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06:30:40 <Scalloped Sprin> atomic Gramd by the looks of it
06:35:09 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
06:40:15 <KorbenC> Hi Forest.
06:58:49 <KorbenC2> Dome?
06:59:06 <KorbenC2> might be trying to start an initial.
06:59:44 <KorbenC2> Can we possibly zoom in on Dome for a minute or two?
06:59:49 <Kat> Looks like Dome to me
07:00:06 <KorbenC2> Its ie, I just dont know ini or not.
07:01:07 <Delta> It is yours Kat
07:01:25 <Kat> Thanks have a good day!
07:01:42 <KorbenC2> Not enough taller bursts to make me think ini yet.
07:03:26 <KorbenC2> and done.
07:04:27 <KorbenC2> Strong dome, but no ini dome, thinking within an hour or two of initial.
07:14:55 <KittyM> OF
07:37:38 <Scalloped Sprin> Oblong
07:37:38 <Scalloped Sprin> .
07:37:39 <Scalloped Sprin> .
07:37:40 <Scalloped Sprin> .
07:37:41 <Scalloped Sprin> .
07:37:42 <Scalloped Sprin> .
07:37:43 <Kat> Oblong?
07:38:12 <Forestbewithyou> nice
07:38:25 <Scalloped Sprin> might get some good bursting if steam allows
07:39:28 <Scalloped Sprin> (also, for less frequent folks or those who haven't seen Oblong from this cam before in these temperatures - this is how steamy it'll get, rivalling Grand easily)
07:40:46 <KorbenC2> some nice burst stuff.
07:41:29 <Forestbewithyou> What a great school sendoff eh Korben :D
07:41:42 <KorbenC2> Hi Jarno, I was suspecting it was you :D
07:41:51 <JarnoO> was thinking about going back to napping before I saw some very recognizable steam :)
07:41:51 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Jarno
07:42:01 <JarnoO> morning all
07:42:09 <KorbenC2> Well, yes it was Forest.
07:42:18 <KorbenC2> Time for school all, enjoy the Oblong
07:42:18 <JarnoO> also, TS Delta
07:42:23 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Korben
07:42:25 <JarnoO> cya Korben
07:42:39 <KorbenC2> Jarno, as of about 5hrs ago.
07:43:22 <JarnoO> 0800 EDT
07:43:28 <JarnoO> so a bit sooner than that
07:45:16 <KorbenC2> I saw it at 4AM MDT, odd.
07:45:38 <JarnoO> 4AM was probably when it was upgraded to TD
07:45:40 <Forestbewithyou> Yea I agree with Korben. I saw it earlier than 8AM EDT
07:45:45 <KorbenC2> I remeber it being 0500 EDT.
07:45:48 <KorbenC2> As TS that is.
07:45:53 <Forestbewithyou> I agree with Korben
07:46:04 <KorbenC2> They did run a few updates later that dealt with watches and warnings.
07:46:19 <Forestbewithyou> Because I saw it when I woke up
07:46:52 <JarnoO> 0500 EDT discussion holds it at 30kt, so TD strength. Must've been an error on their part or they named it for the fun of it
07:47:08 <KorbenC2> dont think so JO.
07:47:31 <KorbenC2> I see that at 0500 EDT, but it was TS at 4AM MDT, so 6AM EDT.
07:47:33 <Forestbewithyou> I saw it closer to probably 6:45 CST
07:47:44 <Forestbewithyou> So 7:45 EST
07:48:38 <KorbenC2> I could always email Heavener, but I really dont want to bug him :P
07:48:46 <Forestbewithyou> :D
07:48:56 <Kat> Morning all!
07:49:07 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Kat
07:49:16 <JarnoO> maybe do it later on the day, since it doesn't really matter now as it has attained 35kt
07:49:20 <KorbenC2> Well, I dont kindoff want to bug him :P But its generally not a good idea to bug they guy with your spotter ID :P
07:49:42 <KorbenC2> I do want to bug him*
07:50:00 <Forestbewithyou> well and I would say its such a little thing that I don't think it is a good idea
07:50:18 <Forestbewithyou> Unless this information means that much
07:50:24 <JarnoO> Lion possibly initial, but not sure
07:50:41 <JarnoO> initial
07:51:41 <KorbenC2> I havent talked to Gladys in a while, she doesnt mind getting emails.
