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01:39:38 <ynpvisitor9> fluffy
04:49:31 <JarnoO> morning all
04:52:00 <Jeff> morning JarnoO
04:52:03 <JarnoO> oh, you had the same idea :)
04:52:06 <JarnoO> morning Jeff
04:59:23 <ynpvisitor0000> any sign of Dome this morning?
05:07:26 <JarnoO> no sign of Dome yet, but this steam looks promising
05:08:29 <ynpvisitor0000> yes it does
05:09:07 <JarnoO> looks like series has started somewhere overnight
05:09:46 <ynpvisitor0000> I've been expecting it. Longest interval between series in a while ar over 11 days
05:10:35 <ynpvisitor0000> interval while give an idea of how long its been going
05:10:58 <JarnoO> maybe it started somewhere between 0100 and 0200 or a bit earlier. Took a while for the first water to appear and splashing didn't look that vigorous
05:11:29 <ynpvisitor0000> agree its been going for a while
05:13:20 <ynpvisitor0000> Looks like someone was out in basin to at least 2219 when Lion ini was
05:23:28 <ynpvisitor112> d
05:34:30 <ynpvisitor3> .nick KorbenC
05:34:39 <JarnoO> #commandfail
05:34:47 <ynpvisitor3> Hi Jarno
05:35:25 <JarnoO> morning Korben
05:35:28 <KorbenC> very colerfull Pacific Invests, Yellow, Orange, Red :)
05:35:42 <JarnoO> Daisy
05:44:15 <JarnoO> OT ie
05:45:39 <KorbenC> Hey Jeff
05:45:58 <Jeff> Hey korben
05:46:54 <Jeff> William said hey last night from aurum lol
05:47:27 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
05:48:34 <Jeff> I'm glad i decided to walk out to aurum last night lol I had to wait like 10-15 minutes for it lol
05:50:18 <ynpvisitor0000> bulger
05:52:37 <CC> Morning all
05:52:44 <KorbenC> Hi CC
05:52:45 <CC> Joe I have the cam
05:52:56 <JarnoO> morning CC
06:18:10 <Ryan> Morning CC. When OF erupts can you zoom in towards the end? We are collecting data on OF and it helps to be see the end of the eruption.
06:18:16 <Ryan> Hope all is well up ther.
06:18:26 <JarnoO> morning Ryan
06:19:38 <KorbenC> Hi Ryan
06:19:45 <Ryan> Morning JO and KC
06:19:54 <Ryan> I am about to copy over the new E times
06:19:58 <KorbenC> I can grab this one
06:20:05 <KorbenC> Ryan, :thumbsup: so you got my email :)
06:20:08 <CC> OF
06:20:10 <Ryan> Thanks, for both POF and SB
06:20:23 <KorbenC> whats POF?
06:20:28 <CC> preplay
06:20:51 <CC> Now
06:20:51 <JarnoO> this looks better
06:21:03 <Ryan> OF
06:21:08 <KorbenC> can you zoom out so we can see the peak?
06:21:12 <KorbenC> thanks
06:21:19 <Ryan> KC, 20 May 2020 doesnt make sense
06:21:26 <KorbenC> wdym
06:21:36 <Ryan> I have 19 May 2020 at 2011 for SB
06:21:41 <JarnoO> this is a good OF with backlight. Ideal for timing purposes
06:21:49 <Ryan> you have 20 May 22:10
06:21:56 <KorbenC> oops
06:21:59 <Ryan> OH
06:22:01 <Ryan> Wait
06:22:12 <KorbenC> no, your rightn
06:22:21 <Ryan> ok, and makes sense now. 0210 - 6hrs is 2010
06:22:30 <KorbenC> and dont forget they are in UTC time (just subract 6hours)
06:22:37 <KorbenC> The Number is pretty clear
06:22:41 <KorbenC> The eruption data is pretty clear
06:22:45 <KorbenC> the time to the right is UTC
06:22:50 <JarnoO> Ryan can do math at times :D
06:23:00 <KorbenC> So I added 6 horus to everything so that S.W.A.R.M would work
06:23:39 <KorbenC> but I already accounted for daylight savings :)
06:23:43 <Ryan> Cool thanks!
06:23:53 <Ryan> Can you run YNR for the last few?
06:24:13 <KorbenC> I think Jarno was plannign to do YNR, I can run them for the June 2020 though
06:24:19 <KorbenC> once I am done filling out OF data
06:31:18 <Ryan> June 23, 2019 KC check that one too
06:33:21 <KorbenC> Ryan, what about it
06:33:25 <KorbenC> it looks right too me
06:34:03 <Ryan> IPO was 0152
06:34:22 <Ryan> 24 June 20219
06:34:26 <JarnoO> Dome ie
06:34:42 <KorbenC> Ryan, I am confused
06:35:03 <Ryan> Me too
06:35:10 <KorbenC> (23 Jun 2019 @ 1246 maj 4d 10h 26m ) +6 hours = 1846
06:35:13 <Ryan> I just looked it up
06:35:16 <KorbenC> +6 hours
06:35:22 <KorbenC> =1846
06:35:28 <Ryan> OOPS JULY 24
06:35:59 <KorbenC> also looks correct, lol
06:36:47 <Ryan> July 24 I have an in person start time of 0152, a full 5 min before YNM
06:36:53 <Ryan> Which is not normal.
06:37:51 <KorbenC> I will check :)
06:38:38 <Ryan> July 21 2018 also has ten minutes difference between waveform and spectro
06:39:49 <KorbenC> Ryan, I fixed that
06:39:59 <KorbenC> but Jul 24th does not show spectrogram start until 758
06:40:50 <KorbenC> if oyu want me to prove it I can send oyu a screen shot :)
06:41:42 <Ryan> No i believe you
06:41:59 <Ryan> I think Craig's watch was off or something. The only other one that was way off like that was a similar issue
06:42:24 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
06:42:24 <LindaG> I can take cam
06:42:29 <LindaG> good morning
06:42:40 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
06:42:56 <KorbenC> - thats a pretty clear start time :)
06:43:58 <LindaG> I have cam
06:44:28 <CC> okay
06:44:52 <LindaG> CC, have a nice day
06:45:43 <Ryan> castle
06:45:54 <JarnoO> the first Steamboat of this active phase does not become obvious on YNR until 0537(:20) and even for that you have to look really closely
06:47:08 <Ryan> Thats weird
06:49:43 <KorbenC> Ryan, Hopefully the YNM Data helps :)
06:50:17 <KorbenC> Morning DOug
06:50:25 <ynpvisitor58> Lions shadow
06:50:29 <DougB> mornin'
06:50:57 <JarnoO> Linda, can you pan to Lion?
06:50:57 <Ryan> it does
06:51:03 <ynpvisitor58> across the meadow??
06:51:07 <JarnoO> morning Doug?
06:51:08 <ynpvisitor58> .
06:51:35 <ynpvisitor58> too late
06:51:35 <JarnoO> sun's still low, so it would create long shadows
06:51:40 <KorbenC> Ryan, also, when are you going to update your spreadsheet for the last SB?
06:52:38 <KorbenC> Ryan, also when using the data makes sure to take note of Waveform vs. Spectrogram, they are simmilar but not the same
06:53:13 <Ryan> I just take the earlier of the two
06:53:22 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
06:55:24 <KorbenC> Castle
06:55:34 <KorbenC> looks like a major
06:55:35 <JarnoO> since 0645, Korben
06:55:49 <KorbenC> yes, but it looked like it was gonna go to steam for a second
06:57:26 <JarnoO> OT
06:57:36 <JarnoO> I think
06:57:48 <JarnoO> nope, it's Twilight
06:57:49 <KorbenC> no
06:57:58 <KorbenC> stea f]]om tlldrt
06:58:03 <KorbenC> wow
06:58:09 <KorbenC> steam from twilight*
06:58:34 <LindaG> KorbenC, I thought maybe you were trying to learn Dutch lol
06:59:10 <JarnoO> well... that's not how Dutch works, Linda :)
06:59:36 <ynpvisitor58> the shadow across the meadow started 0645 and ended ~ 0651 Probaly lion ini :)
06:59:39 <LindaG> JarnoO, I know it just reminded me of it for some reason
07:01:26 <LindaG> Lc ie
07:02:00 <Ryan> MC
07:07:50 <KorbenC> Ryan, Karben C, lol :p
07:08:13 <ynpvisitor58> Jarno, based on the getvideo and the shadow can you make a rough prediction for the next Lion, just for fun :)
07:09:01 <JarnoO> 0805Ā±10m if series continues
07:09:20 <ynpvisitor58> tks
07:10:08 <Ryan> Craig posted a photo fo SB on instagram
07:10:12 <Ryan> Pretty impressive yesterday
07:10:34 <KorbenC> Link?
