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05:38:53 <ynpvisitor104> Daisy
05:39:01 <ynpvisitor104> ie
06:12:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> I see Carols note about Porcelain Basin more active. i hope that doesnt mean something bad for Steamboat
06:17:32 <ynpvisitor110> The Constant logger shows a spkike 7/29. Stayed up a few days and is still high but not as high as it was.
06:18:15 <ynpvisitor110> And Aug/Sept is the traditional season
06:20:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> possible Artie?
06:20:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> or from Grotto area, who knows
06:20:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> not much wind, so probably Grotto area
06:21:36 <ynpvisitor110> that cloud has been there for several minutes. I can't tell what it is. Grotto was my thought too
06:22:54 <ynpvisitor104> Grotto has been active for at least 40 minutes
06:26:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks 104. not on GT ... :(
06:28:40 <ynpvisitor110> can we glance at the hill?
06:30:26 <JarnoO> morning all
06:30:56 <JarnoO> must be the first Grotto since the marathon
06:31:15 <JarnoO> I'll check the overnights once they've been released
06:35:02 <ynpvisitor37> Grotto started at 0606
06:39:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> 104 said earlier than that, but so much steam its hard to tell, at least when i posted
06:39:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> big fog bank down there with some spires way up that could be drifting from somewhere
06:40:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am alsways cautious about steam clouds that i cant tell where they start
06:49:34 <ynpvisitor110> Agree GSB.With that fog bank I'd only be wiling to call Grotto NS at best. Hard enough to get agrreement about the actual start time in basin at Grotto among observers
06:51:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> i wouldnt say its even possible to say grotto is ie now
06:52:21 <ynpvisitor110> I wouldnt call it unless I could go down and confirm
06:52:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats true 110, some people call it before the big gush out the back .... but then sometimes it doesnt really eem to have a big gush
06:54:41 <ynpvisitor110> Exactly sometimes ithas the very slow starts
06:55:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> and with this fogi dont know how you would tell grotto fountain from grotto?
06:59:50 <Kat 😎> Good morning gazers!
06:59:58 <JarnoO> morning Kat
07:00:33 <JarnoO> just in time for that capture
07:00:47 <Kat 😎> :)
07:03:23 <ynpvisitor37> Kat 😎, pm
07:03:24 <Kat 😎> Jarno - the light in the capture is so pretty!
07:03:48 <JarnoO> I bet
07:08:43 <JarnoO> Dep ie
07:11:10 <JarnoO> MC ie too
07:13:09 <JarnoO> Dwarf ie
07:13:15 <JarnoO> not sure which one that is
07:16:38 <JarnoO> Grotto still ie
07:23:13 <JarnoO> water is detectable at Steamboat's logger. Now at the same level just before the eruption on August 3
07:24:12 <Kat 😎> Bet Craig and all are sitting there now
07:25:01 <JarnoO> it'll be a quiet day at the UGB as far as in-basin entries go I bet. Not sure if HK and/or Suzanne will try for another SB
07:25:48 <Kat 😎> I'd be there if I could haha
07:27:20 <JarnoO> that's rare. A whole day without malfunctions of the Echinus logger
07:28:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> I expect they will go to SB this morning to see if its iproved quickly.
07:29:01 <JarnoO> also no signs of Whirligig getting itself more organized, so in that regard we're good disturbance-wise
07:29:11 <Kat 😎> 3C
07:29:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> may get people back this afternoon if its not progressing well
07:30:05 <Kat 😎> GO STEAMBOAT, I agree, how are you?
07:30:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> based on yesterdays reports it sounds like today will be too early for SB. It is due a longer interval with its alternating pattern of long short ...
07:31:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am doing well, heading for a walk soon
07:31:13 <JarnoO> Grasnd
07:31:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> u?
