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05:06:12 <ynpvisitor39> Thanks for the capture, Joe
05:06:25 <ynpvisitor49> yw
05:10:05 <ynpvisitor39> Next Old Faithful: 6:02:54 +/- 5m52s.
05:10:20 <ynpvisitor39> Window: 5:57:01 to 6:08:46
05:14:22 <CraigC> hey Joe, how's it going
05:14:44 <CraigC> bulger ie
05:15:12 <ynpvisitor49> Hi Craig
05:16:45 <ynpvisitor49> Are you home now?
05:17:55 <CraigC> yep, there was possible snow forecasted for today in yellowstone, and low temps for a few days, so we decided to come back and do a re-supply, and fix some things, then head maybe Monday
05:33:26 <ynpvisitor49> OT
05:48:41 <JarnoO> morning all
05:53:26 <Ryan> Morning, JarnoO
05:54:18 <JarnoO> morning Ryan
05:57:50 <KorbenC> Morning Everyone
05:58:20 <JarnoO> morning Korben
05:58:40 <KorbenC> Hi Jarno
05:58:41 <KorbenC> OF
05:58:58 <Ryan> It just squeaked into the window
05:59:42 <Ryan> I got this one
05:59:48 <KorbenC> OK
06:02:45 <JarnoO> morning CC
06:02:50 <CC> morning all
06:02:56 <KorbenC> Hi CC
06:03:11 <CC> Joe I have the cam
06:03:25 <ynpvisitor49> ok, Hi CC
06:03:43 <CC> anything happening
06:03:53 <CraigC> hey CC. I'll be on cam tomorrow and Sat
06:04:07 <CraigC> then gone again
06:04:08 <CC> I got your email...great
06:04:15 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:04:40 <ynpvisitor49> Nothing, Daisy probably during OF Grand is up
06:04:47 <CC> can you take it at 6mt to relieve Joe
06:05:02 <CraigC> CC, yes
06:05:14 <CC> thank you
06:05:40 <CC> did you get an estimate for the trailer
06:06:05 <CraigC> it is stuff I can do myself, parts are arriving tomorrow from Amazon
06:06:26 <CC> oh that is wondeful
06:06:40 <CraigC> just a sink faucet that leaks, and the drain valve outside
06:07:22 <Ryan> Next Old Faithful: 7:32:35 +/- 5m50s
06:07:35 <Ryan> Window: 7:26:44 to 7:38:26
06:07:35 <ynpvisitor49> Boats and Camp trailers exist to eat money :)
06:07:50 <CraigC> ynpvisitor49, yep
06:07:59 <CC> Craig I thought you backed into something
06:07:59 <Ryan> However, that was a small eruption, very short (80% of the usual height) so it may go a bit short
06:08:57 <CraigC> CC,, but I did clip my truck mirror on a tree backing into our camp site after a LONG day of sitting at Steamboat
06:09:45 <ynpvisitor49> My boats and trailers liked eating anythng that was green
06:09:49 <KorbenC> How could it have been a LONG day, I was there to entertain you all :P
06:10:13 <CraigC> KorbenC, haha.... if only you were as quiet in chat as you are in person
06:10:33 <KorbenC> hahahaha
06:10:47 <CraigC> j/k... chat away.... we all do
06:11:05 <CC> Lynn S. said a lot more people in the park...many withouth masks
06:11:18 <Ryan> Unless you bring up a topic I enjoy, I am also much quieter in person.
06:11:43 <CraigC> CC, hardly any wear masks.... but then, I only put mine on in crowds.... it is hard for me to walk fast with my mask on
06:11:54 <KorbenC> Ryan, so what do I need to bring up to make everyone at Grand leave :p
06:13:00 <Ryan> Either bring one of the Sputs next to me...
06:13:17 <Ryan> or... dunno. Whatever strikes me fancy at the time usually
06:14:18 <Ryan> At SB I try to sleep or read but I am usually distracted.
06:15:38 <KorbenC> My dad has found Sudoku, He just wont stop! :p
06:16:07 <Ryan> I read "The Man Who Chased The Storm" when I was at SB in 2018
06:16:25 <KorbenC> was it about a storm chaser?
06:16:34 <Ryan> I forgot my notebook so my SB notes are scattered through the book at whatever paragraph I was on at the time
06:16:37 <KorbenC> If so it is all wrong, the storm chases us :p
06:16:38 <Ryan> Tim Samaras
06:17:02 <Ryan> semi-autobiography
06:17:15 <KorbenC> He was a really smart guy, just made a simple mistake
06:17:22 <Ryan> My notes the last few minutes are entertaining.
06:17:50 <KorbenC> and why is that?
06:18:25 <Ryan> "902 LC+++" "902 LC++S" "903 NSCV+++R" "903 OMG" "903 OMFG" "904!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
06:18:48 <KorbenC> lol
06:19:22 <Ryan> I really dont remember writing notes but apparently I did. We were using a different scale back then with minuses and pluses.
06:19:34 <Ryan> "LC" meant "Left channel" which I think still exists
06:19:48 <Ryan> S - sustained, R - rocks
06:20:13 <Ryan> NSCV meant North-South Concerted and vertical
06:20:27 <Ryan> The OMG and OMFG are obvious, as are the "!"s
06:20:41 <KorbenC> yes
06:20:45 <Ryan> Its all scribbled in the back cover of the book lol
06:21:25 <Ryan> I will be in a meeting for the next OF btw
06:22:17 <KorbenC> better than my three notes I wrote down before my start in 2019, 1637 HOLY S***, 1638 HOLY S***, 1639 HOLY S*** HOLY S***, 1640, HOLY S***!!!!!!!!!!!! :p Your notes are at least semi descriptive :)
06:43:49 <CC> Grand IE
06:52:32 <KorbenC> HiLinda
06:52:37 <LindaG> Good morning!
06:52:41 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
06:52:48 <JarnoO> morning Linda
06:52:49 <CC> Hi is yours
06:52:50 <LindaG> I can take the cam
06:52:58 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
06:53:01 <CC> good and bye
06:53:11 <LindaG> CC, bye
06:53:33 <JarnoO> cya CC
06:59:08 <KorbenC> Bye CC
07:03:32 <LindaG> Dep is full
07:05:05 <LindaG> lion
07:05:45 <LindaG> Minor
07:09:04 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 0724±10m if series continues
07:09:56 <JarnoO> maybe earlier with this steam :)
07:13:57 <LindaG>
07:15:04 <LindaG> I just realized it's snowing
07:17:02 <LindaG> Puff puff puff
07:21:16 <KorbenC> Good Morning Dave
07:21:17 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
07:21:25 <JarnoO> morning Dave
07:21:28 <Dave from B™> Linda, I didn't know you were a smoker:)
07:21:36 <LindaG> Dave from B™, morning
07:21:44 <KorbenC> haha
07:22:30 <LindaG> Dave from B™, 😊 I was a long time ago
07:22:56 <LindaG> Dave from B™, just lion teasing us
07:22:58 <Dave from B™> I'm glad you quit
07:23:09 <LindaG> Dave from B™, me too
07:24:22 <LindaG> I hope this clears for Kevin tomorrow
07:24:40 <LindaG> He will be very unhappy
07:25:06 <KorbenC> I would love this weather, no visitors
07:25:53 <LindaG> 😊 one hardy watcher down there
07:26:18 <KorbenC> :)
07:26:25 <KorbenC> Jarno/Ryan Ill grab this OF
07:27:29 <LindaG> I thought that was a person
07:27:46 <JarnoO> oki
07:27:56 <KorbenC> LindaG, :lol:
07:27:57 <LindaG> Doki
07:33:00 <KorbenC> Hi Mike
07:33:00 <Mike J> Nothing like signing in to a snowstorm in June
07:33:09 <JarnoO> morning Mike
07:33:37 <LindaG> Mike J, 😊thinking about singing Christmas carols
07:33:43 <Mike J> Morning KorbenC JarnoO And good morning to everyone virtually shivering.
07:33:54 <LindaG> Mike J, hi
07:34:08 <Mike J> I'm dreaming of a white basin
07:34:26 <Mike J> It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in July
07:34:28 <LindaG> 😀
07:35:01 <LindaG> Don't know forecast as farvss inches
07:35:16 <LindaG> *far as
07:35:30 <Mike J> Remember, I'm looking at a scene that we never...never see in Phoenix. Yes, we've had snow once in every ten or so years. But not like this.
07:35:34 <Mike J> Ever
07:35:45 <KorbenC> LindaG, not much accumulation is expected
07:35:54 <Dave from B™> I'm glad I live in Billings...only rain today
07:36:08 <Mike J> Looks like accumulation of visitors will be low, too. Good day for distancing.
07:37:30 <LindaG> Few peeps out there
07:38:05 <KorbenC> of
07:38:10 <LindaG> Of
07:41:15 <KorbenC> gonna be hard to get an end time on this OF
07:42:04 <LindaG> Too much steam and snow
07:45:52 <LindaG> Maybe daisy soon
07:46:06 <KorbenC> Next OF 9:10:47, Window from 9:04:57 to 9:16:37
07:46:11 <LindaG> 11
07:48:36 <JarnoO> looked short-medium to me, definitely not a long
07:49:10 <KorbenC> I got 3.233 duration, but couldnt get an exact end, that is +/- 15s
07:49:24 <JarnoO> was only able to time ≥2m25s, with no water seen again by 0740:14
07:49:42 <JarnoO> 0740:41*
07:49:42 <KorbenC> I will update
07:50:11 <KorbenC> next OF 9:09:59 +/- 6ish minutes
07:51:35 <JarnoO> as for when to pan the cam to OF - assume this eruption was a short (though it may have been medium, with uppermost duration around 3m or so)
07:51:56 <JarnoO> will update when it erupts again
07:52:07 <LindaG> /gt daisy
07:58:28 <LindaG> If I don't see it start I won't see it at all
07:59:57 <LindaG> This is crazy
08:00:11 <KorbenC> the weather knows Kevin is coming
08:00:28 <KorbenC> its trying to warn Aurum :p
08:00:50 <LindaG> 😀
08:02:10 <LindaG> I can see better on streaming
08:03:42 <Ryan> Next Old Faithful 9:10:22 +/- 5m49s
08:04:06 <Ryan> Window 9:04:33 to 9:16:12
08:04:28 <Mike J> I'd like to make my first, official prediction. I predict that we will not be able to tell the start and end time of the next geyser
08:04:34 <LindaG> That's about all we'll see
08:05:10 <Ryan> Assuming it isnt a total whiteout I think we will see the important stuff for OF
08:05:18 <KorbenC> Ryan, you should write an equation to make m and b auto update, that way our predictions automatically improve :)
08:05:21 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
08:05:31 <LindaG> Hi kevinS
08:06:14 <KevinS> LindaG, Good morning
08:06:23 <KevinS> KorbenC, HI
08:06:56 <KevinS> Fenn went to instagram with a picture of the found treasure
08:07:11 <KorbenC> link
08:07:20 <LindaG> KevinS, oh yeah
08:08:09 <Ryan> KC, done
08:08:33 <Dave from B™> Any clues as to where it was found?
