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08:25:35 <Dave from B™> Crazy sight in Billings this morning....January 5...dark at 6 am and it is RAINING
08:25:44 <CraigC> hey folks
08:25:48 <CraigC> Dave from B™, howdy
08:25:53 <Dave from B™> Hi Craig
08:26:08 <CraigC> I could swear I heard it raining or hailing here last night
08:26:44 <Dave from B™> Or was it just a bad dream?
08:27:19 <Dave from B™> I should have said..... Or, was,it,just, a bad, dream:)
08:27:38 <CraigC> I had just got in bed, but didn't want to get back up to look
08:27:50 <CraigC> hahahhahahaa
08:28:01 <Dave from B™> Loved your post this morning
08:28:50 <CraigC> 'your' fine this is not a professional solicitation how are you YNM looks broken still
08:30:37 <CraigC> this one really gets me, though.... someone saying something like 'I want to be apart of your team'
08:31:15 <CraigC> my response would be; "you're already apart from our team"
08:34:00 <Dave from B™> hahaha
08:34:24 <Dave from B™> Spell check has destroyed today's grammar
08:34:54 <Dave from B™> Almost everything posted on FB from our company or sent via our group email has at least one eror. It really bugs me.
08:35:08 <Dave from B™> Speaking of errors
08:35:11 <CraigC> funny thing, though.... even though I won spelling bees as a kid.... now I am older and always googling words
08:35:29 <CraigC> LOL @ eror
08:35:58 <Dave from B™> No one double checks their work anymore
08:36:33 <CraigC> sometimes I even pause before sending something and going to websters to see if a word really means what I think it does
08:37:07 <Dave from B™> Well, you are the anomaly!
08:37:19 <CraigC> what is that word
08:37:23 <CraigC> LOL
08:37:40 <CraigC> is that something to look at in a microscope?
08:37:48 <Dave from B™> hahahaha
08:37:54 <CraigC> ;)
08:39:03 <CraigC> Did you read that Tanya Roberts died yesterday?
08:41:47 <Dave from B™> Wait a minute. I thought that was false and she is still alive.
08:42:08 <CraigC> yes, it was a mistake
08:42:17 <Dave from B™> I don't remember her....Did Cheryl Ladd replace her?
08:42:48 <CraigC> who knows.... I just remember Beastmaster.... and her in the water
08:43:01 <Dave from B™> When I think of Charlie's Angels, I think of Cheryl Ladd, Farrah and Jackie
08:43:50 <CraigC> same. most guys loved Farrah, I had a crush on Cheryl
08:44:01 <CraigC> and Jackie
08:44:05 <CraigC> and Farrah
08:45:01 <Waiting Mode> I saw a good one in the Washington Post: the article about the football game said the quarterback "peddled in motion". I commented "What was he selling?"
08:45:03 <Dave from B™> hahaha.
08:46:05 <Waiting Mode> Tanya Roberts was final season. Shelley Hack too.
08:46:23 <Waiting Mode> I liked Kate!
08:47:13 <Waiting Mode> BTW, Waiting Mode = Jimbo
08:47:30 <Dave from B™> That would explain why I don't remember Tanya
08:48:01 <Dave from B™> I liked Bosley, too!
08:48:10 <CraigC> :-/
08:51:36 <Dave from B™> At least I was jealous of Bosley:)
08:59:28 <CraigC> Dave from B™, that was a cool article about historical habitation in Yellowstone
08:59:45 <CraigC> here;¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif
09:00:00 <CraigC> ooops;
09:01:43 <Dave from B™> Haven't seen that. Thanks
09:09:22 <LindaG> Morning
09:09:34 <Dave from B™> Morning Linda
09:09:49 <CraigC> LindaG, howdy
09:10:38 <LindaG> CraigC, howdy dude
09:10:43 <LindaG> Dave from B™, Hi
09:12:17 <LindaG> CraigC, That looks like an interesting article, I love to read about history
09:15:25 <CraigC> history, Native Americans, and Yellowstone, all in one
09:15:38 <Dave from B™> 101 days until opening day (4/16)
09:15:55 <LindaG> Dave from B™, :)
09:16:18 <Dave from B™> Old guidebooks are my favorite thing to collect on Yellowstone
09:16:18 <LindaG> CraigC, :thumbsup:
09:18:11 <LindaG> Dave from B™, where do you find old guidebooks?
09:18:43 <Dave from B™> I haven't bought any for years but I always bought them on ebay. I love the books from 1920 and older
09:19:25 <LindaG> I'd love to know what Colter saw. Is there any documentation of that?
09:20:02 <CraigC> it's been debatable if Colter went in YNP or not
09:21:00 <LindaG> I can't remember if he appeared after that or was never heard from again
09:21:33 <123> most historians agree Colter's Hell was outside Cody
09:24:35 <Dave from B™> Colter is a tough one. I don't think it entered YNP, either but I wouldn't bet my life on it
09:25:13 <Dave from B™> it = he
09:28:31 <LindaG> huh seems he died in the war of 1812
09:28:58 <LindaG> So I guess he came out of the wilderness :)
09:29:11 <Dave from B™> I do love his footrace running from Native Americans, though
09:30:14 <LindaG> Oh I never heard of that
09:32:37 <Dave from B™>,yelled%20horribly%20over%20his%20body.
09:33:16 <LindaG> Dave from B™, :):thumbsup:
09:34:41 <LindaG> Regional history is interesting, in Jersey its George Washington
09:37:30 <LindaG> morning kevin
09:37:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Morning.
09:38:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am related to George Washington too Linda.
09:38:16 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, seriously?
09:38:40 <LindaG> But that begs the question, who else are you related to?
09:38:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yep. Not sure how.
09:39:06 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, How do you know you are related?
09:39:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> John Wayne and Marylin Monroe.
09:39:57 <CraigC> Mormons are the pros at Geneology
09:40:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Genealogy site sent a list.
09:40:16 <LindaG> CraigC, ah, yes I forgot that
09:40:27 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, Thats cool
09:41:16 <Dave from B™> Kevin, your family tree has more branches than anyone I know:D
09:41:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Probably am related to Craig too.
09:41:22 <LindaG> Ive seen more places where George Washington slept lol
09:41:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Jack Benny did a great movie about that!
09:42:16 <LindaG> I have to mail in my ancestery DNA test although I pretty much know alot of my father's side. Germany is more of a mystery
09:43:45 <CraigC> LindaG, I sent mine in about 2 months ago, still nothing
09:44:24 <LindaG> CraigC, i think it takes a while, I have the kit and keep forgetting to do it
09:44:41 <Dave from B™> Well, I hope we find out that you aren't related to Sasquatch
09:44:42 <CraigC> I exaggerated, it was 11/30 when they received it
09:44:58 <CraigC> Dave from B™, :(
09:45:00 <LindaG> Belgium and Germany seem to be the two countries, but curious if further back people came from somewhere else
09:46:09 <CraigC> as we speak; Your sample has made its way through the queue, and our scientists have started processing it. We’ll keep you updated as it goes through each step, and your final results should be posted to your account in 2‑4 weeks.*
09:46:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Mine shows more like my Mother but my Brother shows more like my Father.
09:46:58 <CraigC> so when I get covid and die, my daughter might know who I was
09:47:01 <LindaG> CraigC, everything is slow this year, Im still waiting for my IRS tax return to be resolved
09:47:24 <CraigC> LindaG, same, and I am in no hurry to pay what I was told I owe
09:47:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That sounds like my package from Deep Discount Craig. Ordered it Dec 3. Post office is awaiting the shipment.
09:48:05 <LindaG> CraigC, they owe me :(
09:48:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They were pretty brutal to me last year.
09:48:47 <CraigC> want me to just send mine to you?
09:49:20 <CraigC> you guys would shit if you knew how much my screw up was on my returns the year I retired
09:49:29 <Dave from B™> Craig, penalties and interest can add up fast
09:49:31 <LindaG> all because I transposed my husbands SS number
09:49:55 <CraigC> just the penalty is over 1200
09:50:00 <LindaG> The tax return just disappeared
09:50:08 <LindaG> CraigC, :(
09:50:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I did that on one of my kids once Linda. Took a couple of years to fix.
09:50:28 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, oh dear
09:50:35 <CraigC> I mixed up some of the funds I moved around in and out of my 401k in order to retire
09:51:01 <CraigC> using Turbo Tax I got 2 of them wrong on it
09:51:10 <Dave from B™> Yikes. Hopefully, you get it resolved, Criag
09:51:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ugh. 401ks can be really ugly if you do the wrong thing.
09:51:42 <CraigC> I agreed I was wrong, I just need it to show on my account, so that I can try to appeal the penalty now
09:52:19 <CraigC> I was on hold over 4 hours one night, then it shut me off
09:52:52 <LindaG> Welp got an appointment, cya later
09:53:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We are working with some on my Dad's estate now. Well worth the money to pay someone to do that.
09:53:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bye Linda
09:55:43 <Dave from B™> I pay an accountant to do our business taxes. It won't be long before I have an accountant do my personal since I now have investments that will complicate things
10:03:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We got a tax person when my wife's parents died. My Dad's is even more complicated. Pain in the butt.
10:12:42 <Dave from B™> There is something to be said for living a simple life....a lot less hassles:)
10:14:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That there is. I am glad my Dad didn't want to "complicate" things. Hopefully I am finished with DMV as of yesterday...
10:17:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Another fun sunset on Kehlsteinhaus today:
11:48:56 <kc (working)> OF
11:53:43 <Dave from B™> Things are probably going to get interesting in a few hours. Our new governor was sworn in yesterday. I suspect he is little mask mandate later today. Our store will still require them and the flack we receive will surely spiral upward
11:53:53 <Dave from B™> little = lifting
12:17:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just wear this when they call you:
12:21:01 <Dave from B™> That is scary
12:21:55 <Eric> Hi all
12:22:06 <Dave from B™> Hey, Eric
12:22:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi
12:23:44 <Eric> Hi Dave & Kevin
12:24:43 <Eric> But remember Dave, many of your customers will appreciate you keeping them safe while shopping.
12:24:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Were you the one wanting to see the Amazon containers on a train Eric?
12:24:54 <Eric> Nope
12:24:57 <Eric> :-P
12:25:10 <Eric> Maybe
12:25:14 <Eric> I don't remember.
12:25:41 <Eric> Looks like a beautiful day in the park!
12:25:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There have been a bunch.
12:25:52 <Dave from B™> True, Eric but we had 3 abusive customers during holiday season. One even complained on yelp about our totalarian attitude.
12:26:24 <Eric> Just be honest, you are trying to protect ALL of your customers.
12:26:38 <Eric> I won't shop at places that don't require a mask.
12:27:21 <KorbenC> Wow
12:27:23 <Dave from B™> That is what we tell people. I have workers spouses who deal with the elderly. Can't have the virus around here
12:27:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My Idaho daughter is enjoying today. First day above freezing since November.
12:27:32 <KorbenC> I got back from my walk just in time for a huge snow squall
12:27:45 <Dave from B™> That is odd. Its felt almost like fall all winter here
12:27:48 <LindaG> hello again
12:28:05 <Eric> Wow...ya...we had a cold snap in November and it's been balmy ever since
12:28:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It has been cool here but not terribly cold.
12:29:07 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, so what, 75F?
12:29:17 <LindaG> hi Eric, KorbenC,
12:29:43 <Dave from B™> Time to go sweat for the first time in 2 weeks (and 7 pounds later:P)
12:29:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 61° right now Korben.
12:30:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wear your mask Dave.
12:30:40 <LindaG> Im surprised its 39 degrees here, seemed warmer
12:31:29 <LindaG> Those clouds on the lake, in the distance, look kind of funky
12:31:59 <JarnoO> looks like a hefty downpour or fog
12:32:21 <JarnoO> afternoon all
12:32:28 <KorbenC> Hey JO
12:33:15 <LindaG> JarnoO, hi and korben too
12:34:05 <KorbenC> LindaG, hi
12:34:32 <Eric> Hi linda & coop
12:34:34 <Eric> and jarno
12:34:41 <KorbenC> Eric, hi
12:34:45 <LindaG> Eric, hi
12:35:43 <Eric> I haven't been in another building other than, my house, costco & trader joes & my pharmacy in 10 months! I sweat outdoors :-D
12:36:56 <LindaG> sounds like my list of stores
12:38:28 <Eric> Costco has been nuts for the last month though, I avoid it like the plague. Try to shop right before closing time, usually pretty empty then.
12:39:26 <LindaG> I have a pretty small costco, compared to some, weekends I avoid
12:39:41 <Eric> ohh, I went into Bob's Red Mill this weekend too, forgot about that! They were enforcing very limited capacity, which was helpful, but we had to stand in line to get in :-(
12:39:47 <LindaG> But I buy stuff like milk there because its my closest store
12:39:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Costco has frog hour before they normally open I if I go there I usually pick that time.
12:40:11 <Eric> Yep, I appreciate costco having that for seniors Kevin!
12:40:25 <LindaG> do you see frogs?
12:40:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lots of them!
12:40:50 <LindaG> :)
12:41:03 <Eric> I have seen some unusual things at Costco, never frog legs though :-P
12:41:10 <LindaG> Oh you have a Bob's Red Mill?
12:41:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Frog is an old person who is ready to croak.
12:41:17 <LindaG> I love Costco
12:41:33 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, haha!
12:41:46 <LindaG> I guess my costco has early hours also
12:42:33 <LindaG> I guess Im in denial that Im a senior citizen :(
12:42:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My Dad had a heart issue and went to the emergency room. The cardiologist they sent was Dr Croak. We had a good laugh.
12:42:59 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, and he never changed his name haha!
12:43:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The way I look at I I won't be a senior citizen very long Linda.
12:43:48 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, oh don't say that
12:43:49 <Eric> We have THE Bob's Red Mill :-D Bob use to hang out in the cafeteria when I was young :-P
12:44:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My Dad's brother died last week. Only one sister left.
12:44:56 <Eric> :-( Sorry to hear that Kevin
12:46:01 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, Sorry to hear that :(
12:46:09 <Eric> This would be a great Yellowstone Bike if it wasn't for the $$$
12:46:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The real frustrating thing is you can't gather for a funeral. I have had several friends die during this. My Son is getting married in 2 weeks and that is the same. Makes for a cheap reception though.
12:46:51 <Eric> Yes, super frustrating Kevin....I hope vaccines pick up the pace soon!
12:46:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is what I paid for my first new car!
12:47:09 <Eric> About what my parents bought our first house for!
12:47:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Mine too!
12:47:50 <Eric> 6x the price of my first car :-P
12:47:59 <LindaG> and assembly is required
12:48:10 <Eric> Well, it is a foldable bike :-D
12:48:11 <Miss weather> Eric are you going to fix the weather part of chat?
12:48:24 <Eric> Is it broken?
12:48:29 <Miss weather> Yes
12:48:48 <Miss weather> Mine is an empty box
12:49:02 <Eric> I see all kinds of Weather data in the weather box
12:49:07 <LindaG> I have info in mine
12:49:13 <Miss weather> If I click on it, it says the bookmark needs to be fixed
12:49:21 <Miss weather> Odd...
12:49:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Mine works but radar doesn't
12:49:34 <Eric> Yep, NOAA broke the radar
12:49:43 <Miss weather> Yeah, mine is set on radar
12:49:53 <Eric> ohh, those are two different things
12:49:56 <Miss weather> They broke it?
12:49:59 <Eric> Radar and weather
12:50:11 <Miss weather> Radar then
12:50:15 <Eric> Yes, on 12/17 they killed their Radar image loops
12:50:28 <Eric> Went with a new fangled mega map
12:50:52 <Miss weather> So you can’t update it here?
12:50:55 <Eric> Great as a whole page, bad as an embedded piece of another page.
12:51:22 <Miss weather> Too bad, so I will collapse that then
12:52:05 <Miss weather> Thanks, I thought it was waiting on your changing it
12:52:08 <Eric> Probably a good idea for now. I will post when I get something to take it's place.
12:52:31 <Miss Radar> Thanks
12:52:34 <Eric> I looked at the current system to see if I could embed it, but it will take some custom programming to make it work.
12:53:02 <Miss Radar> No cam, no radar...
12:53:34 <Eric> YNM, Norris Loggers, Radar, Streaming Cam, North Entrance Static cam....ALL BROKE!
12:53:36 <Miss Radar> Tough times
12:53:41 <Eric> This place is falling apart!
12:53:54 <Miss Radar> ;)
12:54:16 <Eric> At least my geyser timer still works :-P
12:54:32 <LindaG> LOL
12:54:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You need to put a train window in.
12:54:55 <Eric> haha...let you select which streaming cam you want to see :-D
12:54:58 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, Definitely
12:55:13 <LindaG> I like Jackson Hole webcams
12:55:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Those are fun.
12:55:37 <Eric> BTW, flash is officially dead now too so I don't know what the stream will look like when it comes back up.
12:55:43 <LindaG> and close to yellowstone
12:55:55 <LindaG> yikes
12:56:10 <Eric> The park service has really flopped when it comes to digital presence lately.
12:56:15 <LindaG> I'll just stare at Lake static
12:56:52 <LindaG> Washburn is real nice in both
12:56:55 <Eric> Did you guys see that the Covid relief Bill will also release classified UFO reports?
12:57:00 <Eric>
12:57:25 <LindaG> Is that for the benefit of the aliens?
12:57:35 <Eric> Because, you know....everybody gets to tack on their pet projects to emergency bills.
12:57:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Maybe covid came from Saturn.
12:57:58 <Eric> More likely Uranus
12:58:01 <Eric> :-P
12:58:11 <LindaG> LOL
12:58:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good point Eric.
12:58:20 <Eric> Sorry, I couldn't help 12 year old self coming out.
12:58:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I wonder if someone there could check for my package.
12:58:43 <LindaG> thats funny, still laughing
12:58:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It applies in this case Eric.
12:59:58 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, still haven't got package?
13:00:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Been waiting since December 4th. I thought I gave it time enough to make it for Christmas.
13:00:55 <LindaG> Christmas 20201 maybe
13:01:04 <LindaG> *2021
13:01:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You may have been right the first time Linda.
13:01:35 <LindaG> :)
13:02:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They told me to wait a month. They got another email today. I was wondering if I had bought something or just made a donation to them.
13:03:56 <LindaG> Where is it coming from?
13:04:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think Kentucky. From a place called Deep Discount.
13:04:55 <LindaG> There ya go
13:05:13 <LindaG> they used their discount on shipping
13:05:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That they did.
13:07:17 <Eric> So deep you can't see it!
13:08:12 <LindaG> Guy digging in cemetary at Mammoth pleaded guilty to charges of excavating or trafficking in archeological resources and injury or depredation to United States property in U.Sking for Fenn's treasure
13:08:44 <LindaG> He was looking for Fenn's treasure
13:08:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They have some movies and music you can't find anywhere else but it does you no good if they can't get it to you.
13:09:20 <LindaG> :(
13:09:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I wonder if that guy learned anything.
13:10:37 <LindaG> hopefully
13:11:42 <LindaG> I wonder whatever happened to that family that were conewalkers, the ones that we had on cam.
13:11:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Digging in a graveyard is really stupid.
13:11:42 <Dave from B™> Turns out a workout wasn't in order. I picked up my van after the water pump was replaced and ended up talking to the owner for a half hour
13:12:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> More fun than a workout Dave?
13:12:32 <Dave from B™> More fun but no aerobic benefit:)
13:12:36 <JarnoO> well, you excersized your mouth muscles, so I guess it's something?
13:12:51 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, a little bell should go off in your head
13:21:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lot of OF customers today.
13:33:02 <JarnoO> are that green lights on someone on the 1331 frame?
13:33:52 <JarnoO> oh, wait... that's the suit they're wearing. Good reflectivity
13:35:54 <Eric> Yep, you wouldn't get lost in that suit!
14:08:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Home Depot wants to sell me a snow blower.
14:09:20 <JarnoO> again?
14:10:15 <JarnoO> maybe you could use it to blow away desert sand instead after a dust storm
14:11:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It may work. You would think they would do regional ads.
14:12:09 <JarnoO> perhaps not worth the effort to exclude a few states because it doesn't snow there
14:20:14 <Dave from B™> My uncle, who lives in Billings, uses a leaf blower to get rid of light snow in stead of a snow blower
14:21:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Tannerite would work too but may upset the neighbors.
14:37:12 <KorbenC> Kevin, I have the wood rat in my neighborhood, it never goes away, my family shot it with a bb gun, it lost a leg, and we let it out on the mountains, then we found a 3 legged rat the next day, then our neibors saw it in their driveway at evening and eventrually caught it in a sticky trap... blah blah blah.. its been a year, and we need to use your tannerite :P
14:38:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That would take care of it.
14:40:59 <Dave from B™> Chick Filet is finally coming to Billings
14:41:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Certain things deserve the tannerite treatment. I have a couple 2020 calendars that will get it Monday.
14:42:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They have some good stuff Dave.
14:46:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The frosted lemonade is great.
14:50:10 <Dave from B™> I've only tried the place once at an airport. Look forward to them opening later this year
14:50:37 <Dave from B™> BTW, mask mandate was NOT rescinded today. I'm in shock but happy for our staff
14:51:15 <Dave from B™> But, the spin on anything political is driving me nuts these days on BOTH sides. I feel like becoming a hermit
14:51:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They have a great chicken sandwich. Do you have a Popeyes?
14:51:28 <Dave from B™> Yes, we have 2 Popeyes
14:52:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Another good chicken spot. Love the spicy with red beans and rice. Smashed spuds and gravy are awesome too.
14:52:45 <Dave from B™> Chick Filet has smashed spuds?
14:52:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Popeyes.
14:53:00 <Dave from B™> I don't remember them at Popeyes
14:53:18 <Dave from B™> I usually get the onion rings with spicy strips
14:54:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Try them next time you are there. Both sides are really great.
14:54:53 <Eric> I like corporate popeyes, hate our local franchise owned ones
14:55:12 <Eric> always cold and crappy
14:55:22 <Eric> the corporate one is always hot and fresh
14:55:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I agree Eric. Same here.
14:57:34 <Eric> interesting
14:58:16 <Eric> I have issues with Chick Filet's political I just stay away from them.
15:02:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is one reason I patronize them.
15:04:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just got one of those Pampers horns on the KC squealing track.
15:13:22 <Eric> I love that Mara's paper is getting so much international buzz!
15:13:40 <JarnoO> hm?
15:13:48 <Eric>
15:14:04 <Eric> It's been on multiple news agencies this week, figured you guys had already discussed it here.
15:14:11 <Eric> Her Steamboat paper
15:14:23 <KorbenC> not ours JO
15:14:26 <KorbenC> her other one
15:14:49 <JarnoO> I know she had another one, but didn't know it had already been released
15:14:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice. I haven't heard about that!
15:14:52 <Eric> Does a great job of referencing GT and lending credence to it being a scientific repository of information.
15:16:09 <JarnoO> the paper itself:
15:16:31 <JarnoO> open acces by the looks of it
15:16:48 <Betty> afternoon all, evening JarnoO
15:16:49 <JarnoO> access*
15:16:53 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:18:20 <Eric> Here is a better reference for the paper -
15:18:27 <Eric> Hi Betty
15:19:10 <Betty> hey Eric
15:19:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi Betty
15:19:55 <Betty> Hi Kevin L™ 🌵
15:20:41 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
15:21:17 <Betty> hi Dave from B™, Happy New year to all I missed the last days :-)
15:21:41 <Eric> Happy New Year to you too Betty
15:21:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I did a dummy Betty. Was going to give my new German engine a test run. Dropped it before it made the track. I guess I was faster than my Grandsons on this one.
15:21:42 <Dave from B™> Same to you Betty!
15:21:59 <Dave from B™> ouch
15:22:10 <Dave from B™> Betty, I hope you make it to the US this year
15:22:56 <Betty> oh, no! Bummer Kevin
15:22:57 <JarnoO> Kevin, ouch
15:23:21 <Betty> hope you can fi it :-(
15:24:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am hoping. I don't know if Fleischmann has any US repair places.
15:26:33 <Betty> fix
15:26:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guessed that Betty.
15:27:51 <Betty> some of my laptop keys don´t work properly
15:28:10 <Dave from B™> Why haven't I ever used that excuse?
15:28:56 <Betty> we would not believe you :-)
15:29:21 <Dave from B™> haha
15:30:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Anyone who breaks a garage door and blames his wife can't be believed.
15:30:29 <Dave from B™> Do we have to rehash that again?:D
15:31:23 <Eric> Kevin just blames the rocks :-P
15:32:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hey, it jumped out in front of me...
15:32:37 <Betty> hi LindaG
15:32:44 <LindaG> Betty, hi
15:33:52 <Dave from B™> I did see 4 deer munching in an open lot 3 houses down from us at 6 this morning as I drove past. They were staring at me.
15:34:02 <Dave from B™> us = our house
15:34:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guess there are a bunch at our Zion house.
15:34:57 <Eric> They know Dave!
15:35:25 <Eric> Not surprised Kevin, it's sits right next to a giant NP :-P
15:36:01 <Dave from B™> And, the only water for miles!
15:38:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guess they eat landscaping. Think we will plant cactus.
15:39:44 <Dave from B™> Spray bovine urine around and they won't bother your property
15:40:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That may work for tourists too.
15:43:22 <Eric> Or plant stuff to attract them...easier hunting :-P
15:44:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think the city there may approve. I guess they are getting pretty aggressive.
15:45:47 <Eric> That house seems like a good place to plant native cactus plants
15:46:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yucca does real well there.
15:47:00 <Eric> I don't doubt it...but I HATE yucca. You ever tried to remove one?
15:47:20 <Eric> literally need a bachoe!
15:47:27 <Eric> backhoe
15:48:02 <Betty> does your k-key not work, Eric?
15:48:24 <KorbenC> Eric, if you hate Yucca, you have helped us get rid of our juniper bushes. :P
15:48:45 <KorbenC> It took a month to get all the thorns out of myself :P :P
15:48:59 <Betty> lol
15:49:03 <Betty> hi Korben
15:49:07 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
15:49:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Funny thing you should mention that. This is the no trespassing sign we were looking at.
15:50:15 <Betty> Kevin, you can place a picture of Dave in the yard, you will frighten those deers away ;-)
15:50:35 <KorbenC> lol
15:50:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That may work.
15:51:00 <LindaG> either that or Craig
15:51:18 <KorbenC> I thought Deer likes sasquatch?
15:51:20 <KorbenC> :{
15:51:24 <KorbenC> ;)**
15:51:40 <KorbenC> You see, Linda shows up and I cannot get my emoji right, hi Linda..
15:51:46 <LindaG> :)
15:51:50 <Eric> I have removed hundreds of juniper bushes :-D
15:52:08 <Eric> It's called leather gloves Coop
15:52:26 <LindaG> Eric, He likes to be one with the bushes lol
15:52:30 <KorbenC> Eric, they were sticking me everwhere, head, face, through my leather gloves :P
15:52:32 <Dave from B™> I hate junipers
15:52:35 <Eric> Easy compared to Yucca
15:52:41 <KorbenC> Through my shirt, everywhere. :P
15:52:52 <Betty> you can make Gin
15:52:59 <Eric> Don't try to remove them with your stomach
15:53:40 <Eric> My family owned a landscape company...I have removed about every kind of tree/bush there is
15:54:11 <Dave from B™> Eric, my favorite tree is a Japanese Lilac. Smell great when they are in bloom
15:54:45 <Eric> Yep, they have a very nice smell
15:54:50 <LindaG> Ive got a rose bush that would mangle the best landscaper
15:55:03 <KorbenC> LindaG, lol
15:55:08 <Eric> chop it down to 12" Linda
15:55:44 <LindaG> I will have to do some serious cutting in spring, it is nasty though
15:55:54 <Eric> I hate roses too, you really should prune them 3 times in the winter and then prune every blossom as it dies.
15:56:09 <KorbenC> Kevin could get rid of it Linda, it would jsut be in alot of pieces after.
15:56:16 <Eric> If you like work, roses are for you.
15:56:28 <Dave from B™> My mom had the magic touch with roses. They had over 40 in their yard when I was growing up
15:56:57 <LindaG> this is a very hardy bush, doesn't need much care and it triples in size every time I trim it.
15:57:06 <Eric> We had a friend who got kicked out of the Portland Rose Festival competition, won too many years in a row :-P
15:57:15 <LindaG> I love English roses had a few bushes up north
15:58:40 <Eric> We maintained a house that had 16 of these super huge multiple bloom roses that would flower all summer long. Each week I had to go in there are remove all the past weeks dead blooms, in the thousands.
15:59:10 <LindaG> oh wow, thousands is serious
16:00:16 <LindaG> Dave from B™, and 40 bushes is a lot too. They are prone to disease so that can be a pain
16:00:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Rose bushes are evil. Everytime I work with one I look like I have lost a war with a clawed animal.
16:00:32 <Eric> Yes, I spent hundreds of hours pruning that families roses when I was young...uggg.
16:00:49 <LindaG> Eric, it built character
16:01:05 <Dave from B™> I remember them cutting them down to almost nothing before winter and covering completely with dirt
16:01:16 <Eric> haha, yes characgter
16:01:42 <Eric> Yep, really short and then compost or sawdust over them to winter them.
16:01:56 <Dave from B™> They probably lost 2 or 3 every year but they smelled awesome. All kinds of colors. Needless to day, my mom loved going to Portland to the Rose Garden.
16:02:11 <LindaG> really, I just trim mine in spring
16:02:12 <Eric>'s a wonderful test garden!
16:02:27 <Eric> and it is the Rose City
16:02:33 <JarnoO> every year I have to take care of multiple over-sized peony blooms - so heavy they could easily break the stems supporting them. The bush does grow centimeters each year and, after the big bloom's done, it goes for a second time with non-woody peonies on which the woody one was grafted
16:03:26 <LindaG> They have us trained
16:03:59 <LindaG> A labor of love for sure
16:04:09 <Eric> Nice sunset across the park!
16:05:06 <LindaG> another strange cloud over the lake
16:05:06 <Dave from B™> I can't wait to go back to Andina next time I'm in Portland
16:14:18 <LindaG> Huh my Grocery store's Pharmacy in town, will be administering covid vaccines to healthcare workers.
16:14:42 <LindaG> They have it in stock
16:17:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Give me a quart of milk, a dozen eggs, a six pack of coke, and a covid vaccine...
16:17:29 <Betty> to go!
16:17:38 <Betty> :-)
16:18:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I wonder if they have delivery
16:20:23 <LindaG> I guess I just figured doctor's would do it. I know costco gives flu shots I guess Shoprite (grocery store) does too
16:22:36 <Betty> they do that here too, I go to my doc, get a recipe and buy flu-or-whatever-vacccine in the pharmacy, go back to the doc and get the shot there
16:23:17 <LindaG> oh, the doctors here have the serum and administer it
16:23:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We get a lot from the pharmacy here.
16:23:59 <LindaG> At the pharmacy here, they administer it. I think I would prefer a doctor's office
16:25:52 <Betty> some the doctors have as well, but not so common vaccines you have to get by yourself
16:27:29 <LindaG> huh, I wouldn't even think you could do that here. I don't maybe and Ive been living under a rock ;)
16:27:43 <JarnoO> that sounds cumbersome to me - going to one place for a shot and get it in your body elsewhere. Here it's making an appointment (possibly online) and get it done. Children's vaccines don't require an appointment from what I remember (some 15 years-ish ago). You get a date and location and done
16:28:30 <LindaG> JarnoO, JarnoO, thats what happens here, either at a pharmacy or doctor
16:29:07 <Betty> as I said, you get a recipe for the vaccine. You cannot get those without recipe
16:29:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The Pharmacy is about half the price of the doctor here.
16:29:50 <LindaG> I thought they had to have medicine available if a person had a bad reaction. Is a pharmacy going to do that? hmmm
16:30:17 <KorbenC> Here in CO you can walk into any insurance company, hospital, ect. and say "I want a .... vaccine" and they will give oyu it, really any vaccine you want other than COVID
16:30:37 <Betty> I only had that once in my lifetime that the doctor had the vaccine not in stock. then you have to deliver it to yourself
16:31:17 <Betty> aurum 1626
16:31:17 <LindaG> Maybe its a state thing
16:31:52 <LindaG> Betty, nice
16:31:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It normally is Linda.
16:33:01 <LindaG> well article said covid vaccine was free
16:33:54 <Betty> it is common here as well that the doctor has it in stock. but if they don´t have it, go to the pharmacy. Or they order it and you have to come back for a 2nd appt. If I do by myself, I´m sometimes faster :-)
16:34:38 <LindaG> Betty, Makes sense
16:35:24 <Betty> OF
16:49:22 <Dave from B™> CVS Pharmacy is actually assisting in vaccinating long term care facilities in Montana
16:50:05 <LindaG> Dave from B™, :thumbsup:
16:56:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> afternoon/evening
16:56:27 <JarnoO> afternoon Graham
16:56:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> good mix of gesers reported
16:56:44 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, evening
16:56:44 <Betty> hi Graham
16:57:58 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize geysers were still erupting
16:58:27 <LindaG> Dave from B™, they restored the power to that area ;)
16:59:03 <Dave from B™> hahaha
16:59:31 <JarnoO> they should restore power to Norris
16:59:52 <JarnoO> else we might lose important data of the YVO loggers once they fill up
17:00:01 <Betty> I restore power in sleep. Night all :-)
17:00:08 <JarnoO> cya Betty
17:00:15 <KorbenC> Betty, bye
17:00:44 <Dave from B™> Nite, Betty
17:00:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> night Betty
17:00:48 <JarnoO> Steamboat's eruptions should be stored in the logger, but I have no idea how long its storage will last for
17:01:10 <JarnoO> i.e. how many data points it can store before it stops logging
17:02:58 <LindaG> Betty, night
17:03:33 <JarnoO> Ledge be chugging along
17:03:57 <JarnoO> no water at the boat yet
17:04:36 <JarnoO> though light huffing seems a good sign
17:05:08 <JarnoO> with those 3d intervals it would've had water already, but alas
17:08:58 <KorbenC> Those 3 day intervals are something else, haha.
17:09:25 <KorbenC> The fact that it can get that much heat and water in 75 and 1/2 hours freaks me out :P
17:09:54 <KorbenC> You could make a really good slow cooker chilli 5 or 10 feet below the surface I bet.
17:10:25 <JarnoO> or boil an egg
17:10:39 <JarnoO> though perhaps bubblers are better suited for that
17:10:46 <JarnoO> (no BSB-sized though)
17:10:49 <JarnoO> not*
17:11:53 <KorbenC> I could boil and egg in Anemone I think.
17:12:33 <JarnoO> don't think the water stays long enough to cook it meaningfully though
17:12:43 <Dave from B™> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone...time to go home and take a peek at the news to see if people have a brain.
17:12:56 <KorbenC> Tie fishing line to it JO, drop it down 10 or 15ft.
17:13:00 <JarnoO> cya Dave, good luck headbutting in case they don't :)
17:13:05 <KorbenC> Bye Dave
17:13:30 <JarnoO> perhaps you could use AL, AB might be too violent for that
17:13:37 <KorbenC> I agree with that
17:13:55 <JarnoO> Crested could be a good candidate as well
17:13:59 <KorbenC> Maybe I would have to use Aurum, that might work.
17:14:19 <KorbenC> Sulfide Spring as well
17:14:40 <JarnoO> o'clock vents most likely, main vent seems too iffy to me
17:14:47 <KorbenC> Sulphide*
17:15:00 <KorbenC> main vent prior to eruption I think would work.
17:15:15 <KorbenC> I mean, it holds water a few feet down it seems sometimes.
17:15:33 <KorbenC> JO, it would certainly work as long as Kevin is there to stop it.
17:15:35 <JarnoO> problem is, you don't know when an eruption will commence, so you might end with a soft-boiled egg on your head
17:15:56 <KorbenC> Yes we do, if Kevin is there it will hold at the brink of eruption till the egg is done
17:16:02 <JarnoO> Doublet would probably work I think
17:16:21 <KorbenC> Doublet is not at boiling I do not think.
17:16:40 <KorbenC> And in order to reasonably cook an egg all the way through, I think boiling water is needed.
17:17:02 <JarnoO> probably could've done it during the 2018 disturbance
17:17:10 <KorbenC> haha
17:17:13 <KorbenC> yup.
17:17:33 <JarnoO> Riverside pre-eruption could work, especially between surges
17:17:43 <KorbenC> I think Spas might work, one of those vents would work.
17:17:46 <JarnoO> and non-eruptive Spa obviously
17:18:02 <JarnoO> Shell Spring maybe?
17:18:08 <KorbenC> Pre eruption Daisy, but it might be a bit violent.
17:18:10 <JarnoO> Spas is a very good one
17:18:17 <KorbenC> What about Punchbowl?
17:18:19 <JarnoO> Splendid could work
17:18:31 <JarnoO> not sure on Punch Bowl
17:18:37 <KorbenC> Last time I went out to Punchbowl it was boiling around the edges.
17:18:48 <JarnoO> then yes
17:18:49 <LindaG> What about the rim of G?
17:18:52 <KorbenC> Although, it was the hottest I had ever seen it.
17:19:16 <KorbenC> Might work,but I would worry the flash convection would destroy it :P
17:19:19 <JarnoO> would most likely work. Just watch out for the big boil
17:19:26 <KorbenC> yup
17:19:32 <LindaG> dinnertime
17:19:36 <KorbenC> Cya Jarno
17:19:55 <KorbenC> We must be really bored to be thinking about what geyser would be best to boil and egg.
17:20:13 <JarnoO> ehm... Pink Cone's road bubblers are also a good candidate (someone actually did last year)
17:20:22 <JarnoO> cya Linda
17:20:23 <KorbenC> lol, "idiots"
17:20:36 <JarnoO> Great Fountain at overflow perhaps
17:21:21 <JarnoO> Excelsior would also work I think. It's always steamy, regardless of temperature
17:22:33 <JarnoO> you just need to get the egg near the vent, which is a challenge on its own. By the time you get there I think the egg has been boiled decently already
17:27:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> why did they name frying pan spring frying pan spring?
17:27:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> i might have asked this here before
17:28:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> anyone?
17:28:12 <JarnoO> no idea... maybe very shallow and boiling or very acidic
17:28:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> because poaching is illegal
17:29:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh well, it sounds better when the snowcoach driver tells it on the drive in
17:29:57 <JarnoO> oh... I thought of it as a serious question...
17:30:11 <JarnoO> was about to search in GNIS
17:32:56 <KorbenC> lol
17:53:32 <JarnoO> off for the day. Enjoy YNR
18:37:23 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, lol
18:38:00 <LindaG> catching up with your joke
19:10:14 <Waiting Mode> OH I GET IT
19:11:09 <KorbenC> lol Pimp
19:11:15 <KorbenC> haha
19:11:29 <KorbenC> it corrected Pimpo on accident to Pimp :P
19:11:35 <KorbenC> lol Jimbo***
19:13:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Have you ever watched TV with the closed captions on?
19:17:37 <Waiting Mode> Sometimes. They don't make as many mistakes as they used to. Must be voice recognition technology.
19:19:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The newer stuff is usually done and checked (except live stuff) but the old shows can really be funny.
20:00:26 <Waiting Mode> G'night all. Signing off to watch hockey and election. Not sure which will be chippier.
22:21:25 <Y> Just what America needs...another recount