instead. doesn't look good for 2020 either :(
09:10:35 <Dave from 2019> Nothing wrong with Hawaii
09:19:10 <Dave from 2019> Good morning Michael. Are you enjoying your break?
09:20:18 <Michael> Yes. Too much driving but good to be away from the office.
09:21:20 <Michael> How are you enjoying the holidays?
09:24:09 <Dave from 2019> Worn out at work but it has been fun connecting with our 2 youngest during their breaks. They actually want to do stuff with their parents now. It's a welcome change. We've been playing pinochle at least 3-4 times a week.
09:24:54 <Dave from 2019> And, Parker has been giving my wife a break in the kitchen. He's a great cook
09:24:54 <Kat> Sounds like fun Dave
09:26:56 <Michael> Nice! I have fond memories of family card games.
09:27:24 <Dave from 2019> We've gone out to play pool, darts, and even went bowling
09:27:27 <Mike J> Our game was and still is Canasta
09:27:36 <Dave from 2019> We are going to Star Wars Thursday night
09:27:56 <Dave from 2019> My mom and our kids used to play Canasta all the time
09:28:05 <Mike J> Learned to play with my parents when I was 9/10? and still playing with my mom today.
09:28:21 <Kat> Marmot
09:30:47 <Michael> Once me and my brother were old enough, our family game was bridge, played badly and with little regard for score-keeping or following all the rules.
09:33:23 <Michael> Have you seen all the spoilers for Star Wars? Or will there be some element of surprise?
09:33:26 <Michael> OF
09:34:21 <Dave from 2019> I haven't watched much TV over the break besides NFL so I know nothing about it
09:34:56 <Michael> I'm several movies behind, so someone would have to explain to me who the characters are.
09:36:59 <Dave from 2019> haha. Yeah, my son in law gave me a 26 minute file to watch to highlight the past 8 movies. I'll be watching that tomorrow to catch up
09:41:01 <Kat> Bison in Basin
09:52:56 <Kat> Hi Kevin
09:53:07 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Morning
09:57:37 <Kat> I'm releasing controls if you are ready Kevin
09:58:08 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> OK.
09:58:16 <Kat> Thanks
10:10:25 <Michael> Off to take a walk. Then off to NYE. See you all in 2020!
10:10:56 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Bye
10:13:07 <Dave from 2019> See you next year Michael
10:44:16 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Store busy today Dave?
10:48:43 <Dave from 2019> Yes it is. We had a huge day yesterday. I'm expecting a little less today than yesterday
10:49:10 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I would guess a lot of shrimp?
10:49:27 <Dave from 2019> The market should end up about 5% in December compared to a decrease of 5% during the rest of the year. Yes, shrimp and crab mostly
10:49:56 <Dave from 2019> Winco affected us earlier this year
10:50:06 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Sounds like it is still doing pretty well.
10:50:10 <Dave from 2019> But wholesale business was amazing this year
10:50:36 <Dave from 2019> Not as many down times of year for planning anymore
10:51:34 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I will have to do an order when we go to see Ashley next year.
10:52:03 <Dave from 2019> Sounds good. Hopefully, I can get you some fresh icelandic cod at that time
10:52:46 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> That would be great! I know we should be there in August.
11:13:02 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> OF
11:15:22 <ynpvisitor70> Wow, brings new meaning to fluff BALL
11:16:09 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> It was bigger yesterday
11:27:00 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Lion ie
11:27:58 <Ryan (desk)> Lion initial 1121ie per Rnager Mike
11:28:45 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> You have hanging around Dave too much Ryan.
11:30:15 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Got any cave trips planned Ryan?
11:32:06 <Ryan (desk)> Nah
11:32:19 <Ryan (desk)> Going hiking for some waterfalls tomorrow. Then caving on Thursday and Sunday
11:32:37 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I do enjoy the pictures you take in caves.
11:33:06 <Ryan (desk)> Thanks :)
11:33:22 <Ryan (desk)> Were doing laser scans of some rock structures on Thursday and ASunday
11:33:23 <ynpvisitor> We need to shrink him down and send him exploring the inner workings of geysers.
11:33:29 <Ryan (desk)> Sunday* Gonna get photos of it
11:33:30 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I finally broke down and bought a DSLR.
11:33:43 <ynpvisitor> Sounds like a old tv show or movie plot.
11:34:13 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> He would have fun in the Time Tunnel.