08:10:10 <Ryan> Also added lines on the M and B sheet for total cumulative tracking
08:10:10 <Kevin L™️> 😝
08:10:21 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔, don't look!
08:10:25 <JarnoO> morning Kevin
08:10:28 <Dave from B™> Welcome to ID Kevin
08:10:56 <KorbenC> Ryan, :thumbsup:
08:13:25 <Kevin L™️> Glad we didn’t pick today to be there
08:13:27 <KorbenC> SB Data up
08:14:36 <Ryan> Not unexpectedly, the last 40 algorithm is more accurate than the total
08:15:20 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔,hopefully it will stop today
08:15:22 <Ryan> Eh, nevermind, thats an early claim dubiously backed up
08:15:44 <KevinS> Fenn is the one going through the chest in the pictures of the treasure. Said finder and where found will remain anonymous.
08:16:08 <KevinS>
08:16:35 <LindaG> KevinS, That's still a joke then
08:17:04 <LindaG> Im kidding myself about seeing daisy
08:17:32 <KevinS> Looks like he retrived his own treasure to me
08:18:24 <LindaG> KevinS, yeah, lol
08:19:10 <LindaG> 2 hardy peeps
08:39:42 <ynpvisitor91> It will be at least an hour before Daisy appears on stage, also where is Bee?
08:45:54 <LindaG> OT ie
08:47:21 <LindaG> Hey jeff
08:47:21 <JarnoO> morning Jeff
08:47:39 <Jeff> hey linda and jarnoo
08:48:15 <LindaG> Jeff, Leaving tomorrow?
08:48:43 <Jeff> movers come in the morning and gonna try and get on my way to west in the afternoon
08:48:58 <LindaG> Jeff, good deal
08:49:29 <Jeff> if all goes to plan ill be in west early friday afternoon
08:49:42 <Katie> Hello to all on this fine April day - ha ha!
08:50:14 <LindaG> Katie, hi
08:50:21 <Dave from B™> C'mon, Katie...perfect camping weather:D
08:50:26 <JarnoO> morning Katie
08:50:31 <Jeff> hey katie
08:56:01 <JarnoO> Linda, how was your trip to Old Tardy? :)
08:56:32 <LindaG> JarnoO, ya know hard to see cause of snow and cold
08:57:04 <LindaG> Updated, thx
08:57:11 <JarnoO> no problem
09:00:12 <Jeff> im glad im finally able to go up to the park though
09:03:09 <LindaG> OF
09:05:14 <CraigC> Jeff, when will you be there
09:05:19 <LindaG> Jeff, had my doubts there for a while
09:05:29 <sparekitty> nothing like snow in mid-June at OF.
09:05:46 <JarnoO> morning sparekitty
09:05:48 <LindaG> sparekitty, hi 😊
09:05:50 <Jeff> craig if all goes to plan ill be there friday afternoon
09:06:02 <sparekitty> hello all!
09:06:11 <Jeff> linda i was having some doubts too but at least im getting back there
09:06:16 <LindaG> CraigC, hey
09:06:47 <sparekitty> i'm schedule to be in the park july 10-13, touring a couple friends who have never been there (how is that even possible??)
09:07:38 <LindaG> sparekitty, there's a few still out there
09:08:40 <CraigC> hey Linda
09:09:14 <CraigC> KevinS, I wonder about Fenn.... I won't rule out a con job
09:09:15 <LindaG> CraigC, missing all this great snow 😕
09:09:39 <CraigC> LindaG, this confirms we made the right choice to leave yesterday
09:10:21 <LindaG> CraigC, 🙄Kevin peaked in before, got scared and left
09:13:45 <Kevin L™️> Still here but I am scared.
09:14:57 <Ryan> Next OF 10:39:01 +/- 5m51s
09:15:06 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, have you followed dal's page a lot, or just since Fenn said it was found?
09:15:28 <JarnoO> Ryan, would you leave cells with unknown times empty or fill in some replacement value?
09:15:40 <Kevin L™️> I haven’t followed it
09:15:57 <Ryan> Leave as unkwn
09:16:03 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, I used to read it a lot a couple of years ago
09:16:31 <JarnoO> oki
09:17:30 <LindaG> Huh my toaster just died. Made a popping sound and ejected my toast.
09:20:00 <Ryan> interesting trends when you throw in the short, JO
09:20:08 <Ryan> its just one point though
09:21:07 <Dave from B™> Kevin, any chance you can delay your YNP day trip to Friday?
09:21:27 <JarnoO> definitely need more shorts to happen to see what the trend actually is
09:21:39 <Ryan> of course.
09:21:45 <Ryan> Some middles would be nice, too
09:22:42 <sparekitty> have a lovely day, all. sadly, i have to work. hope to get a BH text soon.
09:22:43 <Kevin L™️> We might can delay if this keeps going
09:22:45 <Ryan> The longs do show some vague logarithmic ness to them
09:23:58 <Ryan> I wonder if the longs really are "longs" like what if those 4+min durations actually dont matter?
09:24:28 <Ryan> At some point its just a wet steamphase, and m,ayube that extra 30s or so of "eruption" reaLly isnt...
09:25:11 <JarnoO> interesting thoughts there
09:25:13 <Ryan> Id much rather defin the end of an eruption by being able to determine when the cutoff point is for actually controlling the interval. That would need some serious back analysis though.
09:26:37 <Ryan> Maybe we should start logging something like "first pause"?
09:27:26 <JarnoO> I think so. Can't hurt, right?
09:27:41 <Ryan> Nope.
09:29:16 <Ryan> I am off to lunch. Ill let you try to come up with a first pause defintion. Cause, I know it when I see it. Ill be damned if I can explain ti this week though.
09:29:50 <Ryan> You can throw the two columns in then, too, if you want (entry and converted time). I can do the extra analysis columns later
09:30:59 <JarnoO> I'll try
09:45:18 <KorbenC> Jarno, jsut got back from Breakfast....
09:45:48 <KorbenC> I am confused on First Pause
09:46:09 <JarnoO> definition is in cell X13
09:46:20 <JarnoO> Ryan asked me to add it
09:46:32 <KorbenC> I see that, but wouldnt that be the same as the stop?
09:47:16 <JarnoO> not quite, as water can return after the first pause (within a second or so). See conversation above
09:47:29 <KorbenC> ok
09:47:40 <KorbenC> what if there is no pause?
09:47:57 <JarnoO> then pause is the same as stop time
09:48:28 <KorbenC> so the 1st pause is that dip where no water is visible, OK.
09:48:32 <KorbenC> Thanks
09:49:37 <JarnoO> OF 47 and 48 still have a publicly accessible video, so if you view those videos I think it should become clearer what the first pause is
09:49:46 <KorbenC> our Average err is exactly 0.000 :)
09:50:08 <JarnoO> yeah - but what is our mean squared error? :)
09:50:11 <JarnoO> morning kc
09:50:17 <KorbenC> Hi KC
09:50:26 <kc (working)> happy holidays
09:50:40 <KorbenC> I know I know, but 0.000 average means we are not on one side by too much overall :)
09:50:59 <LindaG> Nice trees are tipped in white
09:51:07 <LindaG> kc (working), happy holidays
09:51:24 <KorbenC> Happy Holidays :)
09:51:24 <ynpvisitor30> :)
09:51:48 <KorbenC>
09:52:27 <ynpvisitor11> Looks like a good day for Steamboat
09:52:51 <ynpvisitor30> Indeed it foes
09:53:02 <ynpvisitor30> does*
09:53:11 <ynpvisitor11> Freudian slip?
09:53:19 <ynpvisitor> Cactus Kevin must be close to the park. Think the heater in his car works? He may never get the chance to test it in vegas.
09:53:34 <JarnoO> temperature trace looked good too with the latest logger upload. Just in case it goes I've fired up the spectrogram creating program :)
09:53:47 <ynpvisitor30> ynpvisitor11, hahaha
09:54:10 <KorbenC> JarnoO, the what?
09:54:45 <ynpvisitor> All these feathers are making me cold, later.
09:54:46 <JarnoO> you haven't seen my previous messages with Steamboat visualizations from YNR?
09:55:02 <KorbenC> nope
09:56:30 <JarnoO> Korben, this is Steamboat 2020-06-12 as seen from YNR:
09:57:23 <KorbenC> oh, why didnt you just say the thing is simmilar to RSAM and SSAM (ish) :P
09:57:51 <JarnoO> the program itself is actually called S.W.A.R.M. :)
09:58:58 <JarnoO> anyway, dinnertime. Hope it clears up
09:59:03 <KorbenC> Cya
09:59:32 <Smooth Bohr> Merry Christmas everyone!
10:00:39 <ynpvisitor30> Tag I'm it! Thanks linda!
10:01:05 <LindaG> Controls released
10:01:19 <LindaG> enjoy the festive weather
10:01:43 <Kat> Got it! have a good afternoon
10:01:53 <LindaG> Kat, 👍
10:02:28 <Dave from B™> Good morning Kat
10:02:36 <Dave from B™> oops..not morning anymore for you
10:02:44 <Katie> signing in...
