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06:36:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
07:17:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
07:20:04 <KorbenC> Morning Graham
07:20:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello, just heading out. did you get any snow?
07:20:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like its all in WY
07:21:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> bbl
07:22:15 <KorbenC> no, we are getting it tommorow.
07:22:18 <KorbenC> and bye
07:22:42 <Copper Kettle> next Lion @ 0823±5m if series continues. 3m46s
07:22:47 <JarnoO> morning all
07:22:51 <KorbenC> morning JO
07:25:22 <KorbenC> Jarno, do you have any idea where the article is going to get split?
07:25:38 <KorbenC> After YNM? YNR? Swarm+Obspy?
07:26:46 <JarnoO> Tantalus and the logger go into the next edition
07:27:38 <KorbenC> so will we have to add some introductory again in the next issue because it would be 2? months away?
07:28:31 <JarnoO> not sure. Probably will have some sort of "in the previous edition" thingy, but that's all I think
07:29:47 <KorbenC> :thumbsup::)
08:04:44 <KorbenC> Hey Craig
08:04:51 <CraigC> KorbenC, hey dude
08:05:02 <KorbenC> I see you and William are having a get together :)
08:05:04 <JarnoO> morning Craig
08:05:12 <CraigC> JarnoO, howdy
08:05:19 <CraigC> KorbenC, he is staying here
08:05:38 <KorbenC> Craig, sounds fun, lucky you get to spend more time with such a cool dude.
08:05:49 <KorbenC> You going to drag him on the North Fork?
08:08:57 <KorbenC> Well, time to go do 6K of Elevation Gain, bye all.
08:53:38 <BillR> Is it foggy down basin?
08:55:16 <CC> snowy
08:56:17 <BillR> thank you
08:57:02 <TomK> Hello all
08:57:16 <JarnoO> morning Tom, Rich, Bill
08:57:36 <CC> Hi Tom
08:57:44 <CC> Cam is yours
08:58:37 <TomK> ot it
08:58:48 <TomK> 'got it'
09:00:07 <Rich> G'day Everyone
09:00:23 <Rich> ty jarnoO
09:02:41 <TomK> Any critters this morning?
09:03:30 <JarnoO> Lion appears end of series
09:04:21 <JarnoO> anything else is basically guesswork, though you might be able to get Grand soon if visibility permits. Currently at 12h16m double
09:06:36 <TomK> I'll watch down basin unless anyone has any requests
09:06:42 <JarnoO> wow. 35m Aurum interval on June 14, 1998. I have no reason to assume it was a typo, as that interval is surrounded by normal intervals (sub-3h, which was normal back then)
09:11:54 <Frosty> JarnoO, doesn't it sometimes do a followup, like a mini-series?
09:12:37 <JarnoO> it can do that. Though either GOSA or TSB says such follow-up eruptions happen within 10 minutes of the initial
09:12:50 <JarnoO> (not sure where I read that statement)
09:16:33 <Frosty> :thumbsup:
09:17:10 <JarnoO> might be Grand there
09:17:31 <JarnoO> no Grand, probably a Turban then
09:19:31 <Michael> Hi Kevin. Did you bring a shovel?
09:20:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 😎 I think I will just stay in the car!
09:28:39 <TomK> view gettiing poor
09:29:07 <JarnoO> :/
09:29:26 <Michael> Looks like this is the warm part of the day...arctic air incoming soon.
09:47:59 <TomK> A little early for OF window, but...
09:50:56 <Michael> Nice crowd of benches waiting for the eruption.
10:00:40 <JarnoO> hi there, waving person
10:02:16 <TomK> Ranger Gilbert
10:03:02 <TomK> We are texting him live
10:05:17 <JarnoO> Aurum
10:06:23 <TomK> missed it
10:07:29 <Michael> don't know if there was any hope of seeing water in it.
10:09:27 <Forestbewithyou> Good Morning everyone
10:09:35 <Forestbewithyou> Or good afternoon/night
10:10:06 <JarnoO> that was a very, very difficult OF to get a duration from. Current verdict is short at 1m53s
10:10:54 <JarnoO> morning Forest
10:10:56 <JarnoO> dinnertime
10:11:04 <Michael> Hi Forest.
10:11:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Had to be Aurum. I was feeding chickens.
10:11:25 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Michael, Jarno
10:13:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Time for some training.
10:18:30 <CraigC> Forestbewithyou, hey dude
10:18:37 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
10:50:38 <JarnoO> looks like it has cleared up a bit in 40 minutes. Good stuff
11:09:38 <kcmule> OF
11:12:33 <TomK> Geyser times predicted it at 1121-1147
11:13:12 <JarnoO> GT had it at 1058
11:14:06 <TomK> still shows 1121 +
11:14:33 <JarnoO> that's weird. On my end it was 1058±7m
11:16:07 <TomK> I've lost cam control, trying to log back in, won't let me
11:18:50 <TomK> Got it back
11:20:08 <TomK> The graph on geuser times has now been updated
11:42:45 <JarnoO> we have TD-28 on the next cycle of advisories
11:43:22 <JarnoO> 100/100
11:46:31 <JarnoO> also NOAA43 is now investigating it
11:49:38 <Michael> Go Zeta!
