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05:17:00 <KorbenC> did you steal Kat's teleporter joe?
05:30:59 <ynpvisitor20> 3c
05:39:25 <KorbenC> Hi Joe, you got any plans to get back into YNP soon?
05:40:01 <ynpvisitor20> no
05:46:10 <ynpvisitor20> neowise comet was on cam last night ~0158on and about 4, it will be on the overnight apture
05:46:54 <KorbenC> nicr
05:55:58 <ynpvisitor20> Daisy
06:00:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
06:00:25 <KorbenC> Hi Graham
06:00:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> i see William was down at Artemisia early
06:04:10 <ynpvisitor20> this was a nice Aurum with Bee yesterday
06:05:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, it was nice, Aurum erupted just in time ... and cam op wasnt asleep :)
06:06:56 <ynpvisitor20> not bad for a 'renewed' camop :)
06:14:59 <ynpvisitor34> LC
06:17:01 <ynpvisitor34> Lion
06:33:50 <ynpvisitor20> Neowise comet last night on overnight capture
06:35:48 <KorbenC> Thanks Joe
06:39:58 <ynpvisitor20> An earlier Neowise (I think)
06:43:26 <ynpvisitor36> OF window
06:45:52 <JarnoO> morning all
06:46:28 <JarnoO> FYI: if Grotto is still ie, then it's the marathon which started yesterday afternoon
06:46:53 <KorbenC> it is still ie i thin
06:47:03 <KorbenC> and Hi
06:54:06 <Kent> Comet terrific. Thanks Joe. Much better than I was hoping for.
06:54:08 <JarnoO> morning Kent
06:54:50 <Kent> Hey Jarno
07:07:06 <JarnoO> Grotto still ie
07:11:26 <KorbenC> Aurum 0701
07:15:47 <JarnoO> Dome ie static?
07:16:21 <ynpvisitor48> .
07:19:39 <JarnoO> no Dome
07:22:08 <JarnoO> morning Forest
07:22:16 <KorbenC> Hi Forest
07:22:28 <Forestbewithyou> Good Morning Jarno, Korben
07:24:24 <Forestbewithyou> how are you both doing today
07:24:45 <KorbenC> I am doing OK, finaly a day where it wont get above 90F :)
07:25:01 <Forestbewithyou> I know how that feels
07:27:17 <JarnoO> TS Chirstina 40kt, forecast to become remnant low tomorrow. Eastern Pacific 40/70 (1; down from 50/80 yesterday)
07:27:45 <KorbenC> Gahh!
07:27:50 <Forestbewithyou> poor Korben
07:27:58 <Forestbewithyou> I feel your anger...
07:28:37 <JarnoO> Turban 0723
07:32:17 <Forestbewithyou> I was just going to say I am going to work on pre-calc but it seems teh servers are still down
07:32:41 <KorbenC> more time you can spend on here then :)
07:33:19 <Forestbewithyou> you know it 😁
07:37:36 <JarnoO> mid-season forecasts for Atlantic have been increased. Due to that, it is now predicted that the Atlantic will have more storms at the end of the season than the Eastern and Central Pacific combined
07:38:11 <Forestbewithyou> oh man..
07:38:44 <KorbenC> as long as we get one hurricane, that doesnt hit land, Ill be happy
07:40:39 <JarnoO> Also:
07:40:41 <Forestbewithyou> oh you mean like that one huricane that did loops in the atlantic a few years ago
07:41:03 <Forestbewithyou> Jarno is that about la nina watch
07:41:20 <JarnoO> it is, just in case
07:42:43 <JarnoO> I don't see Grand?
07:42:59 <JarnoO> entry's gone now
07:43:18 <KorbenC> maybe there were waves and a boop, but then it stopped fro some reason
07:43:37 <JarnoO> I guess
07:43:51 <JarnoO> or just a misclick
07:47:14 <JarnoO> maybe worth noting: the Oblong we saw two weeks ago occurred after a >25h Grotto marathon had ended. Thought to let you know, even if there's no relation between them
07:48:06 <ynpvisitor34> LC
08:00:45 <KorbenC> Daisy
08:00:53 <KorbenC> OT
08:02:30 <JarnoO> there's the Grand
08:02:52 <Forestbewithyou> darn my stream is frozen
08:03:14 <Forestbewithyou> oh there it goes
08:14:44 <KorbenC> SB and Cistern note on GT
08:15:35 <KorbenC> SB is fairly quiet, with some light runoff from SV, he did see a Concerted minor,
08:16:41 <JarnoO> G1Q | 10m41s
08:18:48 <JarnoO> morning kc
08:19:18 <kcmule> mornin
08:19:26 <KorbenC> hey kc
08:19:36 <Forestbewithyou> Hi kc
08:25:08 <KorbenC> ill grab this one
08:26:17 <JarnoO> morning fish
08:26:26 <fishynp> Update on YNM: I visited Norris on Friday. Turns out there is nothing wrong with any of our equipment. The problem is there is no power to the entire west side of the Norris Museum. YNM will be down until the NPS can restore power.
