Showing logs for date: 2020-03-22
06:10:56 <CraigC> how's it going, Joe
06:11:21 <CraigC> hey Betty
06:11:32 <Betty> morning CraigC, Joe, Terry
06:11:43 <Joe> Good Craig, and with you?
06:12:31 <CraigC> good
06:12:45 <CraigC> I dont know how you can see anythjng on here
06:12:51 <Betty> glad to hear you are fine :-)
06:13:49 <Joe> It is tough Craig, especially with the condition of my eyes :)
06:18:44 <Joe> I am going to be slightly disappointed if they cannot find a remedy for my problem.
06:36:33 <Joe> Right now the views are good, I GRand
06:36:37 <Joe> Grand
06:36:42 <Joe> Grand
06:37:40 <Joe> Can't get too close yet
06:38:09 <Betty> nice
06:40:11 <Joe> that is three consecutive Grands under 6 hours.
06:44:33 <Joe> Hi CC
06:44:37 <CC> Morning everyone
06:44:47 <Joe> The cam is yours
06:44:59 <CC> okay
06:45:05 <Betty> morning CC
06:45:15 <Joe> We are into Grand about 9 min
06:45:20 <CC> Hi Betty
07:24:32 <CraigC> Joe, did you get either of those PC games?
07:26:01 <Joe> not yet Craig, waiting to see how things work out with my eyes.
07:26:40 <CraigC> hope they get better soon
07:28:09 <Joe> thanks, with all this Covid 19 stuff it is getting harder to get the required tests
07:34:09 <CC> OF IE
07:37:54 <Joe> 0733:02
07:47:03 <Betty> BH is splashy
07:48:50 <Joe> Lion
07:49:00 <CC> Yeap
07:49:33 <CC> Joe please pot
07:49:36 <CC> post
07:51:00 <Joe> done
07:51:01 <Betty> yeah, Lion
07:51:36 <CC> thanks
08:06:02 <LindaG> Good morning g all!
08:06:16 <LindaG> That's pretty light
08:06:18 <Betty> morning LindaG
08:06:19 <CC> Hi Linda
08:06:25 <CraigC> morning, gyou :)
08:06:49 <LindaG> 😛 GM
08:07:24 <LindaG> Oh that was for Craig
08:07:30 <LindaG> 😊
08:10:22 <LindaG> Doggies
08:10:47 <CC> been there a while
08:11:29 <LindaG> Havent seen many since the last wolf visit
08:12:06 <CC> a closer view fo you
08:12:43 <LindaG> Thx
08:14:42 <LindaG> Must be nice not knowing what's brewing beneath the surface
08:19:16 <CraigC> LindaG, what would you do if all the animals in Yellowstone fled to Mexico?
08:19:49 <CC> Hi Craig...didn't realize you were here
08:19:59 <CraigC> hey CC :)
08:20:09 <CraigC> I'm kinda in and out
08:21:26 <LindaG> CraigC, ?
08:21:47 <CraigC> ;)
08:22:05 <LindaG> 🙂
08:22:31 <CraigC> wouldn't you interpret it that the Yellowstone volcano was scaring them off?
08:23:22 <LindaG> Oh, had no idea where that was coming from.
08:23:48 <CraigC> ‹LindaG› Must be nice not knowing what's brewing beneath the surface
08:24:00 <LindaG> So your saying as long as those bison are on the hill we are good
08:24:36 <CraigC> depends on if they really do know or not
08:25:43 <CraigC> has anyone ever documented any animal behavior around features that suddenly became active?
08:25:52 <LindaG> I'm sure they sense tremors and the like, but sensing and knowing what's causing it are two different things
08:26:30 <LindaG> I saw a bison recently run away from bee and kick up its heels
08:26:33 <CraigC> all 3 of our dogs slept through our earthquake last week
08:26:44 <LindaG> CraigC, lol
08:27:09 <CraigC> but if someone 3 miles away lights a firecracker.....
