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05:35:48 <linda> with all that heat from the lava how can there be snow on the landscape
06:34:20 <👀> OF
08:34:34 <Eric> Morning!
08:34:44 <Kevin L™ > It is?
08:34:48 <Eric> Hi Kevin, good timing :-D
08:35:13 <Eric> Looks like all the lava stopped.
08:35:13 <Kevin L™ > When I first looked at this picture I thought it was a negative.
08:35:20 <Forestbewithyou> Morning Eric, Kevin
08:35:27 <Eric> Hi Forest
08:35:28 <Kevin L™ > Hi
08:37:15 <KorbenC> Hi Forest, Kevin, Eric
08:37:16 <Eric> Brrr, looks cold in iceland!
08:38:08 <Kevin L™ > Well it IS Iceland...
08:38:22 <Eric> Different angle:
08:38:34 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
08:39:26 <Eric> Hi Coop
08:39:41 <Kevin L™ > Here is another view of Snow Canyon Eric.
08:40:41 <Eric> The contrast in the rocks is so cool Kevin
08:41:45 <Kevin L™ > I wish I could adjust the color. I had a great simple photo editor that would have done it but it won't run in the "improved" windows 10. :P
08:48:55 <👀> this camera has some activity
08:52:10 <Eric> Looks like a cool park Kevin, I will have to check it out. There is an off map slot canyon with petroglyphs there too.
08:53:33 <KorbenC> Eric, are you planning any climbing this weekend?
08:53:34 <Eric>
08:53:53 <Eric> Yes, Coop. If the weather window holds.
08:54:00 <Kevin L™ > It has sand dunes that were fun too. We used to go there a lot when I was a kid. BTW the Snow is a settler, not the weather type.
08:54:15 <Eric> :-D
08:55:39 <Kevin L™ > Do you like theater productions Eric?
08:57:05 <Eric> Yep
08:57:27 <Eric> Some of the mansions that sit up against snow canyon and red cliffs parks are pretty amazing!
08:57:33 <Kevin L™ > Try this. Right next to Snow Canyon:
08:58:03 <Eric> Wow...what a cool setting Kevin!
08:58:24 <Kevin L™ > It is impressive.
08:59:52 <Eric> Definitely a unique place to watch a broadway production :-D
09:00:19 <Kevin L™ > Plus they do a lot of concerts there.
09:00:29 <Eric> Today seems like a good day to fix the streaming webcam!
09:00:45 <Kevin L™ > We can hope.
09:01:58 <linda> morning
09:02:41 <Eric> Hi Linda
09:02:57 <linda> Eric, hi
09:03:18 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
09:03:33 <linda> Forestbewithyou, hi
09:03:35 <Kevin L™ > hi
09:03:43 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
09:03:57 <linda> nice sunny day here
09:04:36 <linda> nice elk herd at electric peak
09:32:12 <Eric> Quiet here
09:32:25 <Eric> We need to shake this up and get our webcam back!
09:32:39 <Eric> Admin travel is open, the weather is good...what is happening in YNP?
09:33:04 <Eric> No excuse for the webcam not to be fixed by now!
09:33:06 <KorbenC> and YNM is up
09:33:21 <Eric> kind of coop :-P
09:33:37 <KorbenC> lol
09:35:45 <Eric> Had a buddy who did Mt. Yale yesterday Coop
09:36:12 <Eric> Looked like some really nice weather to be up at 14k in :_D
09:36:14 <Eric> :-D
09:36:18 <KorbenC> That is an amazing mountain.
09:36:30 <KorbenC> Which route did he take? I assume East Ridge?
09:37:59 <Eric> Guess so...he did specify. But did say snow is slop and need flotation after the first mile. Shoes or Skis
09:38:06 <Eric> didn't specify
09:38:34 <KorbenC> I will be doing DeCaLiBron again on Saturday, and next weekend will probably hit either Elbert, H+C, or Yale.
09:38:44 <KorbenC> Yes, this time of year you will need snowshoes.
09:42:28 <KorbenC> And the snow slopes are starting to stabilize, :D
09:48:23 <👀> OF
09:53:47 <Eric> alright, meeting time. Maybe webcam will be fixed when I return?
10:06:11 <Rice> Do they ever zoom and pan this camera?
