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05:28:04 <ynpvisitor43> We've got a dangle
05:32:12 <ynpvisitor91> Dangle, Reno 911 :)
05:45:51 <ynpvisitor56> steam F&M area
05:47:48 <ynpvisitor56> possible event cycle
05:48:52 <ynpvisitor74> I cant check it this morning, tasks to do at camp
05:49:28 <ynpvisitor56> ok thanks, and good morning
05:49:44 <ynpvisitor74> Morning. Joe?
05:49:51 <ynpvisitor56> yes
05:50:05 <ynpvisitor74> How's it going
05:50:29 <ynpvisitor56> ok, I'm alive!
05:50:53 <ynpvisitor74> Alive is usually good
05:51:40 <ynpvisitor56> You must be doing well givenyou are in the park?
06:12:06 <ynpvisitor88> Whoever brewed the office coffee today brewed it strong.
06:12:12 <ynpvisitor88> I can hear colors and smell sounds!!
06:13:22 <ynpvisitor56> depends on the sound that produces the smell
06:14:30 <ynpvisitor56> reminds me of the 70s :)
06:14:52 <ynpvisitor88> .....wooo!
06:15:07 <Ryan> Like seriously holy caffiene batman
06:15:21 <ynpvisitor56> :)
06:20:02 <Ryan> huh, orange smells like peppermint.
06:20:52 <ynpvisitor56> what are you on? I want some. :)
06:25:42 <ynpvisitor56> do you also have the munchies ??
06:26:22 <Ryan> Just some damn fine coffee!
06:27:04 <ynpvisitor56> :) I'll have to brew a can.
06:31:54 <KorbenC> that was nice, went out last night for about 30 minutes, 3 fireballs and 4 other meteors.
06:39:21 <Ryan> Cave was spared, KC, but we cancelled. NWS forecast is reaching idiot levels of danger.
06:39:49 <KorbenC> Ryan, :thumbsup::(
06:40:54 <Ryan> Yeah, widespread and numerous storms with localized flooding - specifically noted a hazardous weather statement for localized flooding in creeks.
06:40:57 <Ryan> LOL NOOOOOP
06:41:39 <KorbenC> they have an SFA too :)
06:41:48 <Ryan> ?
06:41:59 <KorbenC> Significant Flooding Advisory
06:48:42 <Ryan> OH
06:48:43 <Ryan> yeah
06:48:44 <Ryan> lol
06:48:56 <KorbenC> ?
06:49:06 <KorbenC> F&M almost at 3 days :)
06:49:56 <Ryan> Re: Significant flood advisory
06:50:33 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
06:51:15 <Ryan> I would not think much about F&M for a nother couple days, and even then I would not actually sit on it until its had a couple closed intervals
06:51:30 <Ryan> Its by sheer luck we saw the firsty one of the 2018 season
06:51:42 <KorbenC> can someone please go remove that big red thing?
06:57:21 <Ryan> How long does caffeine take to wear down?
06:57:26 <ynpvisitor56> looks lik a good F&M event cycle, wish I was there
06:58:13 <Ryan> where do you see an event cycle?
06:58:37 <KorbenC> 56=Craig?
06:58:51 <ynpvisitor56> based on the steam, just guessing
06:59:19 <Ryan> Yeah I dont think youre going to get any event cycle details from steam
06:59:21 <KorbenC> you could always jsut go check ya know :_
06:59:34 <KorbenC> I mean, there is nice steam from the cam.
06:59:36 <Ryan> Though I'd be happy to see the bomb go off again
07:00:30 <KorbenC> Hi Kat
07:00:31 <Kat> Good morning!
07:00:50 <ynpvisitor14> could be spiteful
07:01:04 <Ryan> Event cycles are just regular cycles but different.
07:01:05 <JarnoO> I'd sign up for that, #14
07:01:05 <KorbenC> Hi JO
07:01:23 <KorbenC> Ryan, and Steamboat is Beehive, but different :D
07:01:31 <Ryan> No
07:01:34 <JarnoO> Norris Pool would be fun, too
07:01:57 <Ryan> You would not see any difference in steam from a regular versus event cycle - and both happen on an hourly basis.
07:03:03 <KorbenC> Oblongs been having some real nice steam the past few minutes.
07:03:12 <Ryan> Somehow I dont thiunk its Spiteful either. I think we would know if something was erupting.
07:03:26 <KorbenC> Grand
07:03:28 <JarnoO> Grand
07:03:49 <JarnoO> Oblong was probably in a push, Korben, nothing special as of yet
07:03:51 <ynpvisitor14> long Bottom vent solo
07:04:07 <Ryan> Lower Mortar Minor :lol:
07:04:48 <ynpvisitor14> lots of possibilty. lots of WAGS
07:05:13 <Ryan> Postulating event cycles from steam clouds is a new one for me, haha.
07:05:25 <ynpvisitor14> Ha
07:06:12 <ynpvisitor14> be cool if someone in basin pedaled on down to see
07:06:18 <ynpvisitor56> operative word, possible :)
07:07:55 <Ryan> Postulating anything about F&M from the wc other than an eruption is the reason we get laughed at...
07:08:23 <ynpvisitor72> hm, wonder if HK and Suzanne are at Grand or if they are up north
07:08:27 <Kat> Daisy
07:12:18 <ynpvisitor56> I seem to remember a few F&M calls here recently based on steam over it the Grotto bijou area :)
07:13:26 <Ryan> That was for a possible eruption since we didnt know what one looked like from here.
07:14:00 <Ryan> Tad bit different than speculating if Main Vent is splashing based on steam clouds....
07:15:02 <ynpvisitor56> ok, :)
07:15:55 <JarnoO> G1C | 10m11s
07:16:34 <ynpvisitor72> well GT post answered my question
07:16:57 <Kat> What is that??
07:17:26 <JarnoO> something rubbery probably from the cam's housing
07:17:27 <ynpvisitor72> was wondering if HK and Suzanne were there or up north
07:18:05 <ynpvisitor72> oh, that
07:18:35 <ynpvisitor78> pennant flag lowered itself
07:18:36 <ynpvisitor72> a mask for the cam
07:18:59 <Kat> :)
07:19:14 <ynpvisitor78> yesterday not fixed yet
07:20:01 <ynpvisitor72> awesome, well awesomely annoying
07:21:01 <ynpvisitor72> have fun with Mugwump, better things to do
07:21:10 <JarnoO> cya #72
07:21:15 <Kat> Bye
07:25:41 <Ryan>
07:25:44 <Ryan> Giant man made geysers :D
07:28:13 <Ryan>
07:50:43 <LindaG> Good morning!
07:51:08 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
07:51:16 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
07:51:34 <LindaG> Is there someone on cam?
07:53:47 <LindaG> I guess so since there are WC entries
07:58:00 <Kat> OF
07:59:28 <Kat> I am Linda
07:59:44 <KorbenC> Hi Linda "_
07:59:55 <KorbenC> ;)
08:02:15 <LindaG> Kat, hi
08:02:21 <Kat> Hi Linda
08:03:05 <LindaG> Kat, lol I was thinking it was Saturday 🀯
08:03:41 <KorbenC> ls! YAY
08:03:53 <JarnoO> LS must be pretty much near start. Wasn't ie before we turned to OF
08:05:13 <Kat> Thats what happens when you're retired! LOL
08:06:03 <Kat> That thing will drive you crazy!
08:06:29 <JarnoO> OF long at 3m46s
08:06:46 <LindaG> At least its not blocking bee
08:06:54 <KorbenC> dont Jinx it Linda
08:07:15 <LindaG> Although if it were blocking OF it would get fixed quick
08:07:54 <Kat> True!
08:08:15 <KorbenC> quick! someone move it :)
08:08:24 <JarnoO> TD
08:08:45 <KorbenC> -10 :D
08:09:12 <JarnoO> TD Ten 30kt; TD Ten-E 30kt; Eastern Pacific 70/90, 10/70; Central Pacific 20/50
08:09:39 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
08:09:43 <JarnoO> TD Eleven*
08:09:56 <JarnoO> 11 for Atlantic, 10 for Eastern Pacific
08:10:08 <Kat> OMG
08:13:04 <Kat> 3C ie
08:17:42 <Kat> I notified Dave K about the rubber strip on the cam!
08:18:29 <Forestbewithyou> Morning all
08:18:38 <Kat> Hi Forest
08:18:38 <JarnoO> morning Forest
08:19:53 <JarnoO> some large pooling north of Three Sisters
08:21:42 <KorbenC> 3c
08:22:19 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Morning
08:22:32 <JarnoO> morning Eric
08:22:37 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Hi Jarno
08:22:39 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Eric
08:22:44 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Bummer, we lost YNM :-(
08:22:46 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Hi Forest
08:23:07 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
08:23:13 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Hi Coop
08:24:07 <Eric - GO SAWMI> I had no idea that derecho blasted Iowa so hard!