08:27:46 <Betty> hahaha
08:27:51 <LindaG> I think they have observed certain animals reacting to earthquakes and tsunamis,
08:28:41 <Joe> Craigs dogs?
08:29:05 <Betty> more likely not
08:29:22 <LindaG> I think dogs might be too trusting
08:29:38 <LindaG> At least Craig's dogs 🙂
08:32:09 <LindaG> Looks like snow is imminent
08:50:22 <KittyM> Eric are you here by chance?
08:51:01 <KittyM> Or anyone... I have a new laptop and the live cam now will not play in this page. I imagine others have run into this? Is there something I need to enable or install?
08:52:07 <KittyM> I get "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported."
08:52:25 <CraigC> only thing I know about it enabling the flash in the URL space
08:52:53 <CraigC> to theleft of "" is a symbol of a lock
08:52:53 <Joe> First click on the lock next to the https, scroll down to site settings and allow flash
08:53:42 <Joe> Then on this page turn off flash in settings on the right
08:54:07 <KittyM> oh turn it off? OK.
08:54:50 <KittyM> hmm, didn't work to either turn it on or turn it off
08:55:27 <Joe> which browser, chrome
08:56:20 <CraigC> Joe is almost as nerdy as Eric :)
08:56:27 <Joe> After a off or on you may have to do a control f5
08:56:31 <KittyM> tried in both chrome and Edge
08:56:49 <KittyM> I both turned off flash and allowed it. Same issue both times in both browsers
08:57:07 <KittyM> It does play in the YNP page, just not here
08:57:20 <ynpvisitor8> after you allow flash in your browser, you have to refresh to make the change.
08:57:41 <KittyM> thanks 8, I did refresh
08:58:20 <CraigC> Joe said you also have to change the setting on the "settings" panel to the right of this chat
08:58:37 <KittyM> oh!
08:58:55 <CraigC> that one set to Off
08:59:21 <CraigC> I didnt know that one, but mine was already off
09:00:06 <KittyM> Turn which thing off in settings?
09:00:09 <ynpvisitor8> then hit the refresh button right next to where it says flash streaming. That often sets it in motion.
09:00:12 <Joe> You have to make off dark blue
09:00:39 <CraigC> "Flash Streaming"
09:00:40 <Joe> Flash streaming
09:01:14 <KittyM> That is not on my settings panel
09:01:46 <Joe> right below web cam is up??
09:02:42 <KittyM> the next thing under web cam is up is "Live Stream Type"
09:03:44 <KittyM> OK I do have that in chrome, one sec...
09:05:17 <KittyM> In Chrome, Flash Streaming, I have set the Off to dark blue, refreshed, still not working
09:05:43 <CraigC> then Allow Flash in URL lock settings
09:06:26 <KittyM> Woo hoo!! You two rock!!
09:06:30 <KittyM> thanks you so much!!
09:06:46 <CraigC> Joe rocks, but I type faster :)
09:07:01 <Joe> Craig ricks, I roll :)
09:07:08 <KittyM> LOL!!
09:07:11 <Joe> rocks
09:07:18 <CraigC> and I rick, whatever the hell that means
09:07:38 <Joe> typo, typo :)
09:07:44 <CraigC> ;)
09:08:04 <CraigC> using the LinDave keyboard today?
09:09:06 <Joe> Yes, can't get used to upside down and backwards tho...
09:13:48 <Joe> I would have to open windows to help with edge but on this page settings I think you pick hls , but not sure
09:14:52 <Joe> .
09:15:32 <CC> OF
09:16:37 <Betty> hi Graham
09:17:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello, how is everyone today?
09:18:16 <CraigC> hey Graham
09:18:20 <CC> morning Graham
09:18:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> glad i saw the cherry blossoms yesterday a they closed the road to reduce crowds today
09:18:56 <KittyM2> Hi Graham, wow, good for you
09:19:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, it was fine yesterday in the area i was but peeps were parking there and walking to the Tidal Basin which hd too many people
09:20:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> so they closed all the roads with parking
09:21:29 <Betty> hope we did not miss Lion
09:22:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am guessing it went already
09:22:54 <CraigC> GO STEAMBOAT, do you have a hndle on the temp logger since it starfted looking differently?