08:27:05 <Forestbewithyou> Thanks for the update!
08:27:16 <KorbenC> THc for trying fish
08:27:26 <JarnoO> thanks for the update :)
08:37:38 <KorbenC> Jarno, I am leaving pause blank as I dont know when the first pause was/when it actually happened, I saw one at 3.833, but IDK if there was one before that when it was obscured
08:57:47 <JarnoO> morning Terry
09:05:15 <JarnoO> morning SF108
09:05:32 <SantaFe108> good morning
09:37:39 <KorbenC> mhm, just made some realy good breakfast...
09:37:57 <KorbenC> Bacon, with a Country Potatoe hash and scramblde eggs
09:40:14 <Forestbewithyou> That sounds really good
09:40:26 <Forestbewithyou> I had cereal for breakfast
09:52:21 <KorbenC> Ill grab this OF
10:16:35 <Forestbewithyou> I have to go drive somewhere. Be back in 30
10:18:54 <ynpvisitor99> OT ie
10:25:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> back. did I miss anything
10:26:19 <KorbenC> Nope, Beehive has not gone yet
10:31:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> no Giantess either :(
10:37:50 <KorbenC> I didnt know YNR had a mailbox next to it
10:47:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> YNR is noisy
11:05:43 <Forestbewithyou> I am back
11:06:16 <Forestbewithyou> did I miss anything
11:16:19 <LindaG> Howdy all
11:16:34 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
11:16:41 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi
11:16:41 <Forestbewithyou> how are you doing
11:16:56 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, doing good, you?
11:17:19 <LindaG> Around 90 here today, staying cool
11:17:26 <Forestbewithyou> I am doing ok. Thats hot
11:17:48 <Forestbewithyou> its only 75 here
11:18:52 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, I forget which state you are in
11:19:07 <Forestbewithyou> Wisconsin
11:19:14 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
11:19:21 <LindaG> 👍 lucky you
11:19:26 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
11:19:37 <KorbenC> 74 here or on the Cooper Heat Index 10000
11:19:39 <Forestbewithyou> I know last week it was up there with 100 degree heat indexes so I feel you
11:20:39 <LindaG> I think humidity dropped a tad
11:23:03 <KorbenC> Jarno, can you grab the next OF
11:32:21 <KorbenC> Craig is in the UGB
11:34:02 <ynpvisitor93> Korben, if you want to see what a Rocky Mountain hail storm does to a train check out 0936 on this link. Passenger cars usually have a smooth roof.
12:08:44 <KorbenC> Hi Lori
12:09:04 <Lori S> Hi KorbenC
12:09:15 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Lori
12:13:09 <Lori S> Hi Forestbewithyou
12:14:01 <KorbenC> IDK how to feel, my uncle (who I never meet, and really didnt know about) dies at some point this year, IDK.
12:14:16 <Forestbewithyou> wait what?
12:14:49 <KorbenC> my grandpas brother died, I never knew him, lol
12:15:16 <Forestbewithyou> I am sorry to hear that
12:15:30 <KorbenC> dont be, I am not sorry one bit :P
12:16:06 <Forestbewithyou> oh gosh
12:17:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> grandparets siblings are often not well known
12:17:26 <KorbenC> Hi Graham
12:17:35 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Graham
12:17:42 <Forestbewithyou> I know my grandparents siblins very well
12:17:54 <Lori S> Hi Graham
12:17:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> i met some of mine but not all of them. of course two of my grandparents were already dead when i was born, so knew nothing of their families
12:18:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> good for you forest
12:20:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> support your parents, they would likey know them better as they would be direct uncle relationship
12:20:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> makes them all more aware of mortality
12:21:13 <KorbenC> my dad didnt know him, and my mom hated them, he was like 90, and grump, lol.
12:22:14 <Forestbewithyou> oh...
12:22:33 <ynpvisitor93> Sounds like me.
