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05:51:42 <ynpvisitor31> Drone
05:51:46 <ynpvisitor31> Man in white shirt black shorts leaves benches walks to clear spot sets drone on BW and launches,
05:52:01 <ynpvisitor31> Drone is not seen again until this video
06:02:04 <JarnoO> morning all
06:02:19 <JarnoO> thanks for those videos
06:06:38 <Rice> Discharging a firearm near people would be just as bad, but I would love to have blasted that thing with my 12 guage.
06:07:03 <Rice> Pull
06:07:03 <JarnoO> morning Rice
06:07:08 <Rice> Boom
06:07:30 <Rice> JarnoO, morning
06:11:05 <ynpvisitor7> Lion had a 4 min
06:11:25 <ynpvisitor7> Minute interval, major to major?
06:13:27 <JarnoO> two eruptions indeed, though both appear to add up to one single eruption despite the 4m interval
06:13:35 <ynpvisitor22> the 0557 lasted about a minute and half but had lots of water and was strong, I probably should post as a minor, but...
06:14:08 <ynpvisitor7> Interesting
06:14:56 <JarnoO> both minors and majors can reach equal strength and height. The difference is that minors quit abruptly, while majors last until the water gives way
06:15:18 <JarnoO> so kind of like OF's long/shorts
06:16:06 <ynpvisitor22> 0557 is now minor
06:42:02 <JarnoO> and another short
06:42:24 <JarnoO> must be hot for OF :)
06:57:56 <KorbenC> I had a very nice morning walk today :) and whats up with all these shorts OF!
06:58:59 <Kat> Good Morning!
06:59:00 <KorbenC> JarnoO, are you gonna grab yesterdays OFs?
06:59:03 <JarnoO> it might be attempting to do a long-short pattern again which it did for much of the 90s (and undoubtetly earlier as well)
06:59:15 <KorbenC> Hi Kat
06:59:31 <ynpvisitor22> the magma took a chinese tour bus to a higher elevation?
06:59:43 <Kat> KorbenC, Hi
06:59:58 <JarnoO> I am, Korben. Just need to sort out a few things. They'll be there within about an hour or so
07:00:17 <KorbenC> JarnoO, great! Ill try to take todays OF
07:01:20 <Kat> Lion ie
07:05:15 <KorbenC> Aurum is happy :)
07:05:30 <Kat> :)
07:07:02 <ynpvisitor22> repeat
07:07:02 <KorbenC> Well thats odd
07:07:06 <ynpvisitor22> Drone, Man in white shirt black shorts leaves benches walks to clear spot sets drone on BW and launches, Drone is not seen again until this video
07:07:52 <KorbenC> look at your GT page? does it say 0704 May Bulger, instead of maj (the one on this page)
07:08:49 <ynpvisitor22> not on mine
07:09:25 <ynpvisitor22> are you on a rocky mtn high?
07:09:47 <KorbenC> no, my dad jsut checked, its 0704 May on my page
07:10:15 <KorbenC> screen shot,
07:10:44 <KorbenC> hmm, anytime I click the refresh button it turns into maj, and then back to may.
07:11:11 <KorbenC> and now its back to maj, that was very very odd :)
07:11:48 <ynpvisitor22> interesting that it capitalized it in your screenshot
07:12:18 <KorbenC> thats exactly what I was wondering about :) I would think I was going crazy, but I know my caps from my not :)
07:13:33 <ynpvisitor22> well going crazy is an entirely different thing
07:13:45 <KorbenC> :lol:
07:13:52 <KorbenC> Deo?
07:13:54 <KorbenC> Dep*
07:15:57 <Kat> ynpvisitor22, What time on video is drone
07:18:46 <JarnoO> it just shows "maj" for me
07:18:53 <ynpvisitor22> 2015:43comes from top above SC top
07:18:57 <JarnoO> too aggressive of a spell check?
07:19:19 <KorbenC> possible :P
07:20:19 <Kat> Thanks ynpvisitor22,
07:20:32 <ynpvisitor22> Kat, it drops down and hovers for a bit
07:20:57 <Kat> Saw it on second video - not first
07:21:49 <ynpvisitor22> the only time in first video is when man stes drone on BW
07:21:57 <ynpvisitor22> sets
07:22:05 <KorbenC> Grand, hi there
07:22:21 <JarnoO> morning Mike
07:22:48 <Mike J> Morning JarnoO and other virtual travellers.
07:23:01 <Forestbewithyou> Hi all
07:23:16 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, hi, are you still in west>
07:23:18 <Kat> Hi Mike and Forest
07:23:32 <Forestbewithyou> Yes sir KorbenC
07:23:51 <Mike J> Interesting to hear a video shows the man setting up the drone. I was watching when it was on screen after the eruption, and we were all wondering, first, what was it and, second, where did the drone come from.
07:24:39 <ynpvisitor22> MikeJ
07:25:26 <ynpvisitor22> man in white shirt black shorts
07:26:19 <ynpvisitor22> Forestbewithyou, hopefully that was not your outfit last night :)
07:26:42 <Mike J> Thanks 22 Just glad nothing stupid happened
07:26:51 <Forestbewithyou> No that wasn’t me? Why?
07:27:07 <ynpvisitor22> just kidding :)
07:27:08 <Forestbewithyou> I had a teal shirt and grey pants. And a white hat
07:28:39 <JarnoO> TD Fausto 25kt, TS Genevieve 55kt (forecast 120kt within 48h); Atlantic 20/50 (1), 20/60 (2); Eastern Pacific no invests; Central Pacific 20/50 (1)
07:29:32 <Kat> Good morning Craig!
07:29:55 <JarnoO> I hope Craig'll see some nice Mugwumps today
07:31:29 <Kat> He posted a nice one yesterday on FB
07:32:06 <KorbenC> nice 2nd
07:34:10 <JarnoO> OF wants attention
07:34:34 <Kat> Ya think?
07:34:44 <JarnoO> I actually really want to see a double short
07:35:09 <JarnoO> I think so, Kat. Previous OF was short at 2m09s
07:35:36 <Kat> :)
07:36:05 <JarnoO> I'd welcome a whole day of long-short-long-short too :)
07:36:18 <Kat> :lol:
07:36:20 <JarnoO> might be a bit ambitious, but who knows
07:37:39 <Kat> JarnoO, if that happens I may have to transport! :lol:
07:38:11 <KorbenC> lol
07:38:32 <KorbenC> G2Q l 10m 38s
07:40:01 <ynpvisitor24> Really nice mug, but too much steam to video it
07:40:41 <ynpvisitor24> It pushed the pooling about 18 inches
07:48:38 <Kat> OF
07:54:02 <JarnoO> roar
07:54:30 <JarnoO> and that's a roar thrown away
07:54:35 <JarnoO> maybe not
07:54:44 <JarnoO> now it is
07:57:21 <KorbenC> Time to go risk my lifegetting costco pick up :)
07:57:32 <Kat> Haha
07:59:33 <Kat> I am assuming that Daisy didn't go yet?
08:00:13 <JarnoO> Daisy looks devoid of steam, so likely went during the OF wait
08:00:34 <Kat> Surprised no one down basin caught it
08:01:01 <SantaFe108> yeah forest shouldve seen it if hes there
08:02:41 <JarnoO> Per 0749 note, SB quiet and bone-dry runoff. No water.
08:03:06 <JarnoO> water should return sometime today I do think
08:10:31 <Kat> Didn't see the 0802 entry
08:10:44 <ynpvisitor24> There were elk about 8 miles in from west, i imagine a traffic jam built after i made it thru
08:12:39 <Kat> Mug
08:13:30 <ynpvisitor24> Arty 811 per radio from william
08:13:52 <ynpvisitor24> Decent mug, good sound
08:14:37 <ynpvisitor24> Lion
08:14:42 <ynpvisitor24> Minor
08:14:54 <Eric> Morning all
08:14:55 <SantaFe108> hello eric
08:15:07 <Eric> Hi SantaFe
08:15:08 <JarnoO> morning Eric
08:15:13 <Eric> Hi Jarno
08:15:16 <Eric> Hello Craig
08:15:37 <Eric> or Forest or whoever is hiding behind 24 :-P
08:16:03 <JarnoO> Craig, could you log that Lion? We were on the Myriads :)
08:16:38 <SantaFe108> we are?
08:16:39 <ynpvisitor24> Hey Eric from Craig
08:16:56 <Kat> Castle
08:17:09 <SantaFe108> :castle:
08:17:12 <ynpvisitor24> I entered lion, just slow to update out here at times
08:17:34 <Kat> Thanks Craig
08:18:03 <JarnoO> ah, okay. Thanks
08:19:18 <ynpvisitor24> Good job catching castle, i called it based on your start
08:19:55 <Kat> YW :)
08:21:10 <ynpvisitor24> Not seeing steam now, minor?
08:21:56 <Kat> Yes
08:22:09 <JarnoO> it's not really excited
08:23:02 <ynpvisitor24> Nvm, seeing steam again
08:23:25 <JarnoO> post-minor splashing now
08:25:21 <JarnoO> Lion
08:27:05 <Kat> Jarno, can you apture this?
08:27:11 <Kat> capture*
08:27:24 <JarnoO> I'm getting a video after Lion's done
08:27:31 <JarnoO> will also help with determining the start time
08:27:35 <Kat> thanks
08:27:43 <JarnoO> either 24 or 25
08:28:06 <Kat> I think it was 25 ?
08:28:13 <Kat> :)
08:28:46 <KorbenC> I got back just in time :D
08:28:53 <SantaFe108> wb korben
08:28:58 <KorbenC> This is a nice Lion series
08:29:40 <KorbenC> Thanks SF
08:30:19 <Kat> 0825
08:30:50 <Kat> It was close
08:31:18 <JarnoO> Expect Castle within about 3h±1h or so. Minor lasted 2m51s
08:31:35 <JarnoO> and now on to Lion
08:31:44 <Kat> :)
08:33:35 <JarnoO> Craig, I'm not sure if you got your cardinal directions all that right. From the pullout you're looking to the southeast, with Mugwump, MYR-1 and Three Crater located in North Sister, then Middle Sister and as furtherst back South Sister
08:36:34 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 0930±5m if series continues. 3m38s starting at 0825:00
08:37:25 <JarnoO> Dome looks hot
08:37:37 <KorbenC> it is about time for an ini
08:40:00 <JarnoO> second steam plume right of AL there for a few seconds
08:42:56 <ynpvisitor24> If you can point at mug, i am standing in line witb the feature
08:44:06 <JarnoO> we're now at Mug
08:44:08 <JarnoO> eruption
08:44:35 <SantaFe108> JarnoO, i found the fire tornado photo from Loyalton Fire
08:44:52 <JarnoO> and where are you currently, Craig?
08:45:30 <JarnoO> in the car or somewhere behind the steam?
08:45:46 <JarnoO> oh, there you are
08:46:15 <KorbenC> I still like Craig's hat :D
08:46:29 <ynpvisitor24> Huge mug
08:47:23 <JarnoO> did your feature erupt from a pool or out of a hole in the ground?
08:47:54 <ynpvisitor24> Hole in tve ground, towArds steves van
08:48:04 <ynpvisitor24> Steaming hole
08:48:24 <Katie> HI all
08:48:34 <SantaFe108> hello katie
08:48:44 <JarnoO> so that rules out Little Brother (though I figured you would've entered it directly as that then)
08:48:58 <KorbenC> Could it have been COusin?
08:49:29 <JarnoO> do you have a picture by chance?
08:51:58 <JarnoO> because I'm looking at a satellite image now and all I see is just a myriad of holes left right and center
08:53:45 <Eric> How far away from the road Craig?
08:54:04 <Eric> like inline with 3c distance or closer to road?