11:37:04 <Ryan (desk)> The upper basin is a psuedokarst area
11:37:12 <Ryan (desk)> Someone even did a paer on it
11:37:26 <Ryan (desk)> paper* good god it is THIS keyboard at work
11:37:37 <Ryan (desk)> I DONT do this at home.
11:38:02 <Ryan (desk)> and I KNOW I hit the damn "P" key!
11:38:31 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> The newer keyboards are trash.
11:39:39 <Ryan (desk)> This one has to be. I keep resetting Num Lock
11:39:54 <Ryan (desk)> and im not hitting the NumLock key but every hour or so it resets!
11:46:44 <Dave from 2019> That reminds. Ryan, your photos in the new Sput are terrific
11:48:13 <Ryan (desk)> Thanks, Dave!
11:48:52 <Dave from 2019> You have a real eye for what makes a good pic
11:49:21 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> It is a talent that you can't teach. You have to be born with it.
11:49:54 <Ryan (desk)> I appreciate the compliments, and agree. At least in my case, most of my practice has only been in refining how I capture what I see.
11:50:17 <Dave from 2019> That leaves me out, I'm from a mom who thought she had to include her thumb in every photo
11:51:09 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> :) I like digital. At least you can see your mess ups onsite.
11:51:55 <Ryan (desk)> I wish they made a digital camera with the tones of film.
11:52:30 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I was chasing a German train and had a friend steering the car while I took a picture. When I got it you could see the camera in the rear view mirror.
11:52:47 <Dave from 2019> I remember when you were trying to track down every last remaining flash bulb for your camera
11:52:56 <Ryan (desk)> Specifically Velvia 50, Kodachrome 64, Provia 100, and Ektachrome 200.
11:53:07 <Ryan (desk)> Still am, Dave. I have a bunch and buy a bunch more every now and then.
11:53:15 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Yes Ryan. Film does better than digital.
11:55:13 <Ryan (desk)> Black and white tones are easier to emulate with a digital camera.
11:56:05 <Dave from 2019> ..
11:56:17 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Software makes playing with them easier.
11:57:42 <Ryan (desk)> Yeah. Digital photos are like print films. You almost always have to play with them in the darkroom (Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW)
11:58:35 <Ryan (desk)> Sometimes, in some instances, you can use the original JPEGs like you would use slide films. But that takes (like the days of slide film) a lot of perience with the camera, the sensor, and the subject material.
11:58:49 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> What do you know about slide scanners?
11:59:19 <Ryan (desk)> I scan my slides using a macro lens and a digital flash
11:59:38 <Ryan (desk)> I know that almsot all scanners are crap except for the really expensive ones.
12:00:04 <Ryan (desk)> I scan mine with a digital camera and macro lens, and then I process them on a computer until they look as close as possible to the sldie as seen on a light table.
12:00:27 <Ryan (desk)> Out of work, be back later today
12:00:47 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I have a bunch from Germany I want to digitize.
12:05:47 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> A bit of action.
12:41:56 <ynpvisitor20> was that Aurum
12:43:13 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> We may never know. I didn't see it myself.
12:48:17 <ynpvisitor20> Aurum
12:54:09 <CraigC> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, if you ever come thru Ogden, come and borrow my Canon scanner, it has the slide attachment
12:55:03 <CraigC> I bought it about 5 years ago, scanned all my slides, and now it collects dust on top of my desk
12:55:04 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Sounds good
12:55:33 <CraigC> some day, maybe, I will scan my millions of print negatives
12:57:42 <CraigC> this is what I have;
12:57:47 <GO 2019> Isles beating CAPS now, that's not right!
12:58:00 <CraigC> "You purchased this item on November 22, 2012."
12:58:22 <CraigC> I paid $129 LOL
12:58:57 <Dave from 2019> WE'll figure out a way to let you tie it soon
12:59:25 <GO 2019> haha, i hope so
13:00:08 <GO 2019> did Aurum erut 1248 - 20 posted it here but no chat o entry on GT?
13:00:13 <Dave from 2019> Our defense has stunk it up lately
13:00:17 <Dave from 2019> Hey, Craig
13:00:40 <Dave from 2019> So, Jan 3 for first SB of the year?
13:01:02 <GO 2019> will we each see more SB eruptions in 2020 than in 2019?
13:01:33 <Dave from 2019> I would be happy with the same as 2019 but it would be fun to have more
13:02:39 <GO 2019> anyone know if Beverleys will be back?