09:23:13 <CraigC> does it looklike minors started yesterday?
09:23:42 <CC> just lost contol
09:24:39 <Joe> many of us do that at one time or other :)
09:24:48 <CC> control back
09:24:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes Craig, sure looks that way
09:25:01 <CC> I think it was my internet
09:37:01 <ynpvisitor105> People hunkering down with chips and Oreos, not kale and quinoa. Not healthy but amusing :)
09:39:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> i forgot to get the chips and dip ... next time
09:39:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> i did get beer, coffee, and chocolate tho :)
09:39:57 <CraigC> I ate all 3 bags of chips last week, and a box of pop tarts
09:40:08 <ynpvisitor105> :)
09:40:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> and i have wine .. but should add it to the next list too
09:40:38 <CraigC> now social distancing is easy, because I can no longer fit into pants
09:40:53 <ynpvisitor105> Same here
09:40:53 <Joe> With only 12 years left, might as well enjoy :)
09:40:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> ihope you stockpiled more Caig
09:41:28 <Betty> :-)
09:41:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> we are grateful you are social distancing now Craig :)
09:41:56 <CraigC> got plenty of mac-n-cheese, ramen, chili, pasta, pancake mix...
09:42:45 <Kat> Morning gazers!
09:42:55 <CraigC> hey Kat
09:42:56 <CC> Hi Kathy
09:42:58 <Kat> I have no chocolate!
09:43:01 <ynpvisitor105> I eat two cloves of garlic every morning and wear a Hillary hat when I go out so social distancing here is easy :)
09:43:19 <Kat> :)
09:43:50 <CraigC> ynpvisitor105, that is funny.... we watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David wore a MAGA hat to get rid of a lunch date he didn't want to have
09:44:46 <CC> Morning Kent
09:45:00 <Kent> Hey CC
09:45:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> bson on the hill
09:45:27 <CC> It has been a while Kent...hope you are well
09:45:30 <Jeff> morning/afternoon everyone
09:45:46 <Kent> doing well
09:46:12 <CC> As I told Linda they have been there a while
09:46:26 <ynpvisitor89> How did they train the bison so fast to keep their distance?
09:46:31 <Joe> AURUM
09:46:37 <CC> ....
09:46:39 <CC> ..
09:46:41 <CC> ..
09:46:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> hillary hat might get you hugs here ... nobody likes Trump
09:46:49 <CC> please post
09:46:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> aurum
09:46:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:46:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
09:47:04 <Joe> done
09:47:08 <Joe> done
09:47:45 <Kent> Very nice!
09:48:01 <CraigC> all those dots.... I just realized, I haven't seen Pooper around for a while
09:48:02 <Betty> very nice
09:48:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, nice view
09:48:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> they are nicely seperated ..........following the guidelines
09:51:44 <Jeff> GO STEAMBOAT, revised openings for stores as of right now, OFU, Canyon, and FB open May 22, Lower, Canyon Adventure, and Grant Main are may 29
09:52:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> thans Jeff
09:52:44 <Jeff> with all that i dont think setup will get delayed much more than a week or 2 to accommodate getting all those setup and ready for the new dates
09:53:03 <Kent> I hope they open the West Gate as scheduled.
09:53:21 <ynpvisitor89> What about the lodges and campgrounds?
09:53:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Aurum being its usual normal self again. Goes just before I get here or after just I leave.
09:53:51 <ynpvisitor89> Kevin, you watching the race today?