08:54:10 <Eric> 3c
08:54:12 <Kat> Hi Katie
08:54:21 <Eric> Hi Katie
08:54:25 <JarnoO> morning Katie
08:54:28 <Eric> didn't see you sneak in :-D
08:55:17 <Eric> Grizzly at arty...surprise, surprise
08:56:00 <Eric> I see you in frame now craig
08:57:50 <Katie> I wasn't even "sneaky" today like I often am (leaving window open for a week, coming and going). I came in and said hi. :)
08:59:03 <Eric> You gotta make more noise :-P
08:59:20 <Eric> I couldn't see myr-1 in that recording...way too much steam
08:59:27 <JarnoO> Fausto post-tropical. Genevieve hurricane 65kt
08:59:36 <ynpvisitor24> Hole is about 20 feet out from this old dead tree root by the road
08:59:54 <ynpvisitor24> It is a noisy hole
09:00:19 <Eric> So even closer than little brother distance
09:00:52 <Eric> There is a UTF hole there that has been identified there.
09:01:27 <JarnoO> the fallen tree, Craig, or is it still standing up?
09:02:23 <JarnoO> morning Ryan
09:02:51 <SantaFe108> theres a RV in the three sisters turnout on streetview, makes it hard to see
09:03:11 <JarnoO> that flippin' RV :)
09:03:32 <SantaFe108> tsk tsk
09:03:57 <Eric> Here is the hole that has been identified as a UTF previously:'38.1%22N+110%C2%B050'12.6%22W/@44.460578,-110.8373712,202m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d44.4605778!4d-110.8368238
09:04:00 <Eric> bah
09:04:12 <Eric>
09:04:20 <SantaFe108> romania?
09:04:21 <SantaFe108> oh
09:04:40 <Eric> Click the second link...the first one broke
09:04:58 <JarnoO> oh, I was looking at a hole just north of that hole
09:05:33 <Eric> Not sure it's the same one, but just noting a thermal feature has been identified from that spot previously
09:06:43 <Eric> haha...Craig and Steve are creating a crowd :-P
09:06:50 <SantaFe108> this?
09:07:19 <Eric> No, where my marker is...that is just a drainage runoff you circled
09:07:21 <JarnoO> SF, that was the hole I thought Craig was talking about :)
09:07:51 <ynpvisitor22> For those that did not see the Drone watch the white shirt guy on the left he sets and launches
09:07:58 <ynpvisitor22> Drone, Man in white shirt black shorts leaves benches walks to clear spot sets drone on BW and launches, Drone is not seen again until this video
09:08:30 <JarnoO> but yes, the hole Eric pointed out is also present on 2013 street view
09:08:41 <SantaFe108> ?
09:08:42 <JarnoO> I I think that's the most likely candidate
09:10:41 <JarnoO> SF, that last image is likely another hole in the ground, but don't think that's the right one
09:10:54 <Eric> Wow...good catch Joe!
09:11:20 <Eric> haha...nope...where the red marker is originally :-P
09:11:26 <ynpvisitor22> Kent and MikeJ caught the drone
09:11:40 <Eric> nice 3c
09:12:09 <Eric> ahhh, it takes a village
09:12:15 <Eric> 3c
09:12:48 <JarnoO> there ought to be a map around from a survey post-1959 quake. They did post-quake mapping in the Myriads and found 1113 separate features per Geysers of Yellowstone 5th edition
09:13:04 <JarnoO> (and no, I did not made a typo there)
09:13:30 <Eric> Not looks like swiss cheese in sat photos
09:13:53 <JarnoO> yep. The Hill is child's play compared with this group
09:14:30 <Eric> It was probably pretty epic there before the construction of all the OF buildings
09:23:02 <JarnoO> trying to find a map of the Myriads in the archives, but struck on a very suspicious looking Fan Geyser...
09:25:07 <JarnoO> and Beehive to 250 feet? Yes please:
09:26:01 <JarnoO> (note the description of that image)
09:26:51 <JarnoO> a decent size comparison of Beehive's cone and a human:
09:27:00 <JarnoO> I should actually be making dinner
09:31:00 <ynpvisitor47> It takes a bit of practice, but if you focus on a spot on those pictures and cross your eyes you will get 3 images, the center one in 3D!
09:32:03 <SantaFe108> and someone sitting on grotto's cone
09:37:36 <Eric> Wow...that was a long OF wait
09:38:41 <Kat> Long wait for that long OF!
09:38:43 <Eric> Looks like a park ranger from the hat SantaFe
09:39:25 <SantaFe108> hes wearing the ranger campaign hat so i think you're right
09:41:11 <SantaFe108> fishermen cooking fish in fishing cone
09:49:53 <Eric> So many awesome images from the Montana Historical Society!
10:01:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Great 3D effects on the Grotto picture. You can even see them in the water.
10:04:02 <ynpvisitor36> Mugwump 0953,, a nice long eruption
10:08:21 <Kat> It was a good morning! bbl
10:13:39 <SantaFe108> hopefully forest logs on
10:15:10 <KorbenC> Gizmos a fun one, I saw 4 in 2019, I always think it should be called "Deleted Spasmodic" ;)
10:15:11 <ynpvisitor78> Hey hey it’s a me forest
10:15:28 <ynpvisitor78> Wow you summoned me lmao
10:15:37 <SantaFe108> wow my wish came true
10:15:43 <KorbenC> SF summons trees, and I summon Bees :)
10:15:55 <SantaFe108> lol
10:15:56 <ynpvisitor78> Lol
10:16:10 <KorbenC> Both in gazing and not, I have Bees follow me everywhere :)
10:16:38 <SantaFe108> speaking of bugs
10:16:45 <SantaFe108> does anyone know what those bitey flies by daisy are?
10:16:50 <SantaFe108> very annoying
10:17:00 <KorbenC> Horse Flys I thought
10:17:13 <KorbenC> I always solve them by triple coating bug spray :)
10:17:26 <SantaFe108> makes me want to take a bh shower to get them off
10:21:11 <ynpvisitor78> I am over by tilts baby watching the sawmill group
10:21:29 <SantaFe108> very good, how does it look
10:21:49 <ynpvisitor78> What tilts baby or sawmill group
10:21:58 <SantaFe108> sawmill
10:22:25 <ynpvisitor78> Well bulger is IE and OT hasn’t started yet
10:22:48 <ynpvisitor78> Still high water levels
10:24:22 <Ryan (-17) (lun> Rocket?
10:25:25 <ynpvisitor78> Grotto
10:25:35 <KorbenC> This would be the time churn would go, Forest is just too far away to get over there :D
10:25:38 <KorbenC> 78, radio call>
10:25:44 <Ryan (-17) (lun> Yeah, looked like Rocket did something
10:26:14 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, he'll make it if he has your teleporteer
10:26:27 <KorbenC> you mean Kats teleporter?
10:26:47 <SantaFe108> the communal teleporter
10:27:10 <KorbenC> I dont steal Kats telepoprter, just borrow without permission :D
10:27:22 <SantaFe108> lol
10:27:23 <KorbenC> teleporter**
10:27:25 <Eric> Nice job getting tilt Forest
10:28:08 <KorbenC> Tilts is like Dep, so small, but everyone loves it so so so much :)
10:28:27 <Ryan (-17) (lun> I liked it more when it was under the BW
10:28:28 <Eric> Its a fun geyser super close to the BW
10:28:59 <KorbenC> oh, I am not aurguing I particapate in the crab walk across the BW with the other gazers to get over there :)
10:29:40 <Eric> wish Oblong would come back and play!
10:30:01 <KorbenC> dont forget about Giant, Eric.
10:30:14 <SantaFe108> ob-long gone
10:30:30 <KorbenC> lol
10:30:55 <SantaFe108> oblong has a very cool pool
10:30:59 <SantaFe108> very intricate
10:31:09 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, have you ever seen it erupt?
10:31:16 <SantaFe108> no :(
10:31:23 <SantaFe108> ive seen jsj's video
10:31:45 <KorbenC> its alot cooler, esspecialy the water heavy bit of the eruption where you get that huge flood of water over the platform :)
10:32:02 <Ryan (-17)> Its basicall;y Artemisia.
10:32:03 <ynpvisitor78> We did
10:32:06 <SantaFe108> theres many geysers I havent seen
10:32:08 <KorbenC> SF, I still laugh how you havent seen Bee in person, yet you saw an SB without waiting :)
10:32:13 <ynpvisitor78> Do a radio call
10:32:13 <KorbenC> WB R
10:32:39 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, my father told me recently that I saw Bee when I was a very young child, but I cant remember so it doesnt count
10:32:53 <ynpvisitor78> OT just started
10:32:59 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
10:33:04 <Ryan (-17)> Ty, KC.
10:33:05 <SantaFe108> if I listed off the geysers I havent seen you would be very suprised i think
10:33:19 <ynpvisitor78> Walking to group now
10:33:38 <Ryan (-17)> I didnt see Daisy until 2014
10:33:43 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, have you seen Grand?
10:33:44 <ynpvisitor78> Please tell me you have seen sprinkler
10:33:58 <Ryan (-17)> whats that?
10:34:05 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, saw grand in july
10:34:05 <Ryan (-17)> Like my lawn sprinkler?
10:34:30 <SantaFe108> D5/G1Q
10:34:35 <SantaFe108> on july 20
10:35:00 <KorbenC> Ryan (-17), are you going to wati for Aurum this year>
10:35:20 <Ryan (-17)> no
10:35:51 <KorbenC> I have 7 days till my 1st day of school :) go back later than normal this year, and get out earlier than normal
10:36:17 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, Grand took so long in its window to erupt, I missed Aurum, Artemisia, Daisy, Riverside, and OF
10:36:32 <KorbenC> Rocket? I saw some water above the trees there for a while.
10:36:42 <Ryan (-17)> The bonly geyser I plan on waiting for is SB
10:36:52 <SantaFe108> bonly
10:36:58 <Ryan (-17)> Anything else will be lucky time.
10:37:08 <KorbenC> are you going to take a peak at your "favorite" F&M/
10:37:13 <Ryan (-17)> This isnt much of a geyszers trip outside of Norris
10:37:13 <ynpvisitor78> I didn’t hear a rocket call
10:37:36 <KorbenC> hows Churn looking Forest?
10:37:56 <Ryan (-17)> No I probably wont look at F&M
10:38:10 <KorbenC> ;)
10:38:28 <SantaFe108> i need to take a geyser trip just for UGB and LGB
10:38:30 <Ryan (-17)> Not even sure if I am going to the UGB
10:38:38 <ynpvisitor78> Still high water in group
10:38:42 <KorbenC> Ryan, really?
10:38:56 <KorbenC> Forest, high water can last 3 to 5 hours at least sometimes.
10:39:13 <Ryan (-17)> Yes
10:39:13 <SantaFe108> oh korben, i ordered geysers of yellowstone 5th editon
10:39:25 <KorbenC> I see you Forest :)
10:39:28 <KorbenC> SF, nice.
10:39:35 <SantaFe108> wheres gorest?
10:39:37 <SantaFe108> forest*
10:39:52 <ynpvisitor78> I bet you do
10:39:57 <KorbenC> walking back towards Sawmill slowly I think.
10:40:07 <ynpvisitor78> No
10:40:09 <SantaFe108> bright blue?
10:40:11 <SantaFe108> o
10:40:14 <ynpvisitor78> I am sitting on the ground by churn
10:40:15 <KorbenC> I just lost him
10:40:25 <Ryan (-17)> I wouldnt mind a UGB stop. But its really busy and packed. Norris is about the limit of what I am OK with right now
10:40:36 <KorbenC> ah, I was looking at the other small teenage kid in a blue shirt :)
10:40:40 <Ryan (-17)> If I go it will be VERY early morning or late evening
10:41:07 <ynpvisitor78> It’s going to be a hot day here.
10:41:17 <SantaFe108> take a bh shower
10:41:31 <ynpvisitor78> Water is dropping
10:41:43 <KorbenC> Ryan, huh, going to YNP just to see SB, nobel but I still think you are going to end up at UGB at some point :)
10:41:46 <Katie> What is that puffing in the trees back and left of Oblong
10:42:03 <ynpvisitor78> Grotto I think
10:42:06 <KorbenC> 78, increased boiling or overflow in Churn yet?