07:10:59 <Ryan> instagram
07:11:12 <Ryan> not sure you can get a link from there
07:11:49 <Ryan> And atleast from the photo he took it was super watery
07:13:46 <LindaG> Oh.electeic peak.looks nice, great clouds
07:15:33 <LindaG> Grand
07:15:34 <LindaG> .
07:15:35 <LindaG> .
07:15:46 <LindaG> .
07:15:52 <Ryan> poof
07:16:51 <Ryan> Next OF should be 7:29 +/-8min
07:18:24 <LindaG> sorey
07:20:01 <Ryan> 7:59******
07:21:11 <LindaG> Morning graham
07:23:37 <KorbenC> Hi Grahahm
07:24:02 <LindaG> 2nd?
07:24:03 <JarnoO> morning Graham
07:25:25 <LindaG> Think there was a 2nd in there?
07:27:51 <Forestbewithyou> Whats poppin everyone??
07:28:09 <KorbenC> Hey Forest my man.
07:28:19 <KorbenC> Forest, Popcorn maybe??? lol
07:28:19 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hey
07:28:37 <Forestbewithyou> Ahh
07:28:38 <Forestbewithyou> I see
07:28:43 <Forestbewithyou> I like popcorn
07:29:18 <LindaG> Daisy soon
07:29:23 <JarnoO> morning Forest
07:30:53 <JarnoO> Grotto somewhere near start
07:32:36 <ynpvisitor58> )723 for Grotto is what I see
07:32:44 <ynpvisitor58> 0723
07:32:49 <JarnoO> Grotto started somewhere during Grand. 0723 ie
07:36:47 <KorbenC2> stupid me hit the power button instead of pressing esc :P
07:37:29 <JarnoO> don't hold it that button for that long :)
07:37:52 <Forestbewithyou> yea
07:38:03 <Ryan> JO and KC
07:38:18 <Ryan> I am plotting heat maps for Duration and interval TOD
07:38:19 <JarnoO> ?
07:38:25 <KorbenC2> Ryan, yeah?
07:38:35 <KorbenC2> Whats TOD? is that a name?
07:38:41 <Ryan> Check it out. No correlation for interval and TOD but there sure seems to be something for duration and TOD
07:38:45 <Ryan> (time of day)
07:38:47 <JarnoO> Daisy
07:38:47 <LindaG> Daisy
07:39:07 <KorbenC2> oh, OK
07:39:48 <JarnoO> hm, I reckon we'd need some more data before we can truly make a case for a diurnal bimodal OF :)
07:39:49 <GO STEAMBOAT (3> morning, in and out of work meetings today
07:40:25 <JarnoO> observer bias may be accounted for that distribution too, as well as steam
07:40:55 <JarnoO> but regardless, it's an interesting find
07:42:21 <LindaG> Dome ie
07:42:27 <JarnoO> Dome
07:42:41 <JarnoO> actually ns, not on 0741 static
07:43:03 <Ryan> Dunno, JO. Wouldnt steam make it look longer?
07:43:50 <KorbenC2> I think it is smart to draw that graph now, that way we have an idea of what to look out for in the future if we need to
07:43:52 <Ryan> I'd expect a trend to shorter durations midday as cold mornings and evenings would make durations look longer
07:44:05 <JarnoO> you're right, actually
07:44:48 <Ryan> That said, the most common duration range is around 4 min and that has a pretty even spread across the day.
07:45:00 <Ryan> Interesting theres a spat of shorter durations in the mornings though.
07:45:46 <Ryan> Histograms are next lol
07:47:02 <JarnoO> morning Mike
07:47:06 <Mike J> Greetings all. HOpe everyone is doing good.
07:47:19 <LindaG> Mike J, hi
07:47:29 <Mike J> And a good day to you JarnoO, LindaG, et al
07:47:45 <KorbenC2> Hi Mike
07:47:47 <LindaG> Mike J, how r u doing?
07:48:44 <ynpvisitor58> :)
07:49:16 <KorbenC2> Hello Joe :)
07:50:41 <LindaG> OF
07:50:41 <Ryan> Alright
07:50:56 <KorbenC2> whos grabbing this one?
07:50:58 <Ryan> Histos are up for Time of Day, Intervals, and Durations, I dont see anything too shocking there.
07:51:08 <JarnoO> I can do this one
07:51:10 <Ryan> Not me, I have to get some work done here.
07:51:10 <Mike J> Another balmy 110 in the desert LindaG Just hiding out in the a/c
07:51:38 <LindaG> Mike J, šŸ˜Š good place to be
07:52:18 <Mike J> The time of year when it is easy for a lot of us to self-quarantine. Other than the mad desire to drive to Yellowstone.
07:52:36 <LindaG> Mike J, šŸ™„
07:53:05 <LindaG> Mike J, how long from Phoenix to YNP?
07:53:50 <Mike J> It's a 12 to 14 hour drive - a good hunk of it interstate.
07:54:16 <Mike J> Going up, I'll often stop in Pocatello for the night, but driving back I usually just want to get home.
07:54:17 <LindaG> Mike J, That's substantial ride
07:54:44 <Mike J> LindaG I like windshield time. And I've got a lot of music and podcasts I listen to. So, I really don't mind it.
07:55:01 <LindaG> Mike J, That's great
07:55:47 <Mike J> Was actually planning two trips up there this year, one of them right now. Both got cancelled. Still hoping for late August Sept.
07:56:42 <LindaG> Mike J, i.was supposed to be there this week, i cancelled it
07:57:08 <LindaG> Next year hopefully
07:58:21 <Mike J> LindaG Would have been good to meet. A number of times over the last few years, the park is my Fathers Day present I give myself.
07:59:50 <LindaG> That's a nice present. Yes would have been.
08:01:58 <LindaG> Lion
08:02:47 <JarnoO> LC ie
08:03:12 <LindaG> Just in case Aurum sneaks in šŸ˜Š
08:03:23 <JarnoO> or GHG-13 :D
08:03:29 <LindaG> Sep looks hot too
08:03:34 <LindaG> Dep
08:03:34 <KorbenC2> :D
08:04:12 <ynpvisitor58> Shadow Geysers are just as good as the real thing :)
08:04:28 <LindaG> With all that splashing last night never did see it
08:05:23 <LindaG> ynpvisitor58, hi
08:06:03 <ynpvisitor58> Hi Linda
08:06:27 <LindaG> Dome ie
08:07:16 <KorbenC2> Dome oyu mean ns Linda? :p
08:10:03 <JarnoO> Next Lion @ 0908Ā±5m if series continues. 3m46s
08:11:02 <ynpvisitor58> an anemone
08:11:18 <JarnoO> the little variety
08:12:22 <ynpvisitor58> 0808 ie
08:12:46 <JarnoO> 0808 already ie for Little?
08:13:01 <ynpvisitor58> yes
08:13:06 <JarnoO> :thumbsup:
08:13:17 <LindaG> I seem to catch mug during day but at knight lighting is horrible
08:13:19 <JarnoO> changed
08:13:24 <LindaG> A3c
08:13:26 <JarnoO> 3C
08:15:08 <LindaG> 3c is happy
08:20:39 <LindaG> Mug
08:22:27 <JarnoO> a name for GHG-13 which will likely not be approved but who knows: Curiosity Spring. Reason being that several people looked for some time into its vent after it had erupted yesterday. It also means that it must've been doing something which made an otherwise non-descript vent catch the interest of them
08:24:23 <JarnoO> though keep it at GHG-13 for now. Likely won't do such action again for a while
08:24:25 <LindaG> Ba
08:24:26 <JarnoO> AB
08:25:14 <JarnoO> nice Imp action
08:25:47 <KorbenC2> Jarno, I sent GOSA listserv the email with soem info on how to discern seismic signals, and what false signatures look like.
08:29:35 <LindaG> Dome
08:29:43 <JarnoO> looks good, Korben
08:29:53 <KorbenC2> JarnoO, :thumbsup:,thanks
08:32:15 <Forestbewithyou> ^_^
08:33:24 <LindaG> BA
08:33:30 <JarnoO> Korben, Dolly post-tropical. EPac 80/80 (1), 30/30 (2), 60/80 (3), 0/30 (4); CPac 80/80 (1)
08:33:55 <JarnoO> CPac is EPac 1
08:34:14 <KorbenC2> I saw that, thanks
08:34:30 <JarnoO> AQL
08:34:31 <JarnoO> AL*
08:34:58 <JarnoO> also, NHC mentions that #1 could form into a depression later today or tonight
08:35:10 <Mike J> Sometimes it feels like Christmas around here with the adults spelling everything
08:35:12 <KorbenC2> Jarno, (3) is also 80/80 not 60/0
08:35:36 <Ryan> Nicely done, KC
08:35:54 <KorbenC2> for what? forgeting the 8 from the 60/80?
