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07:05:50 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
07:22:05 <Bud> the mamoth cam is nice :)
07:23:45 <🌋> as is Kilauea's summit wate... ehh... lava lake
07:24:17 <Dave from B™> Can you send me a link, please. I'm excited to hear Kilauea is active again
07:24:39 <🌋>
07:24:42 <🌋> very slow, though
07:24:52 <🌋> probably because of loads of traffic
07:25:19 <Dave from B™> Thanks
07:25:39 <🌋> red/warning at the moment
07:27:27 <Dave from B™> slow
07:32:16 <🌋> reloading that page a few times while it hasn't fully loaded should speed up the process. Weird, but true
07:54:20 <KorbenC> I see the activity at Kilauea has made a boom.
08:28:37 <LindaG> morning volcano watchers
08:29:05 <KorbenC1> Hi Linda
08:29:19 <KorbenC1> It is more interesting than "watching" geysers :P
08:29:24 <LindaG> Told my husband this morning Kilauea was acting up, he looked at me oddly
08:29:58 <KorbenC1> I think Hilauea is acting up more than my keyboard :P
08:29:58 <Eric> Morning all
08:30:03 <KorbenC1> Hi Eric
08:30:11 <Eric> Hi Coop
08:30:24 <Eric> Glad you guys are already talking about Kilauea :-D
08:30:35 <KorbenC1> Had a good day yesterday, went out east away from the wind and did some good class 4 (and a tad class 5) scrambling on the ice.
08:30:41 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Eric
08:30:46 <LindaG> He asked me how I knew, said I got an email. Doesn't everyone get volcano updates? lol
08:30:50 <KorbenC1> Too bad mountians had 90mph winds.
08:30:55 <Eric> I killed out the lake cam for right now, it was keeping chat from loading for me
08:30:56 <Forestbewithyou> Happy winter solstice everyone!
08:31:30 <LindaG> Eric, thx, was wondering what the problem was
08:31:52 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, Yes, Happy winter Solstice!
08:31:54 <Dave from B™> Morning everyone...Happy Kilauea and Happy Christmas Star day:)
08:32:13 <LindaG> Dave from B™, :) morning
08:32:14 <Eric> Hi Forst, Linda & Dave :-D
08:32:16 <Eric> Forest
08:32:29 <KorbenC1> Hi Dave, Forest.
08:32:30 <LindaG> Eric, h
08:32:40 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, hi
08:32:55 <Eric> Yes, woohoo for Kilauea! I was looking at the webcams earlier this week because of the lava movement...did it really just vaporize that entire lake?
08:33:03 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda, Dave, Korben
08:33:15 <Eric> I assumed there would be an explosion if lava hit that lake
08:34:35 <KorbenC1> Any activity from the fissures?
08:34:44 <🌋> Eric, vaporized. Fissures broke out along the NW crater wall and probably for the better. If it had come from below it might've resulted in large explosions
08:34:53 <Dave from B™> That Kilauea webcam link is HORRIBLE
08:34:59 <🌋> so far only summit
08:35:06 <KorbenC1> Dave, yes, ALOT of traffic :)
08:35:30 <KorbenC1> Thx probably knows we know who they are, but does not like their name mentioned :D
08:35:32 <Dave from B™> I guess I better move Hawaii to the top of Feb 2022 list:)
08:35:44 <Eric> I think all the lava movement is in/near crater
08:35:45 <LindaG> loading slowly
08:36:30 <KorbenC1> Dave, doesn't the eruption mean you should go this Janurary?
08:36:46 <Eric> I bet that lava dropping from the crater wall into the lake made quite the steam bath up there :-P
08:37:11 <Eric> humidity, 1000% :-P
08:41:10 <Dave from B™> Not with COVID, Korben
08:42:52 <KorbenC1> Dave from B™, just wear one of these,
08:44:38 <Eric> looks comfy coop
08:45:04 <KorbenC1> Only costs 12 million :P
08:49:01 <Dave from B™> What if it is autographed?
08:49:36 <Eric> The SpaceX suits look way more comfortable
08:51:52 <LindaG> Wonder if they give a discount for a used suit
08:52:47 <Dave from B™> Or, if you buy 2!
08:52:52 <Eric> Anyone have great video links for the eruption last night?
08:53:05 <Dave from B™> Ditto, I would love to see them as well
08:53:26 <LindaG> Dave from B™, buy one, get the second one half price ;)
08:54:32 <Eric> I bet that is the reason the lake cam couldn't load! USGS is getting smashed with volcano webcam views and probably all on the same server.