13:03:19 <CraigC> hey Dave
13:03:20 <Dave from 2019> Craig may know
13:03:27 <CraigC> I haven't heard anything
13:04:05 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I may get to the park next year but possibly only a day trip.
13:04:13 <GO 2019> I know Bill wasnt happy with the hours this year
13:04:41 <Dave from 2019> I would expect that to improve in 2020 after the unhappiness last year
13:04:53 <CraigC> yeah, they never gave him the 4 10s until right before the season ended
13:05:44 <JarnoO> darn Firefox crashing me out
13:06:03 <CraigC> if it is still active this summer, I will try for more than the 5 from last year, but I am kind of re-thinking putting my whole summer into it like I was saying the end of this year, I need to do more fishing and mtn biking
13:06:57 <CraigC> of course, my mind could be changed on a dime as soon as I go up there
13:06:59 <Dave from 2019> Can you do any mtn biking near West?
13:07:11 <Dave from 2019> I know there is plenty of good fishing spots
13:07:38 <CraigC> Dave from 2019, there are some trails, but I had my bike with me last year and when I am up that way, I end up being inside the park every day that I am there
13:08:13 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I may do some fishing but not ssure if I will use bait.
13:08:32 <Dave from 2019> No bait needed for geyser fishing
13:08:55 <Dave from 2019> CraigC, would it be easier to do other things in YNP if SB wasn't active?
13:09:34 <CraigC> Dave from 2019, if Sb isn't active, I would be down here in Utah easier, fishing in my boat, and riding my bikes here
13:11:52 <Rice> I bet LE and Park Ranger would have a fit, if you through a fishing lure out into Grand Prismatic!
13:22:30 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Didn't they cook fish in Fishing Cone at Thumb?
13:34:45 <ynpvisitor107> Lion
13:35:24 <ynpvisitor107> The end of
13:37:31 <GO 2019> congrats Dave
13:49:41 <LindaG> OT ie
14:02:04 <Cooper> happy new years eve.
14:02:29 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi
14:06:15 <LindaG> Cooper, hi happy new years eve
14:06:21 <LindaG> LindaG, hi
14:06:58 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, hi hehe saying hello to myself
14:08:49 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi.
14:09:20 <LindaG> Grand should be soon hopefully
14:09:51 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I hope it waits a bbit
14:10:21 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Already fireworks in Hamburg
14:10:37 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
14:10:54 <LindaG> Oh OF
14:11:13 <LindaG> Wow quick
14:11:16 <LindaG> OF
14:13:13 <JarnoO> cya next year (for me that is :P)
14:13:24 <LindaG> JarnoO, happy new year!
14:13:39 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Have a good time. Come back with all your fingers.
14:14:07 <JarnoO> all my fingers should stay attached as I don't have any fireworks :)
14:14:23 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> :)
14:15:07 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, going anywhere tonight?
14:15:22 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> To sleep is about it.
14:15:33 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, Haha me too
14:15:42 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I do have to put firecrackers in the mailbox.
14:15:57 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
14:16:23 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Family tradition.
14:16:43 <LindaG> Strong mailbox?
14:17:21 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Well the one that started it is no longer with us.
14:17:32 <LindaG> I was just asking my husband if we would make it to 12. Its iffy.
14:18:04 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, my brother blew up the porch step one year with a cherry bomb
14:19:04 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> We put a half pound black powder bomb in the first one. I think it is still in orbit.
14:19:21 <LindaG> Lol
14:21:07 <Dave from 2019> Thanks Graham
14:21:09 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I was a bit more than we expected.
14:21:18 <Dave from 2019> dad liked the silver salutes
14:22:01 <LindaG> Dave from 2019, have a happy new year
14:22:32 <Dave from 2019> Same to you Linda
14:22:43 <Dave from 2019> I predict a new office chair in my future
14:22:54 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
14:23:12 <Dave from 2019> Mine is acting like sa blood pressure test with every successsive pulse bringing one step closer to the floor
14:23:20 <LindaG> Dave from 2019, going out tonight?
14:23:26 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I just got a new one. My old one has a date with some tannerite.
14:23:53 <Dave from 2019> Actually, 4 of us are going to a friends house. First time we've been out in years. Parker will be our DD.
14:24:36 <LindaG> Nice, I never could get into new years eve, I'm sure you'll have a nice to e.
14:24:47 <LindaG> *ti e
14:24:57 <LindaG> Geez *time
14:25:21 <LindaG> Maybe my typing will improve with a new year
14:25:21 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Only thing I liked is you could set of fireworks at midnight and nobody complained.
