Showing logs for date: 2021-01-16
06:45:22 <0116> OF
06:46:55 <Betty> morning Joe
06:47:08 <0116> HI Betty
06:55:03 <LindaGL> morning all
06:55:17 <Betty> morning LindaGL
06:55:28 <LindaGL> Betty, hi
06:55:50 <0116> Hi LindaGL, the cam is all yours
06:56:04 <LindaGL> 0116, ok
06:56:20 <Betty> th for the nightshift, Joe :-)
06:56:32 <Betty> thx*
06:56:44 <0116> yw
06:56:47 <LindaGL> i'm going to try with my laptop should be interesting
06:57:40 <LindaGL> might be a short-lived experiment :)
06:59:14 <Betty> :-)
07:04:40 <LindaGL> hehe so far so good
07:05:27 <0116> LindaGL, is your laptop touch screen?
07:05:38 <LindaGL> no
07:05:55 <LindaGL> I didn't want to spend the money
07:06:21 <0116> are you using mouse or touch pad?
07:06:31 <LindaGL> touch pad
07:06:43 <LindaGL> I should hook up to a mouse
07:07:27 <LindaGL> Im trying to set up so I can see chat and the controls
07:07:42 <LindaGL> on one device
07:08:34 <0116> Mouse works good but once you are proficient with the touch pad you will like it
07:09:22 <LindaGL> yeah, I'm getting used to it again, I gave up a laptop a few years ago for tablet but miss the keyboard
07:10:38 <0116> I set up the m-chat on one window the controls on the other and makemagt small
07:10:41 <0116> Lion
07:11:00 <LindaGL> that is what i'm trying
07:11:01 <0116> mchat small**
07:12:53 <LindaGL> touch screen really is the easiest for controls
07:13:44 <0116> Don't know if ini, it was too dark earlier
07:14:14 <Betty> still strong
07:14:30 <Betty> time will tell
07:16:49 <Betty> 6 min now
07:17:04 <Betty> sine your call
07:17:54 <Betty> since
07:18:50 <Betty> I´d say ini
07:19:06 <LindaGL> yeah
07:19:07 <Betty> color!
07:20:22 <Betty> morning Kat
07:20:31 <LindaGL> thought I saw a lo of steam
07:20:35 <LindaGL> *lot
07:21:56 <LindaGL> buubler maybe
07:22:12 <LindaGL> ok so I still can't type
07:22:17 <Kat> Morning all, just checking in for a minute!
07:22:27 <LindaGL> bee splashing
07:22:31 <0116> Kat, PM to you
07:22:33 <LindaGL> morning Kat how are you?
07:24:13 <Kat> Still tired Linda, may need a nap today LOL
07:24:44 <LindaGL> Kat, :)
07:24:48 <Kat> 0116, Thanks
07:24:57 <LindaGL> were you sick?
07:25:33 <Kat> No, but sick of being stuck at home!:)
07:25:51 <LindaGL> i hear that
07:27:40 <Kat> Love this time of day in the park
07:29:51 <LindaGL> bsb i think
07:29:58 <LindaGL> yu[
07:30:23 <Kat1> Looks like
07:32:01 <Kat1> Bison on Mammoth cam
07:32:29 <KorbenC> yes
07:32:46 <LindaGL> KorbenC, hi
07:33:09 <Kat1> Hey Coop
07:33:16 <Betty> morning Korben
07:33:55 <LindaGL> bee looks hot
07:35:05 <KorbenC> Morning Betty, Linda, Kat, Joe
07:37:52 <Kat1> Bbl have a good morning
07:38:31 <LindaGL> Kat1, bye
07:48:07 <LindaGL> presets, presets, I need presets
07:48:49 <Betty> ear spring is steamy
07:49:05 <Betty> I think you´re doing good
07:49:21 <LindaGL> :) thx
07:49:36 <LindaGL> ear spring in left corner?