12:23:01 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin, I liked that link
12:23:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> well when peope get to 90 they often have things to be grumpy about, dont rule people out just because they are old ......but sounds like your family just keeps moving along without mourning, thats good
12:23:28 <ynpvisitor93> I was stunned with all the damage.
12:24:01 <KorbenC> Kevin, you are not a grump :)
12:24:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> why do you say that Korben? :)
12:25:52 <KorbenC> becuase Kevin is nice, at least on here :)
12:30:28 <Forestbewithyou> I wouldn't say all people who are 90 are grups
12:30:30 <Forestbewithyou> grups
12:30:34 <Forestbewithyou> grumps
12:30:38 <Forestbewithyou> I cannot type
12:31:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> no they are not, but they could have good reasons to be grumpy
12:31:16 <Forestbewithyou> I suppose
12:31:31 <KorbenC> its 2020, everyone has good reasons to be grumpy
12:31:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> and oten are lonely
12:31:51 <Forestbewithyou> I agree with Korben
12:33:12 <ynpvisitor93> Well this is a new one. My package being sent (by Amazon) from Atlanta is now in Honolulu.
12:33:25 <KorbenC> I am sure everyone can find a really good reason to be grumpy, babys, teenagers, 20 year olds, 90 year olds. I dont think it is really that age subjective, and say that "when people get to 90 they often have things to be grump about" I could change that to "when people get to 14 they often have things to be grump about"
12:33:32 <Forestbewithyou> That happened to one of the packages that was sent to me 93
12:34:05 <ynpvisitor93> Mine usually go to the black hole of Phoenix.
12:34:18 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor93, better Hawaii than Phoenix
12:34:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> you havea lot more to look forward to Korben .... when they get to 90 its less so
12:35:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> will your package eb quarantined for 14 days?
12:35:04 <ynpvisitor93> I guess it will have more fun. Phoenix is a bit warm this time of year.
12:35:35 <ynpvisitor93> It will probably take 14 days to get here now Graham.
12:41:22 <Forestbewithyou> I think your package decided to take a vacation 93 :)
12:41:46 <ynpvisitor93> It picked a good spot.
12:42:11 <Forestbewithyou> that it did
12:42:14 <Forestbewithyou> Hawaii is awesome
12:59:27 <KorbenC> Jarno, when does YVO logger update?
12:59:30 <KorbenC> Hi CraigC
12:59:39 <CraigC> Mug seems inactive
12:59:55 <CraigC> Hey Cooper
12:59:57 <JarnoO> Korben, usually 0800 in the morning. Guess no update today
13:00:00 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
13:00:40 <KorbenC> EPAC has 60/70 now, up-ish from 50/70 earlier]
13:00:53 <CraigC> After a bunch of 3Cs, there is a little rise where Mug erupts
13:01:16 <Forestbewithyou> nice Korben
13:01:20 <CraigC> Hey Forest
13:01:28 <Forestbewithyou> How are you doing Craig
13:01:46 <KorbenC> maybe Mug is like dome with a day or a few of eruptions, and then a while of no eruptions
13:02:02 <CraigC> Tired, hit the road about 330 am
13:02:18 <Forestbewithyou> I can understand that. That is really early
13:02:52 <CraigC> Worth it, got a good camp spot
13:02:58 <Forestbewithyou> nice
13:03:03 <KorbenC> nice
13:03:10 <KorbenC> you gonna go check SB today or tommorow?
13:03:14 <Forestbewithyou> jynx Koben
13:04:17 <CraigC> Not sure when
13:04:22 <CraigC> 3c
13:10:36 <CraigC> 1309:38 mug did a boil
13:10:45 <Forestbewithyou> yay
13:16:33 <Forestbewithyou> be back shortly
13:23:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> welcome home Craig. enjoy the SB minors tomorrow
13:37:29 <KorbenC> HGi and Bye Jeff
13:37:42 <KorbenC> Jarno, can you take this OF? I am gonna go for a walk
13:37:46 <JarnoO> afternoon Jeff
13:37:51 <Jeff> Hi/bye korben
13:37:51 <JarnoO> and I can take this OF
13:53:36 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to go for a walk and/or a run
13:53:39 <Forestbewithyou> be back later
13:55:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> castle
13:57:04 <ynpvisitor93> Stereo
13:57:11 <ynpvisitor89> Grand
13:59:44 <Forestbewithyou> good thing I am still here lol
14:07:23 <JarnoO> appears one and done for Grand
14:07:52 <JarnoO> and a Daisy
14:11:11 <JarnoO> Castle major
14:20:27 <JarnoO> Lion ini
14:20:28 <KorbenC> Lion
14:21:48 <ynpvisitor401> :lion:
14:26:57 <Forestbewithyou> apparently Hurricane Vent erupted per cb
14:27:26 <ynpvisitor93> There is Korben's Hurricane!
