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09:43:32 <GO MORNING> Morning/Afternoon
09:43:40 <GO MORNING> nice to hear about Morning activity
09:47:58 <KorbenC> Hey Graham
10:22:23 <GO MORNING> hi Korben. Had a walk 14" above sea level today, probably didnt reach 14 feet tho
10:23:01 <GO MORNING> who is going to hang out at Morning if it stays active?
10:23:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I made it to 2149 feet.
10:23:34 <KorbenC> Graham, haha!
10:23:38 <KorbenC> Kevin, good job :P
10:23:45 <GO MORNING> yeah Kevin
10:24:11 <BenVL> Whoa
10:24:41 <BenVL> I didn't hear about Morning until just now
10:24:45 <BenVL> Wow
10:24:51 <GO MORNING> i did walk up the stairs tho, twice, 4 floors, so that was good.
10:25:10 <GO MORNING> yeah, steve has the description from the guide
10:25:20 <GO MORNING> they sw a dual
10:25:26 <BenVL> 5-10m is not MT that's for sure
10:25:39 <GO MORNING> and the durations are consistent with it, not with Morning's Thief
10:25:56 <BenVL> But 35-40m for FTN sounds a little short to me
10:26:13 <GO MORNING> yeah, short for a dual, but long for not
10:26:37 <GO MORNING> although 40min was common in prior active phases prior to a morning eruption
10:26:58 <GO MORNING> would be interesting if they can get a download
10:27:05 <BenVL> Yeah
10:27:20 <GO MORNING> adds credibility to the other Morning reports
10:27:36 <BenVL> it does
10:28:27 <BenVL> There could be a lot more of them happening
10:29:12 <GO MORNING> its one of my favorite spots to go to, so if it keeps active I will be there a lot
10:29:49 <GO MORNING> that was easier to do when the Fountain intervals were 7-9h ... not sure what they are now
10:30:12 <BenVL> I love Morning, so I would certainly be there
10:30:32 <GO MORNING> Given we know MT can erupt for a long period, it wouldnt surprise me if it started to do that under other conditions
10:30:52 <BenVL> Outside of any SB or other big rare UGB stuff of course
10:30:56 <GO MORNING> dome
10:31:47 <GO MORNING> then you will need to write a Morning Height report too ... in addition to your soon to be completed SB reports and UGB geyser report :)
10:34:29 <Betty> morning all
10:34:53 <BenVL> I would need a much larger sample than I have to answer the question "How tall is Morning?"
10:34:57 <GO MORNING> afternoon Betty
10:34:58 <Betty> to stay in context
10:35:25 <Betty> hi Graham and Ben
10:35:56 <KorbenC> Ben, do the insurance scam thing "How tall is morning?" in big font, and then "On 3/7/2021 at 17:00 assuming an eruption is taking or not taking place."
10:36:19 <KorbenC> in a small font, darn etner key.
10:36:22 <GO MORNING> well you report what you find, right? does the height change during the eruption, does it vary by duration? differences during duals, solos, trifectas?
10:37:14 <GO MORNING> wasghere any correlation between SB height and duration?
10:37:27 <BenVL> That would ve the aim, Graham.
10:37:29 <Betty> hi Korben
10:38:10 <GO MORNING> my record is that on a trip that I get to see Morning, I see it twice. 4 for 4 so far, total 8
10:38:34 <GO MORNING> i hope I get more this summer
10:38:58 <BenVL> No. Corelation that I have found between SB height and duration. Just that peak height is reached typically 45s -2.5m in. Usually at about 1m tho. And it is not held for cery long most of the time
10:39:18 <BenVL> very*
10:39:42 <GO MORNING> thanks, its clear that it takes a while to kick into high gear on all the videos
10:41:48 <BenVL> Graham, the Sep 9 eruption that you saw from decker was one of the faster climbs I have seen
10:42:22 <BenVL> Especially for the final 200' of the climb
10:42:29 <Betty> OF
10:56:06 <GO MORNING> yeah, that was afun one to see. WOuld love to be back there again with better wind shifting the steam away.....
10:56:54 <GO MORNING> Iwasso lucky last year, first starts for me from Steerage (in daylight), Decker, and Upper Deck. all in good conditions
10:58:39 <GO MORNING> would love to see one from the thermal gap on the boardwalk coming in, but suspect I wouldnt be able to wait there all day
10:59:30 <GO MORNING> with all the trees dying the view from the parking lot might be getting good as long as the wind isblowing a different direction
11:05:41 <BenVL> Bill loves that spot in the dip
11:06:02 <BenVL> He has seen it a lot from there running in from work
11:06:54 <GO MORNING> i justcant see sitting there all day
11:07:35 <BenVL> I don't think I would ever wait there either considering that's where you see it from if it goes while you're in the parking lot area
11:08:23 <BenVL> If the hill and trees didn't obscure the base, maybe I would sit there tho
11:08:57 <BenVL> Would make bathroom breaks a lot less stressful
11:12:18 <BenVL> More than anything, I want to see it from the original Decker
11:13:42 <GO MORNING> well the view we have is pretty good and theres nice space there at the turn. doesnt seem to get too busy either
11:15:11 <GO MORNING> hopefully some more vaccinated gazers will be back this summer
11:15:17 <BenVL> A lot less trees in the way over there though
11:16:33 <GO MORNING> i am just happy there are multiple viewing spots and while it gets busy, its not as unbearable as i expected it to be
11:17:20 <GO MORNING> maybe the novelty will be off for some less frequent visitors who have seen it or are not seeing any new press on it
11:17:47 <BenVL> Tourism might still be low this year
11:18:13 <GO MORNING> i think the reverse
11:18:43 <GO MORNING> people still not going overseas, and the vaccinated will be out and about
11:19:38 <GO MORNING> then next year is the big 150 for Yellowstone
11:20:02 <BenVL> Well, international tourism at least. It was nice not having tour buses everywhere
11:20:22 <GO MORNING> i dont know if they will be allowed or not this year
11:20:37 <GO MORNING> i think Micah will be driving a bus, so allowed
11:21:08 <BenVL> even if there's just less of them that would be nice.