07:50:01 <Betty> gone now
07:55:24 <LindaGL> I get the feeling bee may just erupt without warning
07:56:28 <Betty> got to run some errands, bbl
07:56:46 <LindaGL> Betty, bye
08:21:48 <LindaGp> OF knows it's me, taking it's time
08:30:11 <LindaGp> Of
08:31:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> of
08:31:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> about a minute lag for me
08:31:55 <LindaGp> :(
08:31:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning. glad you got BSB going, maybe BH will erupt before dark
08:32:21 <LindaGp> GO STEAMBOAT, 🙄 bee looks hot for a while there
08:32:34 <LindaGp> *looked
08:32:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> doesn't look like the benches have been covered with snow this winter
08:34:27 <LindaGp> GO STEAMBOAT, not yet
08:35:07 <LindaGp> grand ie
08:36:40 <LindaGp> OF just made a long might sneak in early
08:37:00 <LindaGp> Hi cuz
08:38:51 <CraigC> LindaGp, howdy ;)
08:39:09 <LindaGp> :)
08:39:14 <CraigC> guess I should learn some Jewish words now
08:39:50 <LindaGp> Did you know something about your heritage before test?
08:46:37 <LindaGp> Hi tom
08:47:00 <TomK> Good morning all
08:47:19 <TomK> It's good to be back
08:47:53 <LindaGp> Greetings, I you don't know the cam only rises left to castle and it you want mug you must go all the way to the right
08:48:15 <LindaGp> *Cam only goes
08:49:01 <TomK> OK, that is how it was Tuesday when I checkit out for NPS at the VEC
08:49:26 <LindaGp> Only preset if OF
08:49:36 <TomK> Have we been watching Mug?
08:50:01 <LindaGp> there were some big 3Cs yesterday
08:50:22 <LindaGp> Didn't see mug but didn't stay real long
08:50:50 <LindaGp> Ban already this morning
08:51:00 <LindaGp> *bsb
08:51:53 <TomK> Bsb? Good, I'll keep checking the hill for indy
08:51:58 <LindaGp> OF erupt was only 3min 15 seconds so iI think it might sneak in early
08:56:44 <LindaGp> TomK, you can take cam if you want
08:57:31 <TomK> OK
08:57:46 <LindaGp> Maybe dep
08:57:55 <TomK> got it
08:58:08 <LindaGp> :thumbsup:
08:58:29 <LindaGp> Controls released
09:00:20 <TomK> Any critters?
09:00:52 <LindaGL> Might be a bison down basin not sure I didn't see anything else
09:11:06 <JarnoO> morning all, afternevening Betty
09:11:19 <LindaGL> JarnoO, hi
09:11:21 <JarnoO> first snow today here :)
09:11:39 <LindaGL> :)
09:11:46 <JarnoO> and it'll be gone by late tomorrow or so
09:12:10 <LindaGL> how much do you usually get?
09:13:44 <JarnoO> usually a few centimeters/year, though varies from none to disrupting everyday life
09:14:42 <LindaGL> I shouldn't say I wish it would snow, because you know I'll get a blizzard, but a few inches would be nice
09:17:37 <JarnoO> the worst I've experienced was winter of 2011, I think January or so. I recall there not being enough road salt and snowscoop capacity, so only the most important roads were cleared by the morning. Led to me having to walk next to my bike as the snow pack had become slippery on top of it almost reaching my pedals
09:18:15 <KorbenC> Jarno, how much snow was it?
09:18:19 <KorbenC> ie, 5 inches, 10 inches?
09:18:48 <LindaGL> yeah it can be so disruptive. I like when it snows in february cause I know it won't be around for months on end
09:19:12 <JarnoO> good question... probably a good 15-20 centimeters
09:20:03 <JarnoO> by the afternoon the bike path was sufficiently cleared to cycle on it again
09:22:55 <JarnoO> I recall winter of 2012 (January-February) was more frost-heavy than snow-heavy. Almost led to an Eleven Cities ice skating event, but ice on particular sections was deemed to not be strong enough. That winter was probably also the last time I got to ice skate
09:24:42 <JarnoO> coincidentally those two winters also align with La Niña events and its correlation with cold winters was mentioned not to long ago here
09:25:25 <JarnoO> though even then the weather here is all over the place, so La Niña doesn't always have the same effect in Europe
09:53:06 <TomK> It's early for OF, but the last eruption was a little shorter than a true 'long'
09:55:53 <TomK> Although Lion...