08:35:57 <JarnoO> I see 60/80 in the tropical weather outlook of 0500 PDT
08:35:58 <KorbenC2> H Kevin
08:36:07 <JarnoO> morning Kevin
08:36:09 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Morning
08:36:17 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, hi
08:36:35 <KorbenC2> I see 80/80, 30/30, 80/80, 0/30. With Cpac having 80/80 which is the same Invest as one in Pac
08:36:48 <KorbenC2> IDK
08:37:06 <KorbenC2> ohg wait, hahaha, nevermind
08:37:17 <JarnoO> do you need glasses?
08:37:32 <KorbenC2> I was looking at 5day thinking I was looking at 2day
08:37:41 <Forestbewithyou> LOL
08:37:41 <KorbenC2> no, I have very good vision.
08:37:55 <Forestbewithyou> ćƒ¾(ā‰§ā–½ā‰¦*)o
08:38:00 <Forestbewithyou> dang it
08:38:10 <Forestbewithyou> ļ¼ˆ*ļ¼¾-ļ¼¾*ļ¼‰
08:38:13 <Ryan> no the email
08:38:33 <KorbenC2> 825 Aurum Post Eruptive
08:38:42 <KorbenC2> likely erupted while we were on Mug :)
08:39:13 <JarnoO> the only frame which looks remotely close to Aurum, is 0727
08:44:41 <JarnoO> morning Craig
08:44:50 <CraigC> Any ideas on grand?
08:45:04 <CraigC> Hey Jarno
08:45:17 <Ryan> erupted this morning
08:45:28 <Ryan> next Grand 1310+/-60
08:45:36 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
08:46:07 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Grand was 0715:18
08:47:18 <CraigC> Thanks
08:47:33 <KorbenC2> Hey Craig
08:47:49 <CraigC> Hey Forest, Cooper
08:47:55 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hey Craig, do you remember the pink popcorn from the 60's?
08:48:10 <CraigC> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, yes, lol
08:48:21 <CraigC> Hated it
08:48:34 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> We were talking about that the other day. Do they still make it?
08:48:44 <JarnoO> morning Jimbo. I see you moved to the noble metals today
08:48:53 <CraigC> I hope not ;)
08:49:11 <Silverado> I like 'em better than those pesky rare earths
08:49:30 <JarnoO> :)
08:49:37 <LindaG> 3c
08:49:38 <KorbenC2> Jarno, or did Jimbo jsut want to be nice car :)
08:49:57 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> We used to have it when we were West Utah but since we changed to East california the food has changed.
08:50:04 <Silverado> You just inspired a trivia question in my mind that I am compelled to get the answer to.
08:50:21 <LindaG> May have just missed mug
08:51:22 <Silverado> The melting point of silver is 1,763Ā°F / 961.8Ā°C -- a lot higher than rubidium!
08:54:57 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> What did you do to the cam Linda?
08:55:23 <Ryan(lunch)> bbl
08:55:27 <DougB> I found myself jumping on the boardwalk in a futile effort to get a better look at Dome.
08:55:38 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, I'm innocent
08:55:41 <JarnoO> cya Ryan, enjoy
08:55:47 <DougB> geysercam is better for that
08:55:58 <LindaG> Dome
09:15:56 <LindaG> SC IE
09:22:38 <LindaG> /gt daisy
09:26:54 <LindaG> KorbenC2, are you doing this one?
09:31:26 <KorbenC2> I can do this one :)
09:31:31 <KorbenC2> Sorry, I was taking a shower
09:31:51 <LindaG> Ok I would have done s video
09:32:02 <ynpvisitor89> Jumping on the boardwalk is not the way to do it. You need to get off the boardwalk for a better view. Plus jumping on them, just causes damage.
09:32:40 <KorbenC2> LindaG, :thumbsup: thanks, and to answer you question of why I wanted camera on bulger a few days ago, I am writing a sput article on it, and it was about time for it to have an eruption :)
09:33:25 <LindaG> KorbenC2, ok the reason I asked is because you asked for it and then said you were leaving for night.
09:33:41 <KorbenC2> yes, but I go back every night I see it :)
09:34:19 <LindaG> OF
09:34:37 <KorbenC2> maybe
09:34:38 <KorbenC2> yup
09:37:45 <KorbenC2> looks like ti want to be medium, and succedded
09:37:51 <KorbenC2> yup, medium
09:39:37 <Katie> Hi all
09:39:42 <LindaG> daisy didn't wait it's just at 2 hours
09:40:06 <LindaG> Katie, hi
09:40:32 <LindaG> Daisy
09:40:39 <LindaG> down there it is
09:41:51 <LindaG> *wow
09:42:00 <KorbenC2> Hi Katie
09:43:36 <KorbenC2> Next OF 11:07 +/- 8 mins
09:49:24 <LindaG> 3c
09:51:35 <KorbenC2> 3c again
09:52:32 <LindaG> Its on a roll
09:56:04 <LindaG> Mug
09:56:09 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Dinner roll?
09:56:24 <LindaG> wow
09:56:29 <KorbenC2> No Kevin, Hawaiian sweet roll
09:56:47 <LindaG> with a little mustard
09:57:04 <LindaG> That was an active 3c and mug
09:57:10 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Horseradish brown mustard.
09:57:40 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Maybe with a brat on it.
09:58:01 <LindaG> BA
09:58:25 <KorbenC2> I dont tkink I could fit on a roll Kevin :)
09:58:34 <LindaG> Yum
09:58:43 <LindaG> KorbenC2, lol
09:59:22 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Looks like we missed Aurum.
10:00:02 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, you have a chance though
10:00:26 <LindaG> Controles released
10:00:28 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Yep. I hear Perry Mason music.
10:00:37 <ynpvisitor13> Cool mugwump
10:00:54 <ynpvisitor13> 1st lasted about 10 seconds
10:00:55 <LindaG> ynpvisitor13, that had quite a few bursts
10:01:01 <KorbenC2> Hi Craig
10:01:10 <ynpvisitor13> Hey
10:01:22 <LindaG> 3c was very active and strong also
10:01:28 <LindaG> ynpvisitor13, hi
10:01:50 <LindaG> bbl
10:02:17 <ynpvisitor13> Is joe there to make a video
10:02:26 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Going birding?
10:03:04 <KorbenC2> bye Linda
10:03:33 <ynpvisitor13> Cooper, send me another friend request, I'll add you back
10:04:13 <KorbenC2> it says I cant
10:04:28 <ynpvisitor13> 3c
10:05:05 <ynpvisitor13> KorbenC2, will you do a getvideo and download it
10:05:16 <KorbenC2> download the Mugwump?
10:05:37 <ynpvisitor13> Yes
10:05:44 <KorbenC2> sure, I can do that
10:06:20 <KorbenC2> WB Ryan
10:06:34 <ynpvisitor13> Thanks, ill figure out how to get you back on facebook tonight when we get back to the trailer
10:06:38 <KorbenC2> Craig, its 110MB its gonna take a while
10:07:09 <ynpvisitor13> 3c is still active after the mug
10:11:07 <Eric> Morning all
10:11:14 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi
10:11:15 <KorbenC2> Hi Eric
10:11:22 <KorbenC2> Craig, you still here?
10:11:54 <KorbenC2> I see Craig I thin :)
10:12:25 <Eric> Hi Kevin & Coop
10:13:31 <Forestbewithyou> Hi eric
10:14:23 <Ryan> I am sure it will change with time but the TOD plot makes me laugh
10:14:37 <Ryan> like, awe man. OF really hates 5am, 10am, and 8pm lol
10:15:36 <KorbenC2> Ryan, lol
10:19:07 <Ryan> I can't help but notice that the same people complaining here in PA about COVID restrictions also refuse to wear a mask due to paranoia or fake science (or both)
10:19:31 <Ryan> I dont wear a mask nearly enough, and I get it, I am likely a part of the problem.. so I really dont complain much about it.
10:20:04 <Ryan> But the people who both complain about the masks and the restrictions make me shake my head. I wanna know who raised them...
10:21:43 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> If a fart can make it through a pair of underwear, a pair of blue jeans, and a seat cushion, what chance does a piece of paper have to stop a virus?
10:22:50 <Ryan> Quite a high chance actually. Those virons are attached to droplets in your breath, and the mask does actually catch those droplets, those that it doesnt catch are substantially slow down.
10:23:24 <Ryan> Think about when you see your breath on a cold morning, think about how far that cloud of mist goes away from you. Now think about it again with a mask on.
10:24:11 <ynpvisitor112> breath on a frosty morning is a good example Ryan
10:24:55 <Ryan> 112, that was what drove it home for me. So often I see my breath underground...
10:28:51 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I do use a respirator when I make pens. It is surprising how much the filters do catch especially when sanding. (I got from 220 to 36,000 grit.)
10:33:55 <Ryan> Ever make fountain pens, Kevin?