10:03:28 <Kat> Katie, I thought you were doing Thursday?
10:05:36 <Katie> OH! That sounds right! I'll release! Sorry.
10:05:53 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
10:06:43 <Jake> Riverside
10:06:48 <Kat> Katie, thanks - I would switch but can't do tomorrow! Thanks
10:07:05 <Dave from B™> What? How can you see Riverside in this?
10:07:16 <Jake> see that white spot over there?
10:07:20 <Dave from B™> What shade of gray is it?
10:07:21 <Eric> Morning all
10:07:23 <Eric> Hi Dave
10:07:43 <Jake> eggshell grey
10:07:58 <Kat> Dave from B™, light grey
10:08:36 <Dave from B™> oye! Where is the seagulls and foghorn sound?
10:08:41 <ynpvisitor43> greyish grey gray
10:09:04 <Jake> that reminds me of one gazer who wanted to carry around a container of actual rotten eggs in the basin so that when people say "ew, smells like rotten eggs" they could say "oh, really?"
10:09:13 <Jake> because people don't know what rotten eggs smell like
10:09:36 <Eric> haha
10:09:52 <Eric> depends on how rotten they are :-D
10:11:25 <Kat> Yuk, rotten eggs!
10:11:53 <Eric> 1000 year old eggs are good yummy
10:12:29 <Kat> Eric, so weird! :p
10:12:53 <Eric>
10:13:27 <Kat> How did I know that was coming?
10:13:45 <CraigC> this is so weird....
10:14:25 <Jake> I ain't clicking, tell me what it says
10:14:28 <CraigC> The chest has already been found in late August 2019 however consultation with several attorneys over the last months led us to believe that the best course of action would be to sell the location information rather than the actual chest and its content.
10:15:26 <Jake> sell the location to an individual?
10:15:37 <CraigC> or bidders
10:15:58 <CraigC> it goes on and on with legal questions and answers and updates, and finally that it had been sold
10:15:59 <Jake> maybe the contents aren't what we were led to believe
10:16:08 <Kat> I'm still suspect...
10:16:38 <CraigC> here is an updated from Fenn with pics of him and the treasure lol
10:16:51 <CraigC> I'm suspicious, too
10:17:26 <CraigC> so one site claims they sold the treasure, now another site has Fenn with the treasure
10:17:44 <CraigC> no proof that he ever even hid it
10:18:29 <Kat> Those 2 chests don't look anywhere alike regardless of time
10:27:34 <KevinS> I'm with Kat. The two chests do not look the same.
10:29:04 <Dave from B™> Maybe, this is the next treasure to be hidden?
10:30:54 <CraigC> who knows.... too many questions surround all of it
10:31:15 <Dave from B™> I think I'm going to bury a treasure:)
10:31:27 <CraigC> I think I heard that Fenn is being sued
10:32:49 <Kat> That would not surprise me at all! There have been injuries and deaths
10:33:35 <Dave from B™> To me that is stupid. It is not his fault they got injured
10:33:46 <Kat> SO he sold his website for a bunch of money!
10:33:59 <Dave from B™> Everyone is always looking to blame someone else for their injuries
10:35:04 <Kat> Dave from B™, I agree but thats most likely what any lawsuit is about.
10:35:09 <CraigC> it also is not his fault that anyone believed if he hid a treasure
10:35:23 <Kat> CraigC, so true!
10:36:01 <Forestbewithyou> Hey whats goin on guys. Forest here
10:36:24 <ynpvisitor6> I buried a 'treasure' the last time I was camping, I don't think you want to look for it tho.
10:36:24 <CraigC> Forestbewithyou26, where did you hide the treasure
10:36:37 <Forestbewithyou> ahh
10:36:41 <Dave from B™> haha 6
10:36:53 <Forestbewithyou> I hid it in my sim city that just got hit by a tsunami
10:37:06 <Forestbewithyou> so you will have to check under about 3 ft of water :)
10:38:06 <Forestbewithyou> Anything exciting happen today?
10:38:43 <ynpvisitor6> Old Faithful erupted
10:38:55 <Dave from B™> We're trying to get Kevin to delay his trip to UGB by a day
10:39:04 <ynpvisitor6> and will soon again
10:39:28 <Forestbewithyou> Nice
10:39:36 <Forestbewithyou> I always love a good OF
10:39:47 <CraigC> ynpvisitor6, I need to know exactly, not "soon"
10:39:58 <Forestbewithyou> lol
10:42:05 <Dave from B™> hahaha
10:43:27 <Ryan> Craig, by 10:44:52 ;)
10:44:43 <Ryan> I think this is a stall.
10:45:43 <Ryan> Or a short preplay delay
10:46:05 <Ryan> That cycle definitely spaced out.
10:47:03 <JarnoO> that's a big fluffy ball
10:47:34 <Ryan> aint much data coming from that
10:47:39 <Jake> please turn all conspiracy theory energy towards YNR
10:48:20 <Kat> too much steam
10:50:18 <JarnoO> YNR doesn't show Steamboat, even though the trace has thickened. It's a mere gradual increase, which I think may be blamed on wind
10:54:11 <KevinS> I am starting to trust the loggers as much I trust that Fenn will explain the poem. But if I were to trust them, SM between 1800 today and 0600 tomorrow.
10:54:19 <KevinS> SB
10:56:05 <Eric> SB?
10:56:24 <Kat> OF static stuck
10:56:32 <Eric> Trace looks steamboaty to me
10:56:53 <Jake> need Jarno's HHZ spectrogram
10:57:40 <Dave from B™> Tell CraigC to post it:D
10:57:42 <JarnoO> IMHO the noise increased way too slowly for it to be Steamboat. If it were to be SB, the increase would be abrupt
10:58:10 <Eric> don't forget scaling
10:58:27 <Jake> does GT need an "!" modifier to go with the "?"
10:58:42 <JarnoO> an interrobang maybe?
10:58:48 <Eric> I prefer 8-O
10:59:08 <ynpvisitor3> That’s not SB
10:59:46 <Eric> we all know!
10:59:57 <Eric> LC
11:01:17 <Ryan> Huge precip spike on Tantalus
11:01:25 <JarnoO> This is the spectrogram of YNR's HHZ band, spanning 0934 through 1054 MDT:
11:01:30 <Ryan> Thats a storm. Not Steamboat
11:01:48 <Eric> Maybe we should use grammatical notation for geyser notation: "," = short pause, "." - longer pause, ":" - super long pause
11:02:36 <Eric> You guys are all so sure...check yourself, before you wreck yourself!
11:03:01 <CraigC> I need to get back to the park
11:03:27 <Eric> haha
11:03:31 <CraigC> ;)
11:03:34 <CraigC> hey Eric
11:03:39 <Eric> Hey Craig
11:04:02 <Eric> I find it funny that anyone is confident about any reading on the YNR trace :-P
11:04:07 <Dave from B™> CraigC, it's a lot quieter in the park:)
11:04:25 <Ryan> I find it funny that people still are so wigged out about YNR
11:04:34 <Ryan> Lots of stuff made sense pretty quickly.
11:04:55 <Dave from B™> I won't look at a seismo until YNM is working
11:05:00 <CraigC> Dave from B™, *colder
11:05:01 <Eric> Not wigged out...just have no confidence in it telling us something :-P
11:05:21 <Ryan> They youre not paying attention :)
11:05:39 <Eric> Wow..Lake is getting pounded with snow!
11:06:08 <JarnoO> anyone want to celebrate Christmas in June? :P
11:06:11 <Eric> Unless you are looking at the raw data, YNR is useless IMHO
11:06:35 <Ryan> No, youre just not paying attention to all available data.
11:06:52 <Eric> The way the webicorder scales data makes the readings uncomparable.
11:06:54 <CraigC> with people in the park, and people living at Norris, Sb will get logged
11:07:01 <ynpvisitor3> West Gate static is stuck at 746
11:07:06 <Ryan> If steamboat is not having minor eruptions, or just barely having them - chances are its not SB - right there you whack out a bunch of options.
11:07:36 <Eric> They unplugged it #3, so that everyone will think there is no backups :-P
11:07:59 <Ryan> If it si minoring, then thus far your four major options are: Steamboat, the water pump at the government area, vehicle activity, or storm activity.
11:07:59 <CraigC> at some point we will find out that Sb has erupted from direct observations, and that is cool
11:08:11 <KorbenC> Bsck from my run :)
11:08:16 <Eric> 7h past the last interval length...I don't rule out anything.
11:08:25 <Ryan> Storm activity can be ruled out or confirmed very quickly. Radar, and a precip spike on Tanltlus can tell you all of that.
11:08:36 <Eric> You have drunk too much in basin cool aid Craig :-P
11:08:55 <CraigC> Eric, things were looking differently on this cycle than prior to the last eruption
11:08:57 <Ryan> Knock out those two options. Youre left with Steamboat, or human activity - and now knowing what human activity looks like its becoming easier to rule out.
11:09:13 <CraigC> thus, I am home
11:09:17 <KorbenC> what are we debating?
11:09:34 <Ryan> Apparently YNR is completely unreliable.
11:09:39 <CraigC> Eric, the in-basin cool aid was FINE
11:09:44 <Ryan> Which is bull.
11:09:59 <Jake> Tantalus discharge doesn't confirm that the signal on YNR is because of the storm, makes it more likely but not confirmed
11:10:13 <Ryan> Why doesn't it, Jake?
11:10:29 <Ryan> Oh
11:10:34 <Eric> Last nights reports looking good to me Craig
11:10:35 <Dave from B™> CraigC, what looked different on this SB interval?
11:10:39 <Jake> how do you know what human activity looks like?
11:10:43 <Ryan> Misread what you typed.
11:10:49 <CraigC> waiting for direct observation confirmation isn't so painful to make a fuss over
11:10:59 <Ryan> The cyclical pattern we saw that tripped us up the one one time was a water pump.
11:11:03 <Eric> I called a Wednesday eruption on Sunday based on last 3 I am all in favor of it erupting today :-P
11:11:19 <Ryan> That was confirmed by in basin sources.