10:12:01 <Kevin L™ > I haven't seen it move today but here is a closer view:
10:15:53 <KorbenC> Yay, 5.5hrs into studying for a test. And I jsut realized I am only 15% of the way done. Ugg.
10:15:59 <Rice> Kevin L™ 🌵, I have both views up, just want to see things closer on this side.
10:16:39 <Kevin L™ > I miss the old BOBcam
10:16:51 <KorbenC> I miss the OF cam. :D
10:17:24 <Kevin L™ > There was a cam at OF?
10:47:38 <Eric> Webcam running yet?
10:48:42 <KorbenC> Eric, you talking about the OF one?
10:51:11 <Ætna> 5½h into studying... Do you have that test tomorrow?
10:51:36 <KorbenC> Ætna, APril 14th :D
10:52:00 <Ætna> ah, I see...
10:52:27 <KorbenC> And its a test for 4 college credits, so very important.
10:52:31 <Eric> Yes, the UGB webcam...make it work!
10:52:51 <Eric> I prefer collage credits...mix it up a bit :-P
10:52:59 <KorbenC> Eric, odds say it will be up by 2022, but I would be surprised.
10:53:10 <KorbenC> Eric, lol. College*
10:53:44 <Eric> Giantess or Webcam working first?
10:53:57 <KorbenC> Giantess, no doubt.
10:54:59 <Ætna> I don't remember studying 5½h for a test, let alone in one seating. The most I did was read through each chapter, scan the parts which I already know and think of clever ways to memorize formulæ. Even for my final exams I generally only totalled at perhaps 5h of learning combined, with most days only learning in the evening and having free time during the day
10:54:59 <Eric> Huge Bull Elk sitting in the distance/middle on electric peak
10:55:19 <Ætna> and even then 5h was the exception
10:55:50 <KorbenC> JO, I know I study too much, but hey, I have at least 115% in all my classes right now.
10:56:15 <KorbenC> My Earth Science grade is over 600% :P
10:56:45 <Ætna> most was out of the top of my head. Mathematics was definitely worrisome for me so I did participate in exam training almost religiously every Friday (I think). I definitely lucked out on the teacher I had. He really took it slowly and made sure we knew what happened and why
10:57:55 <KorbenC> APHUG (AP HUman Geography) is a bit worrisome for me, I need to score a 4 or 5 (which is only getting about 65% of the test right) but 31.2% of people get a 1 (less than 20%) on the test.
10:59:38 <KorbenC> Mainly because it loves specfic questions like: "Explain the development of the Shatterbelt theory and discuss the impacts it had on Iran in 2013 in comparison to Mackinder's Heartland-Rimland Theory"
11:00:48 <Ætna> euh.. ehh... dafudge...?
11:01:07 <KorbenC> and they expect us to do that 60 times, lol.
11:01:23 <Rice> KorbenC, as my son is going to college next year, he found most of his AP classes are not going to transfer, or if they do, the school wants him to retake their class. They basically said if you dont have a 5, dont bother.
11:01:35 <KorbenC> Rice, which school?
11:01:49 <Rice> Clarkson, Alfred and SUNY Buffalo
11:01:56 <KorbenC> Nice.
11:02:02 <Rice> Engineerng
11:02:30 <KorbenC> Does he have a focus?
11:02:45 <Rice> But they will happily transfer the dual enrollment classes to is taking at the local community college.
11:03:07 <Rice> Mechanical ( Like his Dad)
11:03:14 <Ætna> I did have the option to take up to 2 extra subjects on top of the 12 I had in high school. And while I technically should've been fine with these two, I didn't want to take them because I realized I would easily overwork myself then
11:03:23 <KorbenC> I should end up taking: APHUG, AP Calc BC, AP Stats, Pre-Calc, AP Physics, AP French, APGOV, APUSH, and a few other AP's/
11:03:45 <Rice> Good Luck.
11:03:58 <Eric> My Daughter got some credits for her AP, but all of her IB courses got credit. She never took any of the AP classes either, just all the tests :-P
11:04:19 <Eric> The school district paid for them, so she figured why not?
11:04:26 <KorbenC> Eric, here college board requires you to take the class to register for the test.
11:04:43 <Rice> SUNY Buffalo told him for AP Calc, even if you get a 5, you have to retake our course. So he not going to take the test.
11:05:11 <Eric> Yep, some universities want you all on the same playing level.