14:25:33 <Dave from 2019> Friend has a pool table plus it converts to ping pong. Have you ever seen 10 people running around a ping pong table?
14:25:53 <Dave from 2019> I love the sound of fireworks on a cold NYE
14:26:49 <LindaG> I lived in Newark there you heard gunshots lol really people would go outside and shoot off their guns
14:27:42 <LindaG> In south Jersey its fireworks
14:27:53 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> We get a few nuts like that here.
14:28:31 <LindaG> What goes up must come down šŸ™
14:29:25 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Right. Guns belong on the range, not shooting wildly in town.
14:30:52 <LindaG> Daisy
14:30:57 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Daisy
14:32:13 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, you enjoy TV, did you ever watch the show, Justified?
14:34:33 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> No I haven't
14:35:33 <LindaG> It's good, but a bit violent. I'm watching on Amazon prime.
14:36:17 <LindaG> It was a cable show
14:38:48 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I mostly watch when I am working in the depot and I only have over the air TV there.
14:51:05 <ynpvisitor31> Anyone else notice the phone stopped ringing? Besides Dave.
14:52:15 <Dave from 2019> haha 31...phones are working fabulously
14:52:57 <ynpvisitor31> I have not had a mystery call for almost a week.
14:53:49 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Grand
14:54:38 <LindaG> šŸ˜Š
14:54:46 <Dave from 2019> You can even see a few streamers
14:55:06 <ynpvisitor31> I am not sure it is grand, but I am thinking I can start answering calls now.
14:55:35 <Dave from 2019> It is Grand
14:57:28 <Dave from 2019> Today's most popular phone question is....................
14:57:54 <ynpvisitor31> are you open wednesday?
14:58:35 <ynpvisitor31> will you deliver 3 shrimp?
14:58:35 <Dave from 2019> Are you closing early today?
14:59:08 <ynpvisitor31> well, are you?
14:59:21 <Dave from 2019> NOPE
14:59:34 <Dave from 2019> Last busy day until Friday before Super Bowl
14:59:45 <ynpvisitor58> Well, I would like 2 dozen shrimp! :)
14:59:45 <ynpvisitor31> You did Christmas eve, so you set the precedent.
15:00:37 <Dave from 2019> 58 you have 3 hours to get here
15:00:59 <Dave from 2019> All our hours are on google, our FB page,'s funny people still call
15:01:24 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> 8m
15:02:20 <ynpvisitor31> Computers are wrong. I never trust what google says about directions or hours for businesses. And some of use do not do fb
15:06:23 <Dave from 2019> It is hard to get the word out on hour changes. When we stay open late on Sat in Dec, most people don't know
15:07:26 <Dave from 2019> Speaking of changes, we are closing the market a half hour early starting Jan 6. Not many show up after 530530
15:10:35 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Is that a star date?
15:11:20 <Dave from 2019> Just repeating myself
15:14:38 <LindaG> ynpvisitor31, I learned my lesson re ently about trusting addresses on google
15:25:39 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Lots of fireworks in Germany already
15:28:37 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Looks like Cockeysville is the Phoenix of the east.
15:29:17 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Had a package in their post office since Dec 26. Wonder how they treat mail that isn't priority.
15:32:44 <LindaG> So giantess form the new year!
15:33:25 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> In less than a month it will be 6 years
15:33:57 <LindaG> Oh wow, it's just a matter of time šŸ˜‰
15:34:42 <LindaG> A little shift under ground and it will be working again
15:52:02 <ChrisO> any doggie sightings today?
15:52:22 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Didn't see any
15:52:40 <ChrisO> awww
15:52:59 <Katie> There was one down basin a few hours ago
15:53:13 <ChrisO> sweet
15:53:48 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I want a moose
15:54:41 <LindaG> That would be cool
15:57:34 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Late OF
15:57:56 <LindaG> Holding out on us
15:59:05 <Cooper> grr
15:59:32 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Controls released.
15:59:54 <CraigC> who has them now
16:00:14 <LindaGp> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, Happy New Year
16:00:15 <CraigC> hey KevinS
16:00:18 <Cooper> Hi Kevin, Craig, Linda, Jarno, Graham, and others, and Hi Kevin The Other One
16:00:24 <LindaGp> CraigC, hi
16:00:29 <CraigC> hey Linda
16:00:32 <LindaGp> Cooper, hi
16:00:37 <KevinS> Hi all
16:00:48 <LindaGp> CraigC, me
16:00:58 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
16:01:07 <LindaGp> KevinS, hi
16:01:38 <LindaGp> Of
16:01:55 <Cooper> Linda, Linda, Linda! What did you do with Bee, did you break it? and Craig, why did you bring a blizzard in:p:p:p and Cooper why are you asking so many questions.:p:p:p
16:02:10 <Cooper> Hint hint, there are only :p's on Mine, and Craigs.
