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05:17:22 <nothing> CraigC, morning
05:43:16 <Zip> nothing, morning
06:03:48 <KorbenC> Plans changed! Going fishing today instead :)
06:04:14 <Zip> Grahams up early
06:04:24 <Zip> KorbenC, hi
06:04:28 <Zip> Dnjoy
06:04:37 <KorbenC> Hi Kinda :)
06:04:40 <KorbenC> Lidna
06:04:41 <Zip> *enjoy
06:04:42 <KorbenC> Linda
06:04:51 <Zip> 😄
06:05:12 <Zip> It's a wonder we communicate at all lol
06:05:22 <KorbenC> lol
06:05:43 <KorbenC> Well, I found out last night that Korben when misspelled=broken :)
06:06:05 <Zip> That's funny
06:06:31 <JarnoO> Cat. 1 Paulette 65kt, TD Rene 25kt, TS Sally 45kt, TD Twenty 30kt; TS Karina 35kt; Atlantic 10/20 (1), 70/70 (2), 0/20 (3).
06:06:52 <Zip> Morning jarno
06:06:53 <JarnoO> morning all
06:07:21 <JarnoO> also, you must be typing very fast for "Korben" to spell "broken"
06:08:21 <Zip> Throw auto correct into the mix
06:08:40 <KorbenC> Hi Jarno
06:08:46 <KorbenC> Jarno, Cat 2 landfall as well
06:09:04 <JarnoO> I noticed. They also mention the possibility of rapid intensification
06:09:06 <KorbenC> and 7-11ft storm surge
06:09:15 <JarnoO> wouldn't take much for that to happen
06:09:35 <KorbenC> yup, I honestly am thinking were going to get another Cat 3 or Cat 4 NO landall :(
06:10:05 <KorbenC> NO= New Orleands :)
06:10:10 <KorbenC> Orleans
06:12:42 <KorbenC> FYI all, it appears that Forest saw Terra Cotta E on his trip, 5 ft.
06:13:54 <JarnoO> not Terra Cotta A?
06:14:01 <Do do do> Apparently not
06:14:15 <ForestBeWithYou> I have no idea...
06:14:19 <KorbenC> Jarno, no, TCAs erupting in the background
06:15:15 <JarnoO> any pictures or video?
06:15:35 <ForestBeWithYou> Yea I will have to upload it to YouTube later
06:15:43 <ForestBeWithYou> today
06:15:48 <JarnoO> maybe ask the Google Group or something
06:17:12 <KorbenC> Forest, you are killing me, lol
06:17:21 <ForestBeWithYou> I am sorry
06:17:23 <ForestBeWithYou> Lol
06:17:25 <KorbenC> I was confident, now I am not so sure once you said "big pool" lol
06:17:46 <KorbenC>
06:18:01 <KorbenC> Jarno, what are the names of the ones in the red circle?
06:18:44 <KorbenC> Because I know the right one is A
06:19:19 <KorbenC> and the left one might be Terra Cotta E
06:19:24 <JarnoO> right one is A. The one on the left might be Terra Cotta G, see
06:20:05 <JarnoO> video also contains an eruption by Terra Cotta-C (aka Washtub Spring)
06:20:51 <ForestBeWithYou> The only thing that is tripping me up with that is it didn’t look like what g was doing
06:21:30 <KorbenC> ForestBeWithYou, describe the eruption?
06:21:59 <KorbenC> because the thing that people have in comments for E are "Small 1 foot vent behind A" and "Was a few feet high, directly behind A"
06:22:26 <JarnoO> oh wait, Terra Cotta-G is further to the left than that red square
06:22:45 <ForestBeWithYou> Well there was that one on the right which you guys said was A... the other was to the left and was shooting at an angle like wispy jets of water.. I dunno if that helps.. you should be able to see it in the video I sent you Korben
06:23:04 <ForestBeWithYou> Maybe you can help me describe it...