09:59:14 <Betty> hi TomK, afterning JarnoO
10:06:27 <TomK> Hi Betty
10:24:31 <Betty> hi Kevin
10:26:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi
10:29:24 <Betty> wb Don
11:20:27 <Betty> my static is stuck on 1032
11:20:41 <TomK> JarnoO: What good eyes you have to spot Anemone. Do you have a hi-def monitor?
11:22:10 <TomK> BTW, you guys know there's about a one minute delay from the cam to the geyser chat video, right?
11:22:50 <JarnoO> I've got a 27" 2560×1440 monitor. The stream occupies about a quarter of it
11:23:02 <TomK> The VEC folks see things in real time without that delay
11:23:18 <JarnoO> there's actually a ±30s delay between live and stream
11:23:41 <LindaGL> some saw real time until adobe flash stopped
11:23:59 <LindaGL> or close to it
11:24:37 <JarnoO> Flash was pretty much live, barring a few seconds
11:24:46 <KB> so 4 hours since the last seen bsb
11:24:57 <LindaGL> Ive always been behind
11:24:57 <TomK> The VEC folks watch OF with binocuars so their start and duration times can be very accurate
11:24:59 <KB> wonder what that means
11:26:16 <Betty> I guess that BSB was mostly early morning steam
11:26:30 <Betty> bbl
11:30:08 <KB> since yesterday was a longer interval, wouldn't surprise me if today is also longer interval, possibly even tomorrow instead of today
11:30:08 <JarnoO> splash splash
11:30:27 <TomK> OF window
11:30:33 <KB> that is more promising bee
11:31:00 <JarnoO> yesterday's interval was due to it being too late in the day for Bee, causing it to skip a day
11:31:43 <JarnoO> was quite surprised Bee decided to go @ 1627 on the 13th, as that's well out of its comfort zone
11:32:19 <KB> wow, fair number of watchers
11:39:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> SC
12:00:24 <JarnoO> 1151:46, barely long at 3m32s
12:16:10 <TomK> It's early for OF, but the last eruption was a little shorter than a true 'long'the
12:17:45 <TomK> Sorry about that old post repeating
12:18:22 <TomK> NPS informs me they will be up on the Inn roof, 'sometime' this afternoon
12:19:07 <TomK> to correct the camera mounting so we can have the old positioning
12:19:19 <JarnoO> was thinking exactly that
12:22:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We can take off the mud tires!
12:22:44 <TomK> After they move the cam, the Old Faithful prset would be off. IMHO
12:23:21 <TomK> anyone around after the change should tell the cam operators about that.
12:23:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I bet you are right. I think Dave is planning on doing all the resets once it is repositioned.
12:47:02 <JarnoO> looks like BSB
12:48:48 <JarnoO> good to see that one going. First observed since this morning
12:50:18 <JarnoO> next one hopefully within 10 minutes or so
12:52:14 <JarnoO> hm, not really a response from Bee on that one. Needs a few more cycles at least before either it or Indy goes
12:52:15 <TomK> I'll have to set the cam on OF when my shift is over at 1300 unlesss the next cam operator takes it before then.
12:54:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am here Tom
12:54:57 <JarnoO> BSB
12:55:59 <TomK> OK, whenever you want it
12:56:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> got it, thanks
12:56:33 <TomK> I see you have it
12:57:04 <JarnoO> splash splash
12:57:04 <TomK> Did you get the info about re positioning the cam this afternoon?
12:57:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> i read that
12:57:58 <TomK> Ok. Bye all until next Saturday. Football next. GO Rams!
12:58:07 <JarnoO> cya Tom, have fun
12:58:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> bye Tom. Arent they playing the Packers?