10:34:25 <KorbenC2> Ryan, you still cant figure it out?
10:34:28 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Yes I have. Made one last month.
10:35:09 <Ryan> Oh its the nib, KC. The pen body is fine.
10:35:23 <Ryan> Do you sell your work, Kevin? I'd be game for buying a fountain pen.
10:35:57 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I do. Just email me.
10:36:12 <KorbenC2> what kinds of pens do you make?
10:36:51 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Various styles. Mostly acrylic and wood.
10:38:39 <KorbenC2> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, do you make Rollerball Pnes?
10:38:43 <KorbenC2> Pens*
10:39:31 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I have some. There is a train pen that can be doe as a rollerball or a fountain pen.
10:39:49 <KorbenC2> do you ahve a website?
10:39:55 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Also a shotgun shell pen.
10:40:41 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> No, I just mostly do them as a hobby but I will sell some for friends.
10:41:32 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Good jet from BH
10:41:48 <KorbenC2> I might be interested in a Rollerball Pen, IDK where I put my old one, I think I left it in school at some point.
10:42:31 <Ryan> I *really* like fountain pens. Smoothest and most enjoyable for writing for me. I just find most to be way too heavy
10:43:15 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> They do seem to weigh more than a normal pen. I like them too.
10:44:09 <Ryan> I meant in line weight
10:44:33 <Ryan> I like mine to be very fine or fine (0.7mm or less) seems I struggle to get less than 1 usually
10:47:01 <Ryan> I forgot to take a photo of the finished working map from yesterday, JO and KC.
10:47:41 <Ryan> I am working on another one now, one much closer to home, it stretches across several pages. I am going there on Saturday I will send some of the working map stuff. It is very different from the one you saw yesterday.
10:48:18 <Ryan> Kevin:
10:48:26 <Ryan> Hand drafting working maps before digitizing.
10:49:06 <Ryan> I need to make a drafting table :P
10:49:55 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I love hand drawn maps and plans. I did a few of them for the I-515 plans.
10:50:25 <Ryan> Me too. I suck at lettering though.
10:50:49 <Ryan> I have considered hand drafting and then typing over the drafts.
10:51:21 <KorbenC2> Ryan, hwos your rocket coming?
10:55:23 <Silverado> Hey, quick question: I looked at the Google Maps satellite map at highest zoom; is there any "dry" ground between Mugwump and Three Crater, or is it just shallow water?
10:55:55 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Here is a picture of some pens:
10:56:24 <Ryan> wow!
10:56:48 <KorbenC2> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, WOW! Those are sepctacular
10:57:54 <GO STEAMBOAT (3> Mug and 3 Crater are different vents in the same pool area
10:58:09 <GO STEAMBOAT (3> no dry ground between them
10:58:32 <GO STEAMBOAT (3> or UNNG-MYR-1 which is on the edge of the same pool close to the cars
10:59:00 <GO STEAMBOAT (3> have not seen any reports of it this year tho
11:01:20 <Ryan> oh hey, this OF was in our window :P
11:03:03 <KorbenC2> Ryan, you can take this one, good luck
11:03:12 <Ryan> lol
11:11:16 <Ryan> 10:59:54 start +/-6s
11:13:23 <Ryan> Next OF: 12:34:02 +/- 8m30s
11:32:35 <KorbenC2> I am off for a while, be back around 330PM
11:33:07 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Have fun. :P
11:35:14 <Eric> Alright...24 /getvideo recording archive is back on this page. Sorry about that.
11:35:18 <Eric> 24 hour
11:39:04 <Eric> nice daisy
11:41:23 <Silverado> Thanks GO STEAMBOAT/Graham
11:41:28 <Forestbewithyou> šŸ‘
11:42:22 <Forestbewithyou> I have recieved a way in my recent computer update to use emojis so šŸ¤ÆšŸ¤Æ
11:42:41 <JarnoO> chat bugged out again
11:42:54 <Forestbewithyou> uhoh
11:43:00 <Eric> bugged out?
11:43:09 <Eric> Hi Forest & Jarno
11:43:14 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Eric
11:43:55 <JarnoO> yep. Reloaded the page for archive to work again, but it made the chat a white window too. Fixed it with /quit and /join, but chatter list is still empty :P
11:44:30 <JarnoO> and it seems #61 joining fixed it
11:45:08 <Forestbewithyou> Yea
11:45:12 <Forestbewithyou> that happens to me all the time
11:45:23 <Forestbewithyou> Personal messages don't change though
11:45:23 <JarnoO> Should actually try to reproduce it with the F12 window open. I wonder if it's some form of race condition taking place
11:45:44 <Forestbewithyou> they stay a white box
11:47:47 <Eric> yep, sometimes a refresh can screw up your cookies and the chat
11:47:57 <Eric> I think it's a updated session issue
11:48:23 <Eric> use /quit /connect username instead
11:48:31 <Eric> I never have problems with that combo
11:49:40 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I could actually get the new Edge to work!
11:50:51 <Forestbewithyou> I use edge all teh time for this
11:51:05 <Forestbewithyou> just because it is my only browser that has easy flash
11:51:12 <Forestbewithyou> chrome is a pain to get flash to work
11:52:36 <Ryan> I remember when you used to have to make the computer scream to get online. Now were complaining about flash
11:52:53 <Forestbewithyou> lol
11:53:23 <Ryan> You sacrificed the telephone line and while it slowly died you heard the computer screaming in grief and agony.
11:53:56 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I remember typing faster than it could send the data.
11:54:15 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> The old 300 baud modem!
11:54:17 <Ryan> Sometimes it didnt work and you killed the inncocent phone line for nothing.
11:54:33 <Ryan> "56K ought to be enough for anyone"
11:55:00 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Did you every use a cassette tape for storage Ryan?
11:55:09 <Ryan> unfortunately
11:55:17 <Ryan> Dome 1155
11:55:19 <Rice> Oh, I did, Comodore 64
11:55:36 <Rice> Then upgraded to a 5-1/4 floppy, it was amazing!
11:56:00 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> My first computer was the fancy deluxe 16k model!
11:56:49 <kc (working)> LOAD "*",8,1 LOAD ERROR
11:57:01 <Ryan> I remember playing computer games where the floppy had to be in the computer to run.
11:57:01 <Rice> As a kid, I loved my C-64
11:57:03 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I did some 8" floppies at work but had the 5 1/4" at home.
11:57:24 <Ryan> And that was Oregon trail. You never won. You just died horribly and painfully but those graphics kept you coming back for more
11:57:31 <Rice> "*",8,1 Wow that is something I haven't thought of in years.
11:57:43 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I remember that one.
11:58:03 <Rice> There is an Oregon Trail App for the apple devices, same old program we had for the Apple IIe
11:58:16 <Ryan> Anyone else use photoshop with the "bomb" feature?
11:58:17 <Rice> My daughter plays it, and she wins
11:58:35 <Ryan> you clicked it and the page graphically epxloded?
12:00:06 <Rice> I cant remember what the ,8,1 means anymore, wow.
12:00:32 <Forestbewithyou> I know what you guys are talking about but those were before my time
12:00:35 <Ryan> The earliest computer I can remember using by virtue of someone having it, was an Apple Macintosh....? I think?
12:00:40 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I liked flying into the volcano in Hawaii in flight simulator.
12:01:10 <Ryan> It was the boxy one about the size of a modern toaster oven, had two big floppys in the front. Black and green screen
12:01:45 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I remember HK did some testing for Apple. He had a computer sent to him that was boards on a piece of plywood once.
12:01:52 <Ryan> Thats the earliest one I ever used because someone had that as their PC. I think that was 1996 - I was 2 and I vaguely remember it.
12:02:22 <Ryan> Earliest I ever used just because was a Commodore 64.
12:03:12 <Ryan> And one time in college I used a simulator for some IBM thing from the 60s that ran on punch cards. No reason, just because. I did a calculus oroblem on it and it took three or four times what I could do it by hand in.
12:03:38 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> My brother and I dis software in assembly back in the 80's. I remember graphics on a piece of graph paper and coded in by hand in hexidecimal.
12:04:38 <Ryan> punch card reader hooked up to a PC. Software then processed it at the same speed as the IBM from the 60s would have and spat out information.
12:05:03 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> This was our software:
12:05:41 <Rice> The first CNC machine I ever ran, used punch cards, everything was working fine till I mixed up a card, and drove a tool straight down fast into a block of steel
12:06:37 <Ryan> Makes G-code look like Windows XP
12:10:37 <Rice> Simpler times, when I was just an engineer.
12:14:51 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> What kind of train did you drive Rice?
12:15:23 <Ryan> I do enjoy the hand drafting of maps. I usually put in anything requiring repetitive patterns like floor patterns and water.
12:15:57 <Ryan> Modern maps are very nice looking, but sometimes people go overboard on detail and color. I like the simple, monochromatic style of old maps.
