Showing logs for date: 2020-10-31
04:25:39 <sleep walker> Grand due
04:27:09 <sleep walker> nice lighting, looks very peaceful
04:27:31 <Michael> it really does. Not too cold either.
04:50:33 <sleep walker> wonder if that is Turban again, steam has picked up
04:53:30 <sleep walker> well time to try to sleep again
05:45:55 <Aurum> :grand:
06:58:00 <john> Good Morning everyone!
06:58:26 <Michael> Moning, john.
06:58:43 <GO GHOASTIES> morning, agternoon, whatever
06:59:09 <john> Yes, something like that! :)
06:59:31 <GO GHOSTIES> trying to find a nick i like today
07:03:33 <KorbenC> Morning all.
07:04:34 <GO WITCHES CAUL> good one
07:05:25 <Dante's Inferno> Sylvan Springs has two good ones - Dante's Inferno and a Coffin Spring
07:05:48 <john> Morning Korben!
07:05:51 <GO WITCHES CAUL> there are still a bunch you can pick from
07:06:07 <KorbenC> Hi John
07:06:17 <GO WITCHES CAUL> lets see how many we can get people to use
07:07:31 <john> Looks like a cold geyser basin morning!
07:08:29 <Dante's Inferno> that's a good one too, Michael
07:09:01 <Dante's Inferno> morning all
07:18:15 <Demon's Cave> Morning from the cave
07:18:44 <john> :thumbsup:
07:19:00 <KorbenC1> Darn computer kicked me out :P
07:19:06 <KorbenC1> Morning John, JO
07:19:42 <john> :thumbsup:
07:27:14 <john> Sir Sean Connery passed away... :(
07:30:05 <john> OF
07:35:18 <Bat Pool> john, oh no, so sad
07:36:14 <john> Yes, RIP Sean!
07:37:15 <Bat Pool> Wow 90, had no idea
07:37:42 <Bat Pool> End of an era
07:38:45 <Dante's Inferno> Daisy ie
07:41:16 <Dante's Inferno> F&M yesterday:
07:41:21 <Dante's Inferno> (from cam)
07:43:50 <john> Thanks DI! The cam was having issues yesterday... :(
07:46:43 <john> It was nice to have Grotto, F&M, and Grand, OF and BH right in a row.
07:46:56 <Dante's Inferno> indeed
08:05:40 <Bat Pool> Arty maybe
08:05:50 <Bat Pool> Maybe not
08:08:37 <Dante's Inferno> splish splash
08:09:09 <Dante's Inferno> that was a big splash
08:10:05 <Dante's Inferno> maybe this afternoon for Bee
08:10:23 <john> :thumbsup:
08:10:47 <Skeleton Pool> It would have gone just then, but it looked at the clock and hit snooze.
08:11:04 <Dante's Inferno> :)
08:11:11 <Dante's Inferno> sounds like me when my alarm goes
08:27:51 <john> Castle
08:29:03 <Skeleton Pool> Nice bright white water.
08:29:21 <john> :thumbsup:
08:39:40 <Dante's Inferno> morning Eric
08:39:42 <Eric> Morning all
08:40:05 <john> Hi Eric!
08:40:15 <Eric> Hi DI
08:40:18 <Eric> Hi john
08:40:54 <Eric> Everyone dressing up for halloween I see here :-D
08:41:02 <Skeleton Pool> Hi Eric
08:41:20 <john> :lol:
08:51:57 <Bat Pool> Eric, hi
08:52:13 <TomK> hELLO ALL
08:52:20 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡
08:52:25 <Bat Pool> TomK, hi
08:52:34 <Dante's Inferno> morning Tom
08:52:41 <spooky> Hi BP!
08:52:44 <TomK> "caps lock. duh"
08:53:12 <Bat Pool> Hi spooky
08:53:57 <Bat Pool> Hello everyone ๐Ÿฆ‡
08:55:19 <TomK> OF window? Just leave it and I'll take the cam
08:55:51 <TomK> Where do you want it?
08:56:04 <spooky> You got it Tom!
08:56:24 <TomK> Thanks. have a good one
08:56:46 <spooky> Controls released! Have a great day and Halloween everyone!
08:57:14 <TomK> Any crittters around? Anything of interest?
08:57:31 <Bat Pool> spooky, thx for driving
08:57:49 <spooky> :thumbsup:
08:58:04 <spooky> My pleasure! Jarno kept me busy!
