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05:14:11 <LindaG> I wonder if micah is listening for howling
05:18:03 <LindaG> Good morning all
05:18:46 <Joe> morning Linda
05:19:04 <LindaG> Joe, hi
05:23:28 <LindaG> Wow-25!
05:27:38 <Ryan (desk)> Logger data is back
05:30:04 <LindaG> Ryan (desk), morning
05:30:52 <Ryan (desk)> Morning everyoner
05:35:58 <Rice> Good Morning
05:46:23 <ynpvisitor51> 3 coyote videos from yesterday
05:46:36 <ynpvisitor51>
05:46:52 <ynpvisitor51>
05:47:12 <ynpvisitor51>
05:47:27 <LindaG> Rice, morning
06:46:12 <Ryan (desk)> -29
06:46:14 <Ryan (desk)> Jeez
06:48:08 <LindaG> Yeah I think that carcass will still be there brrr
06:53:30 <LindaG> 😃 sprinkler goes big
06:57:29 <LindaG> Lion mzybe
06:58:03 <Joe> hill maybe
06:58:10 <LindaG> Joe, lol
06:58:18 <LindaG> Maybe
06:59:41 <ynpvisitor5> Is the dark dot the carcass?
06:59:43 <Kat> Morning all!
06:59:57 <LindaG> Kat, morning
07:02:34 <LindaG> ynpvisitor5, hard to tell carcass would be on right side of screen
07:04:30 <LindaG> I think dark spot on right would be it
07:04:37 <ynpvisitor5> Thank you!
07:04:50 <Kat> Yep
07:09:33 <Kat> Good grief!
07:09:54 <Dave from B™> -29F.....yuck yuck yuck
07:10:18 <LindaG> Dave from B™, morning dave
07:10:30 <Kat> Hey Dave
07:10:38 <LindaG> Dave from B™, what's temp by you?
07:11:18 <Dave from B™> Good morning. It is +7F feels like -10F
07:11:43 <Dave from B™> High of 30F for today
07:11:48 <LindaG> Dave from B™, that's chilly
07:12:11 <LindaG> I wonder if Kevin is frozen yet 😉
07:19:58 <KittyM> OF on static
07:20:25 <LindaG> Wow big OF
07:20:28 <KittyM> pretty
07:21:01 <LindaG> Nice
07:22:21 <LindaG> Oh lake is pretty
07:27:38 <Kat> There;s a critter on the way to carcas, brief movement
07:28:52 <Kat> wish fog would lift some
07:36:28 <ynpvisitor5> Coyote?
07:36:49 <Kat> Looks like movement at carcass
07:37:07 <ynpvisitor5> There is an animal there
07:37:08 <Art> Agree, something is on it
07:38:00 <Kat> I think it is coyote - saw it running from Hill area
07:40:21 <Art> Looks like it's tugging hard
07:40:25 <Kat> That's some frozen breakfast
07:40:33 <Art> Can we zoom in on carcass?
07:41:42 <LindaG> Maybe badger
07:41:50 <LindaG> Nope
07:42:19 <Kat> No - coyote pretty sure
07:42:28 <LindaG> Hes going to be one fat coyote
07:42:42 <Kat> :)
07:42:46 <Dave from B™> -30F. That has to be like trying to eat a rock
07:43:44 <Kat> Looks like there may have been other activity around the carcass
07:44:03 <Ryan (desk)> Not if you lick it hard enough :D
07:44:57 <Dave from B™> Ryan, it isn't a popsicle!:D
07:45:29 <Ryan (desk)> It'll melt anyways lol
07:49:49 <Rice> So what animal is the Carcass? Not been paying a lot of attention to the chat, so probably missed it!
07:50:00 <Kat> Bison
07:50:14 <Rice> How long has it been there?
07:50:43 <Kat> I'm not sure - I think Katie found it yesterday afternoon.
07:51:16 <Kat> The videos JOe posted are from yesterday
07:52:37 <Joe1>
07:52:45 <LindaG> I think she saw coyote running over to it
07:53:05 <Joe1> the three videos from yesterday
07:53:15 <Kat> Thats what I thought Linda
07:56:50 <Art> Thanks for the close ups of the carcass & coyote. Back to work
07:58:18 <Kat> yw Art
07:59:39 <Kat> Looks like Riverside
07:59:54 <Kat> or not
08:01:22 <Kat> taking a break - face washing
08:04:06 <Dave from B™> Who says dogs don't care about being clean
08:05:01 <LindaG> Gotta look handsome for the girls
08:06:59 <Dave from B™> I'm a little confused, however. Is this a loner coyote without a pack or is he hiding this from his pack?
08:07:14 <Kat> heading out the way he came in
08:07:19 <Dave from B™> I really never see coyotes in packs in ynp.
08:08:17 <LindaG> Nice light
08:09:40 <ynpvisitor58> Lion?
08:10:10 <Joe> eLion ie
08:10:11 <ChrisO> Brrrrrr
08:11:10 <Dave from B™> Lori, is that a shivering emoji?
08:11:25 <Lori S 🥶> Yes!
08:11:41 <Lori S 🥶> Good chilly morning to all
08:11:45 <Ryan (desk)> Lion was 0807ie
08:11:49 <Lori S 🥶> _30 in West as well.
08:11:54 <Lori S 🥶> -30
08:12:17 <Lori S 🥶> Walk to work was quite invigorating
08:12:18 <Kat> Thanks Ryan
08:12:39 <Dave from B™> I love the squeak of packed snow at these temps
08:12:49 <Lori S 🥶> Dave from B™, :thumbsup:
08:12:53 <Joe> Kat you can change Lion to 0807 ie if you wish.