12:16:15 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I hand drew the plans for my depot Ryan.
12:17:15 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Have you used a LeRoy set Ryan?
12:17:36 <Ryan> That OK given what its used for
12:18:16 <Ryan> thats the style that I like.
12:18:30 <Ryan> I used a leroy set once, I had a pretty hard time with it though.
12:18:49 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I like the 2nd one best too.
12:19:14 <Ryan> Typically now I will print out the line plot and draw the walls on by hand, and then the rocks.
12:19:35 <Ryan> Almost everything else will be digital because I just can't draw even plans.
12:19:36 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I was good with them in my day but I couldn't do one now.
12:20:10 <Ryan> But walls and rocks are a royal PIA to do digitially, ESPECIALLY rocks. I hate rocks.
12:20:18 <Ryan> Can yal tell I dislike rocks?
12:21:03 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I still have my round thing maker, oval thing maker, square thing maker, nut maker, and a few more Berol templates.
12:23:10 <Ryan> I have some of those, too.
12:24:27 <Ryan> I'll do layers by hand, too. One layer for survey data, one layer for the walls, one for the rocks. Scan them all into a computer and composite them and add the detail that digital is good for.
12:25:13 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I like that.
12:26:55 <Ryan> Floor patterns, ledges, and geological patterns, and text, are great for digital. I find conglomerating walls, rocks, slopes, and general sizing best when done by eyes. It is hard to judge on a computer screen what looks good at what scale. I've done entire maps by digital, printed it out and been like 'well, that sucks' cause there is so much detail it all blurs together...
12:28:39 <Ryan> Of course, scan the layers by hand and you'll have more than enough detail to print at any size.
12:31:43 <Ryan> What I need, and eventually will probably make, is a drafting table that lights up from below.
12:32:30 <Ryan> and has the capability of holding multiple sheets of vellum together (I dont use mylar)
12:32:41 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Those are nice. I really miss the one we used in highway design.
12:33:12 <Ryan> I dont need the long straight edges, which is nice. Cartography rarely uses long straight lines lol
12:33:55 <Ryan> Map key, borders, etc, is all done digitally later
12:34:24 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> That is true unless you are doing maps made by man made points.
12:34:54 <Ryan> True, but our survey lines are often at such high inclinations, and so complex, that I let the computer plot it.
12:35:24 <Ryan> I draw one straight line on every sheet of paper and thats what lines it up. Its the true north line.
12:37:17 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I think half the surveyors were drunk when they did the initial surveys.
12:37:34 <Ryan> I take the computer plot as the base layer, transfer it to vellum. Then I lay the notes that were drawn in cave under the vellum plot lines. I put another layer over that and drawn the walls on, then another layer with the rocks, etc and so on. Where the bottom light would come in is when i have several vellum layers.
12:37:44 <Ryan> Hey! I resembled that remark!
12:41:43 <Ryan> Next cave map I draw will be done with the half hand half digital setup. Will see how it goes.
12:42:01 <Ryan> i got this OF
12:42:31 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I do that with some model railroad plans
12:43:14 <JarnoO> that was fast
12:43:38 <JarnoO> those peeps seem way to close to that bison
12:43:50 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Doggie in the background
12:50:02 <Ryan> Next OF: 13:50:35 +/- 7min
12:54:36 <JarnoO> Beehive static
12:54:41 <JarnoO> .
12:54:41 <JarnoO> .
12:54:42 <JarnoO> .
12:54:43 <JarnoO> .
12:54:43 <JarnoO> .
12:55:03 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> ugh!
12:55:22 <Ryan> gee thanks BH
12:56:39 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> This is where it would be good to have a person reporting Turbans.
12:56:40 <JarnoO> don't see anything what remotely represents Indy on frames before 1251, so I assume no Indicator or very short one
12:57:52 <JarnoO> might've caught it earlier if I wasn't measuring the distance from Lone Star trailhead to Shoshone for some reason
12:57:52 <ynpvisitor2> rats, I was even on the computer
12:57:59 <JarnoO> Ot ie
12:58:05 <ynpvisitor2> should have checked here first
12:58:34 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> We all missed it
12:59:43 <JarnoO> BenVL caught it from Hams parking lot
13:00:40 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> That is frustrating.
13:06:47 <Eric> Jarno, I highly recommend for measuring trail distances :-D
13:06:56 <Eric> Auto flows with the trail.
13:07:18 <Eric> and follows best branching paths
13:09:57 <Eric>
13:10:05 <Eric> Took about 20 seconds here :-D
13:10:27 <Eric> gives you elevation plots and distances.
13:10:37 <JarnoO> nice
13:11:05 <Eric> it's about 5 miles from lonestar to shoshone junction near the lake
13:13:13 <Jeff> Hey eric
13:13:35 <Eric> Hi "working" right now? :-P
13:14:02 <Eric> Or off and about enjoying yourself?
13:14:09 <Jeff> Good lol getting everything setup for Friday
13:14:24 <Eric> ahhh
13:14:36 <Jeff> And of course SB went while I was working yesterday lol
13:15:10 <Eric> of course...
13:15:32 <Eric> Sunday morning is a sweet spot!
13:15:51 <Jeff> I work Sunday lol I have Saturday off though
13:16:04 <Eric> Well, you got a shot Saturday evening too
13:16:32 <Jeff> Thats what I'm hoping for lol then I have Wednesday and Thursday off
13:16:38 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Tell Dave not to come Saturday but for sure be there Sunday.
13:25:16 <JarnoO> Grad
13:25:18 <JarnoO> Grand
13:34:17 <JarnoO> Rocket ie
13:34:49 <JarnoO> and done it seems
13:38:57 <JarnoO> OF
13:43:05 <JarnoO> D2/T1Q | 10m50s
13:50:32 <Ryan> JarnoO, that Rocket had a start time of 1332:11 per get video fyi
13:53:32 <Ryan> Toodles everyone
13:53:45 <JarnoO> cya Ryan
13:53:47 <ynpvisitor43> Here are two Mugwump videos in one, both posted by CraigC
13:55:08 <ynpvisitor43> 0955**
14:01:19 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I think Daisy was during OF
14:01:56 <JarnoO> wouldn't surprise me
14:20:40 <JarnoO> Dome ns
14:44:20 <LindaG> FYI to the YNP peeps
14:47:47 <LindaG> Nice clouds
14:53:05 <Eric> BTW, the norris logger data should be working on GT again.
14:53:38 <JarnoO> nice
14:55:47 <Eric> Yep, they moved to a new server, so things were broken for a bit
15:02:44 <JarnoO> Aurum
15:02:45 <JarnoO> .
15:02:45 <JarnoO> .
15:02:46 <JarnoO> .
15:03:40 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> That is why I check before OF
15:04:18 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Missed the very start but got most of it!
15:04:41 <LindaG> Uh my jinx continues
15:06:24 <LindaG> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, nice one
15:18:17 <ynpvisitor37> Bison will have best view
15:18:31 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> And a shower.
15:19:40 <KorbenC2> I am back from my dentist, and from my break :)
15:19:58 <KorbenC2> Ill Grab this OF
15:25:02 <JarnoO> Korben, TD Three-E
15:25:35 <KorbenC2> I saw, I got an alert on my phone while they were cleaning my tooth, lol
15:25:55 <KorbenC2> I am still waiting for the first hurricane of the season
15:29:55 <JarnoO> c'mon... so close to short
15:30:15 <KorbenC2> no, dont c'mon shorts mess up our data
15:30:25 <JarnoO> but I like shorts...
15:31:08 <JarnoO> double shorts are even more fun :)
15:31:33 <JarnoO> unfortunately haven't occurred in a while now :(
15:31:59 <JarnoO> I'd take a medium-short or short-medium pair too
15:34:33 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> May have missed Daisy again.
15:35:10 <JarnoO> most likely
15:36:36 <KorbenC2> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, you still running the cam, or is Linda?
15:37:03 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> With 77Ā° and 27% humidity I will keep it pointed down basin in case.
15:37:12 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> It is me.
15:37:58 <KorbenC2> OK, so I wount bug you about getting a pen (yet :) )
15:38:07 <Craig M> does anyone know if there was any word on the other first come first serve campgrounds opening?
15:40:17 <JarnoO> Daisy
15:40:33 <JarnoO> guess we didn't miss it :)
15:41:11 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> :)
15:42:54 <JarnoO> probably the first time I've ever used "lack-luster" to describe an eruption
15:43:21 <KorbenC2> JarnoO, :lol:
15:43:42 <KorbenC2> ive never seen daisy have these bursts like this
15:43:53 <KorbenC2> all of the eruptions I saw were a steady decline to the end
15:45:54 <Forestbewithyou> šŸ¤ÆšŸ¤Æ
15:47:50 <JarnoO> OF was pretty much literally like "do I want to go now? Yeah... well.. uhh... maybe... nah... yeah, maybe?". Even when it did build it was "maybe a little bit extra? Meh... yeah... no... uh... yes, yes?". Not to talk about when it attempted a short and then somehow couldn't choose between going for it or bounce back. Took about half a minute before it finally somewhat decided to go long.