16:02:19 <Cooper> I was not joking about Linda
16:02:34 <LindaGp> I'm innocdent
16:02:42 <LindaGp> or innocent
16:02:51 <CraigC> indecent?
16:02:55 <Cooper> Innocent? or just Guilty but not caught yet?
16:02:58 <Cooper> Haha Craig
16:04:43 <Cooper> Linda, you alreadt commited 1 felony of Murder, so why not charge you with selling your idtentity on the black market(you sold me your keyboard)
16:04:51 <Cooper> you murdered Bee BTW
16:05:30 <LindaGp> it was my gift to you
16:06:20 <Cooper> hmm
16:06:38 <LindaGp> šŸ™‚
16:06:49 <Cooper> oh shoot, you see what you do Linda????....
16:07:21 <Cooper> I was cooking dinner, and I frogot things that were on the stove.
16:07:37 <LindaGp> uh oh not good
16:08:24 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Germany streaming cams keep crashing.
16:08:42 <LindaGp> wonder why
16:09:06 <CraigC> probably Century LInk
16:11:51 <LindaGp> Cooper, any good storms brewing out there for the new year?
16:13:46 <Cooper> Oh, uhm...
16:13:49 <Cooper> yes
16:14:39 <Cooper> Their is a Strong High Pressure System to produce a minor to moderate winter strom these next few days from Washington down to the nortern rockies.....
16:15:26 <LindaGp> šŸ‘
16:17:15 <Cooper> and then their is a STRONG weather system that is down south near texas that will form on Thursday(I think so) which will move Northeast over the next week producing heavy rain for most of the area from Arkansas to Pittsburg, with a large swath on either side of heavy rain....
16:17:36 <Cooper> the rain will be from Late Tommorow to next Tuesday...
16:18:10 <Cooper> this will also create a high level trough that will put snow up near the great lakes....
16:18:10 <LindaGp> hope I don't get more rain, take care of that. ok? šŸ˜‰
16:19:21 <Cooper> and the SPC is calling for possibility of the storm producing Severe Weather near Louisiana/Alabama
16:20:00 <Cooper> and Linda, I am sorry, but you could/ should get some rain starting Friday and Ending Saturday Night
16:20:37 <LindaGp> ā˜¹ sick of rain, rather have snow
16:20:53 <JarnoO from 202> y'all are living in the past :P
16:20:58 <Cooper> that is if my predictions are right
16:20:59 <LindaGp> hi man of the future
16:21:05 <Cooper> Happy New Years Jarno
16:21:16 <JarnoO from 202> thanks :)
16:21:29 <LindaGp> JarnoO from 2020, Happy New Year!
16:33:05 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Hello Everybody Hello
16:33:11 <LindaGp> hello.lori hello
16:33:40 <LindaGp> you working tonight?
16:33:50 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> yeppers
16:33:54 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> and tomorrow
16:34:03 <LindaGp> ā˜¹
16:34:10 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Work?
16:34:10 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> I work in tourism, you see... :)
16:34:37 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, Are you asking if I actually work when I work? :)
16:35:21 <LindaGp> looked like lion was doing somwthing
16:35:30 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> No. Just doing a Maynard Krebs imitation.
16:35:41 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Customer: "Why do you have to work on this holiday?" Me: "Um, becasue you rented a cabin."
16:36:09 <JarnoO from 202> well, that's about ā‚¬77 million gone up into the skies, excluding import from Germany and Belgium
16:36:28 <JarnoO from 202> does look nice
16:36:41 <LindaGp> JarnoO from 2020, it should šŸ˜Š
16:37:02 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> JarnoO from 2020, what's I miss?
16:37:11 <JarnoO from 202> fireworks
16:37:12 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> *what'd
16:37:25 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> OHHHHH
16:37:53 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Are you in 2020 IRL?