12:58:51 <TomK> Yeah, they are 7 point underdogs to the Pack
12:59:28 <TomK> I'm just thrilled they beat the She-Hawks last week
13:00:27 <TomK> Here in Bellingham, 90 miles north of Seattle, I keep my RAMS flag flying every game day
13:00:53 <TomK> OK. that is not geyser related. Bye
13:01:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Sorry about the loss Tom
13:03:50 <JarnoO> BSB
13:04:13 <JarnoO> 1303 exact for BSB, no steam there earlier
13:04:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks
13:04:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> splashy bee
13:05:14 <JarnoO> hopefully this series won't drag out so long Bee decides to nap instead
13:06:27 <JarnoO> some slight West Bubbler action
13:06:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> alot of steam
13:09:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> bhi
13:11:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah Je is in park
13:11:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> or Joe
13:11:52 <Vixen> not anymore :)
13:11:59 <Lori S 👀> You rang?
13:12:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha
13:12:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> O window in 3min tho
13:12:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> OF
13:12:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Guess it is time to switch from trains to geysers
13:13:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> you are just in time for OF
13:13:23 <mnbvc> lots of chop today
13:13:46 <mnbvc> a series of static images
13:13:48 <JarnoO> Indicator start was like a small Fan at F&M start
13:13:56 <huj> Cam back but still jerky. Not complaining
13:14:35 <Ben VL> Thanks for text!
13:14:53 <Lori S 👀> hooman on walk...STAY
13:15:11 <JarnoO> I think it was akin to Fan's main vent - one jet up and one at an angle
13:15:27 <Lori S 👀> They will be back
13:15:30 <huj> That just sad :(
13:15:50 <mnbvc> they will be on the other side of the wet zone
13:16:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> probably getting over to OF in time for its eruption
13:17:34 <JarnoO> I wonder if this cam can put Bee and OF in one frame
13:17:43 <KorbenC(phone)> Thx for text
13:18:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think it has the same field of view as the old one
13:18:21 <KorbenC(phone)> I am sitting on a snow bank freezing todwa
13:18:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, good for you Korben
13:18:35 <KorbenC(phone)> To death for OF?!*
13:18:45 <Kitt> todwa?
13:18:55 <Kitt> Korben work on spelling
13:18:56 <JarnoO> I vaguely recall the old one could put them in one frame before it got flagpoled
13:19:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> no. you can barely get the corner of the hill in with OF
13:19:38 <JarnoO> I'm really being a backseat driver here, heh
13:19:40 <KorbenC(phone)> Todwa meant to be freezing to death 😜 and then it would continue with, for Of
13:20:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That was the first thing I tried on this cam.
13:20:18 <huj> These people are obviously tourists.
13:21:18 <KorbenC(phone)> Kitt, I am typing on a tiny phone screen at 13k feet, with -10f wind chills, I have a good excuse for for bad typing.
13:21:30 <Kitt> this time
13:21:37 <LindaGL> thx for text
13:21:42 <KorbenC(phone)> Kitt, lol
13:21:55 <huj> Fluff on static
13:22:01 <KorbenC(phone)> LindaGL, what does the l stand for?
13:22:11 <LindaGL> laptop
13:22:38 <KorbenC(phone)> 👍
13:23:05 <LindaGL> :) have to keep track of devices
13:24:09 <LindaGL> at one point a while ago you could get both, but they changed something
13:25:12 <Vixen> Bee
13:25:13 <LindaGL> bee
13:26:03 <Lori S 👀> great coordination by Bee and OF
13:26:21 <LindaGL> Lori S 👀, hello lori hello
13:26:42 <Lori S 👀> hello linda hello!
13:27:40 <KorbenC(phone)> This never gets old.
13:27:49 <LindaGL> maybe we'll get a rainbow
13:28:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> a peep
13:28:52 <LindaGL> lucky peep
13:31:33 <LindaGL> lake is real pretty
13:32:00 <Kitt> well that was a nice bee
13:32:17 <LindaGL> yup
13:32:35 <LindaGL> thx camop :)
13:32:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> :thumbsup:
13:33:21 <LindaGL> time to go look for short-eared owls cya
13:33:31 <JarnoO> cya Linda
13:33:35 <Betty> have fun
13:33:36 <Lori S 👀> bye linda
13:33:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> good luck
13:33:49 <LindaGL> thx
13:36:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> something just started in Grotto area
13:36:34 <JarnoO> Indicator: 1309:51, lead=14m45s, total=17m12s; Beehive: 1324:36, 4m53s
13:37:03 <JarnoO> maybe Grotto start then?