08:54:36 <Dave from B™> Some people like good deals!!
08:55:55 <LindaG> I can't get usgs to load
08:56:27 <KorbenC1> Dave, the deal is Buy one, buy the next one for twice the price!
08:59:03 <Eric> Cool shot of probably about the time the lake vaporized -
09:00:03 <Dave from B™> wow
09:00:03 <Eric> I always worry about the USGS building up there on the crater. Once day it is just going to drop into it.
09:00:51 <Eric> The have some crater video on their twitter page too -
09:01:10 <🌋> isn't that the Jaggar museum? I believe they evacuated the whole building when the crater sunk in 2018, so now it's pretty much empty aside from critical infrastructure (and cameras!)
09:02:23 <Dave from B™> Yep. Weird. I was in that building about 4 years ago
09:02:28 <Eric> ohh, I thought they were using it. Makes sense that it has been evacuated.
09:02:50 <Eric> I have never been to the big island...someday.
09:03:13 <Eric> Looks like Amazon has given up on shipping
09:03:34 <Eric> They must have filled their delivery chain with orders over the weekend and just stopped.
09:03:48 <Eric> Nothing on their site is available before christmas now
09:04:49 <Dave from B™> Anything we ship today is at the risk of the purchaser. No refunds for UPS mishaps
09:04:55 <I'm Here> Kilauea erupted? I saw that there had been deformation
09:05:11 <KorbenC1> and increased seismicity.
09:06:52 <Dave from B™> Any truth to the rumor that China is to blame?:)
09:06:57 <Eric> Yes, it erupted around 2am hawaii time I believe
09:07:13 <Eric> For the eruption?
09:07:33 <🌋> just after 2130 HST, actually
09:07:45 <KorbenC1> I would blame China, but the U.S. is justp laying right into the palm of them, so I blame the U.S.
09:07:49 <Eric> ohhh, that must have been PST I saw, thanks Jimbo?
09:08:02 <JarnoO> no, the other one :)
09:08:05 <Eric> Jarno :-P
09:08:07 <JarnoO> morning all
09:08:12 <Forestbewithyou> And there is the big reveal :D
09:08:14 <Eric> Hi Jarno :-D
09:08:22 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Jarno
09:08:25 <Eric> I should have known since I didn't see your name
09:08:33 <KorbenC1> Jarno, we all knew you were JO
09:08:47 <KorbenC1> "Thx probably knows we know who they are, but does not like their name mentioned :D" :)
09:08:56 <Eric> I thought it might have been Jimbo, but Jarno makes more sense
09:09:20 <Eric> Need to finish my morning coffee
09:09:43 <Eric> USGS really does need better webcam servers!
09:09:54 <KorbenC1> Eric, the sentences were not Jimbo's structure. The structure looked like JO's. :)
09:09:57 <I'm Here> I'm Jimbo
09:10:07 <Eric> There you are :-D
09:10:18 <KorbenC1> Did you just figure that out Eric, :P
09:10:21 <Eric> I felt your presence in the force.
09:10:35 <I'm Here> Yeah I just saw the chat and now looked at some pictures of it.
09:10:54 <I'm Here> I'm on semi-vacation
09:11:10 <Eric> I bet the lake "evaporation" make for some loud booms
09:11:38 <Eric> I was hoping for sub-lake eruption and make kaboom
09:12:43 <I'm Here> Just checked the Webcams, which loaded slowly. Still erupting; best views are at dawn when the camera switches over to color.
09:13:02 <KorbenC1> Hi Micah.
09:13:12 <Micah (Lurking)> Morning Korben
09:13:29 <Eric> Are there webcam recordings Jimbo?
09:14:06 <I'm Here> Someone used to compile a daily capture but not sure since lava lake activity ended
09:14:09 <Micah (Lurking)> So I forgot to put a note yesterday, but I visually confirmed that Echinus has definitely erupted sometime in the past week or so. So those traces Jarno reported are legit.
09:14:26 <JarnoO> thanks!
09:14:47 <Eric> Awesome, thanks Micah
09:15:04 <Eric> Great to have visual confirmation
09:15:08 <Micah (Lurking)> Lots of rocks around Steamboat.
09:15:14 <Micah (Lurking)> Small impact craters in the snow.
