Showing logs for date: 2020-06-18
05:03:11 <JarnoO> morning all
05:10:32 <ynpvisitor37> Morning Jarnoo (Jeff here)
05:14:31 <JarnoO> morning Jeff
05:16:49 <JarnoO> morning Ryan
05:17:18 <Ryan> Morning, JO. You getting this OF?
05:17:51 <JarnoO> yes
05:21:02 <Ryan> Cool
05:21:41 <Ryan> Bleary eyed this morning. Already exhausted from Monday. Then buying a car takes forever, so I was not home until 2200, not in bed until 2300...
05:24:36 <Ryan> Also, I am thinking SB today
05:25:21 <JarnoO> am thinking the same
05:36:39 <ynpvisitor82> Hey jeff, Linda here, safe travels today
05:36:45 <ynpvisitor82> Hi all
05:36:51 <JarnoO> morning Linda
05:36:57 <ynpvisitor82> JarnoO, hi
05:37:46 <LindaG> Ryan, congrats on car
05:37:59 <Ryan> Morning, Linda, thanks! I love it!
05:38:23 <LindaG> Subaru is a great car
05:39:40 <Jeff> Hey Linda thank you
05:39:44 <Ryan> Agreed, I was pretty dead set on a post-2014 Subaru Outback
05:40:05 <JarnoO> determination :)
05:40:11 <LindaG> Jeff, leaving soon?
05:41:24 <Jeff> Still got a little while. The movers get here at 8 my time (3 1/2 hours from now)
05:41:48 <Jeff> Should be on the road in approximately 8ish hours
05:42:16 <Jeff> Ryan I hate how long the process is for buying a car lol
05:43:24 <LindaG> Jeff, wow you'll have a long day
05:44:09 <Jeff> Yeah I'll get into beaver utah at about 9 or 10 local time
05:44:20 <Jeff> at the latest
05:46:44 <JarnoO> morning Craig
05:46:47 <LindaG> Morning craig
05:46:51 <CraigC> hey Jarno
05:46:54 <CraigC> hey Linda
05:47:03 <Jeff> Morning Craig
05:47:15 <CraigC> hey Jeff, good luck on the move
05:47:18 <ynpvisitor> Hi Craig it is yours,
05:47:46 <CraigC> hey Joe, ok.... anything coming up soon?
05:47:59 <Jeff> Thank you. I should be in beaver by tonight then west tomorrow afternoon
05:48:07 <LindaG> ynpvisitor, hi
05:48:09 <ynpvisitor> Grand maybe
05:48:58 <ynpvisitor> within the hour
05:49:09 <CraigC> Joe, you going to make it in the park next week?
05:49:35 <ynpvisitor> Probably not
05:49:44 <CraigC> :(
05:50:39 <ynpvisitor> Fell twice this week, and don't feel good enough to do anything
05:50:54 <CraigC> holy crap, sorry dude
05:51:17 <LindaG> 😞oh dear, feel better
05:51:26 <ynpvisitor> Doing it more often now :(
05:51:54 <LindaG>
05:51:56 <CraigC> cuz of your vision, or something else
05:52:21 <ynpvisitor> other things
05:52:56 <CraigC> do you have a appt soon?
05:53:07 <ynpvisitor> yes
05:53:30 <CraigC> I hope they can find somethinjg to help
05:54:20 <LindaG> bbl
05:55:51 <Ryan> Hang in there, Joe. Thanks for the OF capture and thanks for zooming in on the end.
05:56:20 <Ryan> Next OF 6:32:51, +/-5m58s. Window [6:26:53 to 6:38:49]
05:56:22 <CC> morning everyone
05:56:32 <ynpvisitor> Our access road to our area is closed, irrigation crossing failure, having to follow a path that has three barbed wire gates to open and close, I am not too stable to start with, so somtimes I visit the local dirt before getting to some of the gates
05:56:34 <JarnoO> morning CC
05:56:41 <CC> Joe sorry to her about your falling
05:57:16 <CC> Craig thanks for taking the cam
05:57:22 <CraigC> ynpvisitor, when will they fix the access?
05:57:25 <CraigC> hey CC
05:57:28 <CraigC> YW
05:57:54 <CraigC> lion
05:57:54 <JarnoO> Lion
05:57:58 <CC> I was able to walk this morning along with the wild turkey an mosquitos
05:58:19 <JarnoO> must be initial with this slow start
05:58:31 <CC> It is getting very humid here
05:59:55 <JarnoO> it's that time of year again
06:00:04 <ynpvisitor> It is being fought about now, each land owner wants to fight the irrigation company, as they have for years so things are at a standstill, been this way since May 5th
06:01:02 <CraigC> ynpvisitor, can you afford an excavator or maybe a D9 Cat? ;)
06:01:06 <JarnoO> that doesn't help things
06:01:21 <CraigC> pretty lion
06:02:46 <ynpvisitor> Craig, I am getting close to getting it done my self, but the irrigation co has to shut the water off long enough to get the job done.
06:03:09 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:03:57 <JarnoO> so the company is still wasting water even though the irrigation has failed?
06:04:16 <ynpvisitor> There is bad blood between one land owner and the irrigation board, so they are making all of our lives difficult
06:05:35 <CraigC> JarnoO, can you determine an end timne on this Lion ?
06:05:44 <ynpvisitor> Jarno thr ditch crossing on our road collapsed, the company tore it aall out and left us with a 12ft gap in thr road
06:06:57 <JarnoO> h-how is that even legal?
06:06:59 <ynpvisitor> Well... time to head to town, bye
06:07:09 <JarnoO> cya Joe, stay safe
06:08:01 <CraigC> ynpvisitor, cya dude
06:08:46 <ynpvisitor> Rurual areas and their hatfield and MacCoys is worse than Washington politics :)
06:09:34 <JarnoO> then it must be really bad
06:09:34 <CraigC> ynpvisitor, then that is bad!
06:12:13 <CraigC> we may not see a Grand
06:13:35 <JarnoO> Next Lion @ 0716±5m if series continues. 6m50s
06:17:46 <CraigC> what is over here
06:18:12 <JarnoO> no idea. Could you zoom out a bit? Didn't catch to which direction we're looking
06:18:33 <JarnoO> ah, there
06:18:36 <JarnoO> thanks
06:18:40 <CraigC> looks like near where the old bridge was
06:18:47 <CraigC> right of it
06:19:43 <CraigC> I see thermal stuff south of the bridge on the map
06:21:06 <ynpvisitor4> OF window >(
06:21:56 <JarnoO> those are the Upper Springs per the book. We probably saw UPG-1 "Gothic Spring", as it's a deep blue pool which generally acts like a perpetual spouter, but sometimes has 3-foot eruptions
06:22:09 <CraigC> Next OF 6:32:51, +/-5m58s. Window [6:26:53 to 6:38:49]
06:22:40 <JarnoO> the book has a nice picture of it taken during probably the afternoon on a summer day, which shows that even then it steam quite a lot
06:23:07 <CraigC> JarnoO, thanks. I have never walked on that side of the river, not sure it is legal
06:28:22 <JarnoO> there's a trail which follows the old highway route (Kepler Cascade Trail), but the closest it passes UPG-1 is by about 730 feet
06:29:08 <Forestbewithyou> Hola Buenos dias todos, Como estan?
06:29:24 <CraigC> je vais bien, et tu
06:29:42 <JarnoO> yes
06:29:50 <CraigC> perdonama, voy muy bien, gracies, y tu?
06:30:00 <CraigC> gracias
06:30:10 <Forestbewithyou> estoy bien pero yo estoy consado
06:30:13 <CraigC> of
06:30:17 <Forestbewithyou> tambien
06:30:41 <CraigC> no duerme bien?
06:31:15 <Forestbewithyou> Si, hace muy calor en mi dormito
06:35:02 <CraigC> can I move now?
06:41:39 <JarnoO> Craig, pretty much as soon as someone grabs the video, you can move :)
06:42:34 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
06:43:07 <CraigC> I was in Yellowstone when all this new OF stuff was being established
06:43:23 <CraigC> my loss ;)
06:56:51 <Ryan> Next OF 8:06:50, +/- 5m55s
06:57:06 <Ryan> Window 8:00:54 to 8:12:45
07:02:47 <CraigC> grand
07:02:53 <JarnoO> Grand
07:04:38 <JarnoO> morning Davew
07:04:41 <JarnoO> Dave*
07:04:57 <CraigC> hey Dave
07:05:22 <Dave from B™> Morning CraigC, Jarno, all other early morning watchers
07:05:57 <CraigC> Dave from B™, whats your guess for Sb?
07:06:04 <CraigC> I guess this afternoon
07:12:26 <Dave from B™> CraigC, didn't you say yesterday the beginning of this interval looked different to firld watchers?
07:16:17 <CraigC> did I ;)
07:18:18 <Dave from B™> You can PM me if you are scared to let the whole world know:D
07:18:40 <JarnoO> Lion ns
07:18:44 <CraigC> I'm just scared. Period.
07:18:54 <Dave from B™> It's probably nothing but the SB logger data from this interval looks more like the 7 day interval of 5/31 than the more recent eruptions
07:19:28 <CraigC> Dave from B™, hmmm, that sounds like you are saying it looks different
07:20:09 <Dave from B™> I'm going to say tomorrow for SB...Jeff might even make it there in time
07:20:27 <CraigC> that would be cool for Jeff
07:21:23 <Dave from B™> CraigC, I not sure you were here yesterday when it was talked about but Kevin's day in UGB will be Friday instead of today.
07:22:21 <CraigC> Dave from B™, I kind of saw bits and pieces
07:22:54 <CraigC> did Kevin say why he isn't going to Norris?
07:23:29 <Dave from B™> With 1 day in geyserland, he wants to see geysers not dirt:)
07:23:58 <Ryan> Off to a meeting for the next two hours - yuck.
07:24:09 <Ryan> I vote for SB this afternoon to evening.
07:25:21 <CraigC> maybe Daisy erupted when it was too steamy down basin to see
07:27:28 <JarnoO> Next Lion @ 0823±5m if series continues. ≥3m27s, within 5-10 seconds of start
07:30:33 <JarnoO> barely steaming
07:30:47 <CraigC> it hisses
07:32:29 <CraigC> cam issues
07:34:20 <CraigC> maybe it is my network, had to reboot
07:34:26 <CraigC> hey Betty
07:34:36 <JarnoO> afternoon Betty
07:35:04 <Betty> morning all, hi CraigC, afternoon JarnoO
07:35:43 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
07:35:57 <Betty> hey Dave from B™
07:36:07 <Betty> still low ears? lol
07:36:19 <Dave from B™> haha..yep...old hair grows slow:)
07:36:49 <Betty> yes, slow and grey ^^
07:37:58 <CraigC> brb
07:41:34 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
07:41:58 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
07:42:55 <Dave from B™> It is my wife's birthday today. It will be the first good meal out since our NZ trip in Feb/Mar
07:43:04 <Betty> So, did the otters try to catch some bees and now are stuck in the cone?
07:43:29 <Betty> yay, say congrats to Michelle!
07:43:55 <Dave from B™> Will do, Betty
07:44:18 <Betty> my new coworkers name is Michelle too
07:44:45 <Betty> nice name for nice persons :-)
07:44:55 <Dave from B™> :)
07:45:12 <Betty> were will you go for dinner?
07:45:56 <Dave from B™>
07:47:01 <Dave from B™> Good customer of ours. They have been open about 9 months. They did a major renovation at an old restaurant downtown. It is expensive but the food is amazing. We have only been during the vendor night before they opened.
07:47:52 <Betty> wow, that looks great. Sure is a place to remember if I visit Billings
07:51:42 <CraigC> look at the YNR
07:52:24 <JarnoO> wow... That must be a 7.4 EQ off the coast of New Zealand
07:52:36 <JarnoO>
07:52:42 <JarnoO> morning kevin
07:52:45 <JarnoO> Kevin*
07:52:49 <JarnoO> can't caps today
07:52:55 <Betty> hi Potato Kevin
07:53:25 <CraigC> hey Kevin
07:54:39 <Dave from B™> Yikes. I wonder if North island felt it
07:55:35 <Kevin L™️> Morning
07:55:53 <JarnoO> Tsunami warning center predicts a tsunami of a foot for the island around the quake, thus inclusing NZ
07:56:01 <JarnoO>
07:56:16 <JarnoO> islands*
07:56:23 <JarnoO> can't plural either
07:56:52 <CraigC> depression
07:57:03 <CraigC> yw
07:57:10 <Betty> nice catch
07:57:16 <CraigC> :)
07:58:34 <JarnoO> YNR is going nuts though, even more so than SHZ suggests
07:58:44 <CraigC> sorry, only caught the end of it
07:59:12 <Betty> Depression is erupting just in front of that guy and he takes pics of the landscape :-p
07:59:18 <Kevin L™️> Got some good splashing
07:59:41 <Betty> how´s the family doing, Kevin?