08:24:19 <JarnoO> morning Mike
08:24:30 <Mike J> Greetings everyone (From someone who, apparently, can't even type his own name this morning.)
08:24:38 <KorbenC> Hi Mike
08:24:39 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Apparently Grand Rapids had 100+ mph winds for over 40 minutes during it.
08:24:41 <JarnoO> is the heat getting to you? :)
08:24:58 <Mike J> Lack of caffeine JarnoO
08:25:08 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Hi Mike
08:25:17 <Ryan> Did you see the satellite imagerty showing the crop damage in Iowa?
08:25:24 <Mike J> Just hiding in the A/C all day to avoid 110+
08:26:15 <Eric - GO SAWMI> No, I didn't Ryan
08:26:54 <Eric - GO SAWMI> But my daughter was supposed to start virtual school there next week, but it's pushed back a week since they are still not sure when they will get power.
08:27:11 <Ryan>
08:28:00 <Eric - GO SAWMI> wow...thats nuts
08:28:11 <Ryan> actually its mostly corn
08:28:47 <Ryan> :D
08:29:09 <Katie (v1)> Hi all
08:29:11 <Mike J> A real-live, actual corny response
08:29:14 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Katie
08:29:19 <Kat> Hi Katie!
08:29:23 <KorbenC> Katie (v1), hi
08:30:14 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Well, I can tell you from friends pictures, it's a boatload of trees too!
08:30:40 <Eric - GO SAWMI> So crazy video of telephone poles just bending over and snapping in that wind.
08:31:31 <LindaG> Morning all newcomers πŸ™‚
08:33:34 <Ryan>
08:38:07 <LindaG> Wow
08:38:07 <Ryan> No weather video will ever beat this one for me:
08:38:54 <KorbenC> pft, thats not as cool as,
08:39:03 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Hi Linda
08:39:56 <Ryan> Definitely impressive but not the same for me.
08:41:08 <Ryan> riverside
08:43:22 <Kat> Maybe not
08:43:27 <LindaG> Eric - GO SAWMILL, hi
08:43:42 <Kat> Eric - GO SAWMILL, Hi Eric
08:43:57 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Hi Kat
08:44:16 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Ryan, I bet there were some brown pants in that car!
08:44:28 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Just watching that video made me cringe!
08:45:38 <LindaG> Ryan, so mb why didnt it pick up the car?
08:46:10 <KorbenC> LindaG, Storm Chases that do intercepts have grips that they lower
08:46:29 <KorbenC> so they effectively stick a big metal thing onto the road which latches and suctions on
08:46:42 <KorbenC> and it can hold it in place up to about 150MPH
08:46:53 <LindaG> Wow
08:47:00 <Ryan>
08:47:17 <KorbenC> thats why we "drop" down.
08:47:37 <KorbenC>
08:47:38 <Ryan> KC have you seen that video? I thought the ending was fake until I saw the whole video
08:48:05 <Kat> Getting cam fixed? or not
08:48:19 <Katie (v1)> Yeah, I know, Korben. I was trying to see what it was, if possible.
08:48:43 <ynpvisitor58> they're censoring Depression. what don't they want us to know!
08:48:55 <Kat> Hahaha
08:49:24 <ynpvisitor58> and the flag is red. red = china
08:49:55 <KorbenC> Ryan, that could be real, but likely not. The end is lacking a rear inflow jet (all Tors have one) and a tornado of that size is technically impossible to have that structure at least in North America
08:50:16 <Eric - GO SAWMI> Coop, your video was cool too...both very cool!
08:50:38 <KorbenC> Ihve seen Tornadoes, but I have never intercepted, ill leave that to reed :D
08:50:51 <Ryan> HArd to think the whole thing is fake
08:51:03 <Katie (v1)> UGH!!!!
08:51:17 <Kat> It's aweful!
08:51:28 <KorbenC> Ryan, the first part looks real (the models look accurate) but the Tornado looks screen shoted. and green screened.
08:51:46 <KorbenC> GF ie>
08:51:47 <Ryan> interesting
08:52:06 <Ryan> Yay! Grotto Fountain!
08:52:09 <KorbenC> It would not be the first person to do that, all sorts of videos are fake
08:52:11 <Katie (v1)> Has anyone emailed NPS staff? I haven't seen a cc?
08:52:36 <Ryan> I want water over the trees, come on GF!
08:53:02 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
08:53:12 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Kevin
08:53:20 <KorbenC> Ryan, theres your water
08:53:28 <Kevin L 🌡> Hi
08:53:41 <Ryan> I want real water
08:53:45 <Ryan> Not this pansy stuff
08:53:46 <Kat> I did earlier Katie
08:53:58 <KorbenC> Ryan, I see tall water
08:53:59 <Ryan> Oooh but it is trying!
08:54:14 <Kat> should have cc'd all but didn't sorry!
08:54:17 <Ryan> Thats still small stuff :P
08:54:34 <KorbenC> Ryan, thats what it does when its ie from the cam :)
08:54:52 <Ryan> No, lol, trust me thats small compared to what its capable of
08:55:02 <KorbenC> Ryan, I know :)
08:55:03 <JarnoO> I have seen bigger from Grotto Fountain from cam, but only a few times
08:55:15 <Katie (v1)> Well, I just did the same thing, Kat. I didn't cc, either, because I was rushed
08:55:30 <KorbenC> beleive me the first time I saw GF it went to the point where it was "HOLY COWWWWWWWWWWW, HOW TALL DOES THAT THING GET"
08:56:02 <Ryan> "back in the day" where Grotto Fountain routinely lead Grotto by 20-40 minutes you could get eruptions in the 60-70ft range.
08:56:10 <Ryan> And there is Grotto
08:56:12 <KorbenC> hi Grotto
08:56:22 <Kat> Katie (v1), same here - so maybe we'll get some action on it! :)
08:56:50 <JarnoO> Ryan, was that by any chance when it did marathons while Giant was active/
08:56:51 <JarnoO> ?
08:56:58 <Ryan> Yup
08:57:21 <Ryan> I think the largest I ever saw was only 40ft.
08:57:50 <Ryan> In 2014 that took an exceptionally long time to get there, I think it was a 15 minute eruption or something?
08:58:09 <KorbenC> Ive seen what I think went over 50ft, It was way taller than the trees around it
08:58:24 <Ryan> I rarely say this, but you didnt see 50ft.
08:58:44 <KorbenC> how tall are the trees on the side?
08:59:04 <Ryan> Rather: I find it extremely unlikely you saw a 50ft eruption. The average eruption height is 20-25ft if youre lucky.
08:59:14 <Katie (v1)> Reply received - it has been communicated to OF staff to check it out. So hopefully it will be remedied soon.
08:59:31 <KorbenC> Ryan, pre grotto was short. Once grotto started it got huge for a minute, and I mean HUGE
08:59:43 <JarnoO> that's normal, isn't it?
08:59:54 <LindaG> Bbl
08:59:59 <KorbenC> Jarno, yes.
09:00:08 <KorbenC> but I can almost gurantee it was 50ft
09:00:12 <Ryan> Where is your source to say thats normal?
09:00:30 <JarnoO> The book
09:00:47 <Ryan> Interesting, never saw it in roughly three dozen eruptions :)
09:00:51 <KorbenC> Ryan, how tall are the trees around it?
09:00:57 <Ryan> I have no clue.
09:01:04 <KorbenC> estimate?
09:01:10 <Ryan> I have _no clue_
09:01:58 <Ryan> I dont have a copy of "the book" but I have never seen nor heard of someone saying it was "normal" for Grotto Fountain to respond to Grotto's start by growing.
09:02:02 <Kat> Katie (v1), Thanks!
09:02:13 <Ryan> (I have a copy at home, not at work)
09:02:56 <Kat> Katie (v1), I just checked and got the same reply!
09:03:03 <Ryan> Nor have I ever seen that happen. If it is normal, then I have some really lucky odds.
09:03:05 <Kat> CYA Linda
09:03:12 <Ryan> Lunch time.
09:03:24 <KorbenC>
09:03:24 <JarnoO> hm, I actually got it from the GOSA website: "Once Grotto starts, Grotto Fountain can continue to grow taller for a short period but after a minute or two it starts to shrink in size."