09:53:56 <Betty> morning Kent, Jeff, Kevin L™ 🌵
09:54:00 <CraigC> I'll be surprised if the threat is gone by then
09:54:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi
09:54:05 <Jeff> morning betty
09:54:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> unfortunately i dont think things will be good enough to open then, but we can hope. its going to take a month to flatten the curve, but that just mean we are at steady state of new infections
09:54:24 <CraigC> GO STEAMBOAT, I agree
09:54:45 <Jeff> ynpvisitor89, from what i saw from xanterras facebook post lodging is delayed until may 22
09:54:50 <Jeff> i dont know about campgrounds
09:54:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> NPS has been closing pars if theres too much crowding, i dont see how they can avoid that at OF since EVERYONE goes there ... well you know what i mean
09:55:19 <Kent> If they let me in I will stay away from others
09:55:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> i see that Jeff, but i think the dates will push again
09:55:41 <Jeff> id isolate myself up at norris
09:55:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah i know you could do that, but most people won't
09:56:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> but Jeff, won't you be in a Dorm?
09:56:05 <CraigC> how do you go out on a boardwalk and then avoid people when they show up and approach from various starting points
09:56:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh, good luck with 6 foot spacings at STeamboat
09:56:45 <CraigC> I could go up and look for wildlife, but I am not sure I would go on boardwalks
09:56:50 <Jeff> on setup were in apartments in west, i wont go into a dorm until at stores
09:56:54 <ynpvisitor89> They can just turn OF off for a few weeks.
09:57:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, but dorm might not be able to open
09:57:27 <CraigC> maybe ride a bike up back and forth to Morning Glory on the paved path
09:57:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> i get the desire to be there, believe e.
09:57:52 <Jeff> as of right now im just going off information that i have at this point in time
09:58:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah i know Jeff, right now they give a target date since they dont want to give up until the last possible time
09:59:08 <CC> Anyone read Ryans article this morning?
09:59:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah that was fun. i hope more people write something
09:59:38 <CC> I remember being with him but I can't believe it is almost 6 years
09:59:44 <Jeff> thats all they can do right now is put tentative dates on it with hopes that everything will start settling down by then
09:59:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> its all well and good for people to complain about FB, but peeps have to write something for the email list
10:00:19 <CC> bye all
10:00:33 <Kent> Laters
10:00:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> bye CC
10:00:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bye CC
10:01:46 <ynpvisitor1> Aurum for your enjoyment
10:03:23 <Kent> Thanks
10:03:43 <LindaG> Nice tall aurum, thx joe
10:03:55 <Joe> yw
10:04:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> NPS will have to stop predicting geysers to cut down the crowds...may need to eliminate them on GT too
10:04:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> for the good of the pubic
10:04:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah
10:04:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> Lion
10:04:22 <LindaG> 😳
10:05:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> only seat people on thirs seat at the counter and two per table
10:05:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> have to reinstitute carry out
10:07:38 <Joe> do like everywhere else only carryout no sit down
10:07:52 <Jeff> i wouldnt be surprised if all the stores that serve food go to carry out only until further notice
10:08:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> that works when you can take it home, but where would you take it at OF?
10:08:35 <ynpvisitor89> KEvins bench at Aurum
10:08:59 <ynpvisitor89> Eat standing up like the Bison.
10:09:01 <Joe> to your car
10:09:16 <ynpvisitor25> Just reading Ryan now. oops CC left
10:09:17 <ynpvisitor89> Or laying down like a wolf
10:09:38 <ynpvisitor89> OR any place you want, like a bear
10:10:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> NPS closed tidal basin because too many people moving around the paved trails, will have same problem in the geyser basins
10:10:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> or the yclosed all the parking and roads
10:12:31 <LindaG> My lockdown activity for the day : state taxes, oh joy!
10:13:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> i get money back from state, but need the update on the SW so i can delay paying feds in April
10:14:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice Aurum. Thanks for posting the replay.
10:14:26 <LindaG> I sent my fed in this week. I get money from state too and fed 😃 incentive to fill them out
10:16:33 <CraigC> where is Ryan's article?
