Showing logs for date: 2020-01-19
06:45:25 <ynpvisitor31> morning all
06:45:57 <ynpvisitor42> morning, ynpvisitor31
06:46:47 <ynpvisitor42> ah, hi CC
06:46:54 <ynpvisitorcc> still sleeping...forgot to change name
06:47:02 <Betty> :-)
06:47:11 <ynpvisitorcc> hi Betty
06:47:25 <Betty> I´m ready for an afternoon nap :-p
06:47:39 <ynpvisitorcc> Joe do want me to take cam
06:48:15 <Joe> Hi CC, yes please
06:48:26 <Joe> Ho Betty
06:48:27 <ynpvisitorcc> got iy
06:48:43 <ynpvisitorcc> it
06:48:44 <Betty> hi Joe
06:52:48 <ynpvisitorcc> looks like Graham made it to Bozman..wonder if he rented a car
06:53:22 <ynpvisitorcc> also looks like the hill is clearing
07:11:41 <GO SNOWCOACH> Yes i am at Mammoth havibg breakfast. With rental car
07:12:13 <Betty> whoohoo, great, Graham :-)
07:12:20 <ynpvisitorcc> thought that is what you might do. Glad you made it safely
07:12:37 <GO SNOWCOACH> Pretty drive from belgrade....well pitch black really
07:12:53 <ynpvisitorcc> are you going to Norris today?
07:13:40 <GO SNOWCOACH> Probay just a drive by unless the sput is erupting. Maybe a bathroom stop
07:26:28 <GO SNOWCOACH> What has Joe done to BH?
07:31:15 <ynpvisitorcc> cam stuck on OF
07:32:37 <Joe> Cam just came back here
07:34:40 <ynpvisitorcc> OF
07:35:40 <ynpvisitorcc> at least we got the start of OF if it goes down again
08:05:04 <ynpvisitorcc> Looks like Daisy IE
08:05:36 <Betty> it does
08:06:04 <ynpvisitorcc> can you post
08:06:21 <Betty> can do
08:10:42 <LindaG> I see bee was torn between us and joe
08:10:49 <LindaG>
08:11:07 <Betty> morning LindaG
08:11:15 <LindaG> Betty, hi
08:11:24 <ynpvisitorcc> Hi Linda
08:11:33 <LindaG> ynpvisitorcc, hi
08:12:56 <LindaG> did Graham make it to yellowstone?
08:13:10 <ynpvisitorcc> yes
08:13:46 <ynpvisitorcc> he rented a car
08:14:10 <LindaG> where there's a will there's a way. 😊
08:14:27 <ynpvisitorcc> long day for him
08:14:48 <LindaG> for sur e, I'd be a little cranky by then
08:15:13 <ynpvisitorcc> did you get a lot of snow
08:15:41 <LindaG> no a very light dusting then turned to rain. how about you?
08:16:13 <ynpvisitorcc> over 2 rain
08:16:53 <LindaG> it's been a real mild winter down here
08:17:18 <LindaG> I have plants growing in backyard
08:18:31 <ynpvisitorcc> aurum
08:18:33 <Joe> AURUM
08:18:45 <LindaG> delayed
08:18:52 <Betty> woah, nice light
08:19:10 <LindaG> nice
08:19:29 <ynpvisitorcc> joe please post
08:20:00 <Betty> I already did
08:20:11 <ynpvisitorcc> thanks betty
08:20:17 <Betty> yw
08:26:43 <ynpvisitorcc> castle IE
08:31:31 <LindaG> is that a rainbow in back
08:33:44 <ynpvisitorcc> BSB
08:40:17 <Joe> Castle is a major
08:40:52 <ynpvisitorcc> okay will update
08:53:51 <ynpvisitorcc> of
08:57:38 <Betty> SC ie too :-)
09:02:17 <Betty> Depression steam or Dwarfs?
09:03:56 <Betty> dwarfs
09:16:15 <ynpvisitor111> And the hill is snow white.
09:49:47 <Joe> Looks as if the short Daisy intervals yesterday were the result of incorrect E-times
10:26:32 <Betty> OF ie
10:52:13 <Ben VL> Looks like yesterdays Daisy intervals are cleared up
10:56:25 <Ben VL> Bad E time. Makes more sense than extra short interval
11:02:01 <ynpvisitor48> Grand
11:03:28 <Betty> nice
11:17:33 <ynpvisitor104> Cool view Wasburn Sw
11:31:37 <Betty> yay, Lion
11:49:13 <Betty> yeah, Graham saw White Dome on his way in
11:50:13 <ynpvisitor77> Is he there now?