11:11:40 <Jake> CraigC, you remind me of someone who has had a lobotomy or electroshock therapy to correct bad behavior
11:11:49 <Jake> the water pump was confirmed by in-basin sources?
11:11:50 <CraigC> Jake, ;)
11:11:59 <Ryan> SB's traces are far more consistent and sustained.
11:12:00 <Eric> I blame norris cool aid :-P
11:12:00 <Kat> :lol:
11:12:19 <Ryan> Yes, and there was a flat bed in there doing some minor construction work, about the time the trace looked spikey.
11:12:32 <CraigC> being IN Yellowstone is better than any drug therapy
11:12:46 <Eric> I loved your bear shots!
11:12:49 <CraigC> thanks
11:12:57 <Jake> and all the other times the flat bed has been there doing minor construction work is also known?
11:12:58 <Kat> Amen CraigC,
11:13:03 <Ryan> Is the command "ignore"?
11:13:58 <CraigC> also talking with people in person, IN Yellowstone.... :)
11:14:23 <Jake> I don't think YNR is useless I just don't understand the confidence that you're expressing in the webicorder image
11:14:26 <Dave from B™> It's even fun to talk to the animals
11:14:36 <Ryan> Those instances combined make me feel more comfortable in discerning between human made traces and storm/SB ones.
11:14:40 <CraigC> Dave from B™, we did some of that, too ;)
11:14:55 <KorbenC> Arent we all just animals too? ;)
11:15:07 <Ryan> Of course its not sure fire, but to say its unreliable is just bull. You're either foregoing all logical reasoning or (like Craig) are scared.
11:15:11 <CraigC> we saw that coyote again trotting from Castle to up past the Inn
11:15:37 <CraigC> *wise
11:15:38 <Kat> CraigC, Nice
11:16:04 <Ryan> We had this talk before. You're apathetic about data analysis. That's cool. I don't care, and I won't not talk about it.
11:16:52 <CraigC> fool me once.... ;)
11:17:01 <Jake> I wouldn't say apathetic, cautious to draw major conclusions
11:17:02 <Dave from B™> I just don't like data that has to be interpreted so much. I like the nice and easy YNM seismo.
11:17:07 <fishynp> what signal on YNR are people thinking is SB?
11:17:37 <Ryan> Jake, I'd say apathetic. Actually, I say militantly apathetic.
11:18:14 <Jake> it's not that I'm apathetic, it's just that I don't care
11:18:21 <CraigC> ;)
11:18:28 <JarnoO> 1000 MDT onward, fish. I've posted a spectrogram of that a bit earlier
11:18:33 <Ryan> "waiting for direct observation confirmation isn't so painful to make a fuss over" - then stop fussing ;)
11:18:34 <KorbenC> Well, sadly this conversation is not my market, and I dont think I am going to invest. I am sorry, but I'm out (Sharktank) Be back at Noon :)
11:18:49 <Dave from B™> I guess it's wanting to spend my time doing something else
11:18:57 <Kat> Bye Korben
11:19:03 <Ryan> Cya Korben.
11:19:11 <CraigC> good choice, Cooper
11:19:15 <Ryan> Jake, I mostly have confidence that it is *not* SB.
11:19:18 <Eric> I thought this might have been you Craig:
11:19:29 <fishynp> seems a bit of a stretch to me....
11:19:33 <Dave from B™> :D:D
11:19:38 <CraigC> Eric, hahahaha
11:20:04 <Kat> Eric, That's hilarious
11:20:22 <fishynp> looks like daily people noise to me. 10:00 is the time when people start showing up to Norris on a daily basis.
11:20:39 <fishynp> and when the winds start to pick up as well.
11:20:45 <JarnoO> a stretch indeed, especially compared to previous traces from YNR
11:20:46 <Dave from B™> I'm not sure I will ever be able to get that picture out of my mind
11:20:48 <Ryan> I have confidence that its either a big storm (which both Tantalus and radar indicate is very possible) combined with winds.
11:21:00 <CraigC> the one at 0200 looks like when I would have arrived at Norris
11:21:22 <JarnoO> haha
11:21:32 <CraigC> someone should enter with a large "?"
11:21:32 <JarnoO> literally an earthquake of an arrival
11:21:46 <JarnoO> I like that Whistle note Janet put in
11:22:18 <Forestbewithyou> I would agree that it is probably a big storm
11:22:19 <Ryan> Spikey, bouncy, stuff has been correlated with activity like water pumps and local construction in the government area.
11:23:01 <Ryan> While that doesn't equal causation, its definitely the best explanation we have for some of the false alarms.
11:23:05 <Eric> Haven't we seen minor traces like that on YNR that actually are SB?
11:24:24 <Eric> Anyone have a catalog of YNR traces for steamboat days?
11:24:30 <CraigC> that would be a hell of a South Bubbler
11:24:43 <fishynp> Here you can see the difference between a SB eruption and daily noise on YNR:
11:25:19 <Eric> Yep, I have seen some SB traces show up like that too fish...but they all don't
11:25:45 <Ryan> You're welcome to go dig and search for them yourself, Eric.
11:26:01 <Eric> Meh, apathetic....
11:26:01 <Kat> Really? Not nice
11:26:45 <Ryan> Apathetic, but with an opinion.... how millenial of you ;)
11:27:05 <Ryan> Or is that more like my generation? (Z?)
11:27:55 <Eric> haha...Nah, I do lots of other stuff around here. I choose to waste my time elsewhere.
11:28:45 <Ryan> Same here - I also speak just from a general background of hands on data interpretation.
11:29:14 <Eric> BTW, I never said I thought it was or was not SB...all I said is I don't think you can tell from YNR definitely.
11:29:27 <Ryan> We use similar stuff at work, and I worked with data interpretation from physical processes in college (rocket motor vibration analysis sucks)
11:29:49 <Ryan> And my response is still to your YNR comment - I think thats bull.
11:30:39 <Ryan> I think we still have more to learn about it, but I have zero doubt that YNR can be used with as much confidence as YNM - it just takes a bit more head scratching.
11:30:43 <Eric> What is the site that lists seismo webicorder images by date?
11:31:02 <fishynp>
11:34:06 <Eric> Thanks fish, but how do you get old ones? like YNM from 5/23/2020
11:34:27 <Eric> I tried adjusting the date in the URL and it fails to work :-(
11:34:43 <Eric> Thanks anonymous...that is the one I was looking for :-D
11:35:26 <fishynp> Ryan, I don't believe that for one bit. Steamboat eruptions are very high frequency. High frequency signals attenuate very fast and if there is any type of interference they disappear all together once they reach YNR. There is no way YNR can be just as reliable as YNM.
11:35:46 <fishynp> Eric, just change the date in the web address. Note that you have to change it twice.
11:36:05 <Eric> haha...I missed the second date :-P
11:36:25 <Eric> Would be nice if that page had an easy date entry that could be used to grab them or a calendar.
11:36:33 <fishynp> A seismic station 2.5 km away can never be as reliable as a seismic station 300 meters away.
11:36:49 <Eric> Yep, here is SB from 5/23 -
11:36:54 <ynpvisitor14> It's more reliable right now;)
11:37:10 <ynpvisitor117>¢er=1527656400
11:37:24 <fishynp> a "working" seismometer
11:37:28 <Eric> haha
11:37:28 <ynpvisitor117> Try this site
11:38:11 <Eric> Wow...look at this SB trace on YNR, exactly like the one that we see today:
11:38:24 <CraigC> ynpvisitor117, thanks
11:38:40 <CraigC> Eric, enter it!!!!!!
11:38:48 <ynpvisitor117> Yw
11:39:09 <Eric> Nope Craig, I don't have any confidence in YNR, exactly what I have been saying since I logged on.
11:39:16 <CraigC> pussy
11:39:20 <fishynp> That is a teleseism earthquake or a big earthquake across the globe. Probably M6 or greater. By the time they reach here, all the high frequency energy is gone and you only get that really long-period energy.
11:39:23 <Eric> haha
11:39:28 <CraigC> ;)
11:39:51 <Eric> Just because you ride bears through rivers, you don't have to mock me!
11:40:12 <CraigC> because I am CraigC I have to mock you
11:40:14 <Eric> ut oh, kevin is frozen
11:40:55 <ynpvisitor14> fishynp, you mean the right now YNR signal is a M6?
11:41:41 <Eric> Snowman on Washburn cam!
11:41:47 <fishynp> no, the one that was referenced in an earlier post:
11:42:33 <fishynp> The one now is most likely all the trees around YNR moving in the wind. They shake the ground a lot when they are being blown by wind.
11:42:52 <Smooth Bohr> I wonder what the record is for latest-in-the-year snowman.
11:43:06 <JarnoO> I've got one of those distant quakes too, around the time we thought we saw Steamboat on 10 June:
11:43:13 <CraigC> the other day a tree blew over onto a car 8 miles from went entrance
11:43:13 <Kat> I love that snowman!!
11:43:24 <Smooth Bohr> To clarify: snowman on Washburn.
11:43:43 <Eric> So fish, trees shaking or SB eruption:
11:43:46 <CraigC> and a tree was down on Firehole Lake Drive
11:44:56 <Eric> Snowman must have been built this morning, wasn't there yesterday
11:46:40 <fishynp> Eric, definitely trees shaking earlier in the day but probably a SB eruption thrown in there on top of it later in the night. The wind and cultural noise usually dies down in the evening so if you see something like this, it's promising. YNM was working then so you could double check.
11:47:25 <JarnoO> I like that way of describing human activity, fish. "Cultural noise" :)
11:47:45 <Eric> Yes, that is a good description.
11:47:53 <fishynp> It's a pretty standard term.
11:48:00 <Eric> You are correct, it was an eruption in the evening. Good eye
11:48:00 <fishynp> at least in the seismology world
11:48:14 <JarnoO> never heard it until now. Something news to me :)
11:48:24 <CraigC> is that what this chatroom is full of?
11:48:50 <Kat> Yes, that's it..hahaha
11:48:57 <CraigC> :)
11:49:12 <Eric> lake static cleared up, beautiful!