09:03:49 <Ryan(lunch)> KC thats about 25 ft
09:03:51 <KorbenC> 1st line is pre Grotto, 2nd line is 1 minute after grotto, 2 minutes after grotto the line is about 5ft taller
09:03:54 <Ryan(lunch)> Thats a very typical eruption
09:04:18 <Ryan(lunch)> You did not see GF to that second line. I need a photo proof of that
09:04:30 <KorbenC> Ill find it
09:04:32 <JarnoO> source: (actual GOSA site is mostly unreachable for more than a year now)
09:04:36 <Ryan(lunch)> Thats well over 80-100ft
09:04:54 <KorbenC> it was way above the trees
09:05:10 <KorbenC> the problem is that it was snowing, which makes it hard to see on photo
09:05:24 <Ryan(lunch)> Sorry, I need photographic proof to believe that Grotto Fountain got anywhere remotely close to that line
09:05:46 <JarnoO> did you stay put once Grotto started or did you walk closer to Grotto Fountain?
09:06:18 <Ryan(lunch)> And JO, Grotto Fountain can get larger into Grotto, but its not a "surge"
09:06:26 <KorbenC> walked about 1/2 way to GF, so take 100/2 = 50
09:06:38 <KorbenC> thats where I get my 50ft estimate from
09:06:46 <Ryan(lunch)> IT just keeps growing at the same rate as always. The last few gasps can be loud though.
09:06:52 <Ryan(lunch)> Thats not how trig works...
09:07:13 <KorbenC> Ryan(lunch), I had an inclonometer dude!
09:07:15 <Ryan(lunch)> Based on the photo you sent me I can not believe that eruption ever got over 30ft, maybe 25ft.
09:07:23 <KorbenC> and my T-95 calc
09:07:45 <Ryan(lunch)> I want to see that data and where you were standing.
09:08:10 <JarnoO> Grotto Fountain 0844 in-basin, 21m28s
09:08:16 <Ryan(lunch)> Sorry, Grotto Fountain is a pretty dang consistent geyser in its style of performances. What you're describing is entirely out of character for it.
09:08:37 <KorbenC> ill get you my data
09:09:00 <Ryan(lunch)> Not to mention possibly record setting.
09:09:21 <Ryan(lunch)> Lunch time
09:09:59 <JarnoO> Ryan, enjoy
09:16:25 <JarnoO> A Daisy
09:17:36 <JarnoO> yay, heavy rain upcoming. Fingers crossed it doesn't dissipate just before it reaches the city
09:17:47 <Forestbewithyou> 🀞🀞🀞
09:18:21 <JarnoO> the raincloud itself isn't even an hour old :)
09:18:54 <JarnoO> and it already contains a big ol' load of thunder :D
09:19:23 <JarnoO> and hail too
09:20:35 <JarnoO> morning kc
09:20:36 <KorbenC> JarnoO, if you get hail over 1 inch I call getting a video :P
09:21:00 <Eric> Hmm, Maybe I should start making a daily geyser video with everything recorded here!
09:21:18 <Forestbewithyou> LMAO Korben
09:21:24 <JarnoO> Hello. This is YOUR daily dose of geysers :)
09:21:37 <kc (working)> mornin
09:21:39 <KorbenC> lol
09:21:45 <KorbenC> Hi kc
09:21:46 <Eric> Hi other kc
09:21:49 <Eric> :-P
09:22:58 <Eric> I am glad coop doesn't use KC, I already get way to confused with all the KC's involved with gazing :-D
09:23:33 <Eric> of course
09:23:40 <KC> Ryan, I ran the numbers for you, 48.6811ft tall (note this was almost but not quite the peak)
09:23:53 <Eric> hmm, never noticed that vent to the right
09:24:35 <KC> and assuming that the bench is a foot of the ground, and that it was at likely 24 degrees it was at least 53ft tall
09:24:54 <JarnoO> hm, my timed Daisy duration was 6 seconds off of the in-basin one
09:25:44 <KC> I took an angle measurment ever minute
09:25:49 <KC> every not ever
09:25:51 <JarnoO> time to make dinner
09:26:41 <KC> so to start it was 11, then it made its way upt to 15 at Grotto start, then up to actually 26 (not quite 26, but really dang close) before it began to drop
09:27:05 <Eric> ohh, that is SC :-P
09:27:21 <KC> meaning that that Grotto fountain was roughly 58.7ft tall.
09:34:47 <LindaG> The air is so thick here you could cut it with a knife.
09:38:43 <KorbenC> Hi Jimbo
09:40:52 <Kevin L 🌡> I may be jus a bit late getting the cam. Could someone cover for me?
09:41:17 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, I can if Katie cant
09:42:45 <Katie (v1)> I can. No problem at all.
09:43:32 <Kevin L 🌡> Thanks
09:43:39 <LindaG> πŸ‘
09:44:55 <Katie (v1)> Hey, LS & Dome, you are nicely out of flag waving view - howza 'bout putting on a show
09:46:13 <Eric> apparently not Katie
09:46:30 <Eric> Is it a flag that has dropped down onto the cam?
09:48:07 <Katie (v1)> Looks like, Eric. Hopefully OF staff will get to it today!
09:48:35 <Katie (v1)> They have been apprised of the need to do so.
09:50:42 <Katie (v1)> Okay, need to enter OF
09:50:57 <Katie (v1)> OF /getvideo
09:51:11 <Katie (v1)> ugh! I seem to have forgotten the right syntax
09:51:17 <KorbenC> Id enter but I am not watching the camera right now, I am working on weather stuff :D
09:53:16 <Katie (v1)> thanks, Korben. Does text have to be in brackets?
09:53:27 <KorbenC> no, jsut /getvideo name
09:56:42 <LindaG> Looks like rubber
09:57:28 <Eric> Please people if you see something on the video and want to show others or reference it, use the /getvideo Your reason text
09:58:50 <Katie (v1)> Thanks. Korben and Jarno have been so on top of it I got out of practice on how to use it. :)
10:03:14 <Kevin L 🌡> OK, I am here.
10:03:28 <Katie (v1)> Happy flag dodging driving
10:04:00 <Kevin L 🌡> Ugh. That isn't fixed yet?
10:04:34 <Kevin L 🌡> They found my Uncle's bird slides Linda.
10:04:53 <Katie (v1)> Not yet - and it's windy today, so...
10:05:05 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, that's great!
10:05:31 <Kevin L 🌡> I will get them digitized when I get them.
10:06:02 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, excellent. So all his possessions are still in house?
10:07:16 <Kevin L 🌡> Not all but there are a lot of them. He really didn't have that much anyway.
10:08:14 <Kevin L 🌡> They did find some of the ranger stuff.
10:09:15 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, sounds like the outdoors was most important to him
10:10:21 <Kevin L 🌡> It was. I miss his Zion hikes.
10:11:18 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, must have been wonderful
10:12:17 <Kevin L 🌡> My favorites were the tunnel walks where you could look out the windows.
10:13:01 <LindaG> I think I saw something about the tunnel on a documentary
10:13:46 <LindaG> I didn't makemitmto Zion, something I regret
10:14:05 <LindaG> *make it to
10:14:52 <Kevin L 🌡> There is a book about it. Lots of my relatives were on the construction crews. They were experts in cut stone construction. The bridge and walls along the road are some of the things they did.
10:16:09 <LindaG> I remember thinking "oh that must be the tunnel Kevin talks about"
10:16:37 <Kevin L 🌡> BTW There were some quail out this morning with juveniles.
10:16:52 <Kevin L 🌡> That is the one.
10:18:09 <LindaG> Oh babies. That's great. I've got monarchs outside that I released last week. Always nice to see them hanging around.
10:18:37 <Kevin L 🌡> That is fun.
10:18:55 <Kevin L 🌡> How long do they live?
10:20:01 <Kevin L 🌡> Well that got even the controls.
10:20:20 <LindaG> Well normally i think 6 weeks, but the last generation goes to Mexico and they live 5 or 6 months
10:20:48 <LindaG> Yup down for the count
10:25:00 <Kevin L 🌡> Back
10:25:04 <LindaG> Yay
10:26:08 <LindaG> 3c
10:26:25 <ynpvisitor51> is SteveO watching 3C
10:26:51 <LindaG> Dont know
10:27:14 <ynpvisitor51> I thought I saw his silver van, but cam zoomed in too tight
10:27:30 <LindaG> Ah
10:27:41 <ynpvisitor51> must have decided SB not ready?
10:27:59 <LindaG> There a bunch of people out there today
10:29:13 <LindaG> Kevin thought he'd make a surprise visit to aurum πŸ˜ƒ
10:29:17 <ynpvisitor51> wow, that banner is annoying
10:29:39 <LindaG> Nice splash
10:30:43 <LindaG> Like someone consistently trying to wipe dome
10:32:28 <Eric> wow...this chunk of whatever is super annoying!