16:37:56 <JarnoO from 202> or 'warzone' as some people call it
16:37:57 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> where you are
16:38:06 <JarnoO from 202> yup, 38 minutes ago it turned 2020
16:38:39 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> JarnoO from 2020, First time ever in my life I've talked to someone living in a different year. :p
16:38:40 <JarnoO from 202> Netherlands
16:38:51 <LindaGp> so is the new year looking good?
16:38:51 <JarnoO from 202> :)
16:38:58 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Well, Happy New Year!
16:39:28 <JarnoO from 202> foggy and smokey, Linda. Should clear up un January 2 if the wind picks up
16:39:34 <JarnoO from 202> on*
16:39:41 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> So, what is the last place on earth to reach 2020?
16:41:24 <LindaGp> california i think
16:41:35 <LindaGp> or maybe Alaska
16:42:16 <LindaGp> it's 2:41 in anchorage
16:42:20 <LindaGp> pm
16:42:26 <Lori S šŸŽ‰>
16:43:08 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Just googled it.
16:43:37 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Where the heck is Baker Island?
16:43:51 <LindaGp> no idea
16:44:38 <LindaGp> an still in the Pacific out towards hawaii
16:44:49 <LindaGp> *an atoll
16:45:08 <JarnoO from 202>,-178.9246934,6310066m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x7aa74442cdcc4813:0x1ca1ca257cc16b66!8m2!3d0.1936266!4d-176.476908 for Baker and Howland islands
16:45:14 <LindaGp> forgot about hawaii
16:45:25 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Apparently belongs to the USA
16:47:09 <LindaGp> huh
16:47:59 <LindaGp> see that dark area above mountain?
16:48:23 <JarnoO from 202> kinda
16:48:44 <LindaGp> it's really dark on camera
16:48:51 <JarnoO from 202> what happens if you turn the camera dome?
16:48:56 <Dave from 2019> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone! Happy New Year!
16:48:59 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Ah, we "claim: it. I see.
16:49:13 <JarnoO from 202> cya Dave, enjoy new year's
16:49:21 <LindaGp> .Dave from 2019, enjoy HAPPY New Year!
16:49:31 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Happy New Year Dave from 2019!
16:49:52 <LindaGp> JarnoO from 2020, i dont have the power
16:50:04 <LindaGp> might be a smudge
16:50:05 <JarnoO from 202> :/
16:50:44 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Ghost of the future?
16:51:03 <LindaGp> doomsday approaching?
16:51:47 <JarnoO from 202> as it isn't moving, it's more than likely it's just a smudge rather than an early forest fire
16:52:18 <LindaGp> agree thwre was something darkwr before so...
16:52:38 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> What;s that steam beyond Sprinkler ?
16:53:18 <LindaGp> Indont know was wondering
16:53:21 <JarnoO from 202> I could swear I saw water in that plume
16:53:23 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Was bigger moments ago
16:53:42 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Oblong?
16:54:03 <LindaGp> oblong more left
16:54:05 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Or was it closer?
16:54:11 <JarnoO from 202> no, it was in a kind-of jetting motion
16:54:42 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> More like where Churn is?
16:54:45 <LindaGp> something that keeps occurring but in don't know what it is
16:55:06 <JarnoO from 202> no, around Grand's area
16:55:40 <LindaGp> what insaw was around grand, maybe rift?
16:55:56 <LindaGp> don't want to miss daisy
16:55:57 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> No, what I saw was further left
16:56:06 <JarnoO from 202> could be, am not an expert in that area when it comes to the smaller geysers
16:56:21 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> just beyond the clump of trees beyond Churn
16:56:32 <LindaGp> keeps occurring but no one seems sure
16:57:05 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Heded to Google maps to draw a line
16:57:11 <LindaGp> Lori S šŸŽ‰, not sure what insaw was over by grand
16:57:14 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> To what I saw..
16:58:10 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Oh, right, when you google map Old Faithful Inn, it takes you to Lake
16:59:29 <LindaGp> you could have seen a burst from oblong
17:02:33 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> I saw Oblong steam, more than now, but also something in between there and Sprinkler
17:03:30 <LindaGp> a little steam from churn
17:03:47 <LindaGp> as soon as daisy goes well look at it
17:03:55 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Must've been Churn
17:04:01 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> K
17:04:05 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> thx
17:04:23 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Who knows anything about Bush Geyser?
17:04:25 <Cooper> Phew, honey Garlic Chicken is in the Oven
17:04:30 <Cooper> Hello Ms. Lori
17:04:33 <LindaGp> sprinkler ateam covers up churn a lot
17:04:47 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Hello Mr C
17:05:08 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Perhaps it ws Sawmill ;)
17:05:28 <LindaGp> and whwre is daisy
17:05:33 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> see those 2 peeps?