08:13:39 <Dave from B™> Lori S, not many people know what we are talking about:)
08:13:54 <LindaG> Lori S 🥶, hello chilly lori hello
08:14:05 <Lori S 🥶> Dave from B™, Might go try the toss the coffe in the air and watch it freeze trick
08:14:19 <Lori S 🥶> Morning Linda
08:14:26 <Kat> I did that - thanks Joe
08:14:34 <Lori S 🥶> But alos VERY pretty out in these temps
08:15:40 <Rice> 75 degrees warmer in Binghamton, NY than Yellowstone today
08:16:12 <Lori S 🥶> Katie picked a good time to go to Cancun
08:16:13 <Ryan (desk)> 80 warmer here
08:16:40 <Lori S 🥶> You all are making me do math with a frozen brain. LOL
08:17:17 <LindaG> Rice, another great reason to promote Binghamton 😉
08:17:53 <Kat> 91 warmer here
08:18:26 <LindaG> 77 here
08:19:04 <LindaG> Warmer that is, wish it was 77
08:19:35 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:21:15 <JarnoO> who closed the curtains?
08:21:24 <Technetium Talk> It is seriously cold in the UGB right now.
08:21:54 <JarnoO> it amuses me that the current temperature is N/A :)
08:22:28 <JarnoO> oh, -30°F at the moment
08:22:47 <JarnoO> yeah, that is darn cold
08:24:01 <Technetium Talk> I wonder what the boiling water --> snow point is.
08:24:35 <Lori S 🥶> Technetium Talk, After my coffee brews, I will give it a toss.
08:25:00 <Technetium Talk> Stay clear of the down flow.
08:26:11 <Technetium Talk> First article says -22 F is cold enough.
08:26:22 <Technetium Talk> So an eruption should make snow.
08:26:48 <Ryan (desk)> BH woulds be cool
08:27:13 <Technetium Talk> Has to be very low humidity, this might not be low enough, at -22.
08:27:28 <Technetium Talk> But same article says -30 F will work.
08:27:43 <Technetium Talk>
08:28:47 <Lori S 🥶> Technetium Talk, Does elevation come in to play at all like with the boiling point?
08:29:35 <Technetium Talk> Might, because the temperature difference between the boiling water temp and the cold air won't be as much.
08:32:15 <Kat> Ravens having breakfast
08:32:45 <Lori S 🥶> Oh, how did the bisoncicle do overnight?
08:32:51 <JarnoO> wolves didn't find the carcass yet?
08:33:24 <Kat> No wolves - coyote was on the carcass this morning for awhile
08:34:21 <Lori S 🥶> Same coyote you think?
08:35:01 <Ryan (desk)> Sad day here.
08:35:24 <Ryan (desk)> Gotta go home and bury a fur baby. 16 year old golden retriever didnt wake up this morning
08:35:38 <Lori S 🥶> Ryan (desk), Oh no.
08:35:44 <Kat> Oh Ryan I'm so sorry!
08:35:55 <Ryan (desk)> Best possible way for it to happen.
08:36:05 <Lori S 🥶> It's the hardest thing, Ryan (desk), I'm sorry.
08:36:28 <Dave from B™> Sorry, Ryan
08:36:41 <LindaG> So sorry Ryan
08:36:58 <Lori S 🥶> 16 years is a good life.
08:38:54 <Ryan (desk)> Extremely good.
08:39:01 <JarnoO> Light steam from Dilapidated. No eruption, though
08:39:02 <Kat> Cam says it's too cold!
08:39:31 <Lori S 🥶> Kat, but it warmed up a degree ;)
08:40:48 <Kat> Wow - what was I thinking! LOL
08:40:50 <Ryan (desk)> We were starting to worry a bit, actually. She was having some trouble walking. Started having the whole debate of when were we gonna hev to take her to a vet.
08:42:04 <LindaG> Ryan (desk), taking them to vet is a horrible experience, better it happened this way
08:43:00 <Ryan (desk)> Just not waking up was the best possible outcome. She was still exceptionally spry and healthy even yesterday.
08:43:40 <Lori S 🥶> Ryan (desk), she helped you make the decision. Got to pass in a warm house instead of a vet's office.
08:44:12 <Lori S 🥶> or at home anyway
08:44:24 <Ryan (desk)> Warm home for sure.
08:44:54 <Dave from B™> I never thought I would enjoy having dogs as much as I have. For the past 5 years, the greeting you get when you get home ALWAYS puts on smile on my face.
08:46:44 <Lori S 🥶> Dave from B™, I get frustrated when Wylie tries to attack the Chewy box before I've even set it down but wouldn't trade that for anything.
08:48:59 <Ryan (desk)> F**k. New info. She fell down the stairs.
08:49:10 <Dave from B™> Oh, no
08:49:16 <Ryan (desk)> My brother and his girlfriend held her while she passed.
08:49:26 <Dave from B™> I'm so sorry
08:49:48 <Kat> So Sorry Ryan
08:50:17 <Lori S 🥶> Oh geez.
08:50:50 <Lori S 🥶> That's rough. I'm soo sorry.
08:51:30 <Ryan (desk)> Yeah I am heading out of work now. Gotta go be there for people. Think of my brother. We had the dog for most of his concious life.
08:51:53 <LindaG> Ryan (desk), it's good someone was there to comfort her
08:52:28 <Kat> Take care Ryan (desk),
08:55:26 <Lori S 🥶> Take care of your family but take care of you too Ryan (desk).
09:02:32 <Lori S 🥶> This should be pretty
09:02:34 <Kat> OF
09:04:10 <Technetium Talk> Looking for snow >(
09:04:24 <Dave from B™> wow...where is the shuttle going today?
09:04:56 <Lori S 🥶> shuttle?
09:05:04 <Technetium Talk> Looks like a launch
09:06:58 <Lori S 🥶> Technetium Talk, Oh, now I get it. Little bit slow this morning.
09:07:02 <ynpvisitor31> It's a long
09:08:36 <Kat> Looks like Grand?
09:09:28 <Technetium Talk> Cloud is big enough.
09:10:00 <Technetium Talk> Any carcass action?
09:10:48 <Kat> Earlier - coyote
09:12:48 <Kat> Hi Kevin
09:13:21 <Kevin L™️ > Morning
09:13:23 <LindaG> Morning Kevin
09:17:03 <Cooper> I am so glad we got a snowday today, might give a chance to get over my stomach bug.