12:08:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> you need to make the sun come out in 50min please/
12:26:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 😎
12:28:12 <TomK> This time the table & chart on geyser times agree, OF window at 1232
12:38:36 <Betty> hi all
12:38:51 <TomK> hi
12:39:07 <JarnoO> evening Betty
12:39:12 <Betty> hey TomK, how are u?
12:39:22 <Betty> hey JarnoO
12:44:36 <TomK> Hi betty, we're good, you?
12:45:29 <TomK> just hanging around the house, an hour a day walking. Since march 10, not much happening
12:47:04 <TomK> 300 miles on my car in the past 8 mnths instead of my usual 6-7,000
12:47:39 <Betty> I´m pretty good :-)
12:48:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> I see some people made it in from West today. have not heard if any other roads opened?
12:51:01 <Betty> hi Graham
12:51:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> hello
12:52:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> not much on the prediction card today
12:55:49 <KorbenC> That was a great hike
12:55:56 <KorbenC> Nice class 3 gully up to a ridge, lovely/
12:56:21 <JarnoO> finally OF
12:56:38 <JarnoO> hi Korben. 100/100
12:56:45 <KorbenC> :heart::heart:
12:56:51 <KorbenC> and Hi Jarno
12:57:08 <TomK> HI
12:57:20 <KorbenC> Hey Tom, you on the cam?
12:57:42 <TomK> yes, but logging in 3 minutes
13:00:10 <TomK> Who wants the cam?
13:00:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> me me me
13:00:31 <Betty> :-)
13:00:40 <TomK> LoL, I'm off it
13:00:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Graham likes snow
13:00:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> yep, its pretty
13:00:58 <TomK> Bye all
13:01:07 <Betty> thx Tom
13:01:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like the snow ismoving down into CO which is good
13:01:11 <JarnoO> cya Tom
13:01:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks Tom, enjoy the afternoon
13:02:35 <TomK> Sun's out here in WA. going for a walk after lunch. Bye
13:02:48 <Betty> enjoy
13:02:51 <KorbenC> Bye Tom
13:02:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice, enjoy it while it lasts
13:02:59 <KorbenC> GS, yes! Fire just started north of me :(
13:03:10 <KorbenC> About 10 miles north someone started a grass fire on USAFA.
13:03:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> well opefully you get the snow thats in the forecast
13:05:52 <KorbenC> This mornings hike,
13:11:44 <JarnoO> that's more like rock climbing to me :P
13:11:54 <KorbenC> lol, still hiking :P
13:11:59 <KorbenC> Ive done harder, lots harder.
13:14:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> do you even have rock climbing in the Netherlands JarnoO?
13:14:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> hehe
13:17:09 <KorbenC> Hehe
13:17:32 <Betty> hehe
13:17:36 <KorbenC> JO, if the system doesnt move into the gulf to quickly rapid intensification is possible.
13:17:53 <JarnoO> not really... Technically in Limburg there are a few hills we consider to be mountains... :)
13:17:59 <KorbenC> lol
13:18:06 <KorbenC> What is the total elevation gain?
13:18:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> 14'ers ... as in meters?
13:18:54 <KorbenC> 14 meters, lol
13:19:25 <KorbenC> Vaalserberg is 1K ft :D
13:20:46 <JarnoO> Tallest point (Vaalserberg) is 322.4 meter above sealevel and the lowest point is -6.76 meters. Used to be a lake there, but we wanted land
13:20:48 <Betty> highest mountain in Germany is 9.718 ft, guess you can only laugh about it :-D
13:21:33 <KorbenC> 9,718??**
13:22:02 <JarnoO> the classic decimal . or , :)
13:22:11 <Betty> 2972 meters
13:22:27 <KorbenC> OK, that makes more sense
13:23:08 <Forestbewithyou> Hey Betty and Korben
13:23:13 <KorbenC> hey
13:24:03 <KorbenC> wc down?
13:24:24 <KorbenC> up
13:24:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like it
13:24:32 <KorbenC> nope
13:24:41 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
13:46:42 <DeletedTeakettl> Aw man, why can't I be *there* with all the snow
13:47:27 <JarnoO> afternoon DT
13:47:37 <DeletedTeakettl> heya
13:47:47 <Forestbewithyou> Hi DT
13:48:03 <DeletedTeakettl> seriously going through snow withdrawal at the moment
13:48:15 <Betty> hi DT
13:52:30 <JarnoO> Aurum?
13:52:41 <JarnoO> nope, Doublet
13:53:11 <DeletedTeakettl> thumpthump
13:55:27 <DeletedTeakettl> man, who needs geysers... just give me snowcam forever
13:55:41 <JarnoO> that's not what I signed up for!
13:57:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> is that a snowman at the west gate?