15:55:05 <JarnoO> Dome
15:58:11 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Controls released
15:59:41 <Betty> afternoon all
16:00:00 <LindaG> Betty, hi
16:00:15 <Betty> hi LindaG, Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, JarnoO
16:00:25 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty and I am hopping off for now talk to you all later tongith
16:00:39 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, bye
16:00:43 <Betty> later Forestbewithyou
16:02:58 <JarnoO> evening Betty
16:10:21 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Hi Betty.
16:29:12 <JarnoO> Dome
16:40:23 <KorbenC2> No, its Steamboat season
16:42:03 <JarnoO> slow countdown
16:44:31 <JarnoO> 5.8 EQ near Lone Pine, California
16:46:17 <JarnoO> actually a few hours ago
16:47:11 <KorbenC2> Hi Kat
16:47:15 <KorbenC2> how goes it?
16:47:39 <Kat> KorbenC2, Your wonderful weather voodoo didn't work LOL
16:47:57 <KorbenC2> I tried :) My geyser button is broke as well
16:48:19 <JarnoO> very broken. It shouldn't trigger Beehive while we're not watching it!
16:48:32 <Kat> Oh man - you need an overhaul!
16:49:09 <Kat> It was missed ?
16:49:29 <JarnoO> only on static, live saw the aftermath
16:49:38 <JarnoO> aka a steaming cone
16:49:58 <Kat> :) It happens - but we can still blame KC
16:52:50 <Kat> Who's on for Graham? OF in window
16:53:02 <JarnoO> must be getting warm and humid. All kinds of flies and spiders (big ones, for the Netherlands) within a few days
16:53:15 <JarnoO> definitely need to keep bugspray handy for the next while
16:54:07 <JarnoO> problem is, is that the can I have is almost empty. It was for Ā¾ full a few days ago :P
16:54:39 <JarnoO> doggo
16:54:54 <JarnoO> Korben, can you grab this OF?
16:55:16 <Betty> IĀ“d move now
16:55:28 <JarnoO> dust bath
16:55:39 <Betty> ok, maybe IĀ“d stay now
16:55:50 <Kat> Betty, not me
16:55:57 <Betty> nope move
16:56:08 <Eric> Hi BEtty!
16:56:21 <JarnoO> more bugs!
16:56:26 <Eric> wowza...giant beetle!
16:56:30 <Betty> UGH
16:56:41 <Eric> mothra!
16:57:08 <Eric> Bison doesn't look super happy
16:57:14 <Eric> tail waggin
16:57:27 <JarnoO> it wants privacy
16:57:42 <Eric> Can we get a slight zoom to see pissed off bison?
16:57:42 <Betty> IĀ“d say it is in charge mode
16:57:51 <Kat> Me too
16:57:57 <Betty> glad they move
16:58:13 <Eric> Ranger must be there, most people don't do that on there own
16:59:40 <Kat> They are not moving
16:59:46 <Eric> That bison is seriously giving the harry eyeball
17:00:02 <Kat> Yep
17:00:37 <JarnoO> leg movement
17:00:47 <Eric> yowza
17:00:52 <Eric> time to backup people
17:01:01 <Eric> He was pawing with that back leg
17:01:08 <JarnoO> front leg too for a bit
17:01:22 <Eric> All signs point to bad
17:02:13 <Kat> Prople get out of thre
17:02:20 <Kat> People*
17:02:30 <Eric> Might want to put in a call the VEC
17:02:38 <Kat> Will do
17:03:28 <Eric> It's hard to tell and he might not do anything...but then again!
17:04:01 <Eric> almost 80 degrees, I bet he is hot too!
17:04:54 <Kat> I spoke with Mike at VEC - he's headed there now!
17:04:55 <Eric> OF
17:05:40 <Betty> sure they want this pic, hope itĀ“s not their last :-p
17:06:32 <Eric> Good call Kat...better safe then sorry
17:06:57 <Eric> of course everyone is going to leave there in about a minute :-P
17:07:06 <JarnoO> we have footage
17:07:16 <Kat> Got a snapshot - I need to find out who to send it too
17:07:24 <Kat> Great!
17:07:43 <JarnoO> just waiting for this OF to be done and then you'll have two in one
17:08:53 <LindaG> I missed all the excitement, who was doing what?
17:09:16 <JarnoO> bison didn't look too happy. Tail waggling and some leg movement while standing still
17:09:29 <LindaG> Ah
17:09:41 <Eric> tail is his air conditioner :-p
17:09:43 <JarnoO> a bit closer to the boardwalk than it is now
17:09:46 <LindaG> Bison vs peeps
17:10:14 <JarnoO> Not so happy bison and OF @ 1704:
17:10:19 <JarnoO> that'll be archived now
17:10:43 <JarnoO> shower time
17:10:55 <Eric> You can get to the videos now on the right panel :-D
17:11:04 <JarnoO> true, but just in case :)
17:15:35 <Betty> Craig is at Mugwump
17:15:39 <LindaG> Moving on
17:15:59 <Kat> Linda are you on cam....
17:16:08 <LindaG> Kat, no
17:16:18 <LindaG> Kat, hi
17:17:08 <Kat> Me either but I'm going to move cam down basin for awhile
17:17:23 <KorbenC2> I think Kevin is on cam
17:17:59 <LindaG> Kat, pretty sure someone has cam
17:18:42 <Betty> Kevin released at 1600
17:19:01 <LindaG> Betty, yup
17:19:22 <LindaG> But there is an operator we were just looking at OF
17:19:28 <Kat> I do right now
17:19:45 <LindaG> I thought Katie was on
17:20:10 <LindaG> Kat, I sent you pm
17:20:52 <Betty> time for sleep, enjoy your evenings all
17:21:22 <Kat> Bye Betty
17:21:28 <KorbenC2> bye
17:22:31 <Kat> bbs
17:27:46 <Eric> Bye Betty
17:30:39 <Kat> I'm back.
17:31:33 <LindaG> Ok. Going to eat dinner soon but can take cam at 9pm our time
17:31:40 <Kat> :daisy:
17:31:50 <KorbenC2> arty may be starting
17:33:05 <Kat> Yep
17:33:43 <Kat> Bulger
17:35:32 <Kat> LindaG, thanks
17:36:01 <ynpvisitor89> is this the same Grotto from this am?
17:36:23 <Kat> I don't know
17:37:27 <LindaG> Kat, dinnertime, I'll be back
17:37:34 <Kat> OK
17:38:52 <JarnoO> I think this is a different Grotto from earlier this morning. We had Rocket @ 1332
17:42:19 <ynpvisitor89> thanks JarnoO!
17:43:32 <Kat> Sun interference LOL
17:50:41 <JarnoO> afternoon Craig
17:50:42 <ynpvisitor89> looks like 1735 may be the Grotto start or ns?
17:50:59 <CraigC> Hey Jarno
17:51:27 <JarnoO> 1735 is the start
17:51:30 <Kat> I see that I'll change
17:51:31 <CraigC> William says doesnt look like Arty from in basin
17:52:07 <KorbenC2> Hi Craig
17:52:18 <CraigC> Mugwump appears to have gone inactive
17:52:28 <CraigC> Hey cooper
17:52:29 <Kat> Thanks Craig - after I watched it for awhile I ??
17:52:36 <KorbenC2> CraigC, I deleted :)
17:52:45 <Kat> Just checked - saw nothing
17:52:48 <KorbenC2> Well, time for dinner and some game. Cya later.
17:52:54 <JarnoO> cya Korben
17:53:02 <Kat> Thanks Korben
17:53:11 <JarnoO> darn... Mug looked so nice with fewer steam
17:53:11 <Kat> Bye KorbenC2,
17:56:05 <ynpvisitor58> Bee would have looked nice too, if you were not watching mug or some other important geyser.
17:56:50 <JarnoO> well, we didn't know that it was due. Not even an Indicator seen
17:58:05 <Kat> JarnoO, any Aurums today?
17:58:43 <ynpvisitor89> last observed 1502ie
17:58:50 <JarnoO> 0727 ns static and 1502 ie
17:59:12 <Kat> Thanks ynpvisitor89, JarnoO,
17:59:16 <JarnoO> am thinking it's a closed interval
17:59:33 <ynpvisitor89> That Lion is probably the ini?