10:33:13 <Kevin L 🌡> Graham reported it yesterday so hopefully something can get done with it soon.
10:33:47 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, inthink Kat sent an email this morning also
10:34:27 <LindaG> I thinks its rubber, hopefully not real important to the cam
10:34:45 <Eric> Katie did too!
10:35:04 <LindaG> Well I guess they got the message lol
10:35:05 <Kevin L 🌡> I hope it isn't a seal where water can get in if it rains.
10:35:27 <Eric> at 3d 3h for F&M
10:35:34 <Eric> Time to start watching it
10:35:36 <LindaG> Yeah that's what we were imagining last night
10:35:57 <LindaG> We'll be viewing from under water
10:41:40 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, so what would be the time period your uncle was a ranger and birding in zion?
10:42:48 <LindaG> Just missed mug at 10:37
10:43:23 <LindaG> Steve saw it
10:44:11 <Kevin L 🌡> I would say 50's to 60's. Possibly into the 70's. I know the Audubon Society is highly interested in them. I think we will scan them and then donate the originals to them.
10:44:50 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, I'm sure they are, that would be nice of you.
10:46:29 <LindaG> I'm surprised zion isnt Interested but I guess birds arent always the focal point
10:47:54 <Kevin L 🌡> I don't think they talked to Zion but I could send them copies.
10:49:32 <LindaG> I know Ay pa has a bird list that can be printed and I bought a book on birds of Grand Canyon, although trip got cancelled because of xovid.
10:49:44 <LindaG> *covid
10:49:59 <LindaG> *YNP
10:50:51 <JarnoO> well... that was the rain... Only a few drops and it was over. Probably evaporated before it was even close to hitting the ground :(
10:51:22 <LindaG> πŸ˜•
10:51:23 <JarnoO> it's extraordinary humid, too
10:51:41 <LindaG> JarnoO, it is here also
10:51:51 <Kevin L 🌡> Does that here, Called virga.
10:51:57 <LindaG> 82% humidity
10:52:11 <Hypofluorous> We had flash flooding alerts yesterday. Slow-moving and heavy rains, and great thunder.
10:52:24 <Kevin L 🌡> High here too. 20%.
10:52:54 <LindaG> πŸ˜‹
10:53:02 <JarnoO> 76% here
10:53:03 <Forestbewithyou> LOL Kevin
10:53:08 <Forestbewithyou> 60 here
10:53:12 <Forestbewithyou> 60%
10:53:23 <LindaG> Hi Forestbewithyou, Hypofluorous,
10:53:27 <JarnoO> not too far away it's 93%
10:53:43 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
10:54:05 <LindaG> I was surprised it was only 82, air is super thick
10:54:50 <LindaG> Like I'm staying in a/c
10:55:30 <LindaG> Had enough of summer
10:57:40 <Kevin L 🌡> Next week is supposed to be the hottest week for us this year.
10:58:43 <Kevin L 🌡> Lows in the low 90's.
10:58:56 <JarnoO> yuck
10:59:19 <Ryan(lunch)> I have had enough of summer in the office at work
10:59:45 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, but you've had hotter already
10:59:47 <Ryan(lunch)> If I could walk around in short shorts and no shirt then I wouldn't mind it, but we cant do that in our welding plant.
10:59:53 <Ryan(lunch)> something about "safety"
11:00:18 <LindaG> No a/c?
11:01:06 <Ryan(lunch)> We have one but the dorrs are open to the shop frequently so the office stays warm. Warm enough that when you go spend time in the plant (open air) that you never cool back down.
11:01:31 <LindaG> Yuck
11:01:32 <Ryan(lunch)> Some days the plant can reach intop the 100s, or 110s because we have furnaces running. With 90% humidity that gets hot and fast
11:01:51 <LindaG> Usually by August I am ready for fall
11:01:52 <Kevin L 🌡> Sure does!
11:02:09 <Ryan(lunch)> Long pants, heavy work boots, etc. I also am someone who sweats very heavilyso I am swimming most days lol
11:02:28 <LindaG> Sounds miserable
11:02:30 <Kevin L 🌡> I do not miss the paving days in the summer. They were terrible.
11:02:52 <Ryan(lunch)> I shamefully hide in the office for as long as I can lol
11:03:46 <LindaG> Thunder boomers again
11:04:28 <LindaG> Wish it would break this humidity
11:05:39 <Ryan(lunch)> At least storms will temporarily cool it down. We had this spell in June/July where it jsut would not rain for weeks.
11:05:41 <Kevin L 🌡> And there go the controls
11:05:49 <Ryan(lunch)> The air was hot, stale, humid, and stagnant.
11:09:29 <JarnoO> Aurum 1106. Also on static
11:09:40 <LindaG> Oh no
11:10:35 <Eric> Of
11:10:37 <Kevin L 🌡> Back
11:11:34 <LindaG> SteveO gets around
11:11:50 <Forestbewithyou> yea he does :)
11:11:57 <LindaG> Maybe he saw aurum from mug
11:13:28 <Kevin L 🌡> And Aurum during OF window. :p
11:13:33 <KorbenC> Hi R, did you get my PM?
11:13:50 <Ryan> Kevin, I am taking suggestions for blocks of text to practice with the Leroy kit.
11:13:57 <KorbenC> you should probably double check my math, I have been known to put the wrong number first ;)
11:14:16 <Ryan> Thats my last big stumbling block is getting the text to reach an level of which I like.
11:14:50 <Ryan> Lately I have just been mimicking other title blocks for cave maps. :P
11:14:52 <KorbenC> TD 11 finally Josephine :)
11:14:57 <Ryan> No, KC.
11:15:12 <Ryan> My computer stalled out and I restarted. I also was away for a good bit.
11:15:55 <Kevin L 🌡> My first try at the Leroy was for the I-515 plans. They had 2 draftsmen quit and need it done in a hurry.
11:15:59 <JarnoO> Lion 1113 ini
11:16:34 <DaughterofJimbo> Hi
11:16:44 <JarnoO> morning Audrey
11:16:44 <KorbenC> Hi Jimbos daughter
11:17:35 <JarnoO> Grotto past 3h
11:17:40 <Eric> Happy Birthday to Jimbo!
11:17:55 <Eric> I guess he took the day off yesterday to celebrate :-P
11:18:04 <JarnoO> no, past 2 hours
11:18:11 <DaughterofJimbo> i will let him know u said that
11:18:23 <JarnoO> needs 45 minutes for past 3 hours
11:18:23 <DaughterofJimbo> we did
11:19:16 <DaughterofJimbo> but hey we had ice cream cake from cold stone so that was cool, and i got him a cool gift
11:19:26 <KorbenC> DaughterofJimbo (Audrey), nice :)
11:19:33 <KorbenC> and happy birthday to him :D
11:19:40 <JarnoO> cam is going bonkers
11:19:55 <JarnoO> oh hi car park
11:20:00 <Ryan> FYI - I did some back research and found examples of very recent new GF behavior where it does indeed do explosive growing after a Grotto start. It's not "normal" but it has been happening since 2019.
11:20:03 <JarnoO> hello forest there
11:20:21 <LindaG> LE
11:20:34 <KorbenC> Ryan, that adescribes what I saw exactly :)
11:20:41 <Ryan> Its been seen three times now, once with a height estimate of 45ft, once estimated between 55 and 65 and once, now measured, at 61 by KC on June 9.
11:20:53 <Kevin L 🌡> I think they are fixing our flag
11:21:00 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, oh good
11:21:03 <Ryan> Apparently those who saw it considered it a one off event
11:21:10 <Ryan> I gotta find Janet's videos of it
11:21:13 <JarnoO> Ryan, so it came out of dormancy and then assumed some new behavior. That's fun stuff :)
11:21:33 <Hypofluorous> Thanks for birthday wishes. I was watching some of the time yesterday.
11:21:35 <KorbenC> I know I was like "What the heck!???" when it just went "boom" right after Grotto started
11:21:52 <Eric> Nice! You don't have to be daughter of Jimbo (DOJ) :-P We are fine with your own identity here :-D
11:22:07 <Eric> Pretty small group of people :-D
11:22:18 <Ryan>
11:22:21 <KorbenC> we all know who the DOJ is :)
11:22:32 <Audrey> now that you all know
11:22:39 <Audrey> i am myself
11:22:40 <Eric> :-D
11:22:47 <Eric> Perfect!
11:22:51 <Ryan> That album has videos.
11:22:52 <KorbenC> Ryan, thats it, just add quite a few more feet and you have my eruption :)
11:22:59 <Ryan> I would not say its assumed new behavior.