10:42:17 <Katie> It was back here
10:42:22 <KorbenC> 78, no, left, like look at Oblong and then look half way to daisy :)
10:42:33 <Ryan (-17)> Possible Atomizer
10:42:49 <ynpvisitor78> I dunno. Nothing has been called
10:42:52 <SantaFe108> woah just got news
10:42:53 <Katie> All I saw was two separate brief puffs of steam
10:43:02 <SantaFe108> Death Valley hit highest temperature in 107 years
10:43:08 <KorbenC> SF, WOWOWOW
10:43:18 <SantaFe108> 130 degrees fahrenheit
10:43:28 <ynpvisitor78> That’s hot
10:43:46 <KorbenC> thats not hot :)
10:43:50 <KorbenC> its melting :)
10:43:53 <SantaFe108> one of the coolest national parks
10:44:34 <ynpvisitor78> LMAO
10:45:04 <SantaFe108> well actually the hottest national park
10:45:53 <SantaFe108> reminds me when I flew out of palm springs airport for denver and it was 122 and the plane had a part in the AC melt so we had to get a replacement
10:46:14 <SantaFe108> whoever decided that the airport in palm springs should be mainly outdoors was a monster
10:46:21 <ynpvisitor78> River pause no main vent
10:46:43 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor78, called on radio?
10:47:04 <ynpvisitor78> Yes
10:47:41 <KorbenC> so jsut a regular cycle?
10:50:47 <SantaFe108> spinkerler
10:51:10 <ynpvisitor78> River back on they don’t see any main vent splashing. 9 min pause
10:52:49 <Eric> Get organized F&M!
10:53:03 <SantaFe108> i need to make a map of the vents
10:53:12 <Eric> Now that would be a good T-shirt :-D
10:53:21 <SantaFe108> lol
10:53:21 <ynpvisitor78> I have one I could send you
10:53:29 <Eric> Get organized F&M?
10:53:30 <ynpvisitor78> When I get better cell later
10:53:31 <SantaFe108> that would be nice
10:53:47 <Eric> or map of vents :-P
10:54:09 <SantaFe108> we need more geyser shirts that aren't OF or grand prismatic
10:54:35 <ynpvisitor78> Vent map
10:54:40 <SantaFe108> so that way i can go around wearing a sprinkler tshirt
10:55:15 <Eric> Ryan and Pat should go into the T-shirt business :-D
10:55:29 <SantaFe108> lol
10:56:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I would buy an Aurum
10:56:27 <SantaFe108> make a tshirt
10:56:34 <ynpvisitor78> So gold turned on and then it turned off and there was a quite big splash from main
10:56:44 <Eric> Nice!
10:56:44 <SantaFe108> that says "I SURVIVED SPRINKLER GEYSER!!!"
10:56:50 <ynpvisitor78> Or something like that
10:56:56 <Eric> still splashing or turned off?
10:57:07 <ynpvisitor78> I don’t know
10:57:11 <Eric> ahh
10:57:25 <Eric> Get down there and hang out...great time to learn F&M cycles :-D
10:58:15 <Katie> Darn. Lion at 10:56 posted and I moved cam at 10:57 and missed.
10:58:23 <ynpvisitor78> Gold pause large main vent splash
10:58:51 <JarnoO> I like long Lion series. GO NORTH GOGGLE
10:59:09 <SantaFe108> ng would be very nice
10:59:25 <Ryan (-17)> F&M is seriously disorganized right now.
10:59:43 <Ryan (-17)> It could be like 2018 where it wasnt erupting from classic event cycles.
11:00:06 <Ryan (-17)> It seems like it just decided it was time to go. The one I saw was not a classic event cycle at all.
11:01:05 <Eric> I will be interested if main keeps splashing :-D
11:01:08 <JarnoO> Event Cycle Modoki?
11:02:23 <Ryan (-17)> Continued MVS isnt that good, I dont think
11:02:32 <Eric> Yes, it's good :-D
11:02:46 <Ryan (-17)> Not past a point.
11:02:50 <Eric> Well, if you want an F&M eruption :-D
11:03:06 <Ryan (-17)> No. Past a certain point continued MVS is not a good thing.
11:03:40 <Ryan (-17)> Typically once River comes back on for the final time you want MV to stop splashing and let River, High, Gold, and Angle do their things without interruption.
11:04:02 <KorbenC> is River on RN?
11:04:21 <Ryan (-17)> Heavy, violent, or continued MVS is not exactly a good thing (most of the time). The exception to that is when it is "lock" and heavy and violent MVS can trigger a full eruption.
11:05:13 <KorbenC> per Forest, "6 min gold pause one small main vent splash. Not much activity from other minor vents and I think still good energy"
11:05:32 <SantaFe108> does spiteful do anything to affect the cycle ever?
11:05:36 <SantaFe108> effect*
11:05:52 <SantaFe108> affect*
11:06:27 <Ryan (-17)> SF I think there is some relationship but typically no.
11:07:17 <SantaFe108> i need to get back to ugb soon, labor day might be a good time so I can get a free day off school without consequences
11:07:44 <Ryan (-17)> The whole idea is organized and decisive energy shifts between Mortar, Fan's Main Vent, and Fan's minor vents. When those shifts become disorganized and indecisive then the system is just wasting energy.
11:07:59 <Ryan (-17)> Its not Giant, brute force energy and water is not what you want for F&M
11:08:29 <KorbenC> "River back on gold pause over"
11:08:56 <Ryan (-17)> Ick. That sounds like hell to be watching.
11:09:10 <JarnoO> the data pool for Spiteful and its possible effects on F&M is too small I think. There's undoubtetly a connection between Spiteful and F&M via Norris Pool, but otherwise not much is known. When Norris Pool reactivated (first as mudpot, then as muddy geyser and then as actual blue pool), Spiteful usually only erupted in response to Norris Pool's eruption. At the same time Mortar's water looked...
11:09:10 <JarnoO> ...kind-of opaque, but not Fan's
11:09:33 <Ryan (-17)> Norris
11:10:04 <Ryan (-17)> Norris Pool can effectively act like a far flung extension of F&M. During some F&M eruptions we have seen Norris Pool fill nearly to overflow.
11:10:12 <JarnoO> that too
11:10:32 <Ryan (-17)> I dont think it has an effect on F&M though, I think F&M has an effect on it.
11:11:56 <Ryan (-17)> The so called "Kaboom splashes" in Main were an eruption killer in 2014. Exciting but bad.
11:12:17 <SantaFe108> oh i found a map of f&m venta
11:12:20 <SantaFe108> vents*
11:12:44 <Ryan (-17)> Event cycles that looked great would just die after those. The "kaboom splashes" could throw water from Main into East and sometimes make runoff. They were very loud.
11:13:17 <Ryan (-17)> The best MVS I think you want to see is kind of a rumbling huff of steam with droplets of water in it and not much more.
11:14:54 <KorbenC> "River gold and angle. Water looks ok"
11:15:11 <Ryan (-17)> Speculating now, I would imagine an F&M event cycle is similar to a Giant Hot Period where water increasing into the system causes the vents to act in an orderly progression. Unlike Giant however, F&M can expend so much energy in an event cycle that it can kill itself. If the water levels hit the right point the run away reaction begins.
11:15:24 <KorbenC> high is on too.
11:15:31 <Eric> nice
11:15:43 <Eric> now get some main action going and wait :-D
11:16:22 <KorbenC> "High and gold are on but not sustaining. Water levels are variable"
11:16:39 <Ryan (-17)> *shrugs shoulders* continue being blatantly wrong if you want, Eric.
11:17:40 <KorbenC> Lion 1116 ie, nice long series
11:18:37 <SantaFe108> mapping these vents from a hand drawing is hard and im pretty sure im getting them all wrong
11:26:20 <KorbenC> does anyone have a link to the SB temp archive?
11:28:08 <JarnoO> Rocket
11:28:10 <KorbenC> Rocket
11:29:21 <Eric> Good description of F&M lock:,are%20generally%20talked%20about%20together.
11:29:31 <Eric> With main vent splashing!
11:30:06 <Eric> Nice water
11:30:34 <Eric> About an hour after Grotto start
11:31:00 <SantaFe108> Bulger
11:33:06 <KorbenC> is there a temp archive for the loggers?
11:34:01 <Eric> yes,
11:34:19 <SantaFe108> how long would a bulger min last?
11:34:29 <Eric> 30 seconds or so
11:34:38 <KorbenC> Eric, one that works pls
11:34:46 <KorbenC> I cant get data for it in August
11:34:47 <JarnoO> less than a minute. Commonly around 25 seconds or so, but sometimes longer
11:34:57 <SantaFe108> thansk
11:35:37 <Eric> The rule of thumb in basin is, if you have enough time to get out your phone, enter bulger and it's still going, it's probably a major :-P
11:35:55 <SantaFe108> lol makes sense
11:36:11 <SantaFe108> can someone check accuracy on this f&m map
11:36:19 <SantaFe108> im pretty sure i got it wrong tho
11:36:49 <JarnoO> doesn't Tile vent belong to Spiteful?
11:37:03 <SantaFe108> im not sure thats why I asked
11:37:22 <SantaFe108> it would make sense since its so far away from fna
11:37:25 <SantaFe108> fan*
11:37:43 <JarnoO> David Schwarz actually has a video of Spiteful erupting, which also shows Tile doing its thing
11:37:54 <JarnoO> (I think so on Tile, that is)
11:37:57 <Eric> I think the Fan vents are pretty much all in a row, heading down toward river
11:38:23 <SantaFe108> so would frying pan and crack be independant?
11:39:05 <Eric> But that might be my skewed perception.
11:39:50 <SantaFe108> its all very confusing to me
11:41:40 <SantaFe108> +
11:41:46 <SantaFe108> mistype
11:42:33 <JarnoO> somewhere in this Spiteful video I believe Tile Vent is mentioned:
11:48:28 <JarnoO> hm, I misremembered that of Tile Vent
11:59:18 <JarnoO> F&M Event Cycle 1041 d=1h04m
12:00:01 <JarnoO> Castle's thinking about it
12:00:57 <JarnoO> SF108, here's the actual video I remember where Tile Vent was mentioned. Apparantly it seems to be it's own thing:
12:01:29 <SantaFe108> thanks jarno
12:04:09 <JarnoO> hm, in hindsight I could've added ¼ to 1159
12:10:03 <Ryan (-17) (min> I would not trust that wikipedia article
12:10:29 <Ryan (-17) (min> There is a very good Sput article by Tara Cross describing a lock. I would read that.
12:10:52 <SantaFe108> how long does gosa usually take to process sput orders
12:11:45 <Ryan (-17)> Depends on how busy Bill is.
12:12:03 <Ryan (-17)> Its not Amazon Prime but its not coming from China on a boat either
12:12:05 <SantaFe108> that explains alot
12:12:36 <Ryan (-17)> It can vary. Are you going digital or print Sputs?
12:12:48 <SantaFe108> digital
12:13:13 <Ryan (-17)> Also, please, if you're trying to learn F&M read up on stuff from the people who know it extremely well: Will, Tara, Polly, etc
12:13:31 <Ryan (-17)> Then digital should be more Amazon Prime - like.
12:14:53 <Ryan (-17)> F&M is an extraordinarily complex feature. Statements about specific things being universally good or bad are typically unfounded and have little evidence to back it up.
12:15:12 <KorbenC> I have one :) an eruption is good :D
12:15:23 <Ryan (-17)> It's cycles are very fluid and can be summed up with some broad strokes but not many.
12:15:31 <KorbenC> anytime fan is over 100ft in ehight, its a good thing :)
12:15:39 <Ryan (-17)> That's not specific, an eruption can mean a lot of things :)
12:16:04 <KorbenC> when Dave is not there waitign for it, thats a good thing because then it can actually erupt :)
12:16:07 <SantaFe108> im not a particularily big fan of f&m i like them all, even sprinkler
12:16:30 <KorbenC> we can tell you like Sprinkler, lol :)
12:16:38 <SantaFe108> lol
12:16:42 <Ryan (-17)> KC - is it? When Fan is that large, Mortar is typically quiet or very small :P
12:16:54 <KorbenC> Lol Ryan :)
12:17:38 <Ryan (-17)> I'm serious. Very rarely do you get simultaneous superlative play from both geysers.
12:17:58 <KorbenC> Good is differing per person too :)
12:18:04 <Ryan (-17)> If one is large, the other is small, and vice versa.