06:25:28 <JarnoO> would Transactions 11 help? Page 4 is an article on the Terra Cottas and includes a map :)
06:25:56 <ForestBeWithYou> I can look it over... now that I know A is the one on the right that should help
06:26:18 <ForestBeWithYou> I am going to hop on my computer... so I will brb
06:26:23 <KorbenC> Jarno, stand by for a PM in a few minuts
06:26:26 <KorbenC> minutes
06:33:34 <ForestBeWithYou> I am going to go eat while you two deliberate
06:34:25 <ForestBeWithYou> I will be back in say 30
06:34:33 <JarnoO> cya Forest
06:44:43 <KorbenC> Fishing time!
06:45:03 <JarnoO> cya Korben, have fun
06:57:28 <ForestBeWithYou> So I heard you and Korben came up with G. Should I log that into GT?
06:58:03 <JarnoO> that's always appreaciated. You do have to log it under Terra Cotta-Other, as G isn't in GT
06:59:09 <ForestBeWithYou> Sounds good
07:12:31 <JarnoO> steamy ol' mess to start this day
07:19:00 <CraigC> Looks amazing from the parking lot
07:19:16 <CraigC> I can almost see the path
07:19:23 <ForestBeWithYou> HI Craig
07:19:36 <CraigC> Hey Forest
07:31:58 <KittyM> OF window
07:45:18 <JarnoO> big ol' cloud of Fluffy
07:47:08 <JarnoO> another short
07:51:40 <JarnoO> uh... where did the Hill go? :P
07:52:05 <ForestBeWithYou> It umm well yes...
07:52:14 <ForestBeWithYou> :)
07:59:01 <JarnoO> Bronze Spring 0754
07:59:17 <JarnoO> that's one I really wanted to see again since I saw it last year :)
07:59:35 <JarnoO> could we have it in view?
08:00:23 <G> I am standing right behind it for reference
08:00:43 <G> Water rising
08:02:12 <G> Nearfull
08:03:01 <G> BS 0802
08:05:12 <ForestBeWithYou> Nice
08:09:15 <G> Did you see it? Very steamy
08:10:49 <JarnoO> Bronze was just off-screen. Only saw some steam drifting into frame
08:11:04 <JarnoO> it's now on the rightmost edge of the frame
08:12:05 <CraigC> What does a bronze eruption look like
08:13:22 <JarnoO> Bronze
08:14:29 <JarnoO> Craig, it's bursting. Can reach up to 15 feet if I remember Geysers of Yellowstone correctly, but lasts less than a minute or so
08:24:09 <JarnoO> morning Kevin
08:24:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi
08:31:44 <JarnoO> 3C
08:57:20 <JarnoO> morning Jeff
08:58:48 <Jeff> Hey JarnoO
08:59:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Getting used to the heat Jeff?
08:59:41 <Jeff> It Acushnet my
08:59:57 <Jeff> Disregard that lol
09:00:11 <Jeff> It actually hasn't been too bad since I got back
09:03:29 <CraigC> Arty?
09:04:48 <CraigC> Big steam over trees from Infant
09:05:02 <JarnoO> appears to be from Grotto
09:05:21 <JarnoO> looks like it survived Rocket
09:05:48 <CraigC> It went off while i was watching spa
09:06:19 <CraigC> Maybe 10 mins or so into riverside
09:06:59 <JarnoO> definitely Grotto still ie. Steam cleared up a tad
09:13:50 <JarnoO> didn't know Infant had a red crater
09:19:34 <Eric> Morning all
09:19:59 <Eric> So are we going to have a short SB interval this time?
09:20:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Morning. How is the smoke today?
09:21:04 <ForestBeWithYou> hi Eric
09:23:12 <Haze> I’m betting on SB in darkness, it’s due for a late night/early morning one
09:30:39 <JarnoO> Rocket
09:31:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Must be a Saturn V
09:36:44 <JarnoO> Craig got his second Rocket in 2 hours :)
09:37:59 <CraigC> JarnoO, can you enter grotto ie for when you saw steam? It had shut off during riverside
09:38:09 <JarnoO> it did?