09:15:15 <I'm Here> I was looking at these:
09:15:20 <Micah (Lurking)> Everything from pea to softball sized.
09:15:29 <JarnoO> I guess you saw Steamboat in steam then
09:15:33 <Micah (Lurking)> Heavy steam from the third vent
09:15:40 <Micah (Lurking)> Nope. Got there for the last few minutes of the water phase
09:15:42 <I'm Here> More rocks than usual?
09:15:48 <JarnoO> nice, just in time
09:15:57 <Micah (Lurking)> arrived around 1350 to a muddy water-steam mix with heights of 50-60 feet.
09:16:00 <Dave from B™> Thanks Micah
09:16:08 <Micah (Lurking)> By around 1420 it was turning white with no more water or rocks.
09:16:19 <KorbenC1> Sorry you missed the last restart by so short.
09:16:31 <Micah (Lurking)> Eh. It is what it is. Can't get them all
09:16:39 <JarnoO> true, especially in winter
09:16:46 <Micah (Lurking)> I'm really gunning for Slit this winter anyways.
09:16:54 <Eric> Glad you made it out for part of it Micah
09:17:15 <Micah (Lurking)> Same Eric. I've had an excellent rarity streak this winter.
09:17:31 <Micah (Lurking)> 13 wolves, two ermine, Snowshoe Hare, and now steamboat.
09:17:44 <Eric> mustard :-P
09:17:54 <Micah (Lurking)> Haha yes.
09:18:09 <Micah (Lurking)> I haven't been paying attention to Mustard on GT so I was startled when it had that 12 minute interval
09:18:11 <JarnoO> those rocks - maybe from the third vent as N and S don't really shoot rocks unless water washes rocks downslope? Am going by the video Craig made of the third vent spewing rocks
09:18:30 <Micah (Lurking)> No, the rocks were definitely still flying from North mostly
09:18:37 <JarnoO> oh, interesting
09:18:39 <Micah (Lurking)> There was a waterfall coming down from above still when I arrived.
09:18:58 <JarnoO> ah, like so
09:19:04 <Micah (Lurking)> When we came around the corner at the bench on the hill, we saw a rock suddenly blast above the treeline to 120+ feet.
09:19:11 <Eric> I bet with snow melt you get quite the water action
09:19:14 <Micah (Lurking)> A guest of mine was like "What the hell was THAT?"
09:19:19 <KorbenC1> JO, N and S vent always like to shoot rocks :P
09:19:19 <Micah (Lurking)> Me: "A rock"
09:19:23 <Micah (Lurking)> "It throws rocks???"
09:19:25 <Micah (Lurking)> "yes"
09:19:32 <Micah (Lurking)> "And we're going TOWARD it???"
09:19:35 <Micah (Lurking)> "yup"
09:19:45 <Eric> haha....big tip day hopefully :-P
09:19:47 <JarnoO> haha
09:20:10 <JarnoO> better bring some shields next time it's going :)
09:20:30 <Micah (Lurking)> Nah.
09:20:33 <KorbenC1> Have any gazers gotten hit by a rock yet?
09:20:55 <JarnoO> maybe go in a Roman formation with shields front and on top. Just watch out for some Gauls
09:20:58 <Micah (Lurking)> I think the closest call was the rock that obliterated the old sign.
09:21:07 <Micah (Lurking)> And that was a statistical minority.
09:21:21 <Micah (Lurking)> As well as freaking AWESOME
09:21:27 <KorbenC1> So, if the rock lodges in your arm, do you get to take it home? :P
09:21:52 <I'm Here> Regarding Kilauea, there's some live footage being shown here, but it could be a replay of live footage shot earlier.
09:22:16 <Micah (Lurking)> BTW. I didn't add a note but Blue Star has some nice flaming and sizzling on the surface right now.
09:23:10 <I'm Here> Flaming?
09:23:37 <Micah (Lurking)> Firehole Pool affect from the vent.
09:23:52 <Micah (Lurking)> Big steam bubbles coming up and collapsing, making it look like there's tongues of flames coming up from depth.
09:24:40 <Micah (Lurking)> The most visible example of this is Firehole Pool on the Firehole Lake Drive
09:27:30 <Eric> the 9:30 lineup of machines at West
09:33:33 <I'm Here> Thx Micah
09:34:18 <I'm Here> BTW, Kilauea has a thermal cam showing the lava from the wall fissure going downslope into the bottom of the crater. Only 17 minutes behind RT!