10:17:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> good Linda. i should get the SW update tomorrow
10:17:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> came out on the email server
10:17:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> you shoudl write something for the Sput Craig on your summer experience
10:18:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> he says ... still not written the winter report
10:18:11 <CraigC> just found it, I forgot to put gmail on my bookmark bar on this new PC, I havent looked at gmail since Dec
10:18:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ryan always has a way with words.
10:41:50 <Betty> OF
10:45:36 <CraigC> it's weird to me how fun the GG community is in person for the most part, but so dysfunctional on the internet
10:46:04 <CraigC> maybe it is that way with every communtiy
10:46:43 <ynpvisitor25> it was not that way in the old, old listserv
10:47:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> its disorganized, but thats the same in park and outside. there is sonme structure for sharing info and the cheese and whine, but thats about it
10:47:53 <CraigC> ynpvisitor25, is it because FB brought out a lot of people like myself that enjoy gazers, but are not THAT into everything else
10:48:06 <CraigC> ooops,m enjoy geysers
10:48:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> what is this "everything else" you speak o Craig?
10:49:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> there have been peple interested in data analysis all along, and detailed records. others not so much
10:49:27 <CraigC> documenting intervals, durations, height, angle, minutia
10:49:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> theres the social aspect that varies for each person and changes over time
10:50:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> most people have never done that other than maye the start times
10:50:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> in the past there was far more restrictive reporting through the VC
10:50:38 <CraigC> for me, it seems like that is where contention arises from those that expect others to be that same way
10:50:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> and frequent complaints when times were provdide to the VC and never made it into the logbok
10:50:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> people upset when they werent on the list of people that could enter times directly in the book
10:51:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> same as the complaints today only different technology
10:51:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> in my opinion
10:51:42 <CraigC> I bet it only gets worse over time, sorry for my pessimism
10:52:27 <CraigC> teh innerwebs are teh debbil
10:52:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> i really dont think its worse now
10:52:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> and data is much more shareable
10:53:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> very few peope have ever written much in the way of detailed articles
10:53:53 <CraigC> who wants to risk the ridicule? :)
10:53:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> may have aged out and dont do it as much for whatever reason, we need to encourage the newer members to participate
10:54:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont think there is that much ridicule ... maybe I just dont see it happening in the interactions I see .... its ok to question things
10:54:56 <ynpvisitor25> CraigC, I just had that "ridicule" conversation in a private email with someone.
10:54:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> times used to get thrown out and never entered in the logbook before ... that aused a lot of frustration
10:55:02 <CraigC> if we run into each other again in the park this year, ask me more about this, I'll share why i say that, but not on here
10:55:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok
10:56:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am not involved with a lot of communities so I cant compare it to others. here are always different groups and different perspectives
10:56:44 <CraigC> yep
10:57:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> many of my theories have been dismissed too, but that wont stop me from having them and talking about them ... maybe that annoys people but I dont care
10:58:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> i do try and be careful when someone asks me "when should i be at XYZ geyser to see it"
10:58:25 <CraigC> seems like the smarter the community, there are soem strong pros, but also the factor of higher percentage of people with social struggles that can be offensive to others that don't recognize being that way
10:59:05 <CraigC> and I can be guilty of that myself
10:59:27 <CraigC> my mantra is "being right can be wrong"
11:00:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> i apologise too, i know some people regard my questioning as criticism when it usually wanting to know more - i have that same issue at work
11:00:27 <CraigC> same here
11:00:51 <ynpvisitor78> Hopefully thru this virus ordeal more compassion will return to the world
11:01:25 <CraigC> well, maybe a lot of us old ornery sorts will be decimated....
11:01:45 <Joe> ):) every time someone mentions giving the VC information, it stops me. I was in the Military during the Vietnam Era, the "VC" were the bad guys :)
11:01:54 <CraigC> LOL
11:02:13 <CraigC> not talking to Charlie?