08:00:22 <Kevin L™️> Not bad. VERY noisy. Had a Delsi major last night.
08:00:43 <CraigC> have camops been waiting for the newfangled OF windows, or still using the GT window?
08:00:48 <Betty> oh, hahaha
08:00:55 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, ;)
08:00:55 <ynpvisitor109> Very interesting trace. Different for us
08:01:15 <Kevin L™️> We are going to the zoo today.
08:01:28 <JarnoO> This is what I see on YNR:
08:01:44 <JarnoO> I had that program running just in case SB were to go today
08:01:57 <Betty> nice
08:02:06 <ynpvisitor109> If you buy potatoes get ones with the dirt still on them. They taste better. Honest!
08:03:13 <Kevin L™️> I do that. We get them from farmers a lot..
08:03:28 <JarnoO> YMC shows the quake even better
08:04:00 <JarnoO> some more good news: LKWY works again, after months of nothingness
08:04:12 <ynpvisitor109> It does
08:04:29 <JarnoO> YLT also shows the quake
08:04:51 <Betty> OF
08:06:27 <Betty> hi KevinS
08:07:10 <JarnoO> morning KevinS
08:07:40 <Betty> YNM is the new LKWY :-p
08:07:57 <CraigC> hey Kevin
08:08:04 <JarnoO> haha
08:09:07 <Kevin L™️> YHL is good too
08:10:30 <KevinS> Good morning to everyone. Sorry, got distracted looking at the seismos
08:11:30 <Betty> what was that??
08:11:39 <Betty> a bison?
08:11:43 <CraigC> Betty, what, the bush?
08:12:03 <Betty> the brown thing
08:12:14 <Betty> between street and path
08:12:34 <Betty> on the gravel
08:12:37 <Betty> yes
08:12:46 <Betty> ohh, a bush
08:13:07 <CraigC> are those barricades new?
08:13:19 <CraigC> protecting the bush?
08:13:24 <Betty> think so
08:13:24 <Kevin L™️> I think so
08:13:27 <Betty> lol
08:13:47 <CraigC> I dont recall them being there last week
08:14:07 <Betty> dangerous bush! be careful!
08:14:39 <Betty> do not approach wild bushes
08:14:40 <Dave from B™> Kevin, there are a lot of rocks in cam view. Do you think you can avoid all of those on Friday?:)
08:15:14 <Betty> ...not to speak of the bush, Dave
08:15:15 <Kevin L™️> I hope
08:15:19 <CraigC> are rocks to Kevin like mailboxes to me, and deer to you?
08:15:29 <Betty> YES
08:15:52 <CraigC> that explains why Kevin likes to divert to deer and mailboxes so much
08:16:03 <Dave from B™> Yes...even worse than deer or mailboxes
08:16:15 <Dave from B™> A tow all the way out of the park is NEVER good
08:16:15 <CraigC> there are more rocks than all the mailboxes and deer combined
08:16:16 <Kevin L™️> I can’t afford another towing bill to Rexburg.
08:16:20 <Betty> isn´t it mailboxes AND treetrunks to you, Craig ;-) ?
08:16:35 <CraigC> oooops, and trees
08:16:51 <Betty> :-D
08:16:57 <Dave from B™> A single tree or a forest, CraigC?:)
08:17:15 <CraigC> I've hit 2 trees now, once with the trailer last year taking too tight of a turn into a dispersed site, then the truck last week
08:17:28 <Betty> with the new truck
08:17:44 <Dave from B™> Good thing AMZN is still going up
08:17:46 <Kevin L™️> He can’t see the forest for the mailboxes.
08:17:58 <Betty> hahahaha
08:17:59 <CraigC> Betty, smacked the mirror backing into our site after the long Steamboat sit
08:18:32 <CraigC> yeah, while I was gone, AMZN shares rose enough for my to buy a new boat now
08:18:48 <Betty> :thumbsup::sb::thumbsup:
08:19:14 <CraigC> just this morning, enough to buy a new mirror ;)
08:19:15 <Betty> will you name it "Steamboat"?
08:19:28 <CraigC> hahahahaha, good idea
08:20:08 <CraigC> Jarno, we're in Lion window, right?
08:20:12 <Kevin L™️> How about US Male?
08:20:20 <KevinS> At least give it SB initials even if just slow boat?
08:20:20 <Betty> SC ie static
08:21:10 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, I should name my trailer The Male Box
08:21:28 <Betty> a good one too
08:21:30 <Kevin L™️> That would work.
08:22:24 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, how about Rock Hound for your vehicle?
08:22:33 <Betty> can we have a quick look at Split Cone please?
08:23:02 <JarnoO> already done it seems
08:23:38 <Betty> hmm, looks done
08:23:43 <JarnoO> Lion up next
08:23:48 <Kevin L™️> That would work. It is a local use only now. I got a Pilot that is a bit higher up.
08:23:49 <Betty> yes
08:24:14 <CraigC> daisy might be up for double interval, no?
08:24:24 <Dave from B™> Michelle doesn't like the name Minnow for our van so we have to find a new name
08:24:40 <CraigC> Dave from B™, Deer Prudence
08:24:46 <Dave from B™> She doesn't like Deerhunter, either
08:24:55 <Betty> lol
08:25:10 <JarnoO> Daisy might be soon too. Favorable wind conditions it seems
08:25:20 <CraigC> Bambi Slayer
08:25:26 <Kevin L™️> It will always be the Minnow to us Dave.
08:25:29 <Betty> ugh
08:25:49 <JarnoO> Craig, can you have both of them on the same frame?
08:26:05 <CraigC> yes
08:26:06 <JarnoO> thanks :)
08:26:21 <CraigC> does anyone need some Dramamine?
08:27:02 <JarnoO> morning Rice
08:27:06 <JarnoO> wb Ryan
08:27:09 <Katie> Hi all
08:27:14 <JarnoO> morning Katie
08:27:19 <Rice> Morning Folks, I haven't been on much, are the quake maps down?
08:27:32 <Betty> hi Katie, Ryan, Rice
08:27:34 <JarnoO> YNM is pretty much dead
08:27:39 <JarnoO> we use YNR at the moment
08:27:51 <CraigC> Katie, howdy
08:28:08 <Kevin L™️> Dave broke YNM
08:28:09 <Ryan> Hiya
08:28:13 <Rice> I am not getting anything from anyone of the choices
08:28:16 <Ryan> Woah, what happened on YNR?
08:28:18 <Ryan> Quake?
08:28:19 <ynpvisitor48> 7.4 off the coast of NZ
08:28:33 <ynpvisitor48> I think is the cause of that squiggle
08:28:33 <Ryan> Holy crap, when?
08:28:42 <JarnoO>
08:28:51 <JarnoO> 1249:53 UTC
08:28:59 <JarnoO> 10km depth
08:29:51 <Rice> Got it, I had the window minimized.
08:29:59 <CraigC> ;)
08:30:22 <Rice> But YNM is dead, when did that go down?
08:30:27 <Betty> what´s that light steam between Grand and Riverside?
08:30:28 <CraigC> Rice, you have any trips planned to the park?
08:30:29 <JarnoO> problem is, is that YNR's HHZ band is yet to calm down...
08:30:47 <Betty> F&M location?
08:30:53 <Rice> Nothing this year, staying local to NY, going a couple places we have never been.
08:30:55 <JarnoO> meaning I won't be able to detect Steamboat all that easily until YNR SHZ updates
08:31:08 <Rice> Letchworth & 1000 Islands.
08:32:04 <JarnoO> 4.9 aftershock just in by the looks of it
08:32:19 <JarnoO> I wonder if 5.1 is a foreshock
08:33:11 <CraigC> Betty, could it be Rift
08:33:52 <CraigC> looks right on the other side of trees
08:35:02 <JarnoO> Lion doesn't look like it has much inspiration
08:35:32 <Forestbewithyou> well I have to hop off so that I can go to get ready for work. Talk to you all later
08:35:37 <Betty> don´t you think Rift would be more to the front of the trees?
08:35:47 <Betty> later, forest
08:35:58 <JarnoO> cya Forest
08:36:06 <CraigC> Betty, I dont know, I know hardly anything
08:36:25 <Betty> not true, you know a lot
08:36:30 <CraigC> now it looks further back
08:36:54 <Betty> no idea
08:37:39 <Dave from B™> One things for sure, you know a lot about what bears do in the woods:D
08:37:40 <JarnoO> YNR doesn't show any signals of calming down of that quake: Also tweaked some settings so that it doesn't cut off any spikes
08:37:42 <Betty> Rift must be right behind that bigger tree
08:37:53 <CraigC> Dave from B™, ;)
08:38:03 <CraigC> lion
08:38:13 <JarnoO> at last
08:38:16 <Betty> yeah!
08:38:36 <JarnoO> tried for a pause there
08:38:48 <CraigC> I still want to catch a daisy, too
08:39:01 <JarnoO> very bursty eruption overall though
08:39:37 <Betty> a good Lion eruption
08:39:40 <CraigC> pretty sure William is off today, but probably at Norris
08:41:29 <JarnoO> and done
08:43:41 <KorbenC> Morning Everyone
08:44:00 <JarnoO> morning Korben
08:44:15 <CraigC> hey Cooper
08:44:30 <KorbenC> Hi Jarno, Craig
08:44:56 <KorbenC> what EQ caused the shake on YNR at 735>
08:45:08 <KorbenC> was it the 7.4?
08:45:17 <Betty> morning KorbenC
08:45:24 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
08:45:31 <JarnoO> Korben, yes
08:46:35 <CraigC> bulger ie
08:46:56 <CraigC> is arty ie ?
08:47:25 <CraigC> ot exact
08:48:17 <KorbenC> Craig, you running the cam?
08:48:27 <CraigC> yes
08:48:52 <JarnoO> Korben, Craig noted Bulger ie @ 0846 already
08:49:09 <KorbenC> ooops, missed the ie :)
08:49:45 <JarnoO> Next Lion @ 0942±5m if series continues. 3m32s
08:50:12 <JarnoO> I don't have high hopes that it does continue, though, seen the 1h20m interval it had
08:50:14 <JarnoO> Aurum ie
08:50:14 <JarnoO> .
08:50:15 <JarnoO> .
08:50:15 <JarnoO> .
08:50:16 <CraigC> aurum ie
08:50:21 <CraigC> yw
08:50:39 <CraigC> late, sorry
08:50:58 <JarnoO> doesn't matter, we didn't know it was due either :)
08:51:08 <Dave from B™> I hope Kevin gets an Aurum tomorrow
08:51:10 <KorbenC> Nice Cam Work
08:51:18 <CraigC> arty is ie
08:51:20 <KorbenC> yes Arty is ie
08:51:22 <CraigC> KorbenC, thanks
08:51:39 <KorbenC> when are you heading back to the park?
08:51:47 <CraigC> KorbenC, you're learning to give compliments, I am proud of you
08:51:50 <Kevin L™️> I would have been there for that one.
08:51:58 <CraigC> KorbenC, sunday or monday
08:52:02 <KorbenC> Craig, :)
08:52:16 <KorbenC> Kevin, I thought you were heading in today, no?
08:52:46 <Kevin L™️> Decided the weather would be better tomorrow
08:52:50 <Betty> you saw Aurum, Korben?
08:52:59 <JarnoO> YNR still hasn't calmed down from the quake
08:52:59 <KorbenC> on my trip?
08:53:10 <Katie> My alarm was off - are you ready for me to drive?
08:53:18 <Betty> bah, missed it
08:53:19 <JarnoO> Daisy
08:53:23 <Kevin L™️> I did get my Crown Burger in Layton Craig.
08:53:28 <CraigC> Katie, anytime you want
08:53:35 <JarnoO> steam suggest 0852 start
08:53:36 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, mmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm
08:53:56 <CraigC> I was thinking of Crown Burgers on our way home from YNP
08:54:07 <Kevin L™️> With a blackberry shake.
08:54:14 <CraigC> glad we finally got Daisy
08:54:25 <KorbenC> Betty, I saw Aurum 12 times, 9 from up close.