09:17:59 <LindaG> Cooper, hi hope you do
09:18:11 <LindaG> A peep
09:21:00 <Kat> Lion
09:21:02 <Joe> Lion
09:23:05 <Lori S 🥶> Hi Cooper, Hi Kevin L™️ 🥶
09:23:28 <Kevin L™️ > Hi
09:24:42 <Kevin L™️ > Lion sure fogged the hill.
09:25:14 <Kat> Thats ugly!
09:26:10 <Kat> A little better
09:26:12 <LindaG> Yuck
09:33:41 <Kat> Crazy!
09:34:28 <Lori S 🥶> Good time for the wolves to visit the carcass
09:35:41 <Kat> Thats what I was thinking Lori S 🥶,
09:38:20 <Kat> There's a lot of steam over Giantess area
09:38:46 <Lori S 🥶> Kat, how can you tell? LOL
09:39:12 <Kat> It's intuitive LOL
09:39:35 <Lori S 🥶> I can see what you mean when I look at static
09:40:40 <Kat> You can see it too when you look at top right of cam view
09:41:09 <Lori S 🥶> oh, the white "cloud"?
09:41:14 <LindaG> I guess it's the largest open water area up there
09:42:02 <Lori S 🥶> or it's ie. whichever.
09:42:05 <LindaG> Dome maybe
09:42:10 <Lori S 🥶> :p
09:42:43 <Kat> too far left on static
09:43:01 <Dave from B™> Giantess steams HEAVILY in extreme cold.
09:43:17 <Lori S 🥶> We need the Micah cam
09:43:25 <Kat> :)
09:43:32 <Lori S 🥶> as in Micah in the basin
09:43:46 <Kat> exactly
09:44:30 <Lori S 🥶> Hey, it warmed up to -19
09:44:49 <Dave from B™> wow...a double digit increase
09:44:57 <LindaG> We're having a heat wave
09:45:05 <Dave from B™> It will be above zero by 1130
09:45:32 <LindaG> Coyote will be happy about that
09:48:12 <Technetium Talk> Meat is still fresh
09:49:27 <Dave from B™> fresh frozen
09:49:56 <Lori S 🥶> It's a bluebird day out here in West. Of course, we have no geysers out here to steam up the place.
09:50:43 <Lori S 🥶> oooo. Look at Washburn
09:51:34 <LindaG> Nice
09:52:44 <Technetium Talk> Easy to see the hydrothermal area on South Washburn cam
09:55:10 <ynpvisitor106> carcass is still there?
09:56:14 <Dave from B™> Yes
09:56:21 <ynpvisitor106> no wolves on it yet?
09:57:21 <ynpvisitor106> fog clears
09:57:46 <Dave from B™> Not that we know of. Coyote has been seen once this morning. Do things really smell at -19F?
09:58:15 <ynpvisitor106> idk. thanks
09:59:48 <Dave from B™> Aurum?
09:59:51 <Lori S 🥶> There's some blue sky
10:00:01 <Kat> There's a nice blue sky out there
10:00:37 <ynpvisitor6> Any report on where the wolves were seen in the last day or 2? They do have a small territory, only about the west half of the park. I bet there are more are a dew food carts for them to chose from in the small space they use.
10:00:44 <Kevin L> I think it is ready for me to try my shift.
10:01:33 <Kat> Have fun Kevin - coyote was on carcass early this morning - hope fog clears
10:01:46 <ynpvisitor106> fasten your seatbelt, Kevin is driving
10:02:13 <Kevin L> Where is the carcass?
10:02:29 <ynpvisitor106> in the meadows
10:02:29 <Dave from B™> 6, yesterday it was supposedly reported that the Wapitis were feeding on a carcass in Black Sand
10:03:01 <LindaG> Over the Second tree fro end in parking g lot
10:03:17 <LindaG> Out I meadow
10:03:32 <LindaG> Yikes darn keyboard
10:03:56 <Lori S 🥶> Kevin L, Think Sprinkler then right
10:04:12 <LindaG> Yup
10:05:03 <Kat> That looks odd
10:05:21 <Dave from B™> Remains of coyote fire or a bush
10:05:34 <Dave from B™> It was there yesterdsay
10:05:55 <Dave from B™> up and to right of uso
10:06:22 <Dave from B™> uso = unidentified stationary object
10:06:39 <LindaG> It is over top of tree I me toned but it was steaming y out there
10:06:41 <Lori S 🥶> Dave from B™, oh, so that wasn't a typo
10:06:51 <Kevin L™️ > I already miss my big screen
10:06:53 <Lori S 🥶> :p
10:07:18 <LindaG> Lori S 🥶, how'd the coffee test work?
10:12:54 <ynpvisitor106> how would an eruption of Giantess look like in this conditions? look at all those steam already without an eruption
10:14:05 <ynpvisitor6> Something big in back. Call it fam for fun
10:14:29 <Lori S 🥶> LindaG, It didn't. Don't think the coffee was hot enough. Just went splat on the snow.
10:14:33 <Kevin L™️ > It has a huge cloud in the summer. It would be awesome.
10:14:54 <LindaG> Lori S 🥶, 🙁
10:15:42 <ynpvisitor106> lion maybe soo
10:15:50 <ynpvisitor106> soon
10:15:59 <LindaG> People lining up tobwatch
10:16:15 <LindaG> *to watch
10:16:22 <Dave from B™> Lori S, I have called the police. Expect your littering ticket very soon:)
10:16:35 <Lori S 🥶> Dave from B™, LOL
10:16:58 <Lori S 🥶> Hey, it's on private property. I can toss my coffee if I want to. :)
10:17:00 <Dave from B™> West doesn't want to attract any more ravens
10:17:02 <LindaG> Lotta coyote tracks
10:17:29 <Lori S 🥶> Dave from B™, the little fox that visits here might be more awake later
10:17:55 <Dave from B™> haha Lori
10:18:33 <ynpvisitor6> It will just mark to cover the funny smelling and looking yellow spot.
10:18:39 <Kevin L™️ > If you want a bobcat I know where one is.
10:18:59 <Lori S 🥶> Kevin L™️ 🥶, :(
10:19:03 <ynpvisitor6> Ha, if you knew where it was, you would be wearing it.