18:00:00 <ynpvisitor89> Ben did not indicate or give a duration
18:00:10 <Kat> Looks like it.. posted from in basin
18:00:33 <JarnoO> it looked fairly splashy when I went away about half an hour before it went, so am thinking it was the initial
18:01:01 <Eric> testing for a moment
18:01:08 <JarnoO> which means next Lion @ 1854Ā±10m if series continues
18:01:10 <ynpvisitor89> me too but i havent been here since early this morning
18:01:11 <JarnoO> LC ie
18:03:33 <Kat> Nice LC
18:05:37 <Jeff> Hey everyone
18:05:42 <JarnoO> hi Jeff
18:05:59 <Jeff> Hows it going JarnoO
18:06:18 <JarnoO> it's going fine. Three spiders sprayed to death, so decent yield today
18:06:27 <Jeff> Nice
18:06:45 <JarnoO> Dome
18:07:34 <CraigC> Kat, your arty entry still shows
18:08:40 <Eric> Congrats on another SB Craig!
18:09:03 <CraigC> Eric, thanks, best one
18:09:10 <Kat> I'm trying to multitask LOL
18:10:48 <Eric> The picture looked awesome
18:11:23 <CraigC> Stupidest people today, bison right next to path at red spouter, crowds walked right by it and posed for pics less than 10 feet
18:12:22 <JarnoO> we had a grumpy bison at OF too. Even moved its front and back legs at times, with tail waggle
18:13:34 <Jeff> Craig I've been seeing a lot of idiots out there lately lol
18:14:05 <CraigC> There is one out in front of us at lower hams now
18:15:23 <Kat> Same one
18:16:24 <Jeff> The one in the field craig?
18:17:37 <CraigC> Jeff, yes, laying down
18:18:31 <Jeff> Where are you guys right now Craig. I'm on the front patio lol
18:18:49 <KorbenC2> .qt
18:20:49 <ynpvisitor89> Craig, was William actually at Artemisia? Or he just didn't like the steam cloud?
18:23:53 <LindaG> I'm back
18:26:51 <ynpvisitor89> there was a pretty substantial steam cloud for a warm day
18:28:37 <JarnoO> evening KevinS
18:28:41 <LindaG> Evening KevinS
18:29:03 <KevinS> Halo everyone
18:29:51 <KevinS> Anything interesting today?
18:30:05 <Kat> LindaG, Hey Linda - just got up for a minute LOL
18:30:23 <Kat> Hi kevin...
18:30:42 <LindaG> KevinS, nice mugs this morning g. Joe out a video out.
18:30:56 <LindaG> *put
18:32:26 <LindaG> Mug
18:32:27 <Kat> ynpvisitor89, I agree - it's warm out and I thought the team ws due to that or lack of steam that is
18:32:38 <KevinS> Good deal, I saved the link to his channel. Wife told me earlier that a lady got knocked down by a Grizz at Fairy Falls trail.
18:33:05 <Kat> True KevinS, sow protecting her cub
18:33:22 <Kat> He's ok - refused medical treatment
18:33:46 <Kat> She's*
18:33:52 <ynpvisitor89> I get his question though. It would be a short interval if Williams estimate of a 445A eruption this am is accurate
18:33:58 <LindaG> KevinS, yeah I posted an article earlier. It was along fairy falls trail i think
18:35:18 <KevinS> Last year I did a very early solo hike to LoneStar. Yes I talked outload to myself...
18:36:18 <LindaG> KevinS, good thing to do, hopefully bear doesnt answer that šŸ˜‰
18:36:41 <KevinS> That and my ugly mug kept me safe.
18:37:03 <LindaG> šŸ™‚
18:37:12 <Kat> :lol:
18:37:51 <Kat> Itwas on Fairy Falls trail - sudden encounter sidn't have time to activate her bear spray
18:39:06 <Kat> LindaG, I can do Craigs AM shift tomorrow
18:39:10 <KevinS> That bear was a very kind bear from the sounds of it.
18:39:42 <Kat> Yep - nice bear
18:39:53 <LindaG> Kat, great, I'm going birdimg
18:40:01 <Kat> Several trails are now closed in that area
18:40:10 <Kat> OK - I got it
18:40:43 <Kat> Not sure what is going to happen Friday yet - we'll talk
18:41:03 <LindaG> Kat, ok, me either
18:41:22 <Kat> Or Grahams aftternoon on Saturday, don't think I can do that one, we'll see
18:41:45 <LindaG> I know I cant
18:42:07 <Kat> I'll send out an e-mail again
18:42:56 <LindaG> šŸ‘
18:45:22 <Kat> OF
18:45:47 <LindaG> Its tryin
18:46:01 <JarnoO> it's past its peak already at my end :)
18:46:08 <JarnoO> and rainbow
18:46:32 <Kat> JarnoO, same here
18:46:48 <LindaG> šŸ˜‹
18:46:52 <JarnoO> and done
18:46:54 <JarnoO> short
18:47:09 <LindaG> Dont ruin it for me
18:47:24 <JarnoO> Linda, it'll be a long :P
18:47:29 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> It sure has it's shorts on today.
18:47:40 <LindaG> JarnoO, šŸ™‚
18:48:29 <Kat> hahaha
18:51:18 <JarnoO> this is a mean OF when it comes down to start time. 1845:01
18:51:38 <JarnoO> initially reported it as 1844, as I take into account some delay
18:52:07 <JarnoO> apparantly cb and bbev went fishing today. Sounds fun :)
18:52:33 <Kat> I wish someone would teach me how to fly fish!!
18:55:12 <Kat> Linda - just let me know when you are ready :)
18:56:27 <LindaG> Kat, I'm ready
18:56:57 <Kat> Thanks -
18:57:02 <LindaG> I got the cam
18:57:10 <LindaG> Kat, šŸ‘
18:58:04 <Kat> Bye all - just popped on to say Hi and no one was on cam, happy to help out! Night
18:58:17 <Kat> Just in time for Lion!! :)
19:00:05 <ynpvisitor90> Great view of lion from lower hams lol
19:00:23 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor90, šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘
19:00:35 <LindaGp> Jeff?
19:00:41 <ynpvisitor90> Yes
19:00:59 <LindaGp> Lucky duck
19:01:13 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Keep an eye out for Aurum too.
19:01:27 <ynpvisitor90> Craig and William are at grand right now or should be, and I'll be heading to castle soon
19:02:00 <ynpvisitor90> Will do Kevin
19:02:11 <LindaGp> ynpvisitor90, ok we'll be down there eventually, we as in cam.
19:02:48 <ynpvisitor90> What's coming up besides grand and castle
19:03:23 <LindaGp> Daisy, who knows when aurum
19:03:51 <ynpvisitor90> I might have to wait on my walk down to castle cause bison right by walk
19:05:17 <LindaGp> I'm looking at him
19:05:43 <LindaGp> he's facing other direction, quick
19:06:43 <JarnoO> FYI: last OF was 1m48s. Back in the 90s, around 1m45s to 1m50s was the sweet spot for fairly short intervals (commonly less than an hour, sometimes even less than 50m). Do what you want with it, but it might be wise to turn the cam to OF right as GT's window opens
19:06:47 <JarnoO> Bulger
19:07:51 <JarnoO> major
19:08:54 <JarnoO> OF window opens again in 31 minutes. Hopefully Grand co-operates
19:09:06 <JarnoO> LC ie
19:09:28 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> Right. OF and Grand cooperating?
19:09:47 <JarnoO> they don't go together well, do they? :)
19:10:17 <LindaGp> could be aurum time
19:10:42 <LindaGp> ha! Famous last words
19:11:32 <LindaGp> Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ, how are the chickens?
19:11:35 <JarnoO> though I have to say that Grand is nearing that time of the week again where its interval goes 7h+. Still a little early
19:12:22 <Kevin Lā„¢šŸŒµ> I should go check them.
19:12:50 <LindaGp> šŸ˜ŠšŸ£
19:16:20 <KorbenC2> I am back from my nice 3 mile walk :)
19:16:48 <Forestbewithyou> I AM BACK
19:16:51 <KorbenC2> I dont understand the SB note, it is a note to say, "no update today" like those giant note sof "unattended" ?
19:17:09 <LindaGp> KorbenC2, that's nice šŸ˜Š
19:17:13 <Forestbewithyou> YEEYEY
19:18:12 <KorbenC2> is Kevin still running the cam? or is it time to ask questions about his homeade pens :)
19:18:45 <LindaGp> He's not on cam
19:18:57 <LindaGp> might be with chickens
19:19:56 <KorbenC2> LindaGp, are you on cam then?
19:20:20 <LindaGp> KorbenC2, yes
19:20:37 <KorbenC2> Jarno, ill grab the next OF
19:20:55 <LindaGp> grand
19:20:57 <LindaGp> .
19:20:57 <LindaGp> .
19:20:58 <LindaGp> .