07:52:33 <KorbenC2> pretty Lion.
07:52:56 <KorbenC2> Dude on my other screen saw it at 0630 EDT.
07:53:00 <KorbenC2> (TS Delta)
07:53:33 <Kat> Dwarf
07:53:42 <KorbenC2> Dual!
07:54:34 <JarnoO> which Dwarf was it?
07:55:57 <JarnoO> ah, appears to have been Red Dawrf
07:56:00 <JarnoO> Dwarf*
07:56:01 <KorbenC2> Time to actually leave now that the 15 minute attendance is done :D
07:56:12 <JarnoO> cya, have fun
07:56:19 <Kat> nearest to Depression runoff..down from closest end of railing
07:57:27 <Kat> I can't keep them strait -
07:57:39 <Forestbewithyou> Well that oblong was a nice surprise. I have to get to school ttyal
07:57:47 <JarnoO> cya Forest
07:57:55 <Kat> Forestbewithyou, have a good done!
07:58:03 <Forestbewithyou> You too Kat :D
07:58:31 <Kat> one*
07:59:08 <Kat> Thought on Dwarf Jarno?
07:59:16 <JarnoO> the Dwarf closest to Depression does some heavy pre-eruptive steam before it erupts for less than a minute (may be White Dwarf), Red Dwarf is somewhere in the middle of the group as seen from the boardwalk and North Dwarf is nearly on the slope of Arrowhead Spring
07:59:48 <SantaFe108> wait oblogn>?
08:00:25 <JarnoO> so the Dwarf you saw was Red Dwarf since it's pretty much in the middle of the group
08:00:27 <Kat> Video done SantaFe108, but forgot to put name on it..
08:00:33 <SantaFe108> wow it is
08:03:08 <Kat> I think we missed Daisy during last OF
08:15:11 <Kat> I have never seen someone sweeping the path!
08:15:30 <JarnoO> they resurfaced it yesterday
08:15:41 <Kat> That's right!
08:16:03 <Kat> I forgot ! LOL
08:16:10 <JarnoO> AB
08:20:08 <birds> wow on oblong
08:20:25 <Kat> It was awesome!
08:20:52 <birds> Kat, hi
08:21:00 <birds> and hello all
08:21:04 <Kat> Hey Linda
08:21:06 <SantaFe108> hi linda?
08:21:15 <birds> SantaFe108, yup hi
08:21:17 <JarnoO> morning SF, Linda
08:21:24 <SantaFe108> hi jarno
08:21:29 <birds> JarnoO, hi
08:21:48 <Kat> oops - morning SanteFe
08:21:56 <SantaFe108> hi kat
08:26:13 <LindaGt> Ok I'm ready to commit
08:27:06 <Kat> Hahahaha
08:27:17 <LindaGt> 😊
08:28:23 <LindaGt> Kat, spent a nice day in Cape May yesterday, perfect weather
08:29:04 <Kat> Nice! It's been raining here for 3 days!
08:29:39 <LindaGt> Kat, bummer
08:30:00 <LindaGt> We are having some nice fall weather
08:30:25 <Kat> Yup, today may clear up some with on and off showers
08:30:36 <Kat> I sooo miss Fall!
08:30:58 <LindaGt> Yeah, dump that place lol
08:31:12 <Kat> working on it!
08:31:39 <LindaGt> 🙂
08:33:10 <LindaGt> One last monarch emerged today!
08:33:34 <SantaFe108> :D
08:35:58 <LindaGt> Fasolatidoe
08:38:36 <Kat> and then you await next year!
08:39:33 <LindaGt> Yup. Was a good monarch year
08:40:20 <Kat> Loved all the pics and videos you posted!
08:41:25 <LindaGt> 😊🦋
08:49:40 <Kat> oops, double
08:50:05 <JarnoO> it happens :)
08:50:14 <Kat> :)
08:55:44 <JarnoO> AB
08:56:05 <Katie> hI ALL
08:56:15 <JarnoO> morning Katie
08:56:31 <SantaFe108> hi katie
08:56:38 <Kat> Hi Katie
08:57:20 <LindaGt> Katie, hi
09:06:21 <JarnoO> Lion
09:12:33 <JarnoO> Daisy should be soon
09:26:21 <JarnoO> morning kc, afternoon Betty
09:26:28 <kc (working)> mornin
09:26:30 <Kat> Hi Betty
09:26:44 <Betty> hi JarnoO, kc (working), Kat
09:30:43 <JarnoO> time to make dinner
09:31:09 <Kat> Enjoy
09:43:52 <CraigC> arty?