10:19:28 <Kevin L™️ > Very true #6
10:19:56 <ynpvisitor6> Need more chickens in your trap
10:20:57 <Kevin L™️ > We do have a skunk scent but I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it.
10:21:46 <Eric> Morning
10:22:07 <Kevin L™️ > Hi
10:22:09 <LindaG> Hi
10:22:22 <LindaG> Bee would be fun right now
10:22:32 <Eric> kill gone?
10:22:47 <LindaG> Its there
10:22:56 <LindaG> Coyote visited
10:22:58 <Eric> Any wildlife action on it?
10:23:06 <Eric> Still no wolves...interesting
10:23:34 <Kevin L™️ > My daughter gave me a fun thing. A Yellowstone quarter minted in silver.
10:23:42 <Dave from B™> It has been very foggy all morning
10:23:51 <Eric> Nice Kevin
10:24:35 <Kevin L™️ > It is about a quarter inch thick and 3 inches in diameter.
10:24:53 <LindaG> Sounds nice
10:25:33 <Lori S 🥶> Morning Eric
10:26:15 <ynpvisitor6> Is the winter version plane frosted silver, so it looks like a foggy morning?
10:27:01 <Technetium Talk> Lion
10:29:19 <Kevin L™️ > Glad we caught Lion before OF window.
10:33:15 <Eric> probably missed bh in the fog this morning
10:33:46 <Kevin L™️ > Wow
10:33:56 <Eric> OF
10:34:23 <LindaG> Really delayed
10:35:06 <ynpvisitor47> that's a pretty one
10:35:13 <LindaG> Look at static
10:35:15 <Eric> Static is pretty
10:35:21 <Eric> :-D
10:37:57 <Eric>
10:38:26 <LindaG> 😀
10:44:00 <Lori S 🥶> Tv and internet issues in a cabin. You'd think it's the end of the world.
10:44:21 <ynpvisitor6> It is.
10:44:49 <Lori S 🥶> It's not like it's keeping them from getting the Iowa caucus results. :p
10:45:45 <ynpvisitor6> If you do not think so, just start the conversation about no more wifi in the park.
10:46:08 <Lori S 🥶> ynpvisitor6, I know better :)
10:47:07 <ynpvisitor6> Iowa is just a practice run for Nevada. They need to find a reliable way to rig it, that is why they hired a bunch of hillary loosers to get the app from.
10:47:16 <Kevin L™️ > One time I was staying in a room and highway construction cut the fiber optic cable. TV and internet down in the whole city for over 2 days.
10:48:00 <ynpvisitor6> You cut your own cable?
10:49:12 <Kevin L™️ > I did once during my wife’s soap opera. I caught hell from her while I was still at the site.
10:49:41 <Lori S 🥶> Kevin L™️ 🥶, lol
10:50:52 <Kevin L™️ > You don’t want to cut a fiber optic cable. Lots of lawyers.
10:52:53 <Kevin L™️ > Aurum?
10:53:14 <Eric> lion?
10:53:16 <Eric> or bee?
10:53:21 <Eric> lion definitely
10:53:29 <ynpvisitor6> One talented person and a microscope can fix it, no need for liars.
10:53:42 <Dave from B™> 2 eruptions
10:53:49 <Eric> bh too?
10:54:17 <LindaG> May aurum and so nothing tomright
10:54:21 <Dave from B™> What a foggy mess
10:54:37 <Eric> that doesn't help :-P
10:54:46 <LindaG> Yikes maybe aurum and something to right
10:54:55 <Kevin L™️ > I am guessing Aurum with Pump.
10:55:43 <ynpvisitor6> Reruns are killing me, enjoy the steam.
10:55:55 <Eric> 1052 lion start
10:56:45 <Eric> 1053 aurum
10:57:13 <Dave from B™> Do you need? with those, Eric?
10:57:33 <Eric> Here is the video for review:
10:57:56 <Kevin L™️ > Didn’t we have a lion just before OF
10:58:13 <Eric> Don't think so
10:58:20 <Eric> It's not on GT
10:58:55 <Kevin L™️ > I did mention that it was nice to get lion before of.
10:58:58 <Eric> hmmm, just read logs, guess people mentioned it, but not on GT
10:59:33 <Eric> I am pretty sure that was Lion at 1052
10:59:38 <Eric> You can watch the video
10:59:49 <Dave from B™> earlier could have been a minor
11:01:45 <Kevin L™️ > I was a Bit busy so I don’t know for sure but it looked big. Went all the way up so the dome cover blocked it.
11:05:42 <Eric> I will add my observations with ? so we at least capture some of the info on GT
11:06:20 <JarnoO> did Yellowstone forget the word 'visibility'? :)
11:17:03 <JarnoO> for the 1052 Lion - the plume looked very much like a typical Lion plume. It looked too long for a roar to me, so 1052 is likely a Lion minor. As for the 1053 Aurum (actually 1052 as well) - considering the wind drift for the 1052 Lion, this was Aurum. That plume also seems to be clearing a bit after a minute, which would fit for a ~1m Aurum.
11:17:59 <Kevin L™️ > Sounds good to me.
11:20:25 <Lori S 🥶> Could we take a peek at the carcass now that we have some clearing?
11:21:58 <JarnoO> duration of the 1052 Lion is around 27 seconds - from :23 (plume appeared) to :50 (this is the point where there's no new steam appearing from Lion)
11:22:30 <Lori S 🥶> Thanks!