11:05:16 <Eric> The basics are important.
11:05:37 <KorbenC> I am pretty much following my brother, massive AP load. I mean, he has been in college for 2 years and is graduating thism ay becuase he took so many AP;s
11:05:49 <KorbenC> this many not thism ay*
11:05:54 <Rice> I understand, if you have a crappy Calc 1, Calc 2 Calc3, and Diffy Q will suck.
11:06:20 <Eric> Yep, all the stem suck if you don't have solid Math.
11:06:34 <KorbenC> Good thing I have very solid math :D
11:06:49 <KorbenC> (For a HS Freshman anyways)
11:06:54 <Ætna> same here regarding level playing field. While my school leaves you free on whether or not to be present in lessons, you still have to take the test regardless of previous qualifications
11:07:02 <Eric> She went straight into Calc 3 her first term at College.
11:07:09 <Ætna> evening Betty
11:07:26 <Rice> I failed Calc1 my first semester in college, Opps.
11:07:35 <KorbenC> I am taking Pre Calc for college credit this year, AP Calc BC, then AP Stats, and then Diff Q as a senior.
11:08:08 <Eric> If you get a solid grade on the Calc BC you should be fine Coop
11:08:35 <Betty> morning all, evening Jarno
11:08:44 <Eric> Hi Betty
11:08:56 <KorbenC> Math tends to work well in my mind. Which is good if I want to go into BioMed
11:08:59 <Eric> Can you fix the webcam?
11:09:18 <Rice> Sad part is, I have not used Calculus since the day I left College. My son keeps asking me questions, and I have no idea anymore.
11:09:24 <KorbenC> Eric, last time Betty tried to fix the cam, didn't she break one of the windows at the inn?
11:09:44 <Eric> No idea...did she Coop?
11:09:59 <KorbenC> Eric, I think so.
11:10:58 <Betty> it wasn´t me!
11:11:05 <Ætna> I'm also very simplistic regarding qualifications, with one simple question I ask myself: "Does help me or support me into achieving my goal?" If the answer is no, then I don't even bother
11:11:11 <KorbenC> Betty:
11:12:20 <KorbenC> I have no idea why that sent :P
11:12:37 <Kevin L™ > Hey Betty, I found a German training while training picture:
11:13:03 <Betty> hi KorbenC, Eric, Rice, Kevin L™ 🌵
11:13:28 <Ætna> another important factor for quite a few of my friends I made in highschool was location. They (including me) rather be living in the same city or village while technically underperforming than going to "the big city" (basically anything in the provinces of North and South Holland and Utrecht) to perform on their level
11:13:38 <Betty> Kevin L™ 🌵, :-)
11:34:16 <Betty> OF
11:35:09 <Ætna> long time no see, Tom :)
11:35:28 <Betty> hi TomK
11:43:56 <Ætna> 5.7 EQ in Alaska, near Cantwell
11:44:19 <Ætna> 1710 UTC, 1110 MST
11:44:21 <Ætna> MDT*
11:45:18 <Ætna> well visible on YMC and YLT
12:33:46 <KorbenC> So, camera is still broken.
12:47:05 <linda> lake is pretty
14:25:19 <Eric> Webcam is still not working :-(
14:25:29 <Eric> In case anyone didn't notice :-P
14:25:44 <Eric> Nice lava river on the far right of the feed.
14:38:23 <Eric> Wow...right cone shooting up bombers now!
14:40:46 <linda> Eric, hi
14:41:04 <KorbenC> Eric, hi again
14:41:27 <linda> what is that to the right of cone?
14:41:28 <Kevin L™ > zzzzzzzzzzzzz
14:41:59 <linda> looks like a fissure opened or something
14:42:14 <KorbenC> linda, hi
14:42:21 <linda> KorbenC, hi
14:42:22 <Betty> wb Eric, hi linda
14:42:25 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, wake up
14:42:52 <linda> Betty, hi
14:43:15 <linda> a helicoptor was just flying over it
14:47:47 <Eric> It was pretty dead earlier over there on the fire and brimstone!
14:49:07 <Eric> Would love to see a stream of that cone right now
14:49:52 <Kevin L™ >
14:50:01 <linda> thigs are happenin
14:50:08 <linda> *things
14:50:44 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, :)
14:50:51 <Eric> Isn't that the cone on the far left?