12:18:18 <KorbenC> unless they arent, which sometimes they arent
12:18:31 <Ryan (-17)> Yes and no, "good" in terms of "is it beneficial to triggering an eruption" is not very subjective.
12:19:38 <Ryan (-17)> I'm aware - I've seen simultaneous superlative play. Upper Mortar is capable of being the second most violent jetting geyser in the world - and Fan can hit the bathroom at the same time. Its rare, but it happens :)
12:19:58 <SantaFe108> they can hit the bathroom?!
12:20:06 <SantaFe108> imagine being inside
12:20:22 <Ryan (-17)> Yeah, and ours was going into a head wind no less.
12:20:30 <KorbenC> SF, with the right wind dirrection and speed Riverside could hit the bathroom :)
12:20:40 <SantaFe108> wow
12:20:44 <KorbenC> mine only made it to the pool :)
12:21:01 <Ryan (-17)> Yeah, I have a photo somewhere of the ground out to the bathrooms all wet.
12:21:07 <SantaFe108> marathon?
12:21:22 <SantaFe108> i missed riverside last trip because of grand
12:21:23 <Ryan (-17)> It was a pretty mind-numbing display of power.
12:21:25 <KorbenC> Ryan, but how do we know that someone didnt just really need to go
12:21:31 <KorbenC> SF, no, Norris
12:21:32 <SantaFe108> lol
12:21:54 <Ryan (-17)> if you're blowing pieces of sinter out of you that size you should probably go to a doctor.
12:22:07 <SantaFe108> F&M is connected to the bathroom septic, you have to fill it up before an eruption
12:22:12 <JarnoO> oh dear... Are we descending to bathroom talk already, Korben? Such a dissapointment
12:22:18 <SantaFe108> the methane explosive power
12:22:38 <KorbenC> he started it with saying it made it too the bathroom JO
12:23:06 <JarnoO> well, that was a general remark about the power of the eruption, not that someone needed to go very badly...
12:23:22 <KorbenC> maybe that someone was F&M? :)
12:23:39 <KorbenC> well, I need to have all the facts before I come to a conculsion, or at least I try too.
12:23:52 <JarnoO> -_-
12:24:27 <JarnoO> I think Korben needs a lesson in contextual understanding
12:24:46 <Ryan (-17)> I think a lot of people need that :)
12:24:51 <KorbenC> well, its very possible that someone could have done "that" outside the bathroom, :)
12:25:32 <SantaFe108> we went from F&M cycle to poop
12:25:32 <KorbenC> I get what he was implying, I am jsut messing with him :D
12:25:44 <SantaFe108> peak geysertimes
12:25:56 <Ryan (-17)> FWIW my sinter comment was referring to kidney stones.
12:26:03 <SantaFe108> brb lunch
12:26:44 <Ryan (-17)> That said - yeah I am aware F&M can both be very large at the same time. Generally, that is not the case.
12:27:53 <Katie> Stop paying attention to chat for a few minutes, and then look... and wait. what? rewind. Ah...
12:28:13 <Ryan (-17)> I am really not sure how we went from F&M to the bathroom.
12:28:23 <Katie> to kidney stones...
12:29:18 <JarnoO> Castle
12:29:18 <Katie> Looks like Castle is done teasing
12:29:58 <Ryan (-17)> That step made sense, how many other solid white objects come out with urine?
12:30:31 <Ryan (-17)> If someone showed me a puddle of pee with little white pebbles in it I would be extremely concerned for their health.
12:33:45 <SantaFe108> is round spring-geyser supposed to be round spring-geyser geyser
12:33:47 <Ryan (-17)> Anyways, on the original topic: I would be very careful making definiive statements without a lot of first hand experience or a source.
12:37:06 <SantaFe108> like usually geysers wont have the word geyser on gt map but round spring-geyser has it so is it supposed to be round spring-geyser geyser?
12:37:53 <JarnoO> another Lion
12:38:05 <JarnoO> 1226ie
12:38:10 <JarnoO> and LC ie
12:38:40 <SantaFe108> wait nvm im dumb
12:38:43 <KorbenC> nice and very long Lion series
12:39:20 <KorbenC> 10 eruptions, 3 minors.
12:40:26 <JarnoO> going to be a long series end to series start interval. Wouldn't be surprised if this'll be the only series of the day
12:46:28 <JarnoO> Castle major
12:46:44 <SantaFe108> oh korben, it was so hot in death valley that metal poles where the thermometers were on reflected heat back into it causing it to display false 137 degrees F
12:46:47 <KorbenC> JarnoO, at what point does NG become a thing?
12:47:11 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, who would put a thermometer on a metal pole? ;)
12:47:21 <JarnoO> no idea. Depends on what it wants to do I guess
12:47:31 <SantaFe108> lol
12:47:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ask the guys in Baker CA Korben.
12:47:41 <JarnoO> though generally the longer the series the better
12:47:49 <SantaFe108> they didnt say they were on metal poles per say but there was metal poles nearby the thermometer
12:48:04 <KorbenC> its like sticking a thermometer in an oven :P
12:48:12 <SantaFe108> Baker's thermometer is the king
12:48:28 <KorbenC> HOLE
12:48:29 <KorbenC> .
12:48:29 <KorbenC> .
12:48:29 <KorbenC> .
12:48:29 <KorbenC> ..
12:48:29 <KorbenC> .
12:48:37 <KorbenC> FOREST GO THE HOLE!!!!!!!!
12:48:43 <KorbenC> GOT THE HOLE
12:48:45 <SantaFe108> move that camera!
12:48:56 <SantaFe108> forest got hole!?!?!
12:48:58 <SantaFe108> YES!
12:49:01 <JarnoO> Forest caught it @ 1245
12:49:11 <Katie> UGH!
12:49:12 <SantaFe108> MOVE CAMERa
12:49:16 <SantaFe108> plese
12:55:57 <Ryan (-17)> Korben, I ignored you, STOP PM spamming me please!
12:56:16 <KorbenC> I was just letting you know that I am done doing OF research :)
13:16:24 <JarnoO> hi Linda
13:16:31 <SantaFe108> hi lindag
13:16:42 <LindaG> SantaFe108, JarnoO, hi
13:20:34 <KorbenC> LindaG, hi
13:21:49 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
13:22:50 <ynpvisitor3> Protestors at old faithful causing a disturbance
13:23:12 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, protesting what?
13:23:17 <Ryan (-17)> where?
13:23:19 <KorbenC> 3=Forest?
13:24:40 <LindaG> Nothing on static
13:24:44 <ynpvisitor3> In front of photo store
13:24:58 <ynpvisitor3> They are gone now
13:25:14 <ynpvisitor3> It was before the last eruption
13:25:27 <SantaFe108> do you know what they were protrwsting?
13:25:55 <JarnoO> Turban 1320 D2
13:26:14 <ynpvisitor3> No, they were irrational Jesus crusaders, not to sound redundant
13:26:43 <SantaFe108> odd
13:27:23 <SantaFe108> i wonder where forest is
13:27:31 <ynpvisitor3> One had a portable loudspeaker, crying for attention
13:28:00 <SantaFe108> dang, kind of annoying to people just trying to enjoy geysers
13:28:08 <ynpvisitor3> I almost gave him some attention...
13:28:50 <Ryan (-17)> Jesus crusaders are almost as bad as climate warriors
13:28:55 <ynpvisitor3> Bulgers hole
13:29:12 <SantaFe108> hoele
13:29:31 <LindaG> Nice
13:29:36 <ynpvisitor3> Dang, im eating lunch in my truck in the shade
13:29:39 <SantaFe108> can zoom
13:29:54 <ynpvisitor31> NICE!
13:29:59 <ynpvisitor31> Forest got 2 eruptions
13:30:00 <SantaFe108> 3, you craig?
13:30:13 <ynpvisitor3> Yes, i am
13:30:20 <SantaFe108> very good
13:30:21 <LindaG> Lol dont think forest has a truck
13:30:42 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, hi
13:30:54 <ynpvisitor3> Heat is gerting to me, yesterday was bad
13:31:03 <ynpvisitor3> LindaG, hey
13:31:08 <ynpvisitor3> Lion
13:31:12 <JarnoO> OT
13:31:19 <LindaG> ynpvisitor3, what's the temp?
13:31:22 <JarnoO> Lion still chugging along in the series
13:31:36 <ynpvisitor3> My truck says 90
13:31:44 <LindaG> Yikes
13:32:00 <JarnoO> weather widget says 87°F, so accurate
13:32:01 <ynpvisitor3> 91 now
13:32:04 <LindaG> Weather station says 87
13:32:23 <LindaG> Didnt realize it got that hot
13:33:14 <ynpvisitor3> I was making lots of bike rides back to refill water bottles yesterday
13:33:28 <JarnoO> hm, also a VR of Beehive @ 1100
13:33:34 <JarnoO> 1100 A
13:33:39 <SantaFe108> vr recording?
13:33:47 <JarnoO> visitor report
13:33:50 <SantaFe108> o
13:33:59 <SantaFe108> beehive 360 video would be cool
13:35:29 <ynpvisitor3> Im hesitant to believe the beehive report from anonymous visitor
13:36:42 <KorbenC> I dont see anything on static
13:36:48 <ynpvisitor3> Dang, now i just missed tilts baby....
13:36:49 <JarnoO> series of 11 eruptions now
13:36:53 <KorbenC> Jarno, do you see anything on static?
13:37:23 <KorbenC> Kevin, the pen has arived, its awesome
13:37:38 <KorbenC> and whats with this 1334 A ab?
13:38:13 <SantaFe108> the account was made yesterday that posted it
13:38:31 <SantaFe108> im guessing someone who thinks A = ie
13:38:38 <JarnoO> I can neither confirm or dispute the Beehive report because it got stuck for some 14 minutes just before 1100. And given that it's an A report, one should look before and after that time, which doesn't work with an archive
13:38:40 <SantaFe108> or A = ns
13:38:44 <KorbenC> at least its not a 1334 AB ie ? A ini :D
13:38:53 <SantaFe108> true that
13:39:07 <KorbenC> and a min :)
13:39:08 <JarnoO> with an incomplete archive*
13:39:43 <SantaFe108> 1334 wc E A ie ns ini
13:39:46 <SantaFe108> jk
13:40:04 <JarnoO> Turban 1338 D3
13:40:08 <SantaFe108> reminds me of the emerald pool entry
13:40:43 <KorbenC> I do have to admit though, Bee looks pretty dead right now
13:40:56 <SantaFe108> yeah
13:41:14 <JarnoO> how much on Grand going on D5? And how much for D6?
13:44:17 <KorbenC> JarnoO, when was the last time with a Lion sereis this long?
13:48:32 <JarnoO> it's been a while, that's for sure. You'd probably be looking at September 2018 for series of that length. Though it wouldn't surprise me if there were long series between September 2018 and now
13:49:38 <Eric> Mike had an 1116 lion in basin...he might have been in the area during the suspect BH
13:51:37 <ynpvisitor117> Hi it’s a me forest
13:51:47 <SantaFe108> hekloo forest
13:51:48 <KorbenC> hI fOREST
13:51:49 <SantaFe108> hbello*
13:51:49 <ynpvisitor117> Cell service is sucky still
13:51:50 <KorbenC> oops
13:51:52 <SantaFe108> hello*
13:51:57 <KorbenC> Nice job on Bulgers hole
13:51:59 <SantaFe108> congratulaitons on bulger's hoel
13:52:06 <ynpvisitor117> I caught two
13:52:08 <ynpvisitor117> Thanks
13:52:10 <ynpvisitor117> Hello
13:52:14 <SantaFe108> congratulations on bulgers hole x2
13:52:25 <JarnoO> Atlantic 20/50 (1), 30/70 (2); Eastern Pacific 10/10 (1), 0/20 (2); Central Pacific 10/40 (1). No new advisory for Genevieve yet.
13:52:29 <KorbenC> do you have any insight as too that possible Bee at 1100 A?