11:23:05 <Kevin L™️ > Easier to find without fog
11:23:15 <Lori S 🥶> Kevin L™️ 🥶, indeed
11:24:40 <Kevin L™️ > The ravens probably hurt their beaks on that
11:25:03 <Dave from B™> Coyote is waiting until carcass softens in the heat
11:37:37 <Kevin L™️ > Depression
11:41:50 <Technetium Talk> Sprinkler looks like Grand at these temps
11:42:54 <ynpvisitor71> no sign of wolves
11:43:02 <Lori S 😎> Looks dead (pun intended)
11:43:02 <ynpvisitor71> not enough tracks around it
11:43:41 <Eric> Looks dead
11:43:54 <Eric> haha...woops, didn't even see Lori's comment :-P
11:44:56 <Lori S 😎> Eric, so we agree then :D
11:51:59 <Lori S 😎> Time for lunch
11:53:31 <Kevin L™️ > It has one customer
11:53:46 <Kevin L™️ > Now two
11:54:11 <Dave from B™> Coyote should be coming for lunch soon
11:54:54 <Kevin L™️ > Buffet is open
11:57:45 <JarnoO> hate to break it, but it seems OF ie on static
11:59:12 <JarnoO> near end now
12:00:21 <Kevin L™️ > Went just before window
12:00:45 <JarnoO> back to the carcass?
12:00:56 <LindaG> Kevin L™️ 🥶, that's our story and were sticking to it 😉
12:04:00 <ynpvisitor49> Kevin, just say it is hard to drive when you are driving.
12:04:23 <Kevin L™️ > I was slipping on the snow
12:04:59 <LindaG> Seems less snow on it, cant be melting can it?
12:04:59 <ynpvisitor49> You sure that is a bison and not a off path walker with a fur coat?
12:05:33 <Kevin L™️ > Looks like a buffet to me.
12:05:54 <LindaG> Yesterday it looked like it had a bison head
12:06:03 <ynpvisitor49> Could be the magistrate gave up on banning them, and issued a shoot on sight order?
12:06:48 <LindaG> Micah needs to do reconnaissance
12:07:24 <Kevin L™️ > Maybe it is a california tourist who didn’t count on the cold.
12:07:40 <ynpvisitor49> Good thing it is not in Oregon, the would use dynamite to remove the carcass.
12:07:57 <Kevin L™️ > :)
12:08:01 <ynpvisitor49> Insert expoding whale video here...
12:08:14 <Kevin L™️ > That was really funny.
12:08:51 <Kevin L™️ > Highway engineer mentality.
12:09:05 <ynpvisitor49> The best part was not the big bang. It was the plop plop of all the blubber hitting people and cars.
12:09:16 <Kevin L™️ > Yep
12:09:42 <Kevin L™️ > Really gross sounding
12:10:05 <ynpvisitor49> I wounder if anyone made t-shirts. I went to the Oregon coast and all I got was blubber raining down on me.
12:10:32 <LindaG> I survived the blubber 😃
12:10:47 <ynpvisitor49> I understand if they had smell-o-vision back then they would have had to bleep it out.
12:11:23 <Kevin L™️ > I would like to see the accident report on that car that got hit by that big piece
12:12:33 <ynpvisitor49> The company should dig through their files and make a commercial.
12:12:47 <JarnoO> "Cause of accident: Exploding whale"
12:13:36 <ynpvisitor49> I would not want to be a ravin. What could be worse then eating a still frozen tv dinner?
12:14:20 <Kevin L™️ > My favorite accident report was the lady who wrote that a train swerved and hit her car.
12:14:44 <LindaG> Haha ai ed right at her?
12:14:55 <LindaG> *aimed
12:15:48 <Kevin L™️ > The engines passed her but the first car got her and sent her spinning.
12:16:02 <LindaG> Hey 5 degrees
12:17:02 <Kevin L™️ > Heat wave
12:17:18 <Eric> Bison popsicle out there now
12:18:01 <ynpvisitor100> Meatcicles
12:19:37 <Betty> hi
12:20:00 <Betty> all
12:20:15 <Kevin L™️ > Hi
12:20:29 <JarnoO> evening Betty
12:20:56 <LindaG> Betty, hi
12:21:04 <Betty> I write 2 words but only one shows up. where´s the mistake?
12:21:04 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
12:21:34 <Betty> hi Kevin and Linda, evening Jarno
12:21:37 <Kevin L™️ > Loose nut behind the keyboard
12:21:57 <LindaG> Beautiful scene indeed
12:22:38 <Betty> I fear you are right, Kevin :lol:
12:23:30 <Betty> a beautiful day
12:24:24 <Kevin L™️ > If you are a popsicle
12:25:38 <Betty> you had a Depression?
12:25:44 <Dave from B™> Do we have any coyote experts in the room?
12:25:57 <Eric> Hi Betty
12:25:58 <Betty> hi Dave from B™
12:26:06 <Betty> hi Eric
12:26:37 <Dave from B™> Hi
12:26:39 <Dave from B™> Betty
12:27:06 <Dave from B™> See how I "returned" your comment?:)
12:27:20 <Dave from B™> Or, entered, is probably a better word
12:27:44 <Betty> nice, Dave :-)
12:31:05 <Kevin L™️ > Surprised there are no customers at the bison buffet
12:31:30 <Dave from B™> Day 2 has been quiet......although most od Day 1 activity was in the afternoon.
12:31:52 <LindaG> Just thinking this carcass is boring
12:32:56 <Dave from B™> We will have excitement on the carcass this afternoon.....guaranteed just like my geyser prediictions
12:33:22 <Betty> hahahaha
12:33:33 <LindaG> 😃
12:34:02 <Dave from B™> Are you ladies laughing "at me" or "with me"?
12:34:22 <Kevin L™️ > We could get a pool going on when the coyote will show up.
12:34:23 <Kat> No one is telling....hehehe
12:34:29 <LindaG> With you, of course 😏
12:34:41 <Betty> SURE
12:34:45 <Kat> With!
12:35:04 <Betty> Yes, WITH
12:35:13 <Betty> :-D
12:36:02 <Dave from B™> Kevin,
12:36:35 <Dave from B™> I'll take 1309
12:37:03 <LindaG> I say coyote at 14:00 plus or minus 15 min
12:37:09 <JarnoO> Daisy
12:38:37 <Eric> Dave is always late, so I will take before 1309 :-P
12:38:57 <Kevin L™️ > 1430 plus minus 15m
12:39:18 <Dave from B™> hahaha...usually my windows DELAY eruptions...I think you are on the wrong side:)
12:45:28 <Dave from B™> That's a strange looking carcass
12:53:24 <Kevin L™️ > Castle looking perky
12:56:30 <Betty> bulger ie
13:02:49 <Betty> there was a raven on bisicle
13:04:16 <Dave from B™> Where is Wilie
13:05:52 <Kevin L™️ > Next to Waldo?