13:58:02 <JarnoO> an attempt at it looks like
14:02:26 <KorbenC> Hey DT
14:03:02 <KorbenC> I see Jarno and I wont have to eject you to the sun today :D
14:06:20 <JarnoO> slosh slosh
14:08:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> West to OF will close at 1600
14:08:26 <KorbenC> for the year or no?
14:09:34 <Frosty> the road
14:10:06 <KorbenC> lol, I know that, but will the road re-open this year or not?
14:10:41 <Frosty> yes
14:10:51 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
14:11:09 <KorbenC> I just thought they might just go "no, its too much work to get open, were closing early." :D
14:11:15 <Frosty> one year there was a big storm on closing day - roads didn't open til 1300 but they still opened instead of closing early
14:11:43 <DeletedTeakettl> Probably gonna be editing all day at this rate
14:11:59 <KorbenC> :D
14:12:02 <Frosty> concessioners still need plowed roads for a while
14:13:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> weather is supposed to improve. only lkely to give up if its bad snow on closing weekend i think
14:14:58 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Michael
14:15:24 <Michael> Hi Forest
14:16:40 <DeletedTeakettl> it just looks so happy and nice with all the snow
14:17:04 <Betty> hello Michael
14:17:06 <JarnoO> looks like Riverside may be in overflow
14:17:44 <Michael> Hi Betty.
14:18:15 <KorbenC> Hey Betty+Michael
14:18:20 <Betty> OF
14:18:28 <Betty> on static
14:18:38 <Betty> before the window
14:18:52 <Betty> Riverside ie
14:18:55 <Michael> D'oh!
14:19:35 <Michael> Hi Korben. Looked like fire and ice in your weekend forecast.
14:20:49 <JarnoO> to be fair, I did eventually manage to time it at 3m44s. Probably went on first preplay
14:21:28 <4 pm for touris> I wonder what happens to people that are not out of the park by 4 pm?
14:21:39 <4 pm for touris> do they have to stay the night? Go to Mammoth?
14:21:44 <4 pm for touris> that is a long detour
14:22:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> i assume outbound will be allowed
14:22:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think the road to Mammoth is still closed, dont think it reopened?
14:22:33 <4 pm for touris> interesting assumption
14:23:03 <4 pm for touris> Maybe the rangers will go out there with bullhorns
14:23:03 <Michael> What's the rationale for the West road closure?
14:23:30 <4 pm for touris> no idea, no snow on the way from radar. Maybe icy roads and stupid tourists?
14:24:19 <4 pm for touris> I don't think NPS has to show rationale for their decisions
14:24:56 <4 pm for touris> not many tourists get text updates, so not sure how they will know the road is closing
14:25:22 <Michael> That's true. They definitely don't have to tell me out here in the Midwest.
14:25:55 <4 pm for touris> 4 pm seems early
14:26:34 <Michael> There most be a "it's 4pm somewhere" joke. Haven't figured out the set-up yet.
14:26:46 <4 pm for touris> :)
14:27:20 <Michael> So I'll save it for Standard time next weekend.
14:27:48 <JarnoO> Bulger
14:33:18 <4 pm for touris> GO SNOW, not much happening at OF for snow, just squalls
14:33:43 <KorbenC> I am inclined to aurgue :)
14:34:09 <4 pm for touris> hmmm, is that a word?
14:34:21 <KorbenC> you know I can spell
14:34:21 <4 pm for touris> and look at the ground Korben C
14:34:34 <KorbenC> The ground has good thermal retention.
14:34:54 <4 pm for touris> maybe cam op will show the roof at OF
14:35:10 <4 pm for touris> the word from rangers is not much snow there
14:35:26 <KorbenC> Its also above freezing (33.5)
14:35:39 <GO SNOW> if he snowstorms that are trainng over the same land head north a bit it would build up
14:35:42 <KorbenC> so there might be snow because there is a low wetbulb.
14:35:43 <4 pm for touris> your point being?
14:35:56 <GO SNOW> right around freezing, robably worried about slide offs if it ices over
14:36:09 <KorbenC> Meaning, much accumulation is not expected, and any that accumulates is constantly melting.
14:36:23 <KorbenC> So its actually snowing quite well, but just most of it is melting on contact.
14:36:26 <4 pm for touris> so not much snow
14:36:45 <4 pm for touris> if it was snowing quite well, we would not have this view
14:36:54 <KorbenC> Haha :D
14:37:10 <GO SNOW> the view has been coming and going
14:37:21 <KorbenC> Duration vs. volume, you learn about it when taking spotter classes, its "Moderate Snow."
14:37:22 <1111> overnight low will be very cold
14:37:23 <4 pm for touris> yes, with the squalls
14:37:25 <JarnoO> Lion doing things
14:37:39 <1111> current wet roads will turn to glaze
14:37:43 <KorbenC> Not a squall.
14:37:44 <JarnoO> ini
14:37:55 <Michael> I'd say the snow has been a B-minus for effort, maybe a C-minus for results if I grade generously.