09:38:26 <CraigC> Yes
09:38:36 <Eric> Wow...didn't know you could have rockets that close
09:38:49 <CraigC> Me either
09:39:00 <Eric> What is all that steam down there...still looks like grotto
09:39:16 <CraigC> Or 2 mins after a start the other day
09:39:36 <CraigC> Grotto hasnt shut off yet
09:40:24 <JarnoO> maybe Grotto is switching to a different mode of activity, maybe preluding some new activity in Giant or so
09:40:35 <Eric> Sorry Kevin, didn't see your question, smoke is hazardous still! we are at like 500 ppm :-(
09:41:06 <Eric> Had a beer and lunch with Dave yesterday though...that was nice!
09:41:09 <JarnoO> short interval for Grotto. Maybe it's in a relay race at the moment :)
09:41:35 <Eric> Maybe getting ramped up for Giant :-D
09:41:52 <Eric> Anyone sat at giant and watched for hot periods lately?
09:42:07 <JarnoO> (no, relay race is a term I made up for frequent Grotto eruptions which don't have a typical duration vs. interval distribution)
09:42:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Sounds like Talent really got hit by the fire. They say they may not have utilities for weeks.
09:43:19 <JarnoO> there was a note on Mastiff yesterday, saying 2-3 foot blips but no other activity
09:43:24 <Eric> The whole cascade range in Oregon is on fire! All the towns on the edges are lucky if they still exist!
09:44:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And this is the time Dave picks to visit.
09:44:59 <Eric> Yes, it is a really bad time to be in the PNW, pretty much all of Oregon and Washington is stuck in unhealthy smoke.
09:45:35 <Eric> We happen to be in the worst sections for smoke...more or less DON'T go outside.
09:46:09 <Eric> Jarno, I am not even sure what that Mastiff note means :-( Usually I hear people talking about the platform as a whole.
09:47:12 <JarnoO> I think it means Mastiff's blipping was the only notable activity seen
09:47:19 <JarnoO> Aurum static
09:47:23 <JarnoO> 0946 frame
09:49:42 <CraigC> Grotto seems to be winding down
09:52:22 <CraigC> Off at 0950
09:53:19 <JarnoO> thanks
10:01:21 <JarnoO> Grand
10:02:41 <Eric> Looks like Yellowstone is getting some of our West Coast Smoke
10:03:03 <Eric> I make smoked hamburgers yesterday and didn't even have to create the smoke.
10:03:22 <SantaFe108> woke up to a really stupid instagram post
10:03:56 <SantaFe108> someone at crystal geyser co2 geyser broke off a piece of travertine and brought it home with them
10:04:00 <SantaFe108> in utah
10:09:23 <momie8x> Goodmorning all. :)what a beautiful smokey day it is everywhere. totally thickly here in upper Idaho.
10:09:41 <SantaFe108> hello momie8x,
10:30:38 <JarnoO> just in time
10:30:49 <SantaFe108> hello jarno
10:31:06 <JarnoO> morning SF
10:31:21 <1111> Lds hymn 68
10:32:13 <JarnoO> trying for a short
10:32:15 <JarnoO> and rebound
10:35:54 <JarnoO> any water visible in Giantess yet from cam?
10:40:19 <JarnoO> :daisy:
10:40:33 <SantaFe108> :)
10:44:28 <smoke> This is not smokey. Compaired to what we have had for the last 3 days, this is clear.
10:54:48 <smoke> someone needs to paint that white spot by the bee cone so it does not look like water.
10:55:39 <JarnoO> :)
10:55:48 <smoke> Pump is happy
10:57:48 <JarnoO> big Imp surge
11:05:46 <ForestBeWithYou> Hi Linda
11:05:54 <SantaFe108> hi linda
11:06:11 <JarnoO> morning Linda
11:07:11 <SantaFe108> found a 5 second video of minute from july 3rd on my phone
11:07:59 <Eric> Yep, this is second hand smoke :-P
11:08:10 <Eric> We are in full cigar mode here :-P
11:09:15 <SantaFe108> :(
11:09:22 <smoke> Mine is second hand also, however it is like standing outside the fan of a bar in the old days when you could smoke inside.