14:27:33 <JarnoO> haha
14:27:36 <Forestbewithyou> HAHAHAH
14:27:38 <Forestbewithyou> thats funny
14:27:57 <JarnoO> it's probably Hurricane's sidevent. If it isn't, then that ought to be very fun!
14:28:03 <KorbenC> lmao
14:31:30 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1537±5m if series continues. 6m48s, start 1419:48
14:59:46 <KorbenC> ill tkae this OF
15:04:27 <ynpvisitor24> afternoon all
15:04:42 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:05:07 <Betty> evening JarnoO
15:05:26 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
15:05:38 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
15:05:52 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
15:06:04 <Betty> hi KorbenC
15:06:15 <ynpvisitor93> Hi Betty
15:06:32 <Betty> hi 93
15:10:15 <KorbenC> Glad we got a Bulgers Hole yesterday, I think it was the 1st in a while
15:43:51 <Betty> hey, Lion :-)
15:44:27 <Forestbewithyou> yay
15:46:27 <Forestbewithyou> How are you doing today betty?
15:48:32 <Betty> I had a nice quiet day, later I was to a BBQ at my brothers home. Now My day is almost done, I´m ready foor sleep. almost midnight
15:48:50 <Betty> how is yours?
15:49:12 <Betty> LC ie
15:49:16 <JarnoO> next Lion, if series continues, @ 1648±5m. 3m45s
15:49:23 <Forestbewithyou> Mine has been ok. Nothing out of the ordinary
15:50:16 <ynpvisitor93> I'll trade you some tater tots for some primavera erdberren Betty.
15:50:34 <Betty> :-)
15:51:09 <KorbenC> I am lmao, my brother who was making cream of whete droped hte salt shake in just enough to tilt the bowl over and spill milk EVERWHERE
15:51:46 <Forestbewithyou> 🤦‍♂️
15:51:53 <Forestbewithyou> FAIL!
15:52:22 <Betty> you have tater tots now, Kevin?
15:52:43 <ynpvisitor93> There are some in the freezer.
15:53:10 <Betty> I´ll bring some for you on my next visit, whenever that will be :-p
15:53:22 <Betty> I´m sure not this year
15:53:37 <Betty> Erdbeeren that is
15:53:47 <ynpvisitor93> I think they would thaw out before I even got them to the Post Office. 110° right now. And they send stuff via Hawaii now.
15:53:53 <KorbenC> dont forget about me! I want tots and a brat, well for hte brat part I would have to commit cannibalism
15:54:09 <Forestbewithyou> I can bring you a brat from wisconsin
15:54:16 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor93, 🌵🔥🌵🔥🌵🔥🌶🥵🥵🌶🌶
15:54:34 <KorbenC> ill tkae some cheese if you have any :P
15:54:50 <Forestbewithyou> What kind ;)
15:54:56 <Forestbewithyou> I mean
15:54:58 <Forestbewithyou> :p
15:55:00 <KorbenC> Gruyere
15:55:17 <Betty> yummy gruyere
15:55:23 <KorbenC> or smoked munster
15:55:50 <Forestbewithyou> Korben, remind me in early june next year
15:55:51 <Forestbewithyou> lol
15:55:53 <ynpvisitor93> What I would like is Bratwurst. Bet there are some good pretzels there too.
15:55:59 <KorbenC> esspecialy the smoked Gruyere, yum, goes great on croquettes M.
15:56:17 <KorbenC> and brats, and burgers, and anything
15:57:16 <Forestbewithyou> Korben, you will just have to remind me before I come to yellowstone next year. I will also have to figure out a way to keep them refrigerated
15:57:37 <Betty> I forgot about the Spaghetti Ice cream I had earlier :-)
15:57:40 <KorbenC> hmm, if yo ucan get them to YNP, I have a Yeti that can keep anything cold for a month
15:57:50 <KorbenC> Betty, now I am jealous
15:58:08 <Forestbewithyou> Spaghetti Ice cream? Thats sounds interesting.
15:58:14 <Forestbewithyou> interesting in a good way
15:58:20 <Betty> soooooo good
15:58:20 <KorbenC> Forest, it isnt really spaghetti
15:58:26 <Forestbewithyou> oh
15:58:28 <Forestbewithyou> ...