09:44:47 <CraigC> daisy
09:45:01 <CraigC> nope on arty
09:45:19 <Betty> hi CraigC
09:45:25 <CraigC> Betty, howdy
09:45:31 <Kat> Hey Craig
09:45:38 <CraigC> Kat, hey
10:02:09 <Kat> Katie have a good afternoon!
10:02:19 <Katie> Thanks, Kat. You too!
10:02:46 <Betty> hi Katie
10:04:10 <Katie> Hi Betty
10:05:14 <SantaFe108> ew, someone posted themselves on Instagram on the edge of morning glory standing next to it
10:05:26 <SantaFe108> on the ground off the bw
10:08:36 <Betty> stupid
10:09:01 <Betty> hope they get him by that post
10:13:44 <SantaFe108> its been sent to nps by multiple people
10:14:17 <Betty> good
10:28:19 <Betty> OF
10:29:08 <Eric> Morning all
10:29:14 <Betty> morning Eric
10:29:17 <CraigC> Eric, howdy
10:29:20 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:29:25 <Eric> Hi Craig
10:29:27 <Katie> Hi Eric
10:29:33 <Eric> Hi Katie
10:30:03 <Eric> apparently 4 or 5 letters is optimal for names :-D
10:31:04 <Betty> :-)
10:31:43 <Eric> Not even a note on Giantess over the last couple days. Still doing it's boils and being stubborn?
10:32:00 <Betty> yep
10:35:18 <Betty> the new-made BW is on duty again
10:46:40 <JarnoO> Eric, no change in status quo and Mugwump makes it kinda hard to do continuous observations
10:51:56 <JarnoO> 3C
10:53:24 <JarnoO> wow
10:53:28 <Katie> that was cool!
10:55:29 <JarnoO> big MYr01
10:59:58 <JarnoO> big 3C
11:03:31 <JarnoO> MYR-1
11:05:49 <JarnoO> Mug
11:07:02 <AYates> Is that how mug has been acting?
11:08:11 <JarnoO> been going every 10-13 minutes or so since a few days
11:09:30 <AYates> That eruption seemed particularly violent and a really good show by three crater as well
11:09:46 <AYates> But I haven't watched in probably a week
11:09:56 <Katie> The one at 1053 was bigger - check Jarno's video
11:13:00 <AYates> That one was big
11:13:13 <AYates> Makes what I saw in July look like nothing
11:15:45 <no one> They need to put up bleachers for all of you. Maybe a hot dog stand and a coffee shack.
11:16:05 <KorbenC> nice 3c
11:17:51 <KorbenC> boom
11:17:55 <Katie> Wowsers!
11:17:59 <AYates> Huge
11:24:20 <Eric> Love that Mugwump is still pumping 9-13m intervals. Do we have any idea about timing between series?
11:25:21 <Eric> and Hi AYates & KorbenC
11:25:29 <LindaGt> Great mug!
11:30:17 <LindaGt> Mug
11:30:18 <AYates> Another huge mug
11:31:20 <I'm from Hesse> Mugwump in wild phase :D
11:32:17 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
11:32:41 <Eric> You get in any new 14ers this weekend Coop?
11:32:53 <KorbenC> no 14ers.
11:32:59 <Eric> :-(
11:33:03 <KorbenC> Too many people still to go do those on the weekends.
11:33:13 <KorbenC> I did go do a 3 13ers though.
11:33:21 <Eric> Nice!
11:33:22 <KorbenC> not new, but still some of my favorites.
11:33:40 <Eric> Cool...well, running out of time before snow starts hitting, so enjoy while you can!
11:33:59 <KorbenC> On Friday I am gonna go do either Grays and Torreys, Sherman+Sheridan+Gemeni, or Elbert.
11:34:08 <Eric> Nice
11:34:24 <KorbenC> you got any climbing/hiking plans this weekend?
11:34:40 <Eric> No, our weather is turning I think this weekend
11:35:05 <KorbenC> I was planning to go do Lindsey (Class 3) but the road up to the trailhead is closed, which is a bit of a problem :P
11:35:19 <Eric> Just a longer hike :-D
11:35:50 <AYates> I spent years up and down I-25 on various work projects and never knocked out a 14er
11:36:09 <KorbenC> haha, I will pass, the mountains will be there next year (most likely).
11:36:16 <KorbenC> AYates, they are fun :)
11:36:22 <KorbenC> Its a fun form of tourture :P
11:36:28 <KorbenC> torture*
11:36:48 <AYates> Well I did knock out the Picketwire Canyon tracksite in July and that was a fun form of torture as well
11:39:06 <Eric> I hit a couple of above treeline peaks yesterday on a 2 mile class 2/3 ridge traverse :-P
11:39:48 <Eric> The hike up to it was about 8 miles though and about 4k ft of gain..made for a very long day getting in and out.
11:40:06 <zip> Anyone know why the SB note on observations from yesterday morning until very very early today doesn't list on the day it started instead of the day it ends? The obeservations were really for yesterday
11:40:40 <KorbenC> Eric, so easy class 3 then?
11:40:47 <AYates> I believe all posts are posted in the order of when they end not begin
11:41:30 <Eric> No, some very difficult class 3 bordering on 4 in spots.
11:42:00 <Eric> But there were sections of class 2 as well.
11:42:04 <KorbenC> Gotta love exposure :P
11:42:06 <KorbenC> Riverside
11:42:16 <Eric> No, not a huge fan
11:42:30 <KorbenC> oh, c'mon, its fun after the fact :P
11:42:31 <zip> Riverside
11:43:39 <zip> That note makes no sense to be for today since 16 hours of the time period are for yesterday and only 1h 20 min on today
11:44:45 <Eric> One of our class 2/3 borderline descents -
11:44:49 <KorbenC> Eric, you might like this route,
11:45:34 <KorbenC> Eric, in CO we would call something like that Difficult Class Two (if you went up the slope) or easy class 3 if you went ridge route.
11:46:12 <KorbenC> Eric, what mountain is that? Those summit formations are cool.
11:50:21 <Eric> Yep, that is were I put it too Coop...why I said 2/3, but really you can't tell from a picture what the actual technical aspects are.
11:50:48 <KorbenC> Eric, very true, very very very true :p :P Freakin La Plata :P
11:50:59 <Eric> Some things look easy or hard in a picture and the technical and risk are way different.
11:51:37 <KorbenC> yuo
11:51:51 <AB> Daisy ie
11:52:17 <KorbenC> 14ers and 13ers love having a nice easy route that no one can find :D
11:52:23 <Eric> Like I hit a granite slab section that wasn't really technical...but had a 6ft x 3ft 6" thick granite slab almost come down on my foot/leg because it was steep and all the rock was flat.
11:52:35 <KorbenC> Ouch!
11:53:07 <Eric> It did slide off and bust in half in front of me, scraping my leg and gouging my hand.
11:53:22 <KorbenC> That doesnt sound fun.
11:53:27 <Eric> Yes, it was a nasty section.
11:53:39 <Eric> even though it had little technical difficulty
11:53:52 <KorbenC> yup.
11:54:40 <Eric> The ridge is so interesting as it's a 2 million year old super volcano ridge.
11:54:47 <KorbenC> wow!
11:54:49 <Eric> So the rocks up there are just nuts.
11:55:02 <Eric> Geologist dream area
11:55:34 <KorbenC> I still have to recommend Windom (I havent dont it, my dad and I are going next year most likely) but it is 500 vertical feet of class 2/3 3 foot steps of huge granit slabs.
11:56:05 <KorbenC> I still cant spell :D :D
11:56:44 <Eric> These rocks are super cool, they probably have a name, but they are not all just loose, these were actually formed like this -
11:57:15 <Eric> More rocks -
11:57:17 <KorbenC> neat, looks like the top of 14ers but volcanic :)
11:57:41 <Eric>
11:57:43 <KorbenC> that second one is awesome.
11:58:41 <Eric> It's such a mixed bag, and this route isn't defined so a lot of our traverse was route finding too.
11:59:40 <Eric> More rocks -
11:59:43 <Eric> I love rocks!
12:00:06 <KorbenC> If you dont love rocks you shouldnt be allowed on this chat page :P
12:01:01 <Rice> Looks like Mine Tailings
12:01:07 <Eric> Then you have weird composite stuff like this up there too -
12:02:07 <KorbenC> Eric, were you on top of the far mountain in the last picture that day too?
12:02:16 <I'm from Hesse> Talus anyone?
12:02:38 <Eric> Yep, did two peaks
12:02:39 <KorbenC> Because that ridge certianly would be class 3, and that lofty like route up too the top.
12:03:09 <I'm from Hesse> Last one looks like a ventifact in tuff
12:03:12 <Eric> Yes, there was plenty of 3 climbing and descending
12:03:47 <Eric> Yes, plenty of Talus IFH
12:04:49 <Rice> Eric, Buddy of Mine is working on doing the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks.
12:05:02 <Eric> Here is the Talus shot that was wicked steep and required serious concentration or a tumble -
12:05:45 <Eric> Nice Rice...I bet it's beautiful out there!
12:06:09 <Eric> My grandpa and uncle use to setup hunting camp in the Adirondacks each year.
12:06:11 <Eric> OF
12:08:46 <I'm from Hesse> Lovely hiking route Eric
12:09:21 <Eric> Thanks IFH
12:09:42 <Eric> It was an epic, long day at 15+ miles and almost 6k in EG
12:10:13 <Eric> Started hiking at 4am and didn't get off the mountain until about 5:30pm
12:25:39 <Eric> 3c
12:28:34 <noynpvisitor108> This is a hike.
12:29:03 <Katie> Whoop! Rainbow!
12:38:32 <Eric> Endurance runners are nuts :-P
12:39:19 <Eric> While backpacking the Mt. Margaret area this summer I met a few training...nice leisurely 40-50 mile run in the mountains :-P
12:40:06 <Rice> Eric, We hiked into Mountain Ponds and Fished in the adirondacks last weekend. Fishing sucked, but we had a good time.
12:41:13 <Eric> oh the colors! Love it Rice
12:41:54 <Eric> I love the fall colors in the NE section of the US
12:42:33 <Eric> Well, the middle too...Tennessee/Kentucky are pretty spectacular
12:43:02 <Rice> The one guy has a Kevlar Canoe, only weights 15lbs. My kayack weights 50lbs
12:43:37 <Eric> Very cool....We actually talked about pack rafting a lot yesterday on my hike :-D
12:44:01 <Eric> One of the ladies has pack rafted a bunch of Utah
12:45:11 <Eric>
12:45:38 <Eric> I could see Craig doing this with his bike :-D
12:45:42 <Rice> 15lb canoe = $1300, I can deal with my cheap Kyack.
12:45:54 <Eric> yes, light is not cheap!
12:46:26 <Eric> Those packrafts are $1k-2k
12:47:17 <Rice> I would be afraid of hooking it with my fly or lure and putting a hole in it.
12:51:31 <Eric> I think they are a little tougher than that :-D People fish from inflatable pontoons all the time around here.
12:52:00 <JarnoO> that was a very strong Mugwump @ 1117
12:52:19 <JarnoO> 3C
12:52:22 <Eric> These things look totally comfy -
12:54:55 <JarnoO> Mug
13:01:12 <Rice> Eric, One of the other guys on my trip had one of these, he didnt drag it back in the woods, but it worked nice for fishing.
13:01:55 <JarnoO> tall play by 3C
13:04:08 <JarnoO> my thinking is that Mugwump and friends aren't in series behavior (yet). Currently it seems like the pool is pulling a Cascade, in that Mug's intervals will slowly lengthen until eruptions only occur in series or another energy surge reinvigorates it
13:08:01 <JarnoO> Mug
13:10:26 <Eric> ahh interesting Jarno.
13:10:39 <Eric> ahh, didn't realize you guys where hiking in with them Rice
13:10:53 <Eric> 50 versus 15 makes a big difference :-D
13:11:13 <Eric> Someone stopping to give Mug some love :-D
13:16:05 <JarnoO> big 3C burst
13:18:30 <Katie> 1206 OF was long, right?
13:19:33 <JarnoO> no idea. Don't have a video
13:19:44 <JarnoO> NPS isn't predicting either today it seems
13:20:37 <JarnoO> that was probably the biggest 3C burst I've seen thusfar
13:20:42 <Katie> Well, presumably, if it had been short, it would have gone by now.
13:20:44 <JarnoO> Mug
13:28:45 <Eric> hmm, I couldn't find your big 3c Jarno
13:33:06 <JarnoO> 1315:57 is a large, S-angled burst with a spike on top of it and 1320:16 is a Mugwump-like burst
13:33:50 <JarnoO> you might need to adjust your viewing angle to see it, since lighting isn't really helping
13:43:30 <Forestbewithyou> Hi all
13:44:41 <JarnoO> hi Forest
13:52:00 <JarnoO> 3C
13:52:06 <Katie> there, I messed with ev to make it not so glaring bright
13:52:22 <JarnoO> thanks!
13:53:33 <CraigC> Steve Eide made it back!
13:53:45 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
13:53:51 <CraigC> Forestbewithyou, howdy
13:53:55 <Eric> Thanks Katie...that is way better
13:54:19 <Eric> We don't care if the trees are dark :-P
13:54:30 <JarnoO> looked like a MYR-1 splash
13:54:41 <Katie> I put it back in auto after adjusting, so hopefully, when I pan, it will go be back to auto
13:55:05 <JarnoO> I'll review MYR-1 when I get the 3C-Mug capture
13:58:15 <JarnoO> Mug
13:58:38 <Katie> Not as big as some today
13:59:44 <JarnoO> looks like Daisy went during OF
14:07:39 <JarnoO> 3C
14:09:03 <Katie> That glar! Tell him to move, someone!
14:09:08 <Katie> *glare
14:09:41 <Forestbewithyou> HONK HONK :D
14:10:39 <JarnoO> Mug
14:23:16 <JarnoO> Mug
14:23:29 <Katie> Interesting bubble burst
14:35:04 <JarnoO> Mug
14:47:20 <JarnoO> Mug
14:53:41 <66> Apparently we've lost Daisy to the mists of time
14:54:18 <Katie> We think it was simultaneous with last OF
15:00:26 <LindaG> Mug
15:08:01 <JarnoO> Indu
15:08:03 <JarnoO> .
15:08:03 <JarnoO> .
15:08:04 <JarnoO> .
15:08:06 <JarnoO> .
15:08:06 <JarnoO> .
15:08:07 <KorbenC> .
15:08:07 <KorbenC> .
15:08:07 <KorbenC> .
15:08:08 <KorbenC> .
15:08:08 <KorbenC> .
15:08:10 <KorbenC> INDY
15:08:11 <KorbenC> 1503
15:08:15 <KorbenC> Per William
15:08:20 <KorbenC> Thx William!
15:09:15 <Katie> UGH!
15:09:36 <KorbenC> Fluffy, you are still dead to me.
15:11:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> wow, probably no rainbows today?
15:12:16 <KB> I got the text and just now read about fluffy
15:12:19 <KB> grrr
15:12:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> and the Boat over 9 days :(
15:12:47 <Indy> There should be a corrollary to the prime directive allowing Beehive to supercede. People can see OF in another hour or so. Beehive not.
15:12:48 <StaceyM> With OF going off so regularly, why can't we miss it for a more rare Beehive?
15:12:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> may see some puffs on static
15:13:00 <JarnoO> doesn't look like it. Strong Mugwumps though, which is fun. It also seems like 3C sometimes wants to imitate Mug, same for MYR-1
15:13:26 <JarnoO> Stacey, two words: Prime directive
15:13:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> very few people care about Beehive compared to OF
15:14:04 <KB> I would rather watch Old Faithful that Mugwump or Three Crater, but that is mee
15:14:26 <KB> because very few people know about Beehive
15:15:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> hum, in person i will be more likely to sit and watch Mug than OF
15:15:16 <KB> When they see a Beehive eruption, most say it is better, although I do point out that Old Faithful is more frequent
15:15:29 <Eric> I would rather watch Pump rather than OF, but that is just me :-D
15:15:30 <StaceyM> I still stand by my theory Geyser #1 should take priority over Geyser #2
15:15:45 <Forestbewithyou> LOL Stacey
15:15:48 <StaceyM> :)
15:15:50 <Eric> Pump is WAY more frequent than OF too :-P
15:15:51 <JarnoO> good one
15:16:06 <KB> and much shorter
15:16:36 <Eric> Pump can go for a while.
15:16:37 <JarnoO> TS Delta 60kt with 18 nmi eye that's still open. Pressure dropped to 983mb
15:16:38 <KB> one of my best photos is of Pump not erupting during a Giantess eruption
15:16:41 <Forestbewithyou> Is that bee on static
15:16:46 <JarnoO> yes
15:16:52 <Forestbewithyou> :(
15:16:54 <Eric> so sad
15:17:00 <Eric> woohoo
15:17:09 <KB> yes,well I am out
15:17:10 <Eric> camera slip :-P
15:17:29 <Eric> Thanks for the peek cam op
15:17:35 <Forestbewithyou> ^
15:17:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have wiplash now
15:17:54 <Eric> Getting the true tourist experience...watching an empty hole while something cool erupts :-P
15:17:55 <Forestbewithyou> Lol
15:18:08 <JarnoO> also, Delta is now forecast to become a mid-end cat. 3 hurricane at 105kt
15:18:15 <Forestbewithyou> oh no
15:18:41 <Forestbewithyou> Is it still forcasted to impact Louisiana?
15:18:46 <Forestbewithyou> I haven't looked
15:19:26 <JarnoO> yes, Louisiana is fully within the uncertainty cone, stretching all the way to about half the Florida Panhandle
15:19:42 <KorbenC> Jarno
15:19:44 <Forestbewithyou> :(
15:19:46 <KorbenC> you just hurt me inside :P
15:19:55 <KorbenC> "uncertainty cone" LMAO :P
15:20:04 <JarnoO> well, close enough
15:20:06 <KorbenC> I know its correct, but its
15:20:16 <KorbenC> I hate the freakin enter key
15:20:17 <KorbenC> too
15:20:18 <KorbenC> OMG
15:20:18 <Forestbewithyou> LOL Korben
15:20:31 <Forestbewithyou> I didn't even notice :D
15:23:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe we will see a puggy puffy at BH
15:23:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> or puffy puffy
15:26:15 <JarnoO> oh hey, Wikipedia added Eta, Theta and Iota to the auxiliary list. I think they're a bit optimistic there, but who know
15:26:16 <JarnoO> s
15:26:44 <👀> That was sooooo exciting. Much better than a Beehive with a rainbow.
15:26:48 <Forestbewithyou> Interesting
15:27:06 <Forestbewithyou> Did they forget about epsilon and zeta?
15:27:14 <Forestbewithyou> or were those already on there
15:27:28 <JarnoO> no, they're still there, but my thinking is that they're anticipating further activity past Zeta
15:28:13 <Forestbewithyou> I wouldn't get that optimistic yet :D
15:28:26 <Forestbewithyou> Maybe someone was bored and needed something to do
15:29:49 <KorbenC> Honestly, I am kinda glad that Delta is going to hit the yucatan peninsula (even sideswipe) if that thing had full open water it wouldnt delay long enough to start weakening and hit the US another category up.
15:30:58 <Katie> I have friends in the Yucatan, so I am not so glad
15:31:30 <JarnoO> all the M points are Delta at predicted peak intensity (105kt). NHC is only anticipating weakening because environmental conditions are not that conducive as it approaches
15:32:00 <JarnoO> would be interesting what happens if Delta decides it's time to become an annular hurricane
15:38:43 <LindaG> Myg
15:46:14 <KorbenC> That cone of uncertainty on TD19 is immposible to follow :P
15:46:46 <JarnoO> 19-E*
15:46:57 <KorbenC> lol
15:47:22 <JarnoO> depression goes into the washing machine and a storm comes out of it
15:47:46 <KorbenC> :lol:
15:48:33 <JarnoO> alternatively, you can also say it remains observationally stationary
15:53:03 <JarnoO> a Daisy
15:54:17 <Katie> Would you enter that, please, Jarno, for prediction update?
15:54:51 <KorbenC> I did Katie.
15:54:58 <KorbenC> But it seems JO still did it first :P
15:55:16 <Katie> Thanks, guys. :)
16:01:19 <JarnoO> huh... William has Daisy @ 1554, while it was near end @ 1552?
16:01:57 <Katie> Released
16:01:59 <JarnoO> weird. Oh well. Off for the day. Enjoy Mugwump and co.
16:02:04 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Jarno
16:02:09 <KorbenC> Bye Jarno.
16:13:20 <Forestbewithyou> brb
16:19:52 <Betty> nice doming of water
16:28:03 <Betty> mug
16:37:54 <👀> Oktoberfest mug Betty?
16:40:01 <Betty> I wish it was
16:40:38 <Betty> Mug
16:49:04 <Betty> OF
16:49:20 <Betty> early in window
16:53:08 <Betty> mug
16:53:38 <Betty> dome
16:56:31 <Betty> LC ie
16:58:39 <KorbenC> AL and AB were ie.
16:59:39 <Betty> bulger ie
17:02:07 <Betty> OT
17:04:16 <Betty> looks liike halloween fog crawling over the ground
17:04:49 <KorbenC> Oh, Hi Betty :)
17:05:07 <Betty> hi Korben
17:12:14 <Betty> short Aurum splash
17:16:38 <Forestbewithyou> Betty did I say hi earlier?
17:16:57 <Forestbewithyou> I don't think I did. Hi Betty :D
17:17:37 <Betty> I did this morning. :-) Hi Forest
17:24:59 <Betty> Rierside ie
17:25:43 <Betty> v is missing
17:30:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> did i miss Mug?
17:30:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> nope
17:30:50 <Katie> That was definitive
17:40:30 <Betty> bulger
17:52:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> good to see Steve Eide is back in the basin, glad he is well enough
17:56:55 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
17:57:07 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Betty
17:59:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> night Betty
18:04:49 <Where Did I Go?> Somebody say Daisy
18:04:53 <Where Did I Go?> OK I did
18:23:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> missed a Mug :(
18:23:20 <Forestbewithyou> :(
18:29:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> might miss a second one at this rate too
18:29:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
18:29:47 <Forestbewithyou> Looks like OF heard you
18:29:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> missed Aurum too
18:31:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> and Grand
18:32:49 <Forestbewithyou> looks like Delta became a hurricane recently
18:33:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> bulger and OT
18:33:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> i guess we blame missing this Mug on Grand
18:33:56 <KorbenC> at least we didnt miss Giantess! :D
18:34:03 <Forestbewithyou> Fair point Korben
18:34:19 <Forestbewithyou> Korben do you know when delta became a hurricane
18:34:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> or SB
18:34:29 <LindaG> Hi all!
18:34:34 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
18:34:42 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou2, hi
18:34:54 <KorbenC> about 30 mins ago is when I first saw it.
18:35:03 <Forestbewithyou> :thumbsup:
18:40:48 <864511320> I wonder how long Jarno will write status quo Giantess notes? Til the end of 2020?
18:41:17 <864511320> I see he finally says he is stopping now
18:43:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha, you never know hen that info is useful
18:43:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> notes earlier this year helped people see Giantess from the bench
18:44:45 <KorbenC> The information is def helpful!
18:47:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> Castle
18:58:22 <KorbenC> Hi kc.
18:58:36 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to head out. Night all
18:59:08 <KorbenC> night
19:00:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> night fbwu2
19:01:20 <LindaG> KorbenC, hi
19:01:35 <LindaG> Nice castle
19:01:47 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
19:02:05 <KorbenC> I didnt see you earlier :D
19:02:21 <LindaG> I snuck in
19:05:07 <kcmule> hello. nice choo choo train castle
19:05:37 <KorbenC> speaking of which, wheres Kevin?
19:07:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have to run an errand. will leave it here unless someone takes it. will move to wide view later. bbs
19:08:13 <KorbenC> enjoy GS
19:14:51 <LindaG> Wow beautiful
19:24:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> just missed it based on runoff steam
19:27:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> goodnight from me now. Go BOATY
19:27:37 <KorbenC> bye Graham
19:27:39 <KorbenC> thx for driving
19:32:13 <KorbenC> Im out too, enjoye whatever wants to erupt ;)
21:08:06 <KorbenC> Possible Steamboat signal.
21:08:54 <KorbenC> Going to wait another minute or two before entering it, thats a good trace.
21:10:05 <KorbenC> Signal is not on B950, which is a good sign, YNR signal looks strong, YNR sepctro signal looks good. YNM signal looks great, same with YNM spectro.
21:10:20 <KorbenC> Thats her
21:10:23 <KorbenC> In basin entry