11:19:33 <LindaG> Hi all
11:20:03 <Eric> Well, if you had ever been in the Horse Brass in Portland when smoking was legal, you probably can survive this smoke :-P
11:20:31 <Eric> Lots of good british ales make you forget about the smoke.
11:21:06 <Eric> Ahh, Will is on the Hill
11:21:43 <Eric> Toilet crew heading to riverside
11:21:47 <Eric> 3c
11:22:11 <Eric> very active
11:24:09 <smoke> Well, we started the day with 1/4 mile and now doubled to 1/2 mile visibility. I may go outside and do some yard work.
11:25:06 <smoke> need to reboot, enjoy the bubbles.
11:25:37 <JarnoO> cya smoke
11:34:57 <ForestBeWithYou> gtg ttyl
11:35:14 <JarnoO> cya Forest
11:47:01 <JarnoO> peculiar Fishing Cone note
11:47:23 <JarnoO> good to see Lakeshore is active
11:48:25 <Eric> I guess he has signal at West Thumb!
11:48:55 <Eric> Pump!
11:48:57 <Eric> minor
11:49:57 <JarnoO> Lion looks happy
12:04:24 <JarnoO> Giantess is almost full per 1202 note
12:04:43 <JarnoO> and West Thumb's Hillside is overflowing
12:36:45 <Artemisia> Lone Star fire information updated today on InciWeb.
12:37:12 <Eric> Nice note on Giantess from Will, just below overflow
12:39:45 <Eric> CAstle
12:40:10 <Eric> The lone star fire isn't hot and not expanding at all FYI:,-110.79334&z=13&b=mbt&a=modis_mp
12:40:37 <Eric> Based on real time IR imaging done at 0400 this morning
12:43:16 <Artemisia> I wonder how much of that area east of Lone Star that I have explored is now burned. Saw some interesting things while hiking back there.
12:43:28 <JarnoO> Castle major
12:45:32 <no-one> Lone Star Fire is so cold, it does not even show up on the nasa fire image.
12:45:56 <JarnoO> flower
12:59:33 <Eric> Just look on the map I linked shows the exact area that is burned.
13:01:05 <Eric> Nothing of the valley due East of Lone Star was affected.
13:01:14 <Eric> The Fire was slightly south of that
13:01:31 <JarnoO> Lion 1256 ie, likely initial
13:01:36 <no-one> Those maps are general though. Shows perimeter, but there could be islands that are untouched.
13:01:56 <momie8x> please, what geyser is that going off right now?
13:02:09 <JarnoO> this is Castle's steam phase
13:02:13 <Eric> Oh, sure...fires patchwork up, but I wouldn't say it's "general". That is a compilation of NASA Sat data.
13:02:22 <momie8x> looks powerful
13:02:57 <Eric> If the patches are large enough, they will show up in the sat data.
13:03:29 <Eric> Also, some of this data comes from IR fly overs if they are ordered.
13:04:16 <no-one> Just need to look at pictures from the fires in Oregon. Houses burnt to the ground with trees and bushes still standing next to them.
13:05:09 <no-one> So General is in reference that just because a fire burnt thogh a area, does not say that it will be entirely black.
13:07:13 <Eric> That satellite has enough resolution to show patchwork like this:,-110.75459&z=15&b=sat&o=r&n=0.3&a=c%2Cmba%2Cmodis_vp
13:07:34 <Eric> But each hot spot is based on about a 1000ft circle.
13:08:44 <Eric> Seems like the could do a low level IR flyover and get a better read on where hot spots still existed.
13:08:57 <Eric> Take advantage of the fire being down.
13:09:23 <Eric> Technology seems slow to enter the fire fighting field.
13:11:17 <no-one> Technology is being used in fire fighting. It is all about what they want to do. Wildland they only worry about stopping a fire, so are concerned with the perimeter, not what is inside.
13:11:31 <no-one> THe exception is structure protection if they can do that.