13:05:59 <Betty> bsb
13:06:17 <Betty> or indy
13:07:03 <Betty> can we have a look at BH?
13:07:24 <Betty> thx
13:07:27 <Betty> bsb
13:15:07 <LindaG> Coyote probably not coming back cause his teeth hurt
13:15:29 <Dave from B™> He's at the dentist?
13:15:35 <Kevin L™️ > If he has any left.
13:16:24 <LindaG> Picking up so e sensodyne
13:16:38 <LindaG> *some
13:17:26 <LindaG> Ravens
13:17:50 <Kevin L™️ > Needs a BIG crockpot.
13:19:18 <KevinS> Is that grotto?
13:19:47 <Kevin L™️ > It looked like it
13:22:25 <Kevin L™️ > Big crowd at OF
13:26:31 <Kevin L™️ > Awesome
13:27:02 <Betty> nice
13:30:08 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat. Enjoy the canid show.
13:30:20 <JarnoO> cya Dave
13:31:00 <Kevin L™️ > Bye Dave
13:31:53 <Betty> have fun, Dave
13:32:07 <Betty> Artemisia ie
13:32:55 <Betty> OF sign is busy
13:50:35 <Betty> Daisy
13:50:44 <Betty> no
13:53:28 <ynpvisitor26> is it just me or is Bee a lot less predicable than it used to be?
13:53:54 <Kevin L™️ > It is right now
13:53:54 <Betty> Bee is predictable?
13:54:28 <JarnoO> Castle
13:54:47 <Betty> and Turban I think
13:54:50 <JarnoO> well... that helps
13:55:13 <Kevin L™️ > Going to be hard to see Daisy now
13:56:14 <JarnoO> can you get Riverside also in view?
13:56:49 <JarnoO> put*
13:59:23 <LindaG> Pretty
14:00:52 <JarnoO> thanks :)
14:04:26 <JarnoO> 10m for Castle
14:05:36 <JarnoO> Ot ie
14:09:30 <JarnoO> Castle major
14:09:42 <Kevin L™️ > Castle going to steam
14:10:53 <Kevin L™️ > Controls freezing
14:11:12 <JarnoO> at least we caught Castle
14:11:40 <Kevin L™️ > Controls down
14:23:34 <Technetium Talk> Whoa, just saw YNP Winter Storm Watch on Twitter. 12-16" lower elevations, 18-22" higher elevations. Wed-Fri
14:23:59 <JarnoO> Grand
14:24:06 <Kevin L™️ > Where is that?
14:24:22 <LindaG> 😀
14:24:36 <LindaG> There it is
14:25:29 <LindaG> JarnoO, Sad you are on the other side of the pond and saw it before me
14:26:35 <Kevin L™️ > It is much harder to drive on the laptop
14:29:50 <JarnoO> 5m
14:31:30 <JarnoO> Grand looks kinda slow in this eruption
14:32:01 <JarnoO> b1 done
14:32:28 <JarnoO> 2nd
14:33:09 <JarnoO> Riverside
14:33:11 <JarnoO> ie
14:33:31 <JarnoO> b2 done
14:33:33 <Technetium Talk> :D:
14:33:47 <Ryan (home)> Here for some geyser therapy.
14:33:54 <Ryan (home)> Or steam clouds, which ever comes first.
14:34:19 <Kevin L™️ > Still no bee
14:34:42 <Kat> Hi Ryan - your baby was beautiful! Thinking of you and your family.
14:34:54 <Ryan (home)> A nice Beehive would be appreciated. Thanks, Kat.
14:35:34 <Ryan (home)> Rough day for sure. House is quite without the pitter patter of paws.
14:35:53 <Kevin L™️ > It looks good
14:38:59 <LindaG> I like driving on tablet more than laptop, too cumbersome
14:39:30 <Kevin L™️ > I never could do it on my iPad
14:40:12 <Betty> so sorry , Ryan!
14:43:47 <LindaG> And no visitors
14:44:02 <Ryan (home)> Thanks, Betty! I am currently drawing a cave map, sitting in my living room listening to music while a friends does her work by me to keep me company.
14:47:58 <Kevin L™️ > Controls freezing again
14:57:16 <Kevin L™️ > A little action from Split Cone
14:57:28 <Betty> SC
14:57:45 <Betty> hey, you beat me
14:58:25 <Kevin L™️ > Controls only giving me about 4 fps
14:59:00 <Betty> 2 more than I have :-p
14:59:54 <Kevin L™️ > It is at 1.1fps now
15:00:22 <Betty> :-)
15:10:10 <JarnoO> OF
15:10:11 <Betty> OF
15:10:40 <Betty> steamwall
15:11:04 <Technetium Talk> Gorgeous
15:16:41 <Kevin L™️ > No steam in Daisy area so I am guessing it went during the extended OF window.
15:19:32 <Eric> Our frozen bison getting any company?
15:19:47 <Kevin L™️ > Nope
15:20:12 <Eric> Bummer....good afternoon snack for a pack of wolves
15:21:04 <Betty> time to head out, have a great evening all
15:21:25 <Kevin L™️ > Good knight
15:22:03 <Technetium Talk> What's "great" about the winter storm is that the bison carcass will get buried, then re-emerge when the grizzlies are emerging hungry.
15:22:09 <Technetium Talk> Could be fun.
15:22:52 <Kevin L™️ > Sort of like a frozen TV dinner.
15:32:16 <Eric> I assume if it's still there when the bears come out, LE will move it if visitors are in the UGB
15:33:36 <Kevin L™️ > Probably not. They left one right next to the trail on GH.
15:36:22 <ynpvisitor97> Too many international visitors. I think the cam has that virus.
15:36:30 <Joe> rum
15:36:36 <Joe> Aurum
15:37:07 <ynpvisitor97> Hot Buttered Rum sounds good.
15:37:24 <Joe> nice camera work Kevin!