11:49:43 <ynpvisitor6> it is also full of something else at times :)
11:49:44 <Eric> Hey Craig, if I could be in YNP fulltime, I would :-D
11:50:06 <fishynp> I think the webcam for the park entrance going into the park should be changed back now......
11:50:13 <Eric> Well, I would probably drive down to Utah often to hike though :-D
11:50:31 <CraigC> Eric, yeah, good to have some contrast to appreciate it more
11:51:03 <ynpvisitor31> fish, I agree. I use that cam
11:52:04 <fishynp> The Gardner River cam is extremely boring. Nothing ever changes.
11:52:29 <Kat> So true
11:52:59 <Ryan> Stepped out for a meeting. I am back at my desk now for about 6 minutes.
11:53:17 <Eric> Done fish
11:53:33 <Eric> force refresh of the page will get you a boring look at the road into the park :-P
11:53:46 <Ryan> Fish, I agree on technical terms that it isnt as reliable as YNM. On operational terms I believe it could be used with reasonable reliability - especially in conjunction with a positive Tantalus trace.
11:54:00 <Eric> but it is dead too, along with the other west cam
11:54:02 <Kat> which cam are you talking about
11:54:25 <Eric> Static cam on West booth that points toward the park.
11:54:31 <Ryan> Unlike YNM which could be trusted on its own - you'd need a trace from YNR and a corresponding Tantalus spike.
11:54:36 <Kat> thanks
11:54:37 <Eric> I flipped it back to that
11:54:40 <fishynp> Of course it could be used with a positive Tantalus trace. But that isn't what you said. You said YNR is just as reliable as YNM and that is wholly not true.
11:55:08 <Ryan> YNM wasn't realiable when we first starting using it either, because we didnt know what to look for.
11:55:20 <JarnoO> ^ that
11:55:20 <fishynp> Thanks Eric.
11:55:42 <Ryan> As late as Setpember 2018 people were still waiting for Tantalus traces to confirm YNM traces that looked weird.
11:55:45 <Eric> No problem...thanks for reminding me :-D
11:55:52 <fishynp> Ryan, I don't agree with that statement either.
11:55:54 <JarnoO> Mind you, Steamboat's traces were quite muffled when it first started
11:56:16 <Eric> BTW, no tantalus trace from the YNR noise, so I would also conclude no eruption.
11:56:59 <Ryan> Which statement?
11:57:00 <Eric> I thought YNM was dead when SB started?
11:57:14 <JarnoO> well, actually... YNM was reliable all the way through. We just needed to learn what to look for
11:57:28 <Eric> I guess that was just logger I was thinking of.
11:57:55 <fishynp> YNM not being reliable because we didn't know what we were looking for. Just because you didn't know what you were looking for doesn't make it unreliable.
11:58:12 <Ryan> ^My point exactly.
11:58:17 <JarnoO> YVO's SB logger was a complete nightmare between 2018 and 2019
11:58:32 <Ryan> Let me rephrase: our ability to use it was unreliable.
11:58:33 <CraigC>
11:58:34 <fishynp> that just means you/we are unreliable. Not YNM.
11:58:34 <Eric> I thought YNM was how we were watching the eruptions initially before Norris opened. It's what I based my first Norris sit on for the 5/27 eruption.
11:58:58 <Dave from B™> Time to get my ears lowered. Have fun everyone!
11:59:06 <JarnoO> cya Dave
11:59:09 <Eric> Stay safe Dave, wear a mask!
11:59:10 <CraigC> Dave from B™, good luck
11:59:14 <Ryan> The late March eruption and the 5/27/2018 eruption both had poorly interpreted traces.
11:59:40 <Ryan> One was a mistake on the in basin reporters side, and then other was a misunderstanding of what to look for on YNM (5/27)
11:59:46 <Eric> I remember handing my video off to fish so he could correlate the trace to the actual event :-D
12:00:34 <Ryan> 3/15/18 was reportedd as IE around 11am that day.
12:01:11 <Ryan> IIRC. It was rocco who logged it from the road. When we saw the start of the seimo trace at 0521 we didnt know what to believe.
12:01:24 <Kat> CraigC, funny
12:01:34 <Ryan> It was not until mid may that we realized it was having mixed phase activity for hours that looked like an ie water phase.
12:02:58 <Ryan> Likewise, the 5/27 eruption had a weird start and the initial E time was nearly 15 minutes off from what we would not call the actual start time. The 9/17/18 eruption was all muffled for some reason and not immediately obvious that it was SB. I think YNR is the same way, were just starting from scratch with it and have to learn how to read it correctly.
12:03:17 <fishynp> I would say you could be unsure at the beginning of the trace but for the most part, when you look at the signal as a whole, it's usually pretty obvious. Of course this depends on the amplitude of the eruption itself.
12:03:44 <CraigC> Kat, did you see that I will be here for my shift tomorrow morning?
12:03:58 <fishynp> I have the advantage of looking at the actual data instead of the webicorder. It's often times much more obvious, especially with some filtering.
12:04:08 <KorbenC> I have returned :)
12:04:30 <Kat> I did - its good -I have to take my car to shop!
12:11:32 <KorbenC> I can grab this next OF
12:13:59 <JarnoO> well... this is fun. YNR hasn't uploaded its data since 1138
12:14:07 <KorbenC> why is YNR Down?
12:14:17 <KorbenC> Haha, we did it again Jarno :) Grat minds think alike
12:14:39 <JarnoO> YNR must know :)
12:14:51 <KorbenC> Atlantic Invest is gone, Pacific one is still 0% to 20% :)
12:15:04 <Forestbewithyou> there were two yestarday
12:15:17 <Forestbewithyou> are they both gone
12:15:21 <Forestbewithyou> two in the atlantic
12:15:22 <Eric> Fish broke it :-P
12:15:35 <KorbenC> Just one Forest
12:15:41 <JarnoO> Forest, yes. Only the Pacific invest remaining now
12:15:47 <Forestbewithyou> ok
12:16:20 <Eric> Guess I could add an archive retrieval for seismo data on this page too :-P
12:17:54 <fishynp> It's still working, just communication lines are slow right now due to the storm. Probably a problem on Washburn.
12:19:06 <JarnoO> looks like quite some seismos aren't showing the latest data
12:19:56 <KorbenC> OF
12:20:03 <fishynp> Most of our data goes out through Washburn and Sawtell. They get hit hard during storms.
12:21:14 <CraigC> so what needs to happen for YNM to be back up
12:23:03 <fishynp> Don't know yet. Have to make a visit to the site. But have to negotiate COVID related travel restrictions.
12:23:25 <fishynp> I have a feeling that the power outage did a number on our power system.
12:25:01 <JarnoO> I hope it's nothing more than a blown fuse, but I don't know seismographs :)
12:25:22 <Jeff> i dont know them either so lets hope its something simple
12:30:14 <KorbenC> Jarno :)
12:30:25 <KorbenC> I did something odd with the spreadsheet, and I dont know what
12:30:46 <JarnoO> what did you do this time?
12:30:51 <Forestbewithyou> Oh great
12:30:55 <Forestbewithyou> Cooper did it again
12:30:55 <KorbenC> IDK :p
12:30:58 <CraigC> were you out of toilet paper?
12:31:20 <Jeff> so how was your trip to the park craig
12:31:31 <CraigC> Jeff, it was a blast
12:31:37 <Jeff> nice
12:31:43 <KorbenC> I think I see what I did :)
12:31:48 <Jeff> im excited to finally be getting back there
12:31:53 <KorbenC> I forgot there was a column with first pause
12:32:35 <KorbenC> Think that is it :)
12:32:43 <JarnoO> Bulger ie
12:33:01 <KorbenC> Gonna have to get used to this first pause column :p
12:33:24 <Forestbewithyou> oh thats cool
12:33:28 <Forestbewithyou> you can see the rain shaft
12:34:38 <CraigC> grand
12:34:39 <Eric> G
12:34:56 <KorbenC> Nice Start
12:35:28 <Jeff> hey eric
12:38:43 <KorbenC> arty?
12:38:51 <Kat> Hi Jeff, ready to go yet?
12:39:15 <Kat> KorbenC, don't think so
12:39:30 <Jeff> hi kat... yea just been putting what i can into my car that im bringing with me to the park. movers are coming tomorrow morning
12:40:18 <Kat> Yeah!
12:41:42 <Jeff> assuming everything goes to plan ill be in west early friday afternoon get checked into the hotel then ill be going into the park
12:42:50 <CraigC> look slike arty now
12:43:12 <Jeff> i gotta go see arty this year
12:43:37 <CraigC> go help William see it, it keeps eluding him
12:43:50 <KorbenC> Arty
12:44:07 <Jeff> only if he helps me with sb lol
12:44:38 <Kat> Sure does
12:45:13 <CraigC> want to see Steamboat, get there early and stay
12:45:19 <Kat> 1 and done?
12:45:40 <JarnoO> I think so, Kat. Over 10m already
12:45:57 <Jeff> if it doesnt go before friday afternoon im gonna get up there after i check into the hotel if the weather isnt too bad
12:45:59 <Kat> Right
12:46:33 <CraigC> I'd guess before Friday afternoon, but it is Steamboat
12:46:52 <Jeff> knowing sb itll probably go friday morning lol
12:47:18 <ynpvisitor101> Seismo is doing something
12:47:41 <CraigC> my guess is Sb will go by tomorrow afternoon
12:47:56 <LindaG> CraigC, look at seismo
12:48:02 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Li daG
12:48:03 <Forestbewithyou> lol
12:48:05 <Forestbewithyou> Linda
12:48:10 <Katie> Hmmmm... but it went offline
12:48:16 <CraigC> LindaG, I see empty
12:48:27 <LindaG> Katie, you are right
12:48:51 <LindaG>
12:48:53 <Jeff> craig itll probably go either late tomorrow or early friday
12:49:05 <Katie> But there was trace of .... something... before it went offline
12:49:28 <LindaG> Katie, yeah
12:49:47 <CraigC> the chatroom noise causes YNR traces now
12:49:52 <Jeff> with it being consistent for as long as it was before going offline my guess is probably due to weather
12:49:59 <Kat> Craig is sooo right
12:50:28 <fishynp> Actually, we are having network issues here at the University of Utah. I think this is the problem. As soon as we get it fixed, it should backfill.
12:50:35 <LindaG> Craig's always right 😉
12:50:43 <CraigC> fishynp, thnks
12:50:50 <LindaG> fishynp, oh, thx
12:50:57 <Kat> big splash
12:51:53 <JarnoO> gotta love technology :)
12:56:13 <JarnoO> WT ie
12:56:18 <JarnoO> I think
12:57:52 <Kat> LindaG, see the snowman on Washburn??
12:58:14 <Jeff> lol
12:58:51 <Forestbewithyou> Olaf!
12:58:53 <LindaG> Kat, lol I was thinking of him this morning and forgot to look, cute
12:59:33 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou26, it is olaf how did you know his name?
13:00:30 <Kat> It's always Olaf - I have a pic of him at the bottom of Washburn!
13:01:18 <Dave from B™> Chatroom that quote Craig
13:01:51 <Forestbewithyou> I guessed
13:01:51 <Kat> Me too
13:01:57 <CraigC> Dave from B™, can you see better now after your haircut?
13:02:00 <Forestbewithyou> I was making a frozen joke
13:02:07 <Forestbewithyou> Olaf is my favorite character in that movie
13:02:09 <Kat> Hahaha
13:02:22 <CraigC> good guess, Forest
13:02:25 <Dave from B™> I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
13:02:26 <Kat> Mine too Forestbewithyou26,
13:02:45 <Dave from B™> An appt that usually makes Giantess goe is next at 1600
13:03:19 <CraigC> Dave from B™, getting your nails done?
13:03:36 <Jake> an appt you have every 6 years?
13:04:24 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou26, we had a snowman here that we named olaf, that's why I asked, but it was last year
13:04:41 <Forestbewithyou> yea I think I rember seeing it
13:04:49 <Dave from B™> haha. The dentist
13:05:08 <Forestbewithyou> I had a dentist appt this morning
13:07:06 <Eric> Craig is Salty today!
13:07:55 <Forestbewithyou> How salty? Ocean salty?
13:08:25 <ynpvisitor43> Salt Lake Salty
13:09:06 <Forestbewithyou> ah
13:10:22 <CraigC> as opposed to other days?
13:11:52 <Dave from B™> Craig has excess salt since he was away for a bit
13:12:30 <Betty> afternoon all
13:12:39 <Eric> Hi Betty!
13:13:02 <Jake> it's Utah in general and the alkaline soils
13:13:17 <Betty> hi Eric, Dave from B™, CraigC, Jake
13:13:24 <Dave from B™> Hey Betty
13:13:31 <Dave from B™> I can see my ears now!
13:13:48 <Betty> you got them lowered?
13:13:53 <CraigC> hey Betty
13:14:06 <Dave from B™> I did!
13:14:51 <JarnoO> Castle iue
13:14:52 <JarnoO> ie
13:15:08 <Betty> evening JarnoO
13:15:18 <JarnoO> evening Betty
13:15:27 <LindaG> Betty, hi
13:15:37 <Betty> hi LindaG
13:15:39 <LindaG> Nice castle
13:17:02 <Jake> hi Betty
13:18:25 <Kat> Hi Betty
13:19:10 <Betty> hi Kat
13:21:44 <lori lurking Je> I got a bit of information. It may not be correct, but it is what I got from a phone call. All the DN general stores that are opening this season will be open for June 26 (a few are now) and there will be no long hours. 9-6 for the season. They have burgers, bean burgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, soup and chili, Jr Ranger meals. Beer and hard cider from the grill. No word on salads, waiting to h
13:22:07 <lori lurking Je> hear back. We already know the Upper store had different food always.
13:22:33 <Jeff> yea ill be able to provide more on what the menu from lower once i get there
13:22:50 <lori lurking Je> Fishing Bridge, Canyon and Mammoth were open last week.
13:23:30 <lori lurking Je> oh, pulled pork and chili nachos.
13:23:40 <CraigC> I went in Canyon to grab a Coke, and left without buying one..... not set up well for distancing
13:23:54 <Kat> I just want soup and a grilled ham and cheese!
13:24:02 <Kat> :)
13:24:08 <Jeff> all but lower, tower, and lake should be open now..... tower wont be open this year
13:24:43 <KorbenC> Hi Lori
13:25:28 <Betty> hi KorbenC, lori lurking Jenna's mom,
13:25:40 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
13:26:25 <Betty> Lori, how´s Jenna doing? and how are the Grandkids?
13:26:36 <lori lurking Je> No Canyon Adventure Store
13:26:50 <KorbenC> and has Todd recovered yet? He seemed tired the last two days :)
13:27:08 <KorbenC> YNR has updated
13:27:09 <Betty> it´s neen a while since she was here in the room :-)
13:27:18 <lori lurking Je> All are well! Got to see the ND ones on our way to the park. and the others upon our return.
13:27:40 <Betty> please say greetings :-)
13:27:40 <lori lurking Je> Todd is back to work, so no, he hasn't recovered, lol
13:27:55 <Betty> hahaha
13:27:57 <KorbenC> what does he do?
13:28:27 <CraigC> lori lurking Jenna's mom, are you the Lori I met at Fountain eruption?
13:28:43 <lori lurking Je> Electrical Supervisor and US Gypsum. So, he runs keeps the place running that makes wallboard.
13:29:04 <KorbenC> Nice
13:29:13 <lori lurking Je> that's me Craig. You might be in the distance in a photo...
13:29:38 <CraigC> lori lurking Jenna's mom, haha, my g/f took video of Fountain, and we can hear you and Rachael talking
13:29:52 <lori lurking Je> oh, and farms, but the outside job pays the bills, lol
13:30:19 <lori lurking Je> oh- sorry Craig! She was chatty and sucked me in!
13:30:24 <CraigC> ;)
13:30:27 <Kat> I met a Lori at SB but he said she did come on GT chat
13:30:54 <CraigC> YNR is back online
13:31:15 <Kat> Gone to steam, major
13:31:21 <KorbenC> Lion 1329 ie ini
13:31:29 <Kat> did not come on GT chat*
13:32:07 <lori lurking Je> There are several Lori's. I'll take any compliments and say the disparaging remarks are another Lori :D
13:32:08 <ynpvisitor67> No Daisy reports at all today
13:32:14 <lori lurking Je> The one not on chat!
13:32:25 <Kat> Thanks to Emily
13:32:41 <LindaG> ynpvisitor67, I couldn't get daisy in the snow this morning g 3☹
13:32:53 <Kat> We missed and earlier Daisy while on OF
13:33:26 <LindaG> White out conditions for cam this morning
13:33:41 <Betty> is Kevin already in Rexburg?
13:33:59 <LindaG> Betty, I think Idaho falls
13:34:06 <lori lurking Je> Jeff, when do you get there? So I can watch for info, I tend to come and go here
13:34:10 <LindaG> Hes
13:34:16 <Betty> ah, thx
13:34:29 <LindaG> Betty, hes supposed to be in YNP tomorrow
13:34:34 <Dave from B™2> BNetyy, his daughter lives near Idaho Falls now
13:34:54 <Jeff> lori lurking Jenna's mom, i should be getting to west early friday afternoon so i should be in the park later friday
13:35:19 <Betty> ah, yes. I think he told me
13:35:54 <LindaG> Betty, he was on earlier, might be lurking
13:40:47 <lori lurking Je> :thumbsup: have fun Jeff!
13:42:05 <Dave from B™> Lori, I was hoping to see you and Todd this spring. We were supposed to go but Rebecca had to work
13:43:02 <ynpvisitor6> Daisy is at 15 h 56 min , so Daisy within the next 25 min.
13:45:01 <ynpvisitor43> Hopefully someone from the VC will get E times
13:50:14 <Betty> OF
13:50:26 <Betty> ie
13:50:39 <Betty> way lagged as usual :-p
13:51:24 <Ryan> Very long meeting just ended
13:53:06 <Ryan> fishynp, I dont think you can pull SB from the initial trace on YNR like you can from YNM, but you CAN pull it out if you give it some time, watch Tantalus, and keep in mind context.
13:53:45 <Betty> hi Ryan
13:54:01 <Ryan> The first false alarm that was posted was done in a heavy thunderstorm, used a non-SB spike on Tantalus, and happened at an unbelievably short interval. There was zero reason to think that the first false alarm was SB, it should have never been posted.
13:55:27 <Ryan> The second false alarm was a tough one to deduce, but by the time Tantalus came and gone with no spike it was pretty obvious that something was not correlating - nor for that matter did it look "Steamboaty". I pulled that trigger because there was no rain, it was well into decent minor activity, and the trace (at first) looked correct.
13:56:00 <Ryan> The third trace however was Steamboat beyond almost any doubt in my mind. That became extremely apparent within about 30min of the start.
13:56:01 <ynpvisitor6> Daisy within 12 min
13:56:53 <Ryan> So, taking into account environmental factors (including time of day and possible human activity), the interval/known activity, and then the shape of the trace I wouldn't hesitate to post a "
13:58:03 <Ryan> E?" time on GT from YNR. Tantalus can then confirm the eruption. If there is no Tantalus spike... the E time should (for now) remain "?". Eventually though I think the misinterpretations will whittle down to basically nothing... just like it did for YNM.
13:58:21 <ynpvisitor6> Are there people at SB now? I would think so
13:58:47 <Ryan> I am not at SB, and I very much enjoy being able to talk and observe from a distance :)
13:59:25 <Ryan> I am leaving work now, just wanted to leave that thought there because I got pulled into a meeting before I could respond.
13:59:46 <ynpvisitor43> We also have the temp logger as a furthur corroboration when it works
14:00:26 <Ryan> Also, just FYI - you know I actually DID talk to the parties in the basin that were affected and the matter was settled over. The interpersonal friction was managed, there is no reason to not talk, speculate, and observe what our instruments tell us.
14:00:58 <ynpvisitor48> you talked to them?
14:01:11 <Ryan> Yes, I did.