13:19:50 <ynpvisitor12> why does GT show an in basin ie eventhough it is 10 minutes after the wc ie entry
13:20:07 <JarnoO> because in-basin takes priority over wc, even if wc is earlier
13:20:31 <ynpvisitor12> that is stuoid
13:41:01 <JarnoO> Fluffy
13:41:34 <no-one> Got to have some rules. I guess it would be problematic and difficult to try and fix it. That is what flags are for I think.
13:42:24 <JarnoO> in most cases it works well and then you have cases like these. You can't cover everything
13:43:33 <no-one> yep
13:44:32 <no-one> Remember, GT is not scientific, it is a collection of observations, with lots of holes.
14:08:40 <JarnoO> roar
14:09:46 <DougB> rawr goes lion
14:11:03 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1428±10m if series continues. 20s
14:16:50 <JarnoO> afternoon Korben. How was fishing?
14:17:36 <KorbenC> Hi Jarno, its was great, cast catch a fish, cast again catch another fish all day :)
14:17:49 <JarnoO> nice
14:18:01 <KorbenC> I see Sally had a major shear drop, which should mean more rain, and less wind.
14:18:32 <KorbenC> might be another Florence like storm, but never get to major, just dump 30 inches of rain :)
14:19:14 <KorbenC> Anything from the hive today?
14:19:23 <JarnoO> nothing
14:21:11 <JarnoO> afternoon Michael
14:21:21 <Michael> Hi JarnoO
14:21:36 <KorbenC> Michael, Hi
14:22:34 <Michael> Hi Korben. How do you have time for geysers with so many active tropical systems?
14:24:11 <KorbenC> haha, 2 screens :D
14:25:59 <Michael> do you have inciweb up somewhere as well?
14:26:12 <KorbenC> yup, 3rd tab on my right screen
14:26:27 <Linda> Hi all
14:26:34 <Michael> Hi Linda.
14:26:52 <Linda> Michael, hi
14:27:01 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
14:27:07 <Linda> KorbenC, hi
14:28:05 <Linda> Smoke?
14:28:17 <KorbenC> Think so.
14:28:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Scanned some of my Uncle's Bryce pictures Linda:
14:29:11 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, WOW, those are pretty
14:31:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Some of my Yellowstone shots there too.
14:31:37 <Linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, oh nice! Did he label them? The bird is a white crowned sparroa.
14:31:46 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, yeah, you got a grandbow :)
14:32:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Some are labeled
14:32:26 <JarnoO> Lion
14:33:25 <Linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, very nice YNP pics too
14:33:42 <Linda> *sparrow
14:34:07 <Linda> I sure Zion would love to see some of those
14:37:02 <Michael> Nice pictures! There's even one of Aurum. :)
14:37:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I like the entrance gate.
14:44:56 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1539±5m if series continues. 3m45s, 1432:03
14:56:59 <JarnoO> flower
15:00:14 <BH> Where's the smoke coming from, locally or west coast
15:00:55 <Michael> West coast, I believe.
15:01:55 <BH> It sure looks bad
15:11:19 <KorbenC> thats one heck of a crowd
15:40:02 <JarnoO> Aurum
15:54:39 <JarnoO> Grand
15:56:34 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
15:56:40 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
15:58:32 <SantaFe108> back
15:58:49 <LindaG> SantaFe108, wb
15:58:57 <SantaFe108> thanks
15:59:19 <KorbenC> Hi Bryce
15:59:25 <SantaFe108> hi korben
16:06:59 <JarnoO> looks like a Q
16:25:34 <JarnoO> Off for the day. Enjoy Giantess overflowing heavily it seems. Areas surrounding the runoff seem to have darkened considerably during the day, so wouldn't be surprised if Giantess were to go within the next couple of days.
16:26:13 <KorbenC> Bye JO
16:26:24 <KorbenC> speaking of which, Linda are you running?
16:26:34 <KorbenC> and if not, I would appreciate it if we could zoom in.
16:28:09 <KorbenC> thx
17:38:24 <KorbenC> The basin, and chat are dead :)
17:38:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
17:39:12 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
17:39:20 <Eric> long live chat!