11:58:21 <Betty> on the way to OF
11:58:29 <ynpvisitor47> Graham is there all week, and yes, he is there now
11:58:48 <ynpvisitor47> I would guess checking in soon
11:59:44 <ynpvisitor77> Glad his backup plane worked
12:00:26 <ynpvisitor47> he missed his evening at Mammoth, yet now is back on sche
12:00:30 <ynpvisitor47> schedule
12:02:01 <ynpvisitor47> OF
12:03:55 <ynpvisitor47> how did the Grand prediction change? I don't see an eruption listed
12:04:12 <Joe> Is something wrong with GT?? I see the Grand prediction updated but the Grand post is not showing on the Gt that I see??
12:04:26 <ynpvisitor47> my question too Joe
12:04:30 <Betty> OF
12:04:51 <ynpvisitor47> Turban posted so no Grand yet
12:05:41 <Betty> ohh my...I´m lagged
12:06:37 <Joe> AH, someone must have posted Grand and then deleted, problem solved :)
12:19:47 <ynpvisitor89> grand
12:20:10 <ynpvisitor47> nice start
12:21:33 <Joe> Graham posted Grand
12:26:08 <ynpvisitor47> I bet for Micah, like he did Turban
12:26:39 <ynpvisitor47> Artemisia?
12:28:04 <Betty> think so
12:29:01 <Betty> 2nd?
12:29:11 <ynpvisitor47> yeah
12:29:32 <ynpvisitor47> definitely a 2nd
12:30:57 <ynpvisitor47> hopefully BH before dark. Nice day for Micah's day off
12:32:24 <ynpvisitor47> ooh, the dreaded X
12:32:32 <ynpvisitor47> that is not good
12:32:36 <ynpvisitor47> Graham broke the cam
12:34:30 <ynpvisitor47> truck stuck at West Gate
12:45:50 <Betty> bison on hill
12:47:04 <ynpvisitor13> Lion on the hill too
12:53:27 <Kevin L™🌵> That has to be cold.
13:12:48 <Betty> sigh
13:19:41 <ynpvisitor47> looks like Graham is betting on Aurum
13:20:24 <Kevin L™🌵> Wishful thinking
13:20:37 <ynpvisitor47> gotta love his note
13:20:49 <ynpvisitor47> splashing as if it wants to erupt
13:28:33 <Betty> OF ie
13:40:45 <ynpvisitor47> maybe BH before long with all these close bubblers
13:41:00 <Jeff> hope so
13:41:05 <ynpvisitor47> and that splash
13:41:17 <Jeff> i was gonna say that splash looked nice
13:47:42 <ynpvisitor73> bhi
13:47:43 <ynpvisitor73> .
13:47:43 <ynpvisitor73> .
13:47:44 <ynpvisitor73> .
13:47:45 <ynpvisitor73> .
13:47:45 <ynpvisitor73> .
13:47:58 <ynpvisitor73> I no longer dan send text
13:48:06 <Betty> ohhhh, nice
13:48:50 <Betty> shall I send a text then?
13:49:06 <ynpvisitor73> yes please
13:49:15 <Betty> will do
13:50:02 <ynpvisitor47> ooh indy
13:50:42 <Betty> ohh, new process of sending texts.
13:51:02 <ynpvisitor47> yes, it's the geyser alert system
13:51:51 <Betty> so I´m out in sending texts :-(
13:52:12 <ynpvisitor47> Ryan can set you up again, it's a transition
13:52:31 <ynpvisitor69> Text now
13:52:33 <ynpvisitor47> just got text, so someone sent it
13:52:41 <Betty> thx
13:53:28 <ynpvisitor47> wonder if Micah is staying at Sawmill group
13:54:24 <Lori S> Welcome back to the daylight Bee
13:54:24 <ynpvisitor47> come on cam, wait until BH is done to go down please
13:57:52 <Lori S> Hope Graham got the text. He should be at OF by now.