15:58:36 <Forestbewithyou> what is it then?
15:58:36 <KorbenC> but OMG is it DELICIOUS !
15:58:46 <ynpvisitor93> Spaghetti Ice Cream is awesome.
15:58:51 <Betty>
15:59:07 <Forestbewithyou> I just looked it up
15:59:10 <Betty> it is Ice cream, forest
15:59:34 <KorbenC> its really just Vanilla Icecream, really good, really "strechy" vanilla icecream, think gelatine icecream (not really, but its close) which they run theout a Spatzle
15:59:47 <Forestbewithyou> I figured that out.. it does look good. I legit thought that you take and put spagetti on ice cream
15:59:58 <KorbenC> lol
16:00:34 <Forestbewithyou> I was then thinking how do you prevent the ice cream from melting
16:00:43 <ynpvisitor93> Good Spaghetti Ice Cream maker:
16:01:36 <Betty> do you have a new one by now?
16:02:19 <ynpvisitor93> I got that one a few months back. I figured I would never see my old one again.
16:02:43 <Betty> hahaha, yes, you won´t
16:03:12 <ynpvisitor93> I guess that is a treat those girls always look forward to.
16:05:21 <Betty> ugh, time for sleep. night ends in 4 1/2h :-( night all
16:05:39 <KorbenC> bye Betty
16:06:01 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Betty
16:06:02 <KorbenC> Kevin, whod you give it too?
16:06:50 <Kevin L™> I just realized I hadn't changed my name.
16:06:59 <KorbenC> haha
16:08:34 <Kevin L™> When it is over 100° at 8 am I get this way.
16:08:44 <Forestbewithyou> lol
16:08:49 <KorbenC> lol
16:09:15 <Kevin L™> 115° now
16:10:57 <Forestbewithyou> man you cookin
16:11:04 <Forestbewithyou> Could you cook food?
16:11:19 <Forestbewithyou> on like the pavement?
16:11:36 <KorbenC> he could likely cook an egg on aluminum foil
16:11:38 <Kevin L™> Inside of a car can hit 180° so yes you can.
16:11:55 <KorbenC> wow, you could cook could a steak in there
16:11:56 <Forestbewithyou> oh my gosh
16:12:28 <Kevin L™> You can cook an egg on asphalt on foil.
16:12:49 <Forestbewithyou> thats what you call sunny side up :p
16:13:39 <Kevin L™> Asphalt temps can get over 150°. It will melt and warp at intersection where you stop.
16:13:57 <Forestbewithyou> oh my gosh.
16:14:29 <KorbenC> poor planes
16:16:04 <Kevin L™> They have to change directions at McCarran Airport when it gets this hot since they can't make it over the mountain if the use Runway 29.
16:16:37 <Forestbewithyou> oh my
16:17:01 <KorbenC> wow
16:18:21 <JarnoO> a Daisy
16:22:51 <KorbenC> Jarno, your gonnah ve to grab this OF, gonna go cut down an evin tree
16:22:56 <KorbenC> evil*
16:23:54 <ynpvisitor83> BH more than a little dead
16:24:38 <Kevin L™> Hopefully Aurum shows
16:39:08 <ynpvisitor118> Kevin L™, hey what happened to the cactus. Too hot?
16:39:43 <Kevin L™> Probably so. I thought i had it on there
16:40:01 <LindaG> 😄
16:40:05 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
16:40:05 <Kevin L™🌵> There!
16:40:15 <LindaG> That's better 🙂
16:40:20 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi
16:41:20 <Kevin L™🌵> Rainbow
16:47:30 <ynpvisitor98> all I have to do is watch an Old Faithful gathering and I no longer feel the urge to run to the park
16:48:00 <ynpvisitor98> I wonder how many of these people go home only to find out they have covid
17:09:04 <KorbenC> after 2 long and hard pulls, the evil tree has fallen!
17:09:27 <JarnoO> was the tree's name Christina?
17:09:32 <JarnoO> :D
17:09:42 <KorbenC> lmao
17:10:04 <KorbenC> I will name its body Christina, that is a great name
17:11:38 <JarnoO> speaking of which - Christina at 35kt. Devoid of deep convection and expected to become a remnant low soon. Redevelopment not expected.
17:15:11 <JarnoO> FYI: TD Carina in the Western Pacific (named by PAGASA, no name from the other centers yet)
17:15:14 <KorbenC> now time to cut down anotehr tree, yay. This one will be named Christina Jr.
17:16:21 <Forestbewithyou> oh no
17:16:24 <Forestbewithyou> Korben
17:16:32 <Forestbewithyou> dont cut down trees. Mother nature will be sad
17:17:44 <JarnoO> Lion end of series
17:19:30 <KorbenC> Christina Jr. has fallen
17:19:39 <Forestbewithyou> KORBEN
17:19:45 <KorbenC> Forest, if we didnt next severe thunderstorm would knock it right onto our roof
17:19:59 <Forestbewithyou> Then what I want you to do
17:20:05 <KorbenC> and I dont want a 400+ pound tree falling through or roof
17:20:06 <Forestbewithyou> is plant 4 new trees :) or 2
17:20:13 <KorbenC> nah
17:20:18 <ynpvisitor83> Community hope for Aurum
17:20:19 <KorbenC> I have too many trees
17:20:30 <JarnoO> isn't that pool right of Doublet GHG-16 rather than -15?
17:20:31 <Forestbewithyou> And yet we still need more
17:20:37 <KorbenC> I live like 1/8 a mile away from the Rockymountain Forest
17:20:48 <Forestbewithyou> And I live in a forest.. Point
17:21:13 <KorbenC> that is very ironic Forest :)
17:21:42 <Forestbewithyou> is that person off the boardwalk? I can't tell
17:21:45 <Forestbewithyou> Yes it is
17:21:50 <Forestbewithyou> Ironic
17:21:56 <KorbenC> I owuld rather cut down 2 trees and reporpuse them (even if it means pulling on a tree so it doesnt go into the house) than having to get a 15K dollar new roof
17:22:37 <KorbenC> I see William, and Craig
17:22:45 <KorbenC> Forest, nobody off BW
17:22:51 <Forestbewithyou> ahh ok
17:22:57 <Forestbewithyou> he just moved
17:23:10 <Forestbewithyou> Thats why I asked
17:27:09 <Kevin L™🌵> Dead trees make fun things.
17:27:37 <Forestbewithyou> We have a dead tree in the forest. It got struck by lightning one night
17:27:45 <Forestbewithyou> I slept right through it
17:27:57 <Kevin L™🌵> I have a few I wish were dead.
17:32:51 <LindaG> They are pulling kids In wagon ?
17:33:38 <LindaG> Its parked behind bench
17:33:47 <ynpvisitor83> Jerky cam not helping to keep my chakras aligned :(
17:34:04 <LindaG> ynpvisitor83, 😁
17:34:53 <JarnoO> good splashes from Aurum
17:35:01 <JarnoO> made me think it was about to start
17:35:14 <Kevin L™🌵> Come on Aurum!
17:38:14 <ynpvisitor98> anything from bee lately?
17:38:29 <ynpvisitor83> We can go look
17:38:36 <Forestbewithyou> ask Korben
17:38:41 <Forestbewithyou> he is the bee wisperer
17:38:45 <Forestbewithyou> :)
17:38:50 <KorbenC> small splash at 1720 (1) nothing else
17:38:56 <ynpvisitor98> he took your h
17:40:07 <ynpvisitor98> looks very quiet
17:41:13 <LindaG> 5h 47m on aurum
17:41:53 <LindaG> Uh oh I broke the cam
17:42:18 <JarnoO> tsk tsk
17:42:41 <LindaG> 🙂
17:42:46 <Forestbewithyou> Poor Linda
17:43:28 <Kevin L™🌵> Cam is in West having a beer with Aurum.
17:43:48 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵😎, 😁
17:44:16 <ynpvisitor83> :)
17:44:49 <LindaG> Seems kind of late for aurum, have intervals lengthened?
17:45:11 <JarnoO> summer mode I think
17:47:20 <KorbenC> Craig at doublet
17:47:22 <Kevin L™🌵> If it is still splashing this is not an unusual interval. Been keeping in the 4 to 6 hour range mostly.
17:47:44 <LindaG> Kevin L™🌵😎, 👍
17:48:13 <LindaG> The aurum master knows 🙂
17:48:30 <Forestbewithyou> whos the aurum master?
17:48:37 <KorbenC> Kevin
17:48:44 <Forestbewithyou> ahh
17:48:44 <KorbenC> even though it hates him :P
17:48:47 <LindaG> Yup
17:48:53 <Forestbewithyou> I see
17:49:15 <LindaG> KorbenC, that's because he knows its secrets
17:49:29 <Forestbewithyou> those phrases kinda counteract each other but hey its geysers so I am not going to ask
17:50:05 <Kevin L™🌵> It has been frustrating me for 37 years now.