15:37:35 <Technetium Talk> :thumbsup:
15:47:35 <Kevin L™️ > Still no takers at the Bison Buffet
15:49:18 <Dave from B™> Did coyote ever return this afternoon?
15:49:44 <Kevin L™️ > Nope
15:51:02 <Dave from B™> I wonder if he has a stomach ache
15:51:30 <Kevin L™️ > More like a tooth ache
15:53:47 <Kevin L™️ > Looks like BH is going to wait for the next driver
15:54:10 <LindaG> Oh you saved bee for me?
15:54:25 <Kevin L™️ > I sure did
15:54:38 <LindaG> Thanks!
15:54:47 <LindaG> 😍
15:55:19 <Kevin L™️ > Big splashes and constant steam from bsb
15:55:20 <LindaG> I bet you it waits for joe
15:55:38 <Kevin L™️ > You are probably right
15:55:50 <Dave from B™> In honor of who you are driving for.....GO BEEHIVE
15:56:36 <Kevin L™️ > It even made it to 19 degrees here.
15:57:12 <LindaG> 😀 that's nice but tonight is my shift, his was last night.
15:57:37 <Dave from B™> My apologies. I thought he drove most nights at 1600
15:57:54 <LindaG> I think mon and wed
15:58:03 <LindaG> No problem
15:59:53 <LindaG> Bsb
16:00:48 <Kevin L™️ > Controls released
16:01:20 <Kevin L™️ > I assumed you wanted it here
16:01:27 <ynpvisitor33> got it
16:01:35 <ynpvisitor33> sure
16:06:00 <Joe1> Aurum 1536
16:18:57 <LindaGp> ravens
16:23:01 <LindaGp> LA
16:29:19 <ynpvisitor40> No, Ravens are in Baltimore. Rams are in LA
16:30:06 <LindaGp> 😊
16:30:12 <Dave from B™> haha 40
16:30:27 <Dave from B™> Coyotes are in Arizona
16:30:51 <Kevin L> But some hang around my house.
16:33:12 <LindaGp> cool sky
16:38:48 <LindaGp> OF
16:39:13 <LindaGp> nice
16:40:24 <Eric> cool lighting
16:41:34 <LindaGp>
16:42:05 <Kevin L> BH would look better
16:42:57 <LindaGp>
16:43:53 <LindaGp> bee and joe spoke
16:45:58 <Dave from B™> There has to be a lot of meat left on that bison
16:46:23 <Lori S 😎> Maybe it's the lack of snow but it looks smaller
16:46:23 <LindaGp> I would think so
16:46:45 <Lori S 😎> *lack of snow on the carcass
16:48:08 <LindaGp> Lori S 😎, hi
16:48:52 <Dave from B™> haha Coyote spotted in Billings today across from a school
16:49:06 <Lori S 😎> LindaGp, Hello Linda Hello
16:49:26 <LindaGp> Lori S 😎, 😊
16:49:30 <Lori S 😎> I snuck in a while back :)
16:50:11 <LindaGp> bulger ns
16:51:27 <Jeff> hey everyone
16:52:06 <LindaGp> Jeff, hi
16:52:39 <Jeff> how are you linda
16:53:17 <LindaGp> Jeff, I'm good, trying to get bee going
16:53:36 <LindaGp> Jeff, how about you?
16:53:37 <Jeff> bee is always a good one to get going
16:53:45 <Jeff> im not bad just tired after a long day of work
16:54:41 <LindaGp> there is our bison carcass
16:54:59 <LindaGp> some ravens
16:55:09 <Jeff> any recent visitors to it besides the ravens?
16:55:29 <LindaGp> no ☹
16:55:55 <Jeff> is this the same carcass from the notes yesterday?
16:56:57 <Jeff> there was my summer home
16:57:30 <LindaGp> same carcass
16:57:53 <LindaGp> wish the wolves would find it
16:58:06 <Jeff> same.. i wanna see some wolves
16:59:08 <LindaGp> I think coyote may have been there this morning
16:59:58 <Dave from B™> Yes...coyote was spotted once this morning
17:00:10 <Lori S 😎> LindaGp, It was or so I saw in chat
17:00:59 <LindaGp> 👍
17:01:54 <ynpvisitor79> He went out looking for something softer.
17:02:30 <LindaGp> ravens pulled something off before
17:09:19 <Dave from B™> Time to help Cole close the market. Have a great evening everyone!
17:09:30 <Jeff> night dave
17:09:37 <LindaGp> Dave from B™, night
17:09:56 <LindaGp> Jeff, where are you driving up from
17:10:19 <Jeff> phoenix
17:10:42 <Lori S 😎> Dave from B™, night
17:10:54 <LindaGp> oh so you are nice and warm
17:11:25 <Jeff> right now its about 53 lol
17:12:17 <LindaGp> oh well it was warmer here in jersey
17:12:38 <Jeff> were actually on a freeze warning tonight
17:12:58 <LindaGp> wow that's unusual isn't it?
17:13:16 <Jeff> not terribly unusual for this time of year
17:13:50 <LindaGp> oh ok, I didn't think it got that cold there
17:14:21 <Jeff> most people think it always hot here but it actually gets pretty nice here in the winter
17:14:32 <LindaGp> I'll be flying into.phoenix in may
17:14:39 <Jeff> nice
17:14:48 <Jeff> ill be at the lower hams come may 1
17:14:56 <LindaGp> going up to GC
17:15:04 <Jeff> nice
17:15:47 <Jeff> honestly ive never been to the gc lol
17:15:58 <LindaGp> there it is ☺
17:16:11 <Jeff> oh how i miss that place and wish i was there right now lol
17:16:51 <LindaGp> you should see the canyon 🙄
17:17:11 <Jeff> ill probably stop there on my way up to the park
17:17:45 <LindaGp> it's real nice, went to south and north rim two years ago
17:18:41 <Jeff> ill probably check it out for a couple hours since im giving myself plenty of time to get up to yellowstone
17:19:16 <LindaGp> nice it's a great view
17:19:40 <LindaGp> so different than Ynp
17:19:48 <Eric> Still no takers on the carcass?