14:01:34 <Ryan> They were pissed at me, why wouldn't I make contact and come to an understanding?
14:02:57 <ynpvisitor6> Can you look at Daisy area pplease
14:03:34 <Ryan> Believe it or not, one can have a disagreement that becomes heated and then still move on past it and have an understanding of how to try to avoid it on both parties.
14:03:47 <Ryan> I know some think that's too high of a bar for me ;)
14:04:15 <Ryan> Toodles. I am off to make the next step of adulthood. Buying my first car. (Used Subaru Outback - red :D )
14:04:32 <Betty> yay
14:04:50 <Dave from B™> Congrats, Ryan
14:05:53 <Kat> ynpvisitor6, sorry had to step away a moment
14:06:08 <ynpvisitor48> yeah, snow
14:06:13 <ynpvisitor6> :)
14:14:12 <Betty> time for sleep. Enjoy the rest of your day
14:14:28 <KorbenC> bye Betty
14:14:53 <LindaG> Betty, bye
14:21:15 <Dave from B™> Hey Kevin
14:22:11 <LindaG> I'm baaack!
14:22:36 <KorbenC> welcome BACKKKK! :p
14:22:51 <Kevin L™️> Hi. 40% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. Looks like Friday in the park for us.
14:22:55 <LindaG> KorbenC, 😊 hi
14:23:19 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔, safe play
14:23:20 <Kat> Hey there - tag you're it! Are you tired of this game? LOL
14:23:42 <LindaG> Betty was just here asking about you
14:23:50 <Kat> Whenever you're ready...
14:24:02 <LindaG> Kat, ok I'll take it 😊
14:24:45 <KorbenC> Time to go outside :)
14:24:50 <Kat> Thanks you're the best! controls released...
14:25:45 <Kat> Bye all time for brunch hahaha
14:27:24 <LindaGp> Got it
14:27:55 <Dave from B™> Have a good evening Kat
14:28:12 <Dave from B™> Kevin, you will enjoy Friday much more than tomorrow
14:30:56 <Kevin L™️> That is what we decided. 10 degrees warmer too.
14:32:44 <LindaGp> Daisy looks encouraging
14:37:42 <Dave from B™> We have had a 1 bucket rain all day today
14:44:29 <LindaGp> Daisy ie
14:45:11 <CraigC> wb Craig... thanks
14:46:56 <ynpvisitor59> Frozen Tater Kevin, I like it. Get some sausage and eggs and make breakfast.
14:47:19 <Forestbewithyou> Are you talking to yourself Craig?
14:47:39 <CraigC> why not, I usually like my answers
14:48:04 <Forestbewithyou> Fair. I guess I do the same thing sometimes
14:48:05 <LindaGp> Lion
14:50:58 <LindaGp> CraigC, are u feeling neglected 😊
14:52:31 <Forestbewithyou> I think he must be
14:54:11 <LindaGp> Haven't caught aurum today either
14:55:05 <Kevin L™️> :(
14:55:42 <LindaGp> Just got the first daisy
14:57:44 <Kevin L™️> Emily is at Lion so if Aurum goes we will know
14:58:24 <LindaGp> Oh good 😊
14:58:29 <ynpvisitor6> Aurum a little bit ago
14:58:50 <ynpvisitor6> 1434
14:58:58 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor6, oh no bummer
14:59:06 <CraigC> LindaGp, LOL.... not neglected, violated!!! I was enjoying a nice nap until the pup attacked me with his tongue
14:59:37 <LindaGp> CraigC, ☺ oh my
15:00:08 <LindaGp> LindaGp, I had a collie that used to stick his nose in my eye
15:00:20 <LindaGp> If I opened it that was it
15:00:36 <LindaGp> He knew I was awake
15:00:56 <Kevin L™️> If you would was your hands after eating that burger that wouldn’t happen.
15:14:58 <LindaGp> That was a cool raven fly by
15:18:30 <Dave from B™> Not as fun as the petting earlier this week:)
15:19:13 <LindaGp> Petting?
15:19:19 <Eric> hahaha
15:21:23 <Eric> I saw a hillarious post about girls skinny dipping in a popular mountain lake and a dad posted on the local hiking FB page, that his 13 year old son really appreciated the view and couldn't stop talking about the hike. Also got to mark the elusive Mountain Beaver off his checklist :-P
15:21:59 <KorbenC> Lesson Learned, dont play Pandemic with my familly :) a bunch of nerds trying and failing not to kill everyone ;)
15:22:23 <Eric> haha...original or one of the offshoots Coop?
15:22:45 <KorbenC> yes :)
15:23:06 <KorbenC> Original, WIth Virulent Strain, and Emergency Event, with Superbug :)
15:23:35 <Eric> Nice...that is a pretty decent co-op game
15:24:03 <Dave from B™> Linda, I was talking about the raven preening episode on the OFI rooftop
15:24:21 <Eric> OF?
15:24:23 <LindaGp> Dave from B™, oh ok 😊
15:24:30 <Eric> Guess not
15:25:11 <LindaGp> Eric, TAKING ITS time
15:25:25 <Dave from B™> Eric, not 3", but I know where the rain cloud you had yesterday is sitting:)
15:25:45 <Eric> yes, and with that big preplay, I imagine it will take a little longer now
15:25:56 <KorbenC> Jarno, did you not fill out the 1348 OF?
15:27:16 <Eric> haha...sorry it came your direction Dave :-( It was a nasty one all day long
15:30:32 <Jeff> down to the last 22ish hours left
15:30:32 <LindaGp> OF
15:31:10 <Eric> Hey fish, if you are still here...have you seen any research on wavelength or types of vibrations that geysers make when erupting? Like specifically, could you tune a seismometer to a specific geyser erupting?
15:31:14 <LindaGp> Jeff, but who is counting 😊
15:31:29 <Jeff> definitely not me :p
15:31:40 <Eric> Surprised you are not counting to the minute :-P
15:31:40 <LindaGp> 🙄
15:32:02 <Jeff> i would if i knew exactly what time i was leaving lol
15:35:15 <Jeff> hey graham
15:35:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> afternoon/evening
15:35:26 <LindaGp> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
15:35:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> last workday for 2 weeks ... woohoo
15:35:39 <Jeff> nice
15:35:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> no, even better, for 3 weeks
15:35:51 <Jeff> very nice
15:36:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> cam work anyway .. still have to do the other thing a bit longer
15:37:26 <Jeff> im rendering out the last 3 videos i gotta do
15:38:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> bye Jeff .... shouldnt you be in MT now?
15:38:18 <Jeff> im leaving arizona tomorrow
15:38:22 <Jeff> ill be in mt friday
15:39:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> you better get ready to serve me some food and coffee
15:39:26 <Jeff> ill be ready as soon as we open
15:39:43 <Eric> haha...hi Graham :-D
15:39:55 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> no,
15:40:16 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> no wait, i cant count .....
15:40:25 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> 10 is right
15:40:33 <Jeff> depending on how the orders are being taken ill make sure youre one of the first ones served
15:40:54 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> haha thanks. will be different this year, no seating inside
15:41:10 <Jeff> yea were doing all to go orders
15:41:12 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> will the grill even be open?
15:41:29 <Jeff> as far as im aware
15:41:46 <Dave from B™> Have a good night everyone. Time to go to the dentist. Watch for the lady on the hill.
15:41:48 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i hear the cafeteria is mainly cole but they are doing the noodle bowls and BBQ
15:41:50 <Jeff> they only got rid of server positions for this year as far as im aware
15:41:55 <Jeff> later dave
15:42:15 <Eric> Night Dave
15:42:16 <LindaGp> Dave from B™, night
15:42:21 <Eric> Time for BH & Steamboat!
15:42:22 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> good, will be nice to get some hot food
15:42:29 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> yeah whas up with BH?
15:42:44 <LindaGp> Nothin
15:43:11 <Jeff> ill try and wake it up on friday
15:43:16 <LindaGp> Igs.looked like this for at least 2 days
15:44:00 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> so Coop broke it?
15:44:02 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> or Craig?
15:44:03 <LindaGp> Jeff, you'll have to do a night shift see what it's doing 😉
15:44:19 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> haha his night shifts will be at SB
15:44:34 <LindaGp> GO STEAMBOAT (10), Seeing them together scared it
15:44:35 <Jeff> yea its gonna depend on what SB is doing this weekend lol
15:46:32 <LindaGp> GO STEAMBOAT (10), you can take the cam whenever you want
15:46:57 <LindaGp> Of ie
15:47:01 <LindaGp> nope
15:47:05 <LindaGp> lc ie
15:47:22 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> ok, i will setup
15:48:47 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> got it
15:48:50 <LindaGp> Controls released
15:48:56 <LindaGp> 👍
15:49:14 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> no BobB reports, only EmilyB?
15:49:49 <LindaG> Dont know
15:55:53 <KorbenC> did anyone get me a duration on the last OF?
15:56:17 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> long
15:56:34 <KorbenC> or a getvideo?
15:59:42 <KorbenC> Lion
16:00:13 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> will it restart?
16:00:19 <KorbenC> minor
16:00:58 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> nope
16:01:15 <KorbenC> nope on restart, or nope on minor
16:01:34 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> no restart
16:01:43 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
16:14:38 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> riverside
16:15:35 <KorbenC> GO STEAMBOAT (10), it was ie at 1613
16:16:11 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> k, thanks
16:16:19 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> wasnt ie much before then
16:28:33 <JarnoO> Dep
16:28:47 <JarnoO> also nice roar
16:47:26 <KorbenC> WT ie
16:58:27 <JarnoO> also, in light of the 1110 Whistle note - if you happen to see tall, forceful steam coming from the Black Sand Basin, then you're probably seeing Whistle in steam. Not that that may happen anytime soon, though :P
16:59:03 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i am not going to get excited about it
16:59:26 <KorbenC> First thing, dinner time, second thing, Jarno, can you grab this OF, third, how tall is whistle?
17:00:00 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> sounds like its 1"
17:03:44 <KorbenC> GO STEAMBOAT (10), can you make a get video link once OF is done for me?