11:02:23 <ynpvisitor78> CraigC, I don’t see you as ornery
11:02:40 <ynpvisitor25> we were explicitly told to stop calling it that when the new VEC opened, for that exact reason Joe
11:02:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I can relate Joe.
11:04:16 <CraigC> Arty is looking hot
11:05:30 <ynpvisitor78> I really want to take advantage of the hot comment but I shall refrain
11:05:39 <CraigC> ;)
11:09:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> i wonder how the new VEC logbook etries compare to the pre-GT logbooks?
11:10:35 <ynpvisitor78> Do they still have a paper logbook?
11:10:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think the gazer community keeps growing, so it cant all be bad
11:10:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes
11:15:08 <ynpvisitor78> I still haven’t read my 4 dozen emails but I do hope this jumpstarts more communication between all gazing groups
11:16:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats what i was tryingto get going, less angst about the state of affairs, more a call to participate
11:16:30 <ynpvisitor25> like Graham said "contribute a post"
11:16:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> i cant do anything about the negative aspects since I dont understand them
11:17:52 <CraigC> I must have a target on me, cuz I have had so many people "vent" at me about what people do wrong
11:18:14 <ynpvisitor78> I will make my first ever post this week with photos from my trip
11:18:57 <ynpvisitor78> It’s your chair:)
11:19:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Ryan and MA did, so lets hope more people do
11:19:28 <CraigC> the purple chair??? ;)
11:19:58 <ynpvisitor78> I will sit in that chair sometime this year
11:20:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe you can tactfully compie them as a list of "don't do that" posts if there is really a problem. Of course some will be offended by that too
11:20:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> the community chair?
11:21:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> GOSA purple?
11:21:13 <ynpvisitor25> not a bad idea, sorta like HK's guide for newbies
11:22:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> that would need Craig to be tactful tho .. hum ...
11:22:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> needs to be like "You might be a redneck if ..."
11:22:51 <ynpvisitor25> lol
11:22:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Does it have a mailbox nearby?
11:23:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> "You might be a gazer harasser if .. you keep asking Craig about mailbox incidents"
11:23:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> we still need to be abel to blame Dave for everything
11:24:04 <ynpvisitor78> Hahaha
11:24:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> has Dave been in recently, hope his business is going to survive the crisis
11:24:42 <ynpvisitor78> I’m never offended. It is important to laugh
11:25:45 <Dave from B> Staff hours cut 25% starting Monday
11:25:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> hey, i ask and he shows up
11:25:58 <Betty> hi Dave from B
11:26:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, sorry you are having to deal with that as well as the general chaos around the virus
11:26:29 <Dave from B> Graham, your amazing
11:26:44 <CraigC> hey Dave
11:27:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> you must have been drinking to think that Dave
11:27:26 <Dave from B> Feeling guilty about being open but we have supermarkets to supply.
11:27:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> I ust tyoe a lot
11:27:38 <CraigC> I've never been bothered a bit by the mailbox comments, I was the one that shared it because it was hilarious to me, too
11:27:43 <Dave from B> Too early to drink
11:28:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> its almost noon, you are nearly there
11:28:09 <Dave from B> CraigC has a thick skin from his working days
11:28:33 <CraigC> and laughing at myself allows me to feel fine about teasing others
11:28:38 <Dave from B> Hi betty
11:28:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Life is easier with thick skin.
11:29:19 <Dave from B> You talking about people or crocodiles?
11:29:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> its important to keep the stores going. i am guessing all the restaurants have cut back a lot, strugglig on take out and delivery
11:29:31 <CraigC> what';s the difference
11:29:56 <CraigC> we got take out last night from a a local
11:30:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> and going to the sefood store isnt high on the list, unless you get a delivery of TP too
11:30:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Dave may sell crocodile but he can't sell people.
11:30:22 <Dave from B> I expect sales down 25-50% in short term
11:30:25 <Betty> I`m with Craig, I love to laugh about myself
11:30:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> well given the circumstances, that would etter tna most businesses I think Dave. hope it works out
11:31:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> be better
11:31:11 <Dave from B> Our market sales are up but it is less than 10% of our sales
11:31:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well we have a Nascar race (Homestead) today. Sort of....
11:31:46 <Dave from B> Yep. I feel for restaurant. Many won’t make it
11:32:07 <CraigC> this is a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) historically even that is going to change everyone for a period of time
11:32:15 <CraigC> event
11:32:25 <Dave from B> It sure is
11:32:44 <CraigC> and then we will go on, those that live... hope I do
11:32:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Sort of like 911
11:33:56 <Dave from B> I saw you were trying to give your fishing gear away already
11:34:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> who gets your chair?
11:34:31 <Dave from B> Hey. That was my punch line!!!
11:34:34 <CraigC> Dave from B, I've had talks with my daughter and her bf about where stuff is and what to do with things
11:35:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger
11:35:24 <Dave from B> I’m hoping we all are still here. Hugs at steamboat in the distant future will free great
11:35:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Make sure you get it in writing Craig. Lawyer before is MUCH cheaper that lawyer after.
11:36:00 <CraigC> Kevin L™ 🌵, all of my family went and did all that stuff with an attorney right after my dad died, we got group rates
11:36:18 <Betty> smart move
11:36:31 <CraigC> yeah, it felt really good to have it done
11:36:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I tried to get Dad to have a review. He didn't want to "complicate things". Ugh.
11:37:32 <CraigC> my mom was 'trying' when we updated hers after, but she went along
11:38:01 <CraigC> if only Dave had been there
11:38:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha ......
11:38:38 <CraigC> handsome, handsome Dave
11:38:46 <Betty> lol
11:39:03 <CraigC> if I were to add a story to the listserve, that would be it
11:39:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> make sure you know where the original documents are ... we had copies of my moms will but the court only wants the original
11:39:20 <Betty> I sure want to get to know your mom, Craig
11:39:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> fortunately the attorney had her will in their safe from 35 years ago
11:39:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes Graham!
11:39:55 <CraigC> Betty, might be too late, she is getting worse, and not sure she will be up for a park visit this year :(
11:40:21 <Betty> oh, no, sorry to hear that
11:40:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> and ake sure peoples names are spelt correctyl, my mom's wasnt on the will or property deed
11:40:42 <Dave from B> Haha. I’ve been refraining from bringing up your mom for the past hour
11:40:51 <CraigC> Dave from B, ;)
11:42:05 <Dave from B> I’m sorry your mom isn’t doing well.
11:42:46 <CraigC> thanks, physically she is fit, and walks everyday, but she has to write EVERYTHING down now
11:42:58 <Dave from B> Sorry to run. I’m going for a jog. First sweat since the big hike 3 weeks ago
11:43:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Watchout for bobcats
11:43:32 <Dave from B> I shall return to harass everyone later
11:43:39 <CraigC> enjoy
11:43:56 <Betty> have fun
12:22:06 <LindaG> Looks dreary out there
12:22:51 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, 9 pumpkins altogether 😊
12:30:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> ulger
12:36:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Loop is busy today Linda
12:36:41 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, sure is
12:40:48 <Michael> little anemone sure looks happy
12:51:46 <Betty> OT
13:10:13 <Michael> Grand
13:10:41 <kcmule (away)> nice
13:52:21 <JarnoO> afternoon all, evening Betty
13:52:34 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
13:53:11 <JarnoO> OF
13:53:23 <Betty> evening JarnoO
14:21:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Peeps on static
14:23:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Peeps on streaming too.
15:28:16 <Betty> BSB is steamy
15:28:50 <Betty> OF is steamy too
15:29:09 <Kent> :)
15:29:14 <Michael> Nice bright sunshine on it too.
15:46:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah
15:46:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Go BH
15:56:01 <JarnoO> Indy
15:56:01 <ynpvisitor90> bhi
15:56:02 <JarnoO> .
15:56:02 <JarnoO> .
15:56:03 <ynpvisitor90> .
15:56:03 <ynpvisitor90> .
15:56:03 <JarnoO> .
15:56:04 <ynpvisitor90> .
15:56:05 <JarnoO> .
15:56:08 <JarnoO> .
15:57:20 <Joe> text sent
15:57:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> start or ie when it panned over?
15:57:37 <JarnoO> iens
15:57:46 <JarnoO> somewhat inbetween the two
15:57:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> t that it matters much
15:57:52 <LindaG> Yay
15:57:52 <Betty> yeah
15:57:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> peeps are not running for it
15:58:03 <LindaG> Thx for txt
15:58:07 <ynpvisitor106> Thank you for text!
15:58:11 <ynpvisitor87> What a cute little geyser.
15:58:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> started within 10min, right?
15:59:03 <ynpvisitor87> Kevin, how is the race on Fox? Any better then a snooze fest Miami normally is?
15:59:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No, it was more fun than the real one. Hope they do more of them.
16:00:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There were wild boars with babies on the Tehachapi cam a half hour ago.
16:00:41 <ynpvisitor87> It is over? No rain delay or 30 caution lap stretches?
16:01:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There were plenty of cautions but also some good racing. Denny Hamlin would not have survived if it was a real race.
16:04:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Go Aurum!
16:04:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I want a dual!
16:05:00 <ynpvisitor106> That would be awesome!
16:05:49 <JarnoO> :bee:
16:06:04 <Joe> .
16:06:30 <ynpvisitor106> :heart:
16:06:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Rainbow!
16:06:34 <ynpvisitor87> Kevin and bees going toe to toe. That would be fun to see.
16:06:57 <ynpvisitor87> I see color
16:07:05 <ynpvisitor106> OOO!Rainbow!
16:07:06 <LindaG> Nice rainbow
16:07:45 <Betty> a pretty one
16:07:56 <ynpvisitor87> Nice still shots
16:09:29 <ynpvisitor87> Well, got to go, the circle has me broken.
16:09:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well if the cam would have worked that would have been one of the best ever.
16:11:39 <KevinS> Still beautiful. And I do mean still
16:11:55 <LindaG> 😀
16:12:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes on both counts
16:12:23 <JarnoO> oh... that's a snow plough
16:13:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> its a little one
16:15:28 <Betty> I thought it was a geyser first :lol:
16:15:44 <JarnoO> same here :)
16:16:04 <Betty> nice catch Dave
16:17:58 <JarnoO> Daisy
16:18:00 <Joe> Daisy
16:23:06 <JarnoO> OT ie
16:46:25 <Betty> headed out, night all. Stay healthy
16:54:29 <JarnoO> cya Betty
17:05:02 <kcmule> OF
17:11:37 <JarnoO> Castle ue
17:11:38 <JarnoO> ie
17:12:53 <ynpvisitor76> 🙂
17:27:34 <kcmule> glad castle stuck around
17:50:00 <Kent> It's been a nice fluffy Castle
17:54:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> aurum
17:54:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> .
17:54:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> ,
17:54:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> ,
17:54:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> ,
17:55:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well some of it
17:55:33 <Kent> Too late. At least at a distance
18:04:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger
18:21:13 <Kent> Riverside
18:27:17 <Kent> Daisy
18:28:39 <Kent> Maybe not?
18:28:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Dave broke it.
18:44:33 <kcmule> OF
18:44:44 <ynpvisitor38> of static
19:28:17 <ynpvisitor53> Grotto came back to life.
19:54:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Grand
19:54:46 <Kent> Grand - I hope
19:55:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It do e s ap pe a r t o be.
19:56:08 <ynpvisitor25> are your letters distancing?
19:56:18 <Kent> :)
19:56:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guess they are but I was imitating the cam.
19:57:20 <Kent> That is really rather nice
20:00:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice of Grand not to wait until dark.
20:16:59 <Kent> 2016 I think
20:21:48 <Kent> Night
20:27:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Oblong?