11:23:10 <Ryan> KC, thats a 60ft eruption :P
11:23:33 <Eric> Ryan, KC's are always the biggliest
11:23:35 <Hypofluorous> Hey Eric, do you live in Seattle environs or south of there?
11:23:50 <Eric> Near Portland...not Seattle
11:24:03 <KorbenC> Ryan, thats exactly what I was saying :) measured at 61ft :)
11:24:07 <Audrey> oh hi dad
11:24:10 <Eric> haha
11:24:12 <Hypofluorous> Ahh, OK. Better for my Columbia River leg.
11:24:17 <Hypofluorous> Hi Audrey
11:24:23 <Ryan> No, the photo Janey has is a 60ft eruption
11:24:23 <Eric> Yes, if you hit the gorge, yell!
11:24:38 <Eric> would love to do a hike with you if you have time
11:24:39 <Audrey> tell them about the awesome gift i got you
11:24:43 <Ryan> So either you're exaggerating or you can't read a clino ;)
11:24:44 <KorbenC> I get lucky, 2 Steamboat, a Fan and mortar, Giants, odd Beehive and Lion eruptions, NG twice, and now a really big GF :)
11:24:47 <Hypofluorous> Wishing/hoping/planning for next spring
11:25:00 <Eric> Well, then a beer and a hike :-D
11:25:06 <Hypofluorous> Yes, Audrey got me elote seasoning
11:25:12 <KorbenC> Ryan, I can read an inclonometer, I got my houses height to +/- about 6 inches 10 times in a row :D
11:25:17 <Eric> very like it?
11:25:23 <Eric> Trader Joes?
11:25:33 <Hypofluorous> Sounds good. Last time I was in Portland I went to a really good BBQ place (recommended by a friend)
11:25:36 <Ryan> Well, the photo I posted is of a 60ft eruption, so take that for what you will lol
11:25:39 <Hypofluorous> Good beer there too
11:25:41 <Eric> I swear, shaking that stuff on a bag of popcorn is heaven :-P
11:25:58 <Hypofluorous> We shall try, we use truffle salt a lot
11:25:58 <Audrey> yeah we havent tried it yet
11:26:20 <KorbenC> Ryan, the video shows it a few shorter than mine, that photo (I assume we are talking about the same one) is simillar with maybe some taller jets in mine :)
11:26:20 <Hypofluorous> We're going to try elote seasoning on roasted cauliflower
11:26:29 <KorbenC> Daosy!
11:26:31 <KorbenC> Daisu*
11:26:35 <Eric> It's meant for corn, but popcorn great too
11:26:38 <Hypofluorous> OMG, there's a Cauliflower geyser?
11:26:41 <KorbenC> Daity**
11:26:46 <Eric> anything roasted would be good with it.
11:26:49 <KorbenC> DAISY*
11:26:49 <Hypofluorous> Gesundheit
11:27:04 <Ryan> And thats where the disconnect is, KC. That eruption in that video and photo, was measured at 60ft.
11:27:07 <Eric> apparently I lost video
11:27:11 <Eric> ohh, there it is
11:27:21 <Eric> My internet is being a PITA today
11:27:22 <KorbenC> meaning maybe mine was bigger!
11:27:34 <KorbenC> I know I was sitting on one end of that bench :)
11:27:35 <Eric> Yours is always the biggliest Coop
11:27:44 <JarnoO> there is, Jimbo. It's in the Old Road Group
11:27:47 <Ryan> But you said you meaured it at 60ft.
11:27:54 <KorbenC> I did
11:27:57 <KorbenC> :)
11:28:04 <Hypofluorous> Yep, I clicked it, it's over by Arty
11:28:07 <Ryan> So either your measurement is wrong, or you're exaggerating something.
11:28:12 <KorbenC> well, 61.23482649 :)
11:28:20 <Ryan> You can't look at a 60ft yard stick and call it 65ft.
11:28:29 <Ryan> I mean, you can, its called Ryan-feet.
11:28:39 <KorbenC> Ryan, shorter, close to same size,
11:28:51 <KorbenC> look at that video, mine was taller than that one
11:29:07 <KorbenC> look at the picture, thats where mine was, even though I still beleive mine was a wee bit larger
11:29:10 <JarnoO> Ryan, don't you know by now Coopers like to exaggerate? Remember when Korben said his dad said he caught a fish in a boat while in reality he was ashore?
11:29:12 <Ryan> Alright I am stopping this.
11:29:28 <Ryan> You sound like Congress...
11:29:48 <KorbenC> JarnoO, I hooked a fish, it got stuck in the weeds of from shore so I hoped into a boat to go paddle over the other side to drag it the way it came :)
11:29:54 <KorbenC> You can ask my dad about that one :D
11:30:28 <Kevin L 🌡> Is your Dad a fisherman?
11:30:40 <KorbenC> It did end up being a niblet sized fish, the Colorado way of saying "18 to 20 inches"
11:30:46 <ynpvisitor56> Where is your dad
11:30:48 <KorbenC> Kevin, he fishes with me yes.
11:30:52 <Ryan> btw, being +/-6" at a distance of 122.5ft assumes a precision of inclination of 0.2 degrees.
11:30:56 <KorbenC> My dad is on a work call :)
11:31:06 <Kevin L 🌡> 8 to 10 inches.
11:31:16 <Ryan> That is not possible with handheld optical clinos.
11:31:21 <ynpvisitor56> Can i have his number so i can ask him
11:31:27 <KorbenC> Ryan, I checked it :) It was 26 degrees
11:31:35 <KorbenC> and it was about as close as possible
11:32:07 <Ryan> A reasonable precision for an optical clino is +/- 0.5deg while mounted on a tripod looking at a stationary object.
11:32:11 <Eric> So the are cool estimates +- 100% :-P
11:32:18 <LindaG> Yay power and wifi is back
11:32:30 <Eric> wooohoo Linda
11:32:33 <KorbenC> I know I saw a huge erupton of GF, large than I have seen before, and it went "boom" right after Grotto started (3 minutes or so).
11:32:37 <ynpvisitor56> Abso2020lutely
11:32:40 <LindaG> Eric, πŸ™‚
11:33:15 <KorbenC> And all I need to know is what I saw :) I dont care if y'all beleive me or not, but it was a spectacular eruption.
11:33:31 <Ryan> In my experience geyser heights are typically good for +/-1 degree on an optical clino.
11:33:48 <KorbenC> and I know my math is right (I ran error bars) and got it too +/- 3 ft, that still puts it at a huge eruption.
11:33:53 <ynpvisitor56> KorbenC, good job, dont waste time arguing
11:34:14 <Hypofluorous> What counts is that you saw it. All I ever saw was a Grotto marathon (splishy splashy, lots of steam)
11:34:58 <Ryan> I am just pointing out that something doesn't connect. You look at a photo of a known 60ft eruption, say yours is bugger, give data that says it isnt, and then insist that your data is correct AND incorrect at the same time.
11:35:28 <Ryan> And then express an ability to use an instrument far beyond what its actually capable of.
11:35:46 <Hypofluorous> I want to say something about our current President, but I won't.
11:36:03 <Ryan> I am not discounting that you saw something very large - I believe that.
11:36:21 <JarnoO> 3C blurb
11:36:25 <Kevin L 🌡> Spa can go over the trees too.
11:36:44 <Eric> Thanks Jimbo :-D We have enough drama with Ryan & Coop :-P
11:37:14 <Eric> and sometimes me making random numbers into other words.
11:37:35 <Ryan> I mean, for context, my experience is thousands of hours of using optical clinometers and compasses. That was (and is) my main surveying tool for cave surveys for several years. I know what those instruments are capapble of doing, and not doing.
11:37:38 <JarnoO> should we see Spa, it would appear between Grotto Fountain and Rocket
11:37:52 <Eric> I would love to see spa over the trees!
11:37:55 <ynpvisitor56> Am i not seeing an entry for Great Ftn for last night?
11:38:31 <Ryan> Now that I have actually seen.
11:38:42 <Ryan> Anyone ever see the 5-second-Spa-Butt-Shuffle?
11:38:55 <JarnoO> only thing I see last night for Great Fountain is a note stating overflow, #56
11:39:22 <ynpvisitor56> Great ftn has an nps prediction
11:39:34 <ynpvisitor56> JarnoO, same
11:39:40 <Ryan> Its when Spa shoots over the trees - and angles over the trail and everyone flees for their life...
11:40:06 <Kevin L 🌡> It is funny. Scared me big time once.
11:40:33 <JarnoO> it's probably a radio relay time for Great Fountain on which the NPS based their prediction.
11:41:06 <ynpvisitor56> :thumbsup:
11:41:15 <JarnoO> I have good hope Lynn saw it and that the time will be uploaded at some point today to GT
11:41:22 <Kevin L 🌡> NPS radios can communicate there.