17:04:21 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> JarnoO will probaly beat me to it :)
17:04:22 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> yes
17:05:01 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> its a short
17:07:27 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> uhoh, looks like it didnt work
17:07:42 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> it did make my screen refresh
17:08:27 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> that looks better
17:15:01 <Eric> Alright...a page refresh will give you full access to the seismo archives of all the seismos on this page :-D
17:15:25 <Eric> new calendar picker below the seismo, select date and then click "Get Archive"
17:15:45 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> :thumbsup:
17:16:05 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> does that means todays YNM will show up?
17:16:07 <Eric> I was tired of tracking down other pages to get this info :-P
17:16:14 <ynpvisitor29> Eric, am I correct the Norris Mus is still down?
17:16:16 <Eric> No, only past dates :-(
17:16:43 <Eric> Yes, it's still broken. Utah is trying to make travel arrangements to get someone there to fix it...but Covid :-(
17:17:20 <ynpvisitor29> If they won't go, I wonder if i should go over Labor Day
17:17:52 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> OT
17:18:02 <KevinS> Eric, Nice touch Eric. Thanks
17:18:13 <Jeff> looks like bulger too
17:24:26 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> still looks like Daisy hasnt gone, but this would be a really long interval
17:24:33 <Eric> I think they would if they could :-(
17:37:36 <Eric> Any life in the Bee?
17:37:55 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> no
17:40:22 <JarnoO> the flower has finally opened :)
17:40:53 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> 2h56m very long
17:47:20 <JarnoO> Eric, what are your plans with the video recording widget?
18:00:05 <Eric> To show the last 24h of created video recordings
18:00:18 <Eric> So if they are available, you would see the link there.
18:00:41 <JarnoO> I reckon it's still a WIP, or is Firefox messing it up a bit?
18:00:53 <Eric> Messing what up?
18:01:19 <JarnoO> it doesn't show any links to recordings here, even when I uncollapse it
18:01:29 <Eric> yep, nothing is there
18:01:39 <Eric> You asked about plans.
18:01:44 <Eric> Not what is there.
18:02:07 <JarnoO> hehe... Sometimes I get ahead of myself
18:02:10 <Eric> atomizer/arty
18:02:35 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> not Arty eruption . way to little steam
18:02:45 <Eric> No problem...I just haven't had time yet to build it :-(
18:03:07 <Eric> Not sure it's either Graham...but steamy...maybe warming up.
18:03:24 <Eric> 2 distinct columns too
18:03:32 <Eric> ohh, interesting...probably not arty :-P
18:03:40 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> with this much humidity it will be a big steam cloud
18:03:44 <Eric> Maybe arty satellite :-P
18:03:52 <JarnoO> :)
18:04:12 <Eric> Still time to get to GF...not in overflow!
18:05:01 <JarnoO> must've had a good eruption this morning
18:18:36 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> william is around Grand
18:19:07 <Eric> I just noticed that
18:19:14 <Eric> Norris show must have been boring :-P
18:19:33 <Eric> West static cams working again
18:19:44 <Jeff> or couldve just got off work too lol
18:22:51 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> bulger
18:24:23 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> weather may be a disinsentive to going to Norris
18:24:51 <Eric> Oh, is he working already?
18:25:21 <Jeff> yea he started this week
18:28:59 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> grand
18:29:06 <JarnoO> yay
18:31:54 <Eric> Thinking about hiking to this waterfall on Friday!
18:32:36 <JarnoO> that's a nice shot
18:32:56 <Eric> That waterfall is pretty real trail to it!
18:33:52 <Forestbewithyou> Wow
18:33:59 <Forestbewithyou> thats really cool looking
18:34:27 <ynpvisitor35> Is waterfall in Olympic?
18:35:08 <Eric> No it's between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams
18:35:15 <Eric> Walupt Waterfall
18:35:56 <Eric> In an area called Goat Rocks
18:36:12 <ynpvisitor35> Thx - googled Waput and didn't get it
18:36:20 <Eric> :-D
18:36:31 <Eric> need that L
18:52:27 <JarnoO> Aurum
18:52:28 <JarnoO> .
18:52:29 <JarnoO> .
18:52:30 <JarnoO> .
18:52:41 <Eric> woot
18:53:33 <KorbenC> Yay
18:53:38 <KorbenC> Got back from my walk just in time
18:53:54 <Forestbewithyou> oh nice
18:53:58 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
18:54:10 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, hi
18:54:25 <Forestbewithyou> ok why does my name get bolded all the time
18:55:12 <KorbenC> is dave still here or nah?
18:55:35 <KorbenC> Jarno, I thought you were away :0
18:56:31 <JarnoO> it still says that?
18:56:35 <JarnoO> no longer
18:56:48 <Forestbewithyou> bam!!!!!!!!!
18:57:34 <JarnoO> for some reason I always assume the chat program auto quits me for some bizarre reason, but it hasn't happened for weeks now
18:57:49 <Forestbewithyou> lol
18:58:01 <KorbenC> Eric got rid of that feature I though, no?
18:58:30 <JarnoO> also means I probably won't be needing my shortcut for typing
18:58:31 <KorbenC> BH at 3d 2h 15m
18:58:33 <JarnoO> anymore
18:58:45 <JarnoO> (and yes, this was intention)
18:58:47 <JarnoO> al
18:58:56 <KorbenC> but what if....
18:59:29 <JarnoO> I'll likely leave it because I tend to order all kinds of cool stuff and then simply forget about it
18:59:47 <KorbenC> Switiching to tablet :)
18:59:59 <JarnoO> until I need it again and then cannot find it so I create the exact same thing but in a different folder
19:00:29 <ynpvisitor35> we've all done that.
19:00:38 <JarnoO> for sure
19:01:02 <Forestbewithyou> Oh no we have a Korben imposter
19:01:54 <KorbenC(tablet)> Where? Who is this being?
19:02:18 <Forestbewithyou> now there is a new one
19:02:45 <ynpvisitor35> cloners at work
19:02:54 <KorbenC(tablet)> Hey Korben. What did I have for dinner (don't answer Forest)
19:03:04 <Forestbewithyou> LoL
19:03:10 <Forestbewithyou> I could totally PM the imposter
19:03:11 <KorbenC v2.0> Food
19:03:14 <Forestbewithyou> and you would have no idea
19:03:21 <KorbenC(tablet)> What kind off food
19:03:31 <KorbenC(tablet)> Of not off
19:03:34 <KorbenC v2.0> Edible
19:03:41 <JarnoO> accurate
19:03:47 <KorbenC(tablet)> Did you have any vegetables?
19:04:10 <KorbenC v2.0> Brussel Sprouts
19:04:11 <KorbenC(tablet)> Wrong:) I had A vegetable
19:04:21 <KorbenC(tablet)> What kind of meat did you have?
19:04:45 <KorbenC v2.0> Dead fish.
19:04:51 <Forestbewithyou> ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
19:05:08 <KorbenC(tablet)> Ouch, I am no dave:D unless I was
19:05:53 <Forestbewithyou> oh gosh
19:05:58 <JarnoO> what's wrong with dead fish, Forest? It's not like it's a thousand year old egg
19:06:04 <Forestbewithyou> ahh
19:06:13 <Forestbewithyou> the server was guessing that I was throwing up
19:06:19 <Forestbewithyou> I actually am not
19:06:19 <Kevin L™️> Couldn’t resistance
19:06:31 <Dave from B (v.> Hahahahahahahahahahhha, lmaoroflp
19:07:14 <KorbenC(tablet)> Best bit is I thought it was Dave or Ryan :p
19:07:25 <JarnoO> current situation in the chat room:
19:08:10 <KorbenC(tablet)> JarnoO, lol
19:09:26 <KorbenC(tablet)> Well, off to watch E.T. in honor of Steamboat, be back later
19:09:29 <Forestbewithyou> That is very fair JarnoO,
19:09:38 <Forestbewithyou> What about starwars
19:10:05 <KorbenC(tablet)> Steamboat has no lightsaber, but it has E.T
19:10:20 <Forestbewithyou> it has jaba
19:10:24 <Forestbewithyou> or how ever you spell it
19:10:28 <Forestbewithyou> Jabba
19:10:43 <KorbenC(tablet)> Jaba looks like a pile of pooo:):p:p;)
19:10:58 <KorbenC(tablet)> With eyes:)
19:11:21 <Forestbewithyou> How dare you insult Jabba
19:11:37 <KorbenC(tablet)> Goodnight, beehive back later
19:11:46 <KorbenC(tablet)> Stupid autocorrect
19:11:53 <JarnoO> cya Korben
19:11:58 <KorbenC(tablet)> Haha
19:11:59 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Korben
19:12:14 <Kevin L™️> Watched Yellowstone Cubs (classic Disney) last night. The entry fee for Yellowstone was $3 for15 days and included Grand Tetons.
19:12:44 <Forestbewithyou> oh cool
19:16:13 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to head out as well
19:16:16 <Forestbewithyou> talk to you all later
19:16:21 <Kevin L™️> It also had cars parked along the road next to Castle Geyser.
19:16:48 <JarnoO> cya forest
19:17:06 <JarnoO> those were the days I reckon, Kevin
19:18:34 <JarnoO> I assume that $3 is 1965 money. Would be $24.71 today. Still not bad for 15 days plus Grand Teton
19:19:17 <Kevin L™️> It also had the campground that is now the OF parking lot.
19:19:36 <ynpvisitor35> Car at Castle still happens on occasion - I turned around an elderly couple there last year
19:21:23 <Kevin L™️> I see them there on occasion too.
19:26:46 <JarnoO> I'm off for today. Enjoy the Anemones
19:27:13 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> night JarnoO
19:47:30 <ynpvisitor42> Tater Kid, you still up? I figured the kids would have you done in by now.
19:58:01 <ynpvisitor42> I think the ol' faithful over slept.
20:00:42 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> there it is
20:00:51 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> and William saw Daisy
20:02:07 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> another short
20:04:03 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> nothing much due now, I am quitting for the night. see ya
20:05:27 <ynpvisitor42> Sure, we will enjoy lion nd kevin.
21:24:57 <ynpvisitor25> Riverside?