19:22:12 <Eric> nice
19:22:49 <Eric> sweet light
19:23:14 <JarnoO> oki, Korben
19:23:18 <KorbenC2> Hi Eirc
19:23:23 <KorbenC2> Erci*
19:23:36 <KorbenC2> Reci-
19:23:44 <KorbenC2> Eric*
19:23:52 <Forestbewithyou> HI ERIC
19:25:34 <JarnoO> trivia of today: the May 4, 2018 Steamboat was discernable from background noise for 7h22m44s, based on spectrogram view
19:25:44 <JarnoO> on YNR HHZ, that is
19:26:26 <KorbenC2> hmm, let me check :)
19:26:38 <ynpvisitor89> big steady cloud at Grotto. Rocket?
19:26:57 <KorbenC2> jARNO, THATS nEAT
19:27:01 <KorbenC2> eyeyeyeye
19:28:08 <JarnoO> OT
19:28:19 <LindaGp> Daisy
19:28:23 <JarnoO> yya
19:28:25 <JarnoO> yay
19:29:54 <KevinS> JarnoO, Can you link the SB seismo?
19:30:30 <KorbenC2> KevinS, its a program.
19:31:22 <JarnoO> This folder contains the source file (.mseed), HHZ channel itself and four visualizations of that source file. Only spans first Ā±3h though
19:31:32 <JarnoO> (this is 2018-05-04)
19:32:00 <KorbenC2> Jarno, YNR?
19:32:11 <JarnoO> yes, YNR
19:32:33 <JarnoO> source file name should give it away, honestly :)
19:32:55 <KorbenC2> It anoys me how much harder an exact spectrogram start time is on YNR
19:33:19 <JarnoO> I don't find it hard at all :P
19:33:35 <KorbenC2> harder on YNM**
19:33:40 <Eric> Alright...a reason is now required for using /getvideo
19:33:40 <KorbenC2> YNR is a peice ofcake
19:33:47 <KorbenC2> wdym Eric?
19:33:48 <JarnoO> oh, YNM
19:33:54 <LindaGp> Aurum
19:33:54 <LindaGp> .
19:33:55 <LindaGp> .
19:33:55 <LindaGp> .
19:33:57 <JarnoO> yay
19:33:57 <KorbenC2> Aurum
19:34:05 <Eric> like: /getvideo Aurum Eruption
19:34:18 <KorbenC2> I can get a getvideo without a reason
19:34:28 <LindaGp> Kevin's with the chickens
19:34:31 <JarnoO> reload the page, Korben
19:34:36 <kc (working)> nice
19:34:45 <Eric> Yep, after page reload
19:34:57 <KorbenC> I refreashed it
19:35:03 <LindaGp> wow in had just put camera on it
19:35:11 <JarnoO> I want to test it with this Aurum, if I can
19:35:15 <Eric> old script still, your refresh foo is poor :-P
19:35:30 <KorbenC> so, how long till I need a reason?
19:36:22 <JarnoO> and where would I see the reason for /getvideo, or is that kept in some logfile?
19:36:53 <Eric> It's stored on the server right now...i will be attaching it to the recording list.
19:36:59 <KorbenC> when did GT OF window get changed?
19:37:16 <JarnoO> last OF was a short
19:37:25 <KorbenC> oh, OK
19:37:59 <Eric> Anyway...if you refresh again, it will actually use your reason for requesting the /getvideo in the notice too :-D
19:38:21 <Eric> Work in progress, but that should help some.
19:38:39 <KorbenC> I still dont need a reason :)
19:38:41 <Eric> Nope, your foo is poor :-P
19:38:54 <KorbenC> what is foo?
19:39:21 <JarnoO> not bar
19:40:00 <Eric> now the server won't give you a file either :-P
19:40:12 <JarnoO> pesky server
19:40:15 <KorbenC> but then how can I still do getvideo? :P
19:40:29 <JarnoO> because your browser cached the old script
19:40:46 <KorbenC> but like 5 minutes ago I did a cach and cookie clean
19:40:46 <Eric> I updated the cache buster, simple page refresh will update everything now
19:40:52 <KorbenC> cache *
19:41:26 <JarnoO> test successful :)
19:41:58 <KorbenC> ok, now it works :)
19:42:18 <Eric> Yep, like I said, cache busted :-D
19:42:26 <Eric> Gotta go cook dinner...more tomorrow!
19:42:35 <KorbenC> bye Eric
19:42:38 <JarnoO> Eric, is it possible to append some unix "parameter" behind each script's URL which updates everytime you make a change
19:42:39 <JarnoO> ?
19:42:49 <JarnoO> cya Eric
19:45:09 <JarnoO> I'm off too. Hopefully I can make a decent dent on Steamboat starts on YNR tomorrow. Enjoy the Fluffer, Lion and Castle
19:45:23 <JarnoO> maybe not off
19:45:26 <LindaG> OF
19:45:33 <KorbenC> Bye Jarno
19:45:34 <LindaG> NOPE
19:45:47 <KorbenC> wdym NOPE, OF is ie right now
19:45:59 <KorbenC> rainbow
19:46:00 <JarnoO> I'm not off yet. Want to time this OF
19:46:08 <JarnoO> nice rainbow
19:46:11 <KorbenC> Jarno, Im grabing it :)
19:46:19 <LindaGp> Yea insee
19:46:25 <JarnoO> I'm timing it for my entry, Korben
19:46:32 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
19:46:53 <JarnoO> if I'm busy doing OF stats, I may as well do the other one as well
19:49:00 <KorbenC> it keeps trying to pause
19:49:07 <KorbenC> but is it every gonna do it
19:49:15 <JarnoO> I think I counted one pause already
19:49:27 <KorbenC> mybe it was while I was looking away
19:49:28 <JarnoO> though a very brief one
19:50:07 <JarnoO> and done
19:51:07 <JarnoO> Dome ie
19:51:20 <LindaGp> Dome ie
19:54:51 <ynpvisitor90> Sitting at castle now lol
19:55:33 <KorbenC> Hi Craig/Jeff
19:55:53 <Craig M> Hola
19:56:00 <ynpvisitor90> This is Jeff
19:56:13 <Craig M> This is Craig
19:56:15 <ynpvisitor90> CraigC and William will be here soon
19:56:31 <KorbenC> hopefully you catch a Tilts Baby, William loves that one
19:56:55 <KorbenC> is it overflowing?
19:57:48 <ynpvisitor90> Idk I'm not near it
19:57:56 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
19:58:30 <JarnoO> off for real now. Enjoy Lion
19:59:13 <KorbenC> JarnoO, bye
20:07:36 <LindaGp> Cadtle
20:07:41 <LindaGp> castle
20:08:29 <LindaGp> Here is last aurum
20:14:58 <LindaGp> Yay Jeff entered castle
20:15:13 <KorbenC> looks like it wants to go minor
20:15:34 <LindaGp> KorbenC, yeah
20:15:47 <KorbenC> have you ever wondered if there ar 2 vents in castle?
20:15:59 <KorbenC> it seems in ltos of pictures the water column is split
20:17:20 <ynpvisitor90> William CraigC and benvl say hi from castle
20:17:43 <LindaGp> hi back
20:17:45 <KorbenC> I say Hi Back :)
20:19:31 <Forestbewithyou> Good Night everyone I am going to bed
20:19:33 <kcmule> ~~
20:19:42 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, bye
20:19:43 <LindaGp> Forestbewithyou, night
20:19:54 <Forestbewithyou> *^____^*
20:20:01 <KorbenC> FYI Forest...
20:20:12 <KorbenC> I may or may not be on tommorow, I am going camping and IDK when we are leaving
20:20:18 <Forestbewithyou> sounds good
20:20:22 <KorbenC> I will either be on until about noon, or not at all
20:20:29 <KorbenC> but I will be back Sunday afternoon
20:20:31 <Forestbewithyou> just more time for me to come up with pranks
20:20:33 <Forestbewithyou> ok
20:20:35 <Forestbewithyou> sounds good
20:20:45 <Forestbewithyou> I will let you know then my severe weather stuff
20:20:51 <Forestbewithyou> what about email?
20:21:02 <KorbenC> I think I have cell servie
20:21:10 <Forestbewithyou> ok
20:21:14 <KorbenC> so I may even pop on here once in a while to say hi from the boat
20:21:19 <Forestbewithyou> I will email you if anything exciting happens
20:21:22 <Forestbewithyou> sounds good
20:22:11 <Forestbewithyou> Good Night everyone (āŠ™ĖāŠ™)
20:25:30 <KorbenC> I am off for the night as well
20:26:18 <KorbenC> if Kevin is here at some point, ask him to email me photos of the fishing pen, and the rollerball pens :)
20:26:30 <LindaGp> KorbenC, night enjoy fishing if you go
20:27:33 <LindaGp> KorbenC, ok surprised he's not back
20:39:18 <LindaGp> Leaving the cam here lion to castle
20:39:24 <LindaGp> Goodnight
20:39:38 <LindaGp> Controls released