11:41:51 <Kevin L 🌡> When Bob Hoffman was a volunteer he would call in overflow.
11:42:10 <ynpvisitor56> There were gazers that went to it, i stsyed for the long delayed grand
11:43:35 <ynpvisitor56> It's a quick drive to zip back to biscuit area to alert overfliw to ugb peeps
11:45:21 <JarnoO> this reminds me a bit of the time where Giant had a (in hindsight mediocre) hot period and Beehive's Indicator was called in the 80s. David Schwarz has a video about that. Gazers at Giant responded in laughter but I could hear some disappointment when the hot period ended. Same thing happened at Steamboat not too long ago. Call of Indicator and gazers responding with laughter...
11:45:28 <JarnoO> ...only this time SB did erupt :)
11:48:32 <KorbenC> you cant get an Indy call at Norris? can you?
11:49:03 <JarnoO> someone might've seen an entry on GT or something, or was just within range
11:49:03 <Ryan> You can if the skies allow it.
11:51:30 <ynpvisitor56> Maybe i will call indy tomorrow from steerage
11:56:24 <Ryan> I did hear a UGB call once from Norris. Its like if the atmosphere lets those waves bend, once in a blue moon, it can do it.
11:58:10 <Ryan> I routinely hear calls in the Lower Basin
11:58:25 <Ryan> More so from those using the Baofengs
11:59:13 <Kevin L 🌡> FYI Good news and bad news. Good news is the item flapping has been removed. Bad news is it was one of the wiper blades so wipes won't be too good until it gets replaced.
11:59:27 <Ryan> ahahhaha
11:59:34 <Ryan> That is SO 2020
12:00:04 <Kevin L 🌡> Thanks to Ranger Rebecca for checking on it.
12:00:22 <JarnoO> less than optimal wiper - I reckon we can deal with that. Just a couple of spins more
12:03:13 <JarnoO> Grotto past 3h for real now
12:06:28 <LindaG> Kevin L 🌡, oh that makes sense, dirty cam coming up
12:07:26 <LindaG> Better than a seal
12:08:03 <Kevin L 🌡> Yes
12:19:05 <Eric> Woohoo, fixed my internet :-D
12:19:13 <JarnoO> hi Eric
12:19:35 <Eric> Apparently I did a crappy job of splicing my RG6 connector for my cable modem :-P
12:19:45 <Eric> Redid it and now everything is AWESOME!
12:22:08 <CraigC> Yay, wifi in west
12:22:23 <JarnoO> afternoon Craig
12:22:31 <CraigC> Hey Jarno
12:27:33 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
12:29:00 <Kevin L 🌡> Castle ie
12:29:01 <JarnoO> Castle
12:34:16 <KorbenC> Meow
12:36:14 <LindaG> Nice
12:36:22 <KorbenC> I need lunch :)
12:41:45 <LindaG> Did you guys see this video?
12:42:01 <LindaG> Unfortunately theres an ad
12:43:10 <JarnoO> that's quite the power that bison has. Just lifted up another bison like it's nothing
12:43:13 <Forestbewithyou> I saw a thing from my local news station on facebook with two bison fighting
12:43:19 <Forestbewithyou> in yellowstone
12:43:38 <Forestbewithyou> about how they are more aggressive right now
12:44:22 <LindaG> Yeah that was quite forceful
12:45:54 <ynpvisitor4> Wow Linda. Thanks. That looked personal to that bison.
12:46:03 <LindaG> I've seen them hit each other but never saw one leave the ground lol
12:47:07 <LindaG> ynpvisitor4, hehe he definitely made his point
12:53:04 <JarnoO> Castle major
12:53:13 <JarnoO> and Grotto chugging along still
13:00:24 <JarnoO> Grotto past 4h
13:06:10 <Eric> Wow Linda...that is a great video! I have seen the bison tangle during the rut and gouge marks in the pavement over near the Nez Perce section of the Yellowstone River
13:11:50 <LindaG> Eric, that was a serious hit
13:12:08 <LindaG> Although the other bison looked fine
13:16:33 <Eric> Yes, flying bison!
13:18:51 <KorbenC> I went out ot the deck to eat lunch, and my dog was sitting in her spot, and someone (my mom) had tucked her in :P
13:24:29 <LindaG> KorbenC, cute
13:43:20 <JarnoO> Norris data dump. Lots of milky turquoise blue
13:45:04 <Ryan> @#$%&
13:45:50 <JarnoO> someone isn't happy
13:46:09 <Ryan> Not if thats the start of a disturbance...
13:46:32 <JarnoO> Whirligig still has minors by the looks of it, so don't think there's one yet
13:47:17 <JarnoO> Grotto marathon
13:48:13 <JarnoO> I wonder if those are three back-to-back marathons or if we've missed one inbetween 0712 yesterday (>7h17m) and 0855 (currently ongoing)
13:49:17 <LindaG> Wow all those people
13:51:44 <Ryan> It is a lot of people
13:51:50 <Ryan> OT
13:51:52 <Ryan> More trhan usual
13:51:52 <JarnoO> yay, an upclose start of OT
13:52:28 <Ryan> Thats a tall OT
13:52:58 <JarnoO> not taller than usual as far as I know. This tends to occur close to the start
13:53:13 <Ryan> Guess I havent seen it up close for a while
13:53:20 <JarnoO> as the eruption progresses, the average heights gets lower and lower until it stops
13:53:40 <JarnoO> pretty much an ideal gauge as to how close you got it :)
13:53:41 <Ryan> Looks like Grand is in overflow
13:53:54 <KorbenC> OT is fun to watch starting from the BW because it initiates from a sruge with an empty pool as it jets and then it starts to get clogged by its pool filling with water really quite fun
13:54:10 <kc (working)> how can people be comfortable in there
13:54:31 <JarnoO> pretty comfortable by the looks of it
13:56:09 <Kevin L 🌡> 69° with 27% humidity. Sounds comfy to me.
13:56:28 <KorbenC> That is more people than were in all of YNP when I was there :p
13:56:47 <kc (working)> not in my book, and sure as hell not during a pandemic
13:57:29 <Ryan> No notes on SB
13:57:56 <KorbenC> Ryan, this would be about the time a D strikes wouldnt it ;)
13:58:12 <Ryan> Yeah I already made my feeling on it known.
13:58:17 <JarnoO> all those rainclouds keep dissipating before they reach my city. And if they finally drift over they only let loose a few drops before they move on... :(
13:58:28 <Kevin L 🌡> Dave must have broke it.
14:00:19 <Kevin L 🌡> I think the days of 6h Grand intervals are over.
14:00:46 <KorbenC> I dont really see anything indicative of a D, yet? comments?
14:01:12 <Forestbewithyou> Was there a D in 2017 and if so when did it occur?
14:01:45 <Ryan> toodles
14:01:56 <JarnoO> cya Ryan
14:02:05 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Ryan
14:02:14 <Kevin L 🌡> Good Knight
14:02:18 <KorbenC> Ryan, goodbye!
14:11:13 <Kevin L 🌡> Time for Grand
14:12:06 <LindaG> Let the spikes begin
14:21:53 <Eric> I sure don't like the words milky and norris in the same sentence :-(
14:27:01 <JarnoO> new NPS Grand prediction :(
14:28:02 <LindaG> πŸ˜•
14:28:26 <Kevin L 🌡> 3 out of 3 Grands on my shifts this week ruined by OF window
14:28:56 <LindaG> πŸ€”
14:31:44 <ynpvisitor112> nice long grand intervals
14:33:25 <JarnoO> b1 done
14:33:52 <Kevin L 🌡> Wish someone would have posted Grand
14:34:24 <LindaG> I'm surprised
14:34:50 <JarnoO> HK's likely there. Just waiting for C or Q I think
14:34:58 <JarnoO> looks quite Q now
14:35:06 <ynpvisitor112> it's not hk's way
14:35:18 <ynpvisitor21> Just posted by HK
14:35:32 <ynpvisitor112> yes, now that it is over
14:35:34 <KorbenC> antoher D6, wow.
14:35:38 <Kevin L 🌡> It would be nice to know the timing since we are on OF and can't see it.
14:35:38 <JarnoO> D6/T2*Q | 11m54s
14:36:06 <ynpvisitor112> bring it up with him:)
14:36:14 <Kevin L 🌡> Thought that looked like a 2nd.
14:36:23 <Kevin L 🌡> Not tall though
14:36:41 <ynpvisitor112> very windy
14:36:41 <JarnoO> 2nd was 3m46s!
14:37:03 <JarnoO> and 1st had a duration of 7m35s
14:37:32 <Kevin L 🌡> Fun durations.
