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06:57:51 <Dave from B™> Kevin, you're up early
07:25:08 <Dave from B™> Morning Linda
07:25:37 <L> Dave from B™, morning, looks yucky out there
07:26:58 <Dave from B™> Still beautiful in snow in sight and into the 60s the next 2 days!
07:27:19 <L> You scared Kevin away?
07:28:00 <L> Dave from B™, that sou ds nice, cold week here, dropping into high 20s at night. Brrr
07:28:43 <Dave from B™> He was up early. I bet he is going on an adventure today
07:29:08 <Dave from B™> It doesn't feel like Dec in Blgs right snow since Oct
07:29:46 <L> I find our weather is reversed usually
07:31:27 <Dave from B™> So, you will need 2 in NJ and 1 in MT
07:31:31 <Dave from B™> houses*
07:32:23 <L> 🙂👍that might work
07:56:39 <Dave from B™> Pearl Harbor day today....79 years
08:14:24 <Dave from B™> OF ie
09:55:27 <kc (working)> OF ie
11:25:03 <kc (working)> OF
11:57:54 <CraigC> hey folks
11:58:12 <CraigC> do people still come and chat much here with cam down?
11:58:46 <CraigC> for anyone interested, cool article about the man who found the Fenn treasure:
12:02:48 <Dave from B™> Just me and my shadow and Linda
12:03:03 <Dave from B™> I can't believe he came forward
12:05:54 <CraigC> seems like a really good dude
12:06:20 <CraigC> I messaged someone with that name on Faceboob, congratulating him, if it is him :)
12:06:26 <CraigC> ooops, Facebook
12:06:44 <CraigC> I just thought of a new internet site....
12:14:22 <Dave from B™> haha. Sorry, was reading the article. Great story
12:15:42 <CraigC> yeah, it was a feel-good story for me. I have been an armchair follower of Fenn chasing blogs, and read a lot of drama and goofy ideas.... this dude seems a good departure and contrast
12:18:42 <Dave from B™> A stupid lawsuit
12:29:11 <Dave from B™> Craig, thanks for the link. A great story. I wonder how far from a road it was located
12:44:18 <JarnoO> afternoon all
12:51:55 <JarnoO> afternoon KevinS
12:53:46 <Dave from B™> Hi, Jarno, KevinS
12:56:55 <KevinS> Afternoon all
13:13:13 <L> KevinS, hello there
13:13:44 <JarnoO> afternoon Linda
13:13:51 <L> JarnoO, hi
13:14:25 <L> Kevi S must sense a steamboat coming 🙂
13:14:26 <JarnoO> Steamboat is at eruptive temperatures. Now for the push and we've got #47 (I think)
13:14:41 <KevinS> L, Hi Linda
13:15:10 <L> KevinS, hi, got a prediction?
13:16:18 <KevinS> I do not. Gimme a sec to look at the loggers.
13:16:39 <Dave from B™> Tuesday after dark:)
13:16:44 <L> Oh wow just looked at steamboat temp
13:18:00 <KevinS> What are the three hi/low temp spikes for Echinus over the last 30 days? Is it active?
13:18:09 <JarnoO> as for the other loggers - Echinus still narrow fluctuations (as expected, should widen up in the next couple of days), Constant/Whirligig as expected, Opalescent Spring slowly but steadily increasing temperature, Porkchop ±stable (a rarity), Gray Lakes, Tantalus Creek and Nuphar Lake as expected, Vixen Soil dead
13:19:59 <KevinS> SB tomorrow
13:20:13 <JarnoO> KevinS, it's having some kind of periodic increase in activity. No eruptions, though; those spike around 60-70°C and have a valley lasting some 90-120 minutes before recovery (with the last active phase, that is)
13:20:21 <L> KevinS, 👍
13:20:44 <KevinS> 1245 +/- 6 hours
13:21:06 <JarnoO> Echinus [i]is[/i] looking promising nonetheless, I recall it did something similar before it reactivated in 2017
13:21:08 <JarnoO> Beehive
13:21:12 <JarnoO> 1320 frame
13:21:42 <L> 🙂
13:22:59 <JarnoO> Indicator 1310 ie. Have to note possibly 1309 very ns, but not enough steam to confirm positively
13:28:12 <Forestbewithyou> Good afternoon everyone
13:29:30 <JarnoO> afternoon Forest
13:35:06 <L> Forestbewithyou, hi
13:36:19 <L> CraigC, hey
13:36:46 <L> Well I guess Craig is long gone
13:37:11 <Dave from B™> Yep...he is off searching for the Fenn treasure
13:37:25 <L> 😃
13:38:19 <L> It's just us chickens lol
13:38:31 <Forestbewithyou> :D
13:39:16 <L> Forestbewithyou, what's happening in your neck of the woods?
13:39:55 <L> I havent seen korben in a while
13:40:07 <Forestbewithyou> Not much just some school work.
13:42:47 <L> Forestbewithyou, 👍
13:52:10 <CraigC> who is L?
13:52:16 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Crag
13:52:17 <CraigC> hey Forest
13:52:19 <Forestbewithyou> Craig
13:52:53 <Forestbewithyou> L=Linda
13:53:03 <CraigC> howdy Linda
13:53:34 <CraigC> been back and forth organizing and cleaning some stuff out of my trailer
13:54:09 <JarnoO> Lion
14:05:04 <Dave from B™> Craig, do you think Fenn treasure was found in a National Park?
14:07:27 <CraigC> Dave from B™, I don't know, but I sure hope not
14:08:03 <Dave from B™> I'm thinking National Forest land
14:09:55 <Dave from B™> But, if it is where Fenn wanted to spend his last moments, it had to be a special place
14:10:02 <CraigC> last summer someone I wont name, messaged me about some chatter that a person had disclosed it being found over on the Madison below Hebgen Dam, so we drove over there to see the area. It really seemed to me to match what I would have thought Fenn would want for his place of burial
14:11:26 <CraigC> I thought the treasure would have been either in that area, like Cabin Creek or Beaver Creek, or else near some of the little tributaries flowing into Hebgen... based on his stories of reminiscing where he loved to fish
14:11:58 <CraigC> but those locations are in MOntana, and the finder stated it was in Wyoming
14:16:44 <Dave from B™> That's right, I forgot it was in WY. My parents did a lot of fishing below Hebgen. Campfire Lodge is a cool place to stay
14:17:27 <Dave from B™> Could have been between GTNP and YNP (out South Entrance)
14:21:30 <CraigC> I read people looking in areas around Browns Hole on the Green River below Flaming Gorge, and some people were looking over by where Joe lives
14:23:03 <Dave from B™> I wonder because of lawsuit if site will ever become public....I hope not
14:29:45 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
14:30:18 <KorbenC> hi
14:31:18 <CraigC> the finder made a youtube in 2019;
14:34:33 <KorbenC> I saw a good one this morning: Figured it applied here: "Conspiracy Theorists (Mary Greely in this case) in 2015 YELLOWSTONE WILL BLOW THIS YEAR, in 2016, Boom will YNP this year, in 2017, it is this year, 2018, It will blow this year!, 2019! OMG, its going to go BIG BOOM this year. And in 2020, THE RONA IS GOING TO TRIGGER YNP." So, by 2 methods of reasoning, they will be correct at some point.
14:34:54 <KorbenC> Meaning, through shear dumb luck and a large probability space, the earth is flat.
14:34:56 <KorbenC> :P
14:35:03 <Forestbewithyou> LOL
14:35:25 <KorbenC> It is so stupid, yet someone posted that to me, I forget who said it though.
14:44:41 <Dave from B™> We will all be 6' under before that happens
14:49:02 <L> CraigC, KorbenC, hi
14:53:09 <Dave from B™> Have a great evening everyone! Time to go walk the dogs.
14:53:30 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Dave
14:54:16 <L> Dave from B™, night
14:57:13 <KorbenC> L, Hi
14:57:16 <KorbenC> Bye Dave
14:59:59 <JarnoO> cya Dave
15:52:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> good afternoon/evening
15:52:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> still no boaty?
15:52:50 <KorbenC> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
15:53:47 <JarnoO> afternoon Graham
15:54:02 <JarnoO> no boaty, though logger data is promising
16:00:03 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
16:00:09 <Betty> afternoon all, evening JarnoO
16:00:14 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
16:00:18 <JarnoO> evening Betty
16:43:14 <Betty> not much left to see. Night all
16:45:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> night Betty
16:46:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> so tomorrow is SB day or tomorrow night?
16:46:55 <JarnoO> cya Betty
16:49:20 <L> Hi and bye betty
16:49:27 <L> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
16:50:33 <L> Dinnertime
17:13:32 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to head out. Have a nice rest of your evening everyone
17:13:50 <JarnoO> cya Forest
17:13:55 <JarnoO> am off as well. Enjoy YNM
18:00:29 <L> Hmmm and darkness descends on GT. Night!
18:00:42 <KorbenC> bye
19:24:22 <L> Uh oh ynm seismo looks offline 😕