17:51:12 <KorbenC> Kevin, can we keep bee in view somehow? if its gonna do osmething, it owuld do it now
17:51:34 <Forestbewithyou> Uh oh
17:51:44 <Forestbewithyou> Korbens spidy sense is tingling
17:51:48 <Forestbewithyou> :)
17:52:03 <KorbenC> no
17:52:07 <Forestbewithyou> oh
17:52:14 <Forestbewithyou> Then nvm
17:52:27 <KorbenC> I am just thinking, if it is gonna show some sign of life, next 30 mintues based on what I have seen in my data
17:52:35 <Forestbewithyou> I see
17:53:09 <KorbenC> what I have seen (only 4 eruptions) are a series of growing pushes starting from 22 to 26 hours
17:53:46 <KorbenC> and occuring every hour or a few hours until indy start, and then it will ahve 2 or 3 pushes until it has a surge which is 5++ which "locks" it into that surge.
17:54:21 <Forestbewithyou> well Korben... It will probably go shortly.. I am going to eat dinner shortly
17:54:30 <Forestbewithyou> it will probably go while I am gone
17:54:32 <Forestbewithyou> lol
17:55:28 <Forestbewithyou> I am having chedder brats for dinner
17:57:16 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, yum
17:57:26 <Forestbewithyou> yea
17:57:29 <Forestbewithyou> Bulger
17:58:49 <Forestbewithyou> ok here we go time to eat quickly... Brb
18:03:11 <LindaG> Hey Kevin S
18:06:28 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
18:06:59 <KorbenC> Grand
18:07:04 <KorbenC> wait
18:07:09 <KorbenC> nevermind
18:07:27 <KorbenC> My GT just updated and made everything go white except the gyeser that was erupting from 1356 :)
18:08:53 <KorbenC> OF
18:10:39 <LindaG> Din ertime bbl
18:10:52 <KorbenC> bye Linda
18:11:00 <LindaG> Where do those Ns go?
18:11:19 <KorbenC> ;)
18:11:27 <LindaG> 😄
18:13:26 <KorbenC> 1808*
18:14:44 <Forestbewithyou> Korben Gt Does that
18:14:53 <Forestbewithyou> at least the computer version does
18:28:10 <ynpvisitor83> Aurum still looks pre eruptive
18:28:41 <KorbenC> whered William and Craig?
18:29:23 <Kevin L™🌵> Not on gt so that is good.
18:30:18 <ynpvisitor83> Not there, but I hope our guys are still watching
18:33:34 <JarnoO> oh hi Aurum
18:33:42 <Kevin L™🌵> :)
18:33:53 <KorbenC> Hey Aurum
18:34:48 <ynpvisitor83> That was luck. I caught it on static in time to zoom :) :)
18:35:42 <KorbenC> Hi away Jarno
18:35:45 <Forestbewithyou> my chat crashed
18:40:16 <KorbenC> Jarno, you are still awayay FYI
18:40:41 <JarnoO> I know. I have about half an eye on this page
18:40:50 <KorbenC> ah, OK
18:40:59 <KorbenC> hows YNR coming along?
18:41:23 <KorbenC> I m also still waiting for the second part o your lion article :D
18:41:41 <JarnoO> it'll be there, eventually
18:41:52 <JarnoO> patience is key
18:42:46 <JarnoO> though YNR has priority. Hoping to have it in some kind of ready state tomorrow or so
18:43:08 <KorbenC> ok Beehive thats a good 1+ or 2-
18:43:13 <ynpvisitor83> A bit out of BH
18:43:38 <KorbenC> might be worth keeping BH in screen, looks like its having its 24 hour push
18:51:26 <ynpvisitor83> I think someone stuffed Chairman Mao down one of his 100 flowers to keep it from blooming.
19:02:26 <LindaG> Of course I missed aurum
19:02:56 <Forestbewithyou> don't worry
19:02:59 <Forestbewithyou> I did as well
19:03:09 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou26, 🙂
19:03:27 <Forestbewithyou> I was here but my stream froze
19:04:58 <Forestbewithyou> be back soon
19:08:51 <JarnoO> I'm off. Enjoy Grand
19:16:09 <KorbenC> Bye Jarno
19:21:25 <LindaG> Oh
19:21:37 <LindaG> Its alive
19:21:49 <KorbenC> That was a good looking surge
19:22:14 <LindaG> Encouraging
19:22:36 <KorbenC> likely gonna go overnight
19:25:42 <KorbenC> Grand window
19:43:35 <Forestbewithyou> ok so for some reason as of 7 pm
19:43:44 <Forestbewithyou> refreshing the chat clears everything
19:43:59 <Forestbewithyou> despite me doing that all day before 7
19:44:15 <KorbenC> that is normal, it jsut does it at some point for unknow reasons, nto always 7pm
19:44:25 <Forestbewithyou> yea
19:52:19 <KorbenC> SB still not sounding good
19:55:13 <ynpvisitor60> Clark is waiting for Bee
19:55:40 <KorbenC> last OF was 1.667 minutes
19:56:00 <Forestbewithyou> wow
19:56:06 <Forestbewithyou> thats short
19:56:38 <ynpvisitor83> We will see come the next eruption
19:57:34 <KorbenC> next OF should be in about 63 minutes
19:59:14 <KorbenC> Grand had waves at 1946 and booped prior to Turban
19:59:22 <KorbenC> and then it dropped
20:00:33 <ynpvisitor60> with Ben's description and approximate time, that could have been a D0
20:01:27 <KorbenC> Hopefully SB improves overnight, and starts having OKish concerted minors tomorow, and then in 24 hours be sounding good, and then in another 24 hours be erupting. I would like another good prediction (7/14/2020 @ 18:13:37
20:02:23 <ynpvisitor22> be nice to get the YVO guage to update
20:04:55 <ynpvisitor60> looks like Turban
20:04:59 <KorbenC> EPAC invest now 70/70
20:06:15 <ynpvisitor60> that is a different chat Korben
20:06:31 <KorbenC> no, Jarno/I give updates on here :)
20:06:40 <ynpvisitor60> why
20:07:13 <KorbenC> becuase it is interesting :)
20:07:40 <Forestbewithyou> I like the updates. Since the NHC is not a brower tab I generally have open
20:08:23 <KorbenC> Forest is a Storm Spotter, Jarno is a super smart person who likes some weather. I figure if one of us notices it, we say it in public so that other people who like weather #1 know what to expect, and #2 dotn have to go digging for the updates :P :)
20:08:37 <KorbenC> Kevin, has the temperature cooled off below 100 yet?
20:08:58 <Forestbewithyou> I think you need to add newbie to my description lol
20:08:58 <ynpvisitor22> people need a serious storm and evacuation added to the current situation
20:09:18 <KorbenC> Daisy
20:09:24 <ynpvisitor22> :daisy:
20:10:04 <KorbenC> Forest, another Tornado in CO
20:10:50 <ynpvisitor22> at least 1 short Daisy interval
20:10:52 <Forestbewithyou> this time you aren't pulling my leg
20:10:56 <Forestbewithyou> :)
20:10:56 <KorbenC> 2.50 inch hail, Radar Indicated, (NWS says they have on the ground confimation from public, but dont want to update the warning yet) Bristol Colorado, 3rd tornado to have likely been produced
20:27:04 <KorbenC> another waves on grand at 2004
20:27:45 <Forestbewithyou> I got a waves on grand call at lone star
20:27:59 <KorbenC> now that is something
20:28:10 <Forestbewithyou> yea
20:28:24 <Forestbewithyou> I mean it was super crakly but I made out waves on gr--nd
20:33:55 <KorbenC> I am off for the night, goodl uck with Grand
20:34:04 <Forestbewithyou> Hey as am I
20:34:07 <Forestbewithyou> stop copying me
20:48:37 <ynpvisitor83> It was a short
20:57:14 <LindaG> Night
21:03:07 <ynpvisitor83> I had 2059 but am hoping for an in basin time
21:12:24 <ynpvisitor83> Night - Control released
21:16:23 <ynpvisitor13> what was a short?
21:16:42 <ynpvisitor13> the last Old Faithful?
21:25:47 <Kevin L™🌵> What time did the cam get the comet last night?
21:33:39 <ynpvisitor108>
21:33:57 <ynpvisitor108>
21:34:16 <ynpvisitor108> Neowise Comet
21:34:48 <Kevin L™🌵> Thanks!
21:39:49 <Kevin L™🌵> Be interesting to see what it does tonight. Should be in the NW sky soon.
22:01:53 <Kevin L™🌵> Beautiful Comet pic:
22:12:55 <ynpvisitor108> Daisy
22:59:53 <ynpvisitor107> I am waiting for Neowise to return bigger and brighter.