08:55:38 <Betty> I did not see it on cam at 0850, was disdracted. so I missed it :-p
08:56:00 <Betty> nice you had it that often
08:56:12 <KorbenC> Tada, you can see it now :)
08:56:47 <JarnoO> Daisy 0852 start, late in the minute
08:56:52 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, are you going to Norris tomorrow if Steamboat doesn't erupt yet?
08:56:57 <Betty> I just wanted to gett the whole Daisy in the frame, for that I waited with getvideo :-p
08:56:58 <KorbenC> JarnoO, thx
08:58:10 <CraigC> KorbenC, I saw arty at 846
08:58:41 <KorbenC> it was ie at 0846? I put the comment in there should I change the time?
08:58:53 <CraigC> 08:46:56 ‹CraigC› is arty ie ?
08:59:12 <Kevin L™️> Just going to go to UGB
08:59:32 <KorbenC> Craig, read the comment on my GT entry "CraigC mentioned it looked ie at 0846"
08:59:39 <CraigC> KorbenC, probably fine how you entered, I dont know
09:00:21 <CraigC> everyone else knows more about GT entries than I do :)
09:00:39 <Kevin L™️> Going to have 4 toddlers, 2 teenagers, and about 5 adults in tow.
09:01:22 <CraigC> Kevin L™️🥔, good luck with the teens
09:01:57 <KorbenC> Kevin, you need a lasso and a corral :)
09:02:36 <Dave from B™> Wow. it will be easy to spot Kevin's posse
09:03:30 <KorbenC> Kevin, how long are you planning to wait in the UGB for Grand and Aurum, most teenagers (me not included because I like geysers) wont be willing to wait 30 minutes for a geyser.
09:04:42 <JarnoO> morning kc
09:04:54 <KorbenC> Hi KC
09:05:04 <Kevin L™️> They all have been there before and know the drill. They will probably wander on the hill but sit at Grand.
09:05:42 <Kevin L™️> My Daughter has been going since she was 3 months old.
09:06:13 <JarnoO> enjoy your lunch, Ryan
09:08:23 <KorbenC> Bye Ryan
09:09:20 <KorbenC> So, Honest Question for everyone, who has the lisense plate from UTAH, that says GEYSERS with a GeyserGazers liscense plate bracket?
09:10:05 <kc (working)> mornin
09:10:10 <Dave from B™> Clark?
09:10:19 <KorbenC> what kind of car does he drive?
09:10:25 <KorbenC> Subaru?
09:10:25 <Dave from B™> Mornin kc
09:11:12 <Dave from B™> I'm just guessing.....Ryan might know
09:13:34 <KorbenC> Jarno, so looking at Durations of OF's and is it just me or do oyu see a waving pattern? almost like it cycles
09:13:45 <Dave from B™> Korben, not all teenagers need to cover 24 miles in a day:)
09:14:00 <KorbenC> OI! :p
09:14:47 <JarnoO> Korben, for that to be a solid observation, we do need to collect some more data. If we've gathered a total of, say, 1000 eruptions I might be inclined in saying that there is such a pattern
09:14:55 <KorbenC> I just imagine it like making my older brother sit at Beehive for 3 hours, Aurum for 2, and Grand for 2 hours in the dark :) It does not end well.
09:15:18 <KorbenC> JarnoO, yes, I agree with that
09:17:53 <JarnoO> Riverside
09:18:11 <KorbenC> 0917 ns
09:19:05 <KorbenC> Hi Jimbo
09:19:57 <Nearly Heaviest> Hi KorbenC. You had great pictures; you remind of when I went to YNP when I was 13. Dragged my dad to see Riverside in the rain at twilight.
09:20:26 <KorbenC> Thanks, I guess we are more simillar than I thought
09:20:30 <JarnoO> morning Jimbo. I see you gained some weight on your travels to Germany
09:23:02 <Betty> time to run some errands. bbl
09:23:14 <JarnoO> cya Betty
09:23:15 <KorbenC> bye Betty
09:23:39 <Nearly Heaviest> Fortunately this weight gain won't last very long, JarnoO
09:24:01 <KorbenC> why is that?
09:24:37 <CraigC> new name tomorrow
09:24:37 <JarnoO> true, Jimbo
09:24:58 <JarnoO> 12.1 seconds until you're a bit lighter
09:25:14 <KorbenC> hahaha
09:25:18 <JarnoO> or shorter, you decide :)
09:25:57 <Nearly Heaviest> I'm surprised it's that long.
09:27:23 <Dave from B™> What is the half life?
09:27:43 <Dave from B™> 12.1
09:28:08 <JarnoO> 12.7 actually, misremembered the decimal
09:28:34 <Nearly Heaviest> Yeah, you can't exactly hold it in your hand
09:31:59 <JarnoO> researchers have calculated that one undiscovered isotope may have a half-life of 311 years (Ds-294, 184 neutrons). Though apparantly the same calculation gives a half-life of ±3500 year for Ds-293
09:32:47 <JarnoO> if that's true, you could actually hold it in your hand. Not sure if it would like it, though
09:34:33 <KorbenC> JarnoO, I can grab this OF
09:34:36 <Dave from B™> Going to the dentist was sure weird ysterday
09:35:53 <ynpvisitor105> Dave from B™, did they hurt you?
09:36:18 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
09:36:25 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
09:36:49 <LindaG> Dave from B™, I need to go to dentist but have been stalling
09:37:15 <Dave from B™> No, but hygienist was wearing a welders like shield
09:37:42 <LindaG> Dave from B™, Haha! That would make me nervous
09:39:11 <Katie> Reflections in the pools caught my attention all of a sudden.
09:44:21 <KorbenC> OF
09:45:08 <JarnoO> good luck with peak and drop, Korben :P
09:45:21 <KorbenC> lol
09:45:39 <KorbenC> I will either figure it out, or leave them blank :)
09:47:59 <KorbenC> First Pause will be easy :)
09:48:35 <JarnoO> Lion appears to not have gone yet
09:49:35 <KorbenC> I am just leaving peak and drop blank
09:53:28 <JarnoO> I think you forgot to fill in another cell, H76 to be precise
09:53:49 <KorbenC> no I didnt :)
09:56:29 <KorbenC> lc exact
10:14:41 <LindaG> Where o where is Bee?
10:15:47 <KorbenC> taking a relaxing vacation in Alaska :)
10:16:17 <LindaG> KorbenC, 😃
10:21:12 <KevinS> Bee is in NZ
10:21:55 <KevinS> It saw the photo contest pics and had to go visit.
10:22:28 <KevinS> Got in an argument resulting in a 7.4 quake and on the way back to YNP as we speak.
10:36:42 <Eric> Morning all
10:37:33 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
10:38:31 <Eric> Hi Coop
10:38:52 <Eric> brb...need a reboot
10:40:57 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric Reboot
10:45:53 <Eric2> Morning
10:46:11 <JarnoO> morning Eric
10:46:40 <Eric2> Hi Dave & Jarno
10:47:07 <Eric2> Since some people might have missed it, you can now get all the seismo recordings from the past right here on this page :-D
10:47:11 <CraigC> I need a robot, too
10:47:19 <CraigC> oh, reboot
10:47:43 <Eric2> Under the seismo is a date entry box and button, set the date and click the button will get you that days seismo
10:48:07 <CraigC> Eric2, wowwowowow, you did that since yesterday???
10:48:18 <Eric2> Last night :-P
10:48:27 <Dave from B™> Thanks Eric
10:48:28 <CraigC> Eric2, :heart::heart::heart:
10:48:48 <Katie> I need to reload the page! Cool!
10:48:57 <Dave from B™> Can you post what you have breakfast everyday, too?
10:49:07 <CraigC> ;)
10:49:11 <Eric2> You can...nobody is stopping you :-P
10:49:28 <CraigC> Eric2, did you put up that new railing by Lower Hams last night, too?
10:49:28 <Eric2> But no archive capability for that yet :-D
10:49:36 <Katie> I'm having delivery from The Trough for lunch. Thought you should know.
10:49:51 <Eric2> New railing by hams?
10:50:06 <CraigC> Katie, can you point cam down near the pump house?
10:50:15 <Eric2> Is it for the coyotes to do skateboard tricks on?
10:50:26 <Katie> Let's wait until after Daisy
10:50:31 <CraigC> it is to keep visitors safe from a shrub
10:50:48 <Eric2> Shrubbery!
10:51:00 <CraigC> Eric the Shrubber
10:51:13 <Eric2>
10:51:47 <Eric2> Just be weary of people with herrings near the shrubbery!
10:51:57 <Dave from B™> You guys talking about Eric's beard again?:)
10:52:07 <Eric2> I have no beard :-P
10:52:39 <Eric2> I cut off the covid catcher when this virus was active back in February.
10:53:12 <CraigC> I'm wrong, it was there on hte 9th in the GOSA video, guess I havent noticed it
10:54:04 <Eric2> Also note, it seems the water gauge images are not loading correctly and causing the chat to delay loading on this page :-(
10:54:33 <Eric2> Question on the that zig zag pattern from the New Zealand quake?
10:54:48 <CraigC> is it also causing YNR to hypnotize people and make them say stupid things?
10:55:18 <Eric2> I don't think we need YNR to do that Craig :-P
10:55:19 <JarnoO> Eric, zig-zag is from the NZ quake
10:55:22 <Dave from B™> haha CraigC
10:55:31 <Eric2> Thanks Jarno...that is pretty amazing!
10:55:41 <CraigC> "hey look, it's Steamboat"
10:55:50 <Eric2> 7.6 is so frickin big!
10:55:54 <Ryan(meeting)> If you stare at it long enough you think its SB.
10:56:06 <JarnoO> This is what I see on the HHZ band of YNR:
10:56:09 <Ryan(meeting)> YNR is trying to hypnotize gazers into a civil war.
10:56:28 <Eric2> Wow
10:56:32 <Dave from B™> Ryan, how is Hope feeling?
10:57:03 <Ryan(meeting)> Good, she is in a lab meeting today. She is moseying her way back north on Sunday.
10:57:32 <JarnoO> it's still wacky even though it's been several hours since the initial quake
10:57:58 <Ryan(meeting)> She says driving is OK but a bit nerve wracking, shes extremely agitated by trucks of any size, and shes having some issues with the whole "I almost died" concept.
10:58:12 <Eric2> Not surprised Jarno...I imagine that quake might shake a few other plates loose too!
10:58:28 <Ryan(meeting)> But shes processing with grace and style, as I knews she would. Thanks for asking, Dave.
10:58:43 <Eric2> I bet Ryan...that is a mental hurdle that will take a long time to overcome.
10:58:54 <CraigC> 7.6 is crazy
10:59:06 <JarnoO> I have my doubts about that, Eric. Though ask fish, he likely knows more about tectonics and the like than me :)
10:59:10 <Ryan(meeting)> I spend all waking moments right now very conciously aware that she is still alive and with me. Been lots of weepy moments on both sides here.
10:59:36 <JarnoO> it's been revised to 7.4. Still big, though
10:59:51 <Eric2> Yes, walking away from any 70mph collision is lucky!
11:00:06 <Eric2> Yes...any tsunami?
11:00:24 <JarnoO> Tsunami warning center predicted 0.3 meter
11:00:25 <CraigC> bulger ie
11:00:56 <Eric2> ahh, so not very big...but could affect coast lines
11:01:16 <JarnoO> #3 from the center stated there was no observable tsunami
11:01:28 <JarnoO>
11:01:30 <JarnoO> Daisy
11:01:33 <CraigC> daisy
11:02:33 <CraigC> they are doing the beehive run from dauisy
11:03:23 <Eric2> Thanks Jarno
11:05:08 <Eric2> I started working on recording archive too, that will list the last 24h of recordings.
11:05:25 <Eric2> by time/date so you don't have to search through the chat :-D
11:05:59 <Eric2> ahh, is the railing in the trees there?
11:07:06 <Eric2> I don't see it
11:07:36 <Eric2> theres a railing :-D
11:08:04 <Katie> I thought there was flash of raven flying to deck
11:08:21 <Forestbewithyou> Back and done with work
11:08:29 <Eric2> Nice to see Grand dropping below 6h again
11:08:45 <Forestbewithyou> Did I miss anything exciting
11:08:52 <Eric2> Hi Forest
11:09:28 <Dave from B™> Forest, where do you work?
11:11:15 <Forestbewithyou> I work as a social media specialist for my friends dad who is the founder and chairman of a competitive intelligence company
11:11:28 <KorbenC> Kevin, I texted Lori, Emailed Lori, and she has not gotten back yet, FYI.
11:12:51 <Dave from B™> Pardon me for laughing, Forest, but that sounds what someone says to Alex on Jeopardy when they tell him what they do and can't name any company's name.
11:12:53 <Eric2> I hope Lori is OK
11:13:09 <Dave from B™> Sounds fun, however
11:13:13 <Forestbewithyou> I can
11:13:15 <Forestbewithyou> I just didn
11:13:17 <Forestbewithyou> didn't lol
11:13:27 <Forestbewithyou> Its AuroraWDC
11:13:30 <KorbenC> Eric, she should be, she is just taking longer than usuall to respond
11:13:31 <Eric2> That is Silicon Valley speak :-P
11:13:31 <Ryan(meeting)> I think Lori is working night audits
11:13:41 <Eric2> ahh
11:13:46 <Eric2> probably sleeping then!
11:14:15 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to go get some lunch I will be back shortly
11:23:40 <JarnoO> morning Terry
11:37:03 <Ryan(meeting)> Next OF 12:59:11 +/- 5m51s
11:37:19 <Ryan(meeting)> Window 12:53:20 to 13:05:02
11:38:13 <Terry> Hi Jarno. Sorry. Was distracted as usual.
11:42:39 <JarnoO> as if we're never distracted :P
12:07:52 <LindaG> Greetings gazers
12:08:10 <ynpvisitor68> Churn
12:08:19 <LindaG> Churn is erupting
12:08:19 <ynpvisitor107> wow churn
12:08:40 <LindaG> . Churn
12:08:40 <ynpvisitor107> it's churning!
12:08:40 <LindaG> .
12:08:41 <LindaG> .
12:08:44 <JarnoO> about time
12:08:57 <JarnoO> morning Linda
12:09:04 <LindaG> Hehe I couldnt type fast enough
12:09:07 <JarnoO> (about time for Churn, just in case)
12:09:10 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
12:10:08 <LindaG> Arty too looks like
12:10:13 <Dave from B™> Churn didn't's not on GT:)
12:10:24 <LindaG> Dave from B™, 😊
12:10:39 <Eric2> Dave doesn't exist, he isn't on GT :-P
12:10:41 <Kevin L™️> Did you get my bird picture Linda?
12:10:46 <LindaG> I guess not arty then
12:10:57 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔, I'll look
12:11:14 <Kevin L™️> In a phone text
12:11:19 <JarnoO> could be Atomizer minor or so, no idea what else is in that corner capable of producing such a plume
12:11:26 <Dave from B™> My name is to the right. I do exist:)
12:13:04 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔, beautiful! Whose backyard?
12:13:08 <ynpvisitor107> Atomizer minor doesn't last very long
12:16:17 <Kevin L™️> That is at the zoo. There was an albino that put on a show but those are on the big cam so I will post them when I get home.
12:16:22 <Eric2> nice bulger
12:17:20 <LindaG> Nice. They are so pretty but they say very noisy
12:17:50 <Eric2> Yep, you can hear them pretty clearly from Grand :-D
12:17:51 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔, tomorrow YNP?
12:17:59 <Eric2> Hey potato man
12:20:43 <KorbenC> That was a nice lunch and run :)
12:20:55 <JarnoO> but you missed Churn
12:21:12 <KorbenC> I wathed the getvideo though
12:22:00 <JarnoO> Churn quits, Bulger starts. Bulger quits, OT starts. I like that
12:23:10 <Betty> I´m back
12:23:15 <Michael> Exchange of function in action :)
12:23:17 <LindaG> Here's Betty!
12:23:25 <KorbenC> wb Betty
12:23:41 <LindaG> Betty, hi
12:23:42 <Betty> hi Eric2, LindaG, Michael, thx KorbenC
12:23:44 <JarnoO> Betty, most recent /getvideo contains Churn, Bulger and OT start
12:23:58 <Betty> cool
12:24:19 <LindaG> For your viewing pleasure
12:24:35 <Michael> Hi Betty.
12:24:45 <JarnoO> Hoping for Churn to have a ≥2nd
12:25:13 <LindaG> Maybe when OT quits
12:25:32 <JarnoO> it's approaching 20m, so probably while OT is still ie
12:25:46 <LindaG> Bets?
12:25:50 <JarnoO> getting steamier
12:26:21 <Michael> C'mon Churn!
12:27:26 <JarnoO> big Grotto steam
12:28:51 <Eric2> Alright...archived videos are available on page refresh :-D
12:29:22 <Michael> Yes, they are!
12:29:38 <JarnoO> yay!
12:29:42 <LindaG> Eric2, oh cool! Thanks eric!
12:30:35 <Betty> ohh, great
12:31:09 <JarnoO> OT done
12:31:09 <ynpvisitor1> nice addition Eric!
12:31:49 <ynpvisitor1> now can you get us BH sound:p
12:32:40 <Eric2> I will probably pretty up that list a little, but for now it's functional
12:33:37 <LindaG> Eric! Just Bee would be good 😊
12:33:55 <Eric2> I wish :-D
12:34:07 <LindaG> Didnt type Eric on that last line
12:37:16 <ynpvisitor107> cool Grotto steam tornado
12:42:17 <Eric2> I might add a note to video recordings feature too, link this:
12:42:51 <Eric2> like: /getvideo cool Grotto steam tornado
12:43:13 <Eric2> That would be the preface for you link in the chat and used on the archive for reference.
12:43:23 <JarnoO> that would be nice
12:43:43 <Eric2> Might even make it mandatory :-D
12:44:53 <Dave from B™> Speaking of breakfast; is there a nationwide Wheaties shortage or only in Blgs?
12:46:02 <ynpvisitor72> Wiped out by a cereal killer.
12:46:36 <Dave from B™> haha
12:46:40 <Ryan> On a ten minute respite between meetings.
12:46:51 <Michael> Grotto quit. Seems like that big puff of steam at 12:27 had the same effect as a Rocket Major.
12:48:01 <KorbenC> Jarno, you here?
12:48:11 <Kevin L™️> As long as there is Capn Crunch with Crunchberries you will be fine.
12:48:25 <JarnoO> it might've been Rocket actually, only for a few minutes though. It'd be done barely 2 minutes after the puff
12:48:34 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin, still waiting on Lori's response
12:49:07 <KorbenC> Jarno, take a peak at K70 please :)
12:49:12 <KorbenC> in the spreadsheet
12:50:21 <KorbenC> peek*
12:50:37 <JarnoO> well, I added that line
12:50:47 <JarnoO> so not really special in my opinion :)
12:50:47 <Betty> OF window
12:50:56 <KorbenC> yeah, but I dont think OF had a 0.217 minute duration
12:51:19 <KorbenC> I can grab this OF too BTW
12:51:33 <Katie> Thanks, Betty. I snoozed my alarm for a minute and then spaced. I gotta quit ignoring the alarms I set!
12:51:44 <Eric2> haha
12:52:15 <Eric2> Do I need to build in an OF window alarm for cam ops :-P
12:52:25 <Betty> lol
12:52:39 <Kevin L™️> I have one
12:52:49 <Katie> Eric2, I literally set timers on my phone. It went off. I silenced it. So I'm not sure there is much hope for a fail proof system in my case.
12:52:57 <Eric2> or for that matter, any geyser that has a prediction, know when it comes into the window.
12:53:06 <JarnoO> Eric, go full 90s style and superimpose a rainbow text saying "Old Faithful window" over the stream :)
12:53:17 <Eric2> haha
12:53:23 <JarnoO> for good measure also add some GIFs :)
12:53:23 <KorbenC> hahaha
12:53:35 <ynpvisitor92> Steamboat
12:53:36 <Katie> A different tone would be cool. - I only set my timers for OF and try to watch the window and...
12:53:43 <Eric2> Flashing text is the key!
12:53:54 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor92, what about it
12:54:16 <Katie> It's the badgers' fault. I'm multi-tasking and scrolling through a bazillion badger photos to pick those for import & processing.
12:54:25 <ynpvisitor107> I suggest this:
12:54:29 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor92, I dont see anything on seismo
12:54:39 <Eric2>
12:54:49 <Katie> But Betty's ding got my attention. :)
12:54:59 <JarnoO> or, how about rainbow text inside a , Eric :D
12:55:03 <Betty> yw :-)
12:55:16 <Katie> But no migraine triggers, please. :)
12:55:32 <Betty> yes, please not!
12:55:38 <Eric2> So is 92 saying SB is IE?
12:55:49 <KorbenC> Eric2, Seismo updated, dont see anything
12:55:50 <Kevin L™️> Badgers? We ain’t got no badgers. We don’t need no stinking badgers....
12:56:00 <Michael> The 7.4 earthquake NE of New Zealand shows up nicely on YNR.
12:56:36 <LindaG> Kevin L™️🥔, 😃
12:56:37 <JarnoO> no convincing Steamboat sign on spectrogram view of YNR's HHZ band
12:56:48 <Eric2> Not sure 92 is using seismo
12:57:03 <KorbenC> Eric2, what else would 92 be using?
12:57:11 <Eric2> Their eyeballs?
12:57:14 <Michael> He/she may have inside information...
12:57:20 <Betty> his eyes maybe :-)
12:57:24 <ynpvisitor72> Telepathy
12:57:30 <KorbenC> how would 92 be getting service out from SB>
12:57:33 <JarnoO> Michael, true
12:57:39 <Eric2> aerial drone?
12:57:54 <Eric2> Satellite?
12:57:56 <Betty> crystall ball?
12:58:04 <Eric2> magic 8 ball
12:58:04 <KorbenC> we will know on the next seismo update
12:58:17 <Dave from B™> It is about time for the daily YNR fiasco:)
12:58:21 <Eric2> OF ie
12:58:31 <LindaG> Pony express
12:58:42 <Eric2> Magic!
12:58:48 <Ryan> Or they decided to drop some raw meat in here knowing y'all would go apeshit.
12:59:29 <JarnoO> aurum staticf
12:59:32 <Ryan> \_(°-°)_//
12:59:39 <Katie> UGH!
12:59:44 <Katie> Not fair, aurum!
13:00:14 <LindaG> That sun of a gun ☹
13:00:14 <Michael> I'm willing to be part of the Psych experiment if it just means I refresh the seismo image too many times over the next 5 minutes.
13:00:20 <KorbenC> Ladies and Gentleman the YNR Fiasco Flight from Old Faitfhul to Steamboat is about to prepare for landing, please make sure your seatbacks and tray tables are in their full upright and locked position.
13:00:23 <LindaG> *son
13:00:26 <ynpvisitor72> Apeshit ie.
13:01:08 <Ryan> Side note: I enjoyed how Bob Jones was able to instantly sat phone call out to tell us we posted a false alarm but we waited almost two hours for a confirmation :)
13:01:40 <JarnoO> I say no Steamboat, based on YNR's HHZ spectrogrammatical and particle motion view
13:02:01 <KorbenC> yeah, doesnt look like SB, looks normal
13:02:22 <JarnoO> sidenote: HHZ is yet to fully calm down of the 7.4 EQ
13:02:25 <Forestbewithyou> ynpvisitor92, If steamboat did erupt, How do you know?
13:02:26 <JarnoO> Daisy ie
13:02:27 <Katie> Aurum, Grand, & Daisy all during OF window
13:02:33 <JarnoO> Grand too
13:02:35 <Forestbewithyou> what is your logic
13:02:46 <JarnoO> Bulger
13:02:58 <LindaG> Grand
13:02:58 <Betty> oh well
13:03:11 <LindaG> Or am I really delayed
13:03:40 <Eric> daisy
13:03:45 <Eric> ohh, jarno got it
13:03:52 <LindaG> Eric's more delayed hehe
13:04:00 <Katie> Way delayed
13:04:11 <Eric> not delayed...just not looking at the screen :-P
13:04:27 <Katie> there are different kinds of "delayed"
13:04:37 <Eric> Figuring out who 92 is :-P
13:04:55 <LindaG> Ahhhh
13:05:16 <Eric> Nobody here can hide from the System Administrator :-D
13:05:27 <Forestbewithyou> Oh man
13:05:30 <LindaG> I'll remember that
13:05:45 <Dave from B™> Eric wielding the big stick!
13:05:45 <Eric> But I won't out you...hide away.
13:06:05 <Eric> Unless you are being a jerk...then away you go!
13:06:12 <LindaG> 😊
13:06:15 <Forestbewithyou> 2 years ago today I was coming into the park for the very first time as a gazer
13:06:17 <Eric> or spamming the chat.
13:06:36 <Eric> bulger
13:06:41 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, nice and now you are addicted
13:06:50 <Forestbewithyou> Yea
13:06:51 <Eric> looks like a major
13:06:56 <Forestbewithyou> Actually 2 years ago right now
13:07:00 <Forestbewithyou> I was watching Grand
13:07:33 <Eric> Grand is a good one to get hooked on
13:07:34 <LindaG> This week would be the first time I was in Yellowstone 7 years ago
13:07:46 <Forestbewithyou> and in 20 minutes I was watching Beehive
13:07:50 <Eric> nice spikes today
13:07:59 <Forestbewithyou> Indy and then beehive a minute later
13:08:23 <Eric> Glad you made the run...probably with a gaggle of gazers
13:08:49 <Michael> For me it will be 35 years ago, July somethingth, thanks to a 2-burst Grand.
13:09:09 <Forestbewithyou> actually no
13:09:25 <LindaG> Michael, nice
13:09:38 <Forestbewithyou> we had been waiting for grand for 2 hours in the rain and cold. We were walking to go use the restroom and took geyser hill and we saw indy
13:09:42 <Eric> Mine started in the park when I was a trying to keep me out of the norris features :-P
13:09:45 <Forestbewithyou> and so we decided to stay
13:09:52 <LindaG> Eric, lol
13:10:00 <Forestbewithyou> Thats hilarious
13:10:19 <KorbenC> Just this past year I was watching that 2* grand, and was just by Sawmill, and William called BSB, I just started sprinting, I kept screamig at people "ON YOUR LEFT" I almost gave some poor asian couple a heartattack, and Ryan called, but I couldnt answer :) I was hypoxic at Lion beyond a doubt, my fingers and toes were numb, but it was well worth it :)
13:10:29 <Eric> We also went to go see a geyser at night in the UGB, but I don't remember which one. I think I slept through it :-P
13:10:41 <KorbenC> Percolator
13:10:44 <Forestbewithyou> You also did that for Giant Korben
13:10:44 <Forestbewithyou> lol
13:11:01 <KorbenC> Insert Name of Geyser Here, I have sprinted too it :)
13:11:11 <Eric> I should probably move recording times to 24h clock
13:11:22 <Katie> Fast walk is the best I can do
13:11:23 <Eric> mouth
13:11:34 <Katie> and my fast walk is other people's walk
13:11:34 <KorbenC> Well, there was that 2157 Grand that I stayed out for, some poor family that I told to wait left 3 minutes before Grand
13:11:41 <Eric> I have never sprinted to mouth
13:12:01 <KorbenC> I have sprinted past mouth to get to Lion :)
13:12:17 <Michael> Grand to F&M always turned out to be farther than I could sprint, even when I was in good shape.
13:12:43 <ynpvisitor72> Social distancing nightmare.
13:12:50 <Eric> That's a long run on a slippery BW
13:13:00 <KorbenC> What I tell people when they ask why I sprint for a geyser, "who cares about a litte bit of hypoxia when you can see water over 150 in the air"
13:13:06 <Eric> Yes, the BW is not the place to be if you want virus free.
13:13:20 <Eric> or maybe all the free virus you can handle?
13:14:07 <LindaG> I have reservations for june and backup, reservation in September for next year hopefully things will be better.
13:14:25 <Eric> :thumbsup:
13:14:34 <KorbenC> I will say, it was the least crowded YNP I have ever seen.... but when it got warm and sunny it was BAD :)
13:14:50 <KorbenC> I much prefered the first 2 days where there were 30 people at SB becuase it was so cold.
13:15:53 <LindaG> I was surprised at what was still available, all frontier cabins for OF lodge
13:16:51 <KorbenC> Linda, what are ypir dates?
13:18:17 <LindaG> At old faithful, July 3rd 4 nights and then September 1st for 7 nights OF Lodge cabins.
13:18:35 <KorbenC> nice
13:19:19 <LindaG> Me, my sister-in-law, neice and her husband
13:19:50 <Michael> Work meeting coming up. Maybe that will get Beehive going finally.
13:20:03 <Forestbewithyou> have fun Michael
13:20:15 <LindaG> But i just made the September couple days ago and got two frontier cabins OF lodge
13:20:17 <JarnoO> cya Michael
13:20:37 <LindaG> Michael, thank you for your sacrifice
13:28:32 <Kevin L™️> Needs vitamins.
13:28:56 <LindaG> A little B for energy
13:30:11 <Jake> has Beehive been splashing today? at least there's steam oh but it's only 47 degrees
13:30:40 <JarnoO> afternoon Jake
13:30:43 <Katie> at wide angle I've thought I've seen a bit of heat up, but when I zoom...
13:30:53 <JarnoO> some splashing or steaming events, but other than that I haven't seen much
13:31:26 <Betty> sigh
13:32:17 <ynpvisito> Kevin stuff a tater in the front door to the hive.
13:32:45 <ynpvisito> stuffed
13:32:45 <JarnoO> speaking of Beehive - early 1996 Beehive was also irregular, with every so often no Indicator or Indicator a few minutes ahead of Beehive. Also interesting is that there is one BHCCI series which I found reminiscent of BSB - long interval first, then gradually dropping to 5m intervals, with increasing durations
13:33:07 <Forestbewithyou> Very Interesting
13:33:19 <Kevin L™️> Then Giantess erupted.
13:33:30 <JarnoO> so technically you can say it has done this before, but from a different vent
13:33:47 <JarnoO> I'm not there yet, Kevin :)
13:33:52 <ynpvisito> Not that many years ago it was running at 12 to 13 hour intervals. Even had some shorts like 9 or 10 hours.
13:33:53 <Forestbewithyou> interesting
13:33:57 <Forestbewithyou> very interesting
13:35:19 <JarnoO> there's also a 4b Grand in there, which, according to the visitor who reported it, lasted 18m
13:45:29 <JarnoO> BSB?
13:45:43 <LindaG> Yes
13:45:46 <Katie> Yup
13:45:48 <LindaG> Just looked
13:45:51 <KorbenC> yay!
13:45:52 <JarnoO> yay
13:46:03 <KorbenC> I always forget how tall and crazy it actually is in person:)
13:46:33 <LindaG> Vigorous
13:46:55 <LindaG> Think we should send a warning text?
13:47:01 <KorbenC> yes
13:47:16 <Ryan> hahahahahaha
13:47:21 <LindaG> Ryan can send it
13:47:41 <Ryan> oh sure, let me peeve everyone
13:47:55 <Ryan> Nope. Need another BSB with a short interval, thats my threshold
13:47:57 <Katie> There isn't a better man for the job
13:48:01 <LindaG> I'll send
13:48:17 <Ryan> I'd honestly wait for one more BSB
13:48:29 <LindaG> Ok
13:48:31 <Katie> It's been going a rather long time
13:48:38 <Ryan> One off mid cycle BSBs arent uncommon
13:49:12 <Ryan> And BH is happy for sure.
13:49:19 <Ryan> Geez, its a hard one.
13:49:22 <LindaG> Well I'll stand down 😃
13:49:36 <Ryan> Alright, BH changed my mind.
13:49:39 <Katie> BSB & Splashy Bee
13:49:57 <LindaG> Hurry
13:49:58 <Ryan> I'd atleat send it as a warning
13:49:59 <JarnoO> that one sustained for quite a while
13:50:06 <Forestbewithyou> if it goes
13:50:12 <Ryan> I'll send it
13:50:16 <Forestbewithyou> then beehive was trying to go while my internet was down
13:50:37 <LindaG> Now it stopped lol
13:50:46 <Forestbewithyou> as soon as my internet came back
13:50:47 <Forestbewithyou> lol
13:51:14 <ynpvisitor7> hahaha
13:51:25 <ynpvisitor108> thanks for the text
13:51:39 <Ryan> If BH didnt have that long sustained splashing series I would not send anything.
13:51:46 <KevinS> Did Linda pull the trigger?
13:51:51 <Ryan> I did
13:52:05 <Katie> I egged them on
13:52:06 <JarnoO> BSB steaming again
13:52:10 <Ryan> Impressive transfer of energy there
13:52:12 <KorbenC> RYAN, HOW DARE YOU :p :p
13:52:22 <LindaG> Lots of people have been asking about bee
13:52:25 <KorbenC> That is why Bee is my favorite geyser :)
13:52:33 <JarnoO> Indy
13:52:33 <JarnoO> .
13:52:34 <JarnoO> .
13:52:35 <JarnoO> .
13:52:35 <JarnoO> .
13:52:36 <JarnoO> .
13:52:37 <ynpvisitor7> indy
13:52:40 <ynpvisitor7> .
13:52:41 <ynpvisitor7> .
13:52:41 <ynpvisitor7> .
13:52:50 <LindaG> Delayed
13:52:51 <Forestbewithyou> Oh man
13:52:59 <Dave from B™> anticipation
13:53:00 <ynpvisitor7> .Ryans savior
13:53:01 <JarnoO> IT IS ALIVE!
13:53:16 <ynpvisitor89> indy
13:53:19 <ynpvisitor89> yay
13:53:24 <Forestbewithyou> well hello there indy
13:53:28 <Dave from B™> Ryan, you can delete your BH IS DEAD;EDITION 2 that was headed to GG:)
13:53:30 <Eric> Hey Indy!
13:53:38 <Eric> haha
13:53:42 <Dave from B™> Hellllooooooo Indy
13:53:48 <LindaG> The geysers are with ryan
13:53:50 <ge> A lost friend
13:54:05 <Forestbewithyou> the geysers are trying to go while my internet is down lol
13:54:06 <ynpvisitor49> Whats that thing?
13:54:07 <LindaG> Little one
13:54:11 <ynpvisitor109> well Ryan has said SB was dead at least twice too
13:54:14 <ynpvisitor49> What a cute little sput
13:54:23 <Forestbewithyou> BSB started while my internet was down
13:54:38 <KorbenC> I am so happy and luck to have seen Beehive twice on my trip... It almost made my cry with joy when it went :)
13:54:43 <ynpvisitor49> Love watching folks read the sign and move on
13:54:51 <Ryan> 109, actually I said it was irregular
13:55:01 <Ryan> It's ok, English is hard.
13:55:05 <LindaG> ynpvisitor49, they are thinking, that's it?
13:55:17 <Eric> They need a big sign...if you seee "this ==> Picture of indy" STOP!
13:55:19 <Kitt> also, I don
13:55:24 <Forestbewithyou> totally
13:55:39 <Forestbewithyou> come on beehive
13:55:41 <ynpvisitor7> they are not really in YNP to see geysers :)
13:55:45 <Kitt> don't think the sign tells you that if indicator is erupting you may see beehive
13:55:50 <KevinS> Somebody turn them around!
13:55:52 <Nearly Heaviest> Well that's good news
13:55:54 <Eric> Thanks for the BSB txt...that got me here!
13:55:59 <ynpvisitor49> They're there to see "the geyser"
13:56:01 <ynpvisitor49> Then go shopping
13:56:13 <Ryan> LOL, the "is it dead" email about BH was purely to fool it into erupting
13:56:21 <Forestbewithyou> LMAO
13:56:27 <ynpvisito> Awful lot of fuss over a little squirt of water. Like you all have never seen it before!
13:56:30 <Nearly Heaviest> Did you send it again?
13:56:33 <Kitt> Go Beehive
13:56:57 <Kitt> ah the big tease
13:57:05 <Nearly Heaviest> Giantess is too smart to fall for that kind of manipulation.
13:57:17 <Katie> It's only been 5 minutes. It's giving folks a chance to get there.
13:57:17 <Ryan> The cynical pendantic cries of the curmudgeons... mmm, your hate makes me powerful :)
13:57:31 <JarnoO> Bee can be kind
13:57:35 <ynpvisitor109> in your own mind at least
13:57:45 <Eric> haha
13:57:46 <Nearly Heaviest> To be pedantic, you meant pedantic.
13:58:05 <Ryan> "You are without a doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of!" "But you have heard of me!"
13:58:08 <ynpvisitor110> OK, how many in the BH spray zone this time?
13:58:12 <Ryan> 109, and yet here you are! :D!
13:58:16 <JarnoO> it's quite remarkable that BSB and then Indy started. I was just busy with typing "no Indicator observed; likely 1 interval = 47½h" for Beehive on 3 March 1996
13:58:17 <LindaG> My screen keeps freezing
13:58:48 <Eric> Looks like nobody steam is going toward lodge
13:58:49 <Nearly Heaviest> Pendantic means "just hanging around"
13:59:02 <ynpvisitor101> I won't mention the false indicator season...
13:59:08 <Ryan> Power is relative to control. If my barbs keep eliciting responses then its probably not just in my head - y'all are just too easy :P
13:59:11 <ynpvisitor114> AYLDT (and your little dog too )
13:59:17 <Kitt> why are you in 1996 Jarno?
13:59:26 <JarnoO> for the OFVC logs
13:59:27 <sparekitty> it is so hard to keep up with the exchanges here and work too...
13:59:39 <ynpvisito> Cause he is done with '95
13:59:45 <Ryan> sk, its hard to follow the exchanges here and follow the exchanges here...
13:59:46 <Eric> :-D
13:59:51 <Nearly Heaviest> What is this "work" you speak of?
13:59:55 <Eric> Keep up Ryan
13:59:58 <sparekitty> lol ryan!
14:00:09 <sparekitty> work, a hhorrible 4-letter word.
14:00:24 <Kitt> so helpful ynpvisito
14:00:27 <KorbenC> I am starting to wonder whether these longer intervals are closed.
14:00:30 <sparekitty> but, it does allow me to travel to the park with fair regularity. so, i guess it could be worse.
14:00:49 <Ryan> I remember 2013 texts: "BHI XX:XX - place your bets..."
14:00:59 <Ryan> "BH XX:XX wjho won this time!?"
14:01:05 <Eric> BH
14:01:05 <JarnoO> :bee:
14:01:06 <Nearly Heaviest> We need that nighttime IR cam
14:01:11 <LindaG> Yay
14:01:23 <Kitt> still waiting
14:01:31 <ynpvisitor30> :bee:
14:01:32 <Forestbewithyou> same here
14:01:33 <LindaG> Here we go
14:01:36 <Kitt> now
14:01:38 <JarnoO> watering the bacteria
14:01:43 <Forestbewithyou> not for me lol
14:01:45 <ynpvisito> bweeeeeeeee
14:01:48 <LindaG> Nice view
14:01:56 <sparekitty> never disappoints!
14:01:57 <Forestbewithyou> oh there it goes
14:02:02 <Forestbewithyou> yay
14:02:10 <Ryan> Guys, its obviously dead...
14:02:16 <Forestbewithyou> totally
14:02:22 <ynpvisitor101> last gasp
14:02:24 <ynpvisitor110> Only mostly dead
14:02:25 <sparekitty> it's all an illusion
14:02:26 <Ryan> Also, YNR is totally showing Steamboat *right now*
14:02:30 <KorbenC> That is a really big West Bubbler :)
14:02:34 <Ryan> I shoudl send a text AND post to GT!
14:02:53 <KorbenC> why jsut one text! send 5!!
14:02:54 <LindaG> 😋
14:02:59 <Ryan> I'll wait for you to wipe the froth off your faces... :D
14:03:03 <Forestbewithyou> what about 20
14:03:16 <Ryan> Screw it, I'll just make a phone call.
14:03:20 <JarnoO> no... a googol texts should do fine
14:03:43 <Kitt> corner the plume crew
14:03:56 <Eric> less coffee ryan!
14:03:59 <ynpvisitor49> Ryan I don't see YNR
14:04:07 <sparekitty> what is YNR?
14:04:14 <Katie> I have a mass calling system for customer notifications. We could export phone numbers -- but nah
14:04:17 <ynpvisitor104> YNR = Yellowstone Not Reliable
14:04:26 <Ryan> YNR = "You're Never Right
14:04:27 <LindaG> I think that is a 'made you look'
14:04:31 <ynpvisitor49> Like I don't see anything more than background noise
14:04:40 <sparekitty> got it...i think.
14:04:41 <JarnoO> YNR is the only working seismograph of the two that show Steamboat
14:04:50 <ynpvisitor15> sometimes it is better to not ask
14:04:51 <JarnoO> YNM is the other, but that one is dead
14:04:58 <sparekitty> thank you, JarnoO
14:05:08 <ynpvisitor49> It's not dead there's just no power to it due to construction on the museum
14:05:20 <ynpvisitor49> Question mark at the end of that
14:05:26 <Ryan> Actually according to fishynp it may actually be dead
14:05:28 <JarnoO> power has been re-established, but YNM didn't come back up
14:05:43 <Eric> Museum has power
14:05:49 <Eric> pump!
14:05:50 <sparekitty> so then, another dumb question, what is the YFT on the chat page (where i am currently)?
14:05:54 <Eric> dual
14:06:03 <LindaG> All is right with the world now that bee has erupted
14:06:03 <JarnoO> YFT is the Old Faithful seismograph
14:06:05 <Ryan> That is old faithful, sk
14:06:05 <ynpvisitor104> YNM may just need to be reinitialized
14:06:10 <ynpvisitor15> can you say "dual"? LMAO
14:06:13 <Eric> Click that pull down menu and change to YFT
14:06:18 <JarnoO> there's something wrong with that one too, I recall. Not sure
14:06:24 <sparekitty> there's a pull down???'
14:06:25 <Eric> :-P
14:06:29 <sparekitty> OMG
14:06:32 <ynpvisito> And a pump finish
14:06:34 <ynpvisitor49> Drop Down List (DDL)
14:06:34 <sparekitty> i hate being dumb sometimes.
14:07:10 <Ryan> Embrace the dumbness, I did that a while ago at it made life more gooder
14:07:13 <Eric> Also since everyone is features...seismo archive search is now below the seismo image.
14:07:31 <Eric> Also, /getvideo recordings are now available from the last 24h in their own panel to the right.
14:07:32 <sparekitty> more gooder is more better-er
14:07:44 <Ryan> more gooder is the most best way to explain it
14:07:46 <Forestbewithyou> wow thats cool
14:07:49 <Forestbewithyou> thanks Eric
14:07:54 <Ryan> Thanks, Eric!
14:08:00 <KorbenC> Eric, thanks!!!!
14:08:05 <Ryan> Now anyone can look up YNR traces! ;)
14:08:12 <Eric> No all the old YNR & YNM charts you want!
14:08:24 <Ryan> Mmm, yeah it has been lots of coffee today
14:08:26 <Forestbewithyou> Oh goodie
14:08:40 <Eric> haha...I kinda guessed :-P
14:08:49 <Ryan> This week has been an endless cycle of sleepless nights, busy work days full of struggle, and then busy evenings.
14:08:55 <ynpvisitor110> Any one know what the big squiggly is at about 7:40 on the YNR trace?
14:09:03 <Eric> I assumed well my friend.
14:09:11 <ynpvisitor104> Hey Ryan, keep calling false YNR traces, maybe SB will hear you and wait till tomorrow :^)
14:09:12 <Ryan> Coffee is about the only thing limping me into the weekend for a hard reset.
14:09:25 <KorbenC> Ryan,dont get sick on us :)
14:09:27 <Ryan> Thanks, Eric. It will be OK, just riding everything out.
14:09:32 <LindaG> Eric, oh nice saw videos but not seismo search. Thank you!
14:09:51 <Ryan> 104, I wouldnt mind. Would ghive Will and D another one
14:10:00 <ynpvisitor63> Work might be easier if you weren’t on chat all day
14:10:09 <Ryan> 110, earth quake in New Zealand.
14:10:25 <Ryan> 63, actually its hard right now because its busy, and I am sleeping very poorly right now.
14:10:29 <sparekitty> yes, 63, work would be easier if i wasn't on i guess work will just have to be hard.
14:10:34 <Eric> 5.5d for SB right now
14:10:52 <sparekitty> i'm hoping for SB 7/11 about noon.
14:10:56 <Eric> Work is way easier when I am on chat...:-P
14:11:05 <Eric> It get's hard when I am not!
14:11:08 <Ryan> Hard to sleep with recurring nightmares and panic attacks :(
14:11:19 <sparekitty> sorry to hear, ryan
14:11:21 <Ryan> Yup, this page is like oil on the gears for me during the day
14:11:48 <Ryan> ITs ok, SK. Thankfully this is "just" an event that can be processed and moved on from.
14:11:51 <Eric> speaking of work :-( Back to hard.
14:12:18 <Ryan> My SB window ends tomorrow at 10:58. I was leaning towards today evening.
14:12:29 <ynpvisitor7> sparekitty, "‹sparekitty› i'm hoping for SB 7/11 about noon" You will be able to say "Oh thank heaven for 7/11" :)
14:12:42 <sparekitty> 7, LOL!
14:13:19 <Ryan> Hope definitely has got that post trauma zest for life though. Shes bouncing around some real changes.
14:13:59 <Ryan> As always, I am perpetually awed by how she can carry herself through things. She is definitely the better half in this...
14:14:24 <ynpvisitor7> You kids may not understand the 7/11 remark:)
14:14:41 <KorbenC> WOAH!
14:14:47 <KorbenC> Huge jet from improbable
14:16:00 <JarnoO> wow
14:16:18 <Ryan> alrighty, I am off for hom
14:16:23 <Ryan> home*
14:16:28 <KorbenC> Bye Ryan
14:16:30 <sparekitty> later peeps.
14:16:34 <Dave from B™> 7, I got it:)
14:17:02 <Ryan> toodles poodles
14:17:32 <KorbenC> JarnoO, what?
14:17:46 <JarnoO> that Improbable jet you saw
14:18:00 <KorbenC> any ideas?
14:18:19 <KorbenC> as in, what exactly was it, note worhty?
14:18:22 <ynpvisitor15> probably improbable
14:19:55 <KorbenC> I have never seen Improbable have a jet like that
14:24:28 <LindaG> KorbenC, that was fun
14:26:41 <Dave from B™> I can't take it anymore....way too my time share phone calls. I'm going to start a Go Fund Me so I can say yes and make them go away.
14:27:28 <CraigC> what
14:28:04 <Michael> Are they offering a time-share at F&M? That could be a good investment once it reactivates.
14:28:08 <LindaG> CraigC, hey
14:28:15 <CraigC> hey Linda
14:28:45 <Dave from B™> I didn't even get a chance to finish. I'm on the phone all day. I'm not nice to solicitors. It's a 3 second phone call
14:29:12 <Katie> Same. How many do you get per day claiming to be Google?
14:29:30 <Dave from B™> Not many lately but we were getting 3/day easy
14:29:59 <Katie> I'm down to 1-2. DOWN to that. Was 5-10 per day for a while
14:30:41 <KorbenC> KevinS you here?
14:31:14 <KorbenC> Jarno, thanks for entering it
14:32:05 <JarnoO> no problem
14:32:21 <KorbenC> can you grab this OF?
14:32:28 <JarnoO> I'll do
14:33:22 <LindaG> Tantalus and SB look pretty hot to me
14:34:13 <JarnoO> oh, they update at 0600 MST now. Good time
14:40:03 <JarnoO> good-sized Fluffy
14:41:53 <Katie> Whew! Tough visit to my office just now. Older Chinese man and son live together. Internet account is in son's name (probably because he handles business with his better English)
14:42:20 <Katie> I turned off the account yesterday because the credit card hasn't worked for billing for 3 months.
14:43:03 <Katie> When we finally got through the language barrier, I think the poor guy almost had a heart attack that his son had not paid for 3 months. I told him it was just an expired credit card but I mailed letters and tried to call (voicemail isn't configured).
14:43:53 <JarnoO> another big burst from Imp
14:43:55 <Dave from B™> Language barrier can be tough. I have many customers who speak very poor english. But, most are very patient with me and my staff.
14:44:29 <KevinS> KorbenC, yes
14:44:31 <Katie> These are very nice guys. I hated to turn off their service, but I had to get their attention. Mail and calls weren't getting through.
14:44:47 <KorbenC> KevinS, stand by for PM in a minute
14:45:06 <Katie> I'm turning back on now without payment, because I know Sr. will have Jr. call me and Jr. will pay and it will all be good.
14:45:56 <Dave from B™> I'd like to be a fly on the wall when dad gets home:)
14:45:59 <Michael> I hope that gets resolved soon, since I imagine you're out a bit on a limb until the account is back in balance.
14:46:07 <KorbenC> JarnoO, that was another nice burst
14:46:54 <JarnoO> Daisy and Riverside due. I wonder if we can have the cam on Imp and friends for a bit after the biggies went
14:47:24 <Katie> We can do that.
14:48:14 <KorbenC> JarnoO, you gonna enter that as another minor?
14:49:26 <JarnoO> maybe. Currently busy with OF
14:49:40 <KorbenC> :thumbsup: you want me to enter the imp burst
14:50:30 <JarnoO> if you can - I'll look at it soon too. Just a few more minutes
14:51:15 <ynpvisitor11> Improbable 1414 burst!
14:52:01 <ynpvisitor11> about 1414;30
14:52:23 <KorbenC> Thanks Joe
14:53:12 <ynpvisitor11> Attach to your post if you wish
14:53:31 <KorbenC> Ill attach it
14:56:49 <KorbenC> Bulger
14:58:40 <CraigC> Joe, thanks
15:01:46 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat. Have a great evening everyone!
15:02:01 <KorbenC> Bye Dave
15:02:02 <JarnoO> cya Dave, same to you
15:02:25 <CraigC> cya Dave
15:03:51 <Dave from B™> I HATE trying to lose weight I should have never put on in the first place. Thanks a lot, COVID:P
15:03:54 <JarnoO> Daisy
15:03:55 <Katie> Michael, my employer would be on the same page as me. No pressure. In fact, I updated the customer pop-up note which generates an email. That way, if Jr. calls when I'm out tomorrow, the people who will be here will know what's what. I'm a stickler for documentation and communication.
15:06:34 <Michael> Bye Dave. fight the good fight!
15:07:57 <Betty> bye Dave, enjoy the party later
15:11:14 <JarnoO> Bulger
15:11:45 <Eric> Nice 3-5ft surge from Imp earlier...nice
15:13:43 <Eric> Now I am wondering with so many /getvideo requests, are we better off just saving all 15m segments and provide 98 videos each day :-P
15:13:54 <JarnoO> haha
15:14:12 <JarnoO> sometimes those days just happen
15:14:25 <Eric> technically much simpler than my rolling segmented video process right now.
15:14:44 <Katie> Some special 15 minute periods don't happen at uniform intervals
15:14:59 <Eric> Yes, but you could always download 2 and watch both
15:15:17 <Eric> But also review anything you like over the last 24h period
15:17:01 <JarnoO> Riverside
15:17:27 <Forestbewithyou> Well I know for me It takes me about 30 min to download them
15:17:58 <JarnoO> yikes
15:18:44 <Forestbewithyou> yea
15:18:49 <Forestbewithyou> My internet sucks
15:19:02 <Forestbewithyou> It has gone down about 10 times today. normally it doesn't
15:19:06 <ynpvisitor47> That would be 96, Eric😊
15:20:33 <Jake> Eric, can you also do high contrast negative images, gamma corrected or whatever it's called, of the overnight captures?
15:22:34 <Katie> That's not asking for much. :D
15:23:04 <Michael> I'm off again. Go Improbable!
15:23:26 <JarnoO> cya Michael
15:24:42 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:25:39 <KorbenC> bye Betty
15:26:00 <JarnoO> cya Betty
15:26:20 <JarnoO> obviously Imp won't repeat what it did earlier, but whatever :)
15:26:27 <JarnoO> maybe it does
15:26:28 <Eric> wow
15:26:32 <Eric> it did!
15:26:42 <Eric> Nice bursts...even has BW people watching it!
15:26:52 <Eric> Worth a note on GT IMHO
15:27:08 <Eric> I have not seen it burst that high from the cam, ever
15:27:37 <JarnoO> darn. I don't have notebook in which I can write handy. Need to grab it and make as much observations as possible :)
15:27:47 <Eric> and Yes Jake, I could do filtering on videos automatically :-P
15:27:56 <Eric> It's what I do :-D
15:29:04 <Eric> We could even send the videos to YouTube for daily real time video logs :-D
15:29:41 <Eric> anemone too
15:29:53 <JarnoO> Jimbo would actually love the front cover of my big notebook. It has the periodic system of elements as front cover, though elements 112 through 118 are unnamed
15:30:18 <Forestbewithyou> oh man thats old
15:31:40 <Forestbewithyou> well I am going to head out for a bit
15:31:48 <Forestbewithyou> Hopefully my interneet will behave so I can hop on later
15:31:52 <Forestbewithyou> talk to you all alter
15:31:56 <Forestbewithyou> later
15:32:14 <Eric> Is that Bob out there watching improbable?
15:32:20 <KorbenC> bye Forest
15:36:18 <Katie> That's it, turn your back on it and dare it
15:45:24 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> feels like Friday to me
15:45:45 <Katie> Me too - but hey! It is MY Friday!
15:45:48 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> did I miss Kevin waving at the cam? BH erupted for him
15:46:00 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> its my Friday too
15:46:29 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> cam looks cleaner, did it get cleaned?
15:46:46 <Katie> Not today
15:47:41 <LindaG> Train Kevin
15:48:20 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT (9), hes going in tomorrow
15:48:55 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> oh,i thought it was today
15:49:11 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> every day is Sat for him, so hard to keep track
15:49:55 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT (9), it was they changed for weather
15:52:18 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> sigh, all thet effort to get BH to erupt today for him and he switched days
15:54:07 <Eric> Improbable is doing nice things...maybe he will get a 50ft improbable :-P
15:59:58 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> Kevin could have seen Aurum too ....... hope he gets lucky tomorrow
16:00:58 <LindaG> Hope bee doesnt hold out
16:01:38 <ynpvisitor15> I can't get camera control
16:01:43 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> i am sure he wont be able to stop for much more than OF with the grandkids in tow
16:02:48 <Eric> I hope he can get down to Grand
16:03:21 <ynpvisitor15> who has camera control
16:03:48 <LindaG> Not me, Katie was last
16:04:01 <Katie> I do
16:04:07 <ynpvisitor15> I'm locked out
16:04:09 <Katie> releasing
16:04:27 <Eric> release the controls!
16:04:34 <ynpvisitor15> thanks
16:04:35 <CraigC> *Kraken
16:04:40 <Eric> :-D
16:04:48 <Eric> Hi Craig
16:04:49 <CraigC> same thing
16:04:52 <CraigC> hey Eric
16:05:06 <Eric> Poor washburn dude is melting
16:05:14 <CraigC> Eric, when you coming to the park?
16:05:14 <LindaG> Oh no
16:05:41 <Eric> 2021 or maybe quick stop by in August
16:05:45 <LindaG> And hes naked
16:05:55 <Eric> Yes, I will be naked
16:06:08 <CraigC> whoa
16:06:11 <Eric> easier to wash off the covid
16:06:28 <Eric> :-D
16:06:41 <Eric> People give you social distance when you are not wearing close.
16:06:47 <Eric> clothes
16:06:50 <CraigC> how about clothes?
16:06:53 <CraigC> ;)
16:07:31 <CraigC> that is proof we say the words in our heads before we type them, and our fingers match by sound
16:20:28 <JarnoO> afternoon CraigM
16:20:39 <Craig M> Hello
16:20:54 <Craig M> anyone have the capture of improbable?
16:21:36 <JarnoO> 1414 Imp has an attachment. Not sure about the other ones
16:22:04 <JarnoO> Imp does do a lot in just 20 minutes, though
16:26:52 <CraigC> surprised Sb hasnt erupted yet
16:27:21 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> its waiting for you Craig .. go
16:29:01 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> must be broken, it hasnt had n interval this long since last month
16:29:24 <CraigC> Clepsydra acted as a true geyser during this time, turning off and on 28 times. It turned on at the start of Fountain’s eruption at 1249 and remained on during Fountain’s eruption. As of 1340 Clepsydra had not paused after the end of the Fountain eruption that started at 1247.
16:30:24 <CraigC> still have to make 2 repairs before we can leave to go back up
16:32:24 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> bet that was fun for Lynn
16:33:15 <CraigC> aside from having a griz in the area
16:34:06 <JarnoO> huh... Two Pink Cone ie entries separated by 4½h
16:36:57 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> second one says steaming and splashing, not erupting
16:37:59 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> also Lynn said Spasm’s eruption was quite vigorous, especially during Clepsydra’s pauses when bursts were 5 to 6 feet above ground level.
16:39:05 <CraigC> is that fairly normal for Pink Cone to be splashing 4.5 hours apart from ie?
16:40:11 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> dont know, could have been ie an hour earlier too
16:40:33 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> i think i did hear of mid cycle actiity, but its not one i watch much
17:05:41 <JarnoO> Aurum
17:05:42 <KorbenC> .
17:05:42 <JarnoO> .
17:05:42 <KorbenC> .
17:05:42 <KorbenC> .
17:05:43 <JarnoO> .
17:05:43 <KorbenC> .
17:05:52 <Eric> woot
17:06:00 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> all alone
17:06:02 <Katie> And we get to see THIS one
17:06:10 <Eric> did it really happen? nobody in the basin to confirm :-P
17:06:20 <Eric> Not sure us webcam people can be trusted to enter it.
17:06:33 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> peeps
17:06:37 <Craig M> oh hi aurum
17:06:41 <Eric> woo, that was close.
17:07:37 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> peeps out enjoying the nice weather
17:07:52 <Eric> Yep, can't wait to do that myself tomorrow!
17:08:23 <Eric> Going to head into mountain rhododendron territory and hike :-D
17:08:26 <CraigC> Eric, where ya goin
17:08:33 <CraigC> LOL
17:08:53 <CraigC> how did you know I was going to ask
17:09:03 <Eric> I am psycho!
17:09:17 <CraigC> no doubt
17:09:21 <Eric> wow...long line at North
17:10:21 <LindaG> Nice light on castle
17:12:34 <JarnoO> Daisy
17:14:43 <Eric> Griz is still handing around LGB per Lynn Note!
17:15:00 <KorbenC> Well, time to go do breath holding
17:15:10 <Eric> Don't pass out
17:15:59 <KorbenC> thanks, I will try not too
17:17:07 <Eric> look like normal improbable boils now
17:18:14 <JarnoO> hopefully it starts doing this more often someday soon
17:19:00 <CraigC> cam seems clearer
17:21:23 <JarnoO> 6 Alaskan volcanoes with yellow/advisory now
17:21:28 <CraigC> dual
17:21:35 <CraigC> or is it concerted
17:21:37 <KorbenC> 3 minutes 17 seconds, I will take that breath hold :)
17:22:05 <CraigC> KorbenC, did you die?
17:22:17 <KorbenC> no, but SPO2 dropped to 87
17:22:39 <CraigC> is that a droid in Star Wars?
17:22:41 <KorbenC> stayed 95+ plus until 3 mins, when it just dropped :)
17:23:03 <KorbenC> haha, no :0
17:23:07 <LindaG> Oh little squirt
17:23:42 <KorbenC> I dont see it
17:23:56 <CraigC> am I on that much of a delay
17:24:02 <CraigC> no LS
17:24:03 <LindaG> Uh it stopoed
17:24:19 <LindaG> Oh it's not squirt
17:24:25 <CraigC> :)
17:24:40 <LindaG> One of the anemones hehe
17:25:01 <CraigC> I think Linda held her breath too long
17:25:09 <KorbenC> lol
17:25:16 <LindaG> CraigC, 😋
17:25:18 <KorbenC> wow, I just realized something....
17:25:27 <CraigC> KorbenC, that's a big step
17:25:29 <KorbenC> so I have the chat on the left screen :)
17:25:42 <KorbenC> Craig, hahahaha
17:25:59 <KorbenC> So at about 2 minutes 30 seconds I was trying to read the chat but..
17:26:19 <KorbenC> I couldnt read it, and I was looking at my right screen, and wondering why I couldnt read it :)
17:26:34 <KorbenC> now I know why they dont recomend holding your breath that long
17:30:24 <CraigC> peeps running to something
17:32:19 <JarnoO> LC ie
17:33:19 <JarnoO> AB
17:35:27 <KorbenC> Hi KC
17:35:43 <KorbenC> OT
17:35:51 <kcmule> evenin
17:36:07 <JarnoO> evening kc
17:36:10 <CraigC> steamboat
17:36:16 <KorbenC> yup
17:36:22 <kcmule> cool
17:36:26 <KorbenC> 1729
17:36:34 <Eric> Post it Craig!
17:36:35 <JarnoO> spectrogram agrees with SB
17:36:39 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> lovely time for some rainbows
17:36:59 <Eric> Great time for SB! Hopefully some West people got it after or before work
17:37:02 <KorbenC> yeah, great weather
17:37:09 <CraigC> Eric, go ahead..... I amn fine waiting for in basin
17:37:15 <Eric> Pussy!
17:37:31 <CraigC> we have to wait for in basin anyways
17:37:50 <Eric> Not could alert someone to get there faster.
17:38:07 <Eric> Selfish not to post it.
17:38:08 <CraigC> they can look at YNR on their own
17:38:14 <ynpvisitor118> 5d18h-ish
17:38:20 <JarnoO> Korben, don't forget to mention YNR in your entry
17:38:25 <CraigC> I check seismo before GT
17:38:39 <Eric> You are the exception.
17:38:43 <KorbenC> JarnoO, done
17:38:50 <CraigC> I am exceptional?
17:38:57 <Eric> E time with ? is my suggestion.
17:38:59 <KorbenC> nope :p
17:39:28 <KorbenC> I do have a ? on it
17:39:42 <CraigC> people have suggested notes
17:39:56 <Eric> It's not a note, is a suspected eruption.
17:40:01 <CraigC> since there are people in basin now
17:40:05 <Eric> That is why we have ?
17:40:34 <Eric> Just because some people don't know how to use GT, doesn't mean we should post incorrectly for them.
17:40:56 <Eric> IMHO
17:40:59 <KorbenC> At least I changed, and stopped all those idiotic things I used to do :)
17:41:30 <CraigC> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
17:41:40 <CraigC> Eric, you have a point
17:41:57 <JarnoO> I would've entered it without ?, as spectrogram view corresponds with previously-observed SB's (one constant noise at about 25Hz, with feathering out to 45Hz+ and to a lower frequencies to a lesser extend)
17:42:09 <KorbenC> i have even stopped bugging Craig (well, ish)
17:42:26 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> so 101, 91 in 2 years, 47 in one year, 21 this year, 8d6h21m mean, 7d9h59m median
17:42:39 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> first data thats just from this series
17:43:19 <JarnoO> if that bison doesn't move, it has a high chance of getting wet and will probably run away as fast as possible
17:46:03 <KorbenC> Another YNR Update, trace is continuing, looks like SB even though it doesnt have the balloon type thing, it is still SB like
17:46:25 <JarnoO> this is what I see:
17:46:49 <KorbenC> JarnoO, what program do you use to get that info? and do you ahve a link
17:47:09 <JarnoO>
17:47:14 <JarnoO> it's called Swarm
17:47:28 <KorbenC> Thanks!
17:47:32 <JarnoO> a pain to set up at first, but thereafter it's smooth sailing (in my opinion)
17:47:33 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> sure looks like a real one
17:47:55 <CraigC> I bet it is, because I predicted it
17:48:17 <JarnoO> balloon thingy will likely be in the next update, as it's tapering off now
17:55:21 <Forestbewithyou> I am back
17:55:31 <KorbenC> welcome back
17:55:35 <Forestbewithyou> thanks
17:55:39 <Forestbewithyou> my interent is behaving
17:55:41 <KorbenC> you missed SB, we it is still ie :)
17:55:56 <Forestbewithyou> noice
17:56:01 <Forestbewithyou> I mean I didn't really miss ut
17:56:09 <Forestbewithyou> We can't see it
17:56:10 <Forestbewithyou> lol
17:56:18 <JarnoO> Next update of YNR will likely include the "balloon"
17:56:31 <Forestbewithyou> what does that mean
17:56:32 <KorbenC> yes it did
17:57:07 <ynpvisitor89> But will there be air in the balloon?
17:57:18 <Forestbewithyou> I am so confused
17:58:09 <CraigC> for flyfishermen, we would liken it to a Rocket Taper fly line
18:00:40 <JarnoO> I do find it remarkable that YNR's trace is as big as YNM's would've been (even without scaling)
18:00:44 <Eric> I think this is just a really big pump :-P
18:00:57 <JarnoO> haha
18:01:00 <CraigC> ;)
18:01:06 <Eric> Nothing to see in Norris, go back home!
18:01:08 <CraigC> Eric, enter it
18:01:37 <GO STEAMBOAT (9> maybe i will be there for 103?
18:01:44 <Eric> Well, bummer for Jeff....weekend SB eruption unlikely.
18:01:52 <Eric> OF
18:02:08 <KorbenC> Jarno, can you grab this OF too? I am installing things :)
18:02:17 <Eric> Alright...costco time for me, uggg
18:02:26 <JarnoO> already doing that, Korben
18:02:27 <CraigC> we might be in the park for the next 2, but who knows if it will go for us when we are watching
18:02:38 <JarnoO> cya Eric
18:02:53 <Forestbewithyou> bye Eric
18:03:33 <JarnoO> short
18:03:35 <CraigC> this has to be an amazing Sb with late afternoon lighting
18:03:55 <CraigC> I hope William is there. I bet he is
18:04:06 <JarnoO> and a Lion
18:04:23 <KevinS> CraigC, Any SB is amazing...
18:04:39 <CraigC> *more amazing
18:04:52 <Eric> Not SB, until it's confirmed Craig!
18:05:05 <CraigC> Eric, touche'
18:05:15 <CraigC> but I predicted it
18:05:22 <Eric> You did
18:05:24 <CraigC> that is why I have been on here all day
18:05:28 <Eric> so it can't be SB :-P
18:05:35 <CraigC> hahahahaha
18:05:38 <KevinS> YNR + You're Not Right
18:06:29 <CraigC> "predicted" is sarcasm for those who haven't caught on...... I use the word "guess" when I am being serious
18:08:23 <Forestbewithyou> lol
18:08:32 <KevinS> And when someone predicted that SB was dying, they must have meant YNM. What vision!
18:08:53 <CraigC> ;)
18:08:56 <Forestbewithyou> OMG!!!!
18:09:02 <Forestbewithyou> Mind Blown
18:10:38 <KorbenC> I refreshed my webpage FOres,t FYI
18:10:57 <Forestbewithyou> mkay
18:11:05 <KorbenC> try again
18:11:29 <Forestbewithyou> I sent one
18:11:32 <Forestbewithyou> can you try
18:11:42 <KorbenC> I sent three
18:11:52 <Forestbewithyou> what is going on then
18:11:55 <Forestbewithyou> I didn't get them
18:11:59 <KorbenC> I have no idea
18:12:04 <Forestbewithyou> ERIC
18:12:07 <Forestbewithyou> lol
18:12:08 <KorbenC> Try restarting your Computer
18:12:10 <Forestbewithyou> he left
18:12:13 <Forestbewithyou> ok
18:12:15 <Forestbewithyou> I will
18:12:19 <Forestbewithyou> Be back soon
18:12:47 <KorbenC> ok
18:15:30 <Forestbewithyou> I sent you a message
18:15:43 <Forestbewithyou> maybe it is your computer Korbeb
18:15:50 <Forestbewithyou> Korben*
18:15:59 <KorbenC> it isnt, I restarted twice once the problem started
18:16:10 <Forestbewithyou> I think we broke chat
18:16:15 <KorbenC> lol
18:16:15 <Forestbewithyou> where is eric when we need him
18:17:27 <JarnoO> AB
18:21:02 <Eric> Is chat broken?
18:21:08 <Eric> seems to work fine.
18:21:17 <Eric> Coop is broken.
18:21:20 <Eric> Gotta run
18:21:28 <JarnoO> haha
18:21:32 <Forestbewithyou> what
18:22:06 <Forestbewithyou> Me and Korben wern't recieving the PM's we were sending
18:22:25 <KorbenC> I am not broken!
18:22:32 <Forestbewithyou> lol
18:22:38 <Forestbewithyou> YOu sure
18:22:44 <KorbenC> yes
18:23:03 <Forestbewithyou> mkay
18:23:47 <Forestbewithyou> :-)
18:26:29 <ynpvisitor89> Dave broke Korben?
18:26:47 <Forestbewithyou> someone did
18:26:58 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor89, I am not broken :)
18:27:24 <Forestbewithyou> why are you glaring at me
18:27:33 <Forestbewithyou> you should be glaring at 89
18:27:34 <KorbenC> you are the someone who broke me :)
18:27:56 <Forestbewithyou> >:-D
18:27:59 <Forestbewithyou> groan
18:28:07 <Forestbewithyou> I was trying to do a different emoticon
18:28:12 <Forestbewithyou> but it didn't work
18:28:33 <Forestbewithyou> how did I break you
18:28:41 <KorbenC> you jsut did
18:28:46 <Forestbewithyou> how so
18:28:52 <KorbenC> yes :)
18:28:59 <Forestbewithyou> .............
18:29:25 <ynpvisitor76> get a room
18:29:40 <Forestbewithyou> ................................
18:29:48 <KorbenC> We cant, PM's dont work, lol
18:30:05 <ynpvisitor76> use messenger
18:30:17 <ynpvisitor76> text by phone
18:30:20 <ynpvisitor76> get creative
18:31:45 <Forestbewithyou> Korben check your email
18:31:59 <JarnoO> how about using pigeons?
18:32:06 <Forestbewithyou> can't
18:32:07 <KorbenC> hahaha
18:32:10 <Forestbewithyou> those are extinct
18:32:12 <Forestbewithyou> lol
18:32:14 <Craig M> Daves not here
18:32:39 <JarnoO> might run late because some weirdo from the Wacky Racers is after the bird
18:32:50 <Forestbewithyou> Kevin I got your message
18:32:58 <JarnoO> Bulger
18:33:16 <JarnoO> also sidevent steam
18:33:43 <KorbenC> William calls it Bulgers Mouth
18:33:57 <KorbenC> and it seems to splash about 6 inches during bulgers hole and its fills
18:34:09 <JarnoO> interesting
18:44:32 <KorbenC> Turban
18:44:59 <Forestbewithyou> Ok I am going to log off for tonight
18:45:12 <Forestbewithyou> Hopefully this will maybe be fixed or something will happen by tomorrow
18:45:15 <Forestbewithyou> or something
18:45:18 <Forestbewithyou> Good Night everyone
18:45:51 <KorbenC> Goodnight Forest
18:47:52 <JarnoO> cya Forest
18:53:31 <LindaG> 🙂 looks like the boat
18:53:33 <KorbenC> Hi and Bye Linda
18:53:59 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi and bye
19:05:21 <JarnoO> this Steamboat as seen by YNR. All use the HHZ band, with particle motion also including HHN and HHE:
19:05:50 <KorbenC> how different does YNM look from YNR with a SB?
19:05:53 <ynpvisitor75> SB confirmed
19:06:05 <LindaG> Yay!
19:06:22 <ynpvisitor75> Check out confirms on the entry ;)
19:06:29 <LindaG> A lot of people there?
19:07:03 <KorbenC> Lori got info from DNC that it is ie
19:07:51 <ynpvisitor75> Hmmm. From a trailhead though. That could be a bit misleading
19:09:02 <JarnoO> the folder I shared now also includes the seismic trace of HHZ
19:09:49 <ynpvisitor75> Cygnet Lake trailhead is pretty far from SB
19:11:23 <ynpvisitor75> You can even see if from OF static
19:11:33 <KorbenC> well, they have to get somewhere with cell service 75
19:12:04 <ynpvisitor75> Unless they saw it then text’d by TH
19:13:20 <ynpvisitor75> Well one time my brothers cousin got cell service at Norris from the SB platform
19:13:48 <KorbenC> Will Boekel said that he once got a call out to Ryan from the platform
19:13:55 <JarnoO> with that, I'm off for today. Enjoy Improbable
19:14:07 <KorbenC> Bye Jarno
19:14:23 <KorbenC> hmm, chat is being weird,,,
19:14:37 <KorbenC> That fixed it
19:16:04 <KorbenC> Daisy
19:16:58 <KorbenC> OF
19:20:09 <KorbenC> After this OF I am off for the night, godnight everyone
19:21:21 <LindaG> KorbenC, if you must
19:32:09 <KorbenC> FYI, before I leave here, there is another quake visible on YNR starting at 1928ish
19:32:24 <KorbenC> goodnight everyone
19:34:25 <LindaG> KorbenC, night
20:02:07 <LindaG> Nice
20:25:31 <KorbenC> SB had a THREE minute water phase
20:28:03 <LindaG> KorbenC, how do u know?
20:28:24 <KorbenC> it was entered into GT
20:28:38 <LindaG> KorbenC, ah
20:36:02 <Ryan> SB right on time
20:39:06 <ynpvisitor50> yes, it erupted at exactly the time it did
20:41:11 <ynpvisitor50> and not a minute sooner
20:41:21 <Ryan> Nicely in window too, nice to see it seems to be settling to good regularity again. Another couple eruptions like this and I will be inclined to retract my ‘beginning of the end’ statement as premature.
20:42:02 <Ryan> I forget what my middle prediction was. But my window ended at 10:58 tomorrow. I think the midpoint was midnight this morning?
21:01:32 <ynpvisitor106> Yikes. 3 minutes of water
21:15:34 <ynpvisitor68> .
21:15:34 <ynpvisitor68> .
21:15:35 <ynpvisitor68> .
21:15:40 <ynpvisitor68> Aurum'
22:03:38 <ynpvisitor68> Wholly, it is irresponsible to even think about getting rid of the grand prismatic overlook. Top 5 Yellowstone attraction. First mistake of your tenure.
22:03:47 <ynpvisitor68> Sholly*
22:05:06 <ynpvisitor27> ?