08:58:35 <Dante's Inferno> :)
08:59:00 <TomK> JarnoO keeps me on my toes, too.
08:59:19 <spooky> :D
09:10:16 <TomK> Any mugs this morning?
09:10:46 <Eric> Happy Halloween spooky :-D
09:10:46 <Dante's Inferno> other than Three Crater we haven't observed any action from Mug
09:10:49 <TomK> About 10 minutes until daisy's window.
09:10:57 <Eric> Hi all I missed :-D
09:11:50 <Eric> Probably a little longer for daisy today it looks like
09:16:40 <Dante's Inferno> 3c
09:16:45 <TomK> 3C
09:17:30 <Dante's Inferno> that may have been Mug action with that mushroom cloud
09:17:41 <Bat Pool> 3c happy ๐Ÿฆ‡
09:18:14 <Dante's Inferno> nope, that were a couple of massive 3C bursts
09:23:23 <FrankenEric> The page might be a little spookier if you refresh :-P
09:23:39 <FrankenEric> I think Bat Pool will like it the most :-P
09:24:13 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ˜ƒ friends
09:24:46 <FrankenEric> :-D
09:26:12 <Bat Pool> FrankenEric, thanks for making it fun
09:26:54 <FrankenEric> You are welcome :-D
09:27:03 <FrankenEric> hopefully they don't get too annoying
09:27:09 <spooky> LOL! A little batty here!
09:28:15 <TomK> Daisy window
09:47:52 <TomK> Lots of steam, but no water yet
09:56:42 <TomK> Daiusy
09:58:56 <Forestbewithyou> Happy Halloween/Spooky Day everyone!!
09:59:06 <Dante's Inferno> morning Forest
09:59:30 <TomK> Hello Forest
09:59:48 <Forestbewithyou> Morning Jarno, Tom
09:59:52 <spooky> Hi Forest!
09:59:54 <Skeleton Pool> Hi forest.
10:00:14 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Spooky, Skeleton Pool
10:01:04 <Skeleton Pool> Time to go rake leaves. For what will definitely (not) be the last time.
10:02:14 <Mike J> First thought: Why are all those birds flying in the picture. Second thought: ooooo spooky
10:02:36 <Forestbewithyou> I thought somewhat the same thing :D
10:03:57 <Dante's Inferno> roar
10:04:31 <TomK> lion
10:10:34 <Dante's Inferno> next Lion @ 1110ยฑ5m if series continues. 3m41s
10:13:29 <TomK> That will be during Grand's windowe, so Ill set the cam on Grand to Behive around 1100.
10:14:22 <TomK> (Tipe funni sumtimes)
10:16:48 <FrankenEric> ok, so if you refresh the page, you can now turn bats off/on with /bats off or /bats on
10:17:12 <FrankenEric> if you hate the bats :-P
10:17:30 <FrankenEric> They are kind of cute flying around the page though :-P
10:17:53 <TomK> 3c
10:20:51 <Mike J> can I type in /bats more?
10:21:08 <Mike J> In other words, love 'em. I'm keeping 'em.
10:21:55 <FrankenEric> No, but I like your thinking :-D
10:22:48 <FrankenEric> They do suck a little more processing power to animate all over your screen and can be distracting, so wanted to give people an option to turn them off.
10:23:29 <FrankenEric> Alright, gotta go have some breakfast now :-D Enjoy Mugwump!
10:27:58 <Dante's Inferno> 3C
10:28:42 <TomK> OF window
10:39:15 <TomK> JarnoO: still watching for last splash?
10:39:32 <Dante's Inferno> yes
10:43:57 <TomK> Grand window
10:45:27 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡gotta fly, cya later๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿฆ‡
10:45:34 <Dante's Inferno> cya
11:02:46 <DougB> bats! :-/
11:04:14 <Dante's Inferno> dinnertime
11:07:04 <Dante's Inferno> not quite yet
11:08:09 <GO HELL'S GATE > whats for dinner?
11:09:03 <Mario> nice touch whoever added the bats. At first i thought some ravens were being more bizarre than usual
11:09:31 <Dante's Inferno> an assortment of Asian food we froze in last week after we had eaten
11:52:04 <KorbenC> That was a good hike, always nice to put on the crampons and hang off the side of the cliff
11:52:18 <KorbenC> Why are there bats flying across me screen, and how do I make it stop? :P
11:52:41 <GO HELL'S GATE > enjoy them
11:52:59 <GO HELL'S GATE > i expect they will go away tomorrow
11:53:10 <KorbenC> :p
11:53:43 <KorbenC> and hi Graham.