17:05:34 <Cooper> Bush Geyser According to TSB...
17:05:46 <Cooper> In the flat area west of Economic and Wave Spring
17:05:54 <Cooper> Is an assortment of small features
17:06:05 <Cooper> several erupted on the night of the 1959 earthquake
17:06:27 <Cooper> It is rarely seen
17:07:09 <Cooper> and the last known activity was during 2015 May, and played 2 feet high
17:07:44 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> There it went again. (on delay)
17:08:08 <Cooper> controversially there are small periods of activity that occur every now and then
17:08:51 <Cooper> Lori, where is it, in line with the camera, or with geysers.
17:09:12 <LindaGp> churn is centered
17:09:23 <LindaGp> you can see steam
17:09:28 <Cooper> past churn?
17:09:51 <Cooper> ok..
17:09:57 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> In line with Sprinkler, beyond, lining up with Oblong-ish. But just beyond right end of that clump of trees.
17:10:34 <Cooper> according to the map, it could be the closest vent of the Bush Group to us
17:10:54 <Cooper> but...
17:10:55 <ynpvisitor10> This side or other side of boardwalk?
17:11:21 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Other side, and beyond trees
17:11:26 <Cooper> becasue of the size of the steamy area
17:11:34 <Cooper> I do not think it is Bust Group
17:11:36 <JarnoO from 202> Daisy
17:11:40 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> OK, mine just zoomed
17:11:41 <LindaGp> daisy
17:12:06 <Cooper> a much more likely feature would be Calida Pool, which is right in that area
17:12:28 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Not seeing water, just larger puffs of steam time to time
17:12:46 <LindaGp> daisy big tonight
17:12:52 <Cooper> My opinion, is that it is Calida Pool steaming.
17:12:56 <Cooper> But really what do I know
17:13:11 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> I'm not to Daisy uet
17:13:26 <LindaGp> Lori S šŸŽ‰, ur big delay
17:13:27 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> refreshed
17:14:27 <ynpvisitor10> Other side of trees, most likely Churn.
17:14:39 <ynpvisitor10> That is my uess.
17:14:43 <ynpvisitor10> guess
17:15:15 <ynpvisitor10> Where are the geyser nerds when you need them?
17:15:20 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> beyond Churn
17:15:30 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> ynpvisitor10, :thumbsup: lol
17:15:39 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Aren't we? hehe
17:16:13 <LindaGp> so oblong center
17:16:14 <JarnoO from 202> I'm searching Geysers of Yellowstone, as well as Maps
17:16:26 <ynpvisitor10> To be a geyser nerd, you must be able to id over 100 geysers in the dark.
17:16:37 <JarnoO from 202> criky
17:16:45 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> ynpvisitor10, by sound or touch?
17:17:16 <LindaGp> no churn crnter
17:17:22 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> See that?
17:17:22 <ynpvisitor10> A super nerd would do it by smell.
17:17:28 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> and gone
17:18:03 <ynpvisitor10> Cam ops need to be able to draw on the screen
17:18:11 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Sprinkler , I love ya, but quit steaming
17:18:45 <LindaGp> churn steam center
17:18:52 <ynpvisitor10> The steam way back?
17:19:08 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> No, not Oblong
17:19:19 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Not Churn
17:19:33 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Behind Chrn's trees
17:19:40 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Churn's
17:20:06 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> That wind change helps
17:20:17 <ynpvisitor10> All I see is a little steam next to the board walk. Sorry
17:20:36 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Oh sure, now it won't show itself
17:21:16 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> I must have just halucinated it
17:22:24 <LindaGp> could be drifting
17:22:45 <LindaGp> getting dark hard to see
17:22:54 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> LindaGp, yeah, was thinking maybe from afar that's what it was
17:23:11 <GO 2019> I would say Oblong
17:23:12 <KevinS> Goodnight. Company is here and time for Yatzee
17:23:20 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Maybe Joe would care to take a look, though?
17:23:25 <LindaGp> KevinS, night HNY!
17:23:26 <JarnoO from 202> enjoy, KevinS
17:23:38 <ynpvisitor10> They still have score cards for that game?
17:23:50 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> KevinS, Happy New Year! (ooo Yahtzee)
17:24:00 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> You do it on the internet.