09:41:58 <Betty> morning all
09:42:02 <JarnoO> afternevening Betty
09:42:25 <Betty> evenoon JarnoO
09:42:48 <Eric> Hi Betty
09:44:07 <Betty> OF
09:44:15 <Betty> hey Eric
09:46:16 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
09:47:42 <Betty> hey Dave :-)
09:50:31 <JarnoO> Aurum 0948 frame
09:50:47 <Betty> yay
09:51:54 <Katie> Hi all. My alarm just went off to remind me to get ready to log in to drive. If only... if only.
09:52:14 <Betty> hi Katie
09:52:46 <Betty> sigh, I´d love to have you drive the cam today :-(
09:55:32 <Dave from B™> haha
09:58:19 <Eric> I hope the park is giving themselves 20 lashes every time the streaming cam misses OF!
10:15:58 <I'm Here> Hey, on the streaming volcano YouTube they just posted a picture of the lava streams in Halemaumau. Gorgeous!
10:19:15 <I'm Here> It's here (loading slow, of course):
10:19:30 <I'm Here> I figured the dawn capture would be pretty good
10:19:49 <Eric> Ken Boyer video on Facebook of the early eruption is pretty stunning
10:20:11 <I'm Here> Yeah, I need to see that fullscreen
10:20:37 <Eric> Thanks for the rim view
10:21:57 <Eric> They have to take "water lake" out of their description now.
10:28:55 <Eric> I hope USGS is capturing all these static images from their cams!
10:29:09 <Eric> timelapse of the eruption would be great from one of the rim cams.
10:37:52 <I'm Here> There's text on the page that says "Last 24 hours", but there's nothing there
10:40:20 <flake> it has been blown away!
10:53:10 <Eric> It was the yesterday mornings webcam view, but the file is huge at 15MB! USGS really needs some IT people :-P
10:53:27 <Eric> Need to keep my eye out on their job openings :-D
10:53:51 <Betty> :-)
10:56:28 <Eric> It would be a convenient job, I am like 15 minutes from USGS CVO headquarters.
10:56:38 <Eric> Would be fun to build software for them
10:59:36 <I'm Here> This news page has a compilation of the two-minute thermal cam images from when the eruption started:
11:00:49 <JarnoO> fun to see a large fountain appear from nothing in just two minutes
11:11:12 <Betty> OF
11:11:57 <JarnoO> the whole of USGS is slow now. I guess they never heard of CDN or something. Though maybe that's good as CDN does like to cache (from my experience)
11:13:41 <Eric> Yes, there IT infrastructure is poorly designed for their webcams. Those things shouldn't be affecting their operations like they are.
11:15:52 <JarnoO> I don't think they ever anticipated a traffic surge like this one. From what I remember, HVO's "own" website before they were merged into USGS' did a good job at handling traffic, even during the LERZ eruption in 2018
11:17:36 <I'm Here> if you haven't seen the video, it's on this tweet:
11:17:47 <I'm Here> including lava falls!
11:19:01 <JarnoO> you don't see lava falls often, but they're quite spectacular to say the least. Especially at night with that glow :)
11:19:48 <Eric> looks more like a lava slip and slide :-P
11:24:14 <Eric> I prefer lava geysers!
11:27:26 <Eric> Wow...USGS is super responsive to twitter comments, cool seeing all their replies to peoples questions on their video tweets
11:29:11 <JarnoO> well, if they stay quiet some other, less-informed folk (to put it lightly) may take reigns in their own hand. Something you definitely don't want
11:30:25 <KorbenC1> **COUGH*** MG **COUGH** :)
11:32:00 <KorbenC1> any idea if they are going to try the cam today?
11:36:12 <Katie> Havne't heard anyting
11:43:14 <l> I'm Here, thanks finally got something to load so I could see the lava
11:44:49 <l> kilauea could become yellowstone over the hours through fake news
12:06:16 <Eric> As the guy filming it early this morning's going to take months for the crater to fill and cause any kind of threat to anyone. Even then it probably won't cause a threat.
12:28:49 <null> Unless it springs a leak. It is run by the government, so anything is possible.
12:45:55 <I'm Jimbo> You could get crater floor uplift.
12:50:32 <Betty> OF
12:51:10 <Eric> OF ie
12:51:20 <Eric> woops, Betty already said that :-P
12:55:57 <u> No word on when or if cam will be back?
12:57:35 <u> I should have read above.
13:24:13 <Dave from B™> I should have had more kids...need more staff this week
13:26:15 <KorbenC1> lol
13:26:33 <KorbenC1> I would come, but I will be busy skiing in -40F wind chills on Wed :D
13:26:37 <Micah> back
13:26:54 <KorbenC1> wb Micah
13:27:26 <Micah> Volcanoes are as changeable as geysers. Anything could happen with Kilauea
13:27:49 <Micah> Exhibit A *points to the 2018 flank eruption*
13:27:54 <KorbenC1> Do not rule out it making mroe fissures, it did that last time.
13:28:14 <KorbenC1> I was about to ask if it was 2017 or 2018 :)
13:28:54 <Micah> I mean, you could also have explosive eruptions from the summit, if the conditions are right.
13:29:13 <Micah> I'll just sit patiently and wait for one of the Cascades to erupt and then ask for a leave of absence.
13:30:03 <KorbenC1> or Mauna Loa could go boom :P
13:30:22 <Micah> Who knows.
13:30:27 <KorbenC1> Rainier would be interesting, not fun, but I would not sleep that night.
13:30:29 <Micah> I've been hoping for Mauna Loa for years.
13:31:07 <KorbenC1> Micah is the first person to speak my language :)
13:31:17 <KorbenC1> "hoping for Mauna Loa" :D
13:32:07 <Micah> Well I hope for a Cascade eruption more
13:32:15 <KorbenC1> Mt. Hood would be fun.
13:32:22 <Micah> Yup.
13:32:24 <Micah> Or shasta
13:32:24 <Betty> Hi Micah and Korben
13:32:45 <KorbenC1> I would prefer a big, long even from Rainier, or St. Helens turning into Stromboli v.2
13:32:58 <KorbenC1> eruption not even, stupid auto correct.
13:35:11 <Micah> I expect a Mt. Rainier eruption would be a year tops
13:36:52 <Dave from B™> Careful what you guys wish for
13:50:40 <GO BOATY> happy solstice
13:51:43 <JarnoO> afternoon Graham, happy solstice and Kilauea eruption to you too :)
13:51:58 <Betty> hi Graham, daylight will last loger now
13:52:13 <Betty> longer
13:52:23 <GO BOATY> yep, just 3 ore monhs of winter
13:52:34 <GO BOATY> more
13:55:38 <Betty> Lion?
13:55:54 <Eric> possibly
13:55:58 <JarnoO> looks like it
13:58:07 <JarnoO> Kilauea now down to Orange/Watch as the eruption has been effusive so far. They didn't know what form it would take when the eruption started, so it had been Red/Warning
13:58:37 <KorbenC1> Either it is a minor boom, or it is a pre boom to a larger boom :P
13:58:38 <JarnoO> in case you want to read it:
13:59:07 <JarnoO> primary update location seems to be having a bad form of caching or is not updating at all
13:59:19 <Micah> Site is probably getting inundated and crashing
13:59:30 <Micah> I'm sure their phone is ringing off the hook too.
13:59:55 <Micah> Meanwhile Alaska is sitting up there with 2-3 volcanoes erupting at any one time sipping on their coffee and chuckling.
14:00:27 <JarnoO> actually, Alaska's volcanoes are all asleep for a change
14:00:44 <Micah> Yeah I just checked their site.
14:00:45 <Micah> Wow.
14:00:54 <Micah> How boring. lol
14:00:59 <JarnoO> the only ones with a color other than green or white are Mauna Loa and Kilauea
14:01:06 <Micah> I remember following Redoubt closely back in 2009.
14:01:12 <Micah> Still my favorite volcano
14:01:35 <JarnoO> I really like Bogoslof for some reason
14:01:40 <KorbenC1> Micah is a traitor! Yellowstone gave you geysers, and Redoubt is still your favorite :P
14:02:00 <KorbenC1> I like Semisopochnoi :)
14:02:18 <Micah> Wait until you find out that I think if it wasn't for the geysers, the geology of the park interior is boooooring.
14:02:29 <Dave from B™> I only like SUPERVOLCANO's:)
14:02:41 <Micah> What's a supervolcano? ;)
14:02:48 <Micah> You mean Caldera Complex?
14:02:54 <KorbenC1> Micah, but with Geysers, it is interrrresting. :)
14:03:15 <Eric> Twin buttes geo is kinda cool :-D
14:03:16 <Micah> Yes Korben
14:03:23 <Micah> Eric true
14:03:38 <Micah> And they're doing a new study on explosion craters in the LGB currently
14:03:54 <Micah> Hungerford mentioned it during our guide training, so that will be interesting to see the results from that.
14:04:03 <JarnoO> isn't it so the park was specifically created [i]because of[/i] the geysers rather than wildlife or beautiful scenery?
14:04:10 <Eric> Nice! I want to get back up to twin buttes, summit both the peaks there next year if I make it to the park :-D
14:04:26 <Micah> JarnoO correct
14:04:37 <Micah> Just don't tell the wolf fans that.
14:04:44 <JarnoO> hehe
14:04:45 <KorbenC1> JarnoO, yes.
14:04:45 <Eric> Wildlife is way better in Glacier :-P
14:05:20 <Micah> Geology still rules in Glacier though, haha
14:05:40 <KorbenC1> Geysrs are better than Wildlife, you can track wildlife, it is harder to track geysers. You can pay someone to find you as many wolfs as you want, the only person you can pay to turn the geysers up is Micah :)
14:06:15 <Micah> I will disagree on the wolf statement.
14:06:21 <Micah> Finding wolves is hard.
14:06:28 <KorbenC1> ok, you have a higehr chance :)
14:06:30 <Micah> We're lucky right now that the Junctions are so visible.
14:06:47 <Micah> When I saw the wapitis earlier last week, as soon as they saw my coach stop they turned tail.
14:06:51 <Micah> Which is good.
14:07:13 <KorbenC1> But Micah, I have seen 4 wolves right on the side of the trail while driving between basins, only 3 while sitting out waiting for them :D
14:07:21 <KorbenC1> side of the road*
14:08:00 <KorbenC1> INcluding one really pretty lone wolf, nice collar, with a smooth brown coat.
14:19:59 <Eric> It's nice that you can see both in the park, one of the reasons it's such an awesome place.
14:20:25 <Eric> Glacier does have some killer geo too
14:20:31 <Dave from B™> There are so many hidden gems in YNP...just ask MA:)
14:20:39 <Eric> OF
14:21:17 <Eric> uhh, maybe not
14:21:29 <Eric> caught preplay on static :-P
14:31:09 <kc (working)> OF
16:03:12 <JarnoO> helicopter overflight just happened. Cool to see lava making its way into the former lake:
16:03:36 <Betty> OF
16:04:21 <Eric> Wow...that has really filled in!
16:04:40 <Micah> So cool to see a vent open up on a steep wall like that.
16:05:03 <GO 49> its gonna blow
16:05:06 <Eric> 4 vents!
16:05:18 <GO 49> did you get outtoday Micah?
16:05:25 <Eric> But that big one is crazy
16:05:39 <Micah> Negative GO 49
16:05:49 <Micah> Well.
16:05:51 <Micah> Barely
16:06:05 <GO 49> bet the wolves were playingnear the road :)
16:06:09 <Eric> You still in Colorado 49?
16:06:16 <Micah> I went up to Mammoth to people watch for about 20 minutes and then on way back down to Gardiner stopped at my favorite riverside spot
16:06:18 <GO 49> yes for a week
16:06:20 <JarnoO> some depth perspective:
16:08:08 <Eric> I saved this screenshot from yesterday mornings cam for comparison:
16:08:20 <GO 49> you go to Mammoth to peope watch? Sigh
16:08:34 <JarnoO> quite the difference compared with now, Eric
16:09:01 <Eric> Comparing the two, I think that mid shelf that the lava is coming out of is sloughing down.
16:09:15 <Eric> Would be interesting if that shelf collapsed.
16:09:28 <GO 49> boom
16:09:46 <JarnoO> could cause some interesting activity if it collapses while lava is still pouring out
16:10:24 <Eric> Yep....the possibilities are pretty open right now in what it could do.
16:31:17 <LindaG> greetings
16:35:50 <JarnoO> afternoon Linda
16:36:09 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi
16:39:38 <Eric> Hi Lina
16:39:40 <Eric> Linda
16:46:17 <LindaG> Eric, hi
16:46:28 <Betty> I call it a day, Night all
16:46:55 <LindaG> Betty, hi and bye
16:49:03 <JarnoO> cya Betty
16:55:46 <JarnoO> off as well. Enjoy Kilauea
16:56:42 <LindaG> JarnoO, night
17:13:45 <LindaG> night
17:15:02 <Dave from B™> Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone! 2nd largest day in store history.