11:54:04 <GO HELL'S GATE > you need to change your nick
11:54:16 <KorbenC> GO HELL'S GATE SPOUTER, I will
11:54:18 <KorbenC> o
11:54:46 <Blood (KC)> or is that too violent?
11:55:29 <GO HELL'S GATE > that works
11:57:52 <Devil's kitchen> :thumbsup:bats!
11:57:55 <Blood (KC)> 100/100 on Atlantic invest :D
12:05:38 <GO HELL'S GATE > Janet posting Turbans
12:08:31 <TomK> Daisy
12:08:58 <Forestbewithyou> well its time to carve pumpkins :)
12:13:04 <Dante's Inferno> OF static
12:13:12 <Dante's Inferno> GO 29!
12:13:54 <TomK> Oh no
12:16:26 <TomK> I got so involved with Daisy & Turban, I missed my note about OF window.
12:16:42 <Dante's Inferno> happens to the best of us :)
12:17:40 <TomK> ...and the worst of us, too.
12:19:45 <TomK> 10 minutes at mug, then back to turban
12:41:54 <TomK> Riverside window, too
12:42:33 <GO HELL'S GATE > Grand will be over 7h
12:44:38 <GO HELL'S GATE > maybe its waiting for me :)
12:48:44 <GO HELL'S GATE > i just saw Janets Ear spring 1' note
12:53:59 <TomK> Bison
12:54:18 <Dante's Inferno> looks like another Turban
12:56:30 <GO HELL'S GATE > yep, its making them wait
12:57:29 <GO HELL'S GATE > will be outside the window
12:58:25 <TomK> Who's next on cam?
12:58:36 <GO HELL'S GATE > me
12:58:42 <GO HELL'S GATE > i am ready
12:59:07 <TomK> Take it away, have fun
12:59:16 <GO HELL'S GATE > thanks for driving
13:00:18 <TomK> YW, it's been fun. CYA all next month, with no visitors.
13:00:26 <Dante's Inferno> cya Tom
13:00:29 <Blood (KC)> TomK, cya
13:12:21 <GO HELL'S GATE > Turban
13:12:34 <Blood (KC)> JO, gathered some data just now... technical chance of 48 hr TC Formation in that spot is 79%, all storms that have originated from roughly that area have made it too TS, except for 1, so about 5% chance of it not becoming TS within the next 14 days :D
13:12:56 <GO HELL'S GATE > no Grand again
13:13:00 <Dante's Inferno> :)
13:13:15 <Dante's Inferno> Grand's not really having it today. Oh well
13:13:41 <GO HELL'S GATE > at least theweather is noce
13:13:44 <Blood (KC)> Many spotters (myself included) are going to get on a zoom call if it becomes named to do the fun discussion that comes with all of that :D
13:15:22 <Skeleton Pool (> They're not going to run out of Greek letters for a while, I hope.
13:15:43 <Blood (KC)> Skeleton Pool (Michael), I would love too see what would happen then, I do not even know.
13:16:25 <Blood (KC)> And looking on satellite, it looks like there is another invest trying to do stuff east of 96L (soon to be 29)
13:17:15 <Blood (KC)> its not "invested" quite yet, but its got a tropical wave classificiation.
13:18:54 <Dante's Inferno> nice
13:21:53 <Dante's Inferno> Grottons
13:21:58 <Dante's Inferno> and Riverside too
13:25:08 <Blood (KC)> Hey Aron
13:25:26 <AYates> Hey
13:25:31 <Blood (KC)> Aaron*
13:26:02 <Blood (KC)> Where is Linda? She is always here when my keyboard is acting up ;ike this.
13:26:59 <GO HELL'S GATE > fuffy
13:26:59 <Blood (KC)> about time
13:26:59 <AYates> There's grand
13:26:59 <GO HELL'S GATE > finally
13:26:59 <Dante's Inferno> Grand
13:27:58 <Blood (KC)> I wonder if Janet is still there, her note said, "giving upongrand"
13:28:20 <GO HELL'S GATE > oh no, bad timing for that
13:29:31 <GO HELL'S GATE > 7h41m
13:29:34 <AYates> Grand is such a good show, it's always worth another 20 minutes
13:29:57 <GO HELL'S GATE > last 3 are all over 7h :(
13:31:11 <GO HELL'S GATE > ongest in last 100 is only 7h50m
13:31:25 <GO HELL'S GATE > so it had to go :)
13:32:14 <AYates> Longest I've seen was years ago when a prolonged rift pushed it 90 minutes outside the window
13:35:36 <Dante's Inferno> b1 done
13:35:57 <Blood (KC)> bom
13:35:58 <Blood (KC)> boom
13:36:03 <Dante's Inferno> 2nd
13:36:06 <Blood (KC)> tall
13:36:17 <Holmium Port> got back just in time
13:36:25 <GO HELL'S GATE > i prefer the regular sub-6h intervals
13:36:46 <Dante's Inferno> 2nd done
13:36:49 <GO HELL'S GATE > so every 3 or 4 days you get 5 eruptions a day
13:37:48 <Dante's Inferno> Grand done
13:38:07 <Blood (KC)> If it had watied just 20 mins it would be in OF window.
13:42:36 <Dante's Inferno> b1: ยฑ8m30s, p1: ยฑ41s, b2: ยฑ41s; total: ยฑ9m54s
13:42:48 <Dante's Inferno> p1: ยฑ43s*
13:58:06 <Blood (KC)> bad OF.
13:58:10 <Blood (KC)> Hi Rich
13:58:28 <Blood (KC)> good OF
13:58:38 <Blood (KC)> maybe not
13:58:41 <Blood (KC)> yup
13:58:42 <Dante's Inferno> a nope
13:58:44 <Blood (KC)> nope :P
13:58:48 <Blood (KC)> yes
13:58:57 <Blood (KC)> there it goes
13:59:05 <Rich> hi Blood
14:00:34 <Dante's Inferno> short
14:00:39 <Dante's Inferno> Aurum static
14:00:40 <GO HELL'S GATE > and short
14:00:42 <Dante's Inferno> 1358 frame
14:00:49 <Blood (KC)> blah
14:01:00 <Blood (KC)> OF is the devil.
14:05:03 <Blood (KC)> OF went short, we missed Aurum, and now the cam is dead.
14:05:56 <Dante's Inferno> another splendid day in the UGB
14:06:22 <Dante's Inferno> Arty ie
14:06:24 <Blood (KC)> Arty ie
14:25:19 <Time for bees> Old faithful is the girl that keeps pulling the football away from Charley.
14:26:01 <Dante's Inferno> Daisy
14:26:04 <Blood (KC)> :daisy:
14:29:11 <Time for bees> Nope she is not called Daisy.
14:30:36 <GO HELL'S GATE > 2 lawnmowers?
14:31:51 <ChrisO> Doggies :)
14:32:33 <ChrisO> i like that...lawnmowers
14:33:49 <Time for bees> This year you could call them people movers.
14:34:32 <GO HELL'S GATE > or ride on lawnmowers?
14:35:45 <ChrisO> Banthas
14:53:25 <GO HELL'S GATE > of
14:53:38 <GO HELL'S GATE > 55m interval
14:54:35 <GO HELL'S GATE > shortest interval in last 100
15:02:50 <Dante's Inferno> TD-29 is a thing now :)
15:07:11 <Spookybewithyou> the pumpkin has been carved
15:10:51 <Spookybewithyou> Hi Betty
15:10:55 <Dante's Inferno> evening Betty
15:11:10 <Betty> ohhhh, I like the bats
15:12:06 <Betty> evening Jarno and Forest
15:12:08 <Dante's Inferno> nice, a Mask entry
15:13:43 <pumpkin> seems I need a new name
15:16:17 <Bat Pool> The IRS is nuts, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
15:17:01 <Bat Pool> pumpkin, hi
15:17:17 <pumpkin> Hi Linda
15:17:19 <Bat Pool> Hello everyone
15:17:27 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ˜Š
15:17:29 <pumpkin> I guess
15:17:34 <Bat Pool> Yes
15:17:44 <pumpkin> Iยดm good
15:17:51 <Bat Pool> U r
15:18:04 <GO HELL'S GATE > all you need to do is pay $750
15:18:16 <Spookybewithyou> Hi Linda
15:18:27 <pumpkin> hi Graham?
15:18:29 <GO HELL'S GATE > jeah, Jets
15:18:33 <Bat Pool> Spookybewithyou, lol nice nam, hi
15:18:36 <GO HELL'S GATE > ye
15:18:51 <pumpkin> :thumbsup:
15:19:08 <Spookybewithyou> Thanks :)
15:19:17 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ˜Š
15:19:37 <pumpkin> RIP to 007
15:20:07 <Bat Pool> pumpkin, I know ๐Ÿ˜• he was a class act
15:20:28 <Bat Pool> Led a good life
15:25:24 <pumpkin> Lion ie
15:31:29 <Betty> I have a spinning pumpkin here :-(
15:31:52 <GO HELL'S GATE > my pumpkin is lit just fine
15:32:04 <Betty> grrrr
15:32:14 <Bat Pool> I dont have a pumpkin
15:32:18 <Betty> or: buhhuuuhuuuhhhh
15:33:18 <GO HELL'S GATE > you can just carve up the pumpkin in the room
15:33:32 <Betty> :drizzle:
15:35:26 <Coffin> Itโ€˜
15:36:12 <Coffin> Itโ€˜s smooth on my iPhone
15:37:28 <Coffin> Bats are here also ๐Ÿ˜Š
15:38:07 <Coffin> ๐Ÿฆ‡
15:38:25 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ™‚
15:42:16 <Spookybewithyou> I will bbl
15:42:36 <pumpkin> later forest
15:42:37 <Bat Pool> Spookybewithyou, bye
15:42:48 <MJ> Happy Halloween Everyone
15:43:02 <Spookybewithyou> Don't worry I will be back spookier than ever :p
15:43:03 <Bat Pool> MJ, to u too!
15:43:04 <pumpkin> Happy Halloween
15:43:19 <Bat Pool> Spookybewithyou, ๐Ÿ˜Š
15:44:24 <MJ> The Bats are amazing. Thank You for the added Treat
15:45:01 <Bat Pool> MJ, Eric takes good care of us
15:46:46 <MJ> Stay Safe Y'all . Laters
15:50:16 <Bat Pool> MJ, u too!
15:50:35 <pumpkin> later
15:51:17 <Bat Pool> pumpkin, so what do they do by you for Halloween?
15:54:03 <pumpkin> It used to be nothing when I was a child, but the last 30 years our young ones to trick and treat, and there are halloween parties.
15:54:30 <pumpkin> kids here like it
15:55:36 <Bat Pool> pumpkin oh you didnt get to do it. ๐Ÿ˜• It was great fun when I was a kid, everyone loved it.
15:56:33 <Bat Pool> The night before was called goosey night in my town, or commonly known as mischief night
15:57:44 <pumpkin> when I was a kid we carved "Rummelse", a kind of fodderbeed
15:58:47 <Bat Pool> Fodderbeed?
15:59:03 <Bat Pool> A beet?
15:59:09 <pumpkin> beet
15:59:51 <Bat Pool> Those look spookiest than pumpkins
15:59:59 <Bat Pool> *spookier
16:00:20 <pumpkin> yeah
16:01:11 <pumpkin> just look at those pics:
16:04:46 <Bat Pool> pumpkin, ๐Ÿ˜ƒ love it!
16:05:51 <pumpkin> yes, they are pretty cool. Just not a pumpkin
16:06:12 <GO HELL'S GATE > stepping away for a few mnutes, bbs
16:08:54 <Bat Pool> pumpkin, I thought maybe rummelbooze were liquor filled gourds ๐Ÿ˜‰
16:09:21 <pumpkin> hahaha, no
16:09:49 <Bat Pool> Halloween for adults lol
16:09:58 <pumpkin> lol
16:10:41 <pumpkin> no, we just carved then and put a candle in
16:10:49 <pumpkin> them*
16:11:33 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ™‚ we did too
16:12:02 <pumpkin> we just did not the trick and treat thing
16:13:54 <Bat Pool> I guess now days it's really not safe ๐Ÿ˜• my mother used to love the little kids showing up in costume
16:18:04 <Bat Pool> I think there is a bat trampoline below
16:18:36 <pumpkin> hahaha
16:19:03 <pumpkin> Iยดd love it if they hang down at the top
16:19:29 <Bat Pool> That would be fun lol
16:25:09 <Blood (KC)> only a few hours till Eta :D
16:37:17 <GO HELL'S GATE > of
16:38:50 <GO HELL'S GATE > short
16:42:07 <Dante's Inferno> interesting... the GFS model forecasts Eta to hang around the coast of Guatamala and Honduras, before heading right over Cuba and - surprise surprise - head into the Gulf towards the Florida Panhandle-Louisiana coast...
16:42:36 <Blood (KC)> lol
16:42:44 <Blood (KC)> Flower
16:42:49 <Blood (KC)> That poor area :D
16:42:56 <Dante's Inferno> flower
16:43:18 <Blood (KC)> Dante's Inferno (JO), do you get your GFS and such through NOAA or 3rd party?
16:43:33 <Dante's Inferno> 3rd party:
16:44:17 <Blood (KC)> :thumbsup: Thats a good one from what I hear
16:44:41 <Dante's Inferno> indeed. Completely free as well and it maintains an archive :)
16:44:50 <Blood (KC)> :D
16:45:28 <Blood (KC)> Ive never used that one, ive always used NOAA's, and its a pain to work with, too many numbers.
16:47:48 <Blood (KC)> EMCWF shows that if it does go over to Cuba and then into gulf low shear and hig htemps, ie, rapid intensification.
16:48:18 <Dante's Inferno> that'll be interesting for sure
16:48:50 <Blood (KC)> It has been a interesting and "fun" season this year.
16:49:01 <Blood (KC)> I feel so bad for that area thats gotten hit by waht, 6 storms now?
16:49:13 <Dante's Inferno> something like that
16:51:27 <Dante's Inferno> CSU did note that there was a significantly heightened probability of hurricanes going through the Caribbean and landfalls along the US coast
16:51:37 <Dante's Inferno> and that was before the season even had started
16:51:44 <Blood (KC)> yup
16:53:32 <Dante's Inferno> also interesting is that, so far, 50% of the Greek storms have intensified into a hurricane (3 of 6), with the fourth one right around the corner
16:54:27 <Blood (KC)> yeah, the Atlantic has had a big push over the past few months, dont forget how "slow" the start of the season was.
16:55:01 <Dante's Inferno> only TSes and two hurricanes until Laura passed by
16:55:05 <Blood (KC)> But then again, thats usual for a fall increase, but it seems like there is a highway coming from Cape verde this year, with lots of tropical waves on it.
16:56:15 <Blood (KC)> soon to be Eta is the 17th storm since August 19th I think.
16:56:52 <Dante's Inferno> Lion
16:57:25 <Dante's Inferno> yes, 17th storms
16:57:28 <Dante's Inferno> storm*
16:57:44 <Blood (KC)> Thats crazy :P
16:59:01 <Dante's Inferno> if I had to characterize this season - like a shot of hail, quantity over quality.
17:05:06 <Dante's Inferno> next Lion @ 1804ยฑ5m if series continues. 3m51s. Also have to note that this Lion, while a long one, was quite 'meh' in terms of height but it did look quite enthusiastic. My guess is that there's likely another one in the series before it quits
17:05:39 <Blood (KC)> Why did you have to say that Jarno, that is a guaranteed way to kill the series ;)
17:05:54 <GO HELL'S GATE > hanks for going out on a limb with that prediction DI
17:09:14 <Dante's Inferno> Korben, acronym for Eta - Extreme Tropical Activity :)
17:10:30 <Blood (KC)> Thats a good one :)
17:12:59 <Blood (KC)> Dutch culture question for you JO, does your country observe the time switch tonight, or no?
17:13:17 <Dante's Inferno> we already had it last Sunday 0200
17:13:21 <Dante's Inferno> 0300*
17:13:23 <Blood (KC)> ah
17:13:31 <Blood (KC)> OK, so you do it a week earleir
17:13:41 <Blood (KC)> is that a person or a big boil on G?
17:13:58 <Dante's Inferno> seems to have been some Giantess activity, that's for sure
17:14:07 <Blood (KC)> looked like there was a solid white wall, no idea if steam hitting the light, or a person in a white shirt or something
17:15:55 <Blood (KC)> even for 45F it looks hot.
17:33:13 <GO HELL'S GATE > of
17:33:40 <Dante's Inferno> another sub-1h interval
17:33:49 <GO HELL'S GATE > yeah 57m?
17:34:05 <Blood (KC)> 56 I think
17:40:00 <Dante's Inferno> I=56m01s to be precise :)
17:52:04 <Time for bees> Who broke the hive?
17:52:34 <spooky> Wasn't me!
17:52:48 <Time for bees> I think you are all messing with your clocks early.
17:53:36 <Time for bees> You probably missed it looking at sprinkler.
17:54:03 <Blood (KC)> splashy
17:54:14 <Blood (KC)> airy though, not alot of volume
18:03:58 <Time for bees> I think the fish monster broke the cam.
18:04:42 <GO HELL'S GATE > its working but jumpy
18:05:19 <spooky> Looks like Bee is getting ready!
18:11:28 <GO HELL'S GATE > lion is past due
18:11:45 <Blood (KC)> I blame JO.
18:16:51 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:52 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:53 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:54 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:54 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:55 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:55 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:16:56 <GO HELL'S GATE > .
18:17:00 <GO HELL'S GATE > aurum
18:17:15 <pumpkin> yeah
18:17:31 <Blood (KC)> thats nice
18:20:14 <Blood (KC)> Hi kc
18:22:19 <kcmummy> hi Blood
18:23:20 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Hmmm. 2 kcโ€™s. Makes bbq turkey sound good.
18:23:39 <Blood (KC)> LOL
18:44:59 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Oblong?
18:45:57 <GO HELL'S GATE > ithink everything is steamy
18:46:47 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Hard to say with. 1 fpm rate.
18:48:26 <Bat Pool> The bats are still flying ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฆ‡
18:48:27 <GO HELL'S GATE > itwas very steamy when we panned over, maybe a good push?
18:48:39 <Dante's Inferno> think so
18:50:08 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Maybe bag spray.
18:50:24 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
18:51:24 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Bat spray. Tiny phone keys
18:53:38 <Bat Pool> ๐Ÿ™‚ I knew
18:55:53 <Dante's Inferno> flower
18:58:41 <Bat Pool> Peeps out there with lights
19:09:45 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Another ufo?
19:10:18 <Dante's Inferno> it's the moon
19:12:14 <Bat Pool> That's some moon, nice!
19:12:32 <Dante's Inferno> yes, full moon :)
19:12:59 <Bat Pool> Blue moon
19:13:01 <๐Ÿฆƒ> OF would look nice now.
19:13:27 <Bat Pool> Sure wood
19:13:46 <Bat Pool> *would
19:19:28 <Spookierbewithy> I am back and spookier than ever :p
19:19:51 <Bat Pool> Spookierbewithyou, wb eeeeek
19:22:29 <Spookierbewithy> I am so sad it is clody :(
19:22:37 <Spookierbewithy> cloudy
19:24:54 <Bat Pool> Spookierbewithyou, bummer, I'm waiting for moon to make it over trees and then I'll go out and howl at it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
19:28:07 <Spookierbewithy> Yea I wish I could stay the same. The clouds started coming in at sunset. I am hoping that maybe they will break for a bit
19:28:22 <Dante's Inferno> couple of minutes before OF reaches 2h
19:28:33 <Bat Pool> Spookierbewithyou, hope so
19:29:10 <GO HELL'S GATE > of
19:29:37 <Dante's Inferno> I guess no 2h today then
19:30:27 <๐Ÿฆƒ> Nice view
19:30:41 <spooky> :thumbsup:
19:30:46 <Bat Pool> Beautiful
19:31:35 <Spookierbewithy> Wow that is a really bright moon
19:33:39 <Dante's Inferno> quite the contrast there downbasin
19:33:58 <GO HELL'S GATE > riverside
19:34:02 <Dante's Inferno> that
19:34:09 <spooky> I am surprised these bats haven't migrated! :)
19:34:49 <Bat Pool> That was weird when you panned my screen went completely black, had to refresh
19:34:51 <Spookierbewithy> Well Halloween isn't over yet
19:35:17 <spooky> :thumbsup:
19:35:32 <GO HELL'S GATE > i think the cam had a problem adjusting from the brightness of the moon
19:35:35 <Bat Pool> I think Eric's on a mountain somewhere
19:35:53 <Bat Pool> GO HELL'S GATE SPOUTER, makes sense
19:36:07 <GO HELL'S GATE > is his sunrise hike tomorrow morning? guess that makes sense, Dec 1
19:36:10 <GO HELL'S GATE > Nov 1
19:36:19 <Bat Pool> Bats could be here a while
19:37:00 <Bat Pool> GO HELL'S GATE SPOUTER, yes i think so, I forget which mountain though
19:37:16 <GO HELL'S GATE > mt St helens
19:37:24 <Bat Pool> Ah
19:38:32 <GO HELL'S GATE > goodnight
19:38:41 <Bat Pool> GO HELL'S GATE SPOUTER, night
19:38:47 <Dante's Inferno> cya Graham
19:39:07 <Spookierbewithy> Bye Graham
19:53:02 <Spookierbewithy> I am also going to head out. Enjoy the rest of your Spooky day everyone
19:53:11 <Dante's Inferno> cya Forest
19:55:42 <Bat Pool> Spookierbewithyou, night
19:56:04 <spooky> cya happy halloween!
19:56:15 <Bat Pool> spooky, bye
19:56:28 <Bat Pool> I'm out too. Night jarno
19:58:50 <Bat Pool> Night all
20:00:17 <pumpkin> Iยดm out too, night all
20:17:13 <Spookybewithyou> The moon came out!!
20:21:29 <Blood (KC)> I jsut wasted 2 hours of my life watching poltergeist, that movie was wimpy :P
20:22:26 <Spookybewithyou> Lol
20:22:29 <Blood (KC)> Jarno, thought that you might like this, 1st two minutes show what is likely category 3
20:22:53 <Spookybewithyou> Well I am going to head out for real. Night all
20:24:18 <Blood (KC)> Bye Forest
20:24:46 <Dante's Inferno> cya Forest
20:26:45 <Dante's Inferno> Grand
20:26:52 <Blood (KC)> nice
20:26:57 <Blood (KC)> dead on 7 hours
20:26:58 <Dante's Inferno> 7h interval again
20:27:22 <Dante's Inferno> GFS now shows Eta stalling over Cuba :P
20:28:59 <Blood (KC)> Dante's Inferno (JO), GFS = Good for stalls.
20:29:34 <Blood (KC)> GFS likes to show things stalling alot, EMCWF likes to make sure things move way fast.
20:29:56 <Dante's Inferno> ah, like so
20:30:24 <Dante's Inferno> and ICON?
20:30:40 <Blood (KC)> yes, they will slow down most likely, but GFS exaggerates it alot.
20:30:55 <Blood (KC)> ICON likes to show a bit more precip, but that it.
20:31:10 <Blood (KC)> Thats like the only thing I have on ICON, its pretty dang good :D
20:32:27 <Blood (KC)> If you can get a EMCWF GFS mix (IDK if your website lets you set those settings) and put 50/50 on each it tends to be alot more accurate.
20:34:18 <Dante's Inferno> it only allows one model at a time. Plus it only does ICON, GFS and GEM as global models
20:34:32 <Dante's Inferno> so it has its limitations
20:34:48 <Blood (KC)> GEM is pretty good
20:36:19 <Blood (KC)> alot of these kinds of models are very good at one thing, and not so good at another thing (like map projections.)
20:36:43 <Dante's Inferno> right
20:38:49 <Blood (KC)> Also, since you are not an FB person JO, Janet posted to the disscusion board about Giantess having and "amazing amount of water." and some fresh washed areas from it
20:39:17 <Dante's Inferno> that sounds like a good omen
20:40:10 <Blood (KC)> and her image shows some strong bacterial mats (thick) and lots of dark areas, with some of the BW runoff areas wet.
20:40:33 <Dante's Inferno> oh wow
20:44:31 <Dante's Inferno> I guess the series continues then. HK sets a Giantess series cutoff at 100 days, so go #3! :)
20:44:54 <Blood (KC)> dont jinx it JO :)
20:50:22 <Dante's Inferno> off for the day. Enjoy Grotto and enjoy the nightshift
20:50:32 <Blood (KC)> Bye Jarno
20:50:38 <Blood (KC)> Have a good day waking up to Eta
21:05:52 <Blood (KC)> ETA
21:05:57 <Blood (KC)> .
21:05:58 <Blood (KC)> .
21:05:59 <Blood (KC)> YAY
21:06:10 <Blood (KC)> 15 mins after JO left
22:32:01 <sleep walker> the bats make me want to have target practice
22:32:47 <sleep walker> what is ETA?
22:37:18 <sleep walker> ah, you have refound Old Faithful
22:39:41 <sleep walker> if Grand was at 2026, is NPS using a longer interval for it, because their prediction is 2230 +/- 45
22:45:16 <sleep walker> that would be a 9 hour prediction interval for Grand
23:00:47 <sleep walker> ah there is Castle
23:01:00 <sleep walker> time for sleep