13:37:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think so
13:38:06 <JarnoO> Grotto 1334
13:38:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> ooks like daisy is teamy
13:39:32 <JarnoO> Can't really see a trace of Grotto Fountain on the footage
13:40:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> where is our small bison herd this winter?
13:43:06 <JarnoO> there were a few bison yesterday around OF, but haven't seen them since. Maybe out at Black Sand or the bulk are yet to migrate to here
13:45:04 <JarnoO> Bulger
14:34:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy
14:42:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> Grand
15:01:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> OF
15:09:03 <JarnoO> Norris loggers are working again. Nothing noteworthy other than that the Steamboat logger probe appears icebound again
15:10:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> well we have one bison
15:11:33 <ChrisO> its better then none :)
15:12:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, except its at the far left when you zoom in a bit, s cant get close
15:20:22 <JarnoO> to add to the WebRTC or HLS discussion, I don't think Pixelcaster will ever enable it, as each and every webcam viewer gets its own direct line to the media server. For small-scale stuff it works great, but for a publicly viewable webcam it is not. Next best thing would be low-latency HLS, which alledgedly has a delay of ≤5s, which approaches, if not matches, the RTMP stream
15:21:19 <JarnoO> so if Pixelcaster would enable LL-HLS, that would be marvellous
15:43:58 <LindaGL> hello again
15:44:22 <JarnoO> hi Linda
15:44:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi Linda, was your hunt successful?
15:44:34 <LindaGL> JarnoO, hi
15:45:10 <LindaGL> GO STEAMBOAT, :( no
15:45:25 <LindaGL> bay was nice though
15:45:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh good, was nice out, but cold and damp when i went out to check mail
15:46:33 <LindaGL> yeah didn't spend time standing outside
15:46:44 <LindaGL> I'm able to sit in my car right up to the bay
15:47:03 <LindaGL> and then the owls cruze over the marsh leading up to that
15:47:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> oh, thats good
15:47:22 <LindaGL> lazy and convenient
15:47:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> nothing interesting there today?
15:48:33 <LindaGL> not much happening, bufflehead ducks on the bay, no eagles, no harriers or owls
15:49:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No gray eagles?
15:49:24 <LindaGL> lol nope
15:50:31 <LindaGL> it was very quiet, but I could hear the hunters shooting ducks :(
15:52:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats not so nice
15:53:39 <LindaG> no, you can see their camouflaged boats out htere
15:54:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> do you wear orange?
15:54:22 <LindaG> no, they are way out on the water
15:55:38 <LindaG> Its actually a wild life refuge but with a boat ramp, so there is no hunting by me
15:55:48 <JarnoO> Giantess has an 1998 eruption set at 0150. However, that's actually the time of a 1.3 EQ 2.28km (1.42mi) north of OF, which triggered Cascade's eruptive series and caused OF to graudally lose its long-short pattern
15:56:36 <LindaG> geez I saw bulger and I couldn't remember the name :(
15:57:08 <JarnoO> link to EQ:
15:57:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> so did Giantess cause the earthquake?
15:57:54 <JarnoO> no, the EQ caused Giantess to erupt some 5 hours later
15:58:34 <JarnoO> if it were a normal eruption, Giantess would likely have laster more than just a mere 6 hours as the entry suggests
15:58:39 <JarnoO> lasted*
16:01:00 <JarnoO> I can think of one analogy with Cerro Negro, a volcano which erupted following a series of tectonic earthquakes. Research found that if those quakes hadn't occurred, that volcano wouldn't have erupted either
16:01:17 <JarnoO> or likely wouldn't have, I should say
16:04:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> does the OF seismo show the start of OF?
16:04:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> I mean Giantess
16:04:33 <JarnoO> yes for Giantess
16:04:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> looks like it was an aborted Giantess eruption too, didnt ast long
16:05:04 <JarnoO> but those aren't recorded on at least two other seismos and thus aren't included in the EQ catalog
16:05:56 <JarnoO> telling is thus that the 1.3 EQ showed up on at least three seismos, else it wouldn't be there
16:06:16 <KorbenC> wait, Giantess went? :P
16:06:24 <KorbenC> pr mp
16:06:32 <JarnoO> no, we're talking about the 1998 Giantess
16:06:39 <KorbenC> ah, OK.
16:08:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> i lost the cam
16:08:22 <JarnoO> cam remounting I think?
16:09:01 <KorbenC> either that or a porche pirate
16:09:02 <JarnoO> Mug there?
16:09:12 <LindaG> this is fun
16:09:39 <KorbenC> its a tilt-t-whorl
16:12:10 <JarnoO> oh hi there
16:12:23 <KorbenC> Hi Mr. Stewart :P
16:13:20 <JarnoO> :waves back:
16:13:23 <KorbenC> He waved.
16:13:39 <KorbenC> and saied, "hi there"
16:15:13 <JarnoO> almost looks like a potato-quality vlog :)
16:15:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think they are adjusting it now.
16:15:36 <JarnoO> yeah, I saw a screwdriver and now a red toolkit
16:16:28 <Betty> that´s funny
16:16:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We will have to record this when it is done.
16:16:45 <JarnoO> absolutely
16:16:47 <KorbenC> we will
16:16:52 <LindaG> :)
16:17:06 <KorbenC> We will record one in 5 or som inutes to get it all :0
16:17:25 <JarnoO> they started around 1607
16:17:48 <JarnoO> /getvideo runs for some 30 minutes, so we should be fine at the moment
16:18:02 <JarnoO> could make some nice snowballs there
16:18:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks cold up there.
16:18:46 <KorbenC> oh, right, it runs more than 15 minutes now
16:18:58 <KorbenC> I would loose the cam forever to be up there right now, lol
16:19:19 <JarnoO> three staff and one's doing all the work... very efficient. I could see two needing to be up there, but three seems kinda excessive
16:20:05 <KorbenC> Jarno, during the summer, someone found blood on the boardwalk and there were 4 ragners guarding it for a few hours, that is excessive.
16:20:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It may be one to open the Inn and 2 to work on the cam.
16:20:46 <JarnoO> fair point
16:21:04 <LindaG> its the government
16:21:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Blood is now treated as a bio hazard Korben.
16:21:53 <KorbenC> and how do they knowyou didn't put tannerite all over it Kevin :P
16:22:50 <LindaG> how do we know when they are done
16:23:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Tannerite is just fertilizer until you mix it with a catalyst and even then it takes a high velocity round to set it off.
16:25:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I suppose they will move it around a bit to check it and then it will park.
16:26:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> One is a ranger.
16:26:48 <KorbenC> I am going to thanks Stewart next time I see him, I think we watched a Bee this summer, good guy
16:27:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> dont they know the cam should be pointed at OF now :)
16:27:25 <LindaG> :)
16:27:53 <JarnoO> regarding the Giantess find - I'll look tomorrow if I can wrangle up data from YFT for January 9, 1998 and find both the 1.3 EQ and Giantess. There are reports from the seismo for Giantess in the preceding years, so Giantess did show up on technology from some 22 years old
16:28:08 <JarnoO> 22 years ago*
16:28:21 <LindaG> perfect
16:28:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks JarnoO
16:29:53 <JarnoO> I'm off, enjoy them repositioning :)
16:30:31 <KorbenC> cya Jarno
16:30:48 <Betty> night Jarno
16:31:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am stepping away for a bit, bb later
16:33:00 <LindaG> ok
16:37:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Had a lot of quail tracks today Linda
16:37:55 <Betty> OF ie
16:47:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> guess i didnt miss much
16:47:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I would guess they are done.
16:48:08 <TomK> OK to take the cam back per NPS
16:48:37 <TomK> It goes ovet 360 degrees
16:48:49 <TomK> They are done
16:49:16 <TomK> Who has the cam shift
16:49:38 <Betty> Graham
16:49:56 <TomK> i just put it on OF
16:50:05 <Greg> :thumbsup:
16:50:18 <TomK> Take it away
16:50:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok
16:50:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Now maybe we can zoom to Daisy again!
16:50:58 <TomK> Thank you Rebecca and NPS staff
16:50:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> the OF preset now goes to Geyser Hill :)
16:51:41 <TomK> :)
16:52:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I like it!
16:52:07 <Betty> yeah, great work, thank you sooo much, staff and Rangers :-) :heart:
16:52:22 <LindaG> yay
16:52:22 <TomK> Bye all
16:52:39 <Betty> bye Tom
16:52:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight Tom. Sorry about the Rams.
16:53:23 <LindaG> Thanks everyone for your hard work!
16:53:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> its not over yet .. only 7 points ...
16:53:27 <TomK> Ssorry? It's not done yet... 7 point game start of fourth
16:54:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> will move the cam around once Daisy erupts
16:54:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I'm Watching the Chili Bowl. They stand for the flag.
16:54:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> unless we missed it
16:55:07 <ynpvisitor8> then you only have to keep it here for 2 hours or so
16:55:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We may have but this is a great view of Castle.
16:55:55 <ynpvisitor8> maybe we'll catch a Pyramid
16:56:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy
16:57:01 <Betty> yay
16:58:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats the left stop
16:58:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice
16:59:25 <Betty> is it further left now?
16:59:52 <LindaG> i think that's what is was
16:59:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It barely made Castle before.
16:59:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> so we still get Castle to Lion
17:00:16 <Betty> I mean than the old cam
17:00:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
17:00:38 <Betty> speakijg of Lion, nice poof
17:00:41 <LindaG> pretty washburn
17:00:51 <Betty> yay
17:01:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looking to be a good sunset toknight.
17:01:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think the old stop was slightly further to the left
17:01:23 <ynpvisitor8> good catch, GM
17:02:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> i guess we will stay here for a few minutes
17:03:10 <LindaG> there is eric's shadow
17:03:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good idea
17:06:14 <Betty> what is eric´s shadow?
17:06:28 <LindaG> shadow on washburn
17:07:15 <Betty> ohh, :-)
17:07:32 <LindaG> :)
17:07:42 <LindaG> He always gets excited about it
17:09:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> we can get OF and Cascade
17:10:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> OF to the Plume corner is as far as it goes
17:11:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok, so it goes all the way round now
17:11:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> as someone said before
17:11:58 <LindaG> cool
17:13:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> not focusing very well on the distant bison
17:13:35 <LindaG> im seeing double
17:14:35 <Betty> maybe it´s just the darkness
17:14:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, not good zooming in down basin
17:14:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> riverside
17:14:46 <Betty> Riverside
17:14:59 <LindaG> needs some tweaking
17:15:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nive sky color
17:20:36 <LindaG> arty maybe?
17:21:14 <LindaG> maybe not
17:21:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> I would expect it to be bigger. maybe Atomizer?
17:26:16 <LindaG> nice one
17:27:43 <LindaG> nicer one
17:28:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> i got an error loading it
17:28:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I like the 2nd one best.
17:28:58 <LindaG> huh works for me
17:29:18 <LindaG> Kevin L™ 🌵, yeah real nice
17:29:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> not sure why
17:30:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> works now
17:30:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> pretty
17:30:15 <LindaG> try again
17:31:02 <LindaG> I actually pay for a subscription so I don't see all the ads
17:31:44 <LindaG> and can enlarge to full screen
17:32:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> PACwin ... sorry TomK
17:33:35 <LindaG> dinner time, have a good night
17:34:05 <Betty> night Linda. I´m out too.
17:34:20 <GO STEAMBOAT> its staying light later now
17:34:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> probaby not seeing nything else now, maybe Aurum .. it must be due
17:49:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I take it the 7 points held up.
17:50:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> it doubled
17:56:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> how are the Knights Kevin?
17:57:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They did good on their opening game. Playing again in about 2 hours.
17:58:49 <GO STEAMBOAT> CAPS are 2-0
17:58:56 <KorbenC> Night all, enjoy the dark
17:59:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> sorry kcmule, haha
17:59:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> night vision just kicked in
17:59:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight Korben.
17:59:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> night Korben, have you warmed up?
18:03:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> goodnight from me too.
18:04:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight Graham.