13:52:46 <ynpvisitor117> We have no idea
13:52:48 <ynpvisitor117> We were just talking about it
13:53:23 <SantaFe108> also did you see the weird 1334 A big nemnee
13:53:44 <ynpvisitor117> We were down Basin at fan mortar daisy
13:54:22 <Ryan (-17)> Toodles
13:54:32 <ynpvisitor117> No I didnt
13:54:39 <JarnoO> cya Ryan
13:54:49 <SantaFe108> bye ruan
13:54:51 <SantaFe108> ryan*
13:55:12 <ynpvisitor117> We are by churn
13:55:25 <ynpvisitor117> Bulger
13:55:35 <SantaFe108> very good
13:57:14 <ynpvisitor117> Water rose and fell
13:57:48 <JarnoO> looks like Turban now
13:57:52 <JarnoO> D4
13:58:10 <JarnoO> Grand
13:58:11 <ynpvisitor117> Grand
13:58:20 <SantaFe108> bada bing bada boom
13:58:26 <SantaFe108> sprinkler
13:58:30 <JarnoO> could be a Grand/Daisy dual
14:01:39 <ynpvisitor117> Water rose and fell 3 times
14:09:15 <JarnoO> b1 done
14:10:00 <SantaFe108> your cam is so far ahead of me jarno
14:10:56 <ynpvisitor117> You guys are so far behind real time :)
14:11:13 <SantaFe108> true thatr
14:12:17 <JarnoO> D4/T1Q | 11m15s
14:27:41 <JarnoO> that'll be one preplay delay please
14:28:00 <SantaFe108> would you like to make that a meal?
14:28:35 <JarnoO> take-away please
14:29:14 <KorbenC> would you like to donate this entire delay purchase to the Giantess reactivation fund?
14:29:46 <SantaFe108> or the sawmill funeral costs?
14:29:56 <JarnoO> the Sawmill revival fund
14:30:18 <KorbenC> sorry sir, the Sawmill fund with cost double :)
14:30:45 <SantaFe108> ill order a bh false indicator please
14:31:22 <KorbenC> would you like Tomatoes, Cheese, Lettuce, Onions, Aurum, and Pickels with that today?
14:31:41 <SantaFe108> do you have Pump sauce?
14:32:13 <KorbenC> we dont have that, but we do have Spicy Sprinkler Sauce, is that OK?
14:32:26 <SantaFe108> yes that will be fine.
14:32:41 <SantaFe108> Can I donate to the Plume Reactivation fundraiser?
14:32:45 <KorbenC> all this food talk is making me hungry :)
14:33:46 <KorbenC> Would you like it too go to Plume Exploration? or Plume water supply?
14:34:02 <SantaFe108> water supply
14:37:43 <JarnoO> delay end
14:37:58 <SantaFe108> congratulations
14:38:32 <KorbenC> Jarno, have you and Ryan seen a double delay yet?
14:39:02 <JarnoO> I've seen a delay followed by a stall a few times
14:39:15 <SantaFe108> what would a stall be?
14:39:23 <KorbenC> well, I dont think thats the same, I saw that a few times when I was working with yall.
14:40:09 <JarnoO> a stall is where OF doesn't do any preplay for a considerable time without an apparant reason like big preplay
14:40:23 <SantaFe108> o
14:40:36 <SantaFe108> does the cam run with less delay on flash then regular?
14:41:02 <JarnoO> it should, because HLS introduces a delay of about 30 seconds
14:41:59 <ynpvisitor89> Hi it’s forest
14:42:46 <SantaFe108> hello forest
14:42:58 <SantaFe108> wow a bulger min
14:43:04 <ynpvisitor89> Currently watching bulger since it is having minors
14:43:06 <SantaFe108> how quick was it
14:43:15 <ynpvisitor89> Yes two of them
14:43:29 <SantaFe108> 0f
14:43:33 <SantaFe108> fatheful
14:44:09 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, mins consist of alot of the eruptions, its only in Maj series that BH will erupt (most of the time)
14:45:05 <SantaFe108> i cant clikc to enable flash it just highlights the video
14:45:14 <ynpvisitor89> There is another minor
14:45:14 <KorbenC> you can have mixed series, like maj, min, maj, min, min, maj. Min series which are min, min, min (a few more mins) then a maj. Or a major series which is maj, maj, maj, maj (possible bh in htere somewhere)
14:45:27 <SantaFe108> oh ok
14:45:37 <KorbenC> Forest right now is witnessing a min series, which will culminate in a major eruption at the end (possible for bh too)
14:45:44 <SantaFe108> ok
14:45:58 <SantaFe108> do you know how to enable flash i cant click it it just highlihgts the video
14:46:19 <KorbenC> and there was a quick series turn around from 1355 to 1424, likely because of the current situation of high water levels in that corner of the complex.
14:46:47 <ynpvisitor89> 36 seconds
14:46:48 <KorbenC> SF, in the settings box make sure that the dark blue is on "Off"
14:47:38 <SantaFe108> it is but it wants me to click to enable flash on the video itself when i do that
14:48:03 <JarnoO> Lion roar
14:48:07 <KorbenC> click on the padlock in the URL, and turn flash on
14:48:08 <ynpvisitor89> Are my messages sending? This is forest
14:48:17 <KorbenC> yes Forest
14:48:20 <JarnoO> they're sending
14:48:23 <SantaFe108> thanks
14:49:56 <SantaFe108> oh korben i managed to get functional geysers in planet coaster
14:52:10 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, nice, screenshot?
14:53:06 <SantaFe108> sure
14:53:13 <SantaFe108> one sec
14:53:29 <SantaFe108> i have 3 finished geysers and theyre all in 1 basin
14:56:51 <JarnoO> yes
14:57:05 <JarnoO> oh, wrong part of chat
14:57:23 <KorbenC> lol, I hate it when PM's go into public :)
14:57:44 <JarnoO> no, I had the chat window scrolled up instead of at the bottom
14:58:04 <KorbenC> oh, LMAO
15:01:17 <JarnoO> Forest is at home again?
15:01:47 <KorbenC> lol :)
15:04:19 <ynpvisitor89> What do you mean jarno
15:04:36 <JarnoO> your 1453 Bulger entry has "wc" :)
15:04:47 <ynpvisitor89> Also old tardy splashing but not erupting and there was just another bulger minor
15:05:25 <JarnoO> Grotto ie
15:05:36 <ynpvisitor89> No it doesn’t
15:05:56 <ynpvisitor89> Something is going on with fan and mortar but Craig has no idea
15:06:08 <KorbenC> can you ask him to describe it?
15:06:13 <JarnoO> what's he seeing?
15:06:28 <KorbenC> as in, what vents are on, and has there been any splashing in main yet?
15:07:26 <ynpvisitor89> No main vent high and gold are strong or something like that
15:07:30 <ynpvisitor89> River was on
15:07:57 <KorbenC> but River is off now?
15:07:58 <ynpvisitor89> Not sure if it still is
15:08:10 <KorbenC> did Main vent splash at all?
15:08:37 <ynpvisitor89> Not that I have heard
15:08:46 <JarnoO> Genevieve 75kt, +10kt since last advisory
15:08:58 <KorbenC> did energy go to Mortar at all? as in, was Bottom on?
15:09:42 <ynpvisitor89> Not that I have heard russel is on his way down
15:10:38 <JarnoO> Bulger ie
15:10:55 <SantaFe108> korben I sent you the screenshots
15:10:56 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor89, are you going down?
15:11:04 <ynpvisitor89> Hi guys
15:11:08 <SantaFe108> wait hold on they didnt send
15:11:28 <SantaFe108> also im still away
15:11:35 <KorbenC> Hi Forest, we see you, you are the only person at Bulger with their phone on
15:11:36 <ynpvisitor89> Not yet
15:11:58 <ynpvisitor89> Yup
15:12:14 <SantaFe108> ok the screenshots sent
15:12:44 <ynpvisitor89> This one person that just past me asked “playing exotic bird bingo?”
15:12:58 <KorbenC> lol
15:13:07 <KorbenC> what was your response?
15:13:12 <KorbenC> Forest, are you getting my PM's?
15:13:28 <ynpvisitor89> Water levels are rising
15:13:35 <KorbenC> per Russ??
15:13:43 <Eric> I hope you guys get an F&M :-D
15:13:50 <ynpvisitor89> Yes now I am wasn’t looking
15:16:03 <KorbenC> He should enjoy it, I enjoyed mine even though it was well, a little bit of lightning :)
15:16:31 <SantaFe108> i need to see if its active next time i go
15:17:59 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, I still havent gotten them
15:18:11 <SantaFe108> ill email them instead
15:18:44 <Katie> BHI IE
15:18:52 <Eric> Nice
15:18:59 <ynpvisitor89> Huge boil from crested
15:19:15 <Katie> Text sent
15:19:16 <Eric> Get over to BH Forest
15:19:16 <SantaFe108> deploy the text messages!
15:19:23 <SantaFe108> and forest get moving!
15:19:31 <Eric> Now I seriously doubt that 1100 visitor report
15:19:33 <KorbenC> do the Grand sprint Forest!
15:19:38 <SantaFe108> hopefully he can get a nice shower in the hot day
15:19:44 <KorbenC> BHI IR? nice :)
15:19:45 <Kat> Thanks for text!
15:19:47 <Katie> Oops. typo.
15:20:09 <Eric> entered BH
15:20:10 <ynpvisitor89> I called it over the radio
15:20:13 <KorbenC> I already know :)
15:20:17 <SantaFe108> why is there bh entreuy
15:20:20 <SantaFe108> oh nvm
15:20:24 <KorbenC> BH is not ie, I missed BHI and clicked BH
15:20:29 <Eric> Thanks Forest
15:20:31 <SantaFe108> oh ok
15:20:37 <SantaFe108> bh erupt 2x in one day
15:20:41 <ynpvisitor89> I said beehive indicator
15:20:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ha Ha. It didn't know I just got home from the bank!
15:20:43 <SantaFe108> or is the 1100 A wrong?
15:20:49 <Eric> It is
15:20:53 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, 1100 is very wrong :)
15:20:57 <SantaFe108> ok thanks
15:21:00 <KorbenC> Kevin, pen arrived, I love it
15:21:13 <SantaFe108> is forest almost here?
15:21:15 <SantaFe108> he has enough time
15:21:17 <Eric> apparently flagged away already
15:21:18 <Kitt> so much for that pattern someone talked about
15:21:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Great! That is a day early!
15:21:30 <ynpvisitor89> Called it from bulger
15:21:32 <KorbenC> (cough cough: Jarno) :)
15:21:44 <SantaFe108> forest how close are you now
15:21:45 <KorbenC> are you at Bee yet Forest?
15:21:55 <Eric> Run Forest Run!
15:21:56 <JarnoO> probably switched to another pattern
15:22:03 <Katie> :D
15:22:08 <ynpvisitor89> I am staying here
15:22:09 <KorbenC> Pattern of Beehive: Annoying :D
15:22:14 <ynpvisitor89> I want a far view
15:22:18 <Katie> But I enjoyed that, Eric.
15:22:23 <KorbenC> 89, I hope thats a joke :D
15:22:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No shower?
15:22:31 <Eric>
15:22:45 <KorbenC> Weatheres great for a shower.
15:22:46 <SantaFe108> HURRY FOREST
15:22:54 <SantaFe108> :bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee:
15:22:58 <JarnoO> :bee:
15:23:08 <SantaFe108> thar she blows!
15:23:09 <JarnoO> bacteria watering time
15:23:20 <Kitt> yay Beehive
15:23:20 <SantaFe108> bh tending to its garden
15:23:25 <Eric> Woot
15:23:26 <KorbenC> Nice, too bad Forest doesnt get a hsower today
15:23:33 <Eric> Hopefully Forest was fast
15:23:43 <SantaFe108> forest how close are you
15:23:55 <Eric> he is probably still running SF
15:24:01 <SantaFe108> tru
15:24:02 <Kitt> that would be shower Korben
15:24:10 <Eric> or watching, not looking at phone
15:24:19 <Eric> Yes, almost 90 in the basin today!
15:24:42 <Kitt> well its 100 here
15:24:47 <ynpvisitor77> not sure BH is offering showers today
15:24:55 <ynpvisitor89> We have quite the crowd at sawmill
15:26:09 <Eric> We had that Saturday and Sunday sucks!
15:26:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 117° here with high humidity
15:27:12 <ynpvisitor77> what is high humidity there Kevin?