17:20:09 <Jeff> im surprised the bears or wolves arent there eric
17:20:37 <LindaGp> just ravens
17:20:47 <LindaGp> Eric, hi
17:21:21 <LindaGp> a bunch of dead beat predators
17:21:31 <Lori S 😎> Jeff, bears are zzzzzzzz
17:21:42 <Jeff> oh yea forgot its that time of year lol
17:21:49 <Lori S 😎> :)
17:23:36 <LindaGp> doggie on the hill
17:29:40 <LindaGp> wow check out static all.of them
17:30:02 <Kevin L™️ > I even left BH for you Linda.
17:30:29 <Lori S 😎> Perty colors
17:31:05 <LindaGp> Kevin L™️ 🥶, I don't think it likes me
17:31:40 <Kevin L™️ > Joe paid it to wait
17:31:47 <LindaGp> but I appreciate the thought 😉
17:32:08 <LindaGp> I think so
17:37:59 <Kevin L™️ > Dead bison in the middle of the meadow...
17:40:32 <kcmule> song lyrics?
17:41:47 <Kevin L™️ > Yep
17:47:00 <Lori S 😎> ...ravens flocking to get their fill...
17:47:15 <LindaGp> coyote
17:47:23 <Lori S 😎> ...dead bison in the middle of the meadow..
17:47:56 <LindaGp> dadada da da
17:47:59 <Lori S 😎> out ravens the coyote wants the kill
17:49:28 <Kevin L™️ > Coyote would probably do better with a raven. I understand that they taste like chicken.
17:50:06 <Lori S 😎> Kevin L™️ 🥶, lol
17:50:23 <LindaGp> 🤣
17:51:59 <LindaGp> well not the most exciting scenw
17:53:03 <LindaGp> I would hate to miss bee
17:53:17 <Kevin L™️ > More action than I had all day
17:53:49 <LindaGp> ☺ still watching snowdrifts
17:53:54 <Michael> Seems like that one coyote hasn't shared the bison news with any of its friends.
17:55:09 <LindaGp> hes a little piggy
17:55:49 <Kevin L™️ > I thought for sure we would get a bee. It was looking hot at noon.
17:56:21 <LindaGp> there were bubblers a few times
17:57:00 <Kevin L™️ > Really strong ones when I gave you the cam
17:57:08 <LindaGp> let's stare at it and will it to erupt
17:57:15 <LindaGp> yep
17:59:23 <LindaGp> what might that be?
17:59:35 <LindaGp> turban?
18:00:07 <LindaGp> washing face
18:00:48 <LindaGp> another
18:00:49 <LindaGp> .
18:00:49 <LindaGp> .
18:01:03 <LindaGp> fight
18:01:33 <LindaGp> maybe happy to see each other
18:02:11 <LindaGp> darn OF
18:03:50 <Kevin L™️ > Hot date?
18:04:08 <LindaGp> they seemed to get all g after that met
18:04:11 <Lori S 😎> mating season?
18:06:08 <LindaGp> was hoping it was a wolf
18:10:28 <LindaGp> OF
18:11:00 <LindaGp> GUESS NOT
18:12:29 <Kevin L™️ > You broke OF too?
18:13:10 <LindaGp> 😃 I'm on a roll
18:14:06 <Lori S 😎> 8 degrees out here, wind picking up, walking home in 45 minutes
18:14:17 <Lori S 😎> Perhaps a run is in order
18:14:51 <LindaGp> perhaps a fast run
18:15:58 <Lori S 🥶> wonder which way the wind is blowing
18:16:06 <Lori S 🥶> could just get a sheet to use as a sail
18:16:19 <LindaGp> wind SW
18:16:40 <LindaGp> how far do you have to go
18:20:26 <LindaGp> OF
18:21:09 <Lori S 🥶> LindaGp, sorry, got a call
18:21:19 <Lori S 🥶> 4 minute walk due west
18:27:19 <LindaGp> not too bad, so it's a 2 minute run ☺
18:27:40 <LindaGp> controls released
18:27:50 <LindaGp> left it on grand to beehive
18:30:29 <Lori S 🥶> Thx for driving
18:31:01 <LindaG> Yw
18:36:13 <Lori S 🥶> logging off have a good night
18:37:09 <Michael> Night, Lori S.
18:37:10 <LindaG> Lori S 🥶night be warm and safe
20:16:54 <ynpvisitor95> lots of steam from bee area
20:20:45 <ynpvisitor95> looks like lights up toward Solitary
20:22:57 <ynpvisitor95> or maybe moon on snow patches?
20:26:10 <ynpvisitor95> is that Aurum?
20:37:28 <ynpvisitor95> Riverside
20:38:47 <ynpvisitor95> 2037 ie wc
20:42:24 <ynpvisitor95> someone is going over to bee overlook
20:44:38 <ynpvisitor95> Lion
20:47:19 <ynpvisitor95> ?Grand
20:49:06 <ynpvisitor95> thanks Joe
20:49:29 <Joe> yw
20:49:52 <ynpvisitor95> hey how much snow did you finally get?
20:50:02 <ynpvisitor95> we got about 5 inches
20:50:27 <Joe> We had8 total
20:52:01 <ynpvisitor95> I was hoping to see bee, but no luck so far
20:53:20 <Joe> I'm going to point to geyser hill soon
20:53:54 <Joe> Grand is almost done
20:57:34 <ynpvisitor95> wow, that is brighter
20:59:35 <ynpvisitor95> well now I can tell that is wasn't lights, but 2 snow patches below Solitary
21:16:38 <ynpvisitor95> hm multitasking
21:16:46 <ynpvisitor95> was that a splash from bee
21:18:56 <Joe> Looked like but web cam is up and down
21:19:43 <Joe> Failed at the moment
21:21:42 <Joe> up again
21:22:42 <Joe> and down
21:54:58 <ynpvisitor20> bee
21:55:05 <ynpvisitor20> .
21:55:06 <ynpvisitor20> .
21:55:09 <ynpvisitor20> .
21:56:12 <ynpvisitor113> :thumbsup: