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05:48:49 <CC> Good morning all
05:49:23 <ynpvisitor96> 8min
05:49:27 <CC> Joe I can take the cam til Kat gets on
05:49:40 <CC> I will wait til Grand is over
05:50:37 <ynpvisitor96> Morning CC, ok
05:51:04 <CC> move to Geyser Hill and I will grb it
05:51:10 <CC> grab
05:51:26 <ynpvisitor96> ok
05:51:38 <CC> thanks
05:53:01 <CC> Got it thanks again
05:55:18 <ynpvisitor96> +Nice depression catch
05:55:35 <CC> thanks please post
05:55:47 <ynpvisitor96> ok
06:00:55 <ynpvisitor27> Hey Joe, can I make a general request? I am collecting data on Old Faithful eruptions. If you are on can you do the "getvideo" command and then put the link in here? That way if I am not on I can still get the data?
06:01:09 <ynpvisitor27> I am collecting times from the time stamps for a few events during the eruption...
06:01:36 <JarnoO> morning Ryan. All cooled off now? :)
06:02:30 <ynpvisitor96> will do #27
06:14:11 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Thanks, Joe.
06:14:13 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Substantially.
06:15:06 <ynpvisitor96> Depression 0553 video
06:17:48 <JarnoO> thanks Joe
06:27:14 <ynpvisitor96> Sasquatch stands out in that lighting
06:28:00 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Incoming long but humorous story:
06:28:15 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Journal Entry, 11 June 2020: "I was walking through the aisle, looking for my box of Hot Tamales. An innocent and simple task for an innocent and simple man. Lo, fate had other plans for me. A slight shuffle behind me drew my attention to another shopper just a few feet behind me carrying three 2L bottle of Coca-Cola.
06:28:26 <Ryan (SolidInPA> With a meek attempt at recovering, he lost one of his bottle and it fell to the floor. Translation and rotation combined and the bottle landed on the corner of its cap, instantly cracking and shattering the only barrier hold back the forces of carbonation. With a great explosion and caramel and water the mighty missile began its ascent.
06:28:34 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Coca-Cola sprayed about - coating the shelves and floor in the sweet exhaust. Mere inches separated the man's startled face and the great rocket. Up and out of the aisle the intrepid vessel roared - aimed for the heavens and bound for the stars. It faltered, losing the thrust of its sorely inefficient propellant.
06:28:45 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Thus, resigned to its defeat, it aimed for one last attempt at greatness... and flew right into a bank of flourescent lights. BONG! A light went out, the bottle spun sideways as it landed atop the freezers two aisles from its origin. All went silent except for the dripping of Coca-Cola from the shelves.
06:28:53 <Ryan (SolidInPA> The man and I made eye contact, and silently exchanged messages of excitement and approval at the spectacle of this soda bottle's vain but valiant attempt at escape.
06:29:02 <Ryan (SolidInPA> The store manager rounded the corner, not nearly as impressed, and looked me in the eye. "What the hell just happened?" I, with a phone in one hand and a basket in the other - muddy Coca-Cola dripping from my eye lashes (I was on the way home from a cave trip) could only stammer in response. The man who now only had 2 bottles of soda merely said, "Someone done made a huge mess here!""
06:29:13 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Youre all welcome, happy friday...
06:30:18 <JarnoO> did that man take responsibility or did the blame land on you?
06:30:41 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Given he had two bottle of pop in his hands and I had none....
06:31:25 <Ryan (SolidInPA> I got to watch that beautiful, once in a life time event - the things only seen on YouTube - and be unaffected except for some Coca Cola on me.
06:31:38 <JarnoO> good :)
06:32:04 <Ryan (SolidInPA> MAde all the better because I was coming from a cave trip and was muddy as all get out...
06:32:16 <ynpvisitor96> Ryan You v
06:32:43 <Ryan (SolidInPA> So I was half coated in dripping cocacola and mud....
06:32:57 <ynpvisitor96> could make a lot of money writing books
06:33:40 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Thanks, Joe!
06:35:01 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Jeez the webcam is having problems this mornign.
06:42:01 <JarnoO> Fluffy
06:43:24 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Will be interesting getting data from this one
06:47:50 <ynpvisitor96> Hmm, you lose about a minute if you do the getvideo too soon
06:48:56 <Ryan (SolidInPA> just to be safe
07:02:08 <JarnoO> morning Linda
07:02:32 <LindaG> Joe Kat will be be 30 min late. Can you do cam or want me to take?
07:02:47 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
07:02:57 <LindaG> Or ma e its Carolyn
07:03:10 <CC> you can take it
07:03:19 <LindaG> Ok
07:04:05 <CC> thanks ...bye
07:05:21 <ynpvisitor22> CC, bye
07:05:45 <JarnoO> cya CC
07:19:57 <LindaGp> All pretty static views
07:21:56 <LindaGp> Lc ie
07:23:28 <ynpvisitor96>
07:24:49 <LindaGp> πŸ˜ƒactually have alarm set
07:25:21 <ynpvisitor96> :)
07:25:23 <LindaGp> Just went off πŸ™„
07:25:48 <LindaGp> Funny
07:27:33 <LindaGp> Hmmm lots of steam by.purple pools
07:28:58 <JarnoO> event cycle maybe?
07:29:22 <Ryan (SolidInPA> You wont see an event cycle form here
07:29:26 <Ryan (SolidInPA> from*
07:29:37 <Kat> LindaGp, I'm here...thanks so much! had to get a few things done
07:29:42 <LindaGp> Daisy very soon
07:29:47 <JarnoO> morning Kat
07:29:48 <Ryan (SolidInPA> It doesnt make much steam, if any. And is definitely do different than a regular cycle.
07:30:13 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Imagine seeing the steam back there and trying to figure out if it is big or little anemone. Thats about the difference.
07:30:18 <LindaGp> Kat, Ok. Daisy soon. See ya later
07:30:29 <LindaGp> Controls released
07:30:44 <Kat> It's a deal! :) Talk soon
07:30:58 <Kat> Morning Jarno and all
07:31:29 <JarnoO> thanks Ryan
07:33:42 <ynpvisitor118> I believe the rockpile is to the right of that steam
07:35:59 <Kat> :daisy:
07:38:12 <Ryan (SolidInPA> I do think I just saw Bank Geyser
07:38:25 <Ryan (SolidInPA> dead center of the screen on the daisy hill
07:42:43 <Kat> Riverside
07:43:16 <ynpvisitor118> Norris temp loggers updated much later than usual yesterday. But at least they updated! :D
07:50:01 <Kat> LC
08:06:14 <KevinS> Who knew Biscut Basin was in Yosemite? Does anyone proof the work anymore?
08:08:04 <ynpvisitor30> MSN? What do you expect?
08:08:44 <Ryan (SolidInPA> entertainment
08:08:51 <Ryan (SolidInPA> which is exactly what i got
08:09:35 <ynpvisitor30> Brought to you by the same people who brought you Windows.
08:11:32 <forestbewithyou> Hey whats goin on fellas
08:11:53 <Kat> OF
08:11:59 <Forestbewithyou> ajust in time
08:13:32 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Kat, could you zoom in for the end of OF? Trying to get a defined end time.
08:13:39 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Hard when it is all steamy.
08:14:47 <Ryan (SolidInPA> TY!
08:18:44 <Forestbewithyou> Little Cub
08:18:57 <ynpvisitor30> And Aurum goes during OF again. :P
08:19:07 <Forestbewithyou> of course it does
08:28:19 <Kat> OT
08:28:25 <ynpvisitor3> .
08:57:42 <Kat> Looks like Grotto, but not sure
09:02:27 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Grotto start 0847
09:02:39 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Grotto Fountain ie at no later than 0845
09:03:22 <Kat> Enter it ....
09:03:30 <Ryan (SolidInPA> done
09:03:41 <Kat> thx
09:16:35 <Dave from Bβ„’> Morning everyone
09:16:46 <Forestbewithyou> mroning Dave
09:18:20 <ynpvisitor73> Artemesia 9:15
09:18:25 <Kat> Morning kc, Dave Forestbewithyou
09:18:44 <kc (working)> marnin
09:28:27 <Ryan (SolidInPA> Leaving early today. Later everyone. May be on later
09:29:22 <ynpvisitor30> Have fun. Watch out for Cole rockets.
09:30:46 <Dave from Bβ„’> See ya Ryan
09:33:13 <Kat> by Ryan
09:37:10 <Dave from Bβ„’> Kat, I know there are a LOT more launches than make the news or we talk about. How often do you see/hear launches from the Cape?
09:40:48 <Kat> Dave from Bβ„’, hold on - on phone
09:42:00 <Dave from Bβ„’> np
09:45:32 <Kat> Dave from Bβ„’, Do you me ho often do I know or actually/hear see them?
09:46:39 <Dave from Bβ„’> How often do you see or hear? You can see them from your house, correct?
09:46:40 <ynpvisitor73> Arty just went calm@ 9:46
09:54:23 <Eric> Morning
09:54:36 <Forestbewithyou> morning Eric
09:54:42 <Eric> Hi Forest
09:54:53 <Eric> Coop still in the basin today?
09:55:16 <Lead Time> I don't know if they do sounding rockets (sub-orbital) from Cape Canaveral. They do from Wallops Island. I've seen one; they're FAST. If you aren't looking in the right direction at the right few seconds, you'll miss it.
09:55:23 <Kat> Not sure
09:55:37 <Forestbewithyou> does anyone know when he is leaving
09:55:44 <Forestbewithyou> I think he might be
09:55:48 <Kat> Beautioful OF
09:55:57 <Lead Time> Unusual start to OF
09:56:05 <Dave from Bβ„’> I know some gazers are at SB today
09:56:08 <Lead Time> Wind-aided
09:56:27 <Dave from Bβ„’> Thanks Lead Time
09:56:38 <Lead Time> De nada
09:57:12 <Kat> Dave from Bβ„’, it is true if you aren't out there and looking where you should - you've missed
09:57:18 <Lead Time> Also, for the occasional "secret" military launch, they won't announce it in advance.
09:57:28 <Lead Time> Like the space plane.
09:58:17 <ynpvisitor30> Any large Coke bottles Kat?
09:59:16 <Kat> Dave from Bβ„’, I do see some from my house - but it can also me vcloudy here and sky OK on the cape. Always hear and feel them.
09:59:35 <LindaG> Hello
09:59:46 <Dave from Bβ„’> Thanks. I was just curious
09:59:56 <Kat> That was a nice OF
10:00:36 <Kat> Hey Linda
10:00:57 <LindaG> Hi, took the cam
10:01:03 <Kat> Released cam - see you all later
10:01:17 <Forestbewithyou> bye Kat
10:01:23 <Dave from Bβ„’> Have a good day Kat
10:01:28 <Eric> bye kat
10:01:35 <Dave from Bβ„’> Good afternoon Linda
10:01:46 <LindaG> Dave from Bβ„’, hi
10:02:09 <LindaG> Is korben still in YNP?
10:03:25 <Kat> Eric, be back later
10:03:37 <Forestbewithyou> we have no idea
10:03:40 <Dave from Bβ„’> I belive he leaves on 14 or 15, but not positive
10:03:42 <Forestbewithyou> Linda
10:03:44 <Forestbewithyou> yea
10:04:07 <LindaG> Good for him
10:16:51 <Eric> 4 lanes open at West entrance...still backing up
10:17:37 <Eric> Morning Jeff
10:17:46 <Jeff> morning eric
10:18:00 <Eric> week to go!
10:18:23 <Jeff> and it cant come quick enough
10:25:33 <LindaG> Hi Eric, Jeff,
10:25:43 <Eric> You should just leave early and sleep in your car Jeff :-D
10:25:44 <Jeff> hi linda
10:25:45 <Eric> Hi Linda
10:26:16 <Jeff> eric i would if i didnt have some work to wrap up before leaving lol
10:36:33 <Eric> LC ie
10:41:48 <ynpvisitor118> Eric, do you know what format this page will switch to now that flash is being deprecated?
10:54:34 <Eric> Uggg....Come on park service! Fix this webcam issue :-(
10:57:00 <LindaG> It's slow
10:58:08 <Dave from Bβ„’> Slowing down as more NPS staff arrives in OF?
11:03:30 <JarnoO> needs a 1000 Watt radio almost to get some signal through
11:05:47 <JarnoO> morning Kevin
11:06:01 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Hi
11:06:13 <LindaG> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, hi
11:08:59 <Eric> Whatever the issue, it would be awesome if it got sorted soon.
11:18:08 <ynpvisitor> Cactus Kevin, your new chicken coop have a lightning rod on it? I saw you may get some sparks today.
11:23:40 <Eric> haha Cactus Kevin :-P
11:27:36 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> As long as it only fries the man chicken I will be OK with it.
11:28:07 <ynpvisitor> Bear bate
11:28:11 <ynpvisitor> bait
11:28:21 <LindaG> Cockle doodle dooo
11:28:47 <ynpvisitor> I thought you paid extra for hens?
11:29:03 <ynpvisitor> And bear bait was for the dog onthe walk.
11:29:13 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> So did I
11:29:36 <ynpvisitor> Take it back and exchange it.
11:29:42 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Either there is a man chicken or one of the hens learned how to crow.
11:30:12 <LindaG> OF
11:30:31 <ynpvisitor> Anything is possible these days. Maybe it is just gender confused.
11:33:07 <ynpvisitor> Next batch you get, you will have to go with the kind that have spots on their heads or whatever to make sure you only get show girls, and not female impersonators for your act.
11:33:21 <LindaG> Maybe is changed ***, it happens πŸ˜‰
11:34:36 <LindaG> I got bleeped lol
11:34:58 <ynpvisitor> It depends on how experienced the person is that checks. They do have a percentage that is exceptable for mistakes. Cactus Kevin was just the lucky one that got the error.
11:35:08 <LindaG> beehive
11:35:09 <LindaG> .
11:35:09 <LindaG> .
11:35:10 <LindaG> .
11:35:19 <JarnoO> sneaky devil
11:35:24 <Eric> wowsa
11:35:32 <Jeff> it would go when were focused elsewhere lol
11:35:34 <Eric> send the txt
11:35:38 <JarnoO> 1133 ns static
11:36:00 <ynpvisitor> No indy. Cooper broke it
11:36:13 <Eric> are we sure there was no indy?
11:36:22 <Eric> or had it just stopped?
11:36:27 <ynpvisitor> It would still be going
11:36:31 <Eric> ok
11:36:40 <Eric> It does look very dry around indy too
11:36:42 <ynpvisitor> IMHO
11:36:55 <JarnoO> no sign of Indicator on static
11:37:15 <Eric> txt received
11:37:26 <LindaG> It's over
11:37:35 <ynpvisitor118> at least its erupting
11:37:38 <ynpvisitor> Well, if the rooster goes missing, we will know where to look for it.
11:37:42 <Eric> bah, at least we caught it!
11:37:59 <ynpvisitor> Seemed short
11:38:11 <Eric> well, we missed the first 2 minutes of it
11:38:34 <ynpvisitor> Still 5 min seems short
11:38:41 <LindaG> Bummer, but at.least we have a time
11:38:44 <ynpvisitor7> So you really can’t say no Indy. It’s unknown
11:39:08 <Eric> suspected no indy
11:39:32 <Eric> based on not visible on static and nothing going when we got cam on it.
11:39:36 <ynpvisitor118> if the indy isnt playin regulaly or very short it could easily be misssed by the cam when it gets super focused on other areas for 15 or 20 min
11:39:56 <ynpvisitor7> 5 minute BH is not short
11:40:24 <Eric> That seems average to me...but I never time it.
11:41:17 <ynpvisitor7> Post would be better put as ie not ns
11:41:39 <Eric> Interesting that the seismo has started updating right before midnight.
11:41:55 <Eric> I liked the 1800 hour better
11:42:35 <ynpvisitor7> Which seismo?
11:42:46 <Eric> or like 0400 would be a good time too, so inbasin people could see if it erupted overnight easily.
11:42:56 <Eric> sorry, not seismo...the data loggers in norris
11:43:20 <ynpvisitor> Well, enjoy
11:43:27 <Eric> The seismo's continuously update when working.
11:43:35 <Eric> Cya visitor
11:47:28 <LindaG> Daisy soon
11:54:30 <ynpvisitor110> Beehive should be ie since cam was on Old Faithful
11:54:37 <LindaG> qqq
11:54:51 <ynpvisitor110> average Beehive eruption is 5 minutes
11:55:17 <LindaG> ynpvisitor110, I agree
11:55:43 <ynpvisitor118> Agree 110. NS is comjecture not observation
11:55:52 <ynpvisitor110> if indy was erupting pre Beehive, then it would have quite 2.5 minutes into eruption
11:56:39 <ynpvisitor110> if indy started after Beehive, then the average is 1 to 1.5 minutes
11:56:44 <ynpvisitor118> Norris report from Lori S up
12:02:22 <LindaG> Wonder if I missed daisy
12:02:51 <JarnoO> area looks quiet
12:02:58 <LindaG> Yeah
12:03:13 <JarnoO> probably sub-2h again :)
12:03:14 <ynpvisitor118> Grand must be going long?
12:03:33 <LindaG> JarnoO, I think that bee should be ie also.
12:03:48 <JarnoO> though on the other hand, there is a SSE wind of 7mph. Maybe delayed due to the southern wind?
12:03:51 <LindaG> Bee was well into the eruption
12:05:37 <JarnoO> there's no steam from Bee on the 1132 frame. Maybe started somwhere late 1132 or early 1133, with the start just about not captured by static as it just took a picture for the 1132 frame
12:06:38 <LindaG> I don't really think you can rely on static to that degree. Up to you.
12:07:13 <LindaG> Every body is at grand
12:07:35 <JarnoO> must not have gone yet
12:07:52 <ynpvisitor118> JarnoO are you saying you can see it on the static at 1133?
12:08:21 <JarnoO> for Bee, yes, 1133 frame by steam plume at the left edge
12:08:45 <JarnoO> and steam in that specific position only occurs when Bee has an eruption
12:09:12 <ynpvisitor118> Maybe you should add that to your post?
12:11:05 <JarnoO> I don't really see the need for that, #118, as Bee has been posted multiple times from static already (also some Indicators as well when it's a bit colder)
12:14:54 <Lori S> Hello Everybody Hello
12:15:02 <Jeff> hey lori
12:15:06 <JarnoO> afternoon Lori
12:15:09 <Eric> yes, bh is visible on static @ 1133
12:15:19 <Lori S> Yes, Korben is still in the park, Saw him at Norris this morning.
12:15:24 <Eric> As per Jarno's note on his eruption.
12:15:33 <JarnoO> unsurprisingly, Lori :)
12:15:36 <Eric> Nice, thanks for the norris feature updates :-D
12:15:40 <Eric> and Hi Lori
12:15:50 <Lori S> YW Eric
12:15:56 <Eric> About to go with my daughter for the last time to her high school to pick up her diploma!
12:16:05 <Eric> big day!
12:16:07 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
12:16:23 <Dave from Bβ„’> Have fun Eric
12:16:38 <LindaG> Lori S, hello Lori hello
12:16:40 <Dave from Bβ„’> Did anyone text Ryan and rell him BH is alive?
12:16:50 <Lori S> Dave from Bβ„’, :)
12:17:06 <JarnoO> interesting observation you made on Steamboat and some assumed unconnected features
12:17:07 <JarnoO> Daisu
12:17:08 <JarnoO> y
12:17:09 <LindaG> Be here or be square
12:17:47 <Lori S> JarnoO, probably a coincidence but thought it was worth noting.
12:17:55 <JarnoO> I saw that, yes
12:18:01 <JarnoO> interesting nonetheless
12:18:36 <Eric> guess we didn't miss it :-P
12:18:50 <Lori S> JarnoO, I think so
12:18:59 <LindaG> Eric, guess not
12:19:34 <JarnoO> especially since you observed it multiple times while you were there
12:20:38 <Lori S> JarnoO, I am admittedly not a good detailed note taker. But, when all you can hear is chirping birds and surging water, you listen closer. :)
12:20:51 <JarnoO> :D
12:22:20 <Lori S> I didn't go back there to look for that sort of thing at all, just to be alone. Bjut after I heard it a couple times, I went "Well, huh!"
12:23:02 <Lori S> No, really I said that out loud. LOL
12:24:23 <JarnoO> what do you estimate the chance of Steamboat today at?
12:25:11 <Lori S> JarnoO, 50/50? It's being Steamboat
12:25:18 <JarnoO> :P
12:27:23 <JarnoO> Should it go today - I have just started that program which allows me to create spectrograms based on seismo trace and started it for YNR. YNM still out, unfortunately
12:27:53 <Lori S> JarnoO, cool
12:28:29 <Lori S> I really thought it would do another less-than-4 dayer
12:28:37 <Lori S> based on refill rate
12:29:13 <JarnoO> it can still do it. Hopefully it'll start on the next period of increased activity
12:29:56 <Lori S> For Korben & Craig's sake, I hope so
12:30:25 <JarnoO> it'd also be the 100th of this active phase :)
12:31:41 <Lori S> JarnoO, Yes. Know I'm gonna miss it thou.
12:31:59 <Lori S> Guess 99 will have to do :p
12:32:11 <Jeff> hopefully i see 101
12:32:37 <LindaG> Never mind boat, when will grand go πŸ˜‰
12:32:50 <JarnoO> mean is at 25d56m over last 100. I reckon it'll drop by at least 7 to 10 days, since a 1y34d interval will be pushed off the list. Left still is a 3y193d interval, though
12:32:58 <Lori S> LindaG, :)
12:33:24 <Lori S> Is my cam the onlt one that is spinny?
12:33:35 <JarnoO> it's streaming for me
12:33:37 <Lori S> *only
12:33:54 <LindaG> Lori S, yup
12:33:57 <JarnoO> it was horrible about an hour ago
12:34:11 <Lori S> Drat Verizon. I switched back to unlimited data cuz they toom away the bonus 15 GB and here I am with the spinnys
12:35:36 <JarnoO> and yet another Turban
12:40:00 <Lead Time> no vapor at all!
12:40:42 <Lead Time> if it wasn't for the bugs I wouldn't have known it was streaming
12:40:45 <JarnoO> Grotto getting steamier
12:42:08 <Lead Time> still lite
12:48:28 <JarnoO> well... Chat bugged me out. Can't see the list of chatters and before I rejoined I couldn't even see chat
13:02:39 <JarnoO> Grand 1300
13:08:12 <LindaG> OF
13:08:26 <LindaG> OF AT 13:07
13:08:54 <Dave from Bβ„’> grrr
13:10:00 <LindaG> Something is growling on the chat board. Hear it?
13:10:45 <LindaG> Ah grand, grrrrrr
13:13:08 <ynpvisitor79> we will need a /getaudio now
13:13:15 <JarnoO> haha
13:14:03 <Dave from Bβ„’> haha
13:16:06 <ynpvisitor118> think we missed Aurum
13:19:09 <LindaG> Doubt well see riverside
13:34:09 <LindaG> Hope the geysers spread themselves out better tonight
13:43:45 <LindaG> Pump
13:44:30 <LindaG> hi kat
13:44:52 <Dave from Bβ„’> Hi Kat1, where is Kat2?
13:45:05 <Kat1> hi be ready in a few
13:45:36 <Kat1> Kat2 is taking a nap :):)
13:46:01 <Dave from Bβ„’> haha. It's always the alternative personality that gets to rest:)
13:46:46 <Kat1> so true Dave from Bβ„’, or they get to act out !!
13:47:02 <LindaG> I'll be in one of those cabins next year 🀠
13:47:13 <Kat1> yeah!
13:47:35 <ynpvisitor2> Lets hope!
13:47:53 <LindaG> ynpvisitor2, for sure
13:48:28 <LindaG> I'll have to warn my sister in law about the bison. But not till we get there
13:48:36 <LindaG> πŸ™„
13:55:08 <LindaG> Bulger
13:55:14 <LindaG> Ie
13:56:48 <ynpvisitor118> maj
13:57:05 <LindaG> Whoohoo
13:57:13 <LindaG> 😊
14:00:28 <Kat1> Hello
14:00:50 <LindaG> Hi it's all yours
14:01:03 <LindaG> Controls released
14:01:20 <Kat1> Thanks -fot it. tag team today!!
14:01:34 <LindaG> It's been real quiet
14:02:03 <LindaG> Bee dis a sneak eruption during OF and then grand erupted through the next of
14:02:30 <LindaG> I'll be back at 7pm EDT
14:02:33 <Kat1> got*
14:02:54 <Kat1> I'll bee here :)
14:03:10 <LindaG> πŸ˜€
14:09:34 <Kat1> News flash - Bison Up
14:09:52 <Jeff> was it not up earlier?
14:10:58 <Kat1> It was laying for awhile... haha
14:11:05 <Jeff> ahh lol
14:11:34 <Jeff> is it bad im looking forward to seeing bison again lol
14:13:17 <Kat1> I love them, I think they are so regal! Don't laugh
14:13:44 <Jeff> im not laughing. they also seem really photogenic too
14:14:22 <Kat1> some of their looks are so deep.
14:14:31 <Jeff> hey forest
14:14:38 <Forestbewithyou> Hi
14:14:40 <Jeff> i got some great photos of a few bison last year
14:15:07 <Kat1> It's like you can almost see into their soul, except for the big guy that tried to kick my car!
14:15:36 <Jeff> ill be pissed if they try to kick my car this year lol
14:16:16 <Kat1> He was not happy for some reason and it was just my car scooting by in winter
14:16:34 <Jeff> castle
14:16:48 <Kat1> I saw it in the rrar view and out of the corner of my eye, first time ever
14:16:49 <ynpvisitor116> castle is doing stuff :)
14:17:23 <Forestbewithyou> Has Korben been on at all today
14:17:38 <Kat1> Not that I know of
14:17:41 <Jeff> ive had a few grunt at me near castle a couple years ago when i was trying to keep people away from it cause it was right next to the walkway near castle lol
14:17:48 <Jeff> korben i think is in norris
14:17:55 <Forestbewithyou> thats what I was thinking
14:17:59 <Forestbewithyou> if he hasn't been on
14:18:04 <Jeff> at least the was the last place i heard of him being at from lori
14:18:13 <Forestbewithyou> and since I don't see any eruptions from him
14:18:32 <Kat1> I think you're right Jeff
14:18:48 <Jeff> about korben at norris?
14:20:00 <Kat1> yes
14:20:31 <ynpvisitor2> Bison are the Aurums of the bovine world, unpredictable and at times annoying.
14:20:48 <Jeff> yea lori had said earlier when she got back from norris that she saw him up there, so im assuming hes still there
14:20:59 <Kat1> I hope he is having fun. He met Craig yesterday I think
14:21:11 <Kat1> ynpvisitor2, now thats good!!!!
14:21:21 <Forestbewithyou> yea
14:21:24 <Jeff> how long is craig supposed to be in the park
14:21:33 <Forestbewithyou> Craig is cool
14:21:39 <Jeff> he is
14:22:19 <Kat1> Ot sure of his plans but I think he has about 3 -4 weeks
14:22:33 <Kat1> Not* sure
14:22:44 <ynpvisitor81> SB was sounding promising
14:22:58 <Jeff> if he is there that long ill be seeing him there next weekend
14:23:08 <Kat1> Nice Castle - the wind is wild today
14:23:24 <ynpvisitor2> I think he mentioned a series of shorter trips. His SO is off work for 6 weeks.
14:23:42 <Kat1> ynpvisitor81, well thats where Craig would be
14:23:43 <Forestbewithyou> I thought he said 6 months
14:23:47 <Forestbewithyou> maybe it was six weeks
14:23:57 <Kat1> wow
14:24:05 <Forestbewithyou> I could be wrong
14:24:36 <Kat1> why are people walking off path
14:24:51 <Jeff> cause idiots
14:25:00 <ynpvisitor2> Why aren't people wearing masks
14:25:26 <ynpvisitor81> Cause God hates cowards
14:25:39 <ynpvisitor2> Just seems like a good idea at the time
14:27:29 <Jeff> nice looking castle
14:27:42 <Kat1> people without masks make me mad - I wear one to protect others yet others disrespect me - end of rant!
14:28:00 <ynpvisitor2> We should still have a good view of Faisy.
14:28:14 <ynpvisitor53> Sure I leave and something erupts 😊
14:28:38 <ynpvisitor81> Three minutes and fluffy steals the show
14:28:43 <Forestbewithyou> Ok I was wrong. It was 6 weeks
14:28:57 <ynpvisitor2> :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
14:29:01 <Forestbewithyou> I just went back and looked
14:29:35 <ynpvisitor2> I am not anti Fluffy it's just sometimes......
14:29:49 <Kat1> LOL
14:31:23 <Kat1> Great Castle
14:31:36 <ynpvisitor2> Yes
14:32:02 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> At least it didn't hide in an OF window.
14:32:09 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Daisy
14:32:16 <ynpvisitor2> Warm weather so lots of water
14:32:18 <ynpvisitor2> !
14:32:34 <Jeff> nice seeing castle and daisy before the pan over to the fluff ball
14:32:55 <Kat1> Yeah!!!!
14:33:06 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Daisy tried
14:34:44 <Kat1> Just not as much steam - good spikes
14:35:24 <Kat1> people too close
14:35:47 <Kat1> Castle major
14:36:09 <ynpvisitor6> maybe the bison is wearing a mask
14:37:20 <ynpvisitor2> :)
14:37:58 <Kat1> ranger headed out?
14:39:03 <Kat1> stopped by Castle .....
14:40:26 <ynpvisitor78> Is it really necessary to shame someone every time you think they are too close?
14:41:28 <Kat1> I often say something because I'm a nurse and I don't want to work on my vacation! Hahaha
14:43:10 <Kat1> Love OF close - up
14:43:34 <Jeff> watching on the webcam is the only time i wanna see OF this close lol
14:43:46 <Kat1> Same
14:44:20 <ynpvisitor6> personally, I'd LOVE to get as close to OF as I can to BH
14:44:39 <Jeff> usually when im in basin and i watch old faithful i like watching it from BH or anywhere on the hill
14:45:17 <ynpvisitor26> hk with another flag. Maybe he should stay off GT for a few days
14:45:37 <Jeff> whatd he flag now?
14:45:40 <Kat1> Where - on who
14:46:07 <Jeff> on the grand post at 1300
14:46:08 <ynpvisitor6> it's a good catch actually
14:46:25 <ynpvisitor118> Grand. He's right. the main entry is incomplete
14:46:44 <ynpvisitor6> yep
14:46:52 <ynpvisitor26> No one has to complete codes
14:47:39 <Jeff> i think its cause the code and the code in the comments dont match
14:48:06 <Kat1> explain please
14:48:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> HK is a L5GGG
14:48:34 <ynpvisitor6> G1Q in comment, -1C in code
14:48:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> or is he L6?
14:48:46 <Jeff> what 6 said
14:48:54 <ynpvisitor6> so not only incomplete, also wrong
14:49:02 <Jeff> whats L5 and L6?
14:49:22 <Kat1> ynpvisitor6, go it
14:49:40 <Kat1> got*
14:49:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> HK made a snary comment about people posting times on GT and I think he said they were L3v3n 5 Geyser Gazer Gamers or something, I forget exactly
14:49:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> or snarky
14:50:07 <Kat1> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
14:50:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> he didnt indicate whch posts he was upset with, so theres no way to figure out what happened
14:50:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello. its a nice afternoon, so not right for SB to erupt?
14:51:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like Korben is there based on the lack of his posts?
14:51:32 <Kat1> that's my guess, and Craig
14:51:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> true, and William
14:52:12 <Craig M> has there been any word on campsites?
14:52:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> just EMilyB left in the basin. I have not seen post from BobB - is he around?
14:52:21 <ynpvisitor118> Grotto
14:52:31 <Kat1> Heard they will open July 1 - not sure
14:52:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> isnt Juy 1 the opening of campsites?
14:52:57 <ynpvisitor2> I have Madison on the 21 & 22
14:53:03 <ynpvisitor2> June
14:53:13 <ynpvisitor81> Gs, he was upset with noise posts
14:53:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> YnR has some thicker stretches ...
14:53:32 <ynpvisitor81> Like the 1327ie Anemone-Big post.
14:53:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> did you already deide not steamboaty?
14:54:52 <ynpvisitor81> I kept a mental note of 1349E
14:54:58 <Kat1> He was upset because his in basin posts were not "primary" too. Not sure why that happened but he makes a lot of notations. I deleted my wc entries!
14:55:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think it was a two pronged complaint, posts about geysers he isnt interested in, and multiple posts on geysers he is interested in
14:55:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> although I didnt analyze it much
14:55:38 <ynpvisitor81> From semi-direct contact it was also the one off entries for Pump, Anemone, and a few others.
14:55:42 <Kat1> GO STEAMBOAT,agree
14:55:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> not sure why it wasnt priamry, if we knew which post we could see why
14:56:21 <ynpvisitor81> It is not just ones he is not interested in, its the context in which they are posted.
14:56:28 <ynpvisitor81> Or rather the lack of context
14:57:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes 81, i think Pump was what got to him, since its eruting every minute its not really useful to log it unless it doesnt erupt
14:57:04 <ynpvisitor6> it's a deeper issue with GT, competition mentality driving hurry to be first poster
14:57:09 <Kat1> He wants more notes - not always easy from wc
14:57:22 <ynpvisitor6> but the first post often lacking detail
14:57:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> i saw he did post some smaller fetures, nice
14:57:38 <ynpvisitor6> even basic stuff like grand duration
14:58:31 <ynpvisitor81> Kat, I think you misinterpreted what he wants.
14:58:33 <Kat1> I won't post a Grand duration - I can't see the actual start stop times
14:58:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> i agree 6 - its good to have the ost data on the primary. wc times wouldnt take priority over in-park times, assuming he posted the start. maybe others posted in-park
14:58:47 <ynpvisitor6> right, that's a limitation of the cam
14:58:54 <ynpvisitor81> He wants more reasonable entries, not necessarily more notes.
14:58:57 <Kat1> ynpvisitor81, in what way
14:59:40 <Kat1> reasonable? define
14:59:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> i know his GT posting for Grand is delayed, so could easily already be posted by someone in-park. similar issues with GF and Ftn is Lynn or Maurine are around who could post more info
15:00:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont know wat "reasonable" means tho
15:00:11 <ynpvisitor81> Anemone posts from the webcam are essentially useless unless theres a constant block of them for an hour or so. Same with Pump, Sprinkler, and a few others.
15:00:44 <ynpvisitor81> Bulger and Old Tardy are starting to border there, too, since theres a obvious relationship.
15:01:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> i do like Sprinkler ... and sometimes you dont know if others will post more times too. Agree with Pump
15:01:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> Bulger and OT have interesting patterns so I dont know why they wouldnt be posted if people want to
15:01:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> so does Dome and Jet
15:03:21 <Kat1> see, the cam operates for OF mainly - viewing other geysers is a bonus for cam viewers. Others learn from that - it's not all about the regular gazers. do not read any tone into my comment :) If GT wants to make rules they should instead of judgments.
15:03:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe theres a demand to filter geysers you dont want to see also or collapse long lists so they dont take us much screen space
15:03:41 <ynpvisitor81> They get posted ie, I think its nore along the lines of the BSB debates.
15:03:48 <Betty> ll
15:03:57 <Eric> Maybe GT should have a feature where you only see your own posts, that way people who don't like other peoples data can just ignore it.
15:04:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> whats the BSB debate 81? I missed it
15:04:39 <Betty> ok, ll is what is left from my afternoon all :-p
15:04:49 <ynpvisitor81> Kat, the webcam operators have been staffed by largely geyser gazers since 2007.
15:04:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes thats another option, or make your posts primary if they got merged
15:04:51 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:05:13 <ynpvisitor81> Theres roughly an hour between OFs to do geyser gazing oriented camera operating.
15:05:14 <Betty> evening JarnoO
15:05:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> by primary, i mean you see them first
15:05:18 <Kat1> I think we need to also consider all the watchers across the world ...not just the regulars. Hi Betty
15:05:31 <Kat1> ynpvisitor81, not sure what your point is?
15:05:40 <ynpvisitor81> GS, remember when Ryan would argue for BSB to be watched constantly?
15:05:43 <Betty> hi Kat1, GO STEAMBOAT, Eric
15:05:49 <Eric> Hi Betty
15:06:02 <ynpvisitor81> Kat, my point is that this has been, and still is, a geyser oriented webcam.
15:06:59 <ynpvisitor81> And yes OF is the primary target, but for 60 straight minutes it does not erupt. It could be used in those 60 minutes to make observations on other features. Like blocking Pump for 20ish minutes.
15:07:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh, ok, i know at times it gets lots of viewing time close up which may be boring for most of the cam viewers
15:07:03 <Kat1> And it is viewed widely on the NPS website by many - not just GT
15:07:06 <ynpvisitor3> Kat1, many watchers around the world have no clue what they are seeing. Check FB some day, they ask "what's this" or that
15:07:22 <ynpvisitor81> Of course, inbetween Grand, Daisy windows, etc.
15:07:45 <Eric> I don't think you can do justice to pump without being really has different levels of eruptions and that should be sorted IMHO.
15:07:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> busiest page n the NPS site sometimes in terms of visitors
15:08:04 <ynpvisitor3> Kat1, many watchers around the world have no clue what they are seeing. Check FB some day, they ask "what's this" or that
15:08:16 <Eric> But seeing that it is still alive and kicking every once in a while with an odd post should not hurt anyones senses!
15:08:46 <ynpvisitor81> Ryan's point was more so that when it was having a series it was worth watching that behavior closely as the webcam was in a prime spot to see it.
15:08:59 <ynpvisitor6> not sure how this became a debate about the cam though. The issue is (was?) the way GT gets used
15:09:01 <Kat1> You should see how many people contact the NPS and love UGB/OF webcam.
15:09:15 <ynpvisitor6> the flag that started the debate really had nothing to do with the cam
15:09:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> i agree 81, the series intervals are a good indicator fr bee
15:09:22 <Kat1> I'm just commenting - no debate here :)
15:09:30 <ynpvisitor81> 6, it segwayed via HK's rant
15:09:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> and its an interesting study item since its a fairly new erupter
15:10:06 <JarnoO> Bulger 1508 major
15:10:22 <ynpvisitor81> Using Bulger/OT for an example. Right now we could zoom in to see Bulger and OT and get start times rather than ie times.
15:10:25 <Eric> I must be way behind...just started for me :-p
15:11:11 <ynpvisitor3> ynpvisitor81, segue is a better way to spell that :P
15:11:18 <ynpvisitor81> Also with the /getvideo command its now very easy to take durations.
15:11:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> there it goes :)
15:11:29 <Kat1> I think start times are often captured - difficult to see sometimes
15:11:41 <ynpvisitor81> 3, are you Ryan in disguise? :)
15:12:00 <ynpvisitor3> lol no! but that's funny
15:12:02 <Kat1> ynpvisitor81, please!!!
15:12:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> its good t ocapture if Bulger is a major or not, even ie
15:12:12 <ynpvisitor118> the longer you stay zoomed on 1 thing the more you miss everything else
15:12:45 <Kat1> ynpvisitor118, true
15:12:53 <ynpvisitor81> His argument was while BSB was in series.
15:13:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> i post a lot ie .... not sure how anyone can post artemisia start time on the cam, cant do it in park unless you are there
15:13:34 <ynpvisitor81> Yes, you'd miss some other things. But you'd be documenting a new and novel behavior.
15:13:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Oblong
15:13:50 <ynpvisitor81> GS, I meant specifically OT/Bulger. Their start times have a relationship
15:14:06 <ynpvisitor3> we saw some ARty eruptions last summer that were 10 min earlier than the cam time
15:14:09 <ynpvisitor118> focusing on a single feature or a close group of features is a project best left to some motivated person to do while in basin
15:14:15 <Kat1> GO STEAMBOAT, you can't. If you can't see and aren't in basin it's impossible
15:14:31 <ynpvisitor81> * I meant specifically OT/Bulger. Their start times have a relationship*
15:14:46 <ynpvisitor81> 118, what about in the winter?
15:14:58 <ynpvisitor81> Which was when BSB was having reliable series behavior...
15:15:14 <ynpvisitor118> the cam is not intended as a research tool
15:15:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> i know Micah has been studying them to try and figure that out. not sure how long that relationship will be valid tho.
15:15:25 <ynpvisitor81> And the series leading into Beehive only took an hour or two.
15:15:38 <ynpvisitor81> GS, the webcam can check every now and then, no?
15:16:16 <ynpvisitor81> 118 - why can't it be though? I dont think it was intended to be used to call in every person a foot into the grass, either.
15:16:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> well it can, but the intervals for buger can be all over the place. OT isnt always regular either
15:16:56 <ynpvisitor81> Back in the day we would turn to watch every eruption of Plume... every twenty minutes.
15:17:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> i do watch them a lot tho :)
15:17:33 <ynpvisitor81> GS, you do understand my point though? If you see Bulger ie, hang around twenty minutes or so to catch the follow u OT.
15:18:37 <ynpvisitor118> And miss Bee in the process or aurum or Daisy or whatever
15:19:13 <ynpvisitor81> How would you miss Daisy? And Aurum is a crapshoot. So is a non-indicator Beehive.
15:19:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> well ... yes ... but ..... Bulger erupts every 10 to 35 min or so most of the time, and OT every 1.25 to 2.5 h I think ... so its not after every bulger
15:19:22 <ynpvisitor81> GS, fair enough
15:19:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> youcan almost watch for OT on its own clock time now, its been frequent
15:20:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> when i was there in Jan, Micah spent all day and only saw a handfull of bulger eruptions. next day I saw 15-20 of them
15:20:32 <Eric> I might suggest if you are interested in controlling cam behavior, you volunteer to run the cam :-D
15:20:54 <ynpvisitor81> Indeed it has. I agree that Arty, Grotto Fountain, Riverside, and a few others should never be entered as start times.
15:21:14 <Eric> Lot's of people volunteer and I really appreciate their efforts!
15:21:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> it is different when running the cam vs just watching
15:21:27 <ynpvisitor81> Eric, why does a suggestion, discussion, or opinion on camera operations mean that one doesnt appreciate the ones that do work?
15:22:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> you made an assumption there 81
15:22:18 <ynpvisitor81> 15:20:32 β€ΉEricβ€Ί I might suggest if you are interested in controlling cam behavior, you volunteer to run the cam :-D
15:22:31 <ynpvisitor81> 15:21:14 β€ΉEricβ€Ί Lot's of people volunteer and I really appreciate their efforts!
15:23:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, that doesnt mean he doesnt think you dont appreciate it
15:23:03 <Eric> Well, you seem to be nitpicking the behaviors of cam operators...maybe I am reading it wrong? Maybe your suggestions are a just what they needed.
15:23:11 <ynpvisitor81> Exactly what is one supposed to pull from those comments?
15:23:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah lots of negatives to process there
15:24:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> where did Mug go, sigh
15:24:09 <ynpvisitor22> Cam ops need to do what nps tells them to do
15:24:12 <Eric> It's hiding graham.
15:24:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> shy when peeps showed up to watch it?
15:24:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> woah 22 ...... why
15:24:32 <ynpvisitor81> I hardly think suggesting that one spends a few more minutes on a feature doing something new, or to get a few more entries of Pump is nitpicking.
15:24:33 <JarnoO> I think the mug is empty. Needs refilling
15:25:34 <ynpvisitor22> Because the cam belongs to nps
15:26:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> agree 81, when something interesting is going on we try and watch it, like Mug, or the NG series. but the majority of peole probaby dont want to see something for too long
15:26:26 <JarnoO> woah there - the camops have a "prime directive" - to have the cam on OF when in window - but else they
15:26:36 <JarnoO> 're pretty much free to do whatever
15:26:41 <JarnoO> and darned enter key
15:26:56 <JarnoO> (I think I worded that right?)
15:26:57 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Few more rules than that Jarno.
15:27:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> not many tho :)
15:27:20 <Kat1> I understand gazer interest in seeing certain features and entries, please don't take this wrong the cam is really for the public viewing of OF. Thats an operators directive.I'm grateful for it's other capabilities.
15:27:22 <Eric> Though shalt not point the cam at the sky!
15:27:35 <Kat1> I will
15:27:49 <Kat1> LOL
15:27:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> i bet if the angle would allow it Joe would star gaze
15:28:37 <JarnoO> Isn't there also something like "do not point to researchers who have permits to go off the boardwalk"?
15:28:40 <Eric> haha :-D
15:28:51 <Betty> lol
15:28:55 <ynpvisitor81> Their jobs got a lot harder when they moved the cam.
15:29:03 <Betty> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, hi
15:29:05 <ynpvisitor81> Foolish spot to be in.
15:29:17 <Kat1> hahahaGO STEAMBOAT,
15:29:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> not allowed to do close ups of people, and when there is authorized off-trail we usually have to avoid it so LE dont get calls from watchers
15:30:07 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Hi Betty
15:30:46 <Kat1> Cam down - can't get in - if anyone is there please log off :)
15:30:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> its easier to avoid people on the Inn, used to see lots of people posing for the cam when it was at the lodge
15:30:59 <Kat1> cam down
15:31:10 <Eric> I still see it
15:31:18 <Forestbewithyou> I do as well
15:31:24 <Kat1> It just came back
15:31:30 <Eric> I think maybe you are being blocked Kat
15:31:41 <JarnoO> oh yeah - at the end of your shift, log off as to not block the connection when the next camop logs on
15:31:55 <JarnoO> limited bandwidth for the win :P
15:32:01 <Kat1> Eric, did you do that???? LOL
15:32:10 <Eric> :-D
15:32:13 <Kat1> exactly
15:32:47 <Eric> Maybe once the park has better bandwidth to UGB, the cam can borrow a little of it to stream :-D
15:33:01 <Betty> whereΒ΄s Korben today? headed to SB?
15:33:05 <Eric> I assume the Ranger station should have a good sized pipe.
15:33:13 <Forestbewithyou> I think he is at steamboat
15:33:20 <Forestbewithyou> he hasn't posted at all today
15:33:21 <JarnoO> perhaps Elon's grand internet access for all people on the world isn't so bad after all
15:33:21 <Forestbewithyou> betty
15:33:30 <Kat1> or if you have access and watch through the park access it jams up
15:33:37 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
15:33:40 <ynpvisitor53> I think more people should volunteer to run the cam
15:33:43 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
15:34:09 <Eric> I agree 53...lighten the load for all our hard working volunteers.
15:34:34 <Eric> Maybe someday when I don't have so many commitments in life, I will volunteer!
15:35:24 <ynpvisitor53> Do you realize that since we moved to the new cam, someone is always on it. And do you realize that if no one is on it, you will be viewing OF all day
15:35:41 <JarnoO> in that case - in the upcoming weeks I could, theoretically, cover at least 1300 to 1600 pretty much everyday. Summer holidays and no plans to go out an about in the evenings as of yet
15:35:53 <Kat1> I currently do 9 hours a week - but today 6. I try to cover other camops and they do the same for me. If no one is available it gets placed on OF and just stays there. We try not to have that happen
15:36:01 <Forestbewithyou> I totally would volunteer if I had better internet
15:36:08 <Forestbewithyou> but sadly I don't
15:36:20 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to go outside and watch the rain
15:36:22 <Forestbewithyou> be back in a few
15:36:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> I need to send my outage request to the ops :)
15:36:53 <Kat1> Noooooooo - LOL
15:36:58 <ynpvisitor81> Goodness, its just feedback on the way the cam is managed.
15:37:01 <ynpvisitor53> GO STEAMBOAT, ha! Good luck πŸ˜‰
15:37:25 <ynpvisitor81> Have you ever had feedback on your job given to you?
15:37:27 <Kat1> I'll try to help out GO STEAMBOAT,
15:37:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> i will post some Turban times for you
15:37:41 <ynpvisitor81> Lordy...
15:37:45 <Kat1> OK
15:38:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> 81 - we sometimes hear the comments from the public
15:38:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> mainy the good ones, but there have been some complaints too
15:38:46 <ynpvisitor53> My point is there are many camops everyday and you may run into times when there is no camop.To give assignments for geysers would be difficult.
15:38:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> like when cam is on OF and we zip back and forth to check BHI or Daisy. peeps dont like the wiplash
15:38:54 <Kat1> We have one for KevinL and Craig too right now. Mine is up in the air since I had to spend a load of money on a transmission yesterday!
15:39:18 <Eric> oh no! That sucks Kat
15:39:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> oohhh my car is in transmission shop right now too
15:39:52 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Shiftless camops?
15:39:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah Kat .. its vaca season.
15:40:14 <Ryan> I just read the log.
15:40:18 <Ryan> Yeah I aint staying.
15:40:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> Shitfaced Camops did you say Kevin?
15:40:27 <Ryan> You're all welcome. Toodles.
15:40:43 <JarnoO> cya Ryan
15:40:52 <Kat1> Bye
15:41:11 <ynpvisitor2> :)
15:41:51 <Kat1> GO STEAMBOAT, we could be
15:41:59 <ynpvisitor81> Ryan is learning...
15:45:59 <Eric> I thought ryan was caving today?
15:46:22 <Forestbewithyou> I am back
15:46:25 <Kat1> He was leaving work early - I thought so too
15:46:34 <Eric> hi Forest
15:46:37 <Kat1> Forestbewithyou, hows the rain??
15:46:39 <Forestbewithyou> hi
15:46:42 <Forestbewithyou> It was good
15:46:57 <Forestbewithyou> We probably could have seen a rainbow if we didn't have so many trees
15:47:23 <Eric> Anemone
15:48:00 <Kat1> Linda will be back soon - we are tag teaming back and forth! Dedicated !!! LOL :p
15:48:14 <JarnoO> :)
15:49:47 <Kat1> MY com puter is tuck - lagging
15:55:23 <JarnoO> Lion ie I think
15:55:33 <JarnoO> steam drifting into frame
15:56:08 <ynpvisitor69> My connections is bad
15:56:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> agree JarnoO
15:56:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> there it is
15:57:07 <ynpvisitor118> Lion
15:57:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> its Friday, and definately happy hour
15:57:40 <Kat 😎> Sorry I was late to the Lion party :)
15:59:21 <Kat 😎> Changed from ns to ie. Mistake
16:00:59 <JarnoO> definitely an ini
16:01:28 <Kat 😎> Yes - thanks
16:05:33 <Kat 😎> Looks like a lot of people but really not for this time of year!
16:07:58 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to hop off for now
16:08:12 <Forestbewithyou> talk to you all later and if I am not back on good night everyone
16:08:33 <Kat 😎> Have a good one!
16:08:42 <Forestbewithyou> you too
16:08:44 <JarnoO> cya Forest
16:12:19 <Kat 😎> IT is soo hot in Florida today!
16:12:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> West gate didnt seem bad all day
16:14:10 <Kat 😎> Sorry - hit wrong pre=set
16:15:05 <Kat 😎> OK - I've been here to long! or maybe like GS said - shit faced ... NOT
16:16:35 <Kat 😎> Where are all these people staying?
16:17:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> west
16:17:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> or other gateways
16:18:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> 5 more hours of daylight, its still early
16:18:23 <Kat 😎> Towns must be packed
16:18:32 <Kat 😎> True
16:18:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> not compared to normal
16:18:53 <Kat 😎> 1618 OF
16:19:13 <Kat 😎> true
16:19:24 <Kat 😎> I nevver go this time of year
16:19:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> will be strange with few people early and ate at OF
16:20:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have missed mid june, usual early or late tied to the holidays
16:20:27 <Kat 😎> My next reservation is September
16:20:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> een 4th July i didnt find it as busy as I expected if you get out and about early. stay put somewhere midday
16:21:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> i still have Sept cabin ... will see what is going on then
16:21:24 <Kat 😎> I'm camping !
16:21:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> Madison or somewhere ele?
16:22:40 <Kat 😎> Madison - may go up to Mammoth for a day or 2 to go to Lamar
16:23:06 <Kat 😎> Hate that Dunraven Tower roads are closed
16:23:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> would you stay at Canyon otherwise?
16:24:27 <ynpvisitor118> :daisy:
16:24:28 <Kat 😎> Daisy ie
16:24:33 <Kat 😎> Yes
16:24:40 <Kat 😎> GO STEAMBOAT, Yes
16:25:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah back under 2h
16:31:36 <JarnoO> Auru7m
16:31:37 <JarnoO> .
16:31:38 <JarnoO> .
16:31:38 <JarnoO> .
16:33:20 <Kat 😎> That was quick :)
16:33:24 <Betty> nice
16:33:39 <Betty> noone was there
16:34:00 <Kat 😎> Sad huh Betty
16:37:21 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> And of course I was feeding chickens in a 40 mph wind.
16:37:41 <JarnoO> that's some strong wind
16:37:49 <Kat 😎> I'm sorry it's in the video
16:39:09 <Kat 😎> JarnoO, how do you use getvideo?
16:39:28 <JarnoO> /getvideo
16:39:35 <JarnoO> as simple as that, really
16:39:54 <JarnoO> though contains Aurum, so no need to do it again :)
16:40:19 <Kat 😎> I know- thats not what I'm asking
16:40:50 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> No customers for Aurum
16:42:49 <JarnoO> LS ie/ns/exact
16:43:18 <Kat 😎> JarnoO, never mind
16:44:10 <JarnoO> LS very much ie. Only just noticed it
16:46:16 <JarnoO> hi Linda
16:46:22 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
16:46:52 <Kat 😎> LindaG, hi
16:46:58 <LindaG> Kat 😎, hi
16:47:41 <LindaG> Did ya miss me?
16:48:52 <Kat 😎> LindaG, you know I did we've texted, chatted and been on GT - aren't you tired of me ?
16:48:57 <Betty> hi LindaG, sure we did :-D
16:49:38 <LindaG> Betty, hi πŸ˜ƒ
16:50:27 <Kat 😎> LindaG, who's doing CRaigs time in AM? I am happy to come on and help out
16:51:16 <LindaG> I'm not πŸ˜ƒ notmsure anyone has claimed it
16:51:24 <JarnoO> Mike is entering E times for Daisy :)
16:52:00 <Eric> Interesting YNR signals
16:52:15 <ynpvisitor81> Enter five E times
16:52:52 <Kat 😎> Just trying put get video - ignore me LOL
16:53:29 <JarnoO> YNR signal does not appear to be from Steamboat, but who knows if the boat is trying to pull my leg here :)
16:54:07 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> It is Korben jumping up and down for SB to erupt.
16:54:15 <JarnoO> :)
16:54:43 <LindaG> Wasnt it a pump,the last time?
16:54:55 <Eric> Every time you do that it does suck server resources, so please /getvideo responsibly so I don't have to remove the feature :-D
16:55:26 <Eric> Not that anyone is abusing it right now...but for future reference.
16:56:14 <Kat 😎> Eric, First time I did it so sorry
16:56:34 <JarnoO> is it possibly to implement a duration parameter to that command? For example, I don't need a whole 15 minutes for just 2m of Aurum :)
17:00:02 <Kat 😎> Bye
17:00:10 <LindaGp> Bye
17:00:39 <LindaGp> Ah, here I am again
17:01:15 <Eric> Not easily Jarno
17:02:00 <Eric> The rolling nature of the process makes customization hard.
17:03:09 <JarnoO> oki, thanks for the information
17:04:26 <LindaGp> Bulger and OT
17:04:31 <LindaGp> IE
17:05:54 <JarnoO> petition to name Adobe Flash "WannaCrash"
17:15:42 <Betty> Dome ie
17:16:30 <JarnoO> must be initial
17:16:30 <Betty> great water
17:17:02 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Would it be possible to do something like a getvideop for a personal one time use? There are times that I want to see something but everybody doesn't have to have access to it.
17:21:28 <Betty> we need to have a look for Lion too
17:22:20 <LindaGp> Ah the problem with concentrating on one geyser
17:22:35 <Betty> Lion ie
17:26:30 <LindaGp> Still think that was an ini?
17:26:53 <LindaGp> Well it was ie
17:27:17 <ynpvisitor118> little squirt
17:27:37 <ynpvisitor81> No evidence of Dome on static
17:28:14 <Eric> The real cost of building the videos is in building them, not downloading them. If someone wants the last 15m of video, it might as well be available to everyone.
17:28:15 <ynpvisitor81> For at least 4 hours
17:28:46 <Eric> Please don't hesitate to use /getvideo if you want to review or download something.
17:29:01 <Betty> yes, during the whole eruption I did not see Dome on static
17:29:44 <JarnoO> there's Dome again
17:29:55 <LindaGp> I guess it's not done
17:29:55 <Betty> nice
17:30:17 <LindaGp> Must be an ini
17:30:27 <Betty> no, Linda, itΒ΄s the short interval
17:30:55 <Betty> where is Graham when you need him? :-)
17:31:12 <Benton Harbor> Dome can be pretty impressive at the start.
17:31:17 <LindaGp> Betty, oh ok
17:31:42 <Eric> I think we have a better view here of dome then they do in the basin.
17:31:42 <LindaGp> That's pretty short
17:32:07 <Eric> Nice
17:32:37 <Benton Harbor> Yes we do Eric
17:33:16 <Betty> I love the splashing
17:37:28 <LindaGp> Well I have something to do tonight
17:45:42 <Benton Harbor> You can watch a broken camera Linda
17:46:06 <LindaGp> 😊
17:46:17 <LindaGp> 0.1 fps
17:47:29 <Benton Harbor> Stream is down on my iPad
17:48:33 <LindaGp> Every o ce in a while it moves on cam
17:48:51 <LindaGp> It's back
17:48:53 <Benton Harbor> I get a flash
17:49:16 <Benton Harbor> Got it now
17:55:47 <LindaGp> OF
17:56:17 <LindaGp> Oops slicing onions anyone see exact start?
17:57:03 <Eric> 1755
17:57:14 <LindaGp> Eric, thx
17:57:21 <Eric> Perfect reason to use /getvideo :-D
18:00:04 <LindaGp> One shouldn't cook and drive at same time
18:00:47 <LindaGp> Dome ie
18:00:53 <Eric> Apparently jarno didn't think my video was cool enough :-(
18:01:15 <LindaGp> πŸ˜ƒ
18:02:23 <Benton Harbor> SB must be interesting enough to keep people up there.
18:02:25 <Eric> Nice looking domes!
18:02:52 <Eric> Yep, nobody seems to be rushing back to the UGB today.
18:03:19 <Eric> I don't see it erupting until tomorrow...but I would be happy for them if it went today :-D
18:03:55 <Forestbewithyou> I would be jelous
18:04:16 <Eric> I assume all the shaking up there is earthquake swarms
18:04:17 <Forestbewithyou> jealous
18:04:48 <Forestbewithyou> I don't think I have seen dome before
18:04:55 <Forestbewithyou> Its a cool geyser
18:04:57 <Eric> hebgen is really reading the shakes
18:05:08 <Forestbewithyou> oh yea
18:05:12 <Eric> It's better from here than in basin Forest :-D
18:05:23 <Forestbewithyou> yea
18:05:24 <Eric> top down view lets you see the water
18:05:43 <Forestbewithyou> ahh I see
18:06:38 <JarnoO> Eric, I need the whole eruption to get its duration
18:06:44 <Eric> OF - YFT seismo is eerily smooth.
18:07:17 <Forestbewithyou> Are there any geysers I should try to see if I go to the park this year?
18:07:19 <Eric> ahhh, that makes sense Jarno :-D
18:07:28 <Benton Harbor> They told me it had issues earlier this year Eric.
18:07:28 <Eric> Steamboat
18:07:29 <Forestbewithyou> I was thinking about waiting at steamboat but
18:07:38 <Forestbewithyou> I ment like if it isnt ready
18:07:38 <Eric> Ahh, Thanks BH
18:08:07 <Eric> I wish they could fix YNM :-(
18:08:12 <Forestbewithyou> yea
18:08:26 <Eric> Lake Seismo is also broken.
18:08:57 <Benton Harbor> They were supposed to fix YFT But that was BH.
18:09:17 <Benton Harbor> Before Covid.
18:09:39 <Eric> Yep, I can imagine that scientific fieldwork is an issue now
18:10:12 <Eric> My daughter just got college plan for the is pretty rigorous!
18:10:52 <Benton Harbor> Keep her busy.
18:11:03 <Eric> Drop of kid at hotel, kids get covid test, kids wait 24h isolated in hotel for test results, kids ride on bus to college dorm rooms.
18:11:24 <Eric> Covid rigorous!
18:11:44 <Eric> No leaving campus unless medically necessary.
18:11:53 <Forestbewithyou> oh man
18:12:03 <Benton Harbor> Covid. Only thing made in China that seems to last.
18:12:13 <Eric> or they vote you out :-P College Survivor edition :-P
18:12:30 <Forestbewithyou> oh man
18:12:47 <Forestbewithyou> Tribe has spoken
18:12:58 <Eric> haha, exactly.
18:13:18 <Benton Harbor> I am just glad I am on this end of the life cycle.
18:13:19 <Eric> The students will be in cohorts, so limited exposure to each other even when on campus.
18:14:07 <Forestbewithyou> for now I am glad that I still have 1 year left of HS
18:17:12 <LindaGp> Bulger
18:18:33 <Betty> daisy
18:21:03 <Benton Harbor> Well this is a new one. Race is delayed because the track is too dry.
18:21:17 <Forestbewithyou> wait what
18:25:47 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to head out
18:25:51 <Forestbewithyou> night all
18:26:17 <JarnoO> OT ie
18:26:26 <Benton Harbor> Night
18:27:41 <Betty> night forest
18:29:21 <JarnoO> roar
18:29:31 <JarnoO> Lion
18:29:34 <LindaGp> Lion
18:29:47 <Benton Harbor> Betty, is your drivers license good here or do you need a special one?
18:31:31 <JarnoO> LC
18:31:34 <Betty> no, itΒ΄s fine for US
18:32:31 <Benton Harbor> That is good. Bet the cops would have fun reading it!
18:34:39 <LindaGp> Dome ie
18:48:41 <LindaGp> Dome ie
18:51:24 <Eric> anemone
18:51:27 <Eric> at bottom of screen
18:51:36 <Eric> and dome still ie?
18:51:50 <LindaGp> Yuppers
18:51:57 <Eric> ohh, no, that isn't anemone
18:52:11 <LindaGp> LS
18:52:29 <Eric> that is LS
18:52:37 <Eric> haha...was just verifying that
18:53:23 <Eric> I saw the spritz and thought anemone, but that makes way more sense
18:53:26 <LindaGp> Nice contrast
18:54:25 <Betty> time for sleep, enjoy Grand
18:54:35 <JarnoO> cya Betty
18:54:43 <LindaGp> Betty,night
18:54:48 <JarnoO> nice Churn steam
18:55:29 <Eric> Night Betty
19:01:28 <LindaGp> Grand
19:01:29 <LindaGp> .
19:01:29 <LindaGp> .
19:01:30 <LindaGp> .
19:01:34 <JarnoO> Grand
19:01:43 <ynpvisitor81> Holy crap, how big do you expect this to be? :lol:
19:02:22 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor81, lol
19:02:49 <LindaGp> Pulled back a tad too much
19:06:30 <Benton Harbor> Nice spikes.
19:07:46 <LindaGp> Actually able to see them
19:10:52 <LindaGp> Pause
19:11:30 <LindaGp> 2nd
19:12:28 <JarnoO> b2 done
19:12:29 <Benton Harbor> Good 2nd
19:12:54 <LindaGp> It was
19:13:04 <JarnoO> appears Q
19:31:45 <Eric> of
19:31:56 <Eric> or not
19:32:09 <Eric> big preplay!
19:32:17 <LindaGp> Haha tricked you
19:32:24 <LindaGp> it was
19:32:32 <Eric> no nps prediction
19:32:36 <Benton Harbor> Just kidding....
19:33:11 <LindaGp> Benton Harbor, how's the rooster
19:34:09 <Benton Harbor> He is still doing OK. Haven’t figured out which one he is
19:34:40 <LindaGp> Oh a mystery rooster
19:35:30 <Benton Harbor> So far. He should be obvious soon.
19:35:43 <LindaGp> Maybe when you know he could be a Bob sacrifice πŸ˜‰
19:35:56 <LindaGp> Hi lori
19:36:05 <JarnoO> evening Lori
19:36:05 <Benton Harbor> I understand they taste like rattling snakes.
19:36:32 <Lori S> This just in...somebody please tell Craig C if he is camping in West...
19:36:38 <Benton Harbor> How is SB Lori?
19:36:47 <LindaGp> Yes he said he was
19:36:57 <Lori S> DO NOT DRINK WATER ALERT in West
19:37:11 <Eric> Yikes? Covid contaminated?
19:37:38 <Lori S> Bacteria yada yada. NOT COVID
19:37:48 <Eric> ahh, that sucks.
19:37:51 <LindaGp> Not sure who has his number
19:37:55 <Benton Harbor> They are trying to sell beer Eric.
19:38:09 <LindaGp> In would thinkn campground would tell him
19:38:15 <Eric> We probably won't hear from him Lori...he will probably go SB - madison - SB
19:38:23 <Eric> Yes, they should alter the campground
19:38:26 <Lori S> Could someone with his number let him know cuz bottled running out wuick
19:38:48 <Eric> If it's bacteria, boiling should be pretty easy
19:38:54 <LindaGp> OF
19:39:01 <Eric> I really?
19:39:07 <Eric> I must be behind
19:39:19 <Eric> OF
19:39:22 <Eric> :-P
19:39:22 <Lori S> No, alert said dont boil. Makes it worse whatever it is
19:39:39 <Eric> not bacteria then
19:39:52 <Eric> never heard of such an issue
19:40:02 <Lori S> Well, it said coloform
19:40:04 <LindaGp> Not aure who is in touch with him
19:41:08 <Benton Harbor> Sounds like there was a broken line
19:41:27 <Lori S> Oh, and Hi all
19:42:13 <Lori S> Yeah, something about damage to the water system so maybe
19:42:18 <JarnoO> coliform is also a bacteria, coming from fecal matter, including that from humans. Boiling should also be able to kill it. So somehow human waste got into a water main or so
19:43:18 <Lori S> Not sure. West is bringing in bottled waterctomorrow to hand out I guess
19:43:28 <LindaGp> Dome ie
19:44:22 <Lori S> Sorry to interupt your regularly scheduled programming. Carry on. :)
19:45:24 <LindaGp> Lori S, 😊
19:45:51 <LindaGp> Lori S, he's in an actual composite so maybe they will tell him
19:46:02 <LindaGp> *campsite
19:47:26 <LindaGp> Aurum splashing
19:47:47 <LindaGp> That was a high
19:47:48 <Benton Harbor> Go Aurum!
19:49:16 <JarnoO> 3m39s for this OF. Am expecting a slightly shorter interval, but it has proven me wrong before :P
19:49:49 <LindaGp> 😊
19:50:13 <JarnoO> Riverside 1925 ns
19:50:41 <Benton Harbor> Big Aurum splashes
19:51:25 <LindaGp> It's messing with us
19:52:09 <Benton Harbor> That is what it does
19:53:39 <JarnoO> roar
19:53:45 <JarnoO> likely missed a minor
19:53:55 <LindaGp> Lion
19:53:55 <JarnoO> Lion
19:59:44 <JarnoO> Next Lion @ 2058Β±5m if series continues. Also 3m39s for it
20:00:23 <LindaGp> Dome ie
20:03:29 <LindaGp> Lc ie
20:10:08 <JarnoO> I'll be the Aurum sacrifice tonight. Enjoy it and Dome. And Lion, of course :)
20:10:45 <LindaGp> JarnoO, goodnight and thx πŸ˜‰
20:13:25 <ynpvisitor52> Water issues in west Yellowstone water . Don’t drink the water. Coil form bacteria present. All restaurants are asked to close
20:14:06 <ynpvisitor52> 1000 cases of bottled water coming from Bozeman
20:14:53 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor52, thanks lori was on before to tell us
20:15:47 <ynpvisitor52> Sorry Linda. This is Dave. Didn’t know. One of my staff members is staying there tonight and tomorrow
20:16:16 <ynpvisitor52> I told him to just drink alcohol
20:16:31 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor52, do you have craigc cell phone?
20:16:34 <ynpvisitor3> there will be some hungry/angry tourists
20:16:51 <LindaGp> Could you call and tell him?
20:18:19 <ynpvisitor52> He told me!
20:18:34 <ynpvisitor52> I’ll text Craig
20:19:23 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor52, I'm confused. Craig told you?
20:19:38 <ynpvisitor52> No my staff member
20:19:49 <ynpvisitor52> Just texted CraigC
20:19:52 <LindaGp> Oh ok
20:19:56 <ynpvisitor3> who's on first!
20:20:20 <LindaGp> Lori came on so we could tell craig.
20:20:27 <ynpvisitor113> is daisy gone
20:20:34 <ynpvisitor52> Haha 3
20:20:55 <LindaGp> Aurum
20:20:58 <LindaGp> .
20:21:02 <LindaGp> ...
20:22:03 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor52, thanks
20:22:31 <LindaGp> Daisy
20:25:41 <LindaGp> Well that's it for me. Leaving on lion to castle
20:26:16 <LindaGp> Have a good night
20:26:30 <LindaGp> Controls released
20:34:51 <ynpvisitor92> Nice clouds
22:57:59 <ynpvisitor68> SB
22:58:31 <ynpvisitor68> Looks like a good signal as actually SB on YNR
23:03:14 <ynpvisitor118> Looks sort of like it. Guess we will find out. It the temp logger updates late again we will have an idea soon
23:04:12 <KevinS> How late was the update yesterday?
23:21:33 <ynpvisitor118> after 2300 I think. I didn't see it til the am
23:22:03 <ynpvisitor118> the data is to just before midnight
23:45:25 <ynpvisitor31> 100 in the dark. Fitting.
23:46:48 <ynpvisitor31> the person that posted the 2200 note will be bummed