15:27:13 <Kitt> that is normal Kevin
15:27:33 <Eric> You can't shovel heat :-(
15:27:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 15%
15:27:49 <ynpvisitor77> thought so
15:28:14 <ynpvisitor100> Oh I'm too late
15:28:34 <Eric> Watch the replay...pretty close :-D
15:29:26 <LindaG> What is BHI IR?
15:29:26 <SantaFe108> Korben, I sent you an email with the screenshots
15:30:03 <SantaFe108> Kevin L™ 🌵, did you hear the temp in death valley?
15:30:03 <KorbenC> WOW, those are awesome
15:30:21 <SantaFe108> thanks, and there are move coming
15:30:26 <Eric> 130 degrees....too hot!
15:30:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes. It is always hot there
15:30:37 <LindaG> Eric, wow
15:30:52 <SantaFe108> first time since 1907
15:30:54 <SantaFe108> iirc
15:31:58 <Kitt> what is iirc?
15:32:13 <SantaFe108> if I recall
15:32:23 <LindaG> 😄
15:32:26 <Katie> correctly... If I recall correctly
15:32:34 <SantaFe108> sorry
15:32:55 <JarnoO> Indicator: lead >4m02s, total >6m44s; Beehive: 4m48s
15:32:59 <Kitt> beginning to think I am not on an English channel
15:33:04 <Kitt> have a good day
15:33:09 <JarnoO> cya Kitt
15:33:22 <SantaFe108> bye kitt
15:33:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Cherrio Kitt
15:33:51 <LindaG> Adios
15:34:04 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
15:34:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi inda
15:34:51 <JarnoO> Indicator likely had a lead time of around 9 or 10 minutes
15:35:08 <JarnoO> based on data gathered over the past months
15:35:14 <JarnoO> (all on GT)
15:35:22 <Eric> Not english...we speak geyser :-P
15:36:14 <SantaFe108> ill be back in a couple hours
15:36:53 <JarnoO> what I find interesting, is that Beehive's durations have increased slowly over time, even in cases of nearly equal lead times
15:37:35 <JarnoO> might suggest that water and/or heat is beginning to shift to Beehive again, away from somewhere else
15:38:14 <JarnoO> or just a general uptick in activity without exchange of function from somewhere else
15:40:39 <LindaG> iirc was a new one for me
15:44:58 <Eric> hmmm, I use it all the time :-P
15:45:52 <Eric> I even say it sometimes when talking...
15:46:08 <Eric> that and IRL
15:46:13 <ynpvisitor83> Eric, hey, Craig here...
15:46:26 <Eric> is your lock going?
15:46:45 <ynpvisitor83> Is there a way to get taras transaction onto my phone?
15:47:05 <ynpvisitor83> My lock? Lmao
15:47:13 <Eric> haha...trying to do a quick study for understanding F&M?
15:47:26 <ynpvisitor83> Yes!
15:48:44 <Eric> Which transactions is it?
15:48:50 <Eric> I can't remember
15:49:01 <ynpvisitor89> Hi Craig it’s forest
15:49:24 <ynpvisitor83> Is there a file that could be texted or emailed to that i would be able to open in android?
15:49:48 <Eric> Which transactions?
15:49:56 <ynpvisitor83> I may have observed a slight event cycle. ;)
15:50:10 <Eric> We heard :-D
15:50:26 <ynpvisitor83> Thanks, Forest lol
15:50:33 <ynpvisitor89> I am hopping off for now. Ttyl all
15:51:16 <Eric> Cya Forest
15:51:24 <ynpvisitor83> Well, if anyone can get anything to me, i would aporeciate it
15:51:32 <Eric> PM sent craig
15:51:47 <ynpvisitor83> Thanks!
15:56:24 <ynpvisitor83> Back to f n m, bbl
15:57:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Daisy
15:59:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> afternon/evening
15:59:36 <Katie> releasing
15:59:39 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
15:59:44 <Katie> Happy driving!
16:01:00 <Eric> Hi Graham
16:01:26 <Eric> Do you know which transactions has the best article for understanding F&M cycles?
16:01:59 <Eric> I know 11 & 12 both have Tara articles about activity there, but wasn't sure if there is one specific article that helps out a beginner the most?
16:06:04 <Betty> afternoon all
16:06:07 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
16:06:14 <LindaG> Hello Betty hello
16:06:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
16:06:38 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵, LindaG, KorbenC, Katie, GO STEAMBOAT, Eric
16:06:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> h Eric. not sure which is best. there was a Sput article sometime too
16:08:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> you typically see what Russell mentioned today, River comes on, then you see hugging or a splash out of Main vent. That can shut off River, so its a River vent pause
16:09:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> if its g yu get a ot of Main vent splashing, and morter water levels rise, Bottom Vent might erupt too
16:09:20 <Eric> Hi Betty
16:09:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> good you
16:09:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> yu can have ultiple pauses
16:09:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> and multiple bottom vent eruptions (but not frequent)
16:10:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> eventually you get a cucle when river, then gold, then angle come on - you usually want to see several minutes between each vent starting
16:10:33 <Eric> Yes, my eruption had main vent splashing lightly and water levels rising.
16:11:27 <Eric> Thanks...Craig is down there trying to learn :-D
16:11:42 <Eric> Wanted to get him some offline literature he could digest
16:11:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> then its a matter of watching the water levels. thick steady water even if the height is variable is good ...... and then lock is when High is going 6 feet steadily or higher
16:11:57 <Eric> He needs the Jake flowchart of F&M :-P
16:12:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> ah, yes. i see he was there with Russell earlier
16:12:43 <Eric> Yep, hopefully Russell can impart some knowledge. I think just sitting down there and watching a lot is the key to understanding though.
16:12:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> pauses, splashing, and ts of water after Angle comes on :)
16:12:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats all you need to know
16:13:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> except when it does something different
16:13:06 <Eric> :-D
16:13:21 <Betty> lol
16:13:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> like no events
16:13:27 <Eric> Yep, I know a delicate system like that can change easily
16:13:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> or start during a quiet period when theres a lower mortar minor (but those have not happened for years)
16:14:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> Dome is overdue
16:14:27 <Eric> Would be cool to somehow have loggers on all vents and watch cycles develop from a temp logger perspective.
16:14:56 <Eric> But I could never see that happening :-(
16:15:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, it would be hard to instrument
16:15:12 <Eric> Maybe with temp IR readings
16:15:18 <Betty> evening JarnoO
16:15:35 <JarnoO> afternoon Graham, evening Betty
16:15:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> at night you can just listen to it and know what its doing
16:15:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> each vent sounds different
16:16:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello all
16:16:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> Gold 2 and 3 dont make much noise tho
16:18:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> earthquake anniversary .... interesting and sad day too
16:19:25 <Eric> Hebgen?
16:19:34 <Eric> which quake
16:20:15 <JarnoO> Hebgen, today 61 years ago
16:20:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes hebgen
16:20:45 <JarnoO> (that is, MDT adjusted; else it would've been yesterday)
16:23:29 <Katie> Because the event happened at 11:36pm on August 16, 1959 (and MDT was in effect), I call today the anniversary of the day after the Night The Mountain Fell.
16:23:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> or toorrow if on MDT
16:24:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> UTC time: 1959-08-18 06:37:20
16:24:39 <JarnoO> I got my timezones all tangled up there
16:25:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
16:26:39 <ScantoPDFium> Rainbow!
16:26:45 <Katie> Wikipedia says local time was 23:37 MST. So maybe DST wasn't in effect? Oh well. Picking nits.
16:27:03 <ynpvisitor14> Hey it’s me forest again
16:27:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah. with MDT it would be tomorrow morning
16:27:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi orest. what excitement today?
16:28:03 <Betty> hi Forest
16:28:05 <ynpvisitor14> Not much I am hoping my bulger major comes soon
16:29:03 <ynpvisitor14> Which is why I am here. Generally how long after the start of the minor series does the major come. Is there an estimate
16:29:16 <ynpvisitor14> Or does it vary
16:30:24 <ynpvisitor14> From what I have researched it seems like it is about 2 hours... is that a correct estimate?
16:30:58 <JarnoO> from my experience it varies
16:31:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> ithink its quite variable
16:31:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> oooh 2 Bulgers Hole eruptions, nice
16:31:20 <ynpvisitor14> Ok is there a range?
16:31:35 <ynpvisitor14> I mean I am on abour 2 hours
16:31:37 <JarnoO> but I wouldn't be surprised if it's generally on a cycle of ±2h
16:32:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> >2h ... haha
16:33:52 <ynpvisitor14> I am doing this for research and to see if I get a bulger hole with the major
16:33:53 <ynpvisitor14> Well more for someone else
16:34:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> it has had one pair of eruptions around a minor before too, seen on cam
16:36:02 <ynpvisitor14> It’s quite intersting how regular the minors are
16:37:27 <ynpvisitor14> I just watched someone chuck a rock into Belgian pool
16:37:39 <JarnoO> what an idiot
16:37:53 <ynpvisitor14> And people walking off the boardwalk
16:37:53 <JarnoO> it ain't a wishin' well!
16:38:20 <ynpvisitor14> Yea no kidding
16:38:42 <ynpvisitor14> It makes my blood boil
16:40:27 <KorbenC> call William down there, he handles those guys very well.
16:40:29 <Eric> Not as big a landslide as Mt. St. Helens...but pretty darn huge!
16:41:12 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor14, about an hour
16:41:19 <KorbenC> 4 to 9 eruptions.
16:41:23 <Eric> Yes, sitting out in the basin for a while really makes you question humanity!
16:41:26 <KorbenC> So, 40 to 90 minutes.
16:41:34 <ynpvisitor14> Umm well I have had way more than that
16:44:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> bugler
16:45:06 <ynpvisitor14> Yup minor
16:45:08 <ynpvisitor14> Groan
16:54:36 <ynpvisitor14> Another minor
16:54:51 <Eric> You are getting a lot of minors
16:55:16 <KorbenC> this is one of the longest Minor series I have seen, well actually its the longest minor series I have seen
16:55:20 <ynpvisitor14> Yea and I just want the major so I can go to fan and mortar
16:55:30 <ynpvisitor14> The only reason I am sitting here is for bulger hole
16:55:33 <JarnoO> the determination :)
16:55:34 <ynpvisitor14> If a major happens
16:55:38 <KorbenC> you'll get a maj soon I am pretty sure
16:56:15 <KorbenC> and with a series this long it will probably be a longer major with lots of water in mouth and I would almost bet money on water in Bulgers hole.
16:56:28 <Betty> wow, Kevin. Furnace Creek Ranch had 130°F on Sunday
16:56:29 <ynpvisitor14> I have stopped doing times in the entries I have start and stop times but I am not feeling like doing all the math
16:59:28 <ynpvisitor14> Well at least I am getting a lot of data on bulger I guess
16:59:48 <KorbenC> lol, it does that :D
17:00:38 <ynpvisitor14> Can someone hit the bulger major button
17:00:54 <KorbenC> Bulger, do a major next time!!!!!!!
17:02:52 <Eric> But just think are seeing way more eruptions than others :-P
17:03:02 <JarnoO> another Bulger
17:03:12 <KorbenC> C'MON Bulger
17:03:12 <Eric> It's like Graham and Bijou :-P
17:03:21 <Eric> minor
17:03:28 <JarnoO> minor again
17:03:29 <KorbenC> gahhhhhhh
17:03:44 <Eric> Bugler hates Forest apparently
17:04:18 <KorbenC> Bulger : Forest :: Aurum:Kevin
17:05:29 <Betty> add: Steamboat:Dave from B
17:05:49 <KorbenC> Betty, :D
17:06:14 <KorbenC> at least I havent found a geyser that hates me, yet :)
17:06:50 <Eric> Apparently Forest lost internet or headed down basin
17:07:53 <ynpvisitor14> I am here
17:08:01 <ynpvisitor14> I was talking to Korben about penta
17:08:36 <KorbenC> Also, Happy Hebgen lake anniversary :(
17:09:00 <ynpvisitor14> So I think bulger will end up being the death of me
17:09:18 <Betty> LC ie
17:10:57 <Betty> I`m the sacrifice for Bulger major. Enjoy, Forest. Night all
17:11:09 <Eric> Not sure there is much happy about it Korben...but definitely good to recognize it.