17:40:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi. I just woke up
17:40:16 <SantaFe108> hi kevin
17:40:21 <Eric> me too Kevin :-P
17:40:56 <Eric> Afternoon nap is about all we have going on here with the smoke/pandemic keeping us in our houses.
17:41:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I was watching Eliot Ness doing battle with Frank Nitti and now they are looking for the guy who killed Santa Claus.
17:41:25 <Eric> I was looking at building an SMS library to use here for sending txt alerts :-D
17:42:00 <Eric> You can really see the smoke on the mammoth static cams
17:42:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Are you sending this smoke over?
17:42:49 <Eric> Southern Utah is about the closest point to me that doesn't have dangerous levels of smoke in the air!
17:43:16 <Forestbewithyou> I think we are getting some of your smoke here in WI
17:43:16 <Eric> Yes, you can have it all Kevin!
17:43:17 <SantaFe108> mount washburn looks miserable
17:43:46 <Eric> This is what happens when you burn 4 million acres of trees!
17:44:01 <Eric> Plus lumber prices are sure to climb.
17:44:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Something from SantaFe's fire is driving me nuts. Everytime that smoke gets here my eyes water and I keep sneezing.
17:45:29 <SantaFe108> we put non-tear baby shampoo in our smoke
17:45:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Logging prevents forest fires.
17:50:07 <SantaFe108> looks like riverside air quality is unheal;thy now
17:52:42 <SantaFe108> yay rocket
17:52:53 <SantaFe108> wait that was more then 50 minutes ago
17:55:01 <Eric> Logging also prevents forests :-P
17:55:25 <Forestbewithyou> :(
17:55:55 <Forestbewithyou> It prevents me?
17:56:00 <Forestbewithyou> :(
17:56:00 <SantaFe108> yeah without forests who will watch churn
17:56:04 <Eric> Believe me, no shortage of logging around here.
17:56:09 <Eric> haha
17:56:19 <Forestbewithyou> The answer is No one
17:56:40 <Eric> How many rockets are we going to get today?
17:57:06 <Eric> 3 so far!
17:57:12 <SantaFe108> craig has the rocket button I guess
17:58:08 <Eric> No doubt...he is rocketman!
17:59:47 <KorbenC>
18:07:15 <KorbenC> Good Bee action
18:08:05 <LindaG> Greetings again
18:08:26 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
18:08:40 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi
18:08:40 <SantaFe108> hin nkldina
18:08:44 <SantaFe108> hi linda*
18:09:05 <LindaG> SantaFe108, hi
18:10:34 <Forestbewithyou> Ok SantaFe108, I think you need to learn how to type...
18:10:38 <Forestbewithyou> :)
18:19:58 <Eric> woooh, mammoth static!
18:33:56 <DamagedGoods> Otherworldly
18:35:10 <SantaFe108> agreed
19:16:16 <Eric> Whatever you do, don't type /alert here!
19:16:39 <KorbenC> Eric, why? what does it do?
19:16:46 <SantaFe108> eric is this the new text feature?
19:16:54 <Eric> Top Secret
19:17:03 <Forestbewithyou> Umm Eric
19:17:12 <Forestbewithyou> Do you not know Korben at all???
19:17:18 <KorbenC> OK, so next time Beehive goes, or BSB, or Indy, or the other BH or Giantess Ill send it :)
19:17:31 <Forestbewithyou> When ever you say don't do it... He is going to do it :)
19:18:00 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, so not true, that sounds like something yo uwould do though :D
19:18:09 <SantaFe108> korben if you type it, BH will permanently deactivate and SB will go dormant
19:18:16 <SantaFe108> thats what it does
19:18:17 <Craig M> future home of the mergency geyser alert system
19:18:42 <Eric> oh come I know for sure nobody listens here :-P
19:19:12 <Eric> Bison Off BW
19:19:36 <Craig M> quick! call the cops!
19:19:45 <SantaFe108> don't worry hes doing bison research he's hooved up
19:20:26 <Forestbewithyou> welp I am going to head out.. Night all
19:20:39 <SantaFe108> cya forest
19:21:18 <SantaFe108> wb forest, that was a quick night
19:25:16 <SantaFe108> marmot cave going wacky
19:27:20 <KorbenC> Eric, Im gonna send an alert for OF, hopefully it isnt too obnoxious :P
19:27:37 <KorbenC> its just /alert OF right?
19:28:10 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, hows the weather by you? still hot?
19:28:27 <SantaFe108> not as hot but air is unhealthier
19:28:35 <SantaFe108> leaving house is no no
19:28:50 <SantaFe108> or at least dont be out very long
19:29:08 <SantaFe108> speaking of alert I hope ryan adds me soon
19:34:04 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, ive got your email, if something BIG happens, ie Giant, Giantess, Lioness, ect. I can always just email you until R gets his stuff together :P
19:34:25 <SantaFe108> that'd be nice
19:34:28 <KorbenC> and hows you planet coaster basin going so far? you sent me a few pics and I was very intrigued.
19:34:33 <SantaFe108> haven
19:34:38 <Eric> ohh, I already blocked everything from you Korben
19:34:49 <SantaFe108> haven't worked on it too much lately probably should get back on that
19:34:55 <KorbenC> Eric, blocked me from sending messages, or just alerts?
19:35:06 <Eric> just everything
19:35:14 <KorbenC> haha, funny :)
19:36:03 <KorbenC> OK, who hit YNR with a sledge hammer?
19:36:20 <SantaFe108> so far ive been here for the giantesseses which is good
19:36:35 <SantaFe108> oh wow
19:37:04 <Eric> YNM don't care
19:37:26 <KorbenC> Eric, seriously though, what does /alert do?
19:37:42 <Eric> Just don't type it
19:37:55 <KorbenC> unless? Beehive? Giantess?
19:38:06 <Eric> No
19:38:18 <KorbenC> and why am I not supposed to type it?
19:38:33 <Eric> OF
19:38:49 <KorbenC> is it likek an indy ding kind of stuff or does it make the chat go crazy?
19:38:52 <SantaFe108> wow really nice one too
19:40:22 <SantaFe108> has BH even gone today
19:40:34 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, no
19:43:05 <SantaFe108> wow
19:43:39 <DamagedGoods> Controls released
19:43:59 <SantaFe108> thanks for drivinf
19:44:12 <KorbenC> Thx Kent?!
19:44:23 <SantaFe108> I think so
19:52:38 <SantaFe108> ayurum
19:55:45 <Eric> Nice catch SF
19:56:12 <SantaFe108> thanks, kevin will be very happy :)
19:56:55 <SantaFe108> suprised graham didn't get it
19:57:27 <SantaFe108> 4h 13m interval wow
19:59:50 <G> Graham left for tnn e cabins
20:00:03 <G> Too early for Aurum
20:00:07 <SantaFe108> oh ok
20:00:39 <G> Bronze was nice, first for over a year
20:01:03 <SantaFe108> nice
20:01:17 <G> Too bad mist gazers arrived too late and it quit
20:02:03 <SantaFe108> dang
20:02:31 <G> Its like a bug Depression style eruption
20:02:47 <SantaFe108> sounds interesting to watch
20:03:28 <G> Tomorrow will visit SB with my family and stay if it looks good
20:03:43 <G> They will leave from there
20:04:10 <SantaFe108> thats nice, hopefully SB treats you kindly
20:04:16 <G> Alsh have to take my 8yo gt nephew to say goodbye to his favorite geyser
20:04:37 <G> UNNG-GHG-13
20:05:11 <SantaFe108> nice
20:08:47 <KorbenC> G, aw, you brought your nephew with you?
20:09:18 <KorbenC> Thats really nice :)
20:09:36 <KorbenC> Well, Im gonna head out, night Bryce, Kevin, all.
20:09:49 <SantaFe108> nice korben :thumbsup:
20:10:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Later
20:10:06 <SantaFe108> night*
20:12:32 <LindaG> Goodnight from me too
20:13:36 <SantaFe108> night linda