14:37:58 <JarnoO> which makes me kind of hopeful it's trying to shift to more bursts, though at longer intervals
14:38:43 <Kevin L 🌡> Could have been a 3 if it wanted to be.
14:39:24 <Eric> I am at least glad Suzanne is there giving us Turbans!
14:39:24 <JarnoO> though I think it still has quite a ways to go until D7D3D4/T5C+1
14:39:45 <Kevin L 🌡> Yes. That helps for sure/
14:40:06 <JarnoO> it does indeed
14:40:16 <Eric> If OF wasn't being such a cam hog, we would have been able to catch it ourselves.
14:40:41 <JarnoO> so I guess a delay now means that it'll be a few cycles before it tries again
14:41:05 <JarnoO> though I might be ahead of things on that
14:44:25 <JarnoO> afternoon Graham
14:44:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello, did I miss anything?
14:44:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> I see the wiper blade has gone
14:45:16 <JarnoO> not really. OF was in the way so we didn't see the full glory of D6/T2*Q, with a 3m46s 2nd burst
14:45:17 <Kevin L 🌡> Nice view now.
14:45:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh nice, wish I had been there
14:46:22 <JarnoO> duration of the first burst was 7m35s, too
14:46:40 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Graham
14:47:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> i see we have Norris reports from cb
14:48:37 <JarnoO> TS Josephine 40kt, TD Ten-E 30kt; Atlantic 20/30 (1; eastern North Carolina); Eastern Pacific 80/90 (1), 20/70 (2); Central Pacific 20/50 (1)
14:48:48 <Forestbewithyou> thank you Jarno
15:06:07 <Eric> That Norris info seems to read like delay is starting.
15:06:13 <Eric> Thoughts Graham?
15:07:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont see any of the normal disturbance comments tho, so I am thinking we keep trucking along
15:08:43 <Kevin L 🌡> When were you coming Graham?
15:09:30 <Eric> Isn't "milky" and Norris usually when things start to go bad?
15:10:07 <Eric> But maybe just water table drops.
15:13:06 <JarnoO> afternoon cb
15:13:21 <KorbenC> Hi cb! How goes it?
15:13:22 <Cb> No sign of a disturbance, just some interesting changes
15:13:24 <Kevin L 🌡> Hi cb
15:13:36 <JarnoO> good to hear. Ryan will be happy :)
15:13:39 <Cb> Hi all
15:13:52 <KorbenC> It was fun meeting you and listening to oyu this summer :)
15:14:48 <Cb> Nice to meet you too K. Im in west and just thought id ck in
15:15:03 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
15:16:13 <Kevin L 🌡> Cb has one of my pens too Korben.
15:16:22 <JarnoO> pool between North Sister and pullout seems rather dry. Probably in a lesser phase
15:16:38 <KorbenC> Kevin L 🌡, nice :D
15:17:04 <KorbenC> Kevin, how many of those do you make a year?
15:17:36 <Kevin L 🌡> It depends between 50 to 200.
15:17:57 <KorbenC> 😲
15:18:45 <Kevin L 🌡> I made 5 this week and have one on the lathe ready to assemble.
15:19:16 <KorbenC> what kinds of pens do you have other than roller ball and fountain?
15:19:26 <Kevin L 🌡> Christmas and Father's Day are the busy times.
15:19:29 <ynpvisitor53> 2020
15:20:20 <Kevin L 🌡> Basically those but in a lot of variations.
15:20:51 <KorbenC> which kind is that fishing pen?
15:21:01 <Kevin L 🌡> I am making a giraffe one for my daughter. Blank was expensive but she likes giraffes.
15:21:35 <Kevin L 🌡> That is a Parker ball point.
15:22:01 <KorbenC> so do you click it in? or does it have a cap?
15:22:17 <Kevin L 🌡> It is a twist.
15:22:27 <KorbenC> :D
15:23:32 <Kevin L 🌡> The one on the lathe is a train pen made from a cutoff piece of lumber from Dan Markoff's passenger car for the guy that supplies me Union Pacific calendars.
15:23:55 <KorbenC> Kevin L 🌡, wow, nice.
15:28:28 <KorbenC> Beehive at 1 day
15:29:12 <JarnoO> Bee looks pretty much like on Augst 11
15:29:31 <JarnoO> so unless it improves significantly I doubt we'll see it anytime soon
15:30:09 <JarnoO> Grotto chugging along
15:31:43 <Eric> Glad Cb stopped in for the confirmation on her observations! I hope we see some activity out of SB soon.
15:33:34 <Kevin L 🌡> That was nice. She was a fun camop. I miss her.
15:42:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> Kevin - I head to the park on Labor day weekend, Sat 5th
15:42:47 <Kevin L 🌡> Hope it is still playing.
15:48:11 <Eric> I didn't know CB was ever a cam operator
15:48:24 <Forestbewithyou> I didn't either
15:48:31 <Kevin L 🌡> Long long ago.
15:49:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, its been a while. who is writing the hstory of cam ops? I keep forgetting
15:49:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> there are more ex-operators than active
15:49:42 <Kevin L 🌡> We need to do that!
15:50:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> Derek, Victoria
15:50:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> they were early ops
15:53:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think Derek was the only operator who had never been to the park ... and lived overseas
15:54:24 <Kevin L 🌡> I believe you are right
15:55:17 <JarnoO> hi Craig
15:55:25 <CraigC> Howdy
15:55:26 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
15:55:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> Craig is the most recent quitter
15:55:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi Craig :)
15:55:43 <CraigC> >(
15:56:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> whats the highlight today Craig?
15:56:57 <Kevin L 🌡> Not BH
15:57:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> is tomorrow a SB day?
15:59:35 <Kevin L 🌡> Controls released
16:00:49 <Eric> OF
16:00:57 <Eric> Hi Craig
16:01:32 <Kevin L 🌡> Rainbow
16:01:46 <Eric> So did someone remove whatever that was waving in front of the webcam?
16:02:04 <Kevin L 🌡> It was one of the wipers.
16:02:20 <Kevin L 🌡> Ranger Rebecca got it.
16:04:38 <Eric> awesome
16:05:10 <CraigC> Has daisy erupted?
16:05:33 <KorbenC> CraigC, depends?
16:05:36 <Kevin L 🌡> We didn't see it before OF window.
16:06:11 <JarnoO> no idea, Craig. We were on OF since Β±1546. Area does seem quite steamless now, so likely went during the wait
16:09:47 <CraigC> Lion
16:10:17 <JarnoO> likely the initial
16:11:04 <JarnoO> it's a shame it's just outside the frame
16:13:21 <ynpvisitor27y> FYI, Norris Geyser Basin will be closed from 08/18 @ 9:30 PM to 08/19 @ 10:00 AM for maintenance work.
16:14:14 <ynpvisitor62> Looks like Lion may be ie
16:14:36 <CraigC> Is this lion an initial
16:14:54 <JarnoO> is it done or still going?
16:15:04 <ynpvisitor62> Is it ie Craig?
16:15:51 <CraigC> Just ending
16:15:53 <CraigC> start at 1608
16:16:10 <JarnoO> then it's an initial
16:16:11 <KorbenC> CraigC, yes, ini.
16:16:18 <CraigC> Thanks
16:16:42 <JarnoO> another short series end-series start interval. I like it
16:17:45 <JarnoO> Craig, could you also log it if you haven't yet? All we saw was just steam drifting into frame
16:21:47 <KorbenC> I logged it Jarno :)
16:22:02 <JarnoO> I logged it too...
16:22:13 <JarnoO> well, had logged it, now removed
16:32:02 <Eric> Pump!
16:32:18 <Eric> Big crowd at Aurum :-D
16:34:14 <JarnoO> Grotto still ie, Arty ie
16:35:50 <JarnoO> Grotto is now 20m away from 8h, actually. Still got some time to go for 24h and a chance of Oblong, though
16:36:34 <Eric> good time for a F&M :-D
16:36:51 <Eric> wonder if anyone is hanging out down there watching for hot periods?
16:37:18 <KorbenC> Eric, hot periods?
16:37:35 <Eric> sorry, cycles :-P
16:37:45 <JarnoO> if anyone I would think it'd be HK. He did mention he watched the platform for a while after that 34h marathon
16:37:50 <Eric> F&M @ 3d9h
16:38:05 <JarnoO> oh. Now we're talking F&M again
16:38:10 <JarnoO> then I don't know
16:38:13 <Eric> Hot periods too :-P
16:38:38 <Eric> I was talking F&M and accidently said Hot periods instead of cycles
16:39:37 <JarnoO> what's that over by Silver and LS?