17:11:15 <Eric> Night Betty
17:11:18 <JarnoO> cya Betty
17:11:19 <KorbenC> Bye Betty
17:11:27 <KorbenC> Eric, emphasis on the :( :)
17:11:56 <ynpvisitor28> Jumping in to a conversation a little late. I don't know a geyser that hates me, but there's one I hate.
17:12:12 <ynpvisitor28> Daisy. Watching it one time I missed my only real chance at F&M
17:12:48 <KorbenC> ynpvisitor28 = R?
17:14:44 <ynpvisitor14> Another stupid
17:14:54 <ynpvisitor14> Another stupid minor
17:15:10 <ynpvisitor14> Gahh
17:19:07 <Mike J> Since I chimed in, thought I'd sign in.
17:19:09 <KorbenC> Hi Mike
17:19:17 <Mike J> (Short visit - waiting for a phone call)
17:19:38 <JarnoO> afternoon Mike
17:19:46 <Mike J> Yes, at least 5 years later and I'm stilled ticked at Daisy.
17:20:19 <KorbenC> wait, you have never seen an F&M still?
17:20:48 <Mike J> My visits are 3 or 4 days, once every year or two, so timing is messy. So, no.
17:21:13 <KorbenC> what about SB and Giant?
17:21:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Toasting today Mike?
17:21:55 <Mike J> Nothing close on SB. Haven't been during this active period (had three visits planned this year, but...)
17:22:32 <Mike J> And my closest Giant, had left the park for work I had to do in Billings (I think) and it went about two hours after I left.
17:23:34 <Mike J> I can drive to the park in one day (albeit a 14 - 16 hour drive), so you'd think I'd be doing better. but...
17:23:55 <ynpvisitor14> Gosh dang it bulger
17:23:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> it character building #14
17:23:59 <ynpvisitor14> Another minor
17:24:07 <KorbenC> another stupid minor
17:24:42 <JarnoO> looks like some pooling at Three Sisters, but doesn't look that convincing
17:27:02 <ynpvisitor14> Aurum
17:27:09 <ynpvisitor14> Pan over
17:27:12 <KorbenC> .
17:27:12 <KorbenC> .
17:27:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It would be over Korben?
17:28:02 <ynpvisitor14> I sent that as I got the call fyi
17:28:11 <KorbenC> it wouldnt have been a minute ago :D
17:28:58 <JarnoO> static 1727 frame
17:28:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice that you got it anyway. We at least have a time
17:29:40 <ynpvisitor14> I didn’t get it. I got a radio call for it
17:30:03 <ynpvisitor14> I am still sitting/standing by the lovely sweet bulger
17:30:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Oh well.
17:30:18 <KorbenC> it will major, and it will be a good major too
17:30:24 <ynpvisitor14> Spa
17:30:36 <JarnoO> Grotto marathon then I guess
17:31:28 <JarnoO> if Spa erupting still qualifies Grotto as a marathon, that is
17:31:34 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger should be coming up
17:31:40 <ynpvisitor14> Maybe this one
17:32:01 <KorbenC> Spa per radio call?
17:32:22 <ynpvisitor14> Yes
17:32:26 <ynpvisitor14> Per Craig
17:32:33 <KorbenC> when was last Bulger?
17:32:42 <KorbenC> 1723, so the next 3 minutes :)
17:32:53 <ynpvisitor14> Umm I hear it gurgling
17:32:54 <ynpvisitor14> Any minute
17:33:25 <ynpvisitor14> Here we go
17:34:21 <KorbenC> BAH!!!!!!
17:34:24 <JarnoO> not crossed enough
17:34:36 <ynpvisitor14> Nope
17:35:40 <ynpvisitor14> OT
17:36:23 <JarnoO> that's a good sign
17:36:47 <ynpvisitor14> Maybe that will help
17:40:31 <Mike J> Back out of here. Everyone have fun.
17:41:12 <SantaFe108> hello
17:41:17 <ynpvisitor14> Now again someone has thrown wood pieces into belgain... don’t worry I yelled at them... i hate people sometimes
17:41:17 <JarnoO> hi SF
17:41:43 <SantaFe108> hi jarno
17:41:46 <SantaFe108> 14 are you forest
17:42:05 <KorbenC> what did they say in response?
17:42:24 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, yup
17:42:33 <SantaFe108> im guessing they probably shuffled away quietly
17:42:43 <KorbenC> Bulger
17:42:48 <SantaFe108> :D
17:42:50 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger
17:42:50 <KorbenC> lets not minor Bulger, OK?
17:42:53 <ynpvisitor14> They stopped
17:43:06 <KorbenC> bad Bulger!
17:43:13 <KorbenC> oh, maybe
17:43:17 <KorbenC> or not :(
17:43:40 <ynpvisitor14> Minor
17:43:43 <JarnoO> Bulger did feature a restart this time, but to no avail
17:43:43 <ynpvisitor14> Groan
17:43:46 <SantaFe108> dag nabit
17:43:57 <SantaFe108> bulger playing the long con
17:44:12 <ynpvisitor14> It’s funny because I send my message when it starts and by the time it sends you guys call it
17:44:20 <SantaFe108> lol
17:44:29 <KorbenC> lol
17:44:31 <SantaFe108> upper basin cell service :p
17:44:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I read that as anvil. Was wondering if this was a roadrunner cartoon.
17:44:47 <SantaFe108> well, atlease it has cell service.
17:45:14 <ynpvisitor14> At this rate I think it is playing the game of how long can I piss forest off before he leaves
17:45:24 <JarnoO> *meep meep*
17:45:24 <KorbenC> lol
17:45:27 <SantaFe108> lol
17:45:28 <KorbenC> Bulger is not oyur geyser
17:45:40 <ynpvisitor14> No it idnt
17:45:41 <KorbenC> but if you wait for it long enough oyu will be rewarded!
17:45:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well today made the hot record for the year on my local weather station. 122°.
17:46:03 <SantaFe108> congrtatulkatoions
17:46:06 <ynpvisitor14> I sure hope so
17:46:10 <SantaFe108> congratulations*
17:47:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They found a dead body about 1/4 mile from my house in the desert this morning. Don't know if it was heat related.
17:47:15 <SantaFe108> o
17:48:59 <ynpvisitor14> Oh jeesh
17:50:05 <SantaFe108> sprinkler
17:50:13 <SantaFe108> :)
17:51:36 <ynpvisitor14> About time for another
17:52:05 <ynpvisitor14> I can hear it
17:52:20 <JarnoO> Daisy getting ready, too
17:52:21 <SantaFe108> i can see it
17:52:23 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger
17:52:26 <KorbenC> dont be a minor this time :)
17:52:57 <KorbenC> grr,
17:53:06 <ynpvisitor14> Minor
17:53:08 <JarnoO> a big ol' nope
17:53:13 <JarnoO> Fluffy wants attention
17:53:16 <SantaFe108> thats it, leaving a 1 star review on bulger
17:53:20 <SantaFe108> jk
17:53:58 <ynpvisitor14> Can I make a meme. Bulger be like “and another one, and another one, and another one, ect”
17:54:21 <SantaFe108> i dont see why not
17:54:33 <KorbenC> "you get a minor! and you get a minor! everoyne gets a minor!" :)
17:54:40 <ynpvisitor14> What does it say if you ask for the eruptions of bulger
17:54:42 <ynpvisitor14> In the chat
17:55:07 <SantaFe108> is 2020 still poop?
17:55:14 <SantaFe108> oh its not
17:55:21 <ynpvisitor14> 2020
17:55:37 <ynpvisitor14> Ohhhh
17:58:50 <Eric> 2020 is still just have to do the translation in your head.
17:59:31 <SantaFe108> 2020 is so chaotic im waiting for sprinkler maj 200ft
17:59:38 <SantaFe108> in the end times
17:59:48 <ynpvisitor14> Oh
17:59:52 <Eric> haha
18:00:02 <KorbenC> Forest, what?
18:00:06 <SantaFe108> i need a sprinkler t-shirt
18:00:12 <ynpvisitor14> Daisy
18:00:17 <SantaFe108> o
18:00:25 <SantaFe108> can u put on gt
18:00:27 <ynpvisitor14> What?
18:00:32 <ynpvisitor14> It’s not mine
18:00:35 <SantaFe108> oh
18:00:46 <ynpvisitor14> I am relaying it
18:00:57 <Eric> You can still log it...just mark FRS as observer
18:01:15 <ynpvisitor14> Assume if it isn’t bulger or something in the sawmill group it is a relay
18:01:19 <Eric> oh, it's logged :-D
18:01:38 <Eric> You can see daisy from there :-P
18:01:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah WIlliam must be on duty
18:02:11 <JarnoO> Atlantic 20/60 (1, crash course Yucatan Peninsula & Gulf), 60/90 (2, crash course Antilles, Haiti, Cuba & Florida); Eastern Pacific 10/10 (1), 0/20 (2); Central Pacific 0/30 (1)
18:02:22 <ynpvisitor14> I think he is at tilts
18:02:24 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger making noises
18:02:38 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger
18:02:43 <Eric> OF
18:02:50 <SantaFe108> praying for major
18:02:54 <Eric> go major!
18:02:57 <ynpvisitor14> Minor
18:02:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> i thought you were giving up on Bulger?
18:03:00 <Eric> wow...nice
18:03:02 <KorbenC> those atlantic invests are making me a bit annoyed, I dont like those darn things in that area :)
18:03:13 <KorbenC> GAH, another minor? pffft.
18:03:32 <ynpvisitor14> Oh wow low water in sawmill area
18:03:50 <ynpvisitor14> COME ON CHURN
18:03:51 <ynpvisitor14> PLEASE
18:03:53 <KorbenC> chec Churn now :)
18:04:16 <ynpvisitor14> Btw I think William is at tilts baby
18:04:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> is Chrn overflowing out the back?
18:04:27 <JarnoO> so far for me 2020 has been a fairly average year. I don't go out often (actually never if I don't have to), so I have been able to spend more time on the logs and other stuff so I can start the next schoolyear fairly relaxed
18:04:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> if so, god sign. if not bad sine
18:05:03 <KorbenC> I am not very social, but I do like going to school, and walking alot, and its harder with this.
18:06:09 <ynpvisitor14> No on churn but close
18:06:10 <ynpvisitor14> Like really close like needs an inch
18:06:12 <SantaFe108> 2020 has been interesting and hoping to hit yellowstone 1 more time before winter
18:06:18 <Eric> Next stop....Yellowstone thermal energy!
18:06:57 <KorbenC> If I didnt get to YNP this year I would have a different tone, but I loved seeing an SB with 7 gazers and two visitors only :)
18:07:15 <SantaFe108> id love to meet some of the people here when I go
18:07:20 <Eric> Drill Baby Drill
18:07:29 <SantaFe108> im not sure if the people I met last time are on this chat ever
18:07:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> if it needs an inch you can forget about churn
18:07:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> it usually doesnt erupt when it overflows out the back too
18:07:59 <SantaFe108> graham, you are going on labor day?
18:08:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes
18:08:10 <ynpvisitor14> I know.. William taught me
18:08:12 <ynpvisitor14> That
18:08:25 <SantaFe108> maybe I might see you
18:08:30 <SantaFe108> im thinking of going then
18:08:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> gret, i arrive Sat 5th in the afternoon
18:09:09 <SantaFe108> if I do go ill probably spend alot of time in UGB to see what I missed from being at steamboat for a day
18:09:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> only a day?
18:09:37 <SantaFe108> i didnt have much time at all in the park total
18:09:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> i will spend a lot of time in LGB
18:09:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> and SB
18:09:45 <SantaFe108> so that 1 day took alot of time
18:10:16 <KorbenC> nearing Bulger time
18:10:19 <SantaFe108> I wonder if I can do online school at the park, then go into the basins
18:10:36 <SantaFe108> spend the 1st half of weekday school, then enter the basins
18:11:07 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger should be soon
18:11:37 <ynpvisitor14> I hear noises
18:11:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, so exciting
18:11:47 <ynpvisitor14> JUST DO IT
18:11:54 <SantaFe108> major major major major
18:11:56 <ynpvisitor14> Be a major please I beg
18:11:58 <SantaFe108> pleas
18:12:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> it keeps erupting, be happy
18:12:33 <SantaFe108> its been 23 eruptions since the last major
18:12:49 <SantaFe108> hopefuly major
18:13:51 <ynpvisitor14> Bulger!