14:38:02 <1111> lots of drivers without good tires or skills
14:38:14 <4 pm for touris> agree 1111
14:38:19 <4 pm for touris> too many idiots
14:38:30 <KorbenC> Squalls are generaly characterised by "rib" like wave patterns along the frontal gradients, this is not wavelike patterns along any gradients.
14:38:45 <GO SNOW> if you look at radar, some people are getting prolonged snow
14:38:54 <KorbenC> Its just regular increase and decrease proportional with ceiling height.
14:38:55 <4 pm for touris> well then these bands of snow are not carrying much moisture
14:39:00 <KorbenC> It is constant, and regular.
14:39:18 <KorbenC> bands, thank you, much more accurate terminology I can work with :D
14:39:29 <KorbenC> But these bands are high moisture.
14:40:09 <4 pm for touris> ha ha, think what you want grasshopper
14:40:18 <KorbenC> The bands them selves are high moisture, the actually air in the pressure gradients is quite dry, and thats why the wetbulb is low, but things are melting somewhat on contact.
14:40:32 <JarnoO> afternon Jeff
14:40:42 <Jeff> Hey JarnoO
14:40:46 <KorbenC> *Insert me showing 4pm for tourists my spotter ID and calling up the lead forecaster at NWS Pueblo*
14:40:48 <Betty> hi Jeff
14:40:49 <KorbenC> Hey Jeff
14:40:55 <GO SNOW> temp drpped to 24?
14:40:55 <Jeff> Hi Betty and korben
14:41:33 <KorbenC> GO SNOW, that temp chart is wrong :D
14:42:04 <GO SNOW> ok, but it just dropped 8 degrees
14:42:11 <KorbenC> Im looking at the OF chart and its 31 flat.
14:42:49 <KorbenC> Temperature is droping rapidly
14:42:56 <GO SNOW> ok
14:42:59 <GO SNOW> and more snow now
14:43:02 <KorbenC> dropping below 28 as I speak.
14:43:11 <1111> NWS fcst hi for day is 28, overnight low -6
14:43:15 <KorbenC> Yes, strong band, low pressure, high humidity.
14:43:48 <KorbenC> another degree down.
14:44:33 <GO SNOW> maybe 24 is right :)
14:45:25 <KorbenC> Its right, but just not here :D
14:45:45 <KorbenC> Its about 2 miles NW of Bee (which is my reference)
14:46:38 <4 pm for touris> see, no snow
14:46:42 <DeletedTeakettl> it's all snowcam now
14:46:47 <4 pm for touris> or very little
14:46:50 <DeletedTeakettl> geysers have been cancelled
14:46:51 <KorbenC> Makes sense with fast fire moving bands, about the right timing according to my math, 30mph storm = 2 mins per mile= 4 minutes per two miles, right timing.
14:47:17 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1556±5m if series continues. 6m58s 1437:06
14:47:22 <KorbenC> 4 pm for tourists, still snowing, its got strong bands, thats how these things work
14:47:35 <KorbenC> 13 minutes till advisory JO
14:47:38 <DeletedTeakettl> Jarno what do you use as the cutoff for your durations
14:47:53 <GO SNOW> and it will ice over. remember they dont use sat
14:47:55 <DeletedTeakettl> you probably mentioned on the listserv post you did a while ago but I am way too lazy to look it up
14:47:56 <GO SNOW> salt
14:48:30 <4 pm for touris> Korben C, maybe it will snow an inch more before it is all past OF
14:48:31 <GO SNOW> a few peeps at Grand
14:48:41 <1111> there are good alternatives to salt now (not saying they will use them)
14:48:50 <4 pm for touris> Grand better go on time or they will be late getting out
14:48:50 <KorbenC> 4 pm for tourists, it will, I can gurantee it.
14:49:07 <4 pm for touris> that is rich Korben C, guaranteeing snow
14:49:18 <4 pm for touris> you might look for a job at a ski resort
14:49:27 <KorbenC> look ,its still snowing.
14:49:39 <JarnoO> For Lion's initial I used the first pause, but apparantly that's not quite how it works after working with it for a few months. Now I cut them off at the transition to steam, which is quite obvious. For in-series I still cut them off at the first pause (but there is a gray area though, haha :/)
14:50:01 <GO SNOW> not sure any treatment opeons are good for the wildlife tho 1111?
14:50:46 <KorbenC> Haha, I prefer to ski at resorts, not working on it.
14:51:04 <1111> yeah I'm not sure of that either
14:51:37 <JarnoO> TD-28 first advisory in a few minutes
14:51:38 <1111> no matter what they use, the decline s turns south of Madison will be sketchy
14:53:24 <4 pm for touris> I'm guessing they will have someone walking boardwalks soon to encourage people to leave
14:53:57 <4 pm for touris> cars still entering west gate
14:54:03 <GO SNOW> dunno 4pm - I have never been in the park when theres a planned closure?
14:54:06 <4 pm for touris> that does not make much sense
14:54:07 <GO SNOW> do they do that?
14:54:23 <4 pm for touris> not sure they have ever had this early a closure
14:54:27 <4 pm for touris> timewise, in the day
14:54:30 <GO SNOW> it closes at 4, not 3
14:55:16 <GO SNOW> they often have sudden closures, so peeps still will be trying to get out
14:55:22 <KorbenC> Jarno, 1st issue getting opened.
14:55:33 <KorbenC> Over the next 5 minutes its going to get spread out.
14:55:41 <GO SNOW> some people will be on trails hiking too
14:55:52 <KorbenC> Predicted to hit the same part of GUlf Coast
14:55:55 <GO SNOW> although maybe not many .. haha
14:56:02 <KorbenC> As TS, not hurricane, for now anyways
14:56:10 <KorbenC> High shear levels should limit development in the gult
14:56:13 <KorbenC> Gulf*
14:56:24 <JarnoO> it's a TS now? A few minutes ago it was a TD
14:56:31 <Betty> Grand?
14:56:31 <KorbenC> not TS yet
14:56:50 <JarnoO> oh, need to read better
14:56:53 <GO SNOW> cant tell betty
14:57:02 <KorbenC> Predicted to get there soon, then become hurricane, then hit Gulf Course as TS
14:57:49 <JarnoO> I see
14:58:14 <KorbenC> Why do storms love that part of the Gulf Coat.
14:58:17 <KorbenC> Coast
14:58:32 <GO SNOW> the Golf Coast
14:58:50 <KorbenC> lol
14:59:04 <JarnoO> I think they made a bet a long, long time ago on which storm can hit the hardest. I guess they managed to figure out where to hit the hardest after the 2005 season :P
14:59:34 <KorbenC> JarnoO, lol
15:05:07 <Betty> Grand started 1455
15:05:34 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
15:07:04 <Betty> guess you need to pan out to see the steam cloud
15:07:24 <Betty> 12 min, so maybe already over
15:07:43 <GO SNOW> cant tell anyway
15:11:30 <4 pm for touris> is rain going to ruin Cheeto's golf game?
15:14:23 <4 pm for touris> ranger Russ is out there, he might be letting people know about roads closing
15:36:26 <CraigC> how do you find old entries on GT?
15:37:20 <JarnoO> you can enter a date in the past in the search bar or append &n=, where is the amount of entries you wish to view (be gentle, though)
15:39:51 <JarnoO> or append to a geyser page*
15:40:07 <CraigC> I am not following..... can you do a search for artemisia entries back to 2017 then paste the url so I can see
15:40:55 <Frosty> "Retrieve" - Geyser Name - Date Range
15:41:19 <JarnoO> also works
15:41:58 <JarnoO> Retrieve also works - depends on what exactly you're after
15:43:03 <CraigC> thanks, Jarno
15:43:11 <CraigC> william thanks you, also
15:43:47 <CraigC> I dont know how to do retrieve
15:44:25 <Frosty> see it up at the top? Enter Retrieve etc
15:50:33 <4 pm for touris> well those people will be on the road after 4
15:51:01 <GO SNOW> of
15:51:47 <4 pm for touris> Craig C the more you try it the better you will get at it
15:52:00 <GO SNOW> hopefully everyone gets home safely
15:52:19 <4 pm for touris> or to their hotels, not sure many of them are going home
15:52:40 <GO SNOW> dunno, its the weekend, could be locals too
15:52:58 <GO SNOW> bt wherever they are going, i hope the roads are not too slick
15:54:30 <GO SNOW> only one more weekend before the interior is closed
15:55:15 <Betty> tonight DST ends here in Europe
15:55:38 <GO SNOW> ah, we have one more week to go here
15:56:21 <JarnoO> I really hoped this would've been the last time we switched DST. Standard time is much better. Technically I should be in UTC, but +1 is fine
15:57:02 <DeletedTeakettl> for y'all listserv folks to puzzle over:
15:58:13 <Betty> Lion
15:58:36 <Betty> or not
16:01:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> In the basin, the quiet basin....
16:01:39 <JarnoO> The Lion roars tonight...
16:02:57 <Betty> hey Kevin
16:04:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi Betty
16:06:08 <GO SNOW> lion
16:06:42 <Betty> looks not sleepy at all
16:06:51 <GO SNOW> just made it in JarnoO's window by 1 min
16:07:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Fuzzball
16:07:30 <Betty> swirling fuzzball
16:10:07 <KorbenC> DT, I know what happened at Norris, they turned the focets on too much and boom :P
16:10:24 <KorbenC> but no, ive never seen anything like that, maybe reach out to Ryan?
16:11:16 <JarnoO> for that 2002 event - perhaps MAB could help with that. She knows a lot more about Norris than I do. Though my thinking is that the event initially manifested itself in the One Hundred Spring Plain, with eruptions from several features or a long-lasting water-heavy eruption from one feature in or near Tantalus Creek, followed by the rest of the basin only hours later
16:11:20 <DeletedTeakettl> he wouldn't have seen anything like it either :P
16:12:28 <DeletedTeakettl> Hoping MA chimes in on that thread. It was the time when YVO had just formed and gazer-NPS relations were still okay, so folks might have actually gone out to look.
16:12:50 <DeletedTeakettl> But I don't know if the data was seen many months or years later, in which case nobody would have thought to go look.
16:12:51 <GO SNOW> castle
16:13:02 <KorbenC> Not possible, but possible: Hydrothermal Explosion in or near Tantalus creek could have trigered something in the basin, but thats crazy
16:13:24 <DeletedTeakettl> mostly in jest theory: Reservoir exploded
16:13:48 <1111> I wonder how much snow was on the ground at the time
16:13:50 <DeletedTeakettl> HI CASTLE
16:14:10 <1111> it was April, possibly a heavy pack still
16:14:13 <JarnoO> I wonder if there's satellite imagery available from before April 2002 and after
16:14:28 <DeletedTeakettl> ...there is, but it's not *good*
16:15:02 <DeletedTeakettl> Good point 1111 about the snow though. Any significant input of hot water would have also melted some snow, which could have contributed to the discharge spike and not so big temp spike.
16:15:30 <DeletedTeakettl> the sustained crazy high temperature over the next day is what gets me
16:15:56 <JarnoO> how about other known disturbances?
16:16:06 <KorbenC> Jarno, zoomed out there isnt anything I can see.
16:16:06 <DeletedTeakettl> seems like there was a discrete event (or events occurring simultaneously) for the discharge spike and then something different that sustained over time
16:16:13 <KorbenC> 1111, good point
16:16:21 <DeletedTeakettl> this comes a year before the fun 2003 disturbance, which was intense in the developed areas
16:16:52 <Dd> Closed signs have gone up at West gate
16:18:28 <KorbenC> DT/Jarno, take a look at this
16:18:55 <KorbenC> wait, wrong year :P
16:19:13 <KorbenC> haha, disregard that, I cannot read.
16:22:23 <DeletedTeakettl> is it kind of depressing that there is no scientific publication that focuses on and describes disturbance activity that occurred post-2003?
16:22:39 <DeletedTeakettl> c'mon Norris folks, there's a void to fill
16:23:27 <GO SNOW> nobody goes to Norris any more
16:23:57 <1111> in a way, I think that's kind of nice...good for there to still be mysteries to be solved!
16:43:32 <Betty> Daisy ie
16:43:40 <GO SNOW> a flower
16:51:24 <DeletedTeakettl> whelp, that's it for me today
16:51:26 <DeletedTeakettl> take care, all
16:51:39 <KorbenC> Bye DT
16:51:41 <GO SNOW> bye DT
16:51:58 <Betty> enjoy your evening
16:52:00 <KorbenC> Have fun editing.
16:57:26 <GO SNOW> bulger
16:57:46 <GO SNOW> cars heading out of the park to West
16:58:27 <JarnoO> a Bulger
17:21:23 <kcmule> OF
17:21:56 <GO SNOW> yu are supposed to remind me before it erupts
17:22:18 <kcmule> noted
17:26:19 <KorbenC> Hey kc
17:26:31 <kcmule> hola
17:26:53 <KorbenC> is it como estesa?
17:27:47 <Betty> Lion?
17:27:53 <Betty> hi kc
17:28:01 <GO SNOW> meow
17:28:17 <KorbenC> nice
17:28:57 <GO SNOW> not a good wind direction
17:29:07 <kcmule> hi Betty
17:29:16 <GO SNOW> and a minor
17:29:37 <KorbenC> igg
17:29:40 <KorbenC> ugg
17:30:52 <JarnoO> restart
17:31:57 <KorbenC> nicr
17:32:55 <KorbenC> isnt that one of the longer pauses, or no?
17:33:17 <GO SNOW> it was over a minute I think
17:33:19 <JarnoO> could be. Need to watch the footage
17:36:33 <Betty> enjoy the snow,. night all
17:36:45 <KorbenC> Betty, bye
17:36:45 <JarnoO> cya Betty
17:37:00 <GO SNOW> night Betty, enjoy youe sleep-in tomorrow
17:37:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
17:38:30 <Forestbewithyou> back from watching the sunset
17:40:17 <GO SNOW> you get a lot of sunsets Forest
17:40:34 <Forestbewithyou> I go for a nightly walk around sunset
17:41:01 <KorbenC> I wish I had a sunset, went fron blue light sky to dark clouds before it could set.
17:41:43 <Forestbewithyou> It wasn't the best sunset but there was some nice red clouds
17:42:29 <GO SNOW> good time to go for a walk
17:42:39 <KorbenC> yeah
17:43:46 <Forestbewithyou> yea
17:43:57 <KorbenC> -6 low tommorow night :D (Fahrenheit) wind chill of about -30 (thx to the ridgeline funneling everything down) tomorrow evening.
17:44:09 <Forestbewithyou> Sadly it is getting colder :(
17:44:13 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
17:44:21 <KorbenC> Jello Linda
17:44:28 <Linda> Forestbewithyou, hi
17:44:39 <Linda> KorbenC, jello korben jello
17:44:45 <GO SNOW> OF temp dropped another 8 degrees, says 16 now
17:44:59 <KorbenC> GS, itll get lower tonight :D
17:47:18 <JarnoO> Aurum
17:47:41 <KorbenC> .
17:47:41 <KorbenC> .
17:47:42 <KorbenC> .
17:47:42 <KorbenC> .
17:47:47 <Linda> Looks cold out there, glad im in NJ
17:47:54 <KorbenC> Linda, haha.
17:48:17 <Linda> It was 74 here today
17:49:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think it snow hitting Doublet
17:56:54 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1835±5m if series continues. ±1m01s+±2m53s - have bunched them together despite >1m pause, since it appears there's a broader range of where two eruptions "count" as one
18:24:20 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Craig
18:24:39 <KorbenC> Afternoon Craig
18:26:35 <Linda> Huh bee is hiding again
18:37:58 <Forestbewithyou> dinner time
18:39:31 <JarnoO> thought for a second that was NG
18:39:42 <KorbenC> haha
18:39:43 <JarnoO> no wash there though
18:40:03 <KorbenC> thats why I like the winter in YNP, snow melts with hot water :D
18:51:54 <Dd> First time the OF boardwalk has been deserted during daylight since park opened?
18:52:25 <JarnoO> there were a few viewers today
18:53:35 <GO SNOW> we are past civil twilight, so technicaly dark by most measures
18:55:32 <Forestbewithyou> Well it looks like there is a chance here in WI we could see our first snow accumulation tomorrow night
18:56:47 <KorbenC> Nice
18:58:13 <Forestbewithyou> Yea it looks really iffy though
18:58:31 <JarnoO> a feature named "Arch", active in late June 1998 and apparantly capable of erupting over 30 minutes... Any ideas?
18:58:54 <GO SNOW> i wonder if we will get any this year, I think we got zero inches last year .. unusual for us
18:59:10 <Forestbewithyou> Maybe Arch Steam Vent in norris??? I have no idea though
18:59:23 <KorbenC> "Snow showers before midnight, then snow showers after midnight. Areas of dense fog. Low around -4. Wind chill values between -15 and -30. North wind 15 to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible."
18:59:34 <JarnoO> also, it's in the OFVCL-EV, which usually doesn't cover Norris
18:59:42 <Forestbewithyou> oh then nvm
18:59:55 <GO SNOW> maybe Arch vent at F&M .... AKA Bottom Vent?
19:00:27 <KorbenC> GO SNOW, that would make sense.
19:00:41 <JarnoO> could be, but the duration of >30m is what makes me kinda doubt it
19:01:17 <KorbenC> Ive seen 1 F&M where I had no idea what was going on, but my other event cycle had 20 minute bottom eruption.
19:01:28 <KorbenC> So its very possible.
19:01:38 <GO SNOW> of
19:01:55 <Forestbewithyou> Which one is bottom vent again :D
19:02:05 <GO SNOW> dont know if it was eruting that early, of course maybe an eruption then was what we cann splashing now
19:02:08 <JarnoO> do note that F&M didn't have event cycles until early 2000
19:02:12 <Forestbewithyou> Oh wait
19:02:25 <JarnoO> 2000s*
19:02:28 <KorbenC> if this was 2002 (which is what you might be thinking about)
19:02:34 <GO SNOW> Bottom vent is the Mortar vent closest to the benches
19:03:44 <Forestbewithyou> the event cycle that I had at the end had a really long bottom vent IIRC
19:03:53 <Forestbewithyou> Like end of my trip this year
19:04:00 <Forestbewithyou> not at the end of the cycle
19:04:01 <JarnoO> 1998 was also a year in which F&M were inactive starting from 19 May until 2000.
19:06:06 <GO SNOW> maybe Arch was active tho
19:06:17 <KorbenC> Forest, Nam Kuchera projects nada at your location, ECMWF MSLP shows 1020BP at your location. Making it about 25% chance of any snow accumulation.
19:06:30 <Forestbewithyou> Exactly
19:06:57 <KorbenC> but my favorit, UKMET shows about 1 inch at your location.
19:08:03 <GO SNOW> Bottom Vent does a lot of splashing during the long quiet spells, it gets stronger and stronger and then has the chance to transition into a full eruption
19:08:32 <GO SNOW> for entry into GT, I would say it goes in as an "other geyser" enntry or an F&M Note
19:08:42 <KorbenC> GEFS shows 0.1 anomaly over TSA (cm because its Canadian). So according to Korbens crude math, with some calculator help...
19:09:19 <KorbenC> Forest at your location: about 17% chance of accumulation over 0.1 inches (thx NOAA tabels)
19:09:22 <KorbenC> tables*
19:09:36 <GO SNOW> even tho the term event cycle wasnt really coined until a bit later, maybe Arch was eruting but not called an event cycme because F&M were dormant?
19:09:43 <Forestbewithyou> iffy :)
19:09:52 <JarnoO> alternatively, "cm" because it's not impractical :P
19:10:04 <KorbenC> JarnoO, Hahaha
19:10:06 <KorbenC> Yes!
19:10:07 <Forestbewithyou> Knowing what happened last winter it will probably go south of here
19:10:28 <GO SNOW> night all, time for me to leave the cam parked here just in case BH erupts
19:10:41 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, "Knowing waht happened for the past three storms, it will probably go south of here."
19:10:55 <Forestbewithyou> Bye GO SNOW,
19:11:01 <JarnoO> Graham, thanks for the information. My plan was to log it as Other Geyser if I couldn't find something. Though should it have been BV then I could put it under Mortar-Solo
19:11:03 <KorbenC> Bye Graham.
19:11:14 <JarnoO> cya Graham
19:11:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
19:11:26 <KorbenC> JO, what year are you talking about?
19:11:29 <JarnoO> 1998
19:11:35 <GO SNOW> no, i wouldnt put it as a solo ... that implies upper and lower
19:11:55 <JarnoO> oh...
19:12:14 <KorbenC> Ah, makes sense.
19:13:02 <JarnoO> didn't know only Upper and Lower could be put under Mortar-Solo... That's going to be interesting with LMMs and BVs duals in later years (peeked ahead)
19:13:34 <JarnoO> oh well
19:19:27 <KorbenC> Jarno, NAMCAPE suggests rapid convective intensification of TD28 over the night.
19:19:39 <JarnoO> that'll be interesting
19:20:10 <JarnoO> GO ZETA!
19:20:34 <KorbenC> The low centers should be interesting, hey word is "Centers" yes, there are technically two centers, one of major rotation one of minor rotation.
19:21:29 <JarnoO> what if the minor center splits off and becomes a storm of its own? Would that be Zeta II or Eta?
19:21:41 <KorbenC> Ive got no idea.
19:21:50 <JarnoO> probably never happened I guess
19:22:01 <KorbenC> I dont expect taht though, lower center has higher rotation, and the convection will pull it down.
19:22:30 <JarnoO> I guess the major rotation center will eventually absorb it
19:22:33 <KorbenC> So it should band around, or dissipate as a center and build into a conective low, which happens all the time in storms.
19:22:33 <Forestbewithyou> Well I am going to head out. Good night to you all! Have fun with TD-28 :D
19:22:40 <JarnoO> cya Forest
19:22:40 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, bye
19:26:47 <KorbenC> JO, peeps on the right side of my screen say that they would most likely mark it as a separate invest.
19:27:04 <JarnoO> I see
19:27:45 <KorbenC> but who trusts Josh ;) :D
19:32:48 <KorbenC> Apparently: Strong rotational centers separate of the primary centers are quite common, however, many of these events are short lived.
19:33:56 <JarnoO> right
19:34:09 <KorbenC> Eventually these centers will collapse as a result of the stronger center (could be either at this point) If it does not they seperate into two seperate systems, which would msot likely get reinegrated into the main storm (the stronger one)
19:34:48 <KorbenC> If it does not happen then they will continue to separate because of the differences in pressure.
19:35:04 <KorbenC> And as a result they form seperate invests.
19:35:31 <JarnoO> right... That's different from Europe's extratropical systems, where a "satellite low" with a higher pressure sometimes absorbs its parent with a lower one
19:36:08 <JarnoO> and sometimes they merge and divebomb
19:36:39 <KorbenC> it could act as the same way, they could form satellite in which case it would be itneresting.
19:37:43 <JarnoO> Zeta's Satellite when? :P
19:38:10 <KorbenC> If they form a satellite they will be marked as one system, but the odds are that because of the alternative pressure systems they wouldnt rotate.
19:38:32 <KorbenC> JarnoO, lol
19:38:49 <KorbenC> But I have never seen (and neither has anyone) had that happen.
19:38:57 <KorbenC> Meaning its probably not going to happen anytime soon :D
19:39:42 <JarnoO> it's 2020, so... But in all seriousness, I don't think it'll happen
19:39:49 <KorbenC> GOES already picking up on connective explosion.
19:40:47 <KorbenC> Band 15 shows the two centers well, nice "ridgeline" between them all.
19:41:30 <JarnoO> looks like you have your evening entertainment sorted :)
19:42:08 <KorbenC> lol
19:43:04 <JarnoO> regarding the "Arch" conversation earlier - am strongly thinking it was Mortar's Bottom Vent. It's mentioned another time in the logbook, this time also with Lower Mortar accompanying it
20:02:52 <KorbenC> Since the snow is starting in COS right now, I am going to head out, goodbye all!
20:06:17 <JarnoO> cya Korben
20:26:58 <LJG> Amazing how bright those lights are