14:51:08 <Eric> I think the one on the right is the new closeup video :-(
14:51:33 <Kevin L™ > Not sure but it is nice'
14:52:47 <linda> wow the one on right is throwing lava
14:53:17 <Eric> Yes, growing quickly
14:53:30 <Eric> I think that is the "new" breakout from yesterday or the day before
14:53:49 <Eric> Not sure where all that lava is camera right I guess
14:54:22 <linda> imagaine hiking and having a lava breakout, they had to tell people to evacuate
14:55:21 <linda> that lava far far right just appeared a little while ago
14:55:57 <linda> it was hard to tell if it was erupting or just flowing
14:56:24 <Eric> left cone is picking up now too
14:57:30 <Eric> New aerial images from today too:
14:58:17 <Kevin L™ > Isn't Aerial a mermaid?
14:58:30 <Eric> Yes
14:59:19 <Eric> In this image, you can get a layout of the fissures, I believe this camera view is from where it says "Meradalir" on the right side of the map.
14:59:22 <Eric>
14:59:30 <KorbenC> Eric, thx
15:02:19 <linda> think so? I would think the camera is pointing from left to right of the map, we are seeing the large lava area in front of us that is on the left of the map
15:03:45 <Eric> Nope, that is up above in the valley...the original breakout. This lava in front of the camera is from the new vent
15:03:51 <Eric> Truck heading up the ridge!
15:04:05 <Eric> At least I think that is what it is.
15:04:15 <linda> :)
15:04:20 <Eric> It looks like it's hopping!
15:05:40 <Eric> That was so weird!
15:07:24 <linda> lava building up on the right there, wonder if it will start going down hill
15:08:22 <linda> geysers are going to seem pretty tame after this
15:08:30 <Eric> It was/is an emergency vehicle
15:09:08 <Eric> bicyclists up there!
15:10:50 <Eric> Come on guys...lets go ride our bikes into the lava fields!
15:11:09 <Eric> emergency vehicle coming down the mountain now.
15:11:31 <linda> maybe they have special rubber tires that can withstand the heat ;)
15:12:01 <Eric> See the lights in the middle at the top? Those are bicycles!
15:12:49 <linda> how can you tell
15:12:59 <Eric> I sure wouldn't be getting close...those things are throwing lava bombs!
15:13:09 <linda> maybe that's where craig's been
15:13:14 <Eric> You could see them on the other webcam:.
15:13:18 <Eric> haha
15:13:21 <linda> ah
15:13:50 <Eric> apparently there are vehicles that can travel on that lava without issue!
15:13:54 <Eric> Crazy
15:14:57 <linda> chatters are obsessed with camera shaking
15:15:29 <Ætna> full rubber tires could. Would make for a bumpy ride without air, but the tires would be long-lasting
15:20:25 <Ætna> eruptions in this system are usually associated with continental drift. Seen the recent uptick in fissure activity and fissure count, this could be start of such period for approximately the next 100 years
15:20:36 <Eric> That is a lot of lava on the right!
15:20:51 <Eric> Wow....that would be cool!
15:21:24 <Eric> Cool actually cool climate if you get enough volcanic activity.
15:21:48 <Eric> Could...not cool
15:22:25 <Eric> wow...people on the other cam sitting around watching the lava again.
15:22:37 <Eric>
15:26:09 <Eric> Just realized that was a recording....ugg
15:27:10 <Eric> Ahh, view with bikers back again:
15:31:36 <Ætna> unrelated to Krýsuvík - it appears loggers caught Norris between two cycles. Temperature down everywhere which can't be explained through Nuphar temperature. Doesn't seem to be precipitation either based on the gauge
15:33:56 <linda> wow lots of lava flowing on that other view
15:36:43 <Ætna> interesting that, even though there was a new development expelling lava at ±7m³/s, effusion rate at the original site remained at ±5.5m³/s. So while the fountaining height decreased at the original ones, the output remain steady. Quite productive then
15:38:41 <Eric> cars and bicyclists coming down now
15:41:49 <Betty> headed out, have a great evvening all
15:42:07 <Ætna> cya Betty
15:45:59 <Eric> bye betty
15:48:17 <linda> Betty, bye
15:49:29 <Eric> cyclists heading down the mountain now
15:57:43 <linda> looks like rain or snow on washburn