18:14:01 <SantaFe108> hurray
18:14:07 <SantaFe108> lets seee what hapens
18:14:37 <SantaFe108> wave after its done erupting, we're zoomed in
18:14:48 <JarnoO> major
18:15:01 <ynpvisitor14> About 1 min now
18:15:07 <SantaFe108> we did it, bulger minor has been defeated
18:15:14 <JarnoO> yeah, then you're sure it's a major, Forest
18:15:17 <SantaFe108> after 23 minors
18:15:27 <ynpvisitor14> Come on hole
18:15:39 <KorbenC> is there water vissible yet?
18:15:45 <ynpvisitor14> No water
18:17:06 <JarnoO> I've never seen someone so excited about a Bulger major... Sure thing, sure thing
18:17:14 <ynpvisitor14> Still no water
18:17:36 <SantaFe108> when bulger major has more excitement than a SB maj
18:17:37 <JarnoO> well, I guess that's insult to injury regarding your Hole wait
18:17:39 <Eric> We see you out there watching :-D
18:18:05 <Eric> Come on Hole!
18:18:21 <Eric> Nice looking major
18:18:27 <ynpvisitor14> Nothing still
18:18:35 <KorbenC> that hurts, 23+ minor series, and still now water in hole, blah. At least its a really nice looking major.
18:18:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> too late now
18:18:46 <ynpvisitor14> And I am starting to doubt it will happen
18:18:53 <KorbenC> where are you going to go now Forest?
18:19:01 <SantaFe108> maybe if you say mean things and make it insecure it will go. we did that with SB and it blew the same minute
18:19:09 <ynpvisitor14> Not necessarily we had water rose right at the end last time
18:19:26 <Eric> Yep, Bugler can do weird things
18:19:37 <ynpvisitor14> Still nothing
18:20:05 <SantaFe108> throw soap at it
18:20:26 <Eric> Please don't say those kinds of things on here SantaFe
18:20:27 <SantaFe108> jk
18:20:31 <SantaFe108> sorry
18:20:44 <Eric> Yes, I know, but others who read here with No context don't know that :-(
18:20:51 <KorbenC> are you even looking at Tilts Baby Forest?
18:21:05 <KorbenC> also dont say that the volcanoes gonna blow, MG uses that stuff in here dumb videos :)
18:21:10 <Eric> He is looking at Bulger! It's still ie :-P
18:21:11 <ynpvisitor14> What do you think
18:21:17 <SantaFe108> mg?
18:21:29 <JarnoO> the person who shall not be named
18:21:30 <KorbenC> Mary Gre*ly :)
18:21:37 <ynpvisitor14> Water
18:21:38 <Eric> We don't say her name here.
18:21:51 <Eric> Wooohooo
18:21:54 <Eric> Go Hole!
18:21:57 <SantaFe108> im guessing they stir drama and cause panic in clickbait videos?
18:22:01 <KorbenC> is its trashing yet?
18:22:05 <Eric> Yep
18:22:08 <KorbenC> SF, dind ding :)
18:22:11 <ynpvisitor14> And drained
18:22:16 <KorbenC> bad hole.
18:22:19 <Eric> ahhhh, booo
18:22:19 <SantaFe108> like milenniumforce in the train community
18:22:37 <Eric> refill please
18:22:46 <SantaFe108> cmon more water
18:22:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> too late now
18:22:58 <Eric> You already said that :-P
18:23:09 <Eric> dead
18:23:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> too late now
18:23:13 <ynpvisitor14> And nothing
18:23:14 <Eric> haha
18:23:35 <SantaFe108> rio
18:23:35 <Eric> Guess we are 5 seconds ahead of live
18:23:37 <SantaFe108> rip*
18:23:43 <SantaFe108> lol
18:23:54 <KorbenC> where are you going now Forest?
18:24:04 <KorbenC> wave at the cam Forest
18:24:08 <SantaFe108> sprinkler of course
18:24:10 <ynpvisitor14> Gosh dang it bulger
18:24:10 <SantaFe108> ;)
18:24:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> he cant leave .. has to see how many majors between minors
18:25:14 <Eric> He did
18:25:31 <SantaFe108> yep he teleported away
18:25:31 <Eric> He is probably headed to pump!
18:25:33 <ynpvisitor14> What
18:25:46 <ynpvisitor14> LOL no
18:25:49 <Eric> Everybody loves Pump!
18:26:03 <SantaFe108> going to pump, then to sprinkler!
18:26:09 <Eric> Alright...gotta go grill up some hot dogs...have a good night everyone.
18:26:11 <ynpvisitor14> I am by Grand. I am going to head to F&M
18:26:17 <SantaFe108> cya eric!
18:26:27 <JarnoO> cya Eric
18:28:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Don't need to light the grill here.
18:28:46 <SantaFe108> true that
18:31:30 <SantaFe108> forest are you at f&m
18:31:51 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, its been 5 minutes, he wont be at F&M yet :)
18:32:21 <SantaFe108> he can rent-a-teleporter from kat
18:32:22 <ynpvisitor14> I am passing chromatic
18:32:58 <JarnoO> how's it looking?
18:33:09 <JarnoO> and Beauty?
18:33:47 <KorbenC> Jarno, Chromatic is in overflow per him
18:36:01 <KorbenC> Oblong in push per forest, 1ft boils
18:36:18 <SantaFe108> does that mean anything
18:36:21 <ynpvisitor14> No
18:36:24 <ynpvisitor14> No no
18:36:29 <SantaFe108> i dont know anything about oblong at all
18:36:30 <ynpvisitor14> 1 inch lmao
18:36:35 <ynpvisitor14> I must have typed foot on accideny
18:36:35 <SantaFe108> o lol
18:36:39 <KorbenC> you said 1ft in PM Forest :)
18:36:48 <ynpvisitor14> Just like those emoji es I sent
18:36:51 <ynpvisitor14> I did on wccident
18:37:02 <SantaFe108> oblong reactivation hope
18:37:08 <ynpvisitor14> I was thinking about how much my feet hurt and so foot came out
18:37:22 <KorbenC> 1ft would be very good, 1 inch, not so mucj :)
18:37:26 <SantaFe108> oof
18:37:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> turban
18:38:01 <ynpvisitor14> Uhh there is some blood on the boardwalk...
18:38:14 <KorbenC> alot or a little?
18:38:17 <SantaFe108> ?!?!
18:38:25 <ynpvisitor14> A little
18:38:33 <SantaFe108> animal?
18:38:35 <KorbenC> ok, people do that :P
18:38:41 <ynpvisitor14> Just a couple of small spots about an inch each
18:38:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> woah i just saw the 11 lion series erlier today, nice
18:38:54 <SantaFe108> maybe a nosebleed caught too late
18:39:05 <SantaFe108> its very dry
18:39:18 <ynpvisitor14> But there isn’t any anywhere else
18:39:28 <SantaFe108> fresh or dry?
18:39:39 <ynpvisitor14> Dry
18:39:42 <JarnoO> maybe someone cut their finger or so, no big deal I guess
18:40:06 <ynpvisitor14> Yea
18:40:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> time for Bulger ....
18:40:39 <ynpvisitor14> So help me if there is a hole I quit
18:41:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> keep walking to F&M
18:41:37 <SantaFe108> if theres hole we will send you a mourning postcard
18:42:33 <ynpvisitor14> Thanks
18:42:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> OT
18:43:26 <ynpvisitor14> Well I have just found out some disturbing news
18:43:36 <SantaFe108> o.o
18:43:46 <SantaFe108> curious
18:44:02 <ynpvisitor14> Nope I can’t share it here... someone got hurt big time
18:44:18 <SantaFe108> oh.
18:45:58 <SantaFe108> other then that, whats going on at f&m
18:46:49 <ynpvisitor14> I am sitting at dpa
18:46:58 <ynpvisitor14> Spa
18:47:01 <KorbenC> is it in overflow?
18:47:07 <ynpvisitor14> It’s ie
18:47:17 <SantaFe108> very nice
18:47:18 <KorbenC> oh fun
18:47:23 <ynpvisitor14> It has been for a while
18:47:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Any elk in it?
18:47:28 <KorbenC> those big bursts are nice to listen too:)
18:47:49 <SantaFe108> when i first been to spa before i knew anything about geysers i thought it was a dead pool
18:47:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger
18:48:06 <SantaFe108> like econ is right now
18:48:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> minor
18:48:37 <JarnoO> looked like Bulger really pushed hard for a mjor
18:48:40 <JarnoO> major*
18:49:53 <SantaFe108> brb dinner
18:51:45 <SantaFe108 mobi> earing dinner
18:52:02 <JarnoO> don't chat with consumption :D
18:52:25 <SantaFe108 mobi> don't worry its in between bites
18:52:34 <JarnoO> :P
18:54:51 <LindaG> Howdy🤠
18:55:01 <KorbenC> LindaG, hi
18:55:09 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
18:55:36 <JarnoO> hi Linda
18:55:42 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
18:56:34 <SantaFe108 mobi> Hi lind g
18:56:47 <LindaG> SantaFe108 mobile, hi
19:00:24 <JarnoO> apparantly Daisy can do false starts too, besides Splendid. Interesting
19:01:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> was that when SPlendid was active?
19:01:32 <JarnoO> yep. I'm almost at the fun part of the 1997 log.
19:02:03 <JarnoO> occasionally I look ahead a bit
19:02:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> bugler
19:03:17 <JarnoO> minor, but with water from "Bulger's Mouth"
19:08:30 <JarnoO> I'm off. Enjoy Grand. Fingers crossed it doesn't go during OF
19:08:43 <KorbenC> Night Jarno
19:08:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> goodnight JarnoO
19:09:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight
19:09:44 <SantaFe108> night jarno
19:27:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> No bugler yet
19:30:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> bugler ie
19:48:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> turban
19:52:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> ot
19:57:07 <ynpvisitor94> Hey hey it’s a me forest
19:57:19 <SantaFe108> forest wb
19:57:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello. no Bulgers Hole yet
19:57:31 <ynpvisitor94> Thanks sitting by spa
19:57:33 <SantaFe108> where did you go i was gone for a while
19:58:49 <ynpvisitor94> I am at spa. I just turned my phone off
19:59:02 <ynpvisitor94> Thanks Graham for logging the bulger major.
19:59:02 <SantaFe108> very nice
19:59:15 <SantaFe108> ive never seen spa erupt
19:59:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger is due again
19:59:21 <ynpvisitor94> We had a huge burst from spa
19:59:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> yw - we have not missed any
20:00:37 <ynpvisitor94> Ok. Did Korben say he was leaving for the night?
20:01:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> he didnt say he was leaving, but he quit
20:02:37 <ynpvisitor94> Ok. I saw that
20:03:20 <ynpvisitor94> Spa is cool. I have seen quite a few new geysers on this trip
20:03:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I like Spa
20:04:22 <SantaFe108> atleast im not the only one who hasnt seen alot of geysers
20:04:56 <ynpvisitor94> Heading to grand ttyl
20:05:02 <ynpvisitor94> Spa is cool
20:05:12 <SantaFe108> cya then forest :)
20:05:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> turban is due right now
20:05:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy
20:05:32 <SantaFe108> dosy
20:06:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats a good geyser name SF
20:06:54 <SantaFe108> thank you, i put alot of pride in my mistyped names :D
20:07:02 <ynpvisitor25> Describes Aurum.
20:07:09 <SantaFe108> lol
20:07:28 <SantaFe108> we need more latin metal geyser names
20:09:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> Grand
20:09:17 <SantaFe108> hurray
20:10:35 <LindaG> 🙂
20:21:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> goodnight all
20:22:08 <SantaFe108> night graham
20:22:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight
20:34:42 <LindaG> Goodnight
20:35:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight