Showing logs for date: 2020-10-08
05:35:39 <Betty> riverside ie
06:46:20 <Ledge> :daisy:
06:56:22 <Kat> Morning all!
06:56:32 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Kat
06:56:44 <Kat> Forestbewithyou, Hi
06:57:19 <KorbenC> Kat, hi.
06:57:32 <Kat> KorbenC, morning!
06:58:03 <Betty> morning Ledge, Kat, Forestbewithyou, KorbenC
06:58:10 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
06:58:17 <Kat> Hi Betty
06:59:40 <KorbenC> Also, for those wou might have wondered after last nights message. No, I am not going to be writting daily Giantess notes, but since there was a decent increase in activity in the morning, I figured a note was necessary since it was a good increase.
06:59:42 <KorbenC> also, Grand
06:59:45 <Betty> grand
07:00:08 <Kat> Wow!
07:01:49 <KorbenC> and for thsoe who for some reason are still wondering, it will not be removed unless JO wants it removes :D
07:01:55 <Kat> Thanks Joe! Have a goo day
07:02:00 <Kat> good*
07:02:13 <KorbenC> Happy Driving Kat.
07:02:41 <Kat> I'm on until 0830, thanks
07:03:33 <KorbenC> and then Katie takes over I think?
07:03:51 <Kat> Yes
07:05:41 <Kat> Nice clearing
07:10:39 <Kat> 2nd burst?
07:18:21 <Kat> Grotto?
07:19:34 <Kat> Hi Craig
07:19:42 <CraigC> Kat, howdy
07:19:53 <Kat> :)
07:20:01 <CraigC> I feel guilty being here on Thursday morning and not being a camop anymore.... sorry
07:20:31 <Kat> It's ok! You can always come back Hahaha
07:21:03 <Kat> Does that look like grotto to you?
07:21:16 <CraigC> I owrry I owuld be asking to have shifts covdered all winter, also..... I hope to be doing some adventures
07:21:38 <Kat> I was kidding :)
07:21:57 <CraigC> looks like something in that area
07:22:21 <CraigC> somethjing to the right of grotto, also
07:22:38 <CraigC> percolator, west triplet?
07:22:43 <Kat> Too steamy to tell
07:23:12 <CraigC> maybe bank to the left
07:23:40 <KorbenC> Morning Craig
07:23:44 <CraigC> maybe gizmo left of that ;)
07:23:55 <Kat> LOL
07:23:55 <CraigC> KorbenC, howdy cooper
07:24:13 <CraigC> sprinkler maybe
07:24:20 <KorbenC> yes
07:24:34 <CraigC> maybe rift
07:24:37 <Kat> Crazy out there
07:24:48 <KorbenC> Bulger
07:25:01 <Kat> Craig are you going back to the park soon
07:25:37 <CraigC> Kat, doubt it.... I screwed up on taxes the year I retired, and just got hit with a bill for my errors.... HUGE bill :(
07:26:12 <Kat> Eeew...sorry to hear!
07:26:17 <KorbenC> that doesnt sound fun Craig :(
07:26:53 <CraigC> got 3 weeks to pay, hoping AMZN stock jumps up before then
07:27:13 <KorbenC> Hopefully its not too much,
07:27:17 <CraigC> it is
07:27:25 <KorbenC> :(
07:27:31 <CraigC> close to 5 figure
07:27:31 <KorbenC> that sucks.
07:27:32 <CraigC> s
07:27:45 <Kat> It will work out!
07:27:51 <CraigC> yes, it will
07:27:53 <KorbenC> It'll work itself out.
07:28:38 <CraigC> thanks for the concern, I try not to vent too much about woes, cuz life has been a blast
07:29:05 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
07:29:06 <Kat> and it will continue to be so!
07:29:17 <CraigC> Forestbewithyou, howdy
07:29:28 <CraigC> the fly memes make up for it
07:29:42 <CraigC> "#flylivesmatter" LMAO
07:29:44 <Kat> Indeed they do! Hilarious!
07:29:50 <KorbenC> CraigC, hahaha
07:30:16 <Forestbewithyou> LOL
07:30:41 <Kat> Did you see the one I shared with fly with Biden Harris sign?
07:30:56 <CraigC> and having the ebike break wasn't the worst thing, I have been building good endurance this last week on my fat-tire bike
07:31:07 <CraigC> Kat, yup, I liked it
07:35:50 <Kat> OF static down for awhile
07:38:10 <CraigC> looks like one of the features above marmot cave
07:42:29 <CraigC> little squirt ?
07:43:19 <Kat> Steaming
07:43:43 <KorbenC> Kat, Little Squit vs. Little cub
07:44:10 <KorbenC> no LS
07:44:44 <Kat> Oops - sorry about that! Still having my coffee! :)
07:44:55 <KorbenC> Kat, :D
07:45:08 <Kat> Is that Bronze or silver
07:45:43 <KorbenC> Silver is on the left
07:46:02 <Kat> Thats what I thought
07:46:06 <Kat> thanks
07:50:24 <Forestbewithyou> Well I have to head out to school. Talk to you all later
07:50:40 <Kat> Forestbewithyou, have a good one!
07:52:13 <Kat> Steam, steam and more steam!
07:53:20 <Kat> 3C
07:54:36 <Betty> later forest
07:55:58 <KorbenC> MUG
07:56:06 <Kat> Looks like Mug
08:05:20 <Rice> Here is one of my other favorite Webcams, Acadia NP Atlantic Ocean,
08:05:41 <Rice> It is static, but move every couple mintures.
08:06:40 <Kat> Nice
08:06:48 <Kat> Love Acadia
08:07:28 <Rice> Went to College in Miane, spent many days down in Acadia.
08:07:59 <Rice> Miane = Maine Wow I cant believe I miss spelled that.
08:08:41 <Betty> hi Rice
08:09:20 <Rice> M A I N E, Go Blue, chanted that many times at Hockey Games.
08:11:56 <Rice> Betty, Hello
08:12:15 <CraigC> Betty, howdy
08:12:33 <CraigC> Betty, did you see Wm's comment on your Lion entry? ;)
08:13:00 <KorbenC> oh yes, that was awesome :P
08:14:33 <Kat> Funny
08:15:12 <KorbenC> Boil
08:15:57 <Betty> hi CraigC, need to have a look
08:16:49 <Betty> haha, thx William!
08:18:07 <Betty> I´m so sad I miss William this year. Hopefully next year again
08:18:27 <CraigC> yeah
08:18:59 <KorbenC> William certainly is a cool dude.
08:19:42 <CraigC> no, he's a jerk
08:19:45 <Betty> he sure is. I has a funny laughter :-D
08:19:56 <Betty> I = he
08:20:29 <KorbenC> Craig, your right, he is totaly a jerk, the kind of jerk with a flashlight and the Aurum eruption card :P
08:20:53 <Betty> SC ie
08:21:27 <Betty> maybe just steam
08:23:53 <KorbenC> And I am sure you remember when x person intoduced us, and William pulled up, "Wa wa wa william." -CraigC 2020 :D
08:24:04 <KorbenC> LION
08:24:31 <CraigC> KorbenC, huh? my memory is crappy.... remind me
08:24:41 <KorbenC> lol.
08:25:21 <KorbenC> Dep.
08:25:22 <KorbenC> .
08:25:23 <KorbenC> .
08:25:24 <KorbenC> .
08:28:17 <Kat> Hi Kevin
08:28:29 <Kevin L™️> Morning
08:28:31 <KorbenC> Kevin L™️🌲, hi
08:29:06 <Lone Pine> Dilapidated
08:29:35 <JarnoO> morning all
08:29:58 <JarnoO> first near start on cam :)
08:30:16 <Kat> :)
08:30:22 <Katie> Good morning
08:30:39 <KorbenC> Morning Jarno
08:30:57 <Kat> Hi Katie
08:31:00 <KorbenC> Hopefully you dont mind the Giantess note, I figured it was needed since there was some good looking stuff in the morning, and in sync.
08:31:51 <JarnoO> I would say it was within normal limits - even considering the boiling
08:32:30 <Kat> Be back soon...
08:35:21 <Betty> Morning Kevin L™️🌲, afternoon JarnoO
08:35:33 <Betty> OF
08:35:52 <JarnoO> afternoon Betty
08:38:55 <CraigC> JarnoO, howdy
08:45:31 <Betty> static is stuck
08:50:56 <JarnoO> flower
08:52:06 <Betty> we missed a 20´-25´Mug :-p
08:56:08 <JarnoO> Mug
09:08:16 <JarnoO> nice activity there
09:10:55 <JarnoO> AB
09:19:06 <JarnoO> Mug
09:27:40 <JarnoO> morning Eric
09:40:12 <Eric> Hi Jarno
09:40:16 <Eric> Morning all
09:40:36 <Betty> morning Eric
09:47:57 <Eric> Hi Betty
09:54:20 <JarnoO> Mug
09:59:36 <JarnoO> Dilapidated
10:04:03 <JarnoO> dinnertime
10:07:23 <Eric> OF ie
10:07:30 <Eric> Nice moody OF too
10:10:33 <Eric> long OF
10:10:56 <Katie> kinda a mesmerizing plume now
10:12:09 <Eric> I posted than one on my personal FB feed :-D
10:16:59 <CraigC> 3c in berzerk mode
10:17:28 <CraigC> mug
10:17:53 <Betty> Aurum 1011
10:18:17 <Katie> saw that on updates :(
10:18:27 <Betty> hi Katie
10:21:24 <Katie> Hi Betty
10:49:49 <Betty> hi Ben, you had fun at Mug?
10:52:05 <Kevin L™️ > Ben got mugged?
10:53:05 <Betty> think so
10:53:59 <Betty> daisy
10:57:33 <Eric> Hi Katie & Craig
10:57:41 <Eric> and Kevin
10:57:42 <Katie> Hi eric
10:57:48 <Craig M> o/
11:09:35 <Kevin L™️ > Hi Eric
11:16:32 <Eric> Hi Kevin Tree
11:16:46 <Eric> :-P
11:16:52 <JarnoO> 3C
11:19:44 <JarnoO> Mug
11:43:03 <Eric> Glad you don't have a bad bat kevin!
11:45:45 <Betty> OF
11:47:21 <Katie> hmmm
11:47:57 <Betty> short
11:48:06 <Betty> ?
11:48:22 <JarnoO> yes
11:49:14 <JarnoO> 2m sharp
11:50:58 <Eric> Kevin, are you training your bat for halloween?
11:51:48 <Kevin IPad with> I could hang it by the ceiling upside down.
11:52:05 <Eric> Not surprised, that last OF seamed super long.
11:54:45 <JarnoO> length of the previous eruption doesn't determine whether the next one will be long or short. Duration is pretty much only good for the next interval and at most to give one an idea as to whether the eruption would have been a long or short if it still alternated longs and shorts
11:56:31 <JarnoO> and even for discovering the hidden long/short pattern you'd need consistent duration gathering, else you won't get very far
12:00:03 <JarnoO> Mug
12:03:22 <Eric> It just seemed strong and long, just looking at metrics I understand that can't be devined.
12:04:21 <Katie> It was a striking contrast, though. Exceptionally long & strong to exceptionally short and lame.
12:04:47 <Katie> My late son would have booed out loud at that last OF (he graded them_
12:05:40 <Katie> Sometimes upset visitors who thought it was cool with "I'd give that one a 'C.'" or "You should stick around for another, you got robbed with that one."
12:05:53 <Katie> And then there were the "Oh, that as a good one. You got lucky."
12:06:19 <Eric> :heart::heart::heart:
12:06:37 <Katie> He would have told people at the last one "You got robbed, stick around, next one should be better and it won't be a long wait."
12:06:39 <Eric> Yes, there are definitely "better" ones and "worse" ones.
12:07:08 <Eric> I have seen some F Old Faithfuls :-P
12:08:03 <JarnoO> to comment on 1006 OF - other than a fairly good start nothing out of the ordinary. 1145 was more like the OF's I usually see from cam, nothing noteworthy
12:08:53 <Katie> You're right. I was thinking of the moody OF earlier. That was a good one.
12:12:26 <Kevin IPad with> And the worst place to see it is from the benches
12:12:50 <Betty> yeah
12:14:36 <Kevin IPad with> I always laugh at the people who are rushing to see OF when indy is on
12:18:59 <Katie> Hey, you are driving off a minute or two too soon
12:21:11 <Katie> or not
12:22:16 <Eric> The 1006 one was the moody one, it had late strong water.
12:22:45 <Eric> which can't really be captured with numbers.
12:23:48 <Eric> about 1m45s in it seemed to push back up.
12:24:04 <Eric> Not that I watch them all carefully :-D
12:24:16 <JarnoO> ah, that would've been an attempt short followed by a rebound (aka goodbye chance for a short)
12:26:40 <JarnoO> I'm actually yet to see an attempt short following a short. Kinda unfortunate since that would show it can still do a double short
12:54:45 <Katie> A lot of pre-play
12:56:07 <Katie> hmmm
12:58:20 <Katie> long 'C'
13:06:38 <JarnoO> Grand
13:07:27 <Betty> nice start
13:16:51 <KorbenC> Totaly childish, but still fun :D I just made a hat with the skin of a cantaloupe, its vry itneresting
13:17:18 <JarnoO> b1 done
13:20:51 <JarnoO> G1Q | 10m38s
13:51:44 <JarnoO> "The park hosted 837,499 recreation visits in September 2020. This is a 21% increase from September 2019, making it the busiest September on record."
13:57:21 <Betty> wow
13:59:21 <Eric> Love it Katie :-D
13:59:33 <Katie> What?
13:59:35 <Eric> woops, Coop :-P
13:59:52 <Eric> Coops cantelope hat :-D
14:00:48 <Eric> cantaloupe :-D
14:01:04 <Eric> The can't enope is a totally different kind of hat
14:01:23 <Eric> ugg, blew it on the joke too. I give up typing
14:31:01 <86451120> Hey Art
14:31:33 <864511320> forget a number
14:33:17 <Eric> OF ie
14:33:35 <JarnoO> short
14:33:42 <Eric> 8675309
14:35:03 <864511320> did OF end?
14:35:48 <JarnoO> short at 2m05s
14:36:53 <JarnoO> I apparantly never set myself back :)
14:49:18 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
14:50:59 <Kevin L™️ > Hi
14:58:54 <JarnoO> flower
15:03:46 <JarnoO> Lion ini
15:04:36 <KorbenC> good
15:08:05 <JarnoO> Delta major hurricane again at 100kt, likely to strengthen a further 10kt overnight as conditions appear favorable. They even mention rapid intensification is possible
15:08:27 <KorbenC> and I was hoping for a Cat 1 landfall
15:08:48 <JarnoO> that's a nope. Looks like it'll be a minimal major hurricane at landfall
15:10:13 <JarnoO> you can now actually see its eye on G16
15:14:08 <JarnoO> Next Lion @ 1621±5m if series continues. 6m29s
15:18:09 <Betty> I hate that spinning circle
15:18:38 <Time for bees> Now you gave it to me.
15:19:27 <Kevin L™️ > It’s that salt water in your internet lines
15:20:14 <JarnoO> 4-foot surge from Splendid's side bubbler post-Daisy
15:20:19 <JarnoO> per note
15:20:30 <Time for bees> Unless they run it under Salt Lake, I would not have salt water in my lines.
15:20:34 <JarnoO> Indy
15:20:35 <JarnoO> .
15:20:35 <JarnoO> .
15:20:36 <JarnoO> .
15:20:37 <JarnoO> .
15:20:37 <JarnoO> .
15:20:55 <KorbenC> Awesome
15:20:56 <Time for bees> Told you.
15:21:18 <Betty> Time for bees, Kevin meant me
15:21:32 <Betty> good timing
15:22:56 <Jake> I haven't been around much--what fixed the streaming so it's not dropping 30 times per hour?
15:22:56 <KorbenC> Vee!
15:22:58 <KorbenC> BEE
15:23:00 <JarnoO> :bee:
15:23:16 <KorbenC> And my favorite erupts for me agian :D
15:23:56 <JarnoO> Jake, they got a new radio as the original one was apparantly too weak
15:24:07 <Betty> that was fast
15:24:20 <Jake> a radio to transmit from the roof of the Inn?
15:24:34 <JarnoO> yes, the cam isn't hard-wired opposed to the one on the tree
15:24:56 <KorbenC> And it went right before OF window, crazy.
15:25:13 <Eric> Nice looking eruption
15:25:34 <Betty> no rainbow yet
15:26:10 <Eric> rainbow fail
15:26:20 <Time for bees> They wanted to use a string between 2 tin cans, but the birds kept setting on it and stopping the vibrations.
15:26:25 <Eric> going to rainbow jail
15:26:40 <Eric> where it will probably hail
15:27:17 <Time for bees> I see some color, but not a bow.
15:27:57 <Jake> no rainbow, please refund my entrance fee
15:28:32 <Time for bees> This is not Crater Lake, no refunds.
15:28:56 <Jake> that's great to hear about the radio. Betty's comments reminded me how awful it was to watch earlier in the year
15:29:07 <Time for bees> Well, nothing to see here and the good geyser is done.
15:29:12 <Kevin L™️ > I always put rainbows on my Beehives.
15:29:17 <JarnoO> it's still not optimal, but it's something
15:29:19 <JarnoO> cya Tfb
15:29:20 <Jake> only bad geysers from here on out
15:31:09 <Eric> almost 29d for Giantess!
15:31:31 <Eric> interesting splendid note
15:31:42 <Eric> Don't know a lot about splendid
15:32:32 <Betty> Eric, it´s a geyser in Yellowstone as far as I know
15:33:48 <Eric> haha :-P
15:33:59 <Betty> :-D
15:34:04 <Jake> LS put it in her top 5 geysers of all time so it might be something worth seeing
15:34:31 <Eric> Nice, that actually is pretty noteworthy Jake.
15:34:32 <Betty> good point Jake
15:34:56 <Eric> I should say, I don't know a lot about it's behaviors and vents
15:35:05 <JarnoO> Indicator: lead= >2m42s, total= >5m32s; Beehive: 4m55s (suggests Indicator led by <10m, likely 7-10m or so)
15:35:19 <Betty> rainbow!
15:35:50 <Betty> at least for a second
15:37:11 <JarnoO> as for Splendid... Look for Daisy's lasting close to or over 4 minutes. That's generally a good indicator of bigger Splendid action. Also, don't log Splendid too quickly. False starts can reach some 20 feet or so and last about 30 seconds before it drops. That's what I made of the logbooks anyway
15:37:19 <JarnoO> Daisys*
15:39:28 <Eric> I think a 20' Spendid would be pretty noteworthy right now :-D
15:39:43 <JarnoO> yes, but no eruption
15:41:00 <JarnoO> (not even a minor - that's reserved for Splendids somewhere inbetween false starts and eruption reaching 200 feet or over)
15:41:21 <JarnoO> eruptions reaching up to*
15:44:24 <Eric> :-/
15:44:38 <Eric> 200ft splendid sounds wonderful
15:45:26 <Forestbewithyou> Hiyo
15:45:43 <KorbenC> hi
15:45:43 <JarnoO> concerted Daisy and Splendid is even better :)
15:45:47 <JarnoO> hi Forest
15:45:57 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Jarno,Korben
15:47:16 <JarnoO> Mug
15:47:17 <KorbenC> nice Mug
15:48:03 <JarnoO> Aurum
15:48:03 <JarnoO> .
15:48:04 <JarnoO> .
15:48:04 <Eric> aruum
15:48:05 <JarnoO> .
15:48:06 <Eric> .
15:48:06 <Eric> .
15:48:07 <Eric> .
15:48:07 <Eric> .
15:48:18 <KorbenC> We are having some wonderful views today.
15:48:21 <Eric> wooohoo
15:49:05 <Forestbewithyou> nice
15:51:28 <Jake> 200ft Splendid isn't wonderful, it's splendid
15:51:37 <Forestbewithyou> :D
15:51:38 <JarnoO> nice one
15:51:52 <Jake> for the last 20 years it's been Splendidn't
15:51:59 <KorbenC> I am still trying to udnerstand Ryans comment on my FB post in the dissusion board, I mush be very confused :P
15:52:03 <Kevin L™️ > 😃
15:52:30 <KorbenC> Kevin, since when do you use those emojis? Ipad? Or Kevin imitating Linda :D
15:54:31 <Kevin L™️ > Ipad
15:59:51 <Betty> Kevin IS Linda
16:00:08 <Forestbewithyou> DUN DUN DUNNNN LMAO
16:00:23 <Katie> Released
16:01:22 <KorbenC> Katie, thx for driving.
16:08:35 <JarnoO> Mug
16:20:57 <JarnoO> Mug
16:27:07 <JarnoO> off for the day. Enjoy Lion if it did not go already
16:27:15 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Jarno
16:28:10 <KorbenC> Bye Jarno, have a good one.
16:30:14 <Betty> night Jarno
16:34:35 <KorbenC> :lion:
16:34:41 <Betty> Lion
16:45:19 <LindaG> Hey hey
16:45:29 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Hi Linda
16:45:37 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi hi
16:45:38 <Betty> hi Kevin
16:45:44 <KorbenC> LindaG, jello
16:45:50 <Betty> oh...Linda
16:45:53 <LindaG> KorbenC, jello
16:45:54 <Betty> ;-)
16:45:59 <LindaG> Betty, hi
16:46:33 <LindaG> 😃
16:52:27 <Betty> time for sleep. Night all
16:52:53 <Forestbewithyou> bye betty
16:53:04 <LindaG> Betty, bye
17:12:23 <KorbenC> Lakeshor 1706
17:12:44 <KorbenC> thats nice :)
17:21:20 <GO GIANTESS> yeah, i have never seen 5 or 6 feet from it
17:21:32 <KorbenC> me neither :D
17:21:35 <KorbenC> Hi Mario
17:26:48 <Mario> Hi Korben how are you?
17:28:09 <KorbenC> I am OK Mario, yourself?
17:28:17 <KorbenC> Lakeshore seems to be in a series, 2 more eruptions.
17:34:13 <GO GIANTESS> it tends t ocycle frequently, not sure its in series .... which would imply it stops for a period
17:36:11 <KorbenC> lucky Steve :D
17:38:41 <GO GIANTESS> i see the park visitation numbers came in high for Sept too
17:39:16 <KorbenC> yup
17:39:34 <KorbenC> I guess I was extremly lucky to be there for the early 1/2 of June :D :D.
17:39:44 <Mario> Doing great Korben, thx for asking
17:39:54 <KorbenC> Gonna be alot more than 5 people at SB :).
17:39:55 <GO GIANTESS> any time is good, but you got in while it was quieter
17:40:27 <KorbenC> Well, im not gonna complain at having a "private" Steamboat, and maybe seing 5 people at Grand for the 2 days that it was cold and snowing.
17:43:22 <GO GIANTESS> looking at the atendees, it was more than 5 people at SB ... but quieter than the rest o the year
17:43:37 <GO GIANTESS> glad you got into the park
17:44:14 <GO GIANTESS> I got my full planned summer time in the ark despite Covid, and the geysers were very good t me
17:44:38 <KorbenC> Seemed like 5 people, ive got pics of an empty upper deck, and 4 people on lower deck a bit after the start.
17:47:32 <KorbenC> The geysers were great to you G :D
17:47:58 <KorbenC> I thought seeing 1 SB was good, but you go SBs and Giantess. :)
18:03:42 <GO GIANTESS> 3SB and 1 Giantess for the big ones. NG and Bronze for small ones .. and of course 100 Jets
18:06:29 <KorbenC> GS, that is alot better than my measly 1SB and 3 Jets :D
18:10:04 <GO GIANTESS> well 1SB makes for a great year
18:10:28 <GO GIANTESS> most years I dont see anything big
18:10:40 <KorbenC> Except F&M decided to make me freeze my hands and pretty much lock, and then decide "nah."
18:10:47 <GO GIANTESS> well maybe half the years
18:11:01 <KorbenC> :D
18:11:10 <KorbenC> are you on cam G?
18:11:16 <GO GIANTESS> yeah, well it was really too early in the season then with it being dormant
18:11:23 <GO GIANTESS> nope
18:11:33 <KorbenC> Kevin? Joe>
18:14:50 <KorbenC> Well, I have to go pack and stuff, hopefully baggin 2 14ers tommrow (ones I laready did this year though.) Goodnight all.
18:15:04 <KorbenC> bagging*
18:15:09 <KorbenC> already*
18:16:31 <Forestbewithyou> Night Korben
18:16:57 <Mario> nite Korben
18:26:08 <GO GIANTESS> Mug
18:37:25 <Mario> Mug
18:39:12 <Ynpvisitor1> Old Tardy ie
18:49:26 <GO GIANTESS> Mug
18:57:45 <Forestbewithyou> well I am going to head out. Night all
19:39:06 <kcmule> grand ie
19:45:49 <kcmule> 2b