07:31:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> skillful cam move :)
07:31:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> long Grand interval
07:32:30 <Kat 😎> GO STEAMBOAT, Great thanks
07:32:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> 7h46
07:33:55 <JarnoO> I think the Grand predicted interval could easily moved to 6h30mΒ±60m or 6h45mΒ±60m without causing too many cases of it going before window. My preferred predicted interval would be 6h45mΒ±60m
07:37:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> VEC tends to put an earlier start so more people arrive in time since its intervals are ostly under 6h45
07:37:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> mostly
07:38:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> median is 6h15, so haf are earlier
07:38:42 <Kat 😎> Hi Forest
07:38:48 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Kat
07:39:09 <KorbenC(14433)> Forestbewithyou, hi
07:39:36 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
07:39:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> so for VEC its a compromise between statistical window and visitor window
07:42:01 <Kat 😎> Hi Korben
07:42:12 <JarnoO> I've especially noticed that with their Daisy predictions. More often than not I've seen it going later than their window, while it's still in GT's :)
07:42:25 <Kat 😎> GO STEAMBOAT, I didn't know VEC does that
07:43:17 <Kat 😎> Sometimes the difference in GT and VEC predictions are very different
07:44:31 <Kat 😎> :daisy:
07:46:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think they do it for Grand in particularso more people get there in time
07:46:15 <JarnoO> OF's predicted interval following a short is probably the more noticeable one, with GT predicting 1h01mΒ±7m, while the NPS does 1h09mΒ±10m
07:46:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think Daisy window should be earlier but few people do there compared to Grand
07:47:09 <JarnoO> as for the other ones, I do notice they're rounding the prediction to the nearest 15m, Daisy to the nearest 5 or 10, depending on the day
07:47:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, they round all except OF for simplicity for signs and visitors to remember
07:48:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> loks like a nice day in the park
07:49:36 <Kat 😎> Would be a great day to walk the bw
07:50:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> William out .... my guess is he works today o could be u at SB
07:51:01 <ynpvisitor37> There was a time when it was common for Daisy to erupt 40 minutes after the prediction
07:51:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy is tricky, bad weather will delay it
07:51:42 <JarnoO> weak Daisy. Only Β±3m01s
07:51:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> but all the geysers go out of window sometimes, even the Riverside intervals under 5h
07:52:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> or Grand ovevr 8
07:52:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> there was the 7h Daisy interval a coule of summers ago, right? known to be single interval becayse gazers were watching
07:52:56 <ynpvisitor37> notice the 'was common'
07:54:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> true 37, the VEC is often cautious about changing the windows. There have been sudden jumps in Grands intervals in the past and took a while for the prediction to reflect it
07:54:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> off for a walk ..... bbl
07:54:33 <KorbenC(14433)> Kat 😎, hi
07:54:41 <JarnoO> a few years ago Daisy was happy to do Β±3h if the conditions weren't that good, even by the slightest bit. Terrible, but not unexpected at the time
07:55:18 <JarnoO> at least it bettered its performance by a lot since
08:04:15 <JarnoO> morning Korben, Lori
08:04:47 <Kat 😎> Hi Lori
08:04:58 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Lori
08:05:13 <Lori S> Hey JarnoO, Kat 😎, Forestbewithyou, Korben
08:05:30 <JarnoO> what's Castle doing @ 0804?
08:05:36 <JarnoO> don't see it
08:05:36 <Kat 😎> Riverside
08:06:59 <Kat 😎> Nothing it was an error and I deleted it
08:07:14 <JarnoO> :thumbsup:
08:20:13 <KorbenC(14433)> Lori S, hi from the highest point in Colorado
08:21:06 <Kat 😎> OF
08:21:11 <Lori S> which is?
08:21:29 <KorbenC(14433)> 14433ft
08:21:42 <Lori S> KorbenC(14433), oh, now i see that :)
08:21:55 <KorbenC(14433)> Left the parking early, good trail up
08:21:56 <Lori S> can you see SB from there?
08:22:07 <Forestbewithyou> LOL Lori :)
08:22:22 <KorbenC(14433)> Lori S, yes, there was a good angled minor just now😜
08:22:22 <Kat 😎> :lol:
08:22:28 <Forestbewithyou> :)
08:23:38 <Kat 😎> KorbenC(14433), What??? You didn't get this OF??
08:23:40 <Lori S> no, it was verical. must be the angle youre at
08:23:42 <Kat 😎> LOL
08:23:47 <Forestbewithyou> LOLL
08:24:02 <KorbenC(14433)> Lol
08:26:23 <LoriS> darn phone. im back
08:26:42 <LoriS> KorbenC(14433), say hi to ur dad 4 me
08:27:36 <KorbenC(14433)> LoriS, he says hi back
08:27:51 <LoriS> 😎
08:28:25 <KorbenC(14433)> He asks how your doing
08:29:29 <LoriS> as well as can be expected i guess
08:29:38 <LoriS> health is good
08:30:35 <LoriS> If SB hasn't played by the time I wake up later, thibk I'll try to go get an "almost" full moon SB
08:32:23 <LoriS> nice Castle plume
08:33:12 <Kat 😎> :)
08:38:15 <ynpvisitor3> Moon doesn’t rise until almost midnight
08:38:51 <LoriS> no issue, i sleep days
08:39:58 <ynpvisitor3> I’m sure you won’t be alone
08:40:34 <LoriS> :)
08:40:49 <LoriS> i will as i will be in my truck
08:41:30 <LoriS> but i think it will go while i am sleeping anyway
08:42:59 <ynpvisitor76> Good luck Lori
08:43:02 <ynpvisitor76> -Ryan
08:43:21 <Lori S> Hi Ryan and thx
08:43:21 <ynpvisitor76> I’m on my way out the door to go caving. Just wanted to stop in and wish you luck.
08:43:42 <JarnoO> morning Ryan, have fun caving
08:44:02 <Lori S> howd u know i was here Ryan?
08:44:20 <Lori S> lol
08:45:25 <ynpvisitor76> I stopped in as a by way to GeyserTimes haha
08:45:50 <ynpvisitor76> Typed it into my phones browser window and it autocorrected to β€œ”
08:46:05 <ynpvisitor76> Saw you, saw your FB post, offered well wishes.
08:46:16 <ynpvisitor76> TLDR: IM WATCHING YOOOUUUUUU *ooooooh*
08:46:39 <ynpvisitor76> Alright. Toodles!
08:46:47 <Lori S> hahaha
08:46:50 <JarnoO> cya Ryan
08:46:54 <Kat 😎> 3C
08:46:59 <Lori S> have fun underground
08:50:25 <JarnoO> that was a good Mug
08:50:34 <Kat 😎> :)
08:52:54 <Lori S> hi Jeff
08:53:07 <Lori S> congrats on ur SB
08:53:35 <JarnoO> Mugwump d=15s. Start 0850:00 :)
08:54:03 <JarnoO> suggests that the Three Sisters are currently having more vigorous activity. GO MYR-1!
08:54:19 <JarnoO> morning Jeff
08:54:34 <Jeff> Thanks Lori lol it took it a few days for the excitement to go away lol
08:54:41 <Jeff> Morning JarnoO
08:55:11 <JarnoO> morning Tom
08:55:12 <TomK> Good morning
08:55:18 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Tom
08:55:21 <Lori S> Jeff, know that ferling :)
08:55:30 <Jeff> P
08:55:39 <Lori S> feeling
08:55:50 <Kat 😎> Hi Tom
08:56:04 <Lori S> Hi Tom K
08:57:19 <TomK> I'll take the cam whenever you're ready
08:57:58 <Kat 😎> Cam released - Have a good day!
08:58:04 <TomK> Do we have interval estimates for mug?
08:58:19 <Kat 😎> Thanks Tom -it's yours :)
08:58:32 <TomK> got it
08:58:33 <JarnoO> good question. Ehm, try 15m as base interval
08:59:02 <JarnoO> you'd definitely not want to pan away when Three Crater is erupting, as you then have a chance for Mugwump
08:59:24 <Jeff> Yeah I'd say try starting with 15m
08:59:29 <ynpvisitor88> mugwump 0850
09:01:02 <JarnoO> Thanks Joe, attached
09:03:15 <Lori S> Jeff, where at Lower do u work?
09:03:42 <Lori S> asking for Bob
09:03:57 <Lori S> erm I mean the floor crew
09:04:14 <Betty> morning all
09:04:14 <JarnoO> afternoon Betty
09:04:22 <JarnoO> how's the heat?
09:04:31 <Betty> afternoon JarnoO
09:04:43 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
09:04:53 <Betty> feels like in Las Vegas ;-)
09:04:56 <Lori S> hi Betty!
09:05:06 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou, Lori S
09:05:24 <Betty> how is it by you, Jarno?
09:06:09 <JarnoO> terrible. House insulates too good. I do see the wind has picked up, so hopefully it'll cool down a bit if that wind comes from sea
09:07:10 <Jeff> Lori I'm the grocery lead now. I was the fountain lead at the start of the season
09:07:24 <JarnoO> 3C
09:07:32 <Betty> we are at 97 atm
09:07:51 <JarnoO> yuck
09:08:01 <JarnoO> 90Β°F here
09:08:20 <Betty> way too hot for us!
09:08:29 <Lori S> Jeff, fountain folks got a "note" last night. lol
09:08:29 <Forestbewithyou> oh for a second I thought that ment 97 atmospheres as in pressure :)
09:08:42 <Forestbewithyou> and I was like umm I htink you mean .97
09:08:49 <JarnoO> I should really go to the Wadden Isles. There it didn't go over 86Β°F :)
09:08:56 <TomK> :
09:09:07 <Jeff> I'm sure the new fountain lead saw it this morning Lori lol
09:09:09 <TomK> :))
09:09:21 <Betty> hey TomK, hey Jeff
09:09:38 <Jeff> Hey betty
09:09:51 <TomK> Hello
09:09:53 <JarnoO> definitely not Limburg, unless it's for a visit to the marl quarries. There it was nice and cool :)
09:09:55 <Lori S> Jeff, the floor crew was not happy ;)
09:10:24 <Jeff> I don't even want to ask lol
09:10:47 <Betty> no, Forest. 97 Β°F or 36Β°C
09:10:50 <JarnoO> it looks like 3C has quit. Hopefully Mug soon
09:11:04 <Jeff> If my m
09:11:09 <Lori S> he loves the rdr staff thou :)
09:11:24 <Lori S> edr
09:11:27 <Jeff> If mug doesn't erupt it was probably a push
09:11:43 <Forestbewithyou> I figured that out when Jarno replied 90 degrees F. I didn't correlate atm to at the moment
09:11:43 <Jeff> I saw that a lot yesterday watching with Craig
09:12:18 <Jeff> Yeah Lori the EDR is always sweeping and mopping in back there
09:12:26 <JarnoO> it's been letting us wait for quite some time after 3C the other day, too. But that was definitely worth it, with vigorous erupptions
09:13:40 <Jeff> The eruption me a Craig caught yesterday i noticed several 1-2" boils before it erupted
09:14:52 <Jeff> But yeah Lori I saw the floor crews truck here when I got back from west lol
09:15:13 <JarnoO> 3C
09:15:35 <JarnoO> I guess Mug failed
09:15:53 <Lori S> Jeff, I'm always hearing about the mats. Every dtore.
09:16:08 <Lori S> store
09:16:51 <Jeff> The rubber mats?
09:17:03 <Lori S> yes
09:17:37 <Jeff> I know one of the cooks cleaned them last night but probably put them back not realizing the floor crew was coming
09:18:35 <Lori S> yes, put them back wet. eating up new tile or something
09:18:57 <Jeff> I'll let them know as well
09:19:11 <JarnoO> Alaska be shaky today. Two 5.3+ EQs within a few hours of each other
09:19:31 <Lori S> he lets every mgr know he is coming but prefers they not tell the staff lol
09:20:01 <Lori S> Jeff, and thx
09:20:16 <Lori S> JarnoO, where in AK?
09:20:39 <JarnoO> near where the 7.8 EQ happened a few weeks ago
09:21:09 <Lori S> which was? (i am not up on current events)
09:21:19 <JarnoO>
09:21:29 <Lori S> :thumbsup:
09:24:44 <Betty> Jarno, on your first trip to ynp: how long will you stay to see everything? :-D
09:24:47 <JarnoO> this 3C might've been too long for Mug :P. Oh well. Fingers crossed
09:25:13 <JarnoO> am hoping for at least 2 weeks, preferably 3 or even a full month
09:25:43 <JarnoO> Mug
09:25:52 <Betty> a good one
09:28:40 <TomK> Daisywindow coming up at 0934
09:29:46 <ynpvisitor79> Korben here, back at treeline, 30 minutes and two K drop in elevationπŸ˜„
09:29:59 <Forestbewithyou> Nice
09:30:20 <ynpvisitor79> Downhill is so nice
09:30:30 <Forestbewithyou> of course :)
09:37:12 <Lori S> time for sleeo. bye all
09:37:20 <Lori S> sleep
09:37:33 <JarnoO> sleep well
09:37:39 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Lori
09:38:56 <TomK> Bye
09:44:27 <TomK> OF window
09:49:25 <Betty> bye Lori
09:51:16 <Betty> time for brothers birthday party. see yΒ΄all
09:51:29 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Betty
09:51:30 <JarnoO> cya Betty
09:51:33 <JarnoO> have fun
09:57:57 <JarnoO> don't see much steam from Daisy. Likely went already
10:00:32 <Eric> Morning all
10:00:51 <Eric> What does "something" mean for that video and what time in the video did "something" happen?
10:01:32 <TomK> Mug ?
10:01:49 <Eric> No, mug happened earlier
10:02:07 <TomK> one minute ago
10:02:20 <Eric> ahh :-D
10:04:33 <Eric> That 925 mug was explosive, but super short
10:04:52 <JarnoO> at least better than yesterday :)
10:08:24 <Eric> for sure!
10:18:12 <JarnoO> 3C
10:46:35 <Forestbewithyou> wow it is quiet today!
10:51:55 <TomK> Shhh, you're liable to wake someone up. :)
10:53:30 <TomK> 3C
10:54:29 <Forestbewithyou> oh. sorry bout that :)
11:00:57 <TomK> I'd rather stare at the hill, but I take requests
11:16:29 <TomK> OF window
11:50:16 <LindaG> Hey hey
11:50:55 <Michael> Hi Linda. Long time (a few days) no see. How was the storm?
11:51:34 <LindaG> Michael, the storm itself was nothing but we lost power forcaboutb12 hrs
11:51:53 <LindaG> *for about
11:52:23 <LindaG> I think a transformer exploded
11:53:08 <LindaG> I think that of state got clobbered though
11:53:24 <LindaG> 3c
11:53:45 <Michael> Hope you didn't have to open the fridge or freezer too much while the power was out.
11:53:51 <LindaG> *rest of state
11:54:06 <LindaG> Michael, tried not to
11:54:34 <LindaG> I think there are still people without power
11:57:34 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Another hummingbird was hanging around yesterday Linda.
11:58:08 <LindaG> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, that's great. Saw lots of shorebirds today.
11:58:38 <LindaG> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, must be something in your yard it likes
12:00:44 <LindaG> I just released a monarch
12:02:40 <Michael> Nice! We had one yesterday, and might have another one come out tomorrow.
12:03:18 <LindaG> Michael, are you raising them?
12:03:46 <LindaG> This is my 4th, 3 boys and a girl πŸ™‚πŸ˜Ά
12:06:59 <LindaG> 3c
12:09:27 <LindaG> Big one
12:13:35 <Forestbewithyou> well I have to head out for a bit
12:13:44 <Forestbewithyou> Talk to you all later
12:13:57 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi and bye
12:14:06 <Forestbewithyou> Hi and Bye linda
12:14:14 <LindaG> πŸ™‚
12:15:52 <ynpvisitor59> Can y'all hold Bee off for another two hours?
12:16:10 <LindaG> Sure πŸ˜„
12:16:15 <TomK> I'll check
12:17:11 <ynpvisitor59> Korben here, well, a very tired Korben😊
12:21:24 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> So Korben is a tired individual?
12:21:47 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Got my first egg today.
12:22:47 <LindaG> Oh an egg, that's exciting!
12:23:39 <LindaG> ynpvisitor59, how many mountains did you climb?
12:24:49 <TomK> Grand window
12:27:45 <Michael> LindaG, sorry I was away for a bit. We're not exactly raising Monarchs this year, but we've got a bunch of milkweed plants and check on them often.
12:29:23 <Michael> We've had three girls so far. And a few who snuck away to pupate while we weren't looking.
12:38:07 <LindaG> Gotta watch out for those sneaky pupaters lol
12:39:21 <LindaG> I'm trying to leave alot outside but I do raise some inside. Trying to get away from that. Took some in because of storm and they pupated in house.
12:42:30 <LindaG> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, train on loop
12:45:19 <Michael> We used to bring a lot inside for care and feeding but didn't have time for that commitment this summer.
12:46:06 <LindaG> Michael, it is time consuming and I think they are bigger when they grow up outside
12:47:16 <LindaG> They are saying indoor raised cats dont migrate well. Dont knowing true
12:47:46 <LindaG> *know if true
12:49:23 <Michael> I don't know either. They might be a confused by day/night cycles if they grew up in our house. :)
12:50:29 <JarnoO> Just my luck... Apparantly the cooler of my airco broke. And now I'm only degrees away from 86Β°F inside. :(
12:51:25 <JarnoO> and they don't do repairs in weekends, either :P
12:52:03 <ynpvisitor35> You live in it?
12:52:26 <LindaG> JarnoO, 🌑πŸ”₯
12:52:39 <LindaG> πŸ˜•
12:57:23 <Michael> JarnoO, maybe a water pipe will break too. Then you can stand in its shower. :)
12:58:00 <JarnoO> preferably not. Though it would make for a nice "geyser" (note the quotes)
13:01:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> time for work?
13:03:01 <TomK> Ty for taking the cam and bye to all
13:03:15 <JarnoO> cya Tom
13:03:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> bye Tom
13:03:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like the SB gazers are staying at Norris
13:04:57 <Michael> Bye TomK.
13:06:08 <LindaG> Bye tom
13:06:44 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
13:07:39 <Michael> Hi GO STEAMBOAT.
13:10:39 <Eric> Cya Tm
13:10:40 <Eric> Tom
13:13:57 <Eric> Soon, with the click of a button, you will be able to put the videos on the right, directly into youtube!
13:13:59 <Eric>
13:16:13 <Eric> Super simple to get recordings for your GT entries.
13:16:31 <LindaG> Eric, nice! Thank you.
13:16:38 <Michael> GT Webcam is going to be a popular channel!
13:17:12 <ynpvisitor42> Eric, you should add something to the command that way we can choose how long the getvideo is.
13:17:48 <ynpvisitor42> Like /getvideo Grand 1111 6 for a 6 minute getvideo or something
13:18:56 <JarnoO> then you'd have to do something like /getvideo "Grand 1111" 6 so that the program doesn't get confused with what belongs where
13:19:28 <Eric> That would be nice 42...but not easy to implement
13:19:53 <ynpvisitor42> JarnoO, no Coop today to grab the Fluffs?
13:19:55 <Eric> I already tried to get that working previously.
13:20:12 <JarnoO> #42, not as of now
13:20:23 <ynpvisitor42> Eric, I was just being a smartass, thx for your work
13:20:47 <Eric> No problem...and it is a smart thing to do :-D Just more time than I could commit.
13:21:17 <ynpvisitor42> Eric, your u should join Craig in retirement
13:21:55 <ynpvisitor42> Stupid phone keys😐
13:23:20 <Eric> Wish I could :-D
13:23:45 <Eric> Craigs OLD though, so I have some catching up to do :-P
13:41:03 <ynpvisitor8> I see Kevin took the rest of the day off after a early start.
13:48:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> any ideas on Turban?
13:49:08 <JarnoO> what do you think about Grand?
13:49:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> i guess Turban as about now too
13:49:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> didnt see much steam from Daisy, so maybe we missed it
13:55:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> bugler
13:57:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> ot
14:04:47 <JarnoO> Grand didn't even make it to 9 minutes on that eruption.
14:05:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont think i missed a second burst
14:05:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> i thought it quit at 1358
14:05:56 <JarnoO> don't think so either. Looked C, though, but otherwise you kept it on Grand long enough to not miss a 2nd
14:06:19 <JarnoO> 1357:50, thereafter came V&T steam
14:07:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> and start time?
14:07:57 <JarnoO> 1348:53
14:08:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok, so right around 9min
14:09:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> especially as we cant see the true seconds from the cam
14:11:04 <KorbenC> I am home :)
14:16:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> home from where?
14:17:58 <KorbenC> .
14:17:59 <KorbenC> .
14:17:59 <KorbenC> .
14:18:01 <KorbenC> AURUM
14:18:30 <KorbenC> GS, home from somewhere :)
14:18:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> big crowd for Aurum
14:19:00 <LindaG> πŸ˜ƒ
14:20:02 <KorbenC> Hi Linda and Jarno
14:20:09 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
14:21:20 <KorbenC> Jarno, I am fishing again tommorow so you will have to get those OF's or just make getvideos and I can grab them
14:21:45 <JarnoO> sure thing
14:22:42 <JarnoO> Atlantic 0/0, Eastern Pacific 80/90
14:22:43 <KorbenC> JarnoO, Ill get all those getvideos today.
14:35:35 <KorbenC> JarnoO, stats are in for those OF's today
14:37:30 <JarnoO> thanks
14:38:07 <KorbenC> if you can grab this one it would be of big help
14:50:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
15:19:28 <JarnoO> Grotto is up to something
15:19:47 <JarnoO> and about time for one too
15:47:40 <JarnoO> Indy just started
15:47:46 <JarnoO> right as you panned away
15:47:54 <KorbenC> YAY
15:48:14 <KorbenC> can we pan back?
15:49:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> good catch
15:49:46 <KorbenC> JarnoO, nice eye
15:50:18 <KorbenC> GS, are you running it?
15:50:23 <JarnoO> I had actually almost dozed in, Korben
15:50:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes
15:50:37 <KorbenC> JarnoO, :D
15:51:38 <JarnoO> and it hadn't taken much either before I went off to take a shower. I guess it can wait now until after Bee
15:51:58 <KorbenC> :thumbsup::)
15:52:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> we will miss Daisy again
15:52:06 <LindaG> Thx for txt
15:53:35 <LindaG> Ha saw the txt but hadnt looked at tablet right in front of me
15:54:00 <KorbenC> LindaG, lol
15:57:46 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> It was a good Knight!
15:57:48 <Eric> Lots of masks!
15:58:20 <KorbenC> Bee
15:58:21 <Eric> BH
15:58:38 <JarnoO> :bee:
15:58:47 <LindaG> I await
15:58:51 <KorbenC> nice start
15:58:57 <JarnoO> bacteria watering time
15:59:11 <LindaG> Nice
16:00:25 <KorbenC> JarnoO, "Beehives Botanical Garden"
16:00:40 <Eric> guy walking off BW near back on
16:01:14 <JarnoO> what a dumbschmuck. At least he didn't stick his hand into a vent
16:01:15 <LindaG> Run run
16:01:51 <JarnoO> AB
16:01:52 <KorbenC> now, I understand going off the Solitary trail a few feet to do your buisness but going of the BW, ugg
16:03:54 <ynpvisitor110> sure, went to put stuff into trailer and came back to see indy text
16:04:10 <ynpvisitor110> at least saw last portion
16:04:26 <Eric> Glad you got some of it!
16:05:06 <Eric> Thanks for the txt!
16:09:41 <JarnoO> Indicator: lead=10m46s, total=13m38s; Beehive=4m53s
16:11:11 <KorbenC> JarnoO, nice
16:11:52 <KorbenC> I am going to go play a game, be back soon.
16:14:22 <JarnoO> There were actually two (and possibly three) people off the boardwalk at Imp, Eric. Luckily they did get on the boardwalk not long thereafter. They did seem to be very near the edge of the boardwalk before that, so I do think they lost their balance
16:14:47 <Eric> :thumbsup:
16:24:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
16:36:41 <JarnoO> off for a shower
16:55:26 <ynpvisitor108> I cant believe it's been 5 days since last SB, time is zipping by.
17:17:13 <KorbenC> I am back
17:17:18 <KorbenC> Linda, lol :)
17:17:22 <Forestbewithyou> Hi all
17:17:35 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
17:17:39 <KorbenC> I still find it insane that after 5 days we are "ready" for it, when its gone 50 years, :P
17:17:44 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi
17:17:45 <KorbenC> Hi Forest, Linda
17:21:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think its tomorrow
17:21:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> or tonight
17:21:45 <LindaG> πŸ™‚
17:22:05 <KorbenC> My predict is 8/8/2020 18:56:25 but thats averging stuff which would put it at about 215AM
17:23:26 <JarnoO> Atlantic 10/20; Eastern Pacific 90/90 (1), 0/20 (2)
17:25:00 <KorbenC> JarnoO, werent you taking a shower?
17:25:19 <JarnoO> I've taken one already
17:25:27 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
17:26:13 <KorbenC> Grotto doing something, might be ie.
17:26:28 <JarnoO> not ie
17:26:59 <KorbenC> well, doing something :)
17:27:25 <KorbenC> JarnoO, got SWARM up yet?
17:28:05 <JarnoO> since this morning. What'd you expect?
17:28:38 <KorbenC> nothing less :)
17:36:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> anyone know what the police response to West isall about? Just saw a note on FB
17:36:49 <KorbenC> GO STEAMBOAT, Loris FB?
17:37:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> no, Yellowtone Tour guides
17:38:14 <Forestbewithyou> hmm
17:39:04 <KorbenC> OK, thats interesting, some new outlets have picked it up too
17:39:09 <KorbenC> Lion 1732 ie Brandon
17:39:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe catch the next one
17:41:36 <KorbenC> Does the governor and Mayor have a motorcade? beucase that could explain it
17:43:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> is MT, probably not
17:43:13 <KorbenC> GO STEAMBOAT, Lori says she can hear helicopters too.
17:43:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> theres no Trump Golf Course there
17:43:57 <KorbenC> hahaha
17:44:06 <Forestbewithyou> :)
17:44:51 <JarnoO> Grotto Fountain?
17:49:29 <KorbenC> I am gonna head out for the night, wish me luck fishing tommorow.
17:49:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> have fun
17:49:47 <Forestbewithyou> bye
17:49:49 <JarnoO> cya Korben
17:56:46 <Forestbewithyou> I should probably head out as well. I have some math I need to focus on and frankly I am being distracted :). Good night all
17:56:56 <Forestbewithyou> also Jarno you are still marked as away
17:57:19 <JarnoO> I'm still kinda away :)
17:57:27 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Military train at Flagstaff
18:01:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> are the ycoming to stop the protests in Vegas?
18:02:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> or help you get your ballots in the mail?
18:02:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> Ihear yu dont know how to vote
18:03:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
18:08:24 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> The thing that bothers me is we still get ballots for my daughters that have been gone seven years. We also have a lot of "guest voters" from california but they always show up just before the election so they can vote in person in Nevada and absentee in california.
18:10:47 <JarnoO> expect OF early in window. 3m37s
18:16:16 <JarnoO> Percolator ie
18:16:18 <JarnoO> hi kc
18:17:56 <JarnoO> maybe not Percolator ie
18:18:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> WT is ie
18:18:20 <JarnoO> that low steam is quite tricky
18:18:34 <JarnoO> of course now it pushes out some steam
18:18:36 <JarnoO> evening Betty
18:18:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> pec going too
18:19:01 <Betty> hi JarnoO, GO STEAMBOAT,
18:19:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> perc
18:19:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> evening betty
18:19:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> party over?
18:19:49 <Betty> yep
18:19:49 <LindaG> Betty, hi
18:20:10 <Betty> hi LindaG
18:28:44 <JarnoO> GHG-13 grabbing some attention again
18:29:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like Aurum has the attention
18:29:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> splashy
18:36:39 <kcmule> hello
18:37:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> is it hockey time?
18:37:06 <Betty> hi kcmule
18:37:37 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Not if you are a caps fan.
18:38:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha, they are getting going rather slowly
18:39:13 <Betty> hi Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡
18:39:21 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Hi
18:51:28 <JarnoO> good roar
18:51:51 <Betty> headed out, night all
18:51:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> i would say so
18:51:56 <JarnoO> night Betty
18:52:09 <ynpvisitor68> Lion
18:52:09 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Good Knight Betty
18:56:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> bugler
18:58:14 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1956Β±5m if series continues. 3m38s
19:12:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> missed Aurum
19:13:09 <JarnoO> it had a splash
19:13:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> no, still splashing
19:13:33 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Go Aurum
19:14:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> some Daisy steam
19:20:34 <JarnoO> Arty
19:20:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> turban
19:21:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> no aurum yet
19:22:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> artie
19:24:23 <JarnoO> I'm off. Enjoy Grand
19:40:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> no aurum yet
19:43:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> Grand
19:50:58 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Aurum will go now
19:56:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> 12h11m interval for Daisy
19:59:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> no aurum yet
20:30:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> no aurum yet
20:30:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> so goodnight from me
20:30:32 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, night
20:30:46 <LindaG> Goodnight from me too
21:00:29 <kcmule> OF
21:04:35 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Gee should I set the DVR to record this movie toknight? A vengeful gangster and a mad scientist use an army of atomic powered zombies to exact revenge against foes and take over the world.
21:11:05 <ynpvisitor44> wonder if this will be a night eruption for Steamboat
21:11:40 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> When Is Dave supposed to show up?
23:43:04 <ynpvisitor14> Another 11 hours staring at dirt