17:24:23 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Thanks for entertaining my halucination all
17:24:38 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Much appreciated
17:24:45 <GO 2019> is that BH erupting now?
17:25:16 <GO 2019> guess not
17:25:23 <GO 2019> i need another drink
17:25:27 <ynpvisitor10> No need for paper any more, they have apps for that.
17:25:52 <ynpvisitor10> You can play a classic group game and never have to see a person.
17:25:59 <LindaGp> GO 2019, no, i think maybe you do lol
17:26:53 <ynpvisitor10> Well, enjoy the steam, whil you can see it.
17:27:06 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor10, HNY!
17:27:18 <LindaGp> OF
17:27:35 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> ynpvisitor10, Happy New Year!
17:27:36 <LindaGp> nice OF
17:33:49 <LindaGp> another few minutes and then too dark
17:34:27 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Well turn on the lights
17:34:45 <LindaGp> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, šŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒž
17:34:54 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Fireworks have begun in West. A pop here and a pop there.
17:35:17 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Poor doggo. Home alone until Bob can get there!
17:35:39 <LindaGp> my dogs used to freak out
17:35:52 <LindaGp> setter tried jumping out windows
17:36:13 <LindaGp> collie would have meltdown
17:36:40 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Wylie is running around panting right now I'm sure
17:37:00 <LindaGp> ā˜¹
17:37:09 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> "Where are you Mom?!!!!"
17:37:41 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Bob got back to town from tour about 5:15. Not much longer till he is home.
17:37:53 <LindaGp> ok I'm torn, bee hasn't gone, but castle is due.
17:38:17 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Too darl to zoom on Bee quick?
17:38:21 <LindaGp> so beehiblve to grand or lion to castle?
17:38:21 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> dark
17:38:33 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Castle has an e time monitor
17:38:35 <LindaGp> hmmm
17:38:46 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, what Kevin said
17:39:01 <LindaGp> so set to beehive grand?
17:39:12 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Whoops LindaGp, what Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, said
17:39:32 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> That's my vote anyway
17:39:55 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Of course, then down basin is left out
17:40:35 <LindaGp> ok that is where im leaving it.
17:40:42 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> There's that dark spot again
17:40:49 <LindaGp> beehive to grand
17:40:49 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> LindaGp, :thumbsup:
17:41:31 <LindaGp> want to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!
17:41:44 <LindaGp> and so it shall be!šŸ˜Š
17:41:51 <LindaGp> aurum
17:41:57 <LindaGp> nope
17:42:06 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> .
17:42:07 <JarnoO from 202> Aurum
17:42:23 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> You too Linda
17:43:05 <LindaGp> yeah inthink it was aurum
17:43:31 <JarnoO from 202> it was a fairly weak one though, unfortunately
17:43:34 <LindaGp> lost control too much delay
17:43:54 <LindaGp> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, thx
17:44:37 <LindaGp> you entering jarno?
17:44:45 <JarnoO from 202> I did
17:44:54 <LindaGp> thx
17:45:03 <LindaGp> controls released
17:45:09 <LindaGp> time for dinner
17:45:14 <LindaGp> enjoy!
17:45:40 <LindaGp> goodnight
17:46:50 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Night LindaGp, Happy New Year!
17:47:28 <LindaGp> , night Lori night
17:50:15 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Where's our SB temp update?
17:51:18 <JarnoO from 202> All graph haven't been updated. Probably the upload link is down
17:51:22 <JarnoO from 202> graphs*
17:55:34 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Or the uploader is off partying. :)
17:56:08 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I think Dave broke it.
17:56:08 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> They manually do that, right? Remotely, I mean.
17:56:45 <Betty> hi all of you in the old year
17:56:56 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Hello Betty!
17:57:09 <Betty> hi Lori
17:57:17 <JarnoO from 202> hi Betty
17:57:30 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> What you're looking at is" so last year." :p
17:57:43 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi Betty. Have fun? I watched Hamburg and Frankfurt.
17:58:03 <Betty> hi JarnoO from 2020, Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ
18:00:57 <Betty> I did, Kevin. we watched the fireworks from a good viewpoint
18:06:26 <Lori S šŸŽ‰> Logging off. See you all next year.
18:06:37 <JarnoO from 202> cya Lori
18:06:49 <Betty> bye, Lori
21:27:16 <ynpvisitor31> I hear there is a major scandal in Vegas tonight. Someone got caught playing Yatzee with loaded dice!
22:03:48 <ynpvisitor35> Happy New Year from New Jersey!