11:21:31 <GO MORNING> i am guessing the interational busses wil be reduced
11:22:26 <BenVL> I'm definitely not expecting to get my favorite spot at hams as regularly as I did last year
11:29:10 <Linda> Morning peeps
11:29:17 <BenVL> Ugh. It looks like norris campground is going to be closed again
11:29:35 <Betty> hi Linda
11:29:42 <BenVL> And it also looks like it's not going to be first come first serve anymore
11:29:44 <Linda> Betty, hey
11:30:10 <GO MORNING> yep, still cosed. they are changing the reservatins, e.g. for SLough Creek, the wolf watcherscan make reservations this year
11:30:20 <KorbenC> hI lINDA
11:30:22 <KorbenC> Ooops
11:30:27 <GO MORNING> yeah, thats goodand bad
11:30:29 <Linda> KorbenC, hey
11:30:48 <GO MORNING> afternoon Linda
11:30:53 <BenVL> We need a first come first serve campground close to the geyser basins
11:31:09 <GO MORNING> youcan camp at OF in winter
11:31:21 <BenVL> I mean in summer tho
11:31:52 <BenVL> So much easier to get in that way
11:32:05 <GO MORNING> you can skiin
11:32:11 <GO MORNING> of ski in
11:32:34 <GO MORNING> Eric will organize a trip
11:33:16 <GO MORNING> do you have reservations for Madison?
11:33:31 <BenVL> Not currently
11:34:35 <BenVL> I was kinda hoping norris would be open and 1st come 1st seeve so I wouldn't have to stock canterra's site 24/7
11:34:51 <BenVL> xanterra*
11:42:37 <GO MORNING> i hope you get some time in the park
11:43:18 <BenVL> I hope to me able to with the same frequency as last year
11:43:45 <BenVL> It's just a pain to stock that website
11:44:45 <BenVL> Do you think there will be a memorial day gazer gathering?
11:50:31 <40> think you mean *stalk
11:50:57 <BenVL> Yes
11:51:28 <BenVL> Or stock, I could hide a couple for myself :)
11:58:55 <Linda> GO MORNING, hi
12:00:04 <GO MORNING> hi Linda
12:01:29 <GO MORNING> dont know Ben, its a private event anyway
12:03:49 <BenVL> Fair enough.
12:44:04 <BenVL> Norris temps in
12:47:29 <GO MORNING> just diurnal on SBtrace?
12:49:01 <BenVL> Yeah
12:59:46 <Betty> scenic doggie
13:17:34 <Ætna> something happened at Vixen Trail and Tantalus at the same time. Both spike to well over average just before 1600
13:18:50 <Ætna> I wonder if direct sunlight hit the probe, actually
13:20:55 <BenVL> Don't know. Nuphar took a dip at the same time
13:25:04 <BenVL> SB is the only thing that did not dip or have a spike at that time
13:26:25 <Ætna> Nuphar is located in a shady place, so it might not be directly inferrable as sunlight hitting a prove
13:26:30 <Ætna> probe*
13:28:02 <Ætna> Paroxysm this morning UTC+1:
13:29:21 <Ætna> when I turned my computer on @ 0800 local it was already ending. Tremor had reached 10^2 mV already and had dropped like a rock.
13:31:04 <KorbenC> Good evening Jarno.
13:31:42 <Ætna> afternoon Korben
13:33:33 <KorbenC> There may have been light precip at the time Tantalus and Vixen dropped, but temperature was similar as the night before.
13:34:00 <KorbenC> Any precip would be flurries, which would not make me think it or any other weather factor caused said drop.
13:34:32 <Ætna> uhm, Tantalus and Vixen spiked, not dropped
13:34:51 <KorbenC> wow, I am still blind :P
13:43:51 <BenVL> Echinus dropped as part of a cycle it seems to be in rn
13:59:40 <Betty> Indy?
13:59:56 <Betty> I see some team there
14:00:10 <Betty> gone now
14:03:00 <Betty> OF
15:55:19 <Ætna> Dome 1148 ie end of series
17:01:31 <kcmule> OF
18:42:28 <kcmule> OF