13:58:07 <ynpvisitor47> he posted BHI Lori
13:58:12 <Betty> he posted BHI
13:58:16 <Lori S> Oh, LOL
13:58:17 <Betty> he´s there
13:58:18 <ynpvisitor47> he was at Grand even
13:58:39 <Lori S> GO GRAHAM
13:58:48 <Jeff> hes getting some great shows today
13:59:05 <ynpvisitor47> he is off to the right of the cam right now
13:59:07 <Kitt> Yeah, got basement organized and heard phone whistle
13:59:08 <Kevin L™🌵> Nice weather too.
13:59:29 <Kitt> I thought bee was seen overnight?
13:59:38 <ynpvisitor47> 1908
13:59:51 <Kitt> oh
14:00:15 <Kitt> those people need to move toward Depression fast
14:00:35 <ynpvisitor47> Graham told the guy to go that way, he is near Plume
14:01:03 <Kitt> there's Graham
14:01:09 <ynpvisitor47> yep
14:01:22 <Jeff> now that theyve moved the wind will shift lol
14:03:28 <Jeff> come on bee
14:05:06 <Kitt> Boom start, Bee!
14:05:08 <Jeff> beehive
14:05:25 <Kitt> oh a sloppy start
14:05:33 <Kitt> climb!
14:05:35 <Lori S> start on delay
14:05:39 <Kevin L™🌵> Wow
14:06:26 <Lori S> nice one!
14:06:53 <Kevin L™🌵> Needs a rainbow.
14:07:03 <ynpvisitor47> Graham thought better about changing sides
14:07:10 <Kitt> down on the left
14:07:18 <Jeff> rainbows make any eruption better
14:07:41 <Kitt> rainbow trying
14:07:55 <Lori S> actually being there is better too
14:08:06 <Kitt> nice collection of people for Beehive
14:08:28 <Lori S> lost my cam of course i did
14:08:53 <Kevin L™🌵> We got most of it anyway
14:08:54 <ynpvisitor69> Bit on static
14:08:58 <ynpvisitor47> I refresh and it comes right back
14:09:36 <Lori S> X marks the spot
14:09:46 <ynpvisitor47> I have X now too, boo
14:09:47 <ChrisO> what else is new lol'
14:10:32 <Lori S> Well, thx for text! Back to my day off B movie :)
14:11:48 <Kevin L™🌵> I like B movies.
14:25:23 <Betty> OT ie
14:36:46 <Betty> thanks, Kevin :-)
15:26:52 <Betty> Daisy
16:10:59 <Kevin L™🌵> I thought Graham was supposed to fix the cam when he got there.
16:34:11 <Cooper> Ah, back from Vacation
16:46:05 <ynpvisitor90> I'm still impressed he made Grand when he posted Cliff only minutes earlier.
16:47:24 <Cooper> I can easily get from Cliff to grand in 30 minutes.
16:50:51 <Cooper> SB updated
16:50:54 <Cooper> looks nice
16:53:07 <Cooper> Nice View!
16:54:00 <ynpvisitor87> I like cows
16:54:16 <ynpvisitor87> coyote
16:54:43 <Cooper> moo?
16:55:32 <Cooper> Nice looking coyote too
17:22:13 <ynpvisitor87> Looks like Graham may get Grand and possibly Daisy for us
18:10:02 <ynpvisitor87> cam on preset
18:27:01 <GO GEYSERS> Good first day
18:29:17 <Cooper> Hi Graham
18:29:43 <Cooper> can I ask for an update on geysers you may have looked at?
18:31:13 <Cooper> how is Giant, aka... what is Bijou looking like, and what does Giant look like(any activity within the cone)?
18:31:28 <Cooper> and how is F & M, any signs of recent activity?
18:33:25 <GO GEYSERS> Check GT. Also OT is often erupting within 20min of a Bulger Major per Micah
18:33:48 <GO GEYSERS> Didnt go past Grand. Maybe tomorrow
18:34:13 <GO GEYSERS> Dont tnn ink Giant is doing anything
18:34:28 <GO GEYSERS> Think
18:35:12 <GO GEYSERS> Got Grand Lion Autum BH in short order then hung out with Micah
18:36:04 <GO GEYSERS> Aurum could be due
18:36:14 <ynpvisitor11> nice 4 geysers for you!!
18:36:19 <Cooper> did you go out to Norris?
18:42:28 <GO GEYSERS> No, just a drive by