16:39:49 <KorbenC> conewalkers
16:39:58 <KorbenC> can we zoom in?
16:40:37 <JarnoO> and they're on the boardwalk again
16:41:05 <KorbenC> that was the worst way to prashe that possible ;)
16:52:48 <JarnoO> Aurum
16:52:57 <JarnoO> .
16:52:58 <JarnoO> .
16:52:58 <JarnoO> .
16:53:21 <KorbenC> yay
16:53:35 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> :)
16:53:40 <Forestbewithyou> awesome
16:53:57 <KorbenC> nice one too
16:54:29 <Eric> ahh, missed it :-(
16:54:40 <ynpvisitor16> Oh geez I just missed it
16:54:44 <KorbenC> not anymore you didnt!
16:54:54 <JarnoO> well, there's a capture just for you :)
16:56:28 <JarnoO> hm, 1m11s. Shortest duration in a while
16:56:34 <Eric> Thanks Jarno...can you put the seconds too? That helps locate stuff much quicker
16:56:53 <KorbenC> Eric, theres a problem with that is that we all have idffernet delay
16:57:11 <Eric> doesn't matter, closer than just the minute, almost always
16:57:42 <Eric> I usually just look back in the chat for when it was called out, but putting it in the reason helps a lot, thanks.
17:00:16 <JarnoO> Eric, that would, for me at least, create the sense of "false start time" - for example, as I called Aurum I didn't know my time was off by some 13 seconds. It's even worse with other geysers at times. In cases where I provide a time like xxxx/y, it's an indication that it's a borderline case where I accounted in my delay...
17:00:19 <JarnoO> ...for the first time
17:00:42 <KorbenC> JarnoO, well said :)
17:02:00 <JarnoO> the Y minute is the minute where I saw it on my screen, usually Y:00 to Y:10
17:02:21 <ynpvisitor54> People off boardwalk
17:02:56 <Eric> uhhh, these disappear after 24h, nobody should be using any of the reasoning for data.
17:03:15 <Eric> It's just really helpful to get to the meat of the eruption faster.
17:03:52 <Eric> 16:59:55 seconds is a lot closer to 1700 than it is to 1659!
17:04:00 <KorbenC> Eric, from someone who has used many getvideos, you would ahve to be an idiot not too be able to find it :)
17:04:20 <Eric> Guess I am an helps me
17:04:21 <JarnoO> Thanks Joe, attached
17:04:44 <Eric> Not sure why you guys are so stressed about trying to help someone out when you mark a reason
17:05:01 <Eric> Wasn't asking for the moon :-P
17:05:03 <KorbenC> beucase I dont want too be given heck for getting the wrong second ;)
17:05:44 <JarnoO> I'm not stressing out. I'm just giving the reason why I don't provide seconds for the observation time
17:05:44 <Eric> So when you see something at 17:00:05 and put 1700, that is probably wrong too
17:06:00 <KorbenC> Jarno, netiher do I
17:06:11 <KorbenC> The minute is plenty close enough TBH :)
17:06:15 <JarnoO> in such cases I would provide the time as 1659/1700
17:06:36 <Eric> I wasn't really asking for opinions..just asking if you could help me...but I got my answer.
17:06:51 <Eric> duly noted
17:07:20 <JarnoO> I could add ΒΌ, Β½, ΒΎ after the minutes, like 1659ΒΎ/1700ΒΌ if that helps
17:07:43 <Eric> Sure, anything helps for me having to scroll through choppy video :-P
17:07:47 <KorbenC> Id go for that :) 1/5
17:08:12 <Eric> just use ~1705.5
17:08:17 <Eric> or 1705.25
17:08:39 <JarnoO> then I would go for Β±1705ΒΌ :D
17:08:41 <Eric> or just use seconds :-P
17:09:03 <Eric> Wow...that seems like a lot of work...but great.
17:09:04 <Eric> thanks
17:09:34 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Maybe Stardate Eric?
17:09:35 <JarnoO> Eric, I have a hotkey for Β±, ≀ and β‰₯. And Alt Gr+6/7/8 for ΒΌ, Β½ and ΒΎ :)
17:09:53 <Eric> ahh, yes, that would take me longer.
17:10:03 <Eric> I just note the time someone says it first
17:10:04 <LindaG> πŸ™‚
17:10:11 <Eric> in the chat
17:10:51 <Eric> or add NS at the end if you are worried about someone misquoting you
17:11:19 <JarnoO> Fn+` creates Β± (since the ~ is located on that key), Fn+, for ≀ and Fn+. for β‰₯ (since < and > are located on these keys, respectively). There went some thinking into that
17:11:22 <Eric> but viewing on the webcam, all times are considered NS
17:11:41 <JarnoO> (but that's only with the hotkey, though, not on a normal keyboard without extra magic)
17:15:17 <JarnoO> darn. Next Lion @ 1728Β±10m, which would be during the OF wait :/
17:15:32 <Forestbewithyou> :(
17:22:18 <JarnoO> Grotto nearly at 8Β½h
17:32:27 <Eric> another person standing off BW
17:33:02 <Eric> They look like a ninja, so I wouldn't mess with them
17:33:39 <LindaG> What is he doing?
17:33:41 <Eric> I think all those people are off BW
17:34:02 <LindaG> Looks like it
17:34:38 <LindaG> We dont need no darn boardwalk
17:35:27 <LindaG> Guy in red is way off BW
17:35:46 <Eric> Yes, I am surprised people don't alk up on top of that hill
17:35:46 <Eric> Lion
17:36:20 <Eric> missed Aurum too :-(
17:36:31 <Eric> ohh, nevermind
17:36:35 <Eric> that is the aurum we got :-P
17:36:48 <LindaG> πŸ˜„
17:38:28 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Must be middle of the Summer. Halloween items on sale now.
17:43:23 <LindaG> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, I saw some in costco
17:43:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> this year you wont be able to give any candy away .. so its all for you to eat
17:43:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> full moon on Halloween too
17:43:40 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, oh cool
17:44:06 <LindaG> Yeah no one will open a door
17:46:40 <Eric> I won't...already told wife, no door opening for us.
17:47:08 <LindaG> Sad, but necessary
17:49:54 <JarnoO> a Daisy
17:50:51 <Forestbewithyou> I buy my candy the day after halloween when it is all like 50% off
17:51:12 <JarnoO> smart
17:51:29 <Forestbewithyou> I got like a huge bag of candy for like 3 dollars
17:51:31 <Forestbewithyou> or something
18:00:51 <JarnoO> only 55m to go until Grotto is at 10h
18:02:57 <JarnoO> hopefully it continues overnight and well into tomorrow
18:33:29 <JarnoO> almost time for Lion
18:33:45 <JarnoO> if it continues its series, that is
18:38:37 <LindaG> Well warning response was short lived
18:39:22 <LindaG> But it's not YNP
18:40:23 <JarnoO> "That warning only counts for YNP. Not here! Come, little bison, come. I wanna pet you :D"
18:42:44 <LindaG> Only rutting in YNP πŸ™‚
18:44:26 <LindaG> Ever see the videos of bison and snowmobilers. I swear the bison like to tease them.
18:44:53 <JarnoO> I haven't seen them
18:45:33 <LindaG> They like to chase the snowmobilers
18:46:56 <JarnoO> could be they see a snowmobile as enemy of some sorts - perhaps because they're generally black (or at least the tracks and the driver on them) and make a lot of noise
18:47:06 <JarnoO> (or not, in the case of silent snowmobiles)
18:47:16 <JarnoO> they could see it as perhaps a wolf or so
18:47:19 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Those are South Dakota Bison. They train them better in Yellowstone
18:49:01 <LindaG> Classics bison vs snowmobile
18:49:51 <LindaG> Another
18:51:05 <LindaG> I think hes justmhaving fun in these videos
18:54:27 <JarnoO> though I wouldn't want to be near it
18:55:03 <LindaG> Seriously, they are intimidating inactive car, nevermind that
18:55:21 <LindaG> *in a car
18:56:38 <JarnoO> Lion doesn't look inspirated
19:20:25 <JarnoO> seen Lion's lack of interest I think it's safe to assume Lion is end of series
19:21:05 <JarnoO> nice jets to start that OF
19:33:28 <JarnoO> I'm off. Enjoy Grotto chugging the day away
19:33:51 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Another train did an emergency stop in Flagstaff Linda. You can hear the air blow at 1824:45. Not sure the issue.
19:34:16 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Moving now.
19:34:29 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Jarno
19:34:39 <Forestbewithyou> I actually should head out as well. Night all
19:35:50 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, night
20:42:54 <Eric> grand ie
20